Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 09: Dreams which should not let India sleep

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 09


28 February  2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“Dreams which should not let India sleep” (CSM – 2015)


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      1.Maximum essay APJ se hi shuru honge try to think hat ke
      2.Connect the paragraphs titar bitar ho rakha hai…initail kuch paras acche hai
      3.In terms of was fantastic..almost everything was covered in dreams
      4.last line(underlined one) thodi si odd thi..can easily remove it..kyunki ap usse pahle hi acche se conclude kar chuke they
      5.Kaun kahta hai asman mein chhed nahi ho sakta ek pathhar to tabiyat se ucchalo part of ur essay
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  • Vivek Kumar Singh

    In the words of APJ Abul Kalam , Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.India as a country just like a family,society has targets,aims and goals to achieve.The premwulises of which has been laid down in the constitution of India.But it would be not fair to limit the aspirations of the India of 2015, it has diversities of not only caste,creed,religion but also we have contrasts in the economic status within our population; and that too of level and extent which cannot be ignored.

    We need to observe and consider different dimensions,vis-a-vis social upliftment of masses,economic health of the country,security of the nation both within and at the borders,When even the last persons of the societies feel connected to the idea of India as a nation.These are some aspirations which needs to be delved upon.

    India having a teeming of vibrant population of more than 1.2 billion population.High population brings many challenges associated with it. Challenges varies from good governance to keeping the disenchanted masses en tact.Such problems only aggravates when we have diversity and that too of the apex level.So, we need to use these challenges in a positive manner.for eg Diversity in India unlike some other country has given impetus for unification at times.What we need to work upon tirelessly is to ensure that the sense of belongingness is there among all the citizens of the groups in India.We have secessionist demands from J and K , Nagaland etc. Work towards the disenchanted groups and their assimilation of belongingness with other Indian brethren needs to be done.Even after 70 years of Independence we are facing such problems which are surely of grave nature.

    Similarly we have Naxals problems where we lose the precious lives of our Paramilitary men, also citizen’s lives are lost due to ongoing and perpetuating nature of conflict going endlessly in the Red-Corridor of India.India as country cannot sleep until and unless these things are resolved.Resolving and putting and end to these of course via consensus has been our priority, can be considered as a dream, and achieving that will be no mean a feat.

    At the scale of Hunger(pecuniary) and HDIs India is in league of Saharan countries.That is we have miles to go as far as enabling the people standing of the lower strata.We can’t sleep when we have largest number of population who sleep every-night w/o any food and shelter.

    For self realisation and solution we neednot to look first within and not outside.Problems and aspirations of India are unique in many sense, and the solution of which we won’t be able to find by just simulating the borrowed concepts.Dreams are many a times frightening also, many a times we dream how to get out of a worse scenario.I have enlisted some dreams which are true also and also the solutions of which India has been trying to find since decades.

    The concept of “Ram-Rajya”(invoked by Gandhiji many times ) though many a times confused with the imposition of a particular community’s rule.Though the scenario,context is different.It is sort of establishing a rule, a state where people are free to exercise their will, where people are prosperous enugh to meet the basic demands and dono have to starve.Where the state is considered as a benevolent and Pro-citizen.

    Dreams know no -bound.We have many aspirations at the international level also.Many of us want to be a “Super-power” by 2020 or 2030 or so.Seeing our sheer size and historical influences it is not a utopian to dream this thing.As we all know the Economic angle has assumed the apex level in the world of the day.We need to work really hard and harder to make India a truely economic giant.It is simply not possible to have the super-power “tag” w/o having a really sound economy.

    • JD

      It is a very wonderful attempt Vivek. Please correct me if I am wrong but don’t you think that tone of the essay is out of sync with the title of the essay. I think we have focused more on main problems which India is facing today instead of dreams that are driving India in today’s world.

      Some slight tweak with words and tone might do the trick. For example we can add stuff related to propensity of Indians to grow when we watch a small nation like Japan doing miracles in S&T even after rising from ashes after WW2. We can add more stuff for indigenous drive for home grown technology to become world most competing nation.

      We take our inspiration from the ancient India when we were world leader and works hard to become one again in this era. Also Indian dream is not only for better development of India at cost of others. That is where we mark our difference from the development of west. Indian dream for peace and harmony is what put us in different league from other countries. Our leaders are constantly striving hard on global platform to achieve this.

      All other things related to hunger, development, vibrancy are nicely used already.

      • Vivek Kumar Singh

        Thanks, I would req. u to pls re read the last paras… as i was editing at the time when u read dat.Hope u woud find it a balanced one now.Thanks for the review.

      • Aashiq forever

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      • Magic

        Hi JD,

        There is a relation between problems and dreams so can you please explain what did you mean by stressing more on problems?

        And your example of Japan rising after WW2 is good.

        And please throw some light on the comparison you are talking about Inspiration from Ancient India

    • Vivek Kumar Singh

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      Hope writing and snapshot are readable and visble..!!

    • Rohit Kulkarni

      Good try though you could add more dimensions to the answer.
      Please review mine.

    • Kant

      Hi Vivek,
      – Intro is very good
      – coverage is very wide. good.
      – you cannot say the goals of constitution can limit india of 2015. These goals are eternal and will continue to inspire us for ages to come
      – good ending
      -rest all nice

      Please review mine.

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    • Rashmirathi

      wonderful essay. the conclusion leaves an impact. the flow and language are binding . my only suggestions :
      1.try to cover more dimensions,
      2. the introduction can be made more intersting

      great job, keep writing.

      please review mine

    • yogi

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    • yogi

      Intro: i have read the same quote in so many essay, so that may be reason why i did not find the intro attractive. The same thing will happen in exam when the examiner will ahve to check so many copies. Moral of the story(applies to me as well)intro must be a unique and impressive that differentiate our essay form others.

      Man body: same mistake as i did, we have to emphasise upon the role we can play in realisation of the dreams, as we are what constitute the India, so they are our dreams not only of the govt.

      Multi-dimensional , Short paras, limited GS gyan your plus point, keep it up

      ‘minis not e’—?

      Conclusion: good

      Thanks 🙂

  • GK


  • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

    For the fact, most people have dreams either in sleep mode or wake up mode. A dream could be natural, artificial or mixed up of both. Natural, artificial and mixed dreams cannot be differentiated easily from the outlook or slogan of people. The very distinction or identity of a dream lies in the action of an individual, group or a society.

    If someone wants to be a great engineer with his/her full passion, then it can be called a natural dream. As the dream is chosen by himself/herself and executed with full enthusiasm in a self satisfied trajectory, then it is certainly a natural dream. Ex- APJ Abdul Kalam wanted to be a great inventor as he had great interest in Aeronautics since childhood. So, in timeline , he bought his dream for himself, he lived on it and finally died doing it. As a child from lower economic background, to become a scientist in a real life is a too distant dream. But he practically did everything which was necessary to reach his dream in reality.

    If a dream is injected to a student or a child or an institute by external agents like parents, rival groups, big boss or powerful leaders, then it is a kind of artificial dream. In an artificial dream, the individual or institute, where the dream is imposed may be happy or unhappy to fulfill the task for the dream.
    Ex-1. If someone has passion for cricket with very high enthusiasm, it is the duty of his/her guardian to gauge the matter carefully without imposing own will to make his child an engineer or a doctor. If such cases happened with Sachin Tendulkar, then we might miss him as Master Blaster forever
    2. And yes, there are good implications too- If Kalidas, the great Sanskrit scholar of all time was not forced to study, then we may not get his great books like Shakuntala to study

    And another is mixed dream, it is a combination of above two. Ex- Someone has dream to become a doctor, but due to multiple factors like financial or family problems, he/she could not succeed. But later with suggestion of someone else he/she pursued for IAS as alternate option and made it.

    In the similar manner position of India is very difficult to clarify with contemporary data. Since independence, Indians had dreamed to prosper as a healthy nation. For that planning commission, number of education centres, manufacturing bases and infrastructures were build, but somehow n practice it is still not a full term healthy nation.

    After the forced reform of 1991, the inequality margin both in income and asset holding increased exponentially. Though the reform brought many fundamental and good changes to old Indian norms specially related to economy and commerce, but one question remain unaltered. Why did Indians able to prevent the post Gulf War crisis of 1991 in advance with huge capacity on disposal? So, this is still a distant dream for Indians to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.

    In the last decade, it is true that GDP growth increased satisfactorily, but in the name of development, scams were executed by top leaders and bureaucrats which sucked our financial blood very seriously that it resulted almost near chaos in last 4-5 years due to public agitation against corrupts. We must not sleep to see a corruption India bypass us and dream never becomes a reality.

    With the new development initiatives like start up India, Digital India, Make in India, Look East/West policy , there is a huge dream India is looking at. But dreaming is not enough to get desired results in real life. To see the success of our dreams of India within our lifetime, we must follow some disciplinary actions of our farmer regiment. They are-

    Pick up the right seeds: Always select or recruit people with potential, not based on hypothetical nomination. Only a merit based selection, either with a degree or experience or both have the potential for success both in his/her own life and for the nation.

    Removing the weeds:Every farmer knows how dangerous the weed are and how they can arrest growth of any crop. So, if the weeds are not recovered regularly, they would not let others to grow. Similarly in real life discouraging, punishing and even removing people who are incompetent, inefficient and corrupt from the organization.

    Creating suitable ground: Developing habit of appreciating every single good job and rectify faults of own or others.

    So, sleep should be practiced only for rest, so that one can perform better in the next day, no more no less. And finally to convert the dreams of India into reality, Indians must burn themselves like the Sun before shining like he Sun.


      bro..last part very good..esp..the seed..weed and ground concept. But the introduction is very long and does not sync with the topic. Instead you can point out towards the present socio economic conditions and then move forward towards the dreams part..keep up good writing..

      • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

        Thank you for the review and pointing out mistakes.. I tried to stretch the essay above 1000 words with more elaboration in 1st, middle and last part, but somehow after writing around 600 words, I feel rush to finish it. So, little imbalance between between 1st and last.

        • Shri07

          No problem .I might wrong but i think your introduction is too big.You should have included few more points. KWAR my essay 🙂

          • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

            Thank you for your review and suggestion

  • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

    Guys, though you may feel little boring but please review my essay, wrote within 40 minutes and typed within 30 minutes without any external help or study. Thank you in advance

  • Nandu

    thank you sirji….


    Speaking in the Constituent Assembly,on the eve of independence,in his famous “Tryst with destiny” speech,Pandit Nehru mentioned that the dream of the greatest man of our generation has been to ”wipe every tear from every eye”.This he said may be impossible,but till tears and suffering remains,we shall not rest. Pandit Nehru was referring to Father of the nation.He also talked about to bring freedom and opportunity to the common man, to the peasants and workers of India; to fight and end poverty and ignorance and disease; to build up a prosperous, democratic and progressive nation, and to create social, economic and political institutions which will ensure justice and fullness of life to every man and woman.

    In the last six decades of her glorious journey, this nation has fulfilled many dreams and ideals of the national movement, and the founding fathers of this nation.To have an understanding of this, have a look on the then socio,political and economic profile of the country.From agriculture to industry,infrastructure to science all were in bad shape.It was the legacy of more than two hundred years of colonialism.In the last 65 years of her journey India has become the 10th largest economy in terms of GDP and 3rd largest in PPP terms.Population living below poverty line has dropped sharply to 21 per cent from then more than 90 per cent. She has achieved universal enrollment in schools,her literacy percentage has reached near about 75 per cent, then it was 8 per cent.In food production India has achieved self sufficiency.It is no longer the case of ”ship to mouth” .In niche area such as aerospace and missile technology, India is counted among the elite nations.Today we are the fastest growing major economy with strong demographic dividend backing it.With strong diaspora base and and aspiring population the future seems to belong to India.But is all so rosy? And can we say, that India has delivered on the promises which our forefathers had made of a free India, with romantic vision of future.The glimpse of that romantic vision, can be seen in the Hindi movies of 1950s and 1960s.movies like Naya Daur and Songs like ”chhodo kal ki baatein,kal ki baat purani” portrays what was the mood then!An assessment of India’s journey since independence clearly reflects that we have achieved much but still we have much to do.

    Today despite achieving self sufficiency in food,people still dies due to hunger.At one side people are complaining of high food prices,on the other side agriculture is becoming unattractive and farmers are committing suicide.At one side we have an industrialist, building 25 storeys home,on the other side people sleep on footpath and get killed due to reckless driving by others.We are the youngest nation in the world which we keep flaunting as demographic dividend, but most of them are not getting their potential realized and majority of them are unemployable.The level of sanitation is far from satisfactory and can be gauged from the fact that majority of houses in rural India either don’t have toilet or they don’t use it,posing major challenge to the health.We come at the bottom in the areas of maternal and child health.The far from satisfactory public health system, often pushes many,especially BPL and APL to the state of ruination.The issue of caste and communal ism is one of the major threat to the stability and the sustainability of this nation, with extremes committed from all sides.The issue of social justice has become quite messy and has actually ghettoized the various groups and sub groups.The current debate of tolerance and intolerance is quite a new phenomena in India’s history having no precedence.Her strength has always been to assimilate and accommodate, were all kinds of thoughts and ideas had flourished.The condition of women is certainly far from satisfactory.It reflects where we are lagging, and how much we have to traverse to become the worthy successors of founding fathers of this independent nation. Having adversary on both sides, the security challenge is great.It gets complicated with the rising monster of extremism,and terrorism in the country,which is influenced by external as well as some internal factors and elements.Still we rely to a large extent on imports to meet our defense equipment needs.We have been unable to provide even the basic rifles to our soldiers,that also have to be imported.This is not only a drag on our economy,but is also not good for national security.The great ideals the Constitution which preamble reflects is still a work in progress.The political and economic justice has been ensured by the Constitution, but its implementation gets mired due to issues like corruption and hierarchical nature of the society. Despite her great strength and recent economic success India’s role in global affairs is far from satisfactory.Given her great size,demography,development,and great civilization strength, she must play more active and constructive role in global affairs.

    The country of billion plus people have billion plus dreams.To begin with, the first dream must be to ensure that a child completes his five years, and have access to education.The current child mortality rate although coming down, is still high.Then comes the rights,equality and opportunity of girl child.With history of discrimination, prejudice,and atrocities against girl child,their issues have not been addressed in earnest way.Still girls have to sacrifice their opportunities for her brothers and customs.The issues of women also needs attention.In the recent times there has been great upsurge in the crime against them.Even though new opportunities are coming and their issues are taking centre stage,we as a society have to demonstrate our willingness to provide space and security to women to realise their dreams.

    India is still rural in the sense that near about 70 per cent of the people lives in villages.Majority of them are directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture.With changing climate,and extreme weather,combined with paucity of credit and lack of technological interventions,agriculture is not much viable for the majority of the farmers.Changing of their fate is crucial not only for the rural India but also for the food security and social stability of the country.Interventions must be with easy availability of credit,new technologies,modern practices and linking of the market directly with farmers is crucial.

    Quality education for all must be important dream for young nation like India to realize her full potential.As things stands now,we may have achieved universal enrollment in primary education,but learning level of pupils are far from encouraging.Scenario of higher education is not much different.Our universities do not figure in top universities of the world.Due to high economic growth,high demand for the skilled workforce exists in the economy but our graduates passing out are not deemed fit for employment. Strong emphasis on quality education at primary and secondary level,revamping of higher education,linking it with industry and skill development of our youth must be the top priorIty.In ancient time India was Jagatguru,that must be the dream again!

    Cities are considered engine of economic growth.With huge influx of people from rural areas ,cities have got choked with many problems like,pollution,increase of slums,crime,and haphazard development.India had her very own Harappan civilization in prehistoric times, which is noted for its great urban planning and sanitation arrangements.The future of Indian cities must draw inspiration from them.

    A country of great diversity and rich past,India needs strong sense of brotherhood among its citizens.The current issue of intolerance and tolerance has hardly any precedence in her history.The concept of assimilation,and accommodation has always been her strength.The ideals of national movement and the values of the Constitution must become the guide to pursue a dream of

    plural society with secular outlook.

    India has great civilizational strength with strong link with the past.Given her size and strength she has to play greater role in addressing issues of the world.For that we need strong scientific and technological knowhow.A strong and modern military capable not only to defend our border but also to protect our interest anywhere in the world.

    There are many other important dreams such as to build a scientific and rational society as our Constitution envisages.The dream of having strong entrepreneurial base, where Indians of our dream will be the next Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The villages of dream which will be free from dogma and superstitions, function as soul of this nation.Their advancement be such that they produces enough for India’s food requirements.The advancement in science and technology be such that most number of frontline research will be done by Indians.In the aerospace the dream must be to become pathfinder in future explorations.Dream of India in which citizens need not to take arms to raise their voices.India of dream where all citizens have the sense of respect and obligation to the national cause.India of dream where state will have the minimal role in the affairs of the citizens.At last but not the least,India of my dream, where every citizen have the opportunity to realise their dreams. These dreams should not let India sleep because dreams are not which we see in sleep, it is the thing which does not let you sleep.

    • pcb

      good attempt bro

      • sankar

        frnds rvw mine plz……..thanks

      • ALOK KUMAR

        Thank you, for review.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.intro..good one,,most of us are starting with Nehru,Gandhi and Kalam..if possible try to think different..even i need to do the same 😛
      2.flow was good…history…achievements and then problems..then dreams
      3.”At one side people are complaining of high food prices,on the other side agriculture is becoming unattractive and farmers are committing suicide”-there is no contrast as no need of one and other hand..agricultural produce is short so prices are going high and farmers committing suicide…if ur interpretation was different please let me know
      4.rather than making porridge in 3rd para..try separating the points to make it an interesting read
      5.u see problems and dreams have some u could have tried to write them together to avoid repetition
      6.last line upvote for it
      good efforts my dear friend..little connectivity and separation of paras will make it wonderful
      Review mine please

      • ALOK KUMAR

        Thanks for your patient review.Will review yours.

  • G.


    Dreams are often related to as flukes in the air, that are mere fantasies, a person’s wants and desires that one wishes to obtain. That is true that these are its wishes, but these flukes are the ones that drives the man for excellence, to compete, to persevere and accomplish them. These dreams are the seeds of ideas and actions on the ground. Without dreams, materialization of any big pursuit is impossible.

    India is a developing country with too many ills such as poverty, inequality poor government service delivery, malnutrition, lack of elementary and higher education etc. dream of india transforming into a first world nation with prosperous lives of each and every citizen is its dream, towards the pursuit of which every Indian dreams and government and citizen aspires to accomplish.

    First, dreams should be such that prosper the nation maintaining its secular and diverse identity. Diversity is what makes india unique in the world. It’s a sub-continent where people from all races, ethnicity, religions co-mingle and support each other towards collective development. This fabric and culture of tolerance towards secularism and multiple thoughts is the hallmark and should be. Each and every community should feel included and come forward towards development.

    Second, widespread poverty is a serious blot on a nation. A complete elimination of poverty one dreams of india as of today. Poverty of rural and urban centres requires separate actions and priorities. These must be addressed separately through various social sector schemes. Rural areas development is linked to it, since last mile connectivity is still out of reach. hence they are devoid of services by government and remain living under stresses.

    India being a education powerhouse, is one that is the key to all other dreams. Primary education is already reached near 100%. But the quality and retention ratio has taken backseat. Proper attention be given to it, for starting at this level is absolutely required to start the culture of education to all. The RTE act was a prominent peace in the sector making it a fundamental right. The secondary and higher education on the other hand is still lagging vastly due to lack of infrastructure and some societal taboo. To become a educational powerhouse latter must be addressed.

    The developed nations’ population is on decline and india can provide its surplus labour only when they are properly educated and fit for the demands of the industries. Skilling is a corollary of it. the skill india mission that currently is active aspires to be skilling more than a crore of youth is short time. While the dream is ambitious, is certainly in a right direction.

    Fourth, gender parity. Women of india have been a oppressed sex in general for millennium. The patriarchal trends and traditions have seeped the minds of the naion such that women themselves hae accepted the submissive nature as a way of life. India is moving ahead, and various examples from powerful women from india and constitutional provisions have made women aware of their rights. Media exposure have empowered them to speak up for injustice and demand equality with the opposite sex. Parity in economic sphere can propel the Indian growth leaps and bounds as shown by latest mckinsey report on gender issues. Addressing the issue can improve the HDI and similar indexes’ rankings of india.

    Fifth, health sector is not only for a few but for all. When we speak for all, poor and marginalized are the ones who are grossly detached from government help. India being a tropical country is comparatively more susceptible for breeding of germs. Hence it needs more care. Lack of It over the years, have made the poor responsible for themselves and hence there is a lot of stress prevailing in poor families. Too many deaths on account of diarrhea, malaria, tuberculosis etc. are regular news. Families cannot afford high expenses when their pockets are very shallow. The government must provide for universal health coverage, as soon as possible. A healthy india is a productive india.

    Indian intellect is famous from millenias. Max muller called the minds behind Upanishads as the highest pursuit in the history of human mind. Subsequently Indian intellect in the form of aryabhatta, varahmihira, brahmagupta have given innumerable gifts to mathematics, geometry and astronomy. The golden age of islam that centred in Baghdad had innumerable ties with Indian subcontinent and collaboration and translation of many Indian books in mathematics astronomy and others took place from Sanskrit to Arabic. Currently india is surging ahead in scientific achievements slowly and slowly. The successful mars mission further fires the dreams of Indians far distant. Certain gaps must be filled with innovative solutions.

    These dreams are lofty, yet achievable, ambitious yet humble. But these do not come free hand. There are several challenges to it. threat to internal harmony is paramount considering india’s diverse composition. Respecting constitution is utmost necessary. The feeling of tolerance towards other’s viewpoints is a virtue of great nations. This must be upheld. Government funding towards infrastructure needs quantum jump. This must involve as other sectors, the private sector that has become an inevitable partner in almost all projects. Employment generation is a top priority. Efforts towards labour intensive industries like cotton, fibre development, toys, shoe making etc. should be boosted. Earlier reforms of 1991 focussed on capital intensive economy that resulted in jobless growth subsequent years is inadequate for india. Hence lessons must be learnt and corrections must undertaken without government and political parties becoming populist.

    India stands at a very dangerous neighbourhoods. The history of wars and border disputes with china and Pakistan has meant considerable thrust on defence. This has to done as india has no choice. The indigenization of defence industry is long overdue, but still is largest importer of arms. Winds of change are imminent as make in india ushers into factories and industries being setup in india with the inclusion and permission to private sector to participate. The internal security and intelligence need to be upgraded and help from countries such as Israel and usa can be taken.

    Sustainable development is todays mantra fro development. Rising pollution has wreak havoc on india. 13 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are of india, and could be more if subsequent measures are not taken in future. The NAPCC evolves india’s plan. The commitments made towards united nations must be adhered and novel technologies for effective implementation of renewable energy development should be taken. A clean and clear india is a developed india.

    Mark twain once said that india is the cradle of civilization and birthplace for thought. The ancient glories of india are ascribed deeply in the stones of history. Each and every Indian dreams of india to reach the same old glory that india possessed. Those dreams can become real only with certain efforts in the right direction and certain cautions regarding the threats that emanate in the course of time. There is no doubt that india will fulfill all the dreams. Our effort must be to achieve it as soon as possible.

    • pcb

      good points…
      nice vocabulary and use of quotations (not really quotations)
      good addressing the concerns and describing them
      very nice introduciton and good conclusion

      needs improvement
      could have included more points
      use some constitutional articles as such.. there is much scope

      overall a good essay

    • Kant

      G ji!
      my take:
      – nice readable essay
      – dream is to transform into a first world nation? I think our dream is to realise what is stated in the preamble to constitution.

      – Its good that you focused on analysis instead of dumping facts. nice.

      Please review my essay

      • G.

        thanks for the review kant…
        different people have different dreams when it comes to india… that whch is mentioned in india that is no doubt a dream… but i dream of india in a different way… i want every one to be prosperous because money counts much in todays world… that is a fact… plus other things i have mentioned in the essay..
        i will do the review.. wait…

  • Shri07

    Each and every human being who live on earth have dreams ,we come across different people dreaming about their own dreams parents dream about their kids ,kids dream about their toys ,students dream for their job it goes on.Dreaming is endless anyone can dream about anything in this world . Poor can dream about being rich and rich can dream for something else there is no restrictions on dreaming .

    Universe is filled with many planets etc our earth is one planet where people can survive ,this earth has many countries they have their own principles .India in one among those countries .As dreaming in universal any country people can dream about anything ,Indians dream for their own interest .

    India name originated from Indus river which originate in J&k state of India and flows into Pakistan .India has very old history about from 3000 BC during Indus valley civilization .We can see woman played very important role and worshiped ,People like Ranilakshmibai have lived on this earth and they fought against freedom struggle ,women empowerment ,education ,equity so it is important to work on those issues .Incident like rape in delhi shows that after 67 years of independence women still are not safe in the night , Article 14 which stated equality before law ,schemes Beti Bachao Beti padao restricts feticide ,Sarvashiksha abhiyan helps in education etc plays important role but it is very important to implement them .

    India is very well known for its university in diversity ,it has many religions like Sikh Muslim Hindu Christ Parsi who played very important role in Revolt 1857 ,Non co-operation movement and in many rallies but Depend on varnas of Vedas Hindus are segregated as Brahmna ,Kshatriya ,Vaisya and Shudra where shudra is deprived class and untouchability was very much active till 1947 and Gandhiji played important role in abolishing untoucability by calling shudras as harijans .To improve their life style Ambedkar passed bill accordingly it was for 10 years but just for vote bank reservation is politicized and its showing lot of riots like patidar ,Jat communities . Stand up india and start up india ,Mudra banks helps Backward entrepreneurs by giving loans and other incentives .

    India has 1.25 Billion population 2nd highest after China and has and has more than 60% youths with lot of unemployment .Unemployment in urban area is more than rural areas .NERGA scheme helps people in rural and drought affected area by giving minimum 100 days employment .According to NSSO kerala is has achieved success rate in NERGA.

    After 1947 pakistan got separated from india and kashmir issue not yet solved .1964&1966 wars led lot of misunderstanding between both nations .It is very important to raise the security on boundries and maintain good relationship with neighbours but violation of cease fire and attacks like pattankot are making the relationship between our nighbours worsen .

    This is my first attempt in essay 🙂 Kindly review .contradiction can be appreciated .Thank you

    • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

      Very good…short and simple with diverse can elaborate more to stretch out words to limits..In addition try to add some enthusiastic sentences also..

      • Shri07

        Thank you 🙂 Yea i should learn how to elaborate 🙂

  • SVSR

    Dreams which should not let India sleep

    • sankar

      rvw frnds plz……….thanks

  • The Dark Knight

    First Essay Please Review

    Jenny , a tenth class student , is very happy today. She is just smiling and smiling. She found the world which she was willing to have since her childhood. The world of pure freedom , good education and healthy environment. There, she can go outside and play till late night without worrying her mother . She can perform in cultural activities and can top the class as well. She doesn’t feel excluded from the society anymore as her family is going to shift in a government allotted house , now she doesn’t have to live in slum where she have to wait for hours for just one bucket of water. And then she opened her eyes , yes it was a dream , just a dream ! which gave her few moments of happiness ! and again she is disappointed.

    When just a dream can give someone so much happiness then reality will do wonders. Many children like Jenny have different and big dreams , in their eyes, which only seem to be real in their dreams. Why can’t our children have real world of their dreams ? Why can’t they see so many dream ? Is it their fault or ours ?

    Surely our nation is one of the developing countries today. From scientific research to various big projects are taking place and even the technology is better and reliable today but a poor man is still hoping for one meal of day in some corner of this country. When will that person have proper food ? In this country where many politicians are at various important posts despite of being illetarate and making money huge amount of money , one the other hand a graduate student is committing suicide just because he can’t find a good job . How many suicide we have to see and upto when ?

    Many girls are at good position today. Some are pilots , some are doctors , some are engineers . But some are still struggling, to get out of their house to walk freely , to get rid of their in laws who beat them and torture mentally for the dowery , to see their beautiful face again which was burnt in an acid attack , to have that confidence and respect again in society which she have lost in an rape. Will these women get what they dream for ?

    In rainy seasons , many people die due to various water diseases. Where some people die because of improper drainge system and some due to unavailability of medical cure . In Delhi last year a child died from dengue because of unaviliability of bed in the hospital , which further lead to suicide of his parents as they couldn’t save their child. They died because of guilty as they had failed to save their child , did they really fail or was it the hospital ? Or the government ?

    A farmer in the country dies just because he couldn’t have arranged resources for his family to survive. Did only farmer die ? the family itself died and their dreams too. Who is murderer here ?

    These are some questions which are hard to answer. After year after , new questions are arising frequently. Recent terrorist attacks in the country are in list too. The need of hour is to take these questions seriously and think about the solutions for it. Where on some points education and moral values can do its work , on others a well administrated state can deal with these problems. When people would always look happy and can walk freely without any worry then only we’d be able to give our country the courage to dream because the dreams will surely come true and many children like Jenny wouldn’t have to disappoint after opening their eyes 🙂

    • Scorpion

      Knight…U’ve covered comprehensively few topic.. >> women>> but many other perspective could also be brought in by shortening them..when u write they will be double the pages we type..

      • The Dark Knight

        Thanks for review , will improve for sure 🙂

        Ok 🙂

        • Scorpion

          bhai mera review karna

    • Scorpion

      Please review mine… also

      • The Dark Knight

        I didn’t find your essay , where is it ?

        • sankar

          frnds rvw plz …………thanks

        • Scorpion

          i reposted it….plz see newest..

    • Vivaan Khanna

      hi first essay…congratulations for debut…some observations:
      1.essay was emotional one…wrote direct from heart :)…can try the separation of emotions to make ur essay objective
      2.Intro very good…something different
      3.women-health-farmer-education-terrorism…good..think of,sanitation,polity,environment,ethics etc
      4.after year after or year after year?
      5.Conclusion…ok optimistic but that could be better as here dream of India is being separated from an individual Indian
      good efforts..Please review mine

      • The Dark Knight

        Thanks Buddy ! 🙂

        1 .Thanks 🙂 and I’ll try to improve on that .
        2 . Thanks again 🙂
        3 . Good suggestion Bhai, will keep in mind.
        4 . Haha that was just a typo , thank you for pointing it out , have corrected it 😀
        5 – Ok Bhai , will focus on that.

        Ok let me try to review yours 🙂

  • Rohit Kulkarni

    Dreams which should not let India sleep.

    Our constitution starts with “ We the people of India..” and the United nations charter starts with “We the people of United nations..” which lays the emphasis on humans of the glory of humanity and earth. A virgin mind gets awakened with the dream. A dream which his soul speaks of and which make a human happy. Our elders also dreamt of India during their freedom struggle which did not let them sleep to see the India which they dreamt of. Gandhi once said he dreamt of India where a women freely roams on her mother land even in midnight. Nehru said he dreamt of an India where poor have the equal status of rich.

    So what are those dreams which should not let India sleep?

    All great leaders dreamt of a beautiful India which we are fortunate enough to live in. After Indian independence all great leaders compiled there dream and put forward as Fundamental rights and some in Directive Principles of state policy(DPSP). DPSP are the one which are still in dream process and are to be provided as Fundamental Right (FR) . Recent 21st amendment which makes DPSP as compulsory right (FR) that is compulsory education is one such fulfilled dream.

    DPSP is one such dream which our forefathers laid on us to full fill. It contains many unfinished agenda like providing allowance to poor, uneducated, old age (Art 41), Reduction of in-equalities between haves and have-nots(45), abolition of intoxication and good health for backward people(art 47) and many more.

    To realise these dreams one such leader who tried to his life awakening youth was APJ Kalam who also dreamt of beautiful India with his Mission 2020. With this mission he emphasises of practises to completely utilise and benefit with the diversity and population dividend which India is havig.

    India having more than 40% of its population in working age can only achieve its dream by skilling them. With nearly 14% of total population having graduated this seems to be difficult task. Emphasis needs to be made on higher education as India has nearly achieved 75% till matriculation but could not carry on to higher education. Recent steps like Skill India Digital India are appreciated.

    Dream of India to provide poor from Living Wage(basic needs) to Minimum Wage(basic needs + respectable life needs) can only be achieved by increasing Jobs by efforts to increase the manufacturing share of GDP from 14%(Stagnant from two decades) to at least 25%. There also needed for changes in labour laws which brings every employee under safety nets like providing EPF, social security. Recent schemes like Atal Jeevan Jyothi yojan and pension funds are encouraged.

    Nearly 55% of Indians are dependent on agriculture. Since there is not possibility to increase land there is need to incorporate good practises to increase yield. There is dire need of research and also incorporating Gentically Modified crops. With drought situation for 2 continuous years and increasing suicides pulls India still back. Steps like providing irrigation Insurance cover, Alternate employment like NREGA and cattle should be encouraged. Nehru’s emphasis of building Dams in his 1st five year plans lays the importance of Irrigation in India. With pressure mounting from WTO India needs to use Technology for reducing leakages of transferring subsidies so that targeted is reached.

    The dream of Gandhiji which needs safety of women and child can only be achieved by stringent laws, effective monitoring system, revision of old age IPC which should incorporate cyber crimes etc. Effective use of technology like GPS, Apps (HIMMAT of Delhi) be increased.

    Even after of 65 years of independence there exist crimes and internal disturbance then it’s the fault of not only our machinery but the humanity evolving with time. SO there needs to community awareness of Indian culture and secular character of Constitution as stated in fundamental Duties (To uphold the Ideas and cherish the Nobel ideas of freedom movement).

    The difference between poor and rich can only be satisfied when liveable life is provided to citizens. With poor having to pay nearly 40% of expenditure to health care from his pocket sheds the present scenario. Effective health institutions and last mile connectivity should be achieved by effective mechanisms. Anganwadi is lauded by whole wolrd.

    Apart from all to confirm that Dreams are turned into action there is an need of effective governance system along with monitoring mechanism. Monitoring such a large population can only be possible by technology like use of E-Governance, Jan Dhan Yojana and ethical code of conduct by law makers. Democracy is for the people and by the people which should be taught to all citizens to reduce the rising intolerance level.

    We too have a dream where our products are respected more than western, where Kahdi is preferred than branded, where experts are not drained from India instead they brain India, were every one thrives to live on the path of Gandhi, Ambedkar, Mother Teresa, every one doest strive to be an employee but an employeer, were humans show there humanity, were mere sympathy is replaced by empathy and compassion.

    • Scorpion

      nice one man…Please review mine…

    • Nice write up…Brief and precise …I think i missed some points like improving security for women ,reforming governance and public service delivery through various newly launched schemes ….
      Keep it up !You write very well.

      • sankar

        rvw mine plz…… evenign ill rvw yors……..thanks

      • Aashiq forever

        Please review mine 🙂

    • Cybertron Ninja

      Rohit good essay friend. The DPSP part is the really nice, i wish i would have also included it. overall well witten good. Please review mine friend, its my 3rd essay.

    • Night thinker !!

      Hey Rohit!
      A nice read it is 🙂 many dimensions covered. Could have also included health sector and a pollution free India. That would have been an icing on the cake! 🙂 Good luck!

    • Kant

      Hi Rohit,

      -Good introduction
      -wide coverage
      -however i feel there are too many facts which cannot be recalled in exam
      – there is scope for improvement in conclusion
      Please review my essay.

    • netaji

      Nice one brother. As you already said while reviewing my essay that we have similar points. For my other friends, please review my essay here

      It would be of great help. Thanks.

    • Arun

      Very good essay with simple and lucid explanation.However I have following suggestions:
      1) You have emphasized on economic aspect which is good.You could have covered broader social dimensions such as SC,ST,Dalits,Transgenders etc in terms of employment,poverty.malnutrition etc.
      2) The aspect of Climate change and economic development could have been highlighted.
      3) The reform in international institutions such as UNSC,WB and IMF could have been highlighted.
      4) India’s security aspects such as LWE,terrorism,hostile neighbours along with tendency of secessionist.
      5) Defence and security development from the point of research and development.This is due to over dependence on other countries for critical technology.

  • The iconic figure ,Late APJ Abdul Kalam said,” dream is not what you see in sleep,it is something that doesn’t let you sleep”. On the morning of 15th Aug 1947, India awakened to see the hundred years of dream for which countless of brave Indians and legends had made supreme sacrifice -the dream of becoming a sovereign state,an independent one where its people would have the sole right to decide their fate – finally came to be true.Many of them lived to see that day and many didn’t but they all had a dream for India .Though they might have differed on the means of achieving those dreams ,they all had the collective dreams of India as a independent , democratic , strong and unified culturally vibrant nation that would work for the repairing the economical and social exploitation caused by two hundred years of colonization ;that would be inclusive to all sections of societies and class ,breaking castes and religious barriers ;that would lift from the abjectness of poverty to become a prosperous nation as it was in past;that would become a leader in innovation , science and technology; and that will work till everybody is able to live in sense of pride In pursuit of realizing those dreams ,India embarked on the journey of gradual progress on the road towards achieving prosperity , adopting for itself a fair and impartial constitutional that would uphold the dignity and freedom of every individual .A mix of socialist -democratic characterized its political and economic policies .Fighting poverty by creating economic opportunities through industrialization and modernization of agriculture , improving the system of health and education , promoting education and development of science and technology .

    67 years gone ,those dreams remain far from being realized. Poverty aggravated by lack of equal access of quality education and economic opportunities and inequitable distribution of wealth ,remains the pressing problem even today ,blocking India’s way towards prosperity as it was in past. A large proportion of population continue to live at subsistence level .Housing and sanitation still eludes many .Public health care services have their own limitations . Cities and towns are overburdened with overflow of people amid poor condition of infrastructure such as electricity, roads, narrow lanes , overflowing drainage , and basic public services like sanitation and waste disposal .Lack of planning and haphazard developments of property further increase the woes of urban areas.The condition of agriculture paints a sad picture today.Farmers distress amid unpredictable rainfall and lack of irrigation facilities in large part has increased due to falling produces and increasing debts making agricultural an unsustainable and undesired option .

    So, the question is what dreams should India live ?Should it live the dream of a a under-age child picking rags from the lump of wastage in the city ? Should it live the dream of the those one-third of its population that are living below the poverty line ? Or ,should it live the dream of those slum dwellers living nearby skyscrapers in its city ?or, should it live the dream of those distressed farmers in rural areas that .

    Four broad goals must serve as guiding light to India in its roads towards prosperity -1. fulfilling the aspirations of the young population – quality education and employment opportunities ;2.improvement in the quality of standards of living ; 3.infrastructure modernization and smart cities development with proper planning;and 4.revival and diversification of rural economy .Let’s see each goal and its importance one by one.

