Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 15: Cleanliness is next to Godliness

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 15


10 April  2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

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  • aashish 2000

    Amit, an employer in a private organisation, wake up and took bath and dressed nicely on the sunday morning. He makes himself ready to attend the UPSC interview. He is Self control and waiting with patience for his turn. The biggest moment has come and answered the questions as planned and left the room obediently. On his way back to home, he met niece and started taking questions from her. The first question she asked is, Is it mandatory to be in formal for interview? Is it compulsory to be shaved and look decent? He remembered his childhood where he learnt lesson from his father as Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

    While he was at age of 10, he used to be lazy and skip the daily baths and cleaning his room. His dad observed this behavior and told him the positives and negatives of being clean by saying See my son, Being clean physically and mentally is vital for an individual to harness the will and to become prosperous. Since from centuries we used to take bath before praying to god. It was cultivated in our genes, being clean is essential before praying. It is practiced because Cleanliness shows the presence of God. By cleaning, we can protect ourselves from disease causing germs and by cleaning our brain imbibes fresh thoughts which are good to society.

    Subsequently, Cleanliness is needed to improve the economic status. When the production unit is clean and tidy, there is continutiy in the production with healthy employees. Healthy employees decreases the leaves and lead to optimisation. If you want to become rich, you must be clean mentally and encourage healthy ideas, lead to good of mankind. People who does it are next to Godliness, Godliness means pure and clean. Individuals who are pure and clean physically and mentally promotes happiness and build their character which is next to Godliness.

    Further, the social status of an individual depends upon the character he builds in the society. The character building depends upon his attitudes. The framing of attitudes is based on the habits. Good Habits generated by Cleanliness. When an individual succed in maintaining Cleanliness, he maintains good social relationships. To make you understand, when an individual who is untidy and smells bad never made good relationships and stuck with bad thoughts. Remember My son, Good outfit with healthy mindset is necessary if you want to live with the society.

    Altogether, he remebered all these things clicked for few seconds and started answering to his niece. Good outfit and Cleaned face refreshed the brain with positive ideas and shows the Confidence of an individual. Being Clean is needed not only for an interview, it is a need for an individual to be successful economically and socially. When an individual is Clean, mentally and physically they are imbibed with positive thoughts. Positive thoughts are the symbol of happiness. The presence of happiness symbolises Godliness.

    As a matter of fact, if an individual being unclean develops Laziness. Laziness promotes procastination. Procastination results in negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are not good for an individual to develop. For example, the program you participated in your school Swachh Bharat initiative is a part of Cleanliness program. When our country is Clean, it increases the immunity of the people. Increased immunity decreases health expenditure and promotes healthy environment. Healthy environment promotes fresh thoughts which further promotes purity of mind. The purity is nothing but Godliness. So, India will be next to Godliness when we make this initiative as a habit in everyones day to day life.

    Infact, you might be aware from your history books, Our national leaders and social reformers like Mahatma Gandhi promoted the Cleanliness is as needed as Swaraj. Mahatma Gandhi also stated, Swaraj without Cleanliness is like Country with no growth. Cleanliness is not only important for an individual it also needed for the country to be successful. You might be aware by watching movies, foreign countries roads are as neat as their houses. This symbolises not only prestige but also the healthy citizens of the country.

    Likewise, India also needed to expand the investment on the Cleanliness and each and every individual must practice and promote this behavior. But, Why India is not Clean like other Countries? As a matter of fact, Cleanliness not only depends upon the roads it involves various subjects like environment, water, sanitation etc. As like India, foreign countries also facing various problem relates to Cleanliness such as epidemics. But most of the West countries are developed and equipped with certain technology and funds to mitigate the problem. Being a developing nation, India, stumbles with funds allocation and utilisation along with lack of technology.
    As a result, Indian government, formed various boards such as National Green Tribunal, CAMPA , National Mission Directorate and Levy various cess like Environment Cess, Swachh Bharat Cess to accumulate the funds to develop and import requisite technologies and support from the citizens. These funds and technology availability make it easier for India to develop on the lines of developed nations in the matter of Cleanliness.

    To contrast with developed nations, their population is expanding at lower rates when it compared to India. India is a way forward from the countries when Cleanliness measures on the lines of population. With rapidly growing population it is quite difficult for a country to showcast the result on immediate basis. Cleanliness is an immediate act and prior importance of an individual, all these healthy individuals together make India as a Clean nation in the world. Now, I understood, Cleanliness is most important for any individual, When individual are clean they are next to Godliness by promoting pure and happy environment.

    Good, you findout the reasons behind my attire. Now, we do practice this and promote this within our social groups to make India more prosperous and Cleanest Nation in the World.

    • aashish 2000

      Please review Friends…

    • ajay

      nice writing gud story gud no of aspects covered ,national cleanliness focused also but i don’t know if mentioning schemes and institutions set up by govt in essay is appropriate and coreect i may be wrong pls review mien

    • Rohit Kulkarni

      Good try but you need to focus on broad perspectives. You mainly concentrated on individual cleanliness. Since its a vast topic which covers internal and external. Some points like open defecation, swatch bharth could add weight. Also some introspection needed for statement expression. You compare it with some hindu editorial and see the quality of words used.

      Finally good one.

      please also review mine critics welcomed. 🙂

    • Ram

      bhai it was nice effort
      included a lot of issues
      a big essay
      u deserve good marks
      plz review mine

    • Rishi

      The hook used was of satisfactory level(not good not bad). Some of the points were repetitive, also implying that structuring of your views and arguments could have been better.
      Could have countered opposite views too – “God is everywhere” Then why does Gandhiji took such view. Personal view – Cleanliness is more a matter of practice rather than a matter of perception. Your attitude should be clean and to uphold cleanliness. Else you will clean you home but pollute public places.(garbage waste management etc) Also on similar lines people say helping others is equivalent to serving god. Why this concept of god is evoked every time? Can cleanliness be end in itself. Why Gandhiji attached godliness with it.

      I was just trying to explore other dimensions. What was discussed in your essay was good. But they were more from consequential perspective. [Personal Thought – Feel free to override.]

  • Rohit Kulkarni

    “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

    Indian culture teaches that everything in world that is material, immaterial things, living beings are the representatives of God. So even keeping our surrounding along with our home is part of worship to God. “When there is both Inner and outer cleanliness, it approaches to godliness” Gandhiji.

    History provides ample evidence of the importance given to cleanliness right from Indus valley civilization by the way of construction of closed drainage system. The theme of taking bath as purity as purity signifies the importance cleanliness. Even great kings preached by cleaning there surroundings during events like Mysore king. Gandhiji used to clean his surrounding during past time.

    Geographically per capita land is shrinking which makes urgent need to better utilise land without littering it. Landfills, drainage basins take much place. So minimum utilisation and maximum affectivity of resources be our aim. Many rivers like Yamuna, Ganga are being polluted by unwanted dumping of waste which directly affects us for drinking water etc.

    Healthy environments keeps us away from diseases. Many like flu ,cholera, dengue, typhoidetc effect our health. More than 95% child mortality is caused mainly due to infections caused due to uncleanliness and major is Diarrhea. India having good fertility rate 2.3 can explore our future generation for nation building only if it effectively controls these diseases.

    A healthy mind is a wealthy mind. Looking at our demographic devident it is our responsibility to provide healthy environment to wealth our nation.Reports show that poor shells nearly 40% of his income on hospitals which if avoided could be used for his wellbeing.

    Since cleaning our environment helps nation building it’s a kind of Nation service. Programs like “Swatch Bharath”, “Clean India Drive” provides a strong base to build sympathy and empathy to fellow citizens by shows the pitiable situation in which poor lives. Also inculcates morals in the mind of others.

    Recent incidents like Chennai floods provides us that un-handled waste can also create disasters. Throwing waste on roads, lakes, or in drainage can block th easy flow of water. This blockage can be over flooded by water during floods. It’s a routine scenario in all metros during rainy seasons . blockages in drainages lead to flow of water on roads which effects free traffic flow, contamination of water, unhealthy environments.

    Let us see how can we achieve a healthy place to live.

    Cleanliness is related to every individual so it should be handled at ground level. To achieve this Local urban bodies, Panchayats need to be involved for effective monitoring. Efficient fund devolution to them for effectiveness. Community participation by selecting any day in a week to clean our villages should be encouraged. Community participation also increases solidarity among people and provides a place to discuss other problems.New schemes like swatch bharath also increases employment at local level.

    Govt should also make regulations for 100% collection of waste Karnataka model in Mysore can be used by providing solid waste management to private players(Income is provided on the amount of waste collected). Recent initiatives to compulsory use of Municipal solid waste at least to 10% in fertiliser industry is encouraged. The present national average is less than half.

    Awareness campaigns to separate dry waste to wet waste to provide efficient re-utilisation, fine to people who litter surrounding, also awarding citizens who take initiatives for cleaning their communities. Special fund devolution to villages on the basis of amount of toilet’s constructed be provided. Special responsibility on Sarpanch and village heads to ensure 100% toilets for each house and reduction of open defecation.

    There is also need for change in attitude as making open defecation immoral and against culture. Involvement of religious heads can be encouraged at this point. Also the attitude of “Not in my backyard” should be changed. Lessons on cleanliness to be instituted at every stage even in graduation making it moral responsibility of every citizen.

    Fundamental duties to be amended making it compulsory duty keeping nation clean. As Gandhi said “There enough for need but not for greed” we should utilise nature and resources effectively so that we do not increase the waste. With the increase in cities there is also increase In slums. Effective management of slums should be every ones responsibility where slums reside just beside the rich colony. Temporary toilets, incentives to slum people on any day in a week to take care of their own slum(as most are daily wage earners) to be increased to keep city clean.

    Govt should also take care of population control measures as population is directly proportional to waste production. India having 382 person/Km is pathetic situation with Delhi and nearly all metros with more than 12000 person/km being worst to handle.

    S&T to be explored to develop mobile app’s to inform municipalities about the dirt at some location’s by sending images, also dustbin locators, toilet locators in cities to be encouraged.

    Best practices from cities like Calgary (Canada, worlds cleanest city) which works on 5 steps: Sewage System Quality, Water Drinkability and Availability, Waste Removal and Recycling, Traffic Congestion, and Air Pollution need to be given priority. Steps to seriously stop using plastics be implemented.

    As the great saying goes that “you can bring a horse to a river to drink but you cannot make it to drink”. Its same that it should be the initiative from every individual to think his nation and mother earth as his home and keep his home clean.

    • pranay rajput

      well u have written a nice essay…can u tell me how much time it took to write… have a good day

      • Hey Pranay, kindly review my essay 🙂

      • Rohit Kulkarni

        I generally take 1.5 hours. Today i took 2 hrs since im on vacation and wrote watching movie:)

      • sankar

        rvw mine frnds.plz

    • Ram

      godliness remained untouched
      however, cleanliness discussed in a most apt manner
      u tried to touch sundries of issues
      a nice effort over all
      plz review mine

    • aashish 2000

      Good attempt… You can cover on how importance the cleanliness a bit more than solutions… and linking of cleanliness with godliness makes the essay better…..Keep writing…

    • Newgeneration

      Nice essay frd
      Flow is gud but can be made nice
      I think you should write in between the essay regarding the support of proverb…….you write only once ……should elaborate the meaning of proverb nicely
      Horse….is very gud but alongwith this prove the proverb
      Examples are very gud
      If u hv time n energy……review mine

    • Hello Coolkarni bro, my views:
      – Intro directly dictated your perspective of Godliness and helped me in connecting with your ideas
      – structure of the essay is clear but flow is not present. Every para is isolated and no effort has been made to establish a linkage
      – I feel suggestions could have been condensed and other dimensions like why we don’t see cleanliness could have been introduced
      Overall, there is nothing much for me to point out. However, this is not the way you usually write essay. Need improvement 🙂

  • Eco-friendly

    Cleanliness is next to godliness is a famous proverb which means to keep yourself and surroundings clean is similar to Godliness. Because it is prerequisite for spiritual growth. Cleanliness is an essential virtue for a healthy growth. People should keep themselves clean and bright to maintain their healthy life style and healthy living. Emphasizing on cleanliness Gandhiji said that your lavatory must be as clean as your drawing room. And government on 2nd October 2014 has launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to promote cleanliness on lines of Gandhiji’s message.

    Cleanliness is essential for a healthy body. If we take bath every day, then dirt cannot choke pores of the skin. These pores are essential for perspiration. Washing hands before eating, hygienic sanitation etc can reduce the scope of communicable diseases significantly. Swachh bharat abhiyan rural which aims to achieve 100% open defecation free villages through building of personal, and community toilets, promoting habit of washing of hands before eating in school children are the programs in this direction. A clean person has stronger immune system than a dirty person, hence caught lesser number of diseases, so maintains healthy body. It is said that for a healthy mind, a healthy body is a prerequisite. And being clean is first step in that direction.

    Clean and green environment is necessary for healthy population. Without clean environment we cannot aspire for healthy growth. If we ourself are clean but surroundings are dirty then somehow we will be in contact with germs and become ill. To keep our environment clean is necessary as well as our responsibility. If our dumping of waste activity is not proper, if our public places like bus stand, railway station, schools, colleges, govt. offices are not clean then how can we leverage our demographic dividend. Hence Govt. initiative of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is very important. A step by Environment ministry to make solid waste management rules is in similar direction.

    Cleanliness is also regarded as the sign of spiritual growth and purity. In ancient and present times too we have provsion of ‘shahi snans’ and ritual bathing. All these things are nothing but activities to promote cleanliness. Our religious texts also talks about cleanliness. In ancient civilization too we have covered drainage system and ‘great bath’ which promotes cleanliness. Even today whenever we visit religious places we take bath before it. Cleanliness of body leads to purity of mind, which elevates our moral and spiritual life, and at last brings us nearer to God. Hence Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

    India has become the fastest growing major economy but if we do not care for our health and environment, if we do not make cleanliness in our habit then this achievement will be of no use. Unhealthy practices reduces our work force capacity, increase our health expenditure and degrades our natural resources like water bodies and soil (through improper solid waste management). As most of the health expenditure is done through out of pocket, it is one of the main cause of people being caught in poverty trap. The gap between the rich and poor will widen if healthy practices are not followed. If our environment is not clean then our tourist places (in which India is blessed with) will also get bad name, and ultimately lead to lesser tourist coming and lakhs of youth become unemployed.

    In this globalized world when everyone is connected with each other, communicable disease like Ebola, bird-flu, swine flu, etc are on rise. India too suffers from Diarrhea, swine flu, etc, so being clean has become necessity because all these diseases can be avoided by following healthy ways of living. Specially in India females have to follow it strictly because not only she cooks food for the family but also takes care of infants and elderly.

    Cleanliness being so much important in one’s life hence something should be done to promote it. Govt. efforts must be combined with every individual’s effort. If govt. is making infrastructure like separate toilets in schools, community toilets then we must utilize them and take care of its maintenance via community participation. People must become habitual to use toilets rather than going for open defecation. Here girls are playing very important role because toilet is not only a question of hygiene but it is also a question of their security. Girls denying marriage to a person not having toilet should be highlighted and promoted via radio, T.V., newspaper, and can be given incentive for this.

    In urban and rural areas people used to eat tobacco and spit here and there on road should be fined. People around must persuade such people not to do these activities. Public toilets must be built around public places so that people must not urinate in public and keeps environment clean. Proper waste disposal mechanism should be adopted. Waste must be thrown in dustbins which should be placed in sufficient numbers in public places. Govt. Solid waste disposal rules must be followed strictly. Govt has already started Ujjwala yojna to promote healthy cooking practices. Swachh bharat cess and coal tax to fund green energy and reduce carbon emissions. Ministry of Railways has come up with bio-toilets to promote healthy environment to people living near railway lines and Ministry of Road has set aside 1% of the total project cost to plant trees alongside roads so as to promote greenery and clean air. All these steps must be promoted by people too because it is ultimately people who will suffer.

    With expanding population, increasing needs and limited natural resource base, we must utilize our resources efficiently and promote sustainability. GoI’s program for Namami Gange to clean river Ganga, Jwaharlal Nehru National Solar mission and ISA to promote solar energy and reducing carbon dioxide emission are the steps to reduce pollution and promote green and clean environment. Rules for industrial waste management and emission standards for factory liquid waste should be strictly followed. Community participation in cleaning rivers and water bodies are immense. Various religious guru’s must come forward to save natural resources from being exploited.

    With the fast changing life style, mental pressure and improper food habits have taken place. We are in so much hurry and under pressure that we do not take balance diet and eat too much junk food. Exercise, yoga and meditation must be done for proper mental growth and better concentration. From last year India along with other nations is celebrating International Yoga day to promote sound health and healthy mind. Cleanliness not only of body but also of mind and soul is important.

    Cleanliness is not only helpful in terms of economy but also socially and morally a positive activity. Considering the importance of cleanliness it has been compared with Godliness. God has made our Earth so beautiful and clean, so we should strive to keep it clean. We are the custodian of our health and environment, it is our duty to be clean i.e. a step towards godliness.

    • Ravindra Chavan

      Very nicely framed…Keep it up friend…
      Pls suggest me how can I able to wright in this way…am fearing and said every time will start next time…n next…how can I start to framed ideas…

      • Hi, Please review my essay too 🙂

      • Eco-friendly

        I am also new one here. U have to write essay only then u can improve. Try to think of as many aspects as possible, specially contemporary part because it is easy to recall and write. Also those issues were new and examiner will not have to do extra effort in recalling them. Just make it a commitment that u have to write one come what may.

        All the best.

    • p310

      Awesome content. Several dimensions have been incorporated. Great. However, flow of the essay can be improved(this is side effect of multi dimensional write up). great job.
      Please review mine

    • Ram

      Emphasizing on cleanliness Gandhiji said that your lavatory must be as clean as your drawing room??? gandhiji said??
      however, u have nicely discussed govt schemes in line with the cleanliness and hygiene.
      nice effort over all
      u have been improving incrementally
      plz review mine

    • Bro really nice! I liked Gandhi ji’s part 🙂
      I like your essays because of the length of the paras! Not unnecessarily stretching 🙂 🙂
      Flow could have been better I feel..conclusion was not upto the mark 🙂 kindly review mine thank you

      • Eco-friendly

        Thanks a lot yr….:)

    • Newgeneration

      Hello frd
      Nice essay….
      Proverb means cleanliness is more important to godliness…check out urself….
      Still very nicely written
      Took lot of examples……
      Flow is also gud
      Overall nice essay just interperate essay correctly to some points
      If u hv time n energy……review mine

    • Shaktimaan

      helo eco!!
      sahii h different perspective h nice!!!
      this is more about cleanliness >>> godliness ka tinch km aara h>> mtbl contineous ni h:):):)
      but u realy covr very vast areas >>> impressive han >>>cooooool!!
      con thoda better sa ho skta …………..qki general sa lg rha ………..yeha thodi creativity dikha skte ho:):)
      overall good one buddy………….thank u:):):)

    • Rashmirathi

      hey ecofriendly , aaj toh bilkul tumahare naam pe apt baithta hai essay 😀

      i loved your examples, lots of dimensions have been covered. only pointers :

      1. swatch bharat abhiyan baar baar mention kiya hua hai, his should be avaoided, makes the examiner feel that you lack content
      2. mental cleanliness, that is inculcating morality and ethics in ourselves, this dimension should also have been touched upon.
      3. introduction should be made more interesting

      overall good writeup 🙂 keep writing

      please review mine

      • Ram

        hey plz review mine

      • CSE2016 aspirant


    • Hello brother from Uttrakhand 🙂
      Long time, no see? how are you?
      Eco, you mentioned Swach Bharat three times in first three paragraphs! Kiisi word ko jitna use karoge, to wo usi way me oriented ho jaega!! all now this is linking to Swach bharat! i hope u get me here? 🙂
      When u say ki our religion texts talks about cleanliness, prove it! give a quote or two.
      Again there is repitition in community toilets and then in next para, you emphasized again on toilets! isi side thoda focus ja rha hai!
      last two paras are really good!
      one more thing, i didnt find any connection with Godliness part? I think you were more oriented on that cleanliness part, as you very highly elaborated Swach bharat initially and later were lost somewhere when Godliness part came! But you used GS part well!!
      connectivity was also good, bus thoda Godliness part par work!! Rest all good bhai! 🙂
      And you don’t have to ask me for review! Whenever i write, i always review your essays!
      All the best Champ 🙂

      • Eco-friendly

        I am fine dear. Haan bich me thoda discontinue ho gya tha. But i will keep writing atleast 2 questions daily.

        Agreed to all your points.
        I really give godliness part a miss. Aapka aur Shaktiman ka essay padh kar i feel that. Also I got some points too.

        All the best to u too…:)

        • your essay was good! much better than me in content!! Keep writing bhai 🙂

    • CSE2016 aspirant

      I liked your essay . Very relevant points.
      You could have written somewhat more (1 para on internal cleanliness )
      Examples – very good 🙂
      I think it is the best essay read by me today
      Keep writing.
      Overall , Very good

      • Eco-friendly

        Thank u Virat bhai…..Will try not to miss any aspect next time…..:)
        All the best bhai…..:)

    • Eco friendly bhai. I read your essay twice. I coudn’t find flaws.
      It has very good content.. Diverse examples and very good language and flow..simplicity at its best!
      Keep it up 🙂
      I see your optional is sociology..
      Thoda maarg darshan kijiye kya strategy hai aapki socio k liye..
      Thanks 🙂

      • Eco-friendly

        Thank u for ur kind words and review….:)
        I am too a beginner here. Presently I am focusing on notes (of coaching) + referring to old question papers. If time permits then will see standard books like haralombos Anthony Giddens. Lastly will see BA material and some case studies of MA.
        What is ur approach?

        • consider me sailing in the same boat.. 😛
          only reading notes as of now..later I will see.. I know people who cleared mains only on the basis of notes
          notes Mohapatra Sir ? and did you attend any classes ?

          • Eco-friendly

            No actually I attended Dharmendra’s Sociology classes.
            Heard much about Mahopatra but I took Dharmendra. I even do not have Mahopatra notes. And after those classes I just loved Socio.

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      Very nice essay, especially last 3 paragraphs where you have given several suggestions and solutions on how to keep our surroundings and ourselves clean.

      You can include the critical approach by including few points where people are helpless to keep their environment clean. Say for example non-availability of sufficient water, no regulation on polluting industries, lack of funds to construct toilets – (people who don’t even have house to live, how can they think of toilets etc.)

      Marks – 80/125

      • Eco-friendly

        Thank u sir. Last time i got 60 now 80. Will work hard to get 80+….:)

  • vkdglobetrotter

    We all practise one or other religion. The ultimate path of every religion imbibes Godliness which is about being pious. It has been said that Godliness can be achieved through cleanliness. One of the strongest proponent of this idea was our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji said that Cleanliness is next to godliness. They are two sides of same coin. One cannot be pious if he is not clean and hygienic .

    The harmonic relation between cleanliness and Godliness has been part of Indian philosophy since ancient times. The practice of ritual bathing, covered drainage system was a phenomenon during Harappan civilisation itself. Great Bath in Mohenjodaro is a living testimony to it. The practices are carried forward to this day in form of ritual bathing during Kumbh ,mahapurushkam and in Golden temple as well. The spiritual purity and mental hygiene is also central to art of Yoga with its various asanas like Surya Namaskar which have got universal acceptance with World Yoga day celebrated on 21st june of every year since 2015. The relationship is also imbibed in our constitutional values which provides directives and rights to have godliness(freedom to practice and profess one’s religion) and cleanliness(right to clean air, environement).

    This virtuous relationship has a clear logic. The logic is that clean mind and body makes one think honest and straight. The person is more self-aware and an asset to the nation. He indulges himself in constructive works and tries to improve himself in turn making the world a better place. The lives of great men be it Buddha or Gandhi enthuses this relationship.

    But as noise gets into the transmitting media, some uncleanliness has been misunderstood and misinterpreted as way to godliness. This is because narrow meaning of cleanliness has been adopted by some sections since ancient days. For example people who indulged in cleaning activities like sweepers, scavengers were considered unclean . they were not allowed to come in proximity to the so called clean who were on their quest to Godliness. And even their entire generations were put in the same unclean caste perpetuating inhuman depredations on them since then.

    Similar to these are practices of open defecation and manual scavenging which are particularly prevalent in prevalent in rural India because of unclean mindset.

    Also the little regard to cleanliness of surroundings is a peculiar practice among the pious and devout Indians who take that cleanliness only mean their personal cleanliness. Rivers, lakes, wetlands have become polluted and unclean in the eventualities of our cleanliness pursuit. Women and girls of some age groups have been branded as impure, unclean and so they cannot become pious and devout. They are not allowed to enter the Grabh griha to practice devotion. Sadly the courts which were to act to prevent such cases have themselves turned their back on them.

    But there is a silver lining. Government has launched a massive campaign to make India clean and through that pious through the swachh bharat abhiyan. The programme is scheduled to complete on the 150th birth anniversary of our foremost cleanliness and godliness activist Gandhiji. Through the programme cities will be more clean, villages will be made more hygienic. Waste will be turned into electricity which will light the lives of people in remotest corners. It will also bring us manure which can be used to improve the well being of tired soil.

    In this programme the great contribution would be required of the dumb millions who can realise their true power guided by the teachings of their great father.

    • Ankit

      Beautifully written 🙂
      But I don’t think it is right to write that the courts have turned their back. Not sadly but gladly the courts are standing up to such practices. We must realize that courts function under a procedure. They can’t get emotions come underway when judging a case. They consider facts and then give judgements according to the laws. Bombay HC has been standing up for the women’s rights in the recent Shani temple case. So I feel you shouldn’t criticize the only institution standing up for fundamental rights when the administration and politicians are too scared to get into religious issues 🙂

      • vkdglobetrotter

        bhai though the bombay hc’s decision is commendable kochi hc gave entirely different verdict in a similar case. but i shouldnt have been that much critical. thanks for review

        • Ankit

          You must read the verdict of Kochi HC before criticizing. Tabhi maine bola judiciary ki limitations hoti hai. It was because of the legal restrictions that Kochi HC gave the decision and it was way back in 1992 I guess. Don’t remember the year correctly.

        • Ankit

          Please review my essay kuch samajh hi ni ara tha kya likhu 😛

          • vkdglobetrotter

            haan karta hun

      • Bhai, mera bhi dekh lo yar essay 😀

        • Ankit

          Dekhra hun bhai. Ap mera dekhlo. Zyada critical mat hona kuch alag si hi kahani likhdi hai maine 😛

          • bhai abi raat ko kar paunga. You know navratri season and now loud volume Kirtan has began in my neighborhood 😀

            • Ankit

              Noise pollution doesn’t lead to godliness :P:P

      • Akhil

        Brother humara bhi review kar do hum aapka karte hai

    • OK

      You wrote an essay on the link between God and Cleanliness.
      What if, the essay is demanding something else?
      Just like to Godliness, Cleanliness in itself is ambiguous. Neither you can define the Godliness in a fixed, rigid definition, nor the cleanliness. So Cleanliness is taking the next position to Godliness in our contemporary society.
      If you are interested in this perception, then look at my essay,

      • vkdglobetrotter

        sure bro

    • p310

      Nicely written 🙂
      Bit addition of some recent concept of River cleaning projects, solid waste management guidelines can be added to make it content wise valuable.
      Give side effects of this association ie God–cleanliness (such as caste discrimination etc)

      Please review mine

      • vkdglobetrotter

        ok brother

    • Ram

      nicely written
      included current social issues as well like yoga day and grabha griha
      ur start was very mature
      u deserve to get good marks
      however appear to have lost flow at the end
      conclusion not found
      plz review mine

    • Rashmirathi

      good attempt. the harappan civilization example was very unique and apt. my only pointers would be :
      1. introduction and conclusion need to be improved. conclusion must leave an impact
      2. lack of content
      3. mental cleanliness , ie good morals , purity of thought , should have been talked about to cover all dimensions.
      4. dumb millions !! refrain from using such language

      keep writing, all the best

      please review mine

      • vkdglobetrotter

        buddy thanks for such a detailed review

  • Arun

    Cleanliness has been the essential part of the human civilization which became even more important in the modern context.This is due to the increase in alteration in natural environment leading to increase in pollution level that directly impacts the individuals health and surrounding.Moreover,it has serious social and economic implication in the society particularly in highly stratified society like India.It is in this context,Mahatma Gandhi strongly advocated for cleanliness for social and economic transformation.Further,'”Swatch Bharat Abhiyan” is directly putting forth Gandhi’s dream of clean India by 2019.

    Thus,it is pertinent to understand the meaning and implication of cleanliness.Its forms and manifestation which is going to lead us to goodness or godliness.

    Cleanliness may be understood as purity mind and clarity of heart which is manifested in the act of goodness.Therefore cleanliness is the act which helps to maintain social order and mutual understanding.However,it is the environmental cleanliness which has become the debate of the day and this is the essential manifestation of the cleanliness of heart and mind.Therefore cleanliness of natural surrounding,environment including land,water,air etc along with social cleanliness where every individuals have equal opportunity and rights.Thus,it has severe social,economic and environmental implications.

    In this context,it would be pertinent to ask:What is the significance of the cleanliness? Why is there so much focus on cleanliness especially in India?

    The importance of cleanliness flows from the purity and clarity of mind.This is further manifested in the act which gives confidence and self respect.This is however,essential component of cleanliness of environment in which he is living.Thus,natural environment along with social environment becomes essential segments of overall cleanliness.

    This is clearly manifested in the form of aggressive campaign for taming environmental pollution at global level which is manifested in the form of Paris Conference.This is significant from the view that climate change has put the question mark over the existence of human race or even living species.

    In the Indian context,the campaign of natural and social environment such as NAMAMI GANGE and SWATCH BHARAT ABHIYAN has become the essential components of clean environment.Thus,cleanliness has huge social,economic,health and environmental consequences particularly in India.

    The most significant impact of clean hygiene and environment is on the health of individuals.This is even significant particularly due to large number of people under poverty who are directly impacted by pollution of air,water,land etc.This is manifested in the form of huge malnutrition and under nutrition and significant population is vulnerable to diseases like diarrhea,malaria etc.Further high IMR and MMR adds to the vulnerability given the shaky health care structure.The Human Development Index of 130 among 188 countries clearly manifest the India concern.

    The health of an individual has direct consequences on the economic status of the people.This is due to significant percentage of income goes to health expenditure.This further has implication economic earning capacity and labor force participation which impacts the economic growth of the nation.

    It is in this context,the highly stratified society on the basis of caste,religion,sex etc further adds to the social malaise.This is manifested in the form of assigning lowly job to the particular section leading to discrimination and denial of human and civic rights.The economic,health and social status of the section of society such as ST/SC and backward classes shows its manifestation.Thus social and environmental pollution has hugely impacted them.Further,most affected has been the women,children and old age from vulnerable communities.

    Further,the victim of environmental pollution is not just limited to particular section but has implication on all the people.The increase level of pollution,increasing emission,poorly maintained civic amenities leading to increase chance of spread of disease such as dengue,malaria etc.Further non communicable diseases such as cardio vascular disease has been increasing in recent times.

    Further overall economic consequences in terms of foreign investment,tourism,technological up gradation and project of globalization are the victims of poor cleanliness.Thus it has impact on over all growth of the society.

    In this context,it is essential to provide solution to the growing pollution level in order to make environment safe and hygiene.However,there are several challenges which stands on the way.

    The most crucial part being the sustain economic support for the schemes such as Swatch,Bharat Abhiyan,Smart Cities,AMRUT scheme and transformation of rural India such as RURBAN Mission.Further economic support would needs aggressive political enforcement and role of leadership at the top of the helm.

    Moreover implementation at the ground level with transparency,accountability would require efficient and effective administration.This would require strengthening of local government such as GRAM Panchayats and Municipalities.

    However,most crucial part would be changing the mindset of the people and establishing sense of hygiene along with breaking down the notion of pollution and poverty.This would require sustain awareness about the significance of cleanliness.This particularly becomes challenging given the diverse nation which numerous regional differences.

    In this context,it would be important to emphasize the way out to the issue.This would require comprehensive understanding and aggressive role of different sections of the society.

    The Gram Panchayats and Municipalities may be strengthened with sustain economic support along with functionaries.The role of civil societies,NGOs and student community would be crucial.Further sustain and aggressive information dissemination and awareness creation through use of ICT becomes essential.Moreover,the political leadership at the top and at state levels could disseminate the requirement along with engagement of important personality from various fields to impart the significance of cleanliness.The adoption of technology and its innovation to solve the issue would require intense engagement with technological giants in the form of CSR support.Further premier institutes such as IIT and NITs may be engaged.Further intelligent transport system many adopted.

    With the aggressive posturing and campaign from top political leadership including PM along with young and creative minds looking for transformation of India,the cleanliness would surely be achieved.This is further added up by enlightened citizens wit role of various NGOs.Thus the people of India has recognized the importance of “Cleanliness if next to Godliness.”

    • Ram

      a nice essay
      touched various issues
      godliness remained untouched
      a nice effort to fetch good marks
      plz review mine

      • Arun

        Thank You Ram 🙂 ..Yes godliness part I missed out.I wish I could have written better.

    • Sonia mehra

      Dear Arun,
      The essay is a mixture of polity and conservation section in GS-3. I feel there was a need to bring something like philosophy.
      You should have talked about inner cleanliness as well. That means cleanliness about thoughts.
      The essay also lacked structure. You could spend 5 minutes before writing your essay, on the structure.

      Thank you and all the best..

      • Arun

        Thank you Sonia.I surely will try to do better next time.Actually I weak in philosophical part.Help me out if you have time ..Thank you again.:)

        • Sonia mehra

          You don’t need to do something you dont know, you can always use your creativity to get around your weakness.

          As far as religion or philosophy is concerned, you could get over once you prepare art and culture


          • Arun

            Thank You Sonia.

  • Nivedita Singh

    Please review friends…..

    • Hey! I’ve posted my essay
      Kindly review it
      I’ll review yours 🙂

  • ajay

    cleanilness is next to godliness is a proverb which signifies the importance of having clean and tidy habits in life. maintaining cleanliness is the next most imp thing after worshipping god.whether it is personal,professional,social or economic spheres of life being clean affects them all in a positive way.hence there is a need to examine it in a more detailed and succint manner

    maintaining cleanliness of body helps us to clean our mind,thoughts and actions from negative helps us remain positive and optimistic in the most difficult increases one’s confidence and makes him bold and agile.e.g – an officer who remains clean and tidy infuses a sense of positive energy in his day to day work imparting a sense of urgency and discipline.

    similarly maintaining clean habits cultivates the same among one’s co-workers,staff,friends and encourages them to be tidy personally and professionally.they are encouraged to adopt this trait and cultivate it brings appreciation from seniors,juniors,family and friends alike.

    cleanliness also helps in the spiritual growth of our body and mind.all religions preach its benefits so whether it is hindu,muslims,sikh or christian cultivating such habits become imperative in fact hinduism and christainity place special emphasis on cleanliness . people especially take holy bath in ganges and yamuna during religious festivals and in diwali,dusshera,chatt puja and teej people wear new clothes,clean their homes and repaint their walls adding symbolic and religious dimensions to cleanliness.infact godliness prescribes cleanliness as a vital trait here

    now as we see through the facets of cleanliness we can’t ignore its most imp benefit i.e -preservation of health.a clean and dirt free individual is free of diseases. he remains healthy and fit and develops stroger immunity against pathogens. he maintains good hygeine and sanitation warding off harmful effects of bacteria and this way he makes due contribution to the society and nation by contributing productively and positively.and as u can guess ,yes the next dimension is society and nation !

    a famous saying says that society and nation is what its citizens a healthy,clean and green nation cannot be build upon unhealthy,dirty and filthy people .therefore it is imperative for the people to keep themselves and their environment clean and this context the eg of our country is an aberration.we can see people literring,throwing waste and dirt,urinating,defecating and polluting our roads,railways and public places wherever and whenever possible. to them even the concept of cleanliness might seem alien but there is an urgent need to change their this context we need to learn from the scandinavian countries in the way their people conduct themselves in public places and practice good civic practices.

    now since the eg of scandiavian countries have been mentioned we can ponder again on why they are so developed in terms of human development and economic is because they a have a strong human capital and it goes without saying that it can only be possible if citizens are healthy,educated and this scenario the concept of cleanliness again comes to mind i.e to say that if people remain clean and hygeinic,they remain healthy and since they are healthy they contribute more to their economies than other nations .

    now if we go a step further we come to know about a deeper dimension to cleanliness.that is of the mind and soul.this dimension exemplifies that cleanliness of mind promotes honesty and integrity in work.a non corrupt and pious soul is the one who works with sincerity,dedication and commitment towards his work,life and its goals.he makes himself noticed among his peers and progresses in the right this context this dimension becomes even more imp in a country like ours because individual and systematic corruption at multiple levels is corroding our country in every way possible. here their is a need to root out this evil and that can’t be done without a clean mind and soul.

    similarly we cannot claim to be a clean nation if we don’t give due regard to our environment.the pressing problems are air,water,land and marine pollution .deforestation,improper disposal of wastes,sewage,industrial pollution,destruction of wetlands and coastal pollution among others are the order of the day and are adversely affecting the quality of our environment. if we want improvement in this dimension then we need to wake up to this problem and work at individual,societal,national and international level in a multipronged manner at the earliest.Then, only can we dream of clean,green and pollution free environment.

    As we have noticed the importance and relevance of cleanliness it would not be incorrect to compare it with fact cleanliness is as imp as worshipping god.we often pray to god to give his blessings to us to lead our life in a pleasant and happy manner.thus,cleanliness ensures that our life is healthy and happy and we enjoy it to the fullest

    • ajay

      pls review

    • Hi! Good one Ajay! Liked how you linked cleanliness with honesty and integrity. Please find time to read my essay 🙂

    • Purity like rain :)

      Essay is good covered many dimensions n yo the point n simple.
      Keep writing

      • ajay

        thanx purity for the review….

