Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 10: Quick but steady wins the race

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 10


06 March  2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“Quick but steady wins the race”


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  • vkdglobetrotter

    While seeing any athletic event one will observe that the winner is the one who is quick as well as steady. He starts well and carries that advantage till the finish line. Milkha singh lost the Olympic 200m race because he violated this rule. The same thing is true in economic sphere as well. Economies should grow at goldilocks rate for long periods to be sustainable. Growth rate too high and it overheats , growth too less fails to make any impact. India is certainly lucky in this direction as finance ministry and RBI have identified this phenomena and addressed this through balancing inflation and interest rates.

    Apart from economics quick and steady rule is followed across other spheres like society, history , politics as well. This rule is the law of nature. For example life sustains on earth because the energy from sun is optimum(quick) and is steady. Other planets which are uninhabitable get too much and unsteady energy .

    In human lives also it is observed that ones who are quick and steady achieve success. Their efforts are persistent , they learn quickly from their and others mistakes and improve themselves. Similarly in the animal world only those species survive which can maintain the balance.

    In our society we have often seen a good idea being rejected by the people because it was introduced too quickly or rather abruptly. Gradual and sustained reforms as promised in our directive principles , fundamental rights have been very successful . on the other hand efforts in west to reform the religion has been seen as an attack and which has proved counterproductive to the process. This has led to increased susceptibility of region to radicalisation attempts.

    Our freedom struggle is also a true epitome of the rule. The movement was successful because it was peaceful, non-violent , gradual and sustained one. Congress kept on gradually raising its goal from dominion status to poorna swaraj keeping pace with the need of time. The movement also shows that efforts have to be quick as well to be successful . For example the moderate leadership although successful initially could not keep pace with demands of time which led to jeopardising the movement as evident in split in 1907.

    Constitution framed after independence had also followed the rule of quick and steady. The provisions which could not have been implemented and realised at the given time were kept in the directive principles of state policy . These were to be implemented with time as seen in case of right to education, labour(through MNREGS) , grassroot democracy(panchayati raj ) , cooperatives. Some directive principles like uniform civil code have reached their opportune time for implementation. Also the health of children and mothers have to be secured through early life interventions. These if delayed will lead to loss of opportunity of demographic dividend and cause unprecedented damage to them and the nation. Luckily the government has started investing heavily in this direction . these reforms carried proactively will lead to development of indian economy, society and polity. The country would be finally be able to achieve its dreams of being world leader in all spheres.

    • sheetu singh

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    Don’t be a parrot in life,

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    A parrot speaks but can’t fly high,

    but an Eagle is silent &

    has the willpower to touch the sky.

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  • OK

    NOTE: These is just the content in structured form. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please review, if possible.

    Quick but steady wins the race.

    1. Blast from the Past. Lessons of both kind, where we worked

    a. Green revolution and Services Revolution. India decided, India acted, India worked continuously, and result is in front of us.

    b. Failure of 1857 revolt, because quick, but failed to be steady.

    c. Social revolution, Lord Bentick and Lord Dalhousie, quick change, widow remarriage and sati pratha, but failed to be steady. And many desirable changes failed to touch our civilization.

    2. Government Administration:

    a. Every policy and program of Government shall be quick in order to reach to the masses. But will be truly effective only if it remains steady. That’s why we desire non-partial administration with respect to Political Party but not with respect to Plans. That is the sole reason why we need Five Year Plans.

    b. Caution: Neighborhood first, an unprecedented step. Inviting all the regional leaders in PM swearing ceremony is an event which has never happened. But to realize its true potential- steady. Increasing disturbances with Nepal.

    c. AdHocism in administration. The climate change commitment, but more adhoc and leader based polity has failing to give sustainability to programs. That’s why we are failing to mark a ministerial cooperation and optimal utilization of resources. We need, perspective planning more like National Solar Mission.

    3. Society:

    a. Equity and Justice (Social, Economic, and Political): Caste was a problem which has been deeply routed in our social fabric. Establishing equity, ensuring inclusive growth, and curb the concentration of wealth, were the few out of many noble aspirations of our nation enshrined in our holy book of Indian Polity – Constitution. But, after nearly 70 years of independence, we are still suffering at the hands of this evil. Because, in reality, we acted steadfastly, but never had a consistent effort towards this menace.

    b. Degrading Value System: is the increasing fear of our Society. We have to introduce a value based education but, this task for a country like India in its demographic reach, is a daunting task for any administrator. This again implies that, we have to had a long term planning.

    c. Police, the source of energy for Police Administration is still the centuries old statute passed in 1861 by the Britishers. This is the need of an hour when all the states should show their allegiance to the Apex Court of the land –SC, and its order to abide to the Modal Police Act formed by the Soli Sorabhji. But, the deeply entrenched relation between these two different wings of government, indicates the requirement of a long term effort.

    d. Judicial system of India is often regarded as a dilatory and expensive. This is not only placing the India under the category of soft states in international arena but also making the citizens devoid of justice, which is one of the ideals of our constitution. The ramification of it is far reaching and a major reason for the proliferation of extra-constitutional justice delivery system, criminalization in politic, and lawlessness.

    4. Left Wing Extremism:

    a. This is a growing threat on the integrity and security of our country and the need of an hour is to act immediately on this issue. But it requires a multi-pronged approach with much longer and steady efforts. Deepening the modes of communication, inviting their participation in democracy, and giving them the taste of development.

    b. Reconciliation with NSCN – IM is a right step, but just we are again repeating the history, where we are limiting our attention to few extremist groups and ignoring the ground realities. Wider and steady engagement is a need of an hour.

    c. AFSPA issue, Xaxa committee has suggested the removal of AFSPA and inclusion of its provisions in other existing statutes. This is the growing demand and shared emotions of all the militarily protected areas/states. This step has to be taken immediately, but with a steady effort of ensuring peace and development afterwards.

    5. Diplomacy:

    a. Pakistan.: recent visit of our incumbent PM, is a event which has recorded itself in the history of India-Pakistan relationship. This quick response has to be marred with the steady diplomatic talks. India has been criticized for the on-off talks with the Pakistan, which is not only hurting the sentiments of people on both the sides of boundaries, but also maintaining a never desired status-quo.

    b. India’s stand in international platforms has been evolving, and India has started taking the leadership roles in the conferences like Paris Climate Change or Narobi WTO Ministerial Conference. In both the conferences India has raised its voice for the equity, justice, and humanity. This is a right step in the direction of establishing multipolar global order, but these steps has to be continued, by developing a wide ranging consensus among the like minded countries.

    c. India’s opposition to Nuclear Armed states is a perfect example of India’s continuous efforts in purifing the world from the threat of Nuclear Weapons. The stand taken by the India in NPT and followed in the CTBT, is still maintained by the India, without getting lured with the American and Japanese offers.

    6. Economy and Institutions:

    a. Indian economy is at the juncture of transition, and this one move will decide the future of our country. India’s Ease of Doing Business rating has been improving year on year. This is further looking at the upcoming legislations of GST, Land and Labor Laws, Marketing and Credit availability to MSMEs, Financial Inclusion, etc. Indian economy is an organic giant, which is continuously evolving and has grown 1000 of times since its inception. On the lines of it, Make in India, Digital India, Startup India, are the schemes, which India truly needed. But these progressive and forward outlook schemes has to be clubbed with the long term evolution of our institutional systems. Institutions, which can adopt the good governance practices, which can make our democracy more participative, which can uphold the highest idles of transparency and accountability, and last but not least, increase the legitimacy of our Government.

    7. Policy Paralysis:

    a. Indian leaders and parliamentarians were accused of policy paralysis and inability to take up immediate decisions on policy matters. This made us to lose a number of opportunities to grow, develop, establish healthy relationships with our neighbor, and to truly fulfill the aspirations of people. But, acting quickly is not the only thing, which is desired. India is a welfare state, with large number of masses are buried under the sad state of poverty.

    8. Environment and Climate Change

    a. Climate change, immediate mitigation and adaptation measures. Vulnerability index is very high, where millions of populations are leaving under the roof of sky, quintals of food grains are still dependent on monsoon, and state is not perfectly prepared for the untimely disasters. Chennai disaster is a perfect face off in this regard. NDMA was a beginning but, it needs enabling environment, support of Central Government, to bring all the States on the same page.

    9. Minorities and Women:

    a. 73rd and 74th Amendments were the historic movements in our Constitutional Building, where we not only realized the dream of Mahatma Gandhi for local government. But we had also taken the first step towards the women empowerment. Decades after this progressive amendment, the state of women are still dismal. It brings the importance of steady efforts, which are required to win the race. Still women are suffering from social exclusion, lack of financial empowerment, and archaic rituals and customs.

    b. India has many constitutional and statutory institutions for the safety, security, progress, growth, and development of minorities. But, these institutions are surrounded with a hundred of criticisms ranging from their appointment, functioning and structure. To realize the dream of functional democracy, India can never ignored the minorities, who are the source of change and evolution. It makes it utmost important for us to take a steady and sustained efforts towards achieving our goal and aspiration.

    10. Psychological:

    a. taking immediate decisions is reflecting the responsive nature of a leader, it shows the cognitive and decision making power of leader. But sustaining the effort to achieve the goals requires, patience, restlessness, democratic thinking to be inclusive, adaptability and flexibility to adopt the desired changes etc. And the marriage of all these traits can make a person true leader.

    • sheetu singh

      nice efforts ok,read it ,gud in notes format bt its my personal view this is not looking as an essay ,so many things u wrotein the negative way ,like wt should be ,bt no mention of positive n exist examples,plz do little mold ur answer then i think this ll b perfect.

      • OK

        got it. will improvise.

        • sheetu singh

          gud luck

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Plz review my essay too.

    • kirin

      Hi I found your essay to be very informative, the starting from blast from the past is perfect. The 1857 example is spot on. However in next point adhoc administration, police reforms did not appear to make any sense. I agree with Sheetu that you also need to narrate some positive points. The points where you talk about women and also psychological is again why I it was a delight reading your post. I too have tried to frame an essay today. You are welcome to review.

      • sheetu singh


    • Roshan

      This is better way of putting all the important points related to the topic, instead of a long essay – only here (INFORMAL).

      Beginning points were good, but later on I found too many points not related to the topic…

  • kirin

    I have written an essay for the first time on this platform. Would love to have your reviews!

    The pages are uploaded in reverse form. The first page is the last page..

  • Disciplined MAN

    Darwin’s theory of survival of fittest should be replaced with survival of fastest in the contemporary dynamic and everchanging environment.Alvin Tofler’s theory of future shocks reminds us the importance of quick adapting with the change.Those who are able to adapt fastly with the environment will be able to save themselves from future shocks.India’s growth story has been characterised by mixed response of qick adaptability and lost opportunities.At the personal level too,we sometimes stick to a goal ignoring all other opportunities and sometimes not able to adapt with the change with grave consequences.Reasonal,rational,dynamic mind with calm and composure disposition is surely going to be successful in moder times unlike the past times of slow and steady.

    History is full of examples where nations have led to a different global order due to their quick actions and steady efforts. Renaissance led to enlightenment in western countries which paved the path for french revolution and democratic government.Democracy led to the development of rational bureucracy and middle class led industrial revolution.Industrial revolution was used by England to colonize major part of world.At the other end,Indian mughal administration was centralised,orthodoxical and rudimentary in form and approach.Mughal had connection with western world but was unwilling to learn from their growth story which led to our subjugation for almost two century.Our moral,social and economic fabric was crippled and looted due to inaction and lethargy of few people at the helm.

    On the other hand,Japan learned very fast and changed its economic system very fast to adapt with the changing time.Finally it became the only country in Asia to be recognised by western countries.

    Our growth story after independence also reflects the mixed response of quick action and lost opportunities.We established ourself as Democratic country…first country in giving full franchise to citizens above 18.Western intelligencia termed it as the greatest reckless experiment in human history.However our quick action and steady efforts made our nation as largest demcratic country without any military takeover and with vibrating civil society.Similarly,our forefather recognised the need of social and economic justice as an essential feature of democracy.Thus,Our constitution gave reservation to tribals and backward class.However,we lost opportunities at many fronts too.

    We adopted liberalization in 1991 much later then other south east asian countries.Growth story of Singapore gives severe anxiety to us,how a small country who won independence later to us has become one of the developed country.After 1991,we even lack coherent policy of reform.Our lethargy in dealing with slow paced administrative reform,electoral reform, agricultural reform and social reform is daunting which is not at all good sign.

    Environment,world,society and culture is changing very fast.We are living in the globalised and much connected and networked world.Communication technology has changed the face of world.Parallely,debate and discussion is becoming polar and society is having two face.Consumerism vs spiritualism,western education vs eastern education,environmental concern vs growth at any cost,socialist vs capitalist discourse,nationalism vs humanism,left vs right,conservatism vs progressivism etc has made the society bipolar.We are seeing revolution at many fronts- economic revolution to increase growh figure,political revolution to satisfy the rights of hitherto neglected community,social revolution to remove discrimination of all sorts and demographic revolution too.At this jucture of transition phase,neither our political class nor administrative and citizen should sit at the pile of problems.We need to frame quick policy with long term steady plan to save mother land from ongoing civil war.Yes,civil war led by political elite class in dividing the nation on communal,caste,rural-urabn divide.unfortunately,What should be name communal riot and caste based violence and the damage recently seen in Haryana.

    True,we were able to save our nation from global recession but without some quick actions related to rationalisation of subsidy,improving cad balance,infrastructure development and then steady and coherent policy related to tax structure and other fields we wont be able to sustain the growth story and nor able to pull fdi flow which is very much soughted.

    At the personal level too,we need to be flexible,dynamic,versatile in approach along with spirtualistic,calm and peaceful disposition to respond the environmental change.People who are still living with patriachical and feudal mindset with the girl child preference need to know the growing engagement of woman in our growth story.New culture is replacing old one.rationalism is replacing orthodoxy.We need to respond with the change.The family who follows honour killing,dwary violence,domestic violence need to know world and laws have changed very fast and you are still living in past

    In sum,quick and steady is the mantra of success and happiness in modern times.Human always resists and dislikes change but it is the need of time.

    Kindly Review,

  • Agastya ( Vikarma)

    Everyone in the modern world invariably finds themselves in a race. From the individuals striving to earn their living- to businesses working towards expansions- to nations aspiring to establish their supremacy; life is always a race.

    In such a context, the race in the life of an individual or a business or a nation is bestowed with both opportunities and challenges. The wise person makes use of the opportunities to start and counters the challenges as he faces them in the way. One must be quick to notice an opportunity and grab it. There must be steadiness in the journey to reach longer distances. It is important for us to understand the nature of competition and opportunity; and accordingly find ways to be adopted to grab them and win the race.

    The competition in the modern world is due to the limited resources and unlimited desires of man/woman. The state of nature where there is bliss everywhere, as Rousseau talked about, and the time when man did not worry about the ways to earn food, or to earn respect in the society have passed long ago. The busy metro roads in the morning is not a depiction of the advanced technology of mechanized motor cycles and cars that man was able to create, but is a show of the nature of the competitive world that man is in and in such a world, he cannot wait for a moment to be passed wastefully.

    Life as a journey is competition and competition is life. The opportunities one has to expand his limits and fulfill desires and the consistency with which one moves forward- determines the winner. The opportunities sometimes are created, while sometimes luck knocks the door. One must be quick to notice it and grab it. Else it passes away mercilessly.

    The nature of opportunity is such that it is hungry always, offers itself to everyone and keeps moving from person to person and stays with those who satiates its hunger the best- those who make use of it. One must be consistent in feeding it, else it moves away to some other who takes care of it well. The one who makes use of it is the one who wins the race.

    People like Mark Zuckerburg and Bill Gates have seen an opportunity in the fields they entered. They was quick enough to grab the opportunities in the vacuum that was available due to the technological inventions. Once the opportunity was grabbed, they kept it with themselves satisfying it steadily. They also make sure that opportunity does find anyone else, who are quick enough to grab it and become their competitors, and that’s the reason why they offer incentives and buy the smaller companies with potential to grow. These are the people who have respected the opportunities and took good care of them.

    Dirubhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance brands, is the Indian example of those who noticed opportunities and by his sheer will and patience- steadily reached greater and unreachable heights till then. Similarly, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was quick to realize his potential and also the opportunities at the early age of seventeen and kept it with him for his cricketing career of over 25 years. He was consistent and steady in being able to score runs and won the race in a remarkable fashion.

    While quickness helps in noticing the opportunity and trying to own it for some moment so that it is not noticed by others, steadiness helps in containing the opportunity in such a manner that none other than the one owning it is able to satisfy it well. Quick but steady is the best strategy to keep the opportunity and become its owner till one desires to own it.

    Google saw an opportunity and purchased Orkut initially. But it was not steady in its evolution in the dynamic world. The quickness with which it tried to enter the new market triggered other minds and since it was not steady, a powerful competitor in the form of Facebook- which is both quick and steady took over the territory and established authority and got hold of the immense treasury that was ready to be exploited.

    There are countries like China which were quick enough to notice the opportunity in the export led growth, owing to its vast and cheap labor force, which have been steady while they were in the race. They kept their competitors out of the race by tinkering with the exchange rates and occupied markets. They produced double digit growth every year steadily for over 25 years and lifted a large number of people out of poverty. They were quick, but steady. Such a strategy was absolutely essential considering the immense amount of success they needed- they needed to lift millions out of poverty. A miraculous growth now and then could not have made this possible.

    The days of slow but steady have passed away. The vibrant competition needs us to act quick, else someone else will make use of the opportunity. World has become more dynamic and with immense competition and innovation, challenges for one’s survival are threatened much vigorously at a much faster pace than ever before. There are a lot of companies, which despite having a good start, were not able to act quickly in terms of the new challenges encountered from time to time. If one is slow either to start or to react with time, he vanishes from the scene. He needs to be prove his abilities consistently and steadily so that his sheer presence is matter of threat to new entrants.

    To conclude, the modern world is dynamic and the challenges it imposes on to the people to earn their living; or businesses to grow despite the competition; or nations to prosper and establish their superiority internationally are also dynamic. To succeed in such an environment, it is important that one acts quickly like the China, or the Orkut. But one also needs to be steady to realize success in the journey- like Microsoft, China and Facebook. Life is an endless journey and the best strategy to enjoy the journey is to be quick to see an opportunity and react and also stay steady with patience and innovation- so as to always keep expanding, enjoy the race and win it at the end.

    • Meghana K

      “There must be steadiness in the journey to reach longer distances.”

      even shorter goals need stability untill the end.

      “While quickness helps in noticing the opportunity”

      noticing an opportunity is irrelevant in the principle of winning

      “There are countries like China which were quick enough to notice the opportunity in the export led growth”

      never compare any ideal with a country,its implicilty wrong do take great care abt these ,these are the traps which upsc is vigilant about.

      if a country’s growth is export led it will not be like china.

      over all your essay is good agastya, expand your scope dont limit only to the dimension of business men.there are lot of other fields.
      such as economy geography history cultural (ie singapore and malaysia quick to harness their strategic geographical location to grow despite having less resources.Keep writing goodluck

      • Agastya ( Vikarma)

        Thanks for obliging

    • pandeyji

      1 – Agar life ko race ki tarah sochna hai toh sabse pehle road cross karta hua insan ya metro mein phansa aspirant dimag mein aata hai..true that (isse aapke filmy andaz ke baare mein pata chalta hai..films ya ads mein bahut dekhta hun yeh scene…bhag daud bhari life-thakna mana hai etc.)
      2 – life ko competition bol rahe hain aap…lagta hai aapne kafi ups and downs dekhe hain and now you are quite stronf to accept this truth
      3 – nature of opportunity ek thought se zyada ek idea lagta hai jispe aap future mein film banana chahenge..aisa mujhe prateet ho raha hai
      4 – economies se correlation maine bhi socha tha..China ka example dene ka mann mera bhi tha, but fir laga ki abhi slump aa gaya hai toh shayad successful na wahan personal liberty kam hai toh shayad mere views se reader sehmat nahi hoga,,,but aapne daal hai toh thoda sochke mujhe bataiye ki aapko 100% sahi lagta hai china ka example?
      5 – Inshah allah aap quick and steady rahen apni life mein
      Maza aaya aapka essay padhke

      • Agastya ( Vikarma)

        Thanks Pandey. Will review yours in some time.

      • Agastya ( Vikarma)

        1, yp. good catch. i didn’t realise it when i wrote.
        2, hope you understand why i actually wrote.
        3, Let me know if you are also interested in films. Who is your fav film director btw?
        4, China is definitely successful to some extent and in relative sense much successful in raising people out of poverty
        5, Thanks.

      • G.

        pandeyji apka abhaar hoga agar aap hamare essay pe kuch comment kar sakein to…
        ye rahi link agar aap hame yahaan na khoj sakein to

    • Affu

      Good one,the flow was really awesome, but I think what u mentioned life in a metro can well suit as intro,just give it a thought, also examples were good but focus went excessively in favour of individual achievements,the point u mentioned in intro about nations their aspirations can also be exemplified like nations which were quick and steady still dominates, erstwhile western world,China quick enough to accept openness in economy steady growth emerged as challenge to erstwhile order here u can give comparative account of growth story of India and China, at times u also need to negate, substantiate like short cut methods to succeed also makes one successful, then get back to original points
      Just few observations, hope it helps, overall a feel good read

      • Agastya ( Vikarma)

        Thanks for obliging. Let me know if you also wrote

        • Affu

          Nope 🙂

          • Genghis Khan (Vikarma)

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          • Vikarma

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      • pranay rajput

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      • Genghis Khan (Vikarma)

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      • Genghis Khan (Vikarma)

        Hope you take it positively.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      Hi my observations:
      1.yar try to avoid negativity in the intro..start with something the end of the day we are the youth of the nation..
      2.ur essay was grudgy one rather than accepting the challenges in the form of competition :p…it was putting ur essay in the bad limelight as against the topic..even if u do not want to agree with the topic..substantiate it and start intro like that only so that reader can frame his opinion that u do not agree to the idea….
      brilliant flow was maintained in the essay and it was practical essay indeed i would request u to write the essay in the manner that after reading ur essay reader does not feel gloomy at least if not happy….. competition challenges opportunities presented to others ..people doing better than us..fine…but we can do more..we have the potential to learn from the mistakes and give our best…we have faith upon ourselves…like ur last line…i hope u got my point..u may disagree too..but i felt like this
      all the best

      • Agastya (- Vikarma)

        Where is negativity in the intro? I wrote everything from a neutral observers point of view. I nowhere disagreed to the statement at all.
        I am sorry, but did you actually read the essay, or had a cursory look?

        • Vivaan Khanna

          no..i will not give my take if i had not read it because i know the importance of review…life is a race..ok i agree neutral but substantiated with state of nature theory and later metro is not tech but due to competition was negative as per me…

          lines like “it passes away mercilessly””if one does not grab opportunity”,”opportunity does not find anyone else”
          “While quickness helps in noticing the opportunity and trying to own it for some moment so that it is not noticed by others, steadiness helps in containing the opportunity in such a manner that none other than the one owning it is able to satisfy it well. “…so that opportunities are not taken by others were repetitive occasionally…these all made the essay gloomy….
          my disagreement statement came from that perspective only in general…nothing like this or that statement shows ur disagreement…
          i repeat again u may disagree or completely ignore it…i m no expert here or a best essay writer but if u want to discuss i m ready always..i hope u are not angry with me…

          • Agastya (- Vikarma)

            That’s okay. I just needed a confirmation.

            • Vivaan Khanna

              thank you agastya for replying otherwise i would not have been able to sleep today…i promise to be more and more careful while reviewing any essay..but generally i do not suggest if i do not feel like if it needs improvement because people put a lot of efforts to write a piece but need to be careful…thank you again yaar

              • Agastya (- Vikarma)

                yeah. that’s true

    • Night thinker !!

      Nice flow.
      I liked the introduction very much. Appeared catchy to me.
      In the intro you talked of individuals businessmen and nations. You gave examples of al the 3.. So good job 🙂
      Liked how you dealt with the opportunity part!

      Good job buddy. 🙂

    • G.


      i think its one of the better essays here

      -best introduction with no non sense approach. full points here
      -great follow up afterwards
      -good language and smooth flow
      -good examples
      -coverage balanced between quick and steadiness (which i missed in my essay)

      in my view i could not find any mistakes as such, that i found in other essays
      i was expecting a little philosophical touch in the essay, which you have given but is still somewhat less

      overall one of the best essays that i have read here.

      a request to review mine. if you cannot find me. here is the link

      please review bro

      • One more fake BATMAN

        Where do you want me to review?

        • G.

          anywhere… on your choice
          i will get the message on both..
          it will be better here itself

    • Tanu Singhal

      Very nice…

      1. The examples used – commendable.
      2. U were smart to drag the topic ur way, but somewhere in between the esaay became dominating towards opportunities and not about being fast yet consistent.
      3. You should add dimensions of being consistent, that how it is also necessary.
      4. End was abrupt, find a strong conclusion.

      Ur esaay was a delight to read. Got many insights. 🙂

    • minaxi

      Hey Agastya..
      A very good use of language and vocabulary, Flow is great, and you used good examples to prove your point to win the race, however i think, it was never a time of bliss on earth for human being from their inception. One enter in to race if they are quick to recognize opportunity, but they always wain only if they are consistent and steady with their approach. it is true with individuals, society, organisations, race and country, etc.
      By the way.. you keep on changing name it will help me to mug up all important character in World history.. 😉

      • Genghis Khan

        Thanks minaxi for obliging. 🙂
        The state of bliss is based on Rousseau’s ideas.
        My names would be much on mythological or popularity. Wont help you tbh. :p

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      Out of the 3 essay’s that I read, your seems to be best till now. The best part in your essay is that ‘it has a central theme’. The theme gives flow to your essay. Your conclusion and introduction are natural. Conclusion is naturally flowing from the arguments given in essay and your each para is an extended argument of previous paragraph.
      Well done.

      Marks – 80/125

      • Genghis Khan

        Thanks Insights.

        • Dr. KARISHMA

          now i need not to comment 🙂
          keep the awsm work alive..

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Hey Vikarma,
      Nice flow , apt examples and good link but what i feel a balanced approach by mentioning the importance of being slow and steady is needed too…

      • Genghis Khan (Vikarma)

        Thanks Swatantra.

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Vikarma ,

      1) introduction is good ” life is a race ”

      2) second paragraph is also good 🙂

      3) i felt you slight got deviated from the subject in this paragraph while trying to add a philosophical touch to your essay .

      4) “Life as a journey is competition and competition is life…..” this paragraph is excellent ,my suggestion would be you would have directly gone into this paragraph rather than writing a story in the third paragraph .

      5) Vikarma , i know you write philosophical aspects very well but i find you should keep a check on it because the examiner might have to read a paragraph twice to get the understanding of the matter you want to convey .

      6) ” People like Mark Zuckerburg and Bill Gates have seen an opportunity …… ” this paragraph would be sufficient but you dedicated an entire paragraph above for adding a philosophical aspect .

      I personally feel you begin a paragraph with a philosophical aspect by mentioning two sentences but don’t dedicate an entire paragraph for it .

      7) reliance industry and sachin tendulkar paragraph are well written 🙂

      8) this paragraph is also good 🙂

      9) Google example is good , i think you could have mixed this one with the Facebook example you write above which would have helped you to compare and give more clarity .

      10) china’s example is good 🙂

      11) conclusion is also good 🙂

      one more suggestion 🙂 you could have avoided ” slow and steady” days are completely over . anyway ,essay is well written 🙂

      ALL THE BEST !!!

      • Genghis Khan (Vikarma)

        Hi Aravind.
        Thanks for the details. Will think about it.

    • Ash

      Hey Vikarma! 🙂

      1. You’ve talked a lot about race opportunity challenges in the second para… Monotonous!
      2.not ONLY a depiction of the advanced technology of mechanized motor cycles
      3. Okay until now I felt this essay’s topic is ‘life – a race!’ From this Zuckerburg point I see how ‘quick’ is coming to the picture… Bottom line is very long monotonous intro!

      I’ll be a Lil critical with the review.. And you asked for it so plz bear with me! 🙂

      However I like the way you used quick here for opportunity grabbing! 🙂
      4. You have the habit of repeating what you feel again and again… The Zuckerburg para last part was already proved… Then why talk of it again!
      Moreover you could have said not only did they grab opportunity quickly they were quick in inventing and keeping themselves ahead of others… They didn’t rest with complacency!
      5. I’m not an admirer of more than one ex running back to back on same lines… One idea backed with one ex… Done deal! Why bring in Tata Birla Ambani … 🙂
      6. One idea… Just one idea in the entire essay???
      Okay I’ll post you what I wrote… Just gimme some time… I don’t say I wrote very well… But add dimensions… Hope reading that will help! 🙂

      You could have contrasted with slow and steady you know!
      When you work fast you screw up things also… You have to go slow also…

      One thing is flow is nice… Just add dimensions… Just read what I wrote and yeah feel free to counter… And it was really sweet of you to reach out to me… Take the review positively… When I review… The write up becomes my responsibility and I don’t wanna paste a rosy picture! 🙂
      KWAR! Cheers! 🙂

      • Genghis Khan (Vikarma)

        Thanks for obliging. I cant counter, will definitely read yours when you post. Thanks for the habit point. Will review yours too- “Critically”.

        • Ash

          Hey! Its just a sketchy thingie okay! There is no conclusion.. hence I did not post … In fact more content needs to be added… so just get an idea.. and yeah do counter… expecting a real ‘critical review’ here coz you’re my only reviewer for this essay! 🙂

          “Time is free but it’s precious. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it but you can spend it. Once you have lost it you can never have it”.

          This adage aptly asserts the importance of time in our life. Life! But what is life?

          “Time = Life, therefore, waste your time and waste your life or master your time and master your life”. – Bruce Lee

          Having understood the value of time, the adage ‘Quick and steady wins the race’ gains prime importance. Since time is limited, our efforts towards our aims should be quick yet steady.

          Now what are these aims we are talking of? The moment a kid starts school, responsibilities and aims start encircling her and these continue till the end of her life. Students aim to perform well in exams, working professionals aim to work well and earn well so on and so forth. But sitting and studying/working for hours together is monotonous and there are times we sit without realizing that we are just wasting time. And here comes the need of extra-curricular activities which can give our minds a break. But how is fitting so much within 24hours possible?

          It is, but only if we manage our time well. Managing time requires time slicing and once we have sliced our time we need to meet our deadlines. This calls for ‘Quick yet focussed work’. As we know our deadlines, we keep our minds focussed so that we do not default. This focussed work is better than sitting for hours and working slowly. And if we steadily follow this schedule not only do we do our work well, we also gain versatility in other areas. But what is the need of this versatility?

          Now this reminds me of the original adage ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. This proverb means even if we are slow and we continue our efforts steadily we will succeed. This can be proved via the rabbit-turtle ideology. This was true in older days where resources were ample and les people to contest for those resources but as time advanced this changed and so did the which morphed to ‘Quick and steady wins the race’. Why?

          The reason is simple, before it was about competing with others at a steady pace which could have given success but as time advanced, competition increased transforming the situation to ‘Survival of the Smartest’.

          Now not only are we competing with others, we are competing with our own abilities. To compete with others this versatility helps us in gaining an edge over them. Ex- If Rajiv is a Software Engineer by his qualification but also had interests in hardware and regularly dedicated time to it developing knowledge in that area, definitely, he would be preferred over other candidates.

          Rajiv’s success hence is due to efficient time management. But to manage this time we increase our speed but if not done properly can bring us trouble as the biggest disadvantage associated is of making errors. Let us understand this via the current exam patterns. Every exam these days has cut-offs. These cut-offs are set based on student performances. So not only is a student supposed to write correct answers but also make sure she writes ‘more correct’ answers which calls for increased speed. But this increased speed increases error making ability too. So how do we defeat this?

