Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 17: It takes a whole village to raise a child

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 17


24 April  2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“It takes a whole village to raise a child”

  • Thanks, insights ?
    Good morning dear people! 🙂 🙂

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    • ESWAR

      Good morning dude, nice quote. Are you writing essay today, if so please ping me

      • Yup, I’ll be writing 🙂
        Sure, as soon as I post, I’ll tell you. 🙂

        • vijay- the ray of hope

          Dear review mine I will do the same

        • Michael

          i thought you are boy… 😀 😀 … surprize me!!

      • Written. Posted. Do review 🙂

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    • Kautilya

      Nice quote dear…Thanks

  • Jaya Swatantra

    Thanks Insights!!……..please clarify.. 1) GDP Deflator 2) WPI in context with lessening exports////

    • Prash

      1) GDP Deflator 2) WPI HIGH —–>INFLATION HIGH ————> Devalue of currency —————-> Boost for exports
      and vice versa
      For more clearity —> ramesh singh — >inflation chapter —> its relation with devalue

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for replying Prash.. 🙂

      • Kumar Sunny

        I have doubt the Vice versa will apply here, WPI is High so Inflation is high but because of what “demand driven” on “cost- push” , in both cases if Production is less it will be overheating of economies, RBI to take contractionary monetary policy to control Inflation. High Inflation is not good for export (because it may be because of supply chain issue) neither for economy as such. Inflation is by-product of demand- supply game and it has to be within limit.

    • Arun nt

      gdp deflator just means the aggregate level of prices of all goods(Gdp)in an economy

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for replying Arun ji.. 🙂

    • minaxi

      Hiii Jaya..
      GDP deflator is used to know the price change within an economy in fixed time period. t is used to know the right state of economic growth.Means, comparing the current price with historical price.

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks aloads Minaxi for making it clear… 🙂

      • Hey Minaxi,
        Find time to review the essay yaar. Have posted it now. 🙂

        • Jaya Swatantra

          Hello Simran, find time to review,,, 🙂

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        Hey Mianaxi mine too na… 🙂

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  • Pankaj Nimbolkar

    Thank you sir

  • Pankaj Nimbolkar

    Download :- Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh
    ( new edition )

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Thanks Pankaj…

    • ESWAR

      Dude, is it latest version

    • Keshav Singh


    • naveenmergu

      Thank you very much

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Pankaj ,

      I kindly request you, NOT to provide Soft copy of Text Books because the act done by you is UNETHICAL .

      Since , we are aspiring civil servants , I personally feel we should NOT support Piracy . Thought , you might have done this as a SELFLESS act but the Author will lose the Royalty that he/she deserve when a candidate purchase the Book either from a Bookshop OR through Online .

      THANK YOU 🙂

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        arvind times..aspirants dont hv tht much of money to buy so many books n study materials,,
        everybdy donot belong to a financially well off condition..
        I hv seen many aspirants..who dont hv money to stay in delhi for prep..they rent a kitchen to liv in..wid no coolers n ACs in scroching summer of delhi..
        dont u find it moral to support such students…we must not support piracy..but at times some unethical work done r too moral..dont u agree..:)
        m not disagreeing u..m just trying to show u another view..u hv all d rights reserved to deny my thought..:)
        I respect n appreciate ur thought…
        best wishes frnd..:)

        • Kautilya

          I agree with with you…some village guys face CSE from their home..bcz financial their financial conditions are not well…so this is milestone help for this people..not possible to go Delhi…all right…???

        • Rohit Kulkarni

          my family also could not afford for my coaching so I worked for three years and earned and came to delhi , We have to make our path friend 🙂

        • Aravind Varier

          Dear Dr.Karishma ,

          I could understand the concern you have for the poor candidates who cannot afford to purchase the Text book 🙂

          1) If you were the Author of that Book , will you allow the text book to be publicly made available for the Students in the name of Charity ?

          2) The Author haven’t given any Copyrights to our friend Pankaj to make it available online as he wishes . If the Author Ramesh Singh have given the rights to make it available online, then i would have NOT commented on this post .

          3) You are forgetting a major fact that , we are all aspiring civil servants and utmost integrity is expected from us and I don’t understand what you want to convey by saying that ” At times some Unethical work can be also moral ” ???? Promoting Digital Piracy ??? I beg to Differ Karishma .

          THANK YOU 🙂

          • Pankaj Nimbolkar

            Sorry Arvind bhai.

            I’ll not commit mistake again

            • Dr. KARISHMA

              this is not a mistake..but charity..
              why smbdy will take pain to share it for others gain?

              • Pankaj Nimbolkar

                Ya sure ??

          • Dr. KARISHMA

            Arvind ji..i just took a liberal stand..a middle path..
            I hv already said I respect n agree with ur opinion..
            but only rich hv not d rights reserved to read good books…since many of us cant afford..
            n yes..Ramesh Sir knows this..tht these kind of piracy takes place..n as per him till d time this is for betterment of poors its good..He is an amazng person..He is not tht rigid..
            But Yes wrong is wrong no matters whther it is benefitn a vulnrbl or poor..

            my human pov says wat Pankaj ji did is correct since he has a motive to help others rather thn any selfish/money oriented motive.. may b m wrong from ur pov..
            but sir i will always try to b human no matter what…

            m sorry..I opposed you..but tht doesnot mean I disrespected you..
            🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Pankaj Nimbolkar


          No PDF again

          • Affu

            h pankaj,i respect ur decision but i would request u to consider the requests of atleast those poor aspirants who approach individually…see everyone doesnt have the same kind of comfort but has the same desire and ambition,so we need to help our fellow aspirants who need it the most

            • Pankaj Nimbolkar

              Hiii affu

              I know , these books r important for all including working person.
              There is no issue of piracy or selling books.
              I m not earning by sharing these files.

              What I want to do now ?

              Bharat Mata ki jay ¶¶¶¶¶¶

              • Affu

                Even if u don’t want to share publicly if someone request u here or through mail,please consider

                • Pankaj Nimbolkar

                  This is the best option.

                  • Affu

                    that way u can question that individual why he/she needs that copy if u feel it is justified then u can share,this way u need not compromise on ethical values everytime but guage it according to circumstances

                    • Pankaj Nimbolkar

                      Yes right ,??
                      Puchhna padenga .

                      Start kab se karu ?

                    • Affu

                      i think u r free right now,on account of holidays,kal se hi shuru kar do..if it is feasible

                    • Pankaj Nimbolkar

                      I m free now up to 13 jun.
                      Studying in library @ hometown.

            • Dr. KARISHMA

              affu ji jinhe nahi jarurat hogi wo qn download karenge..
              like i already hv tht book…i dont need it..but har koi individually kese kahega ki use chahiy?? 🙁 🙁

              • Affu

                Matlab if someone ask him personally yar like keep request here or send him mail

                • Pankaj Nimbolkar

                  Yes. Mai subah ko post daal diya karunga .

                  For ex –
                  I have GSscore mains questions paper with solutions !

                  ( S&T + Environment )
                  For mains 2016.
                  If anybody want , can mail me.

                • Dr. KARISHMA

                  ok ji,,,:)

          • Himaanshu

            I really don’t understand the reason behind this controversy. I would have considered your act unethical if you were selling these copies. There is a huge difference between selling and sharing. I still remember when I was a child I used to borrow books from my seniors and after completing my term I used to lend it to my juniors. With the above logic we can say that my act was causing loss to the authors and publishers by reducing their sales volume. When I purchase a book and lend it to someone I am not committing anything unethical but if I reprint it and sell it to someone than its a moral issue. The act by you in my opinion is an act of sharing and you should continue with it. Rest is your discretion bro 🙂

            • Pankaj Nimbolkar

              Hii himanshu…

              I m always ready to help our aspirants.

              But arvind bhai directly saying not to share .

              So I don’t know what to do ?

              • share kar le bhai no issues…somebody has already said realism has to take precedence..people have given their ethical support too…its not piracy actually…

                • Pankaj Nimbolkar


        • Pankaj Nimbolkar

          Hiii karishma.

          Muze lagta hai ki , Maine bahot bada issue kar diya aaj .
          Give ur valuable advice me, what actually I want to do right now.

          To send or not ??????

          • Dr. KARISHMA

            my advice…chillax..
            jo dil ko sahi lagta hai or wo manvata k heet me to karo…no matter what..
            its unethical to steal but if my friend is dying of hunger and nobody is helping me with money or food…what i m supposed to do..i will follow the value oriented rules of not stealing food or i will b a human to steal for my frnd..if its only option wid me..
            certainly i will b human..rules r made for humans..humans r not made for rules..

          • Dr. KARISHMA

            i just came now…n saw all these.. 🙂
            we r so funny..

            • Pankaj Nimbolkar


      • Kumar Sunny

        I guess Net neutrality(perhaps ethical) gives us rights to not to discriminate between digital data :P, since the idea is to use for the study and not for selling , I believe this does’t come under piracy as long as explicitly prohibited by the owner/author even for reading of e-copies.

        • Arun nt

          you are right

        • Aravind Varier

          Dear Kumar Sunny ,

          Please read the Terms and conditions of Digital Piracy 🙂

          THANK YOU 🙂

      • Affu

        arvind ji…according to categorical ethics of kant-the act may be intrinsically unethical but consequential ethics says that greatest good of greatest number can take precedence.’a poor aspirant who cannot afford it benefitting from it,compare it with an already well to do author” loosing” royality,ofcourse this is a kind of moral relativism but sometimes u need to view moral values in the light of circumstances,purpose served…
        however,what u stand for absolute moral values irrespective of circumstances is worth appreciating,needs to be emulated but let realism sometimes take precedence over idealism
        end of the day: “i need that PDF yar” ha ha..eventhough i have hard copy of smae,e-books are feasible for working persons like me:-)

      • Pankaj Nimbolkar

        Dear Arvind brother

        I m just trying to help.
        There is no intention of piracy, I m not selling books , only helping.
        I m teacher by occupation, how can dare to do piracy?

        We no one know each other by face or personally. Where is ethical / unethical issue ?
        If u don’t like it , I will stop it.
        But rethink, lots of people need it.

        • sharief

          thanks pankaj for sharing the link..
          pls don’t discontinue sharing the e-books…
          There are lots of aspirants who could not buy so many books from market and try to read it from free sources..
          If some one is not happy with it, let them not use it, it is as simple as that….
          But majority of them indeed need it…
          Thanks again for your selfless service…

          • Pankaj Nimbolkar

            Thanks brother for advice.

        • Aravind Varier

          Dear Pankaj ,

          I have nothing to RETHINK about the view that i have said in my previous reply .

          I saw many candidates coming in support of your act of providing the Soft Copy of the Text Book and i was expecting the same when i wrote my reply in the morning .

          Dear friend , Even i am a Professor in my Professional Life and i know beforehand that you are a teacher which made me to reply on to your Post .

          We teachers should NEVER commit an act that is UNETHICAL .

          I again repeat the same , please do not commit this act . There will be thousands to guide you into WRONG PATH but only one will be there to show the CORRECT PATH .

          Consider , me as that one who doesn’t want to see you doing something unethical act despite being a teacher .

          I will clearly tell you why your act is UNETHICAL, though you are doing it as a selfless act .

          1) If a book shop owner get holds of the Soft Copy of this text book , he would make photocopies of the text book and start selling it at a half the price .( though your act is SELFLESS but the book owner is making money – so are you contributing indirectly or not )

          2) I have seen book shops selling photo copies of text book and i personally never purchase such books .

          3) In future too , you are aspiring to become a civil servant . If you indulge in any kind of such acts , you would be made a scapegoat and can be prosecuted for the same offence even you tell you have done as a SELFLESS ACT .

          example : If you are the director of Food corporation of India in the Maratwada division in Maharashtra and due to drought there is scarcity of food in the region . So , as a SELFLESS act , you start distributing food grains freely to the needy ( like the way you are sharing Indian Economy book to the poor candidates ) . You are NOT taking any any money from the people but giving the food grains to as a relief and you don’t have orders to release the grains too .

          You are just doing it in your personal capacity . After the drought have been completed , 3,00,000 Kgs of food grain have been distributed by you to the needy .

          Some people started Alleging that you have diverted the grains to shops and got benefited from the deals . Actually , you haven’t got a single Rupee by distributing the food grains but finally a case was registered and you were suspended from your post and put behind bars for diverting food grains to the needy .

          4) The same case applies here ( Author Ramesh Singh haven’t given you any authority to put his text book online )

          If any person from Tata Mc Graw Hill see your post in InsightsOnIndia and file a Police case against you telling that a person named ” Pankaj Nimbolkar” is promoting Digital Piracy and trying to earn money by publishing the content online .Though you are NOT earning a single Rupee but the Police will take the case by citing that ,you are doing this act to gain some Monetary benefit secretly .

          Though , No Police case is filed against you but if a Police case is filed against you . I am 100% sure NONE of the candidates who came in support of you today in this Online Forum will come and tell ” Dear ” Pankaj ” Let the police charge me and NOT you because, according to me you have done an ETHICAL Act .”

          If any candidate is ready to accept your action which is considered as a crime by Police , then you can continue posting online text books for the benefit of the poor candidates .

          Today, I have said my Honest opinion to you and i never do something that will cause an Harm to another person .

          I still know your are doing this as a SELFLESS Act but think twice before you act .

          Yours Obediently – ARAVIND 🙂

          • Pankaj Nimbolkar

            Thanks arvind bhai.,??
            Meri aankhe kholne ke liye ,,????

    • ajay

      thanx pankaj

    • AMW


    • Kautilya

      Thanks bro..????

    • Sand

      thanks pankaj for ebook
      if you have any other ebook…do post it

  • A toast to the Insights family!

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      • Arun nt

        writing this essay karishma?

        • Dr. KARISHMA

          i hope so..i will write..wbu?
          but may b in d day time..
          abhi gonna study optional..:)

          • Arun nt

            I feel as if i have lost touch.So thinking about it.

            • Dr. KARISHMA

              write..u ll feel better..
              u ll gain confidnc too..

              • Arun nt

                yes I am writing now

              • Arun nt

                I have wrote it in a it

        • Jaya Swatantra

          please review my essay as well.. would love to review yours.. Arun ji.. 🙂

          • Arun nt


        • Dr. KARISHMA

          written..u may review friend..:)

      • Hi Doctor Sahiba,
        Find time to read and review my essay 🙂

        • Dr. KARISHMA

          sure ji..ap b plz review kar dijiye..
          tx ji

          • I’ll surely check yours. 🙂 li’l unwell 🙁 so couldn’t write any answer or review 🙁 but promise I’ll review your essay 🙂

            • Dr. KARISHMA

              ohh z more well..
              even i cudnt write today’s answer..feeling low energy..:)
              tk ur tym…frn..:)

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Hey Karishma, how are you?? pleaese find some time to review my essay …

        • vijay- the ray of hope

          Jaya I will review urs please review mine

          • Jaya Swatantra


        • Dr. KARISHMA

          hey jaya ji m fine..wbu??
          just done essay n uploaded it..kindly review..
          m gonna review urs..:)

          • Jaya Swatantra

            achchi hun Karishma ji… bilkul aaj sham review kartin hun… 🙂

            • Dr. KARISHMA


            • Dr. KARISHMA

              ok ji

              • Jaya Swatantra

                bhaut mehnat karni pad rahi hai.. read karne i will take time… 🙂 sry for the delay Karishma ji..

                • Dr. KARISHMA

                  KOI NAHI JI..:)

      • vijay- the ray of hope

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    • Paladin

      Pandeyji, what does KWAR stand for 😛

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      • Rashmirathi

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        i am getting to yours..

      • Pandeyji

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        Na hum aapki tarah writing mein consistent hain
        Na reviewing mein

    • Dadabhainaoroji

      pandeyji please review mine, thanx in advance

  • Rebel


    There are scientists, there have been scientist and there will be scientist. But the name DR APJ ABDUL KALAM creates different resonance in minds of listener. The above words do not intend to discredit the selfless and tiring work of thousands of scientist but to appreciate the qualities which distinguished Dr Kalam. But was he born with those qualities? Was there any spiritual presence in his body which created distinct aura? Certainly not! In his work, “The wings of fire” Dr Kalam has emphatically described his upbringing and how his family, his elder brother, his village surroundings and happenings around him molded him as the person he is best cherished after. What creates that distinct mark is the aspect on how individual personality is shaped by discourse of entire society. But then again another question props up and creates ripples in stable mind that whether the role of society paramount? Is there no role of self perception and individual ability to analyze thing.

    It is in this context that this essay represents an attempt to deliberate over contours of societal role in individual shaping and up to what extent outsiders role remain relevant.

    # How society contributes/How village contribute in raising child?

    Let’s assume the multiple scenarios under which child are born. Right after birth the continuous process of amalgamation with society starts. Relatives start flooding in. Some carry him while some remain distant on lookers. But child continues to look at this number of passerby with great anxiety. While he/she definitely appreciates the warm hug of old lady, he/she remains equally concerned of aggressive posture of younfg male figure. Nevertheless, process of learning continues. As age passes by, he starts moving out, interact with different people, learn societal practices/traditions and respect other feelings. He is being taught at school, among peers, among elders, among feminine figures, in family and n number of other places.

    All the interactions shape the personality of child. For example say a child from Gujarat belonging to rich family may have particular taste owing to economic class standards. But he will share the common trends of caring, loving and friendly nature associated with GUJARATI folks. Even in accordance with scientific research, a raw product like a new born baby is slowly converted into social figure based upon number of similar interactions (inside and outside the family) which shape the individual personality. Thus the words “It takes a whole village to raise a child” definitely sound affirmative sound in mind of eager souls.

    # How society is not the only factor?

    Even though in earlier passages it has been vociferously advocated that society is definitely one of the major factors yet it is not the absolute factor and definitely not the only one. The village from Dr Kalam belonged would have also comprised of thugs/thief/mischievous elements. Were they also nurtured by society/village? The answer to this question lies in deeper assessment of individual cognitive functioning. Outside village represents the interaction which takes place among multiple actors involved. But how those actions are actually perceived by the individual depends on his perception, education, nurturing and attitude towards daily life issues. The same family may have a highly notorious and distracted child along with disciplined and caring ones. Both the child were nurtured by same village/society, yet differences emerge posing question over the title of the essay.

    In philosophical terms, outside nature/material is neutral in character. What creates happiness in individual mind is the perception created in his mind. The most comfortable situation may be turned into most harmful and deleterious ones just by creating havoc in individual mind thought process.

    #what needs to be the way forward?

    In accordance with examples analyzed above one line ring the doorbells of my ears – it definitely takes whole village to raise a child but it also takes that child’s attitude, cognitive caliber and emotional strength to analyze events happening around and pursue path which lies in best interest of him and society at large. Ultimately it is the child who has to understand and implement. Thus focus has to be towards not spoon feeding child mind but empowering him and developing his mind capabilities to understand events in neutral fashion. Within the contours of this statement lies the abode of well reasoned mind which also lies at the core of Indian constitution and Preamble at large.

    • Rebel

      essay was written not without creating any rough draft…just wanted to try free flow of thoughts. Thus, there are bound to be issues like less coverage of multiple other dimensions, wrong interpretation etc. It will be highly appreciated if readers point out the same.
      Thanks for reading and reviewing!

    • Arun nt

      excellent friend

      • Rebel

        Thanks! i will review yours shortly!

    • muthuswami

      essay is really good

    • ajay

      articulated very well showed multidimensional views and the part that it is not only the whole village which helps in development of child but there are other imp facets as well is really noteworthy and gud…and u have balanced it out nicely in the last passage….very gud attempt rebel …keep writing..

      • Rebel

        thanks ajay for your review!

      • Hi Ajay, please review mine as well. Thanks 🙂

      • Ankit

        Ajay bhai mera bhi please.

    • Rudrani M

      Good attempt, but i find certain issues –
      1. Let’s assume the multiple scenarios under which child are born – first thing cam to my mind through marriage, single other etc :-). So I feel do not write such statements.
      2. Even though in earlier passages it has been vociferously advocated that society is definitely one of the major factors yet it is not the absolute factor and definitely not the only one. You have not explained this one. So I suggest if you write something then explain it a little, to me it is little bit disconnected
      4. Try to avoid writing in question and answer style, this is not good and will not fetch you marks. It sounds like an article but not an essay
      5. one line ring the doorbells of my ears – “my ears” I avoid writing I, my and whatever related to me. Because we are not supposed to write an opinion based essay.
      6. You have missed the negatives of socialisation process, and that is why it is not balanced. Subject matter is little and you have to emphasis on more of subject matter.
      7. Intro and conclusion are the key for an essay

      • Rebel

        very nicely critically analyzed.
        1. yeah i do agree, there are multiple flaws, as i had already acknowledged: entire essay was written just to test flow of thoughts.
        2. yes, words like “I” should not be used. Totally agree.
        3. Q/A writing style: it has fetched me very nice marks in essay till now. moreover, it makes things easier for examiner. there are 2 different school of thoughts: as you have written and another one mine, finally it depends on individual selection.

        thanks for your valuable inputs. I will keep them in my mind

        • Rudrani M

          Cool.. 3. Agree.

          • Ankit

            Can you review my essay please???

            • Rudrani M


    • SKB

      hey…u have beautifully described the core issue.
      Followings are My feelings as i gone through your essay:-
      1st half of the introductory paragraph seems not much relevant to the core theme but as i progressed it became really interesting and relevant. rightly described the role of society.
      Some improvement needed to maintain flow and continuity of thoughts.
      overall good effort.

    • Hi Rebel,
      Ittu Sa bas?
      Loved the start. 🙂 🙂
      Avoid writing THIS ESSAY IS GOING TO TELL THIS OR THAT because it breaks the interest at times 🙂
      Contribution of society and village is good but example you gave with it is not apt I felt. It could have been better. How society is not the only factor para is good 🙂
      Good job!
      Please find time to review mine too 🙂

  • Kautilya

    Thank you sir…??

  • Arun nt

    A child is raised by his or her family but he or she is influenced by his or her sorroundings in a vast manner.Its not only the parents who are responsible for a child’s growth as an adult rather the persons sorrounding the child like other kids,school,and societal environment plays a major role in the mental growth of a child.

    As a famous quote goes Man is a product of his environment,Thats true to a great extent.Modern science has proved most of a person;s character is based on the experiences in his childhood and so parental upbringing is just a part of the child development.

    If we take in a aggregate manner,children raised in a good environment develop as good children with great capabilities and morals rather a child reared in a bad environment grows up mostly as a bad person due to the experiences he faced as a child and due to the fact that a child learns its behaviour and its character is moulded from watching others and learning from them.Yes there are exceptions but mostly thats the case.For example before 20 years every children played games and indulged in physical activites as it was not taught to play videogames and watch movies as our present day children.

    In psychiatry ,it was hypothesized that most of the mental disorders are the products of deep scars in childhood and most serial killers are persons who have been abused as a child,If thats the case then it is our duty to give a good environment for our children and in the process developing as a good society which is not corrupted by low morals,unethical thoughts and addicted to thirdgrade movies ,foolish beliefs and superstitions.

    There is a short story to describe this.Once there was a cruel robber and he was caught and he is standing before the judge,When the judge prescribes the punishment for him,he asks him to indict his mother too in the case and share his punishment because she encouraged him to do more when he is engaged in petty thefts as a child and that made him a robber.This clearly illustrates the blame we ought to carry when we scold our children as if we are all right and refuse to accept our part for their shortcomings.

    In the present scenario our country is plagued by many ills such as corruption,greed,ignorance,lack of empathy and care on other humans.This is a depressiong scenario and a children which is raised in this scenario would surely develop to be like their forefathers and our country would further be in ruins.As children are the future pillars of a nation,it is must on our part to teach them good morals and provide them with a good environment by reforming ourselves.

    • Rebel

      kindly consider following aspects
      1. mentioning of story is really nice aspect.
      2. you have very nicely elaborated the core theme of topic.
      3. Intro and conclusion needs more creative touch. it must be unique in itself.
      4. the topic can be associated with multiple other perspectives. even i have not dealt with the same. else it remains uni dimensional in nature.

      KWAR 🙂

      • Arun nt

        You are absolutely right and kind in your review.this is my first ever essay and I know there are multiple shortfalls.I just gave it a try.would try to improve in future.

    • Dr. KARISHMA

      hello arun ji..
      a gud attempt..
      as per me..
      1. we can use more words since we hv max 1200 words in hand
      2. explanation of heading is missing..
      3. how vill/society upbrings a child is missing..
      4. story example is good,more examples can b added..
      i hope u felt better aftr writing this essay today..
      write more u ll feel more confident..
      review mine too,,:)

    • Jaya Swatantra

      You wrote well but it is too short Arun ji.. introduction and conclusion may have been better you would have ignited the significance of the topic in the second para of introduction.. work on structure and logical presentation of your stand.. more diimensions like gender parity, tolerance may be added and above all solution part would have made your essay complete.. All the best.. Keep writing… 🙂

  • Please review friends , a crude and probably vague attempt

    It takes a whole village to raise a child

    This Popular African proverb dates back to times immemorial, since African civilisation is probably as old as the human race itself. Regardless of the number of centuries that have went past, the proverb is not at all obsolete. It gets as relevant in modern times as it had been in the ancient past. Humans are definitely social animals and as long as we continue to live together, this proverb will hold to be true.
    The relevance and timeliness of the popular proverb can be gauged from the fact that it also happens to be the title of a book written by the then American First Lady, Hilary Clinton, a couple of decades back.

    The proverb tends to emphasise on the general importance of family relationships, close cooperation among the community members and the favourable impact on the psyche of the child in such a peaceful and friendly surroundings.
    Children are considered a blessing from God for the whole community. So it is a duty and a right at the same time, for the wider community to get involved in the upbringing of the child. This communal responsibility in raising children is also considered as a blessing for the whole community as well. The friends and neighbours get involved to nurse the child and communicate in a positive and fruitful manner.
    Thus, it becomes a mutual relationship, with the child benefitting as much from them, as the community members enjoy in the process and feel satisfied.

    * Good neighbourhood
    The importance of a neighbourhood with active cooperation of all the members cannot be overemphasised. Whether be it a village or urbane setting, a great neighbourhood is an asset undoubtedly.
    In the age of globalisation, no house, place or country remains in isolation. So goes with families. Isolation and alienation cannot be the norm at all for a HEALTY existence. All round development of an individual can only be accomplished by growing involvement in community activities, which may be reciprocated back by other members. It does not only include factors related to the physical existence but also incorporates multiple elements of the mental aspects.
    A child is always growing in the sense that it tries to assimilate the components from the surroundings, whether be it physical or psychological . It helps the child to incorporate vital understanding of the world into own personality. This process can be facilitated by a active and cooperative involvement of other beings by interacting with the child. This acts as an encouragement of the child and enables him or her to learn faster.

    * Importance of socialisation.
    The tribal societies of the past were very closely knit and required close cooperation of the members in various community tasks. Therefore socialisation was a natural consequence of the structure of the society. However, times have changed since, yet the basic rules of the society remain the same, and only the differentiation has increased further.
    In the modern society individuals play certain roles a according to the interests, abilities and Age groups. Socialisation is not so obvious now as the shift has focussed more on individual ambition and preferences at the cost of community interests.
    A minimum basic level of socialisation is still in vogue, although the extent is decided by the patriarch of the family more often than not.
    Taking the case of Indian village society as an example, the young ones are encouraged to take part in festive occasions and other gatherings as much as they want to. Various festivals are celebrated with zeal and children enjoy it as much as the adults. This also helps them to understand the importance of a community perhaps symbolically.

    However, Having said that, it is also pertinent to mention another side to the story. With greater incidences of crime against children, the apprehensions relating to the safety of a child are also on the rise. This may tremendously add to the anxiety of the parents and the community as a whole.
    Moreover, In today’s world numerous civil wars are going around the world, that have taken their toll mostly on the children and other vulnerable groups. Amidst so much of violence and upheaval their futures of these children are in jeopardy and undoubtedly the children have become the worst sufferers due to the turmoil in their immediate surroundings. They are losing opportunities for health and education and that can have lasting effect on their lives forever.

    Further Coming back to India, migration is the norm of the day and families have to adjust to entirely new settings amidst growing urbanisation and industrialisation. Children these days hardly get much time to spend with their parents, leave aside the neighbourhood. Grandparents become the virtual parents in such scenario, but they cannot provide the continuity a child deserves in the upbringing, due to fragile health. Thus the onus lies on the immediate neighbourhood to facilitate this process in a mutually fulfilling role.

    Probably the African proverb ‘ it takes a whole village to raise a child’ is all the more suitable in present times of great work pressure, utter competition, growing individualism and ambition. A society cannot compromise with the future of their children. It is almost as vital an issue as the existence of a society itself.
    Thus a cooperative village will albeit be more safer for young one’s existence . The kids can have a more fruitful childhood playing around, without much to worry about. This would provide them a more nourishing experience adding to their overall development. Such a child when grows up will be a better citizen as well as great community member having incorporated the best values from the community life.
    In this way, the individual and the society grow together, for the larger good of the nation.
    Thus it will be right to conclude that an all encompassing experience for the child to grow with, calls for a fine balance between the contributions from the family, relatives and the larger society.

    • Rudrani M

      Good one danish, but few issues –

      1. It is not necessary to quote an origin of a proverb, if its done very good
      2. Try to write like an essay with coherent flow, I find it little disconnected
      3. You understood an essence of an essay
      4. In an essay the intro and conclusion should be catchy and based on your intro the skeleton of an essay can be predicted easily. So try to enhance your writing practice more in that area
      5. Providing examples from history or present will fetch more marks.
      6. All the best

    • minaxi

      Hello Danish.. Plz review my essay. I will review after some time when nostalgia of my bad essay goes away. Thanks.. 🙂

  • ajay

    “IT takes a whole village to raise a child”

    one fine day gomti,resident of a remote village in uttar pradesh gave birth to a boy.the boy was lovely,playful and cheerful.he had those glistening eyes with bright mind and bubbling enthusiasm.he often used to go out with his father who was a casual labourer and try to learn things.but as and when he grew up he fell in the bad company of mischeivous boys.he left school and involved himself in gambling,theft,alcohol and drugs.he was often caught by the chowkidar but he always eloped them.he was misguided because of absence of strong,supportive value system from elders and villagemen.he used to fight with his mother,father and siblings.they were unable to provide with him guidance.similarly panchayats ,elderly and others in the village never concerned much with children of the village….

    this shows the imp of family and society in raising a child.we need to maintain constant vigil to guide the child through the right path. the years of infancy,childhood and adulthood are esp very imp.

    in infancy ,mother and father has to give due care for early development of child.elderly should guide young couples on imp of regular food and feed .attention and care at this tender age helps nurture strong bonds and love in the family

    as the child grows he should be sent to school.schools esp in villages are meeting ground for children of differnt backgrounds,family and he develops values of friendship,reciprocity and social living.a strong culture in a village which gives value to education,sincerity and discipline will encourage their children to go to schools.this makes role of the whole village imp in better physical,mental and intellectual development of the child.

    similarly it is often said that family,elders and teachers are guiding lights for a child.hence it is imperative that teachers behave as role models in the nascent stages of development.teachers can help in inculcating values of cleanliness,respect for elderly,compassion and love among the children.this can give a long-lasting effect on value development of the child…this can be possible only when the teacher preaches what he sees.i.e the behaviour of the villagers and people should be complimenting to what teacher is teaching…

    now as and when the child grows he visits markets,goes out with his friends,or visits offices he gets a view of the whole people talk to each other,are they rude or are they their a culture of helping out the weak, or are people fighting on petty issues. do people talk about issues plaguing the village..or they simply ignore the problems…
    the ans to these affect and mould the child in a similar manner..if people are rude,violent and fight fequently..the same gets embbeded in his behaviour..if he sees they are greedy and try to befool each other he will learn the same..

    now as the child becomes tennager he starts to mature.but this age is also the most the role of the village becomes even more in the story this age is vulnerable to alcoholism,drugs and smoking this contex if he sees villagers smoking cigaretes,chewing tobacco ,pan masala and gutkha it becomes very easy to adopt the same.this is beacuse nobody is questioning and nobody is stopping…

    meanwhile if he gets addicted it can lead him to anti-social activites..he will use immoral means to gain illicit money for fulfiiling of his cravings.this may start with petty crimes and thefts but later on turn to robbery,murder,rape and other heinous crimes.thus a life which could have been used productively was lost in the mirage of frivilous cravings and unfulfilling and unhealthy desires..this make it very imp to provide for the right environment early on for the child.

    so as we see through the passages we cannot deny that the whole village acts as mirror for the child..he sees,imbibes and behaves in a manner the whole village is doing…if the village shows the right path then it should be encouraged because its then only then that we can build a stronger and brighter future generation.

    • ajay

      pls review


      i have seen every essay focussing only upon child in biological sense but why you people not considering child in sense of a dream that requires community effort for ex
      1. child in form of dream of having society free from manual scavenging, child labour, dowry system, casteism, communalism that require effort from all communities( here village is in sense of community)
      2. dreams like energy security, women work force participation, entrepreneurship culture, double digit growth, hub for tourism( medical, eco, educational) etc
      3. increase women participation in parliament, reducing criminalisation of politics, empowering PRIs and ULBs,
      4. wanting to possess cryogenic technology, nuclear energy third stage, generic medicine hub, IRNSS, mars mission etc are all children that india scientific establishment nourished for long time with political and people support in form of policies, tax contribution
      5. protection of W.Ghats, paris agreement, joint forest management, rain water harvesting etc are all concieved dreams( in form of child) that we all need to nurture
      6. all world as village to work for nurturing child in form of combating terrorism, piracy, handling migrants problems etc
      7. child in form of dream of indian independence, globalisation, green, white, pink, bue and now rainbow revolution requires effort from us all

      i hope you get what i want to say……………….basically if you want to think about this essay then remember one essay on ” dreams that not let india sleep”……….whatever you have talked it should be one paragraph…….

      • ajay

        bhai vivek ur points are very very good …u can consider the essay as u have detalied out ..but i would suggest u pick up a few specific topics like one on manual scavenging,child,labour,dowry,casteism one and detail them…because u can’t write on these many topics in a single essay not because u cannot write it but because of time and word constraint..while to say that independence,globalisation as a dream doesn’t connect of topics u mentioned are really gud..


          yaar basically i tried to give some points from socio, economic, ecology, polity, technology, international front……….u r free to make cuts where ever u want…………………………….regarding independence this u can write in beginning as our freedom fighters sown the seed of freedom in minds of people and then all irrespective of their caste, class, religion contributed to dream of india independence. it was effort of all………………………..

    • Rebel

      Hey, kindly take a note of my observations

      1. nice elaboration of context in introduction.
      2. nice flow maintained in body part.
      3. in conclusion you have mentioned that :”if village shows the right path”. i was not able to decipher the true meaning of statement. village is like society. society interacts based on individual perspectives which vary across multiple dimensions. may be the thing which is right for others may not be right for you. finally it depends on individual how he perceives the entire event.

      overall very nice attempt.
      KWAR 🙂
      Kindly review mine essay as well!

  • Ashok

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  • SKD

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    • Sudanita Sanchez

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  • SKB

    Any Developmental process has multi dimension contributing factors. From a child to a nation, everyone’s growth has attributes from its surroundings or constituents. Any imbalance or disruption of their constituents’ role in this process might create undesirable results. A significant of this balance is discussed in the essay.

    A nascent born child is like a plane slat in making. Not only what would we write on the slat but also how beautiful it would look depends upon the stakeholder involved in the process. The biological growth of the child would depend upon the surrounding’s environment. From air to water, everyone has a role to play in his life. A polluted water or air or lack of nutritions has great negative effect on his mental and physical growth. This is visible in areas with polluted water supply. Also his nutritious which depend upon his family’s financial condition also cannot be ignored. His education level would be define by the nearby affordable school/college options. Most remote or rural areas hardly have such privileges and hence these children could not access the education.

    His language, food habits and other skills are results of interaction with surroundings. Even professional skills like boxing and wrestling as visible in some of Haryana village are results of the prevailing culture surroundings. Children get’s inspirations from local heroes and put effort to follow them.

    The presence and absence any developmental factor surrounding has a great impact on children’s growth. The role of pure air, water, good food (nutrition’s), education and other institutions (like boxing etc) are very important for the child’s overall growth. The absence of one or some of them would hamper his growth. An individual is basic unit of society or a nation hence this impact would affect the country as well once intensified.

    The country’s growth and progress is also contribution of all sections & institutions. Neglecting any sections’ role and contribution would hamper the progress of the country. India is in the process of development. Since independence effort has been put to make all section equal partner and contributor to this growth story. India is now leading economy in the world. The GDP growth is fastest among major economies. But this story has neglected or still not accommodated a large constituent.

    The agriculture sector provides largest employments but least contribution in the GDP. The sectral growth has stagnated over the year. India cannot ignore this sector in the developmental process. Sometimes this economic growth is described as jobless growth by eminent personalities due to major focus on service sector and manufacturing sector. Such distorted effort cannot help one fourth populations which is still considered below poverty line.

