16 Students from Insights Offline Class clear UPSC Civil Services Exam 2015

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We are happy to announce that 16 from our offline class have cleared UPSC civil services Mains examination. They wrote our offline tests and worked extremely hard. Rank depends upon various factors – Optional Score , GS Score and Interview Score. We conducted only GS tests (including Essay). So, all the credit to their success goes to them only.

After Mains result, we had posted that 30+ had cleared Mains.

Those who didn’t make it also deserved to be there in the list. We are sure that in 2016 they will see their names in the list.




We are also happy that Kirthi C (Rank 14) is follower of Insights and was in constant touch with us through mails.

We hope many of you who followed our site have cleared this year. If yes, please let us know in comment section. Thank you and Congratulations! 🙂

Note: Shreelekha (Rank 308) is from our first offline batch, however she wrote all tests of offline test series in 2015 also, but from her home.

Edit: Earlier we thought Krishna Moorthy K (Rank 615) was from our batch who had similar name. It’s removed now.

  • Pankaj Nimbolkar

    Congratulations Insightians & Insight Team .???

  • Pankaj Nimbolkar

    ??I want to be next Insightian.???

  • Bullu Singh

    Congratulations to Insights dedicated team!!!!

  • Arvind Kumar

    @Insights…can we see Kirthi’s answers which she used to write here on insights?

    • She used to post her answers in 2013 and 2014. We don’t think they are relevant now. However, she will be writing her strategy soon. Her GS marks are exceptional this time.

      • Arvind Kumar

        But Cud we see answers of other toppers from insights such as @Harry and @Artika Shukla? We just want to see how they used to write answers, frame questions,structure ,conclusion,etc.because most of us struggle regarding these things.

  • raman

    Can you please show us how they wrote answers so we can learn ?

  • Akshi

    It feels grt to hear abt d result …congrats to all the aspirants nd SCH a devoted insights team…

  • Trusted Liar

    Congratulations 🙂

  • Arvind Kumar

    Is Kirthi the same girl who had got 400+rank last year?

  • Pramod Reddy

    Sir, could you please scan some of their offline answer sheets and post them. It’ll be of great use to everyone.

  • Khagendra

    Congratulation 🙂

  • ajay

    congrats to all..

  • Abhilash M Gowda

    congrats ellarigu.


    congrats ……to alll ………..

  • Doc Vyas

    Congratulations insight… N team… Insightians

  • Michael

    Congrtulations to all successful candidates… !! i hope many insightians made it to final list..
    gear up guys.. its our turn now…

  • Cheeku

    Celebrations and heartiest congratulations to insight team and the insightians..hard work pays off.. After all u r the one who gives direction to all of us.. 🙂

  • PS IAS

    Congratulations to all aspirants who made it to the final list. A big congratzzz to Insights.

  • Aditi1386

    Many many congratulations to all!!

  • Congratulations team insights,,,,,,,,,and those who comes out with flying colours,,,,,,you have a great future ahead,,make your mark,,,,all the best,,,..?

  • N.KD

    congratulations to all:)

  • shreya singh

    congratulations to insight team

  • Congrats to all…

  • dinesh Kumar bhojanapu

    Congrats to everyone…. Hard work never fails always ur attitide will keep u motivated…

  • Subhash

    Wow..really great


    Congrats to all. Right guidance and smart work always yields good outcome


    congratulations to all who got selected and insights team for their dedication

  • GP

    Congratulations INSIGHTS and the Super Achievers 🙂

  • hemant

    Congratulations guys!
    I shall qualify this year!

  • Ksr

    Congratulations to everyone.. Did anyone had PubAd as optional.?

  • SVSR

    Hearty congratulations to all the BUREAUCRATS.

  • phoenix

    Congratulations to everyone and Team Insights!!

  • Bhanu Pratap

    Congratulations all… 🙂

  • Arun

    Congratulations guys.Future of shining India and brand Bharat.