          To gain speed without making errors, we go ‘slow’ while preparing our basics. It is only when we understand the nitty-gritty details of a system or a concept we can afford increasing speed and this nitty-gritty can be understood by going slow.

          So am I suggesting ‘Quick and steady does not win’? Definitely not!

          In a Formula 1 race there is no room for slow and while driving in a hilly terrain there is no room for quick. So quick or slow depends on the demand of the situation.

          However, one aspect is uncontested ‘too slow or too quick’ will harm. The best example for ‘too slow’ is Indian bureaucracy which has harmed the nation in many ways and ‘too fast’ is surgeries conducted by the Govt which have claimed lives, eyesight, etc.

          So when we can’t expect surgeons to conduct surgeries in a jiffy, we also can’t wait for the bureaucracy to take years to make decisions. This calls for a healthy balance between the two. Ex- ISRO’s MOM was approved in 2012 and launched in 2013. This does not mean ISRO was too quick. ISRO started working on the mission in 2010 and this clearly shows it wasn’t too slow either. It maintained steady efforts which indeed gave it success in less time.

          However understanding our interests and capabilities is very important here. If Kunal is good in Maths and Tushar is good in football, their performances will be better in the respective areas and this has impacts on steady work. A student may be very intelligent but can’t achieve success if he is not regular in studies. It requires constant efforts after all ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Superficially studying without being regular can never help build knowledge and if we invest our steady efforts in any endeavour we begin to experiment with our knowledge which leads to innovation and quality of work obviously gets better than others.

          Hence, slow or fast may be the demand of the situation and would need our discretion but maintaining steadiness is indisputable. Other than this steadiness our honestly towards our work should always be maintained. Achievements should not be dependent on short-cuts.

          • Genghis Khan (Vikarma)

            As I maintained the theme as opportunity and competition, you seem to have chosen time.

            There are some good ideas like the- Rome and surgeries. I like the idea of Survival of the Smartest too. There are good ideas but essay isn’t well framed. I understand that you haven’t concentrated well on framing it. But ultimately, no one is really short of ideas in essays, they are short of ways to frame it well.

            There were more hypothetical examples like the Rajiv and Tushar. They cant always be convincing. I don’t know what the extra-curriculars part is about.

            I am not a fan of questioning in the body of essay. That’s not my style. I would rather question at the beginning and answer them in the body. Moreover, I would also make it clear where my essay is heading towards in the beginning itself- I don’t want it to be a thriller.

            Examples sound discrete- ultimately they must serve some theory or philosophy, which it lacked. Concl should be better.

            The essay did not sound coherent to be honest. May be because you were concentrated on the broad sketch as you mentioned.

            Pls let me know if you are not satisfied with the review. I want it to be fulfilling your expectations and I concentrated only on criticising. IMO, the format you followed cannot make a good essay actually.

            • Ash

              I agree… I said I hadn’t arranged it… These are random thoughts… It’s just I posted because I wanted you to see you can bring in dimensions…
              About question throughout the essay… Allow me to differ… I like engaging the reader… However… Yeah reader’s choices vary.. 🙂
              Thank you got reviewing! it’s pretty critical I must say… Taking a lot from here! 🙂

          • Genghis Khan (Vikarma)

            I think statements like- “Am I suggesting this or that?” should also be avoided. That sounds like you are trying to give an impression of being a wise person. No one likes others to be wiser generally.
            Moreover, I think I like repeating things to convey the point. May be you didn’t do that and hence I didn’t find it coherent and fulfilling. You must consider this point too.

            • Ash

              Yeah! I’m empowering women via my answers! 🙂

              • Godfather (Vikarma)

                Let me know when you write a proper essay.

                • Ash

                  You could review my previous ones…. I’m not sure if I’ll write until prelims! 🙂

                  • Godfather (Vikarma)

                    They must be reviewed enough already! That’s okay. Even I am not writing till prelims.

                    • Ash

                      I’ll remember your profile name unless you change it… I’ll ask you for reviews henceforth.. If you find time plz review.. You look like an interesting reviewer! 🙂

                    • Godfather (Vikarma)

                      Sure. I may get a name by then. No worries. I will come myself!

    • Raunak Vashisht

      Sorry for a late review.
      I have not written a single essay, myself,uptil now, pls ignore if the points are not worthwhile.

      1) Read people mentioning that we need to make our essay multi-dimensional : I felt something missing in ur essay on the same front. Though examples of China, Orkut, FB, etc were good.

      Few which I can think of are :

      History :

      a) Agriculture -Green Revolution, we were quick but failed to sustain

      b) Sporadic peasants and tribal revolutions during the 19th century in India were quick but failed to sustain the momentum….Gandhi maintained the same even during the low times via community work and thus earned freedom.


      a) bringing laws and making amendments to meet the changing needs of the society. Is an example of acting quick but steady. The dynamism of our constitution proves the same.

      Economics/Business : u have covered really well

      2) The flow, grammar and coherence btwn paras is amazing.

      Thanks and KWAR !

      • Vikarma

        Pleasant surprise in the morning, Raunak. Thanks.
        Points are sensible. I take them.
        That’s a lot of character to remember and reply. Keep it up!

  • SKB

    Two school friends joined college together in art (History) section. One of them (Rakesh) was topper of the board exams, was a fast Lerner While the other, Sumit was not as good. After joining college Rakesh found the syllabus and content very easy and started ignoring regular studies, bunking classes presuming that before exam he would cover the syllabus. On the other hand sumit started spending times in classroom, libraries etc. The two direction adopted by these friends further created their inclinations towards the coosen separate paths.

    Sumit while going through a lot of diverse content in libraries built a belief that there is no replacement to consistent effort in any field. As one day he was going through a political system in the world. The content included a detail description about democracies and other political system in the world. He observed that throughout in the Modern world history, democracy took a lot of time to develop in any country as contrary to monarchy or any authority’s regime. USA, UK, india etc there are various such examples where the people organized struggles. Indian freedom struggle is one of the best examples. It is slow as it needs consent, discussion and mutual respect. But this is the most cherished and stable form. While the autocracy or military regime can come into existence overnight. But they nether can won the heart of people and nor survive over a long time.

    Also in medieval times, most of the dynasty rule and kingdom who rises overnight with cruel force and without acceptable founding principle could not survive like Mongol.

    Such historical perspective gave Sumit an understanding of the various success ingredients of any process. He was fully convinced by Mahatma Gandhi for the saying-“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi was not in favour of separate electorate for deprived sections. Instead he wanted to remove un-touchability, inequality and poverty. The various laws, affirmative actions are adhoc, quick measures. Which are symbolisms without much effort. The real solution would be to empower these sections socially, economically and politically. Provide skills, employement and other means. This needs a long process with consistent efforts.

    When Sumit further explore the library to find out effort by Goverments for these vulnerable sections, he got confused that why not govt put heavy taxation and provide a lot of subsidies and relief to these sections. But soon he find out that hevy taxation and subsidy methods are not a sustainable strategy. It would shrink the taxation base as economic activities would reduce over the time. Further the subsidies would only provide a tempory solution without creating any assets and skills. Now he realized the govt’s various efforts for Make in India, Skill India and other initiative in this context. These efforts would take time but would bring positive change in the economy and society.

    But still he was not convinced for the huge expenditure by Govt on defence sectors. He was thinking about an alternative-quick strategy of Technology/nuclear weapons are enough for our defence priorities instead of huge expenditure on human resources, their training etc. But soon he realized that his alternative quick and technology based strategy has been failed during Iraq and Afghanistan War. USA might also have relied on such quick result oriented strategies but it resulted into various new Terror threat, civil wars etc.

    Recently Iran’s deal with P5+1 power reflect that consistent diplomatic efforts always bring very affirmative results. The quick military solution in this case would have brought disastrous results not only for human life but also for world economy.

    Such reading further motivated Sumit to even visit the Library on Sundays to read stuff on variety of subjects throughout the graduation year. It was not like that he had ignored everything else in life. He is a fan of Sachin Tendulkar. He started relating Tendulkar’s achievement to his readings. Tendulkar’s greatness symbolize his consistent precise, hard work and performance. There are money other players who perform a great innings in a single match but can’t match stature of Tendulakar. This stature of Tendulkar is not because of fastest fifty, highest no of sixes or highest score. It is because he consistently put effort for each and every innings on the field.

    Now he was thinking this, his long time old friend Rakesh was calling him. Rakesh was making his fun for putting so much effort for such insignificant subject. Rakesh had few sample paper for the exams. Both appeared for the exams and then in the results, both scored in the same range. Rakesh was making fun of the 3 years hard work put by Sumit in library books. Then Rakesh’s coaching friend called him to know about his result for Civil (Pre). Rakesh gave his roll no and found that could not qualify. Sumit was also there. He also requested to check his result as well. “Congrats!” Rakesh’s friend said on Phone, “Sumit has qualified for Mains”. The difference of long study hours in library started to appear as despite coaching Rakesh couldn’t qualify the Prelim. Sumit’s jouney did not stop here and he finally got his name in the merit list if Civil services result. Everybody was congratulating Sumit, appreciating his intelligence and calling him super genius. But Sumit was feeling the gist of the old childhood story of Tortoise and rabbit.

    • SKB

      Plz Review Mine..Thanks in advance Friends..ur critical review would be veryhelful….

    • SKB




      • SKB

        Thnks Priyanka….appreciation is d only motivation in such a long process

    • Roshan

      You started with a good example. This matched with 2nd part of the topic “steady wins the race”, but I found you didn’t put much effort on explaining “QUICK” part of the topic.

      The reading was very easy and swift, as you had explained in simple language…
      Keep writing 🙂

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Hi , Roshan can you plz review my essay too.

        • Roshan

          I already reviewed yours…

        • yogi

          plz review my essay 🙂

          • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

            Done, plz review mine too.

      • SKB

        Hi..Roshan…!!! thnks for gng through the essay and hghlighting the imp suggestions. Yeah..the Quick part not taken as was required….ur point would help me to take more balance approach in future attempt.

    • pandeyji

      Aapka essay mujhe slow and steady wins the race ke hisab se laga..last mein aapne hare and rabbit bhi likh diya, toh usse mujhe samajh aaya ki aap wuhi quote sochke essay likh rahe hain
      Ab apne dimag mein doobiye, and mujhe bataiye ki ‘quick’ but steady ko aapne justify kiya hai ki nahi?
      Agar slow and steady hota topic, toh main aapke essay ki alag hi tareef kar raha hota
      (also it is spooky that Sachin and Gandhi are your as well as mine examples)

      • SKB

        Thnks Pandeyji….yes..QUICk also need some demolition work. Alone building on “steady…” part titled the balance.

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Pandey ji , If time permits plz do some value addition to my essay too.

      • Akhil

        Pandey maharaj humara essay bhi review karne ki kripa karna. Thank you

    • G.

      hey SKB

      good essay overall
      could not justify the phrase asked in the question
      a good start. but it is becoming a little cliche as everyone including me aslo starting in this fashion
      do not start the para with now.. more so in the concluding part, does not look good
      could have been improved much.

      plese review my essay as well. if you cant find me here, then comment on the alternative link

      it would be really helpful.

      • SKB

        Hey thnks for the review….actually didn’t pay much attention on the topic and misread or understood it as quick vs steady….whole essay theme is based on this changed.
        ur other observation and suggestion would help me in future writing.

        • G.

          hey thanks for that…
          but please review my essay bro… i also need some comments from you

  • The early aphorism ” slow and steady wins the race” has been supplanted by ” quick but steady wins the race” today . In the modern world , slowness is not a desirable thing . This is a era of intense competition , brought by technological boom and rapid explosion in the world population with 7 billion people worldwide trying hard to fit in whatever the limited space available and the limited resources to satisfy our desires .In this age of cut-throat competition , every moment is equivalent to a race that one needs to win .Becoming complacent would mean getting knocked out by others .But as it is said ,being quick is not the sole need for success .It must accompany steadiness ,the ability to hold firm or un-shaking .Firmness provide much needed strength to face the challenge and keep on going without giving up.The absence of later would mean getting blown away by the mighty cyclonic wind of competition .Remember, it is only those trees are left standing bold ,high and straight above the ground , that hold firm into the ground and face the powerful cyclone ,the rest others are uprooted away . While they grow up , they ensure that their roots penetrate deep into the ground .Perhaps they understand that to pass the test of rise and fall, it is the strength that counts that forestall buckling under pressure . When quickness and firmness are combined ,the two become most potent and lethal weapon to crash the gate of success .

    In a race ,both speed and steadiness play a complementary role i.e. magnifying the effect of each other .While speed provides the necessary pace to remain ahead of others ,steadiness provide perseverance to continue into the race till the end .Those who manage to survive the race till the end are the ones who have the chance of winning it . Those who give up become just silent spectators . Imagine a sprinting game at Olympics .

    However, it is necessary to bear in mind that only a right dose of speed and steadiness , each is the key to win a race.Here one must be meticulous and prudent to understand that speed has its advantages and disadvantages .It comes at certain costs -the cost of accuracy . Because speed is prone to blunder and inaccuracies ,the more speed one adopt ,the more is it likely that he would commit mistakes and, thus would compromise with the final outcome .Decisions taken and situation responded to ,in hastiness lead to inaccuracy .So , one must be circumspect about never to take decision ,make judgement and assessment out of unneeded briskness .

    Similarly, steadiness should not lead to delays and procrastination ,marked by hesitation in timely decision making and taking action as required .Because that would not only halt the speed but also leads to lost opportunities .While one holds firm ,one must not miss the most opportune time of decision taking . Also steadiness should not mean foolhardiness to stick to and continue with a project indefinitely even if it is not delivering the desired results.It is futile to keep involved in something that has the least chance of delivering a desired result.There is no wisdom in drilling for water in a mountain . Because that would surely be considered an act of perseverance and great patience but it would be preposterous and foolish .

    In modern time , wise and timely decisions are required at every stage .The complex nature of division of labor created in the today’s capitalist world requires,apart from specialized skills , the ability to assess,analyze and think ,followed by actions.The final outcome is the end product of these .Actions must be based on thoughtful decisions and firm believe about its rightness to minimise errors and mis-calculations .However, this action must not come with delays because that would means loss of opportunity and advantages many time .Therefore, speed is essential . One must not worry about what others are not thinking ,but what others have not so far and he is able to think before they do so.To maintain edge over others ,it is necessary to do what , and reach where other haven’t .This is how big corporations have grown bigger over the years .Most of the technological giants like Apple ,Microsoft ,Samsung ,Google etc have developed things that didn’t exist before .Things that were new to the world .Each one of them applies its own technological features in its product that provide unique experience to its users .The Iphone brand is considered un-paralled in smart phone technology, for the quality features it possesses .

    But,thinking and acting speedily before others could is not the only pre-requisite to succeed .Consider the above examples of big corporations,for example Apple . The inspirational story of success of Apple and its iconic CEO late Steve Jobs is itself an impeccable example of perseverance, patience and hope . The company was founded in the year 1976 by Steve Jobs and his high school engineer friend ,Wozniak to sell Apple I personal computers designed by the latter . The following two decades saw a series of failures for the company with many unsuccessful products , with a few exception like Lisa project, during periods of 1980s and 1990s that failed to make any mark in the fiercely competetive market where big names like Microsoft and IBM where important players .In the meantime , Steve Jobs was fired from the company in 1985.By 1997 , the company was merely struggling to survive while on verge of bankruptcy .But then came its transformation period from the next year with launch of its earlier Macintosh version ,the iMac .Following decades saw the company growing leaps and bound ,especially with the June 2007 announcement of iphone and later iPad and many stores like iTunes, iOS etc .Since then, the company has set an example of unseen heights of growth in the hisorty of corporate world.It was perseverance ,firm and patience for the executives in the company that kept them to continue in the business despite years of failures and frustrations .This firmness was combined with vision for future in developing unique products that led to the success of the company .A similar story of the social networking giant ,Facebook and its co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is no less inspiring.

    So, what do the above examples suggest us? They suggest that speed and perseverance are two prerequisites for success. Both require great enthusiasm and an indomitable will .Being second is to be the first of one who lose. But no body would like to be first among losers .Every body desires to be first among the winners.It should be remembered ,”A river cuts through the rock not because of its power but because of its persistence and perseverance .That is the un-skaking will to move forward no matter what may come its way “


      ur writing inspired me…keep it up!1

      • Thank u for ur review and ur generous words.

    • Nandu

      The essay while retaining link with topic and importance of steadiness, optimistically points out the drawbacks and significance of slowness….good one

      It may not have direct relation with topic, but I enjoyed the example of “digging well in the mountain”…….

    • Hey Bat, my views:
      1)I guess you understood the meaning of topic better than anyone. Quick BUT steady
      2)The only issue I could find was the long paragraphs. Examples are completely devoted to the ‘business’ aspect but could have been shorter and some other dimension could have been added
      3)Philo touch is absolutely great. You proved that essay is not about pouring GS
      Overall, a very good read esp the understanding that you have about this topic. Just cut short the length of paras and add new dimensions. Keep it up, please have a look at mine as well 🙂

    • David Ila

      Well structured and matured essay !!!

    • David Ila

      Can u pls tell me how many A4 size no.of pages require to complete 1500 words. I m little confused on counting words.
      Note : 2 sides=1 page

      • See that varies from person to person .It depends upon your writing-how big one writes letters and blanks he leaves in between words and lines .If you write big sized letters and leave too many blanks ,that might take too many spaces.However , most of us have similar writing as far as font size and blanks are concerned .It is the look that differs .So, assuming your writing to be normal , i think on an A4( 210* 297 mm) size paper , a 1500 words would take some 3-4 pages at max ( assuming 2 sides = 1 page) ,
        But , you can check number of your words writing it in MS Word( it shows at bottom left ),So i would advise you to type in desktop /laptop/tab etc …
        But still you can get an approx idea about total no. of words in ur writing .Count the total number of lines you have written .Count the number of words in each line .You can assume there be approx equal number of words in all lines.Then multiply the no. of total lines with the number of words in each line you have approximated .This way you can arrive at an approx number of total words in ur writing.:) However, this is only a rough estimate .But still we can do as who will take pains in counting each word.
        To be sure in exam that you have not exceeded uy word limits too far, what you should do is when you write essay/answers , see how many pages you have taken .Count the exact number of words several times ( may be on 10 occasions to get better result ) .Compare it with word limits provided .Based on that you can assume how many pages/space you normally take to write ,provided the word limits.Try to make it ur habit .U will get an idea about no of words you will write in an exam without counting. 🙂
        Thanks for ur review brother .I hope it was helpful .:)

        • David Ila

          Thank u bro !!! It’s really helpful…

          • A correction in the second para : earlier i had written-Count the no of words in eahc line .You can assume there will be an approx equal number of words in all lines . Actually it should be “Count the number of words in the first or second line or first few lines .See if they are close to each other .Taken one of those lines u counted or may be average of those lines .”
            Sorry for the error .:)

    • Night thinker !!

      Hey Batman,
      Your essay is full of positivity so well done.
      Examples could have been more, cutting short the length of the paragraphs.
      That’s all, otherwise a good read. 🙂

    • Shaktimaan

      hi bat!!:):)
      well done……..flow >>awsomw:)
      though examples are less>>bt wteve u provide>>done justice:)
      most imp>>quick n steady>>u focused on both parameters:)
      critic>>only long paras and repetiton of words(apki vocab achi h to diff words use ho saktein h):)
      overall wonderful…………..if time permits PReM…………..thank u:):)

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      Your initial flow in essay was excellent, but in end you lost touch. Let me tell you some points –
      (a) In real examination, you won’t be able to write more than 3-4 lines in a single paragraph. If you extend beyond that, then you would be writing a single para in 2 pages which is not recommended. So, try to write shorter paragraphs.

      (b) Bring more dimensions and short examples. Try value addition like eg. of digging well, rather than example of apple where you have written a story. (and thus wasted 2 pages in your answer sheet with a single example)

      Marks – 60/125

      • Thank you very much sir .Your suggestions are so insightful .Will definitely keep in mind always. 🙂

  • Meghana K

    2015 the year when all the nations came together to resolve and commit to a sustainable future with a steady action plan,
    also witnessed noble peace prize awarded to Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet which struggled steadily and quickly to establish a pluralistic democracy in a territory which is the epicenter of the Arab spring whose repercussions are still yet to fall normal.

    when the aim is clear on a possible mission ,quick and steady would be the fundamental premise of winning a race.

    From the bronze age to digital age competition had fueled evolution,in the race to evolution homo sapiens steadily consolidated their
    intellect ,comparing on a geological scale human evolution had taken much lesser time.
    Darwin’s stated survival the fittest ,the fittest is the winner of the race to evolution.

    I tried a lot but i couldn’t finish this essay i am unaware how to lead this essay. i will be great full to those who can lead me towards conclusion.

    • Agastya ( Vikarma)

      You got good points. I will try the conclusion in the evening. Pls review mine if possible

      • Meghana K


  • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

    Once again the adrenaline was rushing in the veins of crowd , All were chanting Torqo Torqo Torqo for the famous tortoise who never lost any race , “The Unbeatable”. The race was between two antagonists Torqo the Tortoise & Rabbo the Rabbit . All odds were against the “Rabbo” . & the shot is fired and the race begins.

    Raboo takes a quick lead as he starts fast , while the Torqo starts & maintains its calm speed . Torqo had no doubt in his mind about the win , he had never lost any race with his cool & calm speed .

    Torqo reaches the finishing line . Shocked , He can’t believe this , Rabbo was already there Holding the Trophy ,Smiling & the crowd which was all mad few moments back for him were hailing their new hero , RABOO , RABOO , RABOO.

    Life is a race .Right from the beginning our we start with race. Race to get life/born , Race to get admission in a good school , Race to be first in the class , Race to get admission in the Best college . Race to outshine others in the college. Then Race to Get Million Dollar job & so on & so on this race continues till the end. We have to race , run faster & faster , leaving every one behind as in today’s world there is no scope for the losers , for those who come second. The world have no pity & Sympathy for the failures . When you start falling behind, no one is there to stop for you because everyone is a part of the race and no one is willing to compromise his or her position for your sake.

    But only running faster doesn’t make us winner . Raboo’s grandfather had told him the story how he lost to the slow Tortoise despite being much faster than him because is lack consistency , steadiness and he took things for granted. Being faster & quicker can give us initial lead but it is our ability to hold the momentum which takes us to the victory lap.

    In 1960’s , when our country was witnessing Ship to mouth situation due to dependency on US for food grain . It was the quick decision of M S Swaminathan with support from Govt of India with the steady support from farmers who took the challenge to adopt the new technology & methods quicky & ushered a new era of green Revolution. Along with the quickness it was the steadiness & ability of the entrepreneur farmers to hold the momentum which made India a net exporter of the food grain.

    In present timedDuring recruitment in a Group Discussion Room – One who is quick and loud enough to be heard, often gets the attention. Slow and steady rarely stand a chance. & even after selection those who are able to maintain their quickness & steadiness reach to the top ladder. Satya Nadela , Indira Noori , Chanda Kocchar are the best examples .Apple product which are most loved products across the globe are because of the visionary idea of Steve jobs who thought about something ahead of its time & quickly turned his imagination into dream and continuously evolved & steadily improved it over time. Nokia also started very quickly & dominated the market in quick time but it was the stediness & desire of continuous improvement of Apple which outpaced Nokia. It is also valid for personal life too the more quicker we are in decision making more is the chance of our success.

    Start ups is the buzz word today , With hundreds of startups crawling up every day the competition is becoming more and more difficult and no one is ready to leave a single scope for his competitor. Without proper speed and consistency it is impossible for a venture to survive in the market. With the rigid and strict competition, there is absolutely no margin for error. Slow decision making can be compared with opportunity cost too.

    It is the survival of the fittest. To keep up in the competition, the startups don’t just need consistency or steadiness but speed is also a mandatory requirement in it. For example if an entrepreneur expects to draw a profit tomorrow, he needs to it today. That’s because by tomorrow hundreds of others can come in the market to compete for the profit. Not one competitor is ready to spare a single inch of space to their rivals. Everyone is trying to stay ahead of the other. That is why Flipkart , Facebook , Snapdeal , Alibaba , Whatsapp are way ahead today because not only they set up their base quickly but also they steadily improved & innovated themselves . Most of the new start up fails either they are too late to start or they lack consistency.

    But that’s just not enough , The fast paced world today demand more today we not only have to be steady but improve our steadiness & efficiency too. Not improving much from 1960’s method & technology , Our agriculture is now fatigued. What is needs its continuous improvement in steadiness.

    But at the same time a man who tries to find short-cuts to success, ultimately lands himself only in a blind alley. Some times easy success makes careless & proudly . The traits of humbleness , passion & honesty makes us to believe in continuous hard work and perseverance. That is the secret of his winning the race in the long run.

    So , It’s the continuously evolving , Self correcting & improving capability of Raboo , the humbleness & honesty which will keep him champion in the coming time else the Torqo who is already consistant will gain the skills of being fast & once again emerge as winner.

    • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

      1000 words approx . My first essay on Insights . Plz review frds.

      I will review your too.

    • Roshan

      examples are good, but avoid using many jargons in the essay…

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Thanks for the review buddy.

      • Roshan

        Conclusion is good.
        Mentioning hare-tortoise example is ok, but very classical one. You could have avoided too much emphasis on this example. Instead in one para at the beginning, just explain the hare-tortoise example, then move on with philosophical part.
        Also one/two more detailed explanation of examples related to the topic could put more weight/impression on your essay…

        This is just my opinion, correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

        • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

          You are right roshan .

    • Mukul

      The story, the names, the phrase-‘ship to mouth’, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the essay. And I must admit You are quite creative.

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Thanks buddy , can you plz suggest some improvement…

    • Affu

      Dear harsh,u have made a descent attempt which needs appreciation.However,ur easy needs to be more catchy.Accept the fact that examiner doesnt dwelve into each and every sentence of our write up in essay unless there is something intriguing.
      intro-twist in the tale was good but original story was rabbit and hare,so if examiner happens to be obseseive with english terminology he may find fault with u calling torqo torqo
      so think about any “real life” example
      structure is missing, u need to give a framework on what issues are u going to dwelve
      so that a flow is maintained
      ask questions in between like does this hold good always?does being quick,steady always leads to success
      negate,substantiate then support
      conclusion-u maintined continuity of intro story in concl..dat is awesome…
      Good effort! hope my inputs help u

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Thanks a lot for the detailed review . your points are very valid and i will surely improve on it . Thanks

      • Agastya ( Vikarma)

        Hi Affu,
        Hope you are doing well these days. Review mine too if u find time.

        • Affu

          Sure…in a while

          • kkavad

            Please review mine also..

      • yogi

        can u plz review mine 🙂

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.start was like champak story..good…but it missed the steady part which used to be the moral of the story..even when Rabbo’s grandfather was explaining then at least u could have said Rabbo learnt from that mistake.
      2.make use of connectors to connect ur paras..also can write like this at economic level we have ths lesson…society also teaches the same……like this to maintain the flow
      3.most of ur essay was driven by economy and companies..try to maintain balance….select few examples and execute well in ur essay..
      4.can expand the para of short cut point to two-three more lines
      5.oh finally rabbo is here who learnt and improved..good
      work on structural part..content is good

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Thanks a lot Vivan for your detailed review . Champak memory made me smile.

        You r right, economy part wad over emphasized . thanks i will improve on it.

    • Hi Harsh, frist of all avoid underlines in an essay. How do you know what the examiner would like?
      In fact, he can ignore any other good part in your essay because of these underlines.
      Start was good, I could visualize it !
      The ‘economy’ aspect took a greater space than expected. the Last two paras could have been elaborated to bring balance in your write up.
      Overall, a good read 🙂

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Thanks a lot Batman . i will keep that underline point in Mind.

    • David Ila

      Better among so far I have studied. Keep writing . loved ur intro and conclusion. Body could have more dimensions. Gud flow. Try to make it better

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Thanks David, you words are really motivating.
        Very valid commen,, will try to improve on it.

    • pandeyji

      1 – how can you learn unlimited??? study unlimited samajh aata hai…but learn agar unlimited kar rahe hain aap tab toh upsc kuch hai hi nahi aapke liye
      2 – Torqo and Raboo mast naam soche aapne…But torqo is too stylish for a tortoise and Raboo is too old-fashioned for a ishmart hare
      3 – Life ko itna race mat samajhiye Harshji…aapka race wala paragraph padhke main dukhi ho gaya..realize hua ki haan yar, cut throat competition, race, job etc ye sab bhara hua hai life mein..but ko enjoy bhi karen bhaagte bhaagte…is race mein agar gutter mein bhagna likha hai, toh kabhi kshmir ki waadiyan ya ratnam ki galiyan bhi aane ko hain
      4 – agli bar se aap pehle ek structure banaiyega..ya isi essay ko aise kariye, ki business related examples, social examples, economic examples sab alag alag pata chalen..usse likhne mein bhi aasani hogi and padhne wale ko bhi pata chalega as he reads ki haan ab ye chokra business ke baare mein bolega..woh subah se 100 essay padh chuka hota hai toh use thoda structure essay zyada pasand aayega
      5 – agar aur dimensions add kar rahe hain, toh koshish kariye ki exmaples har dimension se likhe..jaise economic aapne likha..toh historical ya political bhi likh daaliyega..taaki kuch bhi missing na lage..oh wrote green revolution..fir theek hai..sorry
      6 – Inshah allah aap india ke future Raboo bane

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Ha ha ha , thanks a lot pandey ji. I got your point .

        I am trying to “Learn Unlimited ” for UPSC . Although its not humanly possible .

        Thanks a ton for your review.

    • @ak

      Hi Harsh,
      You mentioned its your first time to write essay so — Good and keep doing!!
      My observations:
      1) good to start with a story– but may be you can make it little more crisp n short
      2) I think we can’t call LPG reforms as quick decisions — pre liberalization attempts had been made earlier (1966, 1985– as per Wikipedia) and when decision was taken finally in 1991 it was only after exhausting all other options we had>> so may not be a good example
      3) you can improve in terms of LINKING the paragraphs>> example you talk about economy then sudden jump on social reform then on some recruitment group..few examples then personal life then startups…. >> my suggestion to bring flow in your essay try sequencing your thoughts maybe few headings will help you order them
      4) same goes with the agri point towards the end of essay..
      5) Repetition to be avoided : in your opening para you have covered about fierce competition etc again you repeat it in startups para..
      6) can add multidimensionality: avoid only India specific examples (apple was a good one though) may be you can add Japan’s rise post N Bombing
      7) Other input: (just random that came to my mind) >> can add why being fast and steady is important when earlier taught>> eg technology has revolutionalized the speed of getting task done.. (dwelve deeper on this), Information age (communication revolution like never before) >> earlier two scientists possibly working on same project same method took years to innovate now they can collaborate team up work together … updating skills etc and so on
      8) for steadiness >> you can relate it to sustainability >> speed fast is good but it should also be sustainable (eg hot money, fly by night money: quick but not steady)
      9) Last suggestion re read your essay after 5 – 10 days : this helps you see where you went off track also helps you with new points
      I hope this helps you.. .. Keep writing .. practice makes man perfect.. 🙂

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Thanks a lot for your detailed review. I agree with all your points ..
        I will definately review my essay again after 5 – 10 days ..Thanks a lot.

    • Keshav Singh

      hi HARSH,
      I READ UR essay and found that I sud wait before i cud review sincerely…so I am not giving any comment…hopefully next week,,,I will see your essay and I am also contemplating to write essay here…
      btw it is good that u hav started writing essay here(its sort of steady part once u got momentum u will be quick as well)..this will give u momentum required ….keep going..