    India needs inclusive growth to make developmental progress in true sense. India has to spend a lot more to social sector (Education/Health) to make the huge demographical dividends part of its progress. All section of society should feel equally empowered and have access to opportunities.

    The recent efforts by govt through Make in India, initiative in health sector, Dalit upliftment efforts, reform in various sectors are in right direction which will enable the growth and progress of India inclusive and accommodative. All section of society would be contributing in the process.

    The growth of a nation or child are sum of contribution by surroundings’ and its constituents. It need’s a balnce approach

    • SKB

      Plz review..

      • Sudanita Sanchez

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    • Rebel

      Hey..reviewing your essay from my perspective.

      1. Very nicely introduced. your words reflect the element of maturity. keep up the good work.
      2. after reading entire essay i felt that you have not deeply deliberated upon the core theme. introducing argumenst from agriculture etc. were too far fetched. Instead the core topic could have been analyzed from multiple perspectives. Just my line of thought. Finally you have to decide based on your reasoning.

      KWAR 🙂
      Kindly review mine as well!

      • SKB

        yeah….i also felt that i couldnt touch the core theme efficciently…thnks for you valuable inputs.

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Really very good essay
      u used simple Words
      Please find time to review mine

  • Venkat808

    Mr. Raj was born in a village to a farmer’s couple. He moved to nearby city in search
    of higher education. On completion of job he got married and having a child. He
    grew very rich, one day his child asked him about village life after returning
    from school, having listened to a lecture on village life and its significance.
    Then, Mr. Raj started explaining about his childhood and how village shaped his
    early phases of life.

    Ours is a small village with few tens of houses. Most of the houses are either small or
    large, but gardening, cattle–sheds, store houses were common features.
    Villagers known each other by name and comes to help at any instant. Families were
    used to be joint type, with men and women engaged in farming and allied fields,
    elder siblings and grandparents used to take care of younger children. Elder siblings
    used to feed younger ones, grandparents used to teach how to behave. Sharing was
    very common in those days, even though money was in exchange people used to
    follow a kind of barter system like sharing all works. Children used to play in
    the moon light, used to swim in the canals or wells, used to learn by stories
    from teachers. Educated child from village is usually treated as a role model
    for others; he will be a guide for next generation. In maximum cases these
    educated used to guide others, tried to solve common problems of villagers. Villagers
    used to share common work, celebrate the festivals with joy. However, greedy
    will be omnipresent, but they are few in numbers. The quality air, water and surroundings
    helped to grow child healthy. Life of child is reflected is a mirror image of
    village life.

    In totality, life of village is based on sharing. We can say, “It takes whole village to
    raise a child” (or) “a child needs whole village to grow”.

    • Sudanita Sanchez

      Just this much?

      • Venkat808

        as a beginner i couldn’t be able to write much, just going through the others to learn how to improve.

        • Sudanita Sanchez

          Great … Keep going…
          Wish you luck

    • Rebel

      the piece of writing can be used in molded fashion for introduction. it would really enhance the beauty of essay. Do write complete essay for getting comprehensive review.
      KWAR 🙂

    • Rebel

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  • Eco-friendly

    “It takes a whole village to raise a child”

    Sunil and Rajat, two friends from higher secondary school belongs to different villages Nathri and Tumbipura. But there is a lot of difference between them. Rajat is polite and respects everyone while Sunil is of truculent nature and involved in all kinds of vices. By seeing them anyone can guess from which village they belong and what kind of culture they follow and community they come from. Hence it can be rightly said that- It takes a whole village to raise a child.

    The given quote is an old proverb which means the responsibility of raising a child is shared with the extended family. One may become isolated from its parents but one cannot become absolutely isolated from its extended family, i.e. community in which he lives. It is said that parents are the first friends, guru (teacher) of a child but after this initial phase a child comes in contact with school friends, community and neighbor. It is this extended family which shapes character, culture and personality of a child via various activities and institutions like festivals, marriage, and environment provided by them. The effect of this extended community is so much that no one can be completely isolated from it.

    From ancient times right from the activity of food gathering and hunting to the present industrial age it is the community/society which helps a child (a new individual) in socializing and forces him to behave in a particular way. In ancient society it is so much integrated that any person who behaves inappropriately and against the pre-defined rules faces ‘bahishkar’ (isolation from community) from the community or village. It is this isolation which people fear because it is impossible to live without community.

    With the evolution of new mode of production society also evolves into industrial one but the importance and responsibility of the society remains same. Religious laws (in ancient society) were replaced by constitutional laws, village gets transformed into cities, caste replaced by nationality but it is the same extended family (i.e. neighbors, friends, society members) from where a child learns to take leadership role, how to tackle a situation, how to behave, etc. And this learning is manifested through a person’s attitude, personality.

    A person who got good community and learns positive things from it is loved by all and is respected in the society. While a person whose nurturing and upbringing is on faulty side is more prone to crimes. According to NCRB (National crime Record Bureau) data most of the juveniles who are in conflict with the law are illiterate, comes from backward society having resource scarcity. Many of them do not have father at their home. This data in itself is a proof that it is the impact of teachings, interaction, care, and culture that an extended family has on child.

    Various child rights activist around the world advocate for a healthy environment for the growth of a child. This healthy environment is not just physical environment but also healthy social environment. Hence juveniles are kept in foster homes where a healthy society and moral learning are provided to him, so that he can evolve into a responsible citizen. A child learns what he observes in society. If there is domestic violence, gender inequality, corruption in society, it is most probable that he will follow the same. Children’s mind are much sensitive, they try to mimic or follow what their elders around them do.

    In my childhood too I used to see my grandfather smoking now and then, along with him there are people around in the society who smokes and I felt it as a noble activity. But it is actually not. A child watching his friend study also feels that he must study too, it is how our extended family have an impact over us. A society can produce people like APJ Abdul Kalam, or a person like Shiv kumar Yadav (Uber driver). That is why it is said that if you want to bring change in society then nurture the young ones well. We often say about teaching moral values from childhood age because it is this sensitive mind which if transformed can bring wonderful changes.

    Various sociological thinkers also, through their theories tells us about the importance and impact of society on individual. E. Durkheim in his theory ‘Suicide’ says it is the society that forces individual to commit suicide (because of various degrees of regulation and integration), similarly Karl Marx gave his theory of Alienation which individual feels because of change in society and its culture.

    In older times it is the village, or the relatives, etc who have the responsibility of raising a child, but with globalization, liberalization, and industrialization, world has become a global village. Technology has a greater impact on us. Now we not only learn from our neighborhood but also from people sitting miles away from us.

    It is also said that a person’s own ability also plays a role in defining his attitude and personality. It depends on a child what he takes/receives from society and what he rejects. Two students in the same class with similar teaching can bring different results. Same society has criminals and noble people at the same time. I too observe my grandfather smoking but I did not followed it because I was taught in school and by my other relatives that it is a bad habit. Though self-determination and a person’s own ability has an impact but the importance of larger extended family specially in this digitized world cannot be ignored.

    So it is the society i.e. extended family/village that can shape a child. These children are the future of any country, their failure or success will have an impact on whole world too. Hence given its importance the role of society becomes enlarged. Society must not take this responsibility for granted because its ill effects are seen world-wide in the form of terrorism and extremism. Now the villages are not separated but integrated and any activity in one village will impact others. We cannot now create two kinds of children like Sunil and Rajat and feel save and peaceful. So this global village must act wisely and in a noble manner if we wanted to raise our future generation in a peaceful and healthy environment.

    • Sand

      nice attempt…
      keep writing

    • Ankit

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    • Hi eco bhai 🙂
      Lovely piece 🙂
      Points on child activists, sociologists wala were really good. 🙂 conclusion is lovely 🙂

      Improvements can be in the area of introduction and the paragraphs following the start..
      Overall a nice work 🙂
      Please review mine as well.

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      couldnt find any flaws.
      Conclusion is beautiful.
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      heya eco bhai,:):)
      goood one ………. but aaj jyada example ni diye apne:):)
      flow was engaging…….simple sobre calm story type:):)
      flaws ni h bt interesting bnane k liye or diversity include kar sakte ho aap…..:):)
      or individual kaise influence kr raha society ko yeh b bta sakte ho ek alag angle k sath:):)
      today wala bs good tha >> ur ability is of v good type eassy bhai toh nxt tym cm up with flying colours:):)
      thank u .. n ys mera b…..:):)

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      hi eco…nice essay..intro is good and end too.
      rest a single approach dominates the essay..u can two three dimensions

      2nd last para is really nice.
      plz review mine..

    • Bhai review mine too….
      By the way do you happen to be a sociologist

    • gomuki

      Some ideas:

      1) Rising a child means he has to develop -physically, emotionally, value-driven
      2) In some cases family will not help in inculcating values-( unbiasness, equality, secularism)—so village should teach those values
      3) over all development possible only if a person has good peer group—can write how peer group argue with us to change our ideas
      4) could include village festivals, fairs—how they help to raise and mould children
      5) village crafts to imbibe skill and over all personality
      6) leadership abilities in children through village meetings and panchayats
      7) Many more imp. points seems to be skipped…. sorry I am so lazy to type
      8) May be my interpretation question may be wrong ….if so dont take them seriously…

      • Rashmirathi

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    • Rashmirathi

      hey eco, good effort.
      introduction is good. giving a reference of the same story in conclusion will be a good idea.
      i really liked your concept of society being an extended family.
      i feel you are over and over emphasizing role of society only. there are many things that constitute society – family, schools, media, community, customs , government, etc.
      apart from that good examples, good flow.

      thanks 🙂

      please review mine

    • Ash

      Hey Mr. Eco friendly!(assuming) 🙂

      I love the innocence with which this essay has been written… I too saw wemy grandfather smoking but I didn’t start part….
      Rather simple language but few points very well analysed…. 🙂

      Now lemme give you a food foot thought… I’m using my phone so pardon the typos…

      1. A society has both good and bad elements… Often it’s seen ppl support their family members despite the wrong done by them! Society has to act responsible and fair here… The Shakti gang rape case… Ppl were more worried about their village’s prestige than the female…
      Laws like POSCO are frameworks… They remain toothless until society comes forward

      2. Talk about the beauty of team work
      3. You have written what is in the quote… You could use it as a metaphor… Govt schemes are like children only which don’t succeed coz they are not election proofed
      4. We call nature and earth mothers.. But these mothers are like children too… Vulnerable!
      195+ members signed the agreement if even one falters… We all falter…

      5. I guess you’ve mentioned this already… Lemme refine it a lil more… Society is made of ppl and ppl make society… Every person who is ready to learn is a child only…. I may be 50 but I remain my mum’s daughter right! Feel free to counter here! 🙂
      Anyways if we have to reform one we need to reform the other too… Concerted efforts from all wings of govt and citizens…. Talk of children and tobacco!

      6. we want reservation to b done away today…y? Some of us argue we are better performers than the sc/sts…
      We forget the wrong we did… After what we have done.. Wouldn’t their mental sanity be disturbed… And then we expect on par performance… We lack sensitivity…

      You could talk of solutions- desire for a male child-injustice to females- we need education sensitisation…. Compassion

      Bring in more dimensions is what I’m trying to say here… Few places English usage needs to be corrected….

      All in all… I really loved few things you analyzed… That made Me comment else it was one among my no write day! 🙂

      You owe me a big thank you… Not for the points… That you need to decide if they are worth considering.. But for the pain I took typing on my phone for you! 😛

      Keep writing Mr. Friendly! 🙂

    • Dadabhainaoroji

      why have you focused on child and society only, why not take child and village as metaphors and expand the essay in other dimensions too, e.g. a business and whole economy, a country and world community etc. please review mine.

    • missionmode

      I really liked the beginning – a story is always engaging. Also the sociological and historical aspects you covered are brilliant.
      One thing is, even though it might be true, i think you should avoid a generalist statement like “juveniles come from poor background”. Depending on the examiner, this might go against you. Also, i would have liked more dimensions. I have myself written a very different essay and interpretation than yours. Please do review!

    • sharief

      It was a good essay, easy reading…
      but i felt, u could add some more social problems like – respecting women/stalking/gender equality; voice against corruption etc..

    • sankar

      good one frnds
      flow is good ………..just add more dimensions
      plz have a look at mine ……….thanks

  • The Lone Ranger

    Once a kid went to temple with her father. On the entrance of the temple there are two majestic sculptures of lions. The kid got scared of it and told her dad, ” The lion will bite us Dad, let us run.” The dad said her kid that it was only a stone and it is not real. After hearing this the child asked her father, ” Then how stone present in the sanctum of temple will hear us ”

    The point here is not about the existence of God, it is about how the child reflects its surroundings. Every child is a like a fertile land. You can only reap what you sowed. Almost every religion too tells the same. In Hinduism, Brahalatha, though born in Asuras (Demons) became a good child because of the good stories he heard and the surroundings. Buddha was also shaped by the surroundings but during later age.

    It takes whole village to raise a child. In the present day context, the village or society is divided into many segments. The most important are Education, Nutrition, Globalisation and Ethical values. These are mostly influenced by society.

    As Picasso once said, “All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as they grow up”. Present Education system is educating children out of their creative space. Even though we have attained successful primary education for all, the learning of the children is meagre. There are good models in RMSA practised now like Continuous and comprehensive evaluation, No detention policy and encouraging creativity & extracurricular activities. But the problem is improper implementation and lack of bottom layer understanding. We need to teach the children how to think rather than what to think.

    Nutrition plays the vital role in the physical and mental development of the child. India is now facing the problems at two extremes, Malnutrition and Obesity at the same time. The changing mindset of food in urban areas with westernization (Junk foods) has created more Obesity in urban children. At the same time, the lack of nutrition meal has created Malnutrition in rural areas.

    Globalisation has huge effects on kids. Playing outdoor games is crucial for the psychomotor development among children. The changing attitudes of society on games with recent advancements like virtual game world and mobile games makes the children addicted to it, which ends up ultimately in Obesity, vision problems,etc. The work culture of parents, lack of effective spending of time on children has also resulted in psychological problems.

    Sanitation is one of the most important problem in India. Cleanliness though regulated by law, it is more relevant to public mentality. We are having corporate social responsibility without having public social responsibility. These attitudes of society will be directly reflected with the growing children. More social awareness on Water saving, electricity saving, cleanliness and ethical values needs to be done. So that it will downpour to the future generations.

    India with its growing demographic dividend may have a bright future. But its need to reaped carefully. Today’s children are tomorrow’s asset. Though they grow by cells and food, the real growth occurs only when they are in a healthy social conditions. As Einstein said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales”

  • Ajay Aggarwal

    i’m also taking pain to write 10 questions everyday for my fellow aspirants..

    today i’m writing very tough question on geography objective prelims..this would be real test..


    In the context of Mediterranean climate,

    which of the following statements is/are


    1. It is found only along the western coast

    of the continents.

    2. It is most suited for livestock farming.

    3. The get maximum rainfall during

    summers due to high convection.

    Select the correct answer using the codes

    given below.

    (a) 1 only (b) 1, and 2 only

    (c) 1, and 3 only (d) 1, 2, and 3


    A particular lake has the following


    1. It is the deepest lake in the world.

    2. It is located in a rift valley and is also a

    World Heritage site.

    3. It is located in East Siberia and is

    drained by Yenisei-Angara.

    Which of the following lakes has above


    (a) Lake Baikal (b) Lake Yessey

    (c) Lake Seliger (d) Lake Onega


    With reference to physical geography of

    Africa, consider the following statements :

    1. Except few, rivers in Africa are not

    suitable for shipping.

    2. There are several large lakes in the

    northern highland of the Africa because

    of presence of the Great Rift Valley.

    Which of the statements given above is/are


    (a) 1 only (b) 2 only

    (c) Both 1 and 2 (d) Neither 1 nor 2


    Consider the following statements regarding

    North Indian Plains :

    1. The pebble deposited in a narrow belt

    lying parallel to the slopes of the

    Shiwaliks is called as Bhangar.

    2. The belt of older alluvium deposits is

    called as Bhabar.

    Which of the given statement(s) is/are true?

    (a) 1 only (b) 2 only

    (c) Both 1 and 2 (d) Neither 1 nor 2

    other question–

    ajay aggarwal–target IAS 2016

  • Rudrani M

    “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it”. – Michael Angelo

    Children are like an uncut Michael Angelo-esque stone, which takes the shape of anything when worked upon in their formative stage. Surroundings make an impression on a child. Child’s development starts as soon as she is born. For a child, initially it is parents who are the role models to imitate. As they start growing, contact with other people, his siblings, his relatives, peer group, friends makes an imprint on child’s behavior.

    The topic “it takes a village to raise a child” implies how important a village and its people are for an all round development of a child rather how best a socialization process of a child takes place. This can be understood in two contexts one is if the child is secluded from all the people surrounding him and exposed to just his parents and siblings and another being when child is exposed to the community outside.

    A child who is living in the company of her parents is likely to be an introvert child. He will become insecure, timid and shy. He will not possess skills required for the practical experience of a life. On the other hand, a child who mingles with the community people, his friends and relatives will be more likely to inculcate characteristics of an extrovert, courageous, stable and outgoing person. He will experience new things, which are necessary to live a life, he will understand what is to be scared of and what causes harm and good. The ethics, moral and virtue are all can be learned from life experiences for which a child needs to explore the world and the members of the society are the key here.

    However, there are positive as well as negative impacts when a child comes into contact with a village and its people. On the positive side, he learns new things, nature teaches him many things like colors, name of vegetables, helpful herbs, biotic and abiotic characteristics etc. He understands the importance of family relationship, societal norms, religious institutions, ethics and morals from role models. Based on all these children form a self-concept that keeps evolving as and when he introspects himself. Self-concept is nothing but his behavior towards his peer group and family, community. On the negative side, children are exposed to certain cults like religious group ISIS, jihadi etc, bad habits like smoking, drinking, social media exposure etc. Children age make them susceptible to fall pray to these groups and learn from them.

    For example, from history Siddhartha Gautam since his childhood was very passionate about learning new things, learning about society and its people. One day, as Siddhartha was touring a park area of the kingdom, he saw four things that changed his life. First, he saw a sick person, which he had never seen before and was stunned at the sight. Next, he saw an old person, someone stooped over and suffering the effects of old age. Again, he was shocked for he had never seen this suffering before. Then, he saw a corpse! He had certainly never seen a dead person before, nor did he even really understand the reality of death. His father had kept him sheltered from all these things, particularly death. Finally, he saw a sage or holy man walking up the path. The sage passed by the sick person, the old person and the corpse – and as he did so, his face and demeanor was filled with compassion, peacefulness and joy. Siddhartha at that moment recognized for the first time the profound suffering that even the best of lives involves. He resolved to be like the sage, who in the midst of sickness, old age and death could still live a life of compassion, peacefulness and joy. Hence, exposure to a larger social group had a definitive impact on the persona of Siddhartha Gautam, who later rechristened himself as the Buddha – the enlightened one and became a harbinger to new social reforms.

    Though socialization process has manifold positive impacts on the personality of a child its few negatives connotations cannot be entirely ignored especially in postmodern era, in which we live in, certain negative personality traits found among children can be directly attributed to unhealthy socialization process. During teenage, children are more susceptible to drinking and smoking when they come in contact with such a friends who drinks and smokes. They also get to learn about unethical practices of eve teasing, sexual abuse and criminal activities. They fall prey to human trafficking, criminals, religious cults, and child pornography. Social impact is intense on early developments of children; they are more vulnerable to tabooed practices and processes. As a consequence, there are more juvenile delinquents in correctional homes. Therefore, a good socialization is the cornerstone of a good human being.

    Role of parents and society on socialization –

    Parents and society form a key part in the socialization process of a child. Parents can guide them towards a good path. They can teach what is good and bad. They can counsel them and try to be their friends. Imposing things upon children might have bad consequences; so making them understand the ethical and moral concepts through role model will have a longer effect on them. Society can be a harbinger of a good change in a child behavior. Neighborhood can also teach them the virtues and worthy traits along with their own child. Because, when children are being told by others except their parents are prone to listen to their advice and take it seriously. When neighborhood or Good Samaritan sees child involved in an unprincipled activity, they can advise him not to indulge in such activities.

    Role of government in socialization –

    Government can perform campaigns on moral and ethical behavior required of a child in society. Schools can establish a guideline on good and bad behaviors and impact of bad habits. Role model concept can be given a wide coverage in media and elsewhere. Aanganwadi and Balwaadi should be given a boost in terms of infrastructure, to mould a good behavior in a child, as these two institutions can be the foundation of a socialization process. Government should also promote library culture and modernize it so that children can spend their quality time in library learning new things. Because, as said by Einstein “if you want an intelligent child then make him read a book and if you want more intelligent child make him read books.”

    Man is by nature a social animal so said Aristotle. Hence, a man without society cannot achieve his true potential. A man to be worthy of himself needs a healthy socialization in his childhood and what other than the immediate neighborhood and a peer group can have long lasting influence on the impressionable mind of a child? So it is rightly said it takes a village to raise a child.

    • Rudrani M

      @InsightsOfficialReview:disqus @InsightsOnIndia:disqus please review it sir and provide me with your feedback.

    • amrendra

      gud one

      • Rudrani M

        Thank you.

    • Rebel

      Wonderful introduction. illustration of Gautam, citing relevance of Govt. and society explicitly was very convincing.
      Since there is always scope of improvement in essay, i will not rate it excellent. yet the flow was flawless.
      overall very nice piece of writing.
      keep up the good efforts!

      • Rebel

        kindly review mine as well

        • Rudrani M


      • Rudrani M

        Thank you rebel. I appreciate your review. Yes nothing can be excellent. I tried my best. Definitely everything has a scoop of improvement.

    • Hi Rudrani,
      Intro is good 🙂
      Liked Gautam Buddha’s part 🙂
      The paragraph following it, seemed out of sync.
      Government part is good but not well explained.
      Campaign is needed for enhancing ethical behaviour but how? Role model concept is nice 🙂
      End is good 🙂
      You used Aristotle’s quote in the end, I started with it 🙂
      Please find time to review my essay too. KWAR 🙂

      • Rudrani M

        Thank you Night Thinker.. Word limits made my essay to gulp certain things so I have not explained in detail about government part. What a coincidence!!

      • Rudrani M

        Sure will review..

    • Rashmirathi

      i loved how you started .
      good conclusion
      buddha part was very apt. (y)
      a very unique feature was how you explained impacts of socialization and non socialization.
      but i felt the second half of the essay you wrote in hurry.
      apart from parents , society , government other factors too have a role to play , for example, schools, media , etc.
      very good structure

      keep writing 🙂

      please review mine

      • Rudrani M

        Thanks Rashmirathi… I really appreciate your review.. I have already reviewed your essay…

    • Iconoclast

      Written like seasoned sociologist, Are you one? Now coming to the essay..
      a. First line will definitely fetch extra marks.
      b. You explored the impact of socialization on individual, I believe the reverse i.e. benefits of society by socialization is missing.
      c. More examples other than Buddha could be added..
      Please review mine too..

  • Rudrani M

    Please review friends…

    • Sudanita Sanchez

      Review others as well

      • Rudrani M

        I reviewed others, but I don’t feel like they have written it like an essay. Except Danish who understood the concept very well, though he wrote it very factual but not like an essay. As far as I know essays should be like a flow, it should be coherent, it should be a connected flow of thoughts. Disconnected factual writeup brings less marks. And people here are writing it like a story with an imaginary character which is not expected at all. These are my views based on the topper and second topper in an essay.

        • Quite true … Rudrani….
          But actually this subtitle style which appears a little incoherent in the first place, fetch me decent marks last year …… 127/250…
          So kinda decided to continue with it…. Anyways it’s quite subjective ….
          Won’t advise anybody so … But yes it is acceptable by UPSC

          • Rudrani M

            Oh cool. Thats great….

  • John Major Dalai

    A small village in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh is known for village of IAS officers. 47 Civil Servants are there out of 75 households where only basic health, standard education and no wide connectivity are available. What is the reason behind it?- the only cause is the inspirational environment endowed with intangible awareness about civil services. However, a child is inculcated with values and persuaded with certain dreams which owes to his environmental factors.

    Parents, family and teachers play a vital role in the wholistic – physical, mental, spiritual and educational development of a child from womb to tomb. Parents are the only elements to recognize the activities of child at initial stage and take actions regarding to shape his/her mindset. Teachers have been revered figures from ancient times for the cause that they purify and channelize the activities and educational elments with a child. Chandragupta Maurya, who belonged to a small tribe could reach upto the zenith of power and held sway over a vast empire with the guide and lessons of Chanakya.

    A child gets easy tracks to get knowledge from a friend of his/her. Now-a-days, childrens are indulged in social media like Facebook and Whatsapp vehemently ; the fact that there is no (or very less) platforms provided to learn the operation of social networking from teachers. It is the friend who makes cognizant about these social media and some other activities to another friend.

    Neighbours, from betel shop to gram hat, somehow affects the subconscious developments or downgrade of a child. Either they keep motivated a child throughout their development process or downgrade them with atrocities, child abuse or molestation. Each and every elements of a village affects the child – positively or negatively.

    At last not the least, the government and its so called policies affect the developmental process of child in village areas. No liqour shop near village schools and strong acts for eradicating social abuse and child sex particular in village areas are among them.

    The child has always been called as the “God’s gift”. If this gift is nourished properly it will bring laurels to the family in particular, village in general and society at a large.

    • Hi John,
      You started off so brilliantly, then what was the hurry to end it?? You could have easily written more and made it a great essay buddy. 🙂 🙂 overall a good job! Please review mine as well 🙂

      • John Major Dalai

        My body part was lagged…
        Next time I will try the best…

        I saw your esaay…
        Ellaboration is brilliant…
        You could have added some examples which reflects the pragmatism in the essay….
        From philosophical point of view it is just a superb essay..


    Aristotle, in his book, ‘Politics’ wrote that, “Man is by nature a social animal.” And since then, we have grown up learning and listening that we humans are social beings. Gone are those days, when human beings used to stay isolated from each other, confined within imaginary walls. Time has changed, people have changed, and so have their needs. In one way or the other, humans depend to a great extent on society. This dependence, makes us, social beings.

    We, in our families often hear our elders saying that ‘Zamaana bahot kharab hai’ that ‘the world is bad’. They often compare the old days with the contemporary times, old people with this generation and conclude that people of their times, were kinder, more reliable and trustworthy. They advice their kids or grandchildren not to spend much time outside or get much friendly with others. But why so? Who is responsible for the change in human behaviour? Can people sustain without each others’ help and support? Can children grow holistically when restricted within walls?

    It is natural for someone to be protective and caring towards their children. Protection from worldly dangers are necessary but isolation by building walls won’t help. One should realise that NO FAMILY IS AN ISLAND. The way an island stands alone in a vast water body, same is not possible for men. Humans do not thrive when separated from each other. For all big and small things, dependence over one another exists. Life is a lot easier when you are a part of network of friends and family, a community. Parents can raise a child on their own, but child’s holistic development is assured only when he steps out of his house, spends time with his friends and get to know the world.

    Men become mean when they grow, they discriminate among people, on the basis of caste, colour or religion. But children are innocent souls. Their pure hearts don’t know how and why to discriminate between other children. Kids are taught the feelings of love and affection. And when they grow up they are unlikely to segregate people. This shows how important good environment is for the children. When children are provided with good ambience, they tend to develop humane qualities and HIGH MORAL VALUES.

    CHILD IS A FREE BIRD. The way a young bird opens up its wings and fly high in the sky, the same way, a small child grows when he gets complete opportunity to explore the beautiful world. When a small child is not given enough exposure, he is more likely to become introvert and shy. Chances are high that when he grows up, he won’t participate in extra curricular activities in the schools and won’t mix up with people as well. Hence, for a child to gain confidence in himself and develop hid personality, village/society plays a significant role.

    CHILDREN ARE BORN BELIEVERS . They believe what they see. If they see goodness and kindness around, people selflessly helping each other, lifting each other up, respecting others, chances are sky high for the kids to learn the same. Education and learning of children are not confined only upto school and home, it is also the responsibility of the society to impart life lessons in the children. Hence, instead of pointing out mistakes in others, a person should try and make himself a good neighbour. Then only a good neighbourhood will be build up for his kids.

    IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO CARE FOR YOUR CHILD. It is natural for the parents to love their children, but it is important for them to start caring for others’ children as well, to start treating other children as their own. Because when they show affection towards other kids then only they can expect someone to love their kids too. It is the responsibility of the elders to look after the safety and security of the small children playing in the gardens and parks. Another important benefit of this activity is that it develops healthier and stronger relationships and friendships among neighbours.

    IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO TELL YOUR CHILD WHAT IS BAD. A child’s brain is as clean as a board. Whatever the child observes, he tends to learn it and adopt it. Hence, the role of society becomes prominent here. It is the duty of people to tell children, when they are growing up, of what is good and what is not. What should be adopted as a habit and what should be avoided. In the current scenario, we have numerous ills present in the society. If the society does not educate the children, then who will? No one is immune from life altering bad choices. It is essential for the people to establish communication with children and tell them of the activities that can cause potential dangers to their lives.

    Society and its people have numerous positive impacts on children but the negative effects cannot be overlooked. Children when they move towards teenage they are likely to get attracted by the things that are said to be “in fashion” like eve teasing, drinking smoking pornography. Here comes the role of the parents to keep an eye on the friend circle the kids have, to talk with them, and try and become their best friends. This way, children transform to become good humans.

    IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP. Everything is not that bright for children. Some children face ugly treatment from the society. These kids are discriminated mostly because they are either specially abled or come from a lower caste. Most of the times, they are not given healthy environment to play, explore and enjoy. Because of this, they fail to completely develop their personalities. Hence, it is the duty of community leaders to become role models and try their best to restrict such activities. Discrimination of any kind among kids should be avoided. If we dream of a helping and non discriminatory society, we should ourselves work towards it.

    BUILDING A VILLAGE WORTHY OF OUR CHILDREN. With the advent of globalization and socialization, the world itself has contracted to become a global village. What happens in one part of the world has a huge impact on the other part. In this era, neither humans can stay isolated in walls nor their children. Thus, the focus of every human should be to develop an ambience which will only be beneficial to the younger generation. Where elders are always there with them like a torch to show them the right path. It is the responsibility of every individual to make the society a better place because TODAY’S CHILDREN ARE TOMORROW’S FUTURE.

    • LEVRA

      nice co incident, i too started my essay with those famous words of Aristotle and similarly proceeded with society as the background.
      Nicely written night thinker…keep going

      • Lol thanks Levra,
        Aristotle’s quote is quite famous when it comes to society 😛

    • Ankit

      Nicely written 🙂

      But Simmi touch missing 😛 maybe segregate kardiya isliye. Points are nice.
      Mera bhi review kardo 😀

      • Thanks Ankit 🙂
        I’m experimenting 😛 these days 😛 lol aaj bhot disturbance tha ghar pe. Sabki chutti hai koi mujhe padhne hi nahi deta :'(couldn’t pour my heart in the essay lol

    • Arun nt

      good essay.great points.congrats

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Ur island example and freed bird is really take away points
      ur language is also simple that has great probability of fetching good marks
      negative aspects is that u have not included diverse points to support ur vision of child development
      overall good attempt
      please give ur precious time to review mine too

    • niti

      quite comprehensive and digestible.. i liked the approach and easy segregation of thoughts ..
      the best thing is coherent approach..not a single sentence shows that u r deviating from ur sub-heading..
      but my question is- is it enough to roll around with in a circle and not to jump to others like for this axiom other circles can be
      1. reverse of the axiom..a person responsible for its village
      2. treating other organs as child means indirect inferences..
      review mine..

      • Hi Niti,
        I didn’t want to deviate from the theme and its core idea 🙂
        Glad you liked it.
        Yup I’ll review yours in sometime 🙂

    • arjun86

      Your English abilities are praise worthy. But in first 4 paragraphs little deviation.

    • shivanand rahutar

      good essay but continuity is missing, each para seems discrete..use connecting words to shows continuity of flow of ideas.

    • Shaktimaan

      heya night!!:)
      differnt but nice approach>> u knw such diversion from main stream writing will defintly hlp u to fetch sm good marks>> i lyk it buddy:):)
      there is series >>> ki kaise child grow hora society pe bt i think iski dusri side b dekh sakte the aap >> ki its how individual influence societal attributes:):)
      simple n sobre plus in flow >> very little jerks in between >> bt a nice effort:):)
      keep writing buddy:)
      thank u:)
      n hv a luk at mine also:):)

    • HappyIAS

      “Gone are those days, when human beings used to stay isolated from each other, confined within imaginary walls.” – when was this true? In fact, people are more alienated now more than ever before.
      I feel the connectivity is weak too..

      Overall, a good essay. 🙂

      • Hi,
        No I beg to differ.
        People are not alienated. People depend on others even for the smallest of their needs 🙂 children are not alienated, world has contracted into a small place, people are more likely to cross our paths now. 🙂 🙂 this is my idea of a global twenty first century world 🙂

    • minaxi

      Hello Thinker..
      Nice essay.. Yet not one of your best..
      I like the different aspects and dimension you tried to highlight but diversity of issues is absent. And branded flow is missing in this essay. 🙂
      Thanks Dear…

      • Hey Minaxi,
        I myself know its not one those really good essays *sigh*
        Aaj dil se nahi likh paayi 🙁
        Khair next time will write a brilliant piece 🙂

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          • Dr. KARISHMA

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            tk ur time..:)

    • 1.conflicting beginning….if man is by NATURE a social animal then how could there have been time when he was isolated….learn to hide ur blunders at least in beginning ;P
      2.zamana bahut kharab :D….
      3.third head it takes a village to raise a child….parents should have affection for other kids….complete bluff….this head may also give impression that u have narrow understanding of the topic….changing head may help here
      4.use of headings should not take away the connectivity from the essay
      5.In importance of community leadership..koi ek importance to bata dete kam se kam isme….restricting ugly things and at the same time encouraging child to imbibe the positives from them and other good kids
      6.conclsion was ok..quite optimistic
      u write better than this…keep trying…review mine please

      • Kabaad macha Diya kya *facepalm*
        Yup heading to yours..and pakka will write a brilliant one next time 😛

    • Rudrani M

      A very good attempt Night Thinker.

      I liked your language and you understood the topic well.

      However, few suggestions –

      1. Talk more about socialisation process
      2. Negative impact of socialization is missing
      3. Gone are those days, when human beings used to stay isolated from each other, confined within imaginary walls. —- this is very unjustified notion. This is true in present context and not true for the past.
      4. If the society does not educate the children, then who will? — when you pose a question then it should be followed with an answer.

      Best of luck 🙂

    • Iconoclast

      Hi I also started with the same quote. I interpreted essay as ” need for collective action to accomplish”, rather than narrowly focusing on ‘child rearing’ per se.. Would that be incorrect ??

    • Rashmirathi

      your essay looks very refreshing among the lot , nice structure.
      the introduction is factually incorrect – “Gone are those days, when human beings used to stay isolated from each other, confined within imaginary walls ” . man has always been a social animal out of necessity. staying in groups was a survival mechanism. it is now with the advent of modernization and technology that the isolationism has started.

      good conclusion, nice flow.

      keep writing.

      review mine please

      • Thanks buddy 🙂 yup thoda blooper Ho Gaya.. And yeah will review yours too 🙂

    • ESWAR

      Dear friend, extremely sorry for late review.

      Your intro part was attractive.

      Liked your style of argument about importance of others including friends in second and third paragraphs.

      But, surprise lost as you have mentioned sub headings. By reading the sub headings, I concluded what you might have written.

      Even I was writing earlier using sub headings. I was advised by one of our aspirant not to use sub headings in essays. Hope, you understood.

      Please review mine, if time permits.

      • Hi Eswar,
        Thanks for the review 🙂
        Yup I tried it today only 🙂 LOL will surely avoid it next week 🙂 and yeah, willl review yours too just give me some time

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Hello Simran,
      Your write up is awesome .
      Apt intro
      Nice flow and connection
      You may add dimensions like child abuse,gender disparity,rising intolerance to make it a complete piece rest is fine
      Keep writing dear and All the best friend!!

      • Hi Jaya ji 🙂
        Points duly noted 🙂
        Thanks for the review 🙂 🙂 and best wishes to you too 🙂

    • Affu

      ohoo….hamari simi bahut experiments kar rahi hai aajkal,,good keep it up..different tha,kudos..btw nice dp my beloved sis:-)

      • Hehe thanks Affu 🙂
        Mains ko time hai hence experimenting with essays 😛 LOL 🙂 hope something works 🙂 and thanks 🙂 would love to see Affu didi one day 🙂

        • Affu

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    • missionmode

      I really like the structure of your essay and the flow. However it feels like you have tried to limit the scope to one particular aspect. If it is an intentional choice, it is fine because you have justified it with enough content on the chosen part. I would have liked reading more dimensions.
      I have written my first essay today. Would be great if you could review it! Keep writing 🙂

    • IronMan

      Hello sister,
      You have written a good, but i have seen ur answer before, so i am confident that you can write even much better….Overall good flow and keep it up ….Good day 🙂

      • Thanks IronMan 🙂
        Yes, I myself wasn’t much satisfied 🙂 so I agree.
        Yup I’ll write a better one next time 🙂 thank you

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      if find time have a look at mine………thanks

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    • Dr. KARISHMA

      simi ji…avery gud attempt..
      nyc use of words..
      but this is not ur answer…u r in habit of discovering new issues in ur answer..tht i cudnt find..
      u went thru the flow wch says yes prove the literal meaning of topic..
      general life examples can be added by us..
      importance of community leadership, children are born believers…sm very impressive ideas..
      flow in ur answer is good..
      keep working dear frnd..:)

      • Thanks doc 🙂 yeah I’ll write a much much better one 🙂

        • Dr. KARISHMA

          yeah thts like simi..