    Goal 1: fulfilling the aspirations of the young population :- India with a large and young population has a great demographic advantage. The average age of the 125 billion -strong Indian population will be 29 years in 2020, even younger than China and the US.Nearly 64% of the total population in India will fall in the working age group by 2021.This gives India a huge economic advantage as the supply of workforce become surplus.But all these could be possible if India is able to invest fairly and adequately in human capital -providing quality education to the youth and imparting skills among them based on modern requirements in jobs market.This has to be paralleled by push on economic front to create new job opportunities to absorb the growing number of job seekers.

    Goal 2. Improvement in the quality of standards of living : Poverty continue to a serious impediment to India ‘s progress ,limiting access of people, to quality education, health care service, housing ,sanitation and other basic consumption needs . Nearly 300 million of its people ,roughly one -third of the population live in dark with no coverage of electricity and many more fail to get regular supply . Kerosene is still the principle source of lightening in rural homes today .There is also the need to improve the delivery and coverage of public health care service as they re currently limited by restricted availability and sub-standard medical facilities .Lack of health insurance coverage continue to rip poor of their pockets ,sending them further into poverty .Providing housing to everyone and toilets to all households should be other chief goals .

    Goal 3. Infrastructure modernization and smart cities development : It is said that smart cities are engine of progress for any country .Perhaps it is due to this reason that every developed country is a highly urbanized society today. The progress seen in these countries accompanied by rapid urbanization can’t be just coincidental .There is close link between the two.And this progress is also linked to quality of infrastructure also.Our railways is suffering from lack of capacity addition for several years resulting in huge delays in freight movement ,hampering the growth of economy .The quality of services in passenger trains is in serious need of improvement.Similar investment are needed in roads and port modernisation .

    Goal 4. Reinvigorating and diversification of rural economy:-As Gandhi Ji famously quoted :- the future of India lies in its villages .This reflect in today’s India. The rural areas continue to lag behind cities in terms of development ,access to basic services like quality education and healthcare and lack of economic opportunities ,rendering over-dependence on agriculture as primary source of income.Consider nearly two-third of the population live in rural areas and the contribution of the rural economy ,primarily agriculture ,is just 13% of the GDP showing how under-utilized rural workforce is . There is a huge gap between the quality of life in rural areas vis-a-vis urban areas .The result is huge migration of people from villages to urban centres in search of better life and opportunities,while interest in farming seeing rapid decline .So, there is an urgent need to lessen the mismatch of development between rural and urban areas through improved public service delivery ,better education and diversification by absorbing more and more rural workforce into manufacturing and service sector activities . Why would rural to urban migration take place in first place if all aspirations that are capable of getting fulfilled in urban centres ,can also be made realized in rural areas too.

    One of the serious problem that has hampered the progress of India is the neglect of masses due to apathy in governance and at political level ,infested with inefficiency ,lack of coherent planing ,castes/classes politics,and indifferent bureaucracy .As Swami Vivekananda said , “Our great national sin was the neglect of the masses and that was one of the causes of India’s downfall. Remember that the nation lives in the cottage. The fate of a nation depends up on the condition of the masses. Can you raise them? Can you give them back their lost individuality without making them lose their innate spiritual nature?”. The neglect of masses over a long period has led to under-achievement of our goals .The rising inequality in terms of access to basic needs of education ,food and job opportunities has aggravated the problem .The need is to make the economic growth more inclusive through poor centric governance so that most can be uplifted out of poverty .

    • Rohit Kulkarni

      Good try first para you extedned it very big which makes reader bore. So try to make your paras short and crisp because big always hurts :).
      Regarding your grammer i see many mistakes like where to use “and” “;” “,” example i am not sure why u r using “;” and also “and” is used for continuing a statement but many times u used “,” and “and” so please check.
      Regarding content its good.
      Please review mine.

      • Thanks bro for ur review…..I am going to check for grammatical mistakes and will correct them …Thanks for pointing them out…I will be reviewing urs ..please give me a few minutes .

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        Please review mine also

    • Scorpion

      Intro too-too long..
      n whole essay u have transflormed into bullets…what could have been done is as per my view..u might have gone for heading n thereafter discuss it…
      Please review mine…

      • I deliberately wrote it in bullet points …..Have never seen essays written in points in some parts …i just wanted to try….. to see what feedback i would get…Thanks for ur review I will be reviewing ur soon ..

        • Scorpion

          yaar its formal exercise with you wide perspective about the topic and how yyou perceive manx 2-3 bullet or heading with 1 diagram at max might suffice. too much would would spoil the meaning of essay…

          I dont know bt thats how I think, might be m totally wrong

    • Cybertron Ninja

      hey friend, issues raised are good ones, detailed explanations, i feel use of small sentences and paragraphs can make your essay attractive to read. Overall good essay. Please review mine friend.

    • Kant

      Good one!
      – Intro is nice. Mine is also on the same lines. Though shorten it a bit.
      – Your goals are nice. You are mentioning the goal in the beginning of the para instead of at the end. Nice.
      – instead of stating in points, write firstly, secondly…….; looks more professional
      – overall I liked the essay

      Please reveiw my essay

    • Thor and Miolneer

      Excellent Essay Batman,

      It took me a lot of efforts to find an area of improvement in your essays so far but I think today I met with some success.

      Almost every other goal tells us what needs to be done..But other than the fifth Goal, none of them has the Govt.’s schemes mentioned in them.

      I mean there could have been a mention of ‘Make in India’ in the First Goal, Housing for All in Goal two and so on.

      I think — Either the schemes should have been written in each one of them or in none of them.
      If you have gone with the latter approach then I think there was a scope of writing the names of schemes in the conclusion or in a penultimate paragraph which is merged with the Goal five here.

      I may be wrong here since you know I am still working on my reviews.

      Please correct me if I am wrong. 🙂

      • Thanks bro….You are not wrong in ur review …I appreciate you for writing a fair review ..You have pointed out some genuine lags in my essay and i feel the same ..Actually , i too thought about including some names of schemes in point 5 ,but somehow i thought -ok , may be that would exceed the word limits or may be i should skip mentioning schemes in my essay ……
        Definitely , i should have mentioned schemes too, i would relate my essay with the present measures initiated by government to address challenges that i have mentioned about .. That would give a feel that India is already making efforts in right direction towards achieving those dreams .
        ….It’s always nice to read ur honest reviews …..It helps a lot in self-assessment .Thanks again and keep writing !

        • Thor and Miolneer

          I actually try giving reviews as sincerely and honestly as you give.

          I am sure soon you will find me becoming more and more critical reviewer.

          Thanks for the constant support Batman 🙂

  • Shrunga Chandrashekar

    Dreams which should not let India sleep

    Dreams are the factors that drive one’s life towards upper strands, but how many will be able to accomplish their dreams will depend on the planning, execution, regular follow up, and never give up attitude. Abdul Kalam has rightly said dream is one which will not let one to sleep, the results are dependent on the efforts that are put in instead of dreaming. Our Veda says one should do their work and leave rest to destiny, if one keep on expecting results and will not work towards their dreams they will never come true. Nation is an institute which collectively represent aspirations of millions. India is no different it has dreams of its own and has to work towards it.

    India being country of 1.2 billion has dreams that are challenging and requires planned efforts to accomplish it. Targets like reducing Infant mortality rates, achieving 100% primary school enrollment, Increasing the agriculture productivity, improving rural infrastructure, skill training for mass, employment generation, improving HDI, decreasing the defense imports, INDC targets, Uniform distribution of resources, poverty elevation etc. The above are only few targets in front of the people collectively.

    There are set of dreams in front, what matters is how these are approached? India has target of 100% primary education enrollment, challenges in meeting this targets are many. Lack of infrastructure, lack of manpower to meet the demands, income of the rural households are very less thus pushing children in to trap of child labor, lack of awareness and lack of collective vision. Is the planning to meet these goals are trying to minimize of neutralize the challenges? The investment by the government in the education is between 9-11% of the GDP, which involve the salary payment, infrastructure building etc. Due to the very less investment in education public education is not strengthened to meet the demands. The curriculum and the education system of the public schools are not competent.

    When the public education system is not capable of handling demand, the alternative can be support to private schools so that they are made affordable to the poor households. But in certain states the private schools are closed as they are not meeting the RTE act standards. The departments concerned about these targets should work towards alternatives to address this issue before it makes more damage.

    Why the challenges are not addressed in time and efficiently? This can be cause of failure to follow-up and make the necessary changes to the plan to meet the implementation challenges. The other area where India wants to excel is health sector, we should achieve universal health coverage and reduce out of pocket expenditure. The data to analyze the results of the policies are collected once in 10 years through National family health survey, 10 years is very huge time period and it can cause the irreversible damage. Malnutrition during the early stages of childhood cannot be reversed, thus authorities cannot take any corrective steps and tailor their policies.

    The other issue that is pulling the authorities away from the targets might be the one solution fits all approach. India is a land of diverse culture the solution that fits in one region might not work for others. The economic survey came up with the conclusion that subsidies provided for the poor are not reaching them 1lakh crore subsidies are utilized by the rich this is one of the finest example of the need for analysis of the medium term outputs. Policies should not be uniform throughout and blind approach should not be followed, to correct the steps taken and make it more near to the target is more important.

    We have defined the targets in front of us and approach we are following, now it’s time to question are we on right track? Our targets or dreams are towards the development, equal society, and better tomorrow so our dreams are on the right track. The planning, investments made, effects of the policy on the other sector are not analyzed efficiently or it can be improved to make our approach more realistic. The medium term follow-up, tailoring of the policies to meet the implementation challenges is missing.

    How can we improve and realize the dreams that are set. Research should be given importance before planning is done the ground reality should be analyzed, challenges should listed out. Plan should be towards meeting those challenges, alternatives should be in place to handle failure effectively and not let it affect the direction of plan or cause any delay. The implementation should be followed-up in regular intervals to understand how the plan is working and any deviations needed.

    The ambitious smart cities plan require huge investments of 1-lakh crore but the local governments are not having so much resources, it is the biggest challenge and decides the success of the scheme. Local governments should plan to attract investments from the private players and execute the project in public private partnership, but what is the private investments cannot be brought in they should roll-out municipal bonds with the help of RBI and attract investments. The project should be followed on regular basis and deviation needed to be analyzed and decision should be made before much of the damage has happened. Transparency in the usage of funds through regular audits and making body accountable for the project will strengthen the project and results will be positive.

    So it is important for India to work on the planning, implementation and sustenance instead of setting targets alone. It is the work that helps to accomplish the dream for individual or country as a whole.

    • Shrunga Chandrashekar

      Please review the essay and help me to improve writing skills.

  • Vivaan Khanna

    Dreams and sleep have got the direct relation as former is assumed to be subsumed in the latter. But if great thinkers are to be believed then dreams are those which do not let one sleep.

    So the dreams imply our craving for having something. As far as India is concerned, the list of the desires is very lengthy.They will not let India sleep until they are fulfilled.

    If a person attached to society is asked for his dream India, his first priority would be healthy, educated and poverty free India. So, this is the first dream which should not let India sleep as it is related to very basic human rights. India already has this dream as is evident by various schemes like Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana,basic health and education free,Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan,Housing for All,Antyodaya Yojana,Food Security Act and so on.

    But these dreams can’t be realized unless we have another dream of their implementation in principle. To understand this point, Lets consider an analogy where a person wants to climb mountain so that he can have the darshan of Vaishno mata. So he has got the dreams of darshan and for that he has also arranged for a chopper but still he is unable to reach his destination. Why? Because he is not stepping into the chopper. Even if he is stepping in,he is not able to reach due to obstacles like bad weather and no fuel in the vehicle.

    So like this young man who will be able to reach his destination once he has a determined will,our bureaucracy and govt should also have the determination for successful implementation of those schemes so that dreams of this sector can be realized.

    Now,for a moment let’s assume that we have got a healthy, educated and poverty free nation. What should be our next dream?What a healthy and educated man is expected to do? Obviously he is expected to contribute in the development of country by becoming a human capital. So the creation of jobs for young India should be the next dream in pipeline. This is important as it will help India in reaping the benefits of demographic dividend.

    Once one becomes a human capital, contributing in the economy of one of the emerging superpower, one’s expectations rise. He can’t be expected only to be economically active. He wants some political freedom to express himself in front of the nation. So the true realization of fundamental rights of all the individuals of nations should be another important dream of this nation .The issue is important in the light of growing intolerance, sedition charges and anti-national elements. So our three organs of govt are expected to make sure this political right of an individual is not taken away from him.

    Further, in order to arouse the political interests of the nation,policymakers should try to eliminate all forms of corruption. Let no political interference be there, say in a hospital,where all citizens are equal but still relatives of a MLA are being given priority while rest of junta waits in line. This attitude in politics and bureaucracy takes away the faith of an individual and it is no matter of surprise when one hears that politics is dirty and afsars(officers) are corrupt. This should be shameful at least for a politically active country like India.

    Followed from the implementation of fundamental rights and expectations from govt, there are some tasks to be done at individual level. Rights also entail duty. We don’t want our fundamental rights to be violated but we fail to realize our duty. Everybody wants to be developed and grow day by day. But development at which cost? You are demolishing the slums because you want to build a mansion at that place. But aren’t you able to see that you are violating the right to live of those poor people whose luck has not been so graceful to them.

    Again,you want to cut down forests because you want to develop factories and contribute in the “Make in Inidia” programme but you fail to see that you are violating the rights of those tribes whose livelihood is dependent upon those forests only. They are not educated and talented like you. They are simple person who may not be aware even of the fact that their so called land belongs to govt.

    So,at individual level, the dream of India should be to develop but not after violating other’s right.So the fundamental duties should also be given some space so that idea of being human can be realized.

    But, following fundamental duty like a robot is not enough.One should be able to exercise his/her rationality and conscience. So the next dream of an Indian should be to realize human ideals. Gandhi ji always wanted to have an Indian society following human ideals of love, compassion, empathy and sympathy.

    So all citizens along with performing their duty with honesty, integrity and discipline should always be ready to help a woman, child and an old age person in need. Have sympathy to for a raped woman but at the same time show the courage to chase the goons and courage to marry her so that her life does not become a hell. Help a child in distress but adopt him if situation demands. Same should be the case with elderly person who are an integral part of our society. That would be then our India of dream.

    When we talk of human ideals they are not limited to human beings only but they are expanded to our biodiversity as a whole. Even if one is anthropocentric one needs to understand the fact that he/she cannot survive without plants and animals and without any natural resources. Whole ecology and food chain will be disturbed then.

    So an Indian should also aspire for protecting and conserving the natural resources, animals, plants and whole environment. Requirement of such sensitivity also arises from the fact that we have not inherited our natural resources from our ancestors rather we have borrowed them from our future generation. Therefore our dream should be to return the possession of future generation per se.

    When all the leaders of the world are trying for this in COP, our govt in the form of Swachh bharat and other programmes is trying so why should we as a citizen lag behind to give the gift to father of nation on his 75th birthday.

    So we the people of India, taking cue from all our great leaders like Kalama and Gandhi and Constitution should try to realize the dreams which are not letting us sleep. We should aspire for making India a hub of Kant’s morality,Aristotle’s polity and Amartya Sen’s economy so that none of us are deprived of anything.

    And this is possible as we are the largest democracy in the world who possess ‘animal spirit’.This animal spirit will lead us to our dreams realization as great thinkers have always said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”.
    time-45 minutes

    • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

      Vivaan nice attempt my few observations :-

      1) Introduction is not catchy ( Intro should be something that should encourage reader to read further)
      2) You completed it in 45 min thats amazing , i take same time to write 1 answer on insights 🙂
      3) You connected paragraphs well & conclusion is also decent.

      I know you can improve a lot on it if you take some more time.

      • Vivaan Khanna

        hi harsh..thank you for quick review..i didn’t expect that 😉
        yes i could not get better intro…i know everybody will be writing more or less same thing 😉
        if possible suggest the areas of improvement..will try them within time limit as we have now to switch to that mode..
        thank you again ;)…waiting for ur essay..finish it fast 😉

        • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

          I am not in the essay writing mode but will start soon.

          • Vivaan Khanna

            ok no problem…my wait will continue till next sunday then..hope u will join us soon 🙂

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        Dear if possible see my essay also

    • Aashiq forever

      Nice essay bro ,
      connectivity is good , linking with current issues is impressive but i think u focused more on polity and governance other field should be include… Also it will be better if u use quotes poem etc in this type of essay

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you valuable suggestion..yes words and time didn’t permit me to elaborate other concepts…quotes and poem..i m weak at this ;(

    • Sonia mehra

      1. Good coverage.
      2. Good conclusion

      1. Chopper example needs to rephrased. It is not conveying the implemention aspect you are trying to convey.
      2. Political rights are already there in our country, what more you are expecting in unclear?
      3. Future oriented vision should be added.

      plz review mine

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you sonia ji for suggestions..regarding future vision i think i added..will try to make it more explicit :)…will u accept that i was reviewing urs only before u asked?i did it 🙂

        • Sonia mehra

          Hahaha…. h..

          Yes I will accept that you were reviewing mine… before I asked…

    • The Dark Knight

      Great Essay Buddy

      Some observations :

      1 . Flow is excellent
      2 . You have covered all possible aspects in essay
      3. ” Have sympathy to for a raped woman but at the same time show the courage to chase the goons and courage to marry her so that her life does not become a hell. ” These line , loved it most 🙂 good perspective indeed 🙂
      4 . 75th birthday ?
      5 . Conclusion is good but after reading your essay I feel you could have write better conclusion , you wrote it in 45 minutes , so it’s best conclusion within this time limit 🙂

      All the best buddy and keep writing 🙂

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you..75th bday of gandhiji..not mine :p….will try to improve conclusion…thank you for wishes 😉

        • The Dark Knight

          Bhai I know you’re talking about Gandhi Ji but 75th B’day ?

          He was born in 1869 , how it can be possible 😀

          • Vivaan Khanna

            to aise bolte should have been 150th…i remembered Modi’s speech :p..thank mand buddhi

            • The Dark Knight

              Haha it’s ok bro 😀

              See you next week 😀

              • Vivaan Khanna

                ha pakka…u wait for me and i will wait for u :p

    • Scorpion

      HI vivaan…
      I’m going to analyse ur essay vth views i forsee…i might sndnd totally wrong bt may be what i review now few point may help u as well.
      1 first thing..the essay basically has given us a very broad theme…n u need to cover n widespread topic acRoss subjects
      N also discuss it nt too comprehessive nt too short.
      2. UR esaaay the point u covered vr well discussed…bt in the process u left many…if examiner wantshas lets say marks lototted acRoss 5 subjevts to u might tck themes in which u discussed
      3. I quested for the mme nn every para..btr to have 2-3 heading broad uss t that examiner kbkbows whats nxt
      3 exmples were too ling..curtiil them n squeeze different themes
      U already have nne thrOugh mine essay..u might be getting what i meant to say
      rest alls is perfecto..
      I dnt know m essay is correct or out of line b thats how i perceived the topic…

      • Vivaan Khanna

        1 and 2.i took various dimensions..economy,polity,ethics,
        3.heads depend on our own choice
        ok need to touch more it
        thank you for review..will try to improve 😉

    • Hi Vivaan, my views:
      1)Good flow in your essay
      3)The ‘duty’ part can be expressed in better manner as part of ‘implementation’ or ‘dream’ rather than duty. I feel it became suggestive in nature rather than vision.
      4)Kant’s morality, Amartya’ economy…. felt you could have described each in one line; else difficult to understand

      • Vivaan Khanna

        did i see u found my essay to be engaging…finally i m liberated..very good suggestions indeed…thank you

        • Not so liberated, I didn’t find it engaging enough :/
          Khush mat ho zyada 😛

          • Vivaan Khanna

            chalo nahi khush hote…engaging koshish jari rahegi 🙂

      • yogi

        Batman Bhia, plz review 🙂

    • Kant

      Hi Vivaan! How are you?

      – Once again nice essay.

      – “another dream of their implementation in principle”, we dont dream of implementation, we possess willpower to implement

      – “you want to cut down forests” – very offensive; dont use second person, just mention that it is imperative to compensate and rehabilitate tribals in a fair manner
      – environment wala point is nice
      -expand COP
      – Overall nice essay

      Please review my essay

      • Vivaan Khanna

        i m fine kant and hope same for u…ok both suggestions well taken..thank you…will review urs in a while;)

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      As far as my personal experience is concerned
      I would like to suggest u
      1. More work is needed on structure
      2.dont focus directly on schemes rather than on their contribution in various sectors
      3.i feel u have given over emphasis on constitution that u have to work………

      • Vivaan Khanna

        all critiques accepted vijay bro..will try to improve 😉

    • defiance

      really good one bro… that too in 45 mins… i feel – it would be good if u can mention some specifics sector where we have floundered – like health, manufacturing,etc – it ll make the essay more relevant…..

      • sankar

        frnds plz rvw mine

      • Vivaan Khanna

        ok brother got ur point..thank you 😉

    • sankar

      good one bhai
      i could not corelate VaishnoDevi wala point
      intro can be better
      overall good to read

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you sankar..oh vaishno devi backfired..will try to improve intro,..thank you

    • Akhil

      Intro better ho sakta tha. I did not understand that vashnodevi vala point.

      Poverty free ,healthy and educated India, which you assumed could have been used in better way.

      You focused on rights issue that was a nice part of your essay.

      Connections were missing in some paras. Conclusion is good.
      Overall nice Essay in 45 minute. Mujhe to derh se do ghante Lag jaate hai

      • Vivaan Khanna

        tthank you akhil bhai..good point noted of poverty wala…thank you for review

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Well connected
      Took very less time for writing this essay so hats off to you for this..
      Political rights are already there so proper execution is mandatory
      Nice content

      Needs Improvement-
      Yojnas and schemes are not mentioned at the right place i think
      Conclusion you used animal spirit by the way what is it… write in such a way so that a lay man may also understand
      overall a good attempt
      ATB and Thanks!!

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you jaya ji for valuable suggestion..all criticisms accepted..animal spirit..finsh satish deodhar asap..u will know that it is a layman term for all UPSC fraternity 🙂
        thank you for wishes and same to you

        • Jaya Swatantra

          hai kya ye animal spirit please do clarify… 🙂

          • Vivaan Khanna

            accha beta shortcut simply means emotions which bring confidence in oneself…u know emotions can do wonders 🙂

            • Jaya Swatantra

              Thanks 🙂

    • Shaktimaan

      hi sachin bhaiiiiii!!………..aaj wala pichle wale se great h………to thums up:)
      temple wala ex fit sa ni baitha……ya shayad mere se hi link ni ho para:P
      150 b’dy wali line maine b sochi thi pr end main bhul sa gya………shaabash!!…….include krne k liye
      conclusion ultim tha……”ant-ari-amy”…….wala……….ovrall beautiful+flow wala eassy.
      haye o rabba 45 min?……..mere to 2 hr lag ge>>>goooooood keep up the spirit m/…Thank U ………….PReM:):)

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you shakti…tumahara hi review kar raha tha 🙂

    • Very unconventional essay. The theme was well grabbed by you and well executed till the very end.

      The analogy could have started thoda pehle. Yours is different in a way ki somehow you brought in a philosophical touch too which I guess no one has used till now. No contemporary GS (very good)

      Mujhe smjh me nai aa raha ki isme critic kya du bhai 😛
      But obviously thodi improvement ho skti (Maybe it can be a little interesting, I don’t know how :/)

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you serious bhai..accha laga jan k ki u liked it somewhat..will work on interest part

    • yogi

      Khanna ji very good essay 🙂

      Dreams and sleep have got the direct relation as former is assumed to be subsumed in the latter—- i was also trying begin the same way, but Day-Dreaming ne rok liye 😛

      Bhai i think jumped to the core theme too early, a little bit of Bhoomika in needed

      our great leaders like Kalama and Gandhi— isme Rahul Gandhi bhi aa gaya , so pur naam lkho , vaise great likh hi diya toh self understood, but exam point of view se pura hi likh dena

      Kant’s morality, Aristotle’s polity and Amartya Sen’s economy— acchha bête philosophical sentiyapa 😛

      animal spirit’—bhai isko define krne ka kast bhi sah lo,

      one good in your essay is that you emphasised on the role of we the people, and it was the demand of this essay,

      time-45 minutes : (Y)

      • Vivaan Khanna

        oh bhumika bhabhi rah gayi ab..chalo accepted
        same gandhi point i was rebuked once by my teacher..he said are u the father of gandhi?..have some respect for him 😀
        sentiyapa battie ko b nahi accha laga 🙁
        animal spirit=confidence due to emotions
        dhanywad..kuch to accha laga

        • yogi

          Achha toh bahut kuch laga, socha jo pasand nahi aya use point out karu to better hoga:-P

          • Vivaan Khanna

            ha yahi sahi b hai..:p

    • Abhiknowledge_is_free

      Brilliant effort! The best part is the flow that you maintained throughout. you not only mentioned very good points but also presented them in a very decent manner.. Kept the reader engaged till the very last. Please review mine too. 🙂

    • Pallavi

      Good one…
      U rightly talked about Indians and their efforts responsibilities in dreams rather than largely focusing on Indian govt…
      Plz review mine…

    • Rashmirathi

      yo Vivaan. this essay stands out because of its philosophical aspect and more focus on the role of the people of india. best part no shitty GS!
      my only suggestions: 1. main body bahut jaldi start kar diya yaar, introduction thora lamba hona chaiye tha
      2. itna achcha content hai, but thora dull sa lag raha padhte hue, try making it more engaging, keep the reader interested.

      great job, keep writing

      sry again, couldn’t review sooner:(

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you rashmi for review..will try my best to engage the reader..yes intro had to be stretched..
        its very difficult to find time for others but u did it…sooner or later..doesn’t matter..thank you

  • rrv

    Please review (1046 words)
    Dreams which should not let India sleep

    India is a plural society. It is repository of multiplicity of cultures. Indian civilization, stretching over five thousand years, provides the most distinctive feature in the coexistence of unity in diversity. Different religions – from Hinduism to Islamism which came to India in it past along with religions like Buddhism and Jainism which took birth in India itself and got spread in different parts of the world – represents India’s tolerance to diverse cultures and rituals. Protection of this diversity, along with peaceful existence of every religion, has been one of the important dreams of the freedom struggle leaders who proclaimed this to keep the nation united. This dream of ‘unity in diversity’ is aptly preserved in Indian Constitution by including articles on “Freedom of religion in India” guaranteed by Article 15 and Article 25 as a fundamental right.

    Apart from cultural aspect, India has also toiled hard in economic front, especially after independence – so as to alleviate poverty, increasing living condition of the people, decreasing disparity among rich and poor – ultimately to achieving high growth rate and better standard of living to the people. Even in contemporary world, India’s pragmatic, prudent and careful development policies and economic reforms for more than six decades of independence, have displayed positive results by making it world’s third biggest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), displacing Japan, as upheld by World Bank (WB).

    But do these achievements indicate that India’s dreams to be a welfare economy are fulfilled? Do preserving diversity gives a better hand to India in becoming egalitarian economy? Are there no other challenges or dreams which need to be achieved? Can we still compete with developed countries in indicators like HDI, innovation, living standards, security front etc.? The answer to most of these questions is absolutely no.

    Being a country of more than a billion people, among whom one – third is still thriving below poverty line, and who are unable to attain or enjoy basic amenities, shows that there is still lot to be done is spite of high growth rate. Dreams like elevation of people living below poverty line, women empowerment, skilling India’s burgeoning population, education to all, food security, decreasing disparity between rich and poor, infrastructure buildings, connecting everyone etc. are some of the many dreams which needs to fulfilled so as to make India on a comparable levels with developed countries like USA or Japan.

    Education and skilling –
    India, which is in a phase of demographic transition having a bulging population in working age group (15 – 59 years); it is important that this section who is the future of the country, must be rightly educated and skilled so that they could be productive for the countries in coming future and is not merely a liability for the nation. This dream has been rightly realised and envisaged by amending India constitution in 2009 (86th Constitutional Amendment Act) and making education compulsory up to 14 years – to be a fundamental right (Article 21A). Recent inclusion of education through ICT measures like SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds), MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), NPTEL, E-PG pathshala etc. have enlarged this dream of education all. Largely touted Skill India scheme is all win – win move as it envisages creating a work force that is skilled enough to be used productively in both manufacturing and service sector. The need of the hour is that these ambitious targets are well implemented before the time is too late and we have large population with meagre skills turning into demographic disaster.

    Women empowerment –
    Being living in atrocities since ancient times, Indian policy makers have been toiling to uplift the status of women through various measures in this patriarchal society. The biggest dream of India is to bring women in the forefront and be a part of India’s economic growth. With dwindling number of women working in paid jobs, India is the biggest country in which women mostly do un-paid household jobs. If this workforce is properly directed in workforce of the nation, India can achieve highest growth rate in the world and will ultimately tripling or quadrupling India’s GDP – also stated by IMF chief. Schemes like BBBP (Beti Bachao Beti Padhao), SSA (Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyan), Ladli Laxmi Yojana etc. have been positive move in empowering girls through education which can bring girls at par with boys. Apart from these schemes, there are several acts like Equal Remuneration Act, 1976; Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 etc. which must be implemented in true spirit.

    Health –
    In health sector as well, India lags far behind the developed countries as can be interpreted by low ranking in Human Development Index (HDI). Adding to that, India is one of the largest deaths tolling country due to large proportion of population marred from various diseases like Tuberculosis, HIV, leprosy etc. which shows India lagging character in health front. It is time that the dream of making India a healthy and prosperous country is conceived by various health stakeholders like doctors, researchers, and policy makers. Increasing number of communicable and non-communicable diseases in recent past shows that India needs to work energetically in its health sector through rationalising drug policies, immunisation drives (Mission Indradhnush), introducing RCH (reproductive and child health) care networks etc.

    Clean Air –
    Apart from above all dreams, Clean Air is also an important dream in currently degraded air quality. With some of the metropolitan cities of India, one among them is New Delhi, listed amongst the world’s polluted cities; it is time that proper interventions are made to contain the growing effects of bad air. It is not only harmful to the vulnerable children and aged people, but it also undermines the working capacity of the younger population in future. This will also increase the heath burden on the government making people a liability rather than an asset.

    As rightly said by India’s ex- President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam that “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping; it is something that does not let you sleep”; the need of the day is that India carve prudent policies which can help in fulfilling the above said dreams through judicious use of scarce resources.

    • ajay

      bro.. that is a good essay, covering large number of aspects…
      you really framed it well.
      keep writing.

    • Radhika M

      Hey RRV include points like ..poverty reduction, inequality reduction, and communal and regional harmony .. rest whatever points u hv written r well covered

      • rrv

        Thanks for adding… You r write i should hv added this angle as well.
        Thnku for reviewing. 🙂

    • aryan

      Hi rrv,
      very diverse answer among the lot… wide coverage..
      well written.

    • Kant

      Hi rrv,
      – I feel intro is good but you have limited it to the dream of religious or diverse society. Our intro should reflect the whole picture.
      – Our ultimate dream is liberty, equality, fraternity and peace for all. What you have mentioned are just the problems/obstacles in realising the dream. My opinion.
      – Overall the essay is well structured and nicely written

      Please find some time to review my essay.

    • yogi

      Plz review mine will review urs 🙂

    • Shaktimaan

      Hi bhaiiiiiiii!!:):)
      nice one……….do we really want to achieve level upto us and japan………..qki being diverse hmara level of dreaming shayad alag h, hmare jaise waha mix of language, religion type ni h…To hmare shayd apne hi std set karne k h or unko shieve karna h…to 4 para main us n jap k sath compare alag laga………….confusion(u may ignore:))………..baki jo 4 aspect aapne chose kiye unko ache se back b kiya..good good:):)………..overall GREAT….tha………….thank u bhaii:):):)… PReM:)

    • yogi

      Intro: could not be directly related to the theme, and seems very general. This and conclusion must be unique as this decide our fate. Main body is just a quick read by the examiner.

      Article 15 freedom of religion?

      I think u made the same mistake which i did. Here we have to stress upon the role we as the people of India has to play in realisation of these dreams. That would make the essay stand apart. As what you and I have written, everyone will write the same thing and examiner will be bored, like i was while reading urs and mine.

      One more thing I want to suggest is tone down the GS portion like the Article, and Acts and minute facts. This is not advisable in essay. It should not give the feeling of a GS answer. I know today’s topic was a bit challenging from that perspective and somehow we would have to come to GS, but we should try to be simple while using GS, it should not be forced and showing off our knowledge, which may backfire. (Sorry if you all this, but since i found them missing in ur essay so thought of pointing that out, i m not denying that i have also not followed many of these fundes)

      mutlidimensionality , short paras are ur plus point so keep it up

      Conclusion: You ended abruptly. This needs elaboration. Conclusion should be the best part (i personally find it most challenging )as after few moments the examiner would give us marks, so certainly it must leave him/her astounded.

      Good or bad will be there, keep writing we all will improve : )


      • rrv

        thanks yr for detailed analysis…
        all your points are well said, i should tone down GS part as well
        and will work more on other aspects.
        still learning the best possible way one can frame an essay…
        I knw next sunday u will be at your best, and i will try to take away from it.
        Thank you.

        • yogi

          I knw next sunday u will be at your best, and i will try to take away from it.–same to you 😀

    • Isha

      Hello rrv, My views-
      Start was good. But I think there was an overemphasis on schemes. Here we need to show that in spite of everything we are behind and the issues we choose to present are really important ones. So, its upon us how we justify our stance. Because most of us are going to write the same things so we need to work upon structure.
      Also, conclusion was a bit weak. As i have learned here from others- we need to wrap up our whole essay in the conclusion. Like actually concluding something.
      Waise as far as I know, u appeared for mains this time. So u have better experience. This is what i felt ^. I may be wrong as well. 🙂
      Keep writing and ATB.

      • rrv

        Hello… Thanks for a detailed review…
        First of all, let me clr the air… I couldnt clear mains 🙁
        Actually my prep was lacking a lot (started in last may), even unable to complete my optional. So i was knwing the result.
        And experience kya hi h yr… I am still learning from other…
        You can see the level of answers i use to write, yaha pe aap log bahot aache se likhte…
        Thats im glad that u reviewed my answer… And critically judged it. I will try to work upon ur suggestion…
        Thank u again for ur critism.
        Please keep reviewing and enlightening.

        • Isha

          No, u used to write good answers. Baki look from this perspective ki atleast u cleared prelims within so less time! Keep learning and improving. That is all what we have in our hands 🙂
          And no need to thanks so much, review mine next time instead. By reviewing also, we get to know so much. Keep writing 🙂

  • netaji

    In his speech on the occasion of newly gained independence, Nehru talked about redeeming the pledge of a ‘tryst with destiny’. The independence marked an end of the period of ill fortunes and India discovered herself again. He talked about ‘the service of India’ which meant serving the millions who suffer, ending of poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity. He also asked to take inspiration for work from Gandhiji’s dream of ‘wiping every tear from every eye’.

    India was to endeavour “to bring freedom and opportunity to the common man, to the peasants and workers of India; to fight and end poverty and ignorance and disease; to build up a prosperous, democratic and progressive nation, and to create social, economic and political institutions which will ensure justice and fullness of life to every man and woman.” After around 70 years of independence, India’s achievement is significant but the road ahead is long and it is no time for being complacent. There are hundreds of millions of weeping eyes even today and it demands our continued effort to wipe those tears.

    The preamble to the constitution asks for securing for people, social, economic and political justice. Political justice has been secured by having universal adult suffrage but India is seriously lacking in providing social and economic justice. Caste discrimination, forced labour, inequality in access to education, healthcare, food and shelter is still there. Although famines have become an event of history, India is home to largest number of poor in the world and it demands, not sleep, but to dream and work to pull them out of poverty. A country of huge inequalities asks us to work for a future where the inequality is not as extreme as it is today.

    The economic growth, which had stagnated during the colonial era, has been tremendous in recent years with India being among the fastest growing large economy. It calls for satisfaction but, unfortunately, the growth has not been inclusive. Our growth has been fueled mainly by service sector which employs around 1/4th of the population. The agriculture sector, where the bulk of the population is still employed, has not been given the due importance that it deserves. So, even today, the irrigation system has not developed fully and farmers have to depend on the vagaries of monsoon. Recently, the deficiency of monsoon has led to droughts and crop failure. It is one of the main factors behind farmers suicide. It demands a dream of inclusive growth.

    At the time of independence, Indians were mostly illiterate and superstitious. So, the leaders gave so much emphasis on education and, later on, Article 21A was inserted into the constitution which asked the state to provide free and compulsory education to children between 6 and 14 years of age. Programmes like ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’, Mid-day meal scheme were launched by the government to boost elementary education. In 2009, the Right to Education (RTE) Act was enacted for the furtherance of the same. Many schools, colleges and universities – public as well as private – were opened to provide education; and the achievements are commendable – the literacy rate has gone up from 12% at the time of independence to 74% in 2011. However, the facilities provided in schools are not adequate and there are still hundreds of millions who are illiterate. The quality of education in many schools and colleges are also not quite up to the mark. Education has not proved to be as beneficial as it could be because the jobs created are less than the available workforce. It demands to dream of a future where the rain of education will fall on everyone and everyone would be able to harvest something good out of it. Swami Vivekananda said that “A nation is advanced in proportion as education & intelligence spread among the masses … If we are to rise again, we shall have to do it in the same way, i.e. by spreading education among the masses.” And it requires us to work relentlessly to make that future possible.

    A very serious issue in 1947 was the gender inequality. Women were confined to the household with no voice whatsoever in the public domain. The situation is changing fast with women getting more and more jobs and becoming independent. But there are some discriminatory attitudes which are ingrained in the minds of people and is persisting till date. There is still a tendency to favor male child over the female one. It has led to female infanticide and skewed sex ratio. In rural areas, women are still confined to the household as the traditions and customs have a deep hold there. Certainly there has been an effort by the government to achieve a modicum of equality across genders by giving reservation to women in local governance. But it will not have a significant effect if the power relations are not changed in the society. It demands us to dream of a future where men and women would be assessed, not by their gender, but by their worth.

    Progress in the field of science and technology was also envisaged. It was India’s backwardness in this area due to which, according to Nehru, British could succeed in colonizing India. The progress of science was necessary to purge people out of the superstitious beliefs. So, IITs, ISRO, IISc, IIMs, AIIMS and other premier institutes and organisations were set up to make people skilled in these areas and to promote ‘scientific temper’. India has achieved a lot in this area and many students from these colleges later went on to make an enormous contribution to country’s progress. Recently, the ISRO was able to send Mangalyan to Mars in its maiden attempt – a feat not achieved by anyone else. But the issue here is that there is a lack of these institutes in the country. So, more institutes should be set up without compromising on the quality to better tap the potential of the young population.

