Insights into Yojana Articles: February 2016 – New Initiative

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Insights into Yojana Articles: February 2016 

On the lines of Insights into Editorial, we are presenting Insights into Yojana articles.  We will be covering only syllabus related articles keeping in mind demand of both Prelims and Mains. 

This is a once in a month feature – so, we hope we are not overburdening you!

Shortly January 2016 edition will be posted.

Meanwhile, please go through the February 2016 edition and leave your feedback in comment box. Thank you.


Insights into Yojana: February – 2016

  • Bhavika

    What can be better than this…thank you insights

  • manalika

    Thank you insights! I read the yojana regularly but don’t find the time to string together the articles in a lucid argument. this saves me so much headache!

    • Silent Killer

      Rightly Said..


    Thank you sir

  • Moniks

    Thanks insight….good initiative….:)

  • Silent Killer


  • Sand of time

    Thank you insight for this wonderful initiative…
    Sir please help with economic survey.

  • rural india

    march gift

  • satyajit

    I love u insight

  • Khayam

    Thank you very much Insight 🙂

  • nimesh kumar

    Thanku insight…

  • Shreya

    Thank you so much.

  • aashish 2000

    When I start reading Hindu you posted current affairs, editorials and mind maps to cover it. When i start writing questions you posted Secure. When I start solving bits, you posted quiz… Now I decided to read yojana completely…but you posted… It here… As a token of gratitude we will give a gift with good ranks…. Thank you… team…

    • Big Dreamer

      Start writing essays. Hope Insight will also cover synopsis of weekly essays!

      • peaceful warrior

        ha ha….ha

      • BST

        Seems to be good idea 🙂

    • Saint Shambhujs

      So whats your next plan ?….

      • aashish 2000

        Stopped planning and started acting….

        • ajeet

          wow ! what a strategy…..

        • Saint Shambhujs

          Thats great ?

          But we won’t be able to know in advance what new the insights will do ?…

          • aashish 2000

            Its a ray of HOPE… Hope is good…

    • aspirant

      sir iheard that ur optional is sociology.can u please guide me which chaters are read from which sources.iam totally depressed with this.thank u sir.

      • aashish 2000

        Please provide your mail Id to forward the sources for each topic in sociology… If you have further more queries you can ping back to this….

        • raunak ranjan

          Please mail me at [email protected]

          • aashish 2000

            Check your inbox…

            • Ap Ashutosh

              hello , my optional is sociology too . I preparing on my own , I want to join for test series in Delhi . any idea who provides tests and good feedback’s ?
              thank you

              • aashish 2000

                I’m sorry Ashutosh… I dont know any….

                • Ap Ashutosh

                  Thanks for replying back. May I know how do you intend to practice sociology answer writing ?

                  • aashish 2000

                    Brick by Brick.. .I mean Chapter by chapter.. Once one chapter completed attempting last 36 years questions papers relating to that chapter… At the end making my own questions to answer it… for 2016 mains..

                    • Ap Ashutosh

                      That’s a great idea. I have not written answers but refer the question papers once I complete chapter. Can we exchange more information ?

                    • aashish 2000

                      My mail Id is [email protected]. Ping me when you feel free..

                    • Ap Ashutosh

                      I will mail you soon . thank you:)

                • Jagdish

                  ashish what is ur optional?

                  • aashish 2000


                  • aashish 2000


        • aspirant

          sir i know u r very busy,sorry for disturbing u.. but please do reply to help mein my preparation

          • aashish 2000

            Please explain me what is the problem….in detail… you can mail me if you want to…. My mail id is [email protected]

        • Bhoomi

          @aashish2000:disqus Can you please share the sources with me as well? I have opted sociology. Would be of huge help to me.. my id is [email protected]

          • Gopi krishna

            Can you please mail them to [email protected] in advance.

          • aashish 2000

            Check you inbox…..

        • Fight for right

          Provide me too sir please
          [email protected]

          • aashish 2000

            Check you inbox…

        • VIKAS meena

          pls send me the list too …
          email id: [email protected]

          • aashish 2000

            check your inbox

        • rahul garg

          plz send me too at [email protected]

        • Dhruv Sharma

          please send me too at [email protected]
          thank you

          • aashish 2000

            Delivered to your inbox…check it once..

        • Nitya

          pls send me list [email protected]

    • Marks & Marksism

      Plz send me socio chapters list n relevant sources
      [email protected]

      • aashish 2000

        Check your inbox….

        • Marks & Marksism

          Yep, got it!!!

        • Raj

          Hi Aashish, could you please send them to me too?
          I’ve been struggling with Socio and would really appreciate it 🙂

          [email protected]

          • aashish 2000

            check you inbox

            • backbencher

              [email protected] Bhai mera bhi socio h plz send me too..

              • aashish 2000

                check you inbox….