    • Isha

      Hey thinker, content was nice. You came with multiple dimensions no doubt. Just avoid this heading thing, last time bhi you experimented it. It breaks the flow most of the times. Last two para were good. Use connectors between para for seamless flow while reading.
      Rest is good. ATB 🙂

      • Dr. KARISHMA

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        • Isha

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          Your profile is private. Please remove it so that i can access your piece of writing. Thank you.

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      • Next time no headings! Pakka 🙂 thanks for the review

    • El Nino

      Hey Simran (got to know ur name from comments of other )….
      Flow of ur essay is vry good…
      But reading through first three para..I got the impression that I was reading on “A man can’t live alone on bread”. You were talking on importance and need of man to interact with society. Also “Gone are those days, when human beings used to stay isolated from each other, confined within imaginary walls. Time has changed, people have changed, and so have their needs. ” , I could not come in terms with it.
      But after the 3rd para U r very impressive through out….:):)
      Adding more dimensions (what I just learned from You only :)..) would have made ur essay excellent. Keep writing and guiding me buddy 🙂

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        kindly review mine too if time permits..

      • Thanks 🙂 I’ll improve 🙂

    • yogi

      Hello thinker ji 🙂
      my views:-

      Intro is good,

      Main body: flows as usual u r the champion 😀

      NO FAMILY IS AN ISLAND.—very nice

      One things that others have ponited out on my essay suits to urs too—we should touch upon the implication of the quote on the political, economic, IR, etc. dimensions, where the village and child would be symblic in respective fileds,

      Men become mean when they grow, they discriminate among people, on the basis of caste, colour or religion—-why only men 😛

      CHILD IS A FREE BIRD.— I understand the analogy but scietifically it is not true , “child is like a free bird” would be better 😀

      Conclusion : superb!!

      Thanks 🙂

      • Hey thanks Yogi bhai 🙂
        Glad you liked it 🙂
        But I know its not that good 🙂 I’ll write much much better next time 🙂 thankooo!

  • Michelin

    The idea of village has cultivated a deep interest in social scientists and antropologists. The village was seen as a community characterized by close ties of kinship, familial bonds, shared values and beliefs, close economic and political affiliation. Prior to the Industrial Revolution in 18th century, almost the entire population of the world is said to have resided in villages or rural areas. It was only after industrialization and urbanization beginning with the Industrial Revolution that essence of village was recognized and began to be cherished in the backdrop of disruptive and unsustainable changes brought about by industrialization and urbanization.

    Village has been viewed as the fundamental unit of social life. A child born into this world cannot develop identity and consciousness without the help of society. And this society is well-knit and integrated in villages. Identity is shaped by social interactions with family, kin and friends; values and principles passed on by his/her community; economic ties and political leanings. This sentiment existed throughout the world – whether it was the tribes in Africa, ancient society in India or the feudal system in Europe. For example, a child born in, say, an African hunter tribe had to be reared by his parents and grandparents within the household, taught hunting by the surrounding tribal men who ventured on prolonged hunting expeditions, had to be nursed and looked after by the women during illness and finally had to be married off, which essentially meant unison of clans within the tribe. The entire social network of relations worked together to fulfill all the needs and wants of the child. Even today, this social cohesion is manifested in primitive societies like the aborigines of Australia, the Ongese tribes of Andaman or the Hausis of Africa.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that many world leaders had recognized the significance of the village community, and the most prominent of them has been Gandhi. He identified them as the forerunners of economic growth, sustainable living and self-sufficiency. Peace and harmony were the byproducts of a village-centric life. His vision and desire for village’s central role in an economy has been espoused in the Indian Constitution, and even today, India strives to empower its villages to fulfill Gandhi’s vision. The enactment of the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992 is a testament to this. India is known across the globe for its strong emphasis on community feeling, joint family networks and close-knit kinship ties. Every child is seen to embody this notion of collectivity and holism. Despite the rising influence of globalization, the traditional community ethos have firmly helped weather the change and continuity associated with breaking of cultural and geographical barriers. In this regard, the idea of village can be seen firmly imprinted on the Indian child. She carries this notion with here everywhere – whether it is for education, healthcare or business. In India, family businesses and entrepreneurship flourish for this very precise reason of community feeling and shared values.

    On the other hand, it has been found that, there have been increasing instances of crime and suicides as a result of alienation. While the western notion of individualism and achievement-orientation has no doubt led to innovations and breakthroughs in science, engineering, medicine and technology, it has also led to erosion of community feeling. The “self-made man” thesis is propagated and worshipped. However, it has failed to recognize that children and by extension men/women are shaped by their social circumstances, and the ones who are privileged to have had a stable and harmonious social life are more likely to be productive than those who have had a rough childhood. Therefore, the metaphorical notion of village holds essence even today where societies are highly urbanized, information is fast-paced and individuals are in a rat race. Moreover, the idea of village can be said to have adapted to the modern needs of the society. The traditional systems of joint family, strong kinship ties have no doubt been on the wane but today, the idea of village can be seen in the form of neighborhood community, resident welfare associations, status-based membership forums, etc. They have become instrumental in a child’s formative years involving education, social interaction and shaping of value system. Further, it is believed that with increasing migration to cities and urban centres, and concentration of world’s population in urban areas, the idea of village is also undergoing transformation to adapt itself to the changing social structures of family, kinship, community, etc. and at the same time retain its inherent role in shaping the child. For example, Japan is one of the most well-developed economies with a majority of its population in the urban areas. The Japanese corporate firms are seen to be an extension of the family with informal organization of the company’s hierarchical setup. The youth who join these companies are said to be loyal till the end of their career. On the contrary, in American firms, there is a lot of job-hopping because of the lack of social cohesion and inability to identify with the organization as a family. Nevertheless, it is envisaged that, in the future American companies too would become a part of the extended family like their Japanese counterparts. This is how the idea of village is moving to professional and economic setups as well.

    From the above, it can be seen that no child or individual is independent of their circumstances. Bringing up a child requires a coordinated and a cooperative approach. The social structures in the society such as family, kinship, neighborhood, community, etc. act as instruments in shaping the identity and personality of the child. While it was very much visible and evident in pre-industrial societies in the form of villages, in industrial and post-industrial society, it has undergone changes to adapt to modern circumstances. The idea of village manifests in different ways and it continuously undergoing change. However, its role in shaping and making the child remains unquestioned and will remain to do so.

  • SRM

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  • Himaanshu

    ‘Ghansyali’ a small village in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand is in the mood of celebration.

    ‘Meera’ a young, energetic, ambitious, industrious and a brilliant athlete who returned to her village after six months winning a ‘Gold Medal’ in junior world championship 2015 held in Beijing.

    Meera’s father was a sepoy in Indian Army who was martyred in Kargil war her mother is a homemaker and her younger brother is jumping hills for the attainment of knowledge which lies five miles aways from his village. After the death of her father life was never easy for Meera and her family, the road was full of challenges. But the mountain will of a mountain girl broke all the shackles and made her martyred father proud.

    Her face glows and eyes becomes wet when asked about her journey. She tells that how her small village supported her in fighting this hard battle of survival and allowed her to chase her dreams. Her voice depicts the gratitude she has for those residents who spread their helping hands during the time of utmost need. She still cherish the moment when the whole village contributed to organize a trip for her to visit Dehradun for trial. She still remember the values given to her by her early coach, elders and everyone associated to her. She inspired by the sacrifices done by the women who lost their father,husband,brother and son for the country. When asked about her secret of success she proudly say ” meri jeet mein mere gaon ka yogdan hai, har vyakti ne mera sath diya aur mere liye dua ki” ( my success belongs to my village, everyone here supported me and prayed for my success ).

    Meera’s success is not a success of a girl or a village but it is a success of a culture. A culture of belongingness, care, love and respect. A culture is a way of living and the way a community lives has a profound effect on a child. It is said that a child learns first from her home but it is equally important to notice that a child learns equally from her surroundings. Her environment includes her home, school, friends, village/town, locality and society. Every now and than she encountered these variants of her environment and consciously or unconsciously these variants teaches something good/bad to her. And, these learnings and experiences becomes a part of her raising and growing up as an individual.

    As rightly said an individual is a product of her environment and our environment in itself is in the state of conflict, conflict with culture and growth, growth guided by personal desires. The challenge today we have is to make a balance between personal growth and societal participation and contribution. Both are equally important but unfortunately it is the former which have gained the major share of human efforts. This situation leads to individualism which collectively make the society impassive and this impassiveness makes the individual isolated. And this prolonged state of isolation makes the person unsocial and sometimes anti social leading to degradation of society.

    The degraded form of society in terms of social participation can be more seen in cities than in villages. A child in a village knows her community in and out but it is very hard to imagine the same for a child living in a metro city. For the latter her community is her virtual world in the form of social networking sites etc. Among the many interpretations one interpretation is that the world is a village and virtual world is a virtual village itself. Now, the problem of this kind of virtual village and its learning is that it is susceptible to various anti social elements and it is almost impossible to monitor them. The child herself has to deal with such elements and in many cases child succumb to the evils of this artificial world. On the other hand a child living in a real world learns more practical lessons of life. She is less vulnerable to the threats from strangers and monitoring the real is easier too. A child’s learning is a very complicated process and a very crucial one it has to be comprehensive and reality based in which the contribution or threat of strangers should be minimal which is hard to avoid in the virtual village. On the other hand community role in child development has to be identified and promoted.

    Ensuring the communities role and participation in inculcating the high moral and ethical values in a child requires immediate efforts. This can be done by first reducing trust deficit – by organizing regular get together, functions/meetings, celebrating festivals together etc.

    Second, motivate children to be a part of real world. Give preference to real physical activities, sports, games etc rather than killing time on virtual world, video games, cell phones etc.

    Third, parents should engaged in each other’s child development by sharing knowledge and experiences.

    Fourth, like traditional Indian villages a sense of relatedness has to be developed in modern towns as well where everybody living in a community relate him/her to other people of that community and feel responsible and accountable for his/her duties. And at last but not least the ownership of a child’s development has to be shared by the community, they need to set examples, there must be some norms and guidelines which the community has to follow. For example – alcohol consumption, smoking, quarrellings etc should not be done in front of children.

    Once a woman came to see Gandhiji, waiting in line for more than half a day with her son. When at last it was their turn to speak to him, the woman said, “Gandhiji, please. Tell my son he must stop eating sugar.” Gandhiji looked at the boy for the longest time . Finally, Gandhiji broke the silence and said. “Come back to me in two weeks time.”

    Two weeks later the woman returned with her child. Gandhiji recognized them and looked the boy squarely in the eye and said, firmly, “Don’t eat sugar,” then released him.

    “That’s it?” said the mother. “That’s all you’re going to say?” She was surprised. “Why didn’t you just tell him that two weeks ago?”

    “Because,” replied Gandhi, “Two weeks ago I was still eating sugar myself.”

    Society and people can not expect high values from a child without showing the same to her. That is the crux of the above mentioned story. Children are intelligent enough to notice the differences between what is said and what is done. And, if she find this difference more often she is more likely to adopt the same practice resulting in moral degradation in a longer run hence the parents, neighbors, society, community and all the citizens has to ensure that with their conduct they inculcate high moral values in the children of this country. We all are involved in raising children in some way or other, willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously, positively or negatively we need to be more responsible because if the globe is a village than we all are residents of the same village and it depends on us that whether we want to raise a child who becomes a successful athlete and a beautiful person like “Meera” or we want our children to remain isolated and vulnerable to the evils of anti social elements.

    • Ankit

      Himashu bhai….Polity teacher mera essay review karoge??

      • Himaanshu

        bilkul bhai,.. bus thoda sa waqt de dijiye. Tumhe tym lgge toh mera bhi padh lena yaar…. 🙂

        • Ankit

          Ji sarkaar abhi lijiye

    • Jaya Swatantra

      hello Himanshu, please find time to review mine as well.. would love to review yours pakka…

      • Himaanshu

        sure jaya,… I will surely review but at late night. Need some time 🙂

    • niti

      nice efforts Mr. Himanshu…
      center part is good but I find it little boring. Actually the idea is good but re read it as it needs restructuring.
      i liked the conclusion and ghandhi wala part than the intro.

      and i think as a reader my opinion goes with short and equal paragraphs.. large paras make an uninteresting reading. (wait for others to reply)
      KWAR 🙂
      review mine if u r free

      • Himaanshu

        Thanks niti… 🙂

        – yaa it was too philosophical I guess. But if time permit read that again. I spent a good amount of mental energy in the middle part as compare to intro or ganhiji wala example or the conclusion.
        – Yaa agree with your para wala issue. I realized that after posting the issue. I will surely improve in my next attempt.
        – Ji bilkul will read and review your essay as soon as possible. Need thoda sa tym 🙂
        – Thanks again yaar…. 🙂

    • Hi Himaanshu,
      Introduction was good but predictable.
      Some of the paragraphs are either too long or too short 🙁
      Gandhiji part is good 🙂
      Conclusion is nice.
      Overall its a decent try. You’ve got the potential to write far brilliant write ups brother 🙂 🙂
      Also, please find some time to review my essay as well 🙂 thanks already 🙂 🙂

      • Himaanshu

        Hi Thinker,… Nice to see original thinker in the dp 🙂

        – thanks behana. Intro thoda bdda ho gya but it had to be predictable yaaaar…. haha
        – yaaa,… I think I could have structured the stuff in a better way
        – Thanks
        – thanks again
        – thanks again. Sure I will try to come with a better try next time.
        – Sure I will read and review yours. Give me some time. Karunga pakka thoda late ho jaunga bus 🙂

    • Shaktimaan

      intro>> thodi badi hogi>> main point pe ane k liye 3-4 para le liye >> waise story achi thi:)
      thoda se or aspects b jod sakte ho.:)
      but gandhi ji wala para >>. awsome dude >>> goooood:):)
      overall a nice attempt…:)
      plz have a look at mine also:):)
      thank u:)

      • Himaanshu

        – yaa I also realized that intro thoda jyada ho gya.
        – yaa agree with you bro thoda aur diversify kar sakta tha.
        – Thanks buddy
        – Sure bro I will read your essay as soon as possible 🙂

    • Ankit

      Bhai.. Nicelyyy written 🙂

      The opening moved me and it will move anyone who will read it.
      In the middle it became a bit superficial maybe because the intro was touching.
      Before the conclusion it picked up. Gandhiji story first got me confused then it became clear 🙂
      Overall a very nice attempt.
      An upvote for the intro!

      • Himaanshu

        Thanks bhai… I was expecting criticism for the intro coz it was too lengthy. And, middle part a bit worthy as it was very much thought of. Anyway, I am delighted that you liked the essay as I know you are difficult customer to satisfy. No criticism from your side in itself is an appreciation.. haha

        – Sure bro I will read and review your essay in a while… Thanks again 🙂

        • Ankit

          Hahahaha.. Who tolcha that bro??
          I don’t like criticizing people cuz that might demotivate them and an essay needs a lot of effort to be written. So even when I point out mistakes I keep it in a low tone so that the person feels he/she is thereabout. The into is indeed nice!

    • Rashmirathi

      this was the best essay i read today ! it stands out for its maturity.
      the intro is super awesome.
      gandhi ji waali story , the paragraph on state of conflict in our society, conclusion. too good yaar 🙂
      no criticizm from my side 🙂

      have a look at mine please if you can spare time 🙂

      • Himaanshu

        thanks Rashmi…. Sure I will read yours as soon as possible 🙂

    • Affu

      Hi himanshu,very apt intro,catering ot the demands of the topic,thoda diversify kar lete-like ek do line-physical resources-nutrition,politics,social evils-patriarchy,caste discrimination…connection with modern day world was good…just a doubt ye gandhiji wale example mein are u sure it was “sugar”,i read somewhere it was “tea”,correct me if im wrong….kudos,hope u shall continue ur initiative 🙂

      • Himaanshu

        – Thanks Affu…. ya I completely agree with you I always miss the diversity wala angle. Will improve fr sure….
        – And, yes in Gandhiji waale example mein it was sugar only…. exactly gudh thaa jitna mujhe yaad hai bchpan ka. Gudh ki angreji aayi nahi isliye in the flow sugar hi likh liya. I guess gudh ko bhi sugar ki kehte honge. Correct me if I am wrong.
        – And, yes will continue our initiative. Reached Delhi yesterday so now back on track 🙂
        – Hope to see some more worthy posts from your side 🙂

    • hi himanshu..good to see u…meera is my mother’s name…so reviewing ur essay 😀
      1.My mumma took half of the essay…so reduce her contribution to do justice with other themes….
      2.though u touched the right areas but they were very narrow…touchng other dimensions would have better conveyed the idea ..but i can understand…beacuse of Meera only
      3.problems in society and solutions were very well dealt by u
      4.Gandhi ji was ok but forming background for him would have made him more from solutions to story..i could not digest
      a very well written piece indeed..what a way to come make come back….keep writing..though u have already many reviews to be done but still if God brings more time for u and mind is unsaturated please take pain of reviewing mine then
      shabba khair

    • minaxi

      Good Morning.. 🙂 Polity wale Sir Ji…
      Well, A simple upvote for flow and nice story, which has eaten more than required words…:) Sorry for being critical.:(
      Friend, I think, diversification in essay is missing. You have focused more o bringing example but forget the issues.
      Well, I will stop my review here, And if you get some time plz review mine, though you are already under pressure of reviewing lot of essays, so can skip it. 🙂

  • Debasmita Nayak

    Please review! I discovered this section today! As I had already written an essay, it is on a different topic taken from archives of Insights itself. The topic is “Are we a soft state?”
    Please share your views!

  • sushma singh

    It takes a whole village to raise a child

    Introduction: ”Cooperation is as important as competition “


    In ancient time, People used to live in a small community unlike now so everything was a shared responsibility or everybody. And everybody used to contribute their best to up bring a community child as the child had a stake in their future .

    As the time passed by villages were formed for the betterment of society in large. As now the whole village did not pay that much attention to a child ‘s upbringing but still a child’s upbringing was being done not only by parents but also by extended by – grandparents, relatives and friends.

    Fast forward to today’s time , family lives in a nuclear family comprising of pa rents and their one or two children . It is said that a child becomes independent very early in a nuclear family and emerges as a strong individual , but it has been that the child who has been raised in nuclear family is less sensitive towards others as their world is comprised of a few .

    What benefit does a child and a society has , if the child would be raised by whole villages are explained in lines below:

    INDIVIDUALLY: A child brought up by a whole village would have strong personality as He She has a lot more people to look up to as role models and will inculcate good things from everybody.

    ACADEMICALLY:In such an environment the child will learn from every everybody ‘s experience .And ther e will be less emphasis on rote –learning .

    Socially: A child raised by whole village will get a chance to see different type of people with different profession but living amicably with all sharing their sorrow and happiness equally. So such child will be more sensitive to others need and there will be less hatred and crimes against each other.

    CULTURALLY: There will be different culture , a lot of different rituals and religions followed by people who are living in a close – knit village raising a child . So a child brought up in such a culure will be tolerant to other religion , rituals and customs.

    SCIENTIFICALLY: As the child is being raised by diverse type of people, He/ She wil have an opportunities to listen to different opinions and can raise the questions to get fact based answers.

    CONCLUSIONS: So if a child is being raised by a whole village , it would be symbiotic relationship as both sides would be benefitted from each other

    . For illustration we can take example of our former president Mr A P J Abdul Kalam Azad – in his autobiography ( The WINGS OF FIRE) , he has written how his overall personality is influenced by varied type of who used to come to his native RAMESHWARAM – famous for Lord shiva temple and Mosque.

    So everywhere can be created a good and tolerant environment for upbringing a child so that the society or village or nation can get benefitted from it letter.

  • Ankit



    ‘Rajesh’ was the first graduate in his village. It was a remote village in the interior of ‘Chhattisgarh’ surrounded by forests and mountains. His father was the only literate man in the entire village during his time. Their’s was a poor village with no connectivity to the nearby towns. His father though couldn’t complete his schooling but knew the importance and the power of education. When Rajesh was born his father took an oath to get him educated. It was an important decision considering not just Rajesh’s future but also the future of the villagers. He knew what an educated Rajesh could do to spin the future of this village. He was raised by the entire village like their own son. And when the time came all of them contributed money to send him to the nearby city for higher education. Today he is an IPS officer and through his efforts 10 more children from his village are studying in various institutes around the country. He hopes the chain of event set in will continue! How is this linked to the above proverb you might wonder? We need to delve in a little to see.

    While he was being raised Rajesh looked at the plight of the villagers facing all the hardships. But he never saw them losing heart, all he saw was an extended family standing by each other in the times of hardship, coming together to enjoy the festivities and sticking together when the government tried encroaching upon their land! He learned the values of ‘FRATERNITY’ and the importance of ‘POSITIVE THINKING’ even in the worst of times. When he was 10 his village faced the worst drought. The crop was meagre, water was scarce. Times were tough, but the village survived. The next year was a bumper crop year. Yes they never lost hope because of a failed monsoon. The personality trait of ‘PERSEVERANCE’ which is rather difficult to inculcate came naturally to him because of the atmosphere of the village to never lose hope. Though the people were not rich but they contributed whatever they could for his education. If such was the emotional bond of the villagers Rajesh was destined to succeed. And not only success, with this gesture came the feeling of ‘COMPASSION’ in him to work even harder to lift up his village from their present situation.
    Can you now comprehend the role his village played in shaping his character? And without even Rajesh knowing it he had already inculcated the best values required for a Civil Servant.

    His story is a testimony to what role the society and community plays in shaping up the character of a child. “It takes a whole village to raise a child” is not just a proverb it is the reality which can’t be as relevant anywhere than in India. We have always believed in extended family system, where even the neighbours are addressed as our ‘uncles’ and ‘aunts’. The fabric of the society was so closely knit that the entire village was a family. The values such as ‘RESPECTING’ elders be it from your family or someone else, ‘RESPECTING’ women, being ‘INDEPENDENT’ and ‘SELF RELIANT’ came naturally to the children because of the village culture. A child was not just the responsibility of his family but the entire village. It was a ‘DUTY’ of every elder in the village to correct a child if he lost course. And then came the modern ideas and the fabric came lose.

    People started migrating to cities in better opportunities, the gap increased, children lost touch to their own grandparents let alone the village culture and the sole responsibility of raising the children came on the parents, effectively the mother. FROM A GALAXY OF TEACHERS TO JUST ONE i.e. THE MOTHER! Yes, a mother is the best teacher but there was a time when a child had hundreds of mothers in the village, and each contributed to his best upbringing.The teaching ground got restricted from the open spaces and virtually every corner of the village to the four walls of the house. Yes, better schooling is indeed a benefit of migrating to big cities. But we need to ask ourself how many can afford such schools? Or do these schools really help in shaping up the moral character in the same way as the villages did?

    One stark reality that comes to mind is the religious conflict in the present scenario. Did this exist during the past as well? I think the answer is no. We have all been taught that Indian society has always been accommodative and liberal. We absorbed different religion in ourself and learned the best practices in them. When a Muslim is a grandfather to a Hindu child and vice versa, the society is peaceful and bond together. This is the reasons India defeated ‘WAHHABISM’ in the past and the encroachment of evil ideas like ISIS in the present.

    So, what is different in today’s scenario? Why does this proverb sound more appealing now then ever? Because the fabric built over several millenia is showing signs of breakage. Globalization brought with it the culture of nuclear families. We can’t expect a “village” to raise our children while residing in sky scrapers where we don’t even know our next door neighbour let alone bonding with them. The time is ripe to remind ourselves of “VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM” not just literally but in practice. By this it doesn’t mean you have to go back to the villages, but social bonding can be achieved even in the compounds of our societies. Mohalla sabhas, inter religious meetings, recitation of religious scriptures to a common public irrespective of religion, giving the elders in the society the lead to interact with the younger generation during holidays are some of the measures which can imbibe the best values in our younger generation. Only when we know each other better do we feel ‘EMPATHETIC’ and ‘COMPASSIONATE’ to their cause. The religious hatred and rigidity towards others comes when we are ignorant towards their views. This was encouraged when the ‘VILLAGE’ was an extended family and everyone played a role in “the raising of the child”.

    • Ankit

      @InsightsOfficialReview please review it. I’ve been trying to work on essays ever since you provided me the link on that ‘Cleanliness is Godliness’ essay where I was short of ideas. So I’d like to get an insight into how much I have improved.

      Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hey Ankit,
      You included हमर छत्तीसगढ़ kya baat kya baat! 😛
      Great start! This is actually the reality of a village and village people when a child from that same place does something good 🙂 you brought it out very well. Vasudeb kutumbakam point is good 🙂 I too had it in my mind to write but it slipped from my stupid mind 😐
      Positive impact was good 🙂 but negative impact of the society? Bhot kam focus 🙁
      Overall a good job!

      • Ankit

        Ty Simmi 🙂

        Kisi mahaan insaan ne kaha hai overt optimism with a pinch of pessimism 😛
        Next time negative side thoda zyada express karunga. But I think zyada ni karni chahiye kyuki sabko pata hai sab bura hi hora hai society me to kyu bechare evaluator ka dil tode 😛
        But point taken next one will be better. Ladka improve karra hai 🙂

    • Sudanita Sanchez

      Get it reviewed by RUDRANI M……….The seasoned reviewer…..

      • Ankit

        Ok I’ll ask him to. 🙂
        Thanks for the review 🙂

      • Rudrani M

        Thank you Sudanita…

    • Rudrani M

      A fair attempt.

      My suggestions –

      1. Try to refrain from writing a story which is non-existent, because what you are writing is what you experienced. And essays do ask to write an opinion. An essay should be coherent backed up with examples from history or anything which is universal.
      2. Village in here is not literal village, its a socialisation process.
      3. This is an open ended question – Yes, better schooling is indeed a benefit of migrating to big cities. But we need to ask ourself how many can afford such schools? Or do these schools really help in shaping up the moral character in the same way as the villages did? Try to avoid this
      4. Did this exist during the past as well? I think the answer is no. —- this statement is very vague. Its opinion based and which past? So avoid this please
      5. This is creating contradiction to the topic of an essay —– We can’t expect a “village” to raise our children while residing in sky scrapers where we don’t even know our next door neighbour let alone bonding with them.

      Take my review positively please. This is what i feel… 🙂

      • Ankit

        Every review is taken positively ‘cuz it helps me improve 🙂

        Thanks for your time. And I have taken note of every suggestion so will try to keep these points in mind in the next essay.

      • Ankit

        Though just one clarification, I began symbolically taking the literal sense of the word Village but after that I opened up the concept. Maybe I should have highlighted it more expressly.

        • Rudrani M

          Yes right!!!

          • Ankit

            But the purpose of putting it in quotes was the same 😛

            Next time I’ll try to use the exact words instead of symbolism.

            Thanks again 🙂

            • Rudrani M

              Cool.. Best of luck…

    • Iconoclast

      Not a review but need a clarification. I interpreted essay as ” need for collective action to accomplish”, rather than narrowly focusing on ‘child rearing’ per se.. Would that be incorrect ?

      • Ankit

        Maybe you have interpreted it right because we must see things in broader perspective!

    • Dr. KARISHMA

      ankit ji well attempted..
      i guess village matlab village nahi…jyada emphasis hogya village pe..
      jb ki kahawat hai tab to gaon hi hua karte the..
      society community nation ya global vill we can include all..
      we need to focus more on how a society is helping in raising children..
      conclusion is good..
      i guess tht story took much of essay..
      kindly review mine too..

  • Kash

    A famous saying-” BALAK ka Mashtishk, Jal saman hota hai; usse jis Patr mein Rakkha jaye, wo usi mein Dhal jaa hai ( Child’s mind is like water, it takes the shape of container in which it is kept)” goes well with the topic on which i’m going to write. The above dictum, aptly explains the responsibility and obligations of society on every child’s upbringing. It speaks about the role of sociey on child’s upbringing and making him either responsible citizen towards his country or a threat not only toward himself but also towards the society which nourished him accordingly.
    We have marched long path from a primitive society to a society based on individualism and consumerism, in which later part is diagonally opposite to the former. Despite such distinction between the two, the role of society has not diminished. Even in today’s world, when villages is getting urbanised and no more self contained, and life of an urban youth is only confined to its four wall room of apartment with modern gadgets in hand, its behavior and values is still largely defined by societal norms. Lets have a look how the role of society and its impact on the child’s future has largely remained unchanged.
    During ancient times, social values and behavior was firstly learned at home. Basic social values such as respecting elders, helping needing, giving alms to destitute etc were taught by parents or learned by child seeing it. Next set of values such as ethics in work, honesty in earning living, perception regarding others, to be trustworthy toward society and king were taught in Gurukul (a residential school at the outskirts of village or town). This doesn’t means that everything was fine in the paradise. In and after later Vedic periods various social evils such as discrimination, untouchability, purdah etc were also started being imbibed by child through society. We have various stories where capable shudra was not allowed to learn and had to go through various discrimination and this was legitimized by the society.
    During the medieval times the role of society, community and educational institutes remained by and large same. With the advent of Britishers, Indians were firstly encountered with western values. They tried to bring serious reforms in the society, thereby, brought legislation (i.e., Act of 1828, banning Sati) restricting practices of social evils. From this there was advent of a just society and rule of law which brought every citizen at equal footing.
    Well today, may be discrimination not as skewed as it was during medieval and ancient times, we are groping with other sets of evils which is threatening our child. Smoking, drugs edicts, delinquency, porn addiction are on the rise among the childrens which are going to be our future and indeed they are learning this from the society itself. Less focus on ethical and moral education in school premises and more towards teaching those subjects which would help in his bread-winning is one of the cause behind this vulnerable situation plaguing our society
    It’s high time for the society and government to take responsibility of its future citizens by doing their work in their respective domain. Society should take care of children by protecting them from violence and in felling prey at the hand of evil mindset and governmet should devise and implement policies which not only encourage children to be a responsible citizen but also reform delinquents.

  • Jaya Swatantra


    Sanya , student of class 7th was a bit nervous to go school once.She was being shown her Maths exam sheet that day.She saw it with no amazement as she already knew the result.She could score only seven marks out of fifty but she dared to show the sheet to Parents at home also.She could sense the expressions of her father while seeing her sheet.But her father did not say a single word to her.He immediately wrote a note on the sheet addressing the teacher-” Please tell me who is responsible for this??- Either the parents ,teachers or the student herself…”

    This story holds a big importance in the given context that it takes a whole village to raise a child. No development occurs in solace. It is the combined effort of Parents, teachers, family ,friends which takes one to the path of holistic development.The less marks reflected the fault on each part.

    Moreover, the child is just like raw soil,what shape has to be given is combined responsibility of society.Good moral values like respect for elders,love for younger , a feeling of sacrifice towards others,determination,commitment , gender parity, a concern for our natural resources and mother earth, sense of belonging for other caste,creed,religions and dealing the complexities of life with a calm mind is all taught by the society itself and developing ones full potential.

    As far as good moral values are concerned it is imbibed by the younger generation from their elders.So good behavior of elders always pays.If one is honest in keeping the value of every relationship ,he will get the same from his wards in return and prepare the child to cherish the values of every relationship nicely.Nowadays we often read and hear the news of wards sending their parents to age old homes even least bothered about them. The wards should not be solely blamed for it.They have been transferred the legacy of being least caring for their parents by them only.If the parents would have inherited these values by doing the same result would have been different.

    The base of any relationship is commitment ,dedication and a bit of sacrifice for others.A father insulting his wife in front of his son never expect the child to respect him or his mother.A family which treats her daughter equally as that of son sows the seeds of gender equality in the mind of son. The rising discrimination,gender bias,sexual abuses and rapes are all the result of a mindset to consider the girl child an inferior one and subservient which have been cultivated in the minds over a substantial period of time. It is the influences which ones receives from family ,schools ,friends which frames ones personality.

    Every entity has its own role to play.A sense of belonging towards our environment and an onus of keeping it secure ,safe and clean also fall on the shoulders of these entities of society.Recently John kerry took her grand daughter to UN forum on climate change for signing the declaration in New York reflected the duty of every nation to potentially work to curb pollution for securing a stable and clean earth for our future generation.As we owe this to coming generations.Again if we teach them to conserve our precious natural resources by taking small steps like conserving water, keeping the surroundings clean by proper disposal of waste .These small steps will have great effect on the younger generation.They will do what they see.

    Practices of abhorring others and negating ones responsibility for others would not take one very far.He will be entangled in the cage of self created hatred, intolerance, jealousy and selfish interests.Why the cases of intolerance are at peak today?.Is this not inbuilt by the society and inherited to future generations?. Yes it is ,which is a complete shame on the society as a whole.Why the younger generation is grabbing under depression,aggressivenes ,short temperament?.These are the fruits of tree whose roots are very shallow.Age old myths of caste superiority inbuilt by the society resulted in caste discrimination.The huge burden of expectations by the parents without giving a space for the individual interest is the result of mounting depression these days.Rising cases of suicides among youths like Rohit Vemula and Pratyusha Banerjee is glaring example of that.

    A seed is able to grow to a matured tree only after getting proper irrigation,manure,sunlight and regular care.So as the case with our children.It is the proper conditioning of their mind by each entity of society which brings the fruits of ultimate happiness and contentment in their life.It teaches them to handle all complexities of life with a calm mind and high spirit.Faith is inculcated in them by faith only.

    Recently i read a story of a women who invited her maid family for dinner in Diwali breaking all shackles of caste ,creed and religion and left a deep mark on her wards because the story was penned down by the daughter of women herself.These small steps may be a big leap for creating a harmonious society and inculcating strong values of love,compassion and concern among younger generation.

    Tiny water droplets scattered in the sky after rainfall assume the form of a mesmerizing rainbow only after getting the sun light.These children are too small to be judgemental .Lets empower them with wings of real independence and a magnanimous heart by staying committed to ones duty for other communities and our beloved mother earth.Lets empower them with a vision which may understand the value of love,compassion and concern for others because these three traits only makes or mars ones personality.Lets empower them to feel happy in the success of others too.Its all about cultivating these heavenly traits by proper conditioning and a disciplined environment.As chinese proverb says ” Those who think for a year ,they sow food grains,those who think for a decade they plant fruits,but those who think for generation,they prepare humans.

    • Jaya Swatantra


    • Arun nt

      I like it,great jaya.grammar too is good in this essay,

    • Hello Jaya ji 🙂
      I think the introductory story didn’t have a proper link with the theme of the essay. 🙁
      Paragraphs following the story are too good 🙂
      Loved the flow and language of the essay..
      Then again you drifted away from the topic towards the end
      Conclusion was nice though.
      Last line was SUPERB
      Essay was good. But not typical Jaya ji type 🙂
      Please find time to review mine too 🙂 thanks.

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for review Simran .. but story is apt because whole essence of the story relates to the comment written by father of the girl you can relate well after going through the comment… but will try to improve further.. thanks for motivating and would love to review yours .. 🙂

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    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Positive points
      1. Nice flow u maintained
      2.good examples like marksheet rock soil seed to support ur vision
      3.writig in simplicity with good analysis shows that u have put great efforts in writing it.
      Negative points. ..
      1.i found somewhere repetition of points
      2.u could have included more effective quotes
      3. Govt schemes are missing facts are missing
      but jaya believe me u have excellently produced essay
      this kind of essay with small modifications that upsc expects

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      Hey Jaya!

      Your essay is very good. flow is nice.. good structuring..
      u r a pro at articulation. 🙂

      But I found that it is more leaning towards – How good children can be netter citizens and make the society a good place to live in.
      Although, we have to touch this aspect but we should do so without deviating too much frot he actual topic i.e. It takes a whole village to raise a child.

      This is my opinion. I could be wrong. Please ignore it if u dont like.

      Please find time to review mine when free. Thanks mam. 🙂

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        Not a review but need a clarification. I interpreted essay as ” need for collective action to accomplish”, rather than narrowly focusing on ‘child rearing’ per se.. Would that be incorrect ??

        • HappyIAS

          your interpretation is correct.

