Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 02: “The Best Things in Life are Free”

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 01


10 January 2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“The Best Things in Life are Free.”

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      For those who haven’t started the essay yet. Some points for inspiration.

      1. life itself

      2. parents

      3. environment

      4 motherland

      5 friends

      6 happiness

      7 sleep

      8 good health

      9 human imagination

      10 robert clives example

      11 knowledge

      12 childhood

      13 hope

      14 belief

      15 dream

      These points are definitely not mine, I have borrowed from others essay. Thank you.

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      • Hello miss, can you please elaborate what you meant by Robert Clive’s example?

        • Sonia mehra

          Sombody said poor people are happy and rich are not. So this example was put forward in that context. To justify happiness is one of things which money can’t buy.

          On his return to UK, Robert was one of the wealthiest person. But still he was unhappy and committed suicide.

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  • rrv

    The Best Things in Life are Free.

    As the proverb goes “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” which is mostly upheld by super-rich and the poor, closely relates with “The Best Things in Life are Free”. This proverb relates to all the things money cannot buy. Things like happiness, relations, love, tender, sympathy, forgiveness, kindness, sharing etc. which are abstract in nature and cannot be bought or withheld by the power of money. Lives of every human beings is filled with a common and undeniable dichotomy, in which on one hand people runs to make money for better living while on the other hand people like to lead a peaceful life which is filled with happiness and not by materialistic gains.

    However rich an individual might grow, he cannot buy these abstract relations. This is a universal fact known to one and all. Though, to lead a decent living it is important to keep riding with whatever small or large money a person tends to earn. But to have a happy living it is required that these abstract things are maintained not with the power of money but with proper balance of work and life.

    Happiness comes as a result of enjoying what a person has already attained rather than crying for more and more. A person living in a big bungalow, but with no other individual to talk to; can never be as happy as an individual who stays with his family and kids in a small house. In a similar way, moving in a luxurious cars is of no worth if you have no one beside you whereas moving even in public transport along with people who you love makes your ride best than moving lavishly.

    At this point, poor is much wealthier than a rich man indeed. This is because he leads a life full of relations. Though he may be living in a single room with mere income, but when it comes to maintaining relations, he may know whole village in some way or the other. This is what brings in the extra factor of happiness, in which you can share your plight with anyone. It may happen that rich people do have good relations with others; they may be going for parties and trips to keep their lives happy, but the real happiness is when you are in plight and there are many to assist you. This is real happiness which Money can’t buy.

    The proverb “The best things in life are free” also stresses the importance of another significant fact; it is extremely essential for any individual to spend time with his family apart from working all day long.

    No one will deny that a public servant is given mammoths of responsibility due to which he has to work more than his office hours; even holidays are spent, in completing the work or attending meeting. Although he is serving altruistically for the people, but what about his family, kids, parents and friends which most of time cannot enjoy fully due absence or tried public servant. Though he get about 90 perks as an incentive for his work done, which many people outside his job thinks that he is enjoying a lot; but the truth of life is he always fails to maintain a health balance between work and family life.

    There are instances, that many people working hard for living and neglecting their family lives; losses or end up getting alone. It is important that people spend quality time with their families, either they are getting any perk for it or not. The focal points here are to lead one and only life that Almighty has granted and live it to the fullest.

    What is the use of money which does not even permits you to spend quality time with the people you love. No one will take his earned money along with him after his death. Even when you will be left alone, the money will not sooth your heart, it is your family, your friends; the people you love who will prove to be instrumental in bringing out the happiness from your inside.

    As the analogy rightly fits, if you have more food then too you can only eat up to a certain extent, and if you further exceed it will lead to obesity or other health consequences; ultimately leading sorrow and unhappiness. The reason is happiness does not come from excess food, it will come with peace of mind and this peace of mind comes free.

    So it is essential that one always remains happy and content with his or her life because you can buy things but not the best things. Life on Earth will be heavenly once an individual understands and abides by this simple fact of life. The important thing is to make a balance in your work and life. Both are important, and they both should never exceed each other.

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        thank you bhai… will keep in mind and be multi dimensional.
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    • Sonia mehra

      Hello rrv,
      Good attempt!!
      1. The essay revolved around happiness and you aptly pointed out happiness free.
      2. Elements you mentioned- family, rich vs wealthy, civil servant. Rich vs wealthy went too far, you could explain with one example whereas you used multiple explain to explain the same thing.
      3. The essay provided much scope to explore free things: parents, environment, life itself, friends, motherland etc. So focus on one issue, which is happiness I felt you lacked points.
      4. There was a happy ending. Overall nice to read essay.
      Keep writing, Thank you.

      • rrv

        thank you for the review…
        and true i should have brought environment into the topic… but no worries will keep them in mind now on.
        thank u again for criticism (keeps me on my toes) 🙂
        keep reviewing.

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      Good Attempt. ATB.

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    • An Integer

      Considering the quality of answers u write, I dint find the essay upto ur level !
      There are many great things which are for free, but are indeed very precious, u could have talked about : Love, friends, spare time, not to forget live itself. And the other extreme of Live, death also comes for free. ( could have hinted upon the benefits of death, yes there are many indeed)
      But, the question is do these things really come for free ? There, u could have touched upon the opportunity costs involved.
      M sure u ill do well next time 🙂

      • rrv

        Thank for the critique bhai…
        i wrote this in a go… trying to reduce as much time as i could.
        though i think by telling about happiness i was making my gesture to life only… but still i accept i will be more multidimensional.
        And btw death point is amazing, i never thought that way !
        thanku again for pointing out!!
        Will surely do better from now on. 🙂
        Keep reviewing bhai.

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    • Dear Mr. RRV,
      Good attempt and great going.
      thanks for that views. Kindly review mine.

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        keep reviewing.

        • I have written it in paper and loading is taking some time.

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      Hi RRV GM! actually a good one but i somehow feel it did not touch the core area and circled around only few points like family, happiness.. but the flow is very good, conclusion is nice. Keep writing :)Please review mine friend.

    • captain jack sparrow

      good one bro.. but it sounded monotonic.. u can add few more diverse points… but u nailed it

      please review min

    • I must say the flow was outstanding! It was a joy ride from top to the bottom. Good that u didn’t mention GS and wrote what interests people (although I may be completely wrong on this, as senior players say GS is important in philo essays too, which I don’t believe :D)

      I have just one thing to point is MAYBE use of keywords before jumping to the next paragraph could be better. Also, conclusion can be improved. U could take the whole picture in mind and come up with a more balanced conclusion(my personal opinion)

      P.S don’t go for the upvotes. Today too while I got five, the one with 1 upvote was above me. Leave it on karma, it pays! U are getting downvoted because ppl fear u excelling (Y)

      • rrv

        i appreciate ur criticism bhai…
        i also wonder why is it necessary to always include issues of GS like fundamental rights, law and all… 😀
        though i always takes these kind of essay in normal way rather using big words, as i think “Simplicity is Ultimate Sophistication” 🙂

        but thanks for the review… I surely need improvement. 🙂
        and i hope u review my answers now on, will do ur’s as well.

        about down votes i never care, i just care that people give a small review or criticism so that i can correct myself.

        • Yes. Sorry kal answer nai padha, kal bhi saala kisi ne downvote maarke depression me daal dia tha 😀

          • rrv

            hmmm, i also felt bad.
            but yr i m amazed the way u manages ur time… review bhi kr lete ho reply bhi kr lete ho… how do u manage bhai?

            • bhai aapne mains dia hai. Aapse sikhna hai. Qki aajkal to secure me time beet jaata bolke maizyada na likhta na review karta 🙁
              how was ur mains BDW?

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                maine mains without prep diya h… luckily was getting good in pre… but mains ki puri tayiyaari ho hi nahi paayi… started in june last yr after college…
                toh optional ko na hi pura padh paya aur na hi kuch practice kr paya sahi se kisi bhi paper ki. But tried my best. though i gained an experience but i think wasted an attempt.
                and now i knw this exam needs more dedication, more hard work and lots of patience.
                i knw u r very much on a write track. keep going!!!

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            Hi… If u r 2016 aspirant and not taking any other test series, then you must definitely go for it, it will keep u on track.
            Nd about technical gliches u can contact insights directly, they hv provided it in contact. Do check that. I even sent them mail, and they replied me.
            Thank you.

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    • First sentence clearly nahi samajh paya. Super rich and poor wala.

      Introduction could have been better. Aisa lag raha introduction is part of the body.

      Too much word spent on family. Could have included other better aspects.

      You missed many angle. See @[email protected]:disqus’s suggestion.

      You can review my essay if your time permits.

    • Mohd Zucky

      I really appreciate your effort of writing such a nice on a boring topic 🙂 🙂 on a critical angle i would say :-
      1. You took the word ‘free’ in terms of money only. However you may consider paying by the things other money. For example paying attention, paying in terms of mental unstability etc.
      2. You essay revolved round the happiness. All the other points that you have made led to the happiness itself. However there could be other best things like environment, parents etc.
      3. You may also take the topic in terms of explaination. Like why are these things free ? or are they really free ?
      I have pointed out all these things because i have mentioned them in my essay and found them missing in yours. However when you will read my essay you may find some points missing in my essay. Although my essay is not as good as your but please kind enough to review mine and let me know my mistakes. KWAR 🙂

    • yogi

      I think u have stressed too much on family and health (just my opinion)
      i expected a better one, u had words to add more dimension (which u would have realized by this time)
      sorry if sounded harsh.
      plz review mine too,..:)

    • Night Fury

      Hi rrv,
      your essay I found simple and easy to read..
      flow is also good
      but it seems your essay talking about family and loved ones only,
      other dimensions can also be incorporated, that u might have got by reading others’ essay. (even I lack in that)
      give critical perspective too, that best things aren’t always free..
      rest it was a nice read!
      I don’t know if you have read my essay, please give your valuable suggestion,as and when you find some time, just an up vote of yours won’t help me to improve 😛
      thank you!

      • rrv

        hey thank you for the review…
        i read your essay, as it was quite late last night so i couldn’t review on it. Apologizes 😛
        about my essay, i truly lacked seeing ur essay or others.
        but agli baar ill try to match ur levels 😛
        have a happy week!
        see u around. 🙂

  • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

    The Best Things in life are free

    The phrase means that we don’t have to pay for the things that are really valuable like love, friendship, good health etc. It is an ancient proverb with deep hidden meanings.

    In general consensus, people have their assumption that money can buy everything. With the help of money starting from the small like pen, pencils to bigger things like planes, mansions can be bought.

    So, if someone ask does money really can buy things like planes, sky crappers, then the answer would be a definite Yes. But in the next if it is asked that are they the best things in life? Then the answer will be a definite No. Materials like mobiles, bikes, cars and even planes are to satisfy our life and make them more comfortable, but they are not the best things of anyone’s life.

    Then what are the best things in life?
    The love of parents, brothers and sisters, memories of childhood of playing with friends, quarreling, partying in adulthood, romancing etc. are probably the best things in life common to all beings, And neither of these things can be bought. They are the absolute free gifts to everyone.

    However a rich individual might grow, he can not buy these relations. This is a universal fact known to one and all. So, the best things in life is happiness which can not be bought.

    Happiness comes as a result of appreciating smaller things in life instead of crying for bigger things in order to gain happiness.

    Let us understand these things with examples

    Many crony capitalists and politicians in India and all over the world through their corrupted ways gained huge some of money and assets. Among many of them even shifted them to foreign Banks for more security purpose and profits with higher interest rates. But with the upcoming generations whom are more proactive in nature are aware of these past and ongoing corruptions and seriously finding ways to punish those who are responsible. Example- Arvind Kejriwal’s struggle to reveal and punish corrupts, Julian Assagne’s revelation of Government secrets(specially criminal ones), Snowden’s interview etc.

    So, it is clear that almost every corrupt person throughout the world is living in some kind of fear. Rather than corrupting if they worked properly and humanly for the greater good of societal happiness, then probably every single one of them including politicians, business people and general public also could live a more happy and prosperous life.

    An individual who is alone in a big mansion can never be as happy as an individual who stays with his family and kids at a small home. A big SUV is useless if one has no one besides whereas one can stay happy traveling in a public transport with people one loves.

    The proverb also stresses the important of another significant fact that it is extremely important for ant individual to spend time with his/her family apart from working all day.

    What is the use of money if it does not permit to sleep peacefully?

    Yes money does help in buying things which can be material and through that material one may have smile in face. But that is temporary. Love of family and friends are the greatest gifts we have free in life. So, the hidden meaning of the proverb is to explain people that only materialistic life is not enough to be happy. We should not waste our life searching for happiness behind money. Understanding the gifts we have free in life we can be more happy with moderate income.

    Thus it becomes essential that one should always remain happy as one can buy things but not the best things. There is no heaven or hell outside the planet earth, Nirvana stays only in our mother planet.

    • Sonia mehra

      Hello SRP,
      Lovely essay!!
      1. The first paragraph was awesome, you identified elements like love, friendship, good health. But you could have expanded this list, to widen the horizon of your essay.
      2. I am a bit disappointed as well, when you haven’t focused on your identified elements. You could have gone in depth on health and friendship, in the later part of your essay.
      3. For me the best free thing in life is sleep. I am happy you touched upon this.
      4. You have explained the meaning of the proverb in the second last part, which i find unique. I liked this approach very much. But you could have ended the essay with second last para. The last para was unnecessary.

      Keep writing,
      Thank you.

      • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

        Yes yes I should have explained them more…Thanks for the valuable comments..I shall try to rectify them accordingly

      • SKB

        i must say very good review…plz put your criticsm for mine essay as well

      • black mamba

        sonia could you please review my essay as well ?
        thanks a lot 🙂

      • Ash

        Hi Sonia! 🙂
        Could you please take some time out and review my essay! 🙂
        Thank you! 🙂

    • Sonia mehra

      One small thing I forgot.

      Please arrange paragraph properly. Two liner paragraph is simply unacceptable ( i don’t mean to offend you)

      Have a good day

    • anshul sharma

      u need to work upon the flow…i dont see a good continuity.
      e.g after talking about examples of crony capitalism u again went to comparison of a having mansion and not…found this point a bit repititive!
      u cud touched upon a new point there or maybe talk about money is not all bad ,it helps to achieve some ends in life.

      keep writhing…ATB

      • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

        This is my 3rd time in essay..hope it will be better in next days..Almost half I wrote it from myself and other half edited from different internet contents… by the way thanks for the review..

        • anshul sharma

          and mine 2nd time…:D
          we will surely improve over the time 🙂

    • Dear SRP its a good attempt.
      Positives :nice starting,
      good sentences in comparing ,
      good examples,
      good conclusion

      Pitfalls: Concentrated only on few areas. Would have been best if you have extended the discussion to other areas to make it complete essay.

      Conclusion: over all a good attempt. Kindly Review mine please.

      • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

        Thanks for the review..Yes I should be broader in concentration area but don’t know how after writing nearly 500 words I almost loose patience and always try to finish as soon as possible..hope next time will improve..and surely will

    • SKB

      nice to c ur essay…politics new angle…i missd it entirely….plz review mine with your crtical comments

  • Nandu

    “The Best Things in Life are Free”
    Do we really pursue or care for them…!

  • Saurabh

    Human mind is a unique product of natural forces. It is the most developed among all forms life. Humans are considered the most intelligent beings on planet. They have discovered things from the smallest atoms to largest planets, started the story from a simple wheel some 10,000 years ago and made gigantic railways by the end of 18th century. No being has ever made its presence felt so vividly as humankind has. Still, humans have failed to realize one basic truth of life- the best things in life are free. Humans were happy before the invention of wheel or railway and will remain happy long after these things have ceased to exist. Childhood is the happiest part of life for most people for no small reason. A child has the ability to enjoy the tiniest things around him. These thing usually dont cost a penny but require a different attitude which people seem to loose as they grow up. There is so much the money can buy. Happiness cannot be bought and neither can the knowledge. Creativity comes naturally and so is love of nature. You cannot buy these things. Nor can any invention or discovery make you get these things. The only one who can help you be happy or knowledgeable or creative is you yourself and again it doesn’t cost a penny !!

    Great minds from gautam buddha to mahavira have wandered in search of happiness and reached the same conclusion. Happiness is a form of inner self. It cannot be bought. Nobody or nothing can give you happiness. The happiness is always there inside you, it just needs a (soul) searching. Happiness is one such things which comes free in life. No money can make you happier neither a lack of it make you sadder.

    One other great thing which comes free in life is love. Love of family. Love of a mother, a father, a sister , a wife or children. Love of friends and coworkers. Love towards your books or your work. Life is full of love. It is often said that a lonely person is the poorest of poors. Alone, there is no fun in success and . Love and togetherness are what makes everything special. Love removes the monotony of life. Love is what is left when everything is lost. The best memories in your life are often the moments filled with love. Whether it be your first bike from your dad or your first kiss. The first time you heard your little baby cry or the moment she started walking. Love is always there to make your experience richer. These small moments come in everbody’s life. But some are so lost in searching for happiness that they fail to enjoy these free gifts.

    Beauty is again a thing so vividly spread all around us that we fail to notice it. And its free. There is beauty in small birds chirruping outside your window when you wake up or the soft wind that blows through it. The nature is full of beauty. The mighty mountains, the everflowing rivers, the vast oceans and the gorgeous waterfalls, the earth is indeed the most beautiful planet in this universe. You only need to appreciate the beauty around you. Beauty needs no language to appreciate. It does not require money either. Everyone is free to enjoy it.

    The list of such things is just getting started and is beyond a single person to completely enlist them- good health, knowledge, Inner peace and satisfaction, honesty, benevolence, repect and the list goes on. The thing one can be sure of is that there can never be dearth of such things. You just need the right attitude and the right set of mind. The world is increasingly becoming materialistic and forgetting the the basic philosophy of life. In the rat race of today’s world, too much emphasis is given to things which have a high price. A 100 rupees tea in a five star hotel is considered better than a 5 rupees tea in an earthen cup at a tea stall. Only the people who have tasted that earthen cup know the beauty behind it. And even better if its raining. The continous downpour of rain and sipping of hot tea from an earthen pot with a person you love can be more satisfactory than most can ever imagine. It will become a happy page in your memory book with everlasting impression. The need is to enjoy such precious small moments and not getting lost in search of things already around us.

    • Sonia mehra

      1. You have touched upon small things in life, which made the essay much simple, digestible and good to read.
      2. Earthern pot- I loved this point.
      3. It seems to me you enjoyed writing this essay.
      Reading this and feeling this was something money can’t buy and it was free as well.

      Thank you, Keep writing such wonderful things.

      • Saurabh

        Yes, enjoyed it completely. Thanks for review

    • SKB

      well writen…touched diverse child’s emotions ..religion etc.. good attempt
      plz review mine

    • anshul sharma

      good attempt..
      but u need to increase word count..its 762 words.
      rest okay…ATB

      • Saurabh

        Yes , i realized that when i reached conclusion. So didn’t want to ruin it by stretching it. Will keep that in mind next time

    • Shriman

      dear friend your esaay is very good in language but it does not mean you have to always agree with the topic u may disagree as well and please dare to disagree with the topic. You wasted almost 200 words in introduction please make it crisp and it should introduce your whole essay.. hope i helped

      • Saurabh

        Yes the introduction part needs to be shorter. As far as disagreeing with topic is concerned, i wrote what i believe. I am a dreamer, an idealist and an optimist. Please dont ask me to disgree with such a lovely topic..?☺

        • Shriman


    • Praveenchand

      Saurabh, Overall a good read. You could have included some contemporary examples and issues.
      I thought of happiness and love but forgot while writing :). Anyway, if you have time please review mine.

    • gughapriya

      Hi Saurabh, good one man. the way you enjoy your life is perfectly reflected in the answer:) Keep writing. All the best:)
      please review mine friend.

    • P.s

      Very nice one bro. But a little bit small one if you would have elaborated the other points which you already mentioned like knowledge, peace, satisfaction then it could have reached word limit.

  • anshul sharma


    Does watching the sun set in a movie in a multiplex gives the same pleasure as watching it in real? Does a day alone with all your expensive gadgets has more worth than spending a day with loving family and friends? The answer to these questions should be no considering the social nature of humans. Human beings being individualistic try to gain as much money as they can but don’t understand that real happiness is not in money but in moments, family, nature-all things which don’t cost a penny.

    “The best things in life are free” is an ancient proverb that still holds true. A person however rich maybe needs his family for emotional support and money may give comforts and luxuries but cannot give true happiness as it is said that “money
    cannot buy happiness”. For Example: An individual who is alone in his 10,000 square feet mansion can never be as happy as an
    individual who stays with his family and kids in a 1000 square feet home. A BMW is useless if you have no one beside you whereas you can stay happy travelling in a public transport if you are with the people you love.

    This proverb also stresses a fact that a person should not ignore the best things in his life for the sake of good things. He may work whole day to earn money but what is the use of money when he doesn’t have anybody to spend it on. What is the use of money which does not even permits you to spend quality time with the people you love. When you will be left alone, the
    money will not sooth your heart, it is your family, your friends; the people you love who will prove to be instrumental in bringing out the happiness from
    your inside.

    Apart from family, the best things to enjoy in life are there in Mother Nature and the best thing is nature doesn’t charge
    anything. Going to a nearby park may give you more happiness rather than taking a ride on a BMW or watching stars at night cannot be compared to watching a movie on your new LCD ! The nature has a soothing effect on a person’s mind
    that no money in the universe can buy. Rains do bring a sense of pleasure to everyone no matter of what age he or she is. The smell of soil when it rains cannot be bought for any amount of money.

    Friends are an important part of everyone’s life. They are the ones who are there when nobody else is and the best part is
    that they are there not because of any profit motive but just because they want to be with you. Money can buy fake friends for sure, but not true friends-a kind who is there with you through every phase of life ; even when you go bankrupt !
    So, money is not at all important to get real happiness. What is needed is love, affection, and care to get real happiness.

    Yes! money does help in buying things which can be instrumental in bringing about happiness but money cannot buy family and
    family love. It is god’s gift and it comes for free. The deep meaning that this proverb tries to explain is that instead of searching happiness by the means of monetary pleasures, it is essential to understand the fact that God has already
    gifted the best thing to all of us without any cost; in form of free blessings which every individual is endowed with.

    Apart from everything money can’t buy there are a lot of things money can buy as well. It’s not that money is not at all
    important. What will you do if you don’t have money to feed your family or you can’t fulfill basic necessities of life. In such case, man cannot enjoy the company of his family, nor looking at stars, nor a hangout with friends. Money
    is instrumental to happiness because a starving man cannot find happiness in his family, nature and bounty of things that are free. Everyone does need a basic amount of money to lead a comfortable life ; only then he can enjoy the real happiness.

    And the saying that money can’t buy happiness doesn’t mean that a man should not earn at all. Money does have its
    own side effects but the fact that it acts as an incentive to work hard cannot be denied altogether. It does keeps the competitive spirit alive in a person. So, in no way can it be an excuse to sit back and relax that best things are free in life. After all, who doesn’t wants to take his family on a long ride in his BMW.

    Everything in limit is good. Similarly, love for money to a certain extent may prove good but in extremes it can cause
    havoc. For example, in India, love for money has led to numerous corruption scandals, misuse of taxpayer’s money and what not. Lust for money can turn a person into an animal. A lot of crimes happening from the past show what excessive hunger for money can do. If the factor of money was not there humanity would been saved from the wrath of two world wars, massive terrorist attacks,
    disasters due to climate change.

    The thing that is needed is a good work-life balance. A balance where man doesn’t earn forgetting about his friends, family and life altogether but works enough to get a decent living .So, Instead of going for a rapid race to earn as much as you can ; just halt for a moment and enjoy little precious moments in life that cost nothing but are priceless and eternal.

    • anshul sharma

      please review !!

    • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

      Essay is okay..but I am not agree with your very first example..People do not go to multiplex just to watch sunset video…Please review mine

      • anshul sharma

        ya it was just an example !!!
        will review in sum tym ..

    • I don’t have any issues with what has been put down, but this way of writing it is like very common, and everyone can write this, without knowing much. But we have to convey, somewhere to the examiner that we have some knowledge. A statement like this is very open and can be written in any which way u want, provided u convince the reader that best things are free and they should indeed remain free!

      I am no expert, just my thoughts. Was my essay too complex?? Could I convince you that best things are free and should remain free?? And an overall feedback?? Thanks

      • anshul sharma

        thnx for the feedback..will work on this !

    • Saurabh

      I think you focused more on money part and so drifted a little from topic. Free does not always mean, without money but also without effort. Rest i found that it was good to read. Keep writing .
      Review mine too if possible 🙂

      • anshul sharma

        ya now i feel it too 😛
        thnx for the valuable feedback 🙂

  • Life in itself in a broader way is free. Whether it’s a god’s creation or an evolution; nature, has bestowed us with many things for our survival, recreation, development, for associational attraction and even reproduction. All these were without any strings attached, without any returns on investment, without their utilities being diminished despite their repeated usage. Man has commercialised and commodified everything, now trying find ways to make them free yet again in a different way.

    Man has commercialised and commodified everything that was free, created artificial differentiation and called things that are free as not the best.

    Human life which was and is free is itself the best, irrespective of where it is led and the way it is led. The Indian way of life was self actualised and was towards self realisation and this has led it’s values right from the beginning. This however has been considered inferior and irrational by the west which has considered best way of life is hedonistic, to run behind worldly pleasures, one that was led in the west.

    These have today led to change in values and adopting values that are inferior. Changed the way human being lives, his biological capabilities and his adoptional power. This, as a result of many other factors led to situation where, human beings reproduction capabilities have come down and man is increasingly becoming dependent on Assisted Reproductory Technologies, in the longer run human beings may face problems of it’s very existence.

    While life had it’s own limitations when it comes to being free, thought was free and never knew any boundaries. This has however been thwarted, during the 1950s to 1990s, the ideologies of socialism and capitalism have been forced upon the whole world. Today we are largely subscribing to one school of thought, at the national levels, though not at the individual level, I.e, capitalism and every other thought of ours is in a way an outcome or related to the capitalistic school of thought.

    Knowledge, was passed on from generations to generations through people, this was essential for our sustenance, this was later formalised and today, the world increasingly depends on formal education, which is either not affordable, or not accessible. Those who have access to this and can afford this grow and those who do not have this are likely to be left out at the bottom of the rung. This is evident in our corporates, where the top most executives in countries pay is more than 100 times that of the lowest employees, widening the inequality.

    Natural resources, like land, water, forests and fuels have been commodities only to result in a situation where these led to even wars. Land was free and was not owned by any, this was later divided between people, then gave birth to the idea of nation and the nation state, eventually this is what has led to two world wars, the effecta of which are clear in our minds.

    Water which was free was used indiscriminately, polluted over used beyond the renewable capacity, leading to ecological overchoots. This led to increased incidence of diseases, water scarcity. Today, even water is commodities in the name of mineral water, from a rural village in rural India to the largest cities of the world. Water wars is no more an exaggeration, as it can be seen from the issue between countries over the transborder river waters, more so is the case for India, disputes between India and China over Brahmaputra waters, Teesta with Bangladesh and Indus, still not settled between India and Pakistan despite existence of a treaty.

    The geopolitics of the world have largely been dictated by the oil politics globally, for resources that were free.

    Technology, right from the invention of wheel till the Mars Missions, man has discovered and invented technologies. The wheel that was invented and the technology used was free, only this led to the progress of mankind, the technology today is so over protected and patented that even something as basic as food technology comes at a cost, that most are out of the reach. Human beings can sustain and progress only with technology as long as it is not free, only the fittest or the richest can survive.

    Though all these changes are brought about with good intentions, the externalities have been negative to some extent if not completely.

    The world is going to be free in a different way?

    Human beings are indeed acclimatizing to the situation and we have always done. The world today is poised to become a better place, with the essential things becoming free in a different way through entitlements and rights, with the interventions of United States and nations actively supporting these efforts.

    The Millienium Development goals, the SDGs are trying to provide these or at least help sates make enabling legislations to provide essential services free, while protecting the nature. It is clear from the social security investments that countries are making. India is also making efforts in this respect. The Food Security Act, The RTE, Swaccch Bharat Mission for Sanitation, land grants for the poor, Forest Rights Act etc are all such efforts, though need to be intensified and to be made better. Though India’s investment in social sector is only 6% compared to 25% of Brazil a nation which it can be compared we are moving in the right direction.

    Human beings have sustained and hopefully will continue to sustain one way or the other. To make this possible we have to embrace cosmopolitanism, rights for the poor, technology that is accessible increasingly through government investment in R and D startups, states that do not treat citizens as subjects. Human beings treating every other human being as equal and the nature as the mother.

    Worship the creations, not the creator, if the nature has ever been created.

    • Looks too long, though not sure about word used and all that, hope it doesn’t bore any, finished this essay in exactly one and a half hour. The other thing is my hand writing is not so good, just wondering if long essays with okayish handwriting affect the essay.

      Also sorry if the last line offends any!!! Thanks for the patience!!

    • anshul sharma

      u hv a different frame of thought i must say..
      i think intro shud not be started on a negative tone.
      same goes for conclusion !
      seems like u hv pol sc optional… content is good but i’ll recommend to make it simple…

      p.s these r my opinions…don’t mind


      • I am a pub adm student, sure madam thanks for the review!!

        • anshul sharma

          haha ok…bad guess!!
          but m a guy bro !

          • Sorry, if yours was bad mine was worse, guess always does this!! And just to add on it’s not differnt frame of thought, it’s just the presentation!!!

            • anshul sharma

              it was a compliment man!
              i mean i don’t think anyone has used ideologies like capitalism and socialism in essay…so ur thinking is good and innovative !!

    • Saurabh

      I think that you presented a very different view. Cant say i like it much though your points were relevant. The essay seemed to focused on covering many topics at once without explaining them. Also too factful by my standard. According to me the topic required a deep philosophical analysis which can then be supplemented by examples which you have given. Just my personal opinion 🙂

    • Sonia mehra

      Dear does it matter, good attempt.

      1. You touched upon some good elements which are free- environment, water, life itself.
      2. Somewhere you digressed. I felt you went with your instincts and started talking about how the best things in life have been messed up by humans, this line of thought has dominated the essay.

      -For me the best thing in life which is free is sleep.
      Expecting much good essays from you in future.
      Thank you.

      PS: I recommend you to read saurabh’s essay. It will help you in gathering diversity of thoughts.

    • P.s

      I don’t think the best things in life are essential services and natural resources but the topic demands more philosophical views(though you talked about it is very little ).

    • Batman

      Hi Buddy!
      I think you went little off the topic. Your intro talks about life, recreation, development that looks like philosophical but rest of the essay presents a different story. Though it is not necessary that you give a philosophical view to it but at least link the themes that you are presenting. Hope you would come up with a better essay next week 🙂
      Please review mine too 🙂

  • Prerna saxena

    “The Best Things in Life Are Free” cannotes a deep hidden meaning that best things in life are free and money can not buy it ,like happiness emotional support,love ,care, garnered by relations – family ,friends,parents are free and one can not buy these things, doesn’t matter however rich one might grow ,one can not buy these things.

    First of all, I would like to ask you a question: “What are your best things in life?” If you say they are love, friendship, smiles, laughter or sleep, which are free, In fact, spiritual value is priceless things.For instance, one can live without an iphone 5 but can’t live without love; we can live without a Ferrari but it’s impossible for the human beings to live in solitude, without presence of family and friends. You can’t get away from the fact that we can lean on each others’ shoulders to seek solace but we can’t do the same thing on 100000000 dollars, I’m certainly sure. In other words, living with money but without spiritual value is like driving a brand new Mercedes but do not know how to activate it.
    On the other hand, the most satisfying free things are not the best things in life for some people. They regard money as more important. For example, if you lived in your big house, drove Ferrari but having no friends, no family, no smiles, no laughter,…which are free, I really wonder whether you could live well or not. Furthermore, if money is the best thing in life, the rich should be the best people in the world. However, we can see in magazines or on TV, they are truly not.

    The proverb “The best things in life are free” encompasses the importance of another significant fact; it is extremely essential for any individual to spend time with his family apart from working all day long.

    An expensive bed cannot help you to sleep peacefully and on the other hand an individual sleeping on the road side can have an amazing sleep; the reason is sleep will not come with money, it will come with peace of mind and this peace of mind comes free.

    Yes! money does help in buying things which can be instrumental in bringing about happiness but money cannot buy family and family love. It is god’s gift and it comes for free. The deep meaning that this proverb tries to explain is that instead of searching happiness by the means of monetary pleasures, it is essential to understand the fact that God has already gifted the best thing to all of us without any cost; in form of free blessings which every individual is endowed with.

    If we look back into our past society ,where people were used to live in simple society ,no market economy and having very limited means of entertainment or limited aspects of material life and compare it with present ,where we have achieved milestone to improve our lives, to live with comfort .Still innovating various means to make life more easier than ever before ,today human have reached on moon and exploring in space but will observe contrasting results .even after making these advancements society in which we are living today is more violent and intolerant than the society in our past with limited means and ways .

    So it is essential that one always remains happy and content with his or her life because you can buy things but not the best things. Life on Earth will be heavenly once an individual understands and abides by this simple fact.

    • devashish ghosh


      • Prerna saxena


        • devashish ghosh


          • Prerna saxena

            its i have read things before writing…..

            • devashish ghosh

              okay…it’s nice…mam…keep working hard…

            • hey prerna, can you review my essay?

              • Prerna saxena


  • Leiter The Leader

    The best things in life are free,perhaps this quote suits well to the ancient persons who lived in the natural World where food,shelter,clothing,air,water,land,environment among other things are free.They had no restrictions on what to do,what no to do,they were in a constant process of evolving the world around them and had the free will to do so.

    In contrast,For modern man though it appears that best things in life are free but everything comes with a price tag.With the advent of private property food,shelter,clothings depends upon money we earn.and with Rapid industrialization and unprecedented levels of material prosperity and wealth,people came to a notion that,If we have money we can do anything.No doubt Money is important factor to live in the modern world,but they are other things which we cannot buy with Money.for instance,family,friends,love,acceptance etc..Let us ponder on somethings which we cannot be buy with money and yet best things in our life.

    Our family is the first place where we are loved and accepted unconditionally.Family shapes our childhood and even the rest of life.It is the place where we find happiness,where we share things,where we get emotional and psychological support.Unlike in the outside world,we do not act according to the circumstances but live as we are with our family,because they know who we are.They always stand behind us,be it success or failure.The only persons whom we can trust on these world are our parents.They do not things to harm us even in their worst nightmare.A person is unfortunate to have healthy family and something which we cannot buy with money.

    Friends,Our life would have been worst,if there have been no friends in our life.We share many things with friends which we cannot share with Parents.They makes our world.They educate us,enlighten us and teaches everything good and bad.We spent most our childhood with friends,schools friends will be always special no matter how many do we have latter.It is hard to find true friends and its harder to keep them.No would charge us for being their friend.Friendship which is always available for free.

    Dreams are the place where we live the life we wanted to.Dreams takes us to the new world devoid of reality.We can be Topper of UPSC,President of US,king of the world,a billionaire,a person with magical power everything.They uplift us with positive momentum but of course too much dreaming without action is fatal.Dreams are something which are free.

    “Human being is a emotional animal”,as an emotional beings we have feelings and our happiness and peace of mind mainly depend upon our emotions.We accept love,care,respect,gratitude,compassion and acceptance from others.Money cannot buy all these things.No matter how much money do we have,if there are no one to share our feeling.Life would be bore,if not depressing.

    Hope and Belief,when we lost everything.Hope is the only thing which motivate us to work for the desire goal.For example,Take UPSC exam where appro.6 lakhs aspirants apply for the exam and only 1000 will get selected,that means the probability of clearing the exam is very less.Yet we work hard daily,without going to festivals,not talking with friends,avoiding functions,living a life of aesthetic life,just because we have hope and belief in our self that one day my name will in the final list.These is free of cost.

    “I have many problems in life,but my lips don’t know that.They always smile”–Charlie Chaplin.
    Smiling daily will keeps us healthy.They boost our morale and also makes people around us happy.Smiling people will always have more friends and people love to spend time with them.Smiling is an inexpensive way to live a happy and cheerful life.

    Finally,at the end of the day,we humans always want to be happy,that comes not through only money.It doesn’t depend upon eating in golden plate,traveling in Audi,living in royal palace,having crores of money.But comes from living happy and self contended life with what all we have and having some trustful persons to share our feeling and live with us.

    • Saurabh

      Good one. Written in a nice flow.
      Review mine also if possible. .

    • Anand Borude

      Good one

    • SKB

      nicely written. diverse content. Plz also review mine

    • Sonia mehra

      Hello Leiter,
      Good peace of work,
      1. You identified elements like friends, family etc in second paragraph and later on expanded these elements in later paragraph, which was a good approach.
      2. Charlie chaplin quote was good, but I feel you could have better explained it.
      3. In the conclusion you have devalued the things which are bought by money. I believe it would an unrealistic approach to demean all materialistic things, nobody wants to live in poverty.

      The essay was comprehensive and good to read. Keep writing.
      Thank you

      • Leiter The Leader

        Thanks for the view..I didn’t mean that one should live in poverty…but can live happily with what one can have….craving for money will not make one happy.

      • gughapriya

        Sonia, please review mine na. thanks in advance:)

  • The best things in life are Free

    All on this planet like the word ‘Free’ whether they are man or animal. It is like a magical wand that acts like a stimulus and design their behavior and mental construction. This word is not only the best things but also precious things given by nature provided the purpose of free must be within the social value and norms of the society. As a human being we all want a free space irrespective of personal and private live and in the same way animal too like to have free things.

    However, meaning of the quote draws its multi-dimensional implication from the context. It means nature of free things is highly contextualized. More important thing related to it thdat free things are not only situational but also relational because inherent value with it that all free things are exchangeable. But in more general term to have free things means not to pay any conditions or monetary reward while someone receive it form other. Free things of different types where we do not pay for it and even money cannot buy such free things e.g. love, compassion, friendship, motherhood, free advice, free medical care, free education etc.

    In my view free things are like selfless action are influenced from Swami Vivekananda’s thought when he says that we must involve in selfless acts in life. Exactly, when we equate free things with the selfless action or Niswarth Karma or seva we find that free things have similar connotation in ideal and in real. When we are unattached to selfish service no matter we are offering great deal of free service and even such service can ameliorate the condition of people do not represent the best things in the name of free. It can be understood in terms of recently hyped ‘free basics’ of Facebook in the name of reducing digital divide in India. Indeed, such free things are motivated to profit and can only be called free for some time but not best free things of our life.

    Free things have are not stable it is dynamic and progressive as its nature depends upon the context. Take example of a beggar who is hungry. For him best free things definitely would be food. But at the same time when someone offers him food at the cost of his labour in that situation her offering of food loses significance of being measured as the free things or even best free things. In the same way, an orphan child is brought from orphanage and being brought up by childless less parents as their son/daughter in that circumstances the best free things for that orphan child is motherly and paternity care, compassion, affection and love. But once child is let know their condition and meets with discriminatory practices in coming years form that parents the best free things received by that orphan child loses their significance. Simply, by these two example it has been tried to convey that there is value, time and space even for free things. This also represents that there are two or more stakeholders in free things but it is also confined in rare case to own self too like to choose own food habits.

    But the major paradox with the free things is that sometime it is perceived and practice by the receiver of free things in ignorance which brings sometimes drastic outcomes. However, in such case provider of free things are self-centered and leveraged with vested interests. Take example, of the radicalized youth, fanatic disciples or bhaktas, converted tribal etc. In such cases innocent youth or people gets free things which they consider the best. For example, every radicalized youth is given inappropriate means of education, bhaktas are trained by their gurus for own purposes and converted tribal gets monetary benefits. However, such free things might be the best free things for them but in reality these takes away scientific temper of radicalized youth and frantic disciples and century old tribal culture and tradition. As mentioned above such free things are served to fulfill own stakes.

    However, in precise terms when ‘Free Things’ in the name of best is offered it does not mean that it is free from motives. When parents love, care and supports their children they have motives that they can be man of goodness. When a couple love each other there is motive to gain trust of each other, when a friend friends there is also motives that they can support each other in the time of distress. Nevertheless, unlike fulfilling vested interests the objectives of such free things are to achieve core values of humanism rather to destroy those values in the name of free things.

    On this earth, everyone enjoys free things but not all type of free things. It means one child goes to school and receive care of teacher, own friends etc but at the same time the child does not go to school fails to have free things coming from education. But it does not mean that unschooled child is devoid from the free things and they obiously get free things from their parents, friendship of illiterated child etc. In this way, there is little possibility to measure who is getting free things in the name of best or who is not but it is true that in no social order free things are equal it is highly differentia. But when such differentiated free things thrashed to be discriminatory then it becomes challenges. It can be understood by slavery, bounded labor, freedom of women in male dominated society etc.

    On conclusion, it can be said every person gets free things in live but depends upon circumstances at what extent. Every type of free things are motivated which has negative and positive implication. The free things are like selfless action those who provide but they have aim to uphold humanistic values in society. The essence of the quote is that those who receive free things feel eternal satisfaction or bliss and thank to god.

  • Praveenchand

    Refreshing sea breezes, chilling waves touching feet, ascetic sand beeches on a warm winter day. Beech was full of people. Revanth was in a playful mood with his parents after tiresome school work and projects, whereas Rekha was in joyful mood after selling 5 cones of ice-cream. “Best” doesn’t seem best for everybody, neither it is a best thing to remain best.

    Like difference in perceptions of Revanth and Rekha, what is best is perceptional, contextual. Things many be material,spiritual, cognitive. With our answering questions like — For Whom it is best ? What are those best things? What is free ?, In terms of accessibility or affordability ? Lets address these questions with details analysis.

    Time and Freedom
    First, for some people things they never experienced may be the best. Once they experience those they seek further best things. In this sense best does stand with time, in contrast time stand best always!

    For Aung Sun Su Kyi freedom from fear is the best thing, so does for of us. But, does this freedom is free ? — Freedom of speech and expression, belief, conscience; these are the engines of human machine. They are best and basic at the simultaneous. Can we think of individual development , creativity, sensitivity , pursuit of dreams with our these freedom ? Aspirational dreams, revolutionary ideas, innovative technologies, compassionate living; all these can only become reality with freedom.

    Furthermore, age of enlightenment proved for any cultural, social, economic and political advancement these are basic and best things.
    So definitely cognitive freedom is the best things a humans have. It is this freedom which provides room to changes best to basic and vice-versa.

    Now lets look at some of the material aspects. In mesolithic age probably cultivation would be the best things, machinery became best for neolithic people after achieving basic cultivation, space explorations, making sci-fi into reality may be best things in modern ages once industrial revolution achieved. Materials aspects are complicated in the sense that, they have vicious relation with cognitive and normative aspects in the society. Here one’s basic thing is best thing to other. For a person who can’t afford a square meal a day, the above freedoms can’t calm his hunger and anger. Our country for instance, still has 30% of the before living below poverty line, for them to realise other’s best things their basic things have to be fulfilled. Time they spent in eating that meal with their family is the best they can have! So, best for some is not best for all.

    Besides strict material aspects, environmental aspects need to be looked at. Air we breathe, ascetic beauty of nature, resources it provides are all free, perhaps for many they not best things because environment is always taken for granted. What happens once air stops gives its life for us ? Water refuses giving water to clouds ? Forests close their entry door ? — Certainly unimaginable!

    Environment and Freedom

    Tribal culture best understood these aspect. India had seen many instances of rebellions like Santhals, Munda and recent Chipko movement. Doesn’t it signify this idea ? Probably British had different take on these, for them forests are best things to produce Timber. Thanks to Forest Rights Act and PESA, now at least best things are secured on paper for these communities.

    Climate Justice , Ozone depletion, ocean acidification, ecology degradation all these not only talks of securing the best things that are free for Humans, but also for animals and plants. Human-Environment relation is not one directional it is bidirectional.

    All these can be values in terms of money or gold and they are beyond our imagination to values. Energy that is produced, food we consume, air we breath , communications we make would they be possible without natural resources ? Human development in multidimensional depends on these free and best things. We are fortune to have best things in our life that are free, it many be cognitive freedom , materialistic.

    Competition and conflict
    We all know that , heavy competition is around the best things. Competition for colonies, there after for raw materials and markets amidst industrial revolution, conflicts around nuclear technologies for maintaining supremacy at global level. Accumulation of wealth , exploitation of disadvantaged are not uncommon in world history. Varna system has been developed to reduce the competition for the best things and outcaste have emerged.

    Modern efforts of welfare state to provide free education, social security for old, economic and social justice, liberties are the efforts towards distributing our common best things to all.

    Had Rekha been able to get best education would she be selling ice cream ? No, she would have been in the position of Revanth. As sea breezes it reminds us that opportunities , resources should be available equitably; Through best things in life are free, still it is restricted to few aspects. The people having accessibility to those things enable other to have their share. A perfect equality is not possible and not desirable but basic best things shouldn’t be taken away from life.

  • Civil Services’ Aspirant

    I think this essay title has been framed by Vinay sir in this context !! Hats off to this graet soul, but I don’t know whether to be motivated by this or get demotivated by this,for civil services.. In this context aspirants are kindly asked to critically analyse the recent decision taken by the erstwhile Jabalpur collector ?? 🙂

    • Civil Services’ Aspirant

      The recent decision by some civil servants that after getting into service what are the reasons they quit. Given the amount of money state spends on their training and other expenditures. OR do u think such selfless service transcends all norms? Critically analyse (200 words) ??

      • bhai, mera review kar de. Maine waise hi likha hai kuch to 🙂

      • Leiter The Leader

        Reasons to quit:
        1.Out of fear for life.
        2.Picture is completely bleak,because they did not have opportunity to do what they wanted to.
        3.Higher aspirations like to participate in Like elections.
        4.Start own business,once they have maintained well established ties.

        But one really committed to his passion to help the people being in government.Civil services provides one of the best way to do that.

        • Civil Services’ Aspirant

          Leiter I think despite being in the govt services still much could have achieved and done..:) Nevertheless he still remains cynosure of all civil aspirants including me 🙂

      • OK

        One life. Everyone is running behind an identity. Few have understanding what exactly they want to do and rest are waiting for right set of opportunities. Says it all.

        • Civil Services’ Aspirant

          Not all appear in this exam for mere gaining identity or publicity stunt! .. u can’t make sweeping generalisations bro/ sis 🙂

          • OK

            Identity and Publcity are too different things. When I am saying identity, it is not the identity which you are driving from the office. It is the identity which you drives from your work. It gives you plethora of opportunities to work on meaningful aspects of life, rather then making rubbish business models on some XYZ product for some consultancy.
            BTW BRO.