                • backbencher

                  thanx bro

                • backbencher

                  did’nt get it.. resend it plz.. its [email protected]

                  • aashish 2000

                    Sent….Confirm the receiving order…

                    • backbencher

                      yup got it bro thanx..

                    • backbencher

                      bro do u have topic and subtopic wise list of resource or book recommended for sociology

                    • aashish 2000

                      topic wise

            • Shiva Kumar

              Hi Aashish, can you please send them to me too ….. i am unable to get clear picture regarding sociology :))

              [email protected]

              • aashish 2000

                check you inbox…

            • Raj

              Thank you! 🙂

            • Amit ! ?

              Ashish bhai… Pls send me too
              [email protected]

              • aashish 2000

                Check you inbox… Package delivered…

        • Khayam

          Please send them to me as well email-id: [email protected]

          • aashish 2000

            Task completed

            • Khayam

              Thanks Ashish 🙂

        • BST

          Send the same to me also….plz
          Email : [email protected]

          • aashish 2000

            your order is suceessfully delivered to your inbox… Please reply back as yes if received…

            • BST

              Packaging is good…. 🙂

          • aashish 2000

            check your inbox

        • Akshara Bharat

          Kindly send me the list too sir .
          [email protected]

          • aashish 2000

            Check your inbox…

            • Akshara Bharat

              thnx alot sir 🙂

          • aashish 2000

            Check your inbox…

        • GAURAV TYAGI

          Pls send me too
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        • sharief

          Sir, kindly send to me also, please:
          [email protected]

          • aashish 2000

            check your inbox..

        • Viraaj

          Ashish…could you please send me sociology mtrl on my [email protected]
          Thanks in advance!!!

          • aashish 2000

            what is the material are you referring to? Do you mean Paper 1 or paper 2? Please do specify chapters that you want material… Its to inform you I have limited material…If I have the requisite material that you needed I will send it…

    • Khayam


      Please find sociology e-book, you can download it from the below link, hope it will be useful to thers as well.

      I will share if i found some more.

    • Dr. KARISHMA


    • Appy Fizz

      Hey.. would u mind sending me the source list for Sociology at [email protected]
      Have been struggling due to this being from non-Socio background.

      • aashish 2000

        Delivered…. check you inbox.

  • vps

    Kahar dha diya Insight ne aaj..02 March yadgar rahegi UPSC Aspirants k lye.. Thanks Insights..please continue this initiative..we will make sure your effort wont go waste.. Hatsoff..

  • Pooja Pandey

    Thanks insights!
    U understand the needs of an aspirant so well.Thanks again :))

  • no words to PRAISE ! God bless you Insights !! THANKS A TONNE 😀

  • SKB

    hey thnks…grt help!

  • Dixit

    this is good. But also try including questions from these in Prelims test series, as you say but don’t do 🙂
    There are multiple articles from which MCQs can be framed..
    the only question you asked from Yojana was back in December i think..

  • Deep

    Thank you is small but the only word to express my gratitude.

  • roberto firmino

    Insights is on fire today.
    Way to go Sir .

  • Ayushi Srivastava

    Insights team is so hard working. Coming with something new every time. Thanks a lot.

  • Mickey

    To be honest, Yojana part was the only thing i was considering IASbaba for. Now, you have fulfilled that part too. No more different tabs now. Thank you Insights.

    • Abdus Sami

      Exactly! and also insights have done it in a more explanatory manner unlike baba which turned everything into point format especially since last edition as they have combined krukshetra also. I think insights’ summary is much better.

      • Tom

        Actually iasbaba is trying to follow insights but you see they are failing coz of lack of experience……….. i think some aspirants are seating in baba team and trying very hard to get into competition…………….
        I am not saying they are bad they are good…………….but they are not best

        and this exam wants best of the best

  • sangamesh

    thank you insight.. its complete package

  • Ningaraj S B

    amazing sir….i am really bend my head to ur work….thank u verrry much.

  • vk

    really getting a feeling that i am not working hard as much as u, thank you insights team

  • Night thinker !!

    Jesus! This is beyond praises 🙂
    Yojana, to be true, I find very boring! Thanks for this initiative ! I know you’ll give the best possible explanation !

  • Mehak W

    Wow!This surely came as an awesome gift to all of us! Thank you Insights 🙂

  • Aditi1386

    This is great sir!! Thanks so much!!

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    Thanks Team Insights…

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    Thank you….now we can use only one site ( insights) for complete and comprehensive preparation.

  • Thank you Insights, this is truly amazing

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    Speechless Work done by Insights and Vinay Sir. You are Sir totally outstanding Sir. Today I feel very proud that I am Insights Follower..

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    Thanks a lot insights team by motivating us everytime by your new initiative and help us to be on right track..

  • Mayuresh Pawar

    This day in history will be known as Super Wednesday!!!!!……awesome…class….do not have words….