    • jaya
      1.story is not apt as per me…..poor score does not reflect upbringing…
      2.dont bring rohith here as he is controversial these days…also the fact is that he was being discriminated in university….what could parents do there?…pratyusha is ok
      3.connection gone in the very next para
      4.conclusion ok
      nice attempt….just work on connectivity and not messing up the things….this time less beating the bush…so upvote

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for reviewing Vivaan.. will improve.. 🙂

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      very nice essay Jaya 🙂
      you have presented some very unique aspects, like environment and your examples are very good.
      the conclusion in lovely !

      my only pointer would be, you seemed a bit off topic, empowering children, giving good morals etc. you should focus more on what role does the society and its various components stand to play in this.

      keep writing 🙂

      please review mine whenever you find time 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks a loads for reviewing … your points duly noted… will love to review yours.. 🙂

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      to start with.. u’ve done very well.. the flow was nice… language as usual … Mast ekdum UN wala example sahi fit kiya hai… and the tiny water seed droplet… CLASSIC…

      In suggestion …
      Writing a story at the begining is becoming a trend.. now thats where you need to experiment…
      bring the stroy after a paragraph or two.. And us the examples of real personalities if you can… But overall if i have to judge you 65/100

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      luved ur conclusion..
      luved d way u wrote tht comparision with seed..
      examples r nice..
      i must say a sensibly written essay..
      review mine too..

      • Jaya Swatantra

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    • yogi

      Intro : good to create the context

      Main body : order is bit loose

      needs a bit restructuring as foolows

      first write the postive roles which u emhaised on later half

      then the negatives ones like the wards sending their parent s to age old homes, wife and husband quarrel.

      Thereafter the tansition to the suggestions would be smooth and flow would be improved

      conent is good, u have included diverse issues and social problems , good here

      conclusion : superb

      just a restructuring and then it would be a perfect essay

      overall a nice read

      thanks !

      keep writing

      Om Shanti 🙂

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        Thanks for a detailed review Yogi ji.. i will improve on these fronts.. have u written??

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    • Nupur

      Hey Jaya:)
      You must tell that what what needs to be done in the current society to ensure that children be connected to their surroundings. IMO social media role can be mentioned and misuse of that thing should be also there as earlier it was the village but now children are connected to the Global Village.
      Overall very Good:)

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for such decent points Nupur ji.. lekin ye IMO kya hai???… going to review your shortly.. 🙂

        • Nupur

          In my opinion.

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  • Ghulam Mustafa Ashrafi

    The support is the main part of the success .without support no one can achieve success in his/her life…from child to old age ….All want support ..if the society and family opposite of child…he cannot do anything but if he support the failure child should get success in his life.

    Positive environment raise the child with the help of society and family.but failure is the reason of negative environment…

    We if have looked great scientist and philosopher and any great people….. What he looked that he is also human being but he achieve great work or goal….what is reason behind it..???

    The answer is that his society was support him..if his society don’t support him..can they will achieved there goal????

    There is Kid name Ramu..he lived in a poor village where the life is so hard to live. .and All the family is poor..And Ramu is the son of a Farmer.. In 2003 the Ramu’s father get in loss in that year and the father don’t have money to pay the fees of the school …the father said to ramu that he should leave the school and work with me…Ramu is good in studies ..he could catch any topic fastly ..he have good mind but due to money he should leave the school…but the neighbours and villager saw that ramu left the school…they come to ramu house ask they father why ramu left the school father tell everything…so villagers said that he could make a fund in the village for the ramu education… All the people takes a part to donate the money….at last there is enough money in the fund to do payment for the fees of school… And Ramu continue his school And today he is big engineer in the big company.

    This is the power of support of society and family..if the society doesn’t support…so today ramu big will become engineer?? If all know that he never become… But the power of support he became… That the reason that ‘It takes a whole village to raise a child’

    But question arised that if the society is opposite of you…then we can get success???

    Yes we can get because sometime society does not see that what you can see… …modern time all people doing daydreaming but if had do work for goal he can is not who is opposite of you who is not…but the main thing is that we should have confidence whatever we do is good for me…
    So support make the child success but if the society does not it is not that we don’t get success

    • hi ghulam
      1.i will not support ur views that philosophers develop due to support of society…reason most of them were betrayed by the society…it is later when they became great were given their due respect
      2.goood that u chose a theme of support and developed on that but ideas were not coherent…
      3.write more na….what change support of parents can bring….community u already said…what about nation…also what knds of support can be given to a kid….how can a supportless person break easily…elaborate some of them…u have the content..just elaboration is needed on the line
      please review mine too

  • sankar


    For making good citizen, imparting education to children is considered to be one of the most vital tools. Hence in order to make children most able, every parent wants to impart qualitative knowledge to their children. In the hope of imparting good education, we wholly depend on getting admission in good education. Children should be taught by good and experienced teachers and local administrators but we forget the role of society playing a great role in shaping a child’s future.

    The role of society can be seen in the following ways. Since education includes in its ambit the knowledge which should not only be gained from the book and textbooks but also from the custom, tradition and practices prevailed in the society. As a child spends a very few hour in school and he/she spends lots of time outside school so he gets easily influenced by the behavior, practices and works of a person, family or society; for instance a child in rich and educated family is most likely to nourish in a good educational environment than those children who are being nourished in poor family in slum area.

    The society impacts on children’s life because a child often comes in contact not only with family members or kith and kin but also from the members of the society in one or other way. For instance, from the very first few days after the birth of children, a family celebrates his/her birthday by organizing a party of serving sweets etc. This party continues to organize every year and thus becomes a source of getting exchange each other’s knowledge and experience. Furthermore, children getting bigger come in contact to the members of the society and get influenced by their behavior, activity and thought. These societal norms help in imparting ethical, moral and other values in children and thus make a good citizen.

    As a good citizen is the only first building block of a great society and which in turn helps in making great nation as well as well being to humanity. For instance, Thomas Edison after his schooling spends lots of time in fulfilling his curiosity and thus has helped in well being of humanity. As also from the historical perspectives with respect to Indian freedom struggle, the role of discrimination and atrocities and prosecution on Indian by the colonial administration in the one hand and simultaneous incidents of revolts like the American civil war, French revolution, Russian revolution and Irish revolt, the Italian defeat by Ethopia and the USSR defeat by Japan aroused the Indian people from the slumber and raise confidence and courage to fight the British tyrannical rule. The impact of this revolution did not let children of Indian society untouched, they emulate the heroic act and ideology of that period to experiment in India like the ideology of Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi etc. all are the reflection of prevailing circumstances.

    However, society has a great role in administering good value and characteristic in people, but the same society also get spoiled children in many cases either by its social norms, practices and tradition or by lack of requisite means and resources. for instance misbehavior of people, misinterpretation of religious text and changing ideology like communalism etc has badly affected children and turned him a bad citizens. For instance, imparting education of hatred and cynicism against India has created an anti-India feeling among some youth of Pakistan which is posing great threat not only for India but also entire humanity of the world.

    Furthermore a society having lack of resource and opportunity gives birth of many evil values and characteristic to its children and individual. Such a society compels its children to do unethical and illegal works. For instance a society reeling under intense poverty, malnutrition, diseases and lack of job opportunity force their children to go for begging, stealing, remaining idle and out of school in their very crucial years of life. In a slum area, lack of proper sanitation, toilet, drainage, open space and inadequate food intake compels children to become stunt, malnourished and may develop other deformities.

    In the area of inaccessible terrain, dense forest and hilly areas, the society is often devoid of many basic facilities and amenities like good quality primary education, healthcare and communication often create a great hindrance in the life of children of that place. The activities of aboriginal people, forest dwellers and other conservative societies like ardent and vocal supporter of traditional belief, practices and customs often hamper the holistic development of children. For instance, restriction to enter into Tribal area for outsiders let the fate of tribal people in the hand of their own age old norms and practices and thereby they are not got availed of modern aid and opportunities. The prevalent of vegetarian in Indian society render many people malnourished, underweight, stunt and premature death. The practice of prohibition of women entry in some of the temples and mosques in India as well as the world impede the development of holistic society by promoting gender biasness. In the patriarchal society, the preferential treatment between boys and girls create a very awkward situation by showing women as objects to be controlled by men.


    Nevertheless, it is not to deny the role of society in making a citizen, but further what is the need of hour is that the family, society, NGOs, civil societies and the government must together ensure that there should be an equitable distribution of available resources through efficient and effective measures. They must work collectively for the upliftment and well-being of the downtrodden, distressed and deprived section of the societies by giving equal opportunity to the people. they must educate every people ethical, social and moral values in order to make good citizens. The benefits of government should primly focus on capacity building of people and empowerment of people through developing self-reliance.

    Hence, the role of society obviously plays a very significant role from the early stage of life till the end. But the society must be properly capable of creating a very conducive environment for entire humanity with the absence of any kind discrimination, by providing equal opportunity to every individual of the society.

    • yogi

      Hello Sankar Bhai 🙂

      my views:

      In the hope of imparting good education, we wholly depend on getting admission in good *educational instiutions*

      Children should be taught by good and experienced teachers and local administrators but we forget the role of society playing a great role in shaping a child’s future.—teachers and local administrators are also part of society.

      Why only education in intro and next para ?, does raising a child means education ?

      Main body: now I got what I missed in my essay, u have covered many dimension here , good job

      bhagat Singh waala para is too long,

      I think the part negative impact of society should,not be highlighted as eqaul to the good impact as the main theme is on positive side, so more emphasis should be on the ways the societies impact the upbringing of the child in postive manner.

      Way forward part is good, the para before this is very long, can break it in two parts,.

      Conclusion god but needs bit more elaboration

      One good that is that u kept urself close to the theme,

      Overall a good essay, keep writing

      Thanks 🙂

      • sankar

        thanks yogiji
        noted your rvw points

  • She was draped in a piece of cotton cloth as she had just stepped into this earth. Her puzzled eyes were looking at the aliens who were introducing themselves with one or other relation with her. Seeing so many people around her, she recalled the conversation of her parents when she was in womb .Her mother was worried about her upbringing .She tried to comprehend the convincing answer of her father who had then said to her mother that their child’s upbringing will be done by the people of community. Means these aliens are actually members of her community, thought and smiled that small life, which her grandmother took as response to her cuddle.

    Truly enough ,father of little girl knew the quote of famous English philosopher John Locke who had once said that ‘mind is tabula rasa’ i.e it is empty in the beginning and has to be filled with external things. Adding to this when we talk about the minds of children, they are like clay which can be moulded in the way which we want. Because of this fact upbringing of a child is challenging task which requires the efforts of all family members. These “family members” are not only the people of a family or home but members of whole community/village/country and world as a whole as the curious mind of a child learn one or other things from the people surrounding her.

    When the child takes birth, the first word or first move may be taught by the parents but all other letters and etiquettes are taught by grandparents. Here community or village members not only cherish the childish play but also keep a hawk eye on abnormal behaviour of the child or if child is not learning any wrong thing. For example, when I was a small kid, from somewhere in my village I learnt a fancy word from some elder. That word was actually profane word directed at mothers and I reproduced it in front my mother itself .I was scolded badly by her and some village aunties there only. From that experience I learnt that this word has not to be spoken as it is disrespectful. So community as a whole acts as a torch bearer from the early life itself.

    Further when a child goes to school then also neither the role of parents end nor the role of village members. The school gives the knowledge of letters and teaches etiquettes too but those have to be brought into practise by members of the family. Saying ‘namaste’ is taught in school and we are “forced” to do so in front of our elders. This gives us lesson that elders have to be respected .Here the elders are not mute spectators as they are playing the part of being elders.

    In school life itself, age of adolescence starts which is very fragile. Its fragility is to the extent that parents have to become the friend of the child in order to know about the “true love” of the child. That true love may be the hobby of the child or a girl/guy towards whom he/she is attracted. Now the so called true love may be good or bad for a person. What if a person acquired the hobby of having 10 cigarettes per day or having sex at least once in every month? Here the community members by playing the role of villain either bring the child closer to his family members or they themselves act sensibly and bring a child on the right track. In this background only we need to appreciate the role of village and at the same time condemn honour killings and peculiar decisions of khap panchayats.

    Moving forward, meanwhile when a child matures she finds herself in the college life. Today most of the parents send their child outside their city or country for higher studies. So it may be derived here that role of village and community members ends in school itself as in new place people have nobody to take care of or tell them what is right or wrong. But this is wrong as we tend to forget the role of college fraternity and professors here who are also members of the family institution. Addendum, the culture and ‘sanskars’ which has been imbibed in the child since childhood also come handy in this new place. So physically village may not be present with the child everywhere but its role in upbringing the child does not end.

    The example to be cited here is of Indian marriage institution where marriage has been called the union of two souls. So, even in foreign place before entering into marriage, Indians are little conservative as they know the responsibility of a married life. This is in contrast to Western life where people can freely move in and out of married life whether they have kids or not.
    Here an impression may have been formed that Indian backward mentality is being celebrated here but to be clear, scientifically, moving in/out of marriage after having kids may have adverse impact upon their mental level. It may affect mental level of partners too.Also, it adds to financial burden of less capable partner. So, the marriage as institution should be respected unless there is violence or lack of understanding or love between the couples.

    Not only marriage, culture plays an important part whenever a person is in dilemma and there is nobody to guide be it befriending some stranger,giving help to elderly,and respecting opposite sex etc.
    Now, it may be asked that if an individual is surrounded by the social institution since birth then how come evils like rape,trafficking,drug abuse,selfishness and laughing at disability take place? In the above paragraph we have fancied Indian culture but how can we forget to accept the fact that India is the place where Delhi is called rape city and where killing brother for money is justified? But before forming any opinion,we need to make two things clear.

    Firstly, if evils are taking place then it is not the failure of Indian culture per se but as a society we failed to handover those little but valuable gifts of ethics to our younger ones. This failure may be either due to carelessness when we failed to see the bad habits of our kids or or due to our lack of education.
    Secondly, More People are now attracting towards nuclear families where they have limited themselves to their blood relations only in an attempt to earn more money. This gives them an escape from their social responsibilities.
    In fact in some cases husbands send their parents to old age homes because their wives are unhappy or they keep nannies as wives do not have time to take care of babies. Such behaviour not only harms families but also their coming generations as they are learning what their parents are teaching.

    Thus, whatever may be the time, no one can deny that upbringing of a child is a herculean task which has to be done by the collective efforts of all members of the society including schools and colleges. Then only we can expect from our children to be obedient like Shravan Kumar,loving like Shahjahan,clever like Birbal and kind hearted like Teresa.To end curiosity here, that little girl who is now 26 years old has all these qualities as she her village passed the test of upbringing her and now she is busy in developing IRNSS IG these days.

    • Aila Sachin 😛 😛
      Please review my essay I’ll do the same with yours! LOL

    • Shaktimaan

      helo sachin bhai!!!:D
      irnss >> kya baat >> ladki bdi intelegent niklei>> goooooooooooood!!
      very sober one bhai>> flow of story >>intersting>> cool >> tih goood:)
      critic b daal sakte the ki not olways society some build individual>>> individual too build society >> last ke wo trafficking rape wale para me aisa lag ratha ki kuch wais a likhne ki kosish >> pr aisa exact sa ni aara tha …….. imo.. u may nt like :):)
      baki qki is essay ka base alag h >> qki ek story btani thi >> toh dimension cum ho jate h>> toh thodi diversity k kami lagi..:)
      waise yeh achaa h SIMPLE eassy:)
      good one bhai…. PREM karu chu!!:):)

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          • thanks yara for wishes…we all need them these days:)

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      Viaan positive points are
      1.u have acquired correct theme of question reflected in ur writing
      2.u have rightly narrated the stories to support ur vision
      negative points. .
      1. Poor integration of paragraphs
      2.Sex example is not advisable
      3. At some point I felt forcefully inclusion of many things which can prevent u from showing ur originality
      overall nice attempt

      • thank you brother for review…ur negative poinnts well taken..will try to improve

      • yogi

        if time permits plz have a look at mine 🙂

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Nice write up Vivaan your old age homes vala point.. lively quotes ekdam practical but in this essay your philo part is quite less i know the reason too.. try to add dimension of environmental ethics this too can be taught .. and rising intolerance incidences,caste and gender bias can be dealt effectively by teachings of community as a whole.. over all a nice try..keep writing ,shining .. All the best!!

      • jaya i limited philo here because i thought it was a social essay…will try environment..yeah dimensions were lacking….thank you

    • yogi

      Khannaji kya haal chaal,:)
      dekh lena zara jab time ho, raat ko pdhte hein aapke essay 🙂

      • thk hai bansal sahab bas apki duaon ki zarurat aan padi hai ab…..reviewed ur essay….now ur job is left…

    • Rashmirathi

      hi vivaan.

      that was a very interesting read.
      1. introduction thora unrealistic hai yaar. i mean the girl remembers conversations she heard in womb (abhimanyu hai kya :D), and how can she see so much right after being born, it takes some months before kids can finally learn to focus their eyes.
      2. loved the conclusion. ekdum genius nikali ladki 😀
      3. in the paragraph abt school and adolescence, i felt choice of examples was too extreme, sex a month being good or bad is a subjective issue. there are bigger problems like addiction to pornography, attaining a criminal tendency towards sex due to lack of guidance and sex being a hush hush issue, for example there have been cases of teenagers raping infants.
      4. responsibility in marraige was a very valid and unique issue raised by you

      simple sweet essay.

      keep writing 🙂

      please have a look at mine whenevr you can 🙂

      • rashmi my upvote for 3rd pointt….u are completely ryt here…rest also well taken..thanx a lot for lovely review….ladki hoke ladki centric essay to bhayega hi apko….going to review urs..thoda jaldi aa jaya karo yarr….

        • Dr. KARISHMA

          if possible review mine too..hv uploaded now.. m too late..:( 🙁

    • Hi Vivaan,
      Great work I must say 🙂
      Intro ko kya add kiya hai conclusion se! GAJAB! 🙂 🙂
      Flow was brilliant 🙂
      If possible try and write shorter paragraphs, they look more interesting though 😛
      Dimensions kam the essay Mein scope hai to include a lot many things 🙂 still bhot umda 🙂 KWAR 🙂

      • finally thinker ji reviewed my essay..will shorten the length of paras alongwith addition of more dimensions..thanx a lot simran ji 🙂

    • yogi

      Hello Bhai 🙂
      my views :-
      Beginning : good

      Saying ‘namaste’ is taught in school—not always, ghar mein bhi sikhate hein

      we are “forced” to do so in front of our elders— the word forced should not be written as it gives the feeling that children should be taught things forcefully, many would not agree to this.

      Secondly, More People are now attracting towards nuclear families where they have limited themselves to their blood relations only in an attempt to earn more money. This gives them an escape from their social responsibilities.—this may not be deliberate and more money cannot be the only reason. Could have said the same point in different manner wihtout being specific.

      Conclusion could be preceeded by some suggestions to balance out the negative note of the previous paras,

      Conclusion :,- fine but needs more strength

      Thanks 🙂

      • so basically wordings of essay needed some changes….yeah suggestions part lacked in my essay…conclusion and intro..dont know kab sudhrega..will work upon it
        thank you yogi

        • yogi

          sudhrega bhai, kaafi logo ka sudharta hua dekha hein maine , aap to quick learner ho bilkul sudhrega , bs likhte raho
          all the best 🙂

          • thank you…..jab ap jaise reviewer dost honge to kyu nahi sudhrega….please review today’s and let me know whenever u are done with ur essay 🙂

    • rajjoo!!

      essay seemed philosophical… like u cud have added few initiatives taken which can relate to the topic …otherwise it was fairly okay…!! wat i felt i told,,,keep writing 🙂 atb 🙂 and thanx for reviewing mine 🙂

      • yeah rajjoo…life is essay could have been poured with schemes and initiatives when we have many..suggestion noted…thank you

    • El Nino

      “her father who had then said to her mother that their child’s upbringing will be done by the people of community. ” haha….but a father won’t talk like that na 🙂
      “Moving forward, meanwhile when a child matures she finds herself in the college life.” – U shud take both gender together……
      “having sex at least once in every month? ” –You can rephrase it..
      Flow of ur essay is good and conclusion as well…but don’t use “To end curiosity here”….you can directly tell about the girl’s present….
      Buddy keep writing and reviewing mine 🙂

      • thank you el nino..will work upon my rephrasing and conclusion part…..regarding gender togetherness suggestion….it makes irritate reading for reading..i tried it earlier but people suggested me to go for one gender…any ways lets see what works for me
        thank you for the review

  • niti

    “It takes a whole village to raise a child”

    The natural principles that govern life on planet earth be it terrestrial or aquatic whether an organization of people called community, or a country as a whole intensify the applicability of the axiom “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. Hence they do not restrict it to just the healthy upbringing of a child. Here a child can be an individual, a community and even a country.

    By taking direct notion of this idea, it is easy to predict the attitude of an individual with the know-how of the place he/she hails from. In the upbringing of a child his environment plays the larger role which helps in organizing and shaping his behavioral and emotional outlook. This environment includes influential people like teachers, friends, neighbors, moral values taught at home and in schools and even the law of the land. Cleanliness, respect for others, honesty and compassion are all moral attitude one inherits from its surrounding and further acts as an influencer to pass them on to others.

    Man is a social animal and can hardly stay isolated for long that corroborated the obvious interaction of peoples. These interactions groom child’s mind as they are open to absorb and imbibe whatever comes in their way. On the one side these interactions fulfill the spiritual and emotional necessities of an individual. Contrary to this, if the thoughts are not properly guided they can lead to ruining a child’s life. Thus a society nourishes a child to become a man of unparallel
    virtue and also can expose darker side of life to a misguided child.

    Diversity in societies is due to diversity in thought process, prejudices, mindsets that we owe from our community. An environmentally conscious society produces and garners personalities like Sunder lal Bahuguna and on the similar note a compassionate society nourishes extraordinaire like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and many more.

    Talking another side of the coin, the diversity of Indian culture and community can be inferred from the global village. The historical underpinnings have sufficiently substantiated the migrating streams from all over the world at a number of instances. These streams have resulted into an amalgamation of different cultures and religions that we see in India of today. In a globalized world no country can remain isolated and hence each country is largely influenced by other’s laws e.g. Euro norms affecting Indian automobile sector, IPR rules of US influencing Indian pharma companies. Similarly one can experience Japanese influence while moving along Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor and can taste Chinese
    influence in Indo-chinese food.

    To epitomize this proverb, Indian National Movement opens a new chapter. There had been many “isolated” rebellions for instance santhal rebellion. They were strong and furious though not enough to brought up the child that was India of different nations. And it took almost a century thereafter to infuse spirit of nationalism in the Indian people (child).

    Though the larger role of the society cannot be avoided, it is hard to depict its exclusive right to make a child a man of virtues. A person’s own definition for the gifts society offers is also responsible for what he accepts or rejects. This is what makes him different from others living in the same community and environment. Hence no two persons can be similar in their attitudinal characteristics.

    As childhood is a mixed responsibility of the parents, teachers, neighborhood, the community and most importantly the
    environment provided to the child, it is imperative to provide conducive environment, moral and intellectual nourishment and nutrition for healthy upbringing. In the Indian context, all these things have become more important now than at any stage of its development owing to its large young population.

    Patriarchal mind set is responsible for many social evils and root cause of inferior attitude towards its half of the population that is women. Similarly a narrow minded behavior, moral erosion might lead to replicate quite similar attitudinal behavior in the younger generation. This can be cured only by bringing attitudinal changes, education drives
    and intellectual nourishment of the society responsible for inheriting them to its children.

    With the increasing literacy rates, improving health indicators like number of stunted and underweight children according to NFHS-4, attitudinal changes through Nirmal Bharat abhiyan one can be hopeful of a prosperous India where we would say that it takes a WHOLE village to raise a child and a whole nation is responsible for his upbringing.

    • Shaktimaan

      heya niti!!
      nice one buddy…..:)
      critic>> dont write just names like sunder lala bahugana>> jst write one or 2 line about their contribution>> that enhance essence of ur para >>> in my opinion u may ignore:):)
      try to arrange events>> better u wrt 1st about indian national movmnt >> dn describe ur international aspect that euro zone wala…… thoda b’ful sa lagta h ….:)
      conclusion too is not up to the mark>> just summerise whole ur eassy in that…..:)
      overall u hv content bs thoda manageable way pe likho >> this will become marvelous piece..:)
      thank u :):)

      • niti

        thnks for ur valuable suggestions..1 more critic i wrote just 750words..u didnt mention that 🙂

        conclusion is always a difficult thing to write..will work on that

    • Hi Niti,
      Good job! 🙂
      Start was fine flow was good too.
      My suggestions –
      Once you finish writing, read it once, for better arrangement of paragraphs, aaj idhar udhar laga mujhe 🙁
      Write at least 1000 words 🙂
      When you write conclusion, write something very attractive that clicks a person straight away 🙂 🙂 hope it helps! 🙂 thank you.

  • Shaktimaan

    “It takes a whole village to raise a child”

    During the era of hunting and gathering, human used to survive on the basis of his/her individualistic efforts. He went far places in search of his survivability and in exploration of his existence. He, at that time was not attached with the feeling of harmony and integrity and therefore shattered his whole life in separation and denial. Then came the concept of “kula” (family/ clan). People start living with their near and dear ones. This enhanced the endurance and coherence between souls and made them realised about the meaning of being in unity and relationship. As time evolves, this “kula” concept matured itself and gave birth to doctrine of “gana” (society), meaning accumulation of different clan within a single unit. Now these diverse families start depending upon each other for their continuation and permanence.

    Therefore, due to such interconnectivity which our societies inherent in themselves from centuries, obliged the individual ones, to take its support while growing and emerging. Thus in this context above enshrined proverb allure toward the need of surroundings, ambience, environment (village) and its importance toward the nourishment and upbringing of the new born (child) idea, thought and mankind. Let’s have a look upon different aspects related to the “village”, which influence raising period of “child”.

    As society is mixture of diverse language, ethnicity and prospects one may find him-self indifferent when interconnection of individual with them comes in forefront. In actual these distinct virtues conduct the real test for the existence of such societies. Results of which can be articulate in such a ways in which these societies shaped their fundamental building blocks i.e how the different “religions” within it cherished themselves, how the “nascent” one grow him/ herself, what they acquired during their germination period. E.g> dadri village in UP, in past times known for its hindu-muslim strength, but 2015 lynching over right to food now separate these both communities, and chances are maximum here, that the upcoming generation will definitely learned this hatred and in future they too execute this with more devastating way if not controlled right now.

    But not always hate sometimes love and benevolence poured by society, too changed the whole scenario, e.g.> when IAS Armstrong Pame, get the full support from people of his district division to build the road for their own community, that shown courage and enthusiasm of people, led him to ask for personal donations and compel him to collect money of his own. And now the result is inevitable, the road named “peoples road” connecting Manipur to Nagaland and Assam, catches attention from far places. Here “community” set an example for millions one to go for such same willingness which can convert the lives of impoverished one from destitute to affluent.

    Let’s connect it with another way around, that always society concrete individual or individual to have a contribution in the building process of locality. The answer is yes!, individual too have a responsibility. After all no society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are progressive in thoughts, rationale in virtues and scientific in actions. Here we can cite an example of bit broader sense, as we all familiar with the concept of “democracy”, it is a state of governing where supreme power lies within the “people”, which exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections. Here one vote has the power to change the authority at the centre. Thus people instinct and single contribution from each side becomes important to judge the character of the nation, as it is people friendly or autocratic.

    But as we all know that nothing can perfect exist in this world, everyone cannot react in a manner which is acceptable to opposite one. Thus neither the countries nor its subjects can become defect less/ ideal. But it does not mean that we cannot expect then anything good or acceptable. So, being derived in such situation one has to learn “compromise”, and this should be done from both sides, to grow uninterruptedly and to develop perpetually. Now let’s try to understand this condition of “compromise” with the help of an E.g.>> to make a state “tobacco free”, govt must have to work whole heartedly toward its removal ( but as we know it is the source of revenue for the govt.) similarly, one must has to understand its duties and obligation toward his family and neighbourhood, as tobacco kills them too. So he/ she must put efforts toward cut out of this bad habit from his/ herself. Here govt compromise with its revenue and individual with its habit.

    On bit broader view now look at the international efforts, after ww2 , whole world divide into developed and developing world according to their advancement in their socio-economic-political front. Irony was that large chunk of world was at that time at poverty, malnourished and unemployment stage because of the lack of funds. Then in 1944, Bretton Wood institutions came into existence i.e.> world bank and imf, to provide monitory and financial help at ease to these poor nations. Now we can see how india, china and s. Africa successfully evolved themselves, people now has immense opportunities, sources for investments. Even now, citizens of these countries sitting over the highest prestigious posts of companies of these well off nations. Though there are some grey areas left out but we cannot neglect the effort made by world village (UNs, WB, IMF) to raise their very own children (ind, chi, SA) on their own stand.

    So, to grow and to flourish, we cannot rely on one sided efforts, one has to throw his comfort zones, one has to take some bold steps to be in a path of prosperity. And for society also it is vital to be accompanied and supportive enough in nature to be ecstatic place for individual. But the first hand of abutment should be from society itself, as it is matured and experience one that how and in what manner it can back an infant so that it can open up itself up to its possible extents. And then it become duty for that new born also to analyse those concepts side by side with growth and amend them if something unreasonable hit the development hard. Such a check and balance attitude will definitely build the beautiful village with children of maximum understanding and progressivity.

    • timing sahi hai beta….please review mine….i will start with urs today 🙂

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        Vivaan please review mine
        I will reciprocate soon

      • Shaktimaan

        kr diya hua maine >>> review ki timing b ek h>> hahahahah:)

        • ha but duration jyada tha mera….likhne k baad rest kar raha that..:D..kaisa hai mera shakti?

          • Shaktimaan

            han bhai main thik hu >> allah ki meher se >> umeed h aap b theek honge or apkiiii wo bhi …. age aap smajhdar h:):D>>> GBU bhai:)

            • ha bhai hum dono par b allah ki meharbani hai…GB to you too

    • shakti
      1.the era which u are talking about…in that also people used to live in communities because of the fear of wild animals and survival in difficult terrain as per my understanding….please check the fact…apart from that decent start.
      2.i loved ur broader understanding of the theme and way u gave the direction to ur essay
      3.apki village ki understanding samajh aa gayi but ambiguity was maintained in case of child….u mean to say individual na but clarification would have been better.
      4.well connected essay
      my only cent will be that it was a good piece but ambiguity should have been resolved either in the beginning of the essay or during connection of paras so that people can easily relate with the theme…u need to do this as u gave broad and different perspective to the essay. conclusion u ended up saying that its village which has to raise the child first before reciprocation can be established so give some space to the this dimension too…conclusion may bahut sare ideas they to thoda mix up ho gaya tha
      overall well done mere sher…do baar padha tab galti dhundhi

      • Shaktimaan

        ooh yoohoooo!! sachin bhai ko acha laga!!!
        han child wala clr likh dena chahiye tha:):)
        wo actually ek stry thi meri kabi school teacher ne ancient history wala portion suru karne se pehle sunai thi ki >> pehle alag hi the >> phir jb shikaar k jate wqt unka khud shikaar ho jaata tha toh unhone group bnana shuru kiya or fir kul>> gana>> janapad >> mahajanapad aise se karke …. toh waisa soch k likh mene:D:D:D
        baki thank u brother >> apki sare points accept kar liye h >>> thank u:):):) GBU:)

        • HappyIAS

          I agree with most of Vivaan’s view.
          Matlab wahi thodi si kami lagi..

          Baaki toh ekdum shaktimaan type essay likh dala bhai!
          Fodu ekdum.. Seriosuly.. Also, r u a history or a sociology student? 😛

          Awesome essay dude!
          Please review mine when u find time. 🙂

    • Jawab nahi Shaktimaan ji! 🙂 🙂
      What flow what examples what dimensions dude 🙂 🙂
      Really well done!
      Language was simple thankfully 😛
      Armstrong Pame was the highlight for me! 😀
      Keep up bro! 🙂 and Ho sake to review mine too. 😛 aap jitns zabardast nahi hoga but padh Lena fir bhi 😛

    • niti

      woh…ur intro man..its just great. to the point and accurate as an intro..
      but in ur dadri case and Armstrong point..i read them twice but didnt find a link with the essay..
      i liked the conclusion..
      plz review mine

    • Affu

      Good one,a different approach liked the way u started from hunter gatherer and broadened ur canvas to include international inst…goo luck:-)

      • Shaktimaan

        thank u ma’am:):)

    • yogi

      Hello Shakti Chacha 😛

      Intro:- good

      2nd para clealy mention what does village and child u are making analogous to as I think there main thesis of ur essay is to set an alalogy between village – env., community, etc and child—ideas,

      The answer is yes!, –where is the qn my friend ?

      will definitely learned—learn—-similar mistakes at many palces, especially those related to use of verbs in past and present tense, take care of these, does not look like typos.

      IAS waala para :- are impoverished one you are rferring as the child then mention that is bracket like u did here—– world village (UNs, WB, IMF) to raise their very own children (ind, chi, SA) on their own stand.

      Society , governance and IR are the main dimnesions u have coverd in ur essay, that is good, but in beginning could have been made by implying the role of family, friends, school/teahcer, society in raisng a child.That will make sure that direct implication of the theme has been addreessed and then u can shift to the analogy part i.e implication of the quote in various fields like society, gov., IR etc.

      Conclusion: fine, little more improvement is needed to make it impressive

      overall a nice read, keep writing 🙂

      Thanks 🙂

      • Shaktimaan

        thanks brother appreciate ur review:):)
        haan kafi galtiya h>> wo actualy qustn mark lagana bhul gya meko >>>hahahah:)
        han thoda clarification prob h essay >> will keep in mind 🙂
        thanks from handsome hunk Shakti 😀

  • vijay- the ray of hope


    • I and u wrote on similar lines so I could relate well…an interesting piece it was but;
      1.i could not appreciate criticism in the beginning itself…starting wth that Thomas example
      2.though it was pleasure to read but connectivity of paras was lacking has been put in bad light as suppressive..toning down of the language is required perhaps
      4.govt schemes were well mentioned but i have a very genuine query here…in essay whether focussing on one scheme and explaining with respect to the content is ok or mentioning as much as schemes is alright….please share ur thoughts here
      5.conclusion should have been positive as per me….”community must understand” was not ok
      so overall nice attempt just some choice of words and connectivity is required as per my understanding…

    • minaxi

      Hello Vijay.. sorry friend.. network is very weak, so files are not visible to me. i will review it after some time.
      Thanks… and if gettime plz review mine. 🙂

      • rajjoo!!

        review mine plz…waiting

    • ESWAR

      How are you brother? after a longtime you are appeared.

      It takes a whole village to raise a child – THE TOPIC to write

      but you have nowhere described about village.

      1. How society or village influenced on Thomas Elva Edision had not been explained.

      2. Essence of creativity had not well explained.

      3. Do not describe the world as unstable a whole.

      The quotation of Gandhi i.e You must be the change, that you want to see in society = could related to the topic.

      Gap between lines too much, and few words are seen hard to read, be clear.

      I am not happy with your today’s write up. Good luck. Please review mine and sorry for late

    • Isha

      Hi Vijay, nice handwriting (y)
      In the essay, u came with many instance and need for the community participation. Try to bring a flow in ideas as if it seems effortless to move from one para to another. YOur paragraphs seemed to be written in silos sometimes Use connectors.
      I felt may be u started abruptly. Besides that examples and ideas you brought forth were good. try to avoid the same lines again.
      Hope you wont mind this too critical a review. KWAR & ATB 🙂
      Have a look at mine as per ur convenience.

    • yogi

      Sorry Bhai, not satisfied with ur essay 🙁
      intro: the begging is too general in fact a better beginning would be form the line beginning with the ancient times.
      almost whole essay revolves around the education and child
      there are many more dimensions that the whole village or community comprises of , i hope u got what i mean
      the order is missing in presenting the content, u could followed something like beginning from the role of the family–> role of friends–> role of school–> role of neighbours–role of society as a whole
      example of teacher and students and the content of Pak books was aptly used
      overall, not ur best efforts,
      keep writing, mains abhi door hein 🙂
      thanks 🙂

  • HappyIAS

    Please review friends, sirs, mams! 🙂

    “It takes a whole village to raise a child” is an ancient proverb which means that the responsibility of raising a child does not lie with the parents alone, but also with the extended family, the neighbourhood, the environment, the community and ultimately, the entire village. It is often said that the first school of learning for a child starts at home. Parents are his first teachers. They guide him regarding what is right and what is wrong at a very tender age.

    Next, he/she interacts with the immediate family members, neighbours, friends, which form the support system for him/her. Everyone in the family participates, especially the older children, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and even cousins. It is these environmental factors that impact the child psychologically and cognitively. They shape his opinions, his beliefs, his choices and his behavior. This is evident from the rural-urban ideological divide. The rural areas are more interconnected, dependent on others, care about others’ opinions and thus suffer a lot from “What will others say” syndrome etc. On the other hand, the urban areas have lack of connect among the masses, care less about others’ opinions, care less about them and thus are very independent in their ways of thinking and living. For instance, it is easier for a couple to go through with the ‘love-marriage’ in a city than in a village.