  • SKB

    देखो तो एक ख़्वाब है जिंदगी,
    पढ़ो तो एक किताब है जिंदगी!
    सुनो तो ज्ञान है जिंदगी ,
    हस के बिताओ तो आसान है जिंदगी !!

    The above line beautifully described life as dream, a book, full of knowledge or says that life is very simple if
    one decides to live with smile.

    The nature has built life and made its need very basic. The ingredients of happy life have intrinsic values, multiplies
    it if used and thus further spread the happiness.

    For a new born baby the happiest moment would be his/her mother’s arm. A crying baby’s facial expression turn
    into full of smiles when her mother walk’s towards her and breastfeed her. For the bay it hardly matters whether her mother can afford expensive toys, gifts etc for her or not. On the contrary in our society the children of so called elite
    or business person suffer a lot in absence of their parents or specifically theirs mother personal care.

    The working mother in the society which could not get sufficient time to spend with their children only can
    express the great experience of child-mother duo with each other. Although the feeling of this natural happiness can’t be bought with help of modern economic instrument with certainty but it is equally available to poor and rich just
    need to realize it.

    The boys playing along roadside represent blossom of life. They have made makeshift field for cricket, old
    cricket bat, torn leather ball, no formal cricket’s safety equipments but their engagement in the game, their enthuse, their
    passion make them so involved in the game that every boundary shot give them such an deep satisfaction and smile that worth more than million’s dollar.

    Opposite to the roadside, in high-rise apartments one may find a boy with latest gadgets sitting alone,
    bored with life and might be suffering with one of modern era disease like obscurity, hypertension etc.

    These modern mental health issues have surpassed all other health related issues. The changing family structure,
    interaction has resulted in increased no of divorce cases, suicidal cases. These all are results of declining trend in some of basic societal or family values. One can find old parents in old age home with last wish to see their children or
    interact with grand children. They would never ask for expensive holiday package or branded clothes. Their most cherished wish is purely emotional. This can’t be fulfilled with economic expenditure.

    This issue is further complicated when one try to buy life’s most precious things. If a rich man is devoid of
    love of wife or family then he will use his monetary strength to fulfil this gap. Although temporarily he might succeed using drugs, alcohol, prostitution etc to live with absence of family life but in longer we know that the result are always very tragic.

    The recent movie “Bajirao Mastani” rightly depicted the importance of family relationship when Bajirao said that he won
    every battle in the field but lost the battle with family relations. He never recovered from these wounds and died later. Such are the importance of emotional strength in life.

    Another famous story is from Mahabharata. The Dronachrya could not be defeated in direct battle so Krishna used a false emotional prank of death of Dronachrya’s son to weaken him internally. Hence the most cherished, admired and strengthen generates inside the very emotions.

    The emotions are the basic pillar of life. They make living life worthy. In absence of these values even the learned
    person like Dronachrya lost hope to live. These emotions can’t be traded. They can only be practised.

    Life’s most precious blocks are freely available to everyone. The difference is in only one’s attitude, habits.
    As the English proverb says “a healthy mind lives in a health body”. The physical health is very important to maintain mental health. The early jogging and yoga provide necessary physical and mental health. The life is dependent on
    oxygen. It is freely available to everyone. Even we can say that the urban population or most economical advanced people have less access to pure air.

    The rural culture and environment which is self sufficient are more preferable to nurture healthy and happy life.
    Medical practioner give advice to spend some time in fresh air, rural or hilly area to avoid many side effect of modern day life style.

    Thus we can see that from a child to an old man, the happiness of life is not in the monetary things but in those
    little moments with their loved ones, for doing things which they like most as in case of children playing in road side. Our few words of respect, care and love carry more value to our loved ones than any gift. These are free of cost.

    With time and advancement of medical science new and new care and technologies are manufactured for disease. New technologies are employed for safety. New ways for entertainments are invented. Despite of all these advancement in the world we can see the increasing unhappiness, unsatisfaction, fights, wars, terrorism in the world.

    This is happening because we all are neglecting the real needs of life. We have destroyed the cherish moments from
    life. We have no more from family values and hence lack of all those emotional support and bonding. We have destroyed our environment reducing its free benefits to life.

    Is our society working for a happy life? Isn’t it contradicting that we want happy life but in the process we are destroying
    the free ingredients of happy life?

    • SKB

      friends plz review critically. i would be very thankful for your harsh and critical comments. those will provide me necessary motivations. thnks in advance

    • Dear Mr.SKB,
      the content , presentation ,taking off and landing the essay is clearly balanced. Good presentation. Kindly review mine.

      • SKB

        hey thnks for review… but cudn;t find your answer…..plz post it again.

    • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

      1.Can’t say about the relevancy of first poem with the essay
      2.I feel in the first half, number of examples are too many, not sure about how other feels..I liked specially cricket and Yoga example very much
      3. Last example of technology and terrorism is very good
      4. In conclusion there should be some positive or advisory sentences. Question marking sentences should be added in the middles.. don’t think they should be in the last finishing sentences

      Keep writing and reviewing..Have a good day

  • “The best things in life are free”

    Imagine the best things that you can think of, that can happen in your life. Best things are certainly “variables” in today’s world. No “thing” in the world can bring us permanent happiness. “Things” in this case have a materialistic aspect. For some, this thing may be a Mercedes-Benz, for some it may be turning into the CEO of his own firm, some may have this thing for the next Iphone to be launched in the market or any new electronic device. But are these materialistic things for free? No. You pay for it. By physical strength, mental strength, your time, perseverance and patience that helps you earn those bucks, increase your bank account till it looks like your phone number.

    So what is it that the quote wants to say? Let’s take a small example to understand this.

    Armaan, a young boy, had always aspired of being an IAS since he was in 8th standard. He was very determined to achieve his dreams. He worked hard, each passing day, making sure that no stone left unturned. He was dedicated through out this process. Although destiny had something else in store for him. While the results came, he was shattered. He had flunked in the first stage itself. Obviously anyone who had given the exam with such a vigour and passion would be depressed. When he couldn’t clear, he thought his parents would scold him and his best friends would taunt him. Of course they all were disappointed. But they knew this wasn’t how they should be reacting. What they did was something different. They hugged him, told him to not loose hope, be patient, that they were with him in his bad time, motivated him to stay strong, laughed with him, so that he forgets all his wprries for the time being. That next time there won’t be no next time.

    So, lets see what all things we get in life for free :

    Love : This is most important thing that one gets in life for free. One doesn’t require a hefty bank balance to get this. The love you get from a fan who follows your blogs is enough for you to have a smile on your face. Love from your parents? They come without a price. It is something which is not swayed by selfish desires.

    Family and friends : Good friends and a great family is the biggest asset in life. A supportive friend, a mother’s care, who is awake till you come back from the club you went to lying your mom, a father who earn’s only to fulfill your wishes are something we get in life for free.

    Dreams : Dreams are something which can never cost you. You can dream of becoming a pilot, an astronaut,a sailor, a wrestler or even the Prime Minister of your country. Only those who dream are the ones who succeed in life. So dream whatever you wish, whenever you wish, no matter of tough it is, no matter how awkward it is to tell someone what you dream about. In the end it’s you choice, and nobody can point out if it’s wrong.

    Hope : When you have nothing to loose, you have hope. This is something you should never loose. Whenever your purpose is defeated, you hope for the best. If this is not how things go for you, prepare for the best and hope for the worst. But hope. It keeps you motivated. And it is the virtue of a winner in disguise.

    Dedication: This is something which you won’t find at a grocery store for a few bucks. This is inherited from he environment you belong to. If you have passionate and dedicated people around you, you will feel motivated too. This would lead to your dedication.Simplifying it, it may even have been inherited from the human genetic evolution. You see, when you want to achieve something, you need to be dedicated enough to do that. The beauty of this is you have it in you already, just need to lighten it up.

    Life : You got your life for free, isn’t it? Unfortunately, some get numb and depressed when they loose something materialistic in life, liked a failed job, a failed exam or maybe a failed relationship. They try to end this life. News nowadays are filled with stuff about how students commit suicide for pity issues. We must realise that this life is given by the almighty, the immovable, the infinite. Thinking of ending this life as a human, we must think of those stray dogs who have no idea when will get proper food. At least we are lucky we have a better life then them, ain’t it?

    We saw that even though most of the things pointed out above can be bought for free, yet the secondary things accompanying it can cost you. For example : The smile on your face after reading a fan mail costed you those kilos that you gained while sitting ont he chair and thinking for hours what to frame. Similarly, the smile that you owe to your family and friends after you have achieved something is something money can never buy. Dreams are something which doesn’t cost you, but achieving your dreams sure does. Hope is for free, but to make sure that hope is achieved comes with the price. Get you dedication in place and move ahead to get the “materialistic things” you had longed for.

    The conclusion that can be drawn from the topic is that hardwork is the only path towards achieving happiness. Clearly, today’s world is driven by materialistic things, but at the same time, forgetting the importance of things in life that you get for free should be cherished too. Had Armaan not got a support system in the form of his friends and family, he wouldn’t have hit back hard. The point being, a person must be able to cherish those moments, those strengths, those shooting stars, that they get for free. We often don’t value the things which we get for free. We need to, so as to bring out the best in us.

    • Saurabh

      You started your conclusion with emphasis on hardwork. What if dont want to do hardwork and open a small shop outside my house. I will earn less but if i am satisfied with what i have, i will be happy. What if i like making pans for my customers and gossiping with them. All i want to say, that hardwork is somewhat off topic here. Whether you pay by money or hardwork, you are paying don’t you think. So its not free.

      • devashish ghosh


      • don’t agree with you. Hard work is something which should be done in running the shop too. If hard work wasn’t required, no one would be beggars.
        please take a broader perspective. Hard work is necessary to achieve materialistic happiness. And this happiness doesn’t come for free.

        • Saurabh

          I just wanted to point out that hardwork is also a way of paying. You will obviously achieve happiness if you workhard. But you can also enjoy things which do not require hardwork and be happy.

          • OK

            If you are saying hardwork is a kind of payment. then I would say, time is also a kind of payment. in everything which anyone has mentioned above, is inherently associated with time. When I am building relationship, I am dreaming, I am doing or not doing anything, I am paying in terms of TIME.
            So, I am just adding a new dimension for you to think about.

            • Saurabh

              Yes ,time is certainly a form of payment. You go on vacation spending time and money to be happy. But you can just achieve the same at home with right attitude and approach. Sit with your family for a while and have a nice little chat. But we search for happiness some where where we can spend time and money forgetting in the process that happiness lies inside us not somewhere else

              • bhai to conclusion pura padh bhai. dono likha hai maine. Kya tu bhi :/

                • Saurabh

                  Bhai pura padha tha…Just wanted to say, dont focus too much on hardwork. Again my personal view.

          • P.s

            I agree with you Saurab, have you written I will review.

            • Saurabh

              Yes i have written.

      • MecHmAtE

        I don’t agree with you. How can you differentiate between works that requires hard work and that doesn’t require any? I mean, so if I am running a shop the whole day and earning, for “materialistic” things, I don’t have to sit and with patience? Nothing comes without hard work my friend. and hard work is important to achieve happiness, so I think he is correct in using it as a solution

        • Saurabh

          I am sorry if you feel hardwork is solution to achieve happiness. Pls sit for a moment and think. You are an upsc aspirant. You work hard no doubt. But does working hard guarantee you happiness. Can you certainly say you will be happier if you become an ias officer?

    • SKB

      hey serious….great essay man. i must say…after reading your essay the become so easy…always a lerning experience through gng ur essay.

      Plz spare fewm mins for my essay.. i wud be very helpful for further improvements. thnks.

    • MecHmAtE

      very nice man. No use of hi-fi language. Loved the flow. Good that you critically analyzed it too. Was waiting for the essay like every week 😀

    • Sushmit Adigon

      bro review mine ,i ll urs

    • Dear Mr WSS,
      It was quite interesting. Good Starting and vivid explanation on what is imp in life. The content and presentation is lively. Thanks and review mine.

    • OK

      Everyone is writing the same thing. Love, and all.
      Let me give you a different perspective.

      Free. Price. and Cost. they are relative in nature. they are varying in space and time. things which were earlier free are not free now. Water is the best example. nobody in the 80s could have believed that in the coming generation people will start buying water for 50 Rs. Now, people are predicting the same fate for oxygen. And as usual, people are denying. And it also depends upon buyer seller relationship. Things which we are getting free from someone but charging price from some others while moving it forward.

      Second, can we say that Mother Nature has provided everything (essential and best) free to us. It is human being who placed a price tag on it. Food was freely provided by the nature, we started doing holding, cartelisation, commodity trading, and artificial price lifting. true for the other natural resources.

      Third, Baki happiness ke sare points daal do 😛 Ek point jo missing. Beauty. Beauty of Nature, People, and all other habitats. Add some words like Motivation, Spirit, Enthusiasm, Adrenalin Rush to do something productive etc. (in addition to dedication)

      Forth. Add Natural Rights. they are free. So are the fundamental rights.

      Fifth. Internal Knowledge. Buddha and Mahavira didn’t pay anything for the enlightenment.

      Sixth, Identity, it is free. You dont have to pay for it. You work hard, you do wonders, you change the face of the world, and thus you make your identity. You dont have to pay for it.

      Seventh, Now add what are negatives of Free things. Welfare, Freebies, Subsidies > Burden on Exchequer not a sustainable outcome, relationship for granted, exploitation of resources.

      • black mamba

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      • gughapriya

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      • eswar bojanki

        good in diverisfication of answer

      • P.s

        Paying for something doesn’t mean only in terms of rupees, it could be time energy health etc. As you said by working hard one could get identity so it is not free.
        I doubt the complete relevance of your 1st point.

        How the things you mentioned ( from 1st to 7th) can cause burden on exchequer.

        All other points are very nice.

      • PENDU

        nice point ………. even i was cycling around love but with some hope would you take ur time to review my and suggest ur view

      • Lubna Sehar

        Do you agree with my points? Plz tell me

      • Tanu Singhal

        Some would say even the penance via which bhuddha and mahavir wnet through was a cost.

        As happiness is relative so is the cost.

        • OK

          Absolutely. That’s why there is nothing as such Free in this world.

          • Tanu Singhal

            Even if we say thta we being born as humans,and having a good !idea living with our parents, even that must have costed some good karmas, (going by the karma logic )

            • OK


            • Isha

              Hey Tanu, can you please review mine! Goin to review yours..

      • rajashree

        Nice ans but if u wld hv gvn intro r how to start eassy thn it ll b great helpfull likr me who r starterbto write

      • satish


    • Can we start an essay with such quotes other than in English language as you have done

      • yeah u can. But that has become too mainstream to be followed.

    • An Integer

      Good points : touched many things : Hope, life, friends, etc. Also have covered the opportunity costs involved. The examples which u put and the mood u carry throughout ur writeup are something to learn from.
      Can be Improved : Intro : “Imagine the best things that you can think of, that can happen in your life.”. Could be framed in better english ( though ur language is good throughout the essay).
      Some grammatical errors like : But are these materialistic things for free? No. You pay for IT. (Not it but “them”)
      Conclusion : The conclusion that can be drawn from the topic is that hardwork is the only path towards achieving happiness. (Though, further points in the conclusion, which follow this statement cover the essence) This point doesn’t : mean we are neither talking about hardwork (only) or happiness (only).

      Rest, its a good one again.

      • thank you for the review first of all!
        I knew that something was weird about the sentence, I’ll correct it.
        yeah that mistake, agree!

        About the conclusion, it’s something more of a solution that I am giving. Happiness is a key word in the essay which in this materialistic world can be achieved only by hard work. And keeping that in mind, the things which we get for free ( mother’s love, friends and family’s support ) shouldn’t be forgotten. Hope m clear.

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    • Civil Services’ Aspirant

      Hi Nitish bhai, aka (Why_so_Serious)! After reading your essay I think you have fared well in conveying the message that the title wants to! flow was good..and this you didn’t quote any example underscoring religious overtones which is good unlike your previous couple of essays..! I think it’s good to be religion neutral and try not to quote from any particular religious scripture or if you want then you can quote of all the prominent ones, of course given those quotes are relevant, applicable and match the context.. Moreover bhai please avoid silly spelling mistakes which can take a toll on your essay, as I told you earlier it can infuriate any middle aged examiner. see the screenshot in para Hope: it’s word ‘lose’ with single O u have to use ‘loose’ with double o gives alltogether a different meaning..! 🙂 Overall a good write up bro..!

      • sorry bhai. I write on the paper and then type it here. Kbhi kabhi while copying galti ho jaati.

        About the religious perspective, i think I’ll be sending those two essays to vinay sir and ask him if I was being biased. Coz taking mythological example gives a different dimension. plus I don’t think I was ever biased with the example usage. I was neutral in those examples and never criticized or compared two religion.

        • Civil Services’ Aspirant

          No problem bro..hope u didn’t got offend by the review.. I never meant to offend you or for that matter anyone here.. 🙂 ! after all Why_so_serious? bhai :p

          • haha. No not at all my friend. I remember u reviewing my first essay and was delighted by that. History repeated again 😀

            • Civil Services’ Aspirant

              🙂 thank you 🙂

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    • captain jack sparrow

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      please review mine

    • Lord Tuktuk

      starting is brilliant!!! 🙂 as always!!
      you ended armaan wala para with Eminem’s Lyrics!! you moron, you though ke i’ll not come to know this!! 😡
      if i see this by just one dimension, its is brilliant!! whatever you have written till end is having a lot of positivity!!
      but what about other side???? 2nd last para nails that!! 🙂 mjhe aise karne hi nhi aya!! 😀 bdda acha likha hai!! i dont know baki log kya bol rhe h, but well presented!! totally liked it!!

      • dekha bhai. As u pointed out, second last para. I knew u would point that.

        Eminem <3 <3

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    • Sonia mehra

      Dear Serious, nice attempt.
      Missed mythology this time around…
      1. Opening para and armaan was apt
      2. You could identified the elements in the second para itself after you talked about armaan. In each para when you talked about different elements like love, hope etc. It gave an impression that you were exploring as you were writingthe essay, this could have been avoided if you revealed the elements beforehand.
      3. I find you were going out of points in one of the elements. eg- dedication, here you were repetitive.
      4. A conclusion should reveal itself as conclusion. By stating conclusion you are being informal and adopting the style of article writing.

      Keep writing.
      Thank you.

      • 1) Thanx.
        2) I don’t know if revealing the points before hand could have helped. It’s better to explore with the flow in an essay (my opinion)
        3) I don’t know how u found that. Dedication is connected to something else? Or were the lines getting repeated in the same point? Please clarify.
        4)Sorry for that, I’ll take care of it.

        • Sonia mehra

          If you have passionate and dedicated people around you, you will feel motivated too. This would lead to your dedication. (the focussed shouldn’t have been how to achieve the virtue of dedication, the focus should have been how this free virtue have turned the world around us)

          Simplifying it, it may even have been inherited from the human genetic evolution. ( i couldn’t understand why this was written)

          You see, when you want to achieve something, you need to be dedicated enough to do that. (accepted, to achieve something you have to dedicated, but how does it suit here)

          If I am stating something which I found not proper, that doesn’t mean the essay in itself was not proper.

          • Achilles

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            • Sonia mehra

              Sure Achilles I will review yours in some while.

              I haven’t written today. Today I am exercising one of the free gifts of nature, which is the choice to not write an essay….

              • dumbledore

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          • okay! I got you.

            2nd point : By human “genetic” evolution what I mean is this is something which is “universal” and not “particular” in nature. What I mean is, this is something which everyone has already, but just needs to lighten it up.

            When did I say this girl? Trust me each review is something I appreciate, jaisa bhi ho! In the end, we are just peers and no each other only by answers and essays, why would I point out something particular. Sorry if I was wrong somewhere 🙁

      • Himaanshu

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        If time allows you kindly have a take on my essay. Open for criticism and suggestions 🙂

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      1. example of armaan nicely framed…
      2. Nice you took different structure by giving each element a new heading. good strategy !! but you can try clubbing them.
      3. in some para u repeated the same thing, this could be reduced.
      4. And last para dont start with ‘the conclusion’
      overall very nicely framed.
      Do review mine as well if time permits. waiting fr ur critics… (pls look down some has down voted it 😛 )
      Keep writing and reviewing.

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    • Mistborn

      Hi Joker, I must say you have a thing for these philosophical topics. I read your last one too and found that one to be as good as this one. It’s a brilliantly executed essay, but not much different from the last one. I would suggest you to try different ideas in the preparation stage before zeroing in on whichever idea appeals to you.

      PS: Work on the conclusion part. It leaves something to be desired!

      ~Please review mine. Wrote after long time!

      • Bhai bhai! Look who’s back man! Abhi do essay karke aapka karta.

        yaar conclusion aap hi sikhaoge ab mujhe 😀 😛

        • Mistborn

          Hahaha! I have written already. It’s way down this page unlike you 😉 You will have to put efforts to find it. Looking for your opinion.

          ~I always point out the conclusion because I feel that if you make the examiner feel good while concluding, you fetch some extra marks. That is not to say that your conclusions are not good. They just lack the ‘X’ factor IMHO!

      • pink

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    • Sushmit Adigon

      hi bro,
      i felt this essay lacked content,
      u have talked about dreams/dedication/hope and Love/Family/friends.
      U could have included the capitalist perspective,u can talk about green pastures ,clean air,.religion could have been included .
      I felt jack sparrows guy wrote this essay well!!

      • I don’t know man, why to include GS topics in every thing. I mean this is a philo essay, why I can’t I write conventional things instead of including same old stuff?

        • Sushmit Adigon

          this is not a philosophical essay ,but just an essay..philosophical contents should dominate ,GS topics should be mentioned. UPSC evaluates on the basis of ones knowledge on the topic.

          • black mamba

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            reviewing yours

        • Lord Tuktuk

          agree!!! 😐

        • sneha basu

          I do not think every essay or every answer needs to contain GS. I think UPSC will appreciate a well written essay for what its worth if the perspective is represented well. There is no need to incorporate knowledge capsules just to add GS content. I believe your essay is reflective of your thought process and i think its a good work …

          • That’s too much appreciation for the day! Thank u for ur stand 😀

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        I will review yours if you’ve written.. 🙂

        • Sushmit Adigon

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    • OK

      Actually, I have read your essay once again. Your strong point is simplicity and you have a good command on emotions (in writing). I think, I am seriously lacking in this direction, that’s why reviewed your essay with a Engineer/Management perspective.
      So, let me review it once again.
      You revolved your essay around Happiness. (1200 words, and Happiness in itself is a wide topic, so good decision)
      Story Topic, (UPSC, I would suggest to write on something else. UPSC is fine, but still many other things are there in life)
      Story Line and introduction of last line and then transition to the different subheads. (It’s an art. You captured my emotions very well)
      Whole structure: Smooth.
      Writing Style, and Language. Superb.
      Last but not least. No religion this time 😀

      • Thanx for the review. UPSC yeah I was thinking ki it would become to monotonous. But was in a hurry to post 😀

        No religion this time, but I still wish I could 😀

      • Himaanshu

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        Would love to have your take on my essay. 🙂

    • Vivaan Khanna

      simply awesome essay buddy…best among all ur essays…see without use of so many examples randomly an essay can convey the message..whether it was flow or flaw i can see…kudos!!..i won’t mid upvoting today 🙂 …review mine and tell if i have improved from last or not 🙂

      • thanx budd. iN A moment

      • Ash

        Vivaan! Review.. I will review yours! 🙂

        • Vivaan Khanna

          apka hi padh raha tha before ur request came 😛

    • BPS

      Friend You could have concluded better…. btw review mine

    • PS

      plz review

      • captain jack sparrow

        structure is nice, and Handwriting is too good… could make it more diverse… but even then its too good… review mine

        • yogi

          Captain sahab can u plz review mine, i will review yours..:)

          • captain jack sparrow

            sure thing sir… 🙂

            • yogi

              urs done

      • Dheeraj


    • A quote somewhere would have been great.

      Outstanding flow.

      Time mile toh you can review mine.

    • rajan

      Flow is good.A lot of perspectives could have been added, I felt
      But, I have an opposite take on the topic. Could you review mine ?

    • niti

      liked the essay for
      1.segregation u did in mentioning every point..and ur start
      but u can add a number of things..i think every quote can be linked to our environment so addd that 😀
      review mine plz..

    • Ash

      Could you please review mine! I will review yours in a while.. 🙂

      P.S. I asked you first! 😛

    • dumbledore

      very nice essay. i too wrote about the points u mentioned. kindly review my essay too

    • Aseem

      Good one! Bro you given good depth to your essay… You clearly justified your argument!
      Please review my take on the essay! I have tried to connect few different things..

    • Singh8992

      Very well written.. Mam/sir how u think bcz I won’t be able to think like this
      Last Sunday and today i want to write but I couldn’t think these points…I wish i could write these type essay

    • Jaya Swatantra

      A smashing hit.. plese review mine… if possible …

    • Himaanshu

      1-I read Armaan wala example twice but could not connect to it.
      2-I read your couple of blogs and will read more (this is also in context of this essay).
      3- I felt similar points were repeated in different words.
      4- Overall nice attempt.
      5- Have a look at mine. I have a taken a different stand. Hope you will like it 🙂

      • Ash

        Reeeeeeeeeeeeeevieww! And if you don’t… you will have to use some anti-dumping mechanisms on your mailbox! 🙂

        P.S. – You have a long life.. I dropped you a mail some time back! 😛

        • Himaanshu

          haha,…ya after a week break m back on track. I am reading yours tub tak have a look at mine. 🙂

    • Ash

      Hi Mr. Serious! 🙂

      1. ‘That next time there won’t be no next time.’ — I didn’t understand this part.

      2. Okay! what you’ve done here is listed what are the free things in life.. this has brot in monotony … I guess! 🙂
      3. Multiple dimensions lacking
      4. You haven’t countered the phrase so unilateral

      I have used few more points .. if you could please review… 🙂

    • Mohd Zucky

      Hey serious !! everyone time i read your essay, there is a story in it 🙂 :). and i must say its always interesting and relevant. I myself tried to inculcate one in my essay this time. Hope you would like it . :):)

    • pink

      pl review my essay .

    • sankar

      good attempts:D)
      -should explain the quotes first so i intro should be enriched by explaining the quotes
      -body nice to read but i feel is to use connectors word to bring flow by linking para,
      conclusion is good.
      plz rvw mine dost

    • John_Nash

      You have written very good, i learned a lot from your writing

    • Batman

      Joker Bhai, zara mera dekh lena. I will review yours in a while. I have experimented a bit today, do tell me if it worked and give honest reviews. Thanks!

      • black mamba

        batman. please review mine .
        i’ll go through yours/

        • Batman

          Done done done 😀

        • Ash

          Ask me also for reviewing ! Unless you ask .. I won’t feel honored 😛

          • black mamba

            Ash please review mine 😀
            i’m in fact reading yours only ! 😀
            (i feel I’ve been overly critical of the phrase :/ materialistic me i guess)

            • Ash

              That’s okay! As far as it strikes a chord! 🙂 😛

      • Ash

        Ohhh! Batman is here! I will review.. Just gimme some time! 🙂

        • Batman

          now m coming to your essay 😀

    • Rashmirathi

      hi why so serious ? i really admire your dedication and consistency towards answer writing . The essay was really good, just one pointer from my side that maybe instead of expressing your views from just one perspective maybe you should have touched upon a different side of the issue too ,that though the best things in life come for free, you need to pay a price to have them , it might be in the form of hardwork , loyalty, reciprocation of love, sincerity… apart from this it was a perfect read.

      please review mine , its my first essay…thanks 🙂

      • Himaanshu

        Hi Rashmirathi,

        Kindly have a look at mine essay and provide me your feedback. I will read your essay for sure. Give me some time 🙂

      • I have already talked critically Rashmi! Please see achee se! Second last para and last para! Will review after sometime, thank u!

        • Rashmirathi

          arrey i did read achche se , the ending is superb. i just felt ki beech me it gets monotonous. isliye adviced that if you can give it more dimensions it will be more captivating.. just my opinion, i might be wrong .

    • sneha basu

      The most commendable thing about your essay was that it was captivating enough to make me read it entirely. Very fresh way of expressing.. good work

      • Himaanshu

        Hi sneha,

        Kindly see my essay and give your valuable feedback. I will read yours in some time if you have written any 🙂

        • sneha basu

          Nah i haven’t written this week.. but i will check out yours.. cheers and keep writing

    • yogi

      u must be busy, plz review mine whenever u get time , just going to review urs..:)

      • Bhai net bilkul nai chal raha. I’ll definitely review it, be assured of that!

    • niti

      plzz add value to my essay..

      • Net nai chal raha. Will get to u the moment it starts to work

    • Mohd Zucky

      hey serious !! review my answer please ..

      • Please bear with me for some time bro. I have outlined ur essay.I would live to see ur story, just wait for sometime brother . My net isn’t working. Phone se reply kar Raha. Thank u!

    • dreamz unlimited

      Good one but don’t you think that in your essays you emphasize too much on self questioning and answering?
      I mean i have read many essays of national/international writers and i did not find this anywhere else.
      Maybe this is what makes your essay unique and refreshing but i will still suggest you to do somewhat more search on the issue because i am apprehensive about the point by point explanation style.
      If u can write in a manner just like you have written the last two paragraphs, i.e. to say without any sharp breaks then i think your essay will be outstanding.
      Though you have the ability to carry on with those sharp breaks but still if u can manage to modify it, then you will be possessing a potent weapon in form of essay 🙂

      • Will get to u in a moment friend. Will try and come up with a picture like last time 🙂

        • dreamz unlimited

          Hey i just want to know that writing essay on a factual topic like environment/sports etc is manageable but the real challenge comes to write philosophical essays.
          Since you have philosophy optional, please enlighten me on the following points:-
          1) do you read or search on net for a source or just do brainstorming while writing this?
          2) how do you think philosophy has helped you in this?
          3) since we have to write one essay, that means around 1:30 hrs for 1 essay considering 2 essay for 3 hrs.
          so, do you write in 1:30 hrs sharp or since it is just a confidence building exercise, you take more time.

          Please do revert back.

          • 1) To understand the quote, yes I do (not every time, but most of the time)
            2)I don’t think philosophy is helping me in this. Most people include philo quotes and theories related to thinkers. Please refrain from this. Be original.
            3)I took 6 hours the first time. Now i take around 2. I will improve dheere dheere (Slow learner). WRITE on paper first and then post it here (generally people don’t read ur essays when on paper)

        • Lubna Sehar

          When did you start your preparation? I started in November-2015

          • September end

            • Lubna Sehar

              Just one month before me??

              • Maybe. Why are u even asking?

                • Lubna Sehar

                  Because u look much better prepared than me

                • Lubna Sehar

                  Is it possible to prepare for prelims within 8 months of time??

                • Lubna Sehar

                  Dude, do you type your essay on mobile or PC??

      • yogi

        can u plz review mine, 🙂

    • yogi

      Hii serious guy,:)
      OKji has already mentioned what u have missed so i would skip that part
      some good things i found in your answer
      1. As usual a story (thanks man! i have tried it in in my essay and want ur reviews on that)
      2. Short paras-another quality of a good essay
      3. linking the story with the conclusion (learnt for you again thanks)
      4. A brief meaning /interpretation of the words in the quote–i.e, your intro (i missed that)
      5. Simply language
      why no quotes today? u are awesome in aptly using them
      overall, as usual u nailed it !!
      plz review mine as well..:)

    • PENDU

      would you review mine ………. my first essay

    • vali

      Essay is good brother neverthless u could have diversified it more.On negative sides.what we dnt get freely??,like freedom and independence we have now and modern technology ,,all these have hidden hard work of many people..hope i am nt wrong..

      • Bhai hardwork mentioned hai. Read the second last para!

        • Himaanshu

          My essay is still waiting for your review bro…….. 😉

        • vali

          u r right bro ,but what i meant was to say that ,u could have diversified on national and international point of view.

    • Batman

      Hi Joker,
      1)You have taken a balanced view
      2)The part in life about ending it, could be avoided, I don’t think there was any need for it
      3)I was expecting a bit more on the “cost” issue that you mentioned in penultimate para
      Rest looks good!

      • thanks bhai batman. Aaj lag raha jaldi me review kar dia. Gussa ho kya 😀

        • Batman

          are nahi bhai, sahi me kch galat dikha nhi aj bas i felt that in “free” things, sometimes, you have elaborated much but I was confused whether to say this or not because essay is meant to put views. Rest is good, really 🙂

      • Lubna Sehar

        Plz view mine too

    • Affu Sdq

      very good attempt…one small suggestion the story of arman can be stated in the beginning itself as i tried this last year in my essays and scored i think it works

      • thank you ma’am! This was helpful. Could you tell me some more of ur strategy?

        • Affu Sdq

          be original thats the only thing i did ,i would recommend and shall follow in my next attempt…dont give unnecessary GS gyan in essay thats detrimental….keep writing..

          • thank you! Finally some nice things to know about essays! Thanks a lot!!

          • Himaanshu

            perfect 🙂

          • ESWAR

            could you please verify my essay. It is now appears that my essay is different to others. Sorry for disturbing

            • Affu Sdq

              there is nothing called disturbance we are here for learning and sharing whatever knowledge we have..

          • Night Fury

            affu , can you please please review my essay too !! thank you !!

          • Isha

            Hey affu, can you please review mine please! Thankyou!

            • Affu Sdq

              OK..WILL DO whenever i find time…as im working its little difficult but will do it for sure

              • Night Fury

                review for me also, please, at your convenience 🙂

              • Isha

                Its okay Affu, take ur time. Its nt that urgent. Review at ur convenience:)

      • manish

        Affu Sdq please review my essay

    • Tanu Singhal

      A good advice is for free.
      An elders” blessing.
      A child’s smile.
      A teacher’s education, his knowledge, his experience, u get for free.. If the teacher is really a teacher.
      Being born as humans came for free.

    • Village boy

      Nicely written,every one must appreciate you effort,but I think you didn’t include so many things empathy,nature,etc think,,,,,,,,,

    • Kant

      Good one! as always.

      I cant suggest any improvement. This topic is so difficult to write. I wrote one which looks like a 200 words GS answer.
      Have a look.

    • John Major Dalai

      You made good points….
      Language skill and ideas are damn good…
      Essay should be written in passive voice….
      Try to write ”everybody” or “somebody” instead of “you” that you repeatedly used…

    • Night Fury

      thing I loved in your essay:
      “permanent happiness” is a myth , that u quoted in intro. unique !
      good structure, explaining things one by one.. then the other side too.. how they are not free..
      i was also thinking on same lines but Don’t know if I could convey it through my essay :/
      I liked reading yours !
      found it better than previous one.. balanced too..
      please be critical with my essay I know I have written bad :/

    • Lubna Sehar

      View mine if time permits

    • electrified_pawn

      Wow is the word.


    • Ab

      Hi Serious!! It’s good again as was the last one! One thing I noted that, in your essay you use some factious story, are these good from the point of view of UPSC, as they concentrates more on substance and facts? Please don’t forget to review my second essay:-)

    • AJ

      Nice Points..Well Structured.!

    • manish

      Hello , why_so_serious,
      You are champ in writing such philosophical essay.

      Start is very good and opening of the topic is also very much relevant.
      The way your write examples are awesome.

      It’s difficult to find flaw in your essay, but still you can add the martyrdom of soldier, freedom fighter, social workers etc.

      Sir, please review mine.

    • satyendra singh

      nice essay written . nice connectedness what i see as a lacking point is another perspective which i mention later on …
      Also we add some ethical perspective like probity , attitude, integrity like this. like all these not bear any cost to us they are may be integrated from our ancestors relationship or our own experiences ..
      i know this essay demands a philosophical approach but rather to give an extent to only 1 perspective we use another also and to contrast this another perspective be used . may be if both pros and cons are mentioned and lastly a conclusion then we looked on this topic a differnt approach that how best things in life are free and how they put any cost to us also . thank u

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    • Lord Tuktuk

      essay review kar de mera aaj ka!!! me nhi bol rha kisi ko b aur 2-3 bando ko chod ke apne!! theek se review karna!! bkwas na pelio!! 😀

    • Shreya

      Such a beautiful essay.

  • black mamba


    The ancient proverb-‘best things in life are free’ has been around for centuries without dwindling its legitimacy. Rather it has been reiterated by countless schools of thought and thinkers across the world in one way or other-buddhists, vedantins, Aristotle, even modern utilitarians like Mill (talking about higher faculty). The underlying message of this statement is simple-the truly best/priceless things in life, that are capable of giving us lasting happiness and peace of mind are those that we cant buy. Monetary gains like car, house, phone etc do make us happy but those can’t be equated to the happiness of ‘sharing’ the house with family, talking to your friends through that phone and using that car to go meet your significant other. This happiness lies in appreciation of what is truly the best in our life. Similarly what qualitatively differentiates us from others are the values of honesty, integrity, compassion, morality and virtue – something which can’t be bought. In the same progression we’ll see that even the social ideals of justice, equality and liberty are not monetary in principle. They can’t be bought, though power politics have certainly found a way around it but as we’ve seen in many cases, dark means like this often bounce back – e.g. Jessica Lal murder case. Money can never be the substitute for hard work, love, friendship, trust, truth, sleep and experience. In this light it is often said, if you really want to see how rich you are, count the things you have that money can’t buy.

    What we read above, as per me is a very superficial explanation concerning solely with monetary expense. But what about other types of investments such as time, effort, patience etc? On an individual level, success requires hard work more than anything else (serendipity, chance etc); lasting relationship requires investment of time, communication and trust; developing a higher moral character too requires treading on a path that by no means is easy or free – we need to make a lot of sacrifices and short term benefits (something that’s accepted by all from Aristotle to Kant to Buddhists). So by looking at the larger picture of the term ‘free’ we’d realise that these are in fact the most expensive things if we need to hold on to them. As against anything we buy that requires one time investment, things of higher value/priceless require repeated effort and investment from our side in terms of time, effort, trust, choice etc.

    Moving upwards from individual to society we’d realise that sustaining a civilisation/country is by no means an easy task. It requires cumulative effort to establish peace and feeling of unification, in terms of tolerance, acknowledgement of diversity, mutual respect etc. What better than example of India to justify this fact. Our country gained independence at the cost of years of struggle of our great freedom fighters. Presently it owes its unity to the principles of democracy, secularism, multiculturalism, tolerance and brotherhood. We’ve seen these values being subordinated to hate crimes every now and then, yet the underlying fabric our country restores itself with efforts towards peace. The world at large has not witnessed another large scale war like WW2 because of continuous efforts of the global community, especially during Cold War era. Like peace even justice and equality requires continuous effort. To ensure justice we need to seek out truth and to ensure equality we need to restore balance. By no means are these tasks easy or free. We first need to make a rational choice to pursue them and then put in requisite investment of our time, conscience, emotion etc for their achievement repeatedly till it becomes a way of life and it seems effortless (ie free).

    Let’s come to the last straw now – the present global scenario. Peace(world free from terror), adaptation to climate change and developmental equity (in socio-economic terms) are the need of the hour. One way to look at it is to zero down on evil cause – i.e. greed for money which is in fact reason for all of them. So we can say that the more we learn to appreciate priceless things in life the more we’ll get away from these evils. But this too is an incomplete picture. For example, climate adaptation partly requires afforestation but it also requires renewable energy which depends on ‘money’. Developmental equity too is primarily dependent on monetary availability and fulfilment of basic material needs of people (like housing, food, clothes etc). Lastly, most of the modern analysts agree that establishment of peace can be done by two pronged approach : socio-economic development of terror infested areas and increased trade and commerce amongst countries. It is so because when people’s basic needs are satisfied they don’t resort to rebellion and secondly the more interdependent countries’ economies would become the less chances of aggression would be there. So completely putting money out of the picture in order to sustain happy-fulfilling lives is not a complete picture either. The larger the canvas is, the higher are the chances of there being a monetary price.

    It is safe to say that, satisfaction of our higher faculties, i.e. love, friendship, trust, morality, values, ethics, passion etc is certainly not dependent on any monetary conditionality. But at the same time, it is also true that unless our (as a civilisation) basic material needs are met, pursuing our higher faculties becomes a distant dream. A person who is not getting food will not devote his time thinking about peace. A person struggling with poverty won’t be concerned about ‘working for passion’. Exceptions are certainly there, but from a majoritarian point of view both the sides are crucial, rather they come in progression i.e. from material fulfilment to moral fulfilment. It is imperative that each person in a society can meet his needs, but as it progresses to that of greed we start facing problems. There’s a fine line of transition between the two. Nonetheless, both sides are complimentary and need to be balanced.

    Hence, money can’t buy you lasting happiness and peace but, the path leading up to things/values that would, is certainly not free either.

    • Lord Tuktuk

      first of all t really loved the intro god swear! 🙂
      i liked how you ended it by saying count the things which money cant buy!! didnt liked jessica lal wala example beech me!!
      agla paragraphy sach bolu to me b soch rha tha aise express karne ko lekin kar nhi paya!! well done!
      tune current scenario ko badda acha explain kia h terrorism, afforestation! mjhe to smjh hi nhi aya ki in sab apne essay me kaise add karu!!
      classy finish!!! justified!!! 🙂
      our dimensions are very different!! in a way, you said that nothing is free. we have to work even fo love, happiness, compassion and all that pyaar wala stuff!! but you explained well!! 810
      sach me no critics from my side!!! you need an expert to review this essay!! 🙂

      • black mamba

        i mean i couldn’t think of any other examples. those people tried to curb the case + punishment using money and succeeded to a great extent until it all blew up in their faces. + its very well known example. so i used it. any suggestions ?

        • Lord Tuktuk

          the best things in life are free mamba!! you just have to justify this!!
          they used money and all that to save themselves in jessica’s case but later they got screwed doesn’t justify this title. I’m sorry if you’re finding me wrong. no offence 🙂

      • niti

        ya completely agree here..the way he introduced current xamples is outstanding..

    • Bharat Avril


    • I’ll give you my opinion

      1) The intro was good but too long. I think u could have ended it way earlier and continued with the flow.

      “though power politics have certainly found a way around it but as we’ve seen in many cases, dark means like this often bounce back – e.g. Jessica Lal murder case” : ye kaise connected tha thoda samjh nai aaya.

      “Money can never be the substitute for hard work, love, friendship, trust, truth, sleep and experience.” : Completely agree with you. Bang on! But I think MAYBE this could be used around in a part where you were being critical about the quote (or in the conclusion while u were summing things up)

      I loved the flow through out, trust me. The language was outstanding. With each point u were hitting the nail. But only one thing I will criticize u about is u were very critical to the quote. I mean u have emphasized hell lot on the other side of the picture going through history. This can either fetch u the most marks, or the least. So what I feel is u could have a LITTLE balanced approach and count on the things that can actually make u happy which are for free (As pointed out by OK)

      For the first time, I loved ur conclusion 😀 😛
      Bahut hi balanced conclusion that. I loved it.

      Time mile to review kar dena

      • black mamba

        Thanks so much!
        I’ve read yours already. I’m thinking and I need some time to come up with truly useful critical review 😀

    • captain jack sparrow

      i liked your essay.. nice… review mine if you get time

    • Wolverine

      I really don’t think that I am qualified enough to review this one.
      Awesome essay Mamba.

      There was philosophy, history, climate change etc.
      It was like you were talking to me.

      • black mamba

        thank you so much for the review.
        but you shouldn’t say that u aint qualified enough. we all learning together 😀

        • Wolverine

          Yes, that’s right. 😀

    • Sonia mehra

      Dear Mamba, nice attempt.

      1. The best things about your essay was mentioned the ideals of justice, equality and liberty. Emphasizing more on this would have made your essay a niche one, different from others.
      2. I found some informality creeping in some parts, eg- Let’s come to the last straw now

      3 Paragraph could have been formed. In its present condition its too big and multiple points are squeezed into one paragraph, making it strenous to eyes and difficult to comprehend.

      Keep writing,
      Thank you.

      • black mamba

        thank you so much for reviewing it 🙂
        i’ll keep the points u mentioned and avoid it henceforth/

    • Ash

      Plz Review.. I will review yours in some time! I’m actually going for lunch! So immediately after lunch I will start reviewing! 🙂

    • Batman

      Hi Mamba, though a good one, I feel that you can really come up with certain dimensions where the idea of being ‘free’ will be met. You have delved deep into the ‘cost’ part-monetary, time and emotional.
      Using money as an instrument looked good to me
      The statement: what we read above is a superficial explanation can be re-molded, it seems like you just belive in ‘cost’ aspects and don’t actually see the good side i.e. free
      Conclusion should have been better with summarization of the whole idea. What you talked in penultimate para was a different dimension. But it was a good read!

      • Himaanshu

        Bro, have a take on my essay yaar. Tried a different thing. And give me some time to read your essay but will read for sure abhi mamba ka essay padh lun 🙂

      • black mamba

        i guess i ve been a little too critical of the quote – my biased view maybe has come to fore
        thanks for the review. 😀
        i’ll try be balanced 😀

    • niti

      hmm critical side of the quote..though a nice approach, its too critical to be enough for convincing the reader..flow maintained is really good..if i go with the convincing part it will be very difficult to point out something unbalanced..and i really liked the essay in that way but in my opinion the quote is more a positive it depends on the examiner 🙂
      review mine if time allows and add value to it..

    • yogi

      Nice Mamba.:)
      “if you really want to see how rich you are, count the things you have that money can’t buy”-> i m copying it

      Things i liked:
      1.choice of words
      2. different dimensions
      3. Concluding line
      4. simplicity:
      Thinks i did not like:
      1. Long paras
      2. some personal examples were missing
      3. intro could have been better
      plz review mine as well..:)

      • black mamba

        personal examples ?

        • yogi

          i want to say that u could have added some personal experiences, related to the quote,

    • Ash

      Hey Mamba! 🙂

      1. Ancient huh!! … how ancient?? IVC or Aryans time?? 😛

      2. In this light it is often said, if you really want to see how rich you are, count the things you have that money can’t buy. —- a takeaway! Tq 🙂

      3. anything we buy that requires one time investment, things of higher value/priceless require REPEATED effort and investment from our side in terms of time —- another takeaway!

      4. complimentary = complEmentary

      I have become an English teacher …. 😛
      5. C! I said this to Himanshu! I’m repeating here too… some1 thot about this adage.. there must b sm rationale b’hind it… so go for the motion also… I wud suggest Sepoy’s essay for that!

      The critical part .. I liked it! innovation thoda missing hai! 🙂 so no upvoting… but take it as a challenge! I’m expecting to upvote your next essay!
      KWAR! 🙂

      • black mamba

        agreed i have been overly critical of this thing because i guess somewhere down the line i don’t really believe it that much :/ i feel nothing is free – if u don’t pay it via money then u definitely pay via your time and emotional investment.

        anyways. points noted and CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
        btw i’ll try to be impersonal now

        • Ash

          I didn’t get the impersonal part!