  • imran ahmed

    Any one knows ACE..what happened ??

  • Dilkhush

    Congratulations!!!!!!!.. thank you Insight for you constant support!!! will reward you in terms of good rank next year… !!!

  • Rohit

    Congrats and thanx for ur efforts to pave our way to sucess…

  • mfrd

    Sir plz post there some ansers

  • Alok Kumar

    Hello sir,
    Could not get interview call in 2015.
    Want to be part of insights offline test series for main 2016.

    • Deepankar

      Same here..did not get interview call this time. I also want to be a part of 2016 offline test series

    • Deepankar

      Offline classes kahan hoti h? Bangalore me.??

      • Alok Kumar

        Yes Banglore m hoti hai

        • Deepankar

          Address bta de bhai..plzz..agar pta h to..thnx

          • Alok Kumar

            Donot know bhai.me too searching ways to approach them.

            • Narendra Modi

              They will invite applications for the offline test series after the Preliminary Examination.

  • 2015

    congrats to all

  • Challenge

    Hearty congratulations to all those who have cleared. All the very best for your future endeavour.

  • Lakavath Shekar

    Congratulations to all who made it this year and especially congratulations to team insights for their support..!!

  • moraya

    Congrats all students …. & best luck for such great future….!!! Congratulations…..!!!!!

  • Gurunath AH

    Congratulations guys..!

  • Dix

    Tons of congratulations Insight team……………….

  • Talluri Praveen Kumar


  • Masoom

    Thank you insights…you really deserve it…

  • Masoom


  • i am a follower of insight regularly………although my name was on the final list but yeah i am among 34 candidates who are recommended provisionally………what that means i really don’t know

    • Anand Rai

      it means either your documents needs verification or issues about medical checkup

      • ronak kothari

        Whats next then

    • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

      Keep your fingers crossed ….

  • rose


  • Moniks

    Congratulations insight for ur efforts…hope next year many more insightians will be in the final list…..

  • Laxmi


  • ajeet

    any one selected from insights online?

  • Himanshu

    Congrats who has booked their seat for LBSNAA, Those who didn’t dont be dishearten.

  • Aravind R

    congrads to all and special congrads to insites for making our preparation very simple.
    beeing a visually challenged person, i find this websight fully accessible to my screen reader and informative.

  • anand kumar

    congrats to all.

  • naren

    congrats to all , who achieve their life’s big dream…

  • Aditya

    Feeling dejected. Could not believe that my name was absent from the list. My interview was too good to let me down. How to improve in mains now that’s the way forward for me.

  • Dharmender Dama

    Want to know what an offline insightian’s daily schedule would be…. Please share your schedule of preparation for our benefit

  • ajeet

    guys, tell me how many sellected from insights online..

  • Saba Alam

    How one can know whether he/she is in reserve list or not as the declared list doesn’t mention the list of candidates under reserve list.

  • Sir you could add me too, rank in 60s!

    • Affu


      • Thanks!
        You r in service…right?

    • Hope

      I laughed whenever I saw your name in the forum, as unlike others I know the meaning of your name here : Raldhu 😀

      Kasuta chaala paad dea bhai (In case you get this one :P)
      God bless :))

      • ☺acha lga ki aapko mera naam pasand aaya.
        Thank you bro.
        Umeed karte h ki agle saal aap bhi chala paad denge!

    • phoenix

      Congratulations Sir….All d best for your future endeavors ..Could you please shed some light on ur preparation??