    Historically, India has decentralised Nyaya panchayats in every village headed by elderly villagers. The judiciary is always regarded as the divinely act and regarded as the “Panch Parmeshwar”. This system continues till date in a little less orthodox form. Still, if someone commits an act which is not in accordance with the norm of the village society, he’s boycotted by the entire community. It is this peer pressure, the fear of being left alone and cut off from their social support system that they adhere to the set customs, however difficult it is for them to do so. Such is the extent of social- conformity that the parents of the couple who elope, themselves kill their children to save their ‘honour’.

    The National Crime Bureau Record (NCRB) suggests that a child who has grown up seeing domestic violence in the family is more likely to do it when he is a grown up adult. Majority of the males from north Indian states of Haryana, UP, Bihar endorse patriarchy and commit heinous crimes against women because the virus of ‘male dominance’ has been deeply entrenched in their minds since inception.

    With the advent of industrial revolution and the coming of production age, the idea of village has grown manifolds. Now, the world is called the globalized village. The thoughts, norms and beliefs of the society have become more liberal, yet the importance of the society and environment in shaping a child is indispensible. Urbanisation is mushrooming and with it cosmopolitan cities have sprung up. Here, there’s intermingling of people from various backgrounds and zones. The quality of life the citizens enjoy depends on the kind of people they are surrounded by.

    For example, a kid that grows up in a healthy and peaceful neighbourhood is less likely to grow up to be a terrorist or a criminal. On the other hand, a child who has grown up in a violent atmosphere, such as in a naxalism affected area, with lack of education, will be more easily brain washed to take up arms in his hands even at the age of nine years. They take these values with them wherever they are, wherever they go. Many cognitive studies by eminent psychologists suggest that a child absorbs the behavior, emotions, lifestyles, mannerisms from their environment. When this child grows up, he is engaged in the same type of behavior as his community. And then he forms his family, society, village, nation and the world. It is a ‘give and take cycle’. The society forms the child and in turn the child forms the society.

    Life is easier when you are a part of network of friends and family, a neighbourhood. Today’s children are faced with a myriad of both challenges and opportunities. Navigating parenthood can be a daunting task for which partnerships and supports are welcome and necessary to prepare our children for a bright future. While there’s less belongingness in lives of kids in the real world, they seek belongingness and friendliness in the reel world. And with the social networking sites like facebook being just a click away with the deep penetration of smart phones, kids spend more time on-screen than off-screen. And end up making virtual friends, who are not always around to provide support to them in times of adversities. This has given rise to high suicide rates as per a WHO report. This is so because in the texting world, one cannot convey the real emotions and something said normally can be perceived and interpreted in a wrong and harsh manner by the receiver, leading to emotional turbulence, less attention span and often leading to catastrophic ends such as stalking of a girl, suicides, etc.

    It takes a village to have tough conversations about drug abuse and addiction with our teenagers. No one in today’s globalized world is immune from bad, life-altering choices. It takes a village to keep the children safe when they are playing in our neighbourhoods, parks and playgrounds. In a healthy, ‘care-for-each-other’ society, the neighbours keep an eye out for the children playing outside. We must build friendships, good relationships with our community and work with the local police to keep our community safe.

    Thus, as responsible citizens, in a true village approach, we should spend time reflecting on all of the dangers that our children are facing today. Isolation wouldn’t provide the tools here. We must work together; look out for each other’s children. It is vicious cycle if we give the society ill-minded children, the society itself will become toxic and affect the children at large.

    We are a community; we are the members of a civilized society. We ought to be committed to active communication with parents, engage stakeholders of the society and provide forums for education and sharing ideas. It is our joint responsibility to provide to the world good children, who would grow up to be the leaders, administrators, teachers, civil servants, businessman and more. We can’t do it alone. You can’t do it alone. As a community, we can and have to work together to provide our children a safe healthy environment. After all, it takes a whole village to raise a child.

    • Hi HappyIAS 🙂
      Start looked a bit abrupt. You straight away started explaining what the theme means. I’m not sure if we can start that way.
      Rural-urban divide point is not explained properly. 🙁
      NCRB point is good. But again it is not clear. Why will the child learn the domestic violence acts? This couldn’t come out clearly 🙁
      The paragraphs following NCRB para are good and beautifully explained 🙂 🙂
      Language is lucid 🙂
      A few dimensions could have worked wonders! 🙂
      Please find time to review mine too. 🙂

      • rajjoo!!

        waiting…plz do review mine… 🙂

    • rajjoo!!

      plz review mine 🙂 waiting

    • Shaktimaan

      helo happy bhaiya!!!
      nice one budd!!:):)
      i think >>The society forms the child and in turn the child forms the society.>> gar is cheez ko explain karte ki kaise ek alag se para me toh new dimension add ho jani thi :):)
      start cool ni tha utana ……….:)
      beach beach main flow b tuta bt language was smooth and sober ……..:)
      baki content hai easy main bs thoda sa way me present karo……:)
      good catagory wala essay>>> dont ask for marks 😛 hahahaha!!
      thank u brother……..:):):)

      • HappyIAS

        thanks bhai 🙂

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Hello ji,
      Try to make your introduction catchy and somewhat innovative so that the reader may have an idea what is he going to read not give it a plain start.. apply your creativity…
      2.Explain positives first than negatives and then provide solutions…
      3.You have good command over content but work on its systematic presentation so that a flow may be maintained from intro till conclusion
      verall a nice attempt.. keep writing and improving.. 🙂

      • HappyIAS

        thanks friend! shall definitely improve.. I too felt I dint write a good essay this time :-/

  • arjun86

    Tender newborns grow into naughty toddlers which in turn become curious child eventually turning into responsible adults.All these event happen in front of our eyes each passing days and years.In is the continuous process of growth , human babies grow both socially and in physical abilities. Though mother who nurses the baby is first teacher in the outside world the importance of society beyond immediate family in raising a child can not be ignored.

    Family is the first interface of interaction of a child to the society. A mother instils value of love and compassion into her child through her selfless love for the child. father acts as role model of every child and teaches him the value of hard work in life. grand parents have important role to play by moulding un-sculptured mind of children with teachings of morality by innumerable the family child starts to vocalizes and learns language skills. Thus , family prepares a child to get introduced to the outside world.

    Next come our childhood companion. We learn friendship and brotherhood just while playing childhood games with buddies. importance of team work is also understood while doing collective childhood adventure. finally, friendship with children of different socio economic strata make us feel that friendship bonds are beyond background of a person. Thus, our silly but valuable childhood friendship gives us innumerable lessons for future life.

    Importance of elderly can not be under emphasised. we learn to behave from how our elders behave and respect their’s. We try to mimic neighbourhood friend who loves his parents and obey their commands. Knowledge and wisdom of our elderly pass through generations by their teachings and ultimately become good cultural practices. Thus elderly shape a child’s mind and personality which is the determinant of his future and future of nation as a whole.

    However all that we learn from society may not be good and exemplary. bad habits of stealing, dishonesty, quarrelling , bullying are also learned from friends and other members of the society. if this would not have been the case society might not have been fighting with innumerable ills today. however it is the society and its members who do the act of cleansing by teaching religious principles , morality and spiritualism.

    Importance of village society in raising of child is undoubtedly important.Great leaders , thinkers and social reformers have had good community upbringing in their childhood. Data of national crime record bureau reveals that most criminals involved in henious crime have spent their childhood in troubled communities. thus, It is not a very tough thing to imagine that bad societies breed bad criminals.

    Present situation in society is situation of crisis. Decline of morality, violence , juvenile delinquency are some of the issues which frighten a common law abiding citizen. This is especially a matter of distress when our countries need discipled and educated youth who are able to shoulder country’s effort of rapid growth. In such times , role of society in shaping children into responsible citizen become most important.

    For this our elders have a great role to play because children follow them. School teachers can show children importance of discipline, patriotism , nationalism and secularism for country. In schools, Healthy interaction among children belonging to different caste and economic background will help in development of brotherhood in the country. At last, it wont be exaggerated to say that , it takes whole village to raise a child.

    • arjun86

      Friends plz review..

  • kt

    there is an old saying that there is a strength in takes so many drops of water to make an ocean.

    a building can not be built by a single brick but requires many.cooperation is something which is very important and necessary in every walks of life.

    it not only makes our

    life easier but with the help of each other,we can solve those problems of life which look daunting to us.the spirit of coperation is ingrained even in animal species ,

    when it comes to taming or killing big prey they come in group.even our physical body will not function properly if single organ does not coperate with the other


    humans are social animals who live in society sharing the every moment of triumph and failure ,happiness and sorrow with each the ancient and medieval


    there were no modern machines and technologies of present times like cranes,trucks etc.despite these limitations our ancestors were able to build big civilizations.

    They were able

    to erect big forts,palaces towns ,granaries etc. par excellence.this was only possible because of each others cooperation and support whether

    it was moral ,financial ,physical or anyother kind of direct or indirect support.

    we know without the support of each other we can not go very far and hence cooperation among individuals is very much visible in every walks of life.

    without the help and cooperation of fellow citizens our country could not prosper,Thats why the word ‘fraternity’ was inserted in the preamble of our constitution.

    these days word nationalism has been very much in vogue.nationalism refers to shared feelings of we-ness and belongingness based on common cultural past

    and common destiny.

    nationalism is something which gives a sense of cooperation and support among brethrens.Though it can can debated that nationalism divides the world also.

    ideas like nationalism or any other kind of collective/group/organisation generates a sense of security.therefore people unite and cooperate with each other


    they know they can deal with any diffcult situation with each by coming together.

    therefore our prime minister has promoted the idea of cooperative fedearlism.if states and centre cooperate with each other then only india can go forward.

    this kind of ideas leaves less scope for conflict between

    different constituents and more scope for cooperation with each other.this kind of idea bolsters cente-state and inter state relations.this will also enhance

    the bargaining power of state with the the more powerful centre.

    there is immense power in organisation.therefore labourers form trade unions.we have several organisation like FICCI,ASSOCHAM,

    AIDWA(all india democratic weapons association),BKS(bhartiya kisan sangthan) etc.

    these organisations have given a very strong voice to different groups/collective especially vulnerable groups like dalits,adivasis,women,peasants etc,

    these organisations act as pressure groups/interest groups .they have given considerable say to various vulnerable communities in matter

    of policy making and implementation.

    ours is a democratic polity which requires public participation to function.democracy can not thrive without people participation.thats why

    election commission appeals

    citizens to vote in large numbers so that legitimacy of the public representaives will increase.citizens cooperation is necessary for the the smooth

    functioning of our democracy.but sometimes there is a chance of democracy getting converted into mobocracy when

    when there is over-participation of people in irresponsible manner.

    ours is a developing country with vast -holdings per farmer is very are poor.therfore they practise intensive kind of

    farming for their

    own consumption/sustenance.most farmers do not produce for market and they donot apply farm mechanisation on their field.the solution to this

    problem is cooperative farming where all lands are consolidated and a cooperative society is formed which owns all kinds of farm equipments.

    farmers can take equipments from cooperative to use it .

    the idea of cooperative has successfully been implemented in other areas like dairy farming in anand twn of gujarat.the man behind this was

    verghese kurien who brought white revolution in this country by bringing together individual milk producers

    in the form of a milk cooperative society.this initiatiative made india a leading producer of milk in the world.this is the power of organisation and

    cooperation which

    must be applied in other areas specially agriculture to bring our farmers prosperity.another area in which this power of collective cooperation has

    been harnessed is self-help groups(shg).

    SHGs have helped a lot of poor women in rural areas to be financially independent.This has proved to be a big tool for women empowerment.

    moreover the idea of collective cooperation is not limited to domestic arena only but can be seen in international arena also.NATO and WARSAW PACT

    were formed by capitalist and

    communist camps respectively as a measure of collective security during cold war means if one member of the group is attacked by rivals ,it will be


    an ataack on whole group/bloc.

    this kind of arrangement were made to create a sense of security among the members of its own a result this kind of cooperative security

    blocs acted as a deterrent against any face-to-face confrontation during cold war.

    each and every countries know that they can not deal with big challenges facing the world like global warming unless they cooperate with each other .

    therfore they convened in december,2015 in paris in COP21 meeting to find the way out of this problem of global warming.

    small island nations are facing the biggest threat of this problem.thats why they have formed a group known as organisation of small island nations to

    increase their bargaining power in climate talks.

    but people donot always do good things by harnessing the power of collective coperation.they do various kinds of anti-social,anti-national even anti-human

    things by coming together in the name of political or religoiuos ideologies or for promoting

    ones own parochial interest.for example.naxalites united together in the name of class stuggle by a thread of marxist/maoist ideologies have been waging war

    against the state trying to topple the democratically elected government of the country.they also get a lot of moral support from various

    intellectuals.they all together form a loose group fighting for a certain agenda.ISIS is another case in point.

    but after knowing few individuals we can say the group power/collective cooperation is a over-emphasised idea.there are certain individuals in this world

    who were/are able to bring big changes to this world singlehandedly albeit positive or negative changes.our great hero and freedom fighter subhash chandra bose

    alone took the pains of forming the vast indian national army that too on foreign soil to fight the english occupation of india.

    Hitler was able to change the course of history singlehandedly though in a negative way.The mountain man dasrath manjhi alone created the 20 km long path

    by bringing down

    a mountain without taking any help from others.

    The moral of the story is collective cooperation/organisation has immense power provided it is utilised in a constructive way to make this world a better place

    to live in.

    • kt

      kindly review…constructive criticism is welcome.

  • soloman

    Plz review.
    i wrote it as ana amateur.
    “It takes a whole village to raise a child”

    Today , we are living in a world which is changing constantly with time and spatially. Nothing lasts forever, even values changes with time.Even we can see a slight modifications in the language we speak across a time span. So we can say that , The change is inevitable. Everything is going on changing, the only difference is the rate or pace of changing , something is changing rapidly while the other is changing slight slowly but in the end they are changing too.

    But as we can see there are many ill traditions around us which seems to be stereotype to us , not changing at all. Many people and societies celebrates such traditions on a large scale as they are beneficial for the human race and don’t even give a thought about their badness and destructiveness for our societal balance. it is not like that it did not happen in our past. if we take a look of our past then we can find that there were many such traditions in our societies like Sati pratha, Slavery, Untouchability etc which were quite a time bomb for our societal structure. Which ,in long rum, could make a big differences among human being , which are same , made of bones and blood.

    But , in our past we got some charimatic leaders and social reformers , who had taken a concrete stand on their perception against these ill-traditions, which they considered to be derogatory to human race. it is not correct to say that they didn’t face any resistance. society resisted it with its full force, but they were so determined and firm about uprooting those traditions that noone could stop them from doing so.

    People with such a right perception must a mass support and they got it. As the mass itself wants to get rid of such evil but the thing is, who will take this very first step against such, and here comes our great social reformers. who compell them to get rid of such tradition which are unjust.

    The same scenario we are facing nowadays. Everyone is talking about corruption but noone dares to take this very first step against it. In such situation it is essential for a society to come together and raise a voice against such evil deeds, because one person cannot make such an impact as the whole society can.

    So, it is rightly said that, “it takes a whole village to raise a child”, means if we want to bring some change in our society to make it better for us and for our next generations to live in, then we must have to come together and take a stand against such traditions which are dividing us on alarge scale and spreading hattered among us.

    • soloman

      Sorry guys,,,,
      i thought they didn’t ask an essay on the literal meaning of such a subject.
      so i wrote this.
      i just want to ask… if i got such a subject in future then…in which way should i write … whether i should choose the literal meaning or the deeper meaning hidden inside the subject?
      suggest me plz…

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        nvr b single dimensioned in ur answer..
        show d openness of ur brain n horizon of ur ideas..
        on literal meaning..wat will we write..many of us r not brought up close to!!
        🙂 🙂 I hope u gotmy point..
        kindly review my essay if time permits..

        • soloman

          thanx karishma for ur guidance… i will keep that in my mind …thank u.. 🙂

  • Aravind Varier




    1) Basic Introduction

    2) why it takes a whole village to raise a child

    3) what happens if a child is NOT raised by the whole village

    4) Is whole village always required to raise a child

    5) why it is NOT apt for the whole village to raise a child

    6) Conclusion : FAIR JUDGEMENT on the 4 possible aspects ( point 2,3,4 and 5)


    The quote points out the importance of the Role of family , society and people at large which influences a person from infancy to adulthood in the development of a personality which will help him/her lead a better life in future as a citizen of this country .The different aspects of the statement is elaborated in the essay .

    I recently visited an Engineering College for a campus recruitment drive on behalf of my company and had the opportunity to interview many candidates from various strata of the society .After grueling sessions of interview made me to think what makes each candidate different from each other .

    The FIRST candidate that i interviewed was from a remote village who was brought up in a family of four were his parents were farmers and his little sister was still in school . He was enthusiastic through out the interview and i asked him about his enthusiasm . Then he revealed to me about the warmth that he gets from his family and the moral support from the village because he is going to be the first Engineer in his village .

    Then , I could understand from further conversation with the candidate that the village as a whole have supported him financially by collecting minimum funds from each household for this Engineering course .This exciting incident helped me realize ” how an entire village can be a part in raising a child to fulfill his dreams ” .

    After interviewing the first candidate , it was the turn for me to interview the SECOND candidate which helped me gain some more insight on the person . The person was from a city who lives along with his parents and have been staying in an apartment with less people to mingle with . When i asked about his view on the helping an unknown person , then i could see the critical views expressed by the candidate and his view was of helping only the known persons rather than strangers .

    Then , i felt it could have been the lack of his interaction with the wider community as a whole which might have made him view narrowly towards few persons . The impression that the second candidate left in me was of a person who had the lacking of ” being raised by a society as a whole ” thereby making him little bit selfish towards his peers .

    The THIRD person whom i interviewed was an Orphan who was born and brought up in a Orphanage . After interviewing, i understood he was one of the most humble among the persons whom i interviewed so far .During the interview , i asked what would he do after getting the salary on being appointed . I was moved by his reply that , he would contribute 1/3 rd of his income for the education of the children from the Orphanage from were he has come .

    This helped me understand that to be a better person we need not be always raised by a community as a whole but the limited people that comes into the contact of the child should have good Human Values in them which will ultimately influence the person’s attitude and behaviour .

    After interviewing 3 persons and their responses , i started getting a feel on how a village or a community can influence a person character but a question that popped up in my mind was that what would happen if the community raise a child which imbibes traditional and conservative values which can impact child personality in the long run . Luckily , i could experience it by interviewing the FOURTH candidate .

    The fourth candidate whom i interviewed was grown in a Panchayat that believes superiority of males and considers inter caste marriages as a taboo which will invite the couples threat to their life if gone against the rulings of the Panchayat . As the interview progressed i could understand from the person’s responses that he will go to any extent to maintain the honor of his caste and will not hesitate even to indulge in a violent act if the chance arises .

    After interviewing the fourth person ,i could clearly understand that in certain cases , village can negatively impact the persons rational thinking and character, if raised by it which is not good for the modern society like ours .

    The time went past quickly interviewing the four candidates and the lunch bell rang . I sat for a while and went into the analysis of the four candidates that i interviewed so far helped me to come to a conclusion .
    Parents , society , people whom we interact does a play a vital role in building a person character but the GOODNESS in a person is developed only if he/she is brought up or raised in a community that believes in LIBERTY , FRATERNITY and EQUALITY .

    • Hi Aravind,
      Nice and different way to write an essay 🙂
      Before I give my views, I’d like to ask you something, can we use words like I YOU WE OUR US in the essays?
      I personally prefer using them, and have been using them. But I often come across candidates who advice not use such words.. Would like to know your views! 🙂
      Now coming to your piece 🙂
      Good one.
      Importance of society / village is well brought and written.
      You wrote of financial help, aspirations attached of the village men with someone who earns a name from their village. 🙂
      A few more things could have been added.
      How society cares for the children, what are the benefits when people contribute in the upbringing of the kids…etc etc.
      When the fourth candidate came, yo got to know of the negative impact of society.
      It would have been great if you wrote a few lines on what role a society can play for an individual who is indulged in negative practices. Because society will be called ideal only if it works for the redemption of people who have lost their path.
      What say?
      And please review mine too 🙂 thanks already 🙂

      • rajjoo!!

        hey thinkr…..can u review mine…. 🙂 plzzz 🙂

      • ESWAR

        I am struggling to find your essay

    • minaxi

      Hello Aravind.. If it is an experiment, than how you will evaluate it.. becoz you have touched diverse areas yet in depth analysis is missing. However, I will really like to know about your opinion about recent experiment before raising further issues.
      Conclusion part is USP.
      Thanks… 🙂

      • Aravind Varier

        Dear minaxi ,

        I was waiting for the review of Yogi to my essay because we both have been thinking from the last one month on how to make conclusion better .

        I will evaluate my essay as good but not excellent because i am still working on the Introduction which needs to be bettered as you can see from the review of Yogi to my essay .

        This is my first experiment on essay writing because the conclusion was not at all going well for me as well as Yogi in the last 4 to 5 essays . I am yet to review the essays of yours as well as Yogi .Will do that by Today evening 🙂

        My Intention is very very clear . By the time of the actual essay exam . We should have a clear cut strategy in our mind on the different types of essay that can be asked in the exam and how to deal with it in the right manner .

        THANK YOU 🙂

        • minaxi

          Thanks Aravind…
          And Plz review at your ease . 🙂
          Have a nice day… Thanks. 🙂

    • Iconoclast

      Hi Aravind ji…
      Not a review but need a clarification. I interpreted essay as ” need for collective action to accomplish”, rather than narrowly focusing on ‘child rearing’ per se.. Would that be incorrect ??

    • ESWAR

      Dear brother, you are doing something special every day. I liked your views. I pray to GOD that people like you should become civil servant, it will benefit to country.

    • yogi

      Hello Guruji 🙂

      My views:

      Intro:-The quote points out the importance of the Role of family , society and people at large which influences a person from infancy to adulthood in the development of a personality which will help him/her lead a better life in future as a citizen of this country .The different aspects of the statement is elaborated in the essay .—-it is a intro but where is the innovation ?, how will it differ ur essay from others’ essays?(for me the experiment in intro did not work)

      Main body:-

      I recently visited an Engineering College for a campus recruitment drive on behalf of my company and had the opportunity to interview many candidates from various strata of the society —-never disclose ur personal info to the examiner, even if this is not true, but after reading “I” the examiner will crete an opinion about you that will surely impact the marking of ur essay could be in +ve or –ve way.

      1/3rd —write one-third

      The 4 candidates shows the diverse ways a child is brought,that is fully in line with the theme of the essay and brings diversity in ur essay wrt to differing interpretations of the quote. Good job.

      Before conclusion a para on suggesting ways in which the role of village /society can be improved or u could have mentioned the ways by which children like type 4 candidates can be prevented form such kind of thinking. That would give a holistic view to ur essay and ur transition to the conclusion would become gentler by giving the feeling of closure of the essay.

      Conclusion : ur words say a lot, CRISP conclusion, SUPERB , now I got to know what u meant when u said “conclusion need not always be a para of 4-5 lines”. I really liked it in isolation but if that would have come after some suggestions para then I would appreciate u to continue with this style.

      The experiment in main body worked fully,

      For conclusion it worked partially, due to reason mentioned above

      Overall a nice essay

      Thanks and ATB 🙂

      • Aravind Varier


        I Will mail you the results of this experiment after including this pattern in next 5 essays and comparing the results for better understanding .

        THANK YOU 🙂

  • minaxi

    Human is social animal. like cells of body, every human being constitutes the whole social system in which he resides, therefore there is a reciprocal relationship between society and individuals. individual effects society in many ways though his thinking and deeds, as well as society has influence on individuals in many ways through various social, political, and economic institutions. And this influence start from the first day of human life itself.

    When a child is born and raised by their family, she is not only grow in sense of age but also acquire the education and experience through education, interaction with society . It is not possible to acquire adequate education through schools and parents only for overall development of a child to convert into a mature and social human being.

    The term”It takes a whole village to raise a child” highlights the importance of society or village as community to develop a child into a mature human being.Villages affect the child development direct and indirect way.At early stage a child is raised by their parents and the well being of child depend upo the resources available with parents,Parents re dependent on society to fulfill their and their child needs like hospital, transportation etc, AS well as the environment of home is influence by the relationship between parents and society. It has been observed that, when parents have good relationship with their neighbours, children are also develop as prosocial person.

    In many developed countries, Many reports has cited that, isolating raising of children by their parents are resulting into violating behaviour of child which is not good for their physical and mental health, This behaviour also affect the the smooth functioning of social system.

    With the advancing time, as child grow, the contact and interaction between child and society grow, And relationship between both grow complex. At this stage, positive community environment and society id very much necessary, Since in modern time, both of parents are working, it is community level institutions like kindergarten, schools, friends, neighbours etc, which take care the child for the majority portion of day.Therefore. these factors outside of his family also affect the development of child, and child learn to depend upon the resources available with society and community. and later on he is supposed to contribute into value addition into these resources as well as to conserve them.Therefore in this way, child develop his social behaviour techniques, learn moral and ethical values.

    The cooperative raising of child is not desirable but also necessary for a child to learn to live in supportive and sustainable way with society. In ancient time and also at present in some tribes of Africa and Amazon region, children are raised by community as their own child, whereas parents have to hunt for animals and other resources like agriculture and resources for their survival. And child learn, how to use scarce resources so that their sustainability can be ensured as well as, resources are available to every member of community in adequate quantity.

    In India too, Community play a major role in child development, children opinion about various issues like environment, relationship,politics, economics and morality is designed and influenced by society.And community as a instrument to raise child has been tried as experiment by governments too , this can be seen in MNREGA program, where workers can work without worry about their babies and toddlers, which are being taken care by community centre developed by group of few workers.

    How the society affect the child development? Society help the child in cognitive and educational development.children who have close relationship with society are less likely to absent from classes since they are more likely to have residential stability and resource availability and this has been proved many research in these areas.Growing up in a positive social environment develop a sense of belonging into child, and it has the positive influence on their mental health, it also provide a sense of assurance among children to have a emotional and psychological support at time of need.

    In strong, social systems where children have close relationship with various members of community, childrens are more healthy in physical and mental sense. Community also think about the overall wellbeing of every child of groups hence resource scarcity in proper development of children is dealt effectively.

    Why there is a need of community to raise the child in modern time? In recent time, with arrival of various new issues like globalisation, climate change, environment pollution etc, the need of strong social behaviours and social values has increased many times and it has crucial to deal with these issues by considering them as everyone’s responsibility.And who can be better teacher than society itself to teach about the seriousness of these issues and motivate them to innovate new ideas to deal with them.

    And with increasing nuclear family and working parents, need of positive social environment and increased social connectivity has increased manyfold, so that children can learn social values and behaviour at early stage of life and can establish a balance between themselves and various social factors.

    Being, a social animal, it is almost impossible to segregate society and individuals, and it is very much important for individuals to work in harmony for balanced and fruitful social system, as well as society as system has to develop itself in way that it provides opportunity to individuals to develop themselves without any unreasonable restrictions.Thus, willingly and unwillingly, society help to raise child, to develop his personality, to curve the opportunity for him to prove himself in this world.

    Plz review… and intolerable writing experience. 🙂

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Hi miaxi have a look at mine
      I will also review urs soon

    • rajjoo!!

      plz review mine.. 🙂

    • Hi Minaxi,
      It was a good one come on! 🙂 🙂
      When you write on a regular basis then you start understanding and exceling 😛 this is the mantra lol.
      I liked your approach and understanding of the topic that’s given 🙂
      However, dimensions are missing. I too failed to cover many areas in my essay 🙁 looks like this was more of a googly for us 😛
      One suggestion that do not write many countries and many reports say..try and be specific about which country and which report 🙂 it will give an edge to your essay over others 🙂 🙂 thanks friend 🙂

      • minaxi

        Thanks Thinker.. Glad that You like it, However, some topics are not my cup of tea. 🙂 But trying to cope these topics, since UPSC is unpredictable game.Hope to reform my writing style soon. 🙂
        Thanks.. 🙂

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear minaxi ,

      1) the introduction is good and you are are telling to the examiner that an individual and society are interrelated 🙂

      2) your third paragraph is good and i feel the mentioning of the second paragraph before the third paragraph only gives a repetition to what you are saying to the examiner

      you could have totally avoided the second paragraph , if you have written the third paragraph because i can see repetition of certain ideas .

      Parents re dependent on society to fulfill their and their child needs like hospital, transportation etc,???? PLEASE BE CLEAR !!! this sentence is removing the flow of the essay .

      3) In many developed countries, Many reports has cited that …… ” this paragraph is good 🙂

      4) With the advancing time, as child grow, the contact and interaction between child and society ……. ” this paragraph is also good 🙂

      5) The cooperative raising of child is not desirable but also necessary ……. ” this paragraph is good by my suggestion here would to write this paragraph before the previous graph to give a better flow to the essay ” ancient to modern times ” 🙂

      6) In India too, Community play a major role in child development, ……. ” this paragraph is good 🙂

      7) How the society affect the child development? this question is unnecessary because throughout the essay . you have been telling how the society affects the child development .

      My suggestion to you here would be raise questions that includes the other aspects of the statement. this is exactly what i was doing an experiment in my essay ( Analyze various dimensions of the statement of the essay ) refer the ROUGH WORK mentioned in my essay . ( you will get a better idea on the different types of questions that can be posed .

      8) In strong, social systems where children have close relationship with various members of community, childrens are more healthy in physical and mental sense. Community also think about the overall wellbeing of every child of groups hence resource scarcity in proper development of children is dealt effectively………. ” this paragraph is good but i get a feel that you are running out of ideas and repeating the ideas that is already mentioned in the essay . PLEASE look for various dimensions to make this essay more diverse 🙂

      9) Why there is a need of community to raise the child in modern time? ths question is again a repetition of the contents that have been already said .

      my observation is that you are having the ideas but expressing it in a well defined manner is the aspect that needs improvement .

      conclusion is good but i feel it can bettered 🙂


      1) create a rough work on the essay and sketch it in a piece of paper.

      2) try to raise questions by critically analyzing the statement itself .

      3) try to write write an conclusion that can give a FAIR JUDGEMENT on the various aspects of the essay that you have described .

      I will surely share the results on the experiment of the essay writing that i am doing presently .I am sure that will help you in your essay writing too 🙂


      • minaxi

        Thanks Aravind…
        Actually, When i started to write this essay, I was totally blank of ideas and framework, and only I know, How i finished it. 🙂 But when i saw the rough work of your essay, I come to know, how to give direction to an essay. However, I am not easy with some topics especially philosophical.

  • Anit ifs

    The soul of a man is the child and the soul of the child is not any one man. The child has not had the time to think for itself, it is therefore an organic reflection of the influences it has had, i.e. the people it has been in contact with, the environment in which it grew up and it’s parents.

    The very reason that we don’t use gender qualifiers for a child is that ‘it’ has not develop the critical thinking that would enable it to recognise the importance of the same. This is not to say that the child isn’t an intelligent creature or that it cannot learn, on the contrary, children are one of the most observant creatures of our society, they note down each and every activity, emotion and going ons around them, simply because that is how they learn and grow.

    It would not be right to put the entire onus of development of the child on it’s parents. They do play a very important role, but a child is never the exact replica of its parents. It is something more, something of the environment would inevitably creep in and result in the character building. It is precisely that environment that we are refer to as the ‘village’ and it is that village that would ultimately allow the child to mature fully.

    The important thing to realise is that in the modern world, the definition of the village is truly global. There are communications lines laid on the length and breath of this planet, allowing the children to soak in the world culture. A child in India is much more likely to keenly follow the American WWF wrestling matches than the ‘dunggal’ of the villages. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the entire world to see the children grow up.

    When there’s a war in Bosnia, or extremism in middle east and the child comes to know of it, the entire paradigm of thinking of the child changes. “Mom, why are people killing each other?” This seems like a valid question from a young inquisitive mind. What would the answer be? Is it because the nature of people is intrinsically violent? Or should we tell the child that nations are greedy and want to have all the resources to themselves? The problem with all of these answers is that they are against the basic kindergarten theory of kindness, compassion, sharing and love for each other. The global village cannot be the ideal for a child’s world.

    At the age when the child starts to define itself, when it looks around to find where it fits in the matrix, the role models are the most important sources for it to shape the behaviour. When a child sees ill treatment of a certain section of the society, then in it’s mind, the image takes root that it is okay to be bad to certain people, that there is no essential equality in the world and that violence might actually be a legitimate way to get their way in the world.

    The society also presents figures of encouragement. The hero that takes up a cause and inspires the children to work through their now problems, the sports hero who comes through at the crucial moments and allows the child to take pride, the politician who mobilises the society for a positive change. The point is, that the child would experience all of these though the thought sense of acceptance and internalise both the good and the bad in its life.

    Japan has a very interesting system of teaching. For the first few years, the children are taught nothing else but values and character building. They are taught in this way, for the Japanese have realised that the real education consists in building the character of the chid. Numbers, language and facts are something that everyone would learn by their innate curiosity and sense. The more difficult part has always been to mould the shape of the young child in the appropriate form.

    Education therefore would be one of the most important component of developing a child. India’s move to make education mandatory under the RTE and to institute the CCE and No Failing mechanism in the schools was a step in the right direction to give the child an unconditional positive support in the endeavour to learn and integrate with the society, however the intention did not show itself in the actual process, for the teachers did not make the efforts to engage with the children and lack of facilities/funds etc. made the education quality substandard. We need to implement the ‘vision’ of the new education policy rather than going by the defunct dictates of the colonial norms.

    Beyond education, the nature of the child’s family and surroundings has a huge impact on it’s development. The economically deprived child would be afflicted with malnutrition, would have hampered cognitive development and deficiencies, which would not allow the fullest growth according to his potential. Therefore, government has to ensure that the schemes of early childhood intervention like the ICDS, MDMS, Indradhanush mission etc. are properly carried out to fruition. The cutting back of expenses in these schemes is like playing with the future of our coming generation.

    One of the reasons that the parents aren’t able to fulfil their duties is because of the lack of appropriate financial resources. Several areas are afflicted with drought in the past two years. The distress shows itself first in the most marginalised groups, ie. of the women and children. The world as seen by a poor child is mean and lacking in warmth/care. The child would therefore grow up to be a cold individual. The rapes being carried out in Delhi are mostly committed by men from deprived backgrounds. The reality of seeing violence/ deprivation/ lack of rights makes them emotionally unstable and likely to be sucked int eh quagmire of crime.

    Beyond the poverty, parental care and time is also very important for the child. The parents not only are the role models, but the primary caretakers and information providers, whose worldview shapes that of the child. The phenomenon of working parents and no care for the children has resulted in a lot of childhood related mental disorders. Tantrums, anxiety, OCD etc. show up in the children when they feel neglected by their parents. They are sort of distress calls of the children who feel deprived of their parents. The world at large therefore cannot make sense if there is an emotional deprivation at the very basic level.

    It has also been shown by the studies that the children who are deprived of care in the first 6 months of their life are not able to recover fully from their experience. Lowered immunity, mental issues, insecurity are some of the problems faced by them. Orphans are therefore much more prone to ‘go wrong’ in their life, with drugs/violent crime/low paying jobs seen at a much higher rate in their group.

    We can deduce from these facts that the entire process of the child growing up isn’t simply about the genetics or the parental care. The society at large has a big role to play in determining how the children turn out to be. Some especially vulnerable children like the orphans are totally dependent on the society for their well being. IN this scenario, we have to realise that it takes the entire village to raise a child.

  • gs

    Guys please review…and criticize, analyse and suggest improvements..

  • Isha

    Small acts.. when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

    ….The dream they nurtured through years and for which they were doing constant efforts on their own..was the dream of an independent, free, developed nation. A society, progressive in mindset, advanced in science and technology which can stand resilient among the western superpowers was on their minds.

    But the Moderates (Indian leaders of national struggle for freedom at the initial stage of INC formation) wanted to achieve it all by them and through their constitutional agitation policy. They didn’t have faith in the power of mass participation. They considered them too naïve, politically less aware and lacking that “force” to uproot the British rule from the country. Its only when extremists came after the Swadeshi Movement of 1905-06 and through the efforts of Gandhiji post 1917 that the hidden potential of mass participation came to the fore and India ultimately gained independence. Today, on the sky of whole world, India is a shining star with one of the brightest light enlightening the whole world.

    The above incidence clearly brought forth the importance of collective efforts to nurture a dream. A dream, whether individual or collective, is a hope in life; a reason to live for someone, a reason to be happy for another. A child is, too, like a beautiful dream. He/ she is born with the responsibility of his family as well as the society as a whole. A responsible, well educated and mannered child is an asset to the society and a reason to be proud for his family.

    But the very same child can’t be raised alone by his parents, keeping him under closed doors, away from all evils. Interaction with multiple people makes him practical, mature and aware. In Indian Context, we’ve been told the benefits of a joint family since the very beginning. A child raised in a joint family, in the midst of several elders & siblings, is more likely to have sound moral thinking and responsible behavior with a put of emotional intelligence.

    Besides this, a child is easily raised in a joint family. Everyone looks after the children as a collective effort and parents are not exclusively burdened with the whole responsibility. Sometimes there are instances of parents not being able to look after their children properly in single families especially where both parents are working.

