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  • Customer 2016

    @insights Sir, please include the locational aspect also in the mindmaps for industries. Thanks.

  • Sid

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  • Vishvajeet

    Dear Insightsonindia,

    Related to Issue of Women entry in Ayyappa temple, How Article 26 is in violation? @Laxmikanth, Every Religious denomination has the right to manage its own affairs in matters of religion.

    • gautam161291 .

      well i am confused too.what u said is correct But art. 26 also give the right to every religious group or denomination to administer such property ‘in accordance to law’.i think adminintratn is not a/c to law as it violates other laws of gender equality/individual right to profess etc. so it is partly violative too in my opinion.

      • Vishvajeet

        As gender equality and Fundamental rights point has been pointed out in MM(mindmap). But i was thinking that that way every religion could have some abnormal rules. So why Ayappa only.

        I guess moral of the story is that obviously some customs in a religion could be abnormal but Judiciary wont pick and rectify them untill and unless someone has problem with that and bring that before court through PIL etc.

        • gautam161291 .

          a petition has also brought before SC about muslim women no entry at some dargah and i think its pending .its not suo-moto in this case too.and of course every religion has this abnormality in a way or another. thats why article 25-28 says under state regulation and morality,these rights r given to individual/others. so state can interfere at some extent and SC is the authority to decide that limit which is it doing in this case too.