  • harry

    Hey @insights,
    Got air 133.
    Didn’t know where to write so writing it here.
    I followed your site religiously for complete kar year.
    I wrote answers on site since jan2015 till the end. I got 402 in gs and those marks are completely dedicated to you coz I didn’t took any coaching for gs, no test series and still could achieve the feat in just one year prep.
    I wrote many ridiculous answers but I never stopped writing. U are inspiration for many of us. I read many other materials starting from the inspirational article by akand sitra. You people are true champion.
    I wll be happy if I could be of any help to you.
    90% upvotes to me are because of this site. ?.
    Thank you.
    Jai hind

    [email protected]

    • ajay

      Great work sir heartiest congratulations…

    • Narendra Modi

      Congratulations Agam 🙂
      Read about you in a local newspaper. Do share your detailed strategy. Good Luck for the future 🙂

    • Jeeves

      Congratulations, always saw your answer, with no test series and that too in one year (great consistency) …this is awesome. DID you prepare notes from secure 2015 apart from answer writing? If you could shed some light on the GS part and your preparation strategy.

    • KAutilYA

      Congratulations sir….???

    • KAutilYA

      Sir Ji….Please share your experience with us…

    • Congratulations 🙂

    • phoenix

      Congratulations Sir..

    • Vijay Karthik

      Congratulations for Ur success. please tell us about ur optional and ur strategy in ethics and essay paper in getting good marks without attending coaching classes.

  • Artika Shukla

    I have followed insights posts,secure for a few months during my preparation.
    I wish to thank Insights team from the bottom of my heart for their content as well as optimism,brevity of response as well as ability to motivate students around the country.
    Deeply grateful,
    Artika Shukla
    Rank 4 (CSE 2015)

    • Jeeves

      Hi congratulations on your 1st attempt. Kudos! Could you please shed some light on your preparation strategy as I read somewhere you did not join any coaching. How did you use insights like you made notes from the secure initiative and since which month, essay, and how many months you spent in preparing etc. Please do, you may be of great help to other aspirants.

      • Artika Shukla

        Hii jeeves..Thanks !
        Well.. I used to read the daily current events from april to june or so for prelims.
        In addition I used to follow secure initiative from april to june quite religiously. I was so blank at times that I didn’t write answers..but just jotted down points from the article in my copy.
        Later, I went through their secure compilations in October. Also used to read The Big Picture articles many times.
        Any answer writing practise I have done has been only in the tests of Vision.
        In addition I have relied almost completely on the VisionIas current affairs material plus test series for mains.
        I guess this will get you started.
        I will be posting my detailed strategy either on Insights on Vision forum.

        Apologies for the delay. Best of luck!! 🙂

        • Jeeves

          Thank you so much for the reply and good luck 🙂
          Just one question, was the Vision test series the offline one (where you would go to their centre and give the test) or the long distance one (where you could scan and upload the test paper).
          Definitely waiting for the rest of your strategy.
          Already on the same track 🙂
          Thank you so much once again, wish you a bright and happy life ahead.
          -Vidit (my name)

        • evelyn

          congrats mam for your success
          i am going to appear this year
          i have not joined any coaching and i have been following insights from last 1 year
          please give me tips about cracking preliminary

          • Artika Shukla

            Hey..Ill be posting my strategy on insights by this weekend. You can pick and choose whatever suits you 🙂

            • evelyn

              thank u so much mam 🙂

        • Ishita

          Hello mam, my optional is pub ad & I have made notes on teh subject & writen a few answers.
          I write sometimes in Insights but only the topic which I have covered by earlier comes out to be good in writing. I started compilation answers but could not complete. Will it be helpful if I go through them b4 Mains? Wont it be late?
          And for prelims I am going through Vision Ias & INsights test series + Vision Current affairs? Will it be enough?
          ( Clarifying – Your optional might not be Pub Ad but I asked you in general, that how much we can cover in 3&half months – since for me, ethics, & Essay is completely untouched )

          • Artika Shukla

            Hi Ishita !
            Yep you can go through them in the mid of august..after you prelims. It wont be late. In fact,its the ideal time.
            But for starters,I would like to suggest that go through the articles at least once if you can. Make points from the articles even if you cant frame the answers right.
            It adds to your knowledge 🙂