    • Ram

      nice essay
      all inclusive
      dealt with all issues
      however godliness appear to have less described
      plz review mine

  • Anit ifs

    The surroundings in which a human lives is a reflection of his inner mind. There is nothing wrong in living in dirt per se, but for some reason, all of the animals including humans have a tendency to clean out wherever they are sitting and only then claim the place as their own. Since we change our surrounding according to what we feel inside, cleanliness is a reflection of the nobleness inside of us.

    The reason to be clean is probably biological. Our unclean ancestors might have succumbed to the parasites, insects, snakes and all sorts of rodents which enjoy trash that they had made. Evolution then, might have already put in us the genetic propensity to turn out clean at all times. If we don’t, then that alarm in our genes would never let us stay comfortably on the mound of trash.

    Cleanliness gives us a certain joy, the odourless, chaos less pleasure of it is itself a reason to labour for it. There is a tranquility in our minds, a pureness in our thoughts. No wonder that the cleaner the neibourhood is, the less likely is crime to occur in it.

    Maintaining cleanliness however, as Indians are increasingly realising, is not an easy task. There are mountain loads of night soil that has to be transported from the urban areas into some sort of processor, that would extract the harmful gases, bacteria and toxins. The narrow lanes, archaic design and a general lack of funds has made this pre requisite for cleanliness impossible for many of our cities. The result is that the lakes, waterbodies, wetlands, empty lands have all been littered with wastes that we cannot get rid of. Urban areas with large indoor septic tanks leach the very water that the inhabitants drink, reducing cities to floating gardens of shit.

    Another bigger problem is not far from the corner. The primary mode of disposal of waste for most of the countries has been to simply dump it in the ocean. But since plastic and water don’t mix to well, micron sized plastic wastes have been floating in the oceans. The fishes are fooled into eating the plastic, as it accumulates through various biotic life forms, and then finally it reaches the top of the food chain to us, poisoning us. The Romans died of lead they said and the globals ( people of globalised world of 21st century) are dying of their own excesses.

    Perhaps the problem is in the disjunction of the human from nature, of civilised from the barbaric. We are no longer a part of the environment in which we live. Trying to actively modify the environment according to our inner ideal has meant expenditure of considerable energy and generation of waste. The wisdom of the centuries of people living in harmony with their surroundings, consuming the locally available materials etc. has been destroyed by the consumerist culture.

    Value of all things are now embedded in the monetary value of these things and therefore, as such there is no reason value the ecosystem that has sustained us since the beginning. Forests that removed pollution for us, mangroves that leached out dangerous chemicals from oceans, foliage that helped purify our water bodies and the varying animals that formed an intricate net to maintain all of this have been systematically eliminated by our desire to lead a “good” life. Cleanliness is now valued inside the confines of an air conditioned home.

    The commons easily escape our notice and are the places most polluted. A lady who is otherwise civil, would be seen dropping the most disgusting pile of her kitchenware on to the road from her third floor. If there is no one underneath, then the garbage would merely litter the streets. All this, so that her own house might be free of germs. The entire locality is in this way converted to dump. What is happening to the world is in some ways similar, for the best of our management is centred around merely keeping our cities clean and not the overall system in which the city is nested.

    The landfills sites around all of the cities of the world are some of the most toxic places on the planet. The godliness of the people does not extend to the places that are comfortably out of their sites. This way, while millions of good hearted citizens would never personally throw away their waste, their collective indifference means that their collective waste is slowly but surely piling up, to destroy the habitat in which we live.

    Cleanliness can be linked to godliness only when we start the drive to be clean from within. We are to be blamed for not only our explicit waste, but the implicit waste generated by our excessive consumption. Ways to lead a green life are needed to be really clean, ways to minimise our environmental impact is required to be really clean, ways to live in harmony with our environment is needed to be really clean.

    Are we ready for this cleanliness?

    Modi government started the swatch bharat abhiyaan with the motive of giving sanitation to Indian citizens. However, it was found that the uptake of the scheme wasn’t good. Even in areas where the toilets were constructed, there was low usage. The real reason is that the latrines are connected to outer septic tank and needs cleaning out. Who would do that in villages?

    Our cleanliness isn’t extended to social sphere, for we still consider cleaning the job of an untouchable. Since there is no untouchable in our democracy, no one cleans it. Similar sets of attitude have made the entire drive to clean India, a hypothetical programme, the outcome of which we await without really wanting to do it.

    What we need therefore is a technological breakthrough. Our waste should be carefully administered. On personal/city/state/national level, we need to segregate waste into organic/plastic/metal. The recycled waste would add greatly to efficiency of our economy, organic waste to fertilisers and recycled plastic can give us freedom from more litter.

    The night soil of cities and rural areas can be processed in bio tanks to give us electric power/fertiliser and compost. E-waste should be mandatorily recycled by authorised dealers and the law should be implemented strictly to collect waste by sellers. Ragpickers can be regularised by municipality and awareness campaigns launched to make this a reality. Employment, resources and cleanliness would be the immediate boons of such a choice.

    We can be clean if all of us want to do it, to clean the insides of our minds, the time has come to take this action now.

  • Sonia mehra

    In HINDUISM daily bath is like a ritual, and even a simple visit to the temple cannot be done if one has not bathed. One enters the puja room in his/her house only after a bath in clean clothes. Echchil is a concept exclusive to the Hindus. This concept calls for preserving the sanctity of prepared food. The plate used for eating shall not even touch the utensils which have prepared food, and cleansing of the hand at least briefly is needed before one touches those utensils. Beginning with the vedas and puranas down to the literature of the Sangam era, tirukkural and later writings of our yogis and siddha purushas, we can see repeated exhortation of the need to be not just clean in body but also clean – in thought, word and deed.

    For Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean, in ISLAM cleanliness is half belief. It will be wrong to reduce cleanliness to body cleanliness only. The cleanliness of the heart, honesty and high ethics are as important as body cleanliness. As a matter of fact, the worshipping of a person whose intention is not clean will not be sincere; therefore, it will not be accepted by Allah. Therefore, the cleanliness of the heart and the cleanliness of the body should come together in a Muslim; it should be known that if both of them are clean, a person will become a mature Muslim.

    As per Bible God’s people must be holy because God is holy,” “Holiness is similar to cleanliness. So, without any doubt every religion gives importance to GOD. But the next most important thing after God in almost every religion is Cleanliness.

    Cleanliness should not be seen from the narrow realm of physical cleanliness, but also spiritual cleanliness. The emphasis in almost all religion is cleanliness of the inner-self that is heart, mind and soul. As far as physical cleanliness is concerned, it is of two types. One which is related to human body and the other is related to environment, water, house, road and public places.

    The importance of cleanliness is not only substantiated by religion but also by science. The historical lesson on the significance of cleanliness has been learned after great human sacrifice. For thousands of years, plagues and pestilences have afflicted mankind. Some people assumed that these were a sign of the wrath of God and were sent to punish wrongdoers. Patient observation and painstaking research over many centuries have revealed that the culprits were often small creatures that live alongside us. Medical researchers discovered that rats, mice, cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes can all serve as hosts for transmitting disease. They also found that people often invite infectious diseases simply by a lack of hygiene. Cleanliness, it seems, can make the difference between life and death.

    Modernism witnessed cleanliness attaining significance owing to the development in the field of medical science, but during the phase of Post Modernism we are seeing a reversal of trend. One of the reasons for the reversal is consumerism and lack of civic sense, so today there are products in the form of deodorant and spray which could give you a perceived artificial freshness. There are car freshners which is shown to be giving freshness to the car even when it is not cleaned. There are films which encourage violence and unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking.

    Our country once had one of the world’s developed cities in the form of Indus valley civilization.There was sound water management and sewerage management existed there. But today’s India is under the burden of over 1.2 billion people who generate nearly 1.75 million tonnes of excreta daily. Only 1/3rd of the country is having a sewerage system, as per Census figures show that nearly 45.3 per cent of urban houses depend on on-site systems. A large part of the wastewater from these systems seeps into the soil. This may penetrate deep enough to pollute groundwater.If this is not properly disposed then it may create diseases like diarohhea, malnourishment etc

    Given the gravity of the problem the government’s focus on Swatch Bharat mission which focuses on covering 4,041 statutory cities and towns, to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country is encouraging. But the focus seems to be on constructing public toilets and toilets in every home. There is need to focus on disposing faecal sludge generated in Indian railways, connecting existing toilets with sewerage system and most importantly environmental pollution. As our environment also plays a role in shaping our thought process.

    Importance of cleanliness is prominently highlighted by Gandhiji who said “Sanitation is more important than independence”. He made cleanliness and sanitation an integral part of the Gandhian way of living. His dream was total sanitation for all. Cleanliness is most important for physical well-being and a healthy environment. It has bearing on public and personal hygiene. It is essential for everyone to learn about cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation and the various diseases that are caused due to poor hygienic conditions. The habits learnt at a young age get embedded into one’s personality. Even if we inculcate certain habits like washing hands before meals, regular brushing of teeth, and bathing from a young age, we are not bothered about cleanliness of public places then we are doing no good. Mahatma Gandhi said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

    Gandhiji used the word Harijan, for those who indulged in cleaning work. Harijan meant the son of Hari (God Vishnu), thus Gandhiji gave a near to godly status to Dalits. Moreover all the religions gave utmost importance to cleanliness. Hence claiming “Cleanliness next to Godliness” is apt.

    • CSE2016 aspirant

      Excellent essay 🙂 – I enjoyed reading it
      You could have given slightly solid conclusion – it would have become flawless 🙂
      You brought out religious (citing many religions) , scientific and then philosophical angle in your essay.
      Keep writing 🙂

      • Sonia mehra

        Thanks bro…

    • minaxi

      Hey Sonia nice effort..
      Few things, i would like to mention however I am not expert of Essays..
      1) You have mentioned three different religion in three different paragraph. SO by reading those paragraph.. i got a impression that you are talking about importance of cleanness in religions. But I think,, you must more focus on cleanness as religion.
      Is it only my confusion.. or you literally try to give philosophical turn to essay?
      Sanitation is more important than independence??? It is matter of interpretation. And i think examiner can counter it.
      Sorry dear.. I think you have caliber to write a better i just mentioned the areas I think need improvement.
      Have a good day.. 🙂

      • Sonia mehra

        Hy Minaxi,
        Thanks for such a wonderful review..
        1. Cleanliness as a religion= I never thought like this, it’s a new perspective for me-thanks.
        2. Philosophy= Any possible twist and turns towards philosophy is only incidental. Because I am very bad in it….
        3. Sanitation is more important than independence = this is statement given by gandhiji, the intention is only to highlight the importance..
        Thanks you dear.. good day to you as well…

        • CSE2016 aspirant

          Sanitation is more important than independence – she is quoting Gandhiji’s view on importance of cleanliness — which I think is fine to bring out the importance of cleanliness.
          Related to religion – I would say she should have written all the three religion’s outlook in one para. And she should have tweaked introduction a bit – try to give some better intro and then the second para could have been religious perspective.
          cleanness as religion waala topic can be included next.
          And then scientific outlook and philosophy .

      • vkdglobetrotter

        ma’am review mine if u have time

    • OK

      Good Attempt.
      Though, your ideas are more human centric rather environmental centric. You denounced rats and mouses as an agent of uncleanliness. Which is debatable. Overall, a good attempt.
      You linked cleanliness directly with the godliness. But, try to understand the recent development in the society. Then you will understand that, the meaning of this essay is not behind the literal meaning. But, it;s deep. For me it’s more satirical, if you are convinced then you can look at mine.

    • p310

      Great read. Superb intro. Nice use of quotes through out the essay. Could be improved in content wise (river cleaning projects, solid waste mngmt rules). Side effect of hyphenating cleanliness and godliness.
      Great vocab.

    • p310

      please review mine

    • Arun

      I enjoyed reading your essay and yes I would say flow is nice and I admire.
      However few observation which may be wrong but its my opinion:
      1.Religious perspectives could be made in single paragraph highlighting the significance of cleanliness in all religions.
      2.I guess this essay should be the blend of philosophical and objective touch with more inclination towards objectivity.Thus you could add social,economic,health,environmental implications of cleanliness and why there is so much debate about cleanliness.
      3.Solution to make it success.
      P.S: I am not an expert.So views may be wrong.

      Now you got to review mine 🙂

      • CSE2016 aspirant

        No your views are very good. Indeed an essay encompassing as many aspects as possible has a huge plus point.
        As Aravind Varier sir told, an examiner may be athiest – then he will grade your essay poor if you are writing so much on religion.
        I would say one should give some aspects of the religion – but not that much . 6-7 lines are enough.
        Socio – economic factors like health, poverty, etc – have to be blended by utilising GS knowledge.
        Then, philosophical part, some government initiatives, their success story, what need to be done.
        Environment implications as you told ( One can quote about dumping grounds poorly managed – can give example of Deohar(Mumbai) fire incidence and implication of climate.
        Medical solution – as Sonia gave.
        Spirituality – Cleanliness as a religion as Minaxi ji pointed out.
        One can go to polity part also – mention DPSPs related to cleanliness.
        If one wants – one can also come up with a real life example.
        There are many other things which can be incorporated in an essay. But, the most important thing is maintaining flow while including such a diverse topic. That requires talent and practice 🙂 .
        KWAR 🙂

    • Ram

      it was a nice essay
      however, flow was missing
      conclusion not much effective
      from data part u appear as strong
      religion wise description at length was astounding
      nice effort over all
      plz review mine

    • Ma’am please have a look at my essay. I will review yours by night 🙂

      • CSE2016 aspirant

        yahan par sab nocturnal log hain 🙂 Night thinker, fury and of course The Dark Knight, Goddamn Batman. 🙂

        • haha.. insights ki vajah se schedule change karna pada vrna mai to subeh he sota tha 😀
          Only if you get some free time, have a look at my essay 🙂

          • CSE2016 aspirant

            Raat main dekhunga 🙂

          • CSE2016 aspirant

            Aap engineering student lagte ho ??

            • haha. han bhai par ho gayi hai meri engineering. BE (manufacturing processes and automation)

    • Hey Sonia,
      Introductory paragraphs are too good 🙂 🙂
      Importance of cleanliness in the religions! Liked the idea. 🙂 🙂
      But I found your essay to have too much of philosophical and historical touch. Coming to the conclusion, it was too good. 🙂

    • Rashmirathi

      great writeup Sonia ! my pointers :
      1. introduction is very good. but as you go on detailing importance of cleanliness / holiness in hinduism , islam , sikhism in subsequent paragraphs , it starts looking a bit stretched. you could have made this part shorter.
      2.conclusion was awesome , “Harijan meant the son of Hari (God Vishnu)” (Y) have barely touched upon spiritual cleanliness. could have written more on it , corruption, morality etc points will get you more marks.

      apart from that i totally loved it 🙂 keep writing.

      please review mine

    • Ram

      nice essay.
      good social understanding
      gandhiji was discussed at length
      plz review mine

    • Hello Sonia, my views:
      1)Relation of cleanliness with Godliness has been depicted in a beautiful way-relating with Hinduism, Islam and Christianity but I feel you could use them at different point of time in your essay so that connection with Godliness is present throught your essay
      2)Though the structure of your essay is clear to me but flow between paragraphs can be improved
      3)Concept of cosmetic cleanliness in post-modern times is an absolute takeaway
      4)The concluding para looks a continuation of pen-ultimate para. Try to bring a holistic view in the conclusion
      Overall, I found this essay quite good because you’ve made efforts to connect it with Godliness. However, some emphasis on the point “next” to Godliness could also have been mentioned 🙂

      • Sonia mehra

        Thanks buddy….

    Have you ever wondered, when we were small kids why our parents emphasized to clean our teeth twice a day, to bathe daily? And when we grew up, we are asked to keep our study table neat and tidy, books in order in the book shelf. All this, because a clean person earns good names, is praised and liked by all. We all must have heard of the popular proverb that ‘Cleanliness is Godliness’. It simply means, that cleanliness leads to goodness in every walk of life. The practice of cleanliness keeps our body, mind and soul clean and peaceful.

    Cleanliness helps in shaping up our personality to a large extent. A person with clean body and mind has good habits, which are praised widely. It helps to develop confidence and self respect of any person. Clean habits with nice dressing sense creates good impression on others and good reputation in the society because cleanliness reflects a clean character of the person. And not only this, cleanliness infuses positivity in a person. It brings freshness and liveliness in a person. A person with clean body, clean mind and a clean heart is energetic through out the day.

    So from where did this concept of cleanliness rise up? Since time immemorial we have been taught the importance of cleanliness. We were taught to keep not only ourselves clean but also our surroundings. Indians have always been taught the ideology of Vasudhev Kutumbkam, that is, whole world is a family. According to me, this not only teaches us to develop and maintain humane qualities and moral behaviour towards all people. But, it also tells that we should not restrict ourselves to a few people and confine ourselves within concrete boundaries. It is human psychology to be kind and affectionate towards his own people. Similarly, a person for sure will keep himself and his own house clean.

    From here, a question arises. Who is expected to keep the surroundings clean, the streets, the parks, our classrooms? Can we not consider our school as our home and try our best to keep it clean and tidy? When Mahatma Gandhi returned back to India in 1915, all he could witness was people urinating in the open, throwing garbage on streets, spitting after chewing beetle leaves. No, this was not that India of his dreams. Gandhi was a well mannered and a polite gentleman. He used to give credits to the Western World to shape up his personality. There he learnt the importance of cleanliness. When we look at the India of the twenty first century, we find it advancing and innovating. We have adopted western system of education. We eat what they eat, we wear what they wear. But have we got inspired from there habits of cleanliness and hygiene? I don’t think so.

    Without understanding the benefits of cleanliness, one would never adopt this habit. It starts from keeping your own body clean and ends up keeping your surroundings clean. Gandhi wished to see a CLEAN INDIA where people were hand in hand to make the country clean. Where people were responsible to keep not only their homes clean but also their neighbourhood! Where they realised their responsibilities as a citizen.

    I remember, when I was a small kid, I used to use crayons on the walls and consider it a drawing book. But as and when I grew up my mother told not to practice such a thing as it makes our home look dirty. So the first place where a person learns about cleanliness and good habits is the home. Hence, it is the responsibility of the family to inculcate cleanliness in a child so that when he grows up, he can practice the good habit and motivate others also to do the same.

    Now, the child moves to the school, his second home. In our schools too, we all must have seen garbage bins in our classrooms to throw waste papers and sharpen our pencils in it. From there, a student learns the importance of dustbins that the waste materials are meant to be thrown in the garbage bins and not in the classrooms.

    But if we are taught about cleanliness since the very beginning then why is our surrounding dirty? Why do we see litter on the roads? Why we see people defecating in the open? There must be something wrong that is why such activities and practices still prevail!

    The problem is with the mentality! We all must have seen people sweeping off the dirt and dry leaves from their homes and throwing it in front of others’ . Haven’t we? This is the mentality of people, to clean their own place and not giving a darn about the surroundings. This is where we see the ideology of Vasudhev Kutumbakam losing its importance.

    To revive this only, to make people realise of their fundamental duty towards their nation, to make them responsible citizens, the Indian Government has come up with the Swachh Bharat mission. A mission to make the masses aware, to make the people practice clean habits, to make the nature even more beautiful! The best part of the mission according to me, is that the Government is awarding the districts which are fulfilling the parameters set by the swachh bharat mission. It will surely have a deep and motivating impact on the people of those districts to work for the betterment with greater enthusiasm. Not only this, such things will encourage other regions also to contribute in making the country a cleaner place.

    One should understand the very basic thing that Cleanliness is not about keeping yourself and your home clean. It is also not just about keeping your surroundings and your nation clean. It is much wider than this. Cleanliness means to keep your character clean. To never indulge yourself in any unethical practice, to live a life of morals! It must look like a difficult task initially but it is not impossible. To live a life of clean character is to live a life with honesty, truthfulness and morals. A person with a clean character sets examples for others, emerges out to be a hero and an inspiration.

    Thus, cleanliness has its own perks. A clean and tidy person is well appreciated and respected. He is sophisticated and well mannered. So the chances of him leading a happy life are naturally high. He becomes a motivation for others! People learn from him. And when a big group of these clean and neat people, both internally and externally clean, come out to clean their nation then the upliftment of our nation is assured.

    It is not a difficult job to come forward to work for the country. All you need is will power and inner motivation. As some one has rightly said, no country is perfect. It is the people of that country who should work to make it perfect. Thus, it is the responsibility of you and me to join hands, work for our nation in making it and keeping it clean. After all it is our moral duty to make this country the best place for anyone and to make this world a beautiful place to live.

    • ajay

      good writing you have corelated cleanliness with many aspects of day to day life and also covered so many dimensions of cleanliness…nice

    • Pushplata Yadav

      Good flow throughout….and even better conclusion…
      But according to me very general points are listed up..something eyecatching is missing..vasudhaiv kutumbkam is perfectly used…
      addittions like cleanliness will add up in increasing gdp, reduced health burden,
      social upliftment, productivity increase,
      tourism, improvement in human development index etc can be added..
      moral character wala point is really good..
      reference to history can be put like gandhiji himself involved in cleanliness drives etc…

      Bus mere according itna hi..waise acha likha hai..

    • minaxi

      Hey Thinker.. You are master of flow. So hats off for that. 🙂
      But I think I have to be critical today…..
      Though it is good to give the spiritual touch to cleanness.. But dear.. i think,physical cleanses come.. it is not personal but national cleanness.. issues arising out of lack of cleanness, how it will help nation and individuals.. different aspect can be mentioned to diversify your essay.
      You have stretched the historical part a bit more than required.
      ( You may ignore it since i am not expert of essays. )

      • Arun

        Hey MInaxi Please review mine 🙂

      • Hey Minaxi,
        Thanks for the review dear.
        I did include physical personal national cleanliness part..n its importance..
        Me neither an expert, I’m learning 🙂

        • yogi

          me too 😛
          plz review 😀

      • yogi

        plz review mine 🙂

        • Ram

          plz review mine

        • minaxi

          Yes sure… After some time..

      • Ram

        plz review mine…

    • Sonia mehra

      Dear Night thinker,
      1. Intro is good
      2. Importance of cleanliness is good
      3. Vasudeva kutumbakam is good, by going back to it in the third last para you have completed the picture.
      4. In the kid example you could use mud eating, not washing hands etc. Wall drawing is a part of childhood, it develops creativity, we should definitely stop the child if he/she is breaking high value products.
      5. Avoid words like “darn”

      To add variety you could add religious perspective on cleanliness.
      overall a good essay. Please review mine if time permits.

      Thank you dear…

      • OK

        Hey, Sonia. If you get time, then look at mine.

      • Aman Gupta

        Hey Sonia, Could u pls review mine.

        • Hey Aman review mine please I’ll review yours 🙂

          • Aman Gupta


      • Thanks dear.
        Yup I’ll surely review yours!

      • Ram

        plz review mine..

    • p310

      Nicely written!!
      Flow wise very good. By adding some more dimensions it can be made a top notch essay. Such as side effects of cleanliness(how cleanliness has created discrimination—safai workers—-all bcoz clean means god and thus, some caste ae devoid of worship god as they are involved in cleaning)
      There has been repetition of some dimension twice in your essay.
      Over all, well done 🙂

      Please review mine

    • Arun

      Flow was really nice and I wish I could have a flow like you.
      However,somewhere I felt your emphasis is more on individual and spiritual cleanliness.
      1.The various aspects such as social issue like caste based occupation and discrimination could be added.
      2.Economic issues such as lack of access to toilets and availability of water are also important cause of open defecation.You have emphasis on only one dimension ie.Mindset.
      3.Health implication which can be individual,social and environmental aspects may be added.This also includes demographic dividend.
      Advantages of cleanliness at national level and international level
      and many other aspects which could diversify the content.

      Now you got to review mine.

      • Good points Arun! 🙂 I’ll surely read yours to find the lacking points in your work.

    • Ram

      plz dont mind
      u started with a school level thinking
      after a four paragraphs a matured man came out and hence nice style as well
      the end was as matured as the middle level paragraphs.
      bro u have done well.
      over all nice read
      plz review mine

      • Thanks for the review Ram! 🙂

        • Affu

          ha ha,simi how come a “matured man” came out of u….u didnt object this time bro !!

          • Lol 😛 😛
            Main ab thak chuki hoon ?

            Ps- when I point out this *bro* thing, then it becomes the discussion of the day ? kayi log samjhenge footage khaati hai bas. 😛

            • Affu

              Yar if u dont reveal i have seen guys literally becoming” sharam se pani pani” that would be more embarassing for them na,captain ka footage par rights banta hai yar

      • Ankit

        Bhai bro ni hai ye.. Ye ek boht shatir ladki hai 😛

    • sankar

      flow is good as always
      but add implication of not being cleanliness also add other facet of cleanines like environment etc.
      your example of caryions is not too much attractive
      over all very good
      plz rvw mine too.

    • Hi Simran, my views:
      1)Flow is great
      2)Multiple dimensions covered-internal, external, why unclean if we still are taught, benefits of cleanliness
      3)You missed out a major aspect-why is cleanliness “next” to “Godliness”, why no equal, why not above Godliness. Are you getting me?; I feel there would have been no change in your write up had the essay been on ‘Cleanliness’ only
      4)Some over emphasis on why unclean can also be added in in “character” aspect of cleanliness because you have done the same in case with external cleanliness
      Overall, it is fine but need to stick with the theme of essay to make it better. I want this flow in my essay 😀
      Please have a look at mine as well and give your valuable insights 🙂

      • Hey Batman
        Thanks for the review 🙂
        I got what you meant.
        I missed out on that part.. I’ll surely review yours to find out the godliness wala portion 🙂 thank you

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Nice flow indeed , Vasudaiv kutumbkam point is also good but you need to add some more dimensions to it like how it is next to godliness,stigma attached to it, and its health implications but overall a nice attempt… keep writing Simran…All the best!!

    • Eco-friendly

      Loved ur opening and flow. Story part was awesome, a common but happened with everyone. U built on Vasudev Kutumbkum and that is also well used. Somehow environment part, and health part is not included.

      Overall a nice read.

    • Ankit

      The same thing that batman pointed out -_-
      The flow is good as always and the content as well. But the essay seems more towards cleaning the society of litter and our personal hygiene. Did I miss out on spiritual part? Mujhe dikha nahi essay me wo. I think balanced view ki kami hai.

      Keep writing siso kyuki topper to ap hi ho 😛

      • -.-
        I didn’t include spiritual part thinking what if the examiner has no belief in religion? 😛 😛 sabka sochna padta hai! LOL

        • CSE2016 aspirant

          You should at least include 5-6 lines on spirituality too. A learned person, even after not following any religion, will always respect different faith and good things preached in any religion :).

        • Ankit

          Spirituality and religion are different aspects don’t u think so?

          • CSE2016 aspirant

            Ye bhi sahi baat hai

      • Aurr dikhta bhi kaise humne likha hi nahi ?

    • Nupur

      Simran…nice name:)

      Intro is catchy. Vasudheiv kutumbkam point is a wonderful one, but not suits with how you have explained it. The whole world is our home and we will treat every one as our brother with such a behaviour a we do with our own relatives, thats nice. Now if vasudheiv… would have been linked with cleanliness as we will respect the nature as we respect our own garden and for the sake of all fraternity we should try our best to keep our environment clean and to preserve the nature so that no brother/sister of mine would be deprived of the resources of “Mother” nature, would have been a better one
      I like the thing that you have not mentioned the spirituality part because how cleanliness leads to spirituality is somehow doubtful to me. yes spirituality can lead towards the cleanliness but cleanliness has not to do a lot with spirituality. It is not necessary that if God is given than everything will lead towards spirituality.
      Overall very nice attempt. Keep up the good work.

      • Rashmirathi

        hey nupur , please review mine whenever convenient for you 🙂

      • Thanks Nupur 🙂

    • Rashmirathi

      hey night thinker , achcha likha hai bahut 🙂 my 2 cents :
      1.intro is weak.
      2.mental cleanliness ko thora zyaada footage diya jaa saktha tha 😀
      3. vasudevah kutumbkam waala analogy is awesome, but yaar when you just started it bahut abrupt laga. after reading a few paragraphs samajh me aata hai how is it relevant. a little bit change there can help youa lot

      rest all is great. good flow, nice examples.

      thanks 🙂

      please review mine as per your convenience

    • Aman Gupta



      1. Flow is good
      2. Only passing reference given to spiritual part, u can add few more points on that
      3. In the place where u have mentioned – ‘I don think so’ – I think there was no need for that, it might have negative impact, as what u see in newspapers use of word ‘I’ is done by eminent writers after some research. Here how can u say so confidently?
      4. Rest all is good 🙂

      Kindly review mine….

    • Affu

      simi flow was good as usual,u have broad frmework which is awesome,some detailing would do wonders like at home we learn cleanliness,isnt it the same place where child gets exposure to concepts of purity impurity caste
      school u can quote midday meal,how it promotes clenaliness on darker side,incidents of objecting food cooked by dalit
      u could bring out diverse issues-health,diarrhoea related deaths,national mission on sustainable habitat,
      as u talked about gandhi,u can emphasis his focus on internal cleanliness too,untouchables
      Overall a nice read captain

      • Hey Affu!
        Glad you liked it 🙂
        Valuable points you’ve given… Dheere dheere I’ll come up to this level where I’ll be easily able to give these edges to my essay..thanks my friend 🙂 🙂

    • Ravindra Chavan

      A whole essay is really good written… But the meaning of Godliness not reflect too much depth.. By the way overall better…

    • Akhil

      Hi thinker, here is my view.
      -intro is good. It was good read till gandhis dream of CLEAN INDIA. but after your family wala example you lost the momentum..
      -school wala para and uske bad wala para need proper explanation, which you missed..
      -more attention you gave on external cleanliness.. Internal cleanliness needed a bit more attention.. It’s linkage with godliness..
      -nice flow as usual..
      -overall it was nice read for me..

      Review mine also madam…

      TThank you

    • hello captain 😀
      full marks for flow and language (Y)
      I feel you focused more upon cleaning the environment..
      inside cleanliness pe zara sa hi likha hai aapne.. can balance between the two..
      it was a joy ride overall 🙂 keep up sis !

    • yogi

      Hello Thinker 🙂
      intro: good
      don’t change the theme to “cleanliness is godliness” u know the given one so write that only in ur essay
      main body: external cleanliness –just awesome
      -link with godliness is missing (i share the same fate 🙁 )
      – flow, too good
      – internal cleanliness, deserves a little bit more attention, u have mentioned what it mean but u could have also added way to gain that
      conclusion: good
      overall the essay would best suited to the theme : “cleanliness in an awesome thing” 😛
      thanks 🙂

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Night Thinker ,

      1) First paragraph is good 🙂

      2) In second paragraph i noticed you are giving many statements but not giving appropriate statements to support it .

      example 1 : A person with clean body and mind has good habits, which are praised widely. ?????

      example 2 :because cleanliness reflects a clean character of the person.???? CLEAN CHARACTER ???? please tell me the definition of clean character ??? I HOPE YOU GOT MY POINT

      you can give one or two statements between you essay which cannot be noticed by the examiner but NEVER entire dedicate an entire paragraph telling cleanliness is this and cleanliness is that . An examiner who is sharp will easily notice candidates dragging the subject .

      3) So from where did this concept of cleanliness rise up? …….. this paragraph is good but the last statement in this paragraph was unnecessary .

      Similarly, a person for sure will keep himself and his own house clean.???? are you SURE a person will keep himself and his own clean .

      4) From here, a question arises. Who is expected to keep the surroundings clean, the streets, the parks, our classrooms? ………. ” this paragraph is good 🙂

      the last sentence of your paragraph says ” I don’t think so ” ? please do not ask a question and leave it unanswered. It is a must to answer in the succeeding paragraph why you think Indians haven’t got inspired from the habits of cleanliness from the western world .

      5) Without understanding the benefits of cleanliness, one would never adopt this habit. …….. ” this paragraph is well explained 🙂

      6) I remember, when I was a small kid, I used to use crayons on the walls and consider it a drawing book……… ” this paragraph is good 🙂

      7) I read the remaining paragraphs and found a major flaw which have to to rectified .



      The only positive aspect i could figure out while reading your essay is that you have good writing skill to engage the reader but since UPSC civil service examination is one of the most competitive exam in the country , it is a must to adhere to the context of the essay .The examiner would easily figure out the flaw and that can affect your marks .

      Even ,last week i have said the same suggestion in my review .

      you have good flow while writing , try to work on that aspect by adding statements and substantiating it properly so as to convince the examiner . There is no problem , even you lack flow in certain paragraphs but never write an essay by leaving half of the part unanswered .


      • Thank you so much Aravind, for such detailed review at this early hour.!
        I agree to your suggestions, I couldn’t justify the demand of the essay completely 🙁

    • pranay rajput

      kal achanak mere hath me purana the hindu news paper aaya. hamesa ki tarah maine direct editorial page open kia. editorial nirupma rao(ifs) ka tha . padhkar maja aaya. ofcousre foreign policy pe tha. avi maine tumhara essay padha. i know u have just started right now to write an essay and soon we will get to see a brilient essay. pata hai es essay me mujhe laga ki aapka goal 1200 word pure karne ka hai. aapko 1200 words me us topic pe examiner ko entertain karna hai….matlab lage ki kyu khatm ho gaya yaar. kis bande ne likha hoga. kitna alag soch hai. stuff would be same..but presentation shoud b different. ha ha hah maine khud avi nai likha hai…aaj try karta hoo. and yes m nt criticizing…xpecting lot wid my frnd. hav a good day

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      You should add more dimensions, especially the problems that society is facing and how to tackle the same. It should be more mature and reflecting your knowledge about the challenges that you will tackle in future.
      Next time you write the essay, don’t start at individual level, rather think like you are District Magistrate and what problems relating to cleanliness could come and how will you tackle it (cleanliness of villages, urban towns, sewer system, potable water, pollution of rivers/drains, pollution from vehicular emission, soil pollution, cleanliness in hospitals, households, government schemes regarding this, how to promote cleanliness, role of society and administration, individual roles, planting trees, waste treatment plants and many more things you can think of). You can connect these points to godliness, i.e. attributes of being pursued with reverence and deep conviction.

      Marks – 60/125

      • Dear insights,
        Thanks for the detailing.
        It is so very kind, generous and absolutely awesome of you to take out time and review the essays written by us.
        I’ll keep your suggestions in mind 🙂 and opt for a broader thinking level while writing essays.
        BIG THANKS.

  • Adi is back

    Please review my essay and give your valuable feedback. Every criticism will be taken with due respect. I will review yours in return .

  • AK

    “Cleanliness is next to godliness “

    India is the land where many gods are worshipped , with religions such as Buddhism , Jainism , Hinduism and Sikhism having their origins here.
    India is revered for its cultural diversity, plurality and also is one of the largest democracies. Many religions teach us that “service to humanity is nothing but service to god”. By considering the broader connotation of the sentence , cleanliness is one of the important services to be done.

    Cleanliness is not just keeping one’s self clean or one’s house clean, this kind of a interpretation is very narrow . It has much wider perspective and is multi-dimensional in character. Detailing this the first and foremost one is keeping oneself clean both physically and mentally i.e having clean views, ideas and making oneself most productive which is beneficial not just for themselves but for the society at large.

    Secondly, by keeping ourselves and our environs clean and tidy , we can minimise the spread of many diseases , stay healthy and decrease the expenditure on health . As in India most of the health expenditure is out of pocket and this is one of the reasons driving low income groups into poverty. This can also commendably bring down the child mortality rate , as most of the child deaths are caused by unsafe environments , contaminated food and water.

    Thirdly, at the societal level , cleanliness refers to the proper evolution of the society from the prejudices, patriarchy , intolerances , untouchability to benevolence ,tolerance , broad mindedness , rationality , respecting women and elderly people , lending hands to weak and the homeless .

    Fourthly , in economical sense , cleanliness refers to better use of resources and following sustainable development practises , balancing development with conservation of nature. Using the demographic dividend and utilising their potentials to the fullest for the growth and development of our economy. and also curbing parallel economy practices like money laundering , tax evasion and black money flow is equally essential.

    Fifthly , It is in the benefit of our nation to keep our environs, places , tourist destinations neat and tidy which can also help in boosting our tourism industry and take our economy forward.

    Sixthly, technologically being up to date , using cleaner energies like solar, wind , geothermal energy , biomass etc . Also with the help of information communication technologies bridging the digital gaps between urban and rural . Providing off-grid rural electrification by using innovative technologies like solar . Transferring the technology to other under developed nations and also making them develop .

    Seventhly, India being a democracy , is run by the elected representatives, and so having a robust political system which is clean is very vital. It is important to clear the political system of criminals , vested groups, religious fringe groups etc. Necessary reforms in the electoral systems , bringing in transparency and accountability in the government is nothing but cleaning the system.

    Eighthly, making government functioning free from corruption , lobbying by interest groups , and taking right policy decisions for the welfare of our nation. Bringing in more governance and citizen oriented programmes , participative approaches like social audit ,bottom-up approach in development , taking suggestions from the civil society while framing important legislations is nothing but bringing in better transparent and clean government.

    Ninthly, there is also huge responsibility of the industries and corporate in maintaining our environment clean and healthy for living. Industrial wastes must be treated before releasing them into the rivers or water bodies. Required safety standards must be in place and proper assessment to be done by respective government offices before approving the projects.
    Tenthly , India being a nuclear power country , it is essential for it to be clean in its use and the way it collaborates with other world powers and international agencies like IAEA ( International Atomic energy Agency).
    And also protecting its sovereignty.

    Finally, government schemes like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan , River Ganga Mission , recent Solid waste management rules 2016 are steps in the right direction. It is very important to be clean , efficient , rational in all walks of the life, be it a person , an entity or an organisation or even a government . And so cleanliness is not only next to godliness but much more than that.