    The dream should be to make India a better place to live in. A land where everyone can develop herself to her fullest potential. A country where people develop a fraternal relationship among themselves. A nation which is vibrant and vital, which is always awake and which always makes a stride in the forward direction. I dream of India as a country “where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where knowledge is free; Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit; Where the mind is led forward …into ever-widening thought and action. Into that heaven of freedom, let my country awake.”

    Pls review friends 🙂

    • Rohit Kulkarni

      Awesome man your essay almost resemble mines. Good quality words i could find not sure what to comment to make it more good.:)
      please review mine.

    • Scorpion

      netaji,,..plz review my essay

  • Mark Hoaps

    Dreams which should not let India sleep

  • Scorpion

    Hello All,
    Please review mine…and if possible last sunday’s essay also..
    Hope writing and snapshot are readable and visble..!!

  • Radhika M

    “I shall work for an India where in which the poorest shall fell it is their country, in whose making they have an effective voice, an India in which there are no high class or low class of people, in which all communities shall live in perfect harmony, where women shall enjoy the same rights as men. This is India of my dreams.”
    – Mahatma Gandhi.
    A vision seen by the father of the nation at the time of Independence, but yet to be fulfilled. This dream is not just of Mahatma, but a dream shared by all visionaries and well wishers of India. A dream that every responsible citizen has, and in short a dream which India has.
    In our everyday life, almost daily we come across instances which prove that we have come across a long way and yet a lot of distance still remains to be covered for accomplishing these dreams.
    The major Dreams of India in the contemporary period are :
    1. Removal of Poverty : According to Dr. APJ kalam also “Poverty is our biggest Enemy”. India still has the world’s most poor people. Yet it is one of the very few countries that’s producing world’s most billionaires in short span. Poverty is the root cause of all evils like malnutrition, diseases, chaos, violence etc.
    Most quick and appropriate steps are required for it’s mitigation. Some of these are formation of more cooperatives, rural banks, opportunities in industrial sector etc.
    Also the measurement criteria for poverty in India is lower to global standards. So a more apt and transparent measurement criteria is required.
    2. Removal of inequality : the most conspicuous evil of today’s India, where most Indians don’t have even $1 of a day for their family, while some travel in private jets for everyday work.
    This stark contrast seems to have reduced with the passage of time due to public transport like metro and local trains where the rich and the poor travel in the same compartment, yet there remains a sharp difference in social status of the society.
    3. Better education system : From Wood’s despatch to RTE 2002, we have really come a long way, where affordable education is available to the deserving, yet India’s fails to list it’s universities in top Global ranking.
    Also in today’s time 75% of the engineering students are unemployed as they lack practical knowledge. Steps are required to work in the right direction for making education more effective and efficient.
    4. Better health services : Universal Primary Health services still needs a big push to become a reality. Also , medical expenses are the top reason for pushing the middle class into poverty.
    Affordable and Universal medical services is the urgent need of the hour.
    Taking cue from Brazil’s universal health coverage , we can follow a similar model.
    5. Universal employment : Unemployment is the major reason for other evils in today’s society. Dependence of the majority of the population on agriculture is major consequence of unemployment in secondary and tertiary sector. Generation of emplyment in secondary and tertiary sector is the need of the hour. Major policies undertaken for this are skill india programme, MNREGA and others.
    6. Viable Environment : Delhi’s acute air pollution is something that the world is aware of, clean technology, better town planning and reduction in pollution is urgently needed to improve the standard of living and health of people. Even use of harmful chemicals and fertilisers in food need to be eliminated. Some steps like nirmal bharat, AMRUT, Smart cities, Namami Ganga Plan are in the right direction and their efficient implimentation is necessarily required.
    The green tribunal is also doing a good work in this direction. Also the promise of use of green energy to cut carbon emissions at Paris Climate meet and in Sustainable development Goals is a tremendous step in this direction.
    7. Scientific and technological development :It has the capability to reduce other evils like inequality and poverty by making essential services more affordable and hence providing better quality of life to all. Our prime minister rightly said that “Science is the DNA of Growth.”
    Steps like make in india would not only provide us with cheaper technology and services but more employment opportunities also. It would also help India develop a scientific temper.
    9. Better Connectivity road rail air and IT : This leads to more affordable services, more competition,better goods and industries, bigger market, and employment opportunities on economic front, and more unity, tolerance, reduction of social inequality on social front. Golden Quadrilateral, major Ports , large train network ,increasing and affordable air services are the steps being taken in this direction.
    10. Improvements required in agriculture/Primary sector: more than 50% of the population working here, yet only 40% of agricultural land is provided with irrigation. Unpredictable Monsoons, bad soil , expensive fertilisers seeds and agricultural equipments , complicated land laws, increasing population pressure on land, primitive technology, are some of the major problem of the sector that needs to be addressed to.
    11. Regional and communal Harmony: Naxalism, student protests , reservation protest , demand for separate states , communal protests and some others are major issues for internal strife in the country today. An amicable solution is urgently required and they should not be ignored any more.
    12. Better relations with neighbours for maintaining peace at borders: Mishaps at borders is one of the most unfortunate news that we hear on news on regular basis. This problem need a detailed solution that can be done only on intergovernmental basis.
    13. Honest and patriotic representatives in form of ministers and bureaucracy : India has a high corruption index, Leakages in subsidies , major scams, etc that have tarnished it’s image globally.
    15. Availability of technology to all: A technological awareness in today’s world is of utmost importance. JAM trinity , digital India have worked very effectively to provide the same.

    As Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said ,” Dreams are not what you see while you are asleep, it’s something that doesn’t let you sleep.”
    In the same manner, these above dreams of india are so urgent for it’s citizens, that Indian’scan’t take rest till they are fulfilled. It’s not only the responsibility of the government but of every citizen to work in furtherance of these dreams.
    Hence, we should Arise ,Awake and stop not till these dreams are achieved.

    • fifa15rcgamer

      Hi Radhika 😛
      Great points over all. Good quote in the intro and the end. I will point out a few things I noticed.
      1. You have started a lot of points with “Also”, which can be a bit monotonous for examiner. Here you can start the sentences with some other words just to break the monotony and repetitiveness.
      eg. “Also , medical expenses are the top reason for pushing the middle class into poverty.”
      “Also the promise of use of green energy to cut carbon emissions at Paris Climate meet and in Sustainable development Goals is a tremendous step in this direction.”

      2. You could easily have changed these points into a paragraph each by muddling of words and it would have looked a whole lot better.

      3. You have mentioned some stats like 50% and 75% which should either be backed up by the sources or you can skip them and write “a large share of” or “a lot of” etc.

      Overall a great attempt with rich content. Keep it up 🙂

      • Radhika M

        Hello rc !
        Haha yes ‘also’ point is duly noted. And would try to quote the stats source too 🙂
        Thanks for the insightful review.
        Keep writing and reviewing 🙂

  • Scorpion

    Hello All,
    Please review mine…and if possible last sunday’s essay also..
    Hope writing and snapshot are readable and visble..!!

    Page nos are written at bottom right

    • The Dark Knight

      Bhai pics are not visible , I read few lines which are visible and found it interesting. It’d be better if you post better quality of pics 🙂

    • I appreciate you for ur effort brother…However what i feel from reading ur essay is that you gave discussed more about the current states of affairs of Indian economy like NPAs piling up and ,problems in agriculture etc.The last one appears to be covered a bit more .About literacy of women is fine …But we need to understand that the essay is about what dreams that India should possess ,ie. long term goals that would help in making it a prosperous nations. So, you need to broaden the scope of your coverage to include most of the things that are required to achieve prosperity like addressing poverty , improving quality of living, human resource development, smart cities and quality infrastructure , better governance etc ….and also improving the social and economic condition of women …..
      But still , i liked what you have written …One thing,some of these pages are not clearly visible ,so it is little bit difficult to read .
      Keep writing brother !

      • Scorpion

        Yaar thats what are dreams of india..
        Problems n how r they the open ground for India’s dreamed future…vohi to topic hai…

        Bki i dnt know if m wrong

    • Vivaan Khanna

      hi dear…no need to request thrice,one or none was enough 🙂
      1.dont limit ur essay by such intros..economic superpower…emerging country would have been better as per me
      2.women agriculture,challenges ect are not only challenges but strength of the country..what do u mean by this line?
      3.use of so many facts and data may not benefit u as expected by u..also u may not be able to remember them in exams.
      4.agriculture sector took 2-3 pages..similarly women
      5.overall presented all the problems of India..comprehensive elaboration..but its an essay na…so give the problems and tell that India should dream like this that…this what an essay requires..mere presentation of fact may not be helpful
      6.can conclude in a better way
      7.check word limit..i m sure u must have crossed 1200
      good efforts just try to write in essay format with use of creativity

      • Scorpion

        problem n also strenngth means…if used they can be boon n if nt plannned n meticulously made efforts will be curse for us

      • ESWAR

        Brother, I read your essay. Like every time, today also you have used egs. Thinker names and their quotes has well framed.

        Many friends have already been commented so I am not doing the same. Please review my essay.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      please review mine

      • Scorpion

        Sure man…just give m some time..sure vl go through

    • Neha Jha

      In the very second line, *India Diaspora – Indian Diaspora. The problems of India also include the discrimination on the basis of Caste, Religion.Maintaining social harmony is a urgent need. Agriculture and Women centric topic thoda lengthy ho gya. Needs to be shortened. Mentioning the use of current schemes is good, but Jan Dhan Yojana is till now the most successful scheme for financial inclusion, u skipped that. I personally feel iska mention hona chahiye tha.

      Well written but you might have exceeded word limit.

      P.S: Please next time page no. thoda aur upar side se likhna, mujhe 1-2 pg no. serial krne mein thodi dikkat hui.

      • Scorpion

        thnk u so mch neha…pakke se…
        Bt everything i wrote was at one sitting bas tim was aroung 1:45 hrs from looking at the topic n no reference nywhere…in short xm k tarah likha baar b n laast time b…
        Bt haan thode point kuchh zyada lambe ho gye kuchh sidelined…thnk so mch…

        • Neha Jha

          No issues, automatically your writing will enhance. Keep practising.

          • Scorpion

            neha….baba pe aaj ka TRAI wala check karna…

      • Scorpion

        baba pe tmhare daily ques practise chal rhi h..??
        Baki studies how r they…reply after reply..ill we do…hehe..

        • Neha Jha

          haan chal rhi hai daily ka practise….. Bakin studies v theek hai…padhna bhut hai time kam….

    • Thor and Miolneer

      Nice Introduction.

      But Soon after the introduction, I find the answer to become a little sociological.

      There are too many headings and I don’t think that the topics you have written are directly connected to the Topic.

      Over emphasis on women.


      I appreciate your efforts brother. however, I am sorry I couldn’t read the whole essay as it deviated from the topic. Please stick to the topic the next week.

      I must say you have quite a command on the topics of GS.

      Anyway, I would like you to please make me read your essay the next week So that I can give a better review.

      Can you please give me a ‘Critical’ review? 🙂

      • Scorpion

        I didnt get last 2 para…u want to review m essat nxt week or or u asking me to review…its nt clear

        • Thor and Miolneer

          I am saying both.
          I am saying that–Reviewing my essay and suggest me the areas of improvement today.

          And Also make me review your essay the next week. 🙂

          • Scorpion

            REViweing….bt thor i didnt y nxt week..ur busy…?
            Or some other reason…

            • Thor and Miolneer

              Are No brother…I meant that next week I am expecting a better essay and I would want to review it too..So, if you write next week,please ping me so that I can review it.

              • Scorpion

                SUre …see u then 2moro at daily answers..

    • Abhiknowledge_is_free

      Hey! How many words? and also how much time did you take to write this?

      • Scorpion

        1:45 hr…i didnt actually count but 100_110 qords pee page…so 800+ in 8 pages…
        plz review

        • Abhiknowledge_is_free

          It appeared to me as if it was much lengthier than required. 🙂 Anyway, beginning is good. You are mentioning India as an emerging super power but you have also pointed out that it is not perfect and there are some shortcomings which still compel us to work on on an urgent basis. Perfect!

          What I felt weird in the first page itself was that you talk only about hunger, malnutrition, anaemia, poverty and IMR in the beginning. In the next para, you also add illiteracy, in the third, you have now added agriculture too. appears to the examiner as if you have not structured the essay properly. as if you are just mentioning about them as they keep appearing on your mind. An essay must be structured properly.

          In the end you have mentioned about demographic dividend potential, which is a good one. But, something related to “dream” and “sleep” would have made the entire essay much more attractive. I too didn’t do that in my essay. Content is quite good. You included all the pressing needs! Please review mine. 🙂

          • Scorpion

            SURE abhi…i’ll watch out urs…
            I want to explain…see m main point were to highlight the flaws n hiw those once strengthened can lead india to world power even bigger than what its now..

            1 first was agriculture.- which is root was tural backwardness, poverty ,malnutriotion, and most of all women.
            2 then i linked it to women n their potentital n india’ status n comparison with china n how india’ s dream lies in their hand.
            3 then i linked women n climate n switched to climate n geo politics..
            Rest is history then

            What i was worried was…have I justified the topic demand ir have i deviated 4m topic…few reviwed in that raised m concern. Beacuse i felt it as the demand of topic…
            Atleast u found a bit of coherence in essay topic n writing..

            Thnk u

            • Abhiknowledge_is_free

              No, I didn’t find any problem in connectivity or cohesion. I was mentioning just the first page where i found the structure very loose. 🙂

  • Thor and Miolneer

    I had a dream. I had a dream of living in an independent India where we are not ruled and exploited by a foreign govt., where we are the masters of our destiny and the base of its progress.

    When I was around 12 years old in the early 1930s, I saw the country protesting and the British govt. using the harsh methods to repress it. So, I decided to get into the govt. and let the people to protest for their just demand. Then years from then, I was in the ‘Indian Police’ just before the launch of ‘Quit India Movement’. I let the people to peacefully protest and allowed the underground networks to run. I remember, I too was a part of those networks before getting into the service.

    The above story is of my Grandfather who told it to my father in 1967, a few days before he went to sleep for eternity.

    After the demise of my Grandfather, my father would always try to remember him. His nostalgia would make him to think about hundreds of his relics but one thing which would give him the near fresh memory of his father was this story.

    He started thinking-How could his father get into the coveted IP when there were few literate persons in the whole town. How could he kept himself motivated for these many years. The question kept him thinking for many days to come until he realized that- The question is not letting him sleep and definitely it must have been the dream which didn’t let his father to sleep.

    This reasoning of mind made him (father) to think about the dreams. The dreams which give the purpose of life. Let us dwell into this question and try to recall those dreams.

    What are those Dreams :-

    I think its not easy to answer this question. Each individual on Earth is unique and so is his dream. Its just that most of them don’t live it due to various reasons while some of them live it, work hard with perseverance and achieve what they have dreamt about.

    One of the famous persons with a dream was ‘Chanakya’ who dreamt of a united India and worked for decades to topple the King and establish Maurya dynasty. It has been considered the most widely accepted governance in the history of India for over two millenniums now.

    There was another famous dream, seen by Alexander of Macedonia i.e. to conquer the World. He lived his dream and conquered a large mass of Eurasia. The dream lived by him became the very basis of Colonial desires of the Europeans after around two millenniums and they colonized almost the whole of world including Africa, America and also our beloved India.

    Another dream was seen by millions of Indians including my Grandfather. The dream to live in a free India. One of the dreamers i.e. Gandhiji led the masses to get India achieve its dream and we gained our Independence in 1947.

    Other than these, there are various dreams seen by many people which became the very basis of our progress. While many have dreamt of becoming an IAS and improve the lot of the country, some have dreamt of going to the Mars and we got our Mission on Mars get into the Mars orbit in its maiden attempt.

    What makes the people to dream and achieve these near impossible things, Is there a god’s messenger coming into the dreams or what, If we were to classify these dreams how would we do it?

    These questions of our thinking minds are difficult to answer. However, they can be classified and explained on the basis of two human values namely Compassion and Desire.

    Compassion is the most powerful feeling of developing and living a dream. As Gandhiji’s Talisma suggests that if one doesn’t know the difference between the right or wrong or is unable to take a decision, he should remind himself of the most impoverished person he has ever seen and then think over his next course of action that whether it would benefit that person or not. If it would, it is the right decision to take. The Talisma is built on the feeling of compassion. Only a compassionate person can go for a dream and keep working on it with all his dedication and tenacity as is evident from the success of several IAS officers who once have dreamt of improving the lives of their countrymen.

    Desire is another powerful feeling which keeps one going with all his doggedness. Alexander, we can say was motivated by his desire which made him to win over several kingdoms.

    We too can have our dreams. A dream which may be uncommon and unique or a dream which is common yet uncommon. If these dreams of ours are fuelled by compassion or desire, we too can live them, make our days and nights working for them, sacrifice our fun and recreation and such dreams will not let us sleep until we accomplish what we dreamt.

    Will they come true:-

    The fear of failure is the first to come into our minds whenever we think of going after a dream. The Family, Friends, Society, Economic and other barriers are the ones which make us think otherwise and make a dream seem so unreal that it ultimately becomes unreal. India today has the third largest no. of start-ups, telling us that is the right time and environment. The businesses are actively supported by the govt., millions of people are being skilled, the govt.’s role in regulating the businesses is decreasing, economy is set to grow the at the fastest rate among the major economies of the world and there is a huge domestic market with a large number of people available to work and consume.

    The aspirations of youth can be heard in almost every nook and corner of India. There are all the signs of God telling us to Dare. To Dare to dream and to go after them.

    The World we live in is full of examples of people who have gone for it and succeeded. From Chanakya and Alexander to British colonialists to Mahatma Gandhi to my Grand father. They all had a dream. Today we follow our dream, pursue it doggedly and make each one of them true to make our country to use its demographic transition effectively. The aspirations and dreams will not let India sleep if we go for them and these sleep eliminating dreams will be taking India to where it deserves i.e. at the top of the World and that’s what we should be desiring of along with the compassion which will make it inclusive for all of us.

    • Thor and Miolneer

      Hey Guys, I am not on the platform right now.

      Will come at 5 and start reviewing.

      Till then Please review my Essay and I will do the same without fail in the evening.

      Happy Sunday. 🙂

      • Thor and Miolneer

        Also please tell me If I could improve my conclusion or not?

      • Scorpion

        thor..plz review my essay

        • Thor and Miolneer

          Reviewing..Sorry for the delay. 🙂

          • Scorpion

            No isues…thor can be late nvr turn his eye…m elated

            • Thor and Miolneer

              Thank you brother 🙂

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Dear please review mine

      • Thor and Miolneer

        Reviewing..Sorry for the delay 🙂

    • Good efforts brother ….I am going to write what i feel is lacking in ur esssay …
      1.You have mentioned about dreams of India from the perspective of different renowned figures of the history -‘Chanakya’ and about ‘Alexander ‘ though not related to India .
      2. by doing so ,you have described what their own dreams were …Here ,we are talking about dreams that India should pursue to become a prosperous nations as long term goals ….
      3.To identify them, we must first understand challenges before India in today’s time like poverty ,poor living standard ,inequality ,lack of access to education and basic facilities . poor infrastructure etc.
      4.A corruption free India ,an accountable and transparent governance committed to people’s welfare are other dreams .
      5.World class infrastructure ,modern railway electricity to poor , modern cities ,sanitation are also our dreams .
      6. Here in this part and after that , “What makes the people to dream and achieve ………………. However, they can be classified and explained on the basis of two human values namely Compassion and Desire” , you have deviated from the essence of the essay.
      7.Remember ,we are not told to describe about ‘dream’ and what it is constituted of .We are asked to write about what dreams we have about a prosperous India ….What needs to be done to bring socio-economic progress in the country .
      8.You can begin by simply describing the current socio-economic challenges in India like mentioned in above points .

      Very nice attempt though.I see ,you are writing daily ..That is itself commendable …..Keep it up brother !

      • Thor and Miolneer

        Thanks Batman,
        I knew I am going to get a this review.

        I think I missed understanding the Topic itself and took a wrong approach to it.

        It would be right to say..the approach was completely wrong.

        Thanks brother.
        I will keep writing 🙂

    • Jaya Swatantra

      your content is nice but what do i think that the topic is to be related in context with India specifically
      Problems of quality education, poverty,employment,skill development and dream of an inclusive development needed to be discussed explicitly
      So keep writing and reviewing.. your feedback really adds value to the content.. A the best and please do review mine as well !!

      • Thor and Miolneer

        Thanks for the review Jaya. I think I didn’t approach it the right way or I could have written a better one.

        you rightly suggested the problems..It was my bad today.

        I was just about to review your essay some hours ago when I got a sudden Call.

        So, Sorry for the delay.
        I am reviewing yours 🙂

        • Jaya Swatantra

          No day is bad we all are learning… 🙂

    • Scorpion

      thor…nice write up
      Way different 4m mine..
      Only issue was one has to peep in to distinguishly see the points.

      • Thor and Miolneer

        Thanks for the review brother.

        I messed it up today..
        Had approched it worng.

        I am sure I will write better essays from next week onwards.


    • yogi

      Dear Friend,

      My views:

      You have eaten too many words in building the background

      One of the famous persons with a dream was ‘Chanakya’ who dreamt of a united India — rephrase the sentence to Chanakya was of those well wishers of India who dreamt of a united India.

      Alexander of Macedonia—I think this para is not relevant to the context

      What makes the people to dream and achieve these near impossible things, Is there a god’s messenger coming into the dreams or what, If we were to classify these dreams how would we do it?— why do we need to go into such details at the mid of the essay, we have to keep our selves close to the theme. I think u drifted away from the core theme. We have to think of dreams of INDIA so we have to broaden our perspective. At some places you gave a personal touch the dreams but link that how that can help India meet her dreams.

      as is evident from the success of several IAS officers—-i think u can avoid writing IAS explicitly and take a broader view . The statement can backfire .

      There are all the signs of God telling us to Dare. – which sign plz specify

      I think you need to plan the essay carefully and think that what the reader is interested so don’t put the things which are not clear like the just preceding point of God,

      Conclusion: fine but not good enough to leave an impression on the reader. This i think is the toughest part the essay and most important as well. Reason? Just few moments after reading htis the examiner will decide the fate of our essay by awarding marks.

      free to disagree wherever you feel

      No worries , I think this topic was very challenging with lots of subjectivity,

      P.S: thoda harsh ho gaya mai, maaf krne bhai,

      • Thor and Miolneer

        Are nahi brother.. In fact I look for such ‘HONEST CRITICAL’ reviews.

        I messed up with this one.

        I agree with most of the things you have pointed out..Such as Statement related to IAS officers.
        Alexander of Macedonia was not relevant among others.
        and I should carefully think upon the topic before starting to write.

        I took it as a philosophical essay and didn’t realize that It needed a ‘Subjective’ approach.

        I will write a better essay the next time. 🙂

        Thanks for this review Yogi…
        You have been one of the best ‘Honest Criticizers’ for me.
        Thanks brother 🙂

  • Beginner

    A famous quote “jahan chah wahan rah” absolutely fit on Bharat.During the colonization India’s economic-social and political development were stagnant or deteriorating in indian context as they followed the policy of exploitation of our natural resources and wealth to back their indigenous industries back in home however after such an extensive exploitation transformation to in an emerging economic is surely a symbol of perseverance to occupy a strong position among world developed nation.Yet after such unprecedented development india is far more to go head compared to the already developed economies in almost every sectors Like trade and investment,insurance ,currency value enrichment,literacy,tourism ,educational institution ,employment,per capita income ,management and most important among all the societal development.

    Reform in women position- A famous quote from a very old legal text in dharmashastra of hinduism “MANUSMRITI” is Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra Devata, yatraitaastu na pujyante sarvaastatrafalaah kriyaah”. which means Women are honored where, divinity blossoms there, and where women are dishonored, all action no matter how noble remain unfruitful . Give yourself a tiny moment and think” Do we actually believe in the essence of this quote ?” I guess most of the honest people would say we need more reforms to secure the position of women of our society. We have been keenly involved in astroengineering sending yan to the space but here in our own land our girls mothers are not safe ,There have been case of brutal rapes in the past ,still in some rural areas parents considers girls as “paraya dhan” consequently refrain from sending to the school although our governments have taken many initiative to secure position and to save them from sexual exploitation,domestic violence,harassment .Acts like
    1)The Domestic Violence Act, 2005.
    2)Sexual Harassment of Women at WorkPlace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013.
    3)Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012.
    enacted to protect them from animals in the form of human.
    Education and literacy rate enhancement :-Unlike of previous era when majority of our population was involved in agriculture ,now the country is more focused toward human resource development to its maximum capacity but how is this possible? as still rural people, people living in slums ,belonging to poor economic background is suffering from phobia of intricacy of education ,some haven’t money resource to afford adequate level of education so that from nothing to at least some contribution they can invest for betterment of country .Government has devised and still devising scheme for educating people belonging to weak financial background or any human isolated from the atmosphere education for whatever reason .Schemes like “Sarva shiksha abhiyan”was started to educate children belonging to age of “6” to “14” in a time bound manner . It is because previous evil existed in the previous regime people belonging to lower cast were banned from gaining education,although this orthodox now almost vanished yet in some rural areas is prevailing is need to weed off ,reservation in reputed educational institution,in government jobs have been given to them.Country still need some reforms as proposed are-
    1)Enabling Cheap educations, even IITS and IIMS charge significant fees.
    2)Opening of schools even in remote areas where small children can gain preliminary education.
    3)Quality education oriented to skill development.
    Smooth transport facility development while keeping eye on pollution- There has been great amount of increase in personal vehicle rather than use of public transportation after industrial revolution which led to horrendous atmosphere for breathing ,traffic jam and violation of rules root to corruption .Our country has still need to take a leapfrog in term of transportation ,measures of pollution control.Lots of measures can be taken in this regard –
    1)National green tribunal asked supreme court to direct central and state government not to buy diesel vehicle as these vehicular are supreme source of pollutions .
    2)Revision on Air quality of index time to time .
    3)Ban vehicles of low efficiency and producing sound pollutions.
    In union territory Delhi even odd rules had followed for one month which had significant reduction in the pollution level ,country should adopt and devise such other initiatives .

    Health care system and ensuring affordability- Country is still little backwards in terms of medical facilities.In the recent economic survey government has allocated money and devised new ways to strengthen weak health care system .
    According to recent economic survey government is planning to initiate Community health insurance programme (CHIP),under which 800 rupee per family have been allocated in which 500 share by center and 300 by state government.A another in the medical system is high expenses of medicine and cure ,because of this poor background people can’t afford treatment.To curb this high rising treatment and price of medicine DRUGS PRICE CONTROL ORDER 2013 came up with new measures Like this country is devising more strategies to ensure treatment affordability.
    1)DPCO has issued a national list of essential medicine which would be available to at low price.
    2)Free medical stores have been opened in Gujarat “jan aushadhi ” and similarly delhi is planning to opening such medical stores.
    3)Aware municipalities to take care of sanitation problem,waste management and drainage supply factors which would reduce the infection hence burden to the hospitals and medical professionals.
    To make India free from diseases we we need to bring lots of reform in the prevailing health care system,we have to leap steps ahead until we reach to a perfect system or if not perfect then it should be more resilient towards better changes.
    There has been remarkable changes in the Indian political and economic status in spite of suffered from extensive exploitation and most importantly recognition as a emerging power .Vision of heading towards self dependent in inclusive and To make india a hub of investment and Tech ,initiative more like “Make in india” and smooth strategic bilateral relation are required so that we can exchange knowledge ,education and technology .

    A famous quote by our late president and a pioneer scientist APJ Abdul kalam has said ” dream which should not let india sleep”encourage us to keep moving forward because “development also need development” .

    • 🙂 impressive ! Good to see you wrote today … Sub-headings 1 ,2 & 4 are very well For point 3,you could replace it by talking about improving and bringing transparency and accountability in governance making it more citizen centric. Points 3 about pollution looks a little bit un-suitable , when talking about dreams of India that would not let it sleep. Pollution due to emission is a world-wide phenomenon .We are here talking about our long term goals that would bring prosperity and socio-economic tranformation in India .But still pollution reduction could be one of India’s dream .If you want to mention it to, then you cut -short to a few lines and save ur words for covering points about governance reform ,poverty reduction .
      Poverty reduction and improving living standards are missing from ur essay.You need to include it.
      As for the sub-points you have written in form of various acts and measures , you can avoid it altogether , except for some of those points .It will save u words .

    • Kant

      Good one!
      – explain the meaning of Hindi quotes
      – content seems well researched
      – flow is very nice
      – good conclusion

      Please review my essay

  • sankar


    Dreams are the invisible forces which pump the inherent and internal power of an individual to achieve some desired result in the future. Thus it is rightly said, by the prolific leader of India late A.P.J Kalam, “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, but dream is something that doesn’t let you sleep.”

    Hence, like an individual wishes to be a healthy, prosperous, enlightened, wise and able person, he/she has to achieve some excellence in every walk of lives, the same principles apply with respect of a country that strives to achieve development in every field of social, economical, political and cultural aspects.

    Unlike the western countries which are delighting their achievement in many parameters of development, India is still far behind this reality. However, this does not mean that India has been a poor country or India has never achieved this clemency. India had a very bright spot in the world, before the ruthless exploitation of Indian economy, social fabric and cultural prosperity by the British. So India should dream of regaining the past glory of India’s leadership in the world by building its base at the past achievement along with its modernization in consonance with the present achievement in the field of human economic, cultural, scientific and social development.

    To regain its place of high clemency in the world affairs, India has already achieved a remarkable place which can be seen in the achievement in the field of greater success in reducing child mortality, malnutrition, poverty, eradication of disease like polio etc, scientific achievement like successful launch of MOM, pharmaceutical achievement, human development like doctors, engineers, scientists etc.

    But, India has still to go a long distance to eradicate or mitigate many social evils. Let us try to know what India should dream. Firstly, in the field of social development, India should ensure that every child of our country get accessible and affordable quality education, healthy and nutritious food, safe and clean drinking water. The country should be open defecation free, safety and security of people, especially women, gender equality, respect to women, women empowerment. India should dream to be a country where no one should remain hunger, shelterless and lack of clothing.

    In fact, to have social development, there requires a economic empowerment of people. Thus in the field, India should dream that there should be myriad of opportunities to every individual with absence of favoritism. To make economic and social development, India strives to see dream of providing better and quality education, skilled and other professional education to youth. There should be absence of discrimination at school and college level.

    Here in the field of education, India should dreamed of bringing ancient glory of having world class university like NALANDA UNIVERSITY, VIKRAMSHILA UNIVERSITY, UDANT PURI UNIVERSITY etc. where students from across the world came to study. These institutions produced many prolific leaders like Chankaya. There should be many institutions of world class which will produce citizen of high virtue, integrity, caliber and righteousness who will promote in the development of India as a land of peace, universal brotherhood, mutual cooperation and prosperity, social harmony, liberal democratic, social equality, gender parity and responsibility for care of children and the old.

    To galvanize socio-economic development, there requires parity in employment and opportunity among people of different groups, gender parity, parity in regional development, parity in socio-cultural development.

    Further, with the development of more enlightened people, India should focus on continuing its development with taking spiritual inspiration from its ancient past as well as putting at the scientific standard of the world. India has already set a clemency in many technological development, it has to continue this journey with giving more and more emphasis on its. India should strive to develop technologies which become handy for humanity across world. In this field, India should try to be world leader in scientific development by developing technologies in the field of affordable and reliable medicine, technologies to make water clean and safe for the third world countries, food security to the humanity of the entire world. India should dream of furthering technological development in the field of fresh and clean air.

    To make all these dreams true, there requires a dedicated political will. So in the field of polity, India should dream of providing the governance of ‘RAMRAJYA’ envisaged by Gandhji where ever one has right to freedom of speech, corruption free, women empowerment, respect to every individual etc. Gandhiji had dreamed of empowering every hand, functional autonomy of local government. There should be a true democratic set up in which every level of administrative set up should refrain from interfering in one another sphere of jurisdiction.

    India should try to development true realization of constitutional principles like FR, DPSP etc to its citizens.

    However, to realize it, there needs a complete changing mindset politician and the ideology of political parties because in India in many cases, the politicians are indulged in reaping political benefits at the expense of egalitarian socio-economic development which is essential for nation-building. In fact, a constructive and healthy discussion is the manifestation of mature and sound functioning of democracy, but obstructing parliament procedure is a matter of concern. In the alacrity of political gains, the political parties are found in propagating hate speech, disturbing social harmony and other malpractices.

    Hence, India should dream of creating an egalitarian societal development which ensures equality, prosperity, availability of opportunity, respect and dignity to everyone. India should dream of providing a level playing field where there is no place of extreme poverty, gross inequality and discrimination.

    In the last, India should focus on egalitarian society based on mutual respect, dignity, cooperation, humanity, peace, security and universal brotherhood.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      well written with good connectivity
      1.Intro started well but when u started comparing India with world,its achievements and what remains to be achieved..there was lack of flow..u kept switching between development required and achievements in initial paras
      2.till political will ok..try to write that constitution wala point in the same para.
      3.conclusion could have been better as in last there were just repetitions…removing last line will do it
      sorry for stupid query but my understanding of clemency is limited to being merciful…but here it seems to be something different..what was its meaning here?

    • Kant

      Hi Sankar,
      – Essay is nice
      – The use of word clemency is not appropriate
      – use Utopia instead of Ramrajya
      – flow is nice
      overall essay is awesome.

      Please review my essay.

      • sankar

        thanks bhai.

    • defiance

      Hi. good one and a good flow as well…. intro could have been made more catchy – its too academic.. historical relevance – good approach but u directly switched to the present – u could have included some stuff from recent past – from the 19th century during independence – DPSP & preamble stuff. overall a good one. plz review mine if time permits….

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        Dear if possible review mine I will do the same

    • Akhil

      Bro review my essay please, I’ll review yours

  • vijay- the ray of hope

    All we hear everyday that one dreams of engineer , doctor , architect but few of us hear that one wants to become farmer , social reformer etc .all of us keep on praising about contribution of gandhi , ambedkar , and many more to society but why do we fail to bring their thoughts in our actions..? What acts as hindrance in pursuing one’s dream based on one’s interest rather than on obligation from family and friends and society?
    problem is engineers are unable to innovate, doctors are reluctant to serve in rural india , politicians are serving their own selfish intrest.
    If one observes the history of abdul kalam , nehru , ambedkar they were very common people but their dreams were uncommon. as ocean currents cant br seperated apart from oceans in same way their dreams cant be separated apart from nation’s dreams.they were not affected by external influence in pursuing of their dreams .thay fought against poverty , casteism and superstition in society. problems must be their to improve our intelligence to keep forward thd solution.
    As we know that india is the youngest country in the world holding 65 percent of population under age of 35.
    their dreams matter most in indicating that whether country is on downward path or upward path. in pursuing their dreams they must not act in isolation rather in conformity with societal and National aspirations. so reap demographic dividend govt has initiated skill india and start up india programmes.
    But by careful observation of persistent problems in idia it is inferred that indian society is conservative in nature. It is depicted from following example , when one friend visits the familyof his/her friend then he was asked about his/her profession
    s/he answers that I am planning to open an internet shop then instant reply comes from older member what problems you faced in not securing govt job? There are many more examples which is clear sign of lack of optimism , motivation and boldness towards new initiative. because “biggest risk lies in not taking risk”.
    Very few people are aware that 1/3rd of high courts in india have no single woman judge. Out of 594 judgez in high courts only 60 women are serving then question is why not our dreams accorded high priority to promotion of gender equality?
    After 69 years of independence where they will go for redressal of this problem? which authority they are expected to reach?
    Generally from above it is understood that problem lies in our attitude. for example crossing the sea was sin for us this is kind of superstition which motivated the British to attack india because this we could not develop naval power.
    But there are many are india has shown remarkable progress .it has emerged as world’s fastest growing economy
    this has become possible because of it’s quick integration with world its power in information technology , outsourcing industry and pharmaceutical companies converting their dreams into reality.
    Now nation’s dream is welfare of the people as MNREGA
    gives employment to 5 crore people in rural india where india’s 80 percent of people live in rural India . Their immediate dream is to fulfill their hunger .
    But we have long way to go.there are many problems
    individual society and nation facing to achieve dreams .like 45 percent of children under age of 3 are undernourished .but to achieve their dreams harmony between mind and body is essential. 80 percent open defecation in orissa , growing gap between rich and poor, 300000 farmers committed sucide in last decade. this list is long one.then how they will be able to pursue their dreams. To address these challenges is not just govt responsibility but it is collective responsibility of all stakeholders.
    One’s goal should not be isolated one but acts in conformity with social and national aspirations. While pursuing dreams one must keep in mind the concerns for gender equality ,
    Harmony in society and must not be selfish to take other individuals as means but as ends in meeting their dreams.

    • ESWAR

      Excellent buddy.

      U dealt that people aspirations, problems are as of the country’s.

      U have nicely framed sentences with appropriate statistics – mostly on social issues.

      Think in other way also

      Please review mine also

    • Thor and Miolneer

      Well Written Vijay,

      I think that quoting Nehru’s name was not right..As he is associated with a particular political party. (Feel free to differ)

      It should have been ‘THERE’ in place of Their.

      Vijay, There are a lot many places where you have mixed your ideas and this has disrupted the coherence badly for you. ( I am sorry for being so critical)

      You very effeciently put in the numbers to highlight the challenges that the country is facing today but in doing so you made the essay very pedantic..I mean – See the numbers. Numbers of judges..80% defecation..3L farmers committing suicide and all..

      I feel that there is a lot of improvement required in your essay writing..Which, WITH YOUR CONTINUOUS WRITING WILL IMPROVE…PLEASE KEEP WRITING.

      Could you please give me a review?

      Thank You.

      Feel free in being Critical to me.

    • Isha

      Hi Vijay, My views-
      See, here we have to talk abt the dreams which India should strive to achieve with the help of govt, private sector, citizens and all of us together. So first u need to mention abt the problems we are facing- health, NEast, intolerance, caste, education, employment, R&D, Arms import issue, women empowerment and security issue, etc. There are many. Here u need to see what u want to include and justify the same that it is very important. Yogi’s essay i wud recommend u to read- he has taken few issues and justified them as well. Batman’ essay is also good but here there are many batmans so u can go to jaya’ essay and see there he has commented 😛
      Apart from that, keeping in mind u are beginner here- ur effort was commendable. All of us had the same experience. So keep writing & ATB 🙂

    • Vivaan Khanna

      hi vijay bro..whats up?
      1.i liked ur intro and ideas…completely presented the picture but what should be our u want us to continue with our leaders’ dream or we should have ours..or a blend of both… i did not get
      2.try to write ideas in a coherent manner
      3.Presenting the problem clearly and then offering solution in the form of our dreams which should not let India sleep should be the method i think
      4.conclusion also ended in haste
      keep writing…there is a lot of scope for improvement in ths essay

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Your content is impressive Vijay but you need to work on elaboration part ,proper sequencing and connecting it properly.
      You cited some out of box examples so upvote for that
      Keep writing and reviewing as only practice makes the man perfect… please do review mine as well Vijay ji… 🙂 🙂 ATB!! Thanks!!

