• Pankaj Nimbolkar

    Thank you sir.

    Much awaited demand u completed.

    I was waiting for this.

  • Ankit

    Thank u sir…:)

  • Monica

    Much awaited….
    Thank you sir

  • Nikhil

    Thank you sir
    One suggestion is that, if you add some questions from mains perspective( only from important topic) as well will be beneficial for us.

    • Pankaj Nimbolkar

      Yes bro.

      It should be question – answer format.?

  • Another milestone, It’s not spoon feeding it’s really a mug feeding, thank you insights.

  • Kept6363

    Thank u sir 🙂
    Very kind of u

  • Sonia mehra

    Thank you insights..

    • Mrinal Mukherjee

      Hey ! where are you ? I have been looking for your answers and the calvin dossiers :p
      How’s your preparation going ? Are you following the insights timetable ?

      • Sonia mehra

        Hy Mrinal, good to see u after many days…
        Calvin will come back after prelims…:p
        Preparation is going good.. yes i am following insights timetable, but I am lagging behind considerably. So I am running right now to catch up with it.

        Hows ur preparation…??

        • Mrinal Mukherjee

          Even my preparation is going decent ! Don’t talk about the backlog :p I need another 15-20 days to complete it. Planning to start with it after the 24 th test !
          Acha , Do you make notes from Laxmikant , Ramesh , BC etc ?

    • Anmol Phutela

      Can you please tell me, if I start preparing for optional ‘PSIR’ after prelims, then will it be possible to cover entire syllabus on time with ‘perfection’?

  • sai

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  • Manish

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  • Mac28

    Atlast !!!! A big thanks to the whole team.

  • Shiuli

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    • rajan

      Hi Shiuli. Long time
      How’s the preparation going ? Optional completed ? Have you joined prelims/mains test series ?

      • Shiuli

        Hey Rajan..
        Yes haven’t seen you here lately..
        Preparation okey.. Haven’t completed optional but had finished some portion earlier.. Currently reading whenever I get time..
        I’m solving the Insights Test series for now which I *ahem* got from somewhere.. :p
        Started in first week of April.. So haven’t really caught up with other people giving the tests online here..
        Anyways, hope your preparation is going well ..
        Kwar.. 🙂

        • rajan

          Yeah. These days have been writing in copy and then matching it wrt the synopsis. Secure pe time jyada lag jaata tha with typing, commenting, etc
          Challenging the admin by writing it here ? 😛
          I stumbed across your ethics answers today and it feels excellent now, and should I say, much improved. The usage of terms stumped me. Any particular books/ sources / technique ??
          How many this year from Pilani ?

          • Shiuli

            Hmm.. Good strategy..
            Hey Thanks.. I’ve gone through Lexicon.. They have a list of moral thinkers.. Also you could watch Mrunal videos on ethics if you get time.. You could probably pick up some technical words from there too.. Rest, answer writing will improve with practice..
            Not sure abut the actual number.. Since pass-outs will also be there.. Will be clear in a few days.. There will be plenty of IITians though.. You guys are everywhere.. :p

            • rajan

              Thanks for the suggestion.
              😛 I won’t deny that
              But, their success doesn’t make me one of them directly. Need to work really hard to emulate them

  • Victor

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    Hi, When can we expect the April Yojana summary ? Have been really relying on Insights for this . Thanks for support Insights team 🙂

  • Shail chaudhary

    when will other yojana editions be uploaded…?

  • Paladin

    Has this initiative been discontinued or we can expect it in coming days ? Sir please let us know ASAP so that we can plan accordingly . Thank you