    Moreover, family is just one aspect of the sphere. There are many more people out there. Going to school, there are bus drivers, conductors, teachers & peons in the school who teach him/her in their own way through their acts. These administrators and teachers have profound effect of their acts on the daily life and behavior of children.

    Besides that, neighbors, milkman, maid at home, news channels, shopkeepers, guests and their children, friends of the child, everyone out their practically has some or the other effect on the child and that is actually good. It makes them closer to the ground realities of life, makes them more compassionate, and instills in them a feeling of healthy competition. The practical face to face encounter with the variety of individuals in the community out there is necessary for the overall development of the child, impossible within the enclosed walls of the house.

    Moving beyond the literal meaning of the quote, we can have ‘child’ as any kind of individual or collective dream and ‘village’ as the community effort required to fulfill the same. Building a startup is the same. Successful startups are supported by entrepreneurial communities, especially more established startups, other entrepreneurs, co-founders, mentors and investors. It takes a village to raise a startup. It’s quite a fitting analogy because startups have always been compared to a child that you’re raising up.

    Raising a child is hard enough. Building a startup is also very hard. First, more experienced founders and entrepreneurs can help and give advice. Second, community can help connect you with people you didn’t know existed. Finally, they can become your eyes and your ears to make sure you don’t slip. They keep you accountable.

    Another example can very well be taken of Democracy. It requires a community participation to make it accountable, well functioning, successful democracy. There are two types of democracies- direct and indirect. In the direct democracy, public opinion is expressed directly in Assemblies or meetings. All the adult citizens having the right to participate in the meetings of the Assembly where all the laws are passed, taxes are assessed, and appointments to execute, make sure that these decisions are in their larger benefit and in compliance with the spirit of democracy..

    This system is possible only in few states with small population like Switzerland, Ancient Athens, USA states, etc. Hence those with that of large population like India, Britain, USA, etc go for indirect or representative democracy. Even though people in this system do not get to participate directly and are dependent on their rulers for putting forth their demands and aspiration, they very well make sure to make them accountable for their acts through voting, election verdict, agitations, demonstrations, press and media, etc. Without these measures, a democratic government can easily turn into an autocratic regime, but community effort keep them on their toes.

    “My government” website launched by the PM of India is a laudable initiative in this regard to provide a platform
    to the general public to provide their opinion on any or every matter. Similarly, health awareness at times of epidemic like influenza, or in the recent case of Zika virus, or EBOLA epidemic requires community effort to make people aware as well as to take precautions on collective level.

    Looking at some crude examples like as we saw in the Indian National movement’s history, be it the Swadeshi movement, Non cooperation movement, Civil disobedience movement, or anything, community participation was the key. In fact, it is said that had masses participated actively long back in the 1857 movement itself, India would have got independence then itself. That’s the power of community effort.

    Other than that there are many dreams (child) as nascent stage which India dreams of and which can be fulfilled only through community participation (village). We have issues of women’s security, cleaning environment, Manufacturing sector, removing Corruption, Energy security, world class infrastructure, financial inclusion, etc which requires mass participation through being aware of these dreams of our country and behaving in a responsible manner.

    Each one of us should realize our responsibilities and should contribute our own bit, however small it is. Be it switching off lights when not in use, or making poor and uneducated people aware of having a bank account and its benefit. We can also spread awareness about girl’s education, late marriages, water conservation, rain water harvesting through stage plays, radio, tv commercials, etc.

    A pot is made from different kind of material; different kinds of soil mixed in varied proportions with right amount of water. Shaping it patiently hours on wheel, it is then baked on right amount of temperature to make it impervious. Similarly, a child comes in contact with different kinds of people in his surroundings. Some affect them positively, some negatively as well. It’s the duty of parents to shape them patiently as child’s responsibility is primarily that of parent’s. Same goes for any dream in its nascent stage. We need to be aware of how we are affecting its progress and be responsible in our acts. After all, the dreams of our country are our own dreams in the first place. Taking lessons from the past, we can always correct our present course and help our country achieve its dreams through the power of the hands of whole village (whole country).

    • Iconoclast

      Not a review but need a clarification. I interpreted essay as ” need for collective action to accomplish”, rather than narrowly focusing on ‘child rearing’ per se.. Would that be incorrect ??

    • rajjoo!!

      plz review mine,,,take out time 🙂 waiting

    • Iconoclast

      Atleast somebody has interpreted like I did. I too interpreted essay as ” need for collective action to accomplish”, rather than narrowly focusing on ‘child rearing’..

      Now coming to essay..
      a. After seeing other’s essay, realized need to talk more about child rearing
      b. Guess we could talk why ‘social capital is failing’ like materialism, etc
      c. Good examples of National struggle,Startups, Mygov etc. But I have this suggestion that few examples discused thoroughly is better than numerous examples.

      Pls review mine too..

      • Isha

        Hey Icono, thanks a lot for the review 🙂
        And i agree with your view point. Trying to incorporate the suggestions given by you people. Will work on this depth thing of few examples.
        KWAR 🙂

    • rajjoo!!

      i liked ur starting nd then linking it with the moto behind dis essay…:) and i guess u explained the moto with various examples and real life situations…more initiatives taken and can be taken ahead and few negative effects too can be included… 🙂 overall it was very very good,, 🙂

      • Isha

        Thanks Rajjoo for the review 🙂

    • Hi Isha,
      What beautiful interpretation of the quote? 🙂 🙂
      Really really enjoyed the read! 🙂 you brought out a broader picture for us 🙂 lovely!
      But too many examples, my idea is to use two or three examples connect them well in the essay and expand the idea. 🙂
      Rest is fine! Connection between paragraphs was really naaicee! 🙂

      PS- When free, please have a look at my essay too 🙂 THANK YOU!

      • Isha

        Hey Night, thanks a lot for the appreciation 🙂
        Will take care of the mistakes next time. Going to review yours.

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Isha very beautifully framed essay
      it is full of content effective analysis I loved reading ur essay

      • Isha

        Thanks Vijay.

  • yogi

    It takes a whole village to raise a child. (1227 words)

    “Hum laye hein toofaan se Kashti nikal ke, is desh ko rakhnaa mere bachchon sambhaal ke” (We have brought the boat from the vagaries of storms, take care of this country (boat) my children).

    These inspirational lines show the kind of hope that our forefathers expected from the newer generations. In a way children decide the future of a country. Their upbringing decides the heights that a country can scale. The seeds of personality development are sown by the family which is then supplemented by the inputs from the extended family, schools, friends and society. This series from the family to the society comprises the community/ village and all of them contribute their respective roles in raising a child.

    Beginning form the family, the first interaction of the child from outside world is that to their parents and family. The dietary habits of the family become the dietary habits of the child. The care and nourishment of the child demands right food at right time, in absence of which the child becomes undernourished and/or malnourished. This is the most important reason for largest number of malnourished children in our country.

    Other than nutrition the inculcation of fundamental moral values is initiated by the parents and the family. The kind of talks that go in the family and the behavior of the elders decide the foundations of the personality that the child would have. The grandparents play their role by sharing their childhood experiences with the children, narrating moral stories. Their roles become most important when both the parents of the child are working and are not able to give sufficient time to their ward. Had an orphan child not been taken care of by his grandmother, probably the world would not have the great scientist Sir Issac Newton, who had lost the company of his parents at the early ages of his childhood.

    The role of siblings of the child is equally important. The feeling of brother hood and sister hood is originated while interacting with the brothers, sisters and cousins. The elder siblings act as a guide to the younger ones. When a child gets appreciation for good behavior his/her siblings get motivated to behave in desired manner. Same way siblings learn what not to do when a child’s mistakes are pointed out by the parents, uncles, aunts, etc. In most extreme case the role of siblings becomes almost equal to that of parents. This is evident from the role that Abraham Lincoln played for his younger siblings after losing their parents.

    As the child grows and s/he starts interacting with the society, the role of friends starts to increase. Friends provide them the moral support in matter which they hesitate to share with their family. The help that friends provide on unconditional basis teaches them the essence of selfless help. Children learn the values of trust by making and fulfilling their promises. But on a cautious side one cannot ignore the negative impacts that a friend circle can have on the personality development of a child.

    An ignorant child when gets into company of those who are indulged in bad habits becomes more prone to copy their behavior. The example of Mahatma Gandhiji is best suited to this case where as a child he got involved in bad habits like smoking, after getting company of some elder children who used to have such bad habits. Fortunately, he got rid of those habits after realizing his mistakes. May be it was the sound foundations of the moral values that his family inculcated in him. But, many a times when family fails to do that, the role of second home of the child, that is, school becomes more important.

    In school a child shapes his/her personality to great extent. A lot depends on the role that the teacher plays. The life of APJ Abdul Kalam is a clear indication of the role that his teachers played in his life and he appreciated their contribution to the last moments of his life. Apart from teachers the role of classmates is equally important whereby a child gets diverse perspectives of things while interacting with classmates and learns the spirit of team work while participating in sports competitions, quizzes, group-projects exhibitions etc.

    The role of society is not only limited to friend and school, but our neighbors also impact the raising of child. On positive side they play their role by taking care of the child of their neighbor in case of absence of his/her parents. But, on negative side some neighbors demotivate the child by comparisons between their wards and others’ children. Sometimes that feeling of getting lesser marks than the neighbors’ children compels children to take the extreme step of suicide.

    After discussing the role that community /village play in raising a child, let’s come to the discussion on deterioration of this role in present era.

    With the on-set of modernization and globalization the role of family and society is gradually changing its shape. The busy lives of parents leaves less time with them for their children and then they say-“ bachcha haath se nikal gaya” (the child has gone out of control). Instead of playing outside with their friends children are seen as gluing to the TV screen and playing games on mobile phones . With more and more nuclear families the role of grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles is getting replaced with the virtual characters in TV serials, many of which presents a false picture of reality or an imaginative world which children believe as truth. The so called village has been confined to the four walls of their house and schools.

    In this context the role of the village needs a relook in overall development of the child. Parents should not forcefully subjugate their views on their children. Child also deserves the respect. The more respect s/he gets the more respect s/he will give to others and makes him/her humble. Children should be allowed to try the things in their own way unleashing the hidden innovation inside them. This is true for schools as well, instead of rote learning, emphasis should be shifted to the learning that have some practical utility. Elders (neighbors, uncles, aunts) considered as the part of the extended family should motivate the children rather than discouraging them after poor performance in exams or elsewhere.

    Village is comprised of several families. If all the families play their part of role in raising the child then all the families would supplement and complement each others’ role. If all the children in the village are good then the risk of bad companies would not be there. We must realize that the kind of surrounding that a child gets decides the types of thoughts that are entering in his/her mind. These thoughts then decide the types of actions that the child takes. So, if we want right kind of behavior from our children then we would have to provide that kind of positive and supportive environment to them. An investment in the health, educations and overall personality development of today’s children would reap the positive results in near times. Then only we can be sure that the kashti (India) has been passed on to the caring hands sailing through stormy challenges with great courage, conviction and dedication!

    • Isha

      Hi Yogi bhai, _/_ _/_
      What a flow with amazing content and all dimensions (y). Keep it up.
      If we have to write the essay in the literal sense of the quote, then I would award the highest marks to you. But I have a small doubt here and hence I wrote essay with other dimensions like taking child as a dream and village as the collective effort required to make it true. Have a look at mine and let me know if it is correct.
      But this time your essay is superb. One thing, Its APJ Abdul Kalam, not ABJ. May be it was a typo.
      Also, Critical part was very nicely placed.
      Overall, a very good piece of writing. ATB.

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        Isha if time permits please give ur precious time for reviewing my essay

      • yogi

        Thanks Isha 🙂
        APJ typo corrected
        ATB and KEAE 🙂

    • intro and conclusion(last line)…mashallah…perhaps it is the easiest way to write essay when u dont know what to write…..start with family and come to village…i was struggling in my essay so got some imp points from u….today i have very few critiques for you
      1.parents shuld not have been limited to just providing diet to children….they are the first raiser of a child
      2.”But, many a times when family fails to do that, the role of second home of the child, that is, school becomes more important.”-jiski family nahi sikha payi use scul kya sikha payega sirf 6 ghanto mein….not the failure of family but foundations of family morals are strengthened in schools i believe….
      3.word ‘role” was repetitive and made essay monotonous…try some spices…like some comparisons,some idioms,some symnonyms of the word
      4.when u were discussing deterioration of role u coule discuss or at least mention some social problems like rape,abuse,loosing manners,loosing ethics and culture…this would have made ur point more clear alongwith making it more engagin
      5.some lines of conclusion presented eutopia but yes highly optimistic
      overall simple and good read essay

      • rajjoo!!

        vivaan!! plz can u review mine…waiting 🙂

      • El Nino

        Vivaan…buddy plz review mine too…Its my first 🙂

      • yogi

        Thanks Bhai 🙂
        1.—-role of parents in inculcation of fundamental values is mentioned, though not highlighted too much
        2. many a times the atmosphere in the family in not that supportive, think of the child of the dacoits, murderers, or those who don’t have a family. That is when foundations itself is missing Then education plays the leading role. May be i should have written the word failure of family.
        3. Monotonous , I agree
        5. agree, would be realistic next time 🙂
        thanks for review 🙂

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Yogi u have written essay in simple language that is advantage for u
      but I could say that it could have been better essay
      I found flow missing as u wrote family then teacher then school role but u could have made it more interesting to read…..
      above all it is good attempt. ….
      Please review mine

      • yogi

        thanks bhai
        sure 🙂

    • Shaktimaan

      hilooooo YO0ooooooo!!
      m fine bhai ….. aap kaise !! baal bache kaise !! unko shakti chcha ki tarf se PREM dena ..hahahaha!!
      bhai write up to zabardast hai………..:)
      bt aisa ni ki ek hi aspect btaya aapne ki village kaise help karta individual ki growth k liye… hm yeh b bta sakte hai na ki individual kaise contribute kar sakta h society ko flourish karne k liye :):)
      after ol individual is building block of society……..:):)
      gandhi ji and kalam sahab ka kya sahiii reference diye ho bhai>>great!!
      need bit diversification>> qki har kisi ne family school wal aconcept likhah h >> to gr xtra marks chahiye to different angle do dena pdega na >> waise aap hmesha dalte ho pr is tym thoda monotonous sa tha >> ya shayad sb me aisa hi pdha to aisa laga ho ………..:):)
      baki aapki intro and concl>>> MASHALLAH!!!
      khoob bhaloo…….:):)
      thank u:):D:):D

      • rajjoo!!

        shaktimaan ! give me shakti 🙂 review ..waiting

      • El Nino

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      • yogi

        individual kaise contribute kar sakta h society ko flourish karne k liye– reverse engineering good 😀
        diversificaton kuchh weeks se aa hi nahi rahi, agli baar khoob diversify karunga
        thanks bhai 🙂

    • Affu

      Hi yogi,very well structured essay,the linkages were really good from family to community.some points like political,social environment of a village,how it impacts a child-u can write both pros and cons of politicisation,group rivalries,social environment can mention patriarchy,social evils-both positive and negative things
      overall a good one

      • yogi

        Thanks a lot for review and value addition 🙂

    • Hi Yogi bhai 🙂
      Kya haal chaal!
      This is probably your best piece that I’ve read 🙂 🙂
      You did a great job!
      What start buddy 🙂 🙂
      Amazing 🙂
      Loved the flow of the essay 🙂 SUPERB!
      I’ve copied it by the way so that I can reread and learn many more things from you! 🙂
      Also, please find some time to review my essay too 😛

      • yogi

        thanks for review 🙂

    • sankar

      hi yogi bhai
      nicet to read.
      some expansion of behaviour by giving clear experiment, respect to elders, women and care for old age, discuss about the behaviour of stalwarts like politician, players and heroes who often become role model for children
      environment, treatment for animals and other flora and fauna, water conserving, sanitation etc.
      plz have a look at mine thanks

      • yogi

        Thanks bhai
        agree i missed those crucial dimensions
        sure 🙂

    • Pandeyji

      Ek time tha jab aap puchte the ki hum itna dil se answers kaise likh dete hain
      Ek time that jab aap sabki tarah apna answer khud upvote karte the
      Aur ek aaj ka time hai
      Maa kasam diljeet essay likhe ho
      Jiyo mere Sher! proud of you!

      • Dr. KARISHMA

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        thanks nahi bolenge, app bur maan jaoge 😀

    • Sree

      HI Yogi.

      the way structured ur essay is nice..each para saying importance and effect of each strata of society…,friends.etc.
      impact of globalisation part is good.and u covered many aspect in ur essay.
      i liked ur whole essay…KWAR…


      • yogi

        thanks Bhai 🙂

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Yogi ,

      1) Introduction is EXCELLENT 🙂 ( first paragraph including the Hindi quote )

      2) In the second paragraph “The care and nourishment of the child demands right food at right time, in absence if which the child becomes undernourished and/or malnourished. This is the most important reason for largest number of malnourished children in our country. ” THIS SENTENCE WAS UNNECESSARY ??? i totally feel this sentence is removing the flow that you formed in the first paragraph .

      3) Other than nutrition the inculcation of fundamental moral values is initiated …….. ” third paragraph is GOOD 🙂

      4) The role of siblings of the child is equally important…. ” THIS PARAGRAPH IS EXCELLENT 🙂

      5) As the child grows and s/he starts interacting with the society, the role of friends starts to increase. … ” SUPERB 🙂 the Mahatma Gandhi example was apt to this paragraph 🙂

      6) APJ kalam point is good but you could have said in this point that ” you came to know about the importance of teachers in Kalams life either from his books or TV interviews . the reason why i am suggesting you at add this because , these facts will convince the examiner much better .( your point is good but the examiner might think on how did this candidate come to know that APJ kalam had respect for teachers , but in the case of Mahatma Gandhi , it s understood because Mahatma Gandhi is taught in schools but Kalam is not taught in schools ) I hope you got my point 🙂

      7) The role of society is not only limited to friend and school, but our neighbors also impact the raising of child. . this paragraph is good .

      8) In this context the role of the village needs a relook in overall development of the child. .. ” the contents in this paragraph looks like dragging a bit .

      9) conclusion is GOOD BUT ” An investment in the health, educations and overall personality development of today’s children would reap the positive results in near times. ” this sentence looks out of context ???

      My observation : This essay is far better than the last 5 essays you have written . Try to be consistent like this because , if my memory is correct , I am reading an EXCELLENT essay of yours similar to this one sometime back in February . After that , you have written a chain of disastrous essays .

      I am Happy to see this essay because such type of essays will surely help you fetch more marks in the exam 🙂 CONTINUE THE GOOD EFFORTS 🙂


      • yogi

        Thanks for review
        will try my best to better essays in future as well 🙂

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Hello Yogi ji,
      Very innovative introduction ,flow is nice ,content superb liked the way you introduced the ills of liberalization,here you may add the term Global village i think,dimensions like Gender parity,equality,tolerance are the results of good upbringing …
      You may give community efforts to mitigate the effects of any disease like E-bola and Zika virus……………. currently in news overall a very good read Yogi ji.. 🙂

      • yogi

        good points
        i still have to learn how to use current affairs in essay, tried once but failed miserably
        will try to include some current examples in forthcoming essays , that is also one aspect of a good essay
        thanks for review 🙂

        • Jaya Swatantra

          Please review my essay.. would review yours for sure.. 🙂

    • mausam

      please can you give me a standard style of essay for upsc … i just need the standard and style to be taken while writing essay .thanx in advance

      • yogi

        The standards and style set by UPSC in their guidelines for essay writing are :-
        1. keep closely to the subject of the essay
        2. arrange their ideas in orderly fashion,
        3. Credit will be given for effective and exact expression.

        Apart from this what I have come to know from toppers talks and reviews:

        1. Intro: purely a personal choice that suits best to you. Beginning with a story: Affu ma’am claims that she had tried that and got 130+ in mains essay paper. So that works. Other than this beginning with a quote and then explain the quote in context of the theme of the essay.

        2. Main body: planning of the content is most imp, so as to present that in orderly fashion. The orderly fashion here means, that the content should be in proper sequences like beginning from global—national—regional—local—personal Or the reverse of that. Examples from current affairs+ daily life should be used to back the arguments. Paras should be neither too small nor too long, it should be of the sixe that we can fit two paras on one UPSC answer sheet.

        3. Multidimensional : 4-5 are enough , but every dimension should de discussed in sufficient details, covering +ve and aspects, giving examples etc.

        4. If u are writing th negatives or the critical aspects or problems regarding the theme, then, solutions should also be provided to tackle them before the conclusion.

        5. Language of the essay should be simple, no hi-fi English or words. It should be such that even a layman can understand what we have written.

        6. Limited use of GS knowledge. Reason? In a topper talk i came to know that the evaluators of our essay are the English teachers, so it if possible that showing our GS knowledge in essay would only irritate them. Moreover essay is not a test of our GS knowledge , for that we have 4 separate papers.

        7. Conclusion: should give a feeling of closure so it should come gently. It should be noted that there should not be repetition of what has already been said in the main body. This must be the best part of the essay, as after reading this the examiner is going to give us marks. It must be that impressive to leave the examiner astounded.

        8. Thus, there is NO FIXED way of essay writing. It differs from person to person. Even if u read the toppers essays, you can see the differences in their styles and standards. Some prefers beginning with a story, some begins with a quotes, some begins with a general statement and moves to the specific theme of the essay. In main body some did use the heading and subheading, some did not. If essay is of objective topic like tourism in India, then it would be better to use heading and subheading, like Ira ma’am did. But, it philosophical topics, it is not advisable to use heading as here is breaks the flows as suggested by our fellow insightians.

        9. Lastly, i have no experience of writing mains, so my knowledge about essay writing is limited to this only.

        Thanks you !

        • mausam

          thank you very very much for this painstakingly writing such a big convo ,iam indebted to you for your this gesture thanxx a lot !!

    • TT

      Superb..excellent flow..I could not stop before reading ur essay completely..:)
      If u allow me to add some points I would like second part,present scenario..sexual abuse of children by acquaintances mostly..their plight and longlasting devastating impact on their life..
      Also misuse of internet by children in absence of parental care.

    • KalaTika

      I don’t know for sure but literal interpretation should be extended throughout the essay. My structure would be :
      Intro : Story to depict the literal interpretation of title – role played by farmer, teacher, driver, doctor, postman, friends, neighbours etc
      Body : 1. Child here can signify many things – schemes for govt, product for company, development for society etc. [Elaboration] Moreover, it’s significance lies in understanding the theme i.e teamwork and importance of duty.
      2. Lack of Understanding is causing : high resistance in eliminating social evils, climate change etc [Elaboration on how]
      3. What is needed and how to achieve ? Need is to realize that human are dependent creature and should understand his role and within this understanding human can progress to achieve ideals. Laws, rules and regulations are not enough. Value based education and emphasis on duties apart from rights

      • yogi

        You are right, the basic flaw in my essay is that i considered only the literal meaning of the quote, explaining only that in the essay is not a wise thing. It must include the derived meaning whereby the child should be considered as a symbol of the things mentioned by you,
        thanks for the review 🙂

  • Rashmirathi

    Reema sat perplexed in her chair. Ramesh punched another kid today. She had tried everything – punishment, complaining to his parents, taking him to Principal’s office, but all in vain. A single child of a doctor couple, Ramesh had everything a 12 year old child could need- loving family , well off parents, good school. What was the reason behind the stealing and violence she couldn’t understand.

    That lead her to contemplate, are parents , teachers enough ? aren’t there any more variables that shape a child?

    Recently she had seen in newspaper pictures of an examination hall in Bihar , relatives and friends climbed through pipes to hand over cheat sheets to the students.

    A sixteen year old boy looted an old couple in Delhi and stabbed them.

    The day by day burgeoning number of juveniles committing heinous crimes. At the top of her head was the chilling Nirbhaya episode. She remembered how the entire society was up in rage a few months back when the convicted juvenile was released after completion of his sentence.

    Who is to blame she wondered, was is the sixteen year old’s fault? Parents ? teachers ? society? Government ?

    Suddenly she was reminded of the song she loved growing up “ bachche mann ke sachche, saare jag ki aankh ke taare , yeh who nanhe fool hain jo bhagwaan ko lagte pyaare…” . We consider children to be living images of Gods in our country because of their innocence. What went wrong that we have the present state of affairs , she contemplated.

    There is an old African proverb,” it takes an entire village to raise a child”. Simply , it means, education and proper upbringing of a child is a task that can only be jointly accomplished by the society as a whole and not just parents and teachers.

    A child has a very impressionable brain. Whatever he sees around gets incorporated in his personality. Realizing this, in the ancient times , there used to be the Gurukul system of education. Students used to stay away from home in the serenity of the gurukul, leading a simple life learning, developing good character and ethics and growing up into individuals with a strong moral backbone. Only at the end of Brahmacharya Ashram , i.e. , 25 years of age did they come back to the society. This made sure no evils from the outside world leave an imprint on them.

    But the world we live in today is entirely different. Schools or home are not the only centres of learning anymore. Kids of today are exposed to all the harsh realities of the outside world.

    The primary role still lies with the family. Parents are the first teachers of a child. The bed time stories of grandparents , their love and affection are important ingredients of growing up. But with the growing nuclear families and the hectic worklife of parents, the kids of today do not get as much time and attention .

    This increases the responsibility of schools. Not only imparting skills, knowledge and degrees to the children is their job, instilling a strong sense of morality in them is also their responsibility. Schools need to make sure that they don’t end up creating parrots and calculating machines out of children as is the case today, but make thinkers, dreamers, and strong responsible citizens

    Then comes the role of society. When a child grows up in a society where whistling at a girl walking on the road isn’t paid much attention to, where bribing the official to get the job done is the usual procedure, where no one interferes when a man beats up his wife, where all restrictions exist only for daughters and no one questions the son , where some people have swimming pools in their houses while others walk miles to find a drop to drink – it reflects on the mind of the child. How will strong individuals come out of a society that cannot protect its children from crimes and exploitation.

    The media has an important role to play in this. Imagine what king of adults will are kids become as they grow up dancing to vulgar songs degrading women , when violence and inappropriate scenes are the norm in video games, cartoons, etc. Every thing a child sees or goes through growing up adds to his personality. Entertainment has a lot bigger role that it is attributed.

    Government has framed an appreciable framework of policies to ensure well being of children- integrated child development scheme, mid day meal, sarva shiksha abhiyan, etc. the need of the hour is to concert the schemes into results. Ensure a proper implementation on priority bases. As long as all the children in the country don’t get food on their plates , education and protection against exploitation, any amount of development means nothing.

    The absentee teachers and dropouts from schools has to be stopped . at the same time, ensure that proper support and care is provided to juvenile criminals to help them reform.

    Each time a child is exploited or takes up the path of crime or sleeps without food in his belly , is a tight slap on the face of the society and a moment for us all to stop and introspect . Its high time we gave up the “CHALTA HAI ” attitude. The kids are our future and the nation doesn’t have a tomorrow if they are not taken good care of.

    Realizing this, Reema got up to speak to Ramesh because punishing wasn’t helping. She needed to speak with him and get to the root of his problem. Because it takes an entire village to raise a child !

    • Rudrani M

      A fair attempt jumbled up with unnecessary story telling.

      Your actual essay starts from — There is an old African proverb,” ..

      1. I feel though exam demands a formal composition and not a literary imaginary work
      2. Filling the essay with stories dilutes the very essence of the essay.

      Can you please tell me if you are being guided by coaching institues to write stories? Because I see, many people here are writing such stories.

      You know stories are accepted by believers when its accepted universally. A believer believes in a story which is universal.

      • rajjoo!!

        plz review mine.,…posted 🙂 waiting

        • Rudrani M


      • rajjoo!!


        • Rudrani M


      • Iconoclast

        Please review mine Rudrani ji..

    • Iconoclast

      I interpreted essay as ” need for collective action to accomplish”, rather than narrowly focusing on ‘child rearing’ per se.. Would that be incorrect ??

      • rajjoo!!

        no…even i focussed dat…dat is wat its demands….seems narrow but it is wide… 🙂 plz review mine…waiting for ur comments

        • Iconoclast

          Yes I saw your essay we have dealt with similar things. Pls have a look at mine too..
          Regarding interpretation my worry is we could be singled out when everybody is giving literal interpretation

          • rajjoo!!

            no it neva happens…a;; the views are welcomed and judged independently i guess… coz essay in itself is wide sphere,,,,, we can have various interpreataions….it is nt like question answers which has direct single view point 🙂 atb

            • Iconoclast

              Yes.. point taken.. Pls review my essay

    • 1.”are parents , teachers enough ? aren’t there any more variables that shape a child?”..i think parents and techers are also part of village….dont exclude them please many examples to start with..u tried it earlier too na….they make essay irritate reading…either use news clipping or that punching kid..that would be much better as per me….start with African proverb would also have been ok
      3.role of society has not been explained but it has been criticized…
      4.reduce the monotonity of role of this and that…apply creativity
      5.ur essay ended in second last para itself..Reema was forced one here…so use only those examples with whom u can connect in conclusion also
      still a lot to walk..keep writing..we shall overcome some day 🙂

      • Rashmirathi

        1. yes thats exactly my point. parents and teachers are just a part of the village and not the whole. they aren’t the sole variables responsible for proper upbringing of the child as mistakenly assumed as times
        2. yaar, i wanted to give my protagonist a small incident to start thinking about the bigger picture. That was the idea. i think i failed to make the news headlines a part of the story. point noted. i will work on the introduction.
        3. agreed. my bad.
        4.point taken
        5. okay 🙂

        haan yaar, four months and i am still a disaster 🙁

        will try harder next time.

        thanks for reviewing 🙂

        • not a disaster actually…u are learning…bu repetition of same mistake can be avoided….and yes best things of life take their time before giving their results…so keep mains we will be able to write a decent essay at least..all the best…see u on next sunday 😉

          • Rashmirathi

            : )

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Hello Rashmi,
      1.Your intro is relevant but elaborate it a bit so that its meaning in the given context may be deciphered clearly.
      2.You focused on roles of parents,teachers,family ,government but add more dimensions to it like friends,any one he mets.
      3.Your content is really rich but please work on philo part to make your stand clear,first see the positives then negatives and in conlusion please cite the solutions which makes essay wholesome…………you have the potenial to write much much better what i sensed from your write up… keep writing Rashmi.. and All the best!!

      • Rashmirathi

        thanks for the wonderful review 🙂 all points duly noted. will do better next time .

  • Ashu104

    Sarita lives in a village called Ramnagar. She is just 5 years old and it’s time for her to join school for her education but she belongs to a low caste family and her parents don’t believe in girl education. Moreover their family faces discrimination within the village by the upper castes. She does not have any friends as the neighborhood children try avoiding talking to her under the pressure of their parents. She is very innocent to realize how this is going to affect her future as the environment of discrimination shall leave her in isolation thus impeding her development.

    We can thus relate to the above story how the overall development of Sarita is not confined to the boundary of her home. All other elements of the village have a role to play in ensuring her overall development. Some of these roles can be conflicting like the upper castes which discriminate against her while some of the good families in the village sympathize with her. These conflicts must be resolved and there needs to be a co-operation on the broader level so as to create a conducive environment for her welfare.

    For any child, the family provides the base on which his/her development depends upon. Thus the upbringing of the child has a particular relevance for shaping his/her future. Since the child is innocent it is the foremost duty of the family members to impart good values to the child such as honesty, integrity, etc. while shielding him/her from stealing, lying, etc. In the above story the mindset of Sarita’s parents is against the girl education which needs to be changed to realize her full potential. The upbringing of the child will have bearing on how he/she interacts with her environment. However the role of other elements of the village is no less since no development is possible in isolation. There is a need for friends to spend time with, need of doctors who can tend to his/her illness, need of good teachers who can educate him/her, need of elders who can guide her and so on.

    Within this context it must be emphasized that the village itself needs to be equipped with all the amenities and facilities which can cater to all its needs. In the Indian context we realize that this is not always the case. Let alone villages, even in the cities the situation is dismal with poor infrastructural faculties, lack of proper housing facilities, high pollution, shortage of electricity, etc. The development of the individuals living in the city heavily depends on the facilities they are provided. Thus there is a an urgent need for an overhaul of our cities keeping in mind various factors such as economic, social, environmental, etc. The Smart Cities mission is touted to accomplish this objective but there needs to be proper funding and collaboration between various stakeholders involved.

    Another important factor which determines the growth of the child is the social fabric of the village. In the story above there are various social issues involved at various levels. The family of Sarita is against girl education while the family also faces caste discrimination which inhibits their development. This holds particular relevance in Indian context where the society grapples with women issues such as gender discrimination, female feticide, honor killings, etc. and gross inequality in the form of caste discrimination. Other issues such as high poverty, unemployment, low wages, etc. also exist. Thus there is a need to eradicate poverty, promote girl education, provide employment and generate parity in the society. The change needs to take place from the grassroots where the society needs to modernize its thoughts while the State facilitates overall socio economic development. The welfare schemes such as Janani Suraksha Yojana and MGNREGA can be instrumental in this regard.

    For the village to prove constructive in child’s development, there needs to be a broad co-operation, collaboration and conflict resolution. This co-operation can have different manifestations in various contexts such as team work in offices, co-operative federalism in our political context, collaboration among various departments, etc. It takes a collective effort to drive any project so team work is necessary alongside individual excellence. Young companies can only be nurtured if all the employees come together to drive its success. In the political sphere the Centre-State relation forms an integral part of our machinery. The whole country can only progress if there is a harmony between the Centre and states. The recent issues such as proclamation of President’s Rule in Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh put things in perspective. Thus there is a need for better co-ordination between various elements for overall growth hence conflict resolution forms an important aspect. The individual elements must contribute while collaborating with other elements.

    The globalization has brought the whole world together and there is whole lot of interdependence between nations for satisfying the individual needs. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (the world is ne family) speaks for itself and thus global harmony between various nations is absolutely essential for individual growth of nations. No nation can survive in isolation as it has to depend on other countries for various needs such as trade and commerce, energy security, intelligence sharing, etc. Thus each and every nation has a distinct role to play in other nation’s development. For instance India depends heavily on Middle East for energy security, Russia for defence needs, US and EU for trade and commerce. Thus the need for good international relations can’t be more emphasized. Even for environmental development it can’t be the responsibility of a few select nations. All the countries have a common but differentiated responsibility to address keeping in mind sustainable development. The recent Paris Agreement between various nations to strive for keeping the temperature rise within 1.5/2 degrees of pre-industrial level is a welcome step in this regard. However the individual nations should work towards their INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions) to make this a reality.

    Though the whole village has a contribution in child’s development, there are certain elements which the child must be shielded from. Since no village is perfect there always exist some undesirable elements which can have a negative impact on the child. Such elements can be in the form of terrorism, communalism, drug-trafficking, smuggling, etc. It is the duty of the whole village to come together and uproot these elements thus shielding the child. Terrorism has become a big menace now specially with the rise of ISIS and other terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, etc. Many youth are getting attracted towards them through radicalization. Thus there is a need for global co-operation for intelligence sharing and collective counter-terrorism efforts. The law and order situations must be enforced to root out these non-social elements.

    We thus see that just like our body is dependent on the proper functioning of various organs, the child’s development depends on the various elements of the village. The scale of matter can be different ranging from villages to cities to nations. However the importance remains same in every sphere hence the various elements need to work in tandem to realize child’s dream. There is a need to weed out corruption, communalism, regionalism, etc. in order to ensure a healthy environment in the village. In our story, various factors contributed for the overall development of Ramnagar. With increased awareness and improved mindset Sarita’s family realized the overall importance of girl education. Various welfare schemes led to alleviation of poverty and improvement in a gamut of spheres such as education, health, employment, etc. Sarita got enrolled in the school and years after pursuing her education she is now working as a doctor in the village and has established her own hospital.

  • Iconoclast

    Pls review friends

    • rajjoo!!

      dnt knw hw much i am right in judging!!. ur essay started of nice like sticking to the interlinkage…then at many points i found lot of irrelevant points nt needed like just to addup whatever is cmg without bothering the topic and flow.. 🙂 but overall it was a good hardworking attempt 🙂 keep writing dnt stop!!… i hope u hv read mine…

    • Rudrani M

      Dear Iconoclast! Overall the write up is OK. Some points I may point out for your consideration; I am ignoring the grammatical mistakes.
      1. In my point of view, giving examples from mythology is not a good idea. Some examiners believe in mythology, some may not. Better to chose an example from history.
      2. The essay does not talk about social capital. it discusses socialisation process and personality building. In an African tribe, a hunters tribe makes their children ace hunters but a farming tribe teaches them to be good farmhands. So when we discuss the topic, I think focus should be on the process of socialisation, proper or adverse.
      3. Discussion regarding COP21 and all such stuff are out of sync of the topic.
      4. When I need to discuss the topic, I am not bothered if Congress is urban centric or village centric. Totally out of sync.
      5. Example of P.Chidambaram is a bad one. Why chose P.Chidambaram? Same is for PVN Rao, Same was for N. Sanjiva Reddy, Same for N. Chandrababu Naidu etc.