          • Mistborn

            Hi Ash, could you review my essay?

          • black mamba

            if i feel strongly about something, it’s reflected in my writing.
            i still don’t know how to write balanced essays – as reflected in this one. it was completely critical, something i realise now.

            • Ash

              Awwwwwwwww! Thats okay Mamba! See I still don’t know how to write conclusions… but I’m kool with it…. 🙂 I will keep working until I reach there… Don’t lose hope! 🙂

              We are right here to point it out and as far as we have ppl to point out our mistakes… we improve! 🙂

              Now see I’m not an expert.. I will tell you what I do…
              As a civil servant… we are supposed to be diplomatic… we will be dealing with a lot of ppl! We don’t know who has what ideologies… So its always safe to balance.. achcha bhi point out kariye and bura bhi!
              When we point out the bad.. always have alternatives and solutions ready …. You know!

              So the moment I look at the topic! I try think ‘as a diplomat’ …. aggression or too much critical view screws up things!
              Take a paper .. right for the motion then against.. then think what impact will be leave on the reader and accordingly take a stand.. You have to look good at the end… That’s DIPLOMACY! 🙂

              • black mamba

                😀 😀
                YES I’ll do this now 😀
                thanks a lot *_*

              • Sepoy No 1446

                Ash..Based on your behaviour I have found an exact match for you.

                See this..when you will watch this show you can relate to this character.


                • Ash

                  What behavioral pattern did you track btw! Just curious! I’m gonna watch it today itself! But wud love to hear from u…
                  And do not keep it here for long!
                  You’re expected to post and then delete it warna later random ppl keep commenting on such posts and dump my inbox! 🙂

                  • Sepoy No 1446

                    watch it..u can find urself.

                    • Ash

                      kool! No but then I wanna know what EXACTLY did you find in common! The naive part??
                      This way no … you cud become my enemy! 😛

                    • Sepoy No 1446

                      Its a comedy show. The character mentioned is receptionist.. Very sweet and helpful to others…trying to fit in..but people don’t give her enough attention.. Etc.

      • niti

        hey ash ..can u plz review mine..

    • Sushmit Adigon

      This is the best i have read , i can pick lot many perspectives.I know where i have missedReally nice bro
      Initially i felt ,the essay was a bit dragged, the way u mentioned the peace tranquility aspect was superb,!!
      some fault i can mention are —u havent given examples,
      “moving upwards from individual to societal”– u could have said taking a broader frame of refn
      Conclusion was APT !!

    • Himaanshu

      1- very heavy intro both content and length wise. I think intro part should be little short.
      2- The last line of first para is too good. Frankly speaking I stopped reading further and count on the things which money can’t buy and I realized that I am very wealthy. Thanks for this 🙂
      3- Rest all is fine to me. You touched few aspects other than dil, dosti, pyar vyar. Nothing major to criticize for. Good work bro 🙂
      4- If time permits kindly read and review mine. 🙂

    • Mistborn

      Hello Black Mamba! My impressions about your essay:

      ~Too long paragraphs in general. If you write them on paper, they would run for two pages each! I would suggest you to try writing smaller paragraphs limiting to one idea.
      ~Your introduction again is too long and does not set the tone for the rest of the essay in clear terms.
      ~Please do not use ‘as per me’. It doesn’t look nice.
      ~While writing a paragraph, you should examine whether your writing is relevant to the topic. IMHO at times you have forced things a bit.
      ~Conclusion leaves one wanting more!

      Please take them in positive stride. People have said enough positive things about your essay and I do agree to most of them 😀

    • Night Fury

      Liked the way you connected material things to happiness .. house sharing, using car 🙂

      One suggestion from me would be: whwnever you quote any example, like u did “Jessica Lal murder case” explain the context, what if the examiner doens’t know at all about the case. Agree it’s a famous one, but still to be on safer side!!

      just one line of explaination would do.

      Now after readin my essay you know what you missed 😛

      you associated every best thing with some “Cost” , yes it’s true but that is going against the quote.. critics is required but in balanced way ( I know you know this also )

      Overall good use of examples and flow awesome !

      • black mamba

        Gonna combine yours and mine 😀
        We do make a good team 😛

  • Lord Tuktuk

    “The Best Things in Life are Free”

    She was having her delivery. He was nervous. The good news came. They just had a baby girl. Tears of happiness were in the eyes of the parents. The newborn baby was crying, they were smiling. The reason was the feeling of being blessed, feeling of having loved ones in life, feeling of having everything in the world. For the couple, this was the best moment in their life which was invaluable and unpaid for.

    Prem lives in Mumbai and works hard in an MNC. He just bought a car. Everytime he looks at his car, he can’t stop himself from smiling. For him, the happiness was in his newly bought car. He spent his hard earned money to buy it.

    Different people have different perspective in life. Some say that the best things in life are free. Some says that its money which makes us or shakes us. For one; love, affection, relation might be worthy which one gives his utmost
    importance. All these things are free. We don’t need to have money to buy these. For some people material things matters. For them salary, getting promoted, big house, living a rich life is important. What they see is the respect and fame which is connected with this lifestyle and that makes them happy.

    We areliving in 21st century. The world is constantly changing. Change is the rule of the nature. Man from the inception of life on the planet is toiling to get his own life run smoothly. The definition of “best things” have kept on changing with the evolution of the man. Life has changed for him from his survival in the beginning to being immortal in the world of today. Man wants to achieve everything. The perspective of “best things” keeps on changing for him.

    But, in doing all this, he forgets about the things which is invaluable. Love and Happiness, Health and Talent. No money in the world can buy this. It can be argued that these things are partially achievable with money, but why try to get all these by money and that too partially, when we can have them for FREE.

    The feeling of being loved and happiness connected to it can’t be defined. Just think about our parents love for us. Can it be substituted by anything? Does having a big bunglow is more precious than having your parents love with you? We in effort to earn money forget about our parents that with the passage of time they are getting old too. They don’t need our money. They just need us. Remember the time when we are alone in our room. No money can sooth our heart at that time.Friends and family does and money can’t buy them. Love and happiness are free
    when we start to cherish them and let living our life with more compassion.

    Health is wealth. Why do people say that? Does being healthy gives us money? Does being healthy makes us win a lottery bumper? No, it does not! Indeed a lot more than that. Itis our health which makes us. Actually, life has changed for us now. We tend to give more importance to our health when we fall ill or suffer from some disease. Also, we tend to spend a lot of money on our health so that we remain beautiful. But this is not real health. Ask the desire to run from a man who has lost his legs in some unfateful accident. Ask the desire to dance from someone who has a knee injury and cannot dance for the rest of her life. These little things are free which we can enjot daily but we often tend to ignore them because we do not know the value of these FREE things.

    Talent is free. Talent is God given. God is not partial. He is rational. Everyone is blessed with some talent. It is one of the best thing in life if explored. But we often fail to do that and blame God for giving us unworthy life. Is this the
    fault of God? Talent is free ofcourse but it is our hard work which converts it into success. Everyone deserves to be successful but hard work is what makes that talent give you the happiness one deserves. The famous band “The beatles” worked hard for that even after being super talented. Beethoven was partially deaf but he composed the music which is still admired by the best musicians today. This is because he explored all his talent and found his happiness it it.

    Yes, money does help in buying things which can be instrumental in bringing about happiness but money cannot buy family and love.They are priceless. We can buy things but not the best things. People argue that God has not created us equal. Infact he has. It is just that we tend to look at wrong place for happiness even after it is in front of us the whole time. Money is what let us live comfortably. But what is the need of a costly bed if we have a stressful
    sleepless night. We are the one who have given so much value to money and attached it to happiness and all the worthy things. We just have to learn to appreciate and give big value to small things so that we can live our life with
    more satisfaction. Only in this way we can learn that the best things in life are free.

    • black mamba

      reviewing yours, look at mine

      • Lord Tuktuk

        NOOOO!!! please dont review!! pta ni kya likha hai mene :’)
        haan dekhta you ka abhi!! bus 10 minutes!!

        • black mamba

          meko bhi nai.
          first time i wrote in one go – in 2 hours without research.
          i really dunno what i wrote either

          • Lord Tuktuk

            haha!! koi baat nhi!!! dekhta hu me tera!! 😀
            and dont google my essay!! you wont find it on any blog 😛
            reviewing urs now!

            • black mamba

              hahahaha my god :/
              FURY :X :X :X

              • Lord Tuktuk

                fury ne kuch nhi bataya!! 😛

                • black mamba

                  of course.

                  • Lord Tuktuk

                    areee!! bus!! baat khatam!!
                    Fury’s love for me is free. So, i’ll always defend Fury from any musibat( dont ask fury now about this all) 😛

    • black mamba

      i felt your essay was solely one sided. and at some places more of idealistic.
      free – does it just mean monetary free ? what about other forms of investments – like time, hard work etc?
      i think you can diversify

      • Lord Tuktuk

        mjhe smjh nhi aya ki kaise time, hard work ko sabse connect karu!! talent wale point me to kar dia but baaki me i failed!! yes, it was one sided i guess!!
        but thanks for the review!! 😀

        • black mamba

          u didn’t fail :X
          it was a well written essay in term of language and flow but the dimensions are needed

          • Lord Tuktuk

            Dont make this face!! 😡 :/
            yes, i get it all now!! actually its tough to write an essay to be true!! phla essay zyada easy laga tha mjhe! 😀
            but anyhow, thanks for pointing out the mistakes!

    • captain jack sparrow

      little monotonic , but very good..

      • Lord Tuktuk

        yes bro! little monotonic!!! i agree!! 🙂
        as ur optional is philosophy, can u tell me how to write it more nicely!! 😀
        and thanks for the review!! i’ll review urs if u write!

        • captain jack sparrow

          no writing only phillosophical perspective also makes it monotonic, as i did a mistake in mine…

    • Sepoy No 1446

      Liked the intro. Baby girl and Prem’s care comparison was nice.

      You a rock fan??? Beatles??

      Good mixture anyway.

      Overall a nice read.keep it up.

      #thoda kalidas, surdas Bhi laya karo..Buddhe log review karte hai answers 😉

      • Lord Tuktuk

        yes, beatles, pink floyd , LP, even eminem!! 😀 😛
        ok bhai, i’ll include this dimension also!! will try to throw some light on these figures also!! thanks for the review! (Y)

    • Your essay was a treat to read from the top to the bottom. mazza aa raha tha padhne me.
      Bhai aisa nai laga mujhe ki kuch critic du ispe. Mujhe to accha laga kasam se 😀

    • Shaktimaan

      great………….money wali hapiness n free wali happiness dono btaya apne which is good!!…………n end mein free happiness k sath conclude kiya ………..again good….BUT…… hapiness ko or thoda explai ni karna chahiye tha qki topic basically talks about free wali khushi…….toh me ko lgta hai ki free pe of zyada focus karte end main…(in my opinion buddy u may ignor tht)……….waise starting k example sb mst…..nice flow…………..excellent buddy…………..thank u:):)

      • Lord Tuktuk

        thnks bro! 😀
        yes, i got u here!! sahi bola bhai tune!!
        i”ll try to look upon it from nxt time 🙂

    • Ash

      Hi Tuktuk 😛

      1. ‘Different people have different perspective in life’ – this para has got a lil boring … you’ve repeated the same points again and again!

      2. Grammatical errors hain thode… I’m pointing out.. If it was a typo ignore.. agar typo nahi hai toh work on it … These will cost marks ..

      a. people material things matters
      b. Everytime are two different words.. I make this mistake often it is ‘every time’
      c. he forgets about the things which is invaluable : are hoga
      d. Does having a big bunglow is more precious than having your parents love with you : Is having a big bunglow more precious than our parent’s love
      e. We in effort to earn money forget about our parents that with the passage of time they are getting old too. : big sentences need connectors… use commas .. our parents k baad you can.. 🙂 and so on…. These could be typos too you know so ignore if they are! 🙂

      3. but why try to get all these by money and that too partially, when we can have them for FREE. … I loved your this concept … you cud build on this more

      4. we tend to spend a lot of money on our health so that we remain beautiful. : i think you need to replace the word ‘health’ here

      5. Health is wealth you raised a good point but you didn’t do justice with it Elaborate this … innovation missing hai Tuktuk.. pichle baar ke essay jaisa nahi hai aaj!

      6. Beethoven ex— good
      7. Very one sided … Talent is free … I don’t agree … Talents are like seeds … nurture them you get fruits … bury them and don’t nurture… they are DEAD!

      You have associated ‘free’ with money .. hard-work is also a price .. I would suggest read my essay! I have written all this but countered too .. I may have been wrong and FFTC … but dimensions are missing today!

      8. The best things in life are NOT free has not been addressed… so its got one-sided!
      9. Currently even I’m struggling with intros and conclusions so can’t suggest much but it needs improvement in your essay too… 🙂

      P.S. : I’m new to essays currently so I may be wrong.. so Pardon me for that! KWAR! 🙂

      • Lord Tuktuk

        no, these are not typos!! they are actually grammatical errors!! i feel no shame in accepting this! Some of them are typos but still that’s my fault! mjhe khud dekhna chahie!!
        i have mentioned hard work point in talent. talent ko successs me convert krne k lie hard work!
        i guess u missed this point here! last essay was not so philosophical jaisa ye tha!! i though not to include any CA in it! 🙂
        i know i missed a lot in this essay!! no need to feel sorry! i accept there are mistakes here!! thanks for the review!!
        i’ll review urs too!! ghar jake karta review!! bahar hu abhi!! phone se kar ni paunga!! but will review! KWAR!

        • Ash

          Ohhkay! If I find grammatical errors .. I will point out .. you rectify them….
          Nahi samajh aaye toh I’m here! 🙂

          Review it at ease! No issues! 🙂

          P.S. – I really like this thing about you and Himanshu… acceptance of faults! 🙂 And you again forced me to say “PROUD OF YOU!!” 🙂
          Waise I also accept I write bad conclusions.. so don’t be very harsh on me after reading my conclusion 😛
          KWAR! 🙂

          • Lord Tuktuk

            haha!! dont worry!! i’ll review!
            and there is not wrong between us!! baat karta to hu!! I’m not mad at all agar tujhe aisa lag rha hai!! i saw that message in my mail!!
            i too have this time concluded badda hi zyada bura!!
            coming to urs in sometime!! 🙂

    • Batman

      Bhai Mje to kaafi acha laga 🙂
      I have crafted on similar lines
      I feel conclusion can be improved-infuse the whole idea in a better and forceful manner. KWAR 🙂

      • Lord Tuktuk

        conclusion ko sabhi bol rhe hai 😀 😀
        i was good in concluding!! me dunia ko smjhata tha!! ye to mere upar hi ulta shot lag gya be! 😛 😛
        ok!! next time se zyada focus rkhunga!!
        aur ata hu tere par thodi der me birdman!! 😛

    • yogi

      Hey Bhagvaan!
      here is my review, koi bhool ho to maaf kar dena is prani ko:)
      Starting with stories,good
      but could have linked them with the conclusion, by mentioning a bit about them
      conclusion :- i think u could have avoided writing the same words or points u have already written many times, conclusion should be best part of the essay(i too missed on that front)
      I was enjoying reading ur essay, but ended abruptly–>more dimension could have written and u are very good in analysing the things, like u did in case of talent waala point , which i liked the most in ur essay
      plz review mine as well.:)

      • Lord Tuktuk

        hey yogi bhai 🙂
        koi bhul etc nhi bhai, aise na bola karo baar baar!! pinch hoti h baat 😐
        yes, actually i was trying today to keep it short!! last time 1300 words the, socha is baar 900 hi likhu!! but end acha nhi kar paya!! i’ll keep this in mind from nxt time!! thanku 🙂
        review karta tera bhi 🙂

    • Namrata

      Hello tuktuk !! 😀 Very nice essay ..few pointers from my side:
      1.Your essay was throughout inclined towards the philosophical side was more of monetary v/s non-monetary happiness .. i think giving more examples and a wider perspective would enrich your essay. Also, speaking of non-monetary ..ur first eg of mother holding her baby ..u really think this happiness came for free? Actually it involved 9 months of pain for the mother which she had to pay..this is what i mean by taking a wider perspective .. 🙂
      2. Also while writing i feel u get very passionate and write in a manner you would probably deliver a speech the process what wrong happens is you tend to be repetitive while expressing ur ideas. Avoid it 🙂
      3. There are few grammatical errors here and there .. maybe by mistake ..but do look into them 🙂
      Overall a good read, nice flow and structured one ..keep writing and reviewing 🙂

      • Lord Tuktuk

        hello 🙂
        1. yes!! this CAN be included!! 🙂
        2. point noted!! will try not to do any repetition.
        3. No, some of them are typos and some are actual mistakes!! will try to improve from next time!!
        thanks for the review!! 🙂 batman bola meko to ask you to review as you are a good student.
        and i’ll review urs too 😛 😛

        • Namrata

          hahaha koi good student nahin ..yahan sab bahut better hain .. i have to catch up with u all 🙂 😀

    • Night Fury

      Bhai !!!
      I too smiled reading your intro 🙂 (suggest you to start writing more, I see tinge of emotions in your write ups! u’ll do good !)
      Examples are good, padhne me mazzaa aaya essay.
      Flow me kami lagi, like first para u wrote, then next para different, koi connectives use karo,
      abrupt change of paras theek nahi lagta reader ko (I feel so !)
      baaki simple and lucid language !
      Thoda critics bhi laao ki “certain best things aren’t free”
      mera essay padho thoda alag dimension mile shayad aapko 😀

      • Lord Tuktuk

        1) 🙂 ok! from next time!
        2)hehe thanku ^_^
        3)yes there was some connectivity issue!!
        4) pkkaaa ill try again!! thanku so much!!
        and tera review karta abhi ruk thoda 🙂

  • Sushmit Adigon

    “The Best Things in Life are Free.”

    India ,before it was colonised contributed to 25% of world GDP this is on account of great river system ,be it the Indus ,where the Harrappans thrived or the vedic civilization that flourished on the banks of river Ganga.The Industrial revolution which took the
    world by storm ,flourished in areas which had rich deposits of coal and iron ore.America is called the land of opportunities , this is on account of its large pastures that could support any civilisation. Be it Ancient India , Great Britain,USA ,their success was on account of things that was bestowed to them naturally and freely.

    On an individual level ,one only needs to close their eyes and look back ,at their best moments in life ,those moments would mostly include their childhood days ,years spent with their siblings ,parents or being a blue eyed boy of his/her teachers. Person like Vivekananda known for his abundant skills ,knowledge ,attributed his success to his mother. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar fondly recalls that it was his brother who shaped his destiny.

    To these great men no amount of Special classes ,dedicated coaching was required to transform their career and future ,they all got it at their home .However the more pertinent question ,is this now possible in the current world.?

    Now the Best things in life are decided by the Supply Demand economics- we have the Valentines day ,Mothers Day ,Fathers Day ,Husbands Day,Womens Day,Environment Day etc ,the amount of love one has for the other can be determined by the price tag on the gifts.Even a slight delay in wishing your better half on her B’days could lead you into trouble. All selfies and FB comments of how much one loves his or her parents are there to be seen ,have they really translated into action?.

    UNHDR reports say ,no country treats its women as well as it treats its men .A cursory look at News paper articles ,one can find old age homes mushrooming , Domestic violence against better half are all there for everyone to see.If you only look at an individual level ,we would bedoing injustice ,there are news papers which talk of ”Aman Ki Asha” for one week in a year ,then the rest 51 weeks they spread venom about our neighbours. Their intention has got nothing to do with better relations with neighbours , but
    with achieving greater TRPs.

    It aint just the newspapers , NGOs which are supposed to be non profit organisations and people centric ,seem to speak for their masters, rather than the downtrodden .One example being the Kundakulum protest –When 300 million Indians donot have
    access to electricity ,what is the point in protesting against the nuclear plant .The reports from the Home Department also question their statesmanship like character. Instead the Appiko and Chipko movement served the purpose in much better way.

    The argument can be further extended to Missionary schools which run for the poor and the marginalised ,are accused of sexual assault on kids. Even the Vatican church is not spared.One should not forget the our bureaucrats and politicians who are elected or appointed on the basis of their service mindedness ,but the moment in power ,they seem to crib for greater hike in salary on account of inflation ,living standards etc ,while the poverty line limit for the poor has been dropping year after year. And not to mention about infertility clinics ,surrogacy which itself is a multi billion business .Earlier considered the acts of kindness, be it the works of missionary schools, role of govt ,surrogate mothers are all commercialised now

    But to be successful ,one needs to realise that ,its not only about costly private schools or how much money one needs to have in his bank account .To be successful one needs to hone certain innate skills, that of honesty , punctuality ,sincerity , truthfulness , these skills are developed in individuals’ initial years .Its our initial upbringing that takes us forward ,this is where our family ,our friends play a vital role which cannot be bought with money.

    One also needs to be cautioned that ,the word”Talent” has been not been sparingly used .A child getting Rank 1 in nursery will be called a precocious child ,while some one getting lesser marks would be relegated .The comedy show “Comedy Nights with Kapil” ‘s anchor Kapil was rejected in the first round of many StandUp comedy shows .But now ,he is the king of Stand Up.Talent is more of perspiration rather than innate skill.There is no doubt Sachin Tendulkar was talented but there have been more talented cricketers around ,unfortunately couldnot achieve success ,what stood out for Sachin ,along with talent was that he being an honest ,diligent and humble human being, this was on account of his upbringing .Likewise America ,Great Britain nation states thrived ,not only n the basis of the resources they possessed but also on the sheer perseverance of the men who happened to be there.

    The role of the government is to provide opportunities for the people not freebies .Proposals like Skill India,Nai Manzil, Beti Bacho Beti Padao are good platforms to reach a basic threshold level ,from there opportunities could be had.

    This is highly unlikely that in the modern world ,one could get anything for free.But who wants anything for free .Look what we did with green meadows, sea resources ,clean fresh air , pure water all have been exploited beyond recognition .But there is nothing wrong in attributing cost to certain aspects of life ,be it education system , heath care ,daily needs etc .However if one looks back ,one remembers his childhood ,not his school fees ,one remembers how the nurse treated him not the prescription .A journey can be long or short would be determined by the co passenger rather than the distance or the ticket price.

    • This is the second time I read that intro in your essays, no harm but I think it limits your learning I feel!. You know stuff, but I think you go all over the place, it’s like you want to put up everything you know in every essay. I don’t think that is required. It went places from Medieval India to individual to NGOs, UnHRC, all the schemes, and Comedy Nights Kapil, that should never show up, it just dilutes the level at which you ere talking. It often creates a mess. I read almost all your essays, wanted to say this earlier, but just wasn’t sure, I should or not. I didn’t do this just to get a review from you, wanted to convey that. If you have time, you can go through mine, doesn’t necessarily have to be nice!! Thanks!!

      • Sushmit Adigon

        okay no problem bro!
        thanks for the review

    • Prerna saxena

      not to be harsh ,but in my opinion theme of f quotation in other words is money can not buy happiness….and things like family, love care are priceless and free doesnt matter how rich one is but cant buy these things…. your please read the quoatation and think for a while what it demands…ATB 🙂

      • Sushmit Adigon

        firstly thanks fro the review,,the points you have mentioned ,,i have included them

    • captain jack sparrow

      review mine

    • Prerna saxena

      my point is essay should be pinned around the theme and its should be reflected in paras as a link….fisrt part of your essay is all about materialistic aspect, industrialisation…it would be better to attract examiner’s attention by taping the theme in fisrt part than diversifying it…otherwise he may overlook rest of your essay like beating around the bush…:(Y)

    • black mamba

      Hey ! up vote solely because it is not focused on ‘friendship and love and ethics etc etc’ it has got really nauseating in this section to read about these again and again ! lol!

      But here’s the thing – your essay looks more like it is talking of the ‘cost aspect’ of things and not that ‘best things are free’ _ (which i think is the same thing i did in my essay- personal bias, i feel that nothing comes for free)

      Content is there, flow is there and connecting to memories is a really nice way to show that best things are indeed free. but i feel u need to bring out a little more clarity to the positive aspect. Use of examples is good, that’s what I’m picking up from your essay 😀

    • Batman

      Hi Sushmit,
      1)A refreshing and contemporary look, I liked it
      2)Balanced approach
      3)Couldn’t connect with first half of the “Talent” paragraph and same goes with the “role of government, I think “role of government” needs to be elaborated here to emphasize what you really want to express
      4)Conclusion was not too good neither too bad-Okay

      • Sushmit Adigon

        thanks bro

    • Ash

      A journey can be long or short would be determined by the co passenger rather than the distance or the ticket price. — Classic! 🙂

      I can’t think of anything critical so I’m sorry.. I got an understanding of your revise your GS point from your essay! Flow is good! Simple and nice… I didn’t have to go back again and again to understand!
      Keep writing! 🙂

    • Himaanshu

      1- Bro too many facts and less analysis.
      2- However you have touched many aspects and supported them with the apt examples yet you missed the core idea.
      3- Conclusion did not look like a conclusion. I felt more to read.
      4- Sorry for being so critical bro. I think in essay writing through heart will fetch you more marks. Thanks buddy 🙂

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Simply superb keep writing and mentoring…. 🙂

    • Mistborn

      Hello Sushmit! My two cents:

      ~A introduction more on philosophical than economic lines would have been more suited!
      ~You have covered a lot of dimensions. However, I would advise you to connect them to the topic. Without underlining how the content is relevant to the topic at hand, essay looks a bit out of sync.
      ~I would suggest you to create a framework at the beginning of the essay and then work forward. That gives the reader a feeling of interconnectedness!
      ~There are some grammatical mistakes too. And please don’t use the word ‘aint’!
      ~Try to use appropriate connectors to ensure seamless continuity in the essay.

      P.S. People have already said enough good things about your essay. I just wanted to point towards the flaws. Feel free to disagree!

      • Sushmit Adigon

        thanks a lot!! i agree!!

  • Rahul

    Friends short essay, kindly review.

    What could be the best thing in life – it depends on what are you, where you are and what you are seeking for? What is best thing is for one may not be the best thing for other, it depends on many factors. However happiness is universal among all. Nobody wants to live sorrowful life. Everybody wants a joyful life.

    In the early times of human development, when survival was the only quest and hunting and gathering was the way to survive; fresh air and water was available free. However the present generations of humans are paying cost for fresh air and water while survival quest has become obvious. Thus we are paying for something which was free for so many years.

    If somebody is living in a war turn country say in Syria, where bomb blast, gun fighting, murder etc. are very common, he would
    look for a place to live which is peaceful and that would be best possible thing to happen in life. Same thing cannot be true for a person living in Switzerland. Thus weather Best Things in Life are free or not depends on many factors.

    For most of the people material things are the best things in life, one has to certainly pay for that. Even after getting every material thing in life, people are still unhappy. Some people live the life with full involvement and enjoy it, some other person does the same thing but still unhappy. Thus the happiness cannot be achieved simply by paying.

    However there exists one more dimension of life that is inner well-being which is to realize one’s own nature of existence. This aspect of life is certainly free. Just think how much we have to pay to just feel and appreciate a beautiful flower in the garden?

    Once the survival is ensured, the best thing to happen for a person is entirely his choice. It is the person who develops desire, decides goals and objectives of his life, which intern decide whether that thing is free or not. A person can simply sit and live his entire life happily. Spirituality is one such way of life. The old Indian philosophy of yoga also says same thing that is the unity
    of body and mind, to live a life with full potential and human capacity. A human can do wanders if its body and mind works in union. This way of life does not cost anything; it is just to raise the human consciousness to a certain level, where he can feel the true happiness.

    The western way of life which gives highest regard to materialistic happiness certainly does not come free of cost. It is on us to decide what is the best thing in life for us? Choice is ours.

  • Sepoy No 1446

    Words: 1053

    Not very long ago there used to live an old man in a remote village of India. He was illiterate but had good experience of life. He was to die in next few hours. I happened to be his grand-son and very fond of him and so I was sad. I asked him if he had anything to say to me as an advice or as a parting message. This is what he said.

    “When you come to this world, you are pure. Pure as Ganga. There is no desire, no pain. You grow up and then engulfed by desires. Then you suffer. What makes your lives so miserable? I couldn’t understand till now that what I had been doing my entire life is chasing a mirage. What we all want in our lives? Happiness. Ain’t it? All this rush, all this drive, all this career, love, family, work, people, society, relations,. All these are nothing but a pursuit to happiness. But most never get. So it is not the materials that make you happy and that’s because we humans have insatiable desires. What makes you happy doesn’t need money, it is not costly, it is free. But people are blind. They don’t look within. That is a constant source of happiness. Contentment, my son, I will say is the key to happiness.”

    And then he died.

    Parting words have an important influence, especially if they come from one you so deeply loved. I have read Buddha, Mahavira and Gandhi. Their lives are examples that the best things in life don’t need a price. They are freely available. Contentment as my grand-father said can’t be bought with money, it is free.

    Peace, happiness, experience, familial bonds, contentment are all spiritual components to a great life. Any simple man can have it. You can be at peace without owning a castle. And similarly you can have a miserable life despite being the owner of the castle. The spiritual dimension of happiness belongs to acceptance and validation of self by others. To pursue this people go round and round only to realize in the end that what they were looking for was always there.

    This is the nature of Nature: to provide for all. Is Oxygen not free? Is the beauty of sunset and sunrise not free? How did you feel when you were a kid and it was raining on a June summer night. Do you still remember those days when you used to step outside and get drenched in the rain? Do you remember that feelings? Do you remember the mid-night rumbling of airs, the first smell of rain and the melody of those little raindrops falling on your windows? You remember these moments, don’t you. How much did they cost you? This is what I call the “treasure trove” which defies all the laws you read in Econ 101.Market forces can’t impact it, can’t distort it, and can’t corrupt it. This is because you are a shield to your feelings and you protect these feelings form the corruption of external world. This is also why you find happiness in simple things. Reading Yeats and Rabindranath Tagore gives much pleasure, a pleasure which can brings tears to eyes. These creations are available to everyone; you can get them in less than 2 dollars but will get happiness beyond description. In modern India Ramkrishana Paramhansa, a devotee of Goddess Kali and spiritual teacher of Swami Vivekananda was at that stage. No CEO of today can ever reach there.

    Coming to the common people this “availability of happiness” can go beyond normal conception of “only rich can have it”.For someone eating in Taj won’t give as much happiness as a simple roti made by his/her mother. This happiness is the foundation of human existence. In its absence, there would be chaos all over.

    Poor can be rich in heart because he just can. He has to come to that realization. What happens when a poor person fall ill and there are no access to English medicines. This must have been a frequent case in ancient India. This leads to natural availability of some critical components.

    In the medical world this “free and philanthropic nature” of Nature can be seen in India’s Aayurveda system. Our ancestors used to identify those herbs which were naturally available, free of cost. All the secrets, all the solutions are out there in nature. We have knowledge of few but many remains unexplored. The traditional societies use this traditional knowledge to treat themselves.

    In international relations one manifestation can be seen in PM Modi’s recent Pakistan visit. India and Pakistan have shared strained relations since independence. Many efforts have been taken to improve relations, both track 1, track 2 and track 3 diplomacy. But What Mr. Modi did by making a surprise friendly visit to Pakistan was exceptional. It was unannounced but later whole world appreciated. Wasn’t this option always there? This was the best thing that has happened so far for both the countries. This option was always there, but somehow amidst all the rhetoric and chest-thumping we have ignored it.

    Other manifestation of this “best things available free” can be seen in form of biodiversity, ocean as a carbon sink, trees as oxygen-provider, beauty of natural sceneries etc.

    All these illustrations have been made to rekindle humanity’s faith in life. It has normally been seen and recorded that people during course of life start blaming it for all their problems. Little do they realize that it is the life itself which holds solution to the problem. The nature and society will find a way to help you out. All the good things are out there, free of cost and accessible with little efforts and hence it is futile to get so depressed with smallest of problems. You can blame your life, blame your society, and blame your break-up, your failed marriage, your boring job, the massive corruption; the loss of humanity and then you also might feel suicidal. But remember, the sun will rise tomorrow; it will set again and then rise again the next morning. This it will keep doing till infinity. There are people who love you and even if there is no genuine love, you have you. Ain’t that more than enough to survive this world?

    • working

      i jz strtd writing essays …can yo plz guide me

    • Lord Tuktuk

      hello sepoy!!! briliant start!! liked ur grandfather wala example! really nice!!

      oxygen is for free se ur essay became very intersting!! 🙂

      Dont write No CEO of today can ever reach there!!!! do u know every CEO!! their happiness lies somewhere else!!! you have already justified your point fully, so dont include this!! looks vague and judgemental!!

      pak example explained brilliantly bhai!!
      Ending of essay wow!!
      in the end, as this is a very philosphical type of essay so sabka apna view hai!! you have justified very well!! liked it overall!!
      mera b dekh lena! 🙂

      • Sepoy No 1446

        Kar diya Bhai.dekh lo.

    • captain jack sparrow

      nice… please review mine

      • Sepoy No 1446


    • rajan

      Flow was excellent. Good content
      But, costs can mean more than just money.
      Kindly review mine, if possible

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      Find time plz! I will come back and review yours! 🙂

      • Sepoy No 1446

        Haha.. I was doing it before u typed.

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      bakait start….essay is good… mera bhi dekh lijiye

      • Sepoy No 1446

        bakait matlab kya hua? bad start?

        • SUN_LIGHT

          ohh sorry, it is iitk lingo… bakait means bahut hi badhiya

    • Praveenchand

      Introduction was really brilliant. 5th paragraph was intriguing.

      If you find time please review mine give some critical suggestions. I just started writing answers 🙂

    • sankar

      nice….. to read, very good flow and enriched essay.
      to the point, the most important thing is whatever point you have raised, have justified well with apt use of connectors
      very good.
      mera bhi dost rvw kar do plz dost.

    • Namrata

      another amazing one by you sepoy are usually good at highlighting philosophical aspects 🙂

      However more examples could be an add on for your essay .. Also ” I have read Buddha, Mahavira and Gandhi.” need to tell the examiner you have read these this line can be deleted i think 😛

      Always a treat to read your write-up ..keep writing and reviewing 🙂

    • Ash

      Hey Sepoy!

      1. Engaging story! 🙂

      2. The spiritual dimension of happiness belongs to acceptance and validation of self by others… Good point raised

      3. To pursue this people go round and round only to realize in the end that what they were looking for was always there. : was always there.. how??? elaborate and do it in the essay too

      But if your happiness is being influenced by others… Is that real happiness… I don’t think so.. some ppl may hate me… some may madly love.. Now y wud I care for everyone’s view.. If I’m misunderstanding your point.. Plz correct me! 🙂

      4. And if your trying to bring out .. the ability of staying happy was always with ppl they didn’t utilize it … u’ve not brot it out well in your essay! 🙂 FFTC

      5. Oxygen good point! But not thaat free… you cud down trees .. screw up water bodies.. kill algae and c how free it is! 😛

      On a serious note oxygen, sunset, sunrise are absolute takeaways so Thank you! 🙂

      6. You know this part of your essay sunset and you remember don’t u gives a reading novel wala feel 🙂

      7. Treasure trove .. eco 101 you brot it out really well! 🙂

      8. This is the nature of Nature : my fav para among all the essays I read until now! Upvote assured! 🙂

      9. in heart — at heart hota hai na! Correct me! 🙂

      10. Ayurveda ——Goooooooooood! Tribals very close to nature… cure diseases from the free resources available
      11. I like your structure… individual->environment->national->international..Sushmit was teaching this last time… you have given me a real time ex of Thank you! I gained clarity! 🙂

      12. I cudn’t connect with Modi ex.. wud love to know!
      13. This is a good conclusion … Wooow! 🙂
      14. But I would say add : y are we not having good relations… you’ve read my essay so you know already!

      This is the first time I’m saying this to anyone here and I may upvote essays but this won’ t be said often ..
      ‘Your essay is a good read… Kept me engaged!’ KWAR! Cheerz! 🙂

      P.S. I’m new with essays so bear with my suggestions and pardon me and as always FFTC!! 🙂

      • Sepoy No 1446

        Thanks for such a detailed review. Will try to answer few of ur doubts.

        3.”what they were looking for was always there”. Here I meant to say that happiness lies within. As my grand-pa realized that he was chasing a mirage all through his life, similarly people do numerous things in life,get a gf, get a bf, get a job, a career etc..important these they define u..but these things might end up deserting u,hurt u or enslave u..and then the search will begin this happiness is always there..within..this I was trying to say.

        4. If i can get it myself, won’t I become Buddha. 🙂 .so the secret to happiness definitely lies with you..but decoding that secret is hell of a task..

        5. Your points are valid..but since I was trying to be on track and appreciating the good things, I did selective filtering.. 🙂

        6.Yeah..its philosophical u can do that.aim should be to convey the message and make it easy for others..if someone actually pauses at those points and remember their old days..its a pleasure for the writer..Duaa lagati hai logo ki tab. 🙂

        7..Thanks,thanks..kal hi Econ 101 padha tha kahi..hahaha.

        8.Modi example, I have tried to explain in the essay itself..i meant to say such an opportunity was always there..good will, good faith,trust etc..Modi just used an unconventional approach..His troops might have thought that they are no measures..but see he come up with a new idea..and it didn’t involve forming a parliament house or developing a maritime port etc.

        Thanks again for all the appreciation and coming up with so many points. KWAR 🙂

        • Mohd Zucky

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    • yogi

      1. “Reading Yeats and Rabindranath Tagore gives much pleasure, a pleasure which can brings tears to eyes” Sepoy Bhai, i got pleasure reading ur essay, simplicity at par excellence!
      2. Beginning story was very emotional, reminded me of someone: u served the purpose of getting the attention of the reader there, great job!
      3. Recent examples –nice
      4 Examples of Sri Paramhansa was very impressive
      5.” There are people who love you and even if there is no genuine love, you have you. Ain’t that more than enough to survive this world?”–> though nicely written, but, practically digest nahi hua,,

      overall maza aa gaya, keep writing would love to read more essay of yours and learn from u
      a humble request:- plz…… reviewing mine whenever u get time..:)

      • Sepoy No 1446

        will do yogi.

    • Batman

      Hi Sepoy,
      1)The starting paras were really good, got connected with them
      2)The para on “international relation” can be presented in a better way to express the idea of “best/free”
      3)In penultimate para, I think you should avoid usage of “etc”, it seems you were not able to remember much and so just wrote it
      4)I think there was too much focus on “medicines” in the domestic sphere, you have diversified your views here
      Rest is good!
      Please review mine too 🙂

      • Sepoy No 1446

        will do.

    • Lubna Sehar

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    • OK

      Best one, nearly perfect. The best part was the contentment. Rest everything can easily be connected with this one word.

      If you life, then I want to add one small dimension. You explained Happiness and Contentment like no one did. Just to go further in the flow, it’s difficult to understand the happiness on its prima facie. It needs a lot of understanding and conditioning to appreciate the beauty of nature, relationship, and thus have satisfaction and completeness in life. Eg. A young boy will always choose Sympson Video Series over a book of Shakespere, a Hollywood movie over Art Gallery, a Hip Hop over Classical Music. Shakesphere, Art Gallery, and Classical Music are ocean of happiness but it needs a lot of nourishment to appreciate it. So, in the conclusion you could have add this dimension. Still, too good man. Learned a lot of things from your essay. That’s why writing early in the morning 😛

  • gughapriya

    oney is very important element to anyone want to pursue a minimum standard of living. Nevertheless, they are most important things such as happiness, love, friendship, humanity, sleep and as such which money cannot buy.

    I shall quote a real time example to substantiate the point here:

    There was a huge flood in Chennai, Tamil Nadu end of last year. Almost all the places were inundated. Most of the valuable items which cost huge penny were destroyed. Many irrespective of rich or poor were not any having a way to escape from their occupied places to save their lives. The life saving elements came in packages of friends, relatives and unknown faces came promptly
    from around Chennai and even other states. Those who were entrapped were protected safely by them. They also went a step ahead and provided them all basic amenities such as food, clothes and a safe place to stay. The best things which cannot be rated here are the human values- Humanity, Empathy, Compassion, Love and affection, Truthfulness of being a human from those who helped. These were shown without any money provided. And on the other side, the state of happiness upon being saved their lives and their relatives cannot be evaluated on any scale. Yes they would have lost their valuable items, yet they saved their lives to live.

    Human values and Human beings are the most significant elements in one’s life. One cannot live and sustain his/her happiness without anyone to talk, share his/her joy and sorrow. Even a multi-millionaire needs family and friends to share his/her achievements and rewards.

    Let us talk about another example. Think about nature, it has provided immense resources to us at free of cost. The atmosphere provides us the most crucial live bearing element oxygen. Can we live without oxygen? We utmost need it breathe, to absorb the nutrients that we eat, blood circulation etc. Research studies say a man can live without oxygen for only three minutes. Not
    only oxygen, the whole atmosphere shields us from the hottest sun and harmful radiations from other planetary sources. Can life be possible on earth without atmosphere? The answer is more evident to show that the most beautiful things are always free. Not just atmosphere, nature has provided uncountable beautiful things enjoy. After working for hours, going to terrace at night, watching
    infinite stars along with natural light moon gives us great feeling of joy and happiness and a stress free sleep too.

    The proverb, ‘The best things in life are always free’ also tell us a fact that it is very important for everyone value those things which are provided to us for free. It is a human psychological behavior to neglect these things and value only the items which were brought by money. In this contemporary society, we see many people who working all day and neglect their family members. It is very important to dedicate a quality time with family and friends to stay happy and make everyone around happy. In the same context, it is extremely crucial for us to protect the environment and preserve its sanctity and make it sustainable for the next
    generation to live with utmost happiness.

    We need to learn to enjoy and discover the values of all beautiful things come in small packages yet with great values. These do not cost any money starting from Human values – honesty, benevolence, humanity, compassion,empathy, patriotism, love, affection, truthfulness and many more ; Human beings- family, friends, and other fellow beings around us; Nature- atmosphere,rain, snow, flora and fauna, mountains, glaciers and the list goes on. We should take extreme care in not spoiling these invaluable things and conserve its values and teach the next generation about its significance and make them protect it with the same magnitude.

    • gughapriya

      Please review friends, sorry I am little today.
      Need ur inputs, I am not very confident in essay, one about content and second is i am not able to exceed 650 words mostly,badly need your suggestions friends. Thanks in advance:)

      • Saurabh

        I also wrote only about 800 words. There is no point in stretching something just to increase word length. Coming to essay, you missed some points. Some other you just mentioned like love, friendship, nature. You could have just elaborated them and fulfilled the wordlimit

        • gughapriya

          Thanks Saurabh for the review and points. yes i should add more points, thanks for pointing it out. All the best bro:)

    • OK

      if life is free, then same is true for the Death. And in my opinion Death is the best form of Equality. No matters who you are and what you are, you have to die one day to create a space for the upcoming generation.
      Pain, isn’t it the best thing, which is keep on correcting us what to do and what not to do. Isn’t it free. We don’t pay anything for it, right?
      Actually we can define the different meanings of words BEST and FREE. BEST, if you say for the welfare of people, then vaccination even after giving a lot of pain, is free (though through State’s intervention).
      Well, very open ended topic. People can write Thesis on these kind of topics.
      So, coming to your essay. I think you covered more aspects. Baki, I am a bad critique.

      • gughapriya

        Thanks friend for very valid points. you actually opened up the topic to think on more. thanks much. All the best to you 🙂

    • captain jack sparrow

      good one… nicely framed second half is more strong

      • gughapriya

        thanks bro for review and comment:) all the best:)

        • sankar

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          i am rvwing yours

    • Sonia mehra

      Dear Priya, nice attempt.
      1. Stating chennai example was apt, I am giving you an upvote for this point. Nobody mentioned this.
      2. oxygen example to show the importance of environment could have been avoided. In such topic we expect you to show the goodness of nature- running water, chirping water, soothing wind, tree shade and fruits, sunset all these things are free and are the cherished things in life. A philosophical approach would have made it for you.
      3. I like you mentioned that we don’t take care of free things, this was lovely message. You could have ended the essay with this message. Last paragraph could have best avoided.

      Keep writing.
      Thank you.

      • gughapriya

        Dear Sonia, thanks much for the detailed review and more suggestions. very much agree your 2,3 points. will improvise on this. thanks again friend. All the best 🙂

    • aashish 2000

      Dear Sister, Good attempt… I felt you have to work on your intro… Its makes the reader to bind with essay… The outline you have made can be modified… Hope to see next essay with amendments…. Keep writing and reviewing…

      • gughapriya

        Thanks Bro for the review and valid suggestions. agree with your points, i shall surely work on these. thanks again! All the best:)

    • I feel the intro can be improved by a fair margin.
      air waala example was something really brilliant. I really loved that part,the whole para in fact.

      Again the conclusion was good. I felt more could have been written. But whatever I read was a good read.
      ATB 🙂

      • gughapriya

        Thanks friend for the review and for valid suggestions. will surely improvise on these points. thanks again friend!

    • Sandeep Kumar Katarapu

      Awesome Essay Priya…
      You have covered both
      1. Relationship
      2. Nature.

      Including Nature is good. Your examples are relevant to your points, what you wanted to convey. But try to include negative idea ‘Materialism’ and give an example for it.

      Thank you.

      • sankar

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        i will rvw urs

      • gughapriya

        Thanks Friend for review and valid suggestions. will surely improvise on the points mentioned. Thanks again. All the best:)

    • sankar

      to the point, very good.
      -this type of essay requires explanation of given quote
      otherwise very diverisified, well justified and good flow
      plz rvw mine

      • gughapriya

        Thanks Friend for review and valid point. will surely improvise on the points mentioned. Thanks again. All the best:)

  • Anuj

    Happiness as primary pursuit. What constitute Happiness?

    Pursuit for happiness is final aim for each person. Happiness is derived from sense of
    satisfaction. For few it is satisfaction from creative involvement for few its material comfort and for others it is prestige and honor. Each person with its distinct and unique personality strives for unique aspirations. Its aspirations and personal values that drives our life gives us direction and fulfillment of purpose. Owing to unique abilities and capabilities each has different values perspective on things leading to variant choices. But despite this common need of each person is family values, love, sense of fulfillment and worthiness. Personal ambitions and luxuries are Posterior. Best things are those which alleviates our sense of happiness and not simply sense of temporary satisfaction.