    • Akhil

      Bro your intro is ok. Content wise it was nice essay. But u failed to structure it properly.. U could have included more dimensions like corruption, Communalism, Environment and education.
      Please review mine as well. Thank you

    • yogi

      Beginnig : superb and very different among all i have read 🙂

      Out of 594 judgez in high courts only 60 women – these concrete facts can be avoided u know thse keep changes if u want to write, write in round figures

      Bhai tone tone down the excessive minute facts,

      There are dimension, but there is randomness in your content, i suggest to plan before you write

      Conclusion: elaborate that more,


  • Leiter The Leader

    Dreams are the imaginary things that we see in sleep,they are abstract in nature and most of the time they cannot be real.Many a times I do get some dreams like having dragon after watching ‘How to Train Your Dragon’,or flying like a bird in sky,sometimes having magical powers by which I can do whatever I want.

    But,India cannot have such unrealistic dreams,hence it can safely assume that the dreams here are Goals that India kept for itself.India do have many social,economic,environmental and geopolitical goals and India should work incessantly to achieve those goals.

    India is not a homogeneous society,diversity is one of its main characteristics.India is multi-religious,multi-ethnic,multi-lingual,multi-cultural and despite of such immense diversity people live together as equal citizen.

    However,it can’t be denied that Indian society is fully stratified and structured.Inequality exists between individuals and groups.Since single most unique to Indian subcontinent is Caste system.This has penetrated into each and every corner of India.Even though our Constitution explicitly granted equality all its citizens,there are many incident in India where cased based discrimination are still prevalent.For instance,Students in Tamil Nadu schools were given a separated bands to represents their castes.Recently,Brahmins in Karnataka performed a rituals to clean pond in which a dalit took bath.

    Caste based discrimination takes all over India but in varying intensity and form.Mere strong laws against will not end this discrimination.Government should engage in constant awareness campaign,if necessary taking help of NGO’s after detailed scrutiny,to bring attitudinal change in the society towards lower castes.Bringing Social equality among all citizens is one of the cherished goal of India since Independence.Hence should work for to accomplish goal and fulfill it promise of social equality as enshrined in the Preamble.

    Social equality is the pre requisite to economic opportunities.In India,because of social stratification differ groups are placed at different strata.Some are placed favorably and other are placed at disadvantaged position.The former want things to be stable whereas the latter are anxious about the change.Those who placed favorably have access to economic resources,social status,political influence than those placed at disadvantaged position.

    This has ripple effects in other fields of life,people who lacks access to resources have limited choices in their life.They neither go to school nor have good health,often malnourished and fight daily for two square meals a day.

    Even almost Seven Decades of its independence,still 22% of Indian population are living in below poverty line.This is very large number when you apply apply percentage to 130 crores.This is despite having achieved some remarkable growth rates achieved since 1990s.So Inclusive growth is another cherished goal which India should try to deliver.

    Along with social equality and economic justice is achieved,providing conducive environment like proving clean air,clean drinking water,sanitation,clean place to live.It is not uncommon to see many people live on road foot path,under bridges,vacated old buildings,and slums.Providing basic minimum needs of its citizens is the basic function of government.

    Apart from this India has also set some ambitious environmental targets at Paris

    Reduce emission intensity of its GDP by 33-35% by 2030 from 2005 levels.Achieve 40% electric power installed capacity from non-fossil fuel based energy resources by 2030 with help of transfer of technology and low cost international finance.Create an additional carbon sink of 2.5 to 3 billion tones of Co2 equivalent through additional forest and tree cover by 2030 and also achieving 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022.India should work to accomplish this goals and should guide the world in leading position.

    Last but not the least,India’s place in United Nations Security Council,India being the world largest democracy,housing 1.3 billions.i.e 16.7% of world Population should have proper place in Global Politics.India is one of the largest contributor to United Nation Peacekeeping missions,and Indian foreign policy is always directed towards International peace and security.Even it is mentioned in the A.51 of the Constitution i.e “state to promote International peace and security and maintain just and honorable relations between Nations and foster respect for International law and treaty obligations and encourage settlement of International disputes by arbitration”.India should fight for its proper place in International politics without loosing Hope,by engaging Major power in the world continuously.

    India needs to continuously strive to achieve the above mentioned goals.India has the capacity and resources,if planned properly and implemented there is no such thing India cannot achieve.Moreover,It would benefit all people living in the country.

    • Kant

      HI Leiter,
      – good one
      – Though intro is good , im doubtful of the use of first person
      – How can you guys remember so much data? 🙂
      – add greater punch to the conclusion

      – overall nice essay

      Please reveiw mine

      • Leiter The Leader

        Thanks for the review….I see in my editorial they starts with first person,so I used.
        Bro it was General studies knowledge…so can use it in essay without any hassle.

        By the are u a political science student..?? you named “KANT”…!! I really like his philosophy..

        • Kant

          No, my name is Shashikant. 😉

          • Leiter The Leader

            ok ok

    • Jaya Swatantra

      please review mine too if time permits

    • Rashmirathi

      hey leiter, you have covered quite a lot of dimensions.content, flow and structure are good . only weak areas would be the intro and the conclusion. intro fails to convey the theme of the essay i feel, conclusion fails to leave an impact and does injustice to the content of your essay. rest is great

      keep writing 🙂
      please review mine

      • Leiter The Leader

        Thanks for the review…. will try to improve..:)

    • defiance

      Hi bro…. overall flow is good.. Intro alone is not catchy – feels more of an academic definition… examples stand out from the crowd – makes the essay a nice one towards the end .. plz review mine if time permits

  • Aravind Varier


    The quote that flashed in mind after reading this statement was of the one said by our beloved former president of India Shri. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam were he says ” dream is not that you see in sleep , dream is something that does not let you sleep “.

    taking a cue from that statement , let me give an idea about the dreams that Indians as a whole possess and why we cannot sleep until we achieve it .

    The spirit of India as a nation got a boost during the freedom struggle movement against the British colonizers from late 19th century were our aspiration grew to great heights during that phase under the visionary leadership of Mahatma Gandhi , Jawarharlal Nehru , Sardar Vallabhbhai patel , Rabinranath tagore to name a few .The dream which was prevalent in the minds of people during that time was to achieve “Purna Swaraj ” ( complete freedom) which made them to work towards it relentlessly and at the stoke of the mid night hour on August 15th , 1947 , our nation become Independent .

    With power in the hands of the people came the responsibility to govern ourselves . The next dream that the Indians had after achieving independence was to have a system of governance were all the people are considered equal and there are no discrimination on the basis of caste , religion , sex and place of birth .after a working in detail towards a structure of governance for nearly 3 years we ultimately gave to our self one of the largest written constitution in the world which has the ability to satisfy the diverseness of the entire country .When our neighboring countries are struggling to work towards a constitution for decades ,we as a nation showed to the world that our dream to have a constitution was realized by rigorous debates and discussion by the members of the constituent assembly on the same .

    A proper government structure in place , the next dream of the people India was to attain self sufficiency in basic facilities that is required for a person to feel , he/she is actually living his life happily .Even after 6 decades of Independence , we as a nation is yet to fulfill this dream completely which makes everyone as a person to work towards it tirelessly until we accomplish it .

    The first unfulfilled dream that haunts India as a nation is to see itself as devoid of poverty . from the 1950s governments have been striving hard to eradicate poverty but in the 21st century, we still have a quarter population living on less than 2 $ .
    Can we sleep by knowing this fact ? NO !!!
    It should be the moral responsibility of every citizen to contribute a part of their income towards the improvement of the downtrodden .
    The second unfulfilled dream is to see this nation pass an year without any communal tension .that have never happened till date . nevertheless, the pains taken by great thinkers and religious leaders traversing the length and breath of the country with the message of peace,nothing substantial have changed on the ground .
    Can we sleep by knowing this fact ? NO !!! .
    we the people should take the initiative in spreading the message of brotherhood among all the persons we come across and promoting every person to do that , which can make this country a heaven with harmony among the communities .

    The next dream, we as a young nation is to become the hub of knowledge but there is a huge hurdle in front us in climbing that ladder, with the largest number of drop outs from school .
    Can we think of sleeping by knowing this fact ? NO !!!.
    It would be impossible for the educated Indians to turn a blind eye on the situation and cannot rest until we become a part of the change by teaching a child known to us . If replicated by every educated Indian, then we could do miracles in pulling this nation from the path of backwardness to progressiveness.

    All the dreams can be fulfilled if we work together , but the most important DREAM to me as a citizen is to make my country a better place for my women . I will not sleep until this dream is fulfilled . This drives me to work in all possible ways according to my capabilities with unwavering passion to make India as a place , with no girl infanticide , all girls in the age of 6-14 are in school , girls can walk in the night without fearing.This should be the the DREAM of every Indian that will NEVER allow it to sleep till it is ACHIEVED !!!

    • defiance

      Intro is good bro.. good flow as well. I feel – rather than narrowing down the pointers to 1, 2,…., covering more dimensions like Social Justice, Health, Infra, economy, Geopolitics, etc will make the essay comprehensive… plz review mine if time permits

      • Aravind Varier

        Thank you for the review defiance ,

        I did not feel like covering many dimensions which common man cannot bring much change .So restricted to simple problems and what a normal person can do to bring the change . I wanted to tell , the common man feels he is unable to sleep because , he haven’t done much to solve the issue which can actually make the nation of his/her dream .


        THANK YOU 🙂

    • yogi

      Intro: well done : ) + I personally felt the need of a bit more elaboration

      History part : used in limited amount so good here

      Few Mistakes i want to point out:

      less than 2 $ —- correct to less than 2$/day

      Can we sleep by knowing this fact ? NO !!!

      It should be the moral responsibility of every citizen to contribute a part of their income towards the improvement of the downtrodden .—- i got what i missed

      but the most important DREAM to me as a citizen is to make my country a better place for my women .— NEVER write any new dimension in the conclusion(just got to know this aspect of essay writing yesterday) conclusion should give a sense of closure not the continuation i think instead of , should be written

      I will not sleep until this dream is fulfilled—– too bold a statement we have to remain practical and u know it is not practically possible ,so mould it accordingly

      all girls in the age of 6-14 are in school ,— what about above 14 ?

      Never repeat the exact words again like u did for “Can we think of sleeping by knowing this fact ? NO !!!.” You could have tried to say the same thing but with different wordings

      Good that u did not used unnecessary GS , and stressed on the role of the “we the people of India”

      I think it was mainly ur conclusion where u made the most of the mistakes, rest part of the essay is as per the demand of the topic , and I liked that

      Thanks and ATB 🙂

      • Aravind Varier

        thank you the review yogi 🙂

        i tried to make my conclusion interesting but forget about the fact that , i actually continued the discussion even to the conclusion .

        thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • puneet


    When the whole world was sceptical about Indian mode of democracy and unity of diversity, India proved that dreams of the freedom fighters was based in the sound principals and Nobel values which no one can threaten. India not only survived as a nation but also set an example in front of the world and newly independent countries. India is among the few countries where independence from colonialism didn’t led to civil war or a military rule. India successfully faced the challenges brought by independence and partition whteher it was food security, national integration , rehabilitation of refugees, literacy rate, economic growth , space technology , nuclear power etc. But still some of the problems remains unresolved eg gender discrimination, communalism, external and internal threats etc.

    Since 15august, 1947 time has changed a lot new problems and opportunities have emerged like information technology, climate change , cyber war, global terrorism etc. Dreams for India now should be of facing new challenges and solving old unresolved problems. Following are the dreams for India


    Still more than 58% population of India depend on agriculture . and the current agricultural growth is not par with the demand. Agruculture sector is the most negkected .Still our agriculture faced the same old problems dependency on monsoon, subsistence farming, small land holding, farmers suicide etc.
    India if dreamt to become a world power then this sectors development is vital for that.
    Solution lies in technology upgradation, better seed availability, agricultural credit should be easily available, more research institute dedicated to agriculture, export centres etc.

    Human development –

    It is the most important area for any country to develop and survive. Human development include health, education ,employment etc. All the facets have bearing on poverty reduction , physical,mental,spiritual development or we can say the the holistic development of an individual.
    Lot of schemes and programmes have been launched to achieve the desired results but still universal education, universal health facilities , employment for all are distant dream. Reason behind this is inefficient implementation, leakage of funds, not reaching to the targeted people etc.
    Solution – a) education- lets first change the definition of literacy and more comprehensive definition at par with the global standard should be adopted. Because that denition was needed at the time of independence but the time has changed we should move beyond this. A new definition should set the parameter for at least 5th class pass should be considered as literate. More schools and better quality if teachers are needed. Financial incentives should be given so that students will not discontinue their schooling.
    India should encourage students to take up higher studies and create an intellectual mass .
    Skill development, more focus on applied part of education should be encouraged.
    b) health-
    still people are dying of ddiarrhea, fever , malaria etc. Universal health is the only solution for the overall health if country.
    Solution – coverage of basic health facilities should be reached to all, regional disparity in implementing the schemes should be resolved and private players participation should be encouraged.
    c) employment – our employment generating sector manufacturing is lagging far behind that’s why most people are working in informal sector. Also depency on agriculture for employment has not reduced. So more jobs are needed in manufacturing sector and develu and growth of MSME sector will cater the needs of employment. Rural employment schemes like MGNREGA should be strengthened. Other areas like tourism , hospitality should be given due focus so that people get employed near to their place of residence.

    Security of the nation –

    For the development of the nation as a whole security if it’s people and borders are prerequisite.
    Internal security of India is not being strengthened despite of several terror attacks on Indian soil . some analyst are naming India as a factory of martyrs.
    Threats are in the form if terrorist attacks, communal violence, organised crime, human trafficking etc.
    First india has to strengthen its police force by modernisation, police reforms etc and then specialised agencies for terror attacks, riots etc should be used.
    New emerging challenges like cyber war and global terrorism need a prudent approach and international support.

    Science and tech –

    India’s progress in this particular sector is impressive as well as encouraging.
    In IT,space tech India is par with the developed countries.
    More research and development is needed for the growth and employment generation. Key areas are defence tech largest importer of weapon tag should be reversed to largest exporter , agricultural tech, climate change adaptation tech etc.

    Sports –
    it not only shows the strength of a nation but also spread our culture and values. Also helps in holistic development of the individuals.
    India showed its strenght in cricket, chess, boxing etc but what about other areas like football ( not even qualified to play in FIFA world cup) ,hockey etc.
    Government should encourage people to participate in sports and also provide the infrastructure.

    Polity, judiciary –

    Sound institutional structure and the working according to the constitution is needed. Many a times our parliamentarian’s set wrong precedent .there is criminalisation of politics and politicisation of criminals. Still it is easy for a criminal to enter into the August house as an elected member. Thus practice’s needs to be stopped.
    Conflict between judiciary and executive need to be stopped . otherwise tomorrow judiciary will be overburdened with the work of executives.

    Largest democracy of the image should be preserved and let we show the light to the world for prosperity of humanity and mother earth.

  • Cybertron Ninja

    Dreams which should not let India sleep.

    India Dreams:
    A prosperous and progressing Nation with health, education and wealth for all. A beautiful clean and green India. A developed food and social security network to all its citizen. An economic and technologically supreme nation. Dreams of becoming self sustaining and sufficient energy(renewable) rich country. Eliminating poverty, malnutrition, hunger and infectious diseases. A highly advanced water management system throughout the country interlinking rivers and irrigation canals. Strengthening sovereignty and national security. Empowering women and equality for all. A discrimination, corruption and pollution free country. A just society with quality of life and opportunities for each individual to live a dignified life. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

    During the period of more than six decades of Independence, India has gone through many phases of development and growth, from a state of deprival and scarcity to economic power and abundance. After Independence, India had to struggle a lot in every field such as economic, political, social, education,etc. But with the efforts of our devoted leader and with their prudent planning, India achieved a lot in short span. It is still not enough and it is yet to become its best version, for which we the people of India must work tirelessly with common aim of love and duty for the country.

    What does a country with one billion population like India value? Simple, Indians value family system. Love for mother, respect for father and elders, duty for the loved one and taking a journey to become successful and happy is what Indians aspire for. We do not hesitate to call a shopkeeper or stranger as ‘chacha'(uncle), ‘dada'(grandfather), or ‘bhaiya'(brother) as a token of respect and trust we provide each other for we believe in complete India as our big whole family.

    Let’s take a guided tour of India – we were one of the most advanced civilization of the world, respected for our economic and social progress. We are a rich blend of spiritualism and materialistic force. When we greet one another we fold our hand in namaste because we believe that God resides in the heart of every human being. We are nation of multi-religion, culture, ethnicity – unity in diversity. A democratic republic with a pluralistic society. We are already a nuclear power and have commendable achievements in the field of space and technology. The country has demonstrated its capability to break into the global satellite launch market with the launch of six foreign satellites, including four from the US onboard PSLV-30 from Sriharikota. India’s progress in medical science has been remarkable. Doctors can cure leprosy and several other dreadful diseases. IT sector in India is the major driving force behind the FDI and foreign exchange. Indian engineers are CEO’s of global tech giant companies such as Sundar Pichai of Google, Satya Nadella of Microsoft.

    Despite such developments, there are a number of areas where India needs improvement. In first place is the increasing population. Human development indicators suggest that India ranks low in terms of health and education. Illiteracy has come down but is still significantly high in most populated states such as UP and Bihar. The HDI report, 2011 said that a positive shift is noted towards social inclusion of marginalised communities and minorities but it is also a sad truth more and more communities are demanding reservation and protesting violently. This is partly due to less employment opportunities and decreasing agrarian output because of weak monsoon and climate change.

    The pollution has increased to an alarming state in major cities including the national capital- New Delhi which is resulting to illness and diseases to the residents. The water pollution, unauthorized illegal construction developments on river banks combined with natural calamity results in a catastrophe. Manufacturing sector and agriculture sector has been in a matter of concern all along. Degrading politics whereby politicians reveal their true selves when they shamelessly indulge in mudsliding, opponent-bashing in the name of democracy. These are some serious issues and weakness India faces which needs to be transformed into strengths and must be look as the opportunities to improve

    Dreams that should not let India sleep

    Energy sector:

    India dreams to be self sufficient in energy. This is handled by India’s move to renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind and hydraulics. Rajasthan and Gujarat offer sustainable area to harness solar power and replacing the dependency on coal, petroleum and natural gas which are major sources of pollution and import bills. This addresses trade,pollution and energy problem along with it will create employment opportunities for the skilled workforce.

    Demographic dividend:

    With increasing population it becomes important to feed, educate, improving health and imparting skills to all. So we need increasing number of schools, hospitals and training centres. Enrollment ratio to schools and higher studies have improved but it is not optimum. The country needs more teachers, doctors, police, lawyers and judges. The police to criminal ratio, judges to cases ratio, doctors to patients, teachers to student ratio is less that’s the reason of slow progress of the society. The increasing skilled population needs better employment opportunities, housing when they move to new place away from home- real estate sector needs to be reformed and this sector alone can create millions of employment opportunities and a means of livelihood.

    A society along the lines of the principles of Preamble:

    With urbanisation it has been noted that the negative effects of casteism fades away. With SMART cities and AMRUT schemes there is great emphasis laid on urbanisation and development and it will not only provide employment but also help to build the social aspect in a positive way. The preamble says Justice, social, economic and political, Fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and unity and integration of the Nation. A large part of our population lives in rural areas and is engaged in farm and non farm activities. To do justice social economic and political- half of this agriculture workforce has to be moved to manufacturing and service sector. For this they need to be trained, skilled and on the other side the manufacturing and service sector must be developing in order to accommodate this workforce. This needs a solid action from govt front and through entrepreneurs. The linking of rivers and irrigation canals will boost agricultural productivity and water harvesting techniques be made compulsory throughout the country. Judicious use of water and its management is the need of the hour and similarly environment be kept clean and green. For this the government has been consistent with various schemes such as Swachh Bharat, Clean Ganga project,etc. It is really incredible India when it is clean.


    The discrimination faced by people in such a diverse country can only be handled to some extent by education and more by economic improvement. When people have better work to do they are less engaged in harming others. Women empowerment and safety – when this aspect of our country improves then only the real dream of India will be realized. Women are the mothers, daughters, wife, sisters they have equal and more than equal importance in the country. For development unity and integrity of the country is foremost and each generation must strive to keep it safe from anti national elements.

    Economic and Technological supremacy:

    Financial inclusion of the billion population is a no easy task but it is also important to financially literate the population, instilling in them healthy habits of saving, investing money with the banks. This will take India to highly advanced country status. The Digital India, Jan dhan Yojana, adhar card, are steps in this direction.
    The manufacturing sector of India is diversified but lacks the output and quality. With Make in India, International solar alliance, Defence deals, Startup-standup India etc are solid schemes for the development of the sector.
    When India achieves economic and technological supremacy then only it can become a superpower. Let’s become one with our efforts.
    In the pre-historic times battles were fought over food and shelter, with the passage of time wars were fought over religious and ideological beliefs and now economic and technological supremacy is equated with political power and world control.

    And there are important battles to fought over corruption, weak policy implementation, neighbor policies, agenda media. These were some important and not all, ‘Dreams’ that every Indian must work towards in coherence with government schemes and policies to build a family and enjoy the quality of life with dignity and hopefully reaching an enlightenment stage where there is happiness and love for all.

    • Cybertron Ninja

      Please review friends.

    • Sonia mehra

      1. Covered diverse areas..
      2. Good coverage of GS. There is nothing wrong in including GS, but I would like to see your originality in future essays.

      1. It’s not advisable to raise too many issues in first para. Instead you could have identified 3 or 4 core issues like political, social, economic, cultural, technological etc And later on developed issues under these head.
      2. Although you raised problem and also talked about how to face challenges. But Future vision for India is missing- I believe this was core aspect of the essay.

      Thank you and keep writing..

      • Cybertron Ninja

        Thank you for the positives and yes, Instead of raising too many issues I could have identified 3 or 4 core issues – you are correct. Also, I didn’t understand -Originality in what sense?

        • Sonia mehra

          Originality of thinking or ideas.
          Your GS knowledge will already be tested in Mains. Essay is looking at your clarity of thought, your flow.

          I recommend you to go through youtube videos of rankers regarding essay writing.
          Thank you.

          • Cybertron Ninja

            yes i will, thank you.

  • Radhika M

    Hi Insights .. ur reviews were really helpful in the past.. plz continue with it. Atleast review one essay or answer daily .. it would guide us in the right direction.. 🙂

  • Sonia mehra

    Dairy writing= 27th March 2016
    Time: 07: 30 AM
    My name is Sonia Mehra, just a day back I gave my 12th board exams which officially means I am on a vacation. Summer vacations are one of the best things to happen in life. To make optimum use of the vacation, I got up early at 7:30 AM and switched on the television set and made me comfortable at sofa. As if I was drifting through the channels, I happened to remember the conversation I had with my father last night. We were discussing about “India of our dream”, during this heated debate he challenged me to identify the challenges in India which govt must act upon, to make India one of the best place to live.

    Time: 08:30 AM
    As I was drifting in my thought process, I didn’t realize that It was 8:30 AM and my father has already got himself ready to attend office. He bid me goodbye as usual and headed towards office.

    Suddenly I felt like Eureka and I decided that I would give a surprise to my father by giving him live examples of challenges which India is facing, this would make him proud. So I quickly went through my morning chores and by 9:30 AM I was ready to go in search of “Problems of India”.

    Time: 09: 30AM
    My father works in Kandla Port which falls in Kachchh district of Gujarat. The port has given us government quarters, although this is not any lavish villa but still it’s very convenient as we have everything nearby like a slum cum market, police station, govt hospital etc. To begin the first phase of my search, I took out my vehicle and went through my neighborhood.

    My vehicle (5 stroke, 250 cc, 9Nm torque= this is a real monster)

    Time: 10: 30 AM
    I searched each and every nook of my neighborhood, but all I could find was neatly arranged residential complexes, green spaces, tidy roads. So I decided to head towards the market. This market near our home is known by the name “Sunderpuri”, but it hardly has any resemblance to its name.

    The market was overcrowded, there is hardly any parking space and roadside shops are occupying the road space. This is when I realized that we need a planned city, where every possible aspect of human need is taken care of.

    Somehow pushing my bicycle, I reached the end of the market lane, which also happens to be the beginning of slum clusters. Even before I could realize what’s happening, a speeding biker sped past me hitting the handle of my bicycle, which made me fell down along with my bicycle. Seeing this a women rushed towards me to help me, she helped me get up and asked are you all right? Although with pain, I said “I am fine”. I realized that she was a poor women from the slum.

    I noticed that this gentle lady was not alone. She was accompanied by her 2 gems/child. The kids were no were near healthy and the lady was also having poor Body Mass Index.

    During the brief conversation we had, she told me that she’s a migrant labour from Uttar Pradesh. On my asking about the life in slum, she enumerated how it’s difficult to live in a slum with no water supply, no drainage, diseases due to the garbage which is being dumped near the slum, lack of schooling facility and the mental trauma of having no permanent shelter to live in.

    (Identified Challenges: Town planning, Traffic sense, Housing for poor, basic sanitation and water supply facility, education, Poverty, Hunger)

    Time: 12: 30 PM.
    As it was already 12: 30PM, I bid goodbye to this gentle lady. But as I was heading back, I realized there is a cut in my arm due to the accident. So I decided to visit the nearest government hospital, where my maternal aunt works as a nurse. As soon as I entered the hospital, I felt jittery on seeing the dilapidated condition of the hospital infrastructure and the human influx of patients in the hospital.

    Somehow I successfully made my way though this sea of people and located the staff room. Luckily my maternal aunt was there. She enquired what happened and dressed my wound. Meanwhile it was already too late and I realized my mother would start worrying, if I don’t reach home by lunch. So I hurriedly bid bye to aunt, took my bicycle and pedaled as hard as I could towards home.
    (Identified challenge= Poor health infra)

    Time: 1:30 PM
    Luckily my mother was absorbed in soap opera when I reached home. So I quietly served me lunch and pounced on to my bed, without giving any opportunity to mother to ask me any questions. Tired as I was, it took my no time to fall asleep.

    Time: 6: 30 PM
    When I opened my eyes, father was sitting beside me with concerned eyes. I told him everything which happened. And I enumerated to him the challenges which I identified to make an India of our dreams. My father went through each of the identified challenges and gave his view as follows.

    1. Health infra= Father told me that we have National Health Mission since 2005, which has two sub-mission National Rural Health Mission and National Urban Health Mission.
    2. Poverty= Skill India, NREGA etc
    3. Hunger= PDS schemes under National food security act
    4. Housing = Housing for all by 2022.
    5. Education = Mid day meal scheme, Right to Education
    6. Town planning= Smart city, Atal mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation
    7. Basic sanitation and water supply= Atal mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation, Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana.

    Time10:00 PM
    So father made me realize that the challenges I have identified are already in public domain. And there are various govt schemes targeting these challenges. So I asked father to please tell me: “If everything is so crystal clear, then what is it which is not allowing the country to move forward.”

    He said, it’s the lack of our “collective will” which is not helping the country. There should be will at the political level, there should be will at the bureaucratic level to work only for the country and there should be will at the people’s level, never to give vote to irresponsible and criminal leaders. Then only we could make an India where no one goes to sleep with an empty stomach, no one’s desire to acquire knowledge remains unfulfilled, every citizen is provided with proper health care.

    So it is we the people of this country, who could make a dream India having a human development Index at par with the most developed countries of the world. On this note, I am ending the dairy write-up for today.

  • Sonia mehra

    Dairy writing= 27th March 2016
    Time: 07: 30 AM
    My name is Sonia Mehra, just a day back I gave my 12th board exams which officially means I am on a vacation. Summer vacations are one of the best things to happen in life. To make optimum use of the vacation, I got up early at 7:30 AM and switched on the television set and made me comfortable at sofa. As if I was drifting through the channels, I happened to remember the conversation I had with my father last night. We were discussing about “India of our dream”, during this heated debate he challenged me to identify the challenges in India which govt must act upon, to make India one of the best place to live.

    Time: 08:30 AM
    As I was drifting in my thought process, I didn’t realize that It was 8:30 AM and my father has already got himself ready to attend office. He bid me goodbye as usual and headed towards office.

    Suddenly I felt like Eureka and I decided that I would give a surprise to my father by giving him live examples of challenges which India is facing, this would make him proud. So I quickly went through my morning chores and by 9:30 AM I was ready to go in search of “Problems of India”.

    Time: 09: 30AM
    My father works in Kandla Port which falls in Kachchh district of Gujarat. The port has given us government quarters, although this is not any lavish villa but still it’s very convenient as we have everything nearby like a slum cum market, police station, govt hospital etc. To begin the first phase of my search, I took out my bicycle and went through my neighborhood.

    Time: 10: 30 AM
    I searched each and every nook of my neighborhood, but all I could find was neatly arranged residential complexes, green spaces, tidy roads. So I decided to head towards the market. This market near our home is known by the name “Sunderpuri”, but it hardly has any resemblance to its name.

    The market was overcrowded, there is hardly any parking space and roadside shops are occupying the road space. This is when I realized that we need a planned city, where every possible aspect of human need is taken care of.

    Somehow pushing my bicycle, I reached the end of the market lane, which also happens to be the beginning of slum clusters. Even before I could realize what’s happening, a speeding biker sped past me hitting the handle of my bicycle, which made me fell down along with my bicycle. Seeing this a women rushed towards me to help me, she helped me get up and asked are you all right? Although with pain, I said “I am fine”. I realized that she was a poor women from the slum.

    I noticed that this gentle lady was not alone. She was accompanied by her 2 gems/child. The kids were no were near healthy and the lady was also having poor Body Mass Index.

    During the brief conversation we had, she told me that she’s a migrant labour from Uttar Pradesh. On my asking about the life in slum, she enumerated how it’s difficult to live in a slum with no water supply, no drainage, diseases due to the garbage which is being dumped near the slum, lack of schooling facility and the mental trauma of having no permanent shelter to live in.

    (Identified Challenges: Town planning, Traffic sense, Housing for poor, basic sanitation and water supply facility, education, Poverty, Hunger)

    Time: 12: 30 PM.
    As it was already 12: 30PM, I bid goodbye to this gentle lady. But as I was heading back, I realized there is a cut in my arm due to the accident. So I decided to visit the nearest government hospital, where my maternal aunt works as a nurse. As soon as I entered the hospital, I felt jittery on seeing the dilapidated condition of the hospital infrastructure and the human influx of patients in the hospital.

    Somehow I successfully made my way though this sea of people and located the staff room. Luckily my maternal aunt was there. She enquired what happened and dressed my wound. Meanwhile it was already too late and I realized my mother would start worrying, if I don’t reach home by lunch. So I hurriedly bid bye to aunt, took my bicycle and pedaled as hard as I could towards home.
    (Identified challenge= Poor health infra)

    Time: 1:30 PM
    Luckily my mother was absorbed in soap opera when I reached home. So I quietly served me lunch and pounced on to my bed, without giving any opportunity to mother to ask me any questions. Tired as I was, it took my no time to fall asleep.

    Time: 6: 30 PM
    When I opened my eyes, father was sitting beside me with concerned eyes. I told him everything which happened. And I enumerated to him the challenges which I identified to make an India of our dreams. My father went through each of the identified challenges and gave his view as follows.

    1. Health infra= Father told me that we have National Health Mission since 2005, which has two sub-mission National Rural Health Mission and National Urban Health Mission.
    2. Poverty= Skill India, NREGA etc
    3. Hunger= PDS schemes under National food security act
    4. Housing = Housing for all by 2022.
    5. Education = Mid day meal scheme, Right to Education
    6. Town planning= Smart city, Atal mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation
    7. Basic sanitation and water supply= Atal mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation, Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana.

    Time10:00 PM
    So father made me realize that the challenges I have identified are already in public domain. And there are various govt schemes targeting these challenges. So I asked father to please tell me: “If everything is so crystal clear, then what is it which is not allowing the country to move forward.”

    He said, it’s the lack of our “collective will” which is not helping the country. There should be will at the political level, there should be will at the bureaucratic level to work only for the country and there should be will at the people’s level, never to give vote to irresponsible and criminal leaders. Then only we could make an India where no one goes to sleep with an empty stomach, no one’s desire to acquire knowledge remains unfulfilled, every citizen is provided with proper health care.

    So it is we the people of this country, who could make a dream India having a human development Index at par with the most developed countries of the world. On this note, I am ending the dairy write-up for today.

    • Cybertron Ninja

      Hi friend, full marks for the creativity and originality. The issues and essay is personified, again well done. you explained really well all the things and i felt a paragraph or two describing similar issues occur all over India and work needs to be done to improve social economic political life of Indians may also be included, may be i am wrong but it is what i felt. overall good essay disguised as ‘diary’ entry. Please review mine friend, its my 3rd essay.

      • Sonia mehra

        Thank you friend,
        I will review yours… within an hour..

    • Vivaan Khanna

      hi sonia 🙂
      very original essay and flow was such that i read it in few minutes without any difficulty..dont know but if this format is acceptable u are going to score very high
      my only suggestion will be try to expand the dimensions out of health,education and poverty….for this ur intro can cut short…background formation took about 3 hrs..7:30 to 10:30
      nice write up

      • Rashmirathi

        did you not write aaj ?mil nahi raha tumhaara essay…
        review please 🙂

        • Vivaan Khanna

          i thought this question must have been put up by Ash..but it was you..yes i did write..isi bheed mein hai kahi..please review..will come to urs in a while

          • yogi

            PLz review mine 🙂

        • yogi

          Plz review mine 🙂

    • Night thinker !!

      Very innovative way to write the essay! Found it cool too 🙂 Hope such methods are allowed! And couldn’t find a flaw! Keep it up!

    • haha, your essay made me laugh esp the 1:30 pm episode 😛
      To be very honest, I found such kind of essay a gamble. The evaluation depends heavily upon the mindset of examiner about how he/she is going to perceive it. However, because there can be too many issues to be covered which can actually make essay on this topic a haphazard one, I liked your approach. You took up a few issues but presented them beautifully. However, I feel that intro was stretched a bit. Rest, for me it was a very good read 🙂

      • Sonia mehra


        • yogi

          Plz review mine 🙂

      • Mojo JoJo

        hey please review mine )

      • sherlock

        Hi, Batman,
        Guide me on Geography. I request bcz u r with Geography.

    • Kant

      Dairy writing or Daily writing or Diary writing. what is that exactly? 🙂

      – a novel approach indeed. however, I feel that to maintain flow here you are forced to include unnecessary details
      -Problems identified are good. Just dont put them in brackets. This is essay. weave it in the narrative.
      – rest all good

      Please review my essay.

      • Sonia mehra

        Goof up– diary

        • Kant

          Could you please review my essay.

    • Aseem

      Good flow but there is lot of unnecessary information which is not advisable for such a broad topic in which content cannot be a problem.
      Issues identified were really good and the flow was a positive point.
      Try removing the time, it breaks connectivity.
      Please review mine!

    • Rashmirathi

      this is a very innovative and engaging writeup , but like others pointed out ,it is a gamble. marks will totally depend on the examiner’s discretion. apart from that my pointers would be : if you could find a way to discuss the issues identified in the dairy entry itself, unlike the current format , it will give your essay a better flow. conclusion me there is scope for improvement. try to leave an impact on the reader.

      with these small improvements it will be a perfect writeup 🙂

      please review mine 🙂

    • defiance

      Hi… really a good approach.. if u can reduce the content of the narrative and increase content the pointers identified, it will be really good.. i feel the approach (with more content on narration) might backfire if the evaluator lacks patience …
      plz review mine if time permits. its my 2nd esssay

    • Mrinal Mukherjee

      i really enjoyed reading this one and have nothing to say this time .Perfect flow of thoughts …kept me engrossed till the last word ..Awesome 🙂
      I just hope the examiner won’t have any apprehensions regarding this format and look forward to implement the same in this year’s mains .
      Cheers !!

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Sonia ,

      Firstly , my suggestion would be ” PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS IN EXAM ” . If the examiner is progressive ,then he would consider your approach but if the examiner likes traditional approach , then it would be like taking a BIG RISK in the exam .

      You totally got diverted from the NEED of the essay .

      you are identifying various problems that India as a nation faces but you should clearly tell in the essay why these issues makes Indians awake till the dreams is fulfilled . you have to bring in the essay , the role of common man and why he/she feels these problems are his/her own problems and makes to work towards it . You totally missed that part .


      • yogi

        Aravind plz review mine 🙂

      • Sonia mehra

        Hy dear,
        1. If I change the dairy writing structure to a story structure, then what’s ur opinion?
        2. Need to focus on why these issues make Indians awake= I will give a thought on this point, because I am not able to think clearly anything now. A little exhausted right now.

        Thank you Aravind.

        • Aravind Varier

          Dear Sonia ,

          It will be better if you change it to story structure , because that will give your essay a traditional look . there won’t be any risk of the examiner giving less marks .

          see , it is compulsory to mention the role of common man in the essay because , the common man should feel that , he/she hasn’t done enough for this country to make it reach to the level according to his/her dreams .
          so he/she cannot sleep because the dreams are yet to be fulfilled .

          THANK YOU 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Scorpion

            aravind review mine

    • sankar

      oh dear……our frnds gave view its a very risky one approach.
      so be cautious in the exam…….howver you have presented well and good connectivity..
      i too think intro is stretched………..instead of mentioning of time………..just put it as a general story.
      plz rvw mine too……..thanks

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Very good Sonia inclusive,touchy with an innovative approach but you need to cut short intro a bit.. rest very nice write up… KWAR 🙂

    • walking in storm

      i liked ur write up but have some questions….
      1)is this story format or diary format of essay ok???i mean acceptable by UPSC???
      2)the politics involved at each and every level of governance is not mentioned by you…
      3)the cast system,untouchabiltiy,unemployable youth,communal tension etc are not mentioned by you..(though this is my view that they are big problems you may differ)….
      4)why every migrant labour is to be from UP only???we are not that bad….

      apart from this ur flow was awesome….coherence was class…..overall it was very near to a high fiver….
      three cheers from my side ….

      • Sonia mehra

        Thank you Anubhav (please keep ur name back)
        – I will make up for my sins UP’s people as entrepreneur/collector/ CEO. Migrant from UP is a stereotype which should change.
        – I am thinking about changing the essay to story structure.
        – Yes there are many issues which I haven’t touched. One reason was it was a bit difficult to incorporate, the second reason is I have already identified 7 issues, more issues would have made the essay monotous and cluttered.