            And yes..your prelims strategy is spot on! Those are the three best things you could possibly do for prelims .. Its definitely enough!
            And ethics and essay don’t require much preparation. In fact, I would suggest you concentrate on your optional much more than any specific GS paper.
            Optionals make or break your results.
            Continue what you’ve been doing sincerely. You’ll do good 🙂

            • Ishita

              Thanks a lot, mam & congratulations once again 🙂

        • Jeeves

          Most of the questions which I had in my mind are already answered here by you already, thank you so much for taking out time and replying 🙂
          I had one doubt….about the optional, as you had medical science and well versed with it and you already did it feb/march (which is great as optional is one of the most important and deciding factors),
          1.) my optional is geography and I haven’t studied it in graduation or before, except for this exam as optional (i know background subject doesn’t matter as most people choose optionals other than grad subject)

          2.) will it cost me due to lack of time (as prelims is demanding more time due to paper 1 only and csat qualifying) if i do not complete at least 85% of the optional before pre as after prelims there are other papers to cover too(ethics, essay etc) plus revision, will it be manageable in 110 days after pre?

          3.) should i try to complete optionals now?

          4.)When did you join the vision test series, after prelims or before and how many tests were there? Was it the offline one or long distance one.
          for secure 2016 I am following it properly since mid April and prelims already giving enough time.
          (I am extremely sorry if the question is overlapping with other peoples)
          once again thank you so much for all the inputs, wish you a bright and happy life ahead 🙂
          – Vidit

    • KAutilYA

      Congratulations Mam….please help us for preparation strategy…many from us did preparation without coaching…so your strategy may be helpful to all of us…please mam share your strategy and experience with us on insight…Thanks…nd again congratssss…?????

      • Artika Shukla

        Thank you Kautilya.
        I want to clarify here..I did not join any classroom coaching but I had joined VisionIas test series and Vaji and Samkalp for mock interviews. Plus had followed Insights for almost the whole of the year.
        I will be posting my detailed strategy on either insights or visionias platform as soon as possible.
        I am extremely sorry for the delay incurred but I really am swamped with some pressing stuff right now.
        Apologies for the delay and thanks once again for the kind words. 🙂

        In the meantime,remember this. Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough. 🙂
        Be patient and tough. Someday this pain will be useful to you!
        Good luck! 🙂

        • Shubham kashyap

          congrats artika…………………..

        • KAutilYA

          Thanks mam…if possible please share your views nd experience on insight…bcz of lot of students with self study nd their own strategy…may be your strategy helpful to all of us..self study group guys…thank you so much mam…all d best to you too for brightest carrier in IAS…lot of thanks for golden nd valuable words…?????

        • Spectre_007

          Some toppers lie about coaching class n mislead aspirants. I hope u r not one of them. I have seen some toppers who were in the same coaching class as mine n they later claimed only self study. How can they work sincerely if they r so introvert n full of egos.

    • Thank you Artika 🙂

      And congratulations from our team and Insightians.

      Please check your inbox. We dropped a mail. If possible please revert.

      • Jeeves

        You guys have changed the whole scenario of preparation, so many achievers, Rank 4, 40, 85, 60 (in 60s), 14 and many more yet to come. This has emerged one of the best platform for preparation. No need for expensive coaching and test series. Hats off to the hard working team. You are the real achievers.
        Hope we could write the same as next year 🙂

    • Narendra Modi

      Congratulations Artika Ma’am. It feels so great to see aspirants like you who are Super achievers in their lives. We all need to learn a lot from you i.e. how you achieved this without any coaching and that too in your first attempt. Kindly share your wonderful strategy with us.
      Congrats again 🙂

    • Sonalika Jha

      CSE,that too with MD …wonderful 🙂

    • phoenix

      Congratulations Mam….All the best for ur future Endeavors…

    • Vishnu A

      congrats …could you please reveal your marks and strategy for the medical science optional

      • Artika Shukla

        My marks were 142 and 144 . total of 286
        Strategy Ill post in a while.
        Thank you 🙂