    • AK

      Kindly review this essay. . 🙂

    • Ram

      a point wise essay
      though u can write ur own way
      however a point wise essay may not be liked.
      plz review mine

    • Purity like rain :)

      Best essay covered all dimension beautifully along with usage of present socio eco n political dimensions yes bit of ancient touch n spiritual touch is missing .overall great

  • p310

    Cleanliness is next to godliness

    Diwali is the festival for which we all wait eagerly mainly because of
    light,sweets,family gatherings and lots of fun.But, this is also the
    time when mother pushes all the family members to clean their part of
    the house corner.As a child I always used to ask my mother, Why now? pat
    came the reply that Goddess Lakshmi would only visit those houses which
    were clean and tidy.As I grew old, I thought over this practice of
    cleansing houses before festivals was a wise strategy to coerce god
    fearing mortals to take this task seriously.This shows that how
    essential cleanliness holds in our civic society since ancient
    time.Surely, this tradition placed cleanliness just after godliness.But,
    the big question is that cleaning our house ends our duty?What includes
    complete cleanliness and most importantly why so much importance to
    cleanliness?Cleanliness refers to maintaining the hygiene of surrounding
    and restoring the balance of environment.It includes purity of
    soil,air,water and most importantly inner soul.Changing life style and
    economical activities have severely damaged our nature.This has caused
    rapid rise in diseases such as malaria, cholera, TB, diarrhea.Research
    have shown that mucky part of the locality has more chances of
    malnutrition and higher incidence of diseases.Cleanliness is also
    related to law and order, less crime and peaceful life.Thus, cleanliness
    is no doubt the most essential component of well being.

    Achieving a neat and clean surrounding can be an easy as well as
    difficult task at the same time. Cleaning a house is an easy job but
    then if we dump our garbage and waste in the ditch back of our house,
    then at the end of the day , the job is only half done.Thus,it is
    important to clean each component of the surrounding starting from
    house, locality, city, near by villages and rivers.All the stakeholders
    need to play their part such as muncipality workers, safai karamcharis,
    common citizens, NGO and government. Recent time has seen a rapid
    campaign for cleaning our surrounding by the name of Swaccha Bharat
    Abhiyan(SBA). The aim of the campaign is not only to improve the
    surrounding but also to bring a attitudinal change among the masses
    towards sanitation and cleansing.Construction of toilets at rapid rate,
    roping up of famous personalities for promoting SBA, creation of
    necessary infrastructure has been a major initiative under this
    campaign. Though a slide attitudinal changes have started to creep in
    but still we need to go a long way.

    Single most difficult task in achieving a holistic cleanliness is proper
    disposal of generated waste.As per government estimate only, 75% of
    waste is collected and dismal 22% is processed.Recently, government
    announced Solid waste management rules,2016 under which several positive
    changes have been brought in such as institutionalizing the role of
    waste generator. Further push for compost pit, waste to energy units can
    have multidimensional benefits. Technology has also helped in promoting
    cleansing such as by introduction of bio-degradable non flushing
    toilets. But this process of cleansing is not restricted only to land.
    Policy makers have initiated plans for cleaning of major rivers such as
    Ganga, Yamuna who have faced the major wrath of human’s ability of waste
    generation.Dumping of mammoth waste in these rivers have degraded the
    quality and flow of river water. Similarly, more awareness has been
    brought in towards having clean air, the recent odd-even scheme of Delhi
    is testimony to it. Thus, no doubt the cleanliness is again coming to
    central discourse of our life style.

    But, this quick fire approach to deal dirt and muck have also caused
    much agony and suffering to lot of people.Since, ancient time clean
    surrounding meant place of god and those who dealt with these waste and
    dirt were not considered pious and were kept at bay from those clean
    places.This gave rise to untouchability and discrimination. Similar
    trends have been seen now a days when slums and squattered settlement
    are thrown away from a locality in the name of cleaning.Poor people are
    treated as if they are the reason for dirty and unclean surrounding.This
    mentality needs to change.Similarly, pitiable condition of safai
    workers is an issue which deserves special attention.Their economic and
    social condition is at lowest level, they lack any other skill for
    employability. Further, they are treated indifferently in their
    society.There is urgent need to improve their condition.

    Lastly after physical cleansing, we must pay attention to spiritual and
    moral cleansing.Cleanliness of innate nature is utmost important in
    order to compliment it with outside purity.Then,only our efforts for
    cleaning outside environment will hold any meaning.Thus, no doubt
    cleansing is second only to godliness and people have started to take it
    seriously.Escapist attitude has now been removed partially.Earlier we
    used to consider a clean environment once our houses were clean but now a
    more holistic concept of cleanliness has crept in.Be god, be health, be
    our survival ,whatever be the excuse, cleanliness does hold a
    significant place in our life and we must strife to achieve it in


    By cleanliness we mean the habit of keeping physically and mentally clean. A smartly dressed person with clean habits creates an impression on others. It usually reflects a clean character also. In other words, a person’s character can be assessed by the way he dresses. If he is carelessly dressed, he will most probably be an unruly person. Similarly, if he is in the habit of dressing smartly, he tends to be clean in character also. This is the general rule although there are exceptions to it.

    Men with good character are usually pious and god-fearing. They stick to certain morals in their life. Thus, having a god fearing or clean heart is the first step to being godly. In other words, godliness should begin from the heart. One can have a clean heart only if he cultivates a good character. In other words, a good heart is moulded from a good character. All religions insist on cleanliness before worship. This is because cleanliness is the first important thing in being near to god.

    Our Prime Minister has given an enthusiastic and passionate call for ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ to realise Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of cleanliness. The Mahatma’s visualisation of cleanliness was three-pronged – a clean mind, a clean body and clean surroundings. Holding that ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’, he emphatically wrote, “We can no more gain God’s blessing with an unclean body than with an unclean mind. A clean body cannot reside in an unclean city”.

    For Gandhi, cleanliness did not mean mere public sanitation and hygiene. He performed Satyagraha to protest the ban on entry to Dalits in temples. He told a Hindu to adopt an orphaned Muslim child after the man blamed Muslims for the death of his son. The solutions that the Mahatma offered were out of the box to clean the communal divide and the agony of Partition. His famous quote “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet” sums up Gandhi’s vision of Clean Bharat. His fundamentals were strong and clear when he exhorted youth to swim with or against tradition but never sink in tradition.

    It was in September, 1996 that Gurunath Kelekar, a veteran freedom-fighter and managing trustee of the Movement for Amity towards Roads in Goa (MARG) initiated the idea of worshipping cleanliness, christening it as ‘Swachnarayan Pooja’. Through MARG and likeminded citizens, the design was taken to the streets in Margao, Vasco, Panaji and Pednem. Let the government do what it can and wants to do. Towns and cities will never stay clean unless the citizens imbibe the value and take ownership. Gurunath Kelekar, through the MARG, continues to stimulate youth and citizens to adopt cleanliness as a value. For him, a safai kamgar should be viewed as health worker. Social organisations of all types should take up to cleanliness drives as a regular activity. The government as the employer, the corporate as social responsibility and social organisations as groups of citizens with civic sense should raise the self-esteem of such health workers through proper uniform, equipment, containers, gloves, masks, standing brooms and brushes.

    Madhu Kishwar, social activist and editor of the celebrated Manushi, a magazine focusing on women’s issues picked up the seeds from Goa and created a miracle in the life of the hawkers in Delhi. What could not be achieved through constant orientation and persuasion became possible by creating the goddess of cleanliness.

    The new deity “Swachh Narayani” did to Sewa Nagar Market in Delhi what people failed to accomplish. The goddess has a number of arms holding broomstick to underscore cleanliness, pen to signify power of reason over sword and calculator to imbibe value of honesty in transactions. The goddess also holds a clock and scales to represent justice for all. The devotees are Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, all bound by the goddess to keep the area clean and business flourishing. It was a successful attempt to inject civic discipline through Devi Swachnarayani.

    According to Gandhi, for the poor the economic is spiritual. Take this Gandhian clue, we need to realise that the talk of modern progress, infrastructure development, FDI, Make in India, global giant and lifetime Indian visa to NRIs/PIO cardholders would be an insult to the starving, underfed and homeless millions. The message of Hindutva and national pride is good to those sitting after a nice breakfast, looking forward towards a nicer luncheon and later a pleasant dinner. Cleanliness in the Gandhian sense would transcend to refuse to have what millions cannot. In other words, it would mean a deliberate initiative by the middle class, having reached comfortable economic limits, to ensure that acche din knock the classes less privileged and more deprived than them.

    The urban middles class wants clean cities but their contribution to the cause is the weakest. Neither political leaders nor citizens are participating in the problem. Unless each one decides to participate in cleanliness, the miracle cannot happen if left only to the hired safai kamgar. What is also needed is to give up our scorn and contempt to those who keep our cities clean. Considering the importance of cleanliness, it has been compared with godliness. Cleanliness is as important as worshipping God. We pray to God for our well-being. We get blessings from God. God helps us to live our life in a pleasant manner. A Clean Bharat demands a mass movement.

    • CSE2016 aspirant

      Good and somewhat different essay.
      I liked the examples of MARG, Madhu Kishwar – you have a good knowledge about what’s going on 🙂
      Urban middle class waala point and safai karmachari – good and very significant
      You could have made ur intro more interesting

      Now secondly, you should have talked about mental cleanliness – spirituality also.
      Third, too many examples stuffed does not make a good essay. Try to limit them – You can have cut them by 50% in description. And then you would have brought some philosophy. Also, all your examples were looking same. Diversity was missing.

      Overall a beautiful essay with beautiful examples
      Keep writing

  • Ram

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness

    Our tryst with the sublime could be paved through the path of cleanliness. Our ambition to make the nation a global leader in terms of democracy, development, freedom and equity, could be achieved through the resolve to clean us physically and meta-physically. We again herald on to a threshold of making a nation that stands together and affirms together.

    However at historical parlance, centuries of misgovernance during the colonial rule, rendered the indigenous culture of attaining Godliness through cleanliness as non-extant. During the first quarter of nineteenth century, Metcalf and others had found the existence of self-subsistent villages in India. The community life valued cleanliness as one of the essential pre-requisites for the sustenance of the villages. Although, views of such British Scholars were contested later, but the values of cleanliness remained intact.

    Upon his visit to Japan, P.M. Narendra Modi found the cities as neat and clean and also the prevalence of a culture of community cleanliness. The cities of Kyoto and Varanasi were compared and a strong sense to initiate a cleanliness drive rather a cleanliness movement got ground. Cleanliness Values pertaining to Mahatma Gandhi were commenced to get invoked. A collective pledge to make India a clean nation by the 150th birth anniversary of the father of the nation was taken and thus the Clean India Mission got a kick start.

    Henceforth, we are on the path to make the nation clean rather than to get clicked the images to pretend to do so. The Indian society first time witnesses a mass movement ‘to clean’ as being fuelled by the political regime. Indeed, it is an irony to imbibe once again the same values and cultures which has withered away from the present Indian society. It was an age, when the Gurukula system of education prevailed. The Gurukula was not just meant for mugging-up the scriptures and texts rather it aimed at the holistic development of an entity. The values of cleanliness in community life were not just taught but also practiced uptil the stay at Gurukula. We had seen “Moola Shankar” turning into Dayananda Saraswati and leading a reformist movement owing to such Gurukula mode of holistic education. Texts available to us state that his Guru Vrijananda Dandi taught him the very first lesson of cleanliness.

    Likewise, there are plethora of such evidences which indicate the presence of such values which has been noticed lately in Japan in general and Kyoto in particular. But, we just can’t get ahead with the glorification of the golden past as the present on contrary, requires an urgent determined action. We can’t go back to the Gurukula mode of education, but we may imbibe certain traits of the same which may assist us in our resolve to make the nation clean.

    In line with the priorities set by the Central Government, we move ahead to clean the nation with a series of efforts viz. i) cleaning the villages through proper sanitation and community participation; ii) cleaning the urban places by making an action plan through collective volunteering; iii) cleaning government buildings and other public places by allocating at least two hours in a week for the purpose. For the first time a mass movement is sponsored by the budgetary support of the government. Even private players have also pledged to make their establishments clean and to contribute for cleanliness under their CSR. Thus this movement has been successful in attracting the support of all the three pillars of governance viz: market, civil society and the state.

    Meanwhile, as Gandhiji holds “cleanliness is next to Godliness” we are also required to assimilate it as the ideology of this mass-movement. In a secular country like India if the goals of cleanliness and godliness are linked together, then all the societal dirt extant in the form of communalism, casteism, social hostilities, riots and conflicts etc. could successfully be dealt with. We are required to clean not just the physical dirt but also the meta-physical one. The meta-physical dirt exists in the form of all kinds of discrimination and segregation based on the notion of individual superiority and inferiority. The meta-physical dirt could be cleaned, not just by taking a holy-dip into pious rivers, rather through a deep-contemplation over the notion of “sarva dharma sambhav” – the Indian version of secularism.

    Thus, cleanliness drive as commenced by the Govt is just the initial stage of a holistic cleanliness. If we achieve the goal set at the first stage by the year 2019, then we require to march ahead on the path of meta-physical cleanliness. Indeed the meta-physical dirt poses a serious threat to the existence of the human society both locally & globally.

    At the global scale, we find terrorism, crime against humanity, genocide etc, which all exhibit the meta-physical dirt rampant across society. In order to purge the human civilization from the above meta-physical dirt, we require to clean the cob-web of ignorance & self centricity. The true knowledge of the subtlety of human co-existence could only drive away this undesirable dirt.

    Thus, both cleanliness and godliness appear to be linked and inter-operative. But, this inter-operation has a limited presence in situ. Cleanliness is related to a progressive godliness while distancing apart from conservative godliness. The conservative godliness in contrast to its counterpart, find its roots in traditionality and traditional scriptures. While the progressive godliness aims at a common brotherhood and a common yet shared vision of future which remains close to a dimension of Sustainable development.

    Hence, cleanliness which is an essential determinant of sustainable development is duly linked to the underlying philosophy of the same i.e. common and shared future. This future could be shaped in the desired direction only if the habit of cleanliness is inculcated and is contemplated next to godliness.

    • Eco-friendly

      Hey its a great read. Thumbs up for meta-physical cleanliness and describing it via various aspects.
      However cleanliness in physical term is missed. Add that part too. one caution- please do not add words like photo-op etc because it looks like u want to criticize govt schemes. Instead add positive things of schemes.
      overall a nice read. Keep up

      • Ram

        thanks dude

    • Akhil

      Hi ram, my views

      Nice intro. You nicely covered physical and meta physical Clenliness.. It’s importance and there link with godliness..
      -dayanand sarswati wala para is awesome..
      However, there was some problem in interlinking of paras.. Japan k examples thoda jyada ho gaye..
      -more emphasis on significance of physical hygiene on economy, environment,health was needed…
      -second last para may backfire.. Religious scripture are source of attaining meta physical Clenliness…probelem is with human attitude and not religious scriptures..
      -Conclusion can be improved…

      TThank you. Review my essay also

    • Hi Ram, I feel that Content is there but you need to connect it with theme of essay. Connection with Godliness is missing. More emphasis has been placed on what was in the past and what efforts we are making in present but connection with theme is missing. Work on it 🙂

    • Rohit Kulkarni

      I too have same opinion as Batman, but one thing Introduction para is so matured. Content flow and some varied perspective is missing. Some repitation over explaination given on single concept take care of that.

    • Ankit

      I think I am not good enough to review such an essay 🙂
      Very well written!

    • yogi

      Hello Ram 🙂

      My views:-

      Intro :- directly hitting on cleanliness in the first line is not much impressive, you could have begun in an indirect way, even while follwing the convetionsal style of intro.

      Metcalf and others —I could not relate with the context

      Gurukul –to much emphsis, the link with the godliness is missing,

      Could have mentioned some specific suggestion for how to endure cleanliness in daily life , same for the meta-physical cleanliness that u mentioned, you could have broadened its meaning beyond secularisation by incorporating, some moral values, and the means to inculacte the same,

      Conclusion: fine, not denying that it needs improvement to make it more impressive and having lasting impact

      Thanks 🙂

      • Ram

        thanks dude for such a nice review

    • Very intellectual essay sir !
      I got to know many new things..
      Your command over language is superb (y)
      In the beginning i couldn’t connect with the topic but later it was on track..introduction can be made more relevant sticking to the theme of essay topic.
      Rest it was all fabulous (y)
      Keep up!!

      • Ram

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    • Jaya Swatantra

      Hello Ram,
      I do not agree with Batman’s review its a wonderful write up… how you maintained the flow by contrast of past and present is too exemplary… you had defined godliness part too very well………really a treat to read… thanks for letting me read your essay… hats off to you… keep writing friend All the best!!

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  • Aman Gupta

    Kindly Review………

    ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’

    Remember the time when we were young and energetic and involved in various activities, sweating yourself, dirt all over face but while entering home the first thing we do is put off our shoes outside (if one is an obedient kid which is not usually the case) else what our mother used to do is to ask us to take a bath and then continue on with having meal and rest of activity. The purpose is simple – ‘Cleanliness’.

    Look around and notice small activities we do daily – from waking up in morning till we sleep at night, we are always conscious of not to involve ourselves in activities which involve dirt/hygiene matter, irrespective of its form. What is more important to notice here is the words ‘Clean’ and ‘Dirt’ are not limited to the physical attributes like dust, smoke etc. only but it also involves or better to say it defines the quality and way of life one is leading. Cleanliness could be regarding anything, rather it is directly or indirectly related to every single activity we do, it has various forms like – cleanliness of mind, hygiene, quality of work done, etc. It can be vary from a single entity to a group, from home to a city, to an environment, to an entire planet.

    But why ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’? May be the answer lies in the past and the trend which we follow/inherit till today.

    Earlier in the primitive times, a human was no more than an animal but with time he got civilized and started to differentiate between good and bad, sin and virtue and started linking good things with God and bad things to Evil. Moreover with gain of knowledge he started depicting God and his kingdom Heaven which has clean environment and people living there in bright, shiny clothes, etc. (this is how today’s shows, cartoons also depict heaven is, moreover in movies too an evil is linked ill habits). This thinking gradually linked to his activities, his lifestyle and he adopts way of clean life. With evolution and more knowledge regarding health and importance of cleanliness, he became more cautious.

    Moreover this habit of cleanliness also gradually take over on the thought process of human being. For instance- in context of India, if one looks to ancient times many people involve themselves in activity of meditation. There is even a description of 4 stages of life (also called Ashramas) in Hindu mythology and the last one of them i.e. Sannyasa(renunciation) was meant for the purpose of cleansing one’s mind from various earthly activities which are considered nothing but illusion/hedonism and only after achieving true renunciation, one can meet his maker. Take other examples of Buddha, Mahavira, etc. who strive for ‘cleanliness of their mind’ and achieved status of ‘God’. In today’s world people still follow same method to attain cleanliness/peace of mind through yoga. Recently, India has even promoted it through International Yoga day and told the importance of yoga that the cleanliness on outer part is not enough, it is equally important from inside the body and mind.

    What cleanliness means in today’s world and how its significance changed from past?

    With increased consciousness among people the significance of cleanliness had emphasised more on physical factors and less on its various aspects . In India, it took much extreme form i.e. ‘Untouchability’ which was prevalent more in pre-colonial period. People used to hide or close their doors when an untouchable enters theirs village/locality and he was forced to beat drum as a symbol for his arrival announcement. People used to think that they will get polluted even if they come in contact air at the time when an untouchable is passing. The qns. arises – were people really clean? In foreign countries the issue of cleanliness came inherent in form of ‘racialism’. Gradually focus on cleanliness has only reduced to body cleanliness and prevention of disease. In India body cleanliness is so heavily emphasized that a person can’t enter a temple (even at home) if he/she hasn’t taken bath. Even women/girls are prohibited from entering temples during their menstruation cycle considering fact that they are not clean and also on some basis of rituals and belief.

    In 21st century with the advancement of technology, cleanliness have taken one step forward i.e. cleanliness not only from outside but also from inside the body (i.e. fitness/hygiene) and also of surroundings. Though earlier people were aware that diseases can prevail if garbage is stored for longer time or due to contaminated water but they were less concern on broader aspect i.e. environment which they realize with the help of technology. After industrial revolution pollution has reached new heights i.e. it now affects the climate of world. Also with various advancements in medical field, new types of diseases also started to rise due to negligence on part of its disposal. With the rise of pollution, people came more precautious on doing any activity as it may directly or indirectly linked to disease.

    However situation has been realized by human before getting too late that cleanliness on part of environment is also necessary for his survival hence various developments have taken place throughout the globe to revive health of mother nature. For instance, various meetings of developed and developing nations have been held. Recently in Paris –COP 21, nations are now committed moving towards clean energy (solar,wind, hydro, etc). In India, new initiatives have been progressed like Swatchh Bharat Mission to prevent open defecation which is major cause of life taking diseases throughout country. New ideas like Odd-Even schedule also implemented in national capital on cleanliness of air. Various initiatives also taken towards cleanliness of water like ‘Nirmal Ganga Mission’ to revive Ganga. Awareness on cleanliness have also shown results like – Mawlynnong , a village in the East Khasi Hills district of the Meghalaya state (India) has been declared Asia’s cleanest village.

    In field of health too with the help of technology various antibiotics, vaccines have taken internal care of body. In India, initiatives like ‘Kayakalp’ has been introduced to promote and incentivize public health facilities on cleanliness.

    As said earlier cleanliness follows every aspect of life but it must also be noted that it is difficult to maintain its uniformity in every field. The key is – the balance of its requirement in every field, for example a person in the name of cleanliness cannot use water endlessly as usable water is a limited resource and once gone can never be replenished to its full capacity. Also in society like India much of the beliefs are on basis of cleanliness only but it must not be taken to extent where it can deteriorate fundamental right of citizen. ‘Cleanliness is surely next to Godliness’ and only human efforts in right direction, maintaining balance in its activities, can make this Earth a heavenly abode.

    • Aman Gupta

      Kindly review…

  • Remember the song? “Nanhe munhe bachche teri mutthi me kya hai… Muththi me hai takdeer humari…” Uttar Pradesh’s Dangrole village seems to have drawn inspiration from this famous song to power-boost the Swachh Bharat mission. In the village’s primary schools, students are taught the importance of cleanliness, and they, in turn, spread the word to their families and in the neighboorhood. This growing awareness has resulted in a clean village. Swachh Bharat is now an anthem for most of the Dangrole villagers. Swachh Bharat Mission, the national campaign of the Government of India, is in line with Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of “CLEAN INDIA”.

    Why is there a need of such wide campaign ? Obviously “cleanliness” is want we want inside and around our houses and in the locality, the nation, and our mother Earth on a whole. Cleanliness, both physical and mental, has profound effects on our bodies and environment overall. Cleanliness is considered as next to Godliness (God-like, meaning spiritual and sacred). The reason why we go to temples only after taking bath and cleaning ourselves.Why cleanliness is necessary and how it promotes godliness needs a wider explanation.

    Cleanliness in terms of physical surroundings, proper sanitation and waste management helps us keep ourselves healthy. India has registered growth, considerably a positive graph, in terms of income. What has lagged behind and not taken care of is the country’s filthy state. Lot many people don’t have access to clean drinking water. Millions of villagers defecate in open and live in unhygienic conditions. Situation in urban areas is no better, with piles of garbage lying on roadsides, untreated wastes being dumped into rivers and clogged drainage systems. This has given rise to several health problems.

    Unhygienic environment and open air defecation leads to the spread of disease and malnutrition through parasitic and bacterial infections. Several million more suffer from multiple episodes of diarrhea and still others fall ill on account of Hepatitis A, and eye and skin infections caused by poor hygiene and unsafe drinking water. Clean environment is needed for healthy body and sound mind (a trait of godliness).

    Cleanliness does have religious significance too. Since ancient times rituals are performed and temples are cleaned on regular basis to keep the environment “shudh” (pure). Sacred river water and milk is used to bathe the idols in temples. People without taking bath are not supposed to enter the temple and shoes (found to be dirty) are kept outside of the temple premises. All the religions believe that “God’s people must be holy because God is holy” and “holiness is similar to cleanliness”.

    A darker side to this was the concept of purity and pollution in past decades. Various temples didn’t allow Dalits and Women to enter the temple’s inner sanctum as they were considered as “impure”. Untouchables (Dalits) were termed discriminated and were meant to perform menial jobs. Thanks to our founding fathers of the constitution and the law makers who have created space for affirmative actions to be taken to promote equality in society. Still there is a lot to be done.

    Cleanliness also relates to environment and its conservation. Indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources and waste generation in those areas have created change in the global climate and has caused nature imbalance. Tribal Tourism has caused degradation of environment and loss of habitat to the local tribes. Nature has it’s own way of cleaning itself and regenerating resources. Excessive human intervention leads to unwanted consequences. Forests have the best chance to survive if communities participate in their conservation and regeneration. To prevent the holiness of our natural heritage, its imperative to keep it clean.

    Apart from cleanliness of surroundings, what is of vital concern is the “cleanliness of mind and soul”. Holiness means sinless and spiritual mind. A clean mind believes in minimalist approach. Corruption that has become rampant these days is the manifestation of an unclean mind and desire for maximal benefits for personal gains without considering the public good. Atrocities against women and marginalized sections is also due to ill thoughts and lack of morality. Why the youth commit suicide? Recently a TV actress, owing to personal life issues, took such disastrous step to end her life, is a question we need to ask ourselves and work on being more positivist by uncluttering the mind and follow the path of morality and spirituality. Positive affirmation over and over to oneself gives power to deal with negative circumstances. It helps sharpen our mind, enhance creativity, and promotes relaxation.

    Having talked about the need of keeping clean from both inside and outside makes us ponder over the ways to do so. Firstly, about the cleanliness of surroundings. The ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, also known as the ‘Clean India Movement’, has prompted thousands of Indians to pick up the broom and work towards his vision of a filth free India. Much progress has been done. The change can be observed by seeing cleaner railway platforms and stations. Importance of cleaning is evident by the Delhi Metro imposing strict fines on the polluters. Recent Government of India rules on solid waste management with clear responsibilities assigned to various classes of consumers is welcome step.

    Such laws and regulations must be complemented by proper implementation and our own “responsible behavior”. Segregation of waste must start from the waste creator. Separating wet waste from the rest and producing good compost can transform our cities and towns to cleaner and greener areas filled with gardens and trees, giving a sense of positivity and holiness all around us.

    For personal and internal cleanliness to promote holiness inside we must choose our thoughts as we choose our clothes. Few ways towards cleaning our mind are practicing meditation and yoga, keeping journals (by penning down the thoughts going in mind, we can get respite from the clutter going in mind and keep ourselves calm). With an open and balanced mind one can easily handle conflicting situations. How our society has been moving towards equality is evident from recent allowing of women to enter the Shani Temple to offer prayers in the inner sanctum, which was prohibited since centuries ago. Cleanliness never should be defined by gender and mindset if changing on a positive note.

    How we have progressed as Nation and world community on whole is evident from increased and still rising awareness about the pollution and waste management across the world. As good citizens it is our responsible behavior and willingness to go an extra mile to do our bit in keeping our surroundings clean. We attract goodness if we preach goodness. Cleanliness attracts godliness and to stay godly we must stay clean – physically, morally, and spiritually clean. The behavior of school children of Dangrole village is what needs to be appreciated and set as an inspiration to look forward a cleaner and greener planet. As Mahatma Gandhi said “When there is both inner and outer cleanliness, it approaches godliness”

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      you have every facets religous and social connotation, impact and suggestion
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                      Bhai tabhi to karta hun aise comment warna mujhe kaunsa Kapil Sharma ki jagah leni hai 😛

                • Cricket khelenge badminton bhi nadi pahaad bhi khel lenge jisko aaplg ice water bolte hoge shayadd ?
                  Jiski music achhi hogi wo gaana sikha Dena mujhe 😛
                  Aravind se I’ll learn cooking 😛

              • Affu

                ankitjee,everyone have their own set of plans on how to enjoy in LBSNAA,which shall shock UPSC 🙂

                • CSE2016 aspirant

                  Aapka kya plan hai Affu ji 🙂

                  • Affu

                    not one,i have many he he…..har culutral club mein join karna hai mujhe! haan aap aur captain mere bina toh nahi kheloge na so cricket ,
                    want to bunk PT in the morning suna hai permission nahi milti he he..
                    lot many!!

                • Hehe we’ll have our own cricket team! 🙂 I’m sure you’ll play cricket 😛

                  • Affu

                    not good at battng,bowling fielding but may come handy in sledging:-)

                    • Hehe okay! 🙂

                    • CSE2016 aspirant

                      Wo to aapke review pad ke hi lag gaya tha 🙂

                    • Affu

                      Donno u praised or criticised??!!

                    • CSE2016 aspirant

                      Chill Affu mam – ek baat poochni thi – Shankar IAS ke notes environment ke liye recommend kiye jaate hain, are they good ?
                      i always praise u 🙂 – u r like my teacher on insights

                    • Affu

                      yeah,its bulky but worth reading,but as u already say u cover most of thes tuff from optional i donno how mcuh it can help u
                      teacher ? me ..ha ha, i dont think so im also a learner

                    • CSE2016 aspirant

                      Teacher cum learner 🙂 – I am facing a lot of problems with geography map related problems, you know rivers and so on 🙂 – ab aapse poochta rahunga main beech beech main

                    • Affu

                      meri geography bhi kamzor hai especially maps:-(

                    • CSE2016 aspirant

                      Ohkk – chalo kabhi koi accha question milega to I will discuss with you 🙂

                • Jaya Swatantra

                  hey Affu .. please review my essay critically dear… 🙂 thanks in advance

                • Rashmirathi

                  review please 🙂

                • Affu Mam aap mere essay pe aaye the to review bhi kar dete 🙂
                  kindly provide your insights on my essay.. will be happy to learn from you.. thankss !! 😀

                  • Affu

                    read ur essay,u already got lies,reviews so didnt comment,ur essay has all the content to fetch good marks but just a little reorientation,focus on presentation shall go long way:-)

                    • CSE2016 aspirant

                      Same thoughts here affu – sb kuch hai namita ke essay main – bas jara sa acche reorganise kar de – to balle balle ho jaati 🙂

                    • Affu

                      ok as night thinker is a girl,nightfury is also one,i didnt know this,then ok Ms.Nightfury agli baar se aur jam ke criticism dungi,like i give it to my beloved nightthinker:-)

                    • hahaha yaar aisi baat thi to pehle hi bol dete 😀 aage se critical review karna 😉
                      aur ye kohli yaha sabko meri identity reveal kar raha hai 😛

                    • CSE2016 aspirant

                      I am sorry – I will not reveal it. I thought you were ok with it as you give your blog details too to others. Sorry again.

                    • arre nahi nahi !! chill !!.. mazaak me bola maine.. it’s cool with me after I shared blog link many people know me..
                      no need to be sorry friend 🙂

                    • CSE2016 aspirant

                      Thanks friend 🙂

                    • Affu

                      Yes dear,ladki Ho to woh critical reservation quota milta hai meri ore se, when it is guy I make sure he is receptive to criticism then go ahead, if not I have seen some guys “I know it all”type, so I avoid such encounters

                    • [email protected]….”BANKING QUEEN”

                      m a banking aspirant. i had nothing to do wid upsc examzzz. but m a big fan of ur affu the way to put ur opinion is commendable… gal power !!!

                    • Affu

                      Fan of mine, ha ha u must be kidding, thanks for appreciating my efforts, all the best for ur endeavours in banking exams

                    • [email protected]….”BANKING QUEEN”

                      are m telling u seriously… infact u aspire me for upsc exams… and thnxss hoping the same for u…

                    • thanks buddy !
                      likes don’t matter.. genuine reviews do ! thanks I will work on reorientation 🙂 all the best 🙂

                    • Affu ma’am, mjhe bhul gye :'(
                      mera bhi kar dete review 😀

                    • Affu

                      sorry i signed off,shall try to do as soon as i get sometime,or else if u happen to write next sunday,i shall review it on priority basis

                    • Please review my essay on cleanliness

                    • Ok Affu ma’am! jaisa aapko acha lage! Thankyou 🙂

                    • Ankit

                      Affu ji ne to point out bhi kardiya ki sabke comments ‘lies’ hain 😛

                    • Affu

                      are,that was a typo error,u know that:-)

                  • Niche bhi ek essay hai use bhool na jana 😛
                    mai padhta abi tera 😀

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                  Affu ji yahi to mai bhi kehra hun.. Waise UPSC se zyada society shock hoti hai aise IAS ko dekhke 😛

                  • Affu

                    Ankitjee bachpan see aajtak exam keep race mein, top kerne ke pagalpan mein chupchap chalegaye tab aapki society ne kya kiya
                    So have all rights to shock society 🙂

                    • Ankit

                      Society ne thodi bola tha ye karne ko 😛
                      Humto bachpan me khelte hi rehgaye usi me topper bangaye 😛

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                  Some plans are so sinister that they should be termed intrigues! Any one joining me to give a tough competition to Arvind and Tinu Joshi????
                  Guys, candour is in short supply these days:(

                  • Affu

                    Ha ha, what they are upto??just want to know abilities of rivals:-)

                    • Neelotpal

                      I will rather let you win than stoop to consider you my rival. Here too, as elsewhere, My Lady goes unrivalled.;)

              • -.-
                Aapki batting nahi aane denge hum! Aap bas ball leke aana idhar udhar se ?

                • Ankit

                  I am more interested in basketball and football and mera plan bas gym karne ka hai wahan jakey 😛 😛

          • Please review mine nighty

      • Ankit

        Mera bhi review kardo -_-
        But please zyada critical ni hona kahi besti hi mardo poore essay ki 😛

        • Did you review mine? LOL jaisi karni waisi bharni ??

          • Ankit

            Check to karlo pehle. Itni jaldi me rehti ho thoda ‘TOLERANCE’ rakho 😛

        • Ram

          plz review mine….

      • Please review mera b

    • Jaya Swatantra

      very nice write up Namita…you included every part … keep it up … i could not find any flaw this time… just fabulous… All the best and find time to review mine too.. 🙂

    • Ankit

      Ab kya hi bolu. Bawal sa hi likhdiya apne to 😛
      On a serious note loved the flow, the contect, the approach and finally the solutions. I’ll learn the essay by heart before mains 😛

      • lol 😀
        royalty pay kar dena bas 😀 😛

        • Ankit

          Dekho ji abhi log IAS ni bane kamaye ki baatein pehle agaye hain 😛

          • Hum to bas apni intellectual property ko protect kar rahe the 😛
            Anyway thanks for your review.. I will make you proud next time 😀
            And you too !!

            • Ankit

              maine CL pehle hi leliya tha 😛

              You’re welcome and I’ll try to make u proud 😛

    • CSE2016 aspirant

      You have substance, but flow is missing.
      Kabhi physical cleaning aata hai to kabhi spiritual cleaning. So, I would say disappointed by the way you arranged things.
      But, there were lot of issues raised which is good. + Intro deserves round of applause.
      Historical examples of clean cities like Surat and related prosperity could be added.
      I think you took the example to suicide and all – you began deviating from core aspect. Cleanliness of soul. May be you should have limited this as you have written a lot about it, focused less on other aspects.
      Untouchability point was out of box and maja aa gaya.
      Your essay should be balanced with a para dedicated to each aspect ( 6-7 lines ). You can write 8-10 issues (aspects) related to the topic and then dedicate 2 paras for solutions which should be coherent and flow is of course mandatory.

      Overall, excellent – contains myriad of examples and issues – Carry on the good effort.

      • Please review mine.. … With such eloquent details

      • Thanks buddy for elaborate views.. your suggestions are well taken and I will improve it next time..
        thanks 🙂
        you didn’t write ?

        • CSE2016 aspirant

          Namita ji – I am concentrating on my basics – I just look at essays here – try to get the plus points – also look at reviews to know what should be written – I will start writing after some days :). Till then – I will enjoy reading essays here :).

    • Rashmirathi

      wonderful essay ! loved your introduction. untouchability waala idea was just awesome ! no criticizm fro my side.

      please review mine whenever you can find time

    • Shaktimaan

      hiloo toothless bhai;);) (w/o do daant haha!!)
      intro nice thi…….cool:)
      par aaj sachi utna teek ni lga meko…:) more emphasis on cleanliness>> godliness wala bech bech me derail ho rh tha:):)………..aap acha likhte ho>> to yeh waisa sa ni laga:)
      or example b bahut kich gaye>>> jaise environment se related hi 4th para mai b or tribal forest wale main b>> usko succint kr k nw kuch or b daal sakte the:):)
      bt srprise eg b h>> tv actrss>> diff tha >> good good!!
      conagain ultim
      overall above v good>> but u wrt excellent ones tooo toh yeh us level ka ni tha!!
      sorry gr kuch harsh lage!!
      waise cooooooooooooool ………….thanks budd or mera b dkna…:):):)

      • CSE2016 aspirant

        Agreed 🙂

      • Ram

        hi shaktiman plz review mine

      • Tanu Singhal

        Kindly review mine as well.
        If u get enough time.
        Thanks 🙂

    • Eco-friendly

      Just loved ur opening. Bachpan ki yaad aa gyi. U must get extra marks for that. U have rightly mentioned about untouchability however it can be elaborated.

      However flow was missing. Overall nice one.
      Do review mine whenever u find time.

    • Quite innovative approach … Please review mine

    • Ram

      one of the best essay today
      deeper understanding of society
      current events and a village case study too added
      flow was outstanding
      plz review mine

    • kt

      You can add social ,legal,regulatory dimensions like manual scavenging act,ppp in urban solid waste management.anyways it was a nice essay
      Kindly review mine…

    • Tanu Singhal

      Hi night fury.
      I know your essay has been the most voted one, oi might get troled for criticising it.
      But few frank points, with a genuine approach.

      1. The starting with a Hindi tag line- not appealing- sounded like a magazine article start.
      2. There is no connection in the paragraphs.
      3. You have no where covered the direct concept of negativity- envious envt.- the feelings of arrogance and jealousy prevailing. Approach them directly.
      4.just the envt. And surrounding is not the extent, this quote has more of Gandhian philosophy and spiritual tiuch- you tried to cover that, but again things are not connected to establish their existence.
      5.the matter is more than enough, you can crisp it down, that will avoid the repetitions as well.

