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One of our regular followers is sharing compilations made by him in comment section. As they are really good and very useful for all of you, we are sharing the link with you. These folders consist of compilations of Insights daily quiz, Insights into editorial articles, Current events, Mindmaps and Secure Q&A.

We sincerely thank the person who compiled these (he goes by the name Aspirant)

Click the link given below to download all Compilations:

 Insights Compilations

  • satyajit

    Where is link

  • BST

    Not able to find the link!

  • Lubna Sehar

    I did not find the link

  • CSE demolisher
    • Manjunath Gv

      hellow, demolisher r u from karnataka? is ur optional kannada literature?

      • CSE demolisher

        sorry manjunath, i hail from telangana. I like watching tamil and kannada movies.once came across this movie and hence the pic.

        • BolShevik

          Bro.. I am also from T state. can we chat?

          • CSE demolisher


            • BolShevik

              where ?

              • CSE demolisher

                if you are expecting a long convo then fb would be better. sen me your id. if only doubts then gmail would be better.lets not prolong our discussion in this forum, others might get gmail – [email protected]

      • Roshan

        Hi Manju,

        If your optional is kannada literature, then registration has started for Kannada Literature classes by Dr. Narahalli Balasubramanya.
        You can contact Hariprasad’s Coaching Institute in Hampinagar, Bengaluru for registration


        • Manjunath Gv

          thank u so much for help roshan…

  • Prashant

    Link missing

  • Life_death

    Dear insights..where is the link ?? I am unable to find it

  • Lubna Sehar

    Thank you Insight. I request for the compilation of complete Current Events of January and February-2016

  • Alok R Tiwari

    Where is link sir…

  • Ridhima.S

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • Simba

    Thank [email protected] it will be very useful who cannot attend/lose any important issue.

  • M Praveen

    Thank you insights

  • Deep

    Thankyou Aspirant. Its really helpful.

  • BST

    Insights, sir if possible please create a page for our initiative. In this, We are collecting list of topics that are recently on news and may be asked as questions.

    If u create a page it would be easy to collect them. This is how I am collecting the topics …

    Guys list Down the important topics that may be asked as questions ( from news )

    Today’s topic :

    Science and technology :


    GO ON…..

    • Mrinal Mukherjee

      -ISRO and NASA’s NISAR satellite (Dual frequency satellite to understand the natural processes of Earth using remote sensing )
      -LI-FI ,Project LOON,Facebooks’ Aquila
      -Early Warning Systems (They were recently adopted by Uttarakhand to avert disasters from earthquakes )
      -Air Quality Index
      -A couple of important missiles like BRAHMOS, Agni and Prithvi series

      • IAS_Zen&Tao

        Hello Mrunal,

        Two questions are asked in 2016 Prelims from the above mentioned points.Great insight !!!

        • Mrinal Mukherjee

          Coincidently yes :p

  • Utkarsh Mishra

    Thanks to this Altruistic work !!! Aspirant 🙂

  • Ace

    zillion thanks to insights team

  • anil singh

    Aspirant u rock

  • Amar

    Billion truly it will provide level playing field to everyone staying Delhi or out it..b working professional or so….
    I am Amazed..such wonderful efforts by INSIGHTS has made me comment (I make very rare comments) though I am keenly following this site since last Jan..

  • Amar

    INSIGHT must charge some nominal fees of say Rs 100/- per month or say Rs 1000/ Year…. you can recover much of the cost and add to much more to innovation..employing some additional staff or site/Technology maintenance cost….

    INSIGHT devotes 80% of the time for dynamic part. With such corpus/additional staff you much compile NCERT, Laxmikant/DDB, Ramesh Singh, Spectrum/BC/Grover, NIOS/IGNOU with some kind of PDFs/Videos..n it will really change fate of Coaching Industry

    • ckp

      Yes u r right…

      • T N Eswar

        Yes I desperately agree that , A successful hard worker need support, physically and economically, Create An account any body can pay the nominal fee via e-banking.


      agree with you…

    • Khayam

      I can pay .. no issues,

    • Sagar Saha

      yup… willing to do it…

    • rajul upadhyay

      most of these books are already compiled , u can google it on the name of compilation of ncert/ laxmikant etc…

      • Amar

        Makes difference by whom…Insight/Mrunal/or some exorbitant element/amateur

  • T N Eswar

    Many many thanks for excellent initiative .. keep going…………

  • Xavi

    Thanx aspirant 🙂

  • mak

    thnx ‘aspirant’ for compilation of current events n insights team could u plz provide current affairs compilation from sept.2015 onward till nov??

  • peaceful warrior

    great …..i could not exaplain that how much u made easy for all of us…thanks a lot sir


    I have no words…………thanks for the team who think,hardworked and implement this……..keep going sir.

  • Riyan

    Thanks to Aspirant for all the hard work you have put in for this compilation and Spl thanks to Insight for recognizing his effort and having large heart to share his work. May god bless you both.

  • Virupaksha Rp

    Thank you so much aspirant..


    Respected Sir,

    I have no words to express other than gratitude.

    Please include optionals also

    Please charge for the service


    just tell me when

  • Shubham Kothari

    does anyone know the link for 2014 compilations

    • Khayam

      why 2014 compilation ?

  • Yogesh Veer

    where is the march editorial compliance

  • Coop

    @insightsonindia Please upload February Secure compilations.

  • GauriJai


  • SJ

    Where can i find feb-2016 secure compilation??

  • Shriman

    sir in compilation for secure 2016 Feb folder is missing. can you please provide a link…

  • Genghis Khan

    Kindly note February 2016 Compilations is unavailable for being downloaded … kindly make it so as soon as possible.

    I want to thank Insights for the tremendous selfless job they’re doing. Thank you @Insights

  • Kay

    Thank you ASPIRANT…. Your compilations will help a lot of aspirants like me and many others….

  • Siya

    THANK U 🙂

  • Dhananjai Kumar Rai

    secure of may and june 2016?

  • Dhananjai Kumar Rai

    also quiz compilation of june plz

  • surya

    can u please give the compilation of june and july cuurent affairs quiz…..I would be very thankful for ur support

  • shumbham gupta

    pls insight update mindmaps, synopsis of may,june, july
    fast we need to study

  • shumbham gupta

    insight please give mindmap, synopsis of may, june and july
    we need to study yar

  • George

    Thank u so much. just what I was looking for. planning to give up following other magazines which I’ve followed for four years. Insightsonindia, Please do charge a nominal amount for these awesome compilations. As a token of our appreciation for ur wonderful work.