January 2016: Insights into Yojana Magazine

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January 2016: Insights into Yojana Magazine


This edition exhaustively discusses all the issues related to Education Sector in India. It’s important both for Mains General Studies Paper – 2 and Essay preparation.

You can download the January 2016 edition of Insights into Yojana Magazine by clicking the link below:

Insights into Yojana January 2016 (opens in New Tab)

  • Albus BhojRaj

    MY goodness….
    This is so awesome.
    Actually its way way better that Original YOJANA in itself. 😀
    Congratulations everyone !

  • Phoenix

    Thanx a lot..:)

  • im

    Great work done by Insights..

  • rural india

    i think how much energy binay sir have?i am sure, sir take revital awesome sir sir pl write a article on how to manage time i take 12 hours for covering insight all daily mail synopsis writing ans only 8 question in a day gk today forum ias ias baba etc i cant give proper time on my graduation and ias static portion also sir pl pl pl pl write about managing time

  • Khayam

    Thanks Insight 🙂

  • sudarsana rana

    It is nice one because it covers beautiful aspect of our education,after all it gives a broad idea about our education

  • Abhinav saini

    fadu boss 🙂 Saved lot of time both by this yojana initiative + secure compilations especially for working 1s…

  • suchak

    Superb…please do not discontinue this one 🙂

  • ram singh
  • G.

    hello vinay sir,
    privileged to have you as my partner in the preparation.
    one suggestion is you can include some questions related to it, that can be asked in mains, interview and prelims specially.
    plus at the end you can list some important facts that may be important for remembering like women’s participation in labour force legislature etc.
    thank you.

  • MaverickNaga

    As always, this initiatives is mind-boggling…There are places in India where we don’t find this magazine in the entire state….To make things worst, their (yojana) website is struck with disease like AIDS, not recuperating for last 6 months…Keep continuing…Thank you so much.

  • Sneh

    e-awesome… 😀

  • Thanks Insights!!!

  • Phelep

    Very much handy…thanks for helping us in many ways….

  • Shreyas Yaduvanshi

    Thanks a lot. God Bless U all for this outstanding initiative.
    The help u r giving to us(as seeds), will definitely give better result(as tree giving fruits & shades) tomorrow.
    Pray God keep showering blessing on u all always.

  • Victor Valdez


  • gaurav

    can you plz also upload the insight into yojna for dec(climate change) issue

  • Mohit Anand

    Sorry but this is not good enough. You are missing really good points.. I went through 2-3 articles and upon comparison ,felt so. E.g. ‘Vision for quality education’ original article talks about institutional loopholes and solutions but nowhere have you mentioned. Moreover, unnecessary points have been added and presented which are difficult to comprehend! Sorry but you need to work on this if you want this to be as good a hit as secure and the daily quiz!

  • GauriJai

    Thank u guys for this effort. At my place I do not find Yojana mag and on internet I used to roam on various websites for the download which really eats up lot of time. But the problem has been solved now. Its presented in a very simple sober manner, without any kind of useless advt n all. Just liked it. Request – Do continue this initiative

  • satyam pandey

    Hello Insight, really awesome work, but please, kindly update the YOJANA every month so that the aspirants could use it in time and gain maximum from it.

    thanks and truly looking forward for this great help

  • Ankit

    Hello Insights Sir, please continue this initiative…it is really helpful….