    • rawat

      Nicely written bhai…. I have not written a single essay yet. Try to give more real life example. Sachin tendulkar, disaster management , startups which you have already taken..

      Overall well attempted.

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        thanks buddy

    • yogi

      Hello Mr. Harsh 🙂
      My views:

      Intro: i can relate, but try something unique, that was predictable ending

      Race to get life/born — yes the race between sperms to reach the egg so u r right here : )

      in today’s world there is no scope for the losers , for those who come second.— don;t say that bhai once i stood 2nd in my class so it means this world is an illusion for me 🙁 what if examiner would have been the guy/lady like me 😛

      Suggestion: avoid the extreme words like no one is going to help you, no place for falires etc as these will surely backfire and u can yourself estimate that what these extremes statements mean

      Green revolution part good

      Apple, nokia fipkart, and all those start ups paras can be condensed in one or at max two para, not like 4 seperate para, that left less scope to bring many dimensions

      Conclusion : very good

      Overall a good attempt if it was your first essay

      Keep writing and reviewing

      P.S.: since i have reviewed ur write-ups first time, so i must say few words. The words are :: sorry if i sounded harsh in my review, shabdo pe ne jaana bhavnao ko samjhho 🙂

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Thanks a lot frd , Very valuable comments .

    • rajan

      The intro was engaging Harsh, but the examiner may find it filmy. Also, reduce its strength
      You had a wide variety of points.
      Felt the transition from being steady to being quick could have been brought more smoothly

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Thanks for your value addition buddy…

  • aashish 2000

    When I was eight, I wished that my dad would take me to swimming. But it didnt happen the way I wished for. When the days are passing I learnt the things never going to happen that we wished for. When I saw my friends swimming, I perceived its an art which comes with steady. I saw few of my friends are tumbled when they jumped and realized it’s because of fast, when I tried it on my own. With all my delayed experience I know two things which impact not only in swimming, but also in every aspect people has to counter while running for their goals and aspirations are Quick and Steady.

    We are doing tasks quick to save time along with some other aspects include monetary. Doing tasks quickly is started when our ancient grandfathers used iron instead of wood, and it continued. As a modern new born we are experiencing the computers in our houses, mixers and ovens in our kitchen, motor vehicles and bullet trains for transportation and many more which enabled us to perform the tasks easily and quickly.

    Being quick is essential to be exist in this cut throat competition world. In this speed of light era, there is more chance to do mistake by running in quick mode. We need to be cautious while enabling the quick mode and its enabling lies on the situation it exists. Along the lines of speed it has to be steady to reach the winning line. Every project we involve has its gestation period and we cant achieve them without the relevant amount of patience and rigour. With speed we are not able to see the problem arising in the process of work, and far lesser chance to mend our ways for improvement. We need time to think to be creative and corrective as well as innovative and for improving.

    Since from my early days I heard slow and steady words from my grandmother to wins the race. People who appreciate the seriousness of work usually keep the speed at reasonable level, so that they can give ample amount of time to the task at hand. It also says people who start the work with vigor without being steady to accomplish and become overconfident and complacent are condemned in their endeveours was explained with a story of hare and tortoise to remember the importance of the quote.

    Being slow is not a quality and one must act according to the situation and requirement before deciding the speed. The speed of the action must be justified by the purpose and goal that we pursue. Sometimes we have remained with only one option- being quick and fast!If there is a tornado coming we must act fast. As discussed it depends upon the situation and it fails when a painter produce a masterpiece needs steady.

    We must also acknowledge that learning a skill, inculcation efficiency, deftness in work requires time which need to be followed and practice slowly. Thus, Carl Honore, rightly points the slow philoshop is not about speed and more about the right amount of time and attention you need to involve to solve a problem. As we see the sign boards ” Go Slow” gives us time to think, update and makes us enable to decide the right cross we need to take inorder to pursue the goal.
    Milan Kundera goes to the extent by saying ” The degree of steadiness is directly propotional to the intensity of memory and the degree of speed is directly proportional to intensity of forgetting”.

    However, Steadiness remains to be common positive attribute for winning. Whether we are quick or slow, steadiness or continuity of efforts is extremely important for winning. The frutition of any project or goal requires untiring and consistent efforts. Paolo Coelho says the beauty of life is we fall seven times and get up eight times. Life is very occasionally a magic, it is often more akin to music. Magic may be fast and quick, but music is fast and steady depends upon the situation.

    Subsequently, people are multifaceted, who are opting for quick and fast methods to become wealthy and famous and another set of people who choose steady to win it. The former one are quick to accomplish the task on based on skill but being quick is not always accompained steadiness. Having steadiness as a personality trait results in laziness and sloppy.

    Having a reasonable speed is the required one to accomplish the desired. As Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, “There is more to life than simply increasing its speed”. One has to equip with the steadiness and work along the lines to hone up the speed. Its not only limited to the individual it’s wide coverage starts from the individual and covers the nations itself. Hence, success is the factor which follows with the attributes of steadiness and gradual increment of speed, which is required.

    • pandeyji

      aapke naam ka 2000 ka matlab kya hai?
      essay main baad mein review karunga..khud likhke dimag thak gaya

  • pandeyji

    Quick but steady wins the race

    As the world changes and humanity evolves with technology and traits, the idioms and phrases modify accordingly. Gone is the era where the slow and steady won the race. It is the season of the quick but steady to make the final mark in today’s world. Neither being quick alone can make a person climb the ladder completely nor being steady alone can help him swim the vast ocean namely, life. It is but the combination of the two, that forms the best if not perfect, recipe to overcome all the barriers and succeed ahead.

    Quickness along with steadiness is very difficult to bring out. One can be quick only up to some extent and one could be steady only if he is slow to some extent, hence, a combination of the two is an uphill task to achieve. But as revolutions take place in this materialistic world and survival of the fittest as a phrase attracts even more traction, humans voyage in quest of accomplishing even the impossible. And since the word ‘impossible’ does not exist in the dictionary of a few greats, this phrase eventually is all about utilizing one’s capacity to the fullest, being physically, mentally, psychologically and so on.

    Bing quick but steady also has some prerequisites. It cannot be achieved by simply having the strongest will power. It involves hours of pondering with respect to what one aims for or what is exactly the finishing mark of the ‘race’. He has to be sure that what he wants to achieve is actually what he wishes for and is certain about the picture in black and white, leaving no grey areas. After having set the finishing mark, he prepares his mental state such that he can persist for his goal with equanimity till the last mile. He then starts his journey making his way through the haze to reach where he had hoped he would get to, one final day. Mahatma Gandhi and his strategy for nation’s freedom can best exemplify the same. After making up his mind that India’s freedom was his ultimate goal, he sealed the idea in his mind and made steady efforts till the very end. Having adopted the strategy of non-violence, he was quick to react and stop the Non-cooperation movement after the chauri-chaura case despite dampening the entire nation’s desires. He stuck to his goal and his strategy, finally achieving what he wanted by being quick but steady.

    There are many contestants in this world, who are quick to catch up but lack steadiness. There are others who are steady, yet they are not quick to react. Sachin Tendulkar is another great example to show how this combination can work wonders in life. He was quick to adapt to foreign as well as unexpected pitch conditions as well as steady in his everyday practise and long-term game overall. Many players made a quick start to their careers such as Ajantha Mendis while many stuck around with their steadiness such as Lance Klusener. But few matched the calibre of Sachin who has many records to his name.

    The quote is very much relevant to today’s business class or entrepreneurs too. Taking the example of Steve Jobs, one has to understand how quick he was to react to situations with innovations and in the backdrop, how steady he was in terms of doing what he wanted to do. He showed the world that a curious mind cannot simply set back after it has quickly reached an innovation. The entrepreneur has to steadily keep looking for more, keep doing more in the same lines. Having founded Apple and developed world’s first personal computer, he simply never stopped adding world-changing technologies in the form of other’i-products’.

    Similar is the case with any economy. An economy has to be open yet insulated to an extent in the modern globalized world. Quickness comes in terms of reacting towards external shocks while steadiness has to be maintained for the internal sustainable development of a nation. After thr Great Depression of 1928, the U.S. was quick to mitigate the slump in demand and boost growth via fiscal measures. Since then it has steadily grown into a saturated economy, but still remains the strongest economy in the world today. Greece on the other hand was quick to boost its social sector, but failing to curb debts via steady reforms, it had to face the dilemma of Grexit recently.

    Politics is another area where this quote, although next to impossible to apply, can form the panacea to a party’s ills. Having failed to win a single constituency in Delhi in the national elections, the AAP was quick to react to the gruesome defeat. With only a few months to the state elections, the party geared up with steady campaigning. The result showed and the party won 67 out of the 70 MLA seats. Since then, if it is not steady enough to bring reforms, the mandate of the public can tip it over yet again.

    Another simple example exists in the preparation of an aspirant of a particular exam he wants to crack. With the syllabus or the pattern changing regularly, he has to be quick enough to change his strategy accordingly. But that is not enough. He has to be steady in his efforts towards the exam till the very last day of his preparation. (This paragraph is dedicated to all of you who are preparing for civil services and sacrifice your mastis and parties to make a steady efforts towards your preparation…all the best friends)

    Hence, winning the race of life is never easy. Every day and every moment in itself is a race, an opportunity to excel, a platform to improve as well as prove one’s strengths. Being quick to be efficient to tackle exigencies as well as being steady to maintain inner strength and temperament can take one where he sees himself in the future.

    • Pandey Ji bahut time baad aae essay forum me, sunday ki masti kon kraega 😉
      My views:
      1)As I say, you have a mature way of writing which got reflected in this one too
      2)Both quick and steady aspects dealt, diverse examples
      3)The second para, though in end you wrote that there is nothing called ‘impossible’, I feel in the begining you could have avoided saying it is difficult to achieve given the fact that essays are reflection of personality
      4)Prerequisites was a good addition
      5)End was a little abrupt, need to be smoothed
      Thanks for a para for all of us. A good read, please have a look at mine as well 🙂

      • pandeyji

        are abhi karta hun review and yahin se chalu karta hun sunday masti

    • Agastya ( Vikarma)

      Hi Pandeyji,
      Good examples. The essay was good especially in the middle and later-middle parts. You got solid points there. Good critical thinking displayed.
      In the beginning there was less idea where the essay was heading towards. Also the conclusion is not very good. The exam part could perhaps be avoided. Personal opinion.

    • SKB

      Few Points:-
      -u adhere the topic. A covered both part. I missed the quick one as u highlighted.
      -Good begning….end need further improvement.
      -content need more diversity..although u attempted political and economic aspect.

      • pandeyji

        aapki photo ka kya matlab hai?
        Aapne pure india ka vote le liya hai?

        • SKB

          :)…just cherishing d right…..

    • Akhil

      Pandey ji nice beginning. From sachin to Steve Jobs you nicely balanced your opinion.
      AAP Wala point avoid kar sakte the,jyada behtar example use kar sakte the
      Conclusion mujhe monotonous laga.
      Thank you

    • G.


      nice try…
      conclusion abrupt ho gaya, jaise hence winning is…. aise kabhi mat open karna essay me
      emotional kar diye participants ko dedicate kar ke (it was good, but not required here)
      language could be much better
      framing needs more careful attention
      aap thoda abrupt ho jate hain pandeyji ekdum chulbul ki tarah…. thoda lassi lijiye… vaise bhi yahan kaunu chhedi singh nahi hai
      gandhi example was good.. i missed in my essay… it was important to include history perspective
      keep writing chulbul ji

      hamara bhi review kar dijiye… agar yahan nahi mil rha hai essay to link ye hai
      vahiin comment kar dijiyega…

      aur likhte zaroor rehna …

    • Shaktimaan

      ram ram pandey ji!!!
      kya kamaal karte ho pandey ji…….. chaddar phad ke rumaal karte ho pandey ji…….wahhh:P:P
      ati uttam…………wt a MATURE thoughts bhaii:):)
      philo k under kya jabardast general knowledge use kie ho!!
      thank u bhai beech main wishes dene k liye…….:)
      ultimate eassy……no critics:)
      thanku bhaii…………..if tym permits plz review mine……i knw m late…sory 4 dat:):):)

  • Raja

    Since our childhood we are listening one very common proverb that Slow and Steady wins the race.We all are very much clear about the story of Rabbit and torotoise where in the end slow and steady torotoise turned out to be a winner.But lets imagine if rabbit in the story showed persistence and steadiness along with quickness then he would definitely won the race . But because he was over confident about his speed and in this excitement he lost the game. His quicknes alone was fruitless and landed him in second position.

    In this fast evolving and developing world only those countries and persons will sustain themselves who are able to maintain pace with it. Many years ago Darwin put forwarded the theory of Natural selection which advocates survival of the fittest. He propounded this theory in relation to evolution of organisms from there ancestors. Next progeny is advanced and more refined than previous generation and only then able to survive in constantly changing environment. The same law hold true in the present scenario . We are now entering 21st centuarywhich is altogether diffrent from19 and 20th centuries.After industrial revolution world was continuously on the path of development may it be any field -medicine , space , communication , enginnering and because of these inventions and discoveries our life become much better than some decades ago . New ideas arose because of such revolutions and many countries become developed nations like US ,UK , Germany . Citizens of these countries have very good life style , many oppurtunities to lead a good life and to move ahead by quickly applying there knowledge in making new ways by optimum use of resources.. They carry out research in different fields , send humans on moon , send various satellites for making communication , information access easy and accessible by all. Despite many failures they carry on with research and come out with fantastic results.Very well example of this is first artificial satellite Sputnik by former USSR , discovery of aeroplane by Wright brothers , discovery of electricity , telephone . History is studded with myriad examples.Hence they proved that it is the time to change the old proverb to new form ie Quick and steady wins the race .

    For second group of countries like India , pakistan , SL, China , for them its the high time to think over the issue and modify themselves accordingly to become at par with developed world.Undoubdetdly these countries are also moving on path of progress as is clearly evident from policies and initiatives or and other countries government are taking but still we stick to our old baseless ideologies and orthodox ideas which are hampering our progress.Many citizens don’t want to come out of those age old beliefs . In indian history we have so many examples which lack steadiness and leads to failure. Revolutionaries like Bhagat singh , Azaad , Rajguru they all were so dynamic and beaming with enthusiasm but because they lack steadiness in their actions movement ended very early. Revolt of 1857 also met with same fate due to lack of coordination and steadiness.
    Earlier it proved sucessful that slow and steady wins the race but in the present day changing mileu we should be fast enough to grasp , modify and resort ourselves to new ideas and avenues. There is need to become open minded, and to broaden our horizon and welcome new technology and development with open arms. But the most important aspect is steadiness . We should not leave this aspect as without this one can’t achieve goals in his/her life. During our efforts sometimes we face defeat . Even many genius faced defats and failures like Einstein , Watson , Abrahim lincoln but instaed of losing moral they took it as oppurtunity to work towards it with more dedication andfinal come up with flying colours.

    In this modern world quickness and steadiness are inextricably linked to each other and alone each one is useless. Not only at global or national level but also at personal level both these are most important. Personal growth of individual takes place only when s/he is fast to adapt to new strategies ,liberal views of others and strive towards perfection. So all we can say is that now its time to modify age old proverb to one which fits better in this 21st centuary that motivates citizens of the world to become fast , flexible , open to new ideas but at same time shows firmness , patience and moving on attitude to create this world full of promises and oppurtunities. Its time to become rabbit which possess both quickness and steadiness So that coming generation understand the impotance and will say – Quick And Steady Wins The Race.

    • Raja

      Please review friends ..

  • SVSR


  • Affu

    Hello friends,do anyone of u have e-copy of ramesh singh economy? please respond

    • Roshan

      Hi, I have a pdf copy, but it is 5th edition (currently available in market is 6th edition).
      If you want I can share it….

      • sheetu singh

        i hv also 5th one ,plz smonne hv 6thedition

        • Delhi boy

          ye sheetu whr r u man… i missed ur good hand writing answer..hey i want ur whatsapp number i m going to create whatsapp group…no chatting ,,just reviewing answer only..becz posting an answer on insights its taking lot of time for us.. as per hindi medium v need hindi medium group ..plz share ur answer…thanks in advance

      • Affu

        Thanks for responding, please share it

    • Roshan

      80% of it will be useful, except Union Budget, Economic Survey and Railway Budget part….

    • Roshan

      Hi Affu, if you have Shekhar Bandyopadhaya’s – plassey to partition pdf, and if you don’t mind, can you please share with me…

  • OptimusPrime

    Please feel free to Tell my loopholes.

  • VSN

    Quick but Steady wins the Race

    From time immemorial we have been used to the saying “Slow and steady wins the race”. The Tortoise always beats the Hare to the finish line. Today we live in times where Terabytes of data are processed in milliseconds, inventions happen every few seconds & boundaries are pushed every single minute. Does the age old saying still hold significance or it is time to move on to the new norm i.e “Quick but Steady wins the Race”

    An immediate recollection that comes to mind with regards to the above quote is that of India’s role in the Bangladesh Freedom. India was always sympathetic to the rebel leaders of Bangladesh who had to take refuge in India in spite of winning democratic elections in erstwhile East Pakistan. India waited strategically until Pakistan’s hasty action of initiation. Once initiated the Indian army quickly attacked the army in East Pakistan and sealed the freedom of Bangladesh before American Intervention.

    Now let us try to understand what the statement of the essay actually means. “Quick” here refers to being decisive and prompt, “Steady” refers to stability & consistency, “wins the race” refers to emerging victorious. Here I would like to bring focus on the work “but” instead of “and” as used in the old saying. This is most probably because quick is associated with brash, aggressive & instability. Thus the statement emphasises the need for stability and continuity i.e. steadiness in spite of being quick.

    Quick but Steady wins the Race

    History is full of examples backing the above statement. A few of them are highlighted below:

    – Chinese & East Asian Economic Progress: China was a predominantly agricultural country like India. But from around 1970’s they shifted to Industrialization. This decisive shift enabled it to achieve high growth and managed to transform it from an under-developed country to being the 2nd largest country in the world. Japan and South Korea underwent similar economic change.

    – India’s Liberalization: India was in a very bad shape economically before 1991 with major issues surrounding foreign reserves & balance of Payment. The dark times were dealt with effectively thanks to the quick and decisive action taken by the then Finance Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

    – Indian Army : The Indian army has time and again demonstrated its abilities to take quick action and be decisive. Right from Kargil operations to its role in the Chennai floods, the role of the army was vital in dealing with the problems successfully.

    Quick and steady wins the Race?

    Gravitational waves were discovered 100 years after Einstein’s theory predicted them. India’s freedom struggle was one of the longest one to take place in the world. Efforts relating to eradication of Caste system and abolishing untouchability have still to attain complete success. In this light it is important to realize that Quick but Steady does not always win the Race. Efforts of Gandhi relating to untouchability were definitely decisive but any social change does not take place quickly. It takes time to imbibe values. Passing a law abolishing the Caste system or untouchability starts the process but changing the mind-set of the society takes time and happens slowly. Another interesting example would be relating to India-Pakistan relations. In complete contrast to India’s prompt actions in Bangladesh & Kargil stands India’s relationship with Pakistan. In spite active efforts by our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, acts by separatist & terrorists groups further widen the gap between the two countries. It is thus also important to appreciate the importance of plethora of factors which determine the success of an action. It is important to be patient and act towards achieving the goal.

    There are various problems in today’s world such as environment issues, unemployment, spread of diseases such as Zika. In this light it is important that decisive & consistent action be taken to solve the problems. It is also imperative that learning’s from history are incorporated to suitably execute policies. Issues such as the Vodafone retrospective tax issue needs to be sorted out quickly in order to prevent logjam & ensure smooth functioning of the economy.

    • ckp

      U have covered all aspects of eassy but i think u can write beter conclusion.frree to ignore.

  • Quick but Steady Wins the Race

    As I began writing this piece, few question cropped up in my mind. I asked to myself: Will I be able to complete this piece in a time bound manner? Am I proceeding steadily but slowly in writing up this piece? Isn’t it a race to produce a beautiful write up within the time limit? As I started answering these questions, I realized that perhaps the notion of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ has lagged behind because of the slowness attached with it and the new mantra is ‘quick but steady wins the race’.

    The mantra made me rewind the story of turtle and rabbit where turtle won the race because of the attitude of ‘steady’ even though he was slow. But just then another thought came to me-what if the rabbit was steady too? In fact, it was not the win of turtle but the
    loss of rabbit that produced the result as we saw. Had the rabbit been quick as well as steady, no doubt he would have been a clear winner and the whole notion of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ would have been defeated.

    Similar instances around us make one realize that the idea of being quick and steady is bound to emerge as winner. I cannot think to win the race of topping the civil services examinations if I remain slow in my approach. The exam would win because of its quickness
    while I will remain far behind even though I am steady but slow. But what is there in the idea of ‘quick but steady’ that makes one win the race?

    The quickness is efforts along with steadiness ensure that the mind has got no time to wander. It is always filled with the thoughts of accomplishing the goals and remains committed to the goal of making things happen-thus turning a thought into reality. The
    slowness allows the liberty to look outside the window to enjoy the scenic beauty of landscape while quickness is always mesmerized with the beautiful thoughts in the mind. Such is the power of ‘quick but steady’.

    There are live examples to prove that the idea is not merely rhetoric and holds great importance. Napoleon Hill, in one of his books ‘Think and Grow Rich’ talks about an entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie to argue how quickness in decision-making made him no less than a King in the steel-making industry. Carnegie was quick enough to decide what he has to do but steady too. He remained clung to his efforts thus leaving no stone unturned to make the victory his mate.

    Quick but steady approach leads to a burning desire, an obsession of reaching the goals. Such is the desire that even minor failures that have remained a hallmark of successful people have no negative impact. Such failures in fact act as a propellant making them
    work even hard to defeat those failures. MS Dhoni, the Indian team captain might have suffered some defeats because of his shrewd captaincy in form of being quick and steady with his decision making but that hasn’t deter him from pursuing the same. Here, in case of cricket matches, had Dhoni not been quick, the slow and steady approach pertaining to that match would have perhaps continued even after the match!

    It is often said that as you begin to move towards the goals, the goals shifts even farther. Goals check patience and perseverance. Goals see how much you can take it, how much do you long for it. In short, goal is fast and dynamic in approach finding new ways
    every second to defeat you in the game. However, a quick but steady approach ensures that one is more quick even than the goal, thus defeating the goal and accomplishing it. In the India’s developmental scenario, many approaches, schemes and programmes have been applied to bring them at par with the rest of the country. But the problem is becoming dynamic each and every day. Insurgents find new spots to hide themselves-Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal. The Indian government has to show the quick but steady approach in order to defeat insurgents and winning the ‘race of development’.

    The Quick but steady approach in fact help in earlier accomplishment of goals. The goals of reducing poverty and containing climate change have often involved a slow response from the leaders across the world. The climate change pact or the newly approved Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a pointer that a quick and steady approach would have ensured welfare of whole humanity that reside this beautiful planet-the mother Earth. Slow and steady approach is making the goal far as the population continues to rise and new candidates for ‘becoming poor’ emerge.

    But wait a minute! Does the approach of quick but steady always a winner? Can there be some exceptions in this world full of uncertainties and dynamism? Of course, there are exceptions to prove that the orthodox view can still hold importance is some quarters. Slow but steady approach ensures that even a minute possibility of failure is kept under check. The slowness ensures that there is a careful analysis of the circumstances and situations around us. For some, whose steadiness can be thwarted away by minute failures, this approach is a better way out. The Indian Parliament is often criticized for the logjams and slow business transactions but such a slow approach towards giving the final form to bill by careful debates ensures that most of the loopholes are rectified and race of ‘welfare’ is accomplished and ‘sustained’ for a longer period of time.

    What brings an end to this piece of writing in a time bound manner is nothing but the quick and steady approach that I followed throughout in putting up my thoughts, organizing them and writing the best what I could. Others may have been still thinking while I have acted upon that time and what matters more is the action because they are recognizable and capable of showing results to me. Not just my piece of writing, the approach has proved its mettle in different quarters in commercial, national and international fields. No doubt, there are few exceptions that always come up in this subjective world but indeed the approach of quick but steady has the potential to bear fruitful results for one who pursues it with nothing but again a ‘quick but steady’ approach.

    PS-I may not be able to review because of internet problem here. Thank You 🙂

    • Shaktimaan

      achha h batiee:):)
      philo h isme..(qki or kuch aa b ni sakta:P)……great
      …continus read without break…….great
      mastt..m/……….thank u:)

    • Vivaan Khanna the line where u say quickness leads us to see beauty in thought while slow goes to scenic beauty..such is the power of quick but steady..i felt this was negative of quickness that we are not able to enjoy the landscapic either remove the comparison or rewording may help as per me
      2.MSD is not apt example as on field all captains have to take quick decisions otherwise they will have to pay the fine of delaying the match…yeah i agree his decisions are shrewd but have no relevance to quickness.
      3.flow was ok but still some hiccups were there in one two para
      4.after MSD wala para…next para was not engaging
      5.conclusion mein apni tarif kyu kar rahe ho…can conclude in a better way
      6.quality of content was so high..i expect such write ups from u always 🙂
      keep going…i enjoyed ur essay

      • Hey Thanks Vivaan, yep I read the conclusion again, some refinement required. I thought of linking it with intro but kuch jada bol gya 😀

      • Swastika Thakur

        vivaan bhai ,
        in dire need of your constructive criticism …plz spank my this piece of understanding…

        • Vivaan Khanna

          i reviewed ur essay swastika…my comment is awaiting moderation…please look into the matter :p

    • Tanu Singhal

      Hey batman , few points.

      1. Approach got too narrow, the intro and conclusion of writing an essay was too particular. Be more subjective and universal in intro and conclusion
      2. U ere going right with the flow, but suddenly the examples if parliament or Myanmar, disturbed the flow and it appeared that u were not having proper structure, so work on this.
      3. U got too stuck on goals, try to use some synonym or other such descriptions and examples.

      The quality of content is really good.

      • Hey Thanks Tanu, will try to work on your points 🙂

      • One more fake BATMAN

        Hi, Review mine too if interested.

        • Tanu Singhal

          Sure will do

          • Genghis Khan

            Thanks. Let me know if you also wrote this.

            • Tanu Singhal

              Yes I have written , u can see that from my profile’s comment section

              • Genghis Khan

                Okay. Will review in some time.

      • Swastika Thakur

        miss ! plz review if gets som time ,it can change a life

        • Genghis Khan

          Can you review mine?

        • Tanu Singhal

          I just hope m able to change lives.

          Will do definitely.

        • Tanu Singhal

          I did urs. Kindly review mine.

          U can find mine from my profile’s comment section

          • Swastika Thakur

            yes i ‘ll

    • Affu

      good one,i was actually searching for this kind of intro,u nailed it.this definitely shall convey to the examiner that ur thoughts are original,hence half of the job of drawing his attention has been beautifully accomplished.However,when u started by relating to own experience try to keep examples that u take up further simple, i mean popular,that carnegie one though good could be substituted by something else and would ahve added examples from diverse fields educations,security,disaster etcHope u got my point.the strenght of ur essay is the criticism that u presented and substantiated by indian parliament log jams..good
      i know im not an expert but just presented a review as audience 🙂

      • Thanks a lot Ma’am. I understood your point, was just trying to show mane kitab padhi hai 😀
        N u may not be an expert but you reviewed it like one 🙂

    • Sahil Garg

      =>I liked the intro an the conclusion
      => Myanmar, parliament point did disturb the flow a little.
      => Agree with vivaan on scenic beauty point. Kind of portrays the notion that growth is more important than development.
      Please review mine 🙂

    • Sometime i think the moral in the story of tortoise-rabbit race is either wrong or put in a bad way that needs correction .:) We think that slow and steady wins the race .The story seems to make the tortoise as hero in the end which every body talks about.What we should talk about is the blunder of the rabbit who was complacent ,arrogant and choose to sleep out of carelessness.The tortoise won not because he was slow and steady but because the rabbit was arrogant and careless and miscalculated the race .So ,instead of drawing a moral that slow and steady wins the race ,the actual moral should be ‘ quick but steady wins the race and you should not be quick enough to loose your energy and you can’t continue till the end .Quickness comes at the cost of energy and strength .Even for steadiness/firmness, strength is required which requires physical and will power .So, we should neither be quick and firm enough to loose our power early . The pace of work should be even ,well calculated and assessed so that one must have an idea about what time one is going to take to complete the work .
      Nice write brother !Keep it up:)

      • You are absolutely correct. This is what even I mentioned in the second para that it was not the win of turtle but the loss of rabbit.
        Further, adding to what you have said, how does one define the word ‘quick’. there are no hard and fast rules that if decisions are taken within this time limit, it will be construed as quick while the rest as slow. The world is so dynamic, one can’t make an objective statement that be quick all the time. It is often said that successful entrepreneurs are quick in decision making but change them very slowly. And there are others too who say, when faced with failure change your method but not the goal. Doesn’t it look as if the whole notion is misplaced?
        I guess holding on to the things is much better because ‘Be Patient. Everything is coming together’ rather than applying the notion of quick or slow. I could have discussed all what I said but it would have deviated from the major aspect that one needs to cover in this essay.
        Thanks for the kind words, brother and your thoughts that you put up 🙂

        • hahaa….I was going to answer your question of ‘how does one define the word ‘quick’?’ till i read your third para “i guess……..” . You answered your question yourself by saying being patient and holding on things is much better than thinking about how quick on should be…As you said, there is no hard and fast rule …Except for exam ,perseverance is more important than being quick in almost all walks of life .Challenges in today’s time , are very complex and full of uncertainty that required careful deliberations and thinking , so being quick is less relevant than being persistent and firmed .This is particular true for business world where it requires years to grow . There is no short cut .Consider ,Warren Buffet .When many stock investors rush to pull out their money when the share market turn bearish or plummet ,he is a very few that still chill out .Most worry about earning profits in short term ,and for them companies’ stock performance everyday is important .They monitor stocks everyday .He doesn’t even look at stocks performance of companies and certainly not their everyday performance .He invest keeping in view of long run return .You can imagine how much patience it requires to do so. That’s why he is one of the richest man in the world .But he is a great philanthropist too. 🙂
          Thanks brother .I learn so many things from the way you write .Keep going this way .:)

    • Pallavi

      Hey nice one…
      Few observations:
      1) intro and conclusion though a genuine thought process I doubt it will appeal to examiner
      2)quick slow beauty point pointed out by vivan
      3)ur observation of tortoise story is really awesome it can b the conclusion so that it will have lasting impact on examiner

      • Lady with three letters similar to mine 😀
        I still need some clarification regarding intro and conclusion because some have liked it, others haven’t and you have taken a balanced stand 😀
        Agree with the rest. Thanks Pallavi 🙂

        • Pallavi

          That’s what a ICS aspirant should do…”balance” 🙂
          If u carefully observe ur eassy its filled wid ex of personalities Dhoni that book and addition of such personal thoughts like writing this essay and then in conclusion a bit praise 4 yourself (though it might nt b ur actual intention) damages the aura created and reduce eassy to a narrow line…
          U mentioned SDG and other things such things will elevate topic to a next higher level rather than just confining it to race goal etc ..
          Hope u got my point!!

          • Got your point Pallavi. Though mentioning personality won’t do any harm but ‘a bit praise for myself’ can do that. Would take extra care of that.
            Thanks Again, Pallavi 🙂

      • Akbar

        Have a look at mine too if interested.

    • Night thinker !!

      Hey Batman,
      To be honest, I was looking for someone to give examples of a civil servant aspirant. And why not? Even we, the aspirants need to be quick and steady in our preparation phase.
      Also, climate change..very apt example, so an upvote for these two examples!