      Improvements is the way ahead.
      I will be posting mine in a a while, hoping for a constructive criticism.

      • thanks Tanu ! criticism well accepted and I will try to improve.. thanks 🙂
        will review yours in some time..

      • CSE2016 aspirant

        Tanu mam , can’t we start with a Hindi tagline ? I agree with rest of ur points though.

        • Tanu Singhal

          We can but we should not, bcz there are chances that while writing in thr English medium, our paper might reach a checker not so proficient with Hindi.
          He might be having a good command over English, that’s why he was given the paper. But not a good hand with Hindi, for that matter any other regional language as well.

          • CSE2016 aspirant

            Thanks mam

        • Virat bhai. We can use. I have read this in many toppers interview, and insights has reviewed and said the same. However we must write the english version immediately after that (which I missed)
          So we can use it.
          Thanks. ATB 🙂

          • CSE2016 aspirant

            Thanks for clarification 🙂

      • Please review mine TANU.. the seasoned reviewer… 🙂

    • HM

      Not sure if this would be called a complete essay as I have started writing recently. Looks like you missed some points which could have made it better.
      Negative implications-
      Here you could have included more points about economic, psychological and sociological impacts like less tourists, fights between society members, effect on carrier and studies etc.
      Positive implications-
      rise in gdp, rise in image in world’s eyes, increase in soft power and can help neighbours thus rising the stature in world politics
      Steps taken by govt-
      you could have mentioned about Namami gange, amrut mission
      Obstacles in implementation-
      attitude, age-old habits, lack of monitoring, inefficient infrastructure(chennai-mumbai floods), poor urban planning,
      Corrective measures to be taken-
      awareness esp in children and women, involving citizen participation in monitoring, complaint cell, fines and other strict action, name&shame drive, awarding cleanest district/tehsil/panchayat, link allocation of funds to the achievement of milestones and targets, fix accountability and targets, greater devolution of funds to local bodies

      Rest other points are good and you also linked cleanliness to godliness well.

      • hey ! thanks for the add-ons !!
        I had many more dimensions to add but got constrained by the word limit..
        I will try to balance in future essays.. thanks a lot !!

    • Hello Fury ji, my views:
      1)Just for you, I sung that song in rhyme 😛
      2)Multiple dimensions have been covered
      3)Flow takes hit when multiple dimensions related to single theme (here it was importance of cleanliness). In such cases, I will suggest you to write down the multiple themes before you begin e.g. before detailing in importance, you can write that there are concepts of spiritual, environmental cleanliness. Will ease the flow for you
      4)If I take a closer look, you have devoted more on problems of cleanliness that we see, The importance of cleanliness should have been the approach
      5)In the initial paras describing cleanliness, the relation with Godliness was somewhat present but after that it disappeared. For the “temple issue”, you could have compared women as Goddess being prevented from entry in temple. Further, “next” to Godliness should also be detailed
      6)Structure of essay was good and so as are the suggestions
      Overall, it was a nice read, broader in perspective but somewhere a balance between content and flow needs to be preached 🙂

    • ajeet

      haha what a write man ,as like child essay.. please dont mine

    • gomuki

      I appreciate your English but not essay. we need to write under what context that statement has made….

      Few observations,

      many points are irrelevant, need to write about cleanliness and caste and how upper caste people think cleaning is not their cup of tea, people attitude -not in their backyard, malnutrition and under weight children majorly due to lack of toilets, women hygenity(lack of awareness in rural areas) and many more important issues….

      • thanks for the reading buddy !
        I had thought of these details but had to restrict to word limit.. will try to improve in further essays.. 🙂

    • Ankit

      Ye essay West Indies ki team ki tarah hai..jeetne ke baad bhi log satisfied ni hai ki kaise jeet gaye:P
      Lekin humo to acha laga tha essay jabtak humne ye realize ni kiya ki one dimensional hogaya thoda -_-

      Next time make me proud 😛

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      Very nice essay with proper structure and content. You have touched various aspects and explored enough dimensions, while maintaining continuity. Questions asked in between and solutions given in last 2 paragraphs make your essay optimistic and inquisitive. They also help in maintaining the curiosity of the reader. You can note down points suggested by others. Well done.

      Marks – 80/125

      • Thank you so much Sir 🙂
        I have noted down the suggestions.
        Can you please tell if using hindi song lyrics acceptable ?
        I wrote it to make catchy intro. If not suggested i will refrain from using lile this in future.
        Thanks a lot Sir 🙂

        • InsightsOfficialReview

          If you are using Hindi lyrics/prose/paragraph/sentence/saying or anything, then you have to give its English translation immediately after that.

          You can use any language (Tamil, Sanskrit etc), just consider following two aspects –
          (a) It should fit the situation of your essay
          (b) Translation in English is provided

      • vkdglobetrotter

        sir please please review mine

  • sankar


    Cleanliness is next to God tells us that practicing cleanliness is very good habit that leads us towards goodness in every walk of life by keeping our body, mind and soul clean and peaceful. Being clean is very essential for all of us to get healthy body and mind and ultimate success in life. The taste of success varies from person to person. Among these different forms of successes, ‘SERVICE TO HUMAN BEING IS SERVICE TO GOD’, hence, being the most of beautiful creation of god as human being, we are bound morally and ethically to do every possible thing which can fetch greater relief and comfort to the life of human being.

    In this respect, the most common and unique effort is cleanliness which can bring greater aid to people in living a comfort and peaceful life. We not only clean ourselves but also keep our surrounding neat and clean. By keeping our surrounding clean, we can defeat the most deadly demons like mosquitoes and insecticides which are the carrier of different deadly diseases. The horrific impact of bacteria and viruses can cause millions of death every year which can be prevented by keeping clean.

    India has been bestowed with such practices from time immemorial. In India, we observe every social and rituals customs and practices by cleaning the proposed place. The most famous among them is on the celebration of ‘DEEPAWALI’. On the occasion of Deepawali, ‘a Hindu religious festival’, people from every walk of life, clean their homes and surroundings in the hope that the goddess of wealth, MATA LAKSHMI’ arrives to only those houses where she will observe cleaniness. This belief is itself conveying the message of being close to God by keeping clean on the one hand and on the other hand, in the garb of festival, people clean the most dangerous place having potentials to incur ill-effect on the health of people of that place.

    The ill-effects in the form of mass death causing diseases like endemic, epidemic, kalaazar and various other mosquitoes borne diseases have cost India millions of lives very often. Taking lession from the ill-effect of unhygienic and dirty place, our ‘Father of Nation’, Mahatma Gandhi unequivocally advocated the message of cleanliness among the masses and himself started practicing the habit of cleanliness by keeping not only himself and his surroundings clean and hygienic but educating people about the benefits of being clean and hygienic.

    Now, in order to look on the other facet of cleanliness, we should also focus on keeping our environment neat and clean. However keeping environment clean and fresh is related to keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean at a greater extent, but we should also avoid some extra-activities like burning of agriculture stubbles, garbages, forest firing, piling of garbages at open place and open defecation which are directly responsible for polluting the environment. It is essential to keep the beautiful earth livable for ourselves and our future generation by making greater balance in the intake and uptake of solar radiation which is hindered by recently by the increased emissions of GHGs.

    Further in this age of materialistic life, we should also focus on keeping clean the natural things occurred on the earth like water bodies such as lakes, river and ponds etc. In the race of developing industrial set-up, there has been inflow of sewages and industrial effluents into the most revered rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and Sawarasti, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri which once served as the lifegiving water for the people of the country, but now are considered one of the most polluted rivers on the earth.

    This imbalance and unhealthy practices not only jeopardize the life of rivers but also the flora and fauna of water bodies along with the activities like agriculture and people dependent on it. In fact all these unhygienic and lack of cleanliness practices have created a state of survival threat for human being along with the natural flora and faunas of the earth. The reasons behind all these happenings lie in the indiscriminate and unscientific practices followed by people at personal and public level for immediate benefits by jeopardizing the sustainability and longevity of this beautiful planet.

    Now, a question arises in mind, has the time phased out to recover from ill-doings? Is the act done irreversible? Can the earth not become clean? Do we not have expertise, calibre and resources to adopt good habit of cleanliness?

    The answer for all these questions in ‘YES’, we have not yet crossed the line from where we cannot restore good health of our rivers, neither we have lack of resources to do so. But what we require, is to have an ardent will-power and desire to imbibe such practices by keeping mind that cleanliness is one of the greater services through we can reach to God in real sense. In order to make this happen in real life, we have to start it at individual level by citing the line, ‘EKLA CHALO’. For ensuring the success of any work, we should lead from the front as it has been seen in the case of ‘cleanliness drive’ initiated by Mahatma Gandhi. And this practice has encouraged to do the same by one of the great ardent supporter of Gandhi, the honorable Prime Minister of India, Modiji which is sown by inaugurating the ‘CLEAN INDIA MISSION’.

    We must make it mandatory in our life like other works such as brushing teeth and bathing that before initiating any work, we will clean our surroundings. We should also pledge to keep our surrounding clean by disposing waste and garbages at a specific place. We won’t do unscientific and harmful practices which create imbalance in the healthy functioning of natural cycle which is essential and instant need for our survival.

    Hence, we must educate people by reminding them the habits like clean bathing and cleaning their hands before touching the idol of gods or entering into the sanctorium, keeping clean the places of rituals before starting. In this sense, we have to educate people to do such practices continuously by citing benefits such as economical and health benefits. they should be persuaded to serve people by keeping cleanliness which in turn is the service of God.

    • AK

      flow is gud…
      u strtd with relation b/w cleanliness n godliness and then benefits of cleanliness…
      think conclusion could be better..(jus my opinion..)

      • sankar

        thanks bro
        eager to listen your view…… need to worry……..just write what you observe with open mine……every criticsm is accepted with due respect

    • One punch man

      overall a nice attempt….but could work on the flow/continuity…i mean in para i m reading about cleaning homes at the tym of diwali and just the next line talks about deaths due to diseases…
      apart from that language used is good….conclusion could use some finishing though!
      keep writting

      • sankar

        thanks a lot bro

    • Ram

      hey shankar ur intro was quite simple
      however the flow was awesome
      link between cleanliness and godliness well discussed
      a good read
      try writing
      plz review mine

      • sankar

        thanks bro

    • Hello Sankar Dude !
      “Cleanliness is next to God” pehli line me hi silly mistake – not good !
      bit of structuring is needed here, which distorts the flow
      conclusion needs improvement..include both the aspects in conclusion , as you mentioned inside cleanliness also in the starting paras.. to give a feel of closure and holistic ending..
      language was good !
      I have been reading your past essays too and this one I found better than your previous essays.. good efforts buddy 🙂

      • sankar

        thanks bro or sis?
        virat tell me call you sis………hahaha

        • Lol.. kuch bhi bula lo bhai ya behen kya farak padta hai 😛
          a civil servant is anonymous 😀

          • sankar

            lol……..for me it remains secret

  • Dear friends and Insights Sir/Ma’am, please review 🙂

    Last Sunday, while I was helping my mother in kitchen, my younger brother, who was having his board examination within a week, was trying to search for his notebook, but was not finding it. Just as he began to play blame-game, mother and I entered in his room. What we saw was a mess, as there was no order of anything in the room. Just then I heard my mother say, “You’ll never know what you have until…You clean your room”.

    Right from the beginning, Indian Culture, from the times of Indus Valley Civilization, focused on cleanliness. We know how well they emphasized on structural layout of cities, just to keep the cities hygienic.

    This cleanliness, what we talk about is even linked with our cities and places. Himachal is known as DevBhumi, a place where Gods live. Kerala is known as Gods own country. Uttrakhand, is known as land of Gods. Varanasi, a holy city, according to the legends, was founded by Shiva. As these places are associated with Godliness, it is easy to assume that they must be fitting the definition of cleanliness.

    Cleanliness can very easily related with the environment and our surroundings. For a sound body, there must be a sound environment. This sound environment can be only achieved by following cleanliness. But why cleanliness only? And why it is linked with Godliness?

    Cleanliness through ages have been practised in all religions and cultures. It seems like one and the same thing and are in harmony with each other. Krishna in Bhagvad-Gita insisted on outer and inner cleanliness. One verse of Quran says, “Cleanliness and Purity are the half of faith”. Such closely is cleanliness associated with Godliness.

    We, the people of India, have a deep spiritual background. Though having a diverse culture, we all strive for the same Godliness by following different routes, and all that routes, maybe different for many as the cultures are, always have to pass through cleanliness.

    However now, even without a closer look, we can see that most of our cities, which are linked with Godliness, do not fit the definition of cleanliness. If it does, then Gods would abandon such place without giving it a second thought.

    Why such a situation have arose? Cleanliness is associated with our surrounding and environment, but we keep neglecting it as it is the work of someone another. Even if we think about it, we still ignore it as we didn’t pollute the surrounding, so why should we waste our time in cleaning it, forgetting that we only get back what we give. Such neglectance have led to our cities getting degraded from “Heavens of Cleanliness” to “Abyss of dirtiness”.

    However, if one realizes his/her mistake and mend it later, s/he is no longer a culprit. India too, on the same note have started Clean India Campaign or “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” to clean its cities and provide better environment and that too by participating people in it. Response too overall is very pleasing. Apart from this, states too are now themselves taking responsibility for the cleanliness and environment upgradation. Himachal recently banned Plastic bags. Ghats of Varanasi are much cleaner now due to people’s participation. Some initiatives like “Vacuum Cleaning of roads” are to be implemented soon. Better late than never.

    Clear is that Cleanliness is next to Godliness, but is it only related to our surrounding environment? Is it only related to our cleanliness? Gandhiji once said that, “I’ll not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet”. What he meant was, as long as we have control over our mind and our emotions, we can never get angry at anything which is of no use to us, even if it provokes us.

    We meet different people in our life. Some of them always show-off to work for a cause or another. But hardly have they done so. Many talk of women empowerment and women-cause just to get attention. Unknowingly they themselves criticize women on all petty issues. For their mind is not clean nor their heart is.

    Cleaning of mind and soul is a fight with oneself. It is a long process of climbing the ladder of self-determination and self-control, by falling daily. Losing to your own self makes you much more subtle and patient. And as Bible says, “God is where patience is”.

    “You’ll never know what you have until…You clean your room”, these words which my mother said to my younger brother are still buzzing in my ear. How easily do we believe to have understood the things by our own conscience, even if we are wrong about that whole perspective? My brother just took those words lightly, and cleaned his room. Although he found his note-book at last, but my world was totally shaken. Deep down I was thinking my body to be the room where I live and i’ll never know what i have until…I clean my room.

    Overall as I think, cleanliness together of our surrounding and our mind, will redirect us towards godliness. Refraining ourselves from anyone of it, will only lead to a failed cause. As Gandhiji said, “Keep your thoughts clean because your thoughts become your words and your words clean as your words becomes your behaviour” and when we act like this, we work toward building a better self and better environment.

    (890 words)

    • Hello Lord (aj to ap pe he hai topic :P), my views:
      1)The story was good but you broke the flow straight away while coming to second para. It looked like the story was just to put up an intro
      2)Very less emphasis was placed on connecting cleanliness with Godliness and why it is ‘next’ to Godliness? Why not ‘equal’ with ‘Godliness’. Such dimensions should have been explored
      3)As you did with external cleanliness that ‘why did this situation arose’, same should have been done with ‘internal cleanliness too. Would have maintained parity between the two issues
      4)Flow needs improvement in this essay as it was broken in between
      5)Use these quotes only if you can remember them!
      Overall, the impressive thing was the use of religious texts in backing up your arguments but I feel that some philosophical and scientific view should also get its due place. So, your write up is fine. Keep writing regularly, I expect more out of you 🙂
      PS- clean your room 😀

      • Aman Gupta

        Hi Batman,could u pls review mine

      • Well apart from Lord, Tahir means pure and clean! 🙂
        I got ur points! 🙂 Thnks or the review bro!
        yeah, connectivity problem! found this essay a little challenging!
        Thanks for the faith! will work more 🙂
        Tera karta hu aaram se review in some time 🙂

    • Hey Tuktuk,
      Intro para was good
      Shift to the second para looked abrupt cuz there was no link.
      Paras are short but links needs to be improved 🙂 you could have given more dimensions to cleanliness! Such long quotations!! It will be great if only we remembered them in the exam hall too.. Look at my essay as well 🙂 thanks

    • Eco-friendly

      Story was nice, how u linked it with godliness was awesome. Some recent initiatives also covered. Quotations make ur essay look good too.

      However u can add multiple dimentions to it too like- 1) Pollution, 2) SBA in villages, 3) Health, 4) Economic aspect, 5) International link
      Solutions like use of Science and tech, various rules and regulations by GoI, people’s participation, etc Also if u add 1-2 lines after story to link then it will be great

      Overall a nice read.
      Pls review mine

      • thanks Eco! Will keep that points in mind 🙂

    • Ram

      simple start
      however a nice one
      tried to touch diverse issues
      plz review mine

  • When I was a small child, I used to see my mother performing daily chores. She used to broom and mop every nook and corner of the floor, wash the utensils and the clothes. She would do it all these chores with such a dedication that floor would shine, utensils became lustrous and the clothes looked new. At the same time, I saw her daily sitting in front of our temple and reading the ‘Bhagvad Gita’. One day, out of curiosity, I put up a number of questions to her, “Why do you do these things regularly on a daily basis?”, “Why do you mop the floor daily when it already looks so good?” and “why can’t we wear the same clothes again and again without washing them?”. My mother smiled and replied “My Son, cleanliness is next to Godliness”. I was quite small to understand the true meaning of her quote but the word ‘Godliness’ left a mark that cleanliness is something very important to us as I was told that ‘God’ is important for the living beings.

    However, as I grew, the meaning of her words became clearer to me. I came to understand the essence of the quote ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’. I realized that cleanliness can be considered on two levels- Internal and external.

    Internal cleanliness implies pure and pious thoughts in mind. The thoughts of love, peace and bliss are indicator of a clean mind. Such thoughts are considered to be clean because they express welfare for the people. Love for the fellow beings allows us to deal with them in an amicable manner. A peaceful mind allows us to take righteous decisions in different walks of life because one can analyze the situations in a better manner as compared to the one whose mind is disturbed and occupied by thoughts of anger. Similarly, bliss ensures that mind remains happy all the time and one can easily deal with the tough phases of life.

    Moving a little out of thoughts of love, peace and bliss is the concept of external cleanliness. External cleanliness deals with the cleanliness of the environment and our body. Clean surroundings ensure that the habitat is livable. Pollution free environment with absence of harmful microorganisms allow one to lead a healthy life that is free from diseases. Clean and fresh food that is not spoilt helps ensure a proper working of the body. A clean body helps thwart the attempts of harmful bacteria to occupy the human bodies that can lead to skin infections and other diseases.

    The concepts of internal and external cleanliness have expressed how important they are. But why is cleanliness considered next to Godliness? But before delving into this question, it is pertinent to understand the meaning of Godliness.

    Godliness, from the ancient times has been associated with an external agency that is divine in nature. The nature, the earth, the minerals, all are considered to be the gifts of God. God is considered an epitome of love as it has allowed everyone to occupy her without any discrimination. Whether it is a murderer or a saint, God has never raised a question over their existence and treated all of them as equal. The Mother Nature has endowed all of us with resources-flora, fauna, minerals, water, land- in one form of the other.

    All these attributes of the ‘God’ makes it clear that God is an agency for welfare of human beings. The same is being ensured through cleanliness. The pure and pious thoughts of mind ensure that moral actions flow out through human beings in their conduct throughout their life. These thoughts become a pre-requisite for ensuring external cleanliness that is central in ensuring welfare of human beings. Thus, it can be said that ensuring cleanliness mirrors the nature and will of God. However, it is considered next to Godliness because of certain limitations on human beings that ensures this ‘cleanliness’.

    The limitation with human beings is their power to deal with adversities while God, being the divine power has the capability to knock off any adversity. Limitations on the concept of internal cleanliness arise from the challenges and the mental trauma that human beings have to face in different walks of life. Increased competition, work pressure and disputes in society seem to have taken a hit on values of love, peace and bliss. In the sphere of external cleanliness, the race of development and lack of knowledge about the environment limits the actions that can be taken by human beings. Simple actions like mopping the floor even with best of chemicals may not be able to kill those microorganisms for which no cure has been developed or which still remain unexplored.

    Despite these limitations, the importance of cleanliness cannot be ignored and the same has been recognized by the society including the political class. For the internal cleanliness, various meditation and Yoga centres have been opened throughout the country. Simple acts like meditation and Yoga help reap the values of love, peace and bliss by stabilizing the mind. For the external cleanliness, Government of India has launched a ‘Swachh Bharat Program’ i.e. Clean India Program. This program has been launched with a view to ensure that garbage on roads are disposed and treated properly, sanitation facilities are made available to the people so that they don’t have to defecate in open and campaigns are carried out to sensitize people about the need and benefits of cleanliness.

    Thus, it can be said that cleanliness-internal and external-helps realize the vision of God i.e. to ensure welfare of human beings. It is considered next to Godliness just because of the limitations on the actions of human beings. Still the importance of cleanliness as expressed by my mother that ‘it is next to Godliness’ continues to hold an importance place in one’s life. It is in this regard that the society including the government has come forward to imbibe the values of cleanliness among people. It should be the moral duty of every human being to contribute his/her own in this initiative of cleanliness to help reap its benefits.

    • sankar

      love to read
      i could not relate the limitation prt in the last few lines of third paragraph from below
      other wise a catchy one very good.
      have a loot t mine plz …….thanks

      • bhai raat ko dekhta hu 🙂

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Very nice introduction
      nice explanation of internal and external cleanliness
      But i would rather suggest to add more dimensions like stigma attached to it, need of clean and transparent acts in the administration but you have emphasized too much on internal cleanliness… try to maintain a perfect balance overall thanks for letting me read … a good one.. keep writing and all the best!!

      • Thanku 🙂
        will definitely try to improve 🙂

      • Ram

        plz review mine

    • Hey Batman,
      Internal and external cleanliness part..well explained and well written! I liked the start a lot 🙂 🙂
      Swach Bharat mission part was good! I think you over emphasized on internal and external cleanliness.. Overall it was a nice read! I got some points to add fir godliness 🙂 keep up brother! 🙂

      • Thanks Behna 🙂
        Will try to maintain a balance and improve 🙂

    • Nupur

      Hi Batman. You have beautifully linked the Godliness with Cleanliness which i found missing in others essay. Intro is good. But i personally feel that if in intro you would have provided the above relationship instead of that example, would have give examiner the clue about your understanding of the topic and thus how will you further proceed as i doubt that whether examiners read whole essay with as much focus as they are focused in the start or in the end.
      “God as a Agency”. sounds some what derogatory.
      You are defining nature as a gift of god and after a few lines it seems that Mother Nature is itself a goddess. Though it is not necessary but i think that you should be clear that whether God is Nature or Nature is only a creation of god so it should be respected by us.
      I have a doubt that while discussing Cleanliness should be also explain about the Internal cleansing or only physical one will be sufficient?
      Rest your Essay was a delight to read.
      Plz review mine also but it is in hindi so do it as par your convenience 🙂 Thanks.

      • Thanks a lot Nupur. You have pointed out the right and even I felt the same thing about ‘story’ in the introduction. Regarding your doubt, I think if we are discussing both- internal and external cleanliness- then cleansing should also be related to both.
        “God as Agency”-can’t comment much here 😀
        Rest all your suggestions accepted, I will try to improve 🙂
        I have reviewed your essay. Thanks!

    • Rashmirathi

      very nice writeup batman 🙂 you have well balanced internal and external cleanliness , introduction is very good, conclusion could have been improved a bit. few more dimensions could have been added in internal wala part like, corruption, ethics,etc.

      rest all is good. keep writing 🙂

      please review mine

      • Thanks Rashmi, will try to improve 🙂

    • Sonia mehra

      Dear Batman,
      1. Introduction and the subsequent evolution of cleanliness into internal and external = nicely presented.
      2. Good connection of godliness to cleanliness in 5th para

      Overall analysis= This was a beautiful philosophical essay. I would compare it to dravid’s test match innings (consistent flow) , but there were no fours and sixes= variety was missing, the topic provided enough scope to touch upon
      – contemporary issues. A cursory one line on swatch bharat wasn’t enough.
      – some challenges cleanliness is facing could be provided.
      – so the need to reemphasise on the traditional philosophy of “cleanliness is next to godliness”
      – diseases due to lack of cleanliness, malnourishment, diarohhea

      Thank you dear Batman…

      • Iconoclast

        Dear Sonia, Pls review mine

      • Thanks a lot Ma’am for reviewing my essay on request 🙂
        I agree the essay revolved more on the expected lines, should have dealt with the issues that you pointed out 🙂

        • Sonia mehra

          Dear Batman,
          Your always right good essays, I am fortunate enough to read such good essays from you and other aspirants.
          You don’t need to request me, I will always read your essays.
          You can call me Sonia, sounds more friendly…


          • This really means a lot, Sonia (vase mai bht chota hu abhi 😀 )

            • Sonia mehra

              Ohhh I thought u must be very old..

              • haha, I am just 23 years old 😛

    • Ram

      hi batman
      u have been astounding today
      a nice essay
      i could not find any remarkable flaw
      both internal and external cleanliness discussed at length
      plz review mine

    • Affu

      good one batman,nice intro,good flow but from the para u started explaining godliness,there was some incoherence,loss of vigour that u maintained till then,u could have added various dimensions of external cleanliness-health,effect on economy,environment ,in the last but one para,ur sweeping generalisation that internal cleanliness can be achieved through yoga,meditation may not go down well with the examiner
      conclusion was good
      keep up the good efforts

      • Thanks Ma’am 🙂
        Can’t say much whether examiner will like Yoga, meditation or not but I know only these tools to cleanse the ’emotional blockage’ and purifying the aura 😀
        Will try to improve 🙂

    • Shri07

      I liked your essay . but isn’t it necessary to focus more on issues ,new schemes ,pros and cons etc ??

      • You can add but shouldn’t deviate from the main theme of essay 🙂

        • Shri07

          Okie 🙂

    • Akhil

      Hi batman, my views
      -good intro.. (is it real story or you just imagined)
      -both internal and external Clenliness you mentioned quite well.
      -I have some doubt Clenliness is next to godliness.the meaning of this quote I understood is Clenliness is equally important like godliness infact to attain godliness cleanliness is must..
      -you took it like Clenliness is not equal to godliness (IMO).. And wrote accordingly.
      -god wala part and that limitations of human before God is what you covered, which many have not..
      -importance of external Clenliness could have been diversified..
      -overall it was a good read for me.. Flow is nice.. And good conclusion..

      Review mine also brother as per your convineance.. Thank you

      • Thanks Akhil bhai 🙂
        You are right that I took that cleanliness is not equal to Godliness.
        Story was party correct and partly cooked up 😀

    • I4anI

      cannot comment on yours…way way better than mine. Bro can you review mine, as you told me some months ago to be regular and I had not followed for which I’m finding so much difficulty in writing essays. Plz take a look at that and suggest some ways. Extremely thankful 🙂

      • Wil review yours in a while 🙂

    • minaxi

      Batman Ji.. Apne to kasam kha li.. God ko supreme authority banana hi bnana he.. Hum jaise athiests ka kya hoga,,
      Well On serious note.. I think, it is not always true to prove the given quota in literal sense. You must understand the essance of quota before commenting on it.
      Who know.. god will help us or not.. But cleanliness will definitly help.

      • Faces of you and Aravind appeared in my mind when I began writing this essay 😛
        Can’t help much yar, in exams I would have avoided this topic 😀
        I was trying to focus on Godly values but couldn’t avoid focus on God 😀

        • minaxi

          Well You did not thank me.. so you can review my essay in future date.. 🙂

          • haha. Thank you for the review (honest mistake :D), tell me when you are done with writing this essay 🙂

      • Nupur

        To be very true Minaxi today i remembered you and thus that atheist part in my Essay is dedicated to you dear:))
        And get well soon . And by the way mosquitoes are said to be descendants of Ravana. So be a Theist in order to get relief from them. 😀

        • minaxi

          well Dear.. I will not put my head in Shark mouth just to escape a bunch of Piranha.. 🙂
          And Thanks.. Yar..,, I will post my essay on my blog after some time most probably in morning.. Hope,, you will have time for value addition in it.:)

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Batman ,

      First question to you : Do you believe in GOD ?

      Hahahaha…….I am personally a STRONG ATHEIST who really practice ATHEISM in true spirit in my life .



      1) Introduction is wonderful especially the story of mother and the child engages the reader .

      2) Internal cleanliness and external cleanliness AGREED 🙂 i find the definition of your internal cleanliness to be philosophical but still can be accepted 🙂

      3) A clean body helps thwart the attempts of harmful bacteria to occupy the human bodies that can lead to skin infections and other diseases.???????????? harmful bacteria ???? can’t it be any other micro organism ??? don’t limit to bacteria 🙂

      4) After the definition of internal cleanliness and external cleanliness i find you got over involved describing the divine powers god possess .

      See , I agree you might believe in god but never try to be like a religious person and start describing godliness as GOD . you are expected to tell the REASONS why cleanliness is compared with godliness and not about GOD and its divinity .


      5) Whether it is a murderer or a saint, God has never raised a question over their existence and treated all of them as equal???????? god never raised a question ???? how did you come to know that god never raised a question ????

      6) All these attributes of the ‘God’ makes it clear that God is an agency for welfare of human beings. ???????? GOD IS AN AGENCY ???? I don’t know what made you define GOD as an agency ???

      The main problem with this essay is that ,you are describing ” internal cleanliness ” and ” external cleanliness ” and then describing GOD which is actually denying you the opportunity to correlate the ” external cleanliness ” with Godliness .

      7) The limitation with human beings is their power to deal with adversities while God, being the divine power has the capability to knock off any adversity???? PLEASE BE CLEAR !!!

      8) Despite these limitations, the importance of cleanliness cannot be ignored…….. ” THIS PARAGRAPH IS WHAT I FOUND GOOD after your detailed description of GOD and his/her powers 🙂

      9) Thus, it can be said that cleanliness-internal and external-helps realize the vision of God ???????? VISION OF GOD ??? PLEASE BE CLEAR !!!



      • Hello Aravind bhai, thanks a lot for the detailed review :). Will try to answer few of your queries-
        1)Detail about God is needed. Otherwise, I don’t know how are you going to make a comparison between cleanliness and godliness. I have tried to define the God in a manner that is synonymous with the expression “welfare” and for that I will have to go into details
        2)Regarding the point on murderer or saint, the land as I described a gift of God doesn’t part away to consume a murderer into it. Both are given an equal chance to live on it 🙂
        3)Agency? Don’t know why it can’t be defined as an agency :/
        4)Regarding the 7th point, I have already said that God has divine power- can’t it knock off any adversity :/
        5)Regarding the 9th point, my whole essay has been revolving around vision of God-welfare. I guess you need to read the essay as a whole rather than some isolated statements. That’ll surely help you understand its meaning in a better many and will allay most of your doubts
        But as I say, I put my points to make my stand clear to you and in no way to demean you. You are always a good friend of fine and there are very less people who go into the knitty-gritty of the answers and essays like you. So, thanks a lot Bhai for this wonderful review 🙂

        • Aravind Varier

          Dear Batman ,

          Hahahaha…..I am NOT a sensitive person to be demeaned by your reply on my review .
          You are welcome to counter and criticize my reviews 🙂

          THANK YOU Batman 🙂

      • I forgot to answer your question 😛
        You can call me more as an agnostic. I have my own concept of God that is not well accepted by others 😀

        • aisa kya concept hai tera o.O

          • Mussorie me kya baate krenge hum fir 😛 😀

            • haan theek hai waha pe batana fir 😀 😛
              curious I am :O

        • Aravind Varier

          Dear Batman ,

          Your own concept of God ? Interesting to know that BUDDY 🙂

          THANK YOU 🙂

    • Rohit Kulkarni

      Bro one critic which I want to highlight from many essays i see from almost 5 months. Your intro is very big make sure introduction will be completed in max 30-40 words.

      • Ok Coolkarni bhai, I agree this one got a bit stretched, will take care of it 🙂

        • Rohit Kulkarni

          Bro review mine. Its bit down you need to dig deep as in kolar mines in karnataka 🙂

    • By GOD bada hi godly essay likha hai 😛
      In the start all good and well.. defining the key terms of essay.. inside and outside cleanliness.. fine
      but I feel definition of godliness got somewhat restricted.. I think we cannot define it in concrete terms, but can brig up as many dimensions as the word limit and essay can allow..
      your essay seemed restricted to fewer dimensions of godliness..
      can add more varieties.. aur essays me shayad tujhe mile honge points..
      flow was smooth and kab khatam hua padhte hue pta hi nahi chala 😀
      overall good (Y)

    • CSE2016 aspirant

      Too much emphasis on a single point.
      Introduction – 10/10
      Conclusion – can be improved.
      I think too much GOD GOD coming in your essay in middle path. You should have added some other interesting examples so that the interest in essay is maintained. ( ye isliye bhi kyunki I feel philosophy boring )
      Solutions – what government is doing – fine. You can add your own solutions too.
      Flow was good.
      Keep writing 🙂 The Dark knight
      Overall , good

      • Thanks Virat bhai for taking out time. Will work on the aspects mentioned by you 🙂

    • yogi

      Hello Batman Bhai 🙂
      my views:
      1.. Intro+ definition of internal and external = till here your essay was best,
      2. when you started to forge the link between God and cleanliness it started to give too much emphasis on God. Though by that u were trying to address the godliness part of the given adage, but in my opinion the Godliness should be taken in symbolic form that is something that has inherent goodness in it, like the “nature” you mentioned in your essay.For this you could considered God as something similar to this and rather than stating God as an agency, divine power that can knock-off any adversities,etc etc .Why i am saying this?. When i was reading your essay i was always thinking what does God mean here, that left ambiguity in my mind and 4th para onward till the penultimate para it was confusing read for me.
      3.breadth of essay is good you have covered many sides of the adage
      4. conclusion: you need to work on it make it impressive
      thanks 🙂

      • Thanks Bhai, I was try to put due emphasis on Godliness too. Otherwise it would have remained “cleanliness-centric”. Will try to improve 🙂

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      Focus in this essay should be more on ‘cleanliness’ and its effects. Why is cleanliness necessary, what are the problems that we are facing to keep our environment clean, why cleanliness should be pursued with same conviction and reverence as religious people pursue god, problem of lower castes and women specially related to Indian concept of purity and pollution, elaborate more on government schemes in solution part, problems of urban areas, sanitation problems in rural areas, concept of attitude, some case study relating to benefits of cleanliness (like a remote village in Meghalaya – Mawlynnong, read about it)

      Watch Satyamev Jayate Episode ‘Don’t waste your garbage’ to get the right structure and inputs for this topic. Overall nice attempt.

      Marks – 60/125

      • Thank You Sir 🙂
        I have a doubt: While we include all these issues, won’t it look like we have drifted away from the topic because a connection with Godliness may not be established in all the cases? I think elaborating these issues would have been better for a essay on “cleanliness” only 🙂 Waiting to hear from you !

        • InsightsOfficialReview

          Here cleanliness is compared with godliness. Main subject is cleanliness and ‘side subject’ or ‘supportive role’ is of godliness or in other words – attributes of godliness which are essential components of cleanliness. So, give more attention to main subject and while co-relating it with attributes of ‘godliness’ wherever possible.

      • Dear Sir, please review mine too!! I know you’ve a hectic schedule. Its been so much time, you haven’t reviewed mine! Requesting you once again Sir. Please 🙂

        Last Sunday, while I was helping my mother in kitchen, my younger brother, who was having his board examination within a week, was trying to search for his notebook, but was not finding it. Just as he began to play blame-game, mother and I entered in his room. What we saw was a mess, as there was no order of anything in the room. Just then I heard my mother say, “You’ll never know what you have until…You clean your room”.

        Right from the beginning, Indian Culture, from the times of Indus Valley Civilization, focused on cleanliness. We know how well they emphasized on structural layout of cities, just to keep the cities hygienic.

        This cleanliness, what we talk about is even linked with our cities and places. Himachal is known as DevBhumi, a place where Gods live. Kerala is known as Gods own country. Uttrakhand, is known as land of Gods. Varanasi, a holy city, according to the legends, was founded by Shiva. As these places are associated with Godliness, it is easy to assume that they must be fitting the definition of cleanliness.

        Cleanliness can very easily related with the environment and our surroundings. For a sound body, there must be a sound environment. This sound environment can be only achieved by following cleanliness. But why cleanliness only? And why it is linked with Godliness?

        Cleanliness through ages have been practised in all religions and cultures. It seems like one and the same thing and are in harmony with each other. Krishna in Bhagvad-Gita insisted on outer and inner cleanliness. One verse of Quran says, “Cleanliness and Purity are the half of faith”. Such closely is cleanliness associated with Godliness.

        We, the people of India, have a deep spiritual background. Though having a diverse culture, we all strive for the same Godliness by following different routes, and all that routes, maybe different for many as the cultures are, always have to pass through cleanliness.

        However now, even without a closer look, we can see that most of our cities, which are linked with Godliness, do not fit the definition of cleanliness. If it does, then Gods would abandon such place without giving it a second thought.

        Why such a situation have arose? Cleanliness is associated with our surrounding and environment, but we keep neglecting it as it is the work of someone another. Even if we think about it, we still ignore it as we didn’t pollute the surrounding, so why should we waste our time in cleaning it, forgetting that we only get back what we give. Such neglectance have led to our cities getting degraded from “Heavens of Cleanliness” to “Abyss of dirtiness”.