        • walking in storm

          if u do change the steroetype it would be good because state where population is more than that of many countries….there u can not steroetype with the deprived chunk of people because there will be many people who stands out in other fields as well like founder of micromax…..on the other hand just imagine how severe will be the labour shortage if the UP labours stop doing the manual job coz of this stereotype……so this stereotyping is another problem of our country….
          —>>see diary or story both are nearly same so be sure this is accepted by UPSC turks…u can confirm with shubhra ma’m u r her student so she may tell u…
          —…i was goin to write this essay but did not as i have a doubt….topic says dreams…and we are writing about problems…should it not be like problems but with a optimistic approach that the problems will be shorted out and india will shine???
          —with name thing u can call me storm…or walkingdown….or kuchh bhi…(i do prefer usernames which represent my state of mind)

    • yogi

      A Marvellous piece of writing 🙂

      Full marks for creativity

      Flow ki toh baat hi mat karo,

      sufficient dimensions have been covered beautifully

      Format could be an issue depending upon the mood of the examiner , so risky is involved + i m sure you would not be writing your actual name in the exams as we are supposed not to reveal any perosnal info to the examiner (vaise examiner ko kya pata ki ye is baalika ka asli naam hein:-p)

      Conclusion: personally i did not like the mentioning of HDI in conclusion as we have countries having high HDI but people not happy, so we can end on a broader view

      Keep it up !

    • I have no words to praise your creativity.. simply amazing ! (I am not sure of examiner, but for me if you able to express multi-dimensional I guess any approach does pretty well)
      I loved reading your essay.. plus points to creativity.. liked you approach and flow was brilliant throughout..
      Ma’am, If u find time please review mine.. 🙂

      • Sonia mehra

        I have reviewed your answer. But I couldn’t find my comment on your essay page. So please confirm receipt of review.
        Thank you

        • Thanks Sonia.. 🙂 yes confirmed your comment.. next time it will be automatically approved.. 🙂

    • Village boy

      Nice approach.

    • beautywithoutbrain

      what a great writing style you have. it’s awesome. But yes I agree that examiner can spoil it. so go with story writing.
      Best of Luck.

    • David Ila

      Nice flow.shud have multidimensional approach

    • Abhiknowledge_is_free

      It was a good read. very nice flow. Quite a novel idea of essay writing.. keeps the examiner absorbed and interested. There are still many other issues which need immediate attention in our country though. I too have tried the story-telling way this time. please find time and review! 🙂

    • Mojo JoJo

      please review 🙂

    • Pallavi

      It’s really an out of box idea…wonderful. ..
      Bt we r not sure about its result in exam…
      So use this them theme Bt make it a part of essay and not whole essay…
      Good attempt…
      Plz review mine..I also tried to do something different Bt then couldn’t handle it precisely…

    • Sanjeev Rai

      since you have wrote 12th exam, in my opinion ur view is grt and wt a grt writing skill ! But for exam u have to stick to the point and wt is demand of essay, hv fun.

    • GK


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      1.Prelims material 2016

      2.Mains material 2016 of all the four GS papers

      3.Prelims test series 2016 contain 20tests with model answers in pdf form

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      Program runs till december 2016 and i will provide all material till end of program.


      I will share all the material via google drive in pdf forms

      Those interested can mail me

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      sample copies

    • Buddha

      I’d strongly suggest against trying this in exam.

      First don’t introduce yourself.

      Second, don’t make stories(you’ve to write an essay, not fiction).

      Essays are about truth and facts and to some extent personal opinion. Making up stories, be in the form of diary entries, goes against the grain of essay writing..

      • Amit Kumar


    • Amit Kumar

      I liked the structure, but some of the following aspects could have also been added especially- harmony in the country, improvement in politics, no terror, no separatist tendencies.. quoting just as an example.
      1) Harmony in society
      2) Mindset change of people-
      3) social evils-
      4) Equality of women, women empowerment
      5) Energy Vision, Nuclear Program, Defence capabilities

  • Dreams are the aspirations, the ambitions, the vision and the projection in the future. They are the goals that require continuous and sustained efforts and engagement for their realization. Everyday, as I turn on the news channel or the look upon the newspaper, the flashing headlights expressing the negativities make me think whether the Independent India has achieved her dreams? On one hand, progress in some of the goals like economic stability has shown that continuous engagement has bear the fruits while on the other, cases of corruption are on the rise and it looks like that the vision of a corrupt-free India is still a long way to go and won’t allow India to sleep. Not only the fields of economic stability or the corruption require efforts but dreams on different fronts-social, economic, political and foreign policy-warrant that India should continuously strive to turn these dreams into reality.

    On the Social front, the dream of epitomizing the women as Goddess Durga or Kali and achieving the vision of ‘Bharat Mata’ in real sense requires India to empower the women. How can the increasing incidents of rapes and Maternal Mortality rate allow India to sleep peacefully? Don’t these require efforts on part of government and society that still needs to be carried out? Indeed, it requires India to shed the carving of sleeping peacefully and coming on forefront to ensure a true empowerment of women rather than a cosmetic one.

    An equally connected issue with women is the increasing number of infanticides and foeticides which has the potential to disturb the sex ration. Despite women having proved their mettle in every field that we see around, be it economic where Christine Lagarde went on to become the IMF chairperson or be it political where inclusion of female members in Panchayati Raj Institutions showed tremendous improvement in social indicators, the cases of discrimination against girl child are on the rise. Does it allow India to sleep when a girl child is being murdered in the next neighborhood?

    Similar to the dream of women empowerment is the dream of ensuring rights of tribal and North-easterners. The tribal and the north-easterners are a part of India society but aren’t treated as one. Schemes and acts won’t do much unless some progress is made in bringing change in heart and mind of the rest of the society. The dream of achieving integration of these elements in to the society requires India to forego the sleep and embrace the required efforts.

    The issue of communal violence that doesn’t only affect women or tribal but each and every section of the society needs to be curbed. Recent incident of Dadri Lynching proved that the person can’t take a sleep when he is being dragged down by a mob and the mob of communal violence is also dragging India pushing her into a situation where she can’t sleep without dealing with these elements.

    Same goes with the issue of literacy that can drag India down. Ensuring education for all in quantity and quality terms should be the way forward for India. Kerala having become the first state to achieve 100% literacy is enough proof that those continue to work hard to realize the dreams without taking sleep are bound to succeed.

    On the economic front, India is in a precarious situation with increasing volatility in the global financial market. Various WB and IMF reports have shown that India continues to stand as a pillar of strong growth in the otherwise receding global growth. But does that become an excuse for India to sleep? Perhaps not. Global markets are highly volatile and it just takes an overnight to increase the vulnerability of a country to this volatility.

    Even though India has registered a fine growth but the issue of inclusive development still continues to haunt the policy makers. Reducing the income gaps among different sections, lifting people out of the poverty and ensuring employment for the deserving ones through a competitive and not a communist state are enough reasons for India to stay awake and continue strive for their achievement. Apart from these issues, the idea of skilling India and creating enough jobs for everyone should also be a priority for the awakened India.

    Similarly, the issue of black money and corruption requires India to keep moving forward on the efforts of improving corporate governance and collaborating with foreign countries to recover the lost assets and curbing conduits for indulging in corrupt activities. The increasing number of Non-performing Assets (NPAs) in the banks that can shoo away the investors and disturb the economic stability of the country also needs to be corrected through stern measures against the defaulters and putting adequate safeguards to stop the rise of such situations.

    On the political front, the dream of achieving harmony between opposition groups to give respect for each other’s views is far-fetched one and would require a great deal of efforts before India can go to bed. Bringing the fringe groups under control that often subject the ruling parties to unnecessary push and pulls requires India to regulate the activities of such groups else these fringe groups wont’ let India sleep.

    On the foreign policy front, ensuring peace and harmony with the neighbors especially with Pakistan and China requires India to continue on path of diplomatic efforts without opting for sleep to take some rest. Pakistan and China can disturb the security and sovereignty of the state and also have the potential to disturb the regional peace.

    Having carefully analyzed the dreams on social, economic, political and foreign policy front, it becomes quite clear that these dreams won’t let India sleep. Progress have been achieved on certain dreams by rolling out schemes, plans, programmes and other mechanisms but certain pricks still continue to disturb India and won’t let her sleep soon. Sustained efforts with faith that these issues will be handled soon if India continues to press hard for their realization should be the way forward. As Swami Vivekananda had said “Utho Jaago or tab tak na ruko jab tak lakshya ki prapti na ho jaae” i.e. rise, wake up and don’t stop unless you achieve your goal. India is already awake and should not stop before achieving the goals that she has dreamed for her.

    • Sonia mehra

      1. Traditional essay approach with identification of 3 to 4 issues in first para
      1. You have given the issues which should not let us sleep. But where is the futuristic vision for India.
      2. Why is there a need to use the word “sleep” in almost every para

      This essay is an aberration from your usual flow and creativity.
      Thank you

      • Thanks Ma’am. So was this aberration good or bad?

        • Sonia mehra

          Some creativity was required.
          May be you could have used the same content, but used flowery language. There is no fun in life and in essay without some spice.

    • Sonia mehra

      Plz review mine and do tell whether the pattern I followed will be acceptable or not.
      Thank you.

    • Aseem

      Good overall approach! Very gripping essay with a wonderful flow.
      The best part is the way you have connected the dots and laid a great path.
      I don’t think there is anything to criticize..
      Please review my essay as well.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      battie this was not ur type of essay
      1.pattern of connectivity..on this front and on that front…monotonous…though connected well
      2.analysis of issue was required i think rather than just mentioning them
      3.simplicity was best part of ur essay
      4.conclusion…return of my battie..good one
      review mine please

      • Thanks Vivaan, would try to write better 🙂

    • Jaya Swatantra

      A good read as a whole, did justice by dividing it in social,economic and political front, and apt conclusion
      But i think in introduction itself you need not mention corruption, you may add it in later part some where
      But overall a good attempt
      KWAR and ATB

    • Shaktimaan

      hi batiee!!……hmm aj good hi th bs…….excellent ni!
      women ke liye 3 para(i knw good position ni h wmn ki)bt phir be kuch ct-sht kar sakte the:)
      india k dream ki baat ho rahi>>to lagarde ma’am ka example q diya koi indian women ka hi ex dete to show empowerment to theek lagta……u may diffr:)
      last main ache se compare kia word k sath to wo chalega:)
      acha tha waise………Thank U!!……PReM:):)

  • Aseem

    Please review friends!!

    • Hi Aseem, the language in ‘individual level’ needs to be molded. Try to express it in the way the individuals would look at their dreams. You have written in a way what the state should do. This can make this pillar similar to the governance one.
      Instead of compartmentalizing each issue by giving heading, try to bring a flow else it will look a piece of GS-answer.
      Use some creative language to make the essay engaging otherwise everyone knows the issue, one would be talking about in this essay 🙂

  • Ankit

    ”At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom” – Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
    These words still fill us with enthusiasm and hope. Yes we were awaken to take our rightful place on the world stage with dreams in our eyes. So, is it time to sit back and look at the achievements we have accomplished during the past 70 years. Is it time for the gentle giant called India to take a ‘nap’?? I think the answer to it would be….And miles to go before I sleep..And miles to go before I sleep!!

    So what is it that keeps India awake and striving? What are those dreams which keeps us as a nation charged up and not sit back and relax? Our forefathers had a vision which they passed on to us, to fulfill the aspirations of a billion plus nation. And these aspirations, these dreams are yet to be achieved. And till they are achieved India will not sleep!

    I will start with a dream which always goes unnoticed and that is the plight of our farmers! An agrarian nation, when it comes to providing employment, can India afford to neglect it’s farmers? It seems it doesn’t even feature in our vision of a new India. With ‘Smart Cities’ and ‘Broadband Highways’ our farmers seems to have lagged behind in our vision. A prosperous state like Maharashtra accounted for more than 3 thousand farmers suicides in 2015 alone! The numbers are shocking. The initiatives like ‘Soil Health Card’ and ‘PM Fasal Bima Yojana’ could reverse this ugly trend. But still it is a distant dream when the hands that feed us would not be forced to end their lives.

    This brings us to another burning question – providing enough space for our citizens to dissent yet ensuing the unity of the country! India has been struggling with this question ever since Independence. Be it the question of Kashmir or North East or the internal maoist movement. At times it’s the neglect of the state to ensure their welfare and others it is the desire of a separate identity. What is needed is to assimilate our own people in the mainstream of development rather than coercive actions. What can be solved through a dialogue and providing space to dissent should not be allowed to blow out of proportions. The recent peace accord with Naga insurgents exemplifies.

    With 85% of the Indian graduates being not employable states the sorry state of affairs in the higher education sector. This shows the gap between the skills being imparted and the demands of the industry. What is needed is a link between market and educational institutes so that relevant skills are being imparted. Though India has achieved universal primary education according to UNESCO but the quality of primary education still remains a concern.

    The poverty and hunger that still persist in India is a cause of concern. The Food Security Act states the aim of feeding 67% of the population which itself shows the magnitude of hunger and poverty that persists in India. Combined with it is the state of health sector. With one of the lowest budget allocation for health sector in the world India does have a distant dream to fulfill. The HDI ranking and the infant and maternal mortality rates show the urgency this sector requires.

    This brings us to one of the most important dream which many of our social reformers shared i.e. the outlook of our society towards women. With changing times we have moved rapidly in this direction but still a lot remains to be desired. Until women are given their rightful place in the society all the other dreams will remain unfulfilled!

    And when all this is done we will automatically be the super power people desire India to be.

    “Dreams are not those which comes while we are sleeping, but dreams are those when u don’t sleep before fulfilling them.” I think this quote by Dr. Kalam sums it up!

  • Kant


    “At the stroke of the midnight hour” on 15th August, 1947, “India awoke to life and freedom”. Long years before that, we had made “a tryst with destiny” and now the time had come to redeem our pledge. The dream was to ensure liberty, equality, fraternity and peace for all, which ‘We The People of India’ enshrined in the preamble to the Indian constitution. But, many sceptics laughed at a shattered nation, saying we were just day dreaming, that we were building castles in the air. Though we have been only partially successful in realising these dreams, we need to revisit these dreams which should not let India sleep, so that we don’t forget them. Here, not sleeping implies not stopping our efforts or remain complacent of the achievements made so far until the dreams are realised.

    India has always dreamed of a society where there is no discrimination based on caste, colour, creed, gender or religion. Unfortunately, today this dream is still unfulfilled. Women are discriminated at every walk of life from birth to death. Marginalised sections like Dalits and tribals still hope for a life of dignity even after the constitution has guaranteed them a dignified life. The poor still struggle to make ends meet. Lot of efforts have been put in but lot remains to be done.

    To realise these goals we dreamt of a high economic growth so that resources could be generated and distributed equitably to create an egalitarian society. However, bottom 30% of the population still struggles to find opportunities of livelihood. Inequality in income is disturbing as top 10% population controls the 90% economic resources. For this we certainly need high economic growth but, at the same time, we have to ensure that the fruits of economic growth are enjoyed by all equally. This dream is essential to eradicate poverty and, to quote Mahatma Gandhi, to wipe every tear from every eye. Until this is done India cannot sleep.

    The Indian Constitution has guaranteed equal political rights to all citizens. The dream was to include every opinion in the nation building process. Yet, votes in elections are seen only as a means to acquire the political power without equal concern and respect for all the voters. For instance, tribals are displaced without enough compensation or satisfactory rehabilitation. Furthermore, people still fear being hunted for their opinion made contrary to the government in power. In Rabindranath Tagore’s words, we cannot take rest until we create a nation where “the mind is without fear and the head is held high”.

    We had dreamt of a society where every individual could get education for his/her all around development. We have come a long way in realising this dream. Yet, 30% population in general, 50% women, and 60% Dalits and tribals are yet to enjoy the fruits of education. India cannot rest until every individual is made capable of dreaming and realising her dream.

    In the realm of science India has always been ambitious. India has already reached mars and made great strides in scientific advancements in health, computer, space, chemical and biotechnology. These advancements are necessary for ensuring good quality of life for the citizens. At the same time, while we are exploring the corners of universe, we need to explore our inner self to eradicate ignorance, superstitions and develop scientific temper. Unless this is done we cannot sleep.

    India has always dreamt of not just protecting the environment but also creating the environment which doesn’t need protection. Even after so many efforts this dream is yet unfulfilled. Our future generations will thank us for leaving a better environment for them. Unless we maintain balance between environment exploitation and development, we cannot be complacent.

    India has always dreamt of being a superpower, not one that bullies other nations but one that is respected for promoting friendly relations among nations to create peace and harmony. Unless we realise the meaning of humanity as in not being human but as in being humane, India, our mother nation cannot sleep.

    These dreams of creating peace and prosperity for all the citizens as well as the whole humanity are no doubt formidable to achieve. But, we need to keep them alive to get inspired time and again, and labour hard until they are realised.

    They might be lofty goals, sceptics might label us as day dreamers but we should not stop. Lot has been achieved in last seven decades of independence and lot remains to be done. To quote Henry David Thoreau:

    “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. Now it is time to put foundations beneath it”.

    • Sonia mehra

      1. The best part of your essay is the way you identified the India to be dreamt of through great Indian leaders + super power.
      2. Appropriate use of quotes

      I don’t think it’s a 1000 worded essay, it’s good that you havent stretched it.

      • Kant

        Essay doesnt have to be 1000 words. Even 70% is fine. I think its harmful to give the reader unnecessary GS gyan. Generally essay checkers are English professors.

        Thanks for review.

    • Rashmirathi

      this is the best essay i have read aaj 🙂 simply wonderful from the beginnig to the end ! no criticizm from my side.
      great job man 🙂

      my essay looks like total crap in front of this, but i would be very thankful if you could please review 🙂

      • Kant


    • Leiter The Leader

      Bro…you started of well…I feel your essay lacks flow and logical connection and there is no need to use dream and India should sleep in every para.
      rest is good

      • Kant

        Yar, flow is always a problem for me. How to flow from science to environment smoothly? I face this problem when multiple dimensions are involved.
        – that emphasis was to reiterate the theme. Does that seem awkward?

        • Leiter The Leader

          Use logical connector like furthermore,moreover to follow something…in contrast,irony of the fact is to show differ…and keep practicing…this all you can find on internet…
          All the best

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Kant ,

      I liked the way you approached your essay .

      You are discussing various issues that India is facing as a nation , but you should actually present those issues from the perspective of a common man and what we can do to solve that from his side .That will actually make every Indian to be awake until he/she fulfills his/her dreams .

      ALL THE BEST !!!

      • Kant

        Thanks for the review.
        I think common man’s dream is peace and prosperity. Health, manufacturing, efficient administration are just means to achieve the end of realising dreams.

        • Aravind Varier

          Dear Kant ,

          YES !!! common mans dream is peace and prosperity . What i want to convey was like ” a person should feel that the problem he see in the society should consider it as his problems and what he can do from his side to solve that ” . if you could bring out that relation and tell this makes him awake , then the essay would become EXCELLENT

          THANK YOU 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Kant

            Agree. I forgot the role of individuals in achieving these goals.

    • defiance

      Good one bro….. Nice flow as well… For the conclusion “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. Now it is time to put foundations beneath it” – I feel,if u have added few points on our focus on services earlier – missing manufacturing – will make contextually relevant.. Can u plz review mine… its my 2nd essay.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      short and crisp essay..
      1.what we achieved and what we have to achieve was best
      2.add some solutions so that ur optimism can be converted into a true vision and how will india then sleep… ur concluding lines will get more support then
      nothing much to review..wonderful job

      • Kant

        Agree. I forgot to include solutions.

    • sankar

      good one frnds
      you have covered many parameters
      intro is good one
      put some suggestion……rest is good to read.thanks

    • Good to see you mentioned about science and space ..i unfortunately missed that …

    • Jaya Swatantra

      What a wonderful write up!!crisp,focussed and to the point… no negative feedback… keep writing All the best and thanks!!

    • yogi

      Intro: superb, u have used the catchy phrase very intelligently (Y)

      quotes aptly used , good

      One important aspect of essay writing is that whenever we are mentioning the negatives of anything then also mention the solutions to the same. That shows the positivity in our thinking, i found the solutions missing in your essay

      Many dimensions covered, so good job : )

      Around mid of the essay the flow got broken,

      Language is simple and limited GS gyan, ur plus points

      Short paras again a plus point

      Whenever writing a quote wrote the exact words e.g the last quote of ur essay in actual words is:

      “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

      Thanks 🙂

    • except for the conclusion, I really liked the essay.

      Intro was apt. Body and structure : good. Multidimensional. But it seemed a bit inclined towards merely counting what we have/ could “not” do rather than what “has” been done. (the solution part)

      Nothing else to add from my side.
      Review mine at yur convenience.

      • Kant

        will review yours tomorrow.

      • Kant

        What could have been done better in conclusion?
        I focused on what not had been done because that is part of the dream.
        Reviewing yours.

        • According to me solution shouk be given in the penultimate para and conclusion needs to be a comprehensive picture of the whole essay and an idea that should be left unanswered. A question with a self explanatory answer.

    • G.

      hey kant… u asked me to review it so here it is

      introduction was really good man…
      i think in ur essay you just stated the facts, a but more analyzing is required.
      a proper connection was lacking with the reader, like every para a new thing. more connection within paras may be needed, it felt more disjoiinted
      conclusion could be mush better…
      but anyways ice try..
      im not an expert, but this is what i felt

      cheers !!

    • rrv

      Hey kant…
      1. Good intro
      2. At some way in the mid flow was lacking…
      3. Though u gave many aspects but due to continuity i think thoda hapazard ho gaya…
      4. Apart from that u could hv avoided using ‘We’… Instead u can reframe it like u r saying from the persective of India… Like India has dreamt of a society and so on. It will make ur essay better.
      (Personal view though)
      5. Your quotes are really grt and aptly placed. Coping them 😛

      Overall a balance answer.
      P.S. Thank u for reviewing mine 🙂

      • Kant

        Thanks for the review.

  • Jaya Swatantra

    Please review


    Dreams define the dimensions of progress provided beautified with necessary efforts.I am blessed to be born as an Indian which has been a place of diverse religions,culture,language, which has always been a promoter of bonhomie and birthplace of great luminaries which enlightened the whole world with their thoughts and actions.No place other than India which preferred human relations instead of material possessions ,magnanimity and egalitarianism in the whole world.

    When a child is born. So many dreams also takes birth with him.And the parents devote their whole life in order to fulfill those dreams combined with the efforts of that child.For dreams to be cherished weakness and strength of the child is being considered,a workable plan is made and gradually shortcomings are overcomed.

    So is the case with India although India is a unique place but for making it India of my dreams a lot is needed to be done.I dream my India to be a world leader in thoughts,actions and aspirations.I dream my India to be a fully egalitarian where no gender bias,intolerance and dreaded acts of violence towards specific sections of society exists,where every individual is empowered with good health,sanitation,food security,education,awareness and employment.I dream my India where each farmer is empowered ,no more suicides by him and a real smile of prosperity at his face.I dream my India to be a corruotion free society where meritocrcy should become the defining world for development.Abolition of all those hackneyed view and obscurantism which has limited the progress of India in true terms.Where the three pillars of governance ,executive ,administrative and judiciary work in an impartial manner and in cohesion to address the needs of common man promptly.

    But for making these dreams true, a holistic and inclusive approach is needed where freedom of expression should be taken as genuinely granted for wider platform of development despite becoming a tool of politics and sedition.

    Gender bias and acts of intolerance has really crippled the real development of India.Janani janmabhumish swargadapi garyasi( the place of mother and motherland is paramount, greater than heaven).How may we talk and dream of a holistic development without improvement in the condition of women?. Female infanticide,dowry system,domestic violence,Dev Dasi pratha,which really question the dignity of women needed to be checked.According to a recent survey by an international agency India is not a safe place for women.So such type of reports are indeed a great worry.India ranks far below in measuring happiness index too because where the women is supressed and her emotion are crushed how may one aspire for higher rankings in happiness index?.How may one sleep if somewhere the sobbings of females are silently heard.Indeed some legislations like anti dowry act, act agaist Devdasi pratha, Inheritance of property to girls, Beti bachao beti badhao is a luadable move but all legislations should be implemented in its true letter and spirit.

    A hungry stomach can not think for progress.So issues of health for all, sanitation, food security by way of scientific farming,improvement in farmers condition by way of least dependence on mansoon for farming,their education,awareness of govenment schemes and fair public distribution system is crying for attention.Impoverished sections needs are needed to addressed so that they may be included in the mainstream of development.No dream will be fully cherished if such sections are deprived of education,employment, skill training etc because poverty pushes one to be involved in sin and it drags them to become anti social elements.India is home to one of the richest persons in the whole world but what the utility if equitable distribution is a distant dream.Pain of negligence is very deep so for a true development new avenues are needed to be created.A lot is being done in this direction but its sustainability is to be ensured.

    Corruption is really sucking the zeal and enthusiasm of governance.Its demoralising for the common man who has to face its wrath every now and then.I dream my India to be corruption free where the citizenry no more sees their short term benefits for getting their work done.A will is needed to be emboldened for uprooting it.I dream for that day when India’s name would be a top name in most honest countries of the world.

    All those policies which are age old and want change needed overhauling for the greater development.The criteria of providing reservation should be given a serious thought without becoming a tool of vote politics.

    I dream my India to be a world leader in teaching the whole world the imporatnce of life skills,respect for building relationships, love and compassion for making it deeper and stronger.When Swami Vivekanand addressed the public in world religion summit in Chicago as brothers and sisters the whole public was swayed away by these magical and charismatic words of Vivekananda ji and the whole auditorium was filled with echo of claps.This legacy of friendship which our ancestors have transfered with an undeterred faith on us to be carried further must be passed on.

    I dream my India not to be a hollow face of virtual development devoid of importance of care and touch.Scientific and technological developments are indded laudable but the bond of care and real communication (face to face ) should not be restricted to the use of internet,skype etc. A concern for environment,ecology and making this world a better place to live.India should come out with smarter ways of green development for curbing pollution and population both.

    Dream of creating a social condition where each and every individual has the possibility and power to embark upon the road of unlimited growth.It is necessary to free people from wants,hunger and exploitation which deprive them of equal chances.But we have to ensure ushering life to these dreams with a stronger commitment on the part of citizens,government and civil society.We are the soul of India lets make all thes dreams by wholeheartedly working on it because where there is will there is way.Need is to enthuse these dreams with an unending spirit to come out with flying colours.All the best India of my dreams!!

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Please do review friends!!

    • Good one Jaya. The flow in beginning was quite good but lost in the later paragraphs. the para where you used “I dream my India” is beautifully written but perhaps it could have been written in conclusion otherwise the issues you mentioned have been repeated in the later paragraphs.
      Good language gas been used but can be improved a bit to make it engaging as you engaged me in the few initial paras. Have a look at my essay too 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for review Batman ji… will improve would love to review yours too… 🙂

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.intro-u nailed it jaya..nothing could have been more upvote
      2.lost the track after ur dreams..sapne se jag gaye they and read jnu issue in newspaper immediately…that’s why directly thought of freedom expression came for holistic development..;p
      3.try to connect the paras jaya using various connectors or ideas…u can;t just pick any issue and explain..a pattern should be visible
      4.can conclude well just like ur dhansu intro
      best part was u wrote in first person which added spice in ur essay
      keep writing well

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks Vivaan let me know is there any minus marking for writing in first person as what Kant ji mentioned.. i did not get prperly
        Will improve my conclusion
        Will work on connecting issue… would improve… Bada wala thanks… 🙂

        • Vivaan Khanna

          nothing wrong jaya as per me..i liked this innovation and even complimented u :)…initially i was also conservative of such use and asked serious bhai not to write in that but later with time and from his company i came to know that as per as our narrations are justified and our ideas are conveyed we are at liberty to use any person at least in essay..u see i used second person in my essay :) focus on conveying ideas should b there…rest does not matter..see the innovation of sonia..i mean she brilliantly connected her essay and conveyed the need to worry as per me

    • Kant

      Hi Jaya,
      – intro focuses on greatness of the nation and not on the dreams
      – avoid first person narrative
      – overall structure and content is good.

      Please review my essay.

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for review.. sure.. 🙂

    • Isha

      Hi Jaya, My views-
      Intro was nice. But u see- here we have to talk about dreams which should not let india sleep and u have talked about ur dream of a perfect india. there is a difference, i think. Issues u brought forth were nice but u diverted away from the topic in the last few paras. So take care of it. Flow was okay and this time conclusion too.
      Keep writing and reviewing. ATB!
      I haven’t written so u need not review mine 🙂

      • yogi

        plz review mine 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks Isha.. dreaming for a perfect India will make us realise our shortcomings na thats why i wrote… i shall be adopting a more focused approach while writing essays in future… again big thanks for review Isha… you have always been a positive source of inspiration for me… 🙂

        • Isha

          hehe Jaya 🙂 mujhse kya inspiration legi yaar, see i haven’t even written today 😛
          But anyway, i am always ready with a super-critical review 😛

          • rrv

            Hey can you pls review mine… Thank you in advance.

          • Jaya Swatantra

            Hey Isha… have you written today?… let me know… and if time permits please do review!!

      • madam kaha gayab ho? Humse narazgi kya 😛
        Review kar de

        • Isha

          reading yours only, kehne ki jarurat nahi itni 😛
          aaj nahi likha maine 😛
          u are free this sunday 🙂

        • Jaya Swatantra

          mera review nahi kiya serious ji…………..

          • I’ll review your for sure. Just wait for some time 🙂

            • Jaya Swatantra

              Please share your blog link…

        • Isha

          kaha ho ??

          • aa raha tera review karne bas wait kar le thoda 😀

            • Isha

              Cool 😛

            • backbencher

              hi serious.. Bro u r doing laudable job, reviewing everyone’s essay n also giving suggestions. I am not able to do all this as did’nt hv time for this.. mujhe to abhi apna hi course khatam karne se fursat nahi.. uspe bhi sometimes i feel to skip exam this year.. as i hv not finished syllabus.. so either u r prodigy or u r senior player?.. plz rep.. sometime it makes me demoralize after seeing ur kind of students comments and perspective towards the questions and essay.. plz rep asap is this ur first attempt?

              • Hey bro. No need to get demoralized. M still in my learning stage. I still have to go a long way. If you want to excel, 3-4 months of practice cn do wonders. Just be consistent. Even if you feel demoralized at times, just don’t give up as it’s very normal to have bad days/ times.
                Yes this is my first attempt. If Yu need any suggestion u can ask me.

                • backbencher

                  i hav started in feb,2016 .. so lack of experience and burden of syllabus.. as i met some brilliant student (IITians) who has givn interview in 4 consecutive year.. n other too jinhe 2 ya 3 years ho gaye… due to the fear of failure, i am not consistent, but ab se i will be consistent will giv 100%. i was thinking to giv next year and start with NCERTs but ab se shuru boss.. i will crack in these 8 months.. socio is my optional, ur suggestions r welcomed.. n BiG THANX n ya tell me how r u managing ur notes of GS2 3 and 1 😉

                • backbencher

                  thanx buddy….

                • backbencher

                  BHai how many question do u attempt frm Insight? all or 3 or 4 n how to revise them? daily basis or weekly ?

                  • I currently am not writing answers. I make notes due to paucity of time. 3 months prior to the mains should be given completely to answer writing practice IMO. What u can do is research a topic, and then try to write bad answers. I am saying this coz once u start writing bad answers u can move further ahead. But please write at least one answer daily, u’ll retain many topics. Use evernote to note down the rest of the answers.

                    Revising should be like this : Revise on Thursday the things u learnt from Monday-wed, and on sat revise thur to Fri. Don’t write answers on saturday. PLease Write essays, however pathetic u write.

                    • Khayam


                      I need some clarifications
                      1) how to balance between prelims and mains ?
                      2) whne sould i start writing mains answers
                      3) following Insight mains question is enough ?

                      Please reply

                    • backbencher

                      awsum bro.. same was in my mind.. thanx.. 🙂

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Jaya u won my heart by writing such excellent beautiful essay than mine please please please at any cost dont stop writing just working on few areas like little flow and content coherence and take more time than usual to better structuring further……dont focus on prelims lot u know my sister cleared prelim by just one mark but could become ias..all the best my friend

      • Jaya Swatantra

        thanks for reviewing but i did not get what did you want to say in last sentence…

    • Thor and Miolneer

      Well Written Jaya,

      I again find the intermingling of various things.
      Example –

      All those policies which are age old and want change needed overhauling for the greater development.The criteria of providing reservation should be given a serious thought without becoming a tool of vote politics.

      The Above paragraph says that those policies which are age old need overhauling for greater development. I think it should have been followed by an example of such policies and not the reservation.

      Similarly there are many instances in the essay where there is intermingling of thoughts.

      I think you should first think on some broad points and then start writing with a free flow of pen.
      To make it more understandable.
      The above topic could have been dealt in this way.

      1-Dream — Definition.
      2-What do I observe aka Problems of India. (It will have many points)
      3-My dreams aka The solution of above problems. (point by point and preferably in the same order as you wrote the points above.)
      4-Penultimate paragraph should funnel down the essay.

      Jaya, I am not an expert and less experienced than you are.

      But following could have been my approach If I would have taken the right approach.

      Please feel free to counter or correct me/Enlighten me. 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for your an enriching feedback… 🙂

    • yogi

      Wow !
      simply brilliant, no rubbish GS straightaway hitting the theme,
      read it in one go without any break, that’s the flow and simplicity that ur essay have
      keep going ur are improving every time 🙂
      thanks and ATB 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Did it mean i use rubbish GS in previous essays…. :(… 🙁

        • yogi

          It was not pertaining to yours essays,the word rubbish came to my mind when i was already fed up with reading gs ans only gs in every essay including mine.
          gs is not rubbish for gs but for essay it is if used in excess, as essay is not a test of gs
          sorry if i said something disheartening

          • Jaya Swatantra

            Arrey… no need to say sorry…freedom of expressions must be granted.. 🙂

    • Hi Jaya 🙂
      it was an awesome read for me today.. very nice flow.. one para one idea..
      structured also.. conclusion also good 🙂
      one point to note : essay doesn’t ask your personal vision of dreams for India.. so avoid writing “I dream my India” .. write in third person only.. (personal view)
      overall very good write-up today.. thanks 🙂
      please review mine !

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for review… reviewed please check… 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Please do review my essay would love to review yours Namita!!

        • Yes Jaya I will review yours asap, I didn’t write 🙂

    • Abhiknowledge_is_free

      Good beginning! All the points mentioned were indeed very vital and pressing until you arrived at the point where you (all of us) want to see India as a global leader teaching the whole world. of course, it is a good dream and worth aspiring for but the topic here demands those dreams that should not let us sleep.. dreams that are pressing and urgent for India as a nation. This is like more like an essay on “India of my Dream”. I hope you get my point. Please review mine too. 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for review… sure… 🙂

    • Jorge

      Hey I think the content is good. If you were to write a similar essay again, I would suggest that you stick to a few major themes (for example: gender bias, poverty, corruption – which you talk about in the middle of the essay). Though you already do this a bit, and though the beginning and end are both individually quite solid, I think that the aspect on which you can improve is linking each theme to the following theme, and having an essay structure where the introduction gives the basic outline of a problem/issue, the body paragraphs go into detail, and the conclusion gives a bit of a resolution or way forward for policy. Anyway, writing an entire essay in the time is half the battle won, so keep at it and I’m sure with each essay you will get closer to perfection

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for your valuable feedback.. i shall keep these points in mind while writing essay next time… thanks a loads.. 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Please review todays essay and tell whether i jave improved a bit or not as points told by you above….:)

    • The penultimate para was not related to the topic IMO.
      The intro was good, explaining “dream” was something very unique, but this part

      “No place other than India which preferred human relations instead of material possessions ,magnanimity and egalitarianism in the whole world” should have been the 2nd para and the 2nd para could be mixed with the intro to give a different intro.

      The dimensions were good. The flow could be better by using connectors (Apparently, moving on, also, Nevertheless)
      The conclusion is good albeit it leaves the reader wanting more.
      Good read, except for some flaws 🙂

      Have a look 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks… going to read yours…. always a worth read… :)… 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Please aaj ka essay bhi review kariyega.. if time permits… i would love to read yours…

  • 看一看来瞧一瞧,这个博客真是好!

  • defiance

    Dreams that shouldn’t let India sleep

    “More than 3500 farmer suicides in 2015 in Maharashtra alone”.

    “Mother of newborn raped inside ICU”.

    “India successfully places its orbiter around Mars and becomes the third country to do so”.

    Imagine what would be the response of our forefathers who fought for the dream of an independent India for decades. Of course, they would be proud of our Mars Orbiter Mission, but they would be embarrassed by the callousness of the state for allowing debt trap for farmers that result in their suicides and will also be ashamed because of the moral depravity that runs deep in our society which is leading to the kind of offences that no one would have seen even in their wildest dreams. They will be able to provide a straight forward response that this is not the India that they dreamt of – for sure. This points to only one thing – dreams of the 1940’s are yet to be accomplished.

    Aspirations are the pathways to dreams. The aspirations of an independent India have been enshrined in our constitution by our forefathers. Our preamble talks of social, economic and political justice. Equal protection of law, rights against exploitation and discrimination based on gender, caste, creed, etc., right to education are part of our fundamental rights. Directional Principles of State Policy provides a much broader idea of the India that our elders wanted. Former CJI Chagla once said, “If all the directions given in DPSPs are fully carried out, our country will be a heaven on earth”.

    But, the unfortunate reality is, the India that we live in is far away from the ideals that have been enshrined by our forefathers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we have failed on all fronts – we have made significant advances in many sectors through different programmes; but that cannot be an excuse to not fulfilling the ideals that have been defined for an independent India.

    Poverty is rampant is across the country. This eventually leads to poor living conditions, limited opportunities for better education and employment that makes them more and more underprivileged. Though many governments have implemented poverty alleviation programmes and successfully lifted millions from the clutches of poverty, the goal of establishing social and economic justice remains a faraway dream.

    Though the laws of the land penalize discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion, etc., discrimination based on the same
    attributes is prevalent across the country. Exploitation has become a commonplace. We are coming across news regarding child labour, bonded labour, child and women trafficking often; and the future remains bleak as well, thanks to the poor implementation of laws by enforcement agencies. A society free from all these social evils still remains a dream.

    Crimes against women a daily affair and they are becoming heinous by each passing day. This indicates the new low of moral and ethical values of our society. Gender based discrimination is still a reality in almost all avenues of life. “Equal pay for equal work” idea that has been enshrined in the constitution is yet to become a reality.

    Governments of the day are struggling to break the connect between debt-traps of farmers and poor harvest due to monsoon failures or unforeseen weather events. This ensures that farmer suicides reach new highs every passing year. The callous attitude shown by the governments is synonymous with the act of failing its citizens, especially the underprivileged.