      The other side of the coin, it was not the tortoise who won, but the hare lost the race! This is what exactly justifies the essay!
      I loved your essay! 🙂 🙂

    • pandeyji

      1 – Batman hoke quickness ki baat kar rahen hain to funny lag raha hai. Aapko ghanta sochne ki zarurat hai ki aap quick hain ki nahi
      2 – aap itne quick hain ki aap essay likhte waqt bhi, essay likhne ki jagah aaram se juice ki glass hatj mein lekar soch rahe hain ki “yar, main quick hun ki nahi?”
      3 – Andrew Carnegie jaise logon ke baare mein padhta hun, toh lagta hai ki entrepreneurship ki taraf ghus jaun..kya ye upsc ki padhai kar raha hun..lekin fir thode time baad wapas track pe aa jata hun
      4 – Main MSD fan hun..chahe aap yahan usko sahi quote kiye ya galat, aapko ek taali maar raha hun usko essay mein lane ke liye
      5 – as you begin to move towards the goals, the goals shifts even farther – ye agar sach hai toh pehle bata dijiye..main chodh dunga upsc ki padhai..matlab jitna main padh raha hun, utna woh aur door hota ja raha hai mujhse
      6 – 5th point ke liye hi mera ek dost hai jo sj=hastron ko padhke batata hai ki ye duniya ek dukhalaya hai..tum jitna khushi ke peeche bhaagoge, utni hi tumhe dukh milega..Toh main bas aapko ye bolna chahta hun, ki upsc ki preparation enjoy kariye and woh landmark (merit list mein naam aa jayega) pe zyada cheezen mat tikaiye…(although all of that philosophy and teachings seems crap..rank hi toh chahiye sabko)
      7 – Ek ted talk dekh raha tha..usme bola woh ki greenhouse emissions kam karne ka zamana gaya..research ab increased temperature pe jeene ki ho rahi i think humans are lazy to react but quick to act
      8 – essay mein likhne ke liye toh sahi hai aapka parliament wala point..but mann hi mann mujhe pata hai ki aap soch rahe honge “are ghanta slow hone se fayeda hai..jaldi bills bane and jaldi implement ho yar”
      9 – Ek question hai..aapka essay kuch hadd tak ek comparison lag raha hai quick but steady versus slow and steady ka…aapko kya lagta hai..sirf quick but steady pe concentrate karna better tha ya comparative approach better hai?
      10 – last paragraph padhke maza aa gaya..essay likhke last mein apne essay ki tareef bhi kardi..kamaal karte ho Batamanji 🙂

      P.S. my review is rarely about the essay :/

      • Vivaan Khanna

        wah pandey ji..5th point padhke maza aa gya humein to….apne peeth pe thapki mar lena meri taraf se ;p…hum fan to gaye aur bade wale

      • haha…are pandey ji, mane ab soch lia jis din mood refresh karna ho, apke review padh lene h mane 😀
        See, my point in talking about that it goes far away was that it creates new problems checking your patience, so going far in simple terms mean that goal is firm at its position but in fact you are being pushed back to create distance.
        Second thing about comparison, I think there is no harm in comparison if it serves the purpose of essay and my point was to ensure that a sweeping statement like this can’t be made, so inserted a counter-argument 🙂

      • Swastika Thakur

        wah! pandey ji ..wah! kya farmaye ho…tanik ye bhi review kar dijiye.

    • G.

      hey batman

      -good example of SDG in quick and steady – i think its perfect
      -a good version of rabbit tortoise think by asking what if rabbit….
      -good about carnegie think from napoleon hill
      -conversationlist essay, went smooth
      -language is good

      -i personally do not prefer first person essays
      -opening was innovative but its suitable to blogs, not to UPSC essays; ending also was limited due to this
      -i dont think his quick decision making was the reason behind his achievements. there were other more important virtues. correct me if am wrong, because i studied that long time ago

      overall a good essay man.
      a request for you to review mine as well. if you cannot find here, an alternative link

      please review that, i know i did not gave quickness part that much attention . i realized it afterwards

      • Thanks G(Batao jabardasti izzat leta hai ye banda :P, I know you had a different name earlier :D)
        Will try to work on intro.
        Quick decision making wasn’t the only reason but it was indeed a reason and I have read the book few days ago 😛

        • G.

          haha …
          please review mone as well…
          i need criticisms from you…

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Batman ,

      I will give a detailed review for your essay 🙂

      1) Introduction in the first paragraph especially the first sentence looks little bit deviated .the sentence preceding this sentence” I realized that perhaps the notion of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ has lagged …. ” looks somewhat deviating because you discussing around 30 to 40 words on that which is totally unrelated like example :[ Am I proceeding steadily but slowly in writing up this piece? ]. these looks odd .

      2) second paragraph is good and you got the rhythm here . the only mistake i find here is a grammatical one ” In fact, it was not the win of turtle but the loss of rabbit that produced the result as we saw.”

      3) third paragraph is good 🙂 i did not see any flaw there 🙂

      4) fourth paragraph is good 🙂 only one grammatical error It is ” The quickness in efforts ” and NOT ” The quickness is efforts ”
      5) The story of the steel industry is well written .

      6) I feel sachin tendulkar example OR roger federer example OR Vishwanath Anand OR Saina Nehwal would have been better compared to M.S Dhoni . though is good cricketer but he is not the top cricketer . I can understand you want tell about the captaincy skills of Dhoni but i feel your presentation narrowed down to an individual performance .

      my suggestion : you would have told philosophical aspect like the team motivator in dhoni pulled the entire team after a big defeat and the team going on to win the world cup would have given the PUNCH as well as the curiosity in the examiner .

      7) your philosophical description of Goal was good 🙂 you totally lost the flow after wards ” In the India’s developmental scenario, many approaches, schemes and programmes have been applied to bring them at par with the rest of the country. But the problem is becoming dynamic each and every day. Insurgents find new spots to hide themselves-Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal. ”

      you straightway described programs are implemented to bring the entire population and suddenly shifted to insurgency without telling how poor implementation schemes have given rise to insurgency .

      8) this paragraph have to improved “The Quick but steady approach in fact help in earlier accomplishment of goals….. ” you could made it simple rather complicating it .

      suggestion : take this particular paragraph and rewrite and try to make it as simple as possible so that it does not move from the context of the essay .

      9) But wait a minute! Does the approach of quick but steady always a winner? this paragraph but you can think of some good example other than the Indian parliament.

      Hahahahah …..” criticized for the logjams and slow business transactions but such a slow approach towards giving the final form to bill by careful debates ” ……. LOL !!!!! batman ………. BUDDY be realistic 🙂

      10 ) ” Others may have been still thinking while I have acted upon….. ” try to avoid such statements because it looks like you are comparing with others .

      i can understand you tried to follow the same pattern used in the introduction but as i already told in the introduction itself that it looks little bit deviated .


      • OHHH…such a detailed review. Thanks a lot Aravind. Though I can give answers to some of the points raised by you but I will derive the merit in your arguments and try to work upon them 🙂
        Again, a big thanks to you for putting so much time 🙂
        I was being realistic 😛
        All the Best to you too 🙂

      • SKB

        nice review….a lot of insights, GPS for the topic.

      • Keshav Singh

        Dear Aravind ,,,
        I must say your review has added value to the essay written above. Admirable review..kudos…
        today I cud not write , but I will write next week(that wud be my first essay here) and I urge you in advance to review my essay with similar dedication and commitment…
        thanks for writing such enriching review..

    • BK

      Hi Batman,

      I usually like your answers, but today’s essay disappointed me. I feel you didn’t give too many dimensions to your essay. You could have talked about so many achievements and ills that India faces today. you could have talked about several areas like education, health, infrastructure etc and linked your essay beautifully to them.

      UPSC expects us to write an essay like a ‘bureaucrat’, unlike a philosopher. And you should enrich your essay with apt examples.

      Cheers !

      • Hi BK, my consistent essay reviewer 😀
        I would like to share few things. I think if essay would have more related with ‘content’ that you have mentioned, then the essay paper would have been named GS-I rather than paper-I. It is not always about discussing India’s problems and in fact I have to cover few dimensions. There needs to be a proper balance between the dimensions and flow. I can go on and on about the problems but in that course, flow is bound to get neglected. UPSC doesn’t want us to write like a ‘bureaucrat’ (if that is the case then there will emerge so many categories like-like a bureaucrat, like a CAPF personnel, like a school student and what not), instead it wants to see how beautifully one can put up his/her thoughts and that’s why essays are called as reflection of personality. I seriously doubt that mentioning problem does reveal anything about personality. This is the reason-flow, structure, intro, conclusion have higher weight rather than content which will almost be similar in most of the essays.
        I just wanted to share this not to defeat your argument but to make it clear what I think. You may disagree and can tell your approach too.
        Again, Thanks a lot BK, Hope to see you next week 🙂

        • BK

          I get your point. Maybe we both have different approaches to essay writing. kindly take my criticism as ‘constructive criticism’..:)
          Just posted today’s essay, kindly review it.


          • I promise, will definitely review your essay in few days. Give me some time 🙂
            Indeed, I have taken it as constructive criticism 🙂

    • yogi

      My views:

      Intro: a very creative approach , but i think u could have restricted that to intro only, as again mentioning the same in conclusion seemed to be repetitive, so conclusion i did not found something very differnt form the intro

      Flow is good,

      I can figure out the strucutre :-your every para begins with a funda/philo and then back that with example. This is the approach for such Philosophical essays, which i missed totally in my essay today..

      Good that u wrote that wait a minute waala para: that added a holisitc view in ur essay, good, another example can be the example of Constituion making process, those 3 years were worthful.

      Not just my piece of writing, the approach has proved its mettle in different quarters in commercial, national and international fields. —- this line does not fit in conclusion as it is altogether a new idea and u would have to take pain of elaborating that, if u could have written that i the end of uor main body then no problem.

      Conclusion: not strong enough, I personally feel that this is the area that give us complete freedom to philosophise with impressive words and phrases, and feel like a Shakespeare.

      line by line pandeyji and varier ji has already harassed you, so cheers from my side 😛

      Overall apart from conclusion i found ur essay very good 🙂

      • han bhai intro or conclusion bhaari pad gae 😀
        Will avoid these silly mistakes in future

    • Namrata

      hey Batman,

      1. Nice flow and well-structured
      2. Found it quite motivating too .. philosophical part very well dealt with
      3. Excellent examples used
      4. As usual, balanced
      5. Eg of Carnegie : Potential to cast a very good impression on the examiner about u being well-aware 😀

      1. The most disturbing part of the essay (unfortunately are the most important) : the introduction and conclusion ..
      Introduction – Do not use with phrases like “piece of writing” etc. Modify it to show the writing of essay in the time limit ..frame different words.
      Conclusion – “What brings an end to this piece of writing in a time bound manner is nothing but the quick and steady approach that I followed throughout in putting up my thoughts, organizing them and writing the best what I could. Others may have been still thinking while I have acted upon that time and what matters more is the action because they are recognizable and capable of showing results to me.” … simply remove this 😛 is like reflecting too much arrogance .. 😛 dont dont dont praise urself so much ..not ethical to do so .. 😛 (dont mind ..but ur conclusion was so strongly negative that it somehow negated all the positives of the entire essay ..never write in such a manner ..always be subtle and use polite words 🙂 )

      2. “However, a quick but steady approach ensures that one is more quick even than the goal, thus defeating the goal and accomplishing it” ..defeating the goal?? wrong framing here ..nobody would defeat the goal ..they would only wanna achieve it 🙂

      3. 2-3 more egs could be used i feel.

      4. few grammatical errors here and there always read the essay once written 🙂

      Overall: A very well-crafted essay (if we leave aside the intro and conclusion) …Keep writing 🙂

      • Genghis Khan

        Pls review mine too if possible

      • Hey Thanks Namrata, yea I wrote that it in a flow. Actually I wanted to use the Royal Stag tagline “kuch log soch me zindagi bita dete or kuch jeene me” and attaching it with myself led to that unintentional blunder
        Regarding 2nd point, I think it would make sense if you read the previous lines that goal move further away, so we have to move in that ‘race’ to defeat the goal.
        Will keep that grammar aspect in mind 🙂
        Hope you’ll begin writing soon 😛

    • rajan

      It was a nice essay. Unconventional, but the flow hooked me to the end

    • Guest

      Hi Palash bhai 🙂 Though I’m naive here & not experienced to review your or for that matter anybody else’s essay here,but it has been some time since I have been following this forum plus reading your answers regularly; you write awesome. Palash bhai, to be frank, you have made a gross error in quoting the age old maxim & surprisingly which no body has pointed out. Palash bhai, it’s not turtle & rabbit but tortoise & rabbit..There is a sea of difference between tortoise & turtle ..Turtle is found in oceans & sea & it was tortoise in the adage of slow & steady wins the race, not the turtle.If the examiner is peeved by this silly mistake in the beginning itself than your essay can take a beating..
      Sorry bhai for being blunt,I was thinking that somebody else might point it out & not me for being new here.But you can’t believe, since my optional being zoology, I couldn’t resist pointing out the error. 🙂
      God bless you 🙂

      • Hi Guest (Athithi Devo Bhava)
        Thanks Bhai for pointing that out. It is really startling that I had no idea about it and neither did others.
        I have seen that naive are better placed to judge an essay rather than those who have progressed in their preparations. If my essays can’t appeal to you, it can’t make any sense to the examiner.
        So there is absolutely no need to apologize. I would request you give your views without any second thoughts. It will be beneficial for me.
        BDW, how did you know my name? through blog?
        God Bless you to 🙂

        • Guest

          Thank you Palash bhai for your beautiful words :). Yes your blog clearly mentions your name as Palash Luthra :)..God bless

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      Excellent essay Batman. Strengths of your essay are –

      (a) Your introduction and conclusion are integrated and thus provide a continuous flow to your answer.
      (b) You have included counter arguments (critical analysis) and thus avoided a single sided view.

      Weaknesses –
      (a) Some of examples are not entirely clear (ex – Dhoni’s)

      Marks – 75/125

      • Thanks a lot Sir. I knew you will review essays 🙂
        In Dhoni’s example, I was being sarcastic that if he will follow slow and steady approach, the his plannings might go on and on even after the match has come to an end. Perhaps, it didn’t come out properly. I will try to improve and come up with a better write up next week.
        My Good wishes to the Insights team for their indomitable spirit 🙂

  • Azhagu


    The Kinder garden story of “Tortoise and the rabbit” says that “Slow and steady wins the race”. In this race only Tortoise and rabbit participates without using any technology.

    If the same race is happening again in which many tortoise and rabbits are participating and also using technology and skills. Like some tortoise has car, some rabbit has flights and some knew shortcut and few have started the race ahead. Now there is no place for “slow” racers. What is needed is speed with steadiness not only to win the race but at least to sustain in race.

    Game of Basketball:

    This game needs lot of training, focus, stamina like any other game. By playing it very well and scoring during first half alone and not during second half will not make us win the game. At the same time when the ball is in our hand, if we play steadily and convert it to point. But by more time will not make us win. So to win this game speed along with consistency and tendency of not giving it up till the end is needed.

    Game of life:

    This game is not much different from the other games which we play. It to have rules, team, opponents, goals, audience, applause, success and failure. In order to win this game consistency and swiftness is needed. Indulging in past failures and letting time to pass will not take on to glory. In order to succeed one must have the attitude of warrior and act swiftly and steadily with strong will. Like the famous quote, which says,

    “ Life is not a sunshine and rainbows. It will hit in the head with the brick. Its not about how we hit back. Its about how hard we can get hit and keep moving forward ”

    Orange revolution: (International scenario)

    It started in Ukrain. Country sandwiched between Europe and Russia. When the ruler of the ukrain decided to join ukrain with Russia and not with Europe for trade and relationship agreement, people protested. The president of ukrain made the government anarchy and moved forward to deal with Russia. The people from different part of ukrain speaking different language and having different ethnicity started protesting .Every day the people joining protest increased and the intensity of protest increased. Even Army cant control at one point. Resulting in peoples victory. This shows the consistency of people and the swiftness in which they increased the intensity to win in protest.

    India Pakistan war 1947 :

    Pakistan army backed forces invaded Jammu and Kashmir. They infiltrated the border and started capturing jammu and Kashmir. They captured more than half of the territory and they are about to capture its capital. By that time instrument of assertion was signed between India and Kashmir. Indian army went into action. They fight fiercely. Constantly they were capturing the lost territory . Finally cease fire agreement was signed between India and Pakistan . The recapturing of lost territory was possible because of the swift action. Army didnn’t waste any time and opportunity. Swiftness and steadiness won that for us.

    International Diplomacy:

    India supports its neighbours with panchsheel and Gujaral doctrine .We constantly support our neighbours during their distress without fail. During Nepal Earthquake ITBP reached the spot immediately and Indian Army came to help. Through this measure we rescues thousands of life and won the heart of Nepal people.

    During water crisis in Maldives, Indian Navy and Indian Airforce Globe master C17 reached Maldives immediately to distribute water the country. These actions shows the swiftness in action and the steady and consistent support which India is providing to its neighbours. This helps us to maintain cordial relationship with our neighbours.


    The modern globalised word is giving us many challenges and huge hidden opportunities. Multipronged approach is needed to tackle the problems well and Proper approach is needed to reap benefits out of it. Consistency, steadiness, swiftness, analysis, proper planning , testing are the key concepts for success. But among all swiftness and steadiness plays the vital role. Most scientific invention is moving towards swiftness and steadiness like improving the processor speed in super computers and inventing aircrafts in Mach (Speed of sound) speed. With these two qualities success will become most probable event.

  • rajan

    Long ago, yet not so long ago, in the village of Rampur lived 3 friends. One day, the three had to participate in an archery competition, in which there was to be only 1 and only 1 winner. Mohan was the most agile of the three, and had a knack for archery. However, so sure was he of his confidence, that he did not participate in the build up to the event. Shyam was the steadiest of the three, the one practiced the most. But, he was risk averse and took time to shoot. On the other hand, we had Ram, the one who was steady and quick; steady in practice and quick in decision making. The challenge was held and Ram won. Some were surprised, but not the aged wise men, who had the experience to know that in the end, the Steadiest AND the Quickest win any race

    But, what exactly is so special about quickness and steadiness? Didn’t we all read the old fable involving the hare and the tortoise, the story with its morale, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” ? So, was the story wrong? Or, have the times changed? To answer such questions, let us explore why being steady and quick are important separately. Then, we’ll move forward and try to integrate the 2 concepts and show how one is incomplete without the other

    Why is being steady absolutely crucial ?

    Being steady ensures that we give our best at all times. It checks against any complacency. The hare in the age old fable slept midway, miscalculated the opponent’s position and getting over confident and lost a certain victory. In addition, being steady is equally important in the buildup to the race. One, who has practiced more has a greater probability of winning. It creates a base, a platform from which the final battle can be waged.

    Lets walk through time to understand more of it.

    The freedom struggle gives a very good example. Gandhiji, the father of the nation, started the Satyagraha at Champaran in 1917. Then after he took years to build upon the movement, brick by brick, steadily. Mass movements were held. People from all castes and communities were mobilized. In particular, Gandhiji was careful never to engage too fast. So much so, that he suspended the Non Cooperation Movement after the Chauri Chara incident, where a violent mob burnt a police station. He realized that by being too fast, the movement would easily crumble under the weight of the powerful British. Being steady was more important than being fast, too fast. No wonder, Gandhiji was vindicated when India won the freedom at the midnight of 15th August, when the world slept and India awoke to life and freedom.

    Moving to the late 1960s, we see a time of economic and agriculture chaos. Wars and successive droughts had put India into misery and food production was insufficient to feed a growing country. Initially, quick fixes were taken like devaluating currency and taking food loans from other nations. But the moves failed to have a longer situation. Only later, when the government chose a more holistic and a steadier approach in the form of a Green Revolution, that we managed to become self-sufficient. Today, we can safely thank the steady approach chosen, that we are even managing to export food to deficient countries

    The late 1980s gave us a child wonder in the form of the batting legend, Sachin Tendulkar. He was a boy, who would practice 13 hours a day, before he became an overnight success. The fame was supreme and could be overwhelming. Yet, the boy kept on practicing, working harder, pursuing a Modest yet Steady approach. It was this that allowed him to become, what many say, as the greatest of all time. Meanwhile, countless other child prodigies have fallen prey to limelight, who chose to relish than being steady.

    Those years also had an important change in the Economic and the International dimension. This was the rise of China. Before 1990s, China had the largest population of poor in the world. But, a Steady approach to wake up the sleeping dragon was taken by their government. The policy was repeated, modified and relentlessly worked upon year after year. The result was overwhelming. Over the next thirty years, China grew at a pace never seen in the world before. More importantly, it was the steadiness of the policies that enabled it to continue for full 3 decades

    In the meantime, our policies were more of quick fixing nature. Policies that had greater electoral dividends were prioritized over longer term investments. And that is one reason why we fell short of China

    So, does that mean that being steady is the only requirement? Was the hare and tortoise story true in its earnest? Is being quick, unrewarding ?

    To be honest, it isn’t. Being quick is extremely crucial, more so in the fast moving globalized world, a world where speed matters. Being steady helps to be battle ready, but on the battle day, speed counts as long as one is not complacent. Imagine yourself in a quiz competition. Both you and your competitor have been steady in the preparation as well as in answering the initial questions. But, who wins the final trophy will be decided on the basis of who clicks the buzzer quickest. Sped, quite literally, is the determining factor here

    Steadiness helps to winnow out the non-serious and the ones who think too highly of themselves. But, there still remains a major chunk who still remain to be ranked. Here comes, the utility of being quick to separate the best from the better.

    On a national level, both India and her rivals, over the years, have been steady in their defence expenditures. The wave of the battle will now be principally decided on which side can act fast, can click the red button of missiles more quickly. In fact, it has been argued that, one reason why we couldn’t ‘punish’ the culprit nation after the Parliament Attacks in 2001 was because we couldn’t mobilise the troops on the border quickly. And when we eventually did, the moment was lost. The speed left us languishing.

    So, was the tortoise and hare story wrong then? It wasn’t. However, a hare sleeping in the middle of a race is more of an aberration rather than the norm. In the real world, we are more likely to have one who won’t do so and sleep only after the fight. And, to challenge that, we need to gear ourselves us and be steady as well as quick

    As an administrator, this integration translates in to quickness in decision making and a steadiness to do it over and over again. Also, it requires to have a telescopic outlook that takes care over future impacts of decision. More importantly, being steady implies consistent policies rather than the mad “ March Rush” to withdraw the lying funds in a haste. But, none of this can succed if the administrators are not quick enough and utilise the moment .

    No wonder, Lord Krishna, says to Arjun “ Karmanye Vaadhikaraste, Maa Faleshu Kadachan” , or to focus on actions and be steady instead of waiting idly for results. At the same time, the “Saarthi” or the chariot driver in the form of Lord Krishna took the onus of himself that the Chariot could be quickly driven in and out of danger

    • Azhagu

      Nicely written.

    • Sahil Garg

      Wonderful..nothing to criticize..intro and conclusion both are good, I especially liked the line – “In the real world, we are more likely to have one who won’t do so and sleep only after the fight.”..
      Please review mine 🙂

    • Aravind Varier





      • hey Aravind bhai, can you have a look at mine as well 🙂

        • Aravind Varier

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    • Night thinker !!

      Wow!!! This esay should stand out for its brilliance! The examples were excellent, flow was maintained till the very end. 🙂 a great read. Thanks.

      • rajan

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    • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

      Simply the best …. Very good structure & content . I cant find any flaw ..

      Can you plz review mine & do some value addition.

    • Alibaba

      extraordinary.. (y)

    • Village boy

      Marvellous Rajan, I started reading the essay it’s smoothly going on and on lastly I wondered the essay ends. Without much disturbances, smooth language flow there is no mundane words, entirely good, keep it up?

    • Mrinal Mukherjee

      I see the w.o.w factor ! Awesome dude

    • G.

      hey rajan

      a good essay overall

      -its a conversationlist essay, that talks to the reader
      -good use of language and flow was there
      -examples tried to cover different dimensions and i must credit that
      -good relation with the hare story throughout essay
      -good introduction

      -starting example, you abruptly mentioned wise aged persons. that was disconnected with the example
      -in trying to cover dimensions, you seemed to cover only examples, try more to give description and help the essay move forward through examples
      -i think you should pen down your thoughts first in a paper, then try to analyze through writing. this essay looks you took the prelimnary step in a hurry.

      example of china was there in my essay too 😛
      i request you to review my essay as well. it would be really helpful man. if you cant find me here, there is an alternative link

      i know i missed the quick part to give adequate attention, thats what i realized after writing.
      thanks and please review man…

      • rajan

        Sure G and thanks for the detailed review

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    • anrupana

      Beautiful, Rajan! the best one i have read in months now.. Thanks for it i’m picking up my pen now.. and you know, such essays come out generally from litterateurs!! (i don’t mean to exaggerate)

      • rajan

        That would be an exaggeration. But, thanks a lot that you found me worthy 🙂

        • Aravind Varier

          Not an exaggeration Rajan 🙂 Your essay is simple Awesome . I can’t stop praising it 🙂

          Be consistent like this in other General Studies papers also , Trust me!!! you have great future ahead in the Indian Bureaucracy as an IAS OFFICER 🙂

          ALL THE BEST !!!

          • rajan

            As they say in HIndi, Aapke munh me ghee shakkar. 🙂 Although, let’s not forget that it ain’t so easy.
            I wish a same to you too, Aravind 🙂

            • Aravind Varier

              Hahahah……… I don’t praise if there is NO quality . You know that very well !!! especially the reviews i give for ethics answers ….. LOL !!!

              I am not joking , your essay is good and continue the same effort 🙂

              ALL THE BEST !!!

        • anrupana

          Exaggeration ? – it looks like one, but it isn’t. believe me, i’m very mean i don’t appreciate anyone that easily..
          it’s very good. nothing looks like it has been forced into the essay, there’s amazing smooth flow — i can go on , but then again it may seem like an exaggeration.
          i will be reading it again n again probably just for sheer joy..
          keep it up

          • rajan

            Thanks again

    • Good one Rajan. Wonderfully crafted. Couldn’t find any flaw 🙂
      Please have a look at mine as well 🙂

    • BK

      Hi Rajan, one thing I liked about your essay was you didn’t meander too much. You pretty much stuck to the central core idea.

      Having said that, you could have have added many more dimensions, especially dimensions which are important for India. You can mention about Education & skill development problem in India and how apart from being steady we need to be quick, or else we may miss out on the demographic dividend we are facing today.
      In the area of health, we did commendable work by eradicating polio, as this was a result of our steady efforts.
      You can also talk about the agriculture sector, and that we have to be quick in adopting newer methods of farming like Indoor farming, Bio farming, else food security and ecological balance may come under threat.

      Also, you need to mention what thwarts India’s growth process and how a good mix of ‘steady’ and ‘quick’ can foster inclusive and sustainable development in India.

      Cheers !

      • rajan

        Thanks a lot BK.
        Wonderful suggestions. I remain indebted

    • Fighter

      well written Rajan

    • Jeeva

      Good Writing

    • Keshav Singh

      overall good essay….
      i think your 1st para is a bit dramatic or if i may say sort of filmy,,,,,i does not match with rest of the essay,,
      steady part you have done well ….quick part needs improvement…

      • rajan

        True Keshav. So, should I have just toned down the intro ?

        • Keshav Singh

          i wud say ur intro was so simple that it lost weight….though simplicity has great value and adds to readability, it must not trivialize your argument…
          keep writing and reviewing….
          review my ans Q3 about inequality ( @insights, today’s) if u get time

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      Superb !!!!!

    • bhaskar goel

      Marvelous stuff, have i got to a mountain to climb to get to this level !!

      • rajan

        That’d be exaggerating it. But, thanks a lot 🙂 and I know you can do it

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      amazing essay..simply no words to express.awsome..

    • Jayant Raghu Ram

      Very nice. Crisp like papad! Just the kind of essay UPSC expects.

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      You have incorporated too many examples in your answer. Examples given are from historical events, and you have moulded them according to the demand of the question. Every successful event is termed fast and steady and every failure termed slow and non-steady. This should be avoided because –

      (a) It brings monotonicity to the essay
      (b) Too many examples, proving single point are subjective in nature (for eg – Gandhiji’s fight was slow and steady, for green revolution we had to work for decades – again slow and steady – although you have segregated it just for steady)
      (c) In philosophical essay, some arguments/counter arguments, more dimensions (society, economy, polity, individual, national and international scenarios, environmental, government etc.) should have been included.
      (d) Your examples of quick mobilization of forces to punish culprit nation (here you are becoming judgemental to start a war)

      Your introductory para was just a hypothetical anecdote, which finds no mention in essay further. Introduction should be the soul of essay, where you introduce the reader what is going to be come in further pages.
      Now, since you used that anecdote, you should have mentioned it and try to connect it throughout your essay body.

      Coming to conclusion, it is again some new examples, rather than a concluding statement. Conclusion should flow from the essay itself, but since you had no central argument/theme (because you just tried to prove that quick and steady wins race by examples), so you had to conclude with new statements. These new statements should be helper statements, rather than central conclusion.

      Flow in your essay is excellent, and asking question in between is a good strategy to keep the reader engaged.

      Marks – 60/125

      • Genghis Khan

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                  kehti hai baap or beta (yaani tum) bahut kamzor ho, isiliye mujhe hi kuch krna padh rha hai…

                • Lufy Chiru

                  abe lodu kidar marr gya madarchod.

      • rajan

        Thank you Insights for the review and for pin pointing the upgrades

    • Shaktimaan

      hey rajan!!
      one word discription only ULTIMATE!!!!!!!
      perfect blend of philo n gs:):)
      nothing to criticise…………:):)
      thank u…….if tym permits plzzzzzzz review:):):)

    • Profoundis

      i was gone through ur essay now itself , when i prepared to review saw some of them like u r in himalayan heights with this essay but actually u r not …let me tell u y ..

      1. He realized that by being too fast, the movement would easily crumble under the weight of the powerful British. Being steady was more important than being fast, too fast….

      …gandhi never was steady rather unsteady in his actions since he took breaks to not to loose the touch of masses by letting them have some leisure(which hitler failed in taking his troops into confidence while attacking russia) meanwhile he could prepare for next plans ..etc ..

      where india took steady approach in green revolution ?….infact GV was criticised for unsteady see swaminathan himself once said had the govt been active in this field it could have been extended to all crops long ago.

      In china’s case u mentioned before 90s there were largest poor population then jump to faster pace in 30 years which world never seen w/o saying about that poor population and saying with steady policies of that govt ….here i would remind u 1 ( don’t judge a book by seeing its voter) ..bcz china still has one of the large poor population despite its exaggerated growth …its economy more export led …no demand in domestic bcz there isn’t purchasing power n see now state is shutting down some sectors manufacturing units due to losses…

      ” In fact, it has been argued that, one reason why we couldn’t ‘punish’ the culprit nation after the Parliament Attacks in 2001 was because we couldn’t mobilise the troops on the border quickly. And when we eventually did, the moment was lost…”

      see here u were blunder to the core y bcz u said we couldn’t punish the culprit by not mobilising troops so quickly on the borders…..just after attack how would u know the enemy? n to which border our troops should have deployed ? is our attacker known to us before the attack itself , if so y dint we take action as preventive measure rather punitive ?
      or is we concluding that any attack on india must have done by the same enemy without valid evidences ..

      at last i am saying u just took the incidents u know n blended it with the question means ….in every incidence u mentioned that it was its steadiness which triumph in all them along with quickness….and nowhere u mentioned the icidents w/o quick n steady ..appearing like ” yes-sayers” dogma , or thumping –inch chests like that ..

      sorry if u were offended, n must have think with the fact that most people reviewed its like fantastic, MB, …who the …. this guy mentioned like this ….