        • Vishnu A

          amazing marks… well done… thanks for the reply and best wishes

    • Babitha Madhuri

      congratulations and all the best

    • Santosh

      congrats sister

    • sudarshan

      hello maam, congrats for ur feat….
      i too belong to vns and matter of the fact is that ur dad is our family doctor, we used to be his regular visitor in his chamber in godowlia, i must say like father, like daughter….
      my query to u is, did u use to maintain notes while preparing…?? i am facing a real tough time maintaining notes….. another concern is the books u followed, kindly throw some light on essay writing as well….
      thank u in regards, n all the best for future endeavours…

      • Artika Shukla

        Hello sudarshan 🙂
        Ill be posting my strategy soon. I think it will answer most of your questions.
        Thanks for your wishes 🙂

    • event

      very congratulations mam please share your story with us i want to prepare for 2017 please i can not afford tutions so i have to prepare at home please guide me about the material so that i can prevent myself from buying irrelavent material plz mam help me

      • Artika Shukla

        Sure. Ill be posting my strategy soon.
        Hope it helps clear your doubts.

    • Anu Anusha

      Hearty Cogratulations mam…. we’ll be waiting for your preperation strategy…..

      • Artika Shukla

        Definitely by the weekend, Anu. 🙂

        • Anu Anusha

          ok mam…thank you…

    • GODDAMN Batman!!

      Many many hearty congratulations for the pinnacle that you have reached.
      I hope your journey ahead is even more illustrious.
      I seek your opinion on a dilemma I face.

      My dilemma is, that I am not able to adequately accomplish my daily targets of:
      1. Daily answer writing SECURE.
      2. Answer writing of SECURE Questions that I have not done (which is quite a lot, since only recently have I started writing answers.)
      3. Static Portion, revision, etc.

      Apropos point 2., I merely read, and summarise the model answers by other aspirants and Synopsis reproduced by INSIGHTS. (to reduce the time spent) yet it takes 2-3 hours. (reading, understanding, summary).
      Point 3, I know, I cannot eliminate from my daily schedule. Dilemma is in point 1 & 2. How should I divide the time? Which should be given higher priority?
      Answer writing (present & backlog) and newspaper summaries, alone takes me 6 hours daily. After which, I have very little energy, enthusiasm, to work on Static portions.

      Your response is much awaited.
      Thank you, Ma’am.
      Wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours.

      • Artika Shukla

        {For starters, Lets pretend you’re called batman! }
        Hello batman 🙂
        Let me be honest with you.
        I started answer writing on secure in april 2015..used to take the entire evening (from 5 -8,9pm) to finish in the initial months.
        However if you really put your heart into it, I would say that the knowledge gained makes up for the time lost.
        But..now that prelims are approaching,divide your time this way:
        Morning: 2 hours for static prelims portion.
        1 hour test paper practise for prelims. (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

        Evening: 2 hours of mains centric study.
        In addition,do not spend more than one hour on newspaper.

        2. Your way of doing Secure is fine. But try to reduce the time taken..maybe,just read the article,make points from the article plus see one more answer by any of the serious other aspirants.

        No need to worry about backlogs as even Secure compilations come out after prelims..even then, if you go through them seriously,it covers a lot of the syllabus.

        Be calm. Be courageous. Be confident.
        Try to finish today’s work today. Not yesterday’s. Not tomorrow’s.
        Yesterdays can be taken care of later.
        All sorts of compilations come out at the end of oct/nov.
        Concentrate on things starting right from today!!
        Hope this helps 🙂

        • Gopal Prasad

          Congrats mam, I’ll appear next year exam, so pls. Guide me to strategy

    • $truggler :|

      very congratulations mam

  • Mission_15

    Hello Insights,
    I have followed your secure mains posts, current events and have solved few papers of prelims test series.
    I thank your whole team for the amazing work being done. The material is very relevant to current UPSC pattern and has saved a lot of time during my preparation. I thank you especially for your motivational articles, sharing the strategy of previous toppers in a very extensive manner.
    Insights has a big role to play in my success because of which my Mission_15 is complete now. 🙂
    Thanking you,
    Alankrita Pandey
    AIR-85 CSE-2015

    • Jeeves

      Congratulations is a small word for it, a big applause for your success.
      Please do share your strategy with us.