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    Speechless job done by insight team..what can we give back to u except rank in the civils…thanks a lot

  • AS

    happy to see INSIGHT evolving. thankx for the new iniative. just 2 question -will help us in india year book and economic survey.for freshers like me.i am finding little difficult to understand the economic survey.can u make it in more lucid manner.

  • Khayam

    Please Include mains Question and Prelims question in at the end of the PDF so it will be helpful for us to assess our preparation.

  • ajay

    Brilliant work sir ..

  • an pd


  • Ashutosh

    Thanks a lot team insight….somebody already said but I cant stop myself to repeat…..although many of us reading the magazine but it was not coherent and it took lot of time to arrange everything…..but u just simplified the
    …..thanks a lot once again…..

  • Big Dreamer

    Laudable work Insight along with today’s new secure synopsis initiative !

  • mehak

    Tq Insights:)

  • Raman

    Sir you are doing a great work for that thank you I want to give you some suggestion regarding this yojana initiative I.e instead of posting this 38 pages at one go you can post near about 1.50 page daily according to the topic whic will be easy for us to read it daily

  • sumeet kumar

    thanks a lot.

  • Thanks Insights!!!


    thankxxx…Insight for this initiatives…plz do a big favour by uploading Kurukshetra Article also…

  • Mamata

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    Insights Team you Guys are Just too good :)Thank u so much for all that u guys are doing. God bless u all !!!!


    thanx vinay sir once in a month is extraordinary steps. thanx once again for ur hardwork


    I Hope Insight will also cover synopsis of weekly essays

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Thank you Insight ! This is really a good initiative. The presentation of your articles is best and unique .It makes things easier to understand and revise. Yojana isbest magazine but to read and then make notes out of it is very time consuming. I hope you will provide past month yojana gist also.

  • Diplomat

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    I am regular subscriber of YOJNA (hindi), but this month means February addition has not come yet..please if anybody could provide its will be very helpful to me..thank u

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    DEAR @INSIGHTS team, please make compilation of current events in a magazine form as well as your ques and answer format format for each g.s paper.

  • Bhawna.B

    What insights has been doing for us can not be expressed in mere words!!
    Thankful for such a great initiative!!
    >Reading yojana every month is considered to be useful for essay writing as it provides meaningful fodder to write.
    >Insights has made this reading process more simpler and meaningful plus a time saving process.
    >This one in addition to similar such processes by insights truly makes it a ONE STOP SOLUTION TO CRACK CSE.



    dear insights… no words…simply a word of thankyou is nothing wrt your hardwork…hats off insights…

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    Thank you so much Insights team. You people are really making our preparation exam oriented and at the same time easier. Thanx a ton.

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    Seriously very Good Effort. But i think it would be more effective if you could add some questions(prelims/mains) based on these articles,either in the magazine or separately. All the best Team Insights.

  • shreya

    thank u sir for your new initiative

  • GSR

    Thank you so much for the work that u are doing for the aspirants 🙂

  • Asha Could you please provide yojana articles from August of 2015. Thanks in advance.

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    you are Humanity personified

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    I do not have words to express my gratitudes, I read whole Yojana in 3 hours which I could not read effectively in 30 days.
    you are the only source of inspiration for those who cannot afford coaching.
    Thank you very much Insight.

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    Kindly add mains related questions and prelims question in Yojana at the end of the section, it will make our preparation more effective.
    please do consider this suggestion.

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    I appreciate that gist of yojana is out for ur website i felt like reading those important lines which i have underlined for revision from yojana(feb).It took around 2 days to complete yojana(feb) and i read the whole gist(yojana) in 3 hours .
    Previously i have to refer Can you please give model question at the end related to that monthly yojana magazine.
    One more thing that…. can u please use A4 sheet more wisely……because a lot of space is left on A4 sheet……if you does so it will reduce no. of pages as well save our money which we have to give for printout(rs2/each side).
    thank a lot

  • GODDAMN Batman!!

    Dear @InsightsOnIndia:disqus If (& when) I clear IAS exam, I’m going to join your website and contribute as much as I can in your endeavour to revolutionise UPSC Preparation..
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    Thank you hundreds of millions of tonnes..

  • Dheeraj

    Needed Initiative.

    I must appreciate.

    Kindly, add some Prelims,Mains,Interview type of questions at the end of Yojana Articles.

    Then, it’ll be more useful.

  • Kanta Verma

    sir plz post march month yojana bcz i dont have access to hard copy yojana.

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    Great efforts as usual. can you do this for issues from sept’15 onwards?

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    I am new to IAS preparation.I wanted to know how should i proceed with the magazines.Should i buy a magazines and then go through insights initiative for magazines or i should directly follow the insights initiative.

    Any suggestion/advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    Insights seems to discontinue this very innovative initiative…can anybody please share the pdf of yojna april issue…as i am out of India now so can not get the hard copy..thanks in advance

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    thank u so much please continue with this initiative and please do continue with secure synopsis initiative if possible


    Please post articles from March and April

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