    Primitive man vs social man perspective

    When Human evolved from apes their primitive concern was survival. The basic needs and aspiration of primitive man was survival for which nature had provided him with abundant resources. Hunting and pasturing were only motives and life of primitive man was at peace. But as settled life became more pronounce and natural resources depleted, human had to look for cultivation, animal rearing organizing tribes and social man emerged. From tribes developed villages and eventually to massive cities. With each stage of development human aspirations widened, now he wanted to become tribal chief or the councilor or minister in emperor court or emperor himself. Art architecture developed. Grandeur structures like massive domes, pillar, mosque flourished. These activities
    brooded competition and new sets of aspirations. Social men needed to developed talent, skill to fulfill his personal ambitions. This competition created change in distribution of resources thus was needed political competency.

    Social contract, political life and political aspirations

    Political life developed due to competition among different groups for the limited resources. As social life become more pronounce need for achievement and comfort of luxury became primary objective over basic human survival instinct. Social contract formulation led to formations of states and federal units. Despite having unification effect political activities also brought with it internal tussle and competition for power. Now power and prestige started defining source of happiness for human. Political
    competition among regional rulers or even Peshwas of Maratha Kingdom are grand examples of political aspiration in medieval period. With advent of politics also came notions of political rights of individual. While happiness for primitive men enjoyed liberty and his only duty was survival now human demanded its right in share of development. Depravity of certain sections like women and children demanded political representation often bringing in serious conflict. Greece democracy in one of best example where only those who paid revenues were allowed for participation. Women were also barred bringing sense of failure to them. Growth of states and flourishing human population brought new source of happiness and epidemics.

    Growing Urbanization and epidemics of modern life

    There a phase in human evolution that largely changed scenario. It was industrial revolution in western society during 18th century. Large number of workers migrated to cities with its limited infrastructure. With industrial revolution phase of urbanization began. Urbanization provided new opportunities to the people to develop creative talents, nurturing engineering talents. It flooded market with commodity surplus. Survival was no longer challenge except for few instances of plagues and famines. These allowed people to live in luxury and develop trade & commerce showcase their artistic mastery. But the happiness level didn’t improve much instead brought stress, diseases, crimes, slavery, bonded labor, living in cramped unhygienic quarters etc. Even the aristocrats or ruling class with considerable material wealth and comfort were not totally happy. Conflicts among sects, administrative responsibility, brought them substantial stress eroding peace of mind.

    Science and technology – advancing our happiness or greed?

    Science and technology has changed our lives and way we view the world. Form genetic engineering of human limbs, prosthetics to treating fatal diseases like TB, Polio, Malaria etc. The contribution is vast. As famously said “Science without religion is lame” as is religion without science Blind. It was science and technology that brought industrial revolution and created modern cities with
    its sky towers or sent human to space. It paved a way for fulfillment of our ambitions and aspirations. But with technology came easy production method which led to increasing greed among humans. It also made human robotic working ceaselessly in factories without regards for personal sense of achievement. Happiness was eroded in close chambers of laboratories & gloomy working environment. It depraved opportunity to let creative mind flourish instead became source of gluttony. It also came at severe environmental cost. Environment has been widely destroyed unbalancing natural biodiversity bringing climatic hazards
    having severe implication on health, poverty.

    With trade and commerce flourishing countries were brought closer. It often brought them in conflict with each other over possession of resources. The very sources of pleasure and happiness now become source of conflict & wars erupted. The two glaring examples of world war set clear downside effect of human greed.

    Modern world & social development

    If we look at modern world terrorism, poverty, unemployment, child abuse sexual violence, women trafficking and other stringent problems have taken of nations. Most of these problems are man made including poverty which resulted with inequitable
    distribution of vital resources. Erosion of morality and weak ethical standard has deprived human of their legitimate right to happiness. Increasing stress levels, higher suicide rates is result of low moral standards lack of direction among youth and depravity. While primitive men had less access to resource and constantly fight for survival it was immune from modern world hazards and enjoyed sleep in night.

    Conclusive remarks

    Pursuit of best things should be concurrent to pursuit for happiness. In our pursuit for happiness we often given precedence to pursuit for things. Satisfaction from achievement, sense of purpose and worthiness, family values, morality should be given equal priority if not more as economic growth. While modern world as made tremendous progress in efficient production of goods, it failed to produce high morality and responsible human with equal regards to fellow beings and environment. From this perspective all resources of our endeavor to happiness are available for free.

    As the saying goes “Its better to have Socrates dissatisfied than Pig satisfied ”

  • captain jack sparrow

    Many scientist believe that we are about to enter a new “Geological epoch” called “Anthropocene” and we have been destroying the planets natural environment to satisfy our greed. But what is it we aspire for ? These are materialistic things, and to buy them we need money. In the mad race of earning money we have forgotten that “Best Things In Life Are Free”, And these things are happened to be most valuable.

    We just need to exchange these free things with fellow “Living Beigs”. Its a kind of Barter Trade process where we exchange the most valuable things. What are these precious things? Actually, if we look closely we know the answer. It is “love”, “Friendship”, “compassion”, “Freedom”, “Peace”, “Brotherhood”. “Happiness” etc. And its a universally accepted fact that none of these can be bought.

    However in the “Blind Race Of Capitalism” we all became the profit earners and we started valuing the Materialistic Gains over the “Freebees” gifted to us by god. The Adam and Eve were cursed because of their greed and “The forbidden Fruit” brought the miseries that we suffer till date.

    Every side have an opposite side. A day follows a night ,a pole has an antipole, Love is other side of haterdness, Friendship is the diagonally oppsite of Enimity. Over the ages the condition of human beings have worsened with the dark side overpowering the enlightened side. From the centuries different countries are asserting racial hegemony over other. The trade lead to the process of colonization and irrepairable damage to the sentiments of the human beings. The process of ruling which started with human taming the animals converted to humans taming humans. And to tame humans a new race started , “The race of weapons”. Sophasticated weapons to kill more humans with more precision. Nuclear missiles, Hydrogen Bombs and what not.

    In the growing era of globalization although the gaps between different civilizations were reduced but for the materialistic trade and slowly we forgot that we left the human values far behind. the values we realize at the later stage of our life when there is “No Turning Back”.

    The religion now have become the main Player. Every religion is trying to prove their superiority over other and the focus has been shifted from core values to the outerperphery of the religion. Every religion teaches the same thing. Love ,Compassion, Justice, Truth, Brotherhood, Friendship, Tolerance etc. as the core values. But we are focusing on the designs of shrines, dress code to be followed to enter the temple, the height of the tower in mosques and the colour of the stones to be used in Gurudwaras etc.The growing intolerance, shia’s killing sunnis, Boko Haram, Taliban, Assaults on racial grounds in most developed countries are alarming and sings the plight of human beings.

    The window out of all this chaos leads straight to the “Infinite Bliss”, “Infinite Happiness”, and “Peace”. The Phillosophers of different times interpreted vedas, Bible, Kuran, Gurugranth sahib, Budhism etc rightly and its surprizing that what we seek in life is free. As interpreted by Shankaracharya in Vedanta “Bramha satyam jagat mithya, jivo bramhaive naprah”, that realization of “self” is the only reality, and once we realize our “self” self we find infinite happiness. Similarly, in Jaina ,Right Faith, RIght Knowledge, Right Conduct leads to the Happiness, and religious tolerance is an end to all worldly disputes universal brotherhood, love, peace, freedom of conscience. The western thinkers and phillosophers Kant, Hume,descartes, Spinoza,Leibnitz etc. are no different. All defines the way to attain this Happiness, Love , Brotherhood, Justice. Hence “It all comes for free”.

    With money we can buy luxury cars, Luxury house, clothes etc. which all are materialistic things. But can we buy love, relations,happiness,justice,piece ?
    No, not at all. We can earn a lot of money by corrupt means but we could not spend it, we could not sleep by the fear of getting caught. So there is no point collecting money if we struggle for peace. We can’t buy relations. We can’t buy the people who care for us and for whom we feel to care. We cant share our feelings, plights,happiness, sorrows etc. We can buy a movie ticket but not a partner to enjoy it with us. We can buy a “House” but not a family to make it “Home”. we can buy the cars not the companions.

    This is the time when we need to prioritise the things we aspire. should it be materialistic or immaterialistic? we need to remember that Love, Faith, Kindness, Happiness, Friendships are Eternal, Universal, and unchangeable. All materialistic things destroy as described by shankara and ramanuja as “Maya” but the values, memories live forever.

    The gap of rich and poor can be abridged not by distribution of money, but by sharing,mutual respect, Compassion, Love. Because the rich is not the one with a bank account with millions of dollars rather rich is the one with one small heart carrying Human values, Infinite Bliss, Love for Humanity, Peace of mind and Satisfaction.

    The happiness is what we get by breathing fresh air away from the anthropogenic polluted environment, the happiness is love of nature, preserving the nature. All this we can not buy but we can earn with little effort bypassing our greed & selfishness

    We should seek these Free things available in the nature. We should appreciate the happiness which we get when we are praised for our works, we should cherish the memories and we must value the relations, family etc. We should pioneer the way to happiness hand in hand with other human beings. we must not fall in the clutches of orthodoxy and religious fundamentalism. And we will start realizing that the world of happiness is right before us.

    When we get what we want we might get a little happiness which will perish. But when we seek what we ought to seek and perform what we ought to perform we get the happiness,love, friendship which is never destroyed.

    • Prerna saxena

      good but intro part could be more impressive if you would have emphasised on what quote says instead of what you have mentioned…

      • captain jack sparrow

        yeah i’ll edit in my notes.. thanx 🙂 KWAR

    • Sushmit Adigon

      really nice essay, there was gud flow,if i were to pick some fault ,u wrote the essay mainly from philosophical points of view, u could have included more of national and international perspective .
      Capitalism related stuff was really nice!
      if possible review mine aswell!

      • captain jack sparrow

        sure dude

    • Sepoy No 1446

      Good essay. Liked it.

    • Sonia mehra

      Dear Captain, good attempt,
      1. The flow from beginning to end, shows your clarity of thoughts.
      2. I find there was too much emphasis on philosophers and there thoughts. Although this was not out of context. But adding more about nature, friends, parents etc. could have provided diversity of thoughts.

      Nice to read such essays, keep writing.
      Thank you.

    • I must say the flow was something really brilliant. It was a joy ride from the start till the end. However, I’ll point out certain things :

      “”The race of weapons” : Does that give u happiness? Does that give u free happiness?

      When u started with “globalization” I thought u would connect it to “materialistic happiness” everyone craves for. But it never started.

      “human values” and it’s evolution dominated in the first half of ur essay. I couldn’t connect to the topic (maybe because of my narrow perspective or my infallibility to understand what u are trying to say)

      I think I could connect more from the 7th part of the essay. Sorry. yu may ignore this

      • captain jack sparrow

        no, i see those mistakes, and appreciate the suggetions.. will edit… thanks

        • Thanx man you didn’t curse me ( I hope u didn’t :D)

          • captain jack sparrow

            no man… i want people to criticize me… coz thats how we learn…. i want you to criticize me everyday, and appreciation, suggetions, welcomed… “WHY DO WE FALL SIR”?

      • captain jack sparrow

        did some changes as per suggetions … thanx for valuable suggetions

    • Lord Tuktuk

      religion was angle is really cool!!
      you used philosophy very well!!! really liked ur essay!!
      and awesome intro!! keep writing 🙂

      • captain jack sparrow

        i think i did a mistake here, too much emphasis on philosophy, i could have added different dimensions

    • niti

      i liked ur 4th para and the flow..and 2nd half, though in the first half i dint find a connect there..i might be having a different perspective.
      do not stretch more as in 4th para..i really liked the way u said but when a sentence lengthens more than readers capacity it would not make it essays we all face this when we desire to say a lot..

      i liked where u mentioned materialistic lives in ur machine driven point..
      rest nicely written

    • gughapriya

      hello friend, very nice essay.excellent flow, properly connected. keep writing. all the best:)

    • Ash

      Yo Captain!

      1. ‘And these things are happened to be most valuable’ — things happen to be most valuable

      2. See you’re calling it free and at the same time you’re calling it a barter too.. if it is a barter then takes toil hence its not free.. you’re putting in your efforts right.. you are monetizing it and looking!
      3. You could discuss the Adam and the Eve story
      4. I didn’t know this story … It may sound embarrassing.. but Honesty is my virtue! 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

      5. We can buy a “House” but not a family to make it “Home”. — CLASSIC!

      6. ‘Every side have an opposite side’ — are you sure.. u might wanna rethink the statement! 😛 ‘Every coin’ — can be a typo

      7. ‘hatredness’ is not a word .. its ‘hatred’

      8. ‘humans taming humans’— I like your point … but I don’t know how you got here.. May be your flow is breaking or I have not connected.. Would love to learn (WLTL) 🙂

      9. religion now have : has become

      10. don’t say religion is trying to be superior .. religions are not wrong! the interpreters are..

      11. we run blindly for what is to be bought but we dont even care for what we can have for free. — good point.. add more.. we don’t respect a thing until we pay for it.. and that’s y we are made to literally ‘PAY FOR IT’ (a takeaway for me.. so Tq 🙂 )

      12. Your main idea remains money and materialism .. diversify .. include more angles… hard work … commitment … these are also ways to pay ..I see it being included in the conclusion.. just stress a lil more on that!

      13. Conclusion cud be better I GUESS.. 🙂

      P.S. I’m new with essays so bear with my suggestions and pardon me for the incorrect ones and as always FFTC!! 🙂

      • captain jack sparrow

        i loved your suggestions… and thank you so much… i did garamatical mistakes.. i’ll take care next time.. and very feel lyk upvoting you thrice for review… great review..thank you so much keep reviewing

    • yogi

      Excellent !!
      enjoyed it from beginning till end
      ” We can buy a movie ticket but not a partner to enjoy it with us”–> best line

      “Every religion teaches the same thing. Love ,Compassion,
      Justice, Truth, Brotherhood, Friendship, Tolerance etc. as the core values. But
      we are focusing on the designs of shrines, dress code to be followed to enter
      the temple,”-> again very nice thinking

      u have covered almost everything that can be covered in under this topic. really liked reading it

      just one suggestion:
      Avoid it: shia’s killing sunnis (what if the evaluator is a one belonging to either of two)

      one of the best essay i have read till now
      keep it up bro,
      plz review mine as well, when u get time..:)

      • captain jack sparrow

        could’t find your essay… please send me link… and thank u for value addition

        • yogi

          click on my name bro u will find it in my comments,

    • loved it man! This updated version was too good! Keep it up (Y)

  • kamlaksh jha


    The Question came to my mind when I saw this topic : WHAT are the best things in Life? then came WHAT are the best things which are FREE ? then came FREE is nothing in this era. Behind every FREE there is a website which says Only 49$ and unlimited for you.

    Bogus now Is Digitalization is free ? Never


    The FREE Wi-Fi to ALL INDIA is really a Free Wi-Fi

    The approach of Is it really FREE? or Behind FREE:

    a. there is motive of MONOPOLY of Internet or

    b.Advertising agency or

    c. One time Payment or

    d, One Network demand or

    e. all of the above

    Currently this era is of Development and Demand of Science or can say this is an Era of Technology or Era of digitalization, Every Child or YOUTH INDIA are greedy about FREE INTERNET OR Things related to Digital Devices like mobile phones, Tablets , Camera etc The Best thing is the Devices for YOUTH which seems to be FREE or LOW in Cost but Actually the are not..

    Prices of Electronic Devices are going Down : Result – BiG smile on the face of YOUTH
    Really the Prices Decreases will make you Happy : YES but TEMPORARY
    MUMBAI is one of the Biggest Electronic Dustbin where E-Devices are Dump
    In INDIA we have only few RECYCLE E-Waste Factories which are far behind to cover whole INDIA E-waste to Recycle. In the Recycling process also 100% Recycle of E-waste is not possible and though if 100% possible then also because of Radiation from these Electronic Products- AIR, WATER Etc gets contaminated and even there are many Eyes, Lungs, Skin, Etc Disease and CANCER prone Electronics.

    Then I thought about the old times during 90s when My height was short and every morning till night I feel happy and healthy, Reason there was no tension of anything NO WHATSAPP , me and my family every weekend visit to my grandmother place or me or my family Friend’s place or somewhere near garden That was the happiness which was Free and remains FREE forever .If we take things in right direction apart from the Whatsapp Hi If we visit to Friends place and say Hi that will be FREE and It is the best things in life which are FREE and You can Earn it without sacrificing anything like money/tension/payment date etc….

    The BEST Things oF life is STRESS FREE environment which we can Earn only when we STOP seek for Comfort and stay away from FAMILY (say Hi from Skype) rather meet Family and Friends and say Hi..
    Stress Free mind can make your life Happy and Healthy so Don’t make devices your friend because it can give you many things like the most common is Depression.
    Find out and Realize the actual Best things in Life which are Free and now its Your Choice to live FREE or die FREE

  • sacrosanct

    We say things as best in a comparative sense as we can’t live without these. In that
    sense the basic needs for survival as per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs should be
    free and let’s analyse.

    The basic physiological needs like air to breathe, water to drink and for other
    domestic purposes, sleep are free. Food is being supplied by PDS shops and the
    Government canteens (in Tamil Nadu) at very affordable costs.

    The next level includes the security of ourselves, guarantee of employment, health
    and education. It is very saddening that the needs in this level are not much
    guaranteed. In the case of health, although the government hospitals provide
    treatment and drugs/vaccines for deadly diseases free of cost, the quality is
    not at par with those given by private institutions at exorbitant prices which
    only the well to dos can afford. Steps are being taken by given to ensure basic
    elementary education up to the age of 14 by making it as a fundamental right
    under article 21A. We can only improve our Human Development Index by making at
    least the school level education feasible to all. The recently heard news of
    improvement in attendance in a college where the foods was provided for free is
    a decent example to prove this. One more problem is the lack of security for
    children especially girls against trafficking and abuse are rampant. Hence the
    tri-link among free security, health and education will heed to the India
    becoming skilled and thus the employment will be possible.

    The third level is where parents, family, friendship and love comes. These are
    definitely free and are the best as they give the much needed mental stability.
    The love shown by the people around a child help in moulding them to become
    better citizens. Juveniles who do heinous crimes are those who have been
    subjected to lack of care and guidance. This level is the base for the upcoming
    ones as a person’s character is built upon this level.

    The fourth level which emphasizes on self-esteem can be found for free only when
    the above levels are satisfied. Confidence, the will to achieve, respect for
    and by others, self-respect by others are for surely for free when the lower
    levels are available for free.

    The final one is where one develops morality, creativity, spontaneity, skills of
    problem solving are to be developed by oneself and are absolutely for free.
    These can help a person to achieve self-actualization which the highest step of
    the needs hierarchy.

    Being in a democratic country itself is a blessing as the right to equality, freedom
    of speech and expression, right to practice, profess and propagate any religion,
    right to vote and choose our representatives are for free.

    Therefore let’s not allow our wants conquer our needs which are for free and a contended life
    with the essential free needs are indeed a need for a better life.

    • captain jack sparrow

      good,but a little more emphasis on social issues, international relations.. but well framed, nice flow
      review mine

    • dumbledore

      the points about pds, water, education , vaccines. u know the govt or someone else it trying to make them free for poor people. they are not actually free these are all man made constructs. water may be free in villages but not in cities. i think we need to talk about things like love and care and all that. correct me if i am wrong. kindly review mine.

  • Life best things are free

  • mth_im

    Life is like an book. There are something common to all the books in the world.Books come with preface, page numbers, description about the author,epilogues(sometimes), Bibliography, and description about the write ups.Mostly these things come for free and seeing these things one buys the book.The irony is the cost of the book is determined by name of author(his fame and name),handling charges, along with logistics.Life is what we as persons think, see, taste, experience, and achieve. Starting from the birth child gets the name of the parents,their genes,their certain characteristics, color,and caste.They are imposed,subjected totally free of cost.
    Child starts learning from its environment, surroundings, parents, cultural milieu and gain insights about himself and his/her parents in much cost effective,efficient, and in resourceful way. Life teaches us through failures and success and our experiences makes us learn the lessons.The cost charged by life is only in terms of time consumed.The social,moral ,ethical values learned and taught to the child doesn’t come with a price tag.The intangible values and lessons come very handy in long term and help the child to survive, and attain the heights.

    We all access,exploit,use the resources produced by the mother nature.Mother(Earth) doesn’t charge anything from it’s children.It’s just the cost of exploitation,greed, technology ,manpower that is costly. Gandhi once said nature has lot to suffice our needs,but not enough to fulfill our greed.

    Even though we get these things freely.We should use it cautiously,efficiently,sustainably, effectively so that our future generation also enjoy the free things in life.

    • captain jack sparrow

      if its an essay, then you are short of some words… haha dont mind, review mine dude

      • mth_im

        thanks yeah short of word limit… will keep it mind…

  • sankar

    PLZ RVW FRNDS “The best things in life are free.”

    The above quotes in deep sense interprets that instead of searching happiness by the means of monetary pleasures, we should understand the fact that God has gifted us the best things to all of us without any cost, is free blessings which all of us are endowed with. In the other word, this quote also substantiates the famous proverb viz;

    To explain this proverb, we can see in the below paragraph. In this materialistic world, every person is spending a very stressful life comparing himself from his neighbor or relative. In any field of luxuries life, if he feels comparatively low level, he tries to earn more and more to outbid his opponent. Thus in this greed, he spends his entire life in search of more happiness. What more repenting is that in this race, he even fails to enjoy the available amenities or facilities? On the other hand, he fully depends on materialistic life to buy everything through which he gets pleasure and happiness of mind and soul. He forgets the most important things that money has limitation. Money cannot buy many things which God has endowed us to enjoy happiness, peaceful and prosperous life.

    Among the non-monetary happiness, the mostimportant things gifted by God to all of us without any cost is our family which is comprising of grandfather- grandmother, father-mother, brother-sister, aunts, children and other relatives. However rich an individual might grow, he can’t buy these relations. The importance of family or relative whom we love is considered when we need emotional assistance, love and care. See, a baby is born in the very rich family. At the time of birth, he/she does not know how much rich his family is, instead what he/she needs is better care, love and passion. Similarly a lame hunger man is laying down alongside a street and demanding food from every commuter at that point of time, the hunger does not require money to happiness, it is a piece of bread which brings happiness and pleasure to him.

    In fact, this quote instills and promotes ethical and moral values in the individual and profession life. For instance, an individual living on the peak of Himalayas in the month of January, unfortunately, his luggage full of winter clothing fells to down
    hillside, at this time he requires a cloth to warm himself. Not that a fellow
    mountaineer comes and give him money to go buy. In professional life, people
    often find that many irregularities are surfaced. For instance; a public
    servant comes to office late than the prescribed time. What one finds the
    causes of late is that he or she is doing another duty to earn more money. Even
    our primary school, it found that teachers come to teach but they are doing
    their work inside school. Sometimes they are out of their duty to do something
    extra to earn money to spend luxurious life.

    So, it can be said that all these greedy attitudes come when an individual fails to appreciate a small thing which he possesses and which has potential to bring happiness in his life. Instead of it, he carries for bigger things in order to bring happiness in his life. For instance a person having large tract of land and a very lofty mason but he is alone to live there, there is most probability that he does not
    get as much happiness as an individual who has only a small tract of land and a
    two-room flats but he is living with his entire family. In the similar way, an
    individual having a BMW car and lots of money but he is not living with their
    family or relative whom he loves, that luxurious car does not bring happiness.
    For this it is essential to understand that that person must live with such
    person whom he loves.

    In the other word, the quote also refers to be free in life. Because a person earning a lot of money but does not have quality time to spend with his family. This brings
    stress, frustration and separation in a family and relation which in turn make
    life more boring. Thus it promotes to be happy with the available resources. This
    quote teaches us a lession of averting materialistic life which devoid us from
    the eternal happiness. However it does not mean that we leave earning or
    getting progress in our lives, but it learns a lession that while we are busy
    with our work we must have some spare time to enjoy with our love ones. We must
    stay some quality time with our family and relatives to get energized and
    motivated ourselves.

    The family word has a
    widespread connotation and gives us a long lasting peace and happiness. Here we
    will try to understand family articulated by a Tamil poet who said;

    “I am a world citizen, every citizen is my own kith and kin”

    To substantiate this quote, Dr late A P J Abdul Kalam

    “Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character. When there is beauty in the character, there is harmony inthe home. When there is harmony in the home, there is an order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world”

    Through the above quotes we can easily understand the
    broadness of family. Once we consider that entire nation is one family. It
    brings happiness and prosperous in the nation. And there is peace in every
    nation it is automatically peace in the world. Thus, the word ‘family’ will
    bring a lasting peace and happiness by changing the mindsets of people who
    indulge in the most inhumane and notorious acts like theft, looting, objection
    of the freedom of women, terrorist activities. This evil is not confined into
    individual life but it also becomes a way of life by which a national policy is
    being formed. For instance, on the one hand a rich family is substantiating her
    stand of intervention in any sovereign country by giving articulation that the
    intervention is for restoring peace in the nation. But its intention is to
    acquire material substances such as attack on Iraq in lieu of acquiring fuels
    etc. The terrorist groups are following the doctrine of humiliating those
    persons or countries that create obstruction or do not follow their doctrine or
    principle. But when they will come to sense that they are living as world
    family they may leave this cruel and notorious work.

    In the end, this quote promotes a sense of living a
    satisfactory life with the things and blessings we have got from God without
    any cost. This blessings is living with family, relatives, universal brother
    hood, world peace, respect to humanity.

    • captain jack sparrow

      good flow dude
      please review mine

    • dumbledore

      nice one . i think u understood the main points. kindly review mine too. but i think u exceeded the word limit by a huge margin..

    • gughapriya

      Hi friend, sorry for late reply. it is a very good essay. connection from family to nation is excellent, liked your quotes in between. Overall a good one, just add it from different perspective. All the best 🙂

      • sankar

        thanks a lot

    • yogi

      Bhai plz bear with me i m going to be very critical 😛
      Intro: -not attractive enough to catch the attention of the reader,
      Body: u have stressed only on family,
      i could not link with the quote – “NO VICE LIKE AVRICE”–> plz elaborate

      good that u tried to bring 3 quotes in your essay , but they appear forced(just my opinion)
      I had already advised u 2 times to shorten your paras, once again suggest the same 😛
      Conclusion :- not very different from what u have already said in your body, u can try to relate the intro and conclusion
      For being multidimensional there are some good essays u can got through, (u know whom i m referring to :P)
      One last advice:- try to put your views(whatever you feel) on other’s essays too, merely writing “good one”etc, would help much , i know it takes time, but its safer to invest now, we will be only learning from this..:)
      Plz pardon me if i sounded harsh, u know my intentions are not bad

      • sankar

        thank you so much
        i wud consider your suggestions
        above all every critical rvw is accepted with due respect, welcome

  • abc

    Everyone has their own notion of what constitutes as a “best thing” for them. For wealthy people it might be having a new car, a bungalow or a private jet whereas for not so well of or poor people, the best thing for them constitutes adequate food, clean water and a roof over their head

    But without a doubt, for rich and poor alike, even they they do not realize that, the best things are the resources like air, sunlight etc. The other things which can also be included under this category of best things are the abstract feelings and emotions such as love, care, happiness, joy etc.

    These are things which can be said to be absolutely free or virtually priceless. No one can assign a number or put up a monetary value on them, but the usage of the word “FREE” itself is subjective and changes from person to person.
    For a guy living in an a rural area / village / hill station, fresh and clean air is free for him as compared to a person living in urban area / town / city having a lot of pollution and, to access this clean air, he has to to go out on a weekend trip to these areas which might cost him something. On the other hand, access to basic food such as Dal and Roti might be ‘virtually free’ for a rich but it costs a fortune and to some poor.

    Then there’s another aspect to consider, whether the best things even if they are free can be overused or exploited endlessly and would it remain free forever. If we talk about emotions, it can be done without affecting its future cost but when we talk about about resources such as air, water, sunlight, they were absolutely free during historic times but now they have a cost attached to them which might even increase in the future just like in the recent case of China, where a can of air was being marketed and sold on the premise that it contained fresh air from Canadian mountains. Even though, it’s quite crude and rudimentary example, but yet it asks a lot of questions!

    The other thing that needs to be looked into consideration is about their shareability, that is whether they are even shareable or not given the fact that they are free. Emotions and feelings like happiness, love etc., even though are free and infinite in nature, yet we can attach the concept of shareability to them. And the most interesting things about them is that, the more they are shared with one another, the more the are available which eventually leads to better society overall

    • captain jack sparrow

      hey nice.. please review mine if u have some time

    • dumbledore

      u know in ur first para u r talking about the best things for a poor are food clean water and roof. well i think they are not free. so first para becomes odd i guess there u should talk abt feelings i guess. . i cld be wrong so correct me

    • dumbledore

      kindly review mine too

  • dumbledore

    if a person is locked in a room with all the things that he has bought till now and with a million rupees will he be happy? or will he be happier when he is with his friends and family , laughing , sharing and enjoying ?

    does true happiness lie in buying a thing for oneself or would buying a poor person a sweater bring you more happiness?
    more often that not , it is the feeling associated with something that makes us happy rather than the thing itself. more often than not the best things in life like friendship and true love and care and relationships , respect , appreciation , joy , are all free.

    “love and let love”
    we all have heard about the nirbhaya case . it shook the nation to its core, nirbhaya’s parents kept fighting for justice and in the end recieved justice but the feeling of losing their daughter can never be replaced. is that feeling something that can be bought with money? can giving a mother millions of rupees to a mother make her love her child more or less? in nirbhaya’s case , the feeling of loving and losing their daughter is intangible . something that cannot be valued in terms of money or anything else. love is free for sure and it is something that makes ur life worth living .

    “we are relationships.”
    it is rightly said that man is a social animal. it is an age old adage and it is experienced by each and every one of us. we can run blindly all day long to build our career and work as long as we can but at the end of the day if we dont have friends and family, we will surely feel incomplete. each and every one of us. what is this feeling that makes us feel incomplete? i think its friendship and the unconditional love that our family provides that we truly crave for. again its free and no amount of money can buy true friendship or the love of one’s family.

    ” dreams are free but the hustle is not”
    we all dream of doing something in life. those dreams are what give us hope and a purpose in life to get up everyday and work hard. do they cost u any money? the recent example of an ias officer quitting his job to provide free education is an example. can anyone or anything replace the feeling of doing what one truly loves or makes one happy?
    would einstein have invented the “theory of relativity ” if he had been forced to study biology instead of physics, which was something he loved? its what we love doing , our dreams and aspirations that make us who we are and they are free too.

    no matter how dark the night, light will always follow darkness. hope helps us wade through life with courage because lets face it , life is never under our control. we can never control what happens to us . but the hope that everything will be allright gives us the courage to face even the hardest times with our chin up. without it every thing else will be useless. hope is what gives an upsc aspirant the courage to prepare for years and give many attempts to reach his/her goal. hope is something that cannot be defined and again its free.

    ” the ultimate pupose of life is being happy”
    so in all it can be rightly said that the best things in life like love, friendship ,hope , courage , honesty, integrity, wisdom , common sense are all free. if u have these and if u dont have enough money , u can be happy, a poor person having a loving and caring family can still smile through his heart. but a millionaire having no real friends or family can surely not. after all we all want to be loved.

    • dumbledore

      kindly review. its my first ever essay here. criticise as much as possible

      • captain jack sparrow

        good, the quotes are energizing… review mine

    • rajan

      Very philosophical and a good read
      But, I felt you could have exapnded the essay both by word limit, and perhaps through an introduction.
      Waise, costs don’t just mean money. isn’t it ?

      • dumbledore

        yeah i think i missed an intorduction too. should have starte with a nice story i guess.. will keep that in mind the next time

    • abc

      I don’t know but it seems that you are using same idea of comparing emotions and feeling with money, throughout the essay. I need more fodder points

      • dumbledore

        okay , i will keep that in mind.. yeah i think i should have added more dimensions to it.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      my views on ur essay:
      1.liked ur headings.
      2.started with happiness and ended with happiness…could give a better start.
      3.Use of examples seeing the context were nice.
      4.See the other side of essay too…money does help us upto some extent…
      first essay but nice attempt…thank you 🙂

      • dumbledore

        yes i think i missed the critically analyse part. money has positive side too..thanks

    • conclusion nai likha professor?
      liked the flow.

      introduction was unconventional. liked it. can be improved. baaki sab badhiya. upvote for yu 🙂

      • dumbledore

        thanks serious. yeah i think i missed a few things , conclusion is one of them. i will improve. thanks a lot for review

    • Sonia mehra

      Dear dumbledore,
      1. Nice part of the essay was it sticked to the topic throughout from head to toe.
      2. The essay largely revolved around human emotions. You could have widened your horizon by touching diverse areas. This would have made it more attractive.
      3. The conclusion is apt, but there is scope to make it more attractive. You may use some famous quotes or some inspiring lines.

      Keep writing,
      Thank you.

      • dumbledore

        yes i realised that the essay lacks in terms of diversity. will improve next time. thanks

    • ArOmA InNoMiNaTa

      Hi dumbledore…time to review . And here’s what i feel about ur essay:-
      -You started appealingly, conclusion could have been too along the same lines
      -Here and there, u wrote a quote and then went for its description.I guess that broke the continuity of flow.( I may be wrong here too, so feel free to differ)
      – I guess you focussed so much on feelings, love and all, that u missed other thingsl that are free but precious.Like minerals, fossil fuels, water, air, trees etc
      -lastly i would say this ist attempt of urs is appreciable.For i know that my essay is horrible besides the fact that it’s not the ist one
      Keep writing. All the best

      • dumbledore

        thanks for the review. i will improve. ;ets wait for next week:)

  • Achilles

    “The Best Things in Life are Free.”

    Imagine a world. Your parents charge you for every care and support they provide. Your best friends asks you 100 bucks for his wise advice. Trees and animals refuse to lend you timber and fur for free. You need to pay for every air you breath and every drop you drink. Facebook and twitter making you charge for every service they provide.We are in fortunate to live in an alternate world where the best things in are free.

    I remember my collections of toys and WWE tattoos in that I collected in my childhood by choosing bournvita over complan and boomer over big-babool only because they come with these freebies. Looking at these possession fills me with nostalgia of the childhood past when we cherished all these freebies which had no value of their own.

    A small gift by a dear friend finds a careful place in my closet as something more precious than other material possession of mine. There are times when one is at his lowest-sad, frustratated,hopeless. All you need is a concerned advice, relentless support, motivation
    and inspiration in this materialistic world. Memories of the past and motivation for future keeps us going.

    Well we may argue that these are petty and abstract things.You need to money buy to car, bungalows ,gadgets. This materialistic world is equating money with happiness.But who said that only rich are happier. Depression and mental anxiety are taking its toll on many of the rich and highly paid one because they fail to take note of the ‘best things in life that are free’ ie affection, compassion and love. The obesity in children is growing because they want to stick to their expessive PlayStation rather than enjoying the sunshine with friends.

    Is it that we like free stuff because it doesn’t cost us anything or is it because of its inherent goodness or qualities? In fact it is
    the human tendency to like things that are free. Free-bies offered pre-elections campaign are an important factor that sways election results. Free wi-fi and TV, laptop and bicycle always find a mention in election manifesto these days. For
    a deprived individual these may seem to be best thing that government can offer however it doesn’t pull them out of their miserable condition. Moreover the dent that it puts on government coffers and skews the economic planning is a different story altogether.

    Aesthetic and beauty are two such abstracts which soothes our minds, tickers ours imagination and foster creativeness. It only requires an eye for appreciation of the small things in our life. An artist, a photographer, a designer can very well appreciate these free things that motivates, inspire and even earn them their lives. Watching ‘Planet Earth’ documentary on Discovery TV spreads be wilderness in our mind and awes our imagination about the beauty of nature. Window shopping in a mall with our friends knowing very well that you are not going to buy anything but just enjoy the light moments because they are free and enjoyable.

    Nepal-India relation is a case point here. Post Nepal earthquake,when India made commendable effort in help and rescue operation it gained appreciation and accolades from all quarters. However when India refused to ease the blockage on oil and gas supply due Madhesi agitation for the sake of its national interest, it is viewed as villain by the Nepali locals. When strings are attached to a philanthropic act it no longer remains ‘free’ and no longer the best option. The opposition to ‘Free Basic’ by facebook on account
    of argument that it violates net neutrality due to its suspicion on it ‘gatekeeping’ the free internet.

    However facebook, twitter,whatsapp and google are some of the best web tools developed and available free of cost. We have trusted them over the years and imagining our web world without a these seems impossible. It gives us an audience to publish, brings our
    family and friends together and connect them together. When we question the intention of these companies and invasion of privacy,we are actually questioning the trust and faith we have place in these best in their bussiness by posting our private info on their account. This can be argument to favour the ‘Free Basics’ and similar social entrepreneur projects that best companies are trying to offer free of cost.

    Trust, faith and credibility emanates from the long term investment in no-profit activities. Tata and Wipro are one of the best in business but their prominence has been complemented by the free stuff that they are offering. Sulabh International is one such organisation has achieved success in the field of cost-effective sanitation, liberation of scavengers, social transformation of society, prevention of environmental pollution and development of non-conventional sources of energy even though being a non-profit organisation.

    What free stuffs means to a well off individual is quite different from what it means to a deprived and poor one. For poor, it is an
    opportunity to avail and add a smile to his life. A free bicycle to a girls in a remote village in Bihar will be the best thing that had happened to her. She can go to far flung school, overcome social entanglements and make the best of her life. The money hungry people however rush after material satisfaction by sacrificing their relationship, love, friends and compassion, only to realise later that in quest to live the
    best they have lost the best things in life.

    My religion, my culture and my nationality are the other best thing that I have inherited as I was born. The mere identity that followed
    and fills every Indian with pride when we call our country an epitome of ‘Unity in Diversity’. A religious charity and volunteering service for old age homes, rich Sikhs offering service in langar are best that our religion can offer. But it is a sad to see when what was meant to be free and open to all gets attached with money and corruption.

    The obvious path to happy life is to live it. Past is foregone and future is uncertain. Free is the happiness and its determinants. Best things in the life hence will always be free. It only needs a careful eye , a jovial mind to appreciate the best things we need in our life and take a correct course.
    (1064 words)

    • captain jack sparrow

      good one… but first half emphasized on “toys” … however flow was maintained and good connectivity…review mine

    • dumbledore

      nice essay. childhood nostalgia is a good point. nepal india point is a bit confusing i think . and free basics , watsapp , twitter , u know i think that we need to talk about intangible things here , and not focus more on “things” . so it seems odd here. correct me if i am wrong.

    • Sushmit Adigon

      this is good essay , best part was ur intro , u have included multi dimensionality in ur essay, i liked the way u mentioned trust , faith gives credibility , Nepal, corporates example were gud.One suggestion is ,whenever you move from one para to another ,i felt a disconnect.
      Pls review mine

    • Ash

      Hey! Find time and review.. I will come back in some time and review yours! Promise! 🙂

    • Sonia mehra

      Dear Achilles, nice attempt.
      1. Your opening paragraph was very thought off.
      2. election gifts I found out of context or I couldn’t understand the purpose behind adding this point.
      3. After initial four paragraphs, your focus was largely on what construes a free service. So there was some digression.

      Keep writing,
      Thank you.

    • Isha

      Hey Achilles, My views-
      Intro and conclusion were just perfect. I did not get why did you mention about the inherent tendency of human beings to like free things. Nepal, FB, NGO examples were perfect. Some how I felt that the connectivity between paragraphs was missing affecting the flow. Overall it is a nice and good to read essay.
      Review mine, if you get time!

  • Wolverine

    Life is a beautiful gift
    of nature to Earth. Characterized by an organism’s ability to grow, move,
    respond to stimuli, respire and reproduce etc., It varies from a unicellular
    Amoeba to a multicellular Whale on Earth. The form of life we are most
    concerned is of course our Human life. Our Human life is distinct from other
    forms of life on Earth. It has got some special features from Nature like the
    ability to communicate, hold things, bipedal etc. These features along with
    others have helped us to develop a civilization for ourselves. This
    civilization is constantly evolving and is facilitating the new adding members
    with all the best things it could provide them with. Most of these things and
    those endowed by nature are taken for granted by us due to the very simple
    reason for they being free for us. This may be contested by those individuals who
    think that they don’t take things for granted which makes us to proceed further
    by the way of observing the best things in our environment like-

    -The Freedom- Freedom is
    the best gift of nature to every individual human on Earth. We are free to move
    wherever we want to, for which the nature has also given us a functional body
    and the legs. The suppression of an individual’s freedom has been the proof of
    domination of an individual’s freedom has been the poof of domination of an
    individual over the other historically. Several movements, revolutions etc.
    have been witnessed by us to get our basic freedom. There is freedom of speech
    and expression, to assemble , to associate, to movement, to reside and to
    profess which every human being is entitle to. It has been explicitly
    recognized in many constitutions of the World and is either contested by some
    or is taken for granted by some others. Both the former and the latter can be
    present in parts of the World both separately and combined.

    -We can next observe our
    Family. Family is an institution found in almost all the Human societies
    irrespective of their varying features. This institution is there for most of
    us and we don’t generally realize the importance of it. For us to realize it’s
    importance, we may visit an Orphanage where children devoid of a Family are
    present. It is said that there is no true love than that of a mother’s love and
    no better scolding than that of a father’s scold. It happens to most of us that
    we get into an argument with our parents for an unjust demand in some point of
    our life because we don’t realize what we got naturally and for free is somethings
    many in the world don’t get even if they pay for the parent’s love for their
    lives. Family is of two types i.e. One in which we take birth and the other
    which we form through Marriage. This wonderful institution is found in both the
    poor and rich societies and has negligible role of money in it’s formation and

    -Culture-Culture is a broad
    term that consists of almost everything that the Humans have developed ranging
    from the language to the religion and from the gestures to the etiquettes in
    it. It is the base of our civilization and discerns us from the animals. Every
    new born is socialized by his family first, as he grows the peers and the
    school and colleges and later his children and other relations within and
    outside the family, books and the internet etc. socializes him. This continuing
    life long learning process is generally not observed by us as it comes natural
    to us. But if observed in comparison to Chimpanzees and Apes, we will find that
    this is how we could have been had there been no culture. There is no price for
    the culture we learn and this pro bono service of our society is what makes us
    who we are. This service provided by our society through our Family, our
    Friends, Our enemies and strangers etc. has a high value but no price.

    Services-Observing the environment and not talking about nature will make the
    whole exercise incomplete. Almost everything we have surrounding us is bestowed
    by nature on us. The Water, Air, Earth etc. are all free gifts of nature to us.
    The three just mentioned are the basic elements required by us to live and
    sustain on Earth. The nature is the generous form of God. It provides us Air
    with oxygen for our living. When this O2 is used by us, it recycles it through
    plants and maintain the amount for our further use. The same is true for other
    gases like Nitrogen and Carbon-di-oxide and all these gases of Earth form a
    blanket to maintain a narrow range of temperature on Earth to support our
    lives. The Water is provides is in drinkable form in lakes, rivers, ponds etc.
    for us on land. After we use it, the nature recycles it for our future use. The
    other services like afforestation, reforestation, precipitation, ground water
    recharge, aesthetic beauty along with the land, water and air etc. though have
    no price tags yet they if priced would cost more than 10 times the total GDP of
    the World. It is evident today that these things which are provided to us free
    by nature are best things that we can avail of. When the fresh water is
    available in nature for free, we pay Rs. 20 a litre in our villages, towns and
    cities for the same. When the o2 is free in Atmosphere, we buy it in cylinders
    for money for mountain climbing.

    –Life is a beautiful
    gift and the best things we get in it can’t be determined in monetary terms.
    This must be the reason why the writing had of the God waived the price of
    these things for us otherwise there had been a debt we were born with, lived
    and died without being able to pay-Making all of us Defaulters.

  • Mistborn

    “Those who had coins made merry in the rain while those with notes were running for shelter.” This one line short story emphasizes the importance of enjoying the true joys of life instead of running the rat race to make money. Today we have become so preoccupied with materialistic achievements that we have forgotten that the best things in life are free. We need to set our priorities right to live our lives to the fullest.

    Let’s first identify those things that should be the integral part of our lives. A healthy body and a healthy mind come first. Family and friendships form another important need. Decent employment opportunities and social infrastructure are must to ensure the availability of the basic necessities. Cultural and moral values are important for leading a fair and proud life. A harmonious and peaceful society is also indispensable to a fruitful life. Last but not the least, a healthy environment is necessary to ensure the quality of life.

    Do the above things cause us money? Let’s examine them one by one. A healthy body is the result of balanced diet and exercise. The balanced diet need not necessarily mean a costly one. We have decent inexpensive options such as seasonal vegetables and fruits to make our diet balanced. For exercise, again we have plenty of options like aerobics, jogging, yoga and so on that do not require any equipment or much space. These days we find that even rich people are prone to excessive junk food consumption and too little exercise. The result is lifestyle diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. To avoid such issues we don’t need money, we need willpower to indulge in a healthy routine.

    A healthy mind can be achieved through meditation and spiritual training. But today’s busy lifestyle does not leave space for one’s
    own peace of mind. This culminates in work stress, hyper tension and sometimes even depression. People consult psychiatrists for these problems and spend money when these problems could have been avoided by doing meditation for 10 minutes.

    Family and friends give us a sense of belonging in the society. But unfortunately we are so busy with work that our interactions with friends and family has become increasingly limited to phone calls, Whatsapp groups and Facebook posts. We no longer spend quality time with these important persons in our lives. All that is required for a meaningful interaction is that we pay them frequent visits, go out for walks, share their happiness and sorrows in person rather than being mechanical. We don’t need money for it, we just need to set our priorities right.

    Building robust social infrastructure is the responsibility of the government. Government is taking slow but sure steps to ensure the
    quality of living standards through its various initiatives. Near universal enrollment in schools is a testimony to the government’s efforts. Education and health facilities are freely provided to all by the government. Government is also ensuring through ‘right to work’ under MGNREGA that every person gets decent amount of economic self dependence.

    Culture has been the topic of intense debate in the recent times. There have been accusations that we are forgetting our cultural roots and moral values. There is some substance to it. The corruption is more prevalent than ever and moral values are on the decline. And the irony is that some extremely wealthy people are indulging in corruption which reminds us of the fact that the earth has enough for man’s need but not for his greed. At the same time we have seen people living in abject poverty showing commendable honesty. This underlines the fact that the money is not a necessary criterion for high moral values.

    A harmonious and peaceful society is the result of rational and tolerant approach of its members. This same harmony and peace has been repeatedly endangered by the political class for its petty selfish objectives. We don’t need money to understand their sinister motives. We simply need a thinking mind that can analyze the situation in a logical manner.