      • rajan

        Thanks for the review. Worthy points

    • Prashom Patel

      good writing

  • Abhi

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  • Ankit

    Have you ever wondered how Australia dominated world cricket from late 1990’s to the entire decade of the new millennium?? They modified the Aesop’s Fable! For them the mantra was ‘Quick but steady wins the race’. They scored quick and they were always steady and that transformed the game forever. Let’s talk about Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth. I don’t have to mention he is quick but what sets him apart is his fitness level. He combines his speed with the steadiness of his fitness and thus he has been conquering the world all these years!
    Sports has always been a good teacher to all of us and what these examples teach us is that in this era you have to be quick and steady to be a winner! Gone are the days when you could be steady and slow and achieve you goals. This generation is competitive and if you are taking it easy someone else is surely going to achieve it before you.
    The race starts right from the birth, from getting admission in school to coming first in the class and then getting admission in college and it doesn’t end there since everyone aspires to grab a million dollar job and succeeding at workplace. We all seems to be running this race of life trying to outpace one another. But what sets apart the Sachin’s from the Kambli’s is their steady approach in what they pursue.
    The recent Climate Change Conference in Paris is a stark reminder for us that we need to act quick and we need a steady approach to win this race of saving our Earth. There was no better time in history then now to realize the importance of acting quick or perish! The recent decision by the Government of India to leap from Bharat stage 4 to Bharat stage 6 by 2020 again tells us the importance of acting quick. But steadiness is the key! This steadiness along with quick decision making was the driver of Green Revolution in 1960’s which gave us food sufficiency and the lack of it in the North-eastern part of India still keeps the region elusive of it.
    India today is standing at the juncture of transformation with the government of the day announcing ambitious policies like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Start up India’, the quick decision making is commendable but what will decide the fate of these schemes is how they will be carried forward, how steady the implementation will be. We have a neighbor that proves how quick decisions and steady implementation could transform a giant nation i.e. China. It’s double digit growth rate for over three decades speaks volumes.

    The country today is brimming with start ups. The entrepreneurial market is one of the toughest competitions that one can witness. With hundreds of startups crawling up every day the competition is becoming more and more difficult and no one is ready to leave a single scope for his competitor. It is the survival of the fittest. To keep up in the competition, the startups don’t just need consistency or steadiness but speed is also a mandatory requirement in it. For example if an entrepreneur expects to draw a profit tomorrow, he needs to it today. That’s because by tomorrow hundreds of others can come in the market to compete for the profit. Not one competitor is ready to spare a single inch of space to their rivals. Everyone is trying to stay ahead of the other.

    Decision making has a temporal dimension and decisions change with time so a quick decision is what can set apart an achiever from an aspirer. But perseverance is the key!

    • Ankit

      Review please.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.haha even i started with cricket..same pinch
      2.first three para…good..connection to fourth para was missing though this was also good one…
      3.expand the perseverance point and conclude the essay
      ur essay was a good read for me..just try connectivity and put points one after the another rather than putting all in one
      keep mine please if possible

      • yogi

        Khanna ji review plz:)

      • Akhil

        Bhai mera bhi review kar dena please

  • TARGET 2016

    “Quick but steady wins the race”

  • niti


    Speed and consistency are two most important features whether considered in our personal lives or professional, they define the utmost characteristics of a man of integrity and unparalleled virtue and the similar way to introduce an organization. Every one of us finds ourselves in a race of life every day and the person who learns the art of making the race enjoyable finally wins it. The story of a race of speed between a hare and a tortoise and the proverb associated to it -“slow and steady wins the race”, is no longer applicable to today’s globalized world.

    A fast approach bereft of consistency and steadiness may turn itself into a haphazard and ill considered view, studded
    with a large number of flaws. Consistency maintains the flow of ideas and acts by putting a check on the acts done, preventing them to turn into failures. Tiger’s hunt race after deer for its survival shows that even the natural laws are
    associated with quick and steady approach- fast in his attack and steady in keeping an eye over its prey.

    In the present globalized and much awake world even a small hasty step can lead to failure of a greater magnitude and a slow approach will miss the train in the competitive global market. Slowness losses strength and fades away the encouragement and focus with time while fastness may lead to unorganized and ill-considered thoughts. As both of the Individual approaches are quite unable to make it to the end, the required thing is to club faster one with the steady approach to make it more concentrated and proactive. More concentrated and proactive person/ organization is infused with positive energy which ensures that the half way is done.

    Quick and consistent approach/efforts are applicable in almost every arena and spheres and thus the world is fused
    with a number of such examples. Taking an example of two global economies namely China and India and comparing the two different approaches which define their actions show how this dictum- “quick but steady” can carve an economy. China opened its economy to foreign players much earlier than India which shows its quickness however India being slow liberalized its market 15 years later than China’s in 1991. Though both of them have remained consistent in their efforts, the quickness, the speed favors to China till this date. Had India liberalized its economy before, the economic graph would have peaked much earlier.

    On the international arena also, after lifting the UN sanction from Iran, China was the first country to visit it which shows his quick approach in line with the steadiness it showed during the sanction era when it maintained its warm relations consistently. This is due to his proactive approach that he wins over majority of countries in securing the energy security by making Iran his energy partner and also to head up and excel in other areas through his projects like One Belt One Road.

    Quick and steady is much praised and liked by many social protection scheme implementers in programs like eradicating poverty, risk mitigation etc. Consistent efforts are all imperative to make a social program successful and a quick effort to make it available to its beneficiary. However most of our social programs are marred with slow and lackadaisical approach. Schemes like Namami Gange due to lack of political will and red tapism are successful on the
    papers only to lick the dust. Data has shown inter- and intra-state disparities on socio-economic indicators due to this slow and unsteady approach. States like Kerala and Tamilnadu have come out as winner state here in their speedy and
    steady implementation of social programs to remove gender disparity and poverty.

    The entrepreneurial market has shown emergence of a number of start-ups. With this huge number and intense competition speedy and steady ones will win the race as no one is ready to leave a single scope for his competitor. Here the speedier ones are likely to win.

    A RACE should always be enjoyed to imbibe it with positive energy, since being consistent with speed requires patience and perseverance. From our day to day affairs to global issues of terrorism and climate change, their speedy and steady address offers a seamless and organised redressal of these issues. Thus “quick and steady” should be used as an approach to raise the efficacy and efficiency of our actions.

  • I M T Bst

    Quick but Steady wins the race

    What does it take for a athlete to win a Marathon? Is it enough just to be as quick as Usain Bolt? Being quick may help him win a short 100 metre race but is it alone enough to win a 42.4 KM Marathon race? Equally important to win the Marathon race is to steadily maintain the quick pace. To sum it up “Quick but Steady wins the Race”.

    What we race for?

    Life of a person or that matter life of a nation is like a Marathon race. For a person the race spans over his entire lifetime from birth to death (Ex: Gandhiji – 1867-1948). Where as for a nation since inception thousands of years back to unknown time in future.

    Then comes a question for what will the person/nation race for? Destination of a race is the goals a person/nation sets for itself, Goals in turn can be broken into small milestones. For example, Gandhiji raced every day of his life to bring upliftment among the masses, to bring freedom to India from Colonial rule.

    For a country like India, Destination is when all the citizens have comfortable standard of living, have equal opportunities to education, health etc and Globally is recognised as a scientific economic power. Milestones in the race can be eradication of poverty, education for all, employment for all etc.

    We have discussed above, for winning a race we need to be both Quick and Steady. It is important to ask ourself why not slow and steady? Also What is the importance of being steady? Later, is there a way to build a culture of Quick but Steady?

    Quick not Slow

    Quick is a adjective we can use to define the pace of changes in the World. Digital disruption, Scientific disruption like Gravitational waves, Climate change and increasing natural hazards, Rise of China, Cyber Attacks etc to name few.

    Slow is synonymous to lagging behind, be it in economic growth, technology – civilian and military, poverty eradication. Because the opportunity cost of not responding quickly is very high. Precious lives are lost due to high IMR, natural hazards; huge wastage of human capital due to poverty, lack of access to education, health, employment; regressing backwards in development due to poor response to cyber attacks, terrorism, climate change.

    The world has become a complex and competitive place, with challenges rising every day. If we spend today addressing the challenges of yesterday we will lose out to challenges from tomorrow. Therefore our response has to be quick.

    Quick but Steady

    However being Quick alone will not guarantee success or a win in the race. For example, India has responded quickly post Independence to address the problem of poverty. Launched various social welfare schemes to uplift poor but still it has one of the highest poor population. Reason its efforts towards poverty is not steady.

    Meaning of being Steady is, to continuously making efforts towards the goal (through monitoring of progress in above poverty example) and quickly changing our strategy (reforms in above poverty example) till we achieve the Goal.

    Not just in case of poverty, it applies the same for socio-economic development, R&D, security challenges like terrorism, disaster management etc. For example, India is facing drought problem since ages. Every time a drought happens we respond quickly to provide alternate employment or interest subsidy benefits to farmers. But is it helping to mitigate drought, develop resilience? Being steady demands putting in consistent efforts even during non-drought years to develop resilience against drought through water harvesting measures, research on low water intensive seeds etc.

    How to develop the Culture of Quick but Steady?

    If being Quick and Steady is so important, then how to ensure that we always respond in that manner? Japan Total Quality Movement is an interesting case study. In 1950s Japan was like any other developing country technologically backward compared to developed world. But it made a decision to Quickly become the Technologically Advanced nation in the world.

What is fascinating is, its steadiness. Being a superpower is not a overnight change it took Japan over two decades but it maintained its steadiness over such long time. How? It is possible because it institutionalised the Goal to become technological super power in all the stakeholders – Government, Non-Governmental Organisations, industry, academia, citizens through rigorous campaigns, school education.

    Such Endeavours are visible in India too, our success in eradicating Polio, Small Pox is the outcome of our quick but steady response. But the challenges which require urgent attention are also many – from poverty, sanitation, education to terrorism, climate change, regional economic groupings like TPP. And to deal with these issues steadily it is important to build national movements like “Make in India” for manufacturing, “Beti bachao Beti Padhao” for women empowerment.

    Ingraining such a Quick but Steady attitude in all stakeholders will ensure that Governance in the country is Quick but Steady and that we make quick strikes in a steady manner towards a harmonious and prosperous nation where all have decent standard of living.

  • Vivaan Khanna

    In the recent match between India and Sri Lanka in Asia Cup after two wickets India was struggling for the runs. Then there enters Kohli to take the baton in his hand of providing stability and consistency in scoring the runs. Though he was a match winner but would it have been possible easily to win the match if there was no Yuvraj who was quick to go for blitz sixes? Perhaps a little no.

    Kohli had the steadiness and yuvraj had the quickness and together they won the match for India. So the contemporary time of twenty twenty cricket requires us to be quick but steady.

    Apart from Cricket and some other exceptional cases this quickness and steadiness is expected from one individual and one company unlike the combination of Kohli and Yuvraj because if we are not quick but steady then chances are bleak for winning the race and vice versa.

    The importance of quickness can be realized with the fact that time is running and we cannot wait to contemplate more and more. If swift action is not taken then results can be catastrophic and we may lose the race against time.

    After Nirbhaya’s gang rape case, legislators were quick to amend the law dealing with the women security because it was known to all that women security cannot be left for more contemplation and what comes in the molestation and rape has to be defined. If this quickness was not exhibited then perhaps people would have not been more conscious and women would have continued to suffer in silence.

    Similarly after Pathankot incident, India was quick to inform Pakistan and pressurize it for taking action against the terrorists who came from its land. This was because they knew the impact of terror spread. It cannot be left now waiting for years as has been done in past. It is the more contemporary issue which may incite chain reaction and cause a threat to the people’s lives.

    Lastly, we would not have been facing the NPAs issue in global slowdown if we were quick to find the defaulters and punish them. This was no difficult task seeing the time when it is easy to do through technology.

    So, in the era of technology and globalization this speed factor gains more importance because if we do not act, somebody else will act.

    Effect of globalization is that If China did not invent supercomputer then some other nation would have invented it.Also, If India would not have sent its MOM then it would not have entered into the coveted list of rare countries achieving the feat in maiden attempt.

    Further, technology has made the lives easier in the form of achieving results. You enter any number into calculator; you will get the result instantly. When this is the situation then it is expected from us to be put our efforts with more energy for the result to come.

    When a person has provided you money and resources, technology has been developed then a doctor is expected to give him the treatment and diagnosis of his disease as soon as possible otherwise he would die and doctor will never be able to fulfil his duty.

    But without steadiness, all quickness is in vain. Had after the Nirbhaya’s case or after Pathankot’s case if many supporters and experts would not have completely chased the authorities then result would have been something different and like GST bill these issues will also have been hanging in pipeline.

    Quickness is important for moving one step closer to the goal but steadiness is important to achieve the goal.

    In course of India’s struggle for freedom, many revolutionaries and extremists were quick to demand the result but they could not achieve the successful results like Gandhiji who was active enough even after independence. Though Revolutionaries had the charm of being quick but Gandhiji was steady to take the India to victory.

    From the Gandihiji’s example we come to another factor of steadiness which is required for winning the race-perseverance.

    UPSC does not provide more than 4 attempts for passing CSE so we need to be quick but only those have been successful who persevere. This perseverance is important in every aspect of life, be it personal, professional or national one.

    When independence was achieved, many were quick to bring home the conclusion that diversity of India makes it feasible to have authoritarian govt. Many communal violence of past and present, continuous demand for separate states on the basis of language, naxalism and anti-nationalism have proved their point to some extent but they were fallacious in their conclusion as India is today world’s largest democracy. This is because its leaders persevere even in odd times. Inspite of all difficulties, the whole nation prays when Hanumanth Koppad battles for life in hospital or Pakistan sends some mischievous elements.

    Having proved that quick and steadiness are complementary to each other for winning the race, it does not defies the old age adage that slow and steady wins the race.

    In both the cases, steadiness is common and important, so we need to look into the importance of slow factor.

    Why today the suffering of world has increased? Why Delhi has become the most polluted city of the world? Why we have no reply to suicide bombers and finally why we are facing global slowdown?

    The answer lies in the fact that we were so busy in the race of modernization and becoming superpower that we forgot to give time to those things which really needed a second thought before their execution. If we would have been slow then environment had been less damaged and there would have been no issue of meeting the requirements of COP 21.

    When the first incident of terror took place and we would have paid attention then this cancer would not have spread today because then what result we are achieving today would have been achieved that time and side effects would have been less. Similarly, if timely intervention was done in case of analyzing the mistake of many countries’ slowdown then world would not have been facing this global slowdown.

    Apart from learning from mistake factor, slow moving towards goal helps us in having the quality of patience. Today we see that when many youths are not able to achieve their goal immediately they either turn to wrong things or end up their life.

    Slow movement towards goal would have given them strength to face the challenges, contemplate about the mistakes and it would have helped in developing the personality of an individual.

    This personality of individual has been lost in this global era which even threatens the idea of a nation so how an individual can remains unaffected. Today though we read about many great thinkers but we are unable to find out to whom which we should follow. One day we become patriotic and other day we become anti-nationalist. Therefore,Moving quick has also got some problems.

    So, followed from the importance of both slow and quick movement towards goal with steadiness, question arises what should be done actually. The answer lies in the mid way and use of rationality.

    Life is short to achieve so run fast but in that run we should not forget to use our rationality in contemplating and analyzing the mistakes. Stop and move slow whenever the situation calls for, run whenever it requires but keep moving and have steadiness. As Martin Luther said aptly:

    If you can’t fly then run

    If you can’t run then walk

    If you can’t walk then crawl

    But whatever you do, you have to keep moving.

    • shubh

      I like reading it man…flow was good….although I felt sub-headings would have made it much more awsome if I think from an examiner’s point of view…but I am not sure about sub-headings in Essay…All-in-all it was nice…examples were plenty…n they were explained nicely…keep writing

    • Hi Vivaan, in initial paras there was emphasis on ‘quick’ part only.
      the steadiness came into picture for some time only when u wrote that quickness helps in mving closer and…..
      CSE gives 6 attempts
      liked the way you handled the other side too
      Conclusion was good!
      Please have a look at mine too 🙂

      • Vivaan Khanna

        but i have heard that it is meant for those who wrote exam in 2011..anyways will go by present rule..thank you
        how can i forget urs essay to review..
        thank you battie for quick review 🙂

    • Shaktimaan

      hi bhaiii!!
      starting and end awsome tha……:)
      upsc b likha…….sahiii..haha:)
      small para….nice
      slow n quick aspect dono btayee……..yeh cool tha:)
      aaj topic hi aisa ki kuch marzi likho… sab sahi, critic ni hoyela:):)
      thank u bhai”)…wqt mile to dekhna:):)

    • Sahil Garg

      Nice attempt..I liked the examples..
      but I have a doubt : was the importance of being slow required , when the question has been deliberately molded to highlight the importance of if slow is so good, why be quick ?
      Please review mine 🙂

      • Vivaan Khanna

        hi sahil..i did not want to conclude on the lines that be quick but steady rather i wanted that careful analysis of situation should be there no matter if u are slowing down for sometime of out of race…one should analyse the mistakes always to learn and improve…that’s why i introduced the other aspect…isn’t it fair..please let me know..i will try to improve then

    • Agastya ( Vikarma)

      Hi Vivaan,
      Its cool to start with cricket, perhaps you could have just summarised it in one or two sentences.
      Much of it is in the form of examples and instances. Perhaps some theoretical reasoning would display your intellect better. It looks discrete due to lack of some philosophy.
      Overall it looks “Simple”. Most of the times simplicity is the best policy.
      PRM too if you find time.

    • Pallavi

      Good attempt…
      Few observations
      1)conclusion superb
      2)intro not a match wid conclusion can be much better
      3)lines in between like steadiness is common In both and quickness is for step steadyness for a win app eligible
      4)some lines confuse d readers like Koppads struggle and Pakistan action
      5)a lot of focus on examples phylosophical part is missing… its there Bt is scattered throughout the eassy…It may b ur style of writing Bt debate the topic in 2 para at one place then explanations in between
      6)u elivated the topic from only a race and goal and winner concept which was really needed national movement ex shows this
      7)lastly though I enjoyed it I think u can better reorganise it or can put connecting links

      • Vivaan Khanna

        ok pallavi ji…will try to improve it…thank you for review…

      • Shaktimaan

        ma’am if u hv time dn plz review mine,,,,,,,,,,,,thank u:):)

    • G.

      hey vivaan

      good essay
      i love cricket so loved the opening. it was innovative but not sure how it would go woth others
      good conclusion with 4 liner
      a simple essay, could have been made mcuh better by analyzing more and adding a little philo to it
      full of examples, but may be negative. examples should move the essay forward, not ti fill the essay

      its only my view, i may be harsh, u can reply at this as well

      please review mine. if you cannot find here please comment on the link

      more practice can improve the writing style. keep writing and revewing. you are a regular here thats great

      • Vivaan Khanna

        very simple and direct review..thanx a lot…it was not harsh for me….looking for ur reviews in my future attempts 🙂

      • Vivaan Khanna

        hello karan..i m done with my essay review on ur essay..please check it…thank you

    • Akhil

      Nice essay vivan.good to start with cricket, kai logo ne aaj cricket par hi jyada concentrate kiya hai..hhhhbh just kidding.
      Paathnkot wala point sahi nahi laga.. As far as I know India was always quick to Lodge complaints with pak, but it never acted.
      I missed to justify slow and steady in my essay but you did it quite well.

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you akhil for review..keep writing but ths time some more content hmmm..dont deprive me of ur brilliant writings

    • yogi

      First para:–You want to say Yuvraj was not steady and only Kohli is. Those who had not seen the match will raise such questions, i wish examiner is not one of those.

      After Nirbhaya’s gang rape case, legislators were quick to amend the law dealing with the women security because it was known to all that women security cannot be left for more contemplation and what comes in the molestation and rape has to be defined. If this quickness was not exhibited then perhaps people would have not been more conscious and women would have continued to suffer in silence.—-women are still suffering does not matter whether it is in silence or not as the rape cases has not come down. Suggestion : rephrase the last lines to raise such qns in mind of the reader.

      Just after terrorism, u jumped to NPA and likewise in subsequent paras, flow is missing bhai

      Quickness is important for moving one step closer to the goal but steadiness is important to achieve the goal.—– this is the most powerful line in ur essay, v v good

      First gandiji then UPSC 6 attempts (i got the feeling but factually it is written wrong as there are cases of exemptions too 😛 ) then again independence —flow my dear ??

      In the same para + communal violence + koppad: did not get what u want to say or how is it related to the them.

      If we would have been slow then environment had been less damaged—–slow in what sense, is not clear,

      Conclusion: balanced stand very good

      Martin Luther said aptly:
      If you can’t fly then run
      If you can’t run then walk
      If you can’t walk then crawl
      But whatever you do, you have to keep moving.

      These 4 lines diluted the sins u committed in entire essay 😛

      I think u have written this essay in hurry and this is visible from the disorganised paras

      Khannaji u write much better

      Not the best of ur efforts

      Chill u r not alone i m also your partner in messing up with today’s essay :

      Keep writing and reviewing, pardon me if i sounded too harsh, i have the permission to be like this 😛

      • Vivaan Khanna

        ye sahi tha yogi..a lot of pain u took for my essay review…bada wala thank you…sare flaws clear ho gaye…this reminded me of ash’s review..she also reviews very patiently
        all ur points make sense….beech mein do good b mile..dhanyawad….will try to improve next time that is all i can assure u of…and regarding harsh point..criticize me as much as possible for u…since u are my regular reviewer u know all my weakness…gali be do…jaise man me aaye vaise samjaho…u have not all the permission but all the right in the world….ur reviews are really helpful..i always learn from u…thnx a lot yogi

    • Jaya Swatantra

      1.I think introduction may be better if taken in a generalized way like in any game because if the examiner did not remember … then??
      2.In defining the examples we must try to complement it both stands of being steady and quick.
      3.Content is nice but little more elaboration required what i think
      4.Where are the legislature steady in maintaining the sustainability of laws to ensure the security of women?
      5.After Pak example … Npa came … mismatch??
      But is always easy to criticize even i made several mistakes … so learning is important and we all are improving… so my upvote for your write up!!… Thanks

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you jaya for very direct and genuine review…all points accepted

    • Ankit

      First of all thank you for the review!
      I don’t think I am good enough to review an essay as of now but I’ll try 🙂
      One thing about your essay is it’s very simple/plain so i don’t know if it might leave a lasting impression on the reader.
      Some examples like MOM and NPA’s are good but overall I feel it should be impactful. And yes you write well better than my vocabulary at least 😛
      Just don’t be offended! And thanks again!

      • Vivaan Khanna

        suggestion well taken ankit…all valid points…dont know about my vocab..God knows :)..there is no offence in accepting my weak points and improving them….looking for ur reviews in future too :)..thanks a lot

        • Ankit

          I’ll try and review 🙂 and you’re welcome!

  • kkavad

    Please give feedback…

  • Akhil

    With changing human life, competition for limited resources has increased in last some decades. Everyone want to achieve their goal within shortest time possible. This change in behaviour of person has changed many old conceptions of life also. One among many these changes is modification of famous adage ‘slow and steady wins the race’ into ‘quick but steady wins the race.’

    ‘Quick ‘ highlights the changed environment in which person is living today . To achieve the goals of life, first step should be to be fast in decision making, planning and execution. Once this is achieved, the crucial and most important thing comes is momentum that once should mention. Steady momentum can make person Victor, but once the steadiness is broken chance of winning the race becomes uncertain.

    Stediness has same relevance even today as it has before. It has importance in every realm of person’s life from education to employment and from sports to politics. For example-game of cricket has changed a lot today. From exhausting six day test cricket to fast and funny T20. In T20 team playing fast and at steady run rate always has greater chance to win the match compared to one playing slowly despite being steady.

    Not only in cricket, but in other area of life also this theory goes true. Both India and China adopted economic reform in twentieth century. Today China is world’s second largest economy with success in every field of development, but India failed to achieve similar success despite being several advantages similar to China. The factor which makes the difference is Stediness of growth rate, which China was able to mentain but India does not.

    fast and steady is key of china’s success, while fast but unsteady is reason for india’s failure. In this age of globalisation where there is race for capturing resource and market, no one can take risk of being slow whether it is corporate companies, private employee or nation as whole.
    It is imperative to be fast in one’s approach as only pace can provide people additional advantage over slow and steady person. Being quick is advisable today to stay in the race of development, but this speed also should not exceed certain limit as uncontrolled speed leads to accident.

    As said above, being too quick can shatter the chance of victory because person looses control on his pace this leads to rapid exhaustion and consequinteily loss of steadiness. Apart from losing the chance of victory there remains a chance of getting severe injuries. For example –
    Rapid uncontrolled industrialisation though resulted in development of industrial nation but this development was unsustainable and miles away from real goal of sustainable development. In doing so these nation have severely damaged mother earth and this has become reason for bigger problems like ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming ‘.

    There is no doubt that today being slow or too slow can not yield desired result or at least keeps person at disadvantage. It is necessary to adpote the changing Environment and be quick to stay in the race. But, in doing so one should always mention the Stediness in his approach and control on his pace to secure victory.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      “Being quick is advisable today to stay in the race of development, but this speed also should not exceed certain limit as uncontrolled speed leads to accident”-best one
      u write so well that it becomes so difficult for me to point out flaw..again i will say only one thing write more…u touched right dimensions..their elaboration may help u to reach nearer to word limit…good going 🙂
      review mine too please

      • Akhil

        Thank you for reviewing. End me mujhe samjh me hi nahi aa raha tha ki likhu kya?? Isliye conclude kar diya but I will really work on it.

    • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

      Good one frd…
      You have written on different lines … You also highlited that only being fast is not enough. Industrization point is unique and good.

      I found ur intro a bit monotonous, try to make it interesting.

      Conclusion is good.

    • yogi

      intro: good but more background is needed before jumping to the quick aspect
      man body: u have ignored the steadiness, the same blunder i did in my essay
      language is simple, paras are short, and limited hs use : these are ur plus points, keep them up
      conclusion;U ended the essay abruptly, need more elaboration
      overall a fair attempt , u can write better
      thanks 🙂

  • Shaktimaan

    “Quick but steady wins the race”

    Old proverb “slow but steady wins the race”, where an arrogant hare lose the race because of his overconfidence on his speed, take rest in between the competition, whereas tortoise who knows his nature very well that he can’t move fast, thus keep going and going without a break and finally wins the race. Today, challenges are countless and demands are diversified so, the contesting become complex which push the proverb to revive itself in present context and hence the replacement of “slow” with “quick” emerge, to accomplish the ever growing needs and continuous evolving expectations of beings in time bound manner, but, with sustainable results. So, let’s do the quick analysis, but, with steady pace, that how this proverb will bring, victory in rapidly advancing lives.

    Here we can cite an example of Dashrath Manjhi the “Mountain man”, who after failing in provide medical attention to his injured wife, quickly decided to carve out the road across the hilly mountain after his beloved’s death, to shorten the distance between village and hospital, he took 22 years to plausible his mission which was in between mocked by people several times, but his fast decision and steady approach reduce the path distance from 55km to 15 km and left villagers enable to excess nearby facilities.

    But here one question arise, does immediate decisions always bear fruits? Or appropriate and elaborated evaluation is needed before reaching any stance. Politically we can understand this concept as usually governments during their last phase of service, take some fast decisions to attract voters undermining their last long implications, which in future emerge as impediment in growth modal. For example land and acquisition act, 2013, though favourable to aggrieved ones but improper analysis before introduction stays away the huge future infrastructural investments at far distance.

    So, it can be said that quick decisions are good till they are analysed clause by clause with their cause-effect concerns. But what about “steady” aspect, here it can be explained as patience and perseverance in approach or a never say die attitude which is enough to sail the boat from the thunders and storms of convoluted and contradicted societal views. For example cricket player Yuvraj Singh, after his prolonged poor performance in field for which he criticised many time and battle against deadly disease cancer, now mange to comeback in team it was possible only because of his vigour and strength which he gain diligently with maturing time.

    On bit broader view, in the race for development and advancement, we have set example of India-china growth pattern, china started its globalisation and liberalisation reforms in 70’s whereas India come up with revolution in 90’s this gap of two decades lags the India far behind in several aspects, though both are developing nations but there is huge difference in income and employment opportunities. China steadily go through with all three phases of economic transformation i.e. from agriculture to manufacturing and then to service but India to join the league slips its industrial phase and directly jumps to tertiary sector, this tiger leap left the unskilled and not so highly educated strata far behind, which till date starving for proper engrossment therefore Indian govt starts now revitalising its secondary section with programmes like Make In India and Standup India. This is perfect example allures how china with quick decision and steady approach win the race on economic growth chart from india.

    But there are some other examples too in which we can’t delay so much, quick and sudden actions are needed and this concept can be elaborately understand with entangling current climate complexities, it is clear to the world now that we are heading rapidly toward high temperatures, if we continue with our irresponsible and negligible behaviour i.e. blind emission of carbon contents direct in environment, then that day will not far when earth react angrily and catastrophically erase away the very life it holding. Time has come to pay attention to the changing environmental need, Paris agreement, 2015, is the step toward right direction, need is to sincerely implementation of its declarations on curbing carbon footprints and on boosting renewable energy, here India emerge as the global leader with the idea of ISA, a platform to harness clean and green energy, if executed properly will definitely bring smile on mighty planet.

    But how to create quickness in decision making process and how to stay calm during work progression?, So, to come up with flying wings not only quickness helps, sometimes what we need is “smartness”. Smartness to engage every single stakeholder and extract something meaningful in time bound manner. And now to remove the boredom because of steady momentum, work can be divided into small pieces and their successful completion should not be forgot to cherish. And this will accomplish only if one have visionary and far sighted motto.

    So, we can say that this rejuvenation of old proverb can be very helpful only if we start applying it timely then it will not transform the individual personality but on a whole have a very impact on people at large. SO government while making decisions can bring “smart” quickness, and in digital era, it became as simple as clicking single button. Files and funds can be transferred online whereas steadiness can be enjoyed with timely monitoring and periodic inspections through information and communication technology, it will not curb only lackadaisical attitude of “babus” (officers)but removes the loopholes and leakages, serving the subjects effectively and efficiently, then only the aim of “less government and more governance” can be achieved. Thus this approach, not only bring suitable results but sustainable and long lasting also.

    At last, Kabir’s doha (couplet) can be summarized here>> “kal kare so aj kar, aaj kare so ab! Pal main parleye hoyegi bahuri karega kab! ” meaning “Tomorrows work do today, today’s work now! If the moment is lost, the work be done how!” here Kabir lights on procrastinating behaviour of being and emphasising on “now”. So the moral is we must shed our lethargy as quick as possible to reap the fruits of timely and steady implementation to do the “welfare” at large.

    • Kya baat h bhai. Acha hai. I liked that you emphasized on both steady and quick which has been given a go-by by many here.
      Current affairs have been covered as well. For me, it was your best till this date. Few grammar erros but drastically reduced from previous one. Keep it up (Y)

      • yogi

        Batman bhai review plz 🙂

        • Bhaiya ji, apka review kar dia hai phle he 😀

      • Shaktimaan

        batman bhayiya salaam:)……….mera eassy dekh do plzz jb wqt mile:):)

        • Bhai kuch din de do, pakka kar dunga review 🙂

    • yogi

      Shakti bhai review plz 🙂

    • Vivaan Khanna

      good one shakti…i m glad that this time there were less grammatical errors..even essay overall is good but i have some observations to make it better:
      1.I could not connect but there are some other examples where we can not delay much…pure essay mein tum yahi kah rahe they to yaha pe but kyu?
      2.smartness wala conclusion was good but shifting of govt smartness lil above is fine as per me before rejuvenating the old proverb point not introduce lethrgy after kabir..will be better then
      overall this was just too good essay..keep it up shakti

    • I have read ur essay and i feel it is very well written …At first reading i could not point out any lacking/missing . But i will mention some critical points when i read it again after a while .Please give me some time .
      And thanks for ur review on my essay brother …Ur points were very note worthy ..