    • Congratulations and thank you very much for your kind words 🙂

    • Affu


  • Dear Insights team,
    A big thank you for helping me keep my preparation updated, motivating and inspiring me continuously with good quality of questions and effort. I wrote some answers, and was in regular touch with the site for both mains and interview preparation.
    Gazal Bharadwaj
    AIR 40, UPSC 2015

  • The_firewithin

    Insights, wanted to inform you this years Rank 3 ( jasmeet singh sandhu) has also been the part of Insights platform. He has been discussing about his benefits from here on quora answers. He might be busy to write but thought of bridging any communication gap.

  • cm

    Dear Insights
    I must say you have taken a great initiative to help aspirants for civil services. I have been a constant reader of secure initiative and current events and it has immensely helped me in prelims as well mains.Thanks for your free help, which was way more valuable then paid ones.
    As a matter of fact its my time to give back. Please let me know if I can contribute to help students in any way. I would also be glad to share my preparation strategy or notes making /answer writing approach.

    Chandra Mohan Garg
    Rank 25 (CSE 2015)

    • bbk

      Could you please share the answer writing approach for sociology..
      How to make the answers more comprehensive and how currents events should be included in answers in paper 1 and 2..

      Thanks in Advance..

      • cm

        I try to divide my answer is 4 parts. Intro, thesis(1 side), anti-thesis(other side) and systhesis(conclusion). To explain my points I use thinkers and illustrations. eg if alienation is to be explained.I can write thinkers and back my argument with current example if need be(demand of question). To try to link everywhere possible.

        • bbk

          Thank You Very much.

  • Neetika Vilash

    I was a very regular participant of secure 2014 and follower of secure 2015. I am highly Thankful to InsightsonIndia for my GS preparation for both Prelims and Mains. It is indeed a wonderful initiative !!! I am highly obliged !!!

    Neetika Vilash
    Rank 810
    CSE 2015

  • nita

    sir kya test series hindi me bhi avilable hai

  • Ashutosh P Shukla

    Congratulations to all those who have cleared this year’s exam!

    Could we please have a detailed strategy for Law Optional? I looked through the strategies given for Public Administration and History, and something like that for the law optional would be immensely helpful. Thanks.

  • madan kumar k j

    Insights on what parameter u will select students for offline classes……

  • akash

    Congratulation to all upsc toppers and follower of insight who ranked top

  • Hrishikesh Bajpeyee


    Many many congratulations for your achievements. I am a student of 2nd year B.tech. How can i prepare for CSAT 2019 ??




    hi insights

  • pranjal

    Hello, I, Ms. Pranjal Patil have secured AIR 773 in CSE 2015. I would like to thank the insight from bottom of my heart. I followed secure 2015 initiative in my prelims as well as in the main examination. The compiled Q and A material was one of the single most important study material I relied upon for all GS papers. I had read on insight that we should have practiced at least 15 essays before going for actual exam. I am glad to report that I could write 13 essays prior to essay paper and could secure 146 marks in it.
    I am grateful to insight for some specific reasons. I am visually challenged student and getting material in e-format is the bitter struggle I had to face. However, Insight’s resources were not just in accessible format but extremely qualitative and completely reliable as well. If aspirants follow its study plan with sincerity and trust, nothing can stop her or him from getting into merit list of next year. I am encouraging everyone whoever is asking me for guidance to follow insight with 100% faith.
    I would also like to thank my friend Archana who introduced me to Insightindia.

  • lakshmikanth sandra

    Hello insights… i keep asking this question many times only to get no reply…. when does the insights offline test series start? is there any specific eligibility requirement for that?