    Lastly we need a clean and harmonious environment to sustain a meaningful lifestyle. Imagine China. The country has grown tremendously with double digit growth rate in the last three decades. But to what end? The pollution levels in its cities are worse than ever. Beijing is surrounded by smog clouds and the living standards are no better with chronic respiratory diseases being much prevalent. We don’t need tremendous growth if that is to come at the cost of our environment. Sustainable development should be the defining criteria behind any project. We should encourage a pristine environment where we respect the rights of the humans as well as animals. We need to ensure the harmony among the elements of the nature such as air, water and soil. We can achieve these objectives through awareness among the masses about the critical importance of the environment.

    Let’s talk about a tribe in Andaman & Nicobar archipelago. This tribe lives on a secluded island that is off limit to the rest of the world. Do you think that they would care about money? Most probably they are not even aware about the concept of money. Still we can be sure they would be pretty content with the nature surrounding them.

    Satisfaction with one’s resources is the key to happiness. We should promote sustainable growth in life, not mindless exploitation of resources. A telling comparison can be made in this regard between US and Bhutan. The population of US is characterized by a high per capita income, yet the people are suffering from lifestyle diseases like obesity and depression. There are instances of frequent shootings in schools. Racial discrimination still persists. Overall the US society is no longer the dream society for us. On the other hand Bhutan has expressly set its objective to achieve Gross National Happiness. They emphasize sustainable development and promote social harmony, cultural and moral values among their citizens as the benchmark of progress. Consequently their society is in much more equilibrium compared to US.

    To sum up, life is all about experiences and relationships and these need not come at a price. We should read quality books, enjoy different cuisines and travel a lot so that when we finish our journey of life, we may say that we have created memories and earned experiences rather than running the rat race of making money. After all you only live once!

    • Mistborn

      Please review friends!

    • brilliant essay man! I don’t know what is it doing down here. I was able to connect to each of the dimension u talked about. How many essays did it take previously to come up with such brilliant stuffs?

      I have never found ur essay lack content or getting boring. After each point it felt like : yaar ye kaise soch lia isne 😀

      Help me sir, with better essays. iske baad to mujhe apne essay pe sharam aa rahi. Please tell me a thumb rule if u follow any,please 🙂

      • Mistborn

        Lol! Those are high words of praise bro. I think that I am weak in philosophical essays but that is not going to continue for long. I am going to improve in this area also.

        I have only one thumb rule for myself. Practice and learning from mistakes incurred and not repeating them. I plan to be a regular contributor to essay thread this year! Let’s engage in meaningful discussion 😀

        • u didn’t find my review worthy enough didn’t u 😀

          • Mistborn

            Nothing like that. Actually I did not like this essay too much personally. But that has happened in the past too. 😛

            I am inexperienced in philosophical essays. I want to identify the weak areas in this genre. Hence the skepticism. No offenses to you! 😀

    • black mamba

      i really like reading your essays 🙂
      however, this one seemed a little too one sided to me.
      Things i liked :
      1) starting
      2) US-Bhutan example.
      but comparing it to your previous essays i know one thing – u can definitely add more dimensions to it – like paying need not be simply monetary. and i also think u need to explain why culture and moral values are important for person.
      please review mine as well.
      thanks 🙂

      • Mistborn

        I agree. I am still working on philosophical essays. Let’s hope that I work something out. We have plenty of time for the next mains, thankfully! 😀

    • Batman

      Hi Mistborn 🙂
      1)I think you restricted yourself by charting out the dimensions of best things. I think in essay you should let thoughts flow, this was quite an open ended topic (I feel so)
      2)Easy to connect with the ideas and explanations that you provided
      3)A philosophical touch was missing because it was more centred on certain aspects that pointed out
      4)Conclusion and solutions are two different things. Conclusion should summarize the whole idea of your essay so that even reading intro and conclusion, one can feel what is there in the body
      Please feel free to contradict 🙂 Thanks Mist!

      • Mistborn

        Thank you Batman! I try to chart out a framework so that I do not divert from the topic itself. I know that my essay lacks a philosophical touch. Could you suggest some remedy for that? I think I could have explained the other side of the coin as well.

        I am not sure about your 4th point. Care to explain?

        • Batman

          Remedy could be to read some philosophical stuff!
          About the 4th point, I was talking about inserting the suggestions like “reading new stuff, travelling” in a separate paragraph rather than in the conclusion. As per my understanding, Conclusion should not involve any new dimension that you haven’t talked about in the rest of essay and equal weightage should be given to it. It should not look like that just because you wanted to end the write up, so you inserted a few lines. Hope this helps. Keep reviewing regularly, your reviews will be of great help to me 🙂

    • bhai this one deserves way more upvotes than what u got here. I found urs and yogi’s essay to be an epitome of simplicity, with the most apt points and the punch that was required! Read it twice today 😀
      Lot to learn from u! Can I have ur email id? U can ignore if u r not interested 😛

      • Mistborn

        Hey Joker, thanks for the kind words. Here is my email ID: [email protected] . Do let me know once you have taken note of it. I will delete this message. I don’t want to leave it in the open 😉

    • Sushmit Adigon

      hi bro
      this essay i felt was gud,i esp liked your first 2 paras,you r perspective is wide like-health , family,culture, social media,GNH
      but i feel your entire essay revolved like it was anti thesis to money economy, you could have looked from a different angle .At times it appeared one sided.
      Your conclusion was really nice!!
      Could you review my essay!

      • Mistborn

        I agree to your views Sushmit. In the hindsight, even I feel that it is more of a one dimensional essay!

        ~Thanks for review~

  • rajan

    1148 words

    All of us like free lunches, don’t we? What would be better than tasting the best delicacies without paying for it? Don’t we like to have maximum output from zero effort? Isn’t our night dreams full of visions of suddenly becoming rich, famous and what not ?

    Sure, they are. And to be honest, there is nothing wrong about it, as long as others are not harmed in the process. It is human nature to desire maximum from minimum effort.

    But, does our life suffice with our dreams? Do we really get the best things for free, for granted? Or, does it hold true only in our dreams ?To answer this question, let’s think and analyse from different perspectives of different kinds of people, and even from the nations perspective. Perhaps unsurprisngly, we’ll come to the conclusion that life is not a bed of roses. Yet, there is one best thing that is almost unconditionally true and free

    Let’s ponder first of all, what free and best things refer to. Commonsensical understanding tells us that being free means being of zero cost, either in terms of money or in terms of service . Thus, a good which is given for zero rupees but requires the recepient to dig the earth before availing won’ t really be free. What about the term ‘best things’? Well, it means different for different people . Let’s see

    For many men and women, best things would mean luxury. It would include materialistic pleasure like air travel, good food, luxuriuous house, etc. But, does any one of them is free of cost ? The answer is far from it. In fact, some of these things are the costliest objects present on the earth. The value of a bungalow in the posh areas of a city like Mumbai would be in hundreds of crores. Getting hold of the costliest diamonds is even more expensive. In fact, a common notion that runs in the market is, the more expensive it gets, the better the object/service is perceived to be.

    Thus, materialism is, definitely, not free. What about the other end, that of basic subsistence ? Ask a daily wage laborer, on what toil he has to face before he can enough to feed himself two meals a day. To avail the basic comfort of sleeping under a roof and avoiding hunger for himself and his family, he has to pay through his muscles, riding a rickshaw or getting toiling in the farms twelve hours a day. Sure, the famer, doesn’t pay for the food that
    he produces. But, is it really free? Definitely not

    For others, the best thing of life if success. But, even to attain that, one requires extensive rigour. A student desiring to be a civil servant needs to pay through his regular practise. We have all witnessed the success of Sachin Tendulkar, the great Indian former cricketer. But, hidden behind the glamour lies his days and nights of practise, that ultimately made him an overnight prodigy

    But, haven’t we seen of stories where success came with minimal efforts? Sure, some exceptions might exist. But, more than that, psychologically the glamour tricks our brain into not seeing the efforts made to attain that success.

    The mantra is simple. To attain something, you have to either pay with money or human efforts. This is exactly what our ancient theory of ‘Karma’ says. One gets what he/she deserves.

    Let’s move to the nation as a whole. Does the ‘karma’ theory hold in this macro perspective too? Sure,it does.

    Our news channels often compare the piteous state of education, health, defence and many more things in India as compaed to rest of the world. We would all like to take our nation, our India, our Bharat to the top of the world, where everybody lives a dignifies, comfortable life. But, this isn’t so easy.

    To take our defence spending to the levels of United States of America, the current leader, we need to spend 500 billion dollars a year compared to 50 billion dollars that we do currently. That isn’t cheap, forget being free

    To increase our Solar electricity output to about 25% of the total generation as percived by the Solar mission, the estimated expenditure is about a 100 billion dollars. Similarly, tens of times of more public money is required to be pumped in our education and health sector, before it can truly become universal and comparable to the best of the world. Once, again, this isn’t cheap, forget being free

    In fact, until now we have only taken costs in terms of money terms. The actual ‘cost’ stans much more if we include what economists call as the ‘opportunity cost’. This is the benefit which could have been achieved, but wasn’t, beacuse of the tradeoffs involved.

    For example, we would all want our poverty to go down. Planning commission report shows hoe nearly a quarter of the Indians live under Rs 26 a day. Bringing them out of poverty would require electricity, roads, dams among other things. One, it would require money cost. Two, it would harm the environment due to increased emmissions.

    Looking from the other way round, protection and conservation of environment could hamper the anti-poverty projects. Thus the utopian vision of development and environmental preservation, is an immensely challenging task, requiring extensive efforts and money, both of which makes the condition not free

    Such tradeoffs and opportunity costs are omni present. Be it in the benefits of free internet vs net neutrality or whether to talk in the language of Pakistan and incur loss of lives of some of our soldiers vs wit, sit and engage with Pakistan, an untrustworthy neighbour.

    Such opportunity costs imply that even the pettiest of decisions are not completely free. In fact there is a reason why there are costs attached to most of the things. Attaining things makes us complacent. It makes us procrastinate. Plus, we also lose the value of the good or service. That is one reason why even subsidy programs are criticised. A Chinese slogan goes, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for one day. Teach a man to fish, and
    you feed him forever”.

    That takes us back to our original question, Is everything associated with a cost? Is there nothing which is free ? Apparently, there is at least one such thing, that of a MOTHER’s LOVE. This best thing in life is free. It is unconditional .And, it is available as long as she is present on this earth.

    The difficulty is this is perhaps the only best thing that is free. Otherwise, for every other ‘best thing’, we have to shed either money or physical and mental labour. Even for a free lunch that our friend sometimes share, we have to reciprocate by sharing ours the next time !

    • dumbledore

      you have mostly focussed on whats not free and in the end there is atleast one thing that is free.. u know but the quote says that the best things in life are free. can u go against it?? kindly review mine if possible

      • rajan

        Thanks for the revirew Professor
        Umm, not sure whether we can go against or not, but what I am certain of is that Gaurav Agrawal, 2013’s topper wrote an wssay on how Science & technology are NOT a panacea, when the question was quite the opposite. Me just trying to mimic his antics.
        Sure, I will do

        • dumbledore

          hmm. i’ll keep that in mind//thanks:)

    • Sushmit Adigon

      hi ,
      i liked you r intro and conclusion ,esp the chineese quotes.this was multi dimensional , but i would suggest you include more philosophical content ,like love of family ,friends,u have only included dream ,is waht i can see.
      could you review mine!

    • Namrata

      wonderfully crafted essay with very good examples rajan 🙂 Few suggestions from my side:

      1. Avoid using ” lets see” “Let’s ponder” and likewise phrases .. it makes your writeup more like a journal article or speech rather than an essay ..the examiner may not like such informal use of words

      2. ” Pakistan, an untrustworthy neighbour.” .. haha i understand the sentiments but this needs to be written in a subtle manner for a civil servant cannot express his/her anger in such loud words 😛 try altering the line 🙂

      Rest good.. keep writing and reviewing 🙂

    • Isha

      Hi Rajan! My views- feel free to contradict
      1. Your take on essay was more like in negative tone, if I am getting it right. I mean the whole idea was that perceptions differ and we always have to pay for the things we consider as best. But what I think is- since it is a philo essay we need to explore some other dimension; other than GS one’s- like family, feelings, etc. because they do matter. This was completely missing. Mother’ love wala example was apt but we need to give some more, though it is repeated in every essay.
      I do not have any experience so views may be wrong completely. If I am not wrong you have economics as ur optional and that I can see in ur essay.
      Also, how far defense spending, solar electricity, dams and all cant be termed as material things? & Material things are certainly not the best things we can justify at the end, no? I think the justification was missing with examples. Also, I felt the conclusion came suddenly without explanation being provided for the examples part.
      See, I may be completely wrong since I am not very mush experienced. Do correct me then.
      Review mine, if u get time!

      • rajan

        Thanks Isha for the review. I really appreciate your views

        True philosophical essays should and perhaps do require funde. I am not sure. But, what I feel is that this being an entrance exam for the civil services, they should focus on the ability to connect even a philosophical essay with the nation and the world around. The linguistic and the philosophical ability of essay writing has already been tested in the English language paper. Isn’t it ? I might be wrong though

        Actually, i wrote defence spending, etc not as material things. Rather, tried to highlight the best thing for a govt, ie a utopian vision, requires money and opportunity cost. That is why I was trying to expand the interpretation of cost. And, I think, that’s what the question warrented because money alone would have been more suited for a topic like “Money can’t buy everything ” . Costs include service, labour, too.

        It’s a pity that somehow I couldn’t make my point clear through the essay.

        Waise, I am really surprised how you correctly zeroed on the economics optional ! Was it free lunch/ opportunity cost or was it simply painted all over my essay ?

        Would really like to hear more from you on this point

        • Isha

          Hi Rajan! Sorry for the late reply- laptop not working.
          Regarding essay- you are absolutely right about incorporating GS in philosophical essay too. What i feel is there should be a limit either or we should try to balance & justify it. Because i,ve seen- people completely lost their way by the time they reach to the end. In your essay, your stand was exploring dimensions of non- monetary costs. That i can understand but i feel justification was missing. Again, i would like to tell u that i have no experience of the exam and i am really poor in doing this GS thing incorporation- though i understand its importance 🙂
          Abt optional thing- it was a guess as u know an eco student can easily identify another in the crowd : p
          It was simply reflecting from ur essay- those cliche terms we economics student use everywhere 😀 I am happy to see a correct guess though its quite rare with me.

          • rajan

            True, given that I was going against the topic, I should have justified myself more.
            Good to see a fellow economics aspirant

  • Aseem

    Hi friends… It’s been long time I wrote.
    Please criticize freely it will motivate me!

  • Aseem

    Hi friends! Writing after a long time… Please criticize freely it will motivate me..

  • Dexter

    The Dalai Lama summarizes the current scenario of human living succinctly when he states that the man sacrifices his health to make money and then sacrifices wealth to recuperate his health. He is so anxious about the future that he ceases living in the present. The capitalist economy as we are witnessing stresses on consumerist behavior to thrive and we all end up becoming victims of such thinking. We have demarcated our style of living based into Tier- II and Tier- III based on the amount of money we earn and even more on the amount of money we spend spend on what we have termed ‘luxury living’. We are overwhelmed by advertisements on a regular basis which remind us that we are missing out on living until we buy that perfect house, that perfect car, that perfect body and thousands of other products to transform us into happier beings. We are slowly but surely, distancing ourselves from our roots, from the only entity in life which is now free, which does not judge, which does not discriminate, Nature.

    It is in nature that we learn what it is to be human. Nature has the power to humble humans and teach them humility, remind them that they are a small part of a bigger Universe. A walk in the park or for luckier ones the woods, lessons are abound. Nature teaches us that simplicity can be calming, peaceful, that we need very little to be happy. it teaches us that we can live in co-inhabitance, that we can share and still survive, that sometimes a little is more worthy than a lot.

    Happiness is kindness, mental peace, ability to smile and all this can be achieved without spending a penny. Happiness is also one of the nest things in life which free.Rajesh Kumar Sharma started a free school under a Metro bridge in Delhi. Several young children, mainly belong to the family of the construction worker found a reason to smile, a chance to be happy. They got free education from a man who cared about them, who was kind to them. Happiness works both ways. You receive it, but it is bigger when you give. Solidarity is happiness and solidarity is free. We witnessed it in the recent Chennai flood disaster, when people from all backgrounds regardless of their social limitations came together to help and assist each other. This is what humans are capable of and it doesn’t cost a rupee.

    And giving is easy. Voluntary work for the marginalized is our prerogative to give and not because they need our help, but because they deserve it. Assisting them with their identification processes with the State, making them feel a sense of belonging with the system, cementing cracks in the structure is a feeling of satisfaction like none other.

    In a country which the youth is moving from apolitical to political, the enactment of Fundamental Rights is free. I am empowered as a citizen and I hold rights to live and rights to express. I possess peaceful ways to protest my dissatisfaction, to put across my opinions. I even posses the Freedom of Silence. In many nations in the world, this avenue does not exist or is curbed by coercive States,

    The internet is another free medium which is available and recent efforts to curb this freedom has shown the strength of solidarity of people in the country to curb this invasion. The internet is the future of connectivity, free education, transfer of knowledge. The use of internet and technology has revolutionized health care and saved a million lives. Using internet based live video streaming to assist doctors in war torn areas is just the tip of the iceberg. Access to age old literature from Homer to Shakespeare to Gandhi is another freedom which is underrated.

    In conclusion, it is impertinent to state that monetary acquisition can go so far. The ‘American Dream’ phenomenon of possessing a house with a picket fence, a swimming pool and a car is the apt example of failure of money to provide happiness. It was followed by the biggest economic crash leading to increasing rate of depression, suicide and theft.
    To live is to be happy with oneself, other people and to do our work with complete determination and to be just and if we just increase our interaction with nature and with literature, we will get there.

    • Dexter

      Please review. First essay.

  • Target UPSC 2016

    One family of soliders was living in Meerut. The couple had one girl kid. They were living happily but one day soldier was deputed at kahmir valley. One day when he was in night patrolling, had fought with group of infiltraters but unfortunately died. Faimly shocked. Prime minister announced 10lkh aid to Faimly. Could money can make up failmly’s wounds? Could money give back her husband? Could money give her the touch of her husband? Can money give child the caring of father? No definitely not.

    That lady could not feel the touch of love. The bedroom stared hauting her. In parent meet in college of kid, she had to go alone. She had to go outside to feed her Faimly. Now all responbilty were at her shoulder. She was not able to do agriculture in parental land. As Se was living alone ,so she was also feared by local thieves. One day Hindu -Muslim broken up in that area. Now sefty was most important need to her. So Se decided to left Meerut and shifted to Delhi.

    She joined a call center in Delhi and started working in shifts. The girl child was admitted reputed college. Due to shift working she had to come late in night so due to alone she was used to be scared. So she stated coming home along with one male friend. But society stated criticism. She was alleged that she had affair with her friend. So Society could not tolerate that one widow has relation! So her land lord askd her to leave the house.

    She shifted to another place. Her girl kid was without any support of father .she started searching love and care of father in someone. So she engaged with higher caste boy. When her mother came to know that boy hailed from brahmin Faimly. So she denied the relationship. So avoid this she again shifted to meerut.

    She started searching good relation for her but she was not able to give dowry . her daughter attempted to suicide but failed. She rushed to hospital for treatment of her daughter. Doctor examined her and asked for kidney transplant. But this can be managed by human being only. She searched for donor and got help from her brother in last . by this way daughter was saved

    This story reminds the ancient proverb “The Best Things in Life are Free.” The touch of love, care of father, love of mother, support of understanding, feelings and God gifted things can not purchased by money. A billionaire can not buy a kedney from supermarket. The poor cannot be debarred from taking oxygen. Government can not put tax on heart beats. Love can not purchased from Internet. Felling of confidences is not available on order. So best tings are not only for some handful people. Enjoy the life because almighty has made the Best Things in Life Free of cost.

    • Target UPSC 2016

      Please review

  • Vivaan Khanna

    The statement simply indicates the meaning that money can’t purchase the best tings of life which makes an individual a perfect person. Why did Buddha left his kingdom, wife and an innocent son? Why did the barrister Gandhi return to impoverished and colonized nation like India? The reason is simple that they could not realise the essence of human of life in their wealthy and prosperous life.In the coming section we will underline what constitutes essence of life and how money can’t purchase them.
    The first and foremost thing that we all want in life is bliss.For Aristotle,it is Eudaimonia while for Shankaracharya it is silence or realisation of Brahman.Can it be purchased with money?No.If it would have been the case then both of these men would have been the wealthiest persons. In present context,let us consider the example of is not the wealthiest country in the world like USA but its Gross National Happiness Index is much better than US because people there are happy. Achieving bliss has different meanings for different persons.While for some it is love and compassion,for some it may be pursuing one’s hobby and yet for some spending time with the near and dear ones.Mother Teresa was a simple nun but what she achieved is not the work of a common man.She used to have the bliss while helping diseased and poor.Perhaps No body will disagree with the point that on one birthday when rather than partying with a friend if we spend money in helping poors or providing food and shelter in the winters of Delhi,the bliss we attain is uncountable. That’s why nobel Laureate like Kailash Satyarthi is happier than the secretary at PMO office.lastly,When Tansena was once asked to sing as he would be given hefty amount in return,he replied ‘Your money can’t earn my music.It is a God for me which no power on earth can purchase or snatch on this earth.In fact your money will make this God filthy”
    Followed from the aforementioned point is that bliss can be achieved by the knowledge.Knowledge is yet another best thing in life which money can’t purchase.In ancient times all the wealthy kings used to bow in front of the sager and seers because of the respect for their knowledge.In Akbar’s court Birbal was given more attention than his fellow man because he had the knowledge,or more aptly wisdom. Knowlegde leads to wisdom.An engineer is more valued than a person who is actually building tthe house because of the knowledge.While books can be an instrument in achievement of the knowledge and can be purchased with money only but then also not only the books are the source of knowledgs. As.As has been said by protagonist in 3 idiots “We should take knowledge from where it is coming”.It proves the futility of money in attainment of the knowledge.
    Thirdly,we attained knowledge and have some bliss,but still we are incomplete without our friends and family.the paradox here is that we earn money for the happiness of our loved ones and ours.What can be the use of the money when there is no family and friends with whom we can share the moments of happiness and sadness.The first with whom Buddha met after attaining knowledge was his wife!!What can we do of a BMW or mansion when we are alone and nobody t share with.That’s why a wise person has said aptly “Poor is that man who has no friends.”No relations in the world can be purchased with money.Even if we want a solidarity that is also for temporary momemt.Life can’t be lived without these two jewels of life.Can we purchase the relation called ‘father’,’mother’,’wife’ or friends?here,some may argue that dowry proves that wife can be purchased but it is not true because through dowry and earning some million bucks for enhanced dowry is just degrading the value of the relation. Love of wife can’t be purchased by the money in account or gift by in-laws.
    Last but not the least hope is one of the best things in life which money can’t purchase and is free of cost.All the world leaders have united today against terrorism and climate change with only one thing in common-hope.It can unite somebody or more aptly can help in achieving in something which seems to be impossible.When a girl had to loose her leg in a train accident, everybody felt that poor girl could achieve nothing now and would have to be dependent upon the others even for the nature’s call.But it was the hope and determination of that girl that not only she did her household chores but went on scaling the Mount Everest which may be impossible even for a common man without any disability.That girl was none other than Arunima Sinha who has become the face of hope in adversity in contemporary times.Other examples can be Our incumbent PM Mr.Modi or recent 1009 runs of a 15- years lad Pranav Dhanwade of Mumbai.Latter’s record will remain undbeaten until another Pranav takes birth.
    Apart from the above mentioned best things there are many other best things which are free.having said that it nowhere means that money is not required at all.We need money to meet our basic requirements of food,clothes,and shelter.In fact,money can act as complementary on achievement of the listed best things(bliss,knowledge,family and friends and hope).A disturbed man can’t achieve bliss.So after earning money he can’think of it.In the era of technology,it becomes important to achieve knowledge through its use.A farmer using technology in his existing knowledge has more chances of being successful than the simple farmer having knowledge.Similarly money can help us in bringing our friends and family closer.A society values more to a successful person in economic terms than a simple person.Lastly,Money leads to the availability of some resources which can enhance our faith upon hope.It can give some light in darkness.
    Thus,When indispensibilty of the money is known by the fact that all nations in world including India want to become a superpower,it is required that we maintain the balance between the two extremes.At least In spare times we should try to enhance our spiritual knowledge through meditation and Yoga,we should try to have the feeling of sharing of grief and happiness even in the smallest things of life, with family and friends,have love and compassion for others and at the same time we should not leave the hands of hope.Then only we can realise the essence of human life which is entailed by “ALL BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE”

    • dumbledore

      your first para is very nice. nice one.

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thanks buddy..but baki ka??

        • dumbledore

          baki is nice too ..:) ncie flow

    • “Why did Buddha left his kingdom, wife and an innocent son? Why did the barrister Gandhi return to impoverished and colonized nation like India?”

      bhai sab sahi hai. Bas para alag alag kar de. bahut hotch potch lag raha mujhe. coherent nai hai. critical bhi tha tu aur kya chahiye.

      Bas thoda structure pe dhayan de aur segregation of points should be in a coherent manner. Baaki much better content wise than the previous one.

      • Vivaan Khanna

        yay..thank you so much..wo alag alag hi likhta hu par yaha aake space k dikkat ho jati hai or sab mix….will work on structure..thanx a lot

    • Jaya Swatantra

      A very good flow, did complete justice with the topic by including why is money important too? … nice conclusion…. KWAR and thanks…( thanks for mentioning correct spelling of Pathankot) 🙂

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you Jaya…

    • Himaanshu

      Yesterday I forgot to read your essay thank God I did not miss it today. Plenty of examples and you won’t believe I remember each and every example mentioned by you on a single reading all were that apt. Can’t criticize for the sake of criticizing. It is almost ‘perfect’ to me. Will try to read and review your writings consistently. Keep writing bro 🙂

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thanx a lot bro..will love ur reviews and at at the same time will love to review ur answers…u are going to be consistent writer na because i want to review and learn from ur answers :)..u write well!!

    • Ash

      Hi Vivaan! 🙂

      1. Your intro is a Lil flat… You cud start with defining “best things” and “free”
      2. Why did Buddha left — leave.. Did k saath we use present tense… Didn’t go types
      3. Bhutan —- good point
      4. .It is a God for — .It is God for
      5. Tansen ex is good
      6. While books can — don’t know what happened here
      7. loose = lose
      8. You were talking about hope how did this come… PM Mr.Modi or recent 1009 runs of a 15- years lad Pranav Dhanwade of Mumbai.
      9. A society values more to a successful person in economic terms than a simple person — don’t agree…. You yourself gave ex of Mother Teresa
      10. Why dew always try balancing your essay in the penultimate para.. I found the first part a Lil elongated.. You could have started countering a lil before and with more solid examples…
      11. I really don’t know how did ‘ all best things free ‘concept come up
      Your conclusion is not backing it up properly… 🙂

      P.S. I remember your essay when someone flagged it I guess and I came here and actually asked ppl to read your essay… That was a nice essay… This is no where close to that one… More improvement needed!!

      And yeah : views are personal 😛
      KWAR! 🙂

      • Vivaan Khanna

        Good morning ash..Thank you for such a critical and detailed review..You made my day ;P
        1.Ha may be.
        2.I m a stupid person.
        3.Thank You
        4.A God is ok for is more or less general not very specific one…hope u got it now
        5.Thank you
        6.My bad..should have explained it
        7.Again i m a stupid person
        8.Agree..should have related them clearly with hope
        9.We can agree to disagree 🙂
        10 and 11.completely agree with you
        PS-ha and that gave me confidence to write thank you mam for that appreciation..i owe u a lot for that..Will try to improve by writing on paper then on laptop..these days to save time,started writing directly and hence could not think much better with flow..
        Will try to improve in coming essays…u promised me that you will review my essay this Sunday…hope u remember that :D…anyways u always review my essays so thank you again 🙂

  • ArOmA InNoMiNaTa

    “Inside the ocean of peace & love, we all live freely without a need to pay back in money, but a bonding that makes you love even more. It’s here where happiness prevails”

    The human life, since centuries, has been thriving on the mother earth.With new inventions & discoveries, technologies advance & the survival becomes easier & luxurious.But still the basic necessities of life like love, happiness, peace, brotherhood are the ones that are free.The contentment & satisfaction they bring far exceeds the comforts provided by the latest technologies.

    Take an example- A child comes back home from school in a hot sunny day. As he reaches home, his mother comes with a glass of water in hand.She takes off his bag and offers him water. He sits & drinks it and feels comfortable even under fan as against another child who comes back from same school & sits under AC, without anyone asking for water or anything. Yes! Motherly love is the best of all & yeah! Its free. Even the father’s love for children, a sister’s love for her brother and vice versa, love between spouses, is something that everyone can afford.

    Not just this, the environment around us, the air, the water, the rain, the trees & fruits, beautiful birds, the wild life, the sun, moon, the star that have immeasureable beauty are affordable by both the rich and the poor.The beautiful sunshine, sunset scenes, cool morning breeze, the sweat smelling flowers, rainbows,the beauty of soul, a kind heart, a helping hand are some of the most precious possessions of every living being on the earth.

    Though these things are free, they have to be taken care of.Like in relationships, we have to be affectionate, caring and understanding so as to make the relations flourish.There are many people who are suffering from psychological illnesses like psychosis, which may at times, be treated simply with love, care and counselling.But in the growing era of nuclear families, people are getting busy & stay apart from each other.They don’t have time to invest in relations. As such the bonds of love are fading away, people are becoming more materialistic.All this has an indirect effect i.e. the youths are prone to drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution etc. Also the incidence of depression and suicide is on increase

    Similiar is the case with environment.With rising emissions of pollutant gases from automobiles and industries, we are again stepping towards self-destruction. As more and more gases are accumulating, the global temperature is increasing.More & more species are in danger of getting extinct. But the efforts of environmental protection are also on
    Paris climate conference in which all the countries have put forth their intended nationally determined contributions for reducing pollution, was a step ahead. Also in India, Delhi’s odd even formula & the recent decision by supreme court to introduce BS-VI vehicles by april 2020 is again a welcome step. Though there are several challenges, such steps are very much required to prevent the degradation of our so called ” free environment”

    Inventions & discoveries have made human life a comfortable lot. But possession of all this needs money and affordability. Moreover, they don’t gurantee happiness.

    This is quite evident from the research carried out by WIN/ Gallup international. According to the results, Columbia that suffers from drug related gangwars & rife government corruption-is the first among the happiest countries in the world. ‘Saudi Arabia’ a region torn by religious and regional strife occupies the ” third position”. But the European countries that are far more advanced in terms of technology, power and are reasonably peaceful, don’t even figure in this “happy list “. Though the perception of ‘happiness’ is subjective, still it’s quite evident that material wealth and civil stability don’t necessarily translate into personal contentedness. The best things in life are free and are amply available to every individual. They need to be nurtured and transformed into ” Happiness and easy living”

    • dumbledore

      nice essay, u understood the core issue i guess. feelings are free.kindly review mine too. last para is nice.

      • ArOmA InNoMiNaTa

        hey dumledore…i will review ur essay in the evening…but surely i ‘ll… my word


    किसी शायर का शेर है कि-
    “अगर अमीर लोग, नदी के तट पर बस जाएँ,
    तो प्यासे होठ दो-दो बूंद पानी के लिए तरस जाए,
    ये तो गनीमत है बादलों पर इनकी नहीं चलती,
    वरना सारे बादल इन्हीं के खेतों में बरस जाएँ|”

    इसलिए आकाश में उड़ता हुआ सूरज जब रौशनी लुटाता जाता है, तो बिना कीमत लगाए, बिना भेदभाव किये हर किसी के आँगन में बराबर के टुकड़े फेंकता है, किसी छोटे से टुकड़े से कोई पेड़ अपना भोजन बनाते-बनाते ऑक्सीजन छोड़ता है, तो वह भी बिलकुल इसी तरह मुफ्त का खजाना होता है, जो चाहे वो अपनी साँसों में भर ले जाए| इसी तरह बरसते बादल, बहती नदियाँ, अपनी आँचल खोलकर खजाना लुटाती माँ धरती कभी कीमत नहीं लेती| ये माँ प्रकृति की उदारता है, जो कि सदा से दुनिया में सबसे बड़े और सबसे जरुरी खजाने को मुफ्त में बांटती रही है|

    पालने में रोते हुए बच्चे को जब माँ अपनी गोदी में उठाकर झप्पी देती है, और खुद के खून को दूध बनाकर पिलाती है, तो वह उस आनन्द की अभिव्यक्ति अपनी निश्छल हंसी में करता है जिसे उसकी माँ ताजिंदगी देखते रहना चाहती है, इसी तरह एक पिता अपने बच्चे का पसीना सुखाने के लिए खुद के शरीर से पसीना बहाता है| एक संतान के लिए यही दुनिया की सबसे खूबसूरत ख़ुशी होती है, जो उसे अपने माँ-बाप बिना शर्त, बिना कीमत के उसे मिलती है| इसी तरह यार-दोस्तों का प्यार, बड़ों का स्नेह, साथियों का भरोसा, और डगमगाते वकत में वैशाखी की तरह आ खड़े होना सब अमूल्य है| दुसरे शब्दों में कहें तो मनुष्य की मानवता, जो थके पथिक को गले लगाती है, प्यार से खाना खिलाती है, जो सड़क पर घायल पड़े आदमी को अस्पताल तक लेकर जाती है, जो रास्ता भूले शख्स का जीपीएस बनती है, इस संसार की अमूल्य खूबसुरती है|

    और दुनिया में इस तरह की उदारता की फेहरिस्त लम्बी है और यह बात की परिचायक है कि सिक्कों के बदले हम बल्ब खरीद सकते हैं, धूप नहीं|

    अब सवाल यह कि बाजारीकरण के इस दौर में जब जिस्म तक बिकने लगें, भरोसा पैसों की खुशबू सूंघकर धोखे में बदल रहा है, जब माँ प्रकृति पर कब्जा करके कुछ लोग उसके संसाधनों की ठेली लगाये घुमते हैं, तो इन श्रेष्ठ संसाधनों का मुफ्त में मिलना कहाँ तक जायज है?

    प्राकृतिक संसाधनों के इसी बाजारीकरण के भय के कारण हमारे संविधान निर्माताओं ने या प्रावधान किया कि कुछ चीजों पर मनुष्य का जन्मसिद्ध अधिकार, और राज्य का यह कर्तव्य है कि वह उन्हें अपने नागरिकों को मुहैया करवाए, यह बड़ी सोच थी जिसके तहत स्वतंत्रता, समानता, प्रतिष्ठा पूर्ण जीवन के अधिकार आदि का प्रावधान किया गया| ये सब श्रेष्ठ चीजें मुफ्त हैं, और इनके दायरे में बाकी सारे संसाधन भी आते हैं, जैसे नीति निर्देशक तत्वों की प्रेरणा से हुए संसोधनों के बाद अब जीने के अधिकार के तहत मुफ्त शिक्षा, भोजन, शुद्ध पर्यावरण आदि नागरिकों के अधिकार हैं, इसी के तहत बिजली पानी पर सहायिकी मिलिती है, क्योंकि कोयले की खानों से निकला धरती माँ का इसकी संतानों को उपहार है, इसलिए इससे बनी बिजली पर भी देशवासियों का ही अधिकार है, इसलिए इसे उन्हें न्यूनतम कीमत पर मुहैया करवाया जाए, जैसे टेलिकॉम के स्पेक्ट्रम भी राष्ट्र यानी देशवासियों की संपत्ति है, आदि|

    इसी बाजारीकरण के क्रम में हाल ही मैं फेसबुक नामक सोशल मीडिया कंपनी ने यह विमर्श चीड दिया है कि इन्टरनेट पर सबका अधिकार और कम से कम आधरभूत वेबसाइट लोगों को मुफ्त में मिलनी चाहिए| हालांकि यह उदारवादी कदम दिखाई देता है, लेकिन इसके साथ कमी यह कि यह केवल कुछेक वेबसाइट की मुफ्त में लोगों तक पहुँच बनाएगा, इससे बाकी नयी उभर रही अन्य कम्पनी पीछे रह जायेगी और इस क्रम में हमारे संविधान की सबसे खूबसूरत मुफ्त चीज समानता का उलन्घन हो जाएगा| अतः सरकार को आवशयक है कि बिजली पानी की तरह इन्टरनेट को हर मुनष्य का अधिकार मानते हुए कुछ विशेष नीति लायी जाए|
    इसी तरह लोग पैसे के दम पर श्रेष्ठतर का उपभोग करने की कोशिश करते हैं लेकिन प्रकृति यह भेदभाव नन्हीं करती, किसी

    तो तरह बाजारीकरण प्राकृतिक संसाधनों पर कब्जा कर रहा है, इसी प्रकार सभी धर्मों की शिक्षाओं में प्यार उदारता और मानवता का सन्देश है, लेकिन बाजारीकरण के दौर में वह कम हो रही है, और लोगों का समाजीकरण घट रहा है, भाईचारा घट रहा है, और लोग इन मुफ्त की खुशियों को भूल पैसे से ऐशो-आराम खरीदने की दौड़ कर रहे हैं, और इस प्रक्रिया में वे अकेलेपन, अनिद्रा और अन्य मानसिक बीमारियों(इन्सुमनिया) से पीड़ित हो रहे हैं अर्थात खुशियाँ सोने से जड़े महलों में ना होकर पेड़ की छाया में लगी चौपाल के नीचे ही मिल सकती है|

    एक और सवाल यह है कि मुफ्त में मिलने वाले इन संसाधनों का कहाँ तक उपयोग करते रहे, क्या हमारा कोई कर्तव्य नहीं है?

    निश्चित तौर पर है, जिस माँ प्रकृति की दया पर हम जिन्दा है वह अपने संसाधन मुफ्त में लुटाती है लेकिन हमारा कर्तव्य बनता है कि हम भी उसके प्रति संवेदनशीलता दिखाए, उसका संरक्षण करें, उसे दूषित होने से बचाए| और इन कर्तव्यों की व्याख्या के दायरे में कम कार्बन उत्सर्जन, नदियों में गंदगी ना फैलाने, जंगल ना काटने, धरती में रसायन ना मिलाना आदि सब आता है, यह हम कर भी सकते हैं, जैसे बेवजह गाड़ियों का इस्तेमाल ना करके, अलाव जलाने के बजाय कम्बल ओढ़कर, कचरे का उचित निस्तारण करके आदि, ताकि प्रकृति हम पर नाराज न हो खुशियाँ यूँ ही मुफ्त लुटाती रही| इसी तरह हमारे प्रति प्रेम, स्नेह, ममत्व दिखने वालों की जरुरत के समय सहायता करें प्यार के बदलें में प्यार बाँटें| खुद का पसीना बहाकर माँ बाप का पसीना सुखाएं आदि|

    इन सब उदाहरणों का सारांश यही है, कि पैसे से सोफा ख़रीदा जा सकता है नींद नहीं| कीमती चीजे अपने पीछे हमें भीड़ में दौड़ा तो सकती है, लेकिन हमारे दुखों में भीड़ नहीं जुटा सकती| बाज़ार से हम वस्तुएं खरीद सकते हैं रिश्ते नहीं, प्यार नहीं| पैसे से तरणताल बना सकते हैं, नदी नहीं| और पैसे के दम पर चित्रों और प्लास्टिक के पेड़ों से ऑक्सीजन नहीं उगला सकते| एक बल्ब की रौशनी केवल एक अँधेरे कमरे में उजाला कर सकती है, दुनिया भर में धुप नहीं फैला सकती| अर्थात ये सब खुशियाँ, जीवन, देने वाली चीजें प्रकृति की उदारता और इंसानों के सन्दर्भ में मानवता की अमूल्य धरोहर हैं, इसलिए इनकों पैसो से आंकने के बजाय इनका संरक्षण जररी है, वरना नैतिकता के आधार पर इनके उपभोग का हमें कोई अधिकार नहीं है|

    • Sepoy No 1446

      Whistle for the intro…pi pi piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🙂

      Bilkul UPSC ke jaishankar prasad lag rahe ho.. Badi taakat hai aapki lekhani me bhai.

      Bahut hi umda.

      Ye panktiya acchi lagi khaskar.

      जो रास्ता भूले शख्स का जीपीएस बनती है,

      here u got “distracted” a little bit.

      धरती माँ की कोख से निकला कोयला धरती माँ का इसकी संतानों को उपहार है, इसलिए इससे बनी बिजली पर भी देशवासियों का ही अधिकार है, ताकि इसे उन्हें न्यूनतम कीमत पर मुहैया करवाया जाए, इसी प्रकार टेलिकॉम के स्पेक्ट्रम भी राष्ट्र यानी देशवासियों की संपत्ति है, आदि..not actually what the theme suggests.U got trapped here, I guess..can raplace it with tribal rights, forest produce, timber first u involved state, in later its all nature..

      Aur sab thik hai..suruaaat wali philosphy ko thoda middle aur end me bhi carry karo..start was briilant hence u need to maintain that.

      otherwise accha hai..Second Nishant kumar in making..Hindi topper ban ke dikhana.

      • SUN_LIGHT

        thank u very much sepoy, dekhte hain kya hota hai upsc men…
        yes tribal peopal have the first right to use those resources thank you for pointing out.

        this time your essay was also looking enriched with the literature….loved this beauty

    • Namrata

      hi sunlight ..very well-written, engaging throughout, nice flow and structure 😀 nice sher in the beginning and very good different examples 🙂 ..few suggestions from my side:

      1. End mein you can write one or two examples which show that few best things in life demand a price (maybe not monetary though) will enrich ur essay and make it well-rounded 🙂

      2. aapne “aadi” shabd ka use bahut jagah kiya hai .. i think u should avoid it ..shows u were in a hurry to move on to next topic.

      3. kuch jagah pe spelling mistakes hain ..unko dekh lena ek baar .. 🙂

      overall it was an excellent read .. keep writing and reviewing 🙂

      • SUN_LIGHT

        thanks namrta, spelling mistakes were due to typing, typing in devnagri is tough work, usually i hardly make any spelling mistake in hindi (little bit over confidence) and agree with the point of second side examples which costs us, aadi word ke upar bhi thoda vichar karunga, thank u very much

  • Namrata

    Please Review!!

    “The best things in life are free”. Reading this, the first thought that comes to one’s mind is what exactly is the definition of ‘the best things in life’. The mind would say, “Oh, it’s simple. Whatever gives you immense happiness, satisfaction and pleasure are the best things in life”. But the truth of the matter is that there is no single definition of this phrase. It depends from person to person and varies according to his present level of satisfaction, his immediate needs and future aspirations and above all his perspective of the road to immense happiness. Talk of early man, he was happy when he came across fruits on trees to satisfy his hunger or a cave for taking shelter from bad weather or when he invented fire and then learnt to cook his meal. Those were the best things in his life because they met his needs. Comparing his life with today, these basic necessities would probably be able to make only a downtrodden happy and that too only partially. Over the centuries, man has evolved and so has his desires and way of defining happiness and satisfaction. Ask a UPSC aspirant and the best thing in his life would be emerging a topper in the examination. For a businessman, the best thing would be too expand his business as much as possible with loads of profit credited to his account. Some may say that more than having money, having values like honesty, integrity, love, affection, care and respect towards humanity and inculcating those values in your offspring so that they turn to become good human beings is the world’s best thing in life. For some, having loving parents and a caring family means all that they could wish for. So, it all lies in one’s perception as to what he or she values the most to rate them as the best things of his or her life. Feeding the first thought that arose in mind with somewhat suitable answer, the next question comes to mind: Are these and other best things in life for free or do we pay a price for them?

    For our forefathers, the liberation of India from the colonial rule was the best thing that could have happened in an Indian’s life. To see their children and grandchildren breathe in independent India was the soul dream they lived for. Today we are a free, democratic and secular republic, respiring in that independent India, fulfilling our ancestors’
    dreams. This ‘best thing’ definitely did not come for free. It came at a huge price paid by our freedom fighters and leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Bipin Chandra Pal, Lala Lajpat Rai and the list of names could run into several bulky books. Sacrifice by commoners can also not go unnoticed, be it their massacre at Jallianwala Bagh or forced upon them by making them participate in the world wars. Very close to the independence, the unfortunate partition of India to form Pakistan and the consequent communal riots of 1947-48, which forced people to flee for their lives and take shelters in refugee camps, facing separation from their loved ones, demonstrates just the tip of the iceberg of the prices paid by the people to attain India’s independence.

    Since time immemorial, natural resources like pure air and potable water, crucial to existence of life on earth were available free to mankind. But in recent decades, it has been observed that quality of air and water has been continuously deteriorating, mainly due to anthropogenic activities. In this context, to say that these ‘best things’ crucial to life are free would be a rhetoric as can be seen in case of China. Recently, the air quality of Beijing had deteriorated to such extreme levels that a new business to sell packaged pure air is on the rise. So now not even pure air to breathe is available free of cost. Drinking water also have been so polluted that sale of packaged mineral water is continuously increasing. Similarly, during early times, the beauty of nature could be enjoyed anywhere but owing to increased deforestation and rapid industrialization, one needs to buy a ticket today to a hill station or a national park to enjoy the same love of nature which was once available for free.

    Some people may argue that having a family is the best thing in anyone’s life that comes for free as it is God who chose them to be blessed with this immense happiness and they did not have to pay any price for being born into their respective families. Well, they need to rethink this notion. Like every other thing in life, this too has the other side of the coin. A baby girl born into an impoverished family pays the price either before being born in the form of female infanticide or after being born in the form of sacrifice on her education so that her brother can receive education with whatever money her family can afford. That girl maybe sent off as a child bride or in worst case scenario can submit herself forcefully or willingly to prostitution to own responsibility of her family. Children of the downtrodden families may not find their families to be best things in life and even if they do, they have to pay a heavy price to be a part of that family. They are deprived of education, basic health facilities, employment opportunities and therefore, may even resort to beggary and theft.

    Thus, one can say that the best things in life are not usually free but can be made free with collective human efforts. Education can be made free with proper implementation of Right to Education Act as well as civil society’s contribution. Government’s initiative to make employment opportunities easily accessible to the poor in rural households through MGNREGA was a remarkable step but its proper implementation still needs to be achieved by addressing lacuna like timely payment of wages. Further, more recent governmental initiatives like Skill India and Start-Up India should be actively promoted so that more people become employed. In order to make pure air available ‘once again for free’, the international community must take responsibility to seriously implement their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) to achieve the high-scale targets pledged at the Paris summit. Such measures would help people to fulfill their aspirations and reduce the price being paid by them to attain such ‘best things in life’. And sooner or later, the world would progress towards attaining immense happiness, where one would indeed be able to say, ” Yes the best things in life are free”.