    Corruption has become rampant and well entrenched; nepotism is systemic and it is the order of the day. Bureaucracy remains rigid and lack the empathy, compassion with which it is supposed to serve the country. This lead to poor implementation of the welfare programmes, which impedes the dream of empowering the citizens socially and economically.

    Though we have made significant advance in science and technology, we are still decades away from accomplishing the goals of the
    programmes that were established by our elders long back. We have leaped forward with advancements in space technology which were proven by Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan missions; we have also demonstrated our abilities time and
    again through our workhorse PSLV. But, still we are decades back with respect to the advancements that the NASA, ESA and Roscosmos have shown. Our slow progress becomes clearer if we compare our growth with that of the Chinese – they have
    leapfrogged in the past two decades in building heavier rockets and moving ahead with a plan for their own space stations.

    Continuing with technology, the humiliating defeat that we suffered in the hands of Chinese in 1962 didn’t propel us to focus on building our armed forces through indigenous manufacturing and we still carry the embarrassing tag of “world’s biggest arms importer” even today.

    Though we have made remarkable progress in pharmaceutical sector, millions of our citizens continued to be plagued by different diseases – which takes a toll on our economy through healthcare costs and reducing workforce productivity. Pharma industry remains export oriented and our health missions are far away from eliminating the burden of diseases, apart from few exceptions.

    We are also just halfway through with respect to our three stage civilian nuclear programme; thorium reactor technology is still in its
    initial prototypes and it is at least years away from commercial deployment. We continue to rely heavily on imports for earlier versions of nuclear reactors. Energy security remains a dream and it seems that it will continue as a dream in the near future as well, especially when we import 80 percent of our fuel requirements.

    Though we have made huge strides economically, the dream of becoming a “self-sufficient” economy of our forefathers still remains a dream. Countries across the world, especially China & US are recalibrating their growth strategies from and export driven model to a model that that ensures growth through domestic consumption. To put it in other words, countries are trying to become self-sufficient
    – we are trying to experiment with the export driven model through “Make in India” and other initiatives. Many experts are also suggesting to focus on “Make for India”. Becoming a self-sufficient economy was one of the primary goals of our first Prime Minster Jawaharlal Nehru. The “planned” approach that we took may not have resulted in desired results, becoming a self-sufficient economy
    still holds good to be economically strong and robust.

    Geopolitically – we have fared poor to live upto the dreams of our founder fathers.The territorial integrity of a nation is of paramount
    importance. Securing a sovereign nation’s border will always remain a dream even if it is left unsaid. We have unresolved border disputes with two of our major neighbors and we are yet to find ways to secure our territorial integrity and it remains a dream. We remain mute spectator of CPEC that runs in the middle of PoK. Till the time we augment ourselves with the capability to become assertive with respect to out border issues, territorial integrity of our country will continue to remain a dream.

    All of us would want to see India as a superpower sooner or later. But – what makes a country a true superpower?. The true strength of a nation doesn’t not rely on its primarily relies on its people – the social, economic and political empowerment of the nation’s people and the faith its people have on the nation, especially the underprivileged and not the nation’s armed forces or its economy. Till the time we continue to focus only on the dreams of few millions of “privileged” citizens, the dreams of more than a “billion” citizens will remain unfulfilled. So, it’s imperative for the government of the day to take a holistic view of the dreams of all sections of the society and implement programmes on war-footing so that the dreams of 1900’s – that defines the idea of India – doesn’t remain unfulfilled for
    the generations of Indians yet to come.

    • Kant

      Good one.
      – preamble and DPSP is the crux of essay and people have missed this part. Great you mentioned this.
      – last para- you can’t say that the govt is only focusing on the privileged few. That’s cynicism. Avoid that. Just mention that the development should be Inclusive which you have already done in next line
      – content is solid with good analysis
      – doesn’t remain unfulfilled in conclusion shows pessimism. Instead say our generations to come can live in India of dreams
      – rest is good

      • defiance

        Thanks bro. this is my 2nd essay.. will improve…..

        • Kant

          2nd essay? Bro you already write like a pro. Best luck.

          • defiance

            Thanks bro..

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear defiance ,

      I LOVED your introduction 🙂

      you discussed various problems but totally left the main part why common man should feel he cannot sleep because his dream of India is yet to come into existence .

      In all the problems you discussed , a common cannot do anything about it . he will be just a mere spectator .” i hope you got my point ”

      ALL THE BEST !!!

      • defiance

        Thanks for the review bro. Got it:)

    • Tinkerbell

      overall nice attempt-Liked ur intro-
      critique- midst of essay seems a lil bit like links were lost- essay too much dwelled in the past

      • defiance

        Thanks tinkerbell for the review…. yes – I have to focus on the flow so that it contexts connects well throughout the essay. ll keep it in mind

    • Isha

      Hi defiance, my views-
      It was overall a nice essay. But u need to take care of few things. Like u emphasized upon too many issues. In the process, flow suffered. U can reduce the content to make it a bit short- more than 1300 words are here. There is a scope of improvement in conclusion.
      I have not written today.
      Keep writing. I can see its ur 2nd one. You ll imporve and see the changes urself in time. By this standard even, ur are far better than I was in my 2nd 🙂

      • defiance

        Thanks Isha for the review…. yup – flow has been a problem. ll try improve on tat aspect…..

    • Vivaan Khanna

      my dear friend..dreams which should not let India sleep does not mean u have to present the gloomy picture of India…dreams are aspirations which really want to have in that reality should be brought out..not everything can be painted green but solutions should also be there…in conclusion i thought u are becoming optimistic but with ur privileged and billion wala point brought back me to pessimism
      Once my mentor had said,mister vivaan khanna u are an Indiana and so is either write an optimistic essay else in pessimistic one give the suggestion how could problem be solved….not everybody is sitting in armchair and even politicians want development…i showed him my pessimistic essay on democracy which came in 2013 i think..same applies here also
      coverage of dimension was very exhaustive in ur answer..just little postivity can make it feel good read
      keep writing 🙂

      • defiance

        Thanks bro.. ll keep in mind going forward…..

    • Rashmirathi

      good attempt. just little things here and there need to be amended. first of all dont write with such negativity. thora optimism bhi dikhna chahiye essay me. starting from the introduction itself you are stating the ugly state of affairs, thora moderation lao.
      try establishing flow between paragraphs.

      thank you 🙂

  • Rashmirathi

    Dreams Which Should Not Let India Sleep

    It was a cool , breezy winter morning. Like always I started my day with a walk to the nearby chai stall, a habit I acquired from my father.
    As usual, on my way I come across some children , barely clothed , scavenging through the garbage. Moving forward , I hear crying sounds coming from Shifu’s house , our night watchman. On enquiring I found out that his wife passed away last night during childbirth. They were trying to get the delivery done at home since the government hospital had no beds available. Disturbed and sad I continue my cwalk. Rita’s 14 year old daughter is sweeping the house yard while her son waits for the school bus. Tey are saving for her dowry they say. Now I have almost reached the chai stall. But to my surprise there is no one here today. Suddenly I find Sonu , the stall owner snuck in a corner . upon much persuasion he tells me a rogue policeman shut off his stall because he failed to pay him the weekly ‘hafta’.

    I walk back home thinking about the idea of india, that still remains a dream after about 7 decades of independence.

    The idea of india, a dream for which millions laid their lives , conceived by our leaders and equally aspired for by the masses , formed the backbone of the national movement for independence. The words of Rabindra Nath Tagore sum up this dream pretty well –
    “ where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,
    Where knowledge is free,
    Where the world is not broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls,
    Where clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit,
    Into that haven of freedom my Father , let my country awake” .

    Have these dreams been fulfilled ? how long have we come so far ? let us understand and analyse step by step.

    1. Poverty –
    Removal of poverty and ensuring a decent standard of living to each and every citizen has been a guiding beacon in the governance of our country since the very beginning. Various measures such as National Food Security Act, subsidies have been undertaken by our government but still a large section of the society lives under abject poverty. The cases of farmer suicides are on the rise.

    2. Health and nutrition –
    India is home to ~200 million undernourished people. The National Family Health Survey -4 reports open ones eyes to the little development made in the area of health and nutrition. The numerous cases of anemia in women , stunted growth in children , maternal deaths , low levels of awareness on HIV etc present the dismal state of affairs.

    3. Education –
    Education of the country’s younger generation is one of the most important tasks before any government. Despite measures such as right to education , many of our children , specially girls do not go to school due to various social and economic issues. Addressing them is a major dream which should not let us sleep.

    4. Women empowerment—
    We now have missiles to destroy our most capable enemies but our women cannot travel safely in public transport. Heinous cases of rapes and crime against women and children are frequent. We are on way to faster travels to Mars but the journey of a girl from her mother’s womb to the birth table is not at all safe in our society. The skewed sex ratio is worrysome. Harassment of women in workplaces needs to be taken care of. Various legislations have been made in this direction but the ground reality hasn’t changed much.

    5. Ensuring law and order—
    Recent cases such as Dadri lynching over beef issue, killings due to religious intolerance, communal riots , crimes against authors and social activists like Soni Sori show the poor state of affairs. Many tribal areas have time and again complained of misbehavior and infliction of atrocities by the police. Corruption in government offices is rampant.

    6. Terrorism –
    The vision of a terrorism free India, harmonious relationships with neighbouring countries , ensuring our youth does not get radicalized by terrorist outfits such as ISIS, LeT, etc.,containing Left Wing Extremism are few of the goals of prime importance that should not let us sleep.

    7. Economic growth and inclusivity—
    We have been one of the fastest growing economies for a long time now. But this growth has failed to percolate to the lowest strata of the society. The top 5% of the population owns more than the bottom 50%. Manufacturing sector isn’t very well developed.

    Apart from these , there are other dreams such as ensuring peace and harmony in the society, providing right to dissent and healthy criticism to the citizens without disrupting the security and sovereignty of the nation which should not let us sleep.

    For the fulfillment of these dreams the government has made a lot of efforts since Independence through various policies and acts. But sufficient results haven’t been reaped so far due to various flaws in implementation, leakages, mistargeting, corruption , social evils such as patriarchy, dowry , casteism, etc.

    Government has tried to address these flaws through recent measures such as Direct Benefit Transfer, Jan Dhan – Aadhaar- Mobile trinity, stringent laws for women’s safety, education, Make in India to boost manufacturing sector, constant evolution of foreign policy to suit the needs of the times etc.

    But these dreams are not just for the government to fulfill , but the responsibility of each one of us. Small measures from our sides such as paying taxes, respecting women and teaching our children the same, stopping female infanticide, becoming open and tolerant to all ideas and religions, respecting all communities, stc. Can play a big role in creating an india of our dreams.

    Our Late President Dr. Abdul Kalaam rightly said, “ Dreams are not those that you see in sleep, but ones that do not let you sleep” . Following in his footsteps and those of many others who serve as the beacon lights for the times of today, we need to start working hard and in the right direction and keep going until the goal is attained.

    The dream of a future where there would be no kids working as ragpickers but going to school, where Shifu’s wife wouldn’t die giving birth at home, where Rita’s daughter will also get the chance to go to school, where Sonu will not have to shut his chai stall because of a policeman misusing the power that comes from holding the gun.

    These are the dreams which shouldn’t let India sleep.

    • Kant

      That was a nice read.
      This way of intro is good but it tends to become lengthy and then reader starts losing interest. Its better to keep it short and simple. No need to mention that you inherited it from father or things like that.
      – Tagore’s quote was a better candidate for the intro
      – your analysis is good
      You tried to link the conclusion with intro nice
      – overall good write-up.

      • Rashmirathi

        i too though of starting from Tagore’s quote but i guessed most people would be starting from quotes isliye wrote it this way instead.
        agree with your point of making intro thora short, will change it abhi.

        thank you 🙂

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Rashmi ,

      Your Introduction is good 🙂

      I did see you mentioning various points on the problems India face as a nation but you should try to connect those issues from the view of a common man and what can he do personally to bring a change .

      you should try to tell in the essay , the common cannot sleep because he/she feels , he should do more from his/her side to make our country better .

      ALL THE BEST !!!

    • Leiter The Leader

      No doubt you started off well..but after you mentioned topic wise and no connections(which I personally don’t prefer).
      You can still cover other dimension too.
      rest is good.

    • defiance

      hi…. really a good intro… I feel – the pointers – if you can broaden them – like Social Justice, Economy, Infra, Governance, geo politics,etc the essay will bcum more comprehensive…. Plz review mine

      • Rashmirathi

        thanks for the review friend 🙂
        noted your suggestions

        ya will review yours

    • Vivaan Khanna

      isse accha ap chai ghar pe hi bana lete..chai b nahi mili aur mood b kharab
      1.I think u were experimenting with two intros-ur narration and rabindranath..ended up writing both..better start with that quote itself
      2.connection among paras are important no matter even if u try to hide it with heads…following a proper structure should be priority
      3.towards end u were in hurry…elaboration of citizen point is required.
      4.stop with APJ’s need of Shifu and Rita…also last line was not required
      content wise it was good mine please

      • Rashmirathi

        hahaha 😀 haan ghar hi pe bana leni chaiye thi 😀
        yaar quote se start karti toh it would have been too cliched. i was thinking about using it in conclusion , but then yeh experiment kar daala .
        i agree with your point on connection between paras . editing that
        third point noted, will change.
        arrey to form a connection between into and conclusion mentioned about Shifu and Rita

        sry yaar, kal nahin kar paayi review, aaj karti hoon..

    • yogi

      Starting and end were superb (Y)
      but the main body , a big no,
      we have to be positive, u have merely mentioned the problems of india in different areas. If u are talking negatives in any essay, then provide the solutions for the same problems. you made that attempt towards the end of ur essay, but they don;t hit all the problems.
      voting up for intro and conclusion
      keep writing and reviewing 🙂

      • Rashmirathi

        thanks for the review yogi 🙂
        ya i agree with you about the main body. will edit that .

  • Akhil

    Dreams are either good or bad. Some remain in memory, while most are forgotten. Some makes person amuse, while others may haunt him. Sometimes dreams may make person restless it could be either good or bad one, but it has potential to change his behavior, attitude and action. Theses dreams become goal of his life, he starts thinking about them all the time, ways to achieve them and efforts he can put to make them real. All these activities going in his life do not let him sleep.

    Dream is not restricted to individuals only. Family can dream, society can dream even nation also can dream.dream here does not mean dream during sleep, but is related to targets which one endeavours to achieve. Dream of nation is dream of its people that is aspirations of its citizens and how they want to see their country should be like.

    For Democratic country like India dream of its people means dream of elected leaders , as they represent the people of country. But larger question arises what constitutes the dream of India? What should be their in dream which do not make country sleep?let us discuss about this dream in detail.

    Condition of women is not hidden from anyone in India. On one side they are worshipped as goddess, on the other side they are killed in womb, tourchered for dowry, assaulted at workplace and raped by so called more superior male. They face all form of discrimination at every stage of their life irrespective of their caste in society. This wretchedness of Indian women and determination to eliminate them in all form at the same time empowering them in every field should not let our leaders sleep.

    Discrimination, prejudice and oppression is not exclusive to Indian women. there is class of people who had faced and still facing similar treatment for centuries. Despite taking various initiative to improve Socio-economic status of these oppressed classes real goal has not been achieved even after seventy year of independence. Cast related violence,unemployment, poverty, hunger etc have marred life of these people.

    India is sill hone to largest number of poor in the world and most of these poor are from lower caste of society. Hunger, malnutrition, infant mortality, stunting, wide spread communicable diseases, lack of sanitation, poor quality of water etc are stark reality of Asia’s third largest economy. Country has taken some step to tackle these challenges, but still it has long way to go. Unless every citizen of India get rid of from these problems leaders should not take rest.

    Another important issue is growing inequality in country between rich and poor, urban and rural. This devide between have and have not has rapidly increased since economic liberalisation in 1991. It is against the dream of our founding fathers who endeavoured to establish socialist pattern of society. Government should take urgent step in this direction to realise the dream of our founding leaders.

    Communalism is serious challenge India is confronting today. Country got divided due to communal violence in 1947 still neither people nor politicians( in particular) want to learn any lesson from it. Hardly any year goes without communal violence in country. Ending Communalism and increasing bonhomie among different communities should be the real target of India.

    However, one thing which is even more serious than Communalism and damaged country most is ‘corruption’. Every single Indian is affected with corruption and believes it as root cause of all their problem. Everyone want to get rid of from corruption, various laws, protest, movement have been taken place in country but still no satisfactory result. Removing corruption from all its form should be the foremost dream of country.

    Today, India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. It is intricately related to other countries of the glob. Activities of other countries are bound to affect it. It is in this context that country have to share the burden of climate change and global warming. It will have to take measures to mitigate these problems though it is not responsible for it. India should not run away from this responsibility and must take every possible effort to meet its INDC and commitments made in Paris climate summit last year. This will be in line of its tradition of “vasudhaiv kutumbakam.”

    As a biggest nation in South Asia, it is imperative for India to have friendly relations with all its neighbours. ‘neighbour first’ policy should be shown in action and not on paper only. Better realtion with neighbours will help in combating menace of terrorism, increasing investment and solving out other outstanding issues. Hence dream should be to remove all kind of suspicion amongst neighbours to achieve stability and peace in the region, which are very crucial for development.

    Dream of future India should also incorporate better and high quality education at every level to everyone, developing scientific temper among citizens and developing good relation with other countries as well. Once these dreams are achieved India will become role model country for others. it will be once again reach in position to become ‘vishvaguru’.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.”For Democratic country like India dream of its people means dream of elected leaders , as they represent the people of country.”-i do not has to do only with polity and economy…read my essay u will get what i want to say..that way i will get ur review too 🙂
      2.make it more structured by bringing connectivity like u did with women and lower caste and communalism-corruption
      3.can conclude with more optimistic tone..also never try to introduce new dimension in may backfire
      4.provide eng translation of vashudhaiv kutumbkam and vishvaguru ;p
      again good efforts

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        Thanks for your nice suggestion on conclusion will keep in mind.
        I’ll review yours definitely

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      Hi Akhil, my views-
      It was an improvement over ur last essay. U have included multiple issues and justified them as well. Only thing i wud say is intro was not upto mark. So work on making it more interesting. Also conclusion was missing. Rest is good. Keep writing and reviewing. ATB 🙂

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    Dreams which should not let india to sleep.

    India is now home to 1.3 billion people. It has started journey as quoted by jawahar lal nehru – tryst with destiny, from scratches as it had caused to the drain of wealth by colonial power, British. Intellectuals and freedom fighters like Gandhi, nehru, sardar vallabhai Patel, k t Saha etc had dreamt of the nation which could accommodate all the people and strive for their prosperity. They had laboriously documented ideals like equality, liberty, fraternity, independent judiciary, election commission of India, affirmative action for vulnerable, fundamental rights, directive principles etc.

    It is honour to us that our constitutional ideals as mentioned above is praised across the world today. We have built a successful democracy which has been taking care of it’s citizens and had not faced national emergency barring once in 1975. However, many issues like poverty, governance, welfare of the citizens especially vulnerable and minorities has time and again worrying the nation.

    India was food starving nation when freed from colonialism. It had heavily relied on importing the food grains. Much of it’s budget was siphoned off for payment of the grains. With careful planning, adoption of green revolution model employed with high yield variety of seeds, use of fertilisers, modern tools has achieved a tremendous production of food grains which made india self sufficient. It is even become food provider to African nations, countries in crisis, gulf etc. However, pilferage, rotting of grains in the fci godowns, corruption is limiting the objective of providing food to all. To weed out such problems, it has been employed with different tools like digitisation of beneficiaries names, biometric system, social audit etc.

    As india an energy deficient country, it’s foreign policy is more or less has been tilted towards energy (hydro carbon) rich countries namely the middle east countries, Russia, Australia, Canada etc. it is fulfilling the energy requirements of the nation through constant bilateral agreements, joint ventures, aid in crisis and diplomatic relations.

    India is prone to both rise and fall of price of crude oil, which recorded unprecedented low cost of $ 30 per barrel. To understand it, the exports of India is fallen recently especially in terms of refined crude products, diamonds, jewellery which play a significant role in contributing to foreign exchange and employment due to current economic crisis of middle east.

    India is bordered by hostile countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan. National security has been a major challenge since independence. It had fought three wars, two with Pakistan and one with China. Amid emergence of social networking sites and radicals like isis, alkanda etc the security of citizen is mamoth task in a country like india – multi religious. Being india had not had enough funds at the time of independence, not focused on manufacturing defence related goods which led to register the third largest importer of guns from Russia, Israel, USA etc. However, we made a tremendous growth in satellite use, research which has put us in elite group of nations in terms of space. In recent times, defence preparedness has been the point of discussion whenever india negotiated the talks with foreign dignitaries. India has manufactured a small variety of small arms -insas and slr rifles, pistols. Our nation has purchasing fighter jets, torpedos, aircraft, , heavy calibre guns and most of time not latest technology made. Seeing present global politics, rising unemployment of youth, social problems of our country, it made our policy makers to focus on indigenous production which is just contributing 16 -17% to gdp. To reverse situation and to make manufacturing hub, our present govt has launched make in India campaign in September 2014 -since then rules of business has been improved. As a result there was a 39% Fdi growth in India in 2015 when major economies of world reeling under stagnation growth. The problem has not been over if we want to empower the people, we have to provide employment and other issues shall follow ultimately.

    The compounding problem of air pollution, heavy transport cost of cargo, increasing accidents due to congestion, long time taking travel even for short distances, made govt to formulate a road map to transform the present railway as sustainable which could be seen in the recent railway budgets of 2015-16 and 2016-17.

    Provision of light to countryside even today has not been met fully. Many rural households are still decent on kerosene lamps. Majority of electricity in India is produced by thermal power plants. It is a major contributor of green house gases which is causing to climate change. Changing monsoons, recent three droughts, chennai floods may be partly due to the climate change as contended by experts on the subject. India is not only the country facing problems of climate change but it’s impact would be more on her having a coastline of 7000kms and heavily reliant on monsoons for agriculture.

    To reduce emissions, provide social security and employment to burgeoning population for at least in lakes as well as to meet indcs (cop-21, paris) India has voiced for having solar alliance. With zeal, commitment though facing crisis in funding has set up solar alliance directorate at gurgaon (India). As on date, more than seventy countries has expressed pleasure to be member of the newly set organisation. It will bring cutting edge technology in solar energy production by doing so cost of renewable energy come down and the gap in society will reduce, this is one of our founders dream.

    Accommodating the interests of multi religious people under one political identity is challenging task, even Britishers had doubt at that time leaving india in 1947 that India would never be a country like what india is. India has followed that the principle of unity in diversity. Though, rules, regulations have been enacted through different acts in accordance with constitutional ideals and without violating basic structure, their implementation had been poor. As a result corruption, social tensions, gap between rich and poor is widening. It is one of the reason for low human development index in India. Tackling all these issues, citizen charters across different departments; anti corruption agencies (cbi, Cvc, cids), Rti have been set up in recent years. However, the issue of corruption, mal practice in public sector has not been fully eradicated. As a result the vulnerable especially downtrodden, women, children facing problems -security, public goods, health, education. It is our nation dream to have an egalitarian society. The lack of better security environment is a major constraint to our women empowerment.

    The dreams which our founders had dreamt of and the same had been document in our constitution has not been come true even after 68 years of independence. It is worrisome to say that the gap between rich and poor has not come down but the number of millionaires has been increasing year after year fro india as per the forces report.

    The issues of – reservation seen in recent times, caste politics, freedom of speech, poverty (much needs to be done), pollution, security of women, children and minorities challenging the ideals of our democracy which is nothing but India dream.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      hi eswar…if u would not have written conclusion i will never have been able to what the dream of India should be so that it does not sleep
      problems..u enumerated..u even told the where is the problem…so please try to explain ur dream which India should aspire for..not only in last line but throughout essay reader should know that u are writing essay on the topic,not the problems and govt schemes…a little language twist may do
      rest u covered various dimensions which many have not included and comparison with history was good..keep writing

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      U have included most of the things that was responsible for keeping ur originality little away
      mentioning so many things have prevented u from taking ur stand……please keep writing very soon u will reach the stage where u will be able to introduce very good essay

  • Arun

    “Dreams which should not let India sleep”

    India as a civilisational state has embarked it journey towards the prosperity and overall well being since long back.This dream has been institutionalized into formalized constitutional forms with the adoption of Indian constitutional in 1950.The novel vision of India has been reflected in the preamble of Indian constitution with the aim of social,economic and political justice to every citizens.This has further been reflected in the Directive Principles of State Policy with the vision of achieving peace and prosperity not only in India but also in the World.Since then India has been moving up to catch up with the vision and achieved significant success in various fields such as social,economic and political development.This has further been manifested in the form of economic reforms of 1991 with the aim of embarking economic prosperity and hugely successful in growth story.The success in science and technology with the launch of many mission such as Mars Mission,Chandranayaan etc speaks about India’s admirable achievement.However,India still have huge challenge in the form of socio-economic reforms,strategic and security prospects,agriculture etc along with political development in India and abroad with grand vision of great India and dream of superpower India.

    In this context,India has numerous challenges right from social equity to economic and political development with the aim of all inclusive and developed India.

    The women in India still have several challenges such as limited opportunity in the field of economic and political prosperity.This has been limited by several social and economic stigma which are impregnated in the Indian society such as dowry,inferiority complex,equal wages.This has been further complicated by the absence of nutritional support leading to malnutrition which is manifested in the form of huge children in India with stunting,underweight and wasted.

    The issue of women is further deteriorated in case of lower caste,dalits and untouchability which are limited by social stigma and discrimination leading to denial of justice in terms of economic,social and political development.This has been manifested in the form of largest poverty,unemployment and undernutrition among the lower caste more so in case of women.

    The social discrimination has been greatly contributed by the economic disparity which is the direct consequence of structural fault in Indian economy.This is due to over dependence on agriculture which remained at dismal pace of growth and greatly impacted by the monsoon,availability of fertilisers,marketing issue.This has direct impact on food security of the nation and result in low availability of nutrition.This has been manifested in the form of Human Development Index in which India is placed at 130.

    The economic disparity is further exacerbated by the poor performance in manufacturing sector and increase in less employment oriented service sector.The slow down in manufacturing sector is manifested directly in employment structure of the nation and 50% of labour force remain dependant on agriculture.This is basically because of slow pace of reforms such as skill and educational requirement along with stringent labour law,land acquisition and slow investment.

    The slowdown in economic progress has direct impact on nation’s overall prosperity.Thus the rapid economic growth has become imperative in the context of India’s growing young population in which 65% of India’s population is less than 35 years of age.This needs huge investment in education,skill development and employment generation that requires huge energy.This comes directly in conflict with the norms of sustainable development due to dependence on non-renewable source.Thus the balance between economic growth and sustainable development in order to contain climate change becomes huge challenge which is reflected in India’s negotiation in UNFCCC and its INDC.

    Thus more research and development and advancement in the science and technology is the need of an hour.This would require more funding and aggressive engagement with educational institutions across the World.

    This is not just limited to climate change technology but also from the view point of India’s overall strategic and security prospects.This is necessitated by the India’s strategic location in which it is surrounded by hostile neighbours arming with non state actors.This would be the huge challenge.The recent attack in Pathankot Air Base and Jammu And Kashmir is the case point.Further maritime security becomes crucial to counter Mumbai Attack like aggression.This is in interest of overall national economic,social and political development which requires peaceful environment.

    The issue of insurgency,terrorism,radicalisation,left wing extremism continue to plague India which requires complex of social,economic and political empowerment along with security aspect.

    In this context,the political development and novel of constitution becomes crucial for overall national development.Indian democracy has move a long way and still has long way to go.Indian secularism has been time tasted which incorporate all religions,ethnic groups which needs to strengthen in order to built peaceful and vibrant society.This would require further propagation of incomplete agenda of political empowerment across the society including caste,creed,religion,gender and transgender.The communal trust,cooperation and peaceful existence becomes crucial.This brings us to the concept of national integration and nationalism for national development.

    The ambition of India to play critical role in international level has been long time dream.This is hugely embedded in Indian civilisation of mutual acceptance,cooperation and engagement for development of all human being and also nature.This is reflected in India’s foreign policy such as Panchsheel and Gujral doctrine.

    In this context,reform of UNSC to accommodate Indian dream has been long unfulfilled agenda along with India’s long term aspiration of nuclear power group of NSG,MTCR etc.Further India’s role in global forum needs accommodation in reforms of World bank,IMF and WTO.

    Thus challenge before India is multi dimensional encompassing social,economic and political reform along with India’s international standing.

    The new India with hugely energetic youth along with aggressive govt at the top would go long long way to achieve the unfulfilled dreams.Economic reform has been continuous process and more recently with the vision of ‘Make in India”,’Digital India”,’Start Up Scheme” and labour reforms are in line with embarking economic prosperity.Green revolution has also been emphasized towards the eastern India along with agriculture reforms such as irrigation,technological innovation such as use of smart agriculture.Further India’s economic would be failure if not supported by social revolution.Thus Govt has initiated the “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan”,”Beti Padhao,Beti Padhao Sheme” along with aggressive reforms in education and skill sectors.India has been pioneer in achievement in science and technology with the launch of Mars Mission,Moon Mission and many other.

    Further India has been engaging with World powers aggressively and at the same time with global south in the form of BRICS along with economic cooperation in the form of NDB,AIIB and TFA with several countries.further it has also been advocating for aggressive UN reform to reflect current reality of the World.

    India’s responsibility is further reflected in India’c commitment in the form of climate change reform and negotiation in the form of INDC.

    Thus India is ready to embark its journey as the powerful nation and meet the unfulfilled dreams.This is supported by India’s visionary leader along with youthful population with dreams in their eyes.

  • Rastafar

    Dreams which should not let India sleep

    “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” Martin Luther king’s speech at Washington gave the hope of dreaming to all the oppressed and ill treated people. Dreams were no more an apple of Adam to the oppressed people but they had all the right to become a dreamer.

    Dream has two meanings, first one is a series of thought images and sensation occurring in our sleep and the second one is a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideals. The former meaning of a dream is a subject of which human mind isn’t capable of comprehending it, but the latter meaning of dream is something which keeps a person motivated of achieving his ambition even the cost of his own personal priorities.

    Dreams which aids in motivating are often seen as deceiving when it is secluded from reality, thus it is necessary to dream about things which is possible in reality rather than just fantasizing about being Alice in the wonderland.

    As Martin Luther referred toward the true meaning of nations creed, we can take this statement and imply towards our own constitution which enshrines in its preamble about achieving justice, liberty, equality fraternity and integrity to all the people of India.

    A dream which doesn’t let sleep needs to be genuine, sincere , significant,grave and should be done with focus and wholeheartedly, because sleep is a thing which doesn’t gives up so easily, but is a worthy opponent.

    Every Nation has a dream but only few have the will to fulfill it.Since Independence India has been striving to attain the objective dream t by our constituent assembly of justice and equality but because of various reasons it has not been able to achieve it. Socialistic patriarchy, illiteracy, poverty and being opportunist of our political party has been the main reasons for not achieving our dreams.

    Dream of justice

    The preamble of our constitution places Justices higher than other principle of equality liberty fraternity and integrity, this shows the significance of justice in our nations dreamers. Justice is not only confined to the judiciary but it holistically includes social economic and political justice. Justice is not something which could be achieved by laws but it has to be achieved through harmonization of interest between individuals and between groups and for that we have to respect others feeling and belief without compromising our own feelings. India has been trying to achieve the goal of justice by providing various laws, Social justice has been promised by Article 15,17 and 18 and various other laws, but it hasn’t fully been gained even after so many decades. Dream of a justice which was envisioned by Gandhi and Nehru are a dream which should not let India sleep until we achieve it, every women should roam freely without fear and poverty should be eradicated from its root as envisioned by Gandhi and Nehru.

    Dream of Equality

    Equality before the law was lesson which we learn t from french revolution. Whether it protected or punished it should be done without any discrimination of birth,race, caste or religion.Some of the present issues has put India’s equality stand into the question. India is diverse country where its diversity is its power, but unfortunately some of those who consider India as a religious country rather than a secular one -which was en-scripted in our constitution- has been trying to defame India to gain their political motives. Thus dream of equality is a dream which should not let India sleep, because if it sleeps in this issue it would be damaging the very precise thing which preamble and several Fundamental rights have promised.

    Dream of Liberty.

    Liberty has various meaning and limitations, but what our constitution had promised under article 19 should not be taken away from Indian citizens. The Ongoing issues of JNU has again put India into a critical condition where a dissent has been charged by sedition. Being criticized is a way of progress but unfortunately criticism has being forbidden as philosophy was forbidden in roman catholic age. Government should strive to provide the liberty promised by our constitution without considering their own political profit.

    Dream of Fraternity and Integrity

    The Ideals of justice, liberty and equality are relevant and meaningful only in as much as these promote a common feeling of brotherhood, of Indian fraternity and integrity, of being sons of same Mother India despite all the racial, linguistic, religious and other diversities of many sorts. DPSP and Fundamental duties sees to it that Nations and Individuals integrity is protected

    These are the fundamental thing which should not let India sleep until every citizen has lived this dream. Technology and Economic development are must but its only mean not an end for these dreams. Thus Dream of Justice, liberty equality fraternity and integrity is the dream which should not let India sleep.

    • Rastafar

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  • yogi

    Topic:- -Dreams which should not let India sleep (1226)

    Try to hold your breath and hold it till the moment your mind says “stop this madness and breath urgently otherwise you will die”. Now think for the reason why you did not want to die. The answer to this question is the biggest dream of your life. Many brave freedom fighters died in their pursuance of the dream of an independent India which finally became a reality. Almost seven decades are over and we have not yet realised the dream that Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and many well wishers of this great land had for the future of this country.

    If we have to ponder over the dreams which should not let India sleep, which criteria should be considered to qualify for such dreams ? What can be those dreams? What are the challenges we would face in their pursuance?and How can we tackle those challenges? These are some of the questions that we will be trying to answer in this essay.

    Firstly, any dream that we want to realise should benefit the maximum number of Indians. That becomes the first criteria. Secondly, there should be urgency in its realisation and it should be top priorities of the country. Thirdly, it should be challenging enough that makes India stand apart at global level. And finally, it should be supplement the other dreams and brings sustainability.

    Based on these criteria we can think of numerous dreams. Some of the dreams on which most of us would tend to agree are: Zero poverty, hunger free and healthy India; Quality education to all; Good Governance ; India: as a global leader.

    Henceforth , under each dream we will be discussing the challenges and possible solutions to tackle those challenges.


    This is the most important dream India should have as only a healthy , hunger free and prosperous India can take the strides to achieve her goals. But, the realisation of this dream has some inherent challenges. Very high population as compared to our available skilled manpower is the first challenge in this regard. The way we define the poverty line in India is itself a challenge as the present criteria does not represent the true picture of Indian poverty. So firstly the poverty line should be properly defined after considering the other main criteria like health, education, access to electricity, shelter etc.

    Another challenge is the high indirect taxes on the goods and services which hurt the poor and marginalised the most. This can be addressed by following a progressive tax regime and gradually increasing the share of direct taxes which are levied in proportion to the income of the persons.

    A major irony in our country in that despite self sufficiency in food production a large part of Indians dies of hunger. The challenge can be tackled by establishing an efficient public distribution system. Roping in private players in procurement of food crops’ produce, use of latest SECC (socio-economic caste census) data for determining the actual beneficiaries and monitoring of the produce from farm to procurement shops till final beneficiaries is needed to bring the desired efficiency and hence reducing hunger.

    Health is another area of concern which is the second biggest reason for driving people to poverty. Inadequate network of affordable health centres and huge cost of drugs of deadly diseases is a major challenge. The first thing it need is the presence of health infrastructure even in remotest areas of the country. The issue of affordability can be tackled by achieving universal health insurance coverage and a better drug pricing policy.

    Finally, The trio of hunger, poverty and health related issues are interlinked , so ministeries and departments related to them should work in tandem to tackle them.

    After the basic needs of life are met, the next important thing that one need is education, hence the next dream India should have is :


    By education we don’t mean exam results or degrees. Here we mean the quality education aiming at actual awakening of the masses. This dream involves the challenge of revamping the whole education system which had been plagued with rote learning, bookish knowledge, reading only to pass the exams or getting jobs with little or no attention to overall personality development of students.

    The first thing we need to do is change the training courses of teachers to include the ways the students can be made good human beings. Teachers should find innovate ways by which education can be converted into a joyful journey and not as a burden. Teaching should be practical oriented that aims at teaching the children the practical implication of the knowledge they gather while interacting with classmates and teachers in class. The inculcation of moral values must be made a core part of the education system.

    The above mentioned dream would remain a dream if we have lack of political and administrative will. This drives us to our next dream.


    Ultimately, it would be those in the government who would be the beginners of the process of implementation of the schemes and policies pertaining to our dreams. So, Good Governance is most important requirement of the country. The need is most pressing because of the cancer of corruption in form of collusion between politicians, businessman bureaucrats as unearthed by several scams like coalgate scam, 2G spectrum scam and Aadrash society scam . Another challenge is the inefficiency in the delivery of government services.

    Duo challenges of corruption and inefficiency can be addressed by increasing accountability and transparency in governance. E- governance, Right To Information Act, social accountability (taking feedback from the people about the performance of the schemes), social auditing, Savottam model of service delivary among others are some of the ways which should be pursued in full spirit.

    The dreams that make India internally a strong nation should be simultaneously pursued with a dream of India that intensifies her glory in international arena. That is the dream of:


    The challenges to this dream can originate both within and form outside. The continuous pursuance of the all the previous dreams is the only possible way to tackle those challenges.

    The one way India can shine in world is by achieving the things which other countries have found difficult to do. The success of ISRO in launch of Mangalyaan (MOM) is one example of such challenging task. Additionally contributing to her best in global problems like terrorism and environment degradation, climate change etc, are another set of areas where India can earn the trust of other countries and simultaneously inspire others to do the same.

    The list of dreams can be endless. But each would require a vision, a proper roadmap and planning to achieve them. We can dream for big, but the start would have to be made from small steps taken together. During the journey we may fail, but we would not stop. The sleepless nights would bring the success to make us feel victorious , but would gear up for more by remembering these words of our beloved Dr. ABJ Abdul Kalam-“ Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was a just luck”

    • Kant

      Hi Yogi,
      – flow is smooth
      – the intro – I could not relate to it, even animals don’t want to die and they don’t dream
      – conclusion is impressive though
      – include more points environment, international peace etc
      – criteria of dream, these satisfy goals mentioned in preamble and DPSP, mention it
      – content is good

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        intro: would be better next time
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      hi Yogi, my views-
      your essay was a complete piece in itself. Intro was catchy and conclusion was good too. But I think as the topic in itself is quite self explanatory so everyone is goin to discuss the same issues. What we need to do is take something else and that too many things. No doubt you have done justice to each and every dimension u took. Flow was nice too. But i think its more about multiple dimensions and less about depth. I think so- feel free to differ.
      Overall a good piece of write up. Keep writing and reviewing. ATB 🙂

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      I liked it.