    • yogi

      Starting is good that set as a background to ur essay
      flows is too good
      simple language and lesser grammatical mistakes:-P
      Some sentences were too long, try to write them short(same problem with me)
      environment para, i could relate the later half with the theme if the essay
      conclusion: Kabir good, but it came suddenly, could have made a smooth transition, no problem, i used to be in same haste at the end
      overall, i liked the essay ,
      Bhai u are improving day by day, keep writing i can see an emerging star here 🙂

    • rajan

      Nice points
      My suggestion though would be to write smaller sentences. That helps in building up the flow

    • Hello Deep dude 😉
      brilliant yaar!! I think this si ur best essay till now!! last wale se bhi zyada acha and i mean it!
      you started on a good note and also included some CA( vaise i personally think ki is essay me zyada GS nhi daalni chahie).
      conclusion can be improved a bit! coz ur conclusion just stressed on proverb which has no relation with “quick” and “steady” together! conclusion me just summarize whatever the idea of ur essay was.
      Overall very good man! Sorry kal dekh ni paya yaar! aajkl time ni lag paara secure karne ka bhi!!
      Thankyou shakti 🙂

      • Shaktimaan

        haan cnclsion alg sa ho gya tha…….work in progress………..jarur improve karna h:)
        haan tym shrink hota zaara h………..jaise jaise date nazdeek aari………….me too kl se one weak ki chhuti pe………….god bless u bhai…….thank u:):)

        • Be back soon! And thanks for the blessings bhai! God bless you too 🙂

          • Shaktimaan

            bhai salaam……….ek bar phir dekho:):)

            • sorry bhai! bimaar hu yaar! 🙁 and itna sara pending padda hai, kuch b ni hua friday se, and net b theek se ni chal ra baarish ki wajah se!! me likh b ni paya khud bhi!!
              Tujhe to pta hi hai yha kitni baarish hori! But me tera review kar dunga, give me some time! pkka kar dunga 🙂

  • yogi

    Quick but steady wins the race (1220 words)

    “There was a time when a hypothetical long distance race was organised between tortoise and hare. The same tortoise and hare decided to race again. As decided they started the race. This time the modern hare set an alarm before going to sleep. When it woke up monkey, tiger, lion, deer, elephant and many more animals had already joined the race. Tiger was the leading them for around one mile and then slowed down. Some of them quit before completing it. Some of them became too slow in the end. But one of them was maintaining the pace till end. Being Quick and steady the DEER won the race. Hare’s smartness did not work and this time it lost because of intense competition. The winner (deer) was greeted by everyone and all left for home. The slow but steady tortoise is still trying to complete the race.”

    This modern version of hare and tortoise story clearly depicts the present day. Gone are the days of “slow and steady wins the race” thanks to the cut throat competition. This competition can assume different forms. This essay would discuss those forms and try to establish how being QUICK BUT STEADY is a necessity in races of present day. Towards the end we would see how one can become quick and steady.

    Let’s begin with the most direct implication of the adage(Quick and steady wins the race), that is SPORTS. When one has to compete with all those who are trying to gain perfection in their timings and a delay of just a fraction of second can result in defeat, being quick and steady is must. Sprinters, swimmers, car racers among others are those for whom a small delay can wash away all the dreams of becoming a champion. The same dream but with a different notion is becoming visible in global arena. The only difference is that the race is not pre-planned and declared .

    This is the race of DEFENCE capabilities. Everyone is trying to get the fastest weapons. Reason is simple the faster the weapon the quicker the retaliation. Fastest aircrafts give a country an edge over the others countries at times of attack. From point of view of quick supply of soldiers, arms, ammunition, food etc. faster aircrafts become more important. The race for establishing more and more air bases is not a surprise in this regard.

    Moving on from defence to INTERNAL SECURITY, recent Pathankot attack clearly points towards how being quick and steady in decision could have saved the lives of brave soldiers. Rather than calling National Security Guards (NSG) from the New Delhi the help from the local police(who were trained to tackle such situations and had the knowledge of local areas) could have been a quick response to the situation demanding immediate response. This immediate response is needed in many other cases as well.

    A very similar situation is the time of DISASTER. The quick and continuous response in evacuation of people in wake of warnings of Odisha cyclone helped in minimizing the casualities in recent times. The race against calamity and innocent deaths if not won was not either lost so badly as was the case of notorious Uttrakhand flood, where despite being warned the quick actions for pre-disaster planning were not taken. Even in during and post disaster phase the for supply of food, medicines, water, rescue operations, etc. can be assured only with quick and steady assistance to the victims for winning the race against risk of epidemics and social unrest. The quick supply of things hints towards our next point of discussion, i.e. TRANSPORTATION.

    The importance of quick transport gets realised to us when we lose our dear ones because of delay in reaching the hospital. Taking a cue from it, the quick and steady transport is must for fastest transport of perishable goods like milk, vegetable, fruits. Here the race is against the quality of food. Every delay in taking sugarcane from farm to mills would cost by reduction in sucrose content. Similarly, the pace of supply of other raw materials from farms, mines to their processing units is must to win the race of meeting demand of dependent industries.

    The industries being an important input for infrastructures, lead us to the discussion on ECONOMIC development. The increasing delayed projects, cost overruns and stressed assets in our economy are a sign of risks incurred in winning the race of economic development. Starting almost from same level , the quick and steady actions by China lead her to leave present India at levels which China used to be three decades ago. To pace her up India would need an efficient GOVERNANCE structure.

    The governance has to be quick and steady no matter which political party is in power. The race against corruption, nepotism, and inefficiency can to a great extent be won by efficient implementation of government schemes and policies. Time is a very important factor is bringing efficiency. The success of opening more than targeted number of bank accounts under Jan Dhan Yojana is the kind of quickness that we need in our governance to ease the delivery of services .

    Now this reduction in time is possible only with the faster technology. We know how irritating it is to work on a slow speed internet connection. How can we win the race of efficiency without a faster internet connectivity?. The Digital India Programme, various e-portals, and e-governance initiative are nothing but the efforts in pursuit of that quickness which would ease the functioning of governance.

    The race of inventing fastest super computers, fastest laptop processors, providing fastest internet service 3 G , 4G, etc are in pursuance to gain that quickness and steadiness. A space vehicle cannot escape the earth’s gravity unless it is fast enough and maintain that fastness throughout the journey towards space. This race against gravity is what made men to become the winner of space and day by day many countries are joining the race.

    Coming to day to day experiences one cannot expect to top the exams unless she is quick and steady while writing the exam. No matter how much one know, but if he is not able to attempt maximum questions in given time the chances of topping the exam are meagre. The time management is what matters here.

    The message is clear winning the race in any field will require us to invest in technology, train to upgrade the skills, better utilisation of the resources, collective the efforts and assure continuity in actions. To make all the possible the first race that we have to win is the race against our own self. The race against laziness, the race against laxity, the race against gratifications and the race against all sorts of negativity that drives us away from our targets. We don’t have to be bogged down by failures, but rise every time we fail to win the race. The perseverance in our efforts, the positivity in finding opportunities in challenges, understanding the value of time would only create the strong foundation to build the castle of success. The time has come to leave the lingering tortoise attitude. What we need is to learn and imbibe the quickness and consistency of winner DEER in us.

    • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

      Nice differently twisted story and connected well in conclusion.

      NSG example very good and relevant.

      You could have added few more person specific example.

      But overall it was a good read.

      Plz review mine too.

    • Hi Yogi bhai, I find a major issue with your essay-you have emphasized only on the ‘quickness’ part but what about the steadiness?
      Apart from that, I feel that in the initial paras, instead of directly taking up examples, you could have some philo stuff.
      Otherwise, a good read. Intro and conclusion are very well drafted.
      Please have a look at mine too 🙂

      • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

        Batman bhai, plz review mine too.

      • yogi

        thanks bhia for review 🙂
        yes philosophy and steadiness, missed both of them in my essay 🙁

    • Affu

      awesome,if i were the examiner n given a copy of urs,then i would have definitely awarded 130+(out of 250)….keep it up..all the best

      • Mujhe b number dedo, Ma’am 😀

        • Affu

          ha ha 🙂

      • yogi

        Thanks ma’am i wish u were the examiner 🙂
        but i made the mistake by neglecting the steadiness part 🙁

      • pranay rajput

        My first essay..pls review

        • Affu

          shall review it as soon as i get sometime

    • Shaktimaan

      hi bhaii!!
      starting ki story cool thi…………hahahahahahah…..tooooo good!
      kafi exmples se smjhaya b……..again good:)
      but……..more emphasis on quick portion
      steady wala beach beach main hi aya pr bahut kam………use alag se glorify kia ja sakta tha…imo:)
      bs itna hi………pr haan aaj din tk jo aapke eassy pde us level se thoda sa niche tha……wo aap itna acha likhte hi to expectations high ho rakhi h…………..waise coool tha eassy…….thank u:):)

      • yogi

        steadiness yes that was a blunder by me
        thanks bhai, will try to improve next time 🙂

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.yogi even i thought the story on same line.. to increase competition in the story itself..but could not proceed with it as it would have narrowed down my gave it even u can think…like in ur internal security wala point there was no competition but to save ur nation..pakistan ko kaun evidence deta hai pahle is baat ka competition to ho nahi sakta….
      2.while quick and race were dealt beutifully steady part was given a miss.
      3. fundebaaji was missing ; is needed in such critique aaj shayad mere p jayega
      4.conclusion was best in ur essay

      • yogi

        thanks Bhai,
        I thought to preserve the fundeybaji for conclusion and fill the essay with examples,
        but people like fundes in main body as well so will be back with that 🙂

        • Vivaan Khanna

          not only people vo budhe examiners ko b fundebaji hi pasand aati hai..varna unhe lagta hai ki hum sochte kam hai…mai to jab b dalta hu log bore ho jate hai aur mera essay not engaging ho jata hai..chalo lets hope with time we will improve..keep writing 😉

    • Akhil

      Nice intro brother. Your essay dealt with ‘quick’ aspect quite well.
      But I think Stediness part you did not covered well.
      Conclusion is good. Thank you
      Review mine also if you have time

    • Isha

      Hi Yogi, my views-
      Examples were pretty apt.

      Intro was wonderful.
      But the essay was one sided- like we need to emphasis upon the old adage’s importance and relevance in current time too.
      Also, steadiness pe emphasis was missing.
      flow was nice. Overall it was a good read, u just need to work upon few things as pointed out by everyone. Keep writing and reveiwing. ATB!
      Have a look at mine if u get to visit the blog. Critical wala review 😛

      • yogi

        thanks for review,
        agree to ur points
        will review urs 🙂

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Yogi 🙂

      I find a BIG MISTAKE in your essay in the third paragraph ” Let’s begin with the most direct implication of the adage(Quick and steady wins the race), QUICK and STEADY ???????? don’t try to change the statement and write an essay that you feel like . the statement says ” QUICK BUT STEADY WINS THE RACE ” ( There is a lot difference ” QUICK AND STEADY ” and ” QUICK BUT STEADY ” )

      You just wrote the entire essay on the subject ” quick and steady ” .

      what is happening to you ? this is the second essay in a row that you are deviating from the statement due to a careless mistake that would been avoided by a person of good caliber like you .

      My Suggestion :

      Write the statement of the essay in a paper and keep reading the statement to know whether you are deviating from the context of the statement OR not .

      I don’t have any other suggestions because this essay would been excellent, if the Statement of the essay was ” QUICK AND STEADY WINS THE RACE ”


      ALL THE BEST !!!

      • yogi

        Thanks for review,
        i made a blunder today 🙁
        will try to improve next time 🙂

    • Jaya Swatantra

      So Jitendra ji ( one who won over senses through Yog)
      1. Your introduction and conclusion rocked the stage.
      2. But content in between was lacking link it seemed a bit random arrangement.
      You may write better than this…. so keep writing and reviewing…. All the best!! sorry for delay!!

      • yogi

        agree i misinterpretted the quote a massive blunder this time 🙁
        delays are permitted but not “no review” so no sorry at least for delays:-P (cases of no review in external calamities like an urgent work, illness, earthquake , war, etc are exempted )
        trying my best to write better , but 🙁
        thanks will keep on trying 🙂

  • Mistborn

    “Quick but steady wins the race”

    Think of a game of chess! You deliberate too much on a move and you lose on the clock. At the same time if you move a piece in quick but ill-considered fashion, you lose anyway. Only a strategically foolproof game coupled with quick thinking is our chance to win.

    Life is not much different than the game of chess, only a lot more elaborate. The challenges and opportunities are much complex and tackling them requires shrewd tactics and quick response. In this essay we will see why ‘quick and steady’ is the ‘way to go’ instead of ‘slow and steady’ as the conventional wisdom suggests.

    The world is changing at an incredible speed. Things like telephone or telegraph that used to be common place 20-30 years ago have become an object of antiquity. Contrastingly we take things like mobile technology and internet for granted today which we would be hard pressed to imagine in 1980s.

    In a rapidly changing environment, challenges are numerous and of diverse nature. We can study these challenges as economic, political, business, environmental and others.

    In the economic sphere, India is one of the most promising economies of the world at the moment. We are going to enjoy a demographic dividend for next 25 years as per the Economic Survey report. Yet there are grave issues that need sorting out. Only 2% of our workforce is skilled. The manufacturing sector is still not well developed and we are dependent on imports of a variety of finished goods. Our agriculture is still labor intensive and monsoon dependent. Also the productivity levels are below par as compared to economies like China or US.

    In the international domain, the world trade is quickly shifting towards regional trade blocks. ASEAN and EU already conduct significant share of trade within the blocks. With the advent of Trans Pacific Partnership and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, India is faced with the challenge of finding lucrative exports market in near future. Issues like Trade Facilitation Agreement and agricultural subsidies in WTO pose further unsolved riddles.

    In the political space, a new polarization is underway wherein China and Russia are at the one end, while US and its allies in Western Europe and Japan on the other. Political scene is under tremendous turmoil with the two blocks pulling the world in two different directions. IS and the other Islamic terrorist organizations create further complications in the situation.

    In the business area, continuous research and innovation coupled with globalization has led to dramatic change in business practices. The Indian economy is getting increasingly intertwined with the world economy. Our businesses cater to the world and foreign players compete in our markets. Also there is pressure on the government to improve the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ in India by reforming labor laws and liberalizing the market further.

    In the last decade or two, a new business trend has come to the fore. Technology based startup companies are mushrooming everywhere. Companies like Google and Facebook were in infancy during the early 2000s. Home grown companies like Flipkart or Snapdeal were yet to take birth. Still, we cannot imagine a business world without a buoyant e-commerce space.

    The environment poses its own grave concerns. Global warming is one the rise. The ozone layer stands threatened by polluting industries. Mindless deforestation continues as evident in rapid decline in the forest cover of tropical Amazon. The water, air or soil are not safe anymore due to the polluting substances present in them. The pollution is proliferating into the food chain now. Humans as well as animals face grave health concerns.

    The above list of various challenges is by no means exhaustive and that makes it even more worrisome. They merit quick yet well-thought response. We cannot deliberate on them forever. Any lethargy on our part will mean that we end up on the losing side. For example, if we do not take prompt steps like ‘Skill India Mission’ to skill our workforce, the much talked ‘demographic dividend’ will turn into a ‘demographic liability’ in no time.

    Similarly if we don’t take a proactive approach towards the regional trade blocs, the whole exercise of ‘Make in India’ will be for naught. In the environment space, we need to ascertain the accountability of the different stakeholders in containing the global warming, lest we overshoot earth’s carbon budget and there is no earth to live anymore.

    We also need to understand that ‘quick’ need not be rash. We have seen the quick but rash action in the form of ‘Green Revolution’ which solved the food scarcity problem for India but posed many more issues like water scarcity, soil erosion, excessive usage of fertilizers and misbalanced cropping patterns.

    The ‘quick’ should be a proactive approach. That means we must anticipate the challenges and opportunities that may arise due to various developments around the world. Also we must strive to bring those changes ourselves by playing a leadership role. That coupled with an innovation oriented culture paves way for all round progress for a country. The 1971 Indo-Pak war can be seen in this context wherein India played a proactive rather than reactive role and it is no wonder that it remains the most comprehensive Indian victory over our neighbors.

    Finally, it would be appropriate to redraw our lessons from the tortoise and rabbit story. The tortoise did not win that race because he was ‘slow and steady’. The rabbit lost it because he was arrogant. I do not imagine a future race between the duo where rabbit would have lost if he had drawn his lessons well from the first race. We need to be that rabbit minus the arrogance to win in the race of life.

    • Mistborn

      Please review friends! 🙂

    • Hey Mist 🙂
      I think the initial few paras took too much space for challenges. You could have been a little direct towards the topic.
      Quick vs Rash is a takeaway for me.
      You have put down your thoughts clearly. I just feel some philosophical touch could have been given.
      Rest, a good read. Keep it up. Please have a look at mine as well 🙂

      • Tanu Singhal

        Kindly review mine. 🙂
        If u have enough time.

  • Sahil Garg

    Slow and steady wins the race is the most common philosophical lesson almost everyone had heard of, best explained with the Rabbit-Tortoise example, where the rabbit despite being faster than tortoise loses a race, and tortoise wins it for he was steady and disciplined. While this quote has not lost its sheen and its still a wonderful lesson to preach , a little tweaking would make it more relevant, which should be – “Quick but steady wins the race.”

    Today’s world is a globalized world. Everyone is looking for better opportunities to enhance their status of living. People have risen above the mere sustenance mindset, are aspire for more. Combined with this is the ever growing competition in the society, which makes it all the mandatory to adapt to the rising challenges and opportunities before others do that. As an example, the MNCs in today’s world are looking for candidates who can not only stay or work with them for long, but are also quick at decision making, and adapting to the crisis situation . A slow learner and one who takes more time to adjust himself will find him at a relative disadvantage then his quick counterpart The virtual ouster of Nokia from the smartphone market,and the capture of this by Samsung clearly illustrates the importance of being quick at changing.

    Being quick implies not only decision making or adaptability, but also the ability to communicate, plan and strategise ,quickly. Being quick implies doing more, being more productive at work. Elon Musk, the founder of Space X and Tesla, says he worked for twice time a normal person would work to ensure that he is twice ahead of the average. A person who misses on being quick in all these aspects often miss the great starts which others would get, and as they say, “a journey well started is half completed”. Apart from this, working quickly puts one in a mission mode, and creates a better focus, then what would come by working in a more liberal environment. To justify this – it is a common observation by students that they sometimes fail to complete their syllabus in 5 days during an exam, which sometimes get completed in even one day.

    If being quick is the condition to start the engine in the right mode, being steady is the absolute prerequisite for reaching the finishing line. A research by a London university claims that it days a minimum of 66 days to wire in a new habit until it becomes a part of the normal routine. A one day french lesson , or a week of guitar training may only satisfy a person mentally, but it wont have a larger impact of his life. Perseverance creates masters. The 10000 hour rule states that to be a master at something, one needs a progressive practice on it for 10000 hours. Sachin Tendulkar wasnt called the “God of cricket”, after a year, Lionel Messi wasnt an overnight star. JK rowling was rejected multiple times, before accepted to be published, Walt Disney was accused of lacking creativity, Steve jobs didn’t make Apple in a year, India wasn’t freed in a day, Greats and legends like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln all fought thorough the hard stages before their vision actually appealed to the common man.

    The importance of being quick and steady is well applicable in the present day. Not only the economies today need to grow steadily, but also at a faster rate to provide the better public facilities and standards of living to people. India today is poised to be as fast emerging economy because of the unprecedented growth it witnessed after 1991, and more so because it was able to keep that growth on the same path, except under extreme critical circumstances. The growing challenges of terrorism need to be dealt sternly , quickly and sustainably. Neither can Terrorism cannot be rooted out in a single blow, nor can the world afford to wait for too long to show any consolidated effort. The fast growing radicalization of the youth by the agencies like ISIS also created situations which can only be tackled by the similar approach .

    Similar is the case for the tacking the global warming and climate change which needs a solution on both fronts. If we wait and do the piecemeal work only once in a while, enough GHGs would have found their way into the atmosphere, after which no solution will work. The alarming bells can be heard by the meager amount of carbon budget the world is left with to limit the temperature within the permissible limits of 2 degrees. The solution to environmental issues like energy crisis, biodiversity conservation, soil conservation, controlling the global epidemics like Ebola, Zika , coral bleaching demands both a fast, effective and sustainable intervention and action.

    Some examinations in the world, demand such writing speeds that if a person isn’t both quick and steady, he is sure to loose out . Quickness there will make sure he starts it well, judges it well, handles it well , and being steady throughout his examination, and also during the preparation will be needed to produce something worthy, else the efforts may appear to be wasted.

    To conclude on the importance of quickness, one can say – Life is not only a marathon, but a marathon with many sprints, and to successfully complete this marathon requires the successful completion of these sprints. The underlining importance of being steady is most aptly explained by the a journey of a plane – “It it stops , it drops”.

    • Good one Sahil 🙂
      My views:
      Perfect combo of GS and philo
      Ending was a bit abrupt and you can remove the word ‘to conclude’
      good that you focused equally on quick and steady aspect
      After reading so many essays, I realized that the rabbit-tortoise example in becoming too conventional and so the intro needs improvement.
      your 4th para is just wonderful (Y)
      Does it need 66 days or 21 days? (I mean are you sure?)

    • Vivaan Khanna

      hi sahil..good one..few observations;
      1.being quick does not mean productive..rather quick combined with steady means productive i think..even the example of Elon musk proves the same point…he was quick but had he not been steady result would have not been achieve….want to know ur views on ths
      2.Once u stated 66 days of London the same para 10000 hour rule may be boring for examiner…
      3.earlier even i used to give many examples in one point but later switched to few and clear ones..u can also give it a try and find out best for urself…for me some but clear examples are better
      4.started with philo later changed the gear into examples mode..a blend of two would be better(i m talking after sachin till second last para)
      5.simple conclusion without to conclude and plane would have been better for me
      nice attempt overall..thank you 🙂

    • rajan

      It was a nice essay. Covered a variety of points
      But, I felt that exapmples from private indstries could have been merged in to 1 para. Also, a conclusion which integrates steadiness and quickness could have been more apt. Isn’t it ?

  • Tanu Singhal

    Slow and steady wins the race. This very statement has become so clichéd that no one finds any coherency with it, and yes everyone does have dozens of reasons to think so.

    While we moved on from era of 1990s to a new century, we redefined the very definition of work, profession, pace, life , technology, time , space, everything got changed ,got transformed from distinction to 90%, from avg to fast, from landline to mobile. Even CDMA to 4G.

    While transforming, what transformed the fastest was our belief system, and reasoning, eventually we started believing in speed, in fast pace, in changes, in technology , we adopted a culture, a social set up around us, which is ever changing that too on a very fast pace.
    We adopted a society where now, the one who doesn’t catch up, can’t actually exist.
    From day to day life to the most important things , everywhere there is a rush, a need to fasten up things. And this is not because we are some kind of hurry, but because it is possible now, to fasten up and finish the work asap.
    Earlier to find a text I had to visit a library, today I m just one step away from my tablet. Earlier to get my phone rechagerd or even get my bills paid, I had to actually plan out aday for the same, but now it’s a click away.
    Every sector of our daily life is becoming fast, efficient, quick and easy.

    Similarly in the most serious bussiness of life, while aiming for something, I can’t be just steady and wait for results to reach me, I have to be quick enough to grab the opportunity, to get the result first and in my favour, why, because someone else might be even more fast and hasten up than me.

    Competition and the need to be staedy, to be there with determination in any competition of life has always been there since ages, but the changing times have made the need to be coupled with smart strategy and speed , so as to have an edge, even having an edge was also a presumption to win, but today, having an edge means, having an edge, in every form, be it information, be it resource, be it speed of articulation.
    The enormous competition, along with the availability of resources easily and at fast pace have e made the competition even and hence more crucial.
    It’s not only about academics.
    Be it politics, the one who understand the need of right campaign can strikes the feelings and needs of the people first wins.
    In bussines, the one bussines house, which is fast enough to bring enough dynamism, enough scheme, enough changes in its product as per the changing needs of people, is able to stay lonegr in the market.
    Be it the fashion industry, or be it the entertainment, everything is changing as per people’s need as fast as it can.
    The adaptation of people has increased and hence they have become more versatile, with adaptability came the need for dynamic changes every now and then.
    In such scenarios, the one who is able to catch up is the one who is able to cope up the change.
    Darwin was quite right, and so is success, it also gives chance to the one who are able to smart quick and fast enough to be determined and catch up .
    Being steady is one necessary thing which can’t be ignored but for it being combined with enough speed provides the real opportunities of grabbing the real opportunities, for, there are already enough who are steady but there are few who can actually surpass them.

    Being fast doesn’t always mean being hurried up, but it means, smart enough to invest the right amount of time in the right thing, to be smart to spend the right amount of resources against the amount of expected return.
    While we talk about being fast and steady, we can see the most promising example of share markets.
    One time investor doesn’t earn much and not does a dormant one, but an investor, steady enough, and the omne who understands the market, reaches out to invest and swap at the right time, is the one who is able to get constant easy and promising returns.

    While we read the story of hare and tortoise, we always say, if the rabbit would not have slept, there was no way tortoise viudl have won. We should be serious about it, now, no one is hare, no one is as stupid as he was, no one actually sleeps, at least not the achievers, and we should really ask a question then, if I am afst enough to surpass the one who is as steady as I am.

    • Hey Tanu, my views:
      1)End was quite abrupt!
      2)You could have elaborated business, political, fashion a bit. Presently, it emphasizes more on the ‘quick’ part, elaboration would have introduced the ‘steady’ part too
      3)Philo touch is good
      4)Could have added some real life examples
      Try to write a bit more!
      Please have a look at mine as well 🙂

      • Tanu Singhal

        Okay, will expand this one only
        Thanks a tonne.

        Yeah sure.. Will have a look in urs definitely.

    • Isha

      Hi Tanu,

      1. Improvement is there, congratz! 🙂
      But, now i need to point out specific flaws-
      – Need to work upon flow and structure.
      – Intro & conclusion, make them interesting.
      – too many examples; have some analysis included too
      But u have improved actuaaly. Also examples were quite apt. U just need to work upon few things and u are good to go.
      Have a look at mine if you find time to. Here is the link-
      Thanks and ATB 🙂

      • Tanu Singhal

        Thanks a tonne girl.. 🙂

        Yeah now I will work on technical aspects.

        Yeah will have a look right now.

    • Genghis Khan

      Hi Tanu,
      I think you took lot of words in establishing the differences happening in the world in the beginning. could be reduced.
      Examples did not get into little detail also. they were very superficial. One or two solid examples could be better. No issues with flow. Good thing is you accommodated diverse examples.
      Try to be more expressive. Did you follow any format in the essay? If so, you could better tell at the beginning where you are heading towards.
      Debt cleared!

      • Tanu Singhal

        Debt!! :D.

        Thanks a lot, u pointed some really critical points, I knew all these. Was not able to actually improve.
        It’s high time I do.

        Thanks again. 🙂
        Will accommodate all of ur suggestions…

        • Genghis Khan (Vikarma)

          Debt is not to relate to your economics background. No correlations to be made.

          • Tanu Singhal

            Haha.. Sure, as directed the coherency will not be established. 🙂

            • Genghis Khan (Vikarma)

              Can you tell how law then?

              • Tanu Singhal

                After economics honours, had several choices, law was the most suitable option, for civils preparation, for future prospects and for “in service” learning process. 🙂

                • Genghis Khan (Vikarma)

                  Will you be some kind of a tax law expert or is it much of accounting and commerce people stuff?

                  • Tanu Singhal

                    No, again no correlation to be found, can enter any field in law.
                    Be it corporate, or criminal or be it civil matters.

                    Optional earlier was thinking of economis.
                    But found law optional paper more scoring, so will be switching to law.

                    • Genghis Khan (Vikarma)

                      Good. Nice knowing!

  • Jaya Swatantra


    We have grown listening the story of a tortoise and a rabbit.Tortoise been slow but steady won the race but rabbit been lethargic and inconsistent lost the race.But a little change is needed in this story for attaining success in present world which is emboldened by increased aspirations,expectations and vandalising stress. One must understand the meaning of smart hardwork,utilising opportunities timely and attaining eternal success with indefatigable effort and rigorous practice.
    There are ample examples which may substantiate the statement.Oprah winfrey once an introvert and stammering girl in her childhood became world renowned orator only because she understood her shortcomings timely and started working upon them knowing the art of effective communication can be learnt with decisiveness and keenness to accept personal responsibility.
    Once two parrots were encaged with their feathers cut in a big cage.From there parrots saw others birds chirping happily and enjoying flying in the open sky.Gradually their feathers came but one parrot realised that and slowly started flapping its wings who gradually learnt the art of flying. Once cage was mistakenly left open, utilising the opportunity that parrot opened its wings and just skipped from the cage. The other parrot who did not know the art of flying despite the presence of wings just simply watched the other parrot flying in the sky .So such is the reality of life where every one is blessed with something extraordinary but the need is to timely realise and own the necessary potential with practice.
    How harsh the realities may be but it is the undeterred will to succeed which matters at the end.Mistakes are natural but with each mistake one learns something new and reform.Its better to confront the realities whatever be with courage,integrity,intelligence and a holistic vision. Malala Yusufjahi from Pakistan was quick to realise the importance of girls education and won the race by wining Nobel peace prize with Kailash Satyarthi of India.Despite the firing of bullet at her by Taliban protagonist ,she did not lose her heart but with each passing day along with her treatment ,her commitment became stronger and she became the face of women empowerment of today.
    Success as an individual depends upon how much we are successful in our personal relations and how much we are adept professionally.But again this statement holds a great value.Timely love , care,attention makes any relation strong and deep.One needs to be quick in realising the responsibilities and act upon.Any wound may be healed with oinment of love, focussed attention and giving time to relationships.But magnanimity should not be taken for granted and supposed as weakness.Still India being a patriarchal society although situation is changing gradually but those who do not value relations, dignity of a women and try to impose unnecessary commands over her should be dealt strongly.There is no place of weakness. Weakness is death.Women should come out with drudgery of thoughts but feel empowered to tackle any situation with full confidence for wining the race of life.Myanmar democratic leader Aung sung su ki really proved her mettle by coming out with flying colors in recent elections despite being imprisoned for so many years.
    For profesional success its punctuality and sustainability of efforts which counts because on a bigger front success is a journey not a destination.Any exam however small or big may be passed with fine qualities of smart hard work meeting out the deadlines,.But do not forget to ask are you enjoying the work , if the answer is yes ,one is certainly on the right path.
    All the great revolutions of the past be it Indian Independence movement,French revolution,Russian revolution ,it became successful due to consistency in efforts to keep the zeal of independence ignited and shredding out the chains of oppression and sheer injustice.Why some nations secured vast success despite limited resource like Singapore is a matter of great admiration.These nations just provided the much needed direction for the holistic development with better use of available resources and gained much progress compared to other countries.What PM Modi ji witnessed during his visit to Japan last year is worth sharing.There is more learning without spending long hours in teaching as students are getting acquainted with empirical and experimental approach to efficiently meet the demands of any job.Every one is an early riser there,there morning starts from 4 am sharp so definitely they are few hours advance than those countries whose citizens do not rise that much early.
    Any policy should be framed taking in to account the need of the hour and fully devising it with resources to sustain it for a bigger success. What are we witnessing in India ?.Policies are there but every time its execution suffers a setback due to inability to sustain it. Swach Bharat Abhiyan promised for toilets in each rural house but it ended up becoming storehouses of dirt ultimately blocking its further use.So a deeper approach to sustain the above changes as how to keep it clean, induction of more safai karmacharis by the government etc.should be taken in to account.Recently budget speech by Arun Jaitley ji depicted lack of clear strategies for attaining the goals of green economy where no allocation of funds for preserving the current forests and wetlands. No bigger funds for promoting R& D . So i hope that all these flaws would be tackled in successive budget discussion in the parliament before its final approval.
    Rabbits have too become smart they no more take rest in todays race. They know the importance of consistency and smart hard work.They are wining the race these days. Realising the need of the hour one needs to recognise his strength and weakness and augmenting the personality with necessary skills to attain a full fledged success.Just preparing to win the greater race of life with a better coordination,communication and control.Jago Bharat Jago !! ( Be awakened!!)