    • BPS

      Very good essay….maintained the coherency….you gave a different perspective than mine….so plz review my essay too

      • Namrata

        thanku for review BPS ..yeah sure 🙂

        • megha34

          nice one please review mine

          • Namrata

            thanks .. yeah sure 🙂

    • rajan

      Thank god somebody agrees with me that the best things are not free.
      Very coherent and good examples.
      Could you review mine too ?

      • Namrata

        thanku for review rajan ..yeah sure 🙂

    • Sepoy No 1446

      You took a very different approach..many a time going against the stated themes.

      I particularly liked your intro. It was engaging and with great flow.. But from this point I think you went a bit side-tracked.

      “Ask a UPSC aspirant and the best thing in his life would be emerging a topper in the examination”.

      I think we need to point out the free things..There is always a subjectivity involved which you have referred many a times in ur essasy (“The perception point”)..But won”t u agree that everyone needs subjectivity involved is essential and it is free..then u can explore the inter-personal relations, social dimensions, spirituality,peace,happiness etc..and how one can achieve them without paying huge money..this you have done good upto certain extent.

      What I found good is : impressive write-up, great analytics, good control over expression and contents,,flow is also nice. Its just ur essay got little off track.

      • Namrata

        thanks for ur valuable review sepoy ..yes i have written against the topic primarily ..

        regarding the upsc aspirant wala point and thereafter, i was trying to bring out the different definitions of “best things” in different lives ..

        yup mine was not as philosophical as urs .. will try working over that angle ..thankuu !! 🙂

    • Batman

      Hi Namrata, the example or air/water was exemplary!!
      What i find is in the intro, you have given too may dimensions that may be classified as ‘free’ but the commencing body only includes the things that are not free, so try to bring a little balance. Though I had thought on the same lines but I have added the dimension that you missed.
      One suggestion, I think it was given by Insights on some essay. Try to keep your para a little short so that you can put a greater number of ideas. KWAR 🙂

      • Namrata

        yo batman .. yeah read ur essay ..although i tried to balance out in the conclusion but seems did not come well ..will relook into it .. and okay short paras ..point noted 🙂

        Thanks a lot for valuable review ..keep writing (which u do :P) and reviewing (which again u do 😛 ) 😀

    • Himaanshu

      – I simply enjoyed reading this writing
      – got lots of new points to add in my writing like that freedom fighters wala and specially beijing wala point where fresh air is also being sold. Good
      – The issue of girl child is well presented.
      – I am not too sure about the length of the essay. Ye jaldi khtm ho gya yaa I wanted to read more.
      – Nothing to criticize for. Good attempt 🙂

      • Namrata

        thanks for review himanshu 🙂 and length of essay was around 1100 words 😛

    • Night Fury

      Hi Namrata,
      I have written my essay on the same lines, incorporating the cost factor for the best things.
      your is truly multidimensional, u gave many examples !
      I learned few new things, so thanks for that 😀
      flow is brilliant.
      Just in conclusion I personally believe to put philosophical touch more
      yours is different. liked it !!
      Please read mine as and when you feel free to review. thanks 🙂
      and you write well !! 😀

      • Namrata

        Thanks for review fury .. 🙂 yeah sure 🙂

    • Lord Tuktuk

      brilliant start, mjhe laga!! mera bhi aisa hi perspective tha but i started differently kyunki motherhood mere mind me ghum rha tha!!
      thankgod, UPSC aspirant se negativity link nhi ki 😛
      issue of female infanticide was very good!! mjhe sahi laga!! connect bhi hua!
      actually you have mainly trid to prove ki nothing is free!! 😀 but sabka apna dimension hai!! you did good!! as you connencted INDC and start ups!! so justify acha ho gya!! 🙂
      baki rest, flow was too good! liked it!!
      Keep writing and reviewing whenever i write 🙂

      • Namrata

        thanks for such kind review tuktuk .. 🙂

        • Lord Tuktuk

          ahh please!! dont mention! 🙂

  • BPS

    Eradication of polio has been one of the greatest achievements of India in the domain of public health. One of the contributory factors in this success has been the increased awareness among people through pulse polio advertisement campaign. Amitabh Bachchan, one of the greatest actors of Indian cinema, became the face of the pulse polio awareness advertisement without charging any fee. His contribution in the campaign and thus to the society has been hailed across the country and it has further raised his stature. This incident once again proved that the best things in life are free. Similarly, human beings enjoy fresh air, scenic beauty, compassion of others, respect, freedom, value system etc without paying any price for them. However, with rise of materialism, man has started disvaluing them in his pursuit to material gain. This perilous path is against the essence of humanity and may lead to an unsecure future.

    Air is one of the most essential elements for the survival of life on earth. It has been available freely from time immemorial to every individual irrespective of his social and economic status. However, the freely available fresh air was traded by human beings in their quest to industrialisation and enhanced standard of living. As a result, air pollution has now reached to a dangerous proposition. This result in respiratory diseases, reduced cognitive abilities of children, poor quality of life and global warming due to greenhouse gas emission.

    Similarly, water was also available in India in adequate quantity. But, the freely available water resources were traded for increased material gain. Over-exploitation of water resources in Green revolution belt has led to depletion of ground water table. Similarly, water pollution due to industrial effluents and municipal waste has deteriorated water quality of almost all the rivers. Now several
    regions in the country are facing water scarcity and the situation may worsen in future if preventive steps are not taken. In order to reduce the misuse of water, Government is contemplating to rationalise the prices of water. This illustrates how human beings have converted a freely available resource into a priced resource because they did not value it when it was freely available.

    The lesser availability of freely available resources has a disproportionately negative impact on the poorer sections of the society. It is the poor who are worst affected due to deteriorating air quality. They have to work in open which increases their exposure to air pollution. Similarly, poor households are the worst sufferers of water scarcity as they can’t afford packed water bottles. Sometimes, they are not even aware that their source of drinking water is polluted. Moreover, they have lower access and affordability to health care than the rich. As a result, the poor have higher mortality rates due to air and water pollution. Thus, the poor are paying the price of resource exploitation by the rich. This goes against the spirit of right to life guaranteed by Article 21 of the Indian constitution.

    Similarly, the ecosystem provides many intangible services such as prevention of soil erosion, checking desertification, acting as carbon sink and preservation of biodiversity. However, humans have traded these freely available ecosystem services for their material growth. They have overexploited the forest resources which resulted in anthropogenic climate change. It has now put a question mark on the survival of humanity in future if prompt actions are not taken for mitigation. Even the impacts of climate change are also not equitable. Least Developed Countries and developing countries face greater disadvantages due to
    high population, lack of technology and low economic growth. It can be said that the freely available things have been disvalued which has led to their scarcity.

    India has a long history of civilisation and a legacy of art and culture. Numerous dance forms such as Bharat Natyam, Kathakali, Manipuri, Odisi, Kuchipudi etc are manifestation of rich cultural heritage of India. However, these indigenous dance forms were disvalued against the blind imitation of western culture. Thus, these dance forms have witnessed a decline in their popularity in India. Paradoxically, these dance forms are being popularised in the west as a part of India’s cultural diplomacy and projection of soft power.

    Value education is an important part of an individual’s life. Value education is imbibed by an individual from his family, society and educational institutions without paying any price to them. It has also been argued that Indian youth have not been radicalised by ISIS due to strong family values and a tolerant society. On the contrary, the youth from western countries have been influenced by the ideology of ISIS due to reduced family bonding and prevalence of individualism in the society. Thus, value system and family as an institution has been respected in India from time immemorial.

    However, with the advent of globalisation and materialism, nuclear families are becoming prevalent. This has resulted into increase in juvenile delinquency, addiction to drugs and increased incidences of crime against humanity. Thus, the freely available value system and the institution of family have been traded for increased material gain.

    Even the personal relationships of an individual are generally underlined by consideration for material gains. Friendship and love has been relegated to a secondary position vis-à-vis material gain and position. Individuals have started disvaluing their civic duties like helping a road accident victim or a women in distress because they think that they would get late to their office. Similarly,
    the many people do not exercise their franchise. Because the franchise is available to all the citizens, it is not valued by individuals. However, this trend in not a healthy sign for our democracy. It can be said that social and political duties have been ignored by the individuals for increased material gain.

    Even in public service, the best things are free. The biggest asset of a public servant is the respect which he receives from his colleagues, subordinates and the citizens. But, the respect to a public servant is not linked to his salary or the position he holds. On the contrary, it is due to his devolution to duty, good behaviour towards his subordinates and dedication to public service. A
    respected public servant has greater persuasive power and social influence over subordinates and citizens which is beneficial for him, his organisation and the country at large.

    One of the greatest gifts of Indian constitution is the freedom of speech and expression, freedom of assembly, association, movement etc. granted to all its citizens. However political parties incite violence for electoral gains on the pretext of freedom of speech. This results in social tensions, violence and loss of life and property. The freely available right to speech is misused for personal gains of some individuals. As a result, the entire society pays a price for it because social harmony is prerequisite for economic growth and enhanced standard of living

    To conclude, it can be said that although material prosperity is desirable, it should not be at the cost of our freely available assets. We should preserve the indigenous art forms, value system, relationships, the institution of family and the environment. The free availability of these assets should not diminish their value, rather it should enrich it. We, human beings, should let the best things
    in life remain free.

    • Couldn’t relate to the polio example.

      The paras seems disconnected.

      I would suggest that you rewrite the essay with a larger Philosophical say in it. Don’t mind my suggestion. Feel free to not do so.

      You can review mine.

      • BPS

        Thank you boss. …would try to rewrite

    • Namrata

      Nice effort BPS.. my suggestion:
      Introduction: Intro reflects your “about to be” take on the essay .. by your polio eg (though i dont think that it is appropriate coz only amitabh bachchan not taking fees for promotion cant be called that polio was eradicated and for free .. maybe u can write from amitabh’s perspective ..the same thing but stressing a narrower achievement ..never mind ) i thot that the essay is going to be about that yes best things are free. But all paragraphs have contradicted it. So I would suggest to add an extra line in intro where u wrote about perilous path to humanity and all ..u know which keeps the reader onto the topic ..say add something like .. “for their selfish needs humans have converted freely available things ………” ..something like this ..will make ur essay gain flow
      Examples are good .. but connectivity to the topic in few paras is missing .. see as per my understanding paras should have good connection with each other as well as with the topic .. so for this would suggest after writing each para read the topic once again to see if u did justice to this ..
      Entirely my view based on my writing experience .. Keep writing and reviewing 🙂

      • BPS

        Thanks a lot for your insightful comment

  • “The Best Things in Life are Free.”

    The topic in question is one of the most debated as the terms are very subjective in itself.The definition of ‘Best’ might vary from person to person. Humankind through ages have created structures which has increased complexity and thus has further compounded the problems.

    Behind these complexity are hidden small pleasures which we fail to identify and appreciate.For example, Sleeping happens to be one of the most ignored and neglected pleasure. A good night of sleep is required to maintain biological cycle of the body.It helps in relaxing muscles so that we can work more efficiently with a higher productivity.And it doesn’t even cost a rupee.

    After having a good night of sleep, probably the next thing that we think of when we wake up in the morning is exercise and meditation.Again, a healthy physicality is ensured when we do so and again we are not charged for it. We can proceed with Jogging/Yoga/Pranayam. All that is required is the will power to drag the body into doing so.

    In fact to achieve a ‘happy life’ , a term very subjective, it has well been agreed that it can’t come just via possessing things but mental calmness and satisfaction is equally important.Happiness doesn’t come with the possessions alone but with accomplishment and satisfaction that comes after the possessions are put to some use.

    Also, this state of satisfaction can’t be bought by money or by delegating it to someone else. It has to be achieved by the individual himself.

    A research conducted in Britain has revealed that its the intangibles which have a greater impact on the quality of life compared to material things.

    The study suggests that a hug from a dear one helps in lowering Blood pressure.The study also reveals that spending times with close friends increases life longevity.A good family bonding is also found to help in overcoming negativity.

    The beauty of mountains, the wonder of grasslands, the sight of biodiversity has a therapeutic affect which soothes us.

    Nevertheless, we should always note that its never that ‘All the things in life are free.’It is when we understand the distinction that we will be better positioned to appreciate the ‘Best things’. We are all aware that the culture that we are brought up in necessitates our reliance on certain material things.There is no harm in proceeding to acquire so. For example, a house, a car, clothes etc.But, the problem arises when we fail to appreciate the distinction between need and greed.Every time we draw more from the society someone gets deprived as the resources are limited.Thus, a happiness gained by compromising someone else’s interest just doesn’t fit well.

    Also, if we look at it from a nation state’s view , we see that the citizens can only live a happy and dignified life when they are ensured of their security(Food, physical etc), livelihood etc. And this can only be achieved when the state forms and pursue alliances favoring its interest. E.g India’s oil deals with Saudi Arabia.

    We also see that with an improvement in Science and Technology , a larger number of services are made free to citizens.For example, Open course ware of MIT allows student across the globe to access the educational material virtually.Here, we see an attempt to revolutionize and follow the example of ‘Best Things’ by making things free.

    Thus, we see that all that is required to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful life of ours is an open mind and heart to let these beauty of world to flow in. It could be well summed up by the following quote.

    “If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us.”
    (Daisaku Ikeda)

    • good flow. Good language. very good examples (specially MIT open course ware waala)

      well balanced one.

      Critic : very abrupt ending. Plus I don’t know why is it necessary to use a quote in an essay. Better would have been if u took both the perspectives u used in the essay about the quote and write a balanced one.

      all in all a good read. thank u!

      • Thank you .

        Agree with you on ending. Kuch soojh nahi rah tha.

        It’s not that there is a necessity. Bas aise hi .

        Aapko dekhkar seekh rahe hain, sir.

        • sirji bezzati kardi sir bolke. sahi likha hai yaar, bas conclusion thoda sahi ho skta tha 🙂

  • megha34

    THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE RAE FREE – In todays materialistic world it seems to e little ignored fact of life as for many things that we can pay for matters a lot like a big car , a big house and related luxuries in life including clothes, phones etc..but still these proverb means fits in our life best if we certainly think about it .
    For example we can refer to a story –
    There was a girl who completed her bcom degree and went abroad to fulfill her other desires .This was of course a moment of happiness for her and her family but as days passes loneliness surrounded her and by even spending a lot of money on entertainment she was not able to buy a happiness for her which she got by spending valuable time with her happiness.AND THIS HAPPINESS AND LOVE WAS FREE that cannot be bought by money.SO one can say that best things in life are free and from our childhood we experience them .some of them are follows-
    1) CHILDHOOD – those plays of childhood and pampering of family ,carefree days and nights are free gifts of nature .In childhood one cannot buy a happiness from money as it is no value of child.
    2)FRIENDS- in life friends play vital role in whether in terms of our development ,enjoyment and to make us more social and all these are free in life .THERE IS AN EXCEPTION to it as many people become freinds for some benefits that they can obtain from us but these are quite avoidable and one can easily refrain them .
    3) HAPPINESS -The happiness that we get from our family , friend , iner satisfaction , relations are free. Happiness that we get from buying things is temporary and they fade with time but happiness we get from relations,friends etc never dies.
    4) INNER SATISFACTION -Inner satisfaction cannot be achieved by paying for it .We get it by working hard towards it.for example MAHAVIRA achieved it
    5)HOPE- A hope that smile can bring on anyone face or by faith shown in us by our family and friends is free and can prove amazing for us.
    6)YOUTH-The energy and zeal that we have in youth is free and one caanot buy it as it has to pass with time .

    So we conclude that many things in our life which are best are free in life .

    • Namrata

      nice effort megha 🙂 few suggestions:
      1. flow in more examples ..all ur egs are from philosophical context ..contemporary world se kuch likhiye ..widen ur perspective
      2. your essay seems like a gs answer avoid using points ..make it coherent and structured ..preferrably one should write essays in paragraphs
      3. and it may be by mistake or otherwise but there are lots of grammatical mistakes hampering a good reading .. so take care of that 🙂
      and very imp thing ..keep writing and reviewing (will really help in all points i meantioned) 🙂

  • manoj

    Plz review

  • niti


    Our lives are like a canvas stuffed with different colors and precious stones; some of them are shining with and giving the brightest reflections. After giving a close analysis we find them the most valued and free things in our lives. This is the fact. However the general consensus is that money should be our priority over which our capability to buy depends.

    The care and protection our parents give us, their values over which our personal foundation is laid is the most valued free thing we posses. Family and friends acting as energy booster facilitate our way to accomplish our dreams and act as a mental support. They are the best spot to release our tension and stress which a medicine- a priced thing, might fail to achieve. A touch by a loved one cures like a therapy. It is not only that they are priceless which make them free but the thing that they never demand a “return gift” from you. In a nutshell, the relationships we nurture are the best things in our lives which cannot be brought by money.

    For some people eight hour sleep worth more than their food; considering it a way to get recharge and refresh it is
    certainly the best. The value of a sleep can only be measured by one who works harder throughout the day. The intensity and frequency of smiles we give and receive defines warmth in our professional relations. Even a smile does wonders
    to rejuvenate a ruined relation.

    Natural environment, especially the air we breathe and the river come free to us. The natural beauty which attracts lakhs of tourist to its abode is admired by all of us.

    In all above said things the common factor is not only freeness but also the value they possess which cannot be measured in money. In the contrast, the person who favors a materialistic life finds it difficult to strike a balance in their life and fails to enjoy these free things excusing it for the compromise she/he makes.

    These free things paint our lives with different colors; nature with green color, red color of warmth and white of purity our relations are filled with, pink for calm sleeps, yellow for shining smiles and so on.

    However it is disheartening to say that it has become a human nature that we do not value which comes as “free”
    to us. A generational gap often seen in families shows cases of parents being neglected by their children and a point comes where they do not even value and respect them, paying a price for their love and care.

    The most dangerous outcome of this freeness we are experiencing is “changing attitude of our environment”, in other words the Climate Change. We have used our precious rivers as dumping grounds for waste materials and effluents; worsened the air quality in the name of development, threatened the biodiversity- marine ecosystem and corals for
    achieving food security and the list goes unending. Why we forget that we have lived and thrived in this environment that our parents and nature provides us. It is our responsibility to nourish them back as we have no right to exploit them
    mindlessly since they come free of cost.

    These best things should remain best in our lives and for that we should also give some return gifts to them. Our parents would continue to shower their love on us no matter what we do, and sometimes even without any expectation, here comes the role of respect and love we fill our hearts with for them. Similar is the case for our degraded environment where sustainable development concept comes in to show regard to our nature. This theory do not demand any monetary return but careful and sensitive attitude for the environment.

    Things what are now considered mere myths like worshiping trees and rivers were introduced in our culture for maintaining and showing respect for the free services they provide but we have even started misusing them, polluting our rivers in return, deforesting our forests.

    Though they come free to us we should value them to get full benefit of their freeness and maintaining their dignity and originality. Spending time with our parents, staying true to our relations and respecting the environment we live in are indispensable to understand the true meaning of the proverb “THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE.”

    • captain jack sparrow

      hey good one.. please review mine

    • Himaanshu

      1- very artistically presented writing
      2- though first part of the essay is similar to others but yes second part is very well thought of and presented.
      3- Overall nice attempt.
      4- Have a look at mine. This time I tried to write a diversified essay with less ‘I’ 🙂 …

  • Ash


    The above
    adage means all the best things surrounding us come for free. Here “Best Things” remain subjective. Smiles, good relations, happiness, appreciation are amongst the few things considered “best” and “free”. The underlying concept here is ‘Things that MONEY can’t buy are FREE’. And there many such things that give us ‘REAL’ happiness. Ex. A child’s innocent laughter.

    Nature itself created many relations. A baby pays absolutely nothing to his/her mother for the nourishment and pain endured while in womb and during its delivery. This beautiful relation between the two connects them for a lifetime where a mother can sense her kid’s pain even from a distance.

    Man’s dependence on the society to fulfil his materialistic needs brought in the concept of money. And true! Money has been served its purpose well. Money has given us all materialistic pleasures but money can’t buy us ‘REAL’ happiness. It can definitely provide us avenues and access to it. When people go to adopt kids, they go to ‘adopt’ not ‘BUY’ kids. This adopting builds a beautiful new
    relationship. Inclusion of money in such matters has ruined the essence of relationships. People pay and determine the gender of the foetus and consequently decide the fate of it. Few relations are
    made by God and few are formed by us with his grace. Monetizing these relations and evaluating their future benefits will sooner or later have an impact in our lives.

    Many feel ‘if we have money, we have a lot of friends’. Most of the times true! But what is the guarantee that these friends will stay with us when we are not rich. Truth remains the best of friends are made when people are poor or in need. Hence, the adage ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’.

    The advent of money has brought in commercialization and this commercialization is everywhere. Every entity has a price tag attached to it. Things that are available for free also have a price. For example human ideas categorized under Intellectual property and can bring in money. I do not suggest this is wrong. Material pleasures and realistic pleasures go hand-in-hand. Problem arises when we
    forget the value of realistic pleasures to attain the materialistic ones. A man working 24/7 having air conditioned 5 BHK flat may not be as happy as a man staying in a 1 BHK with his kids and wife. Running after money only brings stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc. However he could have spent a little less time at work and given it to his family for happiness which would
    have indeed relaxed him.

    Humanity is a good virtue and capable of giving us a lot of happiness. This is a virtue that can be taught but can’t be bought, for the one teaching humanity would not be interested in ‘SELLING’ it but ‘SPREADING’ it. Ex. Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Buddha. And if it is being sold, it is not called ‘preaching’, it is called ‘doing business’. Our education system exemplifies this. Now many would
    argue, then how can schools and teachers survive if they do not charge for education. I would say, charge to a reasonable extent where it does not turn into business and the poor can also afford it. This brings in the concept of ‘altruism’. But altruism on what lines?

    Facebook’s Free Basic? Such altruism wins rebukes. Altruism in accordance to what Bill Gates and Melinda Gates have been doing for India. They donate and they donate for free. This definitely gives happiness and that’s why they do it because we humans do not/ will not do anything voluntarily that does not give us happiness.

    The advertisement and the business world have best understood this adage. A slight reversal with a slight modification brings it to “If it is for free, it is the best thing”. Now a free Dove Conditioner with a Dove shampoo distinguishes Dove shampoos from the rest and increases sales. At times many companies comprise on the quality but they still run in profit. Why??

    This is the effect of the word “FREE” which makes us forget everything in the world. We have tightly coupled money – free – discounts – price to such an extent that we only consider… ‘If it is free, we are not shelling out money for it hence we are benefited’.

    Aforementioned money can’t buy relationships, but did we question what buys relationships. Did
    we question why this world is transforming into a world full of hatred, bloodshed, contempt? Did we question why sons are leaving their mothers in Vrindavan with the promise of taking them back and never turning up? Are these not the same women who endured the pain to deliver their sons? Was this endurance their fault?

    Let’s try answering this question. This has happened because of the effect created by the word “FREE”. We assumed relationships just ‘happen to happen’ and when we see no benefit from them, we dump them. Every relation needs a level of commitment and sacrifice. Failing this fails relationships and they become a burden. How can we be happy when we made anyone else cry? Everyone pays his
    karmic debt and the failure to realize our duties increases the debt.

    We took our natural resources and environment for granted and we are bearing the brunt. Every time a calamity strikes we get worried about our near and dear ones. But we were never worried about our reckless behaviour towards the environment for our own luxuries. Now we are forced to negotiate in Paris. There too the rich do not want to stoop.

    Unless we learn how to respect relations, people, nature we will be hit, sooner or later because nothing comes for free. If we get water today that is because the glaciers are weeping and who made them weep is known to all.

    Another way of looking at the adage is by modifying and questioning. Lets see how!

    Are the best things that come for free long-lasting?

    If I see a baby smile, the happiness I get, is it long-lasting? Definitely not! If India gets free defence ammunitions from Russia (let’s assume, it is rather unlikely), is this getting ‘for free’ happiness long-lasting? Many would differ here unless we bring in the scenario the hard-work and efforts put in by our DRDO. When we work hard, we fail, we again stand up and succeed, we get true happiness. We put in our sweat and tears so this definitely didn’t come for free.

    Time! The ones who don’t value it soon realize even time is not free. Free time is always supposed to be utilized effectively because ‘an empty mind is a devil’s workshop’ and such individuals becomes a threat to the society. Sooner or later ruining their own lives.

    Back in school most of us would agree, our favourite period use to be the “FREE PERIOD”. We use to utilize this period at best by bonding with our friends and ended up making friends for a lifetime. When as kids we utilized the “FREE” so well, what happened as we grew up? We should always keep in mind two things – First, nothing comes for free. Second, every entity in this world can’t be monetized.
    Having done that, we should try figuring out who exactly is paying the cost for our so called “free” and after realizing this we should ensure that we don’t over exploit and take corrective measures.

    In environmental parlance, our developments should be sustainable and environment friendly. Our relationships should be based on reciprocity since what we give to the universe, the universe gives it back to us. May be it takes time but the universe is the best mirror of our acts. I do not suggest here that if a person misbehaves, we use the ‘reciprocity concept’ to wreck his/her life. After all,
    forgiveness is the virtue of the strong.

    Coming back to the concept of ‘free’, perhaps, absence of ‘free’ in the world transforms us into responsible human beings else what would have been the difference between animals and us.

    To sum it all, I would say we should be responsible towards every entity around us since we are accountable to anything and everything we sustain upon for this would give us real happiness that too, a well earned and a well deserved one.

    • captain jack sparrow

      bill gates example was innovative..please review mine

    • Sepoy No 1446

      Ash, good essay.

      I liked this particular part.

      A man working 24/7 having air conditioned 5 BHK flat may not be as happy as a man staying in a 1 BHK with his kids and wife. Running after money only brings stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc. However he could have spent a little less time at work and given it to his family for happiness which would
      have indeed relaxed him.

      Now few things I will suggest
      -Focus on intro, make it interesting and light. Urs seemed “heavy” and “dull”

      Put more of ur philosophy, ur observation ….the way u did in 5BHK.

      Conclusion PE work karo..practice makes woman perfect. Keep practicing.. You are very close to becoming awesome.

      • Ash

        You are soo high on privacy! Now I will have to find your essay! Soooo difficult! Uffffff! 😛

      • Ash

        Ohhkkay! Noted… Conclusion is making me sweat .. But then the ‘BEST THINGS IN LIFE DO NOT COME FOR FREE’! 🙂

        Thank you for reviewing! 🙂

    • Shaktimaan

      great Rupenzl!! diversified answer……….buddha se leke free basic tak sb cover kar dala ……….goooood buddy!!……… it like it!!!…………………..thank u:):)sory jyada criyics ni ho pata nw o essy writing…………PRM.:):)

      • Ash

        I love the way you and Fury call me Rapunzel .. Gives a very *Disney Princess-Princess* type feeling! *blush-blush* … 😛

        Reviewing yourz! 🙂

        • Shaktimaan

          hehe yo bud!!………….mera esy upload ni ho rha. may b techi prob………..:(

          • Ash

            Ohhkay!! Wait I’m sending Infy engineers to help you out! 😛

    • OK

      Note: i am a bad critique, but I can generate very good ideas.

      So let me give you some suggestions.
      Opening: rather then defining Best things for free, define best and free separately. They both have deep meaning. Eg. Pain is best for us, corrective feedback. But in your definition it is impossible to fit in.
      In opening, please give an outline, what all you will cover and on what logical sequence. Such that reader can understand what he is going to encounter. Otherwise he has to think again and again, are you in line with the topic of not.
      Body: content. You dedicated only one small para on the meaning of this phrase. Mother baby relationship.
      So about this para. You said, the love and nourishment from mother to child is free. Mother is not getting anything in return. OK, let me evoke some thoughts. Mother is getting a sense of completeness, and in my understanding there is nothing better than this. So, learning. Your opening definition is very narrow. It is not defining the free and best in its widest form. So you are limited with your definition.

      Now, other part of body. After one para. You dedicated whole essay to show the transition. How this world is changing. Then, in certain pockets you tried to defend the idea again. But then, criticism was too heavy on your thoughts. So, it’s good you put up the criticism and it’s consequences. But, first give a hint of it in opening para, balance it’s quantiy, and move in a structured way. Rather then jumping forward and backward.

      In the end. Humanity. You again explained the same thing. Utilise the space for some other aspects.
      In the end, I think conclusion is missing. You can give a strong moral message to your readers.

      Last but not least. Evoking a heavy topic like free basics in the last part shows that your essay is not planned. You are a progressive writer, means you write and think simultaneously. Sorry, for my deductions and generalisations. I hope this can help you.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      hey ash..use of examples were innovative..
      1.Structure problem..from money to friends and then again to money..there was a lot of thing written randomly to prove ur points of free..try to make it more segue
      2.I left the free part and you left the “best things part”…we need to do justice with both parts.
      3.I disagree with ur many points though examiner will not point it out so deeply but its better to discuss it here
      “If it is for free, it is the best thing”.-when we seee anything free,we cast our doubt there must be some defect in it or market is not accepting it that’s why it is free(dove shampoo)

      in contemporary times money has not gained significance and hence best things lost but best things were there forever and even after many centuries they will remain best things are not actually as u would have realised by now that most of us has written same best things
      4.Content was good but that can be put in a better way!!!
      loved ur examples and other crticisms of money..keep writing 🙂

      • Ash

        Hi Vivaan! 🙂

        Thnk u for sucha detailed review! 🙂

        1. Will keep in mind
        2. Agree
        3. C! you’re thinking as a guy! I’m thinking as a girl! We see “FREE” or “DISCOUNT”… end of the world! 😛

        P.S.- I was very overloaded yesterday so cudn’t review your essay! will do it today!
        With another promise coming sunday yours will be the 1st essay I wud review! u came and reviewd my essay b4 asking for it.. so payback time! 🙂

        • Vivaan Khanna

          its ok ash…reciprocation would be much better word rather than payback..thank you

    • niti

      very innovative free basics and bill gates and mothers womb..
      flow is relally good..i hve very little things to have done justice by including a number of aspects to your essay..plz review mine

    • Sonia mehra

      Dear Ash, nice essay.
      1. Mother-child example was apt and well explained.
      2. I found some digressions as the essay progressed. I found you focusing more on what construes a free service or goods.

      Overall a treat to read. Keep writing.
      Thank you.

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Very good Ash you tried to add too many perspectives… Intellectual rights,freebasics,baby in the womb.. a versatile mix and lovely attempt. Keep it up. Please review mine too ..but today only dear 🙂

      • Ash

        Yeah Sweets! I will review it TODAY itself! That’s why I wrote my essay early today.. to avoid backlogs! 🙂

    • Himaanshu

      1- Humanity is a good virtue and capable of giving us a lot of happiness. This is a virtue that can be taught but can’t be bought, for the one teaching humanity would not be interested in ‘SELLING’ it but ‘SPREADING’ it. Ex. Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Buddha. And if it is being sold, it is not called ‘preaching’, it is called ‘doing business’………………………. This is the ‘WOW’ factor in your essay. I read it again and again.

      2- Good to see that you have touched few other things also apart from dil, dosti, family, etc etc…

      3- Sum up thoda aur achhe se kia ja sakta tha.

      4- I like your take on this. Gooooooooood 🙂

      5- Now have a look at mine 🙂

      • Ash

        Thank you! Would love to! 🙂

    • yogi

      “best things” which i found for free in your answer
      1. Use of single lines quotes like “an empty mind is a devil’s workshop”–> good, u are true learner
      2. Small paragraphs
      3. Simple language,
      4. question posed in between to keep the interest of reader alive-> reason i did not get bored while reading u r answer
      5. wide coverage society(education, free period, child -mom , vrindavan, etc.), business, IR, environment and of course philosophy
      6. Use of current affairs-> like freebasics
      7. Realistic
      meri taraf se bas ek shikayat:
      1. My expectation of the conclusion went high while reading ur answer,but ended on a very general note( felt the same while finished my essay)
      u can review mine too : )

      • Ash

        Crash landing! This is a better conclusion Yogi! I use to write worse.. I’m working on it! I will sooooooooooon be there I guess! 🙂

      • Ash

        You don’t worry .. yu have my word.. I will not leave unless I review your essay! 🙂

    • black mamba

      things i absolutely loved in your essay :
      1) Everyone pays his karmic debt and the failure to realize our duties increases the debt.
      2) This is the effect of the word “FREE” which makes us forget everything in the world. We have tightly coupled money – free – discounts – price to such an extent that we only consider… ‘If it is free, we are not shelling out money for it hence we are benefited’.

      beautiful parts as per me 😀

      now the critic part –
      So as pointed out by OK, the progression in your essay is very good.
      but towards the end it gave a feeling as if m reading something on reciprocity of relationships and responsibility of human beings for their actions rather than something catering to ‘best things in life are free’. i think there’s a need for more backward-forward connections to the topic.

      on a whole your examples are good and hold on the topic is good. but besides progression in your writing u should also keep a firm grip to the topic at all times. i guess if u consider that, your conclusion will automatically improve 😀

    • Batman

      Hi Ash, you started well but I think soon you digressed from the “main” topic i.e. best things, you began to describe what are the effects of money in these best things and about the small details about best thing. Though, I won’t say they are not required but perhaps not at the cost of main ideas.
      But you analyzed the topic very well!!
      I think that in comparison to your previous essays where you used to insert details, this one was much better in that terms. So, you are definitely imrpoving!
      things like Free Basics, give a one line about it that what it actually is.
      Conclusion ko itna b chota mat karo.. atleast summarize the essence of your essay!!
      Did u cross the word limit?

      • Ash

        Yeah! Over-shot!
        Anyways thanks for the review! 🙂

      • Ash

        Conclusionz r making me cryyyyyyyyyyyy! Seriously I’m fed up!!!!

    • Sushmit Adigon

      this is a gud essay ,
      i felt in your essay you seem to have stressed more on “FREE” than on “Best Things in life”.
      Overall it was multi dimensional .However the flow was missing.I also felt there appeared bit of repetition.I myself cannot make out where the problem is ,but it appeared slightly one sided!
      Dont write glaciers are weeping.

      • Ash

        Okay! 🙂
        I was adding a new element with the weeping thing! 🙂

    • Lord Tuktuk

      1. Good intro! liked the ending Child’s laughter!
      2.little emotional but justified! 🙂
      free basics? upar se itna acha flow tha and you broke it all with free basics??? i dont know when someone is well connected and enjoying ur philosophical essay, why do everyone wants to include CA in it!! i know sabko GS karne me interest hai, but your half essay was philosophical and you just inserted free basics in it!! (ignore, if u have diffrent point of view but i’ll be total rational)
      again DOVE!! please read ur essay till u reach free basics!! i was going too smoothly!! and read after free basics! dove! why so current affairs?

      and now with natural resources you again became philosophical!! ok! lets see as i read forward!
      DRDO!! -_- ufff!! i personally not like this all!
      philosophical again!!!
      just read your last 3 paras!! you did well there again!! you did too well!! just try to imagine ur essay with these Current affairs and link some philosphy jaise shuru me, thodi middle me aur end me hai!
      You can totally ignore this review kyunki mjhe yahi lagta hai!!! acha likha hai, but beech me vague ho gya tha thoda!! 🙂
      rest, you have got many reviews too!! you can improve acc. to those!!:)
      sorry, if i m wrong!! KWAR!

      • Ash

        Thank you Tuktuk! 🙂
        U pointed out! I’m grateful.. 🙂
        No sorry needed ohhkay!! 🙂

    • Nitish

      You started wonderfully and ended it even better. But somehow, I feel I the middle you diverted too much towards proving “need for money” the culprit (which you thought was an underlying assumption), than focussing the “best things in life” (which was mentioned explicitly in the topic).

      But a lot of good points made…and some highly philosophical too (not my piece of cake)..Some CA in between sure does break the flow.

      Can’t give any suggestions except for may be bringing in some moral thinkers from Ethics paper to you already philosophical essay 😀
      BTW heads up…I will write from tomorrow 🙂

  • jk

    I think in this essay we can show that best things r free but to utilize them utmost we hv to pay and in that case role of a welfare state come into play for ex education,skill health etc…

    • dumbledore

      if the best things are free, then they are free regardless. and if they are truly free u never have to pay for it. so i think welfare state concept is not that valid here. correct me if i am wrong.

      • captain jack sparrow

        yeah right

  • Prashasti Srivastava

    If I ask a 10 year old version of me, happiness would mean chocolates, TV cartoons, new dresses & birthdays because they bring presents. But time & age have buttressed the realization that the best things in life are intangible. I believe each one of us knows that. But in today’s time & age, surrounded by marketing gimmicks & running on ‘treadmills of consumption’, somehow, we seem too distracted to notice what we miss.

    There is nothing wrong in obtaining pleasure out of material things. One can be a fan of gadgets, gourmet food or designer clothes and continue to realise that there is so much more to life that doesn’t cost a dime.
    Coco Chanel once commented that- “the best things in life are free, the nest best things are very very expensive.” The sad part is that perhaps our generation of young people are caught up in the desire for the ”next best thing” more than ever. And all of us, as a society, are to blame. The popular culture, consumerism, fast paced lifestyle make us forget that money is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for happiness.

    Studies show that human beings of today are spending a lot more time on entertainment than they did, say, a few decades ago. All that we did in a regular day- socializing, exercise, cleaning, etc.- have been made easier & quicker by machines. This was necessary so that we can take out time for doing more productive things in life like research, higher education, sports or art. And to give credit where it is due, we, as a race, have done all that. but it’s time to introspect whether we use our mind & the time to the best of its potential on a daily basis.

    The last decade saw an amazing technology reaching the masses- the internet. The internet has probably had the greatest impact on our social lives, ‘Friendship’, ‘chat’, ‘hang-out’, ‘mail’, ‘like’ became technological terms without us even realizing it. If questions like- when was the last time you played a sport or gazed at the stars or went for a walk- become worth asking, we need some serious thinking to do.

    Baylor University’s latest research found out that consumerism & materialism have made people more ”me-centered”. They even go on to the extent of terming materialism as an ‘addiction’ & a source of depression & unsuccessful relationships. These are worrying revelations. As the popular saying goes- “the things you own, end up owning you”.

    The good news, however, is the ‘best things in life’ are not lost. They can be found around every nook & corner in the journey of life. We just need to stretch our hands & grab them at every opportunity. Some of them are within us- love, loyalty, quest for knowledge, good habits, morals, manners, peace of mind, compassion, the ability to make a difference, to empathize, to overcome hardships, to excel. Some of these things come out of the relationships we build- trust, respect, good chats, laughter, pets, hugs & kisses. And yet more come from our nature & surroundings- beauty, a cold breeze, fresh water, stars, seeing a small plant to bud & grow. Gratitude fro what we have been endowed with makes us appreciate the beauty of it all the more. The joy of trying new things, some quiet time, a good book, music is what really makes us alive, much more than living.
    For someone in distress, hope & assurances are the most valuable. For an aspiring athlete, a few words of motivation can do magic. An artists redemption lies in the audience’s accolades. And all these things are free.

    When Mark Zuckerberg donates the better part of his fortune, half of us think that since he has so much wealth, he SHOULD donate it! what will he do with so much money? The rest of us laugh-off the news piece terming him ‘crazy’. What we fail to notice is the message his act of generosity carries. Apart from inspiring others, the sheer quantum of wealth donated, too hefty for most of us, underlines the monumentality of happiness that birth of a child or the act of giving can generate. The overwhelming joy belittles all the valuable possessions one has gathered.

    So, life is beautiful. It gives us unexpected things, second chances, freedom of choice, hope, positvity & creativity- all the colours & a canvass to paint the picture of our life; which just like picking up a paintbrush & painting, is absolutely free.

    People, nature & animals are beautiful.
    Love, values & good habits are beautiful.
    And these are the best things in life.

    (A review would be great!)

    • captain jack sparrow

      baylor university example was good… nice one… review mine

      • Prashasti Srivastava

        Thank you. Will do.

    • dumbledore

      nicely written. one point i would like to add is that u mentioned chat, friendship , email in a negative way. well we do all that because we want relationships and friendships and that is what this essay is all about i think. rest all is good. kindly review mine.

      • Prashasti Srivastava

        I didnt intend to portray them in a negative way, was just highlighting how they have transformed over time. Thanks for the input.

    • bang on intro… 🙂 But u missed defining those best things in detail……. u compressed them , and elaborated the peripherial aspects.. flow was good though……

      • Prashasti Srivastava

        I agree with the ‘compressed them’ part. But that’s just how I envisioned it. Thank you!

    • Sushmit Adigon

      hey ,
      really gud essay , i am pretty sure it is deficit on content .But your essay was not at all boring ,that too after reviewing so many essays.Ur essay has lot of fresh perspectives esp consumerism , tech -socil media point.u coudl have included environmental aspect.
      Intro was apt
      conclusion was great!!
      if possible review mine!

      • Prashasti Srivastava

        Thank you. That’s very encouraging. I’ll try to return the favour.


    There is nothing like secret ingredient, It is just you. Ofcourse everything is inside you that is freely available to you.You have to unleash the fire that is inside you. it’s a matter of just digging out what is inside you and that could be done only and only by you.There is no teacher or device or a magic which could tell you that what you want, what is your potential, what will make you happy and satisfied person. it is you only, who knows or can discover it.
    In this very materialistic world we are fascinated towards the precious things that gives us happiness, satisfaction, respect,compassion,dedication, motivation and other such things which are most important for an individual as well as a society and a Nation. But question comes are those thing which we get from out side at a huge cost are permanent or just momentary, which doesn’t last for long time and due to this it does not give you ultimate happiness,satisfaction, respect, compassion, dedication and motivation.The answer is no, These things are momentary only.So one should find him/herself from within for which everyone is free to do without any cost incurring in this process.
    Going through social and cultural dimension of this title:
    Human being a social person needs to be socially welcomed irrespective of any thing.Getting respect is the most important for any body while living in a society or community.As we have already known that, ” If you want respect from others then you have to give respect to others too”, which too ofcourse free of cost. Just being a rich privileged & person may reward you respect by others but not from the core of heart and you will come to know this once you become become a unprivileged and normal person. So to get respect it is important to respect others irrespective of their wealth, cast, creed, color religion, region and other such things.
    Satisfaction is not in earning money and accumulating it for future but serving the society, the nation, the poor and needy people, the destitute children and women.You don’t need money for doing this, this all needs an attitude, compassion and morality, humanity and patriotism which come from within you. You can not buy all those things in the market or from a teacher who cost huge amount to teach you all these values.
    Being happy is one of the most important thing that one needs in his life and this is ofcourse radially available in a society. A person could be happy by doing good things that is by respecting his/her own parents, and elders, serving the poor & needy people without expectation of reward in back.As said in Geeta ” Work is worship”, ” don’t put expectation from your work, just do your work”,. This depends upon you only that is how you take this line.Being socially accepted it is important to accept others like your parents, sister and brother. Leaving behind all the differences get involve with people in their happiness, their cultural activities and treat the world as your home.
    All above mentioned requirements for being a socially accepted person is to become a good human being and this is in ones own hand.No one can prohibit you from becoming a person with high human values, because these values are not available in the market and can not be buy from anyone else.

    Economical Dimensions; As said that ” health is wealth”,. Good health is the most important wealth of an individual which can be achieved by only ones own effort. People are highly dependent on high potential medicines and doctors at high cost which is a temporary solution for them and leads to more damage to their health.While there is plenty availability of best alternatives which are freely available in nature but due to reluctancy we are not able to harness the benefit of the nature provided medicines and methods to maintain our health. We have lots of natural medicine available at minimal cost or free of cost. Every one known that getting up in the morning and going for morning walk, doing exercises and yoga is the best things to keep us healthy but since these things are free of cost we don’t give value to them.Sun, which is the ultimate sources of energy including Vitamin-D is one of the most important natural medicine.It is said by doctors to get sunbath give energy to human body and makes more immune to fight with bacteria, then why not to use this free of cost available through out our country. Using sun light in our daily work(official and personal) can save lots of energy and investment.

    Education: This is most important thing as said by Nelson Mandela that “Education is the most important weapon that you can use to change the world”,. Today we see our education is completely commercialized. Now the sole purpose of education is to get economic benefit out of it leaving all the social, moral and ethical values behind. So every one from lower strata to upper strata of the society is blindly following the same. As said “parents are the first teacher of children”,.One has forgot to get teaching from his/her parents that are basic and building blocks for a good human being. Children are send to schools at a very small age when they need to be cared and love by their parents.

    Political dimension:
    Ofcourse in our constitution we are blessed with fundamental rights and its justifiability by supreme court that is freely given by our fore fathers. Buy using these rights one can serve his/ her society, then one wants to become minister and PM just by putting huge amount of money in the political market.One don’t needs to buy freedom, equality to help others, Every one is free to help other,Every one is equal to treat other equally. Advocating for poor and needy person, standing for these people, writing for these people and helping them to get restored their rights is in your hand which does not need to become first rich then help these people.There is no cost incurred in discharging your fundamental duties, which is great service to the nation.

    Learning from own experience and society and almighty nature: One can learn from ones own experience and from society, lots of things are happening around you for that you have to be vigilant enough to learn it free without going to a coaching for it.Kabir, Sur, Tulasi and other such eminent people like sakaracharya did not join any school. There are lots of business man, Scientist, political leaders they did not invest a single rupees to get the knowledge. It was their vigilant nature, passion and dedication to found the reason for something happening around them and to discover it.
    Every one knew that Apple falls down after getting detached from tree, but no one thought and have no curiosity to know why it happens. It was Newton who observed it but did put his curiosity to get the reason for it which led a big discovery. So one can learn from nature itself that is freely available.

    The fundamental principles that are fundamental values which are ultimate achievements or discoveries of human being are in the hand of ones own hand and can be inculcated, developed and applied towards making a best possible world. If it could be done then this world will be most valued in its values as social, cultural, education,economical, political and most importantly humanity.

  • Himaanshu

    The moment I read this quote I asked myself that what are the most important things in my life? And, I got the very obvious answer. It’s my family, friends, relatives, neighbors, natives so and so forth. The next question is- Did I need to pay anything to get all of them ? No, all these best things/relations are free in my life. But yes to maintain these important relations I have to pay a price. What is that price? One must have to understand that price doesn’t mean only monetary value but it may also denote emotional, mental and physical efforts one has to put in to safe and nurture these important relations. When we consider the same concept in a broader way we may find ourselves more close to an old saying which says – “nothing in this world is free” . But yes for that we have to see the concept of ‘price and cost’ in a broader perspective.