        However, if one realizes his/her mistake and mend it later, s/he is no longer a culprit. India too, on the same note have started Clean India Campaign or “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” to clean its cities and provide better environment and that too by participating people in it. Response too overall is very pleasing. Apart from this, states too are now themselves taking responsibility for the cleanliness and environment upgradation. Himachal recently banned Plastic bags. Ghats of Varanasi are much cleaner now due to people’s participation. Some initiatives like “Vacuum Cleaning of roads” are to be implemented soon. Better late than never.

        Clear is that Cleanliness is next to Godliness, but is it only related to our surrounding environment? Is it only related to our cleanliness? Gandhiji once said that, “I’ll not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet”. What he meant was, as long as we have control over our mind and our emotions, we can never get angry at anything which is of no use to us, even if it provokes us.

        We meet different people in our life. Some of them always show-off to work for a cause or another. But hardly have they done so. Many talk of women empowerment and women-cause just to get attention. Unknowingly they themselves criticize women on all petty issues. For their mind is not clean nor their heart is.

        Cleaning of mind and soul is a fight with oneself. It is a long process of climbing the ladder of self-determination and self-control, by falling daily. Losing to your own self makes you much more subtle and patient. And as Bible says, “God is where patience is”.

        “You’ll never know what you have until…You clean your room”, these words which my mother said to my younger brother are still buzzing in my ear. How easily do we believe to have understood the things by our own conscience, even if we are wrong about that whole perspective? My brother just took those words lightly, and cleaned his room. Although he found his note-book at last, but my world was totally shaken. Deep down I was thinking my body to be the room where I live and i’ll never know what i have until…I clean my room.

        Overall as I think, cleanliness together of our surrounding and our mind, will redirect us towards godliness. Refraining ourselves from anyone of it, will only lead to a failed cause. As Gandhiji said, “Keep your thoughts clean because your thoughts become your words and your words clean as your words becomes your behaviour” and when we act like this, we work toward building a better self and better environment.
        (890 words)

        • InsightsOfficialReview

          Very good Tuktuk. You were able to bring home your point and didn’t drift from the core part of essay. This approach will also fetch you more marks. Work on length and try to write minimum 1000 words next time.
          Marks – 75/125

          • Okay Sir, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind, will work on that part too. Thank you for the review Sir 🙂

    • Namrata

      hey palaass :P.. my views:
      1. intro & initial paras = good
      2. “God is considered an epitome of love as it has allowed everyone to occupy her without any discrimination. Whether it is a murderer or a saint, God has never raised a question over their existence and treated all of them as equal. ” .. something seems wrong in the first line while in the second line when u say whether a murderer or a saint sab barabar hai god k liye ..shows ekdum atheist stand of urs obviously if god is there then ache k saath acha and bure k saath bura funda works … which u urself contradict later by saying “…while God, being the divine power has the capability to knock off any adversity.” ..this one shows deep faith for god .. try to avoid such extremities ..
      3. “But before delving into this question, it is pertinent to understand the meaning of Godliness.” .. again that lecture .. for one more time .. I am not ur student and u r not my teacher 😛 ..if u know what i mean 😛 ..but improvement ..iss baar bss ek baar aaya 😉
      4. The later paras became quite repetitive ..u know like godliness part pe jyada focus hua aur linkage pe jyada focus kiya ..actually the crux of this essay should have been “importance of cleanliness” ..personal hygiene thoda bahut touch kiya ..but society level pe bahut jyada kiya ja sakta tha .. and then u could have compared ki kaise god k liye faith etc hota hai ..waise hi saaf safai k liye hona chahiye .. aur iske liye kya kiya ja sakta hai ..personal level pe ..society level pe ..govt. level pe (bahut initiatives hain ).. i agree linking it with godliness was important but not in so much detail ..isliye thoda off-track laga meko essay ..
      overall- a nice one but not “Batman” style 😛

      • haha.. Thanks Namrata 🙂
        My interpretation about the topic was that an excessive dependence on plank of cleanliness will make it look as if the essay was only about “cleanliness”, so may be stand looks a bit different. I have raised the same doubt to Insights team too.
        2nd point you mentioned, I wanted to mention land/earth-gifts of God. For murdere or saint, my point was that earth doesn’t part away for a murderer to consume hime. Both saint and murderer continue to occupy it, though ofcourse they will face their fate
        “Any adversity”-wo to limitations k lie dala tha mane vrna cleanliness would have become “equal” to godliness rather than “next” to godliness.
        Thanks for the review 🙂
        tum bhi likha karo !

        • Namrata

          haha haan kal nahi likha maine time will be back 😀

    • Ash

      Hey Batman! 🙂

      1. Internal cleanliness implies pure and pious thoughts in mind. The thoughts of love, peace.. — Good! Very welll written! 🙂

      2. God has never raised a question over their existence and treated all of them as equal — you can’t say this… had God considered everyone equal despite their deeds there would be no disabilities no sorrow in anyone’s life… If we have a problem today that’s because we created it in the past… a mere existence is not what we discus here.. quality of existence matters….. If there’s a place where you enjoy the fruits of your good deeds its on Earth.. and if you’re bearing the brunt of your ill-doings its on earth so I don’t think this qualifies…. they are so many insects .. they also exist … its often said human life is gifted to us after I don’t remember how many ‘yoniya’… forget about all this.. just know one thing .. we don’t know what happens to us after dealt — the cycle of karma– and discrimination and indiscrimination… In short don’t write things we humans are not capable of answering!

      If you have still not understood then — The Mother Nature has endowed all of us with resources-flora, fauna — There are people who can’t see all this … and compounded with poverty there life becomes a hell!!!!

      3. The limitation with human beings is their power to deal with adversities while God, being the divine power has the capability to knock off any adversity ——–

      This para looks like a competition between God and human and not between Cleanliness and Godliness!!
      Yu have simply associated cleanliness with humans and are comparing humans with God!

      4. Simple acts like meditation – Don’t call them simple– try doing it for some time.,., it is not simple!

      Simple acts like meditation and Yoga help reap the values of love, peace and bliss by stabilizing the mind. — I’m not sure about this!
      You know stabilizing mind gives you ability to think calmly … basically what transforms you is something deeper… ETHICS… A suicide bomber can medicate and think of killing.. basically Yoga helps you control your mind… agree but what you choose to do with this controlled mind is something you decide,….
      I cud give an example… If Yoga makes people more humble and kind—- Patanjali woudn’t be business oriented and more charity oriented.. If you know what I mean!

      5. Separate this Para .. For the external cleanliness, Government of India has launched a ‘Swachh ———- This shud be stressed upon Batman!

      6. As I see your conclusion I get your Cleanliness-Godliness angle!
      Godliness is not God directly.. it is showing reverence to Him! So I don’t agree your comparison between the two .. these two virtues are rather complementary.. My
      view … FFTC here!

      Again ‘next to’ here does not mean inferior to means it comes immediately after this ..

      Giving a quote a new meaning is fine.. What I do not agree with is comparison between God and humans..

      Flow in between I missed may be coz I cud not agree to your limitations part.,.

      What I would like to say is … Your mum does a LOT of work is something I can guess seeing your few essays based on your mum!!

      KWAR Batman! :))

      • Dhanyawad Ash, don’t have much to say 🙂
        N I go for meditation but if I consider it difficult, I don’t think I will ever be able to do it 😀
        My “next” was a line of precedent i.e. comparison between God and Humans

        • Ash

          I dI’m some estroyed the entire ground on which your essay was based and you don’t have Anything to say?? 😛

          Now I’m guessing it’s that…. Allow me to differ situation on Batman’s side! 🙂

          If I’m wrong somewhere I’m ready to be corrected you the know! 🙂

        • Ash

          Batman! If you find time .. review my today’s essay.. IF huh! Basically I’m not asking for a lot of reviews so counting on yours but yeah no reviewing at the cost of your time! 🙂

  • Akhil

    Human beings are most dynamic creature of God. There ability to learn and accommodate themselves as per need of time has led to development of civilization and cultures in many part of world. Since ancient time human have recognized the importance of both material and spiritual attainment. For achieving’ spiritual goal’ some rules and regulation have been put forth and One among these rules is importance of “cleanliness”.

    Clenliness is something most of the people give priority in their life. It’s importance for better human life has been described in old religious scriptures and also proved by modern scientific world. In most literal sense cleanliness means keeping oneself and one’s surrounding clean. Being clean helps person to be healthy and live stress free life. as old adage says “healthy mind lives in healthy body.”

    When mind of person lives healthy it helps him to develop good human characters like patience, satisfaction, kindness and empathy. It also helps him to be pious in his life. A very good example of this is mahatma gandhi. He was very strict about Clenliness at the same time devout vashnavite . He personally followed cleanliness and advised others also to follow thee same.

    Importance of cleanliness was advocated not only by mahatma gandhi but by some other great personalities like, Buddha, Mahavir and Patanjali also. Patanjali’s yogsutra specifically written for hygiene purpose. Various actions are mentioned in yogsutra for person wanting to achieve moksha(salvation). Yogsutra is widely followed even today specially by sadhus who perform meditation.

    importance of attaining cleanliness is mentioned in Christianity, Jews and Islam. Muslim specially perform ‘wazu'(special washing act) before they enter into mosque to offer prayer. Performing of wazu is strictly followed by Muslim. This means before bowing before God one should have at least cleaned himself physically.

    Apart from day today importance of Clenliness, it is of immense importance during religious festival . Hindus celebrate’ narkachaturdasi’ before their biggest festival diwali. During Narkachatirdasi people make their surroundings and house neet and clean.pongal is another similar function where emphasis on hygiene is given. The empact of Clenliness is immense at personal, social and national level.

    It it the positive empact of Clenliness, which motivated our current prime minister to launch “swachh bharat abhiyan”. He recognized the role neet and clean surrounding can have on national economy and image. India is regarded as one of the dirtiest country in the world. We are nowhere in maintaining Clenliness against developed nation.

    It is this agony of backwardness in maintaining hygiene which forced prime minister to say that “pahle sauchalay phir devalay”. (toilet first temple later.) the need for keeping hygiene is more important then performing external religious rituals.hyigininc Environment helps in reducing various disease causing pathogens. It will keep check on outbreak of several deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, typhoid etc which spread due to unhygienic dirty surrounding.

    Control on diseases will not only reduce personal economic burden but health expenditure of the country also. It will increase longevity of person and more money in hand will help fight other problems like poverty, hunger and malnutrition. Environmental problems also could be curbed to great extent. For example.. River ganga, which has spiritual significance for indians has turned into sewage stream due to unhygienic practices at personal and community level be inhabitants in its course. Ganaga’s purity can be restored, when every one will adopt Clenliness at personal and group level. ‘Namami gange project’ is launched for this purpose only by government.

    Similar such attempt is made by government for other river like yamuna. For success of any government programme people’s participation is of immense importance. One of the objective of these government schemes is to change mentality of people. When mind-set will change people will adopt Clenliness as part of daily life. And when hygiene will become way of life adoption of other good qualities conducive in attaining godliness will become easy.

    godliness is only another side of coin, whose other side is marked by cleanliness. This means Clenliness and godliness go hand in hand. One can not be separated from other. Eg. In ancient time sufi saints who came to India gave importance to cleanliness in their attempt of connecting with God. Without hygeien one can not attain spiritual goal.

    However, this Clenliness is not restricted to only external purification as perceived by many. A person can not unite with God if his heart is not pure that is he is not free from all Ill will during prayer. Eg. I’m praying before God and have weared neet and clean cloth, but internally my mind is some where else, thinking about mischievous things I’ll do today. This kind of prayer has no use and is only Waste of time.

    Thus their is greater importance of internal purity than external one specially in the context of God. Internally pure and free from material desire man can succeed in attaining godliness. Swami vivekanand, Swami dayanand and various other medieval bhakti and sufi saints became popular because they conquered their greed for material possession which common people find very difficult to achieve.

    Other than attaining godliness cleanliness from within helps person to become responsible towards their duties. Such people are peace living, compassionate and immensely tolerant towards others. They believe in peace and humanity. Eg.. Dr ambedkar was reflection of his internal character. He loved poor, marginalized and oppressed as he has compassion for them. He was one of the greatest advocate of humanity and peace in twentieth century.

    With growing trend of globalisation need for Clenliness has become more important. In the era of fast life people do not get time to proper attention on Clenliness (specially internal one). People do give importance to external hygiene, but when it comes to internal one most of them give reason of time constraints or simply neglect it.impoetance of internal purity(for spiritual well being) was rightly recognized by small country Bhutan way back in 1970s.

    As time will pass life of people become more and more complex. Menace of intolerance, Communalism and bigotry will increase. To tackle these problems it is important for every individual to pay equal importance to internal cleanliness like external one. This will not only bring peace and prosperity in world but will promote spirit of common brotherhood among people.

    Cleanliness and godliness are two end of same rope. For people giving importance to cleanliness (both internally and externally) attaining godliness becomes easy. Cleanliness is precondition for godliness and is amply proved by leaders like mahatma gandhi, vivekanand and various spiritual leaders. Cleanliness is need of hour andWhen each and every individual will endeavor to mentain Clenliness at personal and community level most of the problem humanity is facing today will reduce.

    • Ankit

      Well written bro. Specially sauchaliya and devaliya and ganga cleanliness wale points are really nice.
      I haven’t read it nicely to be honest abhi I’ll edit my review after reading it again. Gimme sometime to be critical 😛

    • Shaktimaan

      helo akhil!!!
      seriously buddy u roamed ur essay na jaane kitni sari galiyaa!!……dats great….:):)
      full of diverse eg:):)
      bt one thing dont give hlf gyan jaise u describe pitanjili’s yoga concept >>> same tell about budha and mahavira wala concept too or otherwise dont write their name…. qki pdne pe lgta ki aap use explain b karo ge .. or phir na ho to wo not so cool ho jata………….in my opinion u may ignore this:):):)
      con is not that impressive ………….toh make it bit b’ful…….waise me too very kamzor in eassy writing!!
      sory gr kuch harsh lage:):)………….thank u:):)

      • Akhil

        Thanks for review shakti..

        -agreed with your point Buddha and Mahavir wala point elaborate karna chahiye tha..
        -Conclusion will try to make better brother..
        -there is nothing to say sorry brother.. And learning process to chalta hi rahega, we all are learning here..
        -you write good essay don’t underestimate yourself…

        I’ll review yours after some time for sure.

    • Hello Akhil, quite a good write up. Keep it up. To be very honest, I don’t have much to comment on this essay. It deserves to be on top list. Just some detailing and structure needs to be improved so that reader can get an idea how you have gone about writing this essay. But well done 🙂

      • Akhil

        Thanks for review brother. It really matters when an acclaimed writer on this platform gives such a review..
        -suggestions you gave duly noted brother…
        I’ll try to improve next time.

    • yogi

      very beautiful essay, really enjoyed it 🙂
      intro: fine
      main body: due importance to cleanliness and godliness, now i got what i missed,
      one good thing about ur essay is that even when u were dealing with the cleanliness part u tried to restrict ur self to the cleanliness preceding godliness, like washing wazu, cleaning before festivals etc, and convinced the arguments by quoting the religious figures, that ensured that u were strictly on the theme on the essay –very good bhai 🙂
      when you brought godliness in ur essay, you could have mentioned what does it mean for you, that would remove ambiguity and misinterpretation form the reader’s side
      ending part of main body-again god, that brought completeness in ur essay
      conclusion: needs improvement
      overall a nice read
      keep it up
      thanks 🙂

      • Akhil

        Thanks for review brother.
        Conclusion yes it needs improvement I’ll work on it..
        Other suggestions noted bro..

  • vikram

    Some days back, on a social networking site one of my friends shared a video of a crow. I happened to see that video accidentally and I was fascinated by the content of it. It was different from what we learn in our childhood, the story of a thirsty crow and moreover all , it is a real one not a story. In the video, there were used paper glasses were littered on a pavement near a dustbin. What the crow was doing is picking each paper glass with its beak and dropping in the dust bin one at a time. At the end of the video, it cleaned up all the litter on the floor and dropped in the dustbin. I was surprised by the awareness of the crow about the litter and responsibility it displayed irrespective of its tininess and the overwhelming litter. We the people though capable ,sometimes forget both.

    The crow in above case, give us two insights. First, importance of cleanliness, obviously the pavement looks much better now than earlier and hygiene, lessened the work of municipal people, and protected the health of people. Second, by putting the litter in the dustbin it also reminded of our responsibility and by doing the work which is normally out of its scope and bounds, it showed the goodness or we can say godliness in it.

    Godliness is manifested in actions which are selfless. At the same time which have a larger purpose and contribute to the good of all at large. They are not focussed at narrow things. For example, throwing litter on the roads immediately may not affect us and lessen our burden and effort. But it causes inconvenience to the people using those roads. It will make the life of garbage collectors difficult. Poses health problems to the nearby dwellers. But little bit of thought and concern about result of our action would make us responsible and contribute to the good of our society, which is clearly godliness.

    Cleanliness comes at multiple levels. It should be there at Individual, Family, Society , National and International levels. It also have physical and mental dimensions. All have benefits for adherence to them and unintended and unexpected bad consequences. We will discuss them below.

    First, as an Individual, we should keep ourselves and our belongings clean. We should follow habits of cleanliness such as taking bath regularly, brushing and other daily chores to make us clean and health. And unclean and there on unhealthy person not only damages his health but also a burden to the people surrounding him. We should take care of our fitness , exercise regularly and avoid taking junk food. It is well known that health is wealth and productivity of an healthy person is obviously higher. An healthy person is generally needy to his family and society and an asset to nation. As an individual we not only take care of our self cleanliness but also should aware of our responsibility to society. We should not litter however the small the waste is. Cleanliness of Our Nation is the total sum of all our Individual contributions.

    Family is an important ingredient of our society and nation and it plays a large role in shaping the every aspect of our citizens including cleanliness. The habit of cleanliness will be imparted on children’s mind from parents. Inspite of that huge role of family, parents themselves behave irresponsibly and contribute to uncleanliness. Sometimes it may be because of lack of awareness, but in most of the cases it became habitual. Especially in urban areas, the apartment culture made people lazy and they throw litter on surrounding open areas and empty places , sometimes even on public roads. People become lazy to get down of the building and dispose waste at designated places. Though there are waste collection at home services facilities at home , they are mostly irregular and dysfunctional. This led to breeding grounds for mosquitos and flies in their own surroundings and affect their own health. More dangerous of all, what it imparts on their chidren’s mind is laziness and utter disregard for cleanliness. This is the reason cleanliness morality degeneration in our society and it made our prime minister to launch a flagship programme on cleanliness which is ‘’SwachhBharath’’.

    All these families sum up into societies and the projection of uncleanliness onto the plane of society. Moreover, some of these sons of families become municipal workers. Result is, laziness and dis functionality, irregularity all make the public waste collection and disposal improper. That is why we see mountains of unsegregated waste in sub urbans of great cities of Mumbai, hydreabad and Chennai etc. It also result in soil and air pollution, and water is contaminated too. Added the salt to the injury, poor urban management result in growing unhygienic slums in cities. All these make degeneration of health due to growing up of communicable diseases which push the families into further poverty.

    At corporate level, the foreign and domestic companies are loathe to waste management On the paper, they have to dispose their industrial and other waste properly treated before disposal and recycled when possible. But all these things need extra efforts and is an additional expenditure on which there is no specific retuns to them though society at large benefit from those actions. We see in news recently, in Chennai, Hindustan Unilever Ltd dumped the dangerous mercury waste in surrounding forest areas. It showed utter disregard for the health of people in nearby villages. Similary, Bhopal Gas tragedy could have been averted if the Union Carbide factory taken necessary safeguards. We see lot of chemical factories releasing the dangerous chemicals untreated into nearby water bodies which is causing the damage to life in them. This is not only with foreign companies, domestic companies also not paragons. Our holy river ganges was polluted by the industries on the bank of it coupled with individual and municipal improper waste disposal.

    Globally, our oceans are piled up with plastic dumps. Especially, the pacific is made the huge dumping ground such that, the great plastic pile up in pacific ocean is even visible from space. Often irresponsible behaviour and improper dumping practices of nations in the oceans and seas caused great damage to marine population. Marine life confuse plastic for prey and the plastic consume clg their guts and result in death. Our assumption of zero sum game of dumping not only causes damage to other nations but also destroying other life on the planet . So nations must be more responsible and compassionate.

    Finally to achieve cleanliness, the piecemeal and compartmental actions are not sufficient and does not achieve intended results. There should be coordination in both strategies and actions at all levels of Individual, Family, society, corporate, National, International. Then only we could see the result of cleanliness and protect our self and the planet. For this there needs to be mental cleanliness is the starting point. When we clean our thought process at both individual institutional level then only we become experienced of godliness of the cleanliness . The example of crow is a great guide here.

    • Ram

      nice essay
      good flow
      levels from individual to global bound the essay
      examples like bhopal and especially recent ones were good
      try writting
      plz review mine

  • Shaktimaan

    “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

    Cleanliness means, purification of mind from dirtiness, sanctification of body from griminess and immaculateness of soul from treacherousness, for the consecration of the human kind. And godliness here refers to the sense of being near to the positivity and alacrity which we ingraves in us after performing such rituals of cleanliness. In recent times India diverts herself toward the”swachhta abhiyan” (cleanliness drive), to emerge as a nation of beauty, grace and elegance, which Gandhi ji always admired. But first let’s have a look on roots of this beautiful adage.

    If we scroll ancient Indian history, we get introduce ourselves with legend Buddha, whose eight fold path emphasized much in the cleanliness of “mind” with right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. According to this Buddha philosophy the inculcation of these virtues will clear off all the feelings of hatred, harm and haram(sinful) thus elevates one closer to the devoutness, holiness and religiousness.

    But this cleanliness we will never accrued, till we asepsis ourselves; till we sterilized our “soul”. Here, the mystic poet of medieval India saint kabir, who, in one of his couplet among others wonderfully points out the aberration in human nature>” Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye…

    Jo Mann Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye”(I searched for the crooked man, met not a single one… Then searched myself, “I” found the crooked one). These words explicitly throw up light over behaviour that, we searched for dirtiness in others before examine our own cleanliness level, in truth, if we see inside first our sole then others we will get to know that how spot full we are. Therefore to reach that stratum of tidiness, we have to disinfect “first” ourselves.

    Here I am going to glorify the incident from modern India, when Gandhi ji, during their sataygrah movement, once told a Hindu to adopt an orphaned Muslim child after the man blamed Muslims for the death of his son. The solution that the Mahatma offered was out of the box to clean the communal divide and the agony of Partition. And thus from this single act, he inverted the whole scenario of hatred into the love and realised ourselves the soundness of godliness.

    In present era, where India gets specked with the intolerance, bigotry and dogmatism, a healthy cleanliness derive is needed, need is to accommodate fractioned, separatist and co-opted tendencies. And this will happen only when one realise his duties and obligations as citizen, as son/daughter of their very own land, of which they eat and wear. This can be possible with immense awareness regarding brotherhood; fraternity via stage shows, making motivational movies and community festivals. This will not only makes this place breathable, lovable and tranquil but also helps us to move ahead prosperously, to develop rapidly and to grow happily, that is, acquiring proximity to godliness.

    But one more thing is roaming around my mind now that is “daag ache hai” wala concept (spots are good), but why this is so? If one think another way around that sometimes we just lie to manage the big damage, that too make us realise goodness (without being not so clean). But it should be clearly understood first that such actions must not stretched for long time otherwise opposite results might occur.

    Let’s now talk about tangible dirt that we can easily see near roads, railway lines/stations and around river ghats. Now these will not only filth human establishments but damages environment sanctity and its divinity too. Human, being a selfish creature now attacking his/her own progenitor by polluting air with carbon contents, water with chemical influents, land with plastic/non biodegradables. Time has come to realise the demand of nature that is restoration of exquisiteness and winsomeness. And this will happen only when strict steps will be taken toward stoppage of harmful gas/chemical discharges; erection of dustbins and toilets in nearby malls, markets, public parks and stands have been done; when timely removal of dirt and dust via local bodies came into effect; when sanitation facilities got to each and every residential; and more importantly sensitisation of people will have been done. Here NGOs, civil societies, and govt can do bit effort toward their better implementation so that on the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi ji in 2019, India can give tribute. This will benefit the nation in wide terms like enhance tourism and broadens the dignity of country.

    On bit wider terms now we are going to analyse outcomes of not being clean, clear and pure. On individual lines unhygienic activities brings diseases, thus forces one to go to doctor means wastage of money and nothing else. On societal bases nastiness brings tensions, paleness and stiffness. People do not want to roam around thus blocked themselves behind the doors that’s too not good trait of healthy society in fact of inactive community. India being a partner in global race of achieving SDG, and programmes like SBM make sure that dream of being clean is plausible, so we should do efforts toward that. On country bases, just take it, in another way around > terrorism, crime and bloodshed of innocent people, damages to properties, that is, what ISIS did with its people and historical monuments, that’s too contaminated the notion of sacredness, thus invite evil instincts only not goodness and godliness.

    As we see outside the India mostly uptight, neat and decently ordered nations are enlisted under under developed category whereas unkempt and stained nations termed as developing nation. So to evolve as developed one, first among other steps is cleanliness, which should be followed, which should be implemented wholeheartedly.

    So we can conclude that when the dirt of sinfulness is obliterated from the screen of mind; noble, lovable and pious actions come into action. The tongue sings sweat song of love, fraternity and kindness. When actions and words are clean, purity of soul and spirit is an ultimate product. When soul is soaring sky high in morality; purity, piety and piousness of God is not far away.

    • Hi Shaktimaan, my views:
      1)Bhai hamari angrezi kamzor hai, thodi asaan bhasha istemaal kia karo 😀
      2)Intro was good and the second para was no less than gold-an absolute takeaway !
      3)You haven’t connected cleanliness with Godliness, neither made effort to tell why it is ‘next’ to Godliness, why not above the God?
      4)Concept of “social” and “physical” polution as expected by Geo optional student has been discussed in detail but I feel it could be toned down to focus more on the theme of essay
      Overall, I would say that this one needs improvement esp. in connecting with theme 🙂
      Please have a look at mine as well 🙂

      • Shaktimaan

        hahahahahahaha mujhe bs vocab k do teen sbd hi aate h>>> jinki gramm sadiyal ho unko vocab pe effort toh marna hi padega na:):)
        aap ka pehle hi pd liya hua h mene…. smajh liya ki y nxt to god wala portion:):)
        han theme se bahar horaha……haan improvment abi bahut h karne ko..:(
        appreciate ur review batieee…………thank u:):):)

      • CSE2016 aspirant

        Indian superhero ki angrezi USA waale se tagdi hai – maja aa gaya 🙂

    • Eco-friendly

      Bhai aapka optional history h?

      I could not stop myself from say “waah waah” when i red about Kabir and Budhha. Gandhi ji k liye aapko naman h what an example dear.
      Flow was nice. and conclusion was wonderful.

      Areas to focus-
      I being not so ggod in vocab would suggest u not to use heavy words (in opening para)
      In Physical cleanliness more aspects can be added.
      In conclusion do not write conclude word

      I personally learnt a lot. After reading ur’s I am sure I can write atleast 5-6 para more. Thanks for writing
      Review mine too, whenever u get time shaktishali bhai

      • Shaktimaan

        thanks brother for ur review…………maine kar diya aap ka review:):)
        hahahah….wo abi kuch din pehle hi history padhna suru kia to uska hi influence h eassy main bss or kuch ni!!!
        han vocab dhang ki use karni chahiye >>>sahi bol re aap:):)
        ooh k sahiiii suggestions h>>> with due respect le liye:):):)
        thanks bro u too have writtn b’ful eassy……..keep writing:):)

    • Akhil

      Good essay bro.. Content about intangible need of Clenliness is good.. Specially that Buddha and kabir wala part..
      -dag achhe hai wala para smartly used by you..
      -need of external hygiene is covered nicely.
      However, I feel you used very complex language this time.. Please try to avoid non-conventional words.. Agar examiner ko nahi samjha to vo negative hi le lega.. (personal suggestion).
      -connection between cleanliness and godliness is missing.. You talked about internal and external Clenliness but some how didn’t linked it with godliness
      -first line of third last para.. What you want to convey is missing there in subsequent lines??
      -lastely you should have given balanced conclusion… Your conclusion tilted on one side.. Internal cleanliness..

      Thank you brother. KWAR

    • Shakti Bhai !! 😀
      kya haal chaal ?
      Bhai gazab words use kiye ho… mujhe dictionary dekhni padi 😛
      tone down karoge thoda words ko to acha rahega.. simplicity is best 🙂
      aapka essay kahi kahi pe diverted laga topic se.. like while explaining about dirt it stretched a bit too long..
      thoda theme se judde rehne ki zarurat hai bas..
      budha aur kabir wala paragraph – loved it !!
      overall good !!
      all the best bhai 🙂

      • Shaktimaan

        hiloooooo toothless!!
        jab aap likh loge toh i will review pakka………..abi k liye mera dekh do……….thank u:):)

  • Jaya Swatantra


    A family in Lebanon residing near by piling garbage made their life worst .Father said,” I wish my children to take food as they are consuming medicines .I wish fresh air for them to survive.” Finally they resort to go war stricken Syria by saying that here our death is certain but in Syria , there is possibility of survival at least.

    This is real story published in The Hindu few days back. It depicted very clearly the importance of cleanliness in life.Even the problem of piling garbage and unsanitary conditions poses more threats than terrorism.As it invites deadly infectious diseases which makes ones body and mind weak ultimately generating bad health which cripples the economy too because good health is the passive agent for strong economy of a nation.

    Cleanliness is next to godliness as it gives purity and peace to mind.It heals the mind and body by invigorating it with clean positive vibrations for oneself and others too.Cleanliness empowers ones will power for turning to actions with full potential.It organizes ones personality and enhances scope for better learning simultaneously motivating others to follow suit.

    How a clean ,tidy uniform of a school boy naturally attracts the attention of teachers?.Teachers become bound to pay extra care and attention to the boy.As every one likes the positive vibes created by cleanliness.It generates an eternal aura.Similarly a woman who keeps her house neat and tidy is called Goddess Laxmi.

    Now the question comes how to inculcate the practices of cleanliness and a sense of commitment towards the surroundings.A clean house, a clean environment and a clean society powered by clean minds is the need of the hour.Proper disposal of waste with 3R’s of conservation – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. and even small practices like putting dust in the dustbin contributes a lot.A consciousness should be developed regarding it and elders should be the role models for the children to follow suit.

    There is stigma attached to cleaning in India. Those who are indulged in the practices of sweeping the garbage are considered inferior and given a low status in the society.The wages too are very low as compared to foreign countries.In foreign countries people rarely call them due to heavy charge demanded by them and they are being given a very respectable position in the society.

    Perhaps this is the cause why do people in India are averse towards keeping their surroundings neat and tidy.Governments Swachch Bharat Mission is indeed a laudable move but it needs a support system. Support system of its citizens and people have to worried for choking drains and piling garbage along the streets making the life difficult.They definitely should come out from the shell of narrow mindedness of keeping their house clean only and refrain from spreading garbage in the locality.

    Even this is not sufficient they must participate in recycling and conserving our precious resources for the future generations.Because it is the God only who thinks for the welfare of every one and that’s why cleanliness is compared to godliness considering the benefit of humanity as a whole.It makes one accountable for the environment and animals too. As there are so many animals dying due to the consumption of polythenes dropped on the streets with being bothered about by its consequences.

    The situation is really pathetic what one might say . According to reports of a NGO in the primary government schools. Those who have got the government job as sweepers never go for cleaning .They use to heir some people for very less wage in return to go in exchange.But they hardly go for cleaning.The result is a complete shame.Class rooms which are never swept but students who come for studying from the economically deprived sections are asked to do it, toilets are never cleaned hence no one uses it neither the teachers nor the students.One may predict how the situation is adverse for a learning environment because the first lesson in learning is that of cleanliness.

    Cleanliness of actions is too necessary because today Indian Administration is facing the problem of unclean acts in severity.Rising corruption,black money and recent leak out of Panama papers which has names of some prominent Indians is an unfortunate act as it demolishes the faith which builds any relationship.

    How one may forget the clean and non violent movement of Satyagrah for gaining independence.Despite severe suppression and harsh policies of Britishers ,Gandhi ji never changed his strategy of gaining independence but with each passing day his resolve grew more strong for gaining independence by peaceful manners.Because he knew that nothing is more pious than following peaceful manner of getting independence.

    Its true that the one who wants to bring change has too face obstruction and criticism but it is the power of ones clean thoughts which make him not deter against succumbing to.

    India has indeed a great human resource which she may turn to its advantage and cherishing all the dreams of a successful nation but need is of proper orientation . we must learn from foreign countries that cleanliness in thoughts and actions brought huge success and satisfaction for them.No nation may progress where the citizens are grabbing with problems of piling garbage,waste generating diseases because it blocks the thinking ability, it circulates around curbing the diseases only but unless and until the root cause would not be addressed nothing substantial would be attained.A conscious citizenry ruled by clean thoughts and actions may do wonders for India in near future but this should be a consistent process because above all it is the emblem of purity of mind

    All enduring cleanliness,

    Virtue next to godliness,

    Easiest,cheapest,needful duty,

    To the body ,health and beauty,

    Who that’s human would refuse it,

    When a little water does it?

    ( Mary Ane Lamb)

    • Jaya Swatantra

      please review friends!!

    • Hello, my views:
      1)Till Goddess Laxmi, it was a treat to read
      2)Today, flow and structure are not that good. I will try to explain why it is so. You described the positives, made some attempt to connect with Godliness, then came to ‘inculcation’ part, again went to connect it with Godliness, came to benefits of cleanliness but thereafter not attempt to link it with Godliness. In my view, a better approach would have been to write the benefits, the connect with Godliness and then writing down the suggestions
      3)Conecting cleanliness with Godliness has been dealt in some portions but require some more detail esp why it is considered “next” to Godliness and not considered equal or above Godliness
      4)Conclusion is good
      May be the topic was a bit difficult to detail the views but keep writing, you have written some good essays in past and I strongly believe that you’ll improve 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for review Batman ji… would certainly improve.. 🙂

      • Akhil

        Brother have a look at my essay also please. I’ll review urs

    • Aman Gupta

      Hi Jaya,

      Covered every aspect of topic… a perfect stroke
      The little phrase in end has left with good impression , wise decision to put in end to hold readers attention till end.

      Kindly review mine….

    • Nupur

      Nice attempt Jaya. If you would have addressed the Godliness part in Intro,would have put a great impression as that shows that how humanity is effected by cleanliness and thus how cleanliness is linked to godliness but you are saying this in 8th para.
      And is the topic cleanliness also related with the spiritual progress is not clear to me as i personally think it is about our physical environment which does effect our attitude but cleanliness of our soul should be there or not is doubtful to me. personally i have a doubt that everyone is starting with a example of his own experience so is it safe to do so?
      plz review mine also. Thanks:)

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks aloads Nupur… would really love to review yours.. 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Yes, we can include our own experience and i suppose internal cleanliness is a spiritual concept where purity of thoughts matter a lot. I hope you are getting my point… 🙂

    • Ram

      nice story… also relevant
      flow was good
      end with a rhyme was awesome
      a nice essay
      plz review mine

    • Affu

      very unique intro,captions like reduce,reuse,recycle were good but stick to a framewrok where u r going to deal with external cleanliness and internal cleanliness,point on school boy was good but comparing women to goddess just because of her ability to clean ,i think this point can be reoriented not to sound antifemininst
      conclusion was good
      kepp up the good efforts

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Yes I was thinking the same … about that example.. will improve… thanks for review Affu.. 🙂

    • sankar

      intro…… good one
      no need to give proof of your source like given in hindu.
      lots of contents but work on connectivity and flow
      i could not relate the part of cleanliness and Satyagraha
      intro is good
      overall good one
      what does mean by mary ane lamb?

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for reviewing .. 🙂

    • Ankit

      First of all congratulations on being swatantra even in today’s society 😛

      Bhai bhokaaalllll, the beginning. Boggle hogaya mind shuruat padhke. But i agree with Batman, Laxmi ji ke baad Saraswati ji ruth gaye apse and it became a bit abrupt. He has pointed out why. But I feel it’s one of those off days for u because of the topic. All the best for the next one 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for reviewing Ankit.. 🙂

        • Ankit

          You’re welcome 🙂

    • yogi

      Hello Jaya 🙂

      My views :-

      Intro: awesome 🙂

      How a clean ,tidy uniform of a school boy naturally attracts the attention of teachers?.Teachers become bound to pay extra care and attention to the boy—shows teachers’ biasness, not a good point to write in exam, not denying that it is partly true.

      .Because it is the God only who thinks for the welfare of every one and that’s why cleanliness is compared to godliness considering the benefit of humanity as a whole—what does God mean here for you, reader could have a different notion about God,

      we must learn from foreign countries that cleanliness in thoughts and actions brought huge success and satisfaction for them—could have mentioned specific names of countries and what we should learn from which one .

      flow is not good as the transition from one para to another is not smooth everywhere.

      cleanliness in action + gandhiji’s peace ful way of struggle brought completess in your essay.

      Could have added some personal responsibilities as well, and the ways to achieve that in us

      concluding quote write only if you have committed it to ur memory

      thanks 🙂

      Om Shanti 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for reviewing it so critically really indepted… going to review yours.. 🙂

    • Neelotpal

      Jaya Ji, there are other people whose suggestions will be of quite some value to your essay.
      But, I found a few things-
      1) You start with a contemporary story, but then lose track.
      2) Bringing the problems of SAFAI KARMACHARIS, especially our attitude towrds them, you add another dimension.
      3) Lamb’s lines are brilliant, but they just do not fit here. Mary along with her brother Charles were the most renowned satirists of their days. Agar aap dhyan detin to yeh lines humladkon ki pol kholti hain. Aise log jo paani hone ke bawjood nahin nahane ke bahane karte hain:). Last ke do line nikal dene se badhya hota.

      BOL and keep writing…..