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Please Review!!

    • Hi Jaya, my views:
      1)Flow need some serious improvement
      2)Could have added philo touch, GS took up much space
      3)At times, focus was only on quick or steady or being patient
      So, I would leaving aside other aspects, work on your flow-really needed!

      • Jaya Swatantra

        But how please tell… so that i may improve…. please do tell and guide..

        • Ok I will try to guide you through whatever I know.
          I am just taking some example (not related to this essay)Either, you can write down in beginning like-economic, social, political and then detail on these things
          or as you write down the fist para then the next line of second para should have something related to previous one (it should not look like a repetition). Try to read few essays and observe this trend. You’ll understand what I am try to convey 🙂

          • Jaya Swatantra

            Thanks a loads… this time it was not up to the mark.. i accept but i shall work to improve.. a big thanks for such points… 🙂

    • Agastya ( Vikarma)

      Good one Swatantra.
      I liked the parrot analogy. I really liked it! The essay got better in the middle and towards the end. You got diverse coverage.
      But some sort of critical thinking is missing, or perhaps the way you expressed was not appealing. The introduction and conclusion could be better, especially the intro has to show the direction you are heading towards. The terminology in terms of “quick”, “steady”, “race” are not very well used in the essay.

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for reviewing… 🙂

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.intro hard work+utilizing the opportunities+indefatigable efforts means quick but steady..good
      2.oprah winfrey and parrots have no connection…still they were together..why?
      3.malala Yusufzai and indivdual success do not relate to the theme directly..use of some quick and steady keywords may work
      4.ur focus on India was need to go outside…
      5.can Improve the flow as battie suggested..connection among para is imp in essay
      6.Conclusion best
      my genuine suggestion will be to stick with theme rather than beating the bush and then relating it
      please review mine if time permits

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Hey Vivaan first of all a big sorry for not being able to review any of essays yesterday… but promise i shall be reviewing it today… and yes i accept my flaws , your feedback is really precious… Thank you.. 🙂

    • Isha

      Hi Jaya,
      1. work on making para short.
      2. This time GS was dominant and philo was missing.
      3. Examples seemed out of context sometimes due to missing justification at the end or due to language. Like Malala’ example- she was not aiming for Nobel; this is what coming out of the way u have written it.
      4. Work on structure- make a draft and then explain accordingly. That would solve ur flow problem too
      5. You can write even better than this. Keep writing and reviewing 🙂
      All the best.

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks Isha dear… this time i am also not contented but i will improve taking in to account your valuable feedback…. Good morning and happy shiv Ratri… 🙂 🙂

        • Isha

          Very Good morning Jaya & wish you too- Happy Shivaratri 🙂

          • Jaya Swatantra

            Hey Isha, good morning first of all… how are you??? … please do review my essay if time allows and let me know if you wrote…

            • Isha

              Heyy jaya, I am doing good. How are you. And sorry, aaj thoda essay late rhega mera aur tera bhi thoda late review karungi. But I ll do it for sure, so dont worry.

              • Jaya Swatantra

                doing fine dear… its ok but find time to write yours too…… because it is a worth read……….. 🙂

                • Isha

                  Hehe, thanks a lot for the appreciation. Bas thoda wait karo, firstly i ll write myself tab sabka review karungi. otherwise originality nahi reh jati. Waise bhi tumhare essay me kafi sare ideas and examples rehte hain- maine kuch chori kar liye toh!! 😀 😛

                  • Jaya Swatantra

                    Ha ha ha…. 🙂

    • radha

      good one jaya….
      avoid using we and first persons..
      introduction and conclusion could have better.

    • yogi

      My review:

      Intro:-I personally feel that except the first line ur intro would suit best for the conclusion.

      The parrot waala para should be placed before the oprah waala para, and this can be your intro: just my opinion , i may be wrong here

      Malala Yusufjahi from Pakistan was quick to realise the importance of girls education and won the race by wining Nobel peace prize with Kailash Satyarthi of India—u can rephrase that better like she won the race against the threat to her life as it appears that she did all that for getting the noble prize which i is not true for sure

      The para on women power: does not directly relate to core theme, so adjust the content accordingly

      Recently budget speech by Arun Jaitley ji depicted lack of clear strategies for attaining the goals of green economy where no allocation of funds for preserving the current forests and wetlands. No bigger funds for promoting R& D . So i hope that all these flaws would be tackled in successive budget discussion in the parliament before its final approval.—–do you this is needed in this essay??

      Conclusion is fine but need more elaboration

      You write much better (just to clarify it is just my opinion and the comparision is solely with ur last week essay and not to any other student )

      Thank you !

      P.S.: no hard feeling intended, the reviewer has just done his job, so forgive him for use of words/expression the writer of the essay thinks are not appealing 😛

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks a lot Yogi ji for this value feedback… you are true this time i really used some unnecessary Gs… i lack that connection between paras which is most needed for maintaining flow… sorry i could not review any essay yesterday but i would do today… so reviewer has done the job really honestly… Big thanks… 🙂 🙂

    • Jorge

      Hey Jaya, I think your flow is definitely improving.

      Some of the examples you give: Malala, Aung sung suu Ki, I think need a little more explanation. As in, obviously these are important public personalities who have achieved a lot and you do mention their positive contributions, but I think it needs to be made clearer why you brought them up as an example of “Quick and steady”.

      Russian Revolution example I found was apt, maybe you could have talked more about that – about how it was important to keep up the momentum during that period in history.

      Anyway, it’s a bit of a vague essay prompt so I applaud your effort – keep up the consistent practice 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for your valuable feedback… :)… how is your interview preparation going on??

        • Jorge

          not too bad, just brushing up on current affairs and DAF and hoping for the best!

          • Jaya Swatantra

            All the best….. 🙂 🙂

            • Jorge

              Thanks 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Please review my essay for today if time allows… thanks in advance

  • Aravind Varier

    I remember reading the Hare and the tortoise story in my primary school which conveyed a moral ” slow and steady wins the race ” but as the time has passed and the world have developed at a faster pace making it more competitive but the importance of the consistency or steadiness aspect of work haven’t changed much because being quicker can give instant results but ultimately its the steadiness in one that ultimately makes him/her winner .The importance of this statement is discussed by citing various instants from the events that we see in our daily life .

    There were two B-Tech students Aravind and Suresh who were doing their final year projects on Robotic Vehicle . Aravind used to be at the forefront in submitting his project presentation and Suresh used to generally do it a bit slower, patiently trying to pick out any fault in his presentations before being presented. Aravind used to get laurels from all during project seminars as he was always quick to present it by compiling facts but on the final day of presenting the working model Aravind’s Robot could not pass the test of running his robotic vehicle in various terrain in the model circuit because he haven’t done detailed introspection on the vehicle he designed as Suresh did during the entire project time that made his robotic vehicle pass through the model circuit created for the purpose . This shows though Aravind was quick in presenting facts but it is suresh detailed and steady analysis which made him pass the test .

    The importance of this statement can be cited from the construction of High speed railway lines in two countries China and Japan .
    Japan used to run high speed trains after steadily going through a chain of test runs before making it available for passengers but on the other hand china boasted adding more high speed lines within a short span of time was a greater achievement .As the trains started plying on the lines we can hear from news reports that there have been not a single loss of human life in the last decade from Japan commuting in High Speed train but news reports coming from china tells the story of frequent problems arising out of track misalignment leading to time delay and the derailment of a High speed train in the recent past is a clear example of that quickness can give instant results but it is the steadiness that make a project successful .

    The statements have great importance from the success in solving one of the crisis that we face today .We are facing one of the grave challenges of the proliferation of Nuclear technology that can be diverted in for making Nuclear warheads . Recently , a peace deal have been signed between the P5+1 Nations and Iran after a prolonged discussions which helped the UN lift the economic sanctions on Iran thereby bringing stability in west asia to certain extent . On the other hand quick economic sanctions without steady discussions with north Korea have led to frequent tensions in east Asia arising out of the nuclear program pursued the country .

    from the above three events we could see the importance of steadiness while pursuing actions which gave better results compared to quick actions which did not give fruitful results .

    But what would have happened , if quickness and steadiness work hand in hand and how the results would turn up ? lets see that again from certain events from the world around .

    The first Metro rail project in India was build in Kolkata which is running successfully today took 22 years for the completion of the project . Though the project steadily progressed but at a slow pace which profusely affected the exchequer during the construction period due to cost overruns .But the recent Metro Rail project in Delhi which was initially given a time of 10 years for completion was successfully inaugurated in 7 years which was considered to be a miracle .The factors that lead to this so called miracle was of the steady efforts and quick decisions by able leadership which changed the way citizens in Delhi travel today .

    A similar example of this quickness and steadiness combining together can be observed in the launch of the Mangalyaan Mission to Mars by IRSO which was successfully accomplished in a record time and low budget .This was mainly due to the consistent efforts and quick decisions by the team of scientist that made our country proud by joining the list of few nations that could reach near the planet Mars .

    The conclusion that we can interpret is that either SLOW or QUICK , it is the STEADINESS in Efforts that makes a winner . Quickness can increase the pace at which a person or a mission successful but there is NO REPLACEMENT for STEADINESS .

    • Hi Aravind Bhai, my views:
      1)Intro-though I have used this story too but after reading many essays, I have realized that this has become quite conventional
      2)Your entire essay is filled with examples with analysis but I feel some general statements could have been given-this philo touch
      3)I see you have taken the ‘opposite’ approach i.e. justifying examples by saying they were just quick but not steady-Ok for me
      4)Conclusion was abrupt and avoid writing the word ‘conclusion’
      Experiment with your writing skills as you do in ethics, add some sarcasm, some philo. You can do better 🙂

      • Aravind Varier

        Dear Batman ,

        Thank you for the review 🙂

        Was busy today with some work . I managed to write this essay in about 30 minutes . so nothing more i can expect from this 🙂 Philosophy requires little bit of thinking so had to set in with some general observations .

        i generally don’t try experimenting in essays like the way i do in ethics . I will surely take your advice of experimenting my ideas with essays to give the PUNCH ….Hahahaha ……. 🙂

        Now , i am free and relaxing, so will surely give the best review of the day for your essay in about 10 minutes 🙂 🙂 🙂

        THANK YOU 🙂

        • defiance

          Hi Aravind, can u plz review mine if time permits.. me too wrote without thinking much due to lack of time… still a review will help…..

    • yogi

      Intro: though not creative but good due to simplicity
      main body: u have proved the being quick and steady is needed to win,
      P5+1 and all that is not needed in my opinion
      Conclusion:–The conclusion that we can interpret is that either SLOW or QUICK , it is the STEADINESS in Efforts that makes a winner —-it is a fair conclusion, but i doubt whether u have discussed the slow part, to arrive at that conclusion,
      More elaborations is needed in conclusion ans bring that gently,
      But overall since u took merely 22 minutes to write all this, I would say people cannot write even this much in an hour or so at least i cannot write the same. I am really amazed as i took around 3 hours to write my today’s crap. Don’t think i m comparing me with you, I m just astounded to see that people can write so much in few minutes which i cannot write even in hours. So,i need to gear up my speed of thinking and putting that in words, the only problem is when i give lesser time on anything i have to compromise on quality of my write-ups, be it an answer or an essay. My problem is while i attempt anything i keep the time factor aside and i don’t realise that i spent too much time on thinking the same , i know it is pit i m digging for myself.
      Now for you i have question :do you follow any specific strategy for thinking and writing within time frame or continuous practice made you to think and write so fast (there is not irony it is my genuine doubt)
      One more doubt :
      how should we approach the essay to mark a clear demarcation between “quick and steady” and “quick but steady”?. If i try to find a distinction between the two , it is
      1. quick and steady” —means to win you need both quickness and steadiness
      2. “quick but steady”.— means to win only quickness is not sufficient , you got to have steady as well
      now isn’t it the same thing??
      I am really confused about the difference between them. Plz share your view regarding my doubts
      thanks 🙂

      • Aravind Varier

        Dear Yogi 🙂

        First i will try to clear your doubt regarding the statement .

        1) SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE – in this statement both the parts ” SLOW ” as well as ” STEADY ” have equal importance .

        2) SLOW BUT STEADY WINS THE RACE – in this statement the second part STEADY is more important compared to the first part SLOW

        3) QUICK AND STEADY WINS THE RACE – in this statement both the parts QUICK as well as STEADY have equal importance .

        4) QUICK BUT STEADY WINS THE RACE – in this statement the second part STEADY is more important compared to the first part QUICK

        APPROACH :

        When you write an essay make sure you don’t keep adding more examples in the name of dimensions . dimensions are the various views on an example you take and examples are not dimensions . i have seen many candidates doing this mistake .

        when you start an essay , you should figure out minimum 5 examples that can be applied in the essay and which can elaborated upon .

        In the QUICK BUT STEADY essay our prime focus should be on the second part STEADY and should continuously keep the strength of it the second part in the entire essay .

        you can observe the 5 examples that i have taken in my essay :

        the QUICK aspect was weak in the first 3 examples but STEADY part was strong

        in the next two examples i gave strength to the QUICK aspect but did not reduce the strength of the STEADY aspect in the last two too .

        In my conclusion i told though SLOW or QUICK , STEADY is important is actually making a statement without discussing about the SLOW aspect .

        that defect is due to the 30 minutes took by me to write this essay . so did not have much time to think on that aspect .

        but you can see my essay was clearly adhering to the statement through from the start to the end .

        I will share with you, why i am able to write down my ideas very quickly in the form of sentences .

        Once , i decided to start my focused preparation , i used to read the opinion section in the Hindu newspaper and after going to college when i am free after taking the class , i just scribble down what i read in the morning newspaper in about 100 words . i used to relax and write it in about 15 minutes .

        but i used to do this religiously for about 6 months .though , i used to write in a rough note and throw it away after the pages are finished , but in the long run it helped me to put down my ideas quickly on a paper because , whenever i used to write 100 words on the interesting article i read in the Hindu newspaper i always checked that i wrote simple and grammatically correct sentences .

        Apart from that students send me doubts through e-mail and i write to break my ideas into a simple words so that , the student can easily understand the concept after reading my sentences .

        So , my writing 100 words helped me improve my converting my ideas into sentences and my drafting of letters to students helped me to make the subject as simple as possible .

        Hahahahaha…..Apart from this , I type very quickly in my laptop or in my smartphone. For this I should thank my GIRL FRIEND in USA who chats with me regularly for 1 hour daily on Facebook or in WhatsApp which helped me improve my typing speed . But nowadays ,I chat with my BOY FRIEND YOGI more …. LOL !!!! …. 🙂

        Yours Obediently – ARAVIND 🙂

        • yogi

          Professor+ detailed reviewer+ thinker+gossiper (1 hr daily OMG !!)+doubt demolisher+ what else u r Mr. Superhuman ? I cannot ask u any more how you do you manage all that.
          though got a hint: different situations/environment different people , different ways so be unique to our own self. That is only thing i could understand form ur reply.
          Yoooo Aravind Rocks m/,
          someone in a foreign country is going to be luckier very soon, many Indians are already blessed 😛

          • Aravind Varier

            Dear Yogi 🙂

            Hahahaha….. ” Is she really LUCKY 🙂 🙂 :)justify ? ( ethical question LOL !!! )

            I am NOT a Superhuman as i saw you mentioning in your reply :)But a simple man who believes in Highest Integrity ,while doing any action 🙂

            THANK YOU 🙂

  • Alibaba

    please review-

    The aforesaid has been emanated from the age old proverb ‘slow and steady wins the race’, which means steady despite slow on the other the’ modified version’ by replacing the ‘slower’ with the ‘quicker’ actually advocates ‘steady for being quicker’, which has relevance in the modern 21st centurion fast and ambitious world.

    Any kind of race in life is always bestowed with opportunities and challenges. An opportunity is basically a weapon to combat the forthcoming obstacles in the ‘track’ and make the ‘athlete’ able to see the ‘apex’ and aspires to reach there. So in this way it is it is the mechanism of a wise one to grab the opportunities ‘faster’ than his co racers and run for a longer distance which depicts steadiness. Thus it is important to understand the nature of the competition first as ‘the nature’ and the ‘opportunities’ are interlinked, then ‘heading forward’ by taking ‘them’ into consideration’.

    Competition arises from the tug of war between unlimited aspirations and limited resources. Opportunities in this regard is like ‘ capital’, its ‘sustenance’ depends upon the choice of the ‘holder’ that whether he invest it to further proliferation or linger with planning and ultimately lose it…

    If we have a trip down to the pages of history then we can have a number of evidences…

    Renaissance brought the rays of ‘eternal Sun’ to the western countries which paved the path for the French revolution and democratic governance. Democracy in turn led the upliftment of the middle class of society which ultimately gave birth of industrial revolution. This industrial revolution played the pivotal role in enabling England to become a ‘land where the Sun never sets in’. On the other side of the coin, The long standing Mughal Empire got subjugated to the English supremacy due to its centralized-orthodoxial- rudimentary approach.

    After getting free from prolonged British rule India breathed fresh by establishing democratic government based on adult suffrage. The Western world termed this move as the greatest reckless experiment in human history but however India with its quick and steady action became able to sown the seed of the World’s largest democracy.

    Again, Japan learned very fast and changed its economic system very fast to adapt with the changing time which ultimately helped it to get the hood of an ‘Asian country with western status.’

    There are countries like China which were quick enough to notice the opportunity in the export led growth, owing to its vast and cheap labor force, which have been steady while they were in the race. They kept their competitors out of the race by tinkering with the exchange rates and occupied markets. They produced double digit growth every year steadily for over 25 years and lifted a large number of people out of poverty. They were quick, but steady.

    Now let’s talk about the same at the individual’s level…

    The technological stall warts like Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates are the real admirers of opportunities. They were quicker enough to took the opportunity and then started nurturing it and made it sure so that opportunity does not go out of their ambit to anyone else who has the potential. Thus by buying smaller potential entities they actually ensure their steadiness.

    Similarly, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was quick to realize his potential and also the opportunities at the early age of seventeen and kept it with him for his cricketing career of over 25 years. He was consistent and steady in being able to score runs and reached the apex.

    Again Charley Chaplin, Satyajit Ray, Pandit Ravi Shankar all by applying their ‘quick and steady’ approach became ‘maestros’ to us.

    The days of ‘slow but steady’ have gone… it is no more relevant … To become a winner of the 21st centurion rate race everyone needs to be ready-steady to go.. sorry.. to go fast..if possible fastest for making a longer track.

  • Clint Eastwood

    Everything in this nature is in a continuous race. The lion is running for its food. Men are running for satisfying their physical and spiritual needs. Countries are in a race for dominance of the world order. When there is a race there is competition. This can be from other contenders and sometimes from oneself. No one knows who is going to win in the end but from past experiences we infer that there are some essential qualities someone needs to have to win the race. The phrase “quick and steady wins the race” tries to tell about some of those qualities.

    The first requirement is to be quick. This can have several meanings. It can mean to respond to changes quickly. This has also been supported by the evolutionary theory which says that it’s not the toughest or the smartest who succeed in the long run but the ones who are ready to adapt themselves to the changes occurring around them. Let’s take the example of our own Indian struggle for freedom movement. The strategies used in different phases of the movement were totally different and ranged from mutiny to moderate demand for reforms and from non-cooperation to revolutionary extremism. This adaptation helped us chose the most efficient path to our freedom.

    Quickness also means the readiness to grab any opportunity. As it is said that a genius is one who grabs the opportunity no one else can see. This can very well be seen in the lives of great scientists like Newton who was not the first one to watch an apple falling but the first one to infer the concept of Gravity from it. The history of the developed nations also tells the same story. The most developed nations today are those who were first to understand the importance of mechanization and thus industrialized early.

    The second requirement to win the race is the steadiness. This can also have numerous dimensions. It can mean persistence in the face of innumerable challenges. This is well demonstrated by the mountaineers who defy the lack of oxygen and deadly obstacles to conquer the summit. This quality is also needed to abstain from becoming overconfident about one’s strength but keep on moving towards one’s aim. The old tortoise and the rabbit story sums it up quite well.

    Steadiness also means having confidence over one’s decision and to follow it against all the distractions. Take the example of Raja Rammohan Roy. Once he was convinced that the old orthodox society would only survive when it would reform and set itself free from the prevalent social evils. This path followed by him and many other such social reformers was filled with hostility from both the Hindu and the Christian orthodoxy but their tenacity led the society to abolish inhuman practices like Sati and changed the lives of the all the widows.

    Nation building is also a race. This is a race from oneself. This is against all those things which divide the nation and have kept it underdeveloped for long. This requires a firm resolve to develop the nation along with ready response to the challenges that may come in the form of hostilities from outside, natural calamities or political turmoil and turning them into opportunity to strengthen the nation. The economic reforms require decades to uplift the masses who have been poor for generations. They need to be continued with ready response to changing global scenario and also with the persistence in a step by step manner to see the best results in the long run. Those who run the country should no doubt possess these qualities of adaptation and firmness to carry the nation forward.

    Our young generation needs to inculcate this idea into their lives to pursue their goals with the sharpness and persistence of a fox. This would certainly enhance their careers but above all it would create an atmosphere of growth and entrepreneurship which will boost the economy and make the society more mature and responsible.

    The social reformers and peace activists around the world will need to make it their talisman to be quick and steady to make this world a better place for they would encounter many obstacles in their way laid by those with narrow vested interests. The recent Oscar for the Best Picture was bagged by a film named ‘Spotlight’. It shows the story of a small group of journalists who face the catholic clergy head on and were faced by enormous challenges laid by the wide network of corrupt lawyers and politicians in cahoots with the priests who were involved in a worldwide racket of child abuse.

    We have a numerable examples to tell us that how important it is to be quick and steady. Being quick and steady can only help us win a race but it is for us to decide which race we have to run and for what cause.

  • Sky is the Limit

    Since childhood our parents, grandparents, and school- teacher taught us our favourite Tortoise-Rabbit story with a moral that “Slow but steady wins the race”. Really did they mean it! Because as far as I remember from dawn to dusk we were hustled for every activity of our life. Be it bathing, breakfast, going school, tuition’s, homework, assignments and what not. Every day with a pill of anecdote- “Be quick and fast else you will be left behind your peers” we were charged to fight and win the race of our life. The battlefield kept changing from school to college to work, not to forget the civil service exam, the advice remains the same. So, as per 21st century our “Tortoise Rabbit story” needs to change wherein the Rabbit wins the race saying “Quick but steady wins the race”. Now let’s figure out if this saying has any relevance in other areas too, especially in India’s scenario.

    Let’s go back to History of mankind. The evolution of a Man from Apes and his contribution to the making of today’s world is mind boggling, exhibiting the steady endeavour to improve the standard of life. Harappan civilisation with its resemblance to 20th century architectural structure of the city is a success story of fast-paced and far-sighted developing society yet the failure to sustain it due to varied reasons buried its accomplishment, to be revealed in the coming future. Imagine the world if the civilisation could have survived the wrath of natural calamities. The Geopolitics which we see today would be different.

    Cultures like Jainism and Buddhism, which is still surviving and thriving after so many decades, thanks to the steady and fast movement of propagators all over the world, is a perfect testimony to the argument.

    Now when we peek in the Era of Race of conquering different parts of the world by the Kings, warriors, other countrymen; the quick, far-sighted people ruled incautious, short-sighted Country and their people. The Europeans were quick to understand the significance of Industrial Revolution and took the lead in colonising various countries, immediately emulated by other competing nations. India fell prey to it for more than a century. In the struggling years the bright intellectuals and freedom fighters of India got insight of the worldwide Revolution; American, French, Russian to name some. Which led to important historic events like Revolt of 1857, Non Co-operation movement, Civil Disobedience movement, Quit India etc. though were slow, sporadic but persistent enough to liberate India from British empire. India’s freedom struggle with the contribution of moderates, extremists and Gandhian principles at different phases exemplifies that some task need to be done slowly but steadily to have a “Win-Win” situation at the end. Imagine if the Revolt of 1857 was a successful battle for Indians, with no oneness among Indians and no future planning for administration, it could have resulted in Balkanisation of the country within few years.

    The Post-Independence era gave birth to a Republic and Democratic society envisioned by the Freedom fighters and Constitution makers. The seeds of political, social and economic reforms sowed by them has given us the biggest Constitution, which is also the only successful one among our neighbouring countries. The beauty of our constitution is the essence of changing as per the demand of time without harming the basic structural framework. This steadfastness and quick witted ideology of our Constitution has made the “Democracy” a success which goes with the saying.

    The survival of a human being or a nation in today’s rat race is highly dependent on its economic conditions. If the progress of India is studied since Independence, its GDP has grown from mere 3% to 7.6% in last 69 years. Various economic reforms such as LPG, Banking, FDI, etc. with both success and failure have exhibited the promptness of Indian government to be quick to harness opportunity and be steady in transforming India from Developing nation to the Developed one.

    Yet the lessons need to be learnt as can be seen in “Green revolution” which changed our condition from begging bowl to export capable but got stagnated recently. The government realising the requirement of food supplies of growing Indian population, have devised various schemes like PMKSY, Food security act yet it has shown its back to the Biotechnology which may solve food related issues. Off course the risk behind unknown enemy could lead to such decisions but with discreet precautions and safety measures it should be given a try, else again the fatal of Rabbit in the old story would become India’s fate.

    Also the infrastructure issue of India is creating NPA’s owing to delays, land reform issues, contract issues, escalating costs, faulty government policies, adding to fiscal deficit problems. If not resolved quickly, the cost of infrastructure will skyrocket in no time and would pull our GDP down.

    New Social development schemes such as Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan, PMJDY, BBBP, ICDS, Indradhanush, Aadhar Card, Digital India and other schemes seem to deliver the basic demand of Indians all at once whose funding comes from taxpayers which includes middle men at large. The failure of old schemes and the change in Government leads to propping of such new schemes which definitely would give good results provided the running and the coming Government is responsive to present and future demands of the nation and steady in its decisions.

    In the sphere of Space and Defence, India have proved its capability with its achievements of indigenously developing Ballistic missiles, Cruise missiles, Mars mission. India is progressing at a fast pace in this field highlighting the relevance of combo of quickness and steadiness to be in top International league which is quite commendable. Yet the achievements of countries like China, US, Japan should make it humble for toiling hard in other areas where India has failed.

    China’s “One child policy” has helped it to contain its population, which though not to be emulated, along the same line India must devise strategies and implement it on war footing. Similarly India should learn from Japan, who got destroyed by two nuclear bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki is among the Developed nations which clearly proves our argument.

    At International level, India was quick enough to understand the Geopolitics of polarising world and so decided to form Non aligned Movement (NAM) with other ideological partners which is one of its finest decision in International relations. Yet, its slow decision in joining ASEAN has made India repent seeing the progress of ASEAN counterparts. Awakened from slumber made India form SAARC where its position is high enough to drive regional growth. Still the organisation is lacking behind in various spheres as compared to other Regional org, such as ASEAN, ASIA-PACIFIC, EU, etc. FTA, culture development, disaster management, space collaborations being the top agenda is lurking behind due to political chaos staged by other countries to jeopardise India’s position. Its high time for India to change its strategy from being soft country to responsive and an aggressive one where the condition demands as in the case of SAARC .

    It boils down to a theory that in this competing world to move ahead India must have two pronged strategy derived from both old and new stories as per the need. It should be quick enough to gain from its geo-strategic position, stable government, successful constitution, competitive market, investor friendly economic reforms and last but not the least the demographic dividend and slow to take the compliance of environmental effects while striving for material gains but must exhibit its perseverance in its endeavour of gaining the position of “Shining India” in this 21st century world.

  • Ambarish

    The body of idioms in a language
    captures the common wisdoms present in a culture. With the use of these idioms,
    a people pass their enlightening experiences to subsequent generations to be
    used as guiding principles in life. Such age old adages change rarely. The
    topic attempts to rephrase the popular English saying ‘Slow and steady wins the
    race’: one of the first morals learnt by us upon entering kinder garden. During
    the course of this essay I would address the question as to why the “Slow”
    present in the original idiom is replaced by “Quick”. Then I would delve upon
    the unchanged wordings. I would then end the essay by providing my views on the

    ‘Slow’ no more in vogue?

    Technology plays a vital role in
    levelling the space-time divide. Advancements in communications technology
    enable us to talk to people face to face in real time even if they are situated
    thousands of miles away. Similarly, one can cover intercontinental distances
    within hours. This reduction in temporality has ensured that we live in a
    hyper-connected and hyper-active world. This is altering our behavior patterns.
    Our reaction times are getting quicker and we find ourselves engulfed in an ‘Instant’
    culture. Everything from noodles to pizzas to college assignments needs to be
    done instantly. While culinary preferences can take a backseat, let us discuss
    more important things in life wherein “quick” implies “efficient” and “slow”
    translates to ”sloth” or “easy-going”. This may be an oversimplification of
    ground reality but there is no denying of the fact that a substantial chunk of
    people decide efficiency, response and other desirable qualities of people by
    determining how “quick” they were. The challenge of accuracy is taken care of
    by technology. Mundane tasks such as gathering data have been outsourced to the
    smartphone leaving enough brain capacity to address the “real” problem at hand
    as quickly as possible

    Steadiness left unchanged

    Technology gives you a first
    mover advantage. But that alone is not enough. Consistency and strength of
    resolve is what separates winners from the losers. While the current period may
    be touted as the most prosperous and peaceful period in the history of
    civilization, it is also the period of intense inequality and an equally severe
    competition amongst individuals. Gone are the days when people used to cherish
    a life whose pace was decided on their own terms. The pace of the race today is
    determined by factors which are totally out of one’s control. Like in any
    racing sport, consistency of the runner is his most important hallmark, in life
    too, consistency is of utmost importance. One can achieve consistency only by
    being steady


    One can no longer afford the
    luxury of time in an age wherein time flies literally and figuratively. At the
    same time one has to stay consistent as well in case he wishes to stay ahead of
    the game. A combination of these together can improve the chances of success in
    life thereby enabling a person to win in the race of life

  • durgesh patel

    कृपया समीक्षा करें

  • G.


    A short fable of a race between a turtle and a rabbit is the most common among all, that children are accustomed to. The fable speaks of a rabbit that is very fast as compared to the turtle and during the race while nearing finish, he out of negligence and overconfidence takes rest. While resting he falls asleep, only to find the turtle winning the race, when he awakes. The tale speaks of slow and steady nature of turtle.

    The contemporary world can learn from his virtue of steadiness but can no longer rely on his slow nature. It has changed. The world of supercomputers and digital infrastructure cannot afford to be slow lest lie in obsolescence. Amidst limited resources and huge demand the competition today is neckbreaking specially in the developing and emerging economies. Industries have changed their processes, individuals have fastened their thinking and processing, and a whole new level of working style has emerged.

    what actually is meant by quick and steady

    What is quick way of working? Is it just completing your work fast enough. Or it includes some other dimensions as well. Yes. It does. Not only speed is required today but also factors such as efficiency and effectiveness are to be taken care of. If you do not tick the required boxes someone else possessing the virtues will stamp over you and move ahead.