    Imagine you are shopping in Paalika Bazaar, Delhi or you are travelling in a crowded suburban train in Mumbai. Or you are having dinner in a fancy, 5-star restaurant in Bangalore suddenly there is a massive explosion. Hundred of people injured and equally died. What is the best thing for everyone in that situation? What is the best thing for everyone in everyone for every situation for that matter? The answer is ‘safety’ and how one would make sure that safety prevails everywhere? It is by maintaining and promoting ‘peace’ in the world. The world is fighting against ‘Global terrorism’ to maintain peace and security and to fight this war a huge price has been paid and will be paid in future as well. Again, price not only means monetary value. In this case the greater price is the human life and we have seen it in recent Pathankot incident. To live peacefully a price has to be paid, sometimes you pay for it and many times other pay it for you.

    The other best probable thing one would like to have is a ‘good and healthy environment’. Environmental pollution is the biggest menace to the human race on this planet today if we do not take immediate actions the existence of man and nature will be hampered. Lots of global initiatives has been taken to counter this issue for example recent concluded ‘Paris conference on climate change’. Very recently Delhi government has also taken a step i.e ‘odd-even’ formula to reduce the flow of vehicles on roads thus reducing the pollution. Now, considering both the cases we may figure out that a ‘price’ has been paid or will be paid to acquire fresh air to breath for us and for the coming generations. In first case that price is- comparatively lesser industrial growth to certain economies and industries and in second case the price is- personal comfort of citizens. So, even to get fresh air to live we have to pay a price.

    The condition of women in India has always been a matter of grave concern. Raja Ram Mohan Roy played an important role in getting the sati system abolished. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and Maharishi Karve pleaded for remarriage of widows. Gandhiji took interest in collective mobilisation of women to fight for political freedom as well as for their social and political rights. Recently also we have seen the successful passage of Juvenile justice bill in Parliament. What does it all suggest? It suggest that despite having a discriminative society against women there were/are some people who fought for equality and justice and it is because of them, because of the price they paid we have a much safer society for women. It’s unfortunate that to have stringent laws against severe crimes sometimes citizens have to pay a supreme price i.e their life.

    Lets move to some other individual but common things which one must consider best for one and see whether these things are really free or ask for a price?

    1- Relations – Almost for everyone their relations are the most important things they possess and they claim that they got them free. Yes, when it comes to parents and siblings there is no doubt that they are the ones gifted by the almighty God but than what about friends? Well, to acquire good friends one must have to a pay a price and that price may be in terms of time, love, affection, care, timely help, advice, consideration so and so forth. In fact to maintain the healthy relations with family also these things are must.

    2- Health – Good health is a secret of every happy person. In fact there is also an old saying, ‘health is wealth’ . To maintain a good health one has to live a disciplined life. The golden rule of sound health is to drink plenty of water, regular exercise, balanced diet and a good sleep. Now, the question what is the price one has to pay to remain or obtain a good health? The price is discipline. Discipline for following a schedule, for keeping oneself away from bad habits and discipline in maintaining a balanced work-life lifestyle. If one fails in paying this non-monetary price than one must be ready to pay monetary price in terms of medical expenses.

    3- Love – Ones love is something which is very dear to one. Love can be with a person, thing, situation or a hobby. Some people loves to travel and explore new places, some loves to write stories, for some listening to music is a pleasure. These are the things which gives a person true happiness and ask for nothing. But in modern stressed lifestyle is this possible for everyone to follow their love without paying a price? Suppose you like traveling and want to go on a bike ride to Ladakh. Will it be possible for you to get a say ten days leave from office? Lets say you get the leave but will you get it on a regular basis? The bigger chance is that you won’t get the leave on a regular basis or your employer will allow you unpaid leaves. In this case you have paid a price. In other cases also you have to pay a price. If you want to spend time in writing you have to pay an opportunity cost i.e the time you are going to spend in writing could have been utilized in earning more money to yourself.

    To summarize my writing I would say that the ‘Best things in our life’ ask for more price, the price which is difficult to pay. Today, people are ready to pay millions to built houses but not ready to spend time in their homes with their loved ones. Today, people are ready to pay thousands in their cloths but not ready to offer a blanket to a needy. The point here is that we all admit that its nature, love, care, relations, peace etc are the things which makes us happy and we have taken them all for granted and not ready to pay the price for these invaluable things.

    And yes if we consider the meaning of free, price and cost only in monetary terms than I would agree with the given quote that ‘best thing in life are free’ otherwise for me ‘nothing in this world is free’.

    • niti

      nice that u have opted for a different perspective..but i think in essays we cannot go showing only one side, it should be more balanced giving by both views..i agree that this is what the reality is but positivity is what we always cling to in essays especially (my personal view)..

      however u criticized beautifully 😀

      one thing i have doubt over “To summarize my writing” should we write this type of phrase in essays..its more of a blog’s feature i think..u may have strong views about it.
      nice essay..

      • Himaanshu

        1- Thanks niti
        2- Ya agreed. I could have included another perspective as well. Thanks 🙂
        3- Thanks again 🙂
        4- I am also not too sure about that but I guess we should experiment.

        Thanks dear for such a detailed and honest review 🙂

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.nice intro bro..something different …even when i read the topic i read it twice to make it sure it was nothing in life is free or must be best things in life are not free..but it was free only!!
      2.content and flow was nice from one perspective but the other perspective which u added in ur conclusion could have been given some know the price which we pay are nothing in comparison to what we are getting in matter if we are spending time with family or doing regular exercise…so something negligible can be equated to zero in mathematical terms…think about it!!!
      please have a look on my essay too if possible for u
      Thank you 🙂

      • Himaanshu

        1- Thanks bro
        2- ya agreed. Should have included another perspective. You made a very valid point . Thanks 🙂
        3- Will surely review yours. Give me some time 🙂

    • Ash

      Hey Mr Rawat! 🙂

      1. After reading your 1st para: Man! We think on the same lines! 🙂

      2. You could have written Leela Palace .. 7 Star though! 😛

      3. ‘It suggest that despite having a discriminative society against women there were/are some people who fought for equality and justice and it is because of them, because of the price they paid we have a much safer society for women. ‘ —- price usage .. would it be apt? They didn’t look at it as a price .. but if you’re looking at it as societal rebukes then its okay…. I think you should elaborate here.. When you tlk of great men or anything gr8 in that parlance … elaborate.. don’t leave it for the examiner’s discretion … u may leave a wrong impact.. I may be incorrect so FFTC (Feel Free to Counter) 🙂

      4. Lets move to some other individual .. Flow breaking I guess … y??

      You started with love and reciprocity then took it to security etc . then again you’re coming back! Same concept.. repetition!

      5. “LOVE” — point should not be a point … It is like you’re mentioning heading one being relations then health .. so love is involved in all .. u have yurslf agreed to it! 🙂

      Don’t include it in points involved .. love is a common factor

      6. Some people LOVE to travel .. not loves .. cud be a typo though … 🙂

      7. than and then usage refer 🙂

      8. Lets move part onward your essay gets a lil drag … Intro is good … See my opinion is the adage is ‘The Best things in life are free’ … Some1 thought something to bring this out… So lets do justice with it! Start with giving examples on that ..

      Then start with your 1st para …. That’s a total ‘WOW’ element for me!!! 🙂

      9. To live peacefully a price has to be paid, sometimes you pay for it and many times other pay it for you. ————- a big WOOOOWW! 🙂

      Conclusions I can’t guide … I’m working on those.. your 1st half is awesome …. I’m not gonna upvote… u flew your plane very high and crash landed! I do the same though but that’s not a reason to upvote…

      You should work on the ‘Build ups’ 🙂 Dheeme Dheeme go up .. I hope you understand what I mean! KWAR! 🙂

      • Himaanshu

        1- good to know that 🙂
        2- hmmmmmmmmm 🙂
        3- here we may differ plus second part of that para is related to ‘Nirbhaya’ case and I think that clearly proves that a huge price has been paid by a girl and her family to bring this issue on public notice.
        4- Wanted to cover more aspects so divided the essay in two parts.
        5- I would like to think differently here 🙂
        6- Not a typo. M Working on Grammar, keep pointing out mistakes 😉
        7- ”
        8- Ya agreed I should have little importance to another perspective as well.
        9- thanks dear 🙂

        Again we are on the same page. Working on conclusions.

        Understood 😉

        • Ash

          I love your point 6 and your honestly! 🙂

    • Isha

      Hi Himaanshu! So, start was nice- ur dimension was ki not everything is free and explored the dimension of costs incurred by us. Good!

      But flow was missing- see, what u did till 4th paragraph was the same what you did afterwards- I mean u explored the dimensions of costs. So, why did u segregated them- why did u opted to write the later half in points- that thing interrupted the flow.
      Next what I feel, the second half could have been continued after the first para to maintain the flow- what do you think? Coz these are in the same dimension & then ur terrorism wla exmple, then environment and then women security.

      Few grammatical mistakes were there, may be it was a typo- no problem then. Also, conclusion could be more better. In solutions part( I missed in mine 🙁 ) you can take one by one ur examples and provide for them solution as well as conclude the essay.
      & remember- feel free to contradict! I may be wrong since I am just blank about multi-dimensionality :p

      • Himaanshu

        1- Thanks Isha
        2- actually first I tried to elaborate the other dimensions of price and cost and than I tried to present various examples to support my argument. Actually to include various aspects I adopted the point format at later stage. But now I think it effected the flow of reading.
        3- hmmmmmmm,…. I did not think about that. Nice idea 🙂
        4- not a typo. Working on grammar 🙂
        5- I thought abt solutions but than dropped the idea. Well, in next writing will try to bring out certain solutions abt the issues.

        Nothing to contradict but everything is open for further discussion. Thanks Isha 🙂

    • yogi

      1. Ur style of beginning is too good to draw the attention of the reader- i liked it
      2. U mentioned names of some great people -> i missed that
      3. Enough dimensions covered in details –> the best part of ur answer, but u could have adopted some sort of linking between paragraphs like linking the starting of next para with the beginning of next one (i found that missing at some places)
      4. Use of daily life examples — good
      5. Concluding lines are touching
      Just one suggestion: u could have added some ways by which people can get the best things without misinterpreting the word free..
      keep writing .and reviewing.:)

      • Himaanshu

        1- Thanks bro
        2- hmmmm 🙂
        3- thanks. Agreed with your observation 🙂
        4- thanks
        5- nice to know that u liked it 🙂
        6- Ya I should have included other side also. Thanks buddy fr the detailed review 🙂

    • Batman

      Hi Himaanshu Bhai 🙂
      Really liked the way you moved to new dimensions and not restricted to money only.
      “condition of women” wala para can be reframed to insert the element of “best thing”
      Further, you can add certain things where monetary aspects may get a return in future (reading mine may give you clarity on this aspect)
      From the two essay that I have of yours, only is very clear that you a simple person. You put your ideas in a nice manner and I can connect to them. So thanks for writing this wonderful essay. 🙂

      • Himaanshu

        -Thanks bro for the detailed review. Your all points are well taken 🙂
        – Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,… I am still figuring out that what kind of person I am? 😉

    • Rashmirathi

      you have touched upon the topic with a perspective different from the lot, i liked that part. only thing i think you need to work upon is the examples you gave in between ,try to weave them more into the tone of the topic , it is looking a little abrupt right now.
      please review mine 🙂

      • Himaanshu

        Thanks for the feedback dear. Surely review yours 🙂

    • black mamba

      our views r very similar so i could connect to your essay very well but you’v been even more to the extreme than me. a little balance is needed (as I’ve realised it also applies for me).
      Loved your use of contemporary examples.
      no other critics as such 😀

      • Himaanshu

        ya bro agreed with your observation. Thanks buddy for the feedback 🙂

    • Sushmit Adigon

      hey bro,
      i liked your into an d conclusion where you talk of house–>home .
      When it comes to body of you r essay -i dont hink it os necessary to write one para on health ,relationship , you should have given a cursory mention of it.Moreover relation , health can be strengthened vis money .
      Overall it was nice ,there was flow
      could u pls review mine!

      • Himaanshu

        Thanks bro for the detailed review. I will surely take care of the concerns raised by you in my next writing. Give me some time I will read and review your answer. 🙂

    • OK

      I got few more points. thanks for addition 🙂
      Overall it is very impressive, as usual.

      • Himaanshu

        Thanks buddy…. 🙂

    • Tanu Singhal

      The only fault I found was lack of connectivity that too at some places only.

      By adding women, envt., terrorists related issues, u did bring all the important aspects of social best, but it would be better to bring these issues at the end.
      Being a quote first focus on the ideas, and philosophy n then bring real life situations.

      ( I totally lack in adding examples)
      U r great at that.
      Keep going.

      • Himaanshu

        hmmmm,.. agreed that I could have presented the same ideas in a much better and connected manner. Thanks Tanu for the detailed review. 🙂

        • Tanu Singhal

          No need for thanks.
          See, I got to read something good for free. ?

          • Himaanshu

            hahahaha,…. No its not free. You have given at least 5 minutes of your life to my writing and there is a saying, ‘Time is money’ …. haha

            • Tanu Singhal

              It will help me in future.

              Going by real cost-benefit analysis, I benefitted more.
              I got to know about a new flaw ,any one of us can make ,as well.

              • Himaanshu

                ya its true. Its better to commit mistakes here and improve. Learning a lot from you Insightians. Keep going 🙂

    • Namrata

      hi himanshu .. good essay with good examples and simple expression 🙂 however few pointers from my side:

      1. women eg – after mentioning ‘nirbhaya’ then write about ‘paid price’ ..writing after rammohan roy and all doesnt present a clear picture.

      2. this is an essay, not a gs answer …so according to me personally, avoid writing in points .. it breaks the flow of reading and give way to mechanised reading approach.

      3. there were few places where u tended to be repetitive in order to convey ur points.. try avoiding it

      4. never while conclusion write “To summarize my writing I would say” ..this is an essay ..not a debate or speech ..just come straightaway to what u want to convey in conclusion without writing things like “i conclude ….” etc.

      5. The last para can be better crafted if u try to balance out on a positive note in a flexible fashion ..”for me other saying …….” doesnt leave the examiner with a good impression as it projects quite a rigid stand ..

      Overall great !! Keep writing and reviewing 🙂

  • Deep

    Kindly review friends.

  • Mohd Zucky

    Ram, a boy, is born to a lovely couple. At the time time of his birth he was in possession of nothing more than his body in which his sole reside. At his birth, he got a gift in the form of his parents. Ram is cuddled by them, feed by them and taught by them. He obviously live with his parents in their house so he does not have to worry about the house at the time of his birth. Parents were like gift to him by god at the event of his birth.

    Two days after his birth, he came to know that he can laugh. This was the first time when he felt some emotion other than sadness(which he expresses when he cries) and neutrality. This happiness was an emotion which will be felt by him when he will experience something pleasant or something which will be in accordance with his will. The happiness experienced by him is going to stay with Ram forever till the day he died. He may feel it sometime and may give preference to other expression over it on other time.

    The time Ram was born, he felt something going into his lungs. It was air. After sometime doctor adviced his mother to make him drink some water. Sometime he used to visit a nearby park with his mother and he really liked the experience of cold air passing by his ears. The time he was born, it was summer in the country. After few month, monsoon started and he was amazed to see the tiny droplets of water falling from the sky. In just few days the scorching heat of sun converted into cool, humid wind and it was like a present to him. All these seasonal changes, wind, oxygen, trees are part of his environment and was given to him without him paying any price.

    The environment, parents, happiness etc have became the part of his life and are the best things of his life. The interesting thing was that he was not required to pay anything for these best things. Some of these so called best things are shared by him with other people and some things were his personal like parents, happiness or the true love that he may experience.

    On the other hand he also experienced some bad things in the world. Some of them are war, pollution, sadness etc. For war he was required to pay higher taxes and even his beloved ones life. For pollution, the cost was even higher which came in terms of the life threatning diseases that he experienced. For sadness, he paid by his mental instability. Thus it can be said that whatever best he experienced or get after his birth was free. However he has to pay for the worst things.

    However, a very basic question arises that why are these best things free. To get the answer of this question we need to observe the world closely. The world is full of inequality. Now what has happened if people would be required to pay for the environment. We could have imagine the situation where the environment would have become the property of the wealthier only. A price tag on happiness could have made happiness costlier than the gold. Thus all these things are free, so that every one could enjoy the best things without have to worry about the payment. A poor have the equal right of happiness as a rich. Means of happiness may differ for both poor and rich. However happiness would be the same.

    Another point of view in regard to the best things could be related to the definition of best things. The obvious question is who define the best things ? Why are these things considered best and not others ? Perhaps the best things are not free but it is the other way round, which mean whatever is good and free is considered by us as best. It is we the people who define what is best and what is not. Money is not considered best because not everryone can afford it. Thus only those things which are free and could be afforded or enjoyed by everyone are termed as best things.

    However things which are free for us does not meant that their price is not paid by anyone else. Take for example the case of our parents. Our parents provide us with care, food, shelter but we all know that the price for all these is paid by them. The attention they give to us is free of cost for us. However the price is paid by them in terms of taking attention out of other things like their work or towards each other. Similarly, the environment, trees, winds that we experience is a result of the afforestation by our forefathers. In other sense, they remained underdeveloped and did not tried to harm the environment so that we can experience it. These days we cutting trees, emptying mines and polluting the air for the development. We may consider the technology and development as the best things and assume that it is free of cost. However our future generation would be required to pay for this development of ours.

    Sometimes we ourselves pay the price of the best things but at other stages of life. Consider for example the case of Ram. Lets assume that Ram always remain happy and cheerful. Everyone try to talk to him. Now why is Ram happy ? Because everyone behaves in a good manner to him. He always get what he want or what he deserves. These could be some of the many reasons behind his happiness. Now everyone behaves in a good manner with him because he has always behaved in a good manner with them. Thus the price of his current happiness is paid by him earlier by ignoring the mistakes of his friends, family and colleagues. Take for example the case of our country. The best thing that we have in India is freedom, liberty of the citizen. This we know is provided to us at the time of our birth (in the form of citizenship). However the price of this freedom, liberty that we experience, is already paid by our forefathers and the freedom fighters.

    In conclusion, it can be said that what is best or what is worst is decided by the mankind in accordance to their suitability. Also whatever we consider as best things are free to us only at that moment. However it could be delivery of the price that we or someone else has paid, or the price is yet to be paid by us or by our children.

    • Mohd Zucky

      I know there are some spelling and grammar mistakes as typed it in a hurry. but pls review friends 🙂 :_)

    • Mohd Zucky

      review friends

    • good points :

      Thos minute details were a treat to read. It felt like reading an abstract from any novel.

      The links that u formed in ur penultimate para was something many people cannot come up with.
      bhai critical review dunga :

      1) Grammar thoda sudhar. Bahut mistakes thi.

      2) Ram ka story was a little abrupt. I mean, u cannot specify ki ye example logical ho skta ki nai. Agar logic bhul jau to achaa hai.

      3) “The time Ram was born, he felt something going into his lungs. It was air. After sometime doctor adviced his mother to make him drink some water. ” — bhai beech me shuru waali kahani se flow khatam ho jaata. U could change this thing or modify a bit.

      4)Thoda multidimensional ho skta.

      Overall a good attempt. Bas thoda grammar, language sudhar lo and try to inculcate more dimensions, to u’ll do much better. Assuming that u’ve experimented the first time, it was really good.

      Hope this helps. Please don’t mind my words. ATB 🙂

      • Mohd Zucky

        First of all thanks alot mere bhai for reviewing . I wrote this essay in the morning and no one dares to review it. Yours was the first review and i would say its really encouraging..Coming to the esssay…yea i know bhai i got some issues with grammar. will try to improve it ..and can you please elaborate some more dimensions as suggested by you. KWAR 🙂

    • rrv

      Nice one bhai…
      1. But u r giving too much details like lungs and all. U must avoid it.
      2. I felt connetivity problem, toh uska dimag rakhna.
      3. And try to finish ur example in one or two para so that examiner will get a gist about it. Nd then right things apart from it. I must say that u touched many aspects but the way u presented through ur story is wrong (in my views).
      4. Conclusion is nice but dont start it by saying ‘in conclusion’.

      Rest is fine. Take care of ur flow and connectivity will writing.
      Keep writing and reviewing 🙂

      • Mohd Zucky

        ok bhai i’ll take care of those things. Actually that was one of my first essays so m trying to improve based on the suggestions of people like you . Thanks for reviewing 🙂

  • Appa

    Best things in life are free

    A innocent grin and a feeling of WOW a rag-picker’s face, whose nose presses against the window of a glittering jewelry room. While all those gold, silver and platinum articles have a hefty price tag attached to them, the smile on his face is priceless. In an increasingly globalized and materialistic world, price tags may hogged all the awe, but the inherent feelings and human emotions are essentially way beyond the scale of monetary valuation. They ought to remain so as no materialistic possession can ever replace the joy of gifts that nature has bestowed upon the sharpest of its minds. The best things in life are essentially free. The endeavor of this essay will be to throw light upon these ‘best things’, and that they are within the reach of one and all irrespective of what he may own in physical terms.

    ‘Best things’ may vary from person to person depending upon his unique tastes. A child wants a toy, a young man may well be looking for the latest car or a middle-aged man may be looking for professional success and promotions. But a common feature underlining these aspirations is contentment. It is levels of satisfaction that inspires us to take paths we tread. In all our careers and lives, we are chasing that elusive goal called success. Most of these goals accompany an increase in materialistic possessions of a person. However, the path to those goals is comprised by hard work, perseverance, excellence – a host of things that can hardly be attached to a price tag. Essentially, these things are ‘free’, these come naturally.

    Over past few centuries, an interconnected world has given rise to money economy. Every item has some intrinsic value vis-a-vis its use to human beings. Extensive gains in material world and human advancement has literally attached price tags to almost everything. Such monetization has not even left basic items like soil, sand from its ambit. All this has created an impression that cash or property possessed is the ultimate end what should strive for. Equating hard work with wage per hour is a highly subjective formulation.

    Best things therefore today are believed to be owned by a select few who have financial strength. A yatch, a flat in a towering apartments, sea-facing villa, swanky car, private aircraft or gold bars – have come to define the pinnacle of riches or best. Add to this corporate-led media and marketing tends to be biased in covering rich more than poor.

    Howsoever, complex the actual life may have become due to its blend with technology. It is its simplicity that is the best part of it. An iPhone may cost of thousands of rupees, but the mischievous smile that it captures, exists regardless of iPhone’s value and is definitely priceless. The thrill provided by nature via its scenic beauty, the adrenaline rush in a skydive or a deep-sea diving is absolutely free, Nature doesn’t differentiate between its individual creations. It is commercial exploitation of these activities that puts a price tag depending on the discretion of a service provider.

    A smile on a needy person’s face by a nominal act of benevolence is at the same time, human compassion and thankfulness at its best. Regardless of aid given, it is the underlying spirit that matters, not an imaginary number assigned by ubiquitous “market-forces”. Human happiness that undoubtedly is THE best thing everyone would concur with comes more from intangibles than tangibles. If a billionaire is bed-ridden with some serious preventable disease, it is his neglect of health and preference of wealth over health that may have led him to the current situation.

    It is values of trust, sympathy, compassion, kindness that despite being ‘free’ has immense value that should underline the dealings of material world.

    A batch re-union, the war veterans returning home, a team lifting World Cup – these moments are the true manifestation of best things about life and putting a value tag or even comparing them is to undermine them. At macroeconomic scale too, it is GDP-obsession that plays out in political discourse. Rather it should be human welfare – education, skill-development, health – that should be counted, which is done by indicators like HDI. Even these indicators may not be enough to capture life that is the biggest and priceless gift that nature has endowed us with.

    Lessons must be taken from selfless Nature in this regard. Fresh air, freshwater, fertile soil, lush green vegetation – all predate human existence. They don’t come with MRP stickers attached. It is human need (followed by greed) that has led to depletion of our environment. Climate change is one big example of that. Beauty is another ‘best thing’, the source of eternal joy that despite being evaluated in the form of auction prices of famous paintings, is highly subjective and above monetary parity.

    Human beings have to escape the vicious web of money-mindedness. Money is essential for existence, but should not be treated as the baseline of everything tangible and intangible. Spiritual existence is equally important, lessons for which are abundant in Indian philosophy systems. The importance of human dignity, equality, freedom, fraternity, justice and other ideals cannot be emphasized in terms of some imaginary number. It is much more than that. Ideals are intangibles as basic as laws of physics that must govern the tangibles.

    It is salaries and not satisfaction that can be measured and compared. Likewise best things in life come free, money can’t buy everything.

    • An Integer

      An amazing start, and an apt end.
      The best essay so far (for me atleast) !

  • Jaya Swatantra

    Its human tendency to give secondary importance to the things which are availed free of cost to him.But indeed the best things in life are free which truly makes ones life enriched.The beautiful bond of love,compassion,magnanimity makes ones life saturated with contentment and happiness which are heavenly fruits needed for salvation.

    “Courtesy costs nothing but gains more” and” love is the only thing in the world that lets us see each other with the remotest accuracy’.Compassionate people are invariably the most respected humans of the society because these souls are the highest platform of salvation.They knew the secret of true success that”The amount of money in ones bank account does not account for true success if he is well behaved,charitable to others,compassionate ,he is a success no matter how small his bank account is”.Jesus Christ,Mother Teresa,Florence Nightingale,Mahatma Gandhi knew the importance of these priceless but valuable traits.Albert Einstein had stated about Mahatma Gandhi”Generations will wonder whether a man like him walked on the earth”.These free values but immensely important values provide strength to morality which led to a higher order feeling.

    Animal,water and environment are part of this world.Our nature does not charge a single penny for providing us with air,water and other natural resources.The greenery,landscapes,rivers,lakes,chirping birds,butterflies and other vast creatures made our life vivid and colorful.We owe a lot to nature providing us with all free of cost.These resouces are meant for mankind only . “TARUVAR PHAL NAHI KHAAT HAIN NADI NA SANCHAY NEER ,PARMARATH KE KAAJ NE SANTAN DHARA SHAREER ” So devine qualities of giving,sharing can be learnt from our environment to a great extent.Nature has blessed us with everything meant for a comfortable living.

    But negating the importance of these heavenly values,incessant will to explore more human beings have already degraded these natural resouces to a great extent.Rising pollution (land,air,water) and dependency on non renewable sources of energy have put a drastic threat on the existence on human life on earth.Recent COP 21 summit in Paris regarding cutting emissions of carbon and emphasises on intended nationally determined contribution for checking global warming.Man who is out in search of better is making the things worst just like a frog sitting on the edge of an enormous swamp promoted by insatiable thirst promoted by greed,anxiety,envy,jealousy,competition,harassment and degradation.we have to pay heavy price for all this in terms of disasters,diseases and destruction.Rising terrorism recent Pathan coat incident and Paris attacks,loss of precious life across the world is glaring example of it.Radicalisation of youth ,ISIS,Boko Haram,Alqaida groups whose sole motive is to enhance terror.So what type of legacy is this?.The recent Hydrogen bomb testing by North Korea in order to showcase his nuclear capabilities is just an example of misplaced values and reigning in terms of fake values.How can there be peace and amity when people are living in an atmosphere of suspicion,mistrust and misunderstanding.

    Apart from all these there is one another aspect of the topic best teachers never charge anything.The leading examples are some sites getting students to prepare for higher competitive emams absolutely free of cost, insights,unaacademy etc.So its totally the extreme happiness one gets in serving others without any self interest.Recently Roman Saini under trainee IAS officer resigned from civil services for running unacademy sucessfully .So above all contentment matters.Parents never demand anything for the love they shower.

    The virtues of human life must be used in a way that leads to human happiness and prosperity.We must realise our duties as a son,citizen and above all human being.This humane is quite a big word.The best begets best so every one must contribute his share for a better living,better future and the things which are available free of cost but are immensely valuable should be given utmost importance keeping welfare in th agenda

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Please review…

      • Chandan

        I don’t know whether you like it or not.
        fourth paragraph were not required because we are talking about “Best Things in Life”

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.please give the translation of your doha…not every reviewer here nor in xams u can always expect a teacher to be north Indian or knowing hindi
      2.Pathan coat=Pathankot :P..i was literally laughing 🙂
      3.Use of examples is good but not overuse…we should know how to use them in right context.
      4.good that u mentioned other meaning of adage but first meaning demands justification..other than environment there are other aspects the essays of others you will come to know
      conclusion was ok
      PS-ignore those criticisms with which u don’t agree..please review mine :)…thank you

      • Jaya Swatantra

        ohh sorry Pathankot.. 🙂 … thanks for reviewing critically..and review your for sure.
        The meaning of Doha is that trees do not eat their own fruits,rivers does not drink its water .. saints and men of higher divine values are made up for others interests only….. 🙂 Thank you

        • Vivaan Khanna

          i know the meaning..include in ur essay 🙂 🙂

          • Jaya Swatantra

            okay… would include for sure… 🙂 but want to know how you relate with the topic so well… ??

            • Vivaan Khanna

              i think this is your second essay(and i reviewed both :P) and mine is fourth or fifth … that’s why u are asking this question..practice makes a man perfect and women too…so just trying to improve …keep writing after.. some essays you will also learn to relate..:)

    • Sushmit Adigon

      instead of starting it directly”its human tendency””u could have said ,,we as humans have a tendency, appears more polite
      when you talk of terror acts ,u should clearly state money cant guarantee peace ,but upbringing and other values would!!this is not clear from ur points!
      Happiness in serving other u could get better exampls then roman , use mother teresa

      overall i felt u digressed a little in the end,
      happiness doesnot come at cost ,,use philosophical angle to it!best part of your essay was urs intro and terror acts!

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Digressed!!!… ok i will improve …. thanks for reviewing 🙂

    • write a bit more jaya. U have taken way to much space for GS portion, which is in a way good, but try and include philosophical angle too!
      A nice attempt. M sorry but every week I have to say the same things, could have been better. Try to use the syllabus for coming up with more points + those points can always be simplified with ur grammar and your language. Ur essay was good but too small.

      Hope u don’t mind and hit back hard the next time. Thank u!!

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for reviewing its really very nice of you that you remind me every time… but am trying so please tell me and guide how to use syllabus specifically…. please do tell.Thanks in advance

        • no worries. It happens. U’ll take time, but trust me it would be worth it.

          I’ll give u the link :

          The best I could give. I don’t know if insights has given any strategy.

          plus try and be original. It will come with time. No unnecessary GS, jab tak it’s not highly imperative. Baaki u know how to, just a bit polishing 🙂
          Thank u!!

          • Jaya Swatantra

            Thanks… 🙂

  • David Ilavarasan

    In this money driven world, we think costliest is the best things than cheaper or free. This money oriented thinking is the reason to forget or not understanding the best to things in life are free. At first we need to understand what people are thinking as the best thing in life.

    For poor it is ultimately money which needs to survive in day to day life. It is own house , land , car , furniture and small bank balance for middle
    Class, for richer to be richest. Are they really best things mentioned by different sections of society ?. Yes ! It might be partially true as it is necessary but not best .
    so what is best things in life and interestingly how can we get it for free in this money chasing world ?

    Let me reveal the secret. It is nothing but all the things which lead you to be in happy mode always. Yes all those things can bring happiness mentioned but not permenently.

    Then what bring permanent and true happiness?

    It is “LOVE”. Yes it only ultimately bring happiness all over the world. All the problems in the world like terrorism, insurgency , militancy even a fight between neighbours because of absence of love. They forget or not understand the value of love which is ultimately free of cost to spread happiness on earth.

    Why dont they realise the value of best things in life despite it is free of cost?
    It has many reasons the notable is the illution is created that richest are happiest.hence everyone in the world sees the mere paper of currency as higher possible way of happiness. All the people chasing the money the round the clock. They never satisfied with the money they earn by comparing with better one. Worst thing is even government doing the same.
    In this money chasing circumstances , people are failed to analyse ” what is best things in life and how can get it? ”
    Though some spiritual leaders spotted here and there they failed to stop people from money race.
    Let me explain why I pressing love rather money. Take for instance one have bungalow , branded car, considerable bank balance. You may think now what need more to have happy life . definitely you need more why becuase money cannot bring peace if u earn illegally. Though u earn legally u cannot enjoy without your loved ones. It is because the value they have. Honesty gives peace, parents , sisters, brothers, welishers blessing gives you happiness, friends gives you joy and ultimately exchange of love gives you true happiness , good sleep , laughs , healthy and all other goodness for free but not given by money. Nature has given everything free to human kind. But we interpret the nature exploit as much as possible commercially. We have invented the money for trade convenience . but money has interpreted our life as a way to achieve happiness later becomes itself becomes happiness. Its transformation brings lots of worries . what to do to change the mindset of people ?

    It cannot be achieved by any individual or society or nation but globally can be done. We have to use the spirituality and rationale knowledge of people to under stand the pure nature of happiness and to get best things in life for free to have a lovely peace world.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.could not do justice with the topic…you made it love vs money…other than love there are many best things in life…explanation of second last para in the beginning would have made ur essay better ..
      2.Avoid Grammatical errors…
      3.essay lacks content

      4.In this money driven world not apt intro acc to me as money was the source of inspiration since ancient times…
      5.Poor want money and richer want to be richest to be happy and happiness u know is let me reveal the secret point sounds like preaching of baba…
      overall can improve a lot…since its first essay,so ok ok..keep writing 🙂

      • David Ilavarasan

        Thank u vivaan . keep in mind all ur critics

  • vivekananda

    The best things in life are free: from the time we are born to our death ( from cradle to death) we are provided with things which are free by nature likewise air, water,sunlight’s free to breath, free water is available to quench our thirst,free sunlight to dry our clothes. The moment we see something free with something we try to purchase it bcz we are being provided with free object.The word free itself had got its own fame which attracts all n sundry.but there are certain free things which can’t be valued like care shown by our parents, friends when we are in itself is a free gift make optimal use of it.

  • Shrunga Chandrashekar

    The topic has 3 important words Life, Best Thing and Free, among these words LIFE carries more weightage. Life a 4charecter word but most complicated; how complicated is it depends on individual. Definition of Best Thing is different for individual and many fail to identify the happenings are best for them. Free is something that comes to us with our perseverance, hard work, mental strength and not that we can buy with money. Human life most valuable and beautiful and first free and Best Thing we can get is Human Life, where there are numerous opportunities to grow, aspire, inspire and move towards limitless possibilities. Let’s try and understand more about the best things and how they are free in this essay.

    Amrita a story of a simple girl who wants define what the best things in her life are and what it took her to have them. She is elder daughter and very fortunate to have very supportive and encouraging parents. She completed her intermediate studies and about to join her under graduation degree at that time she started getting call from unknown person who was treating her to love him or else he would not leave her to lead a peaceful life. Her father came to know about this incident and he advices her to be brave and be aggressive if the person troubles her, he also consoles her that he would be with her at any situation. She gains the confidence from the words of her father and when that guy tries to torture her she will slap him and teaches him a lesson that girls are not articles to play with and they too are human beings and have they too have their likes and dislikes. Best thing here was her father’s words and support that gave her confidence to act against wrong.

    After that incident she will be concentrating on her studies and in the mean time she will find best friend of her life. Both of them shares a bond and are true to each other, they both will complete their degree and get in to job. As a time passes amrita will not be happy with her corporate job and want to do something for society thus decides to appear for civil services and she conveys her
    decision to her friend. She will be having fear of taking risk of leaving her job and giving a try, her friend nandu will console her and give the needed encouragement and confidence. Nandu believes that she can achieve her dreams and she supported amrita in her journey of UPSC, whenever she was low and demotivated Nandu helped her and motivated her. The friendship that helped amrita to fight odds and be successful was another best thing which came her way free and it took trust and care to carry it forward.

    From above we saw the 2 best relations that happened in amrita’s life and gave a beautiful meaning to her life. Other factors that played an important role are Confidence, Amrita believed in herself, in her decisions and worked towards her dreams. Confidence cannot be brought, it should be developed in the course of time. It takes little hard work but results it can fetch will struggle so negligible that it can be considered as one of the best things that is developed. Hope, the spiritual element that kept things going for amrita and that it kept amrita motivated. No one can teach us to be hopeful and we can’t buy it from market, it is the attitude to be shaped and once shaped fetch best results. Dreams, amrita had a dream of achieving something big in life which made to work hard and smart. Dream is not something that we get when we sleep it is what keep us working without sleeping or without being lazy.

    Other things that plays an important role in life is health, being healthy is not something that we get materialistically. To be healthy we need to exercise daily, follow healthy practices, and not pollute the environment that has given us so much. Being healthy is something that everyone wishes to be but only few will be ready to pay cost for it by choosing healthy way of living.

    We got to know that best things shape our lives how it did amrita. Relationships can be best thing in human life but it requires trust, care, transparency to keep it alive and human beings are forgetting about this due to which lot of social unrest is spreading. We know that environment plays important role in our lives but never care about it and keep on polluting finally blame government for it. We know hard work perseverance will fetch us great results but will never be ready to work.

    Human beings are most evolved species and have limitless possibilities but have turned to be disastrous by misconception. Human beings have failed to define best things and free, they have assumed free to be effortless and thus failed to work. We have always evaluated the word free materialistically and not realistically. Everything that happen will have its own cause and we should pay respective cost for it. When something happens let’s try to find the positive out of it and analyze the negative aspect to correct it in future.

    Best things happen for free but takes efforts to identify them and carry them forward.

  • David Ilavarasan

    Pls review !! Its my first essay . need your valuable critics.

  • Rashmirathi

    The Best Things in Life are Free

    Like most kids, I was very close to my grandmother. A wonderful lady she was. I once asked her, “Daadi,
    what are your favourite memories from
    the 70 years of your life? “. She replied,” My father teaching me to ride
    bicycle, watching the sunrise with my grandfather while going to the fields,
    holdin g her new born child for the first time, birds chirping in our aangan ,
    taking me to school in the morning…”. Her simple answer made me relize, the things that I considered
    so mundane, simple and took forgranted were the best part of life.

    In the present fast paced world of consumerism, we are so
    busy chasing one thing or another, and minting money day after day, that we
    often tend to forget that in the end, the things that are going to matter the
    most – parents, friendships, dreams, love , hope, belief, environment – come for

    There was a rich couple, they had a child – Rohan. Ever since
    he was born , they started working more
    than ever before to give their child a happy life. They left early in the
    morning and came back late at night. On Rohan’s fifth birthday, they asked him what present
    he would like? Rohan innocently replied, “Mom, Dad , would you please come to
    the park and play with me ?”. his reply brought them to terms with the reality.
    They realized , no amount of money or expensive toys could substitute the love
    and care of one’s parents.

    Today, we can find price tags everywhere—food, clothes,
    medicines, amusement parks, even oxygen. Discussing problems with friends is
    increasingly being replaced by expensive
    shrinks. The world has gotten so
    materialistic that the things we get for free seem small to us. When was the
    last time you felt grateful for your parents, good health, childhood,

    This is what the phrase – “ The best things in life come for
    free” tries to explain.

    Because we have gotten so used to paying for everything, we
    have forgotten that the best of life, even life itself for that matter, came
    for no money—it was handed over to us as a gift that we must forever cherish
    and never take for granted.

    A different perspective :

    But there is another side as well to this story. Because the
    best things in life come for free, we cannot start assuming that everything we
    need for happiness, we can have for free. Lets understand this through some

    Dreams : Ever since I
    was a child, I dreamt of becoming an IAS officer and serving the people of my
    country. This dream has forever guided everything I have done in life. True money
    can’t fulfill this dream of mine, but it will come at a different price—the price of immense hardwork, discipline,
    consistency, optimism , perseverance and blessings .

    The wonderful dream which has given me a purpose in life surely came for free, but its fulfillment will happen
    at a price.

    Love : it has rightly
    being called the most beautiful thing in the world,be it the love between a
    mother and child or between lovers. No one can tell what is it that makes two
    people fall in love, it sure does come for free. But making relationships work
    takes a lot of hardwork, sacrifices , patience and commitment. So , even though
    it is free, it can’t be taken forgranted. It needs to be tended to and taken
    care of.

    Environment : what can be better then living in a beautiful natural
    environment , with beauty at its best. The chirping of birds, the rising sun,
    the flowing rivers , they have all been given to us for free. But to continue
    to enjoy them and pass them on to our future generation , we need to pay price. The price of being responsible
    citizens who use natural resources judiciously and strive hard to reduce environmental

    Belief : it is said that faith can move mountains and
    rightly so. Believing strongly in yourself is the first step towards achieving
    your goals. But to belief in oneself one needs to constantly ward off negative
    thoughts, learn the art of seeing a ray of hope in the face of darkness and
    holding onto it with all your might.

    Friendship : one of
    the best joys of life and totally free of cost. The most difficult of times in
    life can be glided through with a friend by your side. But taking it for granted
    considering it free would be a grave mistake. Great friendships are built with trust ,
    loyalty and being by your friend’sside in their good and bad times.

    Sleep : a good night’s sleep is an essential ingredient for
    a happy life – one that we often
    underestimate. There is nothing more precious than a peaceful sleep after a
    hard day’s work. But remember he days when you are anxious, or full of guilt or
    depressed ? sleep seems such a difficult thing in those times. To earn a
    peaceful sleep ,one has to ward off complications, anxieties, guilt and
    negativity and make life as simple as possible.

    Conclusion :

    The phrase , “ all good things come for free, is very apt for today’s fast paced, materialistic world. In the words of W.H.Davies –

    “ what is this life if full of care,

    We have no time to stand and stare,

    No time to stand beneath the boughs

    And stare as long as sheep and cows “

    All we need is to stop chasing and appreciate the wonderful
    joys of life – parents , friends, childhood, sleep, hope, dreams, flowers, sun
    , stars, trees and so much more. Happiness stands at our doorstep , we just
    need to open the gate.

    But at the same time, we must realize that just because they
    com for free, they cannot be taken forgranted. We must appreciate them and work
    hard for them.

  • pink

    “The best things in life are free” is an ancient proverb which has a deep hidden meaning. This proverb relates to all the things money cannot buy. This proverb is closely related with the proverb “money cannot buy happiness”. When we are born on this Earth, the almighty blesses us with a full – fledged family. This family consisting of our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings is a blessing showered by the almighty on each and every individual.

    However rich an individual might grow, he cannot buy these relations. This is a universal fact known to one and all. Another important fact is that one cannot buy happiness.

    Happiness comes as a result of appreciating smaller things in life instead of crying for bigger things in order to gain happiness. An individual who is alone in his 10,000 square feet mansion can never be as happy as an individual who stays with his family and kids in a 1000 square feet home. A BMW is useless if you have no one beside you whereas you can stay happy travelling in a public transport if you are with the people you love.

    The proverb “The best things in life are free” also stresses the importance of another significant fact; it is extremely essential for any individual to spend time with his family apart from working all day long.

    What is the use of money which does not even permits you to spend quality time with the people you love. When you will be left alone, the money will not sooth your heart, it is your family, your friends; the people you love who will prove to be instrumental in bringing out the happiness from your inside.

    An expensive bed cannot help you to sleep peacefully and on the other hand an individual sleeping on the road side can have an amazing sleep; the reason is sleep will not come with money, it will come with peace of mind and this peace of mind comes free.

    Yes! money does help in buying things which can be instrumental in bringing about happiness but money cannot buy family and family love. It is god’s gift and it comes for free. The deep meaning that this proverb tries to explain is that instead of searching happiness by the means of monetary pleasures, it is essential to understand the fact that God has already gifted the best thing to all of us without any cost; in form of free blessings which every individual is endowed with.

    So it is essential that one always remains happy and content with his or her life because you can buy things but not the best things. Life on Earth will be heavenly once an individual understands and abides by this simple fact of life.

    Nowadays, for people living in our society earning money is their principal goal. They are convinced that money will give them everything they want. However, there are a lot of people who disagree with that. They claim that things that are really important in life cannot be bought for any price. But are really the best things in life free?

    First of all, rich people strongly believe that material things
    give them happiness. They claim that for money they
    can have everything they need to live comfortably and happily. Expensive cars, big houses and exotic trips – these are the things that most of us want to have.
    Moreover, many people are convinced that thanks to money, they can
    have many friends and that they will be respected.

    On the other hand many people claim that they do not need money to be happy. In
    their opinion, feelings like love or friendship cannot be bought for
    cash. Moreover, some rich people who in the past gave all their money to poor people
    or to charitable foundations, claim that they are happier nowadays.
    Despite the fact that they lost all their money, they are happy that
    they could help other people.

    To sum up, I think money is is what let us live comfortably. But I believe that we are the ones who give value to the things that money gives us, so inf we learn to give big value to small and simple things we could live satisfactorily. Apart from this, there are more important things in life than money and we must not forget them (love, trust,friendship… If we have all this we will have a fully satisfying life). They are the best things in life and they cannot be bought: they are free to give and receive.

    Happiness, health and success. These are but several examples among the many things I believe to be the best in life. And can they be considered free? Do we just screw our eyes shut, hold out our hands, make a wish and then wait expectantly for these things to drop right into our outstretched palms? Certainly not! The very idea is ridiculous. They are undoubtedly attainable, “best things in life”, but not without the price of determination and true effort being paid first – by ourselves.

    Happiness goes hand in hand with contentment, and it can be viewed through aspects such as the family, one’s working environment and our social circles. If this wonderful element were truly free, we wouldn’t be swamped with the multitude of broken families, resentful and discontented workers as well as severed or strained friendships that we are today. Everyone would be living in the most idyllic of havens … an atmosphere filled with joy, happiness and satisfaction! But is that a reality? No. And this is because theachievements ofreal happiness requires much self-sacrifice. In the family, it demands that a husband and wife always put each other and their children first, before their own selves. It requires that they love each other unconditionally, and are constantly able to forgive and to forget. It also insists that each family member put into practice the elements of patience, forbearance and responsibility. The same goes for the attainment of happiness in one’s workplace, and for the preservation of the precious, nourishingfriendships that are so dear to our hearts. Indeed, happiness is a tough and exacting master, who does not give without asking something of us in return.

    And what about our health? Are we take it for granted that good health and a strong body will always be ours to have? That, too, is highly improbable. If we wish to enjoy a body as free of pain and illnesses as is possible, we have to be prepared to pay a price for it – the price if discipline. Eating the right food, controlling one’s diet and exercising regularly are the health rules that come into the picture, naturally. But are they so easy to achieve? I don’t think so. It will require a good deal of effort on our part to abstain from certain foods we crave for, to work out a regular exercise routine and to stick to our determination for the best of a healthy body. Ask any ex-smoker, drug addict or alcoholic, and they will be able to extemporize much further, I am sure, on the high cost they paid to regain at least part of their health … a price which must have been gruellingto the point of tears for some. No, good health isn’t just ours for theasking. There is a whole lot of effort and sacrifice involved as well.