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for reviewing Neelotpal ji… will certainly focus on the points told by you.. 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Please review my essay .. your feedback is solicited… thanks in advance.. 🙂

        • Neelotpal

          Share the link, Madam.
          As always, the honour will be mine…..

          • Jaya Swatantra
            • Neelotpal

              Jaya Ji, sorry for responding late. But I thought it fit to do a serious reading of your essay.

              Many people have already pointed out a few flaws, so I will tell what hasn’t been pointed out. I found the opening style brilliant! It’s different from the run-of-the-mill starts that we do. You have covered a lot of issues right from families to workplace to voter-politician relation. Here, I suggest when you start a sub-topic, conclude it also. It will help you maintain flow.

              Overall, it was a pleasure reading the essay. I would rate it 65/125.

              All the best…..

  • Newgeneration

    :A man want to do puja or worship in his home.For this puja he has to do arrangements but he don’t know much about this so he went to people and pujari or priest for the suggestions so that he can do best arrangements as possible.Lot of suggestions he get from the people and pujari but in most of suggestions some things are common like do clean your home properly,must clean all utencils which will be used or if possible bring new utencils,in case of clothes which will be used in puja must be new,and all other stuffs should be either properly cleaned or if possible bring new before the start of the puja.This is normal story of any Hindu family.This tells that for godliness,cleanliness is required or you can not do godliness without cleanliness.This indirectly tells that cleanliness is more necessary than godliness or cleanliness is next to godliness.Even when go to any temple,chruch, masjid or any other religious place in India or outside India(either big country or small country),cleanliness is their first priority. You can not do puja,prayer or any type of worship without cleanliness if anyhow you do then it is believed that it is not successful.It is one of our traditional thinking but main reason behind this is about the priority of cleanliness.
    Why people do worship? Why this much importance is given to God?why people remember God when are in any trouble?Why everwhere people worship God either in same manner or different manner? Answer is very simple.Every people want to live in peace,happiness and prosperity.But due course of life,they have to face lot of problems some of those can be easily solved some can be difficulty solved but some can not be solved by them.Then what to do? Then they thinked who made this earth or this whole universe will be very powerful and since they made this so they will save everything related to this beautiful world.Therefore everywhere in the world people assume this invisible universe creater as God which may have different names,different forms in different countries but it’s only one everywhere in the world and people worship this God with great faith for save us from all types of difficulties which may come in life or is going on.
    Then what is the role of cleanliness here?Surrounding of our earth is made up of lot of things some of them suitable for human beings,some of them are not suitable and even some of them harm us very dangerously.
    Cleanliness is very important for us but uncleanliness is very dangerous for us.Most of the problems or diffculties comes in human life is only due to this uncleanliness either tangible form or intangible form.First come to the tangible form of uncleanliness.
    These days many people are suffering from different type of illness which is very dangerously growing either in their intricacies or their catching ability of more number of people.These illness are mainly due to uncleanliness which in general we call different types of pollutions like water pollution,air pollution,sound pollution, land pollution and others.Pure water and pure air are one of the most important things for the human existence.These days water of most of places is so much polluted that it is not suitable for drinking even in some places it’s not suitable for other important works.For only water cleanliness, governments are working on different schemes and policies and even some policies are in working like “Namami Gange” and others but due to lack of proper implementation rivers are getting polluted day by day and even some rivers like Yamuna is very much polluted.People and governments are aware of it but lot of work will have to done in oncoming time.Similarly air pollution is growing day by day even some cities crossed the dangerous level of air pollution and other pollutions also affecting human beings badly. If we anyhow eliminate these pollutions or uncleanliness then people can escape from illness,the most dangerous and difficult problem, which affected most of human activities or problems and also from some natural disaster.
    Other form of uncleanliness is intangible uncleanliness which is the generator of other half of the human problems other than problems generated by tangible uncleanliness.
    Intangible uncleanliness is like hatred,revenge,disgust,resentment,dislike etc.Intangible uncleanliness has the capability to make a man enemy of his most lovable thing,person or even place.when a man feel hatred against anyone then he can harm that person or even creat lot of problems to him. In this way due to this intangible uncleanliness people creat lot of problems to each others either for some time or for long period of time.If anyhow we eradicate this intangible uncleanliness then most of the problems will be solved.
    Therefore by eradicating both types of cleanliness people can escape almost all type of problems.So the proverb “cleanliness is next to the godliness” is important because tangible cleanliness will keep us healthy or stay away unnecessary clamities and intangible cleanliness will keep us away from unnecessary fight,discontent among people and finally make the way for happy and prosperous living.So just following cleanliness people can escape from almost all the problems which is necessary for godliness or can say who follow cleanliness God help him in get out of most of problems which may either come in his/her life or is going on.

    • Ram

      first two para dealt with godliness
      but appeared a bit superficial plz dont mind
      meaning of the sentence- Surrounding of our earth is made up of lot of things…… not clear..
      how ever a nice effort
      plz review mine

    • Rohit Kulkarni

      Bro introduction is so long just imagine if some one is introducing you for so long time how bore you feel. So try to provide introduction not more than 30-40 words. You also need to concentrate on content consolidation. You just need to give the statement but dont try to expand it . by the way good attempt.

  • Nupur

    मनुष्य हर उस चीज को शुभ मानता है जो की ईश्वरीय होती है. अर्थात शुभत्व वह है जो की मानव के कल्याण को सुनिश्चित करे. वर्तमान समय में स्वच्छ्ता मानव की बहुत सी समस्याओं को ख़त्म करने में सहायता करती है ताकि मनुष्य अधिक से अधिक कल्याणमय जीवन की तरफ बढ़ सके. स्वच्छ्ता के द्वारा वह महामारियों का नाश कर सकता है, अपनी कार्यशीलता को बढ़ा कर आर्थिक रूप से उत्पादकता को बढ़ा सकता है तथा मलिन बस्तियों को ख़त्म कर सामाजिक समरसता को भी सुनिश्चित कर सकता है. स्वच्छ्ता ही इन अशुभों को ख़त्म करने में ईश्वरीय शक्ति की भांति हमारी सहायता कर सकती है. बस अन्तर इतना है की इस अशुभ को दूर करने में मानवीय प्रयास ईश्वरीय अनुकम्पा से ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण होगा.

    प्रश्न उठता है की यदि स्वच्छ्ता को धर्म से जोड़ कर देखा जायेगा तो नास्तिको को स्वच्छ्ता से कैसे जोड़ा जाये? क्या ऐसा हो जायेगा की स्वच्छ्ता का मूल्य नास्तिक विरोधी लगने लगे . यहाँ हमें धर्म के व्यापक अर्थ के सन्दर्भ में बात करनी होगी जहाँ धर्म का तात्पर्य मूल्यों की एकता से है. वे मूल्य जो की मानव सभ्यता के विकास क्रम में मानव ने संजो कर रखे है. जैसे की समानता , स्वतंत्रता, न्याय , इत्यादि. परन्तु इन मूल्यों की प्राप्ति तो मनुष्य तभी कर पाएगा जब उसके पास ऐसी परिस्थितियां विद्यमान होंगी जहाँ वह स्वतंत्रता , समानता का वास्तविक उपभोग कर पाएगा.स्वच्छ्ता हमें वह नया मौका प्रदान करती है जिसमे हम विद्यमान परिस्थितियों से ही महत्तम लाभ प्राप्त करने के योग्य बन पते है.

    वर्तमान युग में निम्न समस्याएं प्रमुखता से मानव के सामने मुंह बाये खड़ी है-

    १: स्वास्थय में गिरावट एवं विकासशील देशो में स्वास्थय सुविधाओं पर बढ़ता हुआ खर्च.

    २: पर्यावरण में हो रही लगातार गिरावट एवं बढ़ता हुआ प्रदुषण एवं इससे उत्पन्न विभिन्न सामाजिक, आर्थिक समस्याएं.

    ३: बढ़ता हुआ नगरीकरण एवं उसे उत्पन्न समस्याएं.

    हम एक-एक कर इन समस्याओं एवं इनके निदान में स्वच्छ्ता की भूमिका को विस्तारपूर्वक समझ सकते है.

    १:आज भारत अपनी सकल घरेलु उत्पाद का कुल २.५ % स्वास्थ्य सुविधाओं पर खर्च करता है .जबकि यह राशि भी आज काफी कम प्रतीत होती है. भारत में आज डायरिया से सर्वाधिक नवजातों की मौत होती है. इस बीमारी की रोकथाम हेतु यद्यपि विशाल स्तर पर टीकाकरण कार्यक्रम चलाया जा रहा है परन्तु इस बीमारी को दूर करने का सबसे अच्छा उपाय यह है की हमें बच्चो के आस पास स्वच्छ्ता का माहौल बना कर रखना होगा.
    आज हम बच्चों को भगवान का रूप कहते है तथा भगवन के साथ ही ऐसा आचरण सभ्य एवं धार्मिक समाज को शोभा नहीं देता है. न सिर्फ शिशु अपितु प्रौढ़ आबादी भी स्वच्छ माहौल में न रह पाने के कारण मलेरिया, चिकनगुनिया, हैजा इत्यादि घातक बिमारियों से ग्रसित होकर अपने जीवन एवं संसाधनों को व्यर्थ कर रहे है.

    २: आज पर्यावरण ह्रास से समूचा विश्व त्रस्त है. एक समय प्रकृति में ही ईश्वर का साक्षात्कार किया जाता था. कबीर ने तो प्रकृति और ईश्वर के सम्बन्ध की महिमा में ही कहा था-

    “लाली मेरे लाल की जित देखू तित लाल, लाली देखन मे गयी में भी हो गयी लाल”.

    अब जब यह प्रकृति ही प्रदूषित हो गयी है तो हम ईश्वर का साक्षात्कार कहा से करे. आखिर घर के बगल में कूड़े के ढेर में तो ईश्वर निस्संदेह नहीं मिलेगा तथा वहां पर ऐसी बदबू आएगी की हम ईश्वर का ध्यान तो क्या दो मिनट सांस भी नहीं ले पाएंगे.

    जिस गंगा को हम मैया कहा करते थे आज उसी मैया की ऐसी दुर्दशा हमने की है कि भारत के सबसे शक्तिशाली व्यक्ति यानि हमारे प्रधानमंत्री भी उसे साफ करवा पाने में कठिनाई महसूस कर रहे है. हमारे पूर्वज बहुत समझदार थे जो उन्होंने प्रकृति की महिमा में श्लोको की रचना की.भारत में सांख्य जैसे निरीश्वरवादी दार्शनिकों ने तथा पश्चिम में स्पिनोजा ने प्रकृति को सर्वप्रमुख तत्व माना था. दरअसल वे समझते थे की मानव का अस्तित्व प्रकृति के साथ अनिवार्य रूप से जुड़ा हुआ है. कमोबेश यही बात आज जैवविविधता के बड़े बड़े सम्मेलनों में भी कही जाती है. आज जैवविविधता को संरक्षित करने के लिए अरबो डॉलर की आवश्यकता महसूस की जा रही है परन्तु जो चीज आज भुला दी गई, वह है प्रकृति संरक्षण के प्रति मानव में सकारात्मक अभिवृत्ति का निर्माण करना.

    हम यह प्रश्न उठा सकते है की आख़िरकार स्वछता का जैव विविधता से क्या लेना देना. दरअसल हम आज जलप्रदूषण ,थल प्रदूषण के भयावह दौर से गुजर रहे है. शहरों में कूड़े के ढेरो ने वनों का नाश कर दिया है तथा खेतों एवं उद्योगों से निकलने वाले अपशिष्ट जल ने हमारी नदियों को नालों में बदल दिया है. अब जब हम दुबारा इन प्राकृतिक संसाधनों का प्रयोग करेंगे तो हम समझ सकते है की हमारे स्वास्थ्य पर क्या प्रभाव पड़ेगा. अब चाहे नदियों को माता कह कर हम उनकी रक्षा करे अथवा स्वयं के स्वास्थ्य को ठीक रखने के लिए, परन्तु संरक्षण तो करना ही होगा.

    ३: आज हमारी ३५% आबादी शहरों में रह रही है. शहरों में मलिन बस्तियों का दृश्य आम है. यह मलिन बस्तियां अपने साथ कई बीमारी लेकर आती है. प्रायः देखा जाता है की उचित जलनिकासी की व्यवस्था न होने के कारन तथा ठोस अपशिष्ट प्रबंधन न होने के कारन आवारा पशुओं एवं गन्दगी का माहौल समूचे क्षेत्र को दुष्प्रभावित करता है.दरअसल इस गंदगी ने शहरों में निम्न सामाजिक आर्थिक समस्याएं पैदा की है-

    A: मैला ढोने की प्रथा आज समाज पर एक कलंक है. यह प्रथा इसलिए उत्पन्न हुई है ताकि कुछ लोग शहर की गंदगी को अपने सिर पर रख कर दूर कर सके. समाज में इससे भेदभाव और गहरा गया है. जिस मानव में हम ईश्वर के दर्शन किया करते थे तथा “अहम ब्रह्मास्मि” के सिद्धांत को हमने अपना आदर्श वाक्य माना था, वहां पर इस प्रथा के लिए कोई स्थान नहीं है. यदि हमें स्वच्छ्ता को अपने जीवन का अनिवार्य अंग बनाना है तो सर्वप्रथम उन लोगों को सम्मान देना सीखना होगा जो हमारी गंदगी को दूर कर हमें दीर्घायु एवं सक्षम बनाने में अपना योगदान दे रहे है.

    B: आज भारत जनांकिकीय लाभांश के दौर से गुजर रहा है. परन्तु बीमार युवा आबादी से अत्यधिक उत्पादकता की उम्मीद कैसे की जा सकती है. भारत में कौशल संवर्धन के उपायों के पश्चात इस बात की भी आवश्यकता है की युवाओं को स्वच्छ्ता का माहौल प्रदान किया जाये जिससे वे अपना सर्वश्रेष्ठ दे सके.

    गांधी जी ने स्वतंत्रता आंदोलन के दौरान स्वच्छ्ता की जिम्मेदारी उठाने वाले निम्न जातियों के महत्व को ध्यान में रखकर उन्हें हरिजन कहा था,अर्थात ईश्वर का पुत्र. स्वच्छ्ता का आचरण हमें पूजा,अर्चना की तरह ही श्रद्धापूर्ण भाव से करना सीखना होगा ताकि हम स्वच्छ्ता के प्रति घृणा भाव ना रखे तथा न ही उन समुदायों को हेय दृष्टि से देखे जो की इस पवित्र कार्य में संलग्न है. भारत में धर्म को प्राचीन काल से ही कर्तव्य के रूप में परिभाषित किया गया ही. आज आवश्यकता है की स्वच्छ्ता हमारा धर्म बने. वह धर्म जिसके केंद्र में कोई पारलौकिक सत्ता न हो अपितु मानव हो. गन्दगी को उस राक्षस अथवा शैतान या EVIL की भांति देखना होगा जिसके नाश से ही मानवीय सभ्यता वास्तव में सभ्य एवं विकसित बन सकेगी एवं आधुनिक मानवतावादी मूल्यों को यथाशीघ्र प्राप्त कर सकेगी.

    • Nupur

      Plz Review. My First Essay on IOI 🙂

    • Dear Nupur,
      Aapka essay Mein pehli baar padh rahi hoon.. Bhot achha likha hai aapne..
      Aapke prayaas Ki hum sabhi saraahna karte hain.
      Swachhta ko alag alag kshetron se jod karne aap prastut kiya hai .. Bhot hi badhiya.. Bas ek choti Si galti Jo ho gyi aapse wo yeh thi ke aapne paragraphs ko pointe Mein likha hai.. Kripya nibandhh Mein points naa likhein..general studies ke answer kaisa lagta hai..flow to achha tha hi..
      Mera essay bhi review kar dijiye 🙂 🙂

    • Rashmirathi

      aapne bahut achcha likha hai 🙂
      1. introduction was good
      2.your form of writing is very engaging , “आज हम बच्चों को भगवान का रूप कहते है तथा भगवन के साथ ही ऐसा आचरण सभ्य एवं धार्मिक समाज को शोभा नहीं देता है.” kya baat hai ! (Y)
      3. main bhi pehle essay pointers mein likha karti thi , but then i got reviews ki gs answer jaisa lagne lagte hai. so i will pass on the same gyan to you. 😀
      4. aapne bas baahri safai ke baare mein baat ki hai, man ki safai bhi zaruri hai. all religions have preached cleanliness of the mind and soul. iss baare mein bhi likha jaa sakta tha.

      thats all. you write beautifully 🙂


      please review mine

      • Nupur

        Sure dear. Just give me some time:)

    • Hello Nupur, mere vichaar apke nibandh ke baare me kuch is prakaar hai-
      1)Shuruat achi ti or apne aastik avam naastik k drishtikon ko b poora mahattva dia h |
      2)Kripya nibandh ko anuchedh k roop me likhne ka prayas kare athva yeh kisi GS answer ki bhaanti lagta hai | anuchedh me likhne se aap nibandh me ek pravaah b bna sakengi jo ki bht zaruri hai |
      3)Swachhta ko ishvariyata se jodne ka prayas sarahaniya hai parantu kuch or vaakya is drishitkon ko leke jode ja sakte taki ap ye bta pate ki swachtaa “next” q hai ishvariyata k, uske barabar ya usse upar q nahi hai |
      4)Dusre anuchedh k aakhiri vaakya me apne shayad thoda kam likha, mera yeh manna hai ki apko ek teesra anuchedh bhi jodna chahie tha jisme ap btate ki swachhta kis prakar veh mauka deti h un mulyo ko prapt karne ka (swatantrata avam baki) |
      5)Kabir ka doha shayad mai angrezi maadhyam se hu islie samajh nahi aya, to ap kuch vaakya is dohe ka arth samjhane k lie likh sakti ti |
      6)Nishkarsh avam sujhaavo ko alag alag rakhne ki koshish kare | nibandh ka asli tathya tab nikal k bahar ata h jab padhne wala apke nibandh ki shuruat avam ant padh k he samajh jae ki apke nibandh k andar kya likha | nishkarsh me nibandh ka saar darshane ki koshish kare |
      7)Shayad apne sheher me rehne wali abaadi galat btai hai | jaha tak mujhe pta hai yeh 31% hai na ki 35% |

      Sampoorn j oop se mai yeh kahunga ki apki hindi bht jordaar hai, yeh padhne wale pe ek chaap chod sakti hai, aapne nibandh k asli arth ko bhi ache se samjha thatha bayaan kia | bas ap anuchedh k roop me likhne ka prayaas karti rahe to yeh or nikhaara ja sakta | Shukriya !
      vase yeh spinoza kya hota hai? aapne dusre ank me likha hai ki “paschim me spinoza ne prakarti ko….”
      mai aasha karta hu meri yeh sameeksha aapke kaam aae 🙂

      • Nupur

        Thanks very very much Batman for such a detailed review.
        I accept that writing in Bullet form was a drawback today and will definitely improve that. Conclusion was also not good so will work on that.
        Spinoja is a western philosopher who said that god is nature or nature is the only god. the god for spinoja was not something to be worshipped but only a collection of natural laws. just i thought that he might be relevant here so i mentioned him.
        Batman sir it was one of the best review i have ever got. Definitely this kind of feedback will motivate me to improvise more.Thanks once again dear 🙂

        • haha. don’t call me Sir 🙂
          Thanks fir detailing about Spinoja 🙂

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      You have narrated the problems that society is facing right now, but failed to analyse why it is happening? What are the causes, and most important how to deal with those causes. Include contemporary relevance in your essay.
      Strengths of your essay are clear thought process, and seamless connectivity. If only you would have discussed solutions and gave suggestions in end of your essay, it would have became perfect.

      Marks – 60/125

      • Nupur

        Thanks very much for this precious review Insights Sir. Points noted down and will definitely try my best to get a higher score next time 🙂

      • Nupur

        Sir i have a doubt that every one also talked about the internal cleansing process and requirement of being moral and ethical ,so is that also required or not as i have dealt with only the physical cleansing part only??Thanks

        • InsightsOfficialReview

          Main focus should be on physical part, while you may/may not mention ethical part.

          • Nupur

            Thanks Very much Sir:)

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Sir/ Madam,i shall be highly indebted to you if you please review mine .. this is the link please have a look ….

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Nupur first of all a big sorry for being late so here goes my review
      Wonderful flow,connectivity and explanation of problems faced by India, in the introduction when you wrote if we will link cleanliness with God then how atheist would contribute.. awesome point and a take away for me
      And as Insights review said you need to add only solution part then your essay would be complete piece but a commendable effort .. keep writing and reviewing Nupur All the best!!

  • yogi

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness—1140 words

    If we ask different people what is the most possessive thing that they have in their life. Some would say it is their family, some would say it is the high paid salary that they have, some would say it is his/her best friend, some would say it is their singing and dancing talent. The list goes endless. But there is one thing without which all these possession lose their relevance. “Health” is that non-tangible thing which no money can brought for us, but a mere change in attitude supplemented with actions can safeguard this priceless health to a great extent . We are referring to the attitude of attaining and maintaining clean environment, that is, “cleanliness”.

    This essay is an attempt to touch upon many aspect of cleanliness . Firstly we would see the meaning and benefits of cleanliness. Then we would see the challenges in maintaining cleanliness along with some ways by which it can be achieved. Towards the end we would discuss an often neglected meaning of cleanliness.

    Let’ begin with the very basic question-What does cleanliness mean and what are its benefits ?

    The answer to this question has been in broad sense given in the beginning of this essay stating cleanliness as the mean to safeguard our health. Being more specific, cleanliness can be seen at two levels societal level and personal level. Duo have their own relevance complementing and supplementing each other. At societal level maintaining our surrounding neat and clean can mean to have clean air that we breath, clean water that we drink and use for various household chores, clean soil that is used to grow food for us and overall clean environment in which we live. Clean surrounding with no foul, no dirt, no toxicity, no disease breeding garbage becomes the base for benefits at personal level.

    At personal level cleanliness keep us away from the pollution. No matter how clean the surrounding appears it is the personal hygiene that matters more than anything else when considering health. Personal cleanliness keeps us away from disease spreading microbes and insects like mosquitoes and flies.

    Thus, a clean surrounding and personal hygiene prevents us from disease while maintain the beauty of the nature. In economic terms the benefits are huge . The main reason for most of the diseases is the un-hygienic environment and /or adulteration of food and water due to pollution or dirty physical environment. So cleanliness actually saves a large chunk of both public and private money that is spent on health related expenditure. Moreover, the social cost that accompany the economic cost in many cases is also saved along with the expenditure on diseases by just maintaining cleanliness.

    The benefits of cleanliness brings us to discussion on some ways by which cleanliness can be attained and maintained.

    Again this can be seen at two levels – external efforts (by government, NGOs (Non-Government Organizations), civil societies, environment activists, scientists, etc.) and personal responsibility. The least government can do is provide us the dustbins in our surrounding, but it is we who will have to take the responsibility of throwing the garbage in those dustbins. Government can provide us the public toilets but it is people who would have to shun the habit of open defecation/urination and use those toilets. Government can make legislation to encourage use of clean fuels like CNG(Compressed Natural Gas) and biogas but it is we who would have to follows those rules and regulation to make our air clean. Government, environmental activists, media and NGOs can spread awareness about the benefits of personal hygiene, but it is we who would have to wash our hands before and after the meal, it is we who would have to cover our face while sneezing or coughing . There can be many more movements like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, but without our cooperation the dream of clean India would not be possible.

    When we say “clean India” it is important to note that a three fourth of India lies in villages, so making cleanliness of rural areas should not be neglected. In rural areas there is need to break the taboo of not using toilets. The youth should take the lead in disseminating the harms of open defecation and benefits of using toilets. Another area of concern pertaining to cleanliness in rural areas is clean air, where indoor air pollution due to burning of wood and dung cakes is jeopardizing the life of people especially women and children. This issue can be resolved to a large extent by constructing biogas plants, solar panels, and other renewable sources of energy that would meet the dual purpose of cleaning the environment and tackling energy crisis. The recent announcement by government of making availability and affordability of CNG cylinders in whole India including rural areas, is a welcome move in this regard.

    Apart from the above discussed nature of cleanliness there is another meaning of cleanliness which is not often realized by many of us. This is the “cleanliness of the mind”.

    In mind the place of garbage has been taken by the negative thoughts, anger, hatred, jealousy, fear and all sorts of negativity which only eats our energy. It becomes necessary to attain and maintain that mental peace, that cleanliness in our mind. The reason is simple, our thoughts precedes our action. If the thoughts are positives the actions would also be positive. The best way to achieve the cleanliness of the mind is to create a virtual clean environment. That can be done by the reading good books, reading about inspiring personalities, making good habits like regular exercise, meditation and yoga to calm the mind and shun mental and physical lethargy. The changes have also to be in the ways we treat people. If we want mental cleanliness we would have to practice the “principle of reciprocity”-treat others the way you want yourself to be treated.

    In the end it can be said that cleanliness is not only clean surrounding or personal hygiene or clean mind . Rather cleanliness is the culmination of all these with all supporting each other. We were gifted with a pious earth full of life and diversity. There is no doubt that humans are responsible for the ills that we have created to erode that pristine beauty of our nature. We should learn from the selfless offering of air, water, soil, fire and sky by the kind nature. We should realize their essence, take the pledge of contributing to cleanliness and abide by that. It much be remembered that the cleanliness that we should strive is for our good health. A small contribution towards cleanliness from our side can eradicate many diseases and save the lives of millions of innocent people. Saving a life is for sure an act next to Godliness!!.

    • Hi Yogi bhai, my views:
      1)Not your style :/ The special Yogi element was missing in this essay
      2)Your essay would have remained the same had the topic been on “cleanliness” only. You should have made an attempt to connect it with Godliness, answering why is it “next” to Godliness and not “equal” to Godliness
      Overall, much less for me to comment anything substantial and I feel you have drifted from the demand. Aspect on “mental cleanliness” should have come before IMO, it gives a continuity and further it is not neglected. I guess everyone has included this element in his/her essay.
      Waiting to see a better write up from you next week 🙂

      • yogi

        Thanks Bhai 🙂
        one week good essay, one week bad, don’t know the reason for this unusual trend of my essay 🙁
        agree to all what u say, mental cleanliness is neglected in the sense by people as not many try to cleanse their thoughts like they wau they do for their extrenal cleanliness, i did not mean it is neglected by essay writers or insightians 😛
        will try to a better one to change the trend 🙂

    • Ram

      a mere change in attitude supplemented with actions can safeguard this priceless health … nice one i would like to borrow it from u.
      however, u begun if the topic is like cleanliness, health and environment..
      godliness looks untouched
      a very relevant essay
      all our efforts to clean the nation and various challenges discussed therein
      both intro and conclusion were awesome
      however the body looked losing flow
      plz dont mind
      review mine

      • yogi

        why would i mind Ram Bhai?,
        ur review in appreciated i messed it up ignoring the godliness part of the adage
        reviewed 🙂

    • Akhil

      Hi brother, here is my view.

      -from intro to conclusion you have just talked about cleanliness.. I felt was reading essay on mentioning Clenliness at personal and community level and it’s importance..
      -you didn’t touched second part godliness.. I mean not interconnected cleanliness with godliness demand of topic..
      -points on cleanliness are good but that is only one some of the essay brother..
      -you write better then this.. I don’t either you misunderstood the topic or swayed away in cleanliness wala part..
      -you may differ brother.. Hope you will write better then this one next time..
      -Never give up writing. Thank you.

      Review mine also as per your convenience..

      • yogi

        totally agree with you
        thanks for review, would try not to give up after this demise
        reviewed 🙂

    • minaxi

      Hey Yogi…
      About intro- It seems, you struggled to write a relevant intro- means a little forced essay.
      This essay is an attempt to touch upon many aspect of cleanliness .??? why this line? let the reader to search and decide. I do not know. if it is normal practice or not,,
      You could have written in some more dimensions..Good side of essay- depth of area, you have covered is good.
      But Not your best.. 🙂

      • yogi

        thanks Minaxi,
        i made a blunder in my essay, neglecting the godliness part
        will try to write better one next time 🙂

    • Jitte !! Kya haal chaal
      Last line – punch !!
      Awesome essay yogi bhai 🙂
      Structure flow all very good!
      One suggestion is that you can avoid the paragraph where you told what’s there in your essay.. Aise to pta hi chal gya kya likha hai aapne aage.. Curiosity khatam.
      baaki aapke essay me cleanliness pe zada focus hai godliness pe kam reh gaya.. balance aur connection form karna hai humko..
      rest all very nice to read 🙂
      You can ignore this if not useful 😀

      • yogi

        haal chaal are fluctuating, somehow managing :-p
        One suggestion is that you can avoid the paragraph where you told what’s there in your essay.. Aise to pta hi chal gya kya likha hai aapne aage.. Curiosity khatam.—-i think i would have to accept that suggestion as many have problem with this style. I started to follow that style after reading a topper’s essay, may be i could not copy him well 🙁
        godliness missed, super blunder 🙁
        You can ignore this if not useful :D—will try to ignore, though chances are less 😛
        thanks for review 🙂

        • ohh.. topper ka hai to pta nahi mujhe…
          maine kahi padha tha ki curiosity rakhne se reader ka interest bana rehta hai..
          agar aapko aise theek lagta hai to aise follow kar sakte ho fir 🙂
          sabka apna tareeka hota hai..
          aur insights review se pta laga ki cleanliness pe hi zada focus rakhna tha is topic me.. check what they told in reviews.. to uss hisaab se aapka sahi hai essay..
          ignore if not useful isliye ki review late kia maine to kaafi reviews mil chuke honge tab tak 😛
          health ka take care karo !

          • yogi

            just read ur awesome essay and the insights review,
            health is fine, essay performance is fluctuating like past few months
            ignore if not useful isliye ki review late kia maine to kaafi reviews mil chuke honge tab tak :P—bada ajeeb sa meaning hein mujhhe to hasi aa rahi apne upar
            thanks for encouraging, 🙂

            • arre theek hai !
              mera last wala essay to bilkul hi gaya guzra tha 😛
              keep writing (always better than not writing), your essay is very good.. there is always scope for improvement for everyone.. awesome wala bhi likhte ho aap… next time aur achha aayega 🙂
              keep it up (Y)

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Here goes my review Yogi ji.. sorry for delay
      Introduction must address the godliness part of cleanliness
      More dimensions needed to be added like stigma attached to it leading to so many social problems
      Principle of reciprocity.. take away point for me..
      Conclusion is also fine
      But your best is yet to come.. keep writing and All the best!!
      Om Shanti.. 🙂

      • yogi

        thanks for review
        i messed it up again,
        missed the godliness 🙁
        thanks for encouraging 🙂
        om shanti 🙂

        • Jaya Swatantra

          Please review my essay

  • Ankit

    I wasn’t going to write the essay today after seeing the topic cuz I felt short of ideas. Such topics always leave me gasping for ideas 🙁
    And then I thought what if this topic is the only essay we are supposed to write in CSM 2016 -_- . So here is my effort 😀


    “Cleanliness is next to godliness” – Just as we associate several attributes with god similarly cleanliness is used in different sense depending on the context. In the course of this essay I would try to touch upon these different context and bring out how ‘Cleanliness’ leads to ‘Godliness’ i.e. ‘Goodness’.

    It is easy for us to perceive tangible ideas so I’d begin with the idea of staying clean in our daily life. Cleanliness is emphasized in every household i.e. keeping the house clean, taking bath early in the morning, wearing washed clothes, etc. It is not just believed but felt that a clean and refreshed mind resides in a clean body. Those who emphasize on their cleanliness and sanitation not just appear pleasant to the eyes but are also better equipped to pursue their daily chores with vigor and enthusiasm. How? A properly groomed personality inculcates confidence as well as energy to start the day with enthusiasm. And “well begun is half done”!

    This brings me to another aspect, that is, religious aspect. Every religion gives importance to cleanliness. Cleaning the houses before ‘Diwali’ in Hindus is a common sight. It is believed that ‘Goddess Lakshmi’ likes cleanliness and she visits the cleanest house first! The practice in Islam to welcome the holy month of ‘Ramadan’ with freshness and cleanliness by cleaning the houses is a testament to it’s importance in it. “Cleanliness is half of faith” is a saying in Islam that goes to show the importance of cleanliness in the religion. Similar practices are observed in all other religions.

    The most important intangible aspect of cleanliness is ‘Spirituality’. We have had great reformers in the form of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Swami Vivekanand and Gandhiji all of whom emphasized of spiritual upliftment of the society as a whole. A pure soul resides in a pure body and spirituality leads to the path of a purity of soul. From Pataljali’s Yoja to Buddha’s Dhamma to the modern spiritual concept of Gandhiji all of them emphasize on a pure soul. And what does a pure soul comprises of? Tolerance, Love towards fellow beings, Honesty, Truthfulness and much more. That leads to cleaning of soul of all the evil thoughts and dogmas.

    So is cleanliness just a socio-religious concept? I feel the answer to it is no. There is more to cleanliness when we equate it with goodness. Cleanliness is a wide concept and in the present scenario we must associate it with the corrupt business practices. If cleanliness leads to goodness than cleanliness must also include sustainable business practices which takes care of the environment which is the need of the hour. From global warming to polluted air, from contaminated water to relocation of tribals without proper rehabilitation, if all this is not a sign of ‘unclean’ economy than what might be?

    Cleanliness can be felt in opening of the gates of Shani Shignapur Temple to the women, in Bachpan Bachao Andolan’s mission of saving more than 80,000 children from a disrespectful and degraded childhood, from the call of our PM to make India open defacation free before Gandhiji’s 150 birth anniversary in 2019. “Cleanliness leads to Godliness” when the society is freed from derogatory and inhuman practices like female infanticide, when the streets are garbage free, when the downtrodden are not made to feel outcast and undignified. It is the cleanliness of the body, mind and soul combined with the cleanliness of the surroundings which leads to goodness and thus ‘Godliness’ because when it comes to ‘God’ we can only attach purity to the supreme being.

    We were bestowed with a clean nature but we slowly degraded it. Now only by resorting to cleanliness we can get back that nature which was and must be revered as “GOD”.

    • Ankit

      Please review !!

      • Merida

        Well summed up as per the topic of the Essay. 🙂

        • Ankit

          Number kitne ayenge sum up karne ke??? 😛

          • Merida

            I don’t really think, am any better to tell you the marks. 🙂 Waise could you please review my Essay. 🙂

    • Hey Ankit,
      It was tooooo short!!
      You wrote brilliantly!!
      Diwali point was SUPERB!
      Shani shignapur mandir part..really good!!
      But a lot many dimensions and aspects are missing! Thoda aur likh dete to chaa jaate! Keep up!
      Review mine at least -.-

      • Ankit

        Kiya to hai apka review :-/
        Han I realized chotta hogaya. Koi ni i’ll try elaborating it agli baar 😀

        • Ram

          hey plz review mine

    • CSE2016 aspirant

      Tumhara padne baitha to bhukamp aa gaya

      • Ankit

        Kya kare bhaihum chiz hi kuch aise hai 😛

        • CSE2016 aspirant

          Duniya hila denge Ankit babu

          • Ankit

            Nahi bhai waisa to mai kuch saal pehle tha abto ‘ek baar jo maine commitment kardiya uske baad mai apni hi sunta hun bas’ type ka hogaya hun 😛

      • Ankit

        Waise ye symbolic bhukamp hai ya literal??

        • CSE2016 aspirant

          Literal aaya tha – delhi main to feel hua hai

          • Ankit

            Meerut aane me bhukamp bhi darta hai :P:P

    • Affu

      Hi ankitjee,aap ka intro was good,where u said what if its the only essay left for u in CSM-2016, u deserve appreciation for that
      ur intro could be more refined,linking cleanliness to godliness then to goodness was not smooth
      in 2 para u stated tangible things are easy to perceive,just be careful with such words may make the examiner feel “toh kya mujhe intangible things samajh nahi aati” just my opinion
      u could have talked about health issues,swach mission,economic benefits of cleanliness
      spiritual aspect dealt well
      last but one para though good needs improvement,,work on conclusion
      KWAR,ALL the best

      • Ankit

        Seedha ye bhi kaha jasakta tha ki ye kya likhdiya kuch dhang ka likho 😛
        Aur examiner ko mera reply hai “tumhe to kahi chain ni hai.. Kuch explain karke likho to tumhare nakhre.. Na karo to nakhre.. Jaan lelo bache ki :P” ye tongue wala emoji quotes me hai kyuki maine tongue dikhai hai examiner ko 😛

        Thanks for the review 🙂
        I know acha ni likha kyuki I wasn’t myself satisfied with what I wrote. Next time I won’t disappoint you 😀

    • Ram

      nice essay
      added current events in the last
      tried to add too much stuff towards the end
      better would be if gandhiji cited a bit earlier
      plz review mine

    • Akhil

      Bhai I think you have left the essay in mid way.

      First para is intro or second one. I didn’t get that properly. If it is first one it isn’t appealing one..

      Some repetition have been there like ‘refreshed mind resides in clean body’ in second para and same is there in fourth one with changed words..

      Actually bhai tumne likha itna kam ho ki… Usme kya kyaa faults nikale…

      Content in your essay is good.. But you didn’t elaborated them..

      Please free to contradict.. keep writing brother hope you will write better then this one next week..

      Thank you

      • Ankit

        Nahi bhai mai contradict ni karra.. Merko likhna hi ni tha.. Aur jab man se na karo to zabardasti to aisa hi likha jata hai 😛

    • Hi Akhil, my views:
      1)You tried to remain connected with the theme and that is more important than anything else
      2)Patanjali Yoga is Ok but Buddha’s Dhamma may not be known to many. So avoid such bhaari bharkam words in your essay
      3)Conclusion was Ok, I felt you included too many themes in the pen-ultimate paragraph. Dealing with them one by one would have been better
      Rest is fine, much less for me to point out anything. Keep writing and do share your interview experience with us 🙂

      • Ankit

        Batman sahab/sahiba agar interview ki call ati to kasam se mai yahan itni mehnat ni karta is time 😛

        Jisko Buddha ka Dhamma ni pata na… Bas abto mai kya hi bolu 😛 Samrat Ashok ki nak hi katgaye hogi ye sunke 😛
        And I’ll take care to keep it simple thanks for pointing out 🙂

        Yeah maybe.. Actually mai lunch karne chala gaya tha akey likha penultimate para to maybe overeating hogaye hogi jo maine essay me nikal di 😛

        But thanks for the review I’ll try improving upon whatever u said 🙂

    • Ankit dude !
      write up is very good ! well written..
      My suggestion would be to improve your introduction and conclusion..
      body k saath saath starting and ending solid honi chaiye 🙂
      thanks !!