      Please take the caustic comments in right spirit. But again these are m personal views

    • Isha

      Hey Icon, my views-
      You came forward with multiple dimensions. Make them clear a bit and try to frame short para graphs. I think your essay is a bit short of content. Expand the analysis. Try to use connectors between the para so as to come with a flow. Make intro catchy in tone, although yours was good this time.
      Your conclusion was nice but..segregate the solutions and the concluding para.
      I would say your have multiple dimensions, ideas and content- just work on the structure thing and expand your analysis. Rest you will catch soon.
      ATB (y)

    • Jaya Swatantra

      please type it.. mail it to me [email protected]……. not able to read.. 🙁

  • sandeep goyal

    A country’s future lies in the capabilities of its population. It depends on the character and nature of the people living in the county. It develops in the childhood of the population. it is scientifically proved that A person mental development takes place till the age of five. A child mental development is dependent upon the surrounding of his childhood. A child developed in the surrounding of great diversity including various caste system, classes, religious systems would be more tolerant, open minded,liberal and will respect the diversity.

    A child conditioning takes place through various interaction within his vicinity. A child raised by the whole village will be socially more aware and culturally integrationist. Raised within the umbrella of experienced people will provide him the insight of society functioning. prevalent injustice in the society like casteism or attack on women dignity will develop his character to be intolerant of the injustice. He will become humanist from his childhood and will have inherent belief ,” all human are equal”. Direct interaction with the lower caste will make him appreciate the injustice meted out to lower caste by the upper caste. The Child will understand the concept of labour dignity where he won’t discriminate the person based on their occupation.

    A child raised by the whole village will not only get the formal education but will also get informal vocational training. He will learn the nuances of the carpentry from the carpenters, learn the pottery from a potter,learn the basic mechanical work from the local mechanic shop. All these learnings will enhance his respect for the dignity of the labor and will be helpful to find his own passion. In the future, he can decide by himself his own interest of field thus be a man of excellence rather than of mediocrity. His working with different occupations will develop his scientific outlook towards the life. He will work along with females in these work and won’t have problems with working women in future. He will understand that a woman brings a different approach to the business which is needed for its growth. He will gain the business insight not provided by even business schools. Due to the brought up in business community, Marwaris and Gujaratis are better suited to start a business than other communities.

    Interaction with different classes and castes will be helpful in his own personal growth. A wise man wisdom comes from his own discovery of societal dynamics through his interaction with different people segment. He will grow up to be more tolerant towards different mind set. His mentality will be open minded and liberal to different approach towards life. He will grow up to be empathetic towards pains of different segment of society. His life will be guided by the principle of happiness for the whole humanity than selfish greed. His life will be governed by Gandhiji principle whether his actions are any beneficial to the lowest strata of the section. Community lifestyle will make him understand that true happiness is when it is shared among people. He will be votary of community lifestyle rather than individualistic lifestyle. It will make him emotionally secure through out his lifestyle. Community lifestyle will make him appreciate the adage ,” simple living great thinking”. He will believe in eating simple fresh food, being truthful to others, respecting the elders and another human being and appreciate the environment.

    Raised within the community along with the environment, a child will be appreciative of services provided by the ecosystem. He will love the animals, will be in a close relationship with tree. A child raised in such method will be a great leader in a fight against climate change. Child will love the shade under the tree, will eat the berries by directly plucking it from the tree. He will be strictly against the felling of the trees. Movies like “Hathi mera Sathi” shows that a child growing up with an animal always has great respect for it.

    Such a child will be culturally integrationist. He will learn to respect the god, the allah, and Bhagwan. He would appreciate the history of India as being culturally diversive. His belief would be to solve problems through dialogues and debates than struggle. Through interaction with muslims, he will learn the value of hard work. With Hindus, he will understand the intellectualism functioning behind the operation of the universe. He will become aware that all religions are different path leading to a same truth. His acceptance of the religion will not be decided by his own birth but decided by his love for the religion.

    Industrial revolution and increasing urbanization has changed the upbringing of the children. Now children are raised within the wall limits of a house. Their interaction is limited to their family members or members of the community. Generally, community of such urban sprawl has same class and religion. This inhibits the mental development of a children. From a very small age, children are inducted in a School where he gets formal education but never understands the application of these formal principles. Such children always remain away from the social reality and remain confined to their own peer group. Such children shows higher tendency for suicide and other health problems like depression. They remain elusive of the true happiness and search it in the state of intoxication.

    For a country like India, a child empathetic to diversity of society is a must. Children raised by a community is required if world wants to move away from the Gross domestic product to Gross national happiness. A person devoid of emotions can never be happy. To fight the menace of casteism, communalism, regionalism , direct conditioning during childhood is the best solution. Direct conditioning can only come through if a children is raised by the whole community rather than a family of two.

  • rajjoo!!

    “it takes a whole village to raise a child”

    Relating with other lines or group of words like “it takes a groups of buildings or apartment to raise a consortium”, “it takes a group of varied animals,human beings,flowers, to raise a foodchain”, “it takes varied activities, to raise an academy” have some where related base or explanation or concept to understand the given topis of “it takes a whole village to raise a child”.

    Lets start with the birth of a human being as an example. Before a child is born there are numerous things interlinked to his or her birth which if not well provided will somehow hamper the proper nurturing,pre-natal, neo-natal, post-natal care of the child. With proper background stage one can have better opportunities to to perform and in turn learn hold that teachingd to further lighten up many more like a chain reaction. With a couple at the beginning, then a proper care for the mother bearing child, then proper nutritious food , 24*7 efficient medical facilitiy, support of the society for more feedbacks to better the nurturing, care, etc are some of the aspects for a succesful , healthy, safe child birth. This means a strong inter-connection of many causes which will lead to a great end result.

    We have also come across various success stories of numerous successful aspirants who clear the toughest examination conducted in India that is the ‘the civil services’ . Its not always that those candidates belong to well-off family or city. Many are from the villages which even dont have electricity to even study under the light during night time. But whenever we hear their stories, they definitely have a mention of the support of their family and also his or her society around that is its village who supported him or her for the betterment of the child and in turn definitely the betterment and developement of their village. The successful stories describe how villagers helped him arranging lights providing a lantern, or collecting money for the competitor to buy him or her an led-lamp, providing books if one doesnt afford to get, building up the candidates morale with the motivating words in a hope that the fruits of the result will be shared with them too.

    Likewise, to build a habitable atmosphere, environment we need to have so many things to make this happen. LIke it takes a whole group of countries to unite and pledge to raise the world in terms of living safely, without health effects ,etc. For this all the group of countries nned to swear to reduce their carbon reduction due to the nuclear plants, factories,industrial waste, etc and in turn think on sustainable developement leading to or raising to a flawless environment with reduced global warming and balanced atmosphere.

    Young population share a greater ratio of people among india’s population. Which has under-utilised caliber and hidden potential to be carved into great work and capabilties thus in turn building a nation of intellectuals,scientists,researchers,scholars,etc which will help in turn the entire world in an exclusive way thus building up a strong inclusive foundation in its own. This means we need to develope from the grassroot level that is the villages which have the potential to transform a child and surroundings and set a precedence. LIke wise Indian governments “GRAM UDAY SE BHARAT UDAY” initiative is one best example which well understands that to raise a child it takes up the entire village. Providing with the beasic necessities like water,education,electricity,sanitation,health facilities to the villagers will encourage development at the grassroot level and from their we can build up a greeat young force who will not only enlighten oneself but make the surroundings an example to be followed for the rest of the similar situations.

    “STRONG FOUNDATIONS LEAD TO COLOSSAL AND POWERFUL STRUCTURES”. This is what should be kept in mind before taking up any step towards development of any individual,area,society,policy. The base underlying anything have strong cascading impact lleading to extra-ordinary and exemplary effects and results. Like wise if the central administration is weak one cannot rule and lead to good governance. According to me what this topic wants to convey is that it takes up mutual understanding, co-ordination, strong inclusive development, just and endless opportunities beginning at the grassroot levels, with freedom to profess ones desires with taking benefits out of the opportunities provided, which will lead to raising up a child, transforming him or her into a matured individual which can contribute and carry the batton forward in building up a chain of individuals thus contributing exclusively and inclusively for more improvement and implementation if needed to make the foundations and hence the structures strong for future.

    • Rudrani M

      A fair attempt..
      However you missed upon the very crux of an essay that is socialisation process!! As a consequence, you missed many things, like negative aspects and positive aspects… The paragraphs to me seems to be disconnected, as it lacks coherence.

      You should not started with the scenario of a child pre-birth, which is where your seem to lost the track of an essay…

      Improve upon understanding the key words and then build up a flow.

      • rajjoo!!

        awkay!! will keep in mind…. as i was knowing my last essay was good this time maybe dnt knw in wat mood i wrote.. big thankyou it helped a lot 🙂

      • rajjoo!!

        have u ever attempted in mains ??… need to ask few questions then 🙂

        • Rudrani M


          • rajjoo!!

            awkay…which year and how many times…..need to know ur strategy and few sources of studying.. 🙂

          • rajjoo!!

            can u plz reply…how to study culture from CCRT website?? …like how

            • Rudrani M

              I refer book for it by Nitin Singhania

              • rajjoo!!

                can u temme…what chaptrs you r skipping of nitin singhania? .:)

    • Shaktimaan

      helo rajjoo!! :):)
      good one 🙂
      bt u supplement ur easy with information only >> very less analysis…try to give broad view:):)
      u used bharat uday wala ex>> good for that:):)
      try to writte other aspects too>> u can write b’ful write ups jst widen up ur horizons :):)
      only opinion … if u fnd of no use .. dn jst thrw dm out ……:)
      keep writing buddy……thank u:):)

      • rajjoo!!

        yes a lil analysis…like citing various examples how it has worked before or currently if any…. yup 🙂 thankyou so much helped a lot!!

    • Isha

      hi Rajjoo, my views
      Intro was not very clear in its idea.
      Also, in the next para- “This means a strong inter-connection of many causes which will lead to a great end result.”- sometimes even if it is not present, children are born and they do survive.
      In the next para- CSE example was okay but refrain from using words like “toughest examination conducted in India that is the ‘the civil services'”- no exam is more or less than the other.
      Environment example- idea isnt clear in terms of child upbringing and village effort required.
      Give few examples and justify them in the context as well. Have a clearly defined and catchy intro/conclusion to grab attention.
      Keep writing and reviewing. Thanks.
      Have a look at mine as well.

      • rajjoo!!

        thankyou so much…. upvoted means? u read mine nd u suggested tothers to take a look right?

        • Isha

          Whenever you feel the written content is satisfying the demand of the question and has relevant content, please do upvote it so that others too can benefit from it. I upvoted your request comment just to remind you that i have seen it and i am going to review soon.
          I hope this is what you were asking :p

        • Isha

          Whenever you feel the written content is satisfying the demand of the question and has relevant content, please do upvote it so that others too can benefit from it. I upvoted your request comment just to remind you that i have seen it and i am going to review soon.
          I hope this is what you were asking :p

    • could make ur intro catchy by just one comparative phrase than many
      2.after baby’s care jump to CSE was not ok…could put support of family in an innovative way to connect the two….also dont use word toughest as all competitions are tough and easy at their place environment wala example…make it clear who is child here
      4.paras were not connected and ideas were not clear…..try to make ur intentions clear while analysing one para or in the beginning itself..this will improve the flow of essay too
      5.u chose a very diverse theme upon which a brilliant essay can be written by u if proper thought and structuring is given to it..just try to connect with readers….little practice will definitely help
      keep writing and pleasse have a look at mine as well.

  • rajjoo!!

    my last essay i got pretty good feedback.. 🙂 thankyou who reviewed it last time….this time not much confident.. i want anyone amongst you to kindly review mine to clear my doubts.. 🙂 looking forward to positive comments.. and loopholes too in my essay

  • Girija H

    pls review

  • Girija H

    It takes a village to raise a child is a popular proverb from Africa which has its wide significance all over the reflects the value of relationship and social virtues. It is believed that the family is the first school and mother is the first teacher for a child to know about its society norms and values, but it is not just a family or a mother can teach everything that child requires.It is society that teaches everything to a child for its growth it may be social norms or something against its norms. upto few years let it be 4-5 years child listens to his mother it does not even think is it right or wrong but once the child starts coming out of its limited sphere, it starts learning everything.School, friends,cinema, public and so on start influencing the child. these are the ultimate teachers of the child.

    Former president of USA, Hillary Rodham clinton written a book in 1996 titled ‘It takes a village and other’ with the influence of this popular African proverb. In her book she focuses on the impact of individuals and groups outside the family have for better or worse on a child’s growth and she advocates a society which meets all needs of a child. Though she faced many conservetave’s criticism on her view, she was stick to her vision and she suggests that to build an inclusive economy it takes an inclusive society, where as it takes a village to raise a child.

    clinton emphasized the shared responsibility that society has for successfully raising a child by looking into different perceptions, the ultimate objective is must be well being of the child.

    not just a family a formal institution of the society is responsible factor for the maturation of a child but there are other factors too which includes friend neighbors pepople representatives communities religion and govt instutions too.

    Constitution which is ultimate law of the land is not an exception in the list of responsible factors for the growth of a child. it has provided various preveleges to the child empowerment i.e child right protestion act, abolition of child labour, fundamental right, free and compulsory education for children belong to 6-14 age group and to eradicate mal nutrion and hunger our govt has taken several initiatives including midday meals.

    to elevate poverty which has its worse impact on child growth and development govt has broght in National food security mission, Pradhan mantri suraksha bhima yojana, Pradhanmantri jan dhan yojana and many more. ther are all some how impact on child development.Religion also has its role to play in the process of children raising.

    As an inclusion to this proverb ther are other proverbs which all of them have same objective. some of them are ‘A child doesn’t grow in a single home’, ‘A child doesn’t belong to one parent or home’. All such quotes are the mere reflection of our society which has a norm of being in a community of shared culture and customs with slight differences. the great historian Aristotle says ‘Man is a social animal’ .regardless of its biological parents society takes its stake in upbringing if its child. child raising is a communal effort. it is a share responsibility vests with large sections of society. such communal responsibility is witnessed in Sukuma’s proverb ‘One knee doesn’t bring up a child’ and in the Swalihi’s proverb ‘one hand doesnot nurse a child’.

    value of relationship, parental care and self sacrificing concerns for others , hospitality are the major sources for the well being of a child.

    we live in a face paced, instant informative world where today’s children are being faced a myriad of both challenges and would be possible to protect our children from the world around us which we think might cause danger to our child but isolation wont serve the purpose.and such isolation wont make any tools for the well being of our ther must be a shared work together in the process of child raising and child must be open to communicate with its counterparts so that it can gain various perceptions.

    Hence there is a need for finding and maintaining a secular perception which is essential for healthy relationship among children. in cities large sections of population is been influenced by western culture. so the society require community assisting parents to raise thier children in socialistic and secular perception and to reinforce these perceptions everyehwre to build a morally healthy relationship.since the proverb is very significant in nature and it has to be widely accepted. conservative thoughts must be decreased so that communalism, regionalism and other social devastators can be vanished.and a healthy relationship between every human being which later leads to a healthy relationship between every nation can be built.

  • El Nino

    In the mid hot summer day in Jharkhand, Bimla Devi had her water broke. She had to be rushed to the local panchayat hospital. She was accompanied by ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) in the vehicle of ‘sarpanch’. In the environment of love and compassion of near and dear ones Kusum, beloved daughter of Bimla Devi, entered this world. Doctor has advised Bimla Devi about nutritional need of the Kusum for her to grow as a healthy child. Bimla Devi already has high aspirations. She not only wants Kusum to grow into a healthy child but also wants her to be tall leader of the society, faintly having picture of Indira Gandhi in her mind. On her way back to home carrying Kusum in her lap she teemingly saw the village school with “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” Board. Bimla Devi had just primary education, no past leadership experience, no technical exposure, no skill in art&craft and no knowledge of politics. But that doesn’t stop her to dream about her child’s future. How will this dream come true?

    Initial development of a child happens at home, under the guidance and care of parents, siblings and other near ones. Child is taught to say “Maa” (mother), to walk, to eat, to talk, to read. Emotion and values starts getting inculcated at this stage itself. A child stays with relatives and neighbours many a times. In cities with working parents this is very common. Village elders and Health workers play important role in given nutrition and health advice. Government has also recognised that the returns to investment are highest for programs that target young children and in-utero health. Government program of vaccination and role of local bodies in its implementation is imperative for healthy future of children. It is an important element of raising the children. Kusum also have to get vaccinated against polio and other diseases to fulfill the dream of her mother. When the child grows little more he/she is sent to school to learn more about this world, things he/she cannot learn at home.

    School teaches children leadership, innovation, fraternity, team work, friendship, loyalty, Nationalism, secularism apart from the regular text book knowledge. Teacher has very important role in streamlining the thoughts and imagination of students and inspiring them to break the socio-economic barrier and rise to the top. Many social values like social equality, gender equality, compassion for poor are also inculcated at school. School authority also has very important role to maintain hygiene and insure proper facility for girls. If there is no separate toilet facility for girls how will Kusum continue going to school? How will she complete her education? In India lack of toilets and hygiene is one of the primary reasons for the high dropout rate in State-run schools. Nearly 40% female students drop out of the schools without completing elementary education. Parents don’t sent even male child to school due to hygiene issue. School principle and teachers plays the extended role of raising children. Apart from facilities at school safety is another big concern for children to go to schools.

    In Jharkhand there have been multiple instances of Naxals attacking schools and forcefully recruiting then in their cadre. Such incidents completely sabotage the education system and parents outrightly refuse to send their children to schools. It is the duty of Security officials to ensure safe environment. Local police have to actively engage in surveillance proactively. There have also been instances of village or khap panchayats not allowing girl’s education. Village elders, educated members, local government officials, teachers, all of them have a role in encouraging parents to send their children to schools. Schools form an important part of upbringing of children. But there are many things that a child learns from outside school.

    There are personalities in the society which becomes the role model for children. The famous speech of our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Lal Nehru, “Tryst with Destiny”, still resonates in the mind of many young ones. Children aspire to develop such oratory power. Children have role models. Role models plays very important role in attitudinal development of children. Since children themselves choose their role models and are not enforced on them, emotional attachment is very high. Due to this value internalization is also there. This helps in developing good attitude and values in children. Newspapers, radio, television, magazines etc helps children to connect to their role models. Milkha Singh inspired many Indian kids to become athlete. Dr. Kalam continues to inspire children to become scientist. Mahatma Gandhi has left everlasting impression on the life of Indians. Prof. Amartya Sen, A.R. Rahman, Sachin Tendulkar, sunita Williams, Kiran Bedi, Verghese Kurien, Azim Premji among others continue to inspire children to dream and not sleep before they achieve their dream. Such inspiration and motivation plays important role in sound upbringing of children.

    Yet there are some technical knowledge that are best imparted by professionals and trained individuals. The campaign for water conservation, teaching the sense of good touch and bad touch, cleanliness drive, harmful effects of drugs, sex education are extremely important for overall mental, emotional, physiological development of children. NGO’s and government agencies play their part in these matters in raising children.

    Although the society as a whole is required for overall healthy development of a child, the child’s own effort to progress and strive for excellence is an important determinant of the developmental level one reaches. One of the biggest innovator and scientist in history, Thomas Edison, used to experiment and pursue the path of knowledge on his own after school-hours, and his activities to satisfy his own curiosity resulted in benefits to whole mankind. Similarly Faraday, out of this own interest, used to read books that came for binding to him as a bookbinder. He later went on to give Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. Abdul Kalam as a child used to sell newspaper and take arduous journey of crossing river to reach to his school. Such perseverance and fortitude lead him to become missile man and then president of India.

    Raising a child is a multidimensional process. Bimla Devi may not have resource for it. Whether dream of Bimla Devi for her daughter Kusum will come true will depend on the support she would get from the society and efforts, self-motivation and conviction of Kusum herself.

    • Pradeep Singh

      You haven’t kept close to the topic.
      your line of thinking should be the role of socializing in one’s life [both positives and negatives].
      your essay also appears more of a GS write-up than a academic essay like why asha worker came to the rescue it could have been the neighbors of village.

    • hi el nino bring la nina asap….my observations:
      1.loved ur explanation thru Bimla and the way u carried forward ur arguments.
      2.use of too many examples may not convey what u think…use one or two thinkers and explain them with context.
      3.use connectors to connect the paras else tell in the beginning itself that what u have in store for readers…..
      4.apart from examples give some philo of it too..balance between two has to be maintained…
      5.conclusion could have been more optimistic like ur intro
      if this is the first’s quality what would be the quality of next one…..keep it up….even after writing many essays i cant write like u still….please review mine

      • El Nino

        Thank you Vivaan for such a wonderful feedback buddy:):)
        Your comments are very helpful… I completely missed philosophies and thinkers…I wrote only one dimension of the topic 🙁 ….. Conclusion also have to be improved….
        Many thanks..I’ll try nd improve next tym…. Please keep guiding and U r being vry humble….U must have written much better I know…

    • Hi El Nino,
      Start was good 🙂
      My suggestion to you is, that avoid using more than two or three examples. Because when topics are proverbs then we need to elaborate the idea of the proverb or quote. And with that expansion of idea bring multiple dimensions. 🙂
      Keep writing buddy 🙂 you write brilliant answers! I’m sure you’ll write a great essay next week! 🙂

      PS- find time to review my essay too 🙂

      • El Nino

        Hey Night Thinker…..
        Many thanks for reviewing my essay….Buddy it is my first and had no idea of writing a essay…. But now I do realize what I have done…I have carried through with just one idea…. 🙁 ..
        Ur gave vyr helpful review….Thanks again..
        U must have realised that I’m in no position to review yours ….but still I’ll give it a try….:):)

        • Oh there’s nothing like that! 🙂 we all are learners here. I myself started writing essays only 6 Sundays back and still haven’t got the best way to write essays so now you can understand how unpredictable every topic is.. 🙂 🙂 good luck!

          • Dr. KARISHMA

            hey simi ji..m uploading my answer kindly review dear..

    • Ash

      Hey Mr. El Nino (Assuming!) 🙂

      1. Good beginning! 🙂
      2. A child stays with relatives and neighbours many a times. In cities with working parents this is very common- you broke your flow here.. not with the concept but with the use of language!
      3. In cities with working parents this is very common. Village elders and Health workers play important role in given nutrition and health advice. — from cities to villages again flow broken!
      4. Develop one idea per para or at least one idea for 2-3 sentences… you are running with thoughts
      5. School teaches children — there is continuity in this para.. write like this.. too many thots one para can be there but in a sequence!
      6. the child’s own effort to progress and strive for excellence is an important determinant of the developmental level — Children are like blank pages.. we write with indelible inks you know.. only few get lucky to escape the bad ink ….. consider this! DOn’t put it str8 on the children .. first talk of laying the r foundations and then of their proving themselves the r8 way! All the exs you’ve given ..I’m sure these children I can say about Dr. Kalam come from humble fams… we need to set the r8 ex give the r8 ambience and then wait for them to come up with flying collors!
      7. Raising a child is a multidimensional process. == this essay is not mutildimensional though! 😛 I cud be wrong here!
      8. conviction of Kusum herself. – I agree considering her mum’s aspirations..

      KWAR! 🙂

      • El Nino

        You are very right with your assumption and suggestions 🙂
        Flow was not there…. I jumped to the idea directly with laying the foundation…. nd of course other dimensions were missing…
        Yuur review is vry helpful..many many thanks…
        I’ll ponder over all ur suggestions nd try to improve next time…plz keep a check.. KWAR… :):)

    • Shaktimaan

      hilo el nino!! bahut keher dha dia bhai ab la nina ko b ane do:D:D
      sorry buddy for late review:):)
      u have content >> but not organised in a proper way >> u just givn examples >> try to connect them with philo portion brother >> as topic is bit philo type>>>:):):)
      flow too is missed >> try to use connectors in byween ur paras >> so that one can judge >> what will come in next para >> jst to enhance curiosity>> aise reader engage rehta h na:):)
      good points:):-
      – ur intro >> story of bimla and then end up with the same touch>> brilliant buddy:):)
      keep writing buddy:)
      thank u:):)

      • El Nino

        Abhi main El Nino hoon jab essay likhna seekh jaaoga to La Nina bnooga..:):)
        Yaar para kaise connect karte hain, iska funda bikul nai hai mujhe…aur philo bhi nai kuch aata…par dheere dheere shayad app looge ke feedbacj se aa jaayega….Thanks for the review and plz keep a check buddy..:):)

    • HappyIAS

      hey friend! Sorry for late reply.

      It’s a very good essay. impressive start.. good language.. nice flow.. for a 1st essay, it’s brilliant!
      Please review mine too. Thanks 🙂

      • El Nino

        Thanks Buddy…I’ll surely review urs …

        • HappyIAS

          thanks man 🙂


    “It takes a whole village to raise a child”

    Majority of the population in most of the countries is living in villages. Villages are based on certain culture, religion, a geographical feature. There, families are usually known to one another, they do participate, share, address, strive for harmonious living. Unlike urban where most families even do not know about their neighbourhood and hardly look for village style culture as urban is busy round the clock.

    A child is empty minded in nature, whatever society fill in their mind accordingly it blossoms. Moreover children are feature of the nation so care, guidance, education is critical to them to grow as a responsible citizen. Such children are need of the hour in modern complex era which is based on the principle of “ Survival of the Fittest”

    Keep aside, village economic condition of today. Though, it acts as a backbone to country for many reasons. Bonded relations, culture, co-existence functions are being practiced in villages which are observed by children and facilitate to follow in their real life. Peers, elders, parents play an important role in every one’s role. However, low literacy; patriarchal mindsets are the causes for occurrence of honour killings, superstition, mal nutrition, unhygienic conditions. If these issues are prevalent in village, children are not spared from observation and adversely affect on growth as well as his/her feature. Such ill fated issues are against the principle of nature and also hinder growth of a country.

    Leaders are born, groomed first in house, village and then society, not by machines overnight. Children keenly observe the process or methods whatever their peer follow while tackling different situations, striving for well being of the family; development of village and society. All such behaviors are gradually influence children. A few among these children assume leadership positions at various levels in their life be at Panchayat, state, national level or multilateral organizations – IMF, WB, UNO etc. A child who has realized, equipped the ideals, aware of the conditions of village and society that he/she would not hesitate to take all the required decisions for overall development of the country and the world as well. Also, he/ she will not indulge in regional instability, mass destruction through nuclear fission, terrorism, chemical warfare.

    Social tensions are formed by ill acts of citizens when they were not properly mould by society wherever they born and brought up. State machinery is forced to focus on addressing, settling down issues like dowry, domestic violence, racism etc so that law and order could be maintained while doing so, the scarce resources which intend to welfare of society exhausts. As a result vulnerable including women become helpless and Crimes, disparity, inequality in the society fosters.

    When children observe condemnation of theft, corruption, mal practice in village; they build up an attitude of transparency, accountability, sense of fraternity etc. If multi scams or ruthless killings are done by somebody, one can derive what was he/she lacked of in formative life i.e. childhood. Hence, strong ethics, morals are critical in one’s life.

    Self sufficiency for village growth can’t be ignored. Our father of nation had stressed upon this concept in his entire freedom struggle. Through 73rd constitutional amendment act of 1992, the Panchayat Raj Institutions which is based on cluster of villages given constitutional back up. However, a lot needs to be done. If migration to urban is controlled, amenities, employment provided nearby villages then children will be received more attention by their peers and parents.

    Another founder of our democracy – Jawahar Lal Nehru had given utmost importance in nurturing of children. According to him, children are everything without them nation building is not possible. His birth anniversary had dedicated to children – 14th November.

    Government schemes – Mid day meal, care through aganwadis, Indradanush, smart village, digital India, PM Gram Sadak Yojana are well deserved for overall development of children and the village. So a village should be seen as an important factor in child who is the feature of nation.

    Please review

    • dost
      1.village was not to be taken in literal sense i believe…it means all the members of a community
      2,firstly village then child then again village followed by child….first 4 paras….bring coherence in the ideas
      3.last three para were deviated and not connected again…govt schemes may be good to conclude but proper background for them need to be prepared which ur some preceding para lacked
      4.mid para of theft,leadership and dowry were good
      so as per me u need to connect ideas to make ur essay more easy readful….
      please review my essay too and that too critically

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Dear eswar connection is lacking between Parrs
      village u have taken in literal sense village here means all the members of society
      keep trying and posting ur essays

  • Prash

    “It takes a whole village to raise a child”
    INTRODUCTION-Children are very instrumental and indispensable in deciding the faith of any country. By turning into responsible and selfless grownups, they steer the whole society towards the path of prosperity and happiness. As they are the agent of fundamental change in society, so the onus of their best upbringing lies upon the every organ of the society. Family, School, Peer group, Media, Government all have to play a very crucial and determining role. Failing upon of which can bring a crisis spanning across all spheres i.e. social, economic, environmental and political. Further, this task of upbringing is full of so many challenges which need to be overcome to establish a flawless society.
    RAISING A CHILD:PARTIES INVOLVED -When a child takes birth, he/she is like a blank sheet of paper. In words of Hindu mythology, he/she has all three qualities, A. RAJA B. TAMA C. SATTVA, in equal proportion. The very first contact of the child happens with the family where he/she learns the values of love, respect, compassion, gender specific behavior etc. from Mother, Father, Grandparents and brothers and sisters.
    Further, he/she goes to school, first formal pillar of socialization, where he/she learns discipline, knowledge and wisdom. School turns a child from a selfish individual to a responsible citizen. Similarly, peer group and friends helps in developing the qualities of temperance, tolerance and mutual respect. Character of a child also gets reinforced by observing the behavior and attitude of the fellow friends and peer group.
    Apart from that media and internet also impacts the behavior of a child. Unregulated and excessive negative news feed can mould the mind of a child in a negative way.Similarly, Policies of government has a very much influence on the character building of a child.
    RAISING A CHILD IN A BEST WAY: IMPORTANCE – If the above mentioned pillars of socialization fail to inculcate positive values and wisdom in child, repercussions of this can be seen in every sphere of the society. In social sphere, it gives birth to citizens who are not law abiding and frequently engaged in making mockery of law. This type of society is frequently engaged in communal violence and plagued with plethora of problems like rape, drug, molestation, honor killing, dowry etc.
    In economic sphere, a child, who has grown up with strong value foundation proves to be an asset. They take economic growth to new heights with their calibre and skills. They also prove instrumental in conserving and preserving the environment with sustainable and efficient use of nature. As Gandhi ji had said ,“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” so in that way, if negative values of greed and dishonesty installed in children, it can have a devastating effect on whole social fabric.
    RAISING A CHILD: CHALLENGES- After seeing the importance of best practices to raise a child, it is important to look for the challenges that hinders the performance of all these pillars of socialization. Foremost among them is the changing social reality. As now, we are moving towards rapid and unsustainable urabanisation, nuclear families are the new realities. In metro cities, where life is fast and no body has time for others, children are being raised in isolation.
    Further, schools are not being able to fulfill the expectations as more stress is being given to job oriented education rather than spritual and mental development of child. With this education system in place, children are getting attracted towards materialism and consumerism.
    The children have a very little sense of right and wrong. So factors like uninterrupted access of resources like intenret has become a challenge which may affect the innocent mind of children in a wrong way. Government also facing challenges in the form of policy paralysis. Even after taking measures to control crime against children like setting special courts for speedy disposal etc. results are not fruitful.
    RAISING A CHILD: Way forward: Need of the hour is to strengthen the pillars of socialization. Family and school should lay a strong foundation of positive values in the children. A more assertive role is to be played by civil society. Especially the old persons have to play a critical role by teaching children valuable lessons from their experience.
    Children whose socialisation process is not completed should be reformed rather than punishing with hard measures. Arrangements should be made for reforming the children by establishing excellent reform centers and Regular audits of these reform centers should be carried out.
    Further, content on net and in digital media where viewr’s discretion is required should be regulated and should not be easily approachable to children who can be easily affected by that in a negative way.
    CONCLUSION: Surely child rising is a cumulative effort where every organ of society plays its role in inculcating strong human values. Though these efforts faces challenges still they need to be overcome to prepare the pillars of the future upon which India as well as world can rest peacefully and happily.

  • Mr. Burns

    Why should I help others in raising their child, why should a village or community care about raising children ? Who’s responsibility is it to raise a child ?

    These are the questions one should not shy away from, one must reckon one’s intellect & conscience to find an appropriate answer. The least one could do is to ask questions about his/her own childhood, did only my parents taught me everything I know today ? Did only my teachers helped in acquire skills essential for life ? Did only my grandparents gave me emotional support I needed ? What importance my neighboring uncle & aunt hold in my life ? More one thinks about his/her childhood more faces one recollects that helped him/her be who they are today.

    On contrary one can also think about what would have happened if one hadn’t got support & guidance from those all faces ? It is no wonder that John Locke thinking about childhood said that mind at birth is “white paper void of all characters, without any ideas.” the young child is at once the most vulnerable to bad health and moral influence but also the most open to understanding and experience. A Similar thought also dominated Jawharlal Nehru’s imagination when he stated that the future of India lies in the hands of children . He was well aware that quality of child upbringing can make or break a nation. More one thinks about this sensitive topic, more one realizes it is utmost important for whole societies progress.

    A young child presents a unique opportunity to correct wrongs of society, a chance to put an end to evils of society like ignorance, caste system, women oppression, racism. A chance to unlearn & move away from these evils. An opportunity to invest in better future. Great social reforms of all times chose this tools for bringing about social change. Social activist like Jyotiba Phule started a school for girl education, to fight oppression of women & caste based preoccupations . Mother Teresa chose to dedicate her whole life to caring for sick poorest of poor children. On an organizational level by NGOs like CRY(Child rights & you) and Bachpan Bachao Andolan made efforts to protect Child rights or educational level by Anand Kumar of Super 30

    With more than one-third of its population below 18 years, India has the largest young population in the world. Economists have time again emphasized the importance of Human Capital formation as strongest weapon in nation’s fight against poverty. Constitution also mandates government to provide free education to all & likewise imposes duty on every citizen to provide opportunities for education to his/her child. Government is increasing taking proactive steps to harness & reap benefit from India’s Demographic dividend. Policy makers are aware that it’s the only way out of low income rut that country is stuck in. Schemes of health care like Janani Suraksha Yojana, Indradhanush immunization to mid-day meal scheme to educational & skill development Schemes like Sarva shiksha abhiyan, to Skill India Programme.

    Yet statistics of Child development continue to be miserable :

    5% of the developing world’s low-birth-weight babies are born in India.

    40% of child malnutrition in the developing world is in India.

    Out of every 100 children, 19 continue to be out of school.

    Of every 100 children who enrol, 70 drop out by the time they reach the secondary level.

    Similar is the story on crime against Children , even though Child Labour Prohibition Act was enacted in 1986, yet Child labour remains every day scene in India. Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if labor of children is continued to be used as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, nation will have both poverty and child labor till the end of time.

    Mention must be made of Mr. Kailash Satyarthi, who liberate children from child labour even if it cost him many life threat & bullet wounds. His efforts have brought the issue of Child labour & child rights in Public discourse. More & more individual & organisation are now coming to forefront to fight for children’s rights

    Part of the problem is not realizing what is the problem, so far this issue of child development has not gripped public imagination as strongly as issue of corruption or economic development . Social change, especially in democracies don’t start until something stimulates public imagination & concern. Fortunately, change even though at a slow pace has started to happen with individual efforts like that of Mr. Kailash Satyarthi

    As India in going through a rapid phase of socio-economic change, old patterns of society is breaking loose like never before. Changes like migration of families for employment, working mothers & increasing collapse of joint family system has pushed pre-existing system of child care & upbringing to even more uncertainties, leaving his/her value development vulnerable to media, internet, movies & rowdy outsiders . The manifestation of such changes can be seen in the rise of juvenile delinquents & increase in serious crimes like murder, rapes by individuals below the age of 18. This calls for some kind of community support system which can guide a child to know what is right and what is wrong. Every individual now, like never before have responsibility to influence child’s psyche in a positive manner, be in whatever role he/she is in – elder brother/sister, uncle/aunt , as a relative of family or even as a stranger.

    As India continues to debate what should be done to protect our children’s Right, One must strive to contribute his/her own share in this effort by simply not turning a blind eye to child labour & exploitation, every little help you extend to a child is a small but significant contribution made in saving country’s future . To answer the opening question who’s responsibility it is to raise a child? One must think about the kind of future one wants for his/her country. I end this essay by leaving you with another question : who do you think should take up this responsibility ? Parents, government, few exceptional individuals like Kailash Satyarthi, Anand kumar or NGOs like CRY & Missionary of charity or each and every one of us.

  • missionmode

    It takes a whole village to raise a child

    to the partially released data of the NFHS round 4 two key conclusions
    can be drawn regarding India children – The overall indicators have
    improved with more improvement for laggard states. However, the
    improvement is marginal and seems to be stagnating.

    this fast changing world, needs of a child – a safe & healthy
    environment, freedom from disease, resources to develop oneself in
    whichever field they choose and a state that is looking out for them
    when their agency is not developed are still essential. India has come a
    long way in terms of developing an institutional framework that
    supports this development. The whole ministerial village is involved. We
    have programs like the Integrated Child development scheme by Ministry
    of health, Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyan by Ministry of human resources
    development, Beti bachao beti padhao being administered by Ministry of
    Women & Child Development and many more such noble initiatives. We
    have implemented the RTE and achieved gender parity at primary and
    secondary levels.