      Well Written Yogi,

      It is one of the best essays that I have written so far today (Only 4 inlcuding this one.)

      I think that All was Good.

      I think you could have written about the Housing problem as well with a little mention of Smart city project.

      The Point on Education should have included Education of All.
      This also includes Adult Education.

      I think I didn’t find many areas of improvement and the points that I have suggested can also be ignored (Shayad) since the Original is good in itself.

      Yet, please take these points and ponder as they may benefit you.

      Can I also get a review please ?

      • yogi

        thanks bhai, I deliberately kept myself restricted to few dimensions and tried to cover them in detail
        ur suggestions are appreciated
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      What a great flow indeed… innovative introduction
      3 para is really awesome which almost substantiated all the content of your essay in few words… very good
      judicious use of GS
      only one point i will add that teachers are not solely responsible for inculcating values in students its the combined effort of family,society and teachers.
      Keep it up and ATB …. please do review mine as well!!… Thanks.. 🙂

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      3.Also in India not only policymakers and politicians are there.. i m also there…so some points to what an individual should dream may enrich ur essay
      4.conclusion again good…i m upvoting u for intro and conclusion 🙂
      review mine too please…humari bhasha me samjha do thoda ;P

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    • Shaktimaan

      HEY YO0o..!!…………bst part ur different intro and concl………..great!!
      es bar b ultim tha bt one thing>>sare kam govt hi thode na karegi……..”we the PEOPLE of india” ko b jodne ka banta hai……jb tk hm ni teekh, country kaise great banegi?:):)
      prob- sol approach nice tha……:)………ovrall great h bhaii……..4 eassy pde yeh wala 1st h:):) ……………….Thank U:)………..PReM:):)

      • yogi

        agree bhai, we the people of India’s role dimak mein tha pata nahi why i forgot to put that
        thanks will review yours 🙂

    • Sonia mehra

      1. Questions approach.
      2. You have given a thought before starting this essay. Which shows in your flow and structure.

      1. Intro was catchy, but it wasn’t conveying anything meaninful. If I hold my breath and later on if I inhale for fear of death, that doesn’t relate to my dream.
      2. Although there is a quote, but still the conclusion fails to leave a mark

      • yogi

        thanks for review,
        will work on intro and conclusion,
        kwar 🙂

    • Hey Yogi. It was certainly a well written essay. Somehow I felt ki the “yogi” touch was missing. I know ye topic hi kuch aisa ki saare ek hi cheez likhenge.

      Accha tha, very conventional type essay but. X factor I felt was missing 😀

      Review kar dio, shayad alag point mil jaaye 😛

      • yogi

        last baar bhi tune yahi line boli thi last mein aur poora ka pura essay hi alag likha tha , kar dunge review thoda time lagega
        X factor- will try to bring that back 😀
        thanks 🙂

      • David Ila

        Guys pls give ur reviews in English as much as possible. There is some people who don’t know Hindi like me. We r notedown ur reviews

        • yogi

          sorry friend, now onward only english 🙂

    • Hi Yogi, my views:
      1)Initial paras were quite good and different from the mainstream. However, there is a break in the intro. You started with hold your breath…. then suddenly came to dream of leaders. Felt the flow broken
      2)Flow between the themes that you mentioned was good but was missing among the paras that you used for each theme
      3)Describing solutions is a good thing but don’t you think there should have been greater emphasis on the dreams/vision
      4)Conclusion was quite good
      Overall, it was good but can be improved 🙂
      Please review mine too 😀

      • yogi

        Thanks for review Bhai
        3)– Dreams hi dreams , would not be like speaking in air, without telling the solutions,/ways to achieve them. Don’t know what is the correct way. Yesterday saw Roman and today ended up writing this 🙁
        chalo finally conclusion to sudhar gaya 😀
        will review yours 🙂

        • haha. Kya bataya bhai Roman ne aisa?

          • yogi

            Zanab Khte hein story mat likhna backfire kregi 🙁 + har dimensions ko sufficient depth mein cover karo, Batman sahab khreh ki dimension zyada rakho ab 1200 words mein kya kya karoo + ek aur cheez whenver talking of negatives provides solutions as well, lo karlo dimensions cover 😛
            fully confused now 🙁

            • hahaha. Bhai. Roman Bhai to _/_ But tujhe bata raha, there is no thumb rule for writing an essay. U can include a story(has been successful), write multidimensional with depth(Ira singhal) or multidimensional with depth(Gaurav agarwal).
              Soch mat. Jisme u are comfortable,which u find interesting to write, usme practice and excel. And I must say u write amazing when writing philo aspects 🙂

              • yogi

                u r right everyone has their own style, thanks for bringing me back to track 😀

    • Hi yogi,
      International Aspect takeaway for me 🙂
      Sabka essay same same hai is topic pe 😛
      aaj story nahi likhi..
      mentioning the solutions makes it a balanced one..and a good aspect of an administrator.. so thumbs up for that (Y)
      u used headings so flow to break hona hi tha.. same I did..
      conclusion I liked ! 🙂

      Please review mine

      • yogi

        thanks fury 🙂
        intro: was trying to write in conventional way and check the responses, I think story is better better approach, but sochna bhut padta hein sotory ke lya, have u any short cut that plz share
        flow 🙁
        will review yours 🙂

        • no short cut 😀
          I try to introspect my life and find some example and just try to connect it with the topic..
          isme maine hypothetical story sochi thi..
          utopian india karke ek ladki ki story intro me..
          then dropped the idea and Nehru came to mind 😀
          aise hi bas experiment karte raho 😉 and we’ll improve 🙂

    • Mojo JoJo

      hey can you please review mine 🙂

    • rrv

      Hey yogi…
      Good essay indeed… But i want to ask one thing that is it fine to make an essay a discuss type of an answer… I think an essay should be a generalised type of write up… Which does not looks like there is first, second and tird person in it… What do u think?
      U covered many aspects but yr mujhe lagta h thodi connectivity problem thi… Continuity missing h…
      Overall it a multidimentional one.
      P.S. how do u manage time bhai pls do share… Itna time yaha pe kaise…
      And thats fine for me that u didnt reviewed mine… I knw its a give and take system… Me tera tu mera… 😀
      Nd sab group me hi chalta h… Sahi h yr !!!
      Pls share ur thoughts over it, might be beneficial for me.
      Thank you. 🙂

      • yogi

        Bhai saare naam likh rakhe hein , coincidently I was going to review urs and just saw the comment
        Bhai time manage, u are asking a wrong person. I take a lot of time to do things. If I tell you truth today I have nothing other than writing and reviewing essay 🙁
        Same story every Sunday, and looking for ways to minimise the time
        Regarding the essay: everyone has different approach. For this particular topic or any open ended topic people advise to cover 4-5 dimensions but cover them in sufficient depth. Now the reasons and their solutions brings that depth. i followed the same approach, but the essay could not be engaging this time. People have written by only talking of the dreams and have not told the ways how to achieve them, but they been quite interesting in doing that, Like the Sonia’s essay.
        One again, don’t worry from my side, if i said i will review then i will review. I may be late at times but I review for sure. 🙂
        sorry if i misunderstood anything, going to urs essay 🙂

    • Abhiknowledge_is_free

      The beginning is a good one. It tells us why India should dream! The end is also quite good. dream for big but start from small steps. quite meaningful in the present context. The last point where you mention India to be a global leader.. Indeed it is quite aspirational. But, it cannot be a dream which doesn’t let India sleep. All other points are very meaningful. Please review mine too! 🙂

      • yogi

        agree thanks for review will review urs 🙂

    • hello cheeta saab! 😀
      well intro and conclusion me to aap PRO ban rhe ho!
      beech me i liked the way ki you touched some points and sari jagah haath pao nhi mara! This was definitely a + point!
      Also, solution with problems are provided! This makes ur essay a little different from others!
      “The one way India can shine” aisa laga jaise mere blog ka title hi copy maar dia bande ne!! mjhe royalty payment deni padegi ab! 😛
      Overall i liked it bhai! 🙂
      One suggestion, jab aise essays aaye na india and making it strong se related to economic aspect include kia karo( domestic+ international) Rest all fine!
      And don’t worry, mene nhi likha hai! So wont ask for a review! 😀
      Thanks bhai! 🙂

      • yogi

        Thanks Tuktuk Bhai,
        “The one way India can shine”–may be it got somewhere hidden in my subconscious mind, loyalty would be given demand my lord 😀
        suggestion noted
        Sachha Bhai hein tu apna 🙂

        • Royalty jane de! Loyalty chalegi bhai bus! 🙂
          Thankyou bhai ^_^

    • Rashmirathi

      hey yogi ! you have improved so much. loved your essay, tumhaara adh ke i realized mere waale me kya problem hai. its so uncluttered and flows smoothly.
      conclusion is wonderful !

      keep writing 🙂

      P.S. really sry couldn’t reply sooner, was stuck in some work

  • BST

    Guys list Down the important topics that may be asked as questions ( from news )

    Today’s topic :

    History related topics :


    GO ON….

  • TARGET 2016

    “Dreams which should not let India sleep” (CSM – 2015)

  • Tinkerbell

    Dreams which should not let India sleep

    On a train journey from Jorhat I met a young girl around ten years of age . She was reading a book by APJ Abdul Kalam called ‘Ignited Minds’. When I asked her what her dream was her answer bemused me. Piyali was from a tribal village in Tea gardens of Assam. She wanted to be a scientist and create technology that would transform her village. I asked her what transformation? Where every child could read and write and need not drop from school, her dad should not beat her mom after drinking that white liquid & a ‘good’ big hospital so that more people like her best friend would not die because they did not have money. The stark difference between India and Bharat struck me. When young Indians are dreaming of becoming engineers and doctors and entrepreneurs there exists people of Bharat who have not many dreams but to feed their family and earn two square meals. Rising inequality, a digital divide, a rural-urban divide- Can India’s and Bharat’s dreams be abridged? If so what exactly would my India’s(Bharat) dreams be? A superpower, spiritual leader, strong defence, an egalitarian society? How far in spirit have we achieved the ideals enshrined in our Constitution? like Dreams of a discrimination-less educated society, a healthy childhood for the children, developing indigenous technology, creating enough employment opportunities, empowering the women and others.

    A relatively young nation that India is has ensured near universal enrolment of its children. Good enough so are we doing things right? The ASER report suggests otherwise- deteriorating quality & poor learning levels plague our education scenario. So until we get our schools straight and a good enough education system we cannot rest.

    With programmes like Integrated Child Development Scheme or Mid day meal scheme India still has the maximum number of Under five Malnutrition and death cases. Why and where are we lacking? These kids are the future of India and we need to ensure they grow well and healthy. Quality food, proper implementation and monitoring needs to be the priority. Irony is there is also a rising trend of obese children and overnutrition diseases among the rich and middle class urban children in India.

    Pregnant mothers suffering from undernutrition cannot be expected to deliver healthy babies. Although programmes like Indira Matrutva Sahyog Yojana are there but a wider reach should be ensured to expecting mothers and proper care should be taken to ensure healthy babies.

    India’s healthcare system and pharma sector is known worldwide for its quality & cheap treatment. However irony is the same healthcare system drives India’s poor into vicious cycle of poverty, running into debt, or forgoing years of savings. Inspite of having many health insurance schemes on paper we still have a long way to go in ensuring health as a fundamental right to its citizens

    In technology sector India has succeeded in many areas like Space- sending missions to Mars or having our own version of ‘GPS’ the IRNSS or designing latest missiles India sure has come a long way. However the Research and Development sector is where we are hugely lacking- meagre funds have ensured we don’t get much opportunity to develop indigenous technology. India is far behind than US and China in filing patents and here is where we lose out a huge opportunity. India needs huge investment in R&D whether private and Government. For private investment we need to fix our business scenario- from curbing corruption to weeding out red tapism we need to be more business like in our approach. Various reports indicating the poor employability skills of our graduates however strong their theoretical knowledge is a turnoff for industries. However it is the industry and corporate sector which needs to actively collaborate with Govt and colleges and Universities to impart practical skills to the graduates. We sure need to act quick in this case.

    A million graduates every year, dreams gleaming in their eyes when donot find enough opportunities hopes dashed agitate and maybe recent Patidar and Jat community agitation was a result of the failure on part of Govt to meet their expectations. Demographic dividend when not harnessed properly can become scarier was demonstrated in these agitations. Creating enough employment so that more youth get absorbed is a priority in these highly charged times. Start up India and Stand up India are right steps in that direction. Encouraging young entrepreneurs, helping them start business with a proper exit policy and taxation system in place is need of the hour.

    Tougher times ahead with global market volatility and climate change shocks dampening agricultural productivity we need to fortify our agricultural system from these vagaries.

    India’s 42% households are fully dependent on agriculture for income. Two consecutive year of droughts and volatile global market prices have left the farmers defenceless. Even Insurance schemes could not curb rising farmer suicides and unscrupulous lending cases.

    Until we create a society where our women is safe, free to choose her career and move freely we are far from achieving India’s dreams. Ensuring gender parity and that girls do not drop out from school or suffer silently we need to work relentlessly and contribute in every way that we can towards achieving an egalitarian society. We all have tit bit roles to play in achieving the dreams of a cleaner India- pollution free cities, cleaner rivers, safer environment. Smaller steps like segregating household garbage and creating awareness about recycling can go a long way in ensuring a healthy India.

    And like Swami Vivekananda said Arise Awake and stop not till the goal is reached young India needs to work effortlessly to realise its dreams .

    • defiance

      Hi. Intro is good and the flow as well… content is also solid but brief – explaining the specifics a little bit might have made it more complete.. Conclusion could have been made more catchy. overall a good one. Plz review mine if time permits.

      • Tinkerbell

        I too thought so it lacked a conclusion.. Yeah I will review..

  • Shaktimaan

    Dreams which should not let India sleep

    2015, the year of great loss, when India lost her tremendously thoughtful teacher, a clear sighted scientist and a very progressive people’s president, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He had once said “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping; it is something that does not let you sleep.” Now India too dreaming to thrive world with her supernova economic pace, smart social reforms and powerful political will. But such dreams will not fulfil until she work hard to achieve very fundamental needs of growing and aspiring India. Let’s try to highlight such dreams, which interrupt mild sleep of mighty India.

    We are demographically dividend but this too is dented with illiteracy and unemployment, our children are unable to imply mathematical operations, failed to comprehend English passages and highly unskilled to take opportunity, to get employed. We can cherished dividend only if educational structure stabilized with quality learning, technical knowledge as well as with emotional intelligence. Whereas vocational training and skill development programmes, helps to arrest employment crash. SSA, i.e. free education till 14 age, Skill India- UDAN- Nai Manzil, helps to empower youth. MII and SISI also to discover more earning means, these are the steps toward making India shine and prosperous.

    Our cultural values- “athithi devi bhava” (the guest is equivalent to god), patriotic behaviour- “hum sab bhartiya hai” (we all are indians) and tolerant attitude-“anekta main ekta” (unity in diversity). These “were” sui generis to India. Yes! These morals are badly corrupt, news about loot, dacoity and murders of tourists breaking TV screens every second, now stress is more on “athithi tum kab jaoge?”(guest, when will you leave?). Even patriotism is limited up to “India- Pakistan” cricket match. Extreme events like anti-national sloganeering (in JNU campus), lynching on right to food (in dadri) and riots on religious identity (muzafarnagar), smashing the very own land of Buddha and Mahavira with intolerance and hampering the very embraced dream of our BAPU, of integrated, secular and rational nation. Need, is to strengthen the upbringing of society. Here, parent can help to discern positive interpretation of holy books to their kids, teachers can help to instil ethical character and institutions further inculcate the unquestionable temperament to make stand, virtuous India into her feet.

    Also curse of inequality, between rich and poor and men and women, elevating poverty and violence respectively, but How? Let’s have a look, India proud, when superrich of worlds are announced by TIME magazine because of Ambani’s and Mittal’s elephantine wealth. And shamed too when WHO indexed her very low in HDI because of malnutrition and starvation. This income variation needs a great deal, deal to demarcate more fund to these backward sectors either by govt or by corporate to make them compatible with current evolution. To further remove pauperdom, crop insurance, social security norms are welcome step for farming India, AMRUT and housing for all, are the efforts toward sheltering India. And what about women?, yes, they are too in poor situation comparable to their men counterpart. Rape and house violence, a tight slap on women’s dignity and prestige of which she has birth right, is just taken away by menial orthodox and patriarchal mindset. To celebrate the dream of equal and indiscriminate India, bottom-up approach is needed, programme like MNREGA and formation of SHGs are wonderful to encourage women, need to impart evolving and progressive thoughts, as dream of enlightened India can’t be observe without assimilating other half power i.e. women in social-economic-political trio.

    But before repairing the socio-economic structure, India needs strong efforts to reconstruct its political front too. Coalitions and multiparty system disrupt the parliamentary functions, major bills are obstruct in between, hampering the emerging growth of the country, being a democratic nation, parliament is basic pillar to uphold the constitutional values, seems now in catastrophe. Parliament is “modern temple” for its subjects, for their fortunes, interests and votes, from which parliament derive its functions. Thus MPs must compliance themselves toward oath to parliament, instead entangled themselves with mischievous political gains, only then dream of welfare India can accomplished.

    But one question raise here, are there only dreams or there are some nightmares too? Yes, there are some, most important terrorism, northern India badly hit by insurgents and cease fire violations till date we lost thousands of our brave soldiers and innocent public in defending sovereignty of India. India must come up with resilient framework to oppose these unwelcomed threats, time has come to once again call neighbour Pakistan for peace negotiations, to entertained the dream of tranquil and stable India.

    On broad analysis climate change too can be seen as impediment, continuous back to back 2 el nino years, cause agrarian distress, lead our feeders to die, either due to starvation or suicide. Moreover floods are also strangulated India’s growth. These climate vagaries are signs of the forthcoming danger, not only threat to India but haunt the world too. Is there any way out? Yes!, there is but it need huge co-operation and coordination among developed and developing nation on technology transfer and sharing as assigned under Paris agreement, need is to emphasis renewable-clean-green energy, need to go for organic things, though such a big transformation eat time, but slowly and steadily these objectives can be achieved, even India’s initiation ISA is applaudable. These steps not only landed India but world too on beautiful platform.

    Last but not the least, to emerge as forward looking and advanced nation, people of India should too reform themselves, by adopting good etiquettes, ethical values these are not only keep our inner self modest and pure but outside too, it helps India to emerge clean and great nation. So, time has come to realise the dream and to do sincere efforts toward its implementation, execution and completion. So that no single being sleep empty stomach, no single children left unlearned, no single women treated as animal, no single labour remained unfortunate and no poor thrown out from shelters, let fulfil the dreams of Enlightens and Mahatamas, let carve out the impressions in reality, of constitutional fathers, let come true the ideas from Kalam’s “kalam” (pen), to make India happiest and greatest place to breathe.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.kya baat hai shakti..vahi baat kahne ka alag andaaz..i liked ur intro
      2.itti feminism..atithi DEVI bhav…devo bhav maine padha that..hahaha
      3.until and unless committee does not come with a report dont write JNU..a bit controversial
      4.”But one question raise here, are there only dreams or there are some nightmares too? “all the challenges are nightmare my dear friend..we are poor..its nightmare…our women are raped..its again nightmare…so terrorism is global does not entail our own problems are not nightmares for us
      5.apart from this flow was good..just rather than writing all the ideas in one para..pick up the major ones and write them will make it more structured.
      6.What a conclusion sir ji! brilliant

      today ash is not there so doing her work:
      1.”Now India too dreaming to thrive world ‘-India too IS dreaming
      2.”will not fulfil until she work hard to achieve very fundamental needs”-until she WORKS hard
      3.”failed to comprehend English passages “-FAIL to comprehend…
      4.”We can cherished dividend only if educational structure “-we can CHERISH
      5.”India proud, when superrich of worlds are announced by TIME magazine”-India FEELS proud… And shamed too when WHO i-and it is ASHAMED too when WHO
      6.”dream of enlightened India can’t be observe without assimilating other half power i.e. women in social-economic-political trio.”-can’t be OBSERVED..realized would be better
      7.major bills are OBSTRUCTED
      8.MPs must HAVE compliance AMONG themselves towards the oath of parliament
      9.But one question IS RAISED here
      just try not to commit errors in initial paras..nobody would pay that much of attention then in whole essay…believe me

      • Shaktimaan

        thaaaaaaank u bhaii:):):)…….bilkul sahi kam kia h gram mistake nikal k….itni galtiya rahengi to 10 b marks ni milne meko……..nxt tym thodi km karne ki koshish hogi:):)…will wrk upon ur suggestion…………dhanyabaad bhai……………han nightmare b same hi hai……..sahii bola:):)…devo bhav hi likhna tha pta ni chala kb devi bn gya(hahahaha)….jug jug jiyo……bna rahe bhai-bhabhi ka pyar…….2016 ias clear bhava!!…ashirwad:):)…thank u:):)

        • ye bhai to thk, par “bhabhi” kon h ? :O

          • Shaktimaan

            yeh to aaapko sachin bhai hi bta sakte hai……..;);)hahaha!

        • Vivaan Khanna

          since u accepted ur mistakes positively…mujhe dar lag raha tha…i have some lines for u:
          unan-o-misra-o rome sab mit gaye magar baki hai humara namo-nishan
          kuch baat hai ki hasti mit ti nahi humari
          sadiyon raha hai dushman-daur-e zamana..
          u have the charm of being positive always..keep it on negatives..UPSC ki aukat nahi hai ki humare bhai k essay ko 10 number b na dey…u are a topper material yar..har insan men kamiyan hoti hai…gaurav aggrawal ko mai bas isliye like karta hu kyunki vo bahut hi simple hai yar and i like u for the same reason..chalo ab bahut makkhan ho gaya :p,,keep writing and thank you for wishes 😉

          • Shaktimaan

            Allama Iqbal ki shayri k shoukeen lagte h janab aap to…………..GAZAB!!
            dhanyabad bhaii………..itna sara pump bharne k liye….much needed pump..thanq:):):):)
            ab to aap se sachin sir jaise “digital” feelings ana suru hohi ek dum “calm”…….shukr hai bharet net, digital india ka is revolution k liye. govt must start efforts to implement dm in vigorous way……..upsc style main thank u…..or haan begger wala kya khoob ans likha hai ZABARDAST……..thumsup bhai…thank u:):)

            • Vivaan Khanna

              my comparison with God…i no where stand…but i m blessed today..we need to keep encouraging each other na as its long journey and one may fall inspite of all energy and hard work…and from ur comment i felt u need some i had got some job for my sweet shakti…even i may require sometimes and u will have then some job at hand.. :)thank you yarr…

              • Shaktimaan

                yeah sure bhaiii:):)

    • Shakti Shakti Shaktimaan, my views:
      1)Presentation was different and good
      2)certain grammatical errors which can backfire upon you very hard. “These morals are badly corrupt”. You mentioned athithi devo bhava and all and then mentioned this statement: Beware of it
      3)Through ‘nightmare’ issue, you wanted to give a different angle but still it didn’t come up in a good manner. Opposite of nightmare is adream
      4)In intro, it is not the “mild” sleep but a “peaceful sleep”
      5)Can elaborate a bit on the importance of issues so that you can say why they won’t let India sleep
      6)Conclusion is fine but can be improved a bit
      Overall, quite good

      • Shaktimaan

        2)oooh yo sahi bola….3)han nightmare wali baat ni bani:(…….bilkul agree with ur suggestions…..lots of wrk to do!!……….thank u batiee:):)

    • Hello mere pyaare bhaijaan 😉 Salamalekum!
      1. i think +ve thing se start karna chahie! starting me hi “lost someone” i personally dpn’t like this opening much!
      2. MII and ISIS at likh! pura likh make in.. and stand up….!!! English professor is checking the paper!! might get confused!
      3. anekta me ekta ki next line is these morals are corrupt! bhai NO!! Agar ye likhna hai to next para me define karo ye!! shuru me bana flow kharab na karo 🙂
      4. nice flow bhai ahead!! (Y)
      5.economic front par thodi zyada baat ki ja skti h 🙂
      6. Conclusion is nice!
      overall shakti bawa, acha hai likha!! beech me there are some grammar mistakes also, but last time se kum 🙂 but overall, there is very much improvement which i can see!! keep up bhai! 😉
      And aaj me tujhe headache nhi dunga ki review kar mera ye bol bol k ladke, kyunki mene likha hi nhi aaj!! 😀 😀
      Thanks bawe! Zyada DEEPLY na sochio, acha likha hai!! 😀 🙂

      • Shaktimaan

        Walekum Assalam!!!..hahahahahahahahahahahahaha>>deeply ni shocha maine kuch bi….han positive likhna chahiye tha……han gdbd hogi culture wale para main………..haan ful form b puri likhni chahiye………..ohk sare suggestions ld liye……nxt tym pakka likna, mere ko hdache ni hota balki mzza ata h…aap k eassy story jaise gazab hote h isliye…….. .pr deeply ni liye maine sachi kuch b…….hahahahahahahahahahahahaha……….sahiiiiiiiiii

    • Hey Shaktiman 🙂
      With each essay I see you improving than the previous one .. good going man!
      intro thoda sa negative laga 🙁 , try different
      apne solutions (schemes) ko pehle hi mention kardia..
      as per me solution last me bataane chaiye to leave a lasting impact on examiner ki haan this person is aware of “Way forward and how to achieve”
      including ethics and moral values was PLUS point of your essay ! (takeaway for me certainly)
      few grammar errors here and there..take care
      keep writing
      Review mine too

      • Shaktimaan

        gdmrng toothless!!!
        thanks 4 ur rvw bhai;)……….han negative se ni suru karna chahiye tha ….haaan sahi bola way ahead hona chahiye bad:(
        thannnk u soooooo much bhai:):)……………nw urs rvw:-
        – changed strategy, qki ek jaise hi likha sb ne….aaapne creativity dali…….good..xtra marks 4 dis:):)
        – padte wqt dimaag ni lgana pda>>goooood flow:)
        – ek baat:- end main jab scheme btayi to unhe thoda sa explain MII to boost the manu and indus sector…..karke…….fir jaise mudrs bank btaye bt sirf unprevileged ke bajaye aise likhte to financially include unprevlgd……… aise na scheme ka essence milta h…..waise examinr ko to pta hoga pr hmara kam ful info dena h na……taki exam ko jyade socha na pde…..IMO..aap ignore b kar sakte h:)
        – pta ni aise “?” k sath end karna thik hota h……..kahi pda tha ki ni karna chahiye..ab mujhe yaad ni h……..tooo phir y ni pta:(……:):)
        -baki yeh sachi one of d ULTIM eassy tha………..GREAT…..keep writing bhai…thank u;););):)

        • Good morning Shakti Bhai 🙂
          Aapke suggestions are well accepted.. next time will improve.. thank you so much for reading it 🙂

          • Shaktimaan

            hi toothless bhai;)
            jb aap ka essay ho jayega will rvw pakka…………abi mera dekh do:):)

            • Bhai zara tabiyat gadbad hai .. aapka essay I will read asap , take care 🙂

              • Shaktimaan

                ooh koi baat ni toothless rehne do……aap apna khyal rakho:):) is wealth buddy…..get well sooon:):)

    • yogi

      Hello Shakti Bhai : )

      Intro: good

      3rd para , why so much anger my friends just chill

      But one question raise here, are there only dreams or there are some nightmares too? — bhai in these kind of topics there is no need for negating the statement, if there is question mark in the given topic then go for it (courtesy: Roman Saini)

      Bhai main body mein , u sometimes became too negative. Limit ur self as the theme demand us to remain very optimistic.

      Conclusion: ne sare paap dho diye , this is the advantage of writing an effective and impressive conclusion , great job (Y)

      let fulfil —let’s fulfil

      from Kalam’s “kalam” (pen)—– very good

      i can see an improvement in grammar 🙂

      kwar : )

      • Shaktimaan

        thank u yoooo!!!
        han yeh negatives sa ho gya h……….will tk care frm nxt tym……..:)
        thaaaaaaank u so much bhaiii:):):)

    • rrv

      Hey shakti…
      1. Yr intro ko aur strong kr sakte… Dont be too gloomy about any personality, try to be simple. U can say – “as said by one of the great leaders of history” – and then ur quote.
      2. While addressing India try avoiding use of ‘she’.
      3. Try writing full forms.
      4. Apart from that u hv given ample amount of dreams which is very good.
      5. Flow is also grt.
      6. Han… Nightmare walla part thoda off chala gaya but i think uski jagah tum aur suggestions de sakte the segregate krke… That would hv been better..

      Overall a nice one.
      As again im too late… I always use to miss all the action and talks happens around…
      But as a friend i want to ask u one thing yr… How do u all manage time… Itta time inn sab ke liye kaise nikal lete. I find it very difficult yr…
      Im glad u reviewed mine bcoz i think yaha pe log groups me hi review krte h.
      Chalo jo bhi h… Its grt u reviewed… Thanku so much 🙂

      • Shaktimaan

        hi bhaii!!
        thank u for ur detailed rvw…………agreee with ur suggestions:):)
        bhai late ka kuch ni ……….jb tym ho tb rvw chalta h……….chilllll>>no prob bhai:):)
        bhai mere eassy bahut bure hote h……….isliye mere ko to mostly hr kisi ka padna pdta h….knwldge k liye………fir jo feel hota h to as review bta dete h ……..han bhai difficult to hai pr jahan muft ka gyaan btt raha ho to le lena chahiye……….dat’s y i rvw:):)…….or aap acha likhte ho to aapka rvw bnta h bhai……….is liye thank 2 u…….GBU bhaii:):):)

      • Shaktimaan

        bhaiii hi:):)
        ek bar fir se review:):)
        sory hr sunday distrb karne k liye:):)

  • Cerca Trova

    ‘Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of midnight when the world shall sleep, India will awake to freedom and life. Tryst with Destiny, Nehru.

    And since that day, the Elephant is on her march for glory and for her dreams, the dreams which shouldn’t let India sleep.

    The contrast of past and present.

    The Harappa was one of the earliest modern civilisation, which gave the world, meticulous town planning, where windows will not open on the road side, every household had an attached bathroom, which was opposite to the kitchen and a well maintained drainage system. Such progressive planning we had almost 4 thousand years ago. But somewhere the Elephant got lost and today we have over 60% population defecting in open, the two pious rivers, Ganga and Yamuna, have been reduced into drains.

    Of India and Indians

    In this journey, where consciousness found expression along the Sindu River, today we stand at a point of inflexion. The Indians have made their marks in every field of the world, Google, Microsoft, Paypal, Steel production, Consulting and Outsourcing services, featuring on the Forbes lists for both influence and money. But same can’t be said for India as whole. It is still caged and chained to poverty and age old problems like communalism and caste ridden politics and society.

    The prospects

    But with every adversity comes the opportunity, today the world might gasp on seen such a huge and diverse population, which is still growing and adding as many as the population of Australia, at the end of every year. And their concern is legitimate given that, today our BPL population in numbers is almost same as that of our population during Independence. But instead of liability this should be seen as an advantage, which, if utilised, will boost India’s prospect of becoming the super power.

    The dream of becoming a super power

    The super power dream is a super set of many dreams, which India will have to conquer, in order to reach her ultimate aim.

    Eradicate poverty

    We are a welfare nation, with the aim of Sarvodaya (Rise of all) and Antodaya (Rise of the weakest), we have achieved much but poverty is the biggest challenge, with over 35 million growling empty stomach, much more needed to be done. Leakages have been the biggest hurdle in the PDS system. The TPDS were success in many states like Chhattisgarh, now time has come to move one step further and incorporate and impeccable means to give the subsidies, the answer lies in the JAM trinity along with DBT.

    But we come to realities, we must ponder why our poverty eradication remains only a dream. The answer is we are more concerned with providing doles. Now we should in true sense empower our population so that they remain liability for no long and become asset.

    With schemes like MNREGA and work for food, we have only looked and answered the problem poverty in only dimension, now the imperative should be to produce, ‘ work producing’ entrepreneurs amongst the locals, for this it is important that next dream should be chased.

    Stand Up India, Start Up India

    When we talk of Start ups, the very first picture and thought that comes in our mind, is that a IT company but the potential of rural flocks should also be give a channel. The requirement for start ups and entrepreneurships, as believed, wrongly, is that of capital and technical expertise. But the reality is, it all start from an idea. And for the rural household, AMUL, Lijjat Papad, are already the answers. We just need to provide the impetus and the pickle market throughout the world can be dominated and no wonder Indian village women flocks will be the drivers of such growth. More and more rural based ideas and start ups should be encouraged. This gives us perfect reason to expand the ambit of MUDRA bank into a financing corporation, which will finance the dreams and aspirations which will have sound visions, not only of the SC and ST but of each and every India.

    Integration of Education and Employment

    The next test of nation would be in absorbing once such a large skill labour is produced and producing quality skilled labours. The best way for this is to integrate the courses and syllabus as per as the industry demand. The problem is not with the lakhs of engineers who pass and go unemployed every year. It’s with the archaic engineer system, which has become a den of commercialisation. Therefore the syllabus should be updated and imperatives should be put on the colleges especially in engineering to provide jobs after the education.

    The other aspect for the same is to change the mind set of Indian students, which follows only two extremes, either to be a doctor/engineer or study arts and give tuitions and take up data filler jobs elsewhere. We have to mould the students to take up courses which are more inclined towards, manufacturing industries. On one side we have to develop the MSME and at the same time develop human resources for the same. And for a growing population like ours, the manufacturing sector is not a choice but the only option and hence in the time to come, the sooner we integrate the education and employment better it will be.

    Naxalism and Communalism and insurgent’s threat

    All our progress will be eaten from inside if we don’t address the problem of Naxalism and communalism, these will eat the nation from inside, if not addressed. The answer to Naxalism lies in the inclusive growth for this again like mentioned earlier poverty eradication, inclusion in growth, education and employment are the initial means. But Naxalism has been used as a propaganda against the government and democratic setup, this should be stopped at all cost, even if it means armed action.

    The communalism is an age old problem, the communal politics, is not letting it die. Hence here the imperative is only and only on the Indian masses, they can either understand the divide and rule and under the umbrella of constitution establish a true secular India, by coming together and asking for Uniform civil code enforced or continue to play to the communal tunes and stark at the dark future. But India which has given four main religions of the world, Sufism and Bhakti type secular movements and moreover the philosophy of ‘universal brotherhood’ (vasudeva kutumbkamb) it’s hard to believe that why will not this nation wake to this game divide and rule game to attain her dream, the dreams which will not let her sleep.

    The lonely Elephant against the world

    For long India has demanded UNSC permanent seat excluding China, no nation refused this right on her face but recent games should make India aware that, only goodness is not enough, this is a fight, which has to fought on all the corners, as the world will resist to the rise of new power. At WTO we have to expose, why solar initiatives of India get a stick on the back of India but WTO remains silent on TPP. We have get the third world rally behind us for protecting the rights of destitute everywhere, our dream of economic prosperity shouldn’t be blinded by crony capitalism. The patenting issue of medicines we have taken a welfare approach, which is not for profit but for the welfare.

    Forging alliances: From NAM to Multi alliance

    The next and final step in achieving our dream would be forging new alliances, as Atal said, we can change our friends but neighbours, and it’s a bitter truth that with the rise of China, our relationship with neighbouring nations has deteriorated. The neibhours have learnt to play the China card. The China is not untouchable and strings of pearls, should be seen with caution but not as conspiracy. China is an export oriented country and for her connectivity via Indian Ocean is important and hence India should try her best to improve her ties with China. China and India together have around 40% of world population. This constitutes both a big market and big labour force. Hence it’s in the best interest of the Indian dream to get things aligned in right order with China and instead of seeing OROB as adversity take it as an opportunity and participate in it.

    Also the relationships should with our neighbours should be that of a true friend and not of Big brother, therefore swearing by the Gujral doctrine, India should improve relations. The WB and IMF are not ready for changes and we should not wait for them to get our dream realised, rather we should promptly promote BRICS, NDB, ISA and other regional alliances not to challenge the world order, but to establish a new and justified one.

    A New world order and A new Power

    There is no reason why India can’t chase her dream to be a super power by endlessly striving for it. But once India becomes a super power, she should tell the world how a world power should behave. The other powers, attained power only to be more powerful and dominate but we should be a world power to show the world the right way, which is in universal peace and cooperation, which is in universal brotherhood, which is in harmony and sustainability in living with the nature.