      • Ankit

        Ajkal to ji sab body pe hi chalre hain.. Movie ki starting ending se kisiko lena dena hi ni 😛
        On a serious note I’ll work on it. I know I can do it 🙂

    • InsightsOfficialReview
      • Ankit

        Thank you 🙂

        I don’t know if I should say this or not…but LOVE YOU guys 😛

      • Mrinal Mukherjee

        Dear insights ,

        Kindly review mine please 🙂

      • Ankit

        Dear Insights team.
        I interpreted today’s ethics question in a different manner than other. I want an opinion from you if it is wrong or justified.
        If possible please give your valuable feedback.
        Thank you.

  • I4anI

    Please review /
    Once a Mahatma Gandhiji’s close associate, a rich industrialist brought his son to meet Gandhiji. His son had just returned from abroad after completing his studies and with full of ideas and aspirations. He expressed his desires to do something for his country before he joined the family business. His father felt that his Gandhiji would be able to utilize his son’s service, so he took him to meet Gandhiji. The young man told Gandhiji that he had many ideas and wished to solve the problems facing india asked that Gandhiji assigned him a task. Gandhiji accepted him into his aashram and told him that he must clean the toilets from the next day.

    Being obedient the young man performed the task assigned to him. A week later he went to Gandhiji and said,” I have cleaned toilets for a week now, can I move on to bigger more important tasks? Gandhiji shook his head asked him to continue cleaning toilets. Thus a month passed, the young felt that his talent was being wasted, but he could not disobey Gandhiji so he continued cleaning toilets. Finally one day he asked Gandhiji again,’ I have become used to cleaning toilets, initially I felt it was demeaning but now I have got used to it. But Gandhiji I think I am capable of doing better work, I want to know when you will allow me to address the problems faced by India?. Gandhiji told the young man,”I know that you have been educated abroad and so you feel that you must address issues plaguing India, like reducing poverty, creating employment, eradicating illiteracy, etc but as long as you first get rid of your ego, only then you will be able to understand that it is essential to recognise the importance of the seemingly insignificant, menial tasks and have the humility to perform them, if you learn to perform them with dignity and honor the bigger tasks will become easier.”
    Gandhiji’s reasoning for this that this would strip the person of any residual ego and make them humble enough to be able to recognise truth and be prepared to serve the weakest and poorest.

    As mentioned above that cleanliness is as must associated with cleaning our minds as with surroundings. External beauty is also very much needed. Only a clean environment will guide us to a fresh atmosphere and thus a healthy health. One must need to keep clean their surroundings. If a surrounding is contaminated with water or full of waste materials then it will prove a toll on human health. With deteriorating health expenses on medical care will certainly increases.

    Recent government is taking many steps in cleaning India. The year 2019 is to be the year of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. PM Modi has envisaged the task of making India clean of his dreams. It will mainly include elimination of the unhealthy practice of open defecation in the country by creating sanitation facilities for all.The pursuit of cleanliness can be an economic activity, contributing to GDP growth, reduction in healthcare costs, and a source of employment. Cleanliness is related with tourism. Only a world class hygiene and sanitation are required to make India a world class tourist spot and bring a paradigm shift about its perception. With increasing waste and discharge of effluents directly without treating them into rivers channels or in oceans turning these sources dirt pit. Rivers and oceans which been a cradle of huge biodiversity and habitat of a enormous number of living beings are deteriorating adversely. Due to such huge pollution prevailing in the oceans our livestock of fishes and others sea foods are diminishing ending humans in more distress when already the pressure on land is high.

    Government has also taken steps reforming new solid wastes (management and handling) rules. Cleaning has two task: first; to accumulate all waste materials at a prescribed location and second; to treat all those waste materials to make them less harmful. Many waste materials can be reused in such a manner.

    Little drops of water, little grains of sand ,
    Make the mighty ocean, and the blessed land.

    PM Modi has asked everyone to be a part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to make it a public movement rather than just an government scheme. Key compenents of the campaign include manual scavenging, solid waste management. and converting waste into wealth. Famous celebrities have become the face of Clean India mission to give it a national campaign and to attract all people on same front. Cleanliness starts from our very own house. In order clean whole India we must clean its constituent units that is houses, buildings, offices, parks, public places, etc. In our daily life we frequently complaints about the dirty places, locations, patches but do little or even do the same work for what we are criticizing others. A country is not in itself a great one but it becomes but its own people. We need to unite and pledge for this great cause of our nation and make India grow clean in coming years.

    • Merida

      I liked the way Gandhiji’s preaching has been used in the Essay. 🙂 The rest too is good.

      • I4anI

        Thanks Merida !

    • I4anI

      @disqus_5NwAxKRxXL:disqus can you review mine too

    • Hi I4anI, my views:
      1)Story was stretched a bit. Though it was good you have concised it
      2)Connection with Godliness was missing :/
      3)You delved too deep in the recent efforts being made
      Overall, I feel content relevant to the demand of essay is needed to make it better 🙂

      • I4anI

        Thanks a lot 🙂
        Will try to make it better from next time.

    • Radhi aspirant

      Story is taking to much space in the essay…it should be cut short. The word ‘Gandhiji’ has been used more than required times. Grammar mistakes are too much, you should work on it.

      • I4anI

        Agreed..I think writing regularly will suffice the cause.
        btw thanks for the review

  • Merida

    From times immemorial, we have had a tradition to naming our family member’s or a new project in the name of God. Naming someone or a project in the name of God, was and is a way of according some importance and respect to the task. Similarly, in this phrase a high amount of importance is being given to Cleanliness by comparing it with Godliness. Godliness means Piety, which is the unthinking conventional reverence. Just this way, the habit of cleanliness has to be followed with utmost sincerity and faith.

    Cleanliness, in simpler words, would be to stay clean and keep clean surroundings.Cleanliness is no hard thing to achieve, as there’s a will, there’s definitely a way. Cleanliness while referring to a person would be to keep himself clean and keep his thoughts and actions clean too. It also means doing away with the dirt of the body, mind and soul. We can keep our body clean by following a hygienic routine and keep our mind clean and soul clean by mediation (Yoga).

    Now comes the challenging aspect of keeping our surroundings clean. Like every drop of water makes an ocean, similarly, one man’s callousness will add up to pile of dirt and trash. When one man litters some trash, the second might mistake that place to be a trash bin. And there is forms a cascading chain of everyone dumping the litter at a point. Moreso, it becomes a herculean task to get the trash cleaned when it has piled up.

    We could get that picked and taken to a dump yard,But that is not it. While all the dirt and dust is clustered there, it forms a breeding ground for mosquitoes, insects and parasites too. This when not cleared in timely manner, might lead to out spread of diseases- could be viral too.

    Also, when such huge amount of trash is let open, it tends to rot. And the pungent fumes becomes a threat to children and people walking around that place. This trash could also be picked by the street dogs unknowingly, spreading across the junk in the entire locality. Some of the garbage being non-biodegradable could be a major concern for the Environment and soil too. Some harmful fumes when let out into atmosphere are a threat to not just us, but also a million flora and fauna, which had no stake in all this,

    Apparently, it just gets a further messier, when any of such garbage is let open and there is an unexpected down pour of rain. This could just float with the water and in some cases clog the open drains or pit holes. And, we would be compelled to run helter skelter to someone to get things done. Why struggle so much in the last minute, when everything could have been done properly in the first place?

    We often tend to ignore the little things like being righteous to self and society. There’s not much of a difference in keeping yourself clean and keeping the society clean. Both are interlinked and inter dependent. If one does not keep clean himself, he is bound to fall sick, sooner or later. So, is the case with his surroundings.

    Like we keep ourselves clean, just that way, if we can keep our surroundings clean too, this Planet would surely be the best place to Live in. To go about with that, there has to be an absolute awareness on keeping self and surroundings clean. The Swach Bharath Abhiyan is one such initiative. It has had an impact not just on the Urban elite but also among the rural’s. It is being practised all around the country with much vigour.

    Now there is unparalleled reverence towards Cleanliness because of the widespread awareness about cleanliness and its impact for a healthy being. That is the Piousness of Cleanliness. Therefore, it could be well concluded that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

    • Ankit

      The beginning was as good as anyone and then u let the essay down 🙁
      I thought wow he is good and then the dumping of garbage went on n on like it was about description of how the garbage gets accumulated.
      You have the potential so I hope next time you’ll expand your vision and write a better one 🙂
      All the best!

      • Merida

        Thanks for the review. I shall look into the mistakes and make sure that my next essay is better than this one. 🙂

      • Iconoclast

        Pls review mine

  • Rashmirathi

    Cleanliness is godliness

    As the school bus haulted to a brake in front of his house, Raju ran out jumping with happiness. The Diwali break was starting tomorrow. The sweets, the firecrackers, his visiting grandmother, the very thought was making him crazy wih joy.

    But as soon as he stepped inside , the sight of the entire house scattered in a disarray shocked him. His parents were busy scrubbing and cleaning everything. He approached his mother to ask what was going on. She explained, “Beta, Diwali is a huge festival. It is very important to clean the house well or else Goddess Laxmi won’t visit us ! ”. Thus was quenched his curiosity.

    But what Raju’s mother said, holds a very deep meaning in the larger context. How, lets find out !

    Speaking broadly, cleanliness is the act of maintaining a good hygiene, physically as well as mentally. This means keeping your body and surroundings clean and along with it also maintain purity and cleanliness in your thoughts. Gandhiji, the Father of our Nation was such a staunch proponent of cleanliness that he regarded it to be even more important than Independence. Cleanliness was God personified to him.

    The first thing that comes to a person’s mind with cleanliness is a clean beautiful landscape. Naturally, who doesn’t like a beautiful place to live in ? But the importance of cleanliness goes way beyond good aesthetics.

    It is the key to keeping diseases at bay. Indian cities are filled with filthy slums, open pits, clogged drains. Open defecation is still prevalent in many villages. It is like providing honeymoon suites to pathogens and vectors for spreading diseases. The result is right in front of our eyes—millions of children are dying each year because of diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, malaria. Maternal deaths are on the rise.

    A major cause of Mumbai and Chennai floods was clogged drains. Keeping the drainage system of cities clean will go a long way in preventing urban floods and inundation of cities during monsoons. With a little bit of effort , a lot many lives and property and be saved.

    India holds an abysmal position in the Human Development Index ranking. Improving the cleanliness of our cities and towns will help better the life of our citizens and our HDI. This in turn will attract more Foreign Investment and MNCs. That means more jobs !

    A cleaner india will provide a much needed boost to our tourism industry. As a result many local artisans and craftsmen will find good sources of livelihood. It will help ease the unemployment situation in the country.

    Thus keeping the country clean will sow the seeds of a plethora of benefits , which shall be reaped by generations to come. Realizing such grave importance of cleanliness, government and NGOs have been putting a lot of efforts in this direction. Whooping sums of money are being spent on projects such as Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, Namami Gange, etc. The revised rules for Urban Waste Management seek to achieve the same goal :

    Cleaner India —> healthier India —> happier india

    But these need to be complemented with individual efforts in order to bear fruit. Each one of us needs to take the responsibility of cleaning our surroundings.

    Along with physical cleanliness, the role of mental cleanliness is also very important. What good is a healthy body with an unhealthy soul ! A wise man once said –

    “ be careful of what you think ,

    For thoughts become actions,

    Actions become habits,

    And habits become character “

    Therefore it is quintessential that we make sure that our minds are clean from all negative thoughts and vices such as hatred, jealousy, greed , etc. The good character and morality of citizens are the backbone of a Nation.

    Japan , a small island nation, devoid of much natural wealth, destroyed many a times by natural calamities and nuclear attacks, stands tall before the world today as a developed country. the hardworking and dedicated citizenry of the nation are the reason for its success. It is great example for us to learn from.

    India today is neck deep into corruption, communalism, black money, rapes , murders, etc. our very own people out of their greed are turning the nation hollow. This can indeed be called the Kalyuga , the Sanskrit term meaning –Age of Downfall.

    The reason for this is the escaping sense of morality and ethics from our people. We are becoming more and more selfish. We have failed to understand that we are in the same boat – we sail together and together we sink. Recognizing the importance of mental purity, for centuries kids have been brought up hearing tales of morals and values. Let us make sure that growing up , we do not loose hold of those childhood lessons.

    There is a great need for revival of the moral backbone of our country. We need to redeem ourselves of our vices. That would be cleanliness in the true sense.

    Efforts are being made at policy level to check corruption and boost integrity and ethics. But corruption is a malice that can be only ended by nipping it in the bud. Therefore, each one of us must take responsibility of minding our thoughts and actions. Just clean yourself and the country will be automatically drycleaned.

    Thus , to conclude , cleanliness is indeed godliness. Only where there is cleanliness of – the body, mind and the environment can development take place. let us all make sure to pick our own personal brooms and clean up this world that we live in. God helps those who help themselves!

    • vkdglobetrotter

      nice essay with various dimensions
      ending could have been improved with story of raju somehow weaved into it

      • Rashmirathi

        yes you are right. thanks for reviewing 🙂

    • Nupur

      Nice attempt Rashmirathi ji. few observation as par my little knowledge:
      1: Cleanliness to godliness. why we worship god and what we expect from god that can also be expected by cleanliness. That thing i am unable to find in your essay.
      2: try to give the examiner a hint if possible in the intro that what you are going to present before him. Your example is good and also shows that you have a clear understanding of the topic as you can link the godess Laxmi with the cleanliness. but do explain that what is the importance of the God for humans and thus compare that with the importance of cleanliness in the life of human. Though you have addressed both of them but a clear comparision ko khud se dudhna pad raha hai. Why i am talking about that because the topic clearly states about the link of ‘cleanliness’ with ‘Godliness’.
      See if youagree dear. Overall it was a very nice essay with some good examples of requirement of morality in human society.
      One thing that is also not clear to me is that why to talk about the internal cleansing the word cleansing only means physical cleansing. But everyone is writing about it so i have to wait for some to clarify me on this.
      Keep up the Good work:)

      • Iconoclast

        Hi Nupur, Pls review my essay

      • Rashmirathi

        thank you nupur 🙂 you are right , i should have explicitly explained why cleanliness is comparable to godliness. suggestions taken.

        let me try clarify your confusion. see the topic is “cleanliness is next to godliness.” it doesn’t specify physical or internal. cleanliness can be associated with both the body and outside as well as your heart. for example , the story of shabri. she was dirty , considered lower caste, but her heart was clean. therefore lord rama ate the food she gave him.
        aisa toh kai baar suna hoga aapne ki agar mann saaf nahi toh pooja ka kuch faayda nahi hoga. this is the internal cleanliness that is being talked about hear. maintenance of a pure heart, good thoughts.

        i hope i could help you understand.

        • Nupur

          Got it Rashmi. Thanks and ATB 🙂

    • Affu

      Good attempt rashmi,flow was good but the point on HDI seemed abrupt,u could have gradually presented a bigger pciture, external cleanliness covered well,starting internal cleanliness on a good note,somehow u coulnt maintain that tempo,pls improve that part,also the japan example,context didnt go down well with me as a reader
      overall nice effort

      • Rashmirathi

        pointers taken. will improve.

        thanks a lot 🙂

    • Sonia mehra

      Dear Rashmi,
      1. Story with happy beginning= very good it can’t be better. But the story hasn’t been properly utilized, u didn’t relate the context of the story with the essay as a whole. Even if I remove the story, there won’t be any substantive change in essay.
      2. Comprehensive coverage of inner and outer cleanliness.

      Overall analysis= (a) Good consistent flow (b) Although you talked about the importance of cleanliness and the types of cleanliness, but I am still looking for an answer why is cleanliness next to godliness? (c) Good use of contemporary issues like swatch bharat, diseases etc.

      Thank you dear friend..

      • Rashmirathi

        yeah , i thought of writing the entire essay as a part of the story, but then i wasn’t sure if the examiner would still consider that to be an essay, thats why left it at that. but you are right , story could have been better utilized.

        yes i missed out on the godliness aspect. will work on that.

        thanks for reviewing 🙂

    • Hi Rashmirathi, you need to develop connection between content and Godliness. Otherwise this content is more suited to topic with essay titled ‘cleanliness. Intro was good and you had great ideas about internal and external cleanliness but the connection with theme is missing. Work on it and you are good to go 🙂

      • Rashmirathi

        suggestion taken. thanks 🙂

  • Iconoclast

    Pls review friends

  • IAV


    The Government of India introduced The Right to Education in 2009 which mandated that it is a fundamental right of every child in India to get compulsory elementary education till the age of 14 years. It is a landmark legislation which, then, was hailed as the solution to India’s poverty and illiteracy. The result unfortunately has been far from expected.
    The ASER report of the NGO Pratham showcases the colossal disaster such compulsory education has turned out to be. By implementing a no testing policy under the RTE, the survey shows, the government has just made students enrol in schools. The learning outcomes are abysmal. More than 80% of class 5 students were not able to solve class 3 level mathematics problems. Students are not able to read and write. Moreover, though the schools have been built, they lack basic infrastructure like separate toilets for girls and boys. This leads to female students dropping out of schools as soon as they reach puberty. In addition, a Harvard Business school study observed that at any given day 20% of the teachers are absent from the schools and 25% of the rest are doing anything but teaching!
    Cleanliness is about proper waste disposal, recycling, reuse and sanitation. It is about having purity. Such purity is not restricted to the physical dimension only. The essay defines various dimensions of cleanliness. With a wholesome definition, the essay tries to show that cleanliness is next only to Godliness. Further it tries to find solutions to make India clean of various malaise that it suffers.

    Cleanliness in Education
    As the example shows, there is a dirty side to our education system. There is lack of adequate physical infrastructure. The unavailability of separate toilets make girls drop out of school as soon as they reach puberty. Similarly, the cooking of Mid Day Meals in the open in government schools, without proper hygiene measures, has led to the death of students in the past.
    The problem of lack of cleanliness is not restricted only to physical infrastructure. The social structures of villages across India also require some sanitization. Discrimination based on caste, gender, sex and class are rife. In schools run by the state itself, there are instances of separate classrooms or separate infrastructure for the upper class students.
    The corruption of moral infrastructure is also visible in the schools. According to a Harvard Business School sponsored study, out of the sample of 3000 schools that it covered, 20% schools had teacher absenteeism. In addition, 25% teachers were doing everything but teaching.
    Schools are institutions where purity, values and morals are to be taught. Yet, these institutions are suffering from the lack of cleanliness in their physical, social and moral infrastructure.
    Such corruption is visible across India. The streets are dirty and overflowing with garbage. There is corruption in public institutions. There is discrimination against woman, minorities and SC/STs. There is piracy of music and books. Political parties sometimes use hate speech as a weapon for their political gains. Some researchers engage in plagiarism.

    Do onto Others, what you want others to do to you
    India is a land of paradoxes. We talk about dirty streets of India, yet the houses are spotlessly clean. The paradox is that the streets are littered with the same garbage which has been thrown out by the residents from their homes. Similarly, the government school teachers, who never attend the schools complain of corruption when the bank clerk from where they go to collect their salaries asks them for bribes.
    The basic principle of any of the documented religions, be it Christianity, Islam of Judaism, is:
    “Do onto others, what you want others to do to you.”
    Following such principles leads to existence of the right moral values in a person. He thinks himself, not only as an individual but as a part of a community. Thus, the streets become an extension of his house and thus a person keeps them clean. Similarly, corruption would go down in the society if such Godly principles are practiced.
    The non-documented religion of Hinduism advises that the Gods reside in a “clean place”. The “clean place” has to be understood in the wider context. It consists of the mind, the heart, the body, the work table, the work place, the public infrastructure.
    When the two principles mentioned above are read together, it is amply clear that there is a mutual relationship between cleanliness and Godliness. It is imperative of the presence of one for the existence of the other.

    Solving Today’s Problems
    The Swachh Bharat Programme, the flagship project of PM Modi has brought cleanliness, at least in the physical infrastructure at the forefront. Yet, there are reports that despite having toilets in their homes, villagers still prefer to defecate in the open. Thus, to bring out cleanliness there is a need for behavioural change.
    There are two methods for achieving this. The rule-based approach says that rules and regulations should be formulated and violators should be punished. There are cost based issues of supervision in such an approach. Punishment is a negative enforcer and once the supervision is removed, there is a tendency to revert to the previous behaviour.
    The second approach is the integrity approach. Under this, morals and values are developed in people. Such an approach is a long term measure.
    The correct approach is combination of these methods. Such an approach can be extended to bringing changes for cleaning the social and the moral infrastructure of the society. Though we have the rule-based approach in place, implementation is wanting.
    Further, there are multi-lateral problems of cleaning the earth lest climate change severs, making the doom-sayer’s apocalypse of the God in the form of the end of the world true. To prevent that, there is a need for a well-coordinated plan to be implemented by nations across the globe.

    Climate change has brought forth the urgent need for sustainable living by cleaning our environment. It has shown God’s fury through droughts, heatwaves, erratic weather patterns and flash floods. Thus, there is a scientific evidence between cleanliness and Godliness. The essay through taking the broad definition of cleanliness, showed through quoting from scriptures the existence of such a relationship. Further, it provided solutions to the problems of cleanliness and of un-Godliness that are being faced by society today through a combination of rule-based and integrity-based approaches.

  • doofus

    Please review my essay :

    Cleanliness – perhaps the easiest to preach and admire, yet hard to follow and observe. Cleanliness is the absence of anything unwanted from the thing that is desired. Its the art of sifting, and removing the unnecessary, the unwanted and the extras. Very early in life, we are told to keep our body clean, to wash our hands, to brush our things, otherwise its an invitation to disease. And the simple way there is regularity, discipline, making cleaning a part of habit.

    Every natural being applies cleanliness in one way or the other. In fact, in Indus Valley Civilization, the cleanliness aspect was so focused on, that all the drains in those times were covered, there were great baths, bricks were baked. Cleanliness is not something considered a luxury of the well off, it is something that is inherent to life. Most of the cleaning that we do, is perhaps the best we learn from our parents, more than from any book or school. Most of the religious practices or rituals that we follow, invariably require cleanliness.

    India may be astonishing the world by its growth rate, but our country also appears higher in the list of unclean countries. Not only a large section of our population resorts to open defecation, people throw garbage on streets and spit on roads. Industries connect their chemical wastes in clean river. It is strange that a country with history of cleanliness has emerged with such behaviour. Selfish feeling/ feeling that country and home are separate is perhaps responsible for this. People would throw out their garbage, to keep their clean and leave it to municipalities to do the rest. Industries to increase profit, avoid sewage treatment plants and pollute land, river and air. It is good initiative on the part of government to start “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” , “Clean Ganga” and other similar projects. The least it has done is made people aware of the problem. However a better enforcement of cleanliness is to be enforced in this regard. For example, penalising the defaulters helps in this direction. Also necessary is to promote positive behaviour by positive action. Most of the municipal garbage collecting boxes are full to capacity, and the municipality does not dump it. So people are forced to throw garbage elsewhere. Also there has to be segregation of different kind of garbage so that they can be properly disposed off. The government is already working on stopping open defecation, but cleanliness is presently a big task, and people must do half the walk. Clean India will mean lesser diseases, lesser bacteria, lesser dengue, and it will save our money too.

    There is a different kind of cleanliness also in the news these days, and that is wiping out corrupt behaviour. Corruption has been responsible for many of the schemes not being properly implemented, it has been responsible for culprits walking free and for the country remaining backward. Corruption is widespread in the system, and is clogging every wheel of progress. Corruption must be dealt with determination. A lot has been done in past few years to tackle corruption. There is stricter penalty for corrupt behaviour, bills such as “Whistleblower Protection Bill”, Right To Information, sting operations, agitation by people etc have started a crusade against it. With people becoming more aware, more literate and government becoming more accountable, it is possible to lower the corrupt behaviour, if not eliminate it.

    There is one more thing that needs cleanliness and its cleanliness is of utmost importance. It is the our thinking. It can not be read or seen by an outsider but it does manifest in our behaviour, and that is why it is here where the cleaning should start. A selfish behaviour, if harboured and promoted, can never lead to a clean society. A selfish person will always think about his money, his time, such person can not be expected to walk to dumping box to dump the wastes. Same is the case of a person who is lazy. Some of us learn to promote a little bit greedy thinking in childhood, may be to get a bigger slice of cake ; promote a little bit of deceiving to be not-out and play few more balls in the colony cricket, and convince ourselves that these little things do not matter. But they do, say when one such person becomes a CEO of an oil company that has to clean oil spill, because those deviant behaviours were there all the time in the subconscious. That is why it is best to clean our minds of such ills, and that is why such offences must be seen in black and white. Once this is done, cleanliness will only be a matter of time. Schools have a task of emphasizing not only through books, but through practical examples. But the bigger role is of parents in the initial stage and of friends, later. So one must chose once company judiciously.

    Cleanliness is all pervasive in nature, just like honesty. There is not one domain from where it is absent. Cleanliness lets us keep things simple, lets us clean all the complexities of the life, by may be giving up on few junk relations or giving up on some rusty career choices. It makes us enjoy the good things that remain, a bit more. More often than not cleanliness starts from small things, perhaps by cleaning the table where you are reading these lines !

  • He who is clean within, cannot be unclean without’. This was the conception of Gandhiji ideas about purity, Hygiene and cleanliness of both the inner and outer being of oneself. He regarded it as a duty and responsibility to be clean and at the same time, keep the surrounding clean as well. For him, cleanliness was not just an individual activity but rather a collective one. According to him cleanliness has always been regarded part of one’s dedication towards God, and this notion manifests itself in different forms. The prayers and the sacrifices are essentially regarded as pure activities to be performs in a clean state of mind as well as body. Indeed cleanliness becomes a pre‐requisite to approach God and is next to Godliness.

    Cleanliness and hygiene are closely related to the health of an individual and that of the whole society. An important contribution can be made by a healthy individual to the hygiene and wellbeing of the society. The importance of it cannot just be overstated, being both an individual duty and collective responsibility. However, not just being external in manifestation, the internal purity to a large extent determine the overall cleanliness of both individual and society.
    Gandhiji in his Ashrams, had made it a matter of faith, to ensure the cleanliness of Body, Mind, Souls and Heart along with hygiene of the abode and the precints. He considered that the cleanliness of mind, devoid of any filthy ideas, the purity of soul and the goodness of nature will automatically ensure hygiene of the body. For him, it was a holistic and all‐encompassing phenomena, to be realised at a much wider level than just the individual body being clean.

    God is seen as a provider of life along with health, and this healthy and clean body is seen to denote presence of God. The lack of hygiene, not only poses many health risks, but also hinders the dignity of life. An individual devoid of hygiene is accorded a very low status in society. A cycle of poverty and deprivation sets in, that reinforces itself, as a result of absence of hygiene. Many opportunities are not available to such an individual and are faced with constant isolation.

    Gandhi, however, emphasized that we should not shun individuals but should rather dislike their attributes. He thus abhorred untouchability. He was of the firm view that a cleaner was the ‘most important and indispensable member of a society and this should be respected. Moreover Gandhiji laid stress on the fact that it was the duty of all to keep their surrounding clean.
    The health risks posed by lack of hygiene involves the various kinds of diseases that manifest in an individual or spread throughout the society. Many people consider disease as a bad omen, which may wreak havoc due to displeasure of God. This notion being wrong and unscientific, reflects the proximity of cleanliness to Godliness. The real suffering and risks of lack of hygiene lies in the loss of health and vigour as a result of disease. These may be food or water borne or simply due to low hygiene of the body. Though treatment may be the immediate solution, but in the long term health can only be ensured by mandatory cleanliness. Absence of it, poses serious health concerns, often along with enormous financial burden. Heavy medical expenses charged puts the individual in a cycle of deprivation.
    Moreover as “Work is worship’, the loss of productive days as a result of ill‐health, further distance an individual from the ‘Godly” attributes of cleanliness. Thus the health risks posed by absence of cleanliness are enormous, and must be avoided to lead a pure, clean and health life.

    Cleanliness and hygiene may be ensured by individual efforts or collective will. But two special components are indispensable to cleanliness, and they play a great role in ensuring the health of body and soul.
    Tantra refers to the physical infrastructure that is required for ensuring clean and healthy surroundings. These were predominantly absent in the older days but there important cannot be underestimated. The modern cities and towns are characterized by extensive drainage system as part of urban planning. In a huge country like India, this system may be difficult to be provisioned at. Every nook and
    corner of the country, but alternative may be worked out. Villages cannot be provided with decentralized systems of waste and sewage disposal. The effluents and the sewage may be turned into productive assets through biogas treatment and recycling. These may be employed for non‐potable use in agriculture or aquaculture. But all these provisions require an elaborate infrastructure dedicated for the purpose.
    Tatva, on the other hand, refers to the values that need to be inculcated among the masses, so as to make them conscious of the benefits of cleanliness. These values called Arogya Tatvas are essentially sanitation values that arouse a natural orientation towards clean state of mind and body.
    Gandhiji himself stressed that hygiene must not be considered simple absence of disease at the individual level but rather a general dislike and hatred towards unclean surroundings. According to him a clean person will not like to be part of unhealthy and filthy surroundings and will make efforts to rectify the situation.
    These cleanliness and sanitation values are closely linked with hygiene and moral values. Often, these are inculcated with a direct reference to God. But a general awareness should be present in a society towards the merits of being safe from any kind of dirt and filth.
    Gandhi stated that a clean individual is the one who is always active in the sphere of cleanliness and always strives and makes efforts towards getting rid of impurity and filth. At no point of time, shall he become immune or used to unclean surroundings, or else he will cease to be hygiene lover.
    Inculcating these values was like next to true devotion to God, for Gandhi.

    The inaugurated Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan would be a great step forward toward the goal of making and building a clean India. The efforts are not just aimed at providing facilities, in the form of toilets and other infrastructure, but more so, in mobilising masses and ushering new values.
    Cleanliness is being seen as synonymous with progress and efforts towards ensuring it as, part of the wider nation building processes. The most significant contribution has been the removal of stigma attached to the act of cleaning with the the high dignitaries themselves leading from the front. The stigma was a hindrance towards mass providing facilities, in the form of toilets and other infrastructure, but more so, in mobilising masses and ushering new values.

    Infrastructure plays a complimentary role to the values of hygiene. In our country ritual purity is accorded a high place, but purity in routine activities is largely absent. But the new initiative is aimed at destigmatizing and mainstreaming cleanliness.
    The values will entail cleanliness being seen as a way to approach the spiritual domain through the materialistic world. It will ensure health and hygiene of all the masses which is vital to the prosperity of the nation. In deed a physically healthy country can address the spiritual phenomenon more dovetailing, both reinforcing each other as ‘Great Mahatma” subscribed.
    Thus cleanliness is to be regarded as both spiritual as well as a materialistic phenomenon. The one who is less clean must not be abhorred but rather should be shown the way to cleanliness as part of the service entails a pure mind and soul dwelling in a healthy body.

    • Please review mine

      • AK

        u have started off well with the Gandhian ideology…
        but gave too much reference to cleanliness in religious practices and cleanliness in one’s idea. u could have included many other dimensions … few of which like productivity , health are mentioned.
        the writing style of urs is good- with the subheadings.
        (of course not an expert review… jus my views)

        • Thank you …AK for such a detailed views..
          And yes that subheading style works… Fetched me 127 /250 , last time around in MAINS
          ALL THE BEST BRO

          • AK

            dats gud to hear… ALL THE BEST to u too…
            please do review mine …

  • pink

    the cleaniness is next to godliness is a old proverb which means that on importance frontt cleaniness stod at second to the god .this means that cleaning is important part of life . the cleaniness of physically and mentally.many people in ancient times says that god lives in clean area and now in modern world respectful people live in clean area.with the increasing of number and variety of diseases cleaniness becomes more important day by day.

    india is behind in case of cleniness as in cities theere are problem of urban waste management and also in rural area dirt and waste disposal is on increase due to the reason being apathatic and unawared attitude of citizen.they throw waste openly anywhere ,didnot use dustbin .example in srinagar jhelum lake used by people so much that it created disease breeding lake.

    infact many people doesnot clean their surrounding in their home or neighbour as here is a chalta hai approach of citizen .therefore government of india launched world wide campaing that ia swachh bharat abhiyan,namami ganage etcand recent solid waste management rules 2016 is a step in right direction .these legislation is very much required in country like india where many people still prefer open defacation,use and throw policy,malnurished children and increase in infant and maternal mortality.these are challenges for india .so the above government measure will help to increase awareness on part of citizen and also government proactiveness to deal with the issue.

    citizen respected when they are clean dressed ,well health and also mentally positive .this becomes a attibute of an attractive far by now it is well understood that clean surrounding is very much required for good health and prosperous and sustainable life .

    if we talk of ancient times we can relate the god or holyness to the cleaniness as people taking bath before going to temple infact god idol is purified by ganga water or milk.this belief of indian society is based on cleaniness where they lay special empasis on clean surrounding when it comes to religious point .therefore the above proverb try to relate god with clean sorrounding.

    but there is no clean mind in indian society as many vulnerable section people as dalit ,women not allowed to enter temple .this is continued today since ancient times .as seen in recent news that women are not allowed in shani shrine temple in maharastra..this shows discriminatory attitude of people.the constitution of india provides for euity and euality treatment to all people and therefore recently bombay high court allowed women entry into temple( role of judiciary in social welfare).

    this brings our attention to cleaniness of mind along with environment .the discrimination and untouchability practices still persists due the reason being unclean mind.all such ill practices shows unethical and immoral attitude of people.example rohit vemulla suicide case etc.shows that discrimination has hazardous impact on other life .there is need to give equal opportunity to all.

    therefore cleaniness from inside as well as from outside is required .for outside front stringent rules of waste managemnet,punishment for not following rules,create awareness among citizen to seggregate waste on own .on inside front,need for ethical training to people to widen their thinking process .
    this cleaniness campaingn also help india in its commitment in paris agrement so have various advantages .

  • Clint Eastwood

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness

    Today humans have reached on Moon, breached the speed of sound, created genetically engineered living organisms and have established a whole new virtual World called the Internet. Still the major problem which concerns us today is something which has persisted since the inception of the Human race – pollution. We are producing more and more garbage day after day and in such proportions that we have created mountains of it in every city, our major rivers are turning into sewers and ponds into cauldrons of poison.

    Cleanliness refers to an act of keeping our surroundings, community and ourselves in an unpolluted state. This would imply that cleanliness requires not generating waste, even if generated proper utilization of it, preventing our natural resources from getting polluted and a lot other things. The cleanliness also requires a common understanding among fellow human beings to keep the surroundings free of pollution. An act of cleanliness done by one person can have no positive effect if hundred others are ready to undone it.

    Let’s look at the status of cleanliness. Pollution has taken a huge toll on our natural resources. Today almost all the shallow aquifers of India are contaminated either from industrial, agricultural or human waste. The major rivers in the developing countries are hugely polluted with very less flow to clean themselves. The cities, especially in the developing countries, have streets littered with waste. This huge proportion of pollution has resulted into many severe health hazards. Take the example of European Industrialization. When the industrialization started the lack of cleanliness resulted in widespread Plague outbreaks. A similar problem can now be seen in many developing countries. The lack of proper drinking water due to contamination of water bodies has led to many waterborne diseases affecting the vulnerable in every society. Communicable diseases are on a rise and the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa can be seen in the same context.

    The problem seems to be of godly proportions and needs godly efforts to end it. Firstly cleanliness requires one to think of not only himself but for the society as a whole. This thinking is very difficult to establish in a highly materialistic world. People often think cleanliness is a waste of their precious time and effort. Many Multinational Corporations think safe disposal of their hazardous waste is too much to be asked from them. The recent mercury poisoning in Kerala is a perfect example of this attitude.

    Second, the cleanliness requires farsightedness. Most of us fail to recognize the effect our acts of cleanliness or non-cleanliness may have on our future. Take the case of washing our hands before eating. They fail to recognize the health hazards of hand borne bacteria which can cause severe damage to our health through diseases like diarrhea. The age long practice of open defecation in India was not a problem till we had very less population from today. As the population started rising people could not find enough space to safely defecate in open and diseases like typhoid, cholera etc. started to spread.

    Third, cleanliness requires the love for nature and its creations and also the knowledge of interdependence of the species in this world. The increasing pollution is already causing threat to existence to several animal and plant species which can disturb the whole ecological balance at once. The societies may generate garbage and throw it in the ocean but that same garbage is today a major threat to many of our coral reefs. This is disturbing the whole ocean ecosystem.

    Fourth, making our world garbage free requires a major technological breakthrough. The things we use either have a lot of pollutants as byproducts of their production or act as pollutants themselves if not disposed of properly. To live sustainably in this world humans like any other species will have to produce Zero pollutants. This is not an easy task. We would need technologies to convert all kind of waste into something which does not disturb the natural balance. The incineration plants although consume a lot of garbage and provide us electricity but they ultimately end up polluting the air.

    Thus, today there is a need of huge efforts from our side to create a clean world. We would have to remember all these requirements of cleanliness. This would require us to take certain major steps. First, the habit of cleanliness is best acquired in schools. Thus our education system will have to include cleanliness as a major lesson for our children. This would make them more responsible towards their society and the environment. Second, there is a need for strong political will to create mechanisms to generate lesser and lesser waste and to channel all the waste into something productive. The civil society and NGOs will have to play a major role in educating the people about the ways to be clean and the possible hazards of not being clean. And last but not the least there is a need for continuous efforts to develop technologies which generate lesser waste and technologies which convert waste into harmless substances.