    Yet we are far from achieving key milestones set by us in terms of child development.

    labor is rampant with the possibility of more children being exploited
    if bills like amendment to Prevention of Child from child labor 2015 are
    passed. Trafficking is also a huge problem. A key factor in raising
    children – an age group that should include children up to 18 years of
    age – is to identify key requirements of different groups.

    0-6 years of age our children need maximum interventions in health and
    nutrition. Such interventions contribute maximum to future development
    as well. We need medical doctors, nutritionists, smart policy makers and
    at the lower tier we need active primary health workers – An ecosystem
    involving various stakeholders.

    At the next
    juncture of 6-14 years the primary needs while including nutrition also
    should include an education base that decreases inequities and enhances
    capabilities. Further, beyond 14 years interventions in mental health
    are also important as the child transitions from childhood to adulthood.
    Strict provisions like the ones in the newly formulated Amendments to
    Juvenile Justice Act 2015 need to be implemented sparingly and only if

    India is a signatory to the Rights
    of Child International convention. Various human rights identified
    internationally become more acute and required when it comes to
    children. From an economic perspective, few inputs in this age yield
    high returns in the future provided we intervene when required with the
    right approach and framework.

    From a
    granular, scheme based approach, we also need to develop an ethical
    environment where are children can be innocent and do what they do best.
    This calls for not just state interventions but also individual
    practice that center around healthy mental and physical development of a
    child. In an ideal world legislation like Prevention of Child from
    Sexual offences Act should not be required. The whole village, which
    would include the state sponsored schemes, individuals with right
    priorities and an ethical fabric that allows the child to bloom.

    inequalities within various children based on class and gender need to
    be addressed. Gated colonies where middle class and upper middle class
    parents feel there children are safe provide them all amenities in
    India. however, children dwelling in slums are just as precious and we
    need extra efforts from all key players to ensure they are brought to

    Internationally, one of the groups
    most affected by the Syrian migration crisis are children who are robbed
    of the safety of their homes. While the death of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi
    caused outpouring of sympathy, it falls on organisations like UN
    Refugee High Commission, Governments in conflict and rehabilitating
    countries to take special care of this vulnerable minority. In another
    incident, a 16 year old Amy Itna was killed by her classmate in a posh
    US school. Boko haram kidnapped Chinook girls and hasn’t released them.
    Peshawar school killings led to massive death toll of innocent children.
    The growing culture of prime time violence telecasted live in our
    households, terrorism that is targeting children and social media driven
    identities etc. call for a focused approach.

    are our future and should be made to feel safe and raised in a manner
    that they solve problems of today instead of adding to them in the
    future. A society that can not allow innocence of child to manifest is a
    society in trouble.
    Further, while this
    analysis details how we can raise our children better. The same thought
    can be applied to intangible children of an intangible parent. For eg,
    renewable energy is a nascent industry that can only be developed if it
    is provided full support from its parents – the state, international
    sponsors, private sector, scientific community etc. Another example
    could be the efforts for eradication of poverty. Any desirable activity
    that needs nurturing, planned focus and efforts should be catered to
    with our resources and time as it is socially, politically, economically
    and ethically desired.

    • Majji

      your essay more seem to answer – ‘children and problems they are facing’ i.e. it’s children centric. my understanding is – it should be society centric (with all stakeholders role to play) toward children to their roles in building up behavioral and mental image so that a better future society can built with minimal social evils hampering development of individual & country.

      Its’ more govt centric as well, there are other major stake holders to play role for e.g. his school friends, neighbors, school teacher.. then govt will come into picture. hope we should follow priority. u gave much emphasis on govt schemes.

      International paragraph i felt little out of context.

      but overall, being it’s ur first essay… i would say it’s very good overall, u have lot of knowledge. just understanding & approach need to emphasized.

      if you have time, please review my last week essay ‘trust to build up takes years, seconds to break’ – you can order posts by ‘newest’, it will be bottom of the tread. thanks.

      • missionmode

        thank you for the review. Yes i realized it the moment i read other essays that i have interpreted it quite differently. My intention was to cover a different aspect but in that i missed the literal meaning of the essay. I will try reviewing it for sure!

    • neeraj yadav

      although i m not in a position to check your answer but when i read yours i found it is more technical , u can make your essay creative , pour your own creativity which is required to attract examiner to read more …i m also trying this

      • missionmode

        Hi! thank you for the review. I realize i have put in too much information without dwelling on anything properly or giving my own opinion on it. This was my first attempt at essay writing, hopefully your advice will help the next time around. 🙂

  • Gireesh

    (please check my points………………..)

    “Let us remember:one book,one pen,one child and one teacher can change the world”

    1.Child,the seed for overall future built of a nation or world.

    2.Man is a social animal and we start our life from interdependence with it and village is the cluster of interconnected societies.

    3.The two aspects of nourishment-physical and cultural/mental. Village contribute for both
    4.physical development depends upon—easy availability of nutritious food,cheaper milk,proper health infrastructure for vaccination and well operated Primary Health Centres.

    5.mental development depends upon various factors—social harmony i.e. if there is a continuous quarrel between two neighbours,it would make the child aggressive and perhaps less mingling in nature.Whereas a peaceful social relations would develop his/her social intelligence.

    6.cultural aspect–It is sum total of many factors. for e.g. If there is open playground in the village,it would help develop both the physical and sportsman-spirit in the child. If a village has multi-religious demographic composition with coherence,it would automatically generate a future secular citizen. aspect–If a village is very orthodox,practise casteism and other such social evils,child would either be revolting or,as in the most cases, habituated with such distinctions. A male-dominated society can give rise to various evils.Abortion,low motivation for education of a girl child,early marriage,etc. would create a very unbalanced growth of mental frame of children,prone to practise domestic-violence and dowry in later part of life. But,a progressive village would have different culture and impact on the child.

    8.Village infrastructure–an unconnected village in terms of road,electricity,internet and absence of Primary health centre,Schools with dilapidated construction with low quality teachers will definitely raise its children in an old-fashioned manner less useful in the competitive world. whereas, a developed optimal infrastructure would bring prosperity to village families impacting the overall development of children.It would also help schemes of central and state govt.(Janani suraksha yojna,SSA..etc.) for children reaching there in actuality.

    9.Economic aspect–an economically prosperous village with all facilities available to groups of farmers,artisans,cottage industry,etc would create a vocational environment.It would help “learning and doing” environment,a very important component of “skill India” programme.

    10.Political aspect–Awareness of village citizens will help strengthening PRIs which can well plan and implement the community growth of the children.

    11.Internationally—A nation is the child of the globe.If globalization has created a “global village”,it is necessary to have coherence,harmony,co-operation,peace for the overall growth of the nations.

    12.Thus,we can say the village is the cradle which makes or breaks the shine of God’s small and pious miniature.

  • doofus

    Please review my essay :

    A child is born in a family but lives in a society. When a child grows he takes so much from the society. He plays with his friends and learns so many things from them, then he will learn from the teacher of the school, from the way the local shopkeeper acts , the way crimes happen in the area; he becomes more sensitive to what the society appreciates or condemns and takes decisions in his life accordingly. A village represents a continuous stretch that very closely resembles a complete society. A village therefore is linked with a child and vice versa. How a person behaves is more reflective of the village he was brought up in. With more inter-linkages among villages and among villages and cities, and with increase in migration for work and other reasons, the forces shaping up a child are better represented by the company he keeps, and the society in which he grows. Therefore we need to ensure that he gets the best of it.

    The first interaction of a child is with surrounding. If the village in which he grows up is unclean, then he will be bound to fall sick. If there are ponds that are not clean, then he risks getting malaria. Similarly if there is air pollution in neghbourhood because of burning woods, he will also risk breathing problems as asthama. That is why it is necessary to keep the whole village clean. Recent schemes such as Ujjwala will ensure cleaner air not only for the home but also for the surroundings.

    The second factor that affects a child is his education. It becomes very important that he gets a good education in school, but more than that he learns from his parents, friends, siblings and neghbourhood. It is more the things that he observe, that will have an ever lasting effect on his mind. A child brought up in an educated surrounding will have more interest in studies, even if only to come at par with others, such child can see the benefits of being an educated person – as being aware, taking informed decision, being empowered through knowledge, which works at subconscious level to affect his attitude towards the learning. A child who lives in a mostly illiterate society is more likely to drop out.

    The society a child lives in, also affects the way he looks at different crimes or acts of offences. For example, a child who sees that females are treated unfairly will stop seeing anything wrong in it, because he sees it not as a precedence but as a norm. For him any other behaviour would be a deviation. It is observed that many criminals are from poor families who live in slums, and their friends/company from childhood involves criminals, thieves, thugs etc. It becomes very difficult to contain criminal acts/ tendencies in such people, because they stop seeing what is wrong in such acts, and punishments are seldom a deterrent for what the heart believes. This is also one of the main reason why it is so difficult to eradicate corruption. While corruption as a concept is condemned, the money that it fetches and the luxury that it buys is respected in society. Corruption is coveted not only among the poors, but also among those who are well-off and well-educated. Some corruptions are so much ingrained in society that as long as it is withing limits people are ‘ok’ with it eg corruption by traffic police.

    When something works at the level of village/society, it shapes the subconscious. It changes the basis of every decision that is taken by a child when he grows up. A child represents a unit of the nation and his actions affect the future of the nation.That is why the role of village becomes even more important in shaping the child thereby shaping the nation. When a certain behaviour of the child is appreciated by the surrounding, not only the child likes it and hence repeats it, but also the parents of the child encourage it, because doing it raises their position in society, which they can not have otherwise. This sense or feeling is what is commonly known as ‘respect in society’, and perceived by children as their ‘acceptance in society’. So though it is very much true that parents affect the child the most, the society can provide an orientation.

    While the soft powers of society are in their hands, they must be equipped with proper infrastructure to support its efficacy. For example, a very poor locality does not and can not be expected to, put honesty before hunger. Employment opportunities need to be provided. Similarly, focus on learning and education will be much more boosted if there will be schools nearby. Mahatma Gandhi strongly believed that the progress of nation lies in progress of villages. This understanding has led us to initiate several programs as MGNREGA, SETU etc for employment, Right to Education for education, Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay Viduteekaran Yojana for electrification and others.

    First transport and then information technology revolution has changed the definition of villages and society. Now a person may be living in a room 24 hours a day, but still would be connected to thousands over phone and internet and they determine his actual ‘village’. There have been cases when people have been radicalised (for terrorism) over digital media, without an iota of hint to their parents or neighbour.It becomes very difficult for the government to monitor/regulate these virtual villages. It is the new challenge that even the powerful and developed countries as United States are also facing. Unlike the physical villages where the village determine a person’s thinking, in virtual world a person’s thinking determine what village (social communities) he will become part of. Perhaps this is where the solution lies. By shaping the subconscious, a child’s neighbourhood can guide what kind of ideas he will pursue in later stages of life. This is the beauty of the solution – a small physical society (village/neighbourhood) will control the limitless virtual villages – but it comes with a caution – no child can be left behind !

  • Dadabhainaoroji

    Pls review

  • neeraj yadav

    When a child born it is like a soften pot, the final shape of which depends on the mould in the form of society. So, role of society is crucial to make the child a good man of character or opposite to it .Food develops his/her body, society develop his/her personality reflected in his/her behaviour which is the mirror of society itself.

    Why those children who grow in slums of a society fraught of criminal attitude it is most probale he/she would become criminal and crime would be a norm for him/her.Children are like white paper , how they will develop depends on the ink society write on it.Hitlar became dictator and crussador of jews when he observe inequality in society where he develop the feeling of hate towars jews and kill them become the epitome of non-violence and Mahatma Gandhi became the epitome of non-violence , morality and truth.

    The people who affect and help in building the character of a child is his/her parants, teachers and peers. For the start, home is the first school for a child, it is where he/she learn the language, way of communicatiog other & behaviour towards others. A family in which home atmoshphere is not conducive of family member involve in argumants and fight on the daily issue , child while observing it may become ballicose in nature.A family in which a member drink or smoke , the child will also prone to smoke or drink.

    The role of teacher is evident from vivekanand life , his guru Ramakrishna Paramahansa preach then the lesson of humanity and the work is worship and all works are equal .It is because of this vivekanand he become the herbinger of mankind and brotherhood.

    And the third teacher of a child is society, although society does not teach him/her directly but it influences overall development of personality of a child. In the society child learn by his experience while he.she intract with the society. His attitute develop when he/she interact with society and the way in which society reacts, this is called learned behaviour which affect his/her decision making.

    A child born in a society where there is less space for scientific temperand if he/she is given answer in orthodoxical way would not develop in scientific temper in his/her attitude compared to that child who is given scientific answers to quench his curiosity and this society will giv birth to scientists and will help to develop the world on scientific lines

    • missionmode

      I found your ending very abrupt. You have chosen to dwell on only one aspect – people around you, which is great. But i think you are falling short of the world limit. (I am too!). Whatever you have written is lucid and logical. I think you meant Hitler became epitome of violence* Please do review mine!

      • neeraj yadav

        thanks a lot friend.

  • Sree


    Someone is rightly said that “Today’s Child is tomarow’s future”. The nations can develop and progress in right direction only when we nurture and structure our children with good human character. So Raising a child as a good human being is not only responsibility of the family. It is also responsibility of whole village that imparts set of values and relationships that affect and influence the behavior of individual. now a days, Unlike ancient or middle years of history, the village is no longer confined to particular boundary. it includes to family, relatives, school, nieghbors, bystanders, media , social network institutions ,civil society, govt administration and laws. This extended family shapes the child with values of empathy, discipline, hard working, intelligence, love, sharing,caring, taking responsibility.

    Let have a look at a small story of two children that explains the importance of the responsibility of village /civil society.

    RAKESH was born in a rich family, whose parents are industrialists. their parents always have been busy with hectic business schedules. So they employed a women to take care of him .his parents don’t spend time with rakesh even for dinning, playing and taking care of him. when the boy become a 5 yr old, they joined him in a techno school where only teaches the technological education.on other hand RAMU was born in poor family, whose parents is daily wage workers. They spend their most of time for ramu. They take care of him while he is growing. They joined him govt school of the local village where teachers teaches values, cultural practices along with academic curricula.

    Since RAKESH parents do not spend time with him, he feels alone. He spends his time on internet on hacking technological skills. he made friendship with some rich boy who are addicted to drugs and narcotics. Soon he addicted to the same bad habits. On the other hand RAMU spends his time on and sports, cultural activities. he also actively participating in religious cultural events. Which taught him moral and human values.

    RAKESH takes the responsibility as CEO of his father’s company after completion of post graduation in management. since he is addicted to drugs he does not look into day to day company business. since he does not learn the value of taking responsibility, he always blaming the employees for losses of company. While RAMU joined as employee in company. He was hard working and intelligent at team management , sharing of work. So soon he become a CEO of that company. Due to his wicked nature of rakesh does not perform well in business. soon his company become bankruptcy. To pay back the money to borrowers RAKESH hacked password of wealthy persons by using his hacking skills and finally imprisoned in jail for the same.

    Above story shows how the good environment or civil society while growing of a child could shape the good human being like RAMU.

    Human is a social animal so In a vast global society ,One cannot live for oneself alone. In human
    society every one life is connected to number of invisible this environment every individual, institution, has the cause and effect on our perceptions, thoughts ,actions and behavior.the right society provides good human inputs to the our growing children.

    let have look at ,how our today’s global village is working toward building a good human being.

    due to cultural and religious richness of our indian society with many social institution have been imparting the high social values and practices besides, knowledge in children.which have been helps in creating valuable human being. But in recent decades high growth rate of crime, rape cases, and other immoral practices shows that derogation of human values. The Recent degradation of values has it root cause in globalisation, capitalism and their effects.

    Globalisation has created the busier impersonal complicated life style. This life style has been breaking relationship among families members that lead to nuclear families where neither parents instil the what to do and what no to do nor society cannot care about our children. So children approaching immoral and illegal practices.. And many of the children striving in orphanage institutions who do not know who is his mother and who is his father.

    How can we structure our children while Thousands of children engraving in bonded labour, human trafficking and are embracing the anti social and anti national acitivies. The social institution of religion also has been creating terrorist (ISIS,J-Em,) by misusing its principle by religious fundamentalist.

    We have seen in RAKESH STORY how the children approaches the wrong paths , when (his) parents, social syllabi , friends, society fails to taking care, imparting values nurturing the moral practices.

    So The need of the hour of our civil society (it may be media, social network, schools, bystanders
    or it may be government ,laws, religious, and social practices) is to provides the all inputs that includes good knowledge, skills, compassion and value based education to our children. then only the children can harness his full potential for Doing his part to greater good to our nation and creation of peaceful global

    • missionmode

      I like the fact that you mentioned globalisation and its impact. However, please refrain from a one sided view. In my opinion it will be better if you include both sides. Same goes for capitalism – the idea is to be constructive. The story is nice, it is always engaging.
      Please do review mine!

    • yogi

      Hello Sree 🙂

      My views:-

      the village is no longer confined to particular boundary. it includes to family, relatives, school, nieghbors, bystanders, media , social network institutions ,civil society, govt administration and laws.—very good that u made extended the definition of village to several areas.

      Too many grammatical mistakes will irritate the examiner does not look like typos take care of them, to point a few

      where only teaches the technological education (SUBJECTS) are taught—whose parents is (ARE)daily wage workers… ….teachers teaches (TEACH)….. global village is working toward

      I suggest you to read ur essay once before posting and edit the mistakes,

      Rakesh seeems to be someone form the horrbile bosses movie 😛

      You have eaten too many words in story of rakesh and ramu , be concise here so as to create more space for including roles of others.

      Aprart from story u have covered only role of culture and globlisation in some details, and made passing reference to role of others. Here comes the importance of structuring and presenting the content in proper order

      Conclusion is too general, nothing different form the wordings of intro,

      Needs practice regarding grammer, structuring of contnet and conclusion

      Keep writing, we all will improve

      Thanks 🙂

      • Sree

        thanks for ur valuable suggestions. i will work on the same..KWAR…..

  • Majji

    ‘It takes whole village to raise child’ is old African proverb, which emphasize it whole community responsibility to raise children, not just parents. community include extended family, grandparents, neighbors, other villagers, school teachers, doctors. farmers, workers, women, and govt at large. Growth of children either positively or negatively effected by all these persons and their roles played in children life during the learning phase. As a child grows he learns from surrounding society, habits, taboos, culture, humanity, rights of individual, education and skills. Thus society where he brought up builds his mental image, and behavior for his own growth as well as towards society and country at large.

    Taboos like gender discriminations, staying back women at home and no work culture, higher preferences over girl child either in spending on education or in serving food first to men in home builds negative mental image in ones mind and after become adult there is high tendency of continuing same practices. As country dreaming of becoming great power in world these need to put check in. Change must come from Village on whole rather than in particular hamlet or hut. Caste discrimination another major hurdle impending growth at individual as well as at country level.

    Gender discrimination takes special mention in India’s context – where in some villages in Fatehabad district of Haryana have 0-6 years children gender ratio as low as 143 girls for every 1000 boys. Villagers often thinks girl child as burden. this mindset has to be changed. Govt schemes like ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padao’, Sishu Surakha Yojana need to be taken into villages with full sincerity. Violators must be penalized and implementors need to be rewarded to bring the change in mindset of villagers and thus growing children as well.

    Village as a whole can influence children in negative manner as well. There is village called ‘Stuvart Puram’ in Prakasham district of Andhra Pradesh, where every one thief. thus even children choose their profession as thief-ting. Similarly some villages in N-E states, where prostitution as community profession, where tourism is major attraction. Other side of story can also be seen as with villagers of Bishnos tribes of Rajastan where they treat animals as their family members, even share breast milk to animals like deers. Children growing in those villages get influenced as per the reality and generations will follow until unless break by internal or external agent of change.

    Social groups play major influence on children, e.g. verdicts of khap panchayats on intercaste marriages. These will develop stereotypes in children mind about social problems and their treatment. punishment to violators deter children in future taking such coarse. thus as a elder of society always one should try to imprint positive note in children mind and lead by example. e.g. encouraging inter caste marriage will develop brotherhoodness among communities and reduced tensions between them.

    Community policing to fight against liquor ban, or drugs will leave positive imprint or stereotype on children mind it’s a social sin and strict implementation may effect children positively staying away from those. On similar lines other groups to fight for girl protection and empowerment, environment protection, will yield positive results on a whole at country level.

    Society should make sure to provide social, educational, healthcare benefits to all children so that we can put end to poverty, low educational, and malnutrition problems associated with children. India fares worst when it comes to poverty, 1/3rd of world poor lives in India, malnutrition levels in India among children is about 40%. Though achieved 100% GER at primary level, high dropout is an issue. basic facilities at schools are still missing.

    Free education under RTE, Mid day meal, Rastriya Swastha Bima Yojana, Anganwadi, Mission Indradhanush are good steps by govt in this directions. We shouldn’t forget a healthy child can perform mentally and intellectually better than malnourished one and equally important today’s children takes the country success forward down the line once they grown up. Country future lies in the hands of today’s children. Well mature, educated and healthy intellectual is need of the country and society and villages play major role in achieving and growing well off the children.

    India has advantage of Demographic dividend, 41% of population are still children. The success lies how we reap the fruits of them and how we grow them. Govt along with society play major role in molding their future and indeed India’s future. Our beloved first PM once said – “Children are like buds in a garden and should carefully and lovingly natured, as they are the future of nation and the citizens of tomorrow”

    • missionmode

      You have written a very contemporary events oriented essay. I like the flow and the numerous examples. Something that i think you could do is dwell on the historical aspect of community learning (i have made the same mistake).You have touched upon various dimensions like gender/community stereotyping and demo dividend.. which is great. Please do review mine.. i have written it for the first time! 🙂

      • Majji

        thanks for review. good catch i missed historical part. will do yours and leave comments once done.


    kindly review..kindly read by pg no mentioned 1-7

    • Dr. KARISHMA

      kindly read as per page no…smthing went wrong while uploading I guess..
      kindly excuse..

    • Isha

      Hey Doc, my views-
      Very nice essay. Your content was very apt, to the point with relevant examples. Flow was nice- you seamlessly moved from one para to another. It was like reading a poem, trust me.
      But by the time you reached 6th pg, you seemed to have been tired somewhat. Ideas and lines were repeating. SAme for 7th pg. You can conclude a little bit indirectly or like a msg instead of in a suggestive tone. Other than that, it was a masterpiece. Keep it up.
      Have a look at mine as per your convenience. I have a different take to offer.
      Also, no need of ji/maam formality, no. Anyway i am junior to you, in experience and in writing as well 🙂
      ps- wonderful handwriting 🙂

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        tx isha ji for review…
        cudnt reply before since m not feeling tht well..
        points accepted Isha ji,,,will re-read pg6-7 to improve it..:)
        surely i will review urs whn i will feel better..
        ji is not formality…its my way of speaking..we all r equal..:)
        tx for handwriting.. 🙂 ;)..
        do u write essays only or u attempt any other segment as well??
        KWAR!! 🙂 🙂

        • Isha

          Hey karishma, take your time and review as and when you are all well. Not urgent.
          I used to solve static part questions posted along with test series. But not doing it since last 4-5 tests- backlog 😛
          I have recently started Secure as well. Trying to cope up with it.

          • Dr. KARISHMA

            hello Isha ji..hw r u..
            i hv not solved any of set of mains ques paper completely (given along with pt test series)…
            i hv back logs too..
            badhayian..notification z out..

            • Isha

              We all have backlogs. Just keep going (y)
              And yes..congrats 🙂
              Notification out. All the best 🙂

              • Dr. KARISHMA

                Life z incomplete without backlogs…these backlogs gives us the spirit to be more swift and efficient..n when we achieve these.. we feel complete..

    • Pankaj Nimbolkar

      Hii karishma..???

      While reviewing ur answer , its taking too much time to read , plz work on ur handwriting . answer should be written in a legible manner.

      ??mail ur 7pages me.?? I’ll review it in school in detail.,??


      • Dr. KARISHMA

        hello pankaj ji..
        will focus on writing..well said..
        sure i will..bye..

    • hi doctor..wass up…u and jaya write so well…ap dono ki writing mashallah….seeing such writing in morning is pleasure in itself…but avoid too much cuttings ;p…now coming to essay:
      1.simple essay with nice flow…simplicity is an art u know….avoid too many grammatical errors
      2. use of head “world is a global village” didn’t serve any purpose other than taking away flow of ur essay,,,,use of only one head in an essay…dont know if it is permissible or not…
      3. work on structure is needed apart from maintaining flow….reader should be able to relate with ur line of thought step by step…the essay was like whatever ideas came in ur mind..u just jotted them….
      4.avoid repetitions…u said many times frm intro to conclusion..raising a child is not only work of family but of society…that is the theme of essay but need not repetitions to fill pages
      5.make intro and conclusion more powerful…we are UPSC aspirants who write for marks creativity is required
      rest content wise it was a nice read…and thank you for pleasant morning….next sunday thoda jaldi post kar dijiyega please if possible….

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        hello vivaan ji..kese ho aap??
        mai badhiya..all well..
        tx for compliment..
        yeah..i need to work upon essay,,,since i hv not practised it much m not good in it..
        ur inputs r precious n helpful,,thnx for pointing out my short comings..:)
        i will try to post early ji..
        if u hv lil of time kindly review my today’s 2nd answer of ethics..

  • Kiran Pawar


  • prabhat

    It takes whole village to raise a child

    Mahatma Gandhi famously remarked that – “soul of India lives in its villages” this implies that villages are not just soul but has important role in ensuring this soul remain purified and whose positive energy traverse every where and create same life of love and peace everywhere it stays.Moreover 70% of population lives in villages thus its become imperative that villages ensure its younger generation are tolerant, humane.After parents and education system society plays very important role in shaping and infusing right kind of values in children. In other words as a child what we see in our surrounding plays very important role in the development of our personality and character.
    But on the contrary what we see villages painting different picture in form of casteism, communalism, strengthening of prejudice against women i.e they are weaker sex and needs to be dominated.
    In this essay we will 1st take a glance at how villages played important role in the past in shaping character which we see in our parents.Next we will explore reason for declining this role and finally how our village system can be revitalized in shaping character of a child.


    In pre-development and pre-industrialised era villages were not just independent republics governing every aspect of life,but more importantly they were cohesive units.
    There was hardly any difference between one family and other and among there children.
    Any village elderly could scold anybody’s child and more over such an act was welcomed and promoted.Result of such oversight over behaviour can be seen in the character of our parents.
    One could say there was high degree of social capital i.e trust feeling of brotherhood which was developed through interaction and communitarian way of living.This thinking was reflected in past generations. But all this began to erode due to various factors of economic inequality,status consciousness, panchayats transforming into power arena and impact of globalization etc.


    In the era of globalization and fast pace industrialization coupled with eroding self sufficiency has brought tremendous change in village life.village life in India has been affected by various factors which has dismantled the communitarian structure.Also these factors replaced trust and brotherhood by class consciousness, money power, jealousy.

    It is said that 1st wave was in the form of green revolution which has created income inequality and has created new class of small and big farmers.This difference created new class of children rich and poor whereas in past there was no such difference. With this began competition among families to defeat each other in economic power this created jealousy and dislike for each other.

    Impact of above difference was seen in the primary education system wherein children of all caste, class studied together.But now with proliferation of private schools and economic power this system of collective education broke down.With this opportunity to interact and understand children of other caste, religion which would have generated feeling of commonness, kith and kin got dismantled.
    Even the panachayats are not immune to this phenomenon, they have become arena to show muscle and money power. Elections to them are fought on the basis of caste and there is heavy groupism.what is more striking this vitiates entire village atmosphere.In such a divided village character of tolerance, patience, love , compassion are hard to found. There are examples how caste panchayats passes inhumanitarian orders against women belonging to lower caste such as raping them.Inter caste marriages are not supported by them and in extreme cases they even ordered honour killing.All these un constitutional diktats passed by them on strengthens casteism, patriarchy and parochial thinking among the younger generations.

    Impact of globalization can also be seen wherein previously isolated villages are now connected through highways of information of technology.This has raised the awareness level of children in villages about city life, they have knowledge about every product and offerings in market.This is increasing aspiration for them among children as result many of them are taking route to illicit activities.This problem has been aggravated by the fact that parents have left them under custody of grandparent who hardly have any control over them.Also the panchayats are not taking note of this change brought in by globalization and thus there are no remedial measures.


    Impact of various factors needs to be tackled through revitalization of village so that village being the microcosm of society can play important role in imparting, nurturing and educating children with values of love, respect, truth, compassion, integrity.

    This requires reorientation in functioning of panchayats which needs to become more representative, involves more women functionaries to empower women.It needs to play vigilante role in keeping an eye on deteriorating character among children.These issues need to be discussed in gram sabhas meetings followed by remedial actions.Villages need to play important role in improving the quality of education through regular checks and they need to revive collective education which will strengthen feeling of fraternity, but this requires improving quality of primary education.

    NGOs and district administration should help villages in adopting modern values and making them aware of progressive laws which has ended all form of discrimination.Villages with help of NGOs can organize workshops, movies shows and theatrical items for children wherein progressive values are shown.

    Villages can play important role being part of society.This requires first villages themselves reorient and reorganize in form that is egalitarian, which cherishes harmony,
    love over jealousy and economic power.Only such a village can become wherein every child will have hundreds of guardians and teachers to guide and every parent will have hundred of children to look after. Such would have been the kind of Gram swaraj model which Gandhiji thought of which is integrated in every aspect of life-economic, social, moral, cultural and religion.

    • prabhat

      plz insight team review this is my 1st essay on this wall

  • p310

    We all have read,heard or seen stories from Malgudi Days. Swamy who was a
    young aged protagonist in the book was highly influenced by his
    friends, relatives and neighborhood. Malgudi teaches him to be helpful,
    caring, happy go lucky and at times mischievous. Such a strong impact
    the surrounding leaves over growing child that famous author Rudyard
    Kipling used this concept in his famous novel “The Jungle Book” where
    the child develops all the skills of animal who raise him. These books
    truly justify the proverb that “it takes a whole village to raise a
    child”. We all know that family is the first school of a newly born
    child but once he grows older and starts interacting with people outside
    the family then his real growth starts. Child comes in contact with
    people of various shades. Unlike family members who only show the
    bright side of life, the neighborhood gives the child some harsh
    learning. The young Siddhartha used to reside in the walls of luxury and
    pleasure of palace. One day he came in contact with the village which
    left a huge impact on him. So much so that the young prince later turned
    into Gautama Buddha.

    Young brain is highly receptive of nearby developments. It keenly
    follows the happening around. Research has shown that first 12 years of
    child leave the longest impact. In a way these years shape the broad
    personality of individual. Languages, ideologies, manners and morality
    of a child depends upon the place from where he belongs. As per a
    survey, if a child belongs to a family where females are mistreated then
    there is a much higher chance that he would harass females in future. A
    kid comes in contact with school teachers, classmates, household helps,
    shopkeepers and extended family members. Several cognitive skills of
    child is developed by observing the people around him. Baby tries to
    follow the manner in which people speak the dialect. He copies the
    accent . Morality of the society is imposed over the child. He/She gets
    to know that what is a good and bad behavior. There are more chances
    that a child would be a law abiding citizen in future if he sees local
    people doing the same. If a child observes that no one follows traffic
    rule then there is a high chance that he would break to traffic rules in
    future. Similarly, his economical perspective is also shaped by the
    surrounding. Do the people around him believe in lavish lifestyle or
    they believe in saving for future by compromising the present? Such
    aspects outline about how the child would spend his money in future.
    Further, his political views are also shaped by surrounding. Several
    voting pattern analysis has shown that certain areas constantly vote for
    the same political party. This is possible only if generation after
    generation follows the same political ideology. Thus, there is no doubt
    that the role of surrounding is very critical in holistic growth of

    However, with changing time the meaning and expanse of “village” has
    changed. With increasing globalization, the impact of activities
    happening in other part of the world is also impacting the child. Now
    with rapid growth of telecommunication, the child is in contact with
    much more people as it used to be earlier. Social media platforms have
    brought the child in contact with different lifestyle. Cosmopolitan
    culture has broken the ties with immediate vicinity and has established
    it with distant world. The impact of local surrounding has reached its
    minima in present time. There are more chances that child would follow
    that behavior which he observes on television shows and on internet
    world rather then that which happens in his locality. Growing use of
    American English, fast foods and sporting interest of child are more in
    line with that of global trend rather then local following. Further,
    moral and ethical set of child is not in conformity with the immediate
    society to which he belongs again thanks to increasing globalisation. It
    is not that earlier all child belonging to same society used to have
    similar kind of taste, manner and belief system but no doubt the
    deviation in present time has increased.

    Despite these facts, it would be an injustice, if we ignore the role of
    local surrounding in child’s growth. Although, children may show
    variable interest which are not in line with local set up but their
    basic nature is still largely developed by the local people with whom
    they have physical interaction. Still, the social, economic, political,
    environmental views of a child is in very much similar to those which is
    in trend in the society which he belongs to. Villagers of knight is not
    expected to produce only warriors. However, the chances of finding a
    coward is surely less then other places. Thus, if we need to improve our
    future, our upcoming generation, we must set example for our little
    ones as it takes the whole village to raise the child.

  • Amit singh

    It takes a whole village to raise a child.

  • Satyaniveshi

    Summer Vacations have started, Ram along with his friends Rahim, Mala and Chintu ( a dalit kid with no formal name) has entered into the mango gardens of Ramesh Chacha as usual. Ramesh Chacha has been taking care of these gardens, which is owned by his master Anthony, who has shifted from the village to a nearby town with his family decades ago.

    Ram`s destiny to become the head priest of village was sealed, the day he was born as first boy into the family of village priest. He is given special attention and never allowed to seat with Mala or Rahim in school, who have become his special friends, since they have lot of fun playing alongside the river in evenings after school is over.Mala is the daughter of school`s peon, who sometimes come to school to help his father, and at times on mercy of teachers sit behind the classroom, taking care that none of the other students can see her, where as in absence of Madarsa, Rahim`s father has sent him to local school, and since his father is influential in that area, his son has been allowed to attend school. And Chintu, he is that kid, who just listens to the other kids and their stories at school, without being able to contribute.

    Today was a different day, the 4 kids of this story had no idea that Ram`s mother was going to be inside the garden before they entered the fields. All the 4 kids were repeatedly told by all the villagers that they did not belong to same community, they have been raised to believe they were all different, and should act accordingly. The families, schools, relatives, neighbours had reiterated the difference. So, when Ram`s mother scolds him and tells him to get away from those kids, he is shocked as he never expected the same behavior from his mother. He asks her , why are they different? which pertains us to think, is it ,that in the quest of raising the child to undertake a role for functioning of society, we are missing something? What is this something?

    The village takes economic care providing food, water, shelter to its members; village as a whole defines the norms and values depending on which individual actors should perform. And such norms are re iterated again and again till they become customs and traditions. But, does the village, or a society also take care of changing needs, or is it able to satisfy the zeal of its new members and act according to changing circumstances?
    Proper functioning of society requires proper functioning of different social institutions involved like family, kinship, school, religion, and their importance can not be denied fully. But, the institutions should be flexible to absorb new ideas for a smooth change, because it is the people (child after growing up) who make society, rather than the other way round.

    In this context, Mahatma Gandhi and B.R. Ambedkar`s contributions should be remembered. One of them was raised to believe that Britishers are here to rule Indians and he should help to strengthen the British empire through his contribution. His later acts were deemed to be that of anarchists, one who wants to destroy social order. And the other was born to serve the other members of his society while receiving-ill treatment from them.Both of them, showed that it is not the village who raises the child always, but good children are alsi necessary for upliftment of villages. Achieving India`s independence and granting her citizen right to equality and right against exploitation, could not be achieved if it was not for these two great leaders.

    In Independent India also, if we look at mother India as a village, then judiciary, legislature, executive, policing, tribunals etc. can be seen as parts which ensure its proper functioning. So, the question is how shall India(village) treat her citizens and how shall her citizen help to make her institutions stronger, and then herself stronger. And this in turn, takes us to examples of government`s welfare policies provided to improve or make lives of the underprivileged better to bring them to mainstream. But, in this process we should also take care that while trying to mainstream people, are we exploiting them in some ways. Atrocities against tribals in some part of India, can be seen in this light. And, repurcurssions in moderate form like Narmada Bachao Andolan and in extreme form as naxalism are good example for the trouble arising during raising some communities(children) by the Village( India).

    The role of entire village,community or nation to raise a new or deprived member (child) is unquestioned for. But, the way this process takes place should always be a 2- way process, where the child`s demands, identity and necessities are also taken care of by other recognised member of the village(or society, or nation).

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