  • Pooja Pandey

    Dreams which should not let India sleep:

    Introduction- Dreams reflect our deep inner thoughts .Dreams give a sense of freedom to follow our heart.Not everyone has the courage to follow their dreams and those who do they are the real heroes.This was an individualistic aspect of a dream.There can be dreams which are aspired by a community or a group ofcommunities such as a nation.This national dreams are the expectations of a common man which he deserves but still becomes hard to get so he dreams of them.However , if fulfilled this would a make every person proud of his/her nationality and that nation stands proudly among it’s peers.To achieve this Dream Nation efforts are required from every section of society and involvement of every national.They are required to keep working until this “Dream Nation” is achieved.
    In this essay we are going to see what should be the dreams of India and how to pursue that dream.
    *What should be the present dream of India:
    Dreams give us vision and then we need to find possible means to achieve that dream.
    67 years back when India was under British rule ,the common dream shared by every Indian was to be ‘free.’To achieve this freedom everyone was contributing in their own ways like
    _some through negotiations – ‘moderates’
    _some through extreme nationalism which took the form of terrorism-‘extremists’
    Then gradually it was realised thet this national dream could be achieved when every section of the nation was involved ,I.e. “the masses”.To provide direction to the masses need for a powerful leader arose . Thus people
    got voice for their dreams in the foem of National leaders.The result of this struggle armed witb patience and perseverance bore fruit.India became “free .”
    Now we are a Sovereign ,Republic and Democratic country whose ideals are social,economic and political justice and a secular state looking after the welfare of people .All this looks good but the reality is far from being such an idealistic nation .
    After six decades of Independence ,we have achieved but we can’t afford complacency because
    111 billionaires are indians and India is also one having the largest number of poor.India’s rank in Human Development Index 130/188 .
    From this the vast inequalities lying in the country can be imagined.There are still many Indians who are still waiting for their turn to come to taste the fruit of freedom.Their this dream after sometime fades and they accept their misery as their fate.How can a nation’s dream be fulfilled with unfulfilled dreams of it’s majority.Let’s discuss the dreams of a common Indian :
    1)Still 40% indians are employed in agriculture sector .But the lowcontribution of this section is still a matter of concern.
    Former prime minister of India put forward the slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan”,recognising the important roles played by a farmer and a soldier in nation building.It’s sad that today the condition of farmers is so pathetic that tjwy are committing suicides.Their abysmal suicide rate is an embarrassment for one of the largest emerging economies of the world.
    2)Children are the future leaders.But still a large number of children are doing forced labour .Their dream gets confined to surviving.Their innocent dreams need special protection.
    3)We are proud to be in the 21st century and boast being modern but still the child sex ratio is declining at a concerning rate unfavouring a girl child.Being a woman in India still means to be confined to strict limitations in matter of mobility or giving voice to their opinion.
    4)Our constitution makers were visionaries and tried their best to provide every Indian equal opportunity trangressing caste,creed,gender and any form of discrimination that was detrimental to any section of society specially the minorities.Fundamental rights explicitly abolished untoucability.Recent incident of suicide of dalit scholars surfaces the need thatt still lot needs to be done.
    5)The increqsing number of slums,pollutant cities ,decreasing habitat for biodiversity and increasing number of natural disasters where main culprit is shortsighted policies.All this hints that achieving a Dream Nation is not going to be a bed of roses.
    We have an idea of the dreams for which a majority is aspiring.Now we need means to achieve the end.
    *Connecting the dreams :
    Now comes the role of our representatives,I.e our legislators and executives.It’s their duty to look after the public,to see that the needs of it’s people are met and everyone is given full opportunity to pursue his dreams.The role of both the server and those being served is complementary.Full participation is needed from every section.Then this specified list needs to be connected and coverted in a “National Dream”,which our national leaders at the time of Independence dreamt for.
    *Steps taken by our present leaders:
    Our representatives are well aware of the aspirations of the people and after Independence national plans and policies have revolved around these needs.For example we started being a planned economy during independence with strict state control.As timw demanded our economy was liberalised in the 90’s.
    Similarly at present too schemes are made and to achieve the best “Cooperative Federalism” is promoted.Some commendable schemes are
    1)Jan Dhan Yojana -for financial inclusion.
    2)Beti bacha beti padhao -to save and educate girl child.
    3Pradhan Mantri Fasal bima yojana-to provide safety nets to farmers.
    4)Skill India,Stand up India,Startup India- to reap the benefits of demographic dividend and encourage entrepreneurs.
    5)Amrut Yojana-for urban rejuvenation
    6)Smart city programme
    And the list continues.So why are we still lagging behind?
    Roads pursuing any dream is not smooth and easy.Hurdles will come and here comes in the form of corruption,lack of awareness and yes a cynical mindset.
    During independence our National heroes saw a dream of a Sovereign ,Republic and Democratic India.All having an equal share .We owe them for giving us this legacy of freedom.The least we can do for them is fulfilling their dream which will be for our own good.Every Indian should contribute and the state should ensure that every person is capable of contributing.These should be the dreams that should not let India sleep.

    • Abhiknowledge_is_free

      you mentioned really good points. child labour, forced labour, condition of farmers, pollution, biodiversity, sex ratio discrimination. These are indeed vital. and you also mentioned the ways our Government has been dealing with these. I think health, quality education, last mile connectivity etc are also too important. Please review mine too! 🙂

      • Pooja Pandey

        Thanks for the review 🙂
        Yes I missed those points ..

  • New_to_IAS_2016

    Dreams which should not let India sleep:

    As our Missile Man or President Late APJ Abdul Kalam has said some time “Dream is not the one which you see during sleep, Dream should be the one which should not let you sleep” .

    India is attaining multiple success in science sector, technology.
    In 2014 Indian Mars mission was successfully entered the mars orbit, it was the least cost mission developed by India and India was successful in its 1st attempt itself. do we think many of the girls/boys of our countries are not getting enough qaulity of education in minimum cost ? No, becaus many of the private schools are dominating they made education as the business hub, where poor poeple cannot afford such costly education. even though “Right To Education Act” is the Fundamental right of every children in our country, can we say that every one is getting enough education ? If Yes, can we conclude that are they getting quality of education ? No, India should strive towards providing quality of Education to the kids.

    Similarly India is making progress in Technological field all the major software companies employees are Indians. when such core technological companies core employees are Indian, our country is still lagging in digitised why ? because of poverty people cannot afford technology. our Government has Initiating Digital India to make our whole india digitized, each and every village is provided with broad band, every village will have ATM machine and bank facility, Direct transfer benifits would definately help to improvise the digital concept where every indian will have bank account and registered mobile, so that the money will get credited to his account instead via 3rd party person.

    India should strive to provide internet to each and every corner of India, In this regard IIT Bombay has successfully conducted its experiment to convert the un uitlized spectrum of the Television to broadband, Internet can be made easily available in rural area with least cost.

    Recent programs like “Jan Dhan Yojana”, “Mudra Bank” these were example for financial inclusion, well India should strive to make all the poeple in india should have Internet and mobile banking, all the services should be done via online instead of manual at rural level, when each and individual of rural becomes literate and capable of doing all his transaction online or mobile banking we can say that india has reached its banking literacy to the expected level

    India should fight strongly against Terrorism, it should be the core Dream of India when India will become free from Terror victim ?
    India should frame a strong policy especially with the Pakistan ( which is the hub of terrorist) to regulate or control the terror activities,
    India should strongly fight with Terrorism.

    Empowerment of women:

    India dream of Women safety.
    Our women should feel free to walk alone on the road, women should be feel safe in the Bus, Train, Public or Private sectors.
    our Father of Nation Ganhiji said ” India will truly attain freedom only when women can walk on the road in the mid night without any fear ” Govt should make strong policies to protect the interset of Women and thier safty concerns.

    many women have been victim of heinous crime Rape even small kids are becoming victim of this Rape Terror ..!!
    This should be the core dream of India to protect women from henous Rapre crime.
    Parliament should amend law so strong such that no one should commit such henous crime, even he has to think multiple times before commiting RApe crime.

    Participation of women should be encouraged in all sectors from agriculture to industry.
    Now a days many women are CEO, Parliamentary members, Film actress, Brand Ambassadors, Business Personalities.
    But looking at above positions we cannot conclude that women empowerment has achieved its goal.
    Considering the Rural areas, deprived class, tribal women, are thier interest and positions are empowered ? No, thanks to Panchayati Raj ammendment for making reservation for women in the election of panchayati raj.
    Parliament has made many laws to protect women from terror like Dowry, Forcible rape ( By husband) are these protecting women interest ? reason illiteracy prevailing among rural, tribal, deprived class women, dream of india should be such that all women of rural,tribal,SC/ST women should be provided enough literacy and economically empower thier position in the society.

    India should dream of becoming world leader,
    As india is fastest growing economy in the world when rest of the countries finding it very difficult to maintain thier growth rate.
    Indias dream should be, it should become core member of the IMF, Indian Rupee should be Included in the IMF Basket.
    Indian Rupee value as compared to the $ should become as low as possible ( Dream for 1/- == 1 $). our GDP should be more, India should not borrow money from world bank instead it should lend money to other countries.
    India should dream of becoming core meber of UNSC, TRAI, Inda should utilize the opportunity of Silk Road ( Silk route initiative by china)
    Recently India has initiated Make in India policy, start up policy, Mudra bank, these are good initiatives by govt to boost indian economy
    * Should manufacture electronincs
    * machinaeries
    * Beoing flights
    * Metros
    * War ships
    * satellites

    make in india will definately increase our exports in the world, but we should be ready for tough competetion from China, China will devalueve its currency to boost its export economy it will not easily let india to grab manufacturing tenders via make in india,
    Indian policies should be smooth enough and beneficial for investors to grab the opportunity.

    Our forest cover is degrading, as pollution is increasing, Government should make compulsory rule for each and every citizen to plant trees and nurture its growth,
    * dreams should be enlarge the forest cover
    * save the endagered species
    * Control of floods by quickly initiating river connectivity program
    * Controling soil erosion
    * Controlling Air pollution by replacing petrol/diesel led engines with sola/electricallyr powered engines
    * Creating awareness among the every one to plant trees and save planet ( by making atleast 1 day as compulsory from public private employees to work on tree plantation).
    * Renevable energy source should become common, such that each and evry house should be 50% depend on the solar energy ( Ex: lightning, refrigarator, Fan, TV, Mixtur, Toaster,etc.) all should run by power generated by wind or solar.

    Every one should have thier own house, by control fluctuations in the prices of real estate business, by providing low interest rate on home loans.

    Please Spare some time to review my essay.


    • New_to_IAS_2016

      Please review guys.
      Please suggest improvements.

      • Abhiknowledge_is_free

        yours is a good essay! you touched all points except one or two. But the point that you made regarding the value of rupee as compared to dollar.. I am not sure about it. i think it is the purchasing ability of the dollar or the rupee that should matter. also is it a dream that should not let India sleep?
        Please review mine too. Best of luck! 🙂

    • Tanu Singhal

      Hey. Sorry for late response.

      1. U have ample of good points, but u lacjk structuring.
      2. U were switching tool much, from technology to education again technology, then women EMPOWERMENT, then digital India… Bring flow in connection.
      3.while reading essay i felt m reading something which is pointing out our issues, while the topic reqd much more intense analysis, eg.women EMPOWERMENT, if I directly point that out I will not be doing justice to the title, while I should radch to it, by, in the era of equality and feminism, it haunts India how girls like nirbhaya are still there crying out loud to get bare minimum security.
      Bring artistic expression in these sort of essays. a lot conclusion.

      You have points, content, practice,, practice, practice, you have the potential to write really great.

      • New_to_IAS_2016

        Thanks, it was my first essay, wrote after office hours, yes I could wrote in well structured manner,
        Thanks, I will keep in mind next time.

        • Tanu Singhal

          If u wrote that after office hours.

          Then u can do wonders 🙂

          • New_to_IAS_2016

            By the way I am confused about elective subject .
            Should I go with Geography or Literature ? I am confused.
            There are lots of sources are there for geography even I would like to opt geo, but looking at its vastness i am thinking of to go for Literature. Please suggest which one should i go with

            • Tanu Singhal

              Go with the one , which have got questions where u think u will be better at writing.

              See here while preparing for IAS we have to be really objective.
              I chose eco earlier cz I did graduation in that subject, later when I saw the optional paper I found myself unable to write good answers.
              So picked up law optinal there I found questions to be quite objective.

              Hence just go through the question papers, then compare the material available, then see if u can actually learn from that material and pick out good answers.
              U will get ur answer .

              ( its totally a personal capability, hnece don’t go by majority, see if u can actually handle the subject u want too choose , we don’t have to do PhD in that, we just need to write right answers )

              • New_to_IAS_2016

                Sure , Thanks for your valuable reply. I will think about it.

  • Srikanth

    Dreams which should not let India sleep
    “I have a dream”, said Martin Luther King fighting against the racial discrimination in UA. He would imagine something unimaginable at that point of time because of dream. This is the power of a dream. It is free from the biological, societal and physical limitations. Whether it was Alexander, who wanted to become world conqueror or Abdul Kalam who wanted to put India in a bright spot in space or a child sleeping on the footpath in Mumbai who desires 3 square meals a day or a married woman who wants a job, dreams present the future in the present if we a pursue a particular course of action. They can advance us a species in the universe. In a way they are similar to god transcending the universe and all pervasive.

    Such dreams when they are visualized for a country populated by 1/6th of humanity, run the risk of placing a particular set of goals on a higher pedestal. However, I justify this line of thought and choose the following dreams as they serve common good more than individual good.

    1.Dreaming the ability to dream: Our society needs to promote avenues so that critical thinking is not curtailed. Killing a dream is killing an idea and the society stagnates due to it
    2.Having a peace and just society: India should strive for a society free from the strife of war, terror, naxalism, communalism and casteism. This can be achieved not by the use of force but by the pen and by the institutions of state if they implement articles in the Constitution in letter and spirit particularly those regarding fundamental rights and directive principles.
    Having a nuclear neighbor does not let anyone sleep peacefully in the world. India being a peace loving nation should strive for improving bilateral relations with Pakistan and China and there by contribute to International peace as our forefathers have envisaged
    3.Achieving high economic and inclusive growth: We have regular farmer suicides and children sleeping with half empty stomaches. India can eliminate the scourge of poverty only if it achieves a GDP growth rate of 8-10% on a sustainable basis. Now, is the right time to wake up as India is in an exciting phase of ‘demographic dividend’
    4.Providing health, education and employment: Bullet trains cruising at 500kmph or smartphones at Rs.251 mean nothing when literacy rates are similar to sub-saharan Africa and India tops in neo natal mortality. Only by providing accessible, affordable health care, education and skill based employment every Indian can realize their own individual dreams
    5.Protect Mother Earth: Our development should not be a post dated cheque in a crashing bank affecting the livelihood of future generations. We cannot destroy our flora and fauna recklessly contributing to the ‘rape of earth’. Sustainable development should be ‘The Future we want’
    6.Happy and Moral life for all: As they say a bed cannot buy sleep and money cannot buy happiness, chasing material wealth alone should not be our principal objective.

    Dreams however run the risk of being destructive also. As Hitler wanted to exterminate jews, we should be vary of hitlers in India both in and outside power continuously

    When the dream is right “ Arise, awake, and stop not until the goal is reached” as Swami Vivekananda said.

    • Abhiknowledge_is_free

      health, education, hunger, poverty, the ability to dream, sustainable development, employment etc are very good points. as I understood the topic for the essay, I thought we should write about such dreams which are urgent and pressing.. Please review mine too! 🙂

      • Scorpion

        abhi please review mine…

    • Scorpion

      Sri…plz review mine..if at all possible

  • Abhiknowledge_is_free

    It was winter holidays. I was headed for my home town, which is in the state of Bihar. This was a journey by train. I was in a neat and clean air-conditioned coach. It had been a long journey. I had boarded the previous evening, had a hearty meal and had slept quite well after watching one of my favourite movies “Rang de Basanti”.As I woke up, the train had just entered Bihar. I felt great as i was getting closer to home. I still had to travel for 8 more hours until I reached home. Those 8 hours that were to leave me restless, questioning and wondering. There were incidents which I unintentionally absorbed or rather these incidents have kept me absorbed for days to come.

    My air- conditioned coach that was spick-and-span the night before was in a mess! How did i not notice it? Infact, I saw a lady who appeared to be quite well educated and forward wipe the entire vomit of her kid with the Railway Towel that we get in the trains, and throw it under the seat!! I was aghast! I felt the urgent need to sermon her on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. I wanted to tell her about how Indians were thought of an dirty, uncivilised people abroad, how India was taken for granted as an unclean country. and of course, it was not just one person who had made the entire country littered.

    Next, my attention went to an old man. He was talking to some official over phone. He was distressed and disheartened in his tone. He was complaining yet demanding. What I could collect from the conversation was that he had retired from a central government service some 8 months ago and till now he hadnt even received one paisa of his pension. I could feel his helplessness so apparent in his voice. My heart went out to him. I wondered how he must be coping with his expenses in such a circumstance.

    Just as I was thinking about it all, there happened to be a beggar in the coach. he was a minor boy. He sang some song and then extended his bowl. without a thought i asked him, “Do you go to school?” He replied in negative. when I asked him the reason, he said that he has been admitted to a government school but he doesn’t attend the classes. “Where do you live? your parents know about it? Dont they scold you?” he said that they know and happily left the coach as he had got a lot of coins.

    I heard another lady who was a patient of some disease and was complaining to another one about the high costs of the medicines. These medicines happened to be imported form abroad. How could the old and the sick afford such expensive medicines given the meagre amount of income that an average Indian earns? Do they have to be dependent on their children for these medicines for as long as they live? Why are these medicines imported? and why are the others reverse engineered? Why can’t we innovate and make our own medicines? Our Government needs to invest in research and development, follow the footprints of other nations who invest heavily in R and D, give some incentives to the young minds who are always eager to explore given little push.

    My train journey was over. I picked up my luggage and still mulling over the incidences that had just happened, went on to sit in a bus that was heading towards my place. It was a non- AC bus. As i started noticing the people around me, I realised that they were all from poor economic background. Just then a 40 year old man grabbed a seat beside me with a kid on his lap. The infant was in feeble health. I had only seen such malnutritioned children on television, in books in newspapers. Yet, he was a sweet little kid. I befriended him very soon and also began talking to his father who also seemed like a very gentle person. He lost his wife when she was in labour with this kid. He told me that he stayed in a slum and how he had to do odd jobs to manage a hand-to-mouth existence when last year the crop in his small plot of rented land failed. I could also feel the bitterness and a sense of shame in his voice when he told me that he had one more son who was of employable age but stayed at home. I could only look at this kid who was now in my lap and wonder how he could have had lead a more healthy life, had his mother been alive or if his father or brother had a more stable source of earning. I instantly thought about other million kids like him yet another million of maternal deaths, millions of youth sitting ideal and millions of farmers like this father who had managed to not commit suicide.

    I descended from the bus and sat on a cycle rickshaw. I looked at this old man who was pulling the rickshaw but I didn’t ask him where he lived or how many mouths he had to feed. I almost knew. And the joy of homecoming was long gone. Still, I met my parents with a happy face. I was meeting them after six months, so there was lots of chatting to do. The same night, i was thinking about these incidents again. Why had I not noticed them before? Of course, i knew of the things that were happening in the country. And such things were not prevalent in my state alone. All of it was omnipresent. After much thinking, i realised that these shortcomings that our nation had been grappling with, had been there always. In fact, they were so usual that we had been accustomed to this present system and the prevailing scenario. It is only when we look at things with the urgency that they need to be dealt with, do we understand how critical they are to the nation.

    What I could conclude that investment in social sectors, insurance and help to farmers, restructuring the agriculture,restructuring bureaucracy, cutting red- tape-ism, investment in research and development, creation of more jobs, checking infant mortality and maternal deaths,dealing with deadly diseases like TB, dengue and malaria, increasing per capita income,affordable housing, quality education, value education and creating awareness are very very critical to our nation. So critical that every step that we don’t take towards them means a step “backwards”. And to take strong, decisive steps we need leadership that is strong willed and empathetic Leadership from all walks.. from government, from people, from civil societies, from big corporations and from micro and small enterprises. There is a famous saying bySant Kabir which goes like this:

    “jaise til mein tel hai, jo chakmak mein aag
    tera sai tujhmein hai, jaag sake toh jaag.”

    • yogi

      Intro: catchy , but don’t reveal ur identity, we are not supposed to do that

      Whole essay story, without mentioning the word dream and sleep: i don’t think it is a wise approach

      I m not denying the interest that u created in ur essay, but frequent mentioning of the dreams like Sonia did in her essay, would be better approach, u may disagree

      Conclusions, could have talked of some ways we can contribute to relaise these dreams,

      “jaise til mein tel hai, jo chakmak mein aag

      tera sai tujhmein hai, jaag sake toh jaag.”—–write the English translation as well, what if the examiner does not understand this?

      Thanks 🙂

      • Abhiknowledge_is_free

        You are quite right. I realised this mistake too. I should have mentioned the word “Dream” and “sleep” otherwise it defeats the purpose. I should also have mentioned about what India is currently doing to pursue these dreams.

        And yes, the english translation! very important. This was my first essay. I will keep these things in mind now! Your review was helpful! Thanks to you! 🙂

        • yogi

          oh! first then no problem : )

    • Pooja Pandey

      U have nicely mentioned a common man’s dream in India through a train journey.Nice approach! 🙂
      You could have added more points like women’s safety by mentioning insecurity they feel while travelling alone.

      • Abhiknowledge_is_free

        Yes, women’s safety is a good point. Infact, safety and dignity of all including the minorities, differently abled, women, children, old and sick should have been included. Because all of them are just as much vulnerable. Thanks for the review! 🙂

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.very engaging essay and another unique approach of the day
      2.problems ok..but where are the dreams which shud not let India sleep?…extending the task of examiner to derive by himself 🙂
      3.At one point u said that u travelled in a non-ac buswhere passengers were economically weak..not a strong argument
      4.whole essay dealt with common man’s dream but solutions were for govt only..what about citizens..are we not included in India?
      5.conclusion fine…can make it more optimistic..also eng translation should also be provided
      good efforts 🙂

      • Abhiknowledge_is_free

        yes bro! I get your point. It had to be a holistic one! Thank you for reviewing! 🙂

    • New_to_IAS_2016

      enjoyed reading your essay ..!!! good one bro.

  • Mojo JoJo

    Please review

    • yogi

      First of all very good hadwriting 🙂

      Avoid the cuttings not good for an essay

      Intro: u started in a unique way but you kept urself to what India is and said evrtything about India. This was not the demand of the topic, we have to identify the dreams India should have and how we as the peole of India can help in realising those dreams.

      Not a good effort friend, : (

      If it is yours first then no problem keep writing and reviewing we all will improve: )

      • Mojo JoJo

        thanks a lot friend. I’ll try to improve. 🙂

  • DaV!ncI aka draco

    India’s ex-
    President the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had once said that “Dream is not
    that which you see while sleeping; it is something that does not let you
    sleep.” These lines aptly remind us what is the idea of India and how we should live up to that dream.
    India is known to be the land of different ethnic strains and linguistic
    families,that have merged into its population to contribute to its
    diversity, richness and vitality and this composite identity has won her the of quoted cliché, unity in diversity.
    We have come a long way since Independence.The Indian economy is looking up and India is being given its due recognition now in international circles .We
    are now seen as an influential world power and Brand India is well on
    its way to become a success.

    India’s dimension is bound to have its share of problems and failings.
    However, the vibrant nation sets about overcoming its shortcomings,
    protecting its culture and enriching the material as well as cultural
    life of its people

    India has been a
    nation where the good and the bad, the rich and the poor, the
    accomplished and the wanting, have co-existed. It is no longer a matter
    of romantic theorizing, many critical aspects of our national life need
    an urgent fixing. These striking paradoxes often rattle, and make the
    establishment sit up and take notice, but lasting change hardly comes
    by. In a process of becoming a superpower and regaining is title as a ‘Golden bird’ there is much that needs to be done in many sectors

    Dreams for India

    Social and economical justice: Today we find a big gap between
    the rich and the poor. There is corruption in all walks of life. The
    India of my dream will have social justice. There will be no rich and
    poor. Everybody will be equal. There will be no shortage of anything. Quotas system will be based on economic status not on cast.
    There will be discipline, peace and happiness. The feelings of casteism
    and regionalism will go forever. There will be an atmosphere of equality,
    brotherhood and freedom all over the country. The India of my dreams
    will bring heaven to earth. There will be Ram Rajya in true sense of the

    —-> Women’s Safety – We
    can now fire an Agni V to destroy our most capable enemies, but our
    women cannot travel safely in public transport. We are conceptualizing
    and executing the cheapest journeys to Mars, but our girls fail to
    successfully complete the journey from mothers’ wombs to the birth
    This is an issue of concern not just in the hinterland, but in
    major cities as well. Women are subjected to hardships on many fronts –
    sexual exploitation at the workplace, domestic violence, lack of proper
    medical facilities, lack of education etc. The Government enacts laws to
    ensure that women get a proper system of redressal and their rights are
    not curbed.
    their implementation leaves much to be desired. As a society, India has
    to truly liberate its women so that they can contribute to
    nation-building that can help us leapfrog. The birth of a girl child will be celebrated. Girls will be encouraged
    to go to schools and dream of ideal India will be free from gender-bias and


    A happy Indian society
    As privileged Indians, each one of us should not rest until the last
    disadvantage Indian has not been educated, properly fed, clothed and
    given a shelter. Also, we can’t stop till India is cleaned up and stays
    that way. While the Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSPs)
    intended right from 1950 to ensure this, it is only in the recent past
    that we have enacted laws such as the Right to Education (RTE) and the
    Food Security Act that put bring an air of reality to the vision of
    Founding Fathers. The Government of India has many employment schemes
    for the rural and the disadvantaged people. These schemes contribute in
    making this dream a reality. In June 2015, the Indian Prime Minister
    launched three of the most ambitious schemes of all time- smart cities, AMRUT, housing for all by 2022.

    Under this scheme,
    also called the Pradham MantrI Awas Yojana, the Central Government has
    targeted building two crore homes for the urban poor by 2022. The
    government will provide Rs 1-2.3 lakh assistance per house under
    different components of the scheme, including in-situ redevelopment of
    slums using land as resource, credit-linked subsidy scheme, affordable
    housing in partnership and beneficiary-led individual construction or
    improvement of homes. The Government has identified 305 cities and towns
    for the same. The Swacch Bharat Mission aims to achieve a clean India by the year 2019.

    Such initiatives,
    if pursued diligently and implemented honestly, have the potential to
    change India to a sensitive nation that cares for its citizens.

    Terrorism free India: The dream of
    eliminating terrorism in all its forms should energise us always. India
    in the past has been the victim of both left wing and right wing
    Government of India has made efforts to curb this menace militarily as
    well as economically. But LWE continues to be a source of much concern.
    Unless we create a harmonious solution, a significant part of our
    population will stay insurgent, harming our national goals.

    terrorism in Kashmir and other parts of India is severely distorting our
    national agenda. The current Government has taken tough measures on
    cross-border terrorism and it may have started paying dividends, but one
    attack on a high-visibility target can effectively derail the bilateral
    Indo-Pak talks. Pakistan must realize that a mighty India cannot be
    subdued, and its own incremental destruction is of no use to India or
    its own citizens. All Indians must come together to act as good
    citizens, keeping our agencies informed of any nefarious designs, and
    ensuring our youth does not get radicalized by any daydreaming terrorist
    organization like the ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

    A terrorism free India is indeed a dream that should not let India sleep.

    Economic prosperity: India needs very strong inclusive growth that
    advances equitable opportunities for all economic participants – urban
    and rural, men and women, educated and less-educated. The definition of
    inclusive growth implies direct links between the macroeconomic and
    microeconomic determinants of the economy and economic growth. The
    failure of the Government to implement land reforms after Independence is a major impediment to inclusive growth in India.
    Schemes of financial inclusion such
    as the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) and the Mudra Bank
    initiative are important steps towards achieving financial inclusion for
    the masses. Direct Benifit Transfer(DBT) is one more initiative in this

    The major challenges that India faces in achieving this dream are widespread illiteracy, lack of proper agricultural facilities like irrigation and a rigid pyramidal societal structure.
    Though the government initiatives are steps in the right direction,
    they alone will not achieve this dream. Every citizen of India should
    believe in this dream and make his own contribution. We need to
    understand that a growth which is not inclusive can never be

    Apart from these
    dreams, there are some nightmares that should not let India sleep. One
    of the most important and strategic nightmare is the power struggle going on in the world.
    Be it Afghanistan, the Central Asian Republics, the Middle East, the
    African Continent or the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), it appears as if
    there are four to five major players in the world and the rest of the
    nations have been turned into mere pawns in the Great Game. Insecurity
    seems to have become the fulcrum of the foreign policy of most of the
    countries in the world. We need to understand that we as citizens of the
    world need to live the dream of a united and peaceful world. Let us
    give our dreams a chance to live and let’s try to keep the nightmares at
    bay. India has the potential to show the world the power of Vasudhaiv
    and for the great legacy of the world’s first urban civilization (the Indus Valley), it is time to reassert itself positively.
    I hope that my dream of a numero uno superpower named India,a vibrant india will
    definitely come true in the near future. With a young and dynamic
    brigade of politicians all lined up and raring to go and social
    activists trying to project a new image of modern
    India, the destination seems even closer.

  • sunil yadav

    Dream of a developed india should not let the youths of india sleep. INDIA had achieved political democracy in 1947 but still fighting to achieve social and economical democracy .
    Dream of happy farmers who are providing foods
    dream to make an environment where every girls can feel safe.

  • Pallavi

    Plz review…

    • Vivaan Khanna

      pallavi ji..private kar rakha hai..mujhe bahut mehnat karni padi apke essay k liye :p
      1.Intro took one page..innovative but risky..also gloomy one
      2.points of gandhi and disney were good to start with have the clarity of thoughts and ideas but could not write in words..i will not appreciate diagrams and flow chart in an essay
      4.connecting ur ideas was difficult for me as they were not readible in this form
      i would love to review ur essay from all angles but i have two requests-please make ur account public or put the link of ur essay at the top and pages put in portrait form…

  • Shikhar

    Hello Friends,

    Please review my essay and help me in improving my skills.

    Dream is not the thing you see while asleep, it is the one which does
    not let you sleep. The above quote given by Late Shri A.P.J Abdul Kalam
    is rightly fit into India’s context. There are 1.25 billion dreams and
    each dream is waiting to get fulfilled. But the current situation in
    country still not in the position to nurture these dreams and accomplish
    them. Lots of improvement and effectiveness is required in each sector.
    The most common dream is happy life for all is still far. Lets have a
    look on some of the dreams that every Indian and India as a country is

    The most important are the one written in our
    constitution. They are social, economical and political justice. Still
    the country is facing social issues like dowry, female foeticide, honor
    killing and many more. The situation of schedule caste and schedule
    tribes in rural area and extremely backward area is still worse. There
    is no literacy among themselves. Economical divide between rural and
    urban areas are huge. In last few years government has taken lots of
    steps to bring Financial inclusion with policies like Jan Dhan Yojana,
    Adhar cards, Mudra yojana, Payments Banks etc. But these policies will
    take time as the scale of financially deprived people is huge. In case
    of political system we see the problems of corruption, family politics
    (people of same family in politics), new faces do not get chance, lots
    of money needed to fight a election so a genuine candidate does not gets
    chance to take part in the election. These problem are the most
    important reason for making India not able to accomplish its dreams.

    around 17% of contribution in GDP by agriculture sector, it is
    employing more than 50 percent of Indian population. The situation of
    this sector is not on green side. The problems like large dependency on
    monsoon, crop insurance to farmer in case of bad season or loss of
    crops, not enough MSP, inaccurate weather forecast, lack of technical
    assistance, credit facility, problematic land acquisition policy are
    some of the issues faced by agriculture and allied sector which Central
    and state government should look into to make the life of our farmers
    easy and bring happiness in their lives.

    The rural population is
    facing the problem of even the basic amenities required for the normal
    living of a human being. There is lack of clean drinking water, problem
    of open defecation due to lack of latrines, no electricity. The
    government school in rural area do not have sufficient teachers and if
    teachers are there then they are not enough qualified. The medical
    facility is the worst. Rural people travels many kilometers to reach the
    nearest hospitals and in case of emergencies it leads to loss of life.
    Infant mortality rate, mother mortality rate are worse in rural area due
    to lack of specialist doctors. Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Anganwadis
    are doing good job in improving these facility but they need more
    training and government support to improve the situation.

    area has their different dreams which are still to be fulfilled. The
    most important and regular ones are cleanliness and pollution free
    environment. Each and every city is struggling with solid and liquid
    waste management problem due to which piles af these solid waste can be
    seen in the outskirts of the cities. Untreated liquid waste are directly
    dumped into the river bodies leading to severe water pollution. For
    this government has started Swach Bharat Mission but these mission
    cannot be successful without the people support. It has extreemly
    important to teach each and every individual about the cleanliness and
    the habbits to achieve it. Schools should give special education on
    these topics and should teach students about the benefits. The air
    pollution in cities like Delhi, Kanpur, Patna, Kolkata has converted
    these cities to Gas chambers. High quantity of PM2.5 is causing lots of
    problems to human health specially children and older people and person
    with respiratory problems. The steps like making Smart cities are good
    initiative by the government but to make them successful, it will
    require lots of commitment and hard work from each department. Every
    person in Indian cities has dream to live in clean and pollution free
    cities with world class infrastructure in terms of house, transport
    system, hospitals, schools, digitally connected, slum free etc.
    Government has also started “Housing for all” and “Atal Mission for
    Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT)” to make urban cities a
    better place to live in.

    The dream to make India a Superpower is
    the one which each Prime Minister of India has atleast once seen in his
    life. After being a colony for 200 years to largest growing developing
    country to a Super power is still far. Lots of effort in external and
    defense policy is needed. The connection with neighbors is not that good
    at this point of time. Pakistan and China are always anti to India but
    recent situation in Nepal with the adoption of new constitution has
    diminished the closeness of Nepal with India and strengthened with
    China. So first India needs to have its neighbor policy correct to have a
    friendly border.

    India has to increase its effort to secure the
    Indian Ocean region by having good relation with South and Southeast
    Asian and West Asian countries. Change from Look East to Act East policy
    clearly shows the intent of government to make good relationship with
    east Asian countries. To have greater say in the world politics and
    decisions, it is of extreme priority for India to push UN to bring
    reforms in UN Security Council and get a permanent member seat and have
    greater say in world politics. A country is strong when it is strong
    from inside. India should improve its defense equipment and focus on the
    indianization rather than importing from other countries. As of today,
    India is the largest importer of the Arms. It should also focus on the
    problem of Left wing Extremism (LWE) which is affecting the internal
    security of the country and create tension in the life of people.

    is no end to the desire and demands of a person. When one gets
    fulfilled other comes in place of the the older one. But it is very
    important to fulfill atleast those dreams which are very important to
    bring happiness in every person life. Like the small landlocked nation
    of Bhutan, India should also focus on Gross Domestic Happiness because
    there is no point of having higher growth but which is not getting
    reflected on the face of the people. So while making any policy,
    policymaker should keep in mind that whether a particular policy is
    inline with the dream of giving happiness to every individual.

  • Anubhav Sood

    Dreams that should not lead India sleep

    “……… At stroke of midnight, when world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.…… “. This “tryst with destiny” speech by Jawaharlal Nehru symbolized the dream that was accomplished by our freedom fighters. This also gave the vision of the next dream to be followed by us, the people of India.

    Gandhi’s vision of India was to promote domestic industrialization for self-sustainable growth of our country. He was of the view that rural India is backbone for development of India. If India has to develop, there must be equitable development of rural sector as well. He also wanted India to be free from all social evils like poverty, unemployment, discrimination based on caste, color creed, religion, and most importantly abolish untouchability against lower castes (Dalits) whom he calls ‘harijans’.

    These visions depict the social stature of the then society of India. Even after 69 years of independence we can still find these social issues to persist in India. Preamble of our constitution specifies India as Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and Republic country. Let us see how we have pursued our dream as citizens of India for making this definition to be true.

    Sovereign India

    After 100 years of freedom struggle we were able to achieve this dream. Even during cold war era when two super powers US and Soviet union were forming alliances to counter each other, we opted for Non- Alignment(NAM), not joining any alliance to maintain our sovereignty. Though colonization has been banned by united nation but similar to that neo-colonization is taking its roots in international world.

    Neo colonization is defined as indirect control over states policies by other states. Recently we have seen the pressure in united nation by US to countries like India and other undeveloped countries to introduce genetically modified(GM) seeds and to liberalize the market for agricultural imports from developed countries. GM seeds privatize the agriculture and thus pose immense threat to the quality of soil as well as social condition of farmers of India. India has been constant target in international forum by US on research in development on seeds which suits Indian soil.

    Other example of threat to sovereignty of India is through the global terrorism. India has been witness if 26/11, and recently pathankot attack by militants. India also faces insurgent activities from Naxalites, and militants in north east from Assam separatist movement for demand of Bodoland. These activities lead to loss of innocent life and damage to government properties creating roadblocks for development of country.

    To keep this dream alive we must show the unity against these activities. Recent example of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI) ruling against facebook to monopolize internet was because of strong unanimous rejection by people of India.

    Socialist India

    Our first prime minister was of the view of having considerable role of government in planning and development of the country. Liberalization of industries were only after 1991, ending the license Raj. Recently we saw the influx of money through Foreign Direct Investments(FDI) in India. If we observe closely we have not opened 100% FDI in maximum sectors of India.

    Privatizing the market undoubtedly provide best competition in society with quality products. But if we adopt this, market will only have supplies of products that are in demand and through which they can make profit, neglecting other necessary supplies.

    Also Socialist society aims of having equitable outcome for every citizen, provide equal opportunities in jobs, provide minimum wages , and to provide basic necessities of living like food, education, health, etc.

    Presently India is country with largest number of underprivileged people suffering from poverty, ill-health, unemployment, ill-treatment because of discrimination, lack of awareness because of poor education etc. Government of India has redefined its role from being participator to just be an inspector in industrial sector while actively forming organizations to curb these social issues. We as the citizen of India must be proactive in implementing the policies formulated by government honestly.

    Secular India

    India finds its unity in diversity. After the communal riots that took place after independence, India understood that favoring any religion hit India in long run. But today also we find religional hatred in the society.

    In so many years we have seen communal riots in form of 1984 Sikh riots, 2002 Godhra kaand, Muzafarnagar riots 2013, demolition of Babri Maszid, and many more. Religional politics has grasped its roots in Indian politics. Recent ban on beef eating and movements like ‘Ghar Vapsi’, ‘Love Jehad’, etc are against the core value of secularism.

    Awareness should be spread to not to blindly trust whatever is said in name if religion but to follow the conscience. We are far from reaching this dream but we must not give up. Societies should protest against the illogical deduction imposed by these religional institutions.

    Democratic India

    In this regard we can see that democracy has grasp its roots in Indian society. Active formation of association, increase in participation in election processes, peaceful solution to disputed scenarios is actively seen in even remote parts of the country.

    Recent scenario regarding intolerance, once again raised the speculation of our democratic belief. We have been constantly seeing situation where we find that fatwa are issued by religion against the writing of writer’s views. Person are being put in jail, because of post on facebook.

    Also we see cast based politics, religion based politics in our country. National parties are constantly playing dirty politics, showing the ugly face of democracy.

    Democracy is the power which have been got after long historical struggle. We must not let the ignorance of society take away the best gift we got as for freedom.

    Republic India

    As citizen of republic India we consider supremacy in our constitution. Our constitution faced the challenge during time of emergency of 1976. It has been amended extensively by the authority for their personal future interest. But soon government saw the strong opposition from the citizens of country and realized the power vested in constitution.

    After so many years we have amended constitution 100 times. Many powers vested in authorities have been rechecked and many new provisions of governance were added for example Panchayati Raj etc. Balanced power vested in judiciary, executives, legislature, and independent bodies has helped citizens to contribute to governance effectively. This sense of justice provided by constitution should never be forgotten. One must keep faith in processing of this machinery effectively.

    We have seen our dream shattered in numerous occasions but still we have risen stong and confident with every trouble situation. One must realize the importance of Swaraj and must start aggressively to pursue these dreams so that we can also provide our future generation with better furure. I would like to conclude on the finest quotes of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam “Dreams are not the thing you see in sleep, but one that doesnot let you sleep”.

  • Rad

    Hello friends lm rad from very rural village in up . im preparing for cse and i want to crack it but my biggest problems English language… I have a fear for this i want to eliminate it. If any body want to support so please give me

  • Syed Mutali

    Essays seem tough