    The man has always tried to do godly acts and has many times surprised itself. This time there is a need to do another one. This would not be for our pleasure or our appreciation for beauty but for our own survival. Fortunately there is a growing acknowledgement of the severity of the problem and there have been a lot of serious efforts from the academic community as well as the political class. There is still a long way to go and by motivating the society as a whole to be clean we can certainly reach our goal.

  • kt

    Koi hai iss viraane mein….kindly check the essay

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      Give more space between 2 paragraphs.

  • Mrinal Mukherjee


    Today’s topic reminded me of a place where its people have taken this phrase in true letter and spirit.This place is none other than Asia’s cleanest village Mawlynnong. Located in the East Khasi Hill district of Meghalaya and known for its exceptional cleanliness , Mawalynnong has been one of the first villages of the country to ban the use of plastic bags completely.It is still of the few villages were cleaning happens on regular intervals of the day.Mawlynnong’s concern for hygiene emerged about 130 years ago when an outbreak of cholera struck. With no medical facilities in the village, cleanliness was seen something inevitable to prevent the spread of disease rather than an option.Since then this tradition of keeping the village clean through community participation has become the part and parcel of their daily routine.

    The phrase ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ urges the importance of staying clean both physically(through our surroundings) and mentally(though our acts) that are extremely imperative toward ones’s spiritual upliftment.

    We have plentiful of examples since our ancient times where people have been envisaged in staying in cleaner surroundings and coming up with innovations that maintains the places’s pristine character.One such example can be taken directly from the way of life in the Indus Valley Civilization.The Municipal Authorities in Harappa maintained effective drainage and proper sanitation and wastewater systems.All these strides made towards living in a cleaner environment not only made them more organized but also spiritually inclined (worshipping of Pashupatinath )

    Coming to internal cleanliness, we have Lord Mahavira and Gautama Buddha,the propounders of Jainism and Buddhism respectively who advocated their disciples to have clean thoughts without having any ill will against others as one of the prerequisites that leads to Moksha.The ideologies under the Right to Conduct of the Jain Principles or Triratnas that features the values of not lying , stealing and not to lead an immoral life are only possible if one has a clean mind.The Eight Fold Path of Buddha that’s applicable to all the sections of the society irrespective of their caste is also an indication of the need to have a clear mind. Hence , the above two examples clearly state that both internal and external cleanliness gives rise to a good character that keeps the mind,body and soul peaceful.

    Coming onto some scientific grounds , staying clean also boosts our body’s immunity thereby providing resistance to the disease causing germs.This is the very reason why the life expectancy of a person living in a cleaner surrounding is more that of a slum dweller.Godliness starts not only by living int a cleaner surrounding but also by having a spotless character.A person might be very well dressed and portray a very clean image externally but might have a bad character on retrospection.The unveiling of several self proclaimed goodmen in the recent past , who have deceived thousands in the name of god would be a case in point here.

    Apart from keeping oneself clean , it is equally imperative to have a clean workplace.A cleaner workplace improves the health of the employee who would now take fewer sick leaves.A cleaner office not only breeds satisfaction and optimism but also improves productivity of both the organization and its employees.

    The government has also taken several commendable initiatives to keep surroundings clean.Campaigns like The Swatch Bharat, Namami Gange etc are clear examples in this regard.In order to end open defecation and move a step towards the SDG target , the government has emphasized on building toilets in every home through an incentivization program that is funded through the Swatch Bharat Cess.Use of Namma Toilets(bio-toilets) in Chennai and Local Campaigns like the ‘No Toilet No Marriage’ in Rajasthan all emphasize on the importance of staying clean.In order to have a clean environment , the government has not only adopted the National Air Quality Index but has also emphasized on using clean renewable sources of energy in order to achieve the INDC targets by the 2030s.It has used technology by fitting smoke precipitators in the factory chimneys that sieves out the harmful gases which has ultimately helped to mitigate its impact on the environment.

    Staying clean is not option but a mandate for our own benefit.It is first the mindset which needs to be cleaned that naturally have a domino effect on the surroundings.This cleaning of mindset is only possible if we promote this act of cleanliness right from ones childhood.Apart from teaching a child external cleanliness, we can mould his thoughts by telling him stories from the Jatakas.As and when he grows up , he should be taught lessons taken from all the religious scriptures that underline the notion of having a clean chain of thoughts.In the end, it is these thoughts that reflects onto ones actions.

    • Mrinal Mukherjee

      Pls Review 🙂

      • Mrinal Mukherjee

        Mawlynnong : Asia’s Cleanest Village

    • Isha

      Hi Mrinal,
      sorry for being late. Here are my views-
      1. Intro- 1st and 2nd para were good (y)
      2. Then in the 3rd para- “We have plentiful of examples since our ancient times”- it would be better if you analyze a bit of your thoughts written in 2nd para. Starting me thodi analysis and then by mid examples.
      3. Flow and structure- Flow was okay but it could be improved by having a strong structure. Like you can have your 6th and 5th para before 3rd and 4th para.
      4. Internal cleanliness- usko expand karo- sound thought process, purity of soul, social ills will be eliminated only thought cleanliness of mind, suicides, corruption, etc.
      5. external cleanliness- usme surroundings, diseases, open defecation problem, railways ka bhi open defecation system, river clogging, etc. ye problems ho sakti hain
      6. Then provide your examples- uske baad godliness phrase ko bhi explain karna padega. what do we exactly mean by godliness. Ancient trend of purity and pollution (negative sense); etc.
      7. 2nd last para- its good that you mentioned schemes- also they must be accompanied by our cooperation, responsible behaviour
      8. Your conclusion is more in the sense of suggestions- use general tone me rakho and suggestions alag. Conclusion should summarise the essence of your essay, should connect with the examples you provided.
      It was a nice read. You were on right track, u just need to expand.
      Keep writing and reviewing 🙂
      p.s.- I haven’t written 😛

  • Tanu Singhal

    Cleanliness is next to godliness.

    They say, a first impression is the last impression, indeed,a well suited and all dressed up person always leaves a better impoact than a normally dressed person. For that matter , even the combed hair, well fit clothes, clean appearances and a fresh breath, helps people in winning, real life multitudinal cases. It is so, because, a clean and well dressed personality leaves an impression that the person is well managed, well occupied, disciplined and most importantly clean at mind and thoughts, thus his heart,, hence the other person feels a superior vibe from that person. By superior vibe, we can infer , a soothing, better, positive and hence a godli vibe.

    This vibe , which we create in oiur surroundings helps us lead the way of life we wish to, it provides us with a control over our associates. When a person has a clean personality, attitude , surrounding, his efficiency increases, his mind stays relaxed, his inclination increases towards purity and piousness, that person actually gets enough time and environment to be peaceful spiritually., hence it is referred to as being near to godliness.

    While we say, that SURROUNDINGS needs to be clean, we can see how the MODERNISATION has hit us pretty hard, and we have been moving towards creating heaps of junk near us, in underground water, in solils, in air, and even in our lives. With the destruction of natural beauty and clean envt, we have already lead us to many repercussions, we are moving towards a cancerous society, health has been constantly detiorating, the poverty is expanding, dangerous viruses are taking the positions of healthy bacteria, even the drinking water has become poison. What does all this refer to, it refers to the fact that, with increasing non bio degradable wastes, with unhealthy practice’s we have lead ourselves to enough devilish envt. and the consequences are no less frightening. We ourselves have become the villain in our own lives, just by going away from the cleanliness.

    While we are carrying on summits on envt changes, adapting programs like SWACCH bharat abhiyan, we are trying to fight our wrongs, we are trying to change what all we have destroyed.
    With clean and sustainable envt we are trying to bring enough health, prosperity, happiness and thus spiritual peace. No one can deny the fact that things are so interconnected that any movement in our one surrounding brings many swirls in other. Let’s take a simple example: say I accidentally get my shirt dirty , due to a person spitting something, on my way to work, I get irritated, with such irritation I reach office late, after enough confrontation with that person, and get caught by me supervisor, for being late and wearing such a uniform to office. With that i lose his trust, my goodwill and may be even the contract which I might have just earned with my great presentation later that evening. With such a horrible day, on reaching home, I feel nothing but agitation, which could affect t my work and mental peace for days.
    Hence we can see how small unhealthy, dirty and fealthy habits can lead not us but many into a way which is just the opposite of peace and harmony.
    That goes not for on!y the physical cleanliness but most importantly our clean get what you think, you attract what you think, thus, while we think we give our surroundings a blue print to act in a defined manner, thus if my thoughts are clean enough I bring about a great time for myself.

    With increasing envious feelings, neagative thoughts, impurity in actions, malafide intentions, we are bringing, corruption, cheating, adultery, false cases, for that matter even suicidal tendencies.
    Gandhi always emphasised on cleanliness, it was not because he was sympatheticaal to dalit, but because he knew the importance of clean thought, action and surrounding, which was reqd to being people together, with enough discipline, clean thoughts about each other and most importantly a confident personality , fresh minded one.

    Thus,to be near to ethial, pure thoughts, genuine actions, or be near to godliness, one needs to detoxicate all his thoughts, actions , intentions. Just as the way a doctor cleans even the last minutest particle of cancer from our body to prevent it from spreading, similarly the toxication or dirt around us and within us needs to go away, for us to be healthy and happy.

    • Hey Tanu.. Long time 🙂
      Since this is the first essay am seeing, I’ll first review urs.

      “all dressed up person always leaves a better impoact than a normally dressed person”… I must say would be better if you use something better than “normally dressed person”. Shaggy clothes, not well dressed would be better words. You got this part well in the later part of the para so good.

      godli vibe : it’s GODLY. You see these silly mistakes can cost you marks, like the first line you said : “a first impression is the last impression” 😛 (Not to offend you)

      In the first and the second para, you couldn’t really clearly show what you meant by “godliness” or “godly” for that matter. You see, godliness may be “near to god” according to you.. But this word is more about interpretation and for me this word means “goodness”, not only having a spiritual connection, but also something related to one’s integrity, honesty and ethics. That way too we can connect one’s personality to being godly (just my interpretation)

      Couldn’t connect with the example. Did u mean being serene or tranquility of oneself is how you are close to the almighty? If u meant this then good (Y)

      Your essay is one dimensional, with a vague example. bring more dimensions to this essay. Cleanliness is not only needed in personal life, but in each sphere. Be it social(cleaning patriarchal minds), economy (unethical nexus between corporate and govt.), political (parties not under RTI), Spatial, spiritual, International level, National level… So many!

      Conclusion didn’t have an impact. Sorry.

      I didn’t like the essay to be very frank. It could have been much better than this. Hope yu take this in a positive manner. Let others review too as these are my personal opinion 🙂

      • Tanu Singhal

        Very well pointed oubefire writing the essay, I had planned of including all the aspects socio-economic-education economic-political, but while writing I couldn’t actually reach to that extent.
        I got more inclined towards its philosophical aspect.

        Yes I meant the same, that a pure soul is always near to God.

        I guess was having a really bad day at writing today.

        Things will be noted down.
        Thanks a tonne ! For giving the jerk.
        Was much reqd for bringing back the spirit of writing a great essay.

    • Vikarma

      Hi Tanu,
      It is more like a commentary than an essay.

      • Tanu Singhal


        I messed up this one.

        I m even thinking of writing it all over again.!

        • Vikarma

          I wanted to tell you this:
          I perhaps read four of your essays. All are actually similar in terms of the approach and the structure you followed. They are more like commentary articles in newspapers to some extent or the opinion pieces. Essays are different. Isn’t it?

          • Tanu Singhal

            Yeah definitely, lately, I feel I have been missing out on a comprehensive approach, and Gert struck on just one or two areas.
            I guess practice on such elaborative topic will bring about the real essence in my essays.

            • Vikarma

              I didn’t get the last line.

    • Isha

      Hello Tanu, sorry for the late reply.
      Here are my views-
      This time you have better structured para, BUT not a good structure for essay. You have put too much emphasis on external cleanliness. Later you came to internal also and explained it well- but you reached here a bit late. Uski importance thodi kam ho gayi.
      Godliness- ise bhi explain kar yr thoda.
      Govt ne jo efforts kiye hain- schemes and all- use bhi mention kar. They must be complemented by our own cooperation at personal level. Gandhian thoughts you did well.
      But it was certainly an improvement over your past efforts so kudos for that (y) 🙂
      Keep writing and reviewing 🙂

  • Aravind Varier


    This is a proverb that i used to listen from my childhood days and i knew this is the sentence which was advocated by our beloved Father of our Nation ,Mahatma Gandhi throughout his life . I thought for a minute to understand, what does this quote actually refers to and got an answer too :

    Cleanliness refers to the state of being clean were you don’t find any dirt , no bad odor and the surroundings that can infuse positive ambiance for any person . Godliness refers to the state of purity which is considered ideal for a person’s mind and body .

    Since time immemorial, when man began civilizing , he could understand the importance of keeping the surrounding clean and the benefits it gave to him in his daily life . When we look at India’s ancient past we could notice , the planning of cities by the people of the Indus Valley civilization, who gave utmost importance to the drainage system for the proper disposal of waste generated by Human beings .

    The people during those times considered keeping clean as a way to attain purity of body which translated into mind and soul to get connected with god , which is a practice still followed by Indians in their daily life even today .

    In the present day ,we can find our elders in our families telling their children to brush their teeth properly by reaching out to all the areas in the mouth and scrub all the parts of the body while bathing , asking to wear clothes which are clean and wash hands before eating anything .This is said because of the the advantage of being hygiene in our daily life which helps us body immune from various diseases that are transferred due to uncleanliness .

    As children have the habit of questioning any practice that is being asked by them to perform, the elders could intelligently correlate with Godliness because generally god is considered as a supreme being in religious societies which is considered as the benchmark for perfectness . This led to the importance of cleanliness which help it take place next to godliness .

    The importance of this proverb do not end at home but can seen and heard whenever we step out of our home .

    If we go to any hospital we could see a sign board telling ” cleanliness is next to godliness ” and the reason for it is simple because we cannot imagine an hospital which is unhygienic that can only lead to a breakdown in the functioning of the hospital . the recent events of deaths while operating patients in Chhattisgarh hospital was due to the insanitary practice followed by the staff at the center . This is also the reason cleanliness have been compared with godliness to make people understand its importance as god is considered to be ideal by majority of the people .

    At the National level too , we can see the present government vigorously campaigning for cleanliness through the ” Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan ” initiative to promote the habit among citizens to keep surroundings clean by requesting the people to be a part by contributing in the form of disposing the garbage in dustbins , sweeping areas near their house and any simple task as a part of their moral responsibility.

    The recent campaign of Clean River Ganga mission only supports the proverb ” cleanliness is next to godliness “. Various NGOs as well the civil society at large are campaigning in the name of save Ganga Maa which refers to the Goddess Ganga in mythological context to reach out to the people about the importance of their campaign .

    This proverb holds importance not only in our nation but the entire world .When we see the cleanest cities across the world like Singapore, Sydney, Seoul etc.we could see the importance they have been giving to cleanliness which also helped to the to reach greater heights economically as well improved their HDI ( Human Development Index) which is very High . Even these Nations tend to connect the importance of cleanliness with godliness to reach out to the people showing its importance for the overall well being of a country .

    But a question ponders me every time . despite having campaigns and initiatives, why haven’t our country made remarkable progress with respect to cleanliness ?

    After looking for the answer , I did understand that, India as a nation can make great strides in overall development, if it practices ” cleanliness ” in true spirit which ultimately takes it to godliness .

    The sole way to reach the idealistic form of cleanliness would be to start from individual level . Apart from campaigns , cleanliness should be taught to the coming generation at school level and the value it adds to Humans life . The educated and the informed citizens should also take up the responsibility towards the nation by finding a person who is devoid of basic cleanliness and take it as a challenge to bring change in his/her daily habits . If this is done by morally aware citizens, then our country can become a paradise on earth and can help remove the tag of being called as a nation were 50% of the people defecate in open .

    Let us awake our self and work together to make our nation a country that believes and practices ” cleanliness is next to godliness “.

    • Iconoclast

      Bhai pls review my essay

    • Hello Aravind bhai, my views:
      1)This time the flow was not that good (previous essay had a beautiful linkage)
      2)You have defined Godliness as “purity”, so it makes me easy to connect with what you have written but I feel that cleanliness it itself a synonym of purity (given the fact that you have talked about external cleanliness) so what is the difference between cleanliness and Godliness
      3)You could have described why it is said “next” to Godliness; why it is not equal to Godliness or above it. That would have fulfilled the demand of essay
      4)Conclusion and suggestions are two different things. Please don’t mix them up 🙂
      Overall good, you are improving brother 🙂

      • sankar

        thanks bro tons

      • Aravind Varier

        Dear Batman ,

        Though flow was lacking a bit , i was of the opinion of not diverting from the context of the essay .
        i was planning to tell external cleanliness lead to internal cleanliness which ultimately leads to godliness ( ultimate purity ) but did not explicitly mentioned that in the essay . I agree to it . I could have added a line which would have convinced the examiner .

        point 3 is duly noted 🙂

        See , the problem here is candidates reviewing my essay especially you and Yogi always expect a conclusion to be a paragraph but i am of the opinion that conclusion can be a one line sentence with a philosophical touch .

        Will work on the conclusion and try to write something that is appealing to my SUPERHERO Batman AND YOGI 🙂

        THANK YOU 🙂

        • Haha. I will try to communicate my perspective on conclusion-
          IMO, examiner has a lot of copies to check and he/she mostly give a cursory glance on the essays. However, the conclusion should have the essence of body so that just by reading the conclusion, the examiner can get a feel of the “body” of your essay. Ending a conclusion with solution is itself a part of body and doesn’t really conclude an essay. The one-line philo touch that you’re mentioning may not be enough to communicate the essence of body of your essay. Thanks bhai 🙂

          • Aravind Varier

            Dear Batman ,

            I am totally agreeing to your view point on conclusion .

            Next week , i will be surely waiting to see the conclusion that you and yogi would be writing in your essays .

            I personally have NO IDEA of the essence of the body that you are talking about and want to learn that aspect from you and Yogi 🙂

            So, next week, i hope you won’t disappoint me by not writing the essence of the essay in your conclusion .

            THANK YOU BATMAN 🙂 🙂 🙂

            • haha, essence in simple terms imply that it should be a condensed form of the whole idea depicted/expressed in your body but should not be repetitive too (though I am still working on repetition part :D)

    • yogi

      Hello Aravind 🙂
      my views :-
      1. intro if fine
      2. Cleanliness refers to the state of being clean were you don’t find any dirt , no bad odor and the surroundings that can infuse positive ambiance for any person . —-this deal with external cleanliness only could have made it complete by inclusing internal cleanliness (cleanliness in mind)
      3. Godliness refers to the state of purity which is considered ideal for a person’s mind and body—-very good you have made it very clear to the reader and stick to that only in your entire essay.
      4. you examples are very good and convincing like from hospital to Mother Ganga you kept ur self in touch with the godliness part
      5. conclusion: good, but these are suggestions hence another dimension of the topic,, does not look like a conclusion. This could have been succeeded by another para which would give the gist of the entire essay.
      6. to bring completeness could have added the internal cleanliness in ur essay
      thanks and ATB 🙂

      • Aravind Varier

        Dear Yogi 🙂

        I was actually planning to write external cleanliness leads to internal cleanliness which ultimately leads to Godliness . But missed out writing that sentence though my essay is revolving around that subject .

        See , I was expecting this from you with respect to the conclusion.

        You and Batman always expects the conclusion to be a paragraph but i am of the opinion of writing a single sentence to tell about way forward rather than again summarizing the essay that is already discussed .

        I Will try to write a conclusion next time that is appealing to you and batman .

        THANK YOU 🙂

  • durgesh patel

    Pls review

  • Ashu104

    “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, the thought has been firmly ingrained in us since childhood when the quote appeared quite frequently in our notebooks. Now, several years later the thought remains same but we need to question ourselves whether we attach the same meaning to it as before. Perhaps in our childhood we could have only attached the physical sense to cleanliness but as years have passed, our horizons have broadened and we now realize that there are innumerable dimensions to cleanliness. Such dimensions could be physical, mental, ideological and environmental. What does Godliness imply here? How is cleanliness related to it? We will try to answer some of these questions on the various dimensions mentioned above.

    God is the perfect spiritual being and the highest authority that rules us. God is the ideal we all want to achieve and various religions have prescribed their own ways for uniting with the highest spiritual being. God is a sense of happiness and devoid of all impurities. It is in this aspect that cleanliness is related to Godliness. When we are clean we are devoid of all impurities and thus it takes us closer to that spiritual being which we all aspire for. However, this cleanliness must not be achieved only in the physical sense rather the scope of cleanliness is very wide and when we achieve this cleanliness in all aspects that we can truly find ourselves on the path to unite with God.

    Physical cleanliness is the minimal we must achieve. It is only when we are physically clean that we can expect cleanliness to reflect in all other aspects. It is rightly said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. When we maintain physically clean and maintain personal hygiene, we feel refreshed and good thoughts come automatically to us. This brings to fore the deplorable condition of sanitation in our country, especially in the rural areas and slums. The problem of open defecation has been haunting us since decades and has claimed the lives of millions. It leads to spreading of germs and fatal diseases such as diarrhea. The Swatch Bharat Mission started to curb open defecation by building toilets and Namami Ganga Programme for Ganga rejuvenation are steps in the right direction but the awareness needs to be created at the grass root level if we are to achieve sizeable success.

    Environmental cleanliness is a must for the survival of human beings. Though this has always been known to mankind, however the mad race for development and industrialization has rendered the whole mankind blind. Global warming is has been one of the biggest challenges we face today and we must act together before it is too late. The mindless deforestation, polluting of rivers, air pollution, etc. shall attract the wrath of nature in forms of natural disasters and unfavorable climate change. The recently concluded Paris Conference of Parties brought the whole world together to address this challenge and the unanimous decision to keep the temperature rise below 2 degrees. The whole community needs to come together to fight for the survival of our planet. “You don’t have to sacrifice environmental protection to get economic growth. The choice between jobs and environment is a false one; we can have both.”- Bill Clinton

    Ideological cleanliness is another aspect which needs to be given due consideration. Ideological cleanliness would imply the purity of thoughts devoid of any malice. There are many negative thoughts and ideologies being propagated within our society which have huge repercussions. For instance, terrorism is one such fallout of negative ideologies. ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram are some of the most dreaded names in the world today. The sheer destruction these terrorist outfits create in the name of religion is condemnable. Communalism, regionalism, naxalism, etc. are some of the other forms in which such negative ideologies manifest themselves. These ideologies are so strong in themselves that if they are not checked they can be more dangerous than ammunition because they affect the minds of the people. Going back in the history, the Fascist ideologies of Hitler pushed the world into World War II which claimed the lives of millions. The need of the hour is thus to check the propagation of such negative ideas thorough proper education of the masses, deradicalization programmes, religious reforms, etc.

    Cleanliness also has an ethical dimension to itself. In the realm of ethics, cleanliness shall cleansing oneself of the negative ideas and inculcation of positive moral values. These values enhance one’s personality and serve as the moral base on which the individual’s actions are based. Such moral values include, but not restricted to, honesty, integrity, responsibility, truthfulness, perseverance, patience, etc. People who lack such values are more likely to commit wrong actions and hence create a negative impact on their surroundings. We can see the impact of lack of such values in today’s world such as thriving corruption, gruesome murders, heinous crimes, etc. These actions not only have a negative impact on the person affected but also on the one who inflicts the pain. It is only when we are morally strong that we can lead a peaceful life and be truthful to ourselves, more than anybody else.

    We should ask ourselves the basic question, what is it that keeps us from following ‘cleanliness’? There is no single factor for this. For instance, when we see a dirty neighborhood we don’t refrain from throwing garbage into it, thus showing the lack of responsibility. We err in thinking what difference can we possibly make. In fact, it is we who can create a difference by acting responsibly. Our environment has been neglected due to or greed. The greed of achieving economic growth by exploiting natural resources has caused irreparable damage to our ecosystems. One another fallout of such exploitation is the gross inequalities we face today. It has led to neglect of certain sections of society and created a divide. It would not be wrong to think that problems such as abject poverty, lack of education, discrimination, etc. have a bearing on the prevalence of such radical ideologies as discussed previously. Talking about ethical principles, each and everything around us has a bearing on what moral values we inculcate. Our friends, family, peer group, etc. all have bearing on the values we internalize.

    We thus see that cleanliness has many dimensions and each of them is equally important. It is only when we achieve cleanliness on all aspects that we can see the real progress of mankind. On the physical front, proper waste management, increasing awareness in the masses can be instrumental. On the environmental front, we should strive for giving back to nature what we take from it. Adoption of renewable energy resources and better technologies are some of the means to achieve sustainable development. On the ideological front, there is a need to improve the social fabric and cultivate the notion of social harmony by strengthening our social institutions. On the ethical front, we must strive to inculcate the moral values and make them integral part of our lives. These virtues would enrich our lives and give us inner peace. Cleanliness thus is an embodiment of a society is devoid of all evils.

  • Abhishek Kumar

    plz review

  • Ash

    Plz Review… (though its pretty late to! 🙂 )

    Godliness is human’s way of surrendering to the Almighty- ‘the Creator’. This surrender by humans requires them to be highly virtuous which results in purifying them. For a pure human connecting to the ‘Purest’ – the Almighty, becomes easier. This can be best exemplified by The Buddha.

    But how does being virtuous result in purity? The answer is – A virtuous person practises various virtues like patience, faith, kindness, gratefulness and so on. Such people are grateful to the Almighty and they never forget to thank Him. Through thick and thin they trust His plan. And it is this blind faith that increases his proximity with God.

    Having talked of Godliness, let us discuss Cleanliness. The above adage is very wisely converging two virtues that are very closely related as a person practising one can achieve the other very easily.

    If Godliness means being grateful to the Creator in thoughts, then cleanliness is being grateful in actions. God gifted us with a body to work and earn. These earnings are used by us for our and our family’s welfare. So everyday while we pray we thank Him. While in actions we respect this gift and keep it clean which in turn shows our reverence. However, cleanliness does not only meaning physical cleansing. It is something deeper. Ex- We can’t profess our love to someone and be physically involved with someone else. That’s a sheer disrespect and we taint His gift.

    I would like to replace the word ‘Gift’ mentioned above with ‘Gifts’. If one gift to us is- we ourselves, the second gift is – A companion. Taking this to a more inclusive level- everyone around us is God’s gift to us. If Godliness means being close to God then the best way to achieve this is by being close to his creations.

    But how do we stay close to His creations? Only great souls like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa have humanity to approach someone not showered since yores, unkempt and stinking. However, after approaching them they made sure such people showered and maintain hygiene so that they could stay healthy and get integrated into the society. Cleanliness became important since the first time human beings got civilized and this cleanliness pervaded centuries and has become very important for civilized people. Hence, to stay close to God’s creation one should maintain cleanliness.

    Now that we look approachable, people interact with us. It is now that the idea of mental cleanliness gains importance. We humans are full of vices- we speak ill of others, cause harm to others, act selfishly and in turn behave inhumanly. We must realize it is this filth that corrupts our mind and disconnects us from His creations and Him eventually. Hence, the only and best way to achieve his closeness is to see the welfare of people around us which can be done via cleaning our minds.

    Question arises how do we clean our minds? Isn’t the mind controlling us? How can a slave master ‘the master’? The answer to this is- via a strong ‘WILL POWER’. Mind produces thoughts, few good few bad. And this is the same for every individual. It was the same for Gautama. So what made Gautama – Gautama Buddha? Simple! He conquered his mind. How? This answer is not simple though. He defeated his mind’s vices– by not listening to them. Now I do not suggest sit ting under a tree for years together and defeat these vices. However, regular meditation does help. What helps the most is recognizing the evil thoughts and doing the exact opposite. If the mind says – ‘ABUSE’ we go ahead and ‘PRAISE’, if the mind says ‘HURT’ we go ahead and ‘HELP’ and so on. This process is similar to holding a hammer and striking the hardest rock on Earth continuously and eventually we see the rock fracture and crumble into pieces.

    Having cleaned ourselves, ‘inherently’ we would want to clean the environment around us. Cleaning ourselves leads to our achieving ‘purity’ and such people make sure this purity is spread. Example- Mother Teresa. Why do they do so? They do so because they believe in ‘Service to man is service to God’. They also know two other things- First, a single candle can provide light for a limited time and once its time comes it extinguishes leaving behind darkness. Secondly, how can and how long a single rose (a kind person) can flower with weeds (impure people) around. Hence, they spread the light.

    The question that comes to my mind is why is this not happening currently? Are there no good people around? There definitely are, but they are being subdued. The murder of reformers like MM Kalburgi, Govind Pansare clearly show this. And this is done by orthodox fringes who believe religions and traditions connect them with God. Now my question is- how does hurting/killing His creations take people close to God? How does radicalization, racial cleansing, suicide bombing take people close to God? Cleanliness of this sort has become a threat to human survival.

    Haven’t we just argued Cleanliness connects us to God, why is it not applying to this situation? The problem here is the misconstrued meaning of cleanliness. The cleanliness of religion by reformers is misconstrued as an attack on the entire religion. To revert back to this attack the existence of these reformers is being cleaned. And this is just one example, we have several more. We are dropping bombs on civilizations, we are still not ready for disarmament. We want other nation’s territories. The more we analyze the dirtier it gets. Is there even a way out or is the entire human race doomed to die under this dome of darkness?

    Definitely, there is a way out! Let’s turn our eyes towards- OUR national flower- The Lotus. It flowers in the midst of a morass with no filth on it- impeccably clean. Similarly stands our conscience-untainted – pure and divine and ‘THIS’ is God’s biggest gift to us! It differentiates between right and wrong- tells us what way to follow- We just need to follow. It has the potential to clean our minds and souls. How can a clean mind be housed in an unclean body – hence it cleans our body and everything it touches!

    Despite our physical disabilities stands this gift, capable of purifying all our births and future lives. How? It shows us where we are hurting His sons and daughters. When we do not hurt anyone we do not give anyone sorrow and hence we break the cycle of Karma and attain salvation. This is what made Gautama- Gautama Buddha.

    Mapping this Adage to India-

    India bears a huge disease burden which is due to lack of cleanliness. With so many people dying every year the Clean India mission has come as a new candle which would light the others. This initiative aims to do away with open defecation, manual scavenging and so on.

    These practices show how inhuman have we humans become. We pour litres and litres of milk in temples but we do not have money to pay taxes which leads to no sewage processing units. The poor drinks the milk being drained out of the temple which gets mixed with sewage water and leads to Polio. Manual scavenging- are humans meant to do such works for others because they come from a ‘so-called’ low caste! If India has gifted the world – Panchsheel, the Gujral doctrine, decimal system for which we are respected, is this not denigrating the nation-humanity and God indeed?

    Hence, the above initiative is not only an opportunity for us to get rid of our vices but to save ourselves from being at the receiving end of God’s wrath! Hence, we must make every possible attempt to make this initiative a success.

    The same applies to the environment that we have wrecked by our acts. We must all understand-

    Life as a human is a gift of God,

    Environment and all creatures are linked with a weak cord.

    He who holds the cord gives us the freedom to choose,

    Selfishness on our parts would make us all lose!

    So let’s take a pledge to keep every creation well and clean,

    Only then in His eyes we all will sheen!

    P.S. – Thank You! :))

    • Nitish

      Did you switch your optional to Philosophy? 😛
      Honestly Ash,I am not the right person to review an essay philosophical at so many levels. I find it too complex in parts.

      Wont comment on the content much expect that some of your points are really good like Buddha’s example…Manual scavenging etc. But if the person marking your essay in the Mains exam is anyone like me…he would want the same points to be conveyed with a bit less complexity.

      Somehow I feel the flow is not very coherent…or may be I just like things more objective. Anyway, sorry about this one…essays like this one are not my cup of tea. . Next I will review pakka…do write and lemme know 🙂 Btw my higher education ans…when u find time. Thanks and KWAR!

      Also, I do take a stand to keep my words gender neutral in the essay or answers. Itne saare “He” and “His” for God…I don’t support this. There are many goddesses too 🙂

      • Ash

        Aptly pointed Gender neutrality! 🙂

        Thank you for reviewing! S/he wudn’t look good no! That’s y I tried keeping it at bay.. will do something about it! :))
        I understand! :))

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      You have written quite different from the set trend. It will fetch marks or not depends on the reader. If he likes it, you may get more marks, and if he/she doesn’t, you may get minimum marks thus pushed out of the race.
      The essay that you have written is more of philosophical type. The question/answer technique that you have used in between is great and will fetch more marks for sure.

      • Ash

        Thank you Sir! It was really very kind of you to review… :))

        I have a doubt Sir! 🙂
        Are we supposed to keep philosophy at bay while writing essays?

        • InsightsOfficialReview

          Generally we don’t know if we are writing something which is actually good philosophically. Or, if the paper checker is actually good in philosophy. General answers can be understood by everyone, but the philosophical answers need persons with special capability to understand it and mark it. In that case if examiner is good in philosophy and your answer is not up to mark, he/she may give really bad marks. That won’t happen in a general and simple, straightforward drafted essay. (For more cues search the strategy of Gaurav Agarwal for essay writing on net)

        • InsightsOfficialReview

          Generally we don’t know if we are writing something which is actually good philosophically. Or, if the paper checker is actually good in philosophy. General answers can be understood by everyone, but the philosophical answers need persons with special capability to understand it and mark it. In that case if examiner is good in philosophy and your answer is not up to mark, he/she may give really bad marks. That won’t happen in a general and simple, straightforward drafted essay. (For more cues search the strategy of Gaurav Agarwal for essay writing on net)

    • – Intro got too much Godly :p; explain “exemplified by Buddha”
      – again you are going for teacher-student kind of lecture: let’s do this or that
      – try to express example as part of statement rather than writing Ex-
      – some points looked sweeping and generalized e.g. we are full of vices; isn’t the mind controlling us :O
      – You know a lot about meditation: you didn’t said “don’t abuse”-well done !
      – instead of using the “hammer and striking” which I feel can convey a negative meaning; I think you could have written “makinhg up something”, step by step process to build a castle
      – How can a clean mind be housed in unclean body…-I guess something is missing in the whole statement, I couldn’t connect with it
      – Panchsheel, Gujaral may not be known to examiner
      – I guess you could have written few general statements in conclusion before going for the quotes, would have helped in connecting better

      Overall, I feel the “Godly” element became too much and that “lecture” was present this time too. However, flow has improved, I could feel the direction of your essay. Keep writing and improving 🙂

      ONLY if you get time, then have a look at it 🙂

  • Satyaniveshi

    It is 3:00 am in the morning. The annual religious processions for local deity is to start soon. Vijaya, daughter of village priest has been helping her father to make preparations for this celebration, but outside temple. The streets have been cleaned again by Raju and families of Dalits in the village. Vijaya who is 12 years old now and Raju`s son Bhim who helped him for the first time while cleaning the village streets, seem to be distressed.

    What was the cause of distress? Both Vijaya`s and Bhim`s father tried to explain them that although they were part of preparations for the religious procession, they could not enter temple because they were meant to be unclean. The story of Bhim and Vijaya is not new. From time immemorial, this concept of clean vs unclean, pure vs impure, good(clean character) vs bad(unclean character) has entered different societies. And giving it religious backing leads to division of society.

    The non-entry of women in temples during menstruation age has also been provided godly explanation. From this comes the concept of blood being unclean, which further led people in past to believe that people dealing with blood were unclean. Evolution of surgery in ancient India, would be a good example to it. In ancient India, for long the barber caste was the only caste who did surgery. Hence, closely relating cleanliness to godliness led to a situation of halt in evolution of surgery also.

    Rigid caste boundaries were fixed on basis of pure vs impure. Members of one caste never even dined with members of other caste. Goldsmiths were believed to be so greedy that they can dig gold from anyplace, even from faecal matter. Blacksmiths were unclean because they had to work with coal, Milkmen had to touch animal excreta, etc. The worst hit were the `untouchables`, who had to do the cleanliness job. And this concept of purity led to rigid differentiation and exploitation, after effects of which are still visible in modern India.

    However, the biggest impact the concept of cleanliness is to define character of individual. A man of clean character is seen as god; Hindu mythology is full of such revered individuals, and the opposite is seen always as an evil. So, whatever the god will do will be right and vice-versa the evil always does wrong. In current scenario also, men are compared to gods to provide authenticity to their actions. It is believed that a man with clean character may not ever make any mistakes. This concept blurs the vision to judge an individual based on his action, rather than a pre-conceived perception.

    So, rather than dividing society based on cleanliness backed by godliness, every should strive hard to reach godliness through combined efforts of individuals. This idea was of clean heart and clean surrounding was beautifully propagated through actions of Mahatma Gandhi.

    His political campaign Satyagraha, was based on goodness of human heart(clean hearts). He himself believed, men are reasonable, and if we can show that our requests are just, without ourselves using violent campaigns, then our causemust be heard. And, we see that many britishers later supported India`s cause of independence. On a social level, looking at the ignorance to cleanliness, he himself became the role model who used to sweep his own house by himself. He urged to remove untouchability and praised untouchables by calling them `Harijans`, those who do the job of gods. So, from being those whose shadows shall also not fall on gods, the dalits now became messengers of gods.

    The integration of society, based on cleanliness is really important. The `Swacch Bharat` mission is a good example to it. Within Swacch Bharat mission, the government is implementing programs to provide better sanitation, clean drinking water and clean surrounding to it citizens, to improve the lives of people. This can decrease people`s medical expenses, improve longevity of life and health of individuals. And, as has been said by Swami Vivekananda, himself that our bodies are our temple, so it can be said that a healthy body leads a step closer to god.

    Hence, rather than giving overemphasis on `cleanliness is next to godliness`, we should emphasise on ` Bringing cleanliness leads to godliness`