    Today’s world and its competitive environment can break the will of many people and entities. There comes the virtue of steadiness. Then what is this steadiness, and what does it comprises. Steadiness is standing firm to your conviction despite challenges and failures, and continue with the efforts towards goals without interruption. Steadiness in its umbrella term includes many virtues. Firstly, learning during the journey, is an essential part. Various twists come in the tale, various failures arrive, how one maneuvers the way out is yet another virtue. the one who possesses strong will and is determined to face challenges in front of any challenge that may come is surely to reach the goal.


    Understanding oneself and mindset is the key to maintaining steadiness. One should know the weakness and strengths and use the situation to one’s advantage when required. Situation takes twists, one should then twists oneself to accommodate the changes, like harmonizing with the environment.

    Mindset towards the failures and life in general determines the life success and its journey. Some perceive failures as opposite of success. However that is not true in my view. Both are disjointed sets. Every activity in life is a learning curve. Even non-success is full of learning. That tests the individuals or groups firmness and will. The scriptures and wise men have unequivocally emphasized the importance of non-success in shaping life of man. The difficult situation poses the best challenges, that men face and in this situation the abilities come to fore. The skills get sharpened and thinking gets expanded. The growth of an individual happens in this very moment or series of moments. So a change in mindset towards life can help in steadiness in life, make it calm and rational towards the goals one has.

    managing conflicts

    Dilemmas, conflicts, confusion and difficult decision making are all part of every stage of life, and are chiefly responsible for non-continuous travel through the path. Conflict resolution, clearing delimmas and then making informed decision making helps to clear the fog through the pathway to objectives. Conflicts can be internal and external. Internal arise due to mental blockages, mindset as talked earlier, incomplete knowledge or ignorance and negligence. External may be due to external agencies like individuals, situations, society where one lives etc.

    Keeping calm and making decisions not through emotions but through knowledge gathering and evaluating the alternatives will avoid straying from the path and help in overcoming the impediments towards steadiness. Learning through individual stories and entities like nations’ performances can help.

    Quick but steady when applied to nation’s growth yields prosperity for the nations in quick time. Few nations that come to mind are japan and china. Japan has repeated the feat of faster development twice, once after the meiji revolution and second after the world war 2 when it was ravaged by the war destruction. Today name of japan is equivalent to quality products, owing to its technological revolution. The spectacular growth of china has been single biggest event in the history since the cold war. Millions of people were lifted out of poverty, and is a country with high industrialization. The progress continues uninterrupted. Three decades of uninterrupted growth of 10% backed by the determination of the chinese state to rediscover the old glory of china has led to current results.

    Tremendous other stories of poor students excelling in competitive examination like the UPSC examinations and the prestigious IIT-JEE examinations are guide to several students and aspirants throughout the nation. Their sheer perseverance and motivation to crack the exams come any difficulties are a support to students facing many challenges, simultaneously a wake-up call to many well to do people, to be happy and content with what god has blessed them with in such an unequal nation.


    The importance being steady in life and accomplishing feats is not just professional. But it has many other ramifications. The virtues mentioned under the steadiness, if accomplished makes the person come of daily routines in life, and makes him a different person and helps him look at life through a lens not common to many. Suppose each and every one follows the virtues of steadiness what good virtues will befall on the nation. It will become full of rational persons that can reflect on their actions and improve the lives of many including themselves. There will be a culture of debates, tolerance and growth of ideas amidst the diversity of thoughts. There will be less distress in life of people, less suicide rates among men and women and youth disaffected by the results they are getting in examinations. The health quotient of the nation will increase.

    The concept of dharma and karma mentioned in the epics like Mahabharata talks of accomplishing work as if the duty is given by god in the name of god. If one applies this along with the concept that one should only act and don’t worry about the fruits of action, many problems will vaporize. The nation wants to have the virtues of steadiness instilled among the people. people should strive to work efficiently, effectively and quick of course on this competitive era, but keep faith in themselves all the time and remember certain rules that it’s the steady who wins in life not the most intelligent.

    • radha

      your writing is very good G.
      the two good essays today along with that ronaldo one…
      privileged to read essays like these

      • G.

        thank you goku… but can i know the deatiled review

        it would be much better to me

    • One more fake BATMAN

      Hi Gurudev.
      Good essay overall. You have my vote for the middle part.
      Perhaps intro could be made better by telling where you are heading towards in the essay. Though you did some questioning in the middle, it is more essential at the beginning.
      I found it slightly out of the line towards the end as you concluded as per my judgement, but perhaps that is your style.
      Pardon me if you see some mistakes in my review as I am in a hurry, tried to concentrate well though.

      • G.

        thanks bro for reviewing….

        here is the break up

        i tried to do in a standard style. most people here do not follow the standard style. i am not judging anyone.
        but intro…then a little perspective, then a little questioning, then a relation to other aspects, then examples.. and then conclusion

        that was the format, it may be standard, thats why questioning came late
        i personally felt that i did not gave proper attention to quickness part, there is a scope of much improvement.

        anyways thnks for taking time out for me

        • Agastya (- Vikarma)

          I think the questioning must not be too late. Shorten the perspective, just three or four sentences is enough imo

    • rajan

      Nice essay G. But, i felt it could have been expanded to look from the nation’s point of view

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      You should have included short examples to substantiate your arguments. Your arguments are excellent, but they should be backed up by helping examples to keep the reader engaged.

      Remember that your aim should be not to just write an intellectual masterpiece, but rather to write a balanced essay which is filled with intellectual arguments as well as enough entertainment to keep up the curiosity of reader.
      He/she should be expecting what you will write next, rather than taking it as a burden to finish reading your essay.

      Cut short the length of paragraphs. Structure of essay is excellent.

      Marks – 65/125

  • defiance

    Quick but steady wins the race.

    The recently ended summit on climate change held in Paris ended by promulgating the future course of action to limit the global warming within 1.5 degrees increase from the pre-industrial levels by 2100. A cursory look at the outcome of the summit gives out two important pointers. First, developed countries has already occupied two-thirds of the 3 gigatonnes of carbon
    emissions space available; second, the planet has already warmed by 0.8 degrees when compared to the pre-industrial levels. So, to mitigate the catastrophes of a warming planet, nations has to be swift in their response, since we don’t have much time and countries continue to emit global warming gases enormously. But, given the enormity of the task at hand and the constraints of accessing cleaner fuels in developing and least developed countries combined with the concern of uplifting the poor, a swift response alone wouldn’t suffice. So, it should be ideally be combined with a steady, well phased and a sustainable effort that doesn’t affect the growth and development concerns of the countries other than the developed lot.

    In a world that is seamlessly interconnected, globalized, ever changing landscapes of opportunities and intense competition, and individual needs to grab the opportunities quickly and should also ensure that he is also not falling behind. But, being quick is fraught with risks of inaccuracies, unforeseen threats and limited options. Moreover, history has also shown us that nothing happens overnight. Quick actions becomes effective only when they are combined with a steady and consistent effort. An analogy from the game of cricket suits the context very well.

    In a run chase, mere slogging throughout the over in the name of swift, aggressive response in limited overs is fraught with risks of a batting collapse. So, the team that takes the an approach of quick and steady scoring based on the run rate required for each over will be in a better position to come out successful.

    Now, a question might arise – what should be the balance between swiftness and steadiness of our approach. The answer lies in the situation in hand. It varies based on the urgency, enormity of the challenge, etc. An analogy from warfare will fit in perfectly.

    Think of two situations. First, a conventional war between two countries. Second, an unconventional warfare – a surprise attack by terrorists. In conventional warfare, though you will have to undertake a swift “cold strike” to make your attack effective, you will have time to plan and surge the strikes progressively due to the very nature of the warfare – predictability of the enemy movements and actions, awareness about the capabilities, especially the limitations. On the other hand, in unconventional warfare, surprising the terrorists through your counter-attack is key for limiting the damages that they can cause. So, it is the swiftness of the response that forms the basis of a successful counter-attack since you don’t have much time to experiment and execute a surge later on. Special Forces for counter terror operations follow this approach. So, the balance between the quickness and steadiness should be determined by assessing the situation in hand properly in terms of urgency, enormity of the task, etc.

    This is also in line with the “first mover advantage” that is widely quoted in business. Apple, the worlds second largest company by market capitalization, by moving first through innovation, launched their flagship iPhone. Though it had a huge market share after its launch, it kept on innovating steadily so that it can sustain itself in the race. Observing the market for smartphones, small players in that segment like Samsung, Sony,etc responded swiftly and took their pie in the market. Well established players like Nokia and Motorola who are the pioneers of feature phones were caught unaware and pushed out of the market. Meanwhile, Samsung and other new entrants, being agile, constantly churned out new models through their innovations and stayed relevant.

    Similarly, China and other East Asian economies grabbed the opportunity to grow through the export led model of growth. They were also the first movers. This resulted in significant growth in these countries and eventual upliftment of millions of poor out of poverty. So, these countries sustained their efforts in the same line and ensured steady growth for decades.

    So, due to the ever-changing landscapes of opportunities, the “slow and steady” approach of the past has lost its relevance. An approach combining swiftness and steadiness, balanced based on the prevailing circumstances will be the best to stay relevant, compete effectively and become successful in this century.

    • Isha

      Hi defiance, my views-

      1. Intro- it should be a general one- like applying to many contexts in general. Yours was specifically confined to environment. On the forum, have a look at Batman’s and Yogi’s intro. They have a unique one.
      2. U brought forth unique examples- but see they were only in economics and business context. We need to have diversity.
      3. Analysis is also needed, plus few more dimensions in example.
      4. U need to write short paras as in the exam copy ur paras will stretch over 2 pages.
      5. Ur warfare example- a bit unclear
      6. Need to emphasis upon the importance of steadiness aspect too. Also, the old adage isn’t irrelevant completely. So have some space for this too.

      As u have urself pointed out that this was written hastily, so no problem. Work on the points provided by reviews of everyone. Keep writing and reviewing. ATB!
      Have a look at mine if u get time to- here is the link

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Defiance ,

      you could have written the introduction better . I felt you were prolonging the introduction by giving technical details on climate change .

      the second paragraph is good 🙂

      you could have taken some other example from cricket to bring out the context of the statement .” mere slogging throughout the over in the name of swift, aggressive response …… ” could have been avoided .

      war example is good but you could have elaborated more on the importance of slowness combined with steady and quickness combined with steady giving more importance to the steady aspect of the statement .

      i found smartphone example pretty good .

      “China and other East Asian economies grabbed the opportunity ….. ” you could have given more clarity to this point .

      in conclusion it would be good , if you focus on the ” quick but steady ” aspect rather than the ” slow and steady ” aspect .

      ALL THE BEST !!!

  • p310

    We all study about the story of tortoise and rabbit which taught us that slow and steady wins the race. However, theory of evolution states that one needs to adapt with changing time for survival which has given rise to new theory that quick but steady wins the race. 21st century is differentiated from earlier period on the basis of unprecedented pace of life where speed has become the most important decisive factor.In such time, ability to be quick,mobile,flexible has become very essential. In our cultural set up, we are often told that haste make waste. So, it is very essential that we differentiate between quick and haste. While quick is fast which has an integral element of stability while haste lacks this stability component.
    India and Pakistan,the two nations born in 1947 with similar history,almost similar backlog and similar ambitions.After 7 decades, India has left behind Pakistan in almost all aspects.Experts often credit this performance mainly to India’s ability to quickly adapt to the modern demands. Be it to the constitutional democracy, modern scientific society, economic liberalizations, in all aspect India could see the upcoming challenge and quickly changed the gear to over come those dangers. Thanks to the swiftness with which India changed itself, the stability during those transition has been of unparalleled level.Similarly,during cold war while Soviet Bloc continued with redundant political and economic model whereas Western Bloc continuously adapted to the best practices of modern time.Result is for all to see.
    However, the problem arises as people tend to confuse quick with haste and face severe backlash.The most famous event to substantiate this difference is blitzkrieg policy of Germany during World War-2.Despite being in a commanding position, Hitler decided to attack USSR. This hasty decision turned the tide of World war and of course the future of World.Similarly, the king of Iran without understanding the nerves of the society initiated a rapid modernization which was staunchly rebelled by people of Iran.But this does not mean that there should be a long hiatus before which decisions should be taken. In search of stability, many often this quickness of action is missed which leads to defeat in the race.
    There is one more very essential dimension to this concept which must not be missed and that is to analyze the impact of this quickness and consequences which other face. To gain more and more lead in the race, we try to slow down others and this approach to increase one’s “pace” has caused much damage to humanity. During Industrial revolution, European countries exploited Asia,African and South American countries to boost their pace.Similarly in our day to day life we often see as how some people are treated as commoners and they are just used to make one person as a super human.Societal structures have been designed in some part of world were some races are treated inferior,some castes are treated as menial workers and lastly a sex which is considered as a support to success not one who can get the success.
    But with rising awareness,situation is improving.All,are realizing the necessity of quick,steady,stable,ethical chase to a success.This should be equitable and should not be marred with any exploitation. Every aspirant in this mortal world should be give enough opportunity that they can perform quickly and steadily ahead.Lastly, all agree that quick and steady is the new motto for success.

  • Cerca Trova

    Quick but steady wins the race

    After the world war, USSR and USA had a tussle for supremacy, this has been called, ‘cold war’ in flamboyant terms. Whatever one proposed, the other opposed. They fought proxy wars and expanded arsenals. America has emerged as the biggest gainer after the First World War and USSR wanted to be the biggest power.

    But after a half century this ended, USSR disintegrated, her journey had many ups and downs and finally she succumbed under own weight, that of a too big nation. USA on the other hand went fought war for peace, beating her chest and blowing her triumphant. Her power and growth unmatchable till the end of the 20th century but once she entered into the 21st century, her economy will not move and she proved to the case of a Hare (of the hare and tortoise story) who peaked too early and slept in the mid-way.

    And when all this commotion was going on, there was a nation, who forwarded, ‘Peaceful Rise Doctrine’ and by the time the above mentioned two powers and Europe came to senses, this nation was on her way, for a meteoric, quick and steady rise. And changed the world order to be the new winner, in the economic domain.

    Now after globalisation and advancement in technology the world changes overnight, and no longer the tortoise can win with the snail’s pace. Now the one who is quick but steady wins. India need not to follow the Chinese model of growth, but she can learn from the sprite of her rival and take lesson that either of steadiness or quickness will not propel her to realise the dreams, it will require both.

    We shall examine few sectors of Indian growth, firstly where we started with a promise but ended up biting the dust and secondly where, this proverb proved very true and the future approaches which we need to take.

    One of our most celebrated post-independence revolutions is the, green revolution. We started with aplomb, from dependency on the PL 480, we not only became self-reliant but our agriculture started producing in surplus. Now back in the present times, for the last two years we have seen a pitiable half percentage (average) growth rate. What started as a promising revolution couldn’t sustain for long and result is, even today we are dependent on monsoon and the numbers of suicides committed by our farmers, makes us question, if we ever had any green revolution?

    There was a time when, BSNL and MTNL had no rivals and with time their infrastructure and assets had seen an enormous growth. Even today in terms of assets values like towers and cables, they will still stand out. But for almost a decade now, these companies who were generating profits have now become the some of the biggest loss making enterprises. Again we see that the growth of these PSUs was not sustained, they were initially too quick and now they are accumulating losses at the same pace.

    On the other side of the story, if the Indian economy post LPG is seen in holistic terms, it has grown with 4-6% average rate in past two decades and this quick (comparing to the rival economies) and steady growth has made her, the third largest economy in terms of PPP and 7th largest in terms of GDP at nominal rate. And predictions of WB says say’s that Indian economy will be the fastest growing economy. Our economic growth has made us a contender for the new world power, and this has been only possible due our quick but steady growth.

    In terms of evolving with times, whereas DRDO has blown hot and cold, ISRO has continuously strived towards one success after the other. And now toady we are in the same league as that of European nations and America. It’s remarkable because technological breakthroughs happened in these centuries back but India progressed steadily and swiftly.

    Therefore it’s pretty much clear that, in the modern times the growth and development has to be quick as well steady. We are no more have the liberty of time and crawling with snail’s pace will means that we will be caught by new problems and our rivals will tramp pass over us.

    There is a talk to discontinue the 5 years plan. This will be the first and right step towards the quick but steady long march for dreams. One shouldn’t be judged with what one is doing but with the results. With 5 years plan, the progress would be too slow and often due to change of governments after or mid way during the plan, the progress would suffer. Also the seriousness in implementation of these plan seems to be missing and as the duration is too long, the resources and management are fatigued and stressed out.

    In place of this we need to smaller and goal oriented strategy. We can start with zero budgeting in every new phase with due analysis of SWOT will ensure the continuous and swift progress of the development plans. This can be applied to other spheres of functioning as well like the PPP often they start with euphoria but ends half way, in disaster.

    Quick but steady wins the race, it’s as true as it could be. And we have seen in the recent times new and attractive policies been formed. And from the past experiences we know that all that starts with a bang ends banging into the wall of distress. The success have to be maintained, if not then disaster which accompanies the past success is disaster, with Indian agriculture being perfect example.

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  • pranay rajput

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    this eassy seems to be an exemplary one which covers all parts of with examples but we need do more things like introduction, strategy,coherence

  • NBD

    Quick and steady wins the race

    A very commonly used dictum slow and steady wins the race has lost its sheen in the fast moving/evolving world. A very famous story of rabbit and tortoise race was the commonly used lesson to teach the above mentioned sentence. Now the story has also changed its end, now its lesson ends into quick and steady wins the race.

    Their are lots of examples which testimony the new lesson of nursery in which rabbit wins the race. It is very common to presume from a 5 year old child to know all the colours, rhymes, alphabets & more importantly working on gadgets. This rabbit race continues to the end of life. A quick learner is expected from all. Where in 6th standard a child is expected to have Olympiad test scholarship under his belt. And so on for the competitions in sports/dance and other extracurricular activities.

    This learning of student life imbibed too hard into veins of people, that effect of same can be seen on the many fronts.

    Science & Technology: Mangalyan success was one example, when mangalyaan reached the mars orbit, newspapers reported; India becomes the first Asian country to reach mars. Here the quickness and steadiness to achieve the goal has given greater importance and superior sense of satisfaction. Whereas, if the same achievement would have been achieved after some other countries. The story may have not get the much attention. Likewise second man stepping on the moon or the success stories of USSR and US in sending rockets into the space. Another story which can be discussed under the same domain is success in capturing gravitational wave in LIGO lab, Washington. In one local newspaper how a story captured in a manner like how a young scientist contributed in capturing gravitational wave. Similar instances reported in Uttar Pradesh India. This was the trend worldwide young scientists contributing into the lab were more celebrated.

    Entrepreneurship: Facebook, Twitter, Google, linked-in, Wikipedia are some of the examples of the entrepreneurship which were discussed so much in this decade, due to their success in business domain yes. But more importantly for their CEOs who all has executed the great ideas so quickly and consistently over a time. Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook did this while graduating from college similar is the story with others in early 30s they achieved it. And reaction to the same can be seen in world media acknowledging their quickness and success.

    Indian Politics: Every party of Indian politics is focussing on the youth, due to the success and popularity ratio of the past. Even today’s finance minister was once the leader of student wing in Delhi University similarly our external affairs minister even major parties of the nation are trying to build their image in resonance with quick and steady. Every party has shifted into regimes of quicker result governance like opening bank accounts under Pradhan mantra jan dhan yojana within 3 months or within specific tenure. Another example is newly elected party in delhi state which has reacted quickly and consistently on the corruption wave to get into the politics with majority win in elections.

    Governance: Ranging from various yojana of government like Pradhan mantra jan Dhan yojana(PMJDY), pradhan mantra jivan jyoti bima yojana(PMJJBY), Make in India, start up india all policy design and execution style reflect the governance style of quickness in executing them and steadily monitor and execute them for some period of time to get the desired results. On the other side various agencies like CBI etc are working on the time bound assignments including fast track courts which are very fine example of getting required result quickly like in the highly popular Damini rape case of Delhi a fast track court was put up for trials of the accused.

    Global Actions: COP 21 meeting of France for the discussion on environmental issues is one other example which discussed the actions to reduce global warming. Certainly the urge of emergency was made realized to all countries to save our planet otherwise non reversible damage may occur to the habitable part of planet earth. In this meeting it was quiet evident that race against global warming can only be achieved with quick and consistent reaction.

    Terrorism is one another issue which needs the similar kind of approach in order to deal with it. A traditional slow and steady wins the race would not have been suffice for America if they wanted to attack resident of Osama-Bin-Laden it was Americas quick and steady surgical action against the terrorism resulted into assassination of Lashker-e Taiba commander.

    Diplomacy: Kashmir is the most talked about issue of India on diplomatic fronts. It is evident from past Indian diplomacy that slow and steady approach sometimes has given wrong signals about our stand as a nation towards Kashmir issue. This resulted into bitterness in talk with our neighbour Pakistan. But recent visit of Indian prime minister to the Pakistan has again justified that quick decisions with consistent approach are good. Because various ministers and delegates appreciated this initiative of peace talk with Pakistan.

    There is no end in discussing various fronts on which we testimony the lesson of quick and steady wins the race. There is always good side and bad side of everything but in the fast evolving world bad side is forgotten very soon if in succession there good side is coming in.

    From an unknown poet few lines are worth quoting here:

    Gone are the days, waiting and watching

    Race got over a day before

    When you were preparing,

    We ran, we ran, we ran……

    Here poet has put in beautifully the concept of quick and steady wins the race, like in first line gone are the days of slow reactions, the race is already over when you started racing, in next lines it is saying when one player was only preparing already some other racers won the race.

    In concluding the essay my opinion is in sync with this unknown poet that gone are the days of slow and steady wins the race there is somebody who has already started the race and about to win if continues the consistency. So stop waiting and watching then preparing be quick in all the processes and win the race.

    In last I will put in my thoughts like slow and steady wins the race has lost its sheen only, As we as a society is acknowledging quick and steady winner of race with more celebration then slow and steady winner.

    • NBD

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  • bhaskar goel

    The parable of the hare and the tortoise that we all learnt when we were kids “Slow and steady wins the race” is another childhood illusion which shatters in the face of modern reality. The world is a race car speeding along the information highway and our pedal does metal we are going to get left behind.

    Information is the supreme being today and internet the altar where we go to pray to it. Through twitter, google, whatsapp etc we are instantly made aware of the largest or the minutest happening anywhere in the world be it a bombing in Madrid or an Insurace scam in Lima. The old excuse for delaying decisions due to a lack of knowledge does not fly anymore , if anything nowadays wisdom lies in what we filter out rather than what we take in. Being steady in the modern world means the ability not to be distracted by the information overload, it does not mean that we have the liberty to be slow.

    What is the race that we each run? Its race to be happy by being successful and being successful in the modern world means being quick and decisive. The opium for the masses is a T20 nowadays not a test match. The batsman is not allowed to leave the balls anymore, he must smash it out of the park, and what is more that he needs to do it steadily to build a score. It cannot be smash and dash. We are not competing against just flesh and blood anymore, we competing against algorithms. The difference between success and mediocrity and failure is measured in nanoseconds not seconds.

    Lets take a recent example, the Jat agitation in Haryana. It was found in the aftermath that the to a large scale the protestors who turned violent and coordinated themselves with the aid of social media. Now if the local intelligence bureau who according to protocol keeps an eye out for such anomalies on social media had themselves coordinated their findings with the local authorities and law enforcement then the damage caused in the riots would have been significantly lower. A delay of a few hours can lead to loss of life and massive property damage, such is the world that we face today. Each moment counts and each moment can make you pay a heavy price. Constant vigilance is the mantra for now and forever.

    An administrator called upon to act in such a dynamic scenario must have his/her wits about him. There are deadlines to meet and expectations to deliver on. No one wants to hear about the process, all anyone bothers about are results. The complexity of the tasks at hand do not reduce , if anything they increase in their breadth and depth. A 360 degree perspective is required and the unexpected to be expected. Diligence is required and the courage to see things through but the ticking clock is more important than ever and the crocodile is coming for all of us.

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  • Sunny

    My first try writing essay for CSM, Someone kindly review please.

    We have all read the story of the tortoise and the hare racing against each other, the tortoise represented hard working individuals while the hare represented the privileged class that took things for granted. The hare over confident of his ability took a nap in the middle of race and eventually waking up to see the tortoise victorious. The moral of this story was that no matter how gifted you’re, there is no substitute for hard work and being over confident in one’s ability would only cause us to fall. One must be vigilant until the task is completed otherwise we will end up being like the hare. But this fable teaches us slow and steady wins the race but not quick and steady wins the race.

    What do we mean by being steady?

    It is to work hard despite all the privileges we have. Steadiness is a reflection of our motivation for the task, it tells that we will see it through whatever challenges may come. It not only affects the productivity at an individual level but also at an organizational level too, if in a team one individual lacks motivation, or is lazy at his task, it would lower the morale of the entire group, and causing loss in efficiency as a team is only as strong as its weakest member.

    Steadiness also can be a reflection of consistency, which again is a very valuable trait, the best examples for consistency can be seen in the world of sport. Let’s take cricket for example would we rather have a player who bowls superbly in one out of five matches or a player who bowls decently in all the matches? The answer is quiet obvious. We always go for the consistent performer. Or why is it difficult to shift from conventional source of energy to the non-conventional sources like wind or solar? One of the reason is they are not steady, their intermittent nature makes it difficult to integrate them into the main power supply.

    We also know that steadiness brings stability, it instills confidence and faith in the machinery, be it government policies or the stock value of shares or the growth rate of a nation. Often times we’ve read about how the big investors look for a steady tax policy by the government or RBI not decreasing the interest rate just by looking at short term data citing reasons that it might disrupt the stability in long run. One big reason for every country in the world to look up to India is our steady growth rate over the year.

    Now that we have established why one needs to be steady in order to succeed, let’s look at the need to be quick and not slow.

    Over the past few decades the growth of technology, specially information and communication has been exponential, real time data can be accessed from other corner of the world within the blink of an eye. People to people contact, business meetings, even court proceedings are being done through video conferencing. Time has become a much valuable resource than it was in the 20th century. Everywhere there is talk of increasing the speed, high speed internet, high speed transport system, super computers, faster decision making among many other. In this situation one cannot afford to be slow. There’s a saying time and tide waits for none and it has never been as true as it is now. If we do not fill in the vacancy fast enough there is always someone else who is ready to step in and siege the opportunity for themselves, such is the nature of competition these days.

    It is not only restricted to services or goods, it applies to legislation too, which also often rewards the person who is first, the patent protection law, protects innovation and if one is not fast enough to be the first in the field, they lose all the time, hard work, resources they put into their project.

    The delays due to red-tapism in India has been one of the reasons why our country has not reached its optimal growth rate, investors shy away from our country because of lack of political and bureaucratic will in executing the projects. If we do not make the most out of the opportunity presented to us someone else will snatch it away from us. The cancellation of POSCO deal or delay in the execution of DMRC corridor, delay in completion of golden quadrilateral, it not only hurts our growth rate but also increases the cost of project which in turn cause increase in the NPA’s, thus paralyzing the banking sector. The recent reforms to improve the ease of doing business and thus decreasing the time it requires to set up a business along with some timely reforms in taxation in India is already bringing some result as is showcased by the increased inflow of capital.

    Being quick does not mean to do things in a hurry though, one needs to examine all the pros and cons of the choices we are making because one wrong step will pull us further behind from where we started, like we have seen in many faltering economies all over the world. Stability and swiftness in action together is need to succeed in the world today. The globalized world is very unforgiving and the competition for even the tiniest space is very high, thus there is a need to be ready and vigilant for new challenges. Everyday new information is coming to light and those who siege upon it immediately are the ones who set the global trend. There is still much to do for India both at the national level and at individual level and if done correctly we sure will win the race. Being Quick and Steady is the way forward for us.

  • Kumar

    Kindly Review.. My First Essay on Insights

    It has rightly been said that “Slow and Steady wins the race” or is It. The fast transforming world has certainly moved on from “Slow and Steady wins the race” to “Quick and Steady wins the race”. The quick pace of changes hitting the World has forced the mankind to broaden the basket of efforts, not just by improving the insights on an issue, but also the speed of winning over the rising issues.

    The word “slow” has given way to “Quick” and it should neither amaze mankind, nor should it bother them. This fast changing world has to deal with many problems & hurdles coming on its way to development. The civilizational progress of mankind has brought various demands and Speedy resolution of issues discomforting the human psyche is one of them.

    The world sees the growing woes of Human Kind on daily basis. Every day, a new issue comes up, which threatens the safety, security and welfare of mankind. Rising terrorism, New diseases, Environmental issues, Climate Change, Food Security & Above all, Natural wrath (Natural calamities) on human kind, all threaten the prospering and development of a civilized, peaceful & happy human society. Fast response to these threats is the demand of time as the development of human kind is at stake. After years of Civilizational & technological Progress, we are here, up against multiple issues threatening the future of Our next generation. We need an expedited resolution to all these issues, and that requires Quick efforts. Quick and consistent efforts can only address the fast rising threats around the world.

    Our country has to tackle multiple issues hampering its development and restricting it from emerging as a Global Power on world Stage. Internal Security, Structural Bottlenecks, Poor standard of Living, Illiteracy etc. are the stumbling blocks, that are to be taken care of, before it’s too late. Demographic dividend, if not garnered properly, could turn into a bane for the country. All these issues need Quick answers & not just pondering upon.

    We, lack in Innovation and research at world stage. We have a very poor rank in Innovation Index. If, we are to emerge as a world power, we have to embark upon a new path of Innovation & Research and that is possible, only if, we embrace, Quick part too and not only Steady. The world is heading fast to a developed society, and the competition is high. If we dream of being at the helm, we will have to quicken our efforts as the world is led by countries, which are quick in Innovations.

    On personal basis too, the way to success has become congested & overcrowded. With the population boom, accompanied with limited resources & employment at hand, the competition has gone high. Focused attention to the Goal, with quick updates can only lead to success in this Cut-throat competition scenario. Consistency is the virtue, Which is certain to lead to success. But, the rejoice of success achievement gets mitigated, if that comes at expense of a huge part of life, lost in such success.

    Being Quick, doesn’t in any way means an excuse for haste, Because we all know, “Haste makes Waste”.

    Quick, here means that the involvement, while pursuing your goal should be active and not passive. Quick means a 100% effort, to reach your goal and not any less. Quick paves the path of total commitment to your goal, and unless the virtue “Quick” is there, while running for a success, the success is not worth rejoice. Quick Success, to an aspiring mind, is the door to new Goals and new achievements.

    Sometimes, the aspiration of Quick Success, also leads to resorting to Unfair & Illegal means to Success. In a dream of being successful, sometimes, the mind gets overshadowed by the name & fame of such success. So, the point always to be kept in mind, is that, “Success is not the Destiny”. Success is just a door of opportunities to fulfil the dreams and the obligations on you. Success gives an opportunity to be humane, a space to be honest to yourself, the ultimate joy of being able to help etc. and if such success is achieved in a disrespectful manner, it’s not worth joy and peace.

    Swami Vivekanand has rightly said

    “ Arise, Awake and stop not till the Goal is achieved”.

    Be it on the world stage, National achievement or Personal accomplishment, One should not escape away from consistent efforts for excellence. And, to be truly excellent, one needs to quickly adjust to the changing demands and needs of the time. Because, the only thing, that makes a success true success, is time. It is time, which decides the effectiveness of efforts put in and the efficacy of achievement.

    Unless, a goal is time bound, the commitment for achievement is dubious. And so, We, the new generation, should gladly embrace the new mantra of True success and that is

    “ Quick but Steady wins the race”.

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    be steady and consistent IN YOUR routine