    Moving on to success – and this is certainly something all of us yearn for – this ‘best thing in life’ is without the shadow of a doubt one of the hardest things to attain if one is not willing to toil for it. Consider the many prominently successful figures we know of in the world today. How many of them got where they are now by chance? By luck? Did the gods of fortune just happen to smile upon them and send showers of success and fruitful achievements tumbling into their laps? These people worked to be able to hold the key to success in their hands. They had grit, determination and courage. They knew the road to success would be one full of twists, turns, prickly thorns and thistles … in short, that it would notbe an easy road to travel, but they were willing to pay what was demanded of them. And that is what placed them in the enviable positions they are in today. For students, success in studies will only come through plenty of hard work. For the career-minded people, success can only be ensured through self-motivation, creativity, competence and a driving, innovative spirit. And just how did the world-famous sportsmen and women arrive where they are today? Through talent, yes, but also through a lot of perseverance, long hours of training and self-sacrifice.

    To sum it all up, if the best things in life were free, this world would be a perfect Eden. We wouldn’t need to have any of the qualities mentioned above, such as discipline, determination, a loving, forgiving spirit and patience, if we could enjoy our innermost yearnings for free. And this is perhaps a blessing in disguise for us. The very fact that these things are not free is also a fact which has made many men and women the role-models they are for us, for they have instilled in their souls such qualities as are needed, to enjoy these ‘best things in life’. These are the people we can truly look up to and admire with all our hearts, for they got their desires through effort, and not as a free gift.The best things in life are undoubtedly attainable. Will we pay the price required for their achievement? That, I believe, is our own choice, and entirely up to us.
    I think money is is what let us live comfortably. But I believe that we are the ones who give value to the things that money gives us, so inf we learn to give big value to small and simple things we could live satisfactorily. Apart from this, there are more important things in life than money and we must not forget them (love, trust,friendship… If we have all this we will have a fully satisfying life). They are the best things in life and they cannot be bought: they are free to give and receive.

    • good essay. Try writing short paras + kabhi kabhi it feels one sided.

      Baaki no inputs from my side! ATB 🙂

      • pink

        thnx for your review

  • Chandan

    Best Things in life are different for each individuals,its depends upon their past and experience which let them to decide what is best for them,although as per the history of human kind,followings are the best things which are observed:-

    Salvation in the life is most important features of human life across the world and lot of teachers have given their guidance for achieving this and these were totally free of cost,Great teachers like Buddha,Mahavira,Jesus christ,prophet mohammed and others have given the sutra or theory of achieving this,though it is free but i would say these are priceless things.

    2.Love and Compassion

    When you are in love you are ready to do anything without any expectations,similarly compassionate people do not charge anything for their doings or help for and compassion are very important virtues of human kind which can not be tag with any cost.

    3.Natural resources
    Most important natural resources like water,air,sun,day,night,climate,temperature,rivers and forest are free for all.

    4. Ideas
    Innovative ideas which have transformed the world totally,in 6 mya,people were hunters and food gatherers but as they evolves they developed tools for quick hunting,as time passed they started living in caves and in commune,after that they started agricultural activity,Their thought process and innovative ideas made them self reliant.Ideas were totally free which was very important for survival and evolution.

    To stay happy in your life,you don’t need to have lot of money,happiness id state of mind which can be achieved by understanding the life.people with lot wealth and money can be sad because of their more desire or willingness to acquired more.but other hand person who is content with his achievement can be happier than others.

  • pink

    pl review friends

  • Isha

    People differ, so do their perceptions! Our perception of a situation decides who we are. Some of us consider life as a beautiful journey; some of us are like always complaining. People say, “They are rich. They need not to worry about anything. Their’ life is perfect!.” In reality, problems are their in everyone’ life- we can’t underscore someone’ problem as bigger relative to other’. One needs to step into their shoes to get a feeling of what their life is all about. So, basically its our perception of a thing- here, life- which decides our attitude towards it.

    That said, perceptions differ about ‘Best things’ too- isn’t it? A new born would like to have her mother around every time- that only would suffice him/her & making them really happy. A 10 year old would like to show off his brand new electric car to his friends outside- that would be the best thing, probably the best moment of his life. Youth have different logic- they need money, car, smartphones, & what not to consider their life best. In later stages of life, one realizes that its family, love, support, & health that is necessary to survive & to be happy!

    So, the question arises what is actually best, in general, for everyone? Can we generalize the concept of best things? Can we have a list of best things so that one can check if they are having most of the things from it? In ‘my perception’, yes- we have! These are small, little beautiful things without which life is meaningless. When small things fall into place, we can have great things easily.
    As they say, “Tall oaks grow from little acorns.”

    So, what these things are- sunshine peeing from your window crevices, season’ first rainfall and accompanied smell of pakode along tea which you requested to your mother; that beautiful tree along the roadside, that true friend of yours who is like always on your side no matter what! There are numerous small efforts like these we sometimes are not even aware of!

    These are indeed, the most beautiful things- that too, free. Saying, them as free probably means that we do not need to pay for them in monetary terms. True, we don’t need to pay. After all money is not every thing one needs in life. Even if we are willing to pay for them, we cant have them- we cant have someone’ love, we cant have a caring family, we cant buy nature from money. One earns them by one’ deed.

    We need to sacrifice, compromise, adjust to have happiness around. If one counts these as happiness, even these things are not free. Of course, there is no free meal in this world. What one needs to understand is the worth of different things we need and the cost we incur for them relatively.

    Another point is, can we expect a poor man to take these feelings, emotions as the most precious assets of life when he is not able to manage two square meals a day? No, we can not. From their perception, the best things might be to own a house, to have clothes, to have water to drink, to have proper meal. So, their life’ best thing are not free for sure.

    Similarly, expectations & wishes have no end. Probably, today one has different list of best things- let say basic necessities in a poor man’ words. If we provide him with it, will he be satisfied for all his life? Most probably, no! He will certainly be having another ambitious & big list tomorrow. So, its all about changing perceptions. What one need to realize is to have a look at bigger picture- to have a look at life as a whole.

    Life is a journey. How do we see ourselves, say 30 years from now on is what determines our action today. Certainly, we need money to survive. But mind it- money can let us survive, not live life. Life is about living it. What if, at the end of the day you are sorry about being rude to someone once a while? What if, you regret not to express your feelings to the one you loved? What if you regret not to spend much time with your family? Indeed, these are the things one thinks about towards the later stage of life. And if these are the things one regrets about at the end, then certainly these are things we need to take care of throughout the celebrated journey.

    Perceptions differ, priorities differ for everyone. But it is the end goal about which we strive for throughout. A poor man has certainly different priorities & needs than a rich or middle class one. But even a poor old man needs his family & their support during old age. So why not nurture these relations throughout & value them? Well offs can buy several things for the comfort, can take care of their medical bills- but even these can’t replace the support of loved ones.

    Taking nature as the example in today’ climate change & global warming scenario- if we do not care about the precious thing today, we’ll certainly wash our hands from them, tomorrow. Its our responsibility to keep a check on our carbon footprint so as to have the best things throughout life.

    Having best things requires effort- our time, mind, care, love- but it is truly worth it. The satisfaction one gets is certainly more than anything in this world one can buy. And when we traverse our journey to the end, we at last do not count the money we have but we certainly do count the good memories we made- as truly reflected in the following lines:

    It will pass you by so fast
    So don’t let it go
    ‘Cause only love will last
    Long after you’re gone..

    • yogi

      HiI , Isha can you plz review mine , i m just going to review yours..:)

      • Isha

        I did, please check 🙂

        • Himaanshu

          waiting for Isha’s detailed review 😉

          • Isha

            My critical take- hope u wont mind!
            I feel this way we can improve, by pointing out mistakes here in each other’ work- so as to avoid them later!

            • Himaanshu

              I am open to critical reviews Isha. Its important to commit mistakes here and get them identified and rectified by friends like you. Thanks 🙂

              • Isha

                We will certainly rectify our mistakes for sure. We have a cooperating group here 🙂

    • Himaanshu

      1- I still remember that I have to read and review your last week’s essay and it is in my to-do list. 🙂
      2- I liked your take on this topic. Few observations :-
      – flow of the essay is too good
      – that baarish and pakode wala example and the way you described that was commendable. I could imagine it 😉
      – more examples could be added to show the relevance of this statement in other aspects also.
      – perfect finish

      3- Have a look at mine. Today again I took a different stand. 🙂

      • yogi

        Himanshu bhai plz review mine , will review yours..:)

        • Himaanshu

          sure bro

      • Isha

        Welcome back Himaanshu! & yeah u have to review mine last one too- not urgent, take ur time 🙂
        For this one- this is my big problem- lack of multi-dimensionality! I hope I will improve with time. Good to see that someone can find something to connect with, in my essay 🙂
        Goin to review yours! Thanks for reviewing 🙂

    • yogi

      1. Simplicity -> the best thing in your essay
      2. good to see some day to day life examples,
      3. small paragraphs ,good
      4. liked the way dealt with the meaning of “best things”, which may not always be free for all,–> nice analysis which i missed in my essay
      5. Concluding lines heart touching.
      Now the bitter side:
      1. Many a times I felt that something is missing in the body part, as the things kept coming again again in almost the same way.
      2. More example could have been added to avoid the
      3. Could gave covered more dimensions,
      Overall i liked ur style
      plz review mine as well..:)

      • Isha

        Thanks yogi! I hope this multi-dimension thing I can learn soon. I too felt this when I finished writing.

        Keep writing and reviewing 🙂

    • liked it. It was very lucid, simple, flow was outstanding, the dimensions were good, not hotch-potch with GS (very good)

      It was a good read. Very philosophical. The only critique I have is your stand towards “perception” (which is the USP)in the essay MAY backfire. It was actually a good blog material (trust me).

      where did u find the quote? I am thinking of giving my own quotes with imaginary names the next time 😀

      Will that do? Loved the quote too.

      • Isha

        Thanks for taking time to review serious, you are such a busy person on sundays! That’s why I did not explicitly requested u to do the same. Anyway, thanks again 😀
        Comin to the review- thankyou for the appreciation! Actually not accommodating GS was the deliberate choice this time but otherwise I am weak at this- to include them in a philosophical essay.

        Was it really like a blog? I need to think about writing this, then 😛
        About the quote- well its a song! Try it- ‘life as we know it’ by lady antebellum. Wse toh I have huge talent to manufacture them 😛 but end tak aate aate I get just too much tired to show some talent 😀

        • haha. I have no problem in reviewing essays of genuine people even if they don’t ask for it.
          trust me it is, i write them too 😀
          ladki hone ka yahi fayda tujhe (I hope i can use this :P)
          Gaane bahut yaad rehte.
          i am a linkin park fan, so no lyrics for the essays for sure(unless it is about wars and nuclear weapons)

          • Isha

            Of course we are friends, no!

            Gaane ka toh aisa hai ki bs yaaad aa gya by chance bki I too listen to linkin park but not a great fan of anyone- rather a fan of songs I am! And for wars and weapons essay u cant use lyrics serious- that would be too radical 😛

            • serious will sound serious 😀
              Write blogs, only suggestion. This one and last one – Yu have it in you!

              • Isha

                Will try for sure 🙂

    • Night Fury

      Hey Isha !
      I liked our essay !
      language, flow so simple and interesting to read!
      balanced approach you took
      poor people’s not having the best thing because of lack of “money” was well put. liked it
      and conclusion is beautiful 🙂
      please have a look at my essay as and when you find some time.
      Thank you and good night!

      • Isha

        Hey I did, before you asked- see!
        Thankyou for the positive things you pointed out.

        & Good night fury 🙂

    • Tanu Singhal

      When I started reading ur essay, til the second paragraph, it felt as if m reading an article from a magazine, like brunch,which talks about life but not so seriously.
      So work on that.
      U have used exclamation marks and hell lot of other such signs, which is not the way essay is written in upsc.
      Second las and last parah is good, the philosophy is right, but u can add more concrete examples.
      U tried to explain whole of the philosophy via examples only.
      Sometimes that work,but after a time it became chaotic.
      All in All, u have a good idea of writing, but before writing start with a flowchart. Then it will be fanatstic.

      • Isha

        Thanks for ur feedback tanu, & sorry for replying late. Will work upon the things u pointed out 🙂

  • yogi


    “It was the night of month of December, I was passing by a park. It was complete silence and soon I heard a voice “come here my child, I got something for you”. The man in his fifties with a sack on his back was approaching me. I had the obvious reason to feel scared, but my premise proved wrong when a street dog with its mourning voice approached the man. Yes!, it was the dog whom the man was calling his child. I was amazed to see that in that shivering night, the man spread the sheet, shared the meal with the dog and slept there.”

    Some may perceive him as a mad man, but for me the man gave the message that for getting the best things in your life it’s not the
    necessary that you should have money. The man found one of the most precious things-“love” in that mute being and that for free (without money). This lead us the discussion of best “non-tangible” things that we get for free in life.

    Family, being the first interaction with the outside world, is that what a child gets into to set the foundation of his/her life. Here, we
    get the most valued things in our life, which not only are best to ourselves , but also decided the way how we would behave with others. The family teaches us the values of truthfulness, compassion, love, honesty and many more values. They do it directly by pointing out our mistakes and indirectly by inspiring us when they emulate and practice the same values in their life. Family remains our sphere of interaction throughout our life and friends and strangers gets added to form a continuous chain of relation having their own significance in getting the providing the best things of our life.

    Friends give us the needed “support” and “motivation” in good and bad times by sharing their happiness and sorrow with us. I am not wrong in giving a large part of credit to my friends, especially my school and college friends, who provided helped me in proving some of the best things like “education”, unconditional support in bad times, and taught me the true meaning of “friendship”. In addition to are those unknown persons whom we interact for a while a remains in our memory for life time, that is, “strangers”.

    The strangers can appear in form of a “compassionate being” when you are lying on the road after being hit by a speeding car. He/she could be a “voluntary donor” who donates his/her blood to us p in need. He/she could be one who saves life of many by donating his/her organs after his/her own death. He/she could be the one who gives us a freed advice, knowledge, share his/her experience with us while travelling by public vehicle.

    In this discussion of best things we cannot forget the basic necessities of our life, upon who survive our body. Nature is the provider of air, food, water, shade, shelter, scenic beauty and many more tangible and non-tangible things in return of just one thing—“co-operation”. For example , sun provide us energy, trees provide us shade and food, rivers , oceans, rain provide us water which are the things most basic for our survival. The best part is all this is for free, but unfortunately this “free” word is gradually losing its meaning in wake of excessive human interference with the nature in form of varieties of pollution related to air, water, soil,etc. This
    sets the ground for discussion on the things where the best things of our life are gradually turning costlier.

    The increasing crimes and terrorism has made our “security and safety”(things best to many of us) a costly proposition coming at the cost of precious life of great soldiers and public money . “Commodification” of “natural goods and services ” to control unmindful exploitation by human beings. Further adulteration of food items by addition of brick powder in red chilly, papaya seeds in black pepper, shows the blind folding on eyes of some greed driven beings for whom the monetary profit has become more important than the lives of their fellow beings.

    Indirectly, the so called free air is becoming costlier day by day by increasing air pollution. Sunlight is coming free along with harmful
    UV rays and climate change in wake of ozone layer depletion and global warming respectively. The free water of rivers is turning into drains. The free scenic beauty of mountains, natural flora and fauna has been mired with disturbance caused by harm to ecosystem by developmental projects.

    Even the best things that we get from our family and friends are gradually being shunned in wake of “busy lives”, generation gaps, negligence of our elders, eroding human values of compassion, truthfulness, trustworthiness etc. Increasing incidents of hate, communal violence, breach of trust by our beloved ones is questioning the free nature of our best things.

    Having seen the changing nature of things which are perceived as free, it becomes important to discuss some ways by which we can preserve the true nature of those things. Meditation, prayers and proper time management can give us qualitative life. Treating other the way we want to be treated is the need of hour that everyone should emulate in order to establish peace and satisfaction.

    Keep our environment clean not by words but by deeds and following practices that are eco-friendly like using public transport, “no to crackers”, using bicycle for short at least for short distance trips, switch off electronic devices, lights and fans when not in use. Meditation, prayers, time management can help in reducing the stress form the life and preserve more time for availing quality time with family.

    As rightly pointed out by a great man “before you speak listen, before you pray forgive, before you hurt feel, before you hate love, before you quit try, before you die, live. Keep smiling , life is very short.” The way that poor man found happiness in a street dog, we all can find the best things of our life free of cost, but not forget to respect the word “free”.

    • Isha

      Hi yogi! My views-
      1. Intro was nice- perfect!
      2. Family point and introducing friends and strangers their only provided a flow for next few paragraphs- explanation was good. We need to provide some depth & that u did.
      3. Nature example was apt & then security & safety too. Then you began to explore the other dimension- how we are just ignoring and not recognizing the importance of these free and valuable things, these days. I missed this in mine. You provided some solutions & conclusion was good, too.
      I found your essay a complete piece of work though few things I found can be added- like you can see the dimension I explored in mine essay though I missed many explored here by everyone. I found the flow missing in later half of the essay. So keep writing and we’ll improve 🙂

      • yogi

        thanks a lot yeah i got what i missed after reading ur essay, thanks for writing that
        kwar, sure we all will improve..:)

    • Himaanshu

      1- I loved your intro bro. Story is too good
      2- Good you covered most of the aspects like friends, family and strangers. Than you touched nature followed by safety etc. Honestly I missed this aspects in most of the writings however I wrote about them but in different manner.
      3- I guess you did justice with the topic. Well done bro keep writing.
      4- Review mine yaar. 🙂

      • yogi

        thanks Bhai, that was booster for me , coming to your to learn more..:)

      • pink

        pl review my essay too

    • BST

      excellent intro..are u into writing? if not where did u get the story from (intro one) ?

      • yogi

        It’s a real incident my friend ,just a month ago, I think it should be written so wrote it..:)

    • pink

      nice ly done .story is really good and well flow in essy .pl review mine essay

      • yogi

        thanks for liking the story
        will review yours for sure, thoda time lagega..:)

        • pink


    • Well connected, lucid and really nice!!

      • yogi


    • Batman

      Though I couldn’t think how to put my solutions in this particular essay but you have crafted it so well.
      P.S.: For me this essay should have been on the top, a must read for everyone on how to maintain balance!!!
      No critics, just elaborate the conclusion a bit!

      • yogi

        Thanks Batman,
        that was a bigger complement
        bas aap logo ka pyar hi sikha raha hein 😀
        will work on conclusion part
        keep writing and reviewing..:)

      • Himaanshu

        Totally agreed.. Its a must read essay 🙂

    • The intro was very touching and apt. I liked that story and it was fully in line with the quote.

      “I am not wrong in giving a large part of credit to my friends, especially my school and college friends” not hoga ki nai, confusion ho gaya.

      Thoda mujhe laga jo zyada ho gaya wo “nature” part or “human nature” part 😀
      Wo thode chote para me khatam ho skta tha, itna khichne ki (UV rays, ozone depletion) tak ki zarurat nai thi.

      The connection of the intro with the conclusion (Y) very good. M happy mera tareeka kisi ko kaam aaya(self boast :D)

      Instead of the quote, jo ki I find little less connected to the topic, could have been better if u could form more links with those examples in the essays. Zyada edge milta.

      The flow : fan ho gaya bhai aapka.
      All in all really nice essay. I have read 3 of ur essays and each time u give another brilliant one. This was one of the better ones too. Hope u find this helpful, ATB 🙂

      • yogi

        thanks a lot bhai, will try to incorporate your suggestions regarding conclusion, and being concise
        BTW it was my 2nd essay here, apne 3rd kab padha 😛
        anyway thanks for boosting, will try to write nxt week too

        • iske pehle “social political” karke break karke likha tha? Uske pehle bhi to ek likha tha na?

          • yogi

            forget it man! Why so serious?
            2 hi likhe hein

      • Ash

        I hope you understand what these upvotes mean! 😛

        • sorry?

          • Ash

            They are a reminder.. you have not reviewed my essay.. But then if u find time do it! 🙂

          • Ash

            After reading your ‘sorry’ I feel I shouldn’t have put it this way! So I’m sorry!

    • Ash

      Hi Yogi! 🙂

      1. Good Story .. 1st para 🙂
      2. necessities of our life, upon who survive our body — upon which

      3. third and second last para .. repetition!

      4. but not forget to respect the word “free”. –good
      5. there are few things that do not come for free also …. focus on them also… if you have plz point out.. after writing so many reviews my brain is giving up now!
      6. You cud add more dimensions I guess! KWAR! 🙂

      • yogi

        Thanks for review!
        2-> thank for that,
        5-> yeah i missed them , got them after reading so many essays don’t want to repeat here
        6.–> ya that is never ending demand!, will try to think of more
        thanks review, and sorry for brain! get some rest!

    • Sepoy No 1446

      Brilliant intro.Hooked up, there. Humanizing the intro and sharing your own feelings in the given context is always welcome. It reflects originality..You have done it nicely.

      Overall great eassay..engaging and multi-dimesional.

      Just one suggestion,,minimize the quotations..they are too much.. (” ” )

      • yogi

        Thanks a lot!
        will reduce the redundant quotes

    • Night Fury

      hi, yours is the first essay I am reviewing 😀
      I simply loved the content , language , flow !
      Don’t know if I have read your previous essays or not, but I really liked your way of writing. keep it up man !
      please review mine too. I don’t know what I have written :/ too lazy to think multi-dimensional today 🙁

      • yogi

        thanks for review, coming to yours..:)

    • rrv

      Finally i read today’s best essay!!!
      U truely broke the back of multidimentionality 😛
      You subtly structured ur essay and told everything one can write.

      I cant give any critic on it and must say that this should hv been on the top!
      But pata nahi log yaha pe kaise judge krte h… 😛

      P.S. thanx for reviewing mine, i wrote it in a hurry. But i accept my failure and learnt a lot from ur essay.
      Keep writing and reviewing. 🙂

      • yogi

        thanks for your words bhai, that was a booster for me
        yeah i had sensed that u had written ur essay in hurry,
        there is no failure or success as of now, we are learning from each other
        i am feeling the guilt of giving more than 2 hours on my essay , trying hard to cut down time

    • sankar

      very good……nice flow
      if you find time .plz rvw mine

      • yogi

        thanks Sankar, will try to do that but raat ko

    • captain jack sparrow

      very goodwrite up… in the first para i was picturing the scene.. its awesome… and then you connected it with the topic … however in the 2nd half of the essay your tone acquired a little laziness and i was waiting for some interesting story to follow up… but ot was i great ride reading your essay…+ make your conclusion stronger as the introduction and BINGO ! your essay would be just perfect.. KWAR..

      • yogi

        thanks Captain,
        yes i messed in the later half, will try to improve conclusion too

    • Lord Tuktuk

      hello 🙂
      intro ne senti kar dia!! i’m too emotional :’) brilliant i would say!!
      bhai you have good flow and you have written good in philosophical manner (i’m little weak in that abhi)
      bhai, i loved your conclusion!! totally worth it!! its the conclusion that makes or shakes ur essay!!! *respect*
      I’ll not be too critical much as i liked ur essay and that is what matters! connectivity was good!
      i dont know from how much time you are writing as we dont review each others answrs much, but you write good!! 🙂
      mera koi answrs dikha kare to review kar dia karna, i’ll do the same!!
      thanks yogi!! 🙂

      • yogi

        thnaks Bhagvaan !
        u are the first guy who loved my conclusion ,now I must “respect you”
        last line –>sure “DEAL”

        • Lord Tuktuk

          Yogi, just take constructive criticism from here!! i havent read baki logo ne kya reiew kia hai but i said what i liked! and ur conclusion is all good! no need to change it 😀 (although u can mould it in much better way if u want to and if u can)
          and yes DEAL!! 🙂

  • Krishna

    i would like to bring you notice, how to write essay, from where this topics are covered.? which books should we refered…?

  • moraya

    M waiting your reviews…. thanks insights . Its nice topic

  • thelaughingdead

    In a Harvard lecture, a professor as he was teaching his class, he brought out a jug and filled it with golf balls upto the brim, he asked his class whether the jug was full, they all replied in the affirmative. After that he brought a small bag of pebbles and again emptied it in the jug so that they occupied the space between the balls. He again asked the same question and got the same response. He then brought out a bag of sand and did the same so that all the empty space was occupied by the sand. Now when the jar was truly full, he went on to explain how the jar represented our lives – the balls the things that mattered, family, friends, health, education etc. The pebbles represented the secondary things – job, house, money, materialistic things and the sand represented the ternary things – everything else. This story tells us how we should plan things in life – we should take care of the golf balls and everything else is just sand anyway.

    This story represents what is truly meant by “The Best Things in Life are Free” – the golf balls representing family, friends, health, education, passion are always there. We as human beings tend to neglect the golf balls in pursuit for sand – the things that will not matter in the long run.

    Some parents neglect their children and put in extra hours at work just to make sure they are able to provide everything that the child demands, but they forget in doing this they are depriving him of one of the most important things in his life which no money can buy, that is parental love. Most of us have very busy schedules and give priority to our work over family not realising that family, the time that we spend with them is the only thing that they will remember us by. Even if the parents work very hard to buy their daughter a costly phone or a gadget, the thing the daughter will remember is the fact that her father came to her birthday party 3 hours late because he was stuck in a business meeting.

    While travelling sometimes, we see children playing on the street and then we suddenly go back to our childhood days where the evening used to be the best time of the day where we could go out and play with our friends. Even if you buy the most expensive toys for children, the most fun they will have is while running around with their friends outside and not on their gaming console with in rooms. All this can not be bought for a price.

    At Diwali, every year my father tells me his story, how they used to make Diwali lights and ‘anars’ on their own and how every year at the day of the festival, a bulb used to go off in the lights and they had to test each bulb one by one to figure out the defective bulb. He also mentions how they used to sleep on the playground during the night just to get the center pitch on a Sunday morning to play cricket in. In all these stories and even when we reminiscence about the days gone by, we always remember how we felt – the emotions flowing through us, not what we had achieved.

    Nowadays there is an ad campaign going on in the television where the husband says “why are you so happy about the second hand car we just bought” and the wife replies “so what it is second hand, for us it is our first”, this signifies that the most important thing in life – happiness is free and it needs to be found, no amount of material possessions will ever give one the happiness that one deserves in life. History shows that most great men and women have practiced great abstinence in life to make their lives truly happy and worthwhile. The great Buddha abandoned his kingdom for attaining true happiness (enlightenment) and sought out to spread this knowledge to the world. Even the great Mahavira practiced great abstinence in search for this true happiness and salvation.

    Having said that, it is very important to realise that the golf balls are made out of pebbles and the sand. If you have enough pebbles and sand, then you can make your own golf balls. In most of our country when a guy starts earning and gets his first car or home, the family members start pushing him towards a married life as they know that now the boy (with the help of his wife) is ready to start a family of his own. This only comes after the fact that the family is convinced that he can stand up on his own feet in the world.

    Even the most important things in our life have become linked to capitalism, the most essential of the things are mired with increasing prices and the curse of capitalistic society. Toor dal, which is the staple diet in most of the Indian households is touching 200 rupees for a kilogram. Hygienic drinking water is being sold in bottles – though all this is the invention of the money hungry industrialist but he can not be blamed in this.

    Education, the most essential of the life skills that one needs is becoming more and more expensive in quality educational institutes. With more and more couples being forced to go to work from the childs early childhood, a new culture of creches and day cares for as little as 2 year olds have started by the means of which the schooling and the education process which used to start at home have no shifted to these places. Even professional education and vocational training institutes are raising their fee to meet with the rising prices. many of the students enrolling in these institutes need to take a loan to meet the required expenses.

    In most corporates there is a concept of “work life balance” which tries to promote a healthy balance between the working hours of an employee and the time he spent on various other things. Most big companies have started having intra-organisation clubs to foster the passions and interests of the employees. Employees are encouraged to bring their kids to work with programs like “bring your child to work day” and providing access to facilities like a playing ground within the office. They realise that the work is only a part of the employees happiness and satisfaction and they can not renumerate the employee enough to take away the free things in life which are the best things of the life.

    In my opinion, the pebbles – the secondary things are just a means to achieve and end and not the end in itself – the golf balls. The golf balls always exist in life and yes, they are the best of things that one needs in life to lead a happy and satisfied life but the pebbles can not be completely ignored as they are the ones which help us in making/ acquiring enough golf balls in life.

    First time attempted anything, please review and be kind 😀

  • Batman

    The Best Things in Life are Free

    It was the midnight of 14-15 August 1947 when India achieved her independence-the freedom from clutches of British rule. People were exhilarated and delighted with the fructification of their independence. Those who had faced wrath at the hands of British realized that it was the best thing that can happen to their lives. But wait! There was coming some criticism, some voices that wanted the British rule to continue. This section of the society viewed the prolonging of British rule as their ‘best thing’ as they saw the rule as a march towards being prosperous. Well, the idea of independence being the ‘best thing’ prevailed and it continued for the upcoming decades. But was this best thing free? The answer can be both-No and Yes. There freedom fighters who laid down their lives, who were crushed under the burden of poverty, who lost their livelihoods, their parents, children and wives. For such people, indeed the idea of independence was not free. But there were upcoming generations too who didn’t had to live under such an impoverishing rule, for such people this idea looked free to them.

    It all comes down to the interpretation of the quote i.e. the idea of something being best or free depends on who provides that thing, who enjoys that thing, what kind of cost is involved-monetary, human life or emotional, or is there something which is really free for everyone?

    To a child living safely inside the four walls of his home, the idea of security may look free but it is his parents that have to bear the cost of bringing that structure called ‘home’ into reality. They are the ones who worked through their days and nights to provide a safe environment to their child. Same goes with ‘education’. While the student enjoys the pages of books, reading them, learning them, it is the parents and the government who spends money for providing those books, to bring them from factories to the hands of the students.

    In emotional terms, there are notions of love and peace that permeate through the environment and prima facie it seems that the idea is free because of non-involvement of any monetary component. But a deeper look into the subject reveals the fact that the idea of love and peace are created through the minds that requires an input of energy to keep itself going. That input is nothing but the food that is bought through money. On the demand side, there is the responsibility from government that has
    to ensure an environment for the realization of these ideas. Can one enjoy peace and love in the wake of threats from terrorist organization like ISIS and Al-Qaeda? No. Further, these organization tend to create their best thing-Muslim Caliphate all over the world through violent means. Thus, ‘best thing’ for one may become the loss of others.

    Turn back we few pages into time and we will land us in an environment filled with revolutions around the world- the French revolution and the American Revolution. The natural rights-life, liberty and pursuit of happiness- that seem to be granted from the Mighty God and thus no one having the authority to snatch them were thwarted by various despotic rulers and monarchies that enjoyed the ‘best things’-a life style of a king on the impoverishment of the people. This resulted into a reaction by these subdued masses causing the rise of revolutions. Thus, even an idea that is granted by none other than the God-the savior of the humankind had to be put back into order on the ‘cost’ of lives of ‘humans’.

    Apart from these best things that appear on the surface and is commonly accepted by all as being ‘best’, there are some differences on individual level with regard to ‘best things’. For some, power and position may be more important than love and peace. One may
    choose a path of honesty or unethical means to reach the higher positions of power that appear as ‘best thing’ to them. Those choosing an honest path also put their precious hours on hardwork to hone and polish themselves. On the other hand, the one opting or unethical means may indulge in corruption or bribery having a monetary component.

    But does that mean that everything around us has a cost, a price for attaining them for enjoying them even if they are the best things? Perhaps Not. Firstly, one has to understand the meaning of something being ‘free’ or involving a ‘cost’. ‘Best things’ in lives may not have an immediate transaction as one sees in case of buying goods from a grocery shops. Such things continue lifelong and it may be difficult to decipher the amount paid and benefit received. Thus, quantity and quality are two different things.

    Paying taxes to government to maintain a safe and secure environment within the country may look like a one-side transaction. But the benefits are enjoyed for years together. The safe environment enables one to makes a living to enjoy a reputable life, to make
    use of the potential of their mind for betterment of themselves and others. Thus, ‘quantity’ of taxes paid may not match with the ‘quality’ of mental peace attained or the ‘quantity’ of returns made. Today, the idea of climate change has become a hot agenda with nations coming together on global platform-United Nations. These nations commit to bring technology and investments which may appear a ‘costly’ affair but ultimately it is for the benefit of mankind, of the very environment which forms a protective shield around us and thus in long terms the cost may began to look as free in comparison to the quantum of benefits.

    Thus, it appears that that our argument stands true that something being ‘best or ‘free’ is a matter of perspective and situations. There are differences in individuals all across the world with every one of them looking this world through a different glass. Costs of attaining the so called best things may be different under different situations and different time periods. While to some it may look that the cost has not been recovered while other may realize the long term benefits of causing a transaction thus making their best things look ‘free’. Ultimately, the whole idea that has been permeated can be best summarized as “There are no facts, only interpretations”.

    • Sfza

      Hi Batman! I’m new candidate but have working knowledge regarding NCERT’s and have read some and currently reading..Kindly tell me will it be good option to join INSIGHTS online test series.. I was reading on their subscription page that many aspirants had bad experience regarding on payment due to technical glitches..!! I would be highly obliged if you can provide some inputs regarding this..!

      • Batman

        Sorry Sfza, but I may not be of much help to you. Currently, I haven’t joined any test series, so won’t be able to comment on what INSIGHTS provide. You may consult other aspirants.

        • Sfza

          Thank you Batman, nevermind !!

    • yogi

      1. Starting was good to create the background for “differences in the interpretation of the quote”–as ur “thesis”
      2. good that u linked that with the ending line in conclusion
      3. safety, environment are two man things u have stressed upon, could have added some more
      4.linking b/w paras is good
      5. few personal experiences could have been added to (personal opinion–> people like them more)
      overall good , but i expected more from you
      Plz review mine as well..:)

      • Batman

        Thanks Yogi, will try to be multidimensional in the upcoming essays 🙂

    • P.s

      Sorry to say it is the first time that I have stopped going through your essay after reading few paragraphs. It is completely different dimension I think u didn’t justify the topic.
      Please don’t mind , I expected much from you (as I follow your answers I knew your answers will be apt to the questions but not this time)
      If my perspective is wrong on this one then let me know.

      • Batman that so :/
        You may be true, I have experimented this time just to see what comes up. Thanks for notifying me 🙂
        Would be better if you could pinpoint where exactly you felt i digressed. Thanks for the review P.s. , I know you are a regular reviewer on my essays 🙂

    • black mamba

      i like how you have maintained the perspectives and subjective approach
      that was actually new and refreshing to read after ‘love-family-hope’ etc etc in every essay more of less 😀
      i read your essay twice, the first time round i thought i have some critical remarks but second time i realized i have none. The places i thought needed some changes are actually fitting in quite well with your interpretation. So it’s like even though i may not agree with everything but still reading your essay feels complete. Everything is knitted well together and u support your views well. 😀

      • Batman

        ohh.. thanks bhai for so much efforts. By the way, in comparison to my previous essays, what do you think-is this better or the previous ones?

        • black mamba

          your best essay? – india’s role in present world order 😀
          i guess u have a thing when it comes to writing on IR – same goes for secure answers 😀

          but your main strength as per me is how u keep your writing well knitted and connected. u don’t sway off. this blunts any edges that stand out from your writing. like in this essay, the stand you took was very very different. but the way you presented it was nice. so yes, i’ll say your writing in definitely improving.

          what about me :/ ??? (compared to before) ?

          • Batman

            Ohh Thanks Bhai… that as motivating. 🙂
            to be honest, I am tired today and after reviewing a lot of essays, I don’t remember what exactly you had written before(apologies :D)
            If you have a blog tell me, a cursory look on your essays may help me to evaluate you. Hope you won’t mind 🙂

            • black mamba

              hahaha. no . no blog.
              it is okay.
              keep a tab from now on 😛 I’m preparing to be super regular now 😀

              • Batman

                ohh..being regular..that’s a good habit (Y)

      • yogi

        can u plz review mine , starting to review yours…:)

    • Namrata

      hi batman !! 😀 very well-crafted essay ..a very good flow and structure ..must say you have improved a lot on this ..from ur first essay to this ..a live example of “practice makes one perfect” 😀
      it was nice to read how u tilted the against the topic notion to a hopeful future when those things would become free. good examples ..overall a good read 🙂

      Keep writing and reviewing 🙂

      • Batman

        oh.. thanks DIDi ji 😀
        good to hear this from you, I had experimented a bit today, but I am glad that you liked it 🙂

      • SUN_LIGHT

        please review mine, it is in hindi, i think you can 🙂

        • Namrata

          hey sunlight .. yeah sure i will ..will be a treat to read ur enlightening hindi after so long 🙂 😀

          • Himaanshu

            I am also in the list Namrata. If time and energy allow kindly have a look at mine essay. Will read your’s if you have written today. 🙂

            • Namrata

              yes himanshu sure 🙂 and yes i have written today 🙂

              • Himaanshu

                will read and review fe sure 🙂

                • Namrata

                  urs is reviewed 🙂

                  • Himaanshu

                    urs too 🙂

            • Namrata

              and yes its better if u make ur disqus profile public ..takes me straighaway to ur comments .. now i have to hunt ur essay 😛 never mind at my job 🙂

              • Himaanshu

                haha,.. done

      • Lord Tuktuk

        yaar mera review kar do essay,aapne acha review kia hai badda 🙂
        me jab raat ko PC se aunga to aapka review kar dunga! request le lo ek! 😀

        • Namrata

          haha request accepted tuktuk .. will do it 🙂

          • Lord Tuktuk

            call me Lord!!! :’D :’) kidding btw!! 🙂

            • Namrata

              hahaha why lord or even tuktuk ..tuktuki is much better 😛

              • Lord Tuktuk

                hahahaha!!! Do you know Night Fury? Only Night Fury calls me Tuktuki!! 🙂
                you’re the second one! 😀

                • Namrata

                  haha no i dont ..came up with it on my own 😛

                  • Lord Tuktuk

                    intelligent you are!! keep it up Kevin 😛

    • Mistborn

      Hello Batman! I think I am reviewing your essay for first time. Here are my two cents:

      ~Introduction is way too long as well as off topic at times. This part sets the tone for the rest of the essay as well as form the first impressions on the reader. You don’t want to present a confused or ill-arranged thoughts here!
      ~For more than half of your essay you have negated the topic. That is too much energy and words invested. This should have been limited to a couple of short paragraphs.
      ~Somehow the main theme of the essay doesn’t get highlighted clearly.

      Hope, you would take them positively. I like to review candidly 🙂

      P.S. Please review mine!

      • Batman

        Haha..Thanks Mistborn, I accept your views graciously 🙂
        Would try to be concise and come up with a better write up 🙂

    • I read yours already, this is really nice, covers the dimensions, has the connectivity, flow and the language, liked it!!

    • Himaanshu

      Hi bro,

      1- It’s good that you tried a different approach and perspective. I must appreciate your effort. 🙂
      2- Bro intro is toooo long and apart from the last line of the first para there is nothing I could connect with.
      3- There is no issue with the content the only thing I found improvement today is presentation and flow. It looks a very plain essay.
      4- I have read your three essays I guess and I believe that you have much affinity towards international affairs. Probably an IFS aspirant? haha….. You always touch international perspectives.
      5- I am not too sure about your experiment. On one hand there are few things which I like very much but on the other hand it is also a fact that today I had to push myself for reading your complete essay.

      Keep writing bro and keep experimenting. There is always something to learn 🙂

      • Batman

        haha… Thanks Bhai, will work on the experiment to keep the good part and improve the rest.
        I insert IR so that examiner may feel ki “han bacha ni hai”, thodi badi baatein kar deta hu islie 😀

    • Lord Tuktuk

      raat ko ake karta review! abhi phone pr hu!

    • Sushmit Adigon

      hey bro,
      i felt in your essay , u could have included philosophical content to your essay.Nevertheless multi dimensional but the flow was missing.In intro when you talk about freedom , i understand what u trying to convey ,but u could be more specific.again the last line “No facts-interpretation “could have been avoided.
      If possible reviewmine!

    • Intro I could connect with mine as I too tried to criticize and justify at the same time. So good. U didn’t over do the intro, was the good part.

      what started with “In emotional terms”, it went on to something related to security, environment and role of govt. (clearly I felt the flow was lost)

      At many places I felt that u were stressing to tell what the “best thing” is. I feel that should have been self-explanatory.

      “quality” or “quantity” waala part maine bahut baar padha mujhe smjha nai. I couldn’t connect fully. May be because of my narrow perspective so u may ignore this.

      Conclusion was something I wasn’t expecting – an out of the box thing. Specially the last line gives a totally different angle to the whole essay. i won’t comment of this as mujhe idea nai if this may help.

      in all the good essay. Honestly, aaj I have read some brilliant essays (yogi, mistborn) Utna mazza nai aaya. I feel u could have let it go with the flow and maybe sometimes refrain from overemphasizing on things.

      • Batman

        this was a balanced view I got today. will work on these things, I was trying to do something, may be with time, it will improve 🙂
        Will reviiew urs shortly now 😀

    • Sepoy No 1446

      A radical took a different approach.

      Your positives:
      -Alternative interpretation
      -You justified your stance
      – good control over content and language
      -Easy flow

      What I found missing.
      -Less of philosophical and personal touch
      -Excessive GS, In my view its should have a mixture of both.
      -Examiner wants to assess you as person by such type of essays. If you give your own observations, your experiences he will be happy. GS part takes away that moment. Hence try to balance.

      Overall definitely an above average essay.

      • Batman

        Ohh..that was really a good suggestion on adding personal experiences. Would try to insert few in the upcoming essays. Thanks Sepoy for putting your efforts here 🙂

    • Ash

      Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaalyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I’m here! 🙂 Can’t wait to c the experiment! 🙂

      1. See! I prefer writing a yes first and no later…. shows what kinna person we are! If the reader knows a lil psychology… will think you always start with no…. These small things show what we are! Optimism should come first is what I’m hinting here.. Rest you decide! 🙂 : Views are personal! 🙂

      2. Lemme demonstrate this for you:

      But was this best thing free? The answer can be both-Yes and No .

      Yes for the upcoming generations that reap the fruits of seeds sown by ancestors

      But the underlying truth remains it cost our freedom fighters who laid down their lives, who were crushed under the burden of poverty, who lost their livelihoods, their parents, children and wives. For such people, indeed the idea of independence was not free.


      3. his parents that have to bear – who have to bear

      4. to bring them from factories to the hands of the students. — not needed.. u cud have cut para down …. repetitions!

      5. On the demand side — I don’t know y used this… broke the whole essence for me… Alongside, the Govt yada yada yada…. cud have done! your thot process has a flow … but you are breaking it with the language used.. Keep it simple!

      6. Now see … sucha big statement .. without a connector (a pause).. flow is bound to break :

      The natural rights-life, liberty and pursuit of happiness- that seem to be granted from the Mighty God and thus no one having the authority to snatch them were thwarted by various despotic rulers and monarchies that enjoyed the ‘best things’-a life style of a king on the impoverishment of the people.

      Shudn’t there be a comma bfo WERE THWARTED to ease the reader! Your breaking the flow with the use of your language!

      7. Now I don’t know why are after lives .. be it the first example be it the Rev example… Diversify!

      8. The essay is centred around the COST PAID! Sometimes lives, sometimes hard-work … multiple angles are missing!

      9. for attaining them for enjoying them even if they are the best things? First of all comma missing…secondly attaining IT not them!

      10. I was on the same page till your Apart Wala para… though there could be so much that cud b added

      11. Quality quantity went bouncers! 😛

      Would love to learn (WLTL) though!

      12 Conclusion first line in line with the intro— a takeaway for me! 🙂

      13. “There are no facts, only interpretations”. I don’t know how you managed getting here.

      P.S. — Ajj ki hoya Punjabi 😛
      This is not how you write usually… Raise the bar Mr. 🙂
      KWAR! 🙂

      • Batman

        haha…such a detailed review 😀
        I had written it Yes and No earlier but then changed it to keep it in line with progression of time!
        yea commas and “IT”, I don’t do such mistakes usually, so will keep it in mind 🙂
        Quality vs Quantity debate-It is similar to what people are saying to use money as an “instrument”; you install a safety system in your house (money involved) but in return you get “security” that can’t be monetized, it is qualitative aspect (I am from manufacturing branch, so may be I could connect easily 😀 )
        No facts, only interpretations because there is no single definition of best things that I have said in second para too i.e. perspective. It is similar to what people say that “reality is nothing but a perspective”.
        Appreciate your reviews Kudiye 😉
        Will try to make suitable changes with this experiment, I think I need to let my thoughts flow easily without restricting them too much. Thanks!

        • Ash

          Changa ji! 😛

          • Batman

            Bengali with a Punjabi accent. D
            How does it sound in real ? 😀

            • Ash

              How dew know I’m a Bengali???

              • Batman

                Meri nazar sab jagah rehti hai Namrata 😛

                • Ash

                  How dew know my name???
                  And please I want my name removed from here!

                  • Batman

                    ssshh…I don’t reveal secrets 😛 😀
                    Not a big issue, chill maar 😀

                    • Ash

                      I’m curious now! I wanna know your name now!!! Temme… There should be equality!!

                    • Ash

                      Your name not your neighbor’s name please!

                    • Batman

                      are I had posted it, u dint notice?

                    • Ash

                      Yeah I did! I’m just asking if that’s your real name or your neighbor’s name.. 🙂

                    • Batman

                      hehe…It is my real name, trust me 🙂

                    • Ash

                      Trust you???? Seriously!!!! No ways!!!! 😛

                    • Ash

                      Who told you… Tell no.. Plz!

                    • Batman

                      Will talk about it some other day. We are elongating the post unnecessarily. Others will have to load more. And it is a good name. Another friend of mine has the same name, you can see her comment too 🙂

      • Magma

        U talk a lot. Written well dear 🙂

        • Ash

          I know! I’m veeeeeeeeery talkative! ;(

          • Magma

            That’s good miss ash 🙂

    • Night Fury


      Intro Simply awesome !
      I really like the “organised” way of writing you do ! (mine is total hoch-poch :/ )
      good use of examples.. ISIS se leke French revolution tak 😀
      I see improvement in your essay’s expression part. I found this write up more interesting.
      Conclusion is balanced. I have lots to learn from you !
      and I yes I observed you start essay by negating the quote and then you come to the “for” part.. unique way

      keep it up man !

      • Batman

        haha..Thanks Fury. I would have to rely on insights for evaluating the intro. Some people have liked it while others have condemned, so can’t say much.
        An yeah I realized it today that bring out heading in different ways 😀
        oh. expressions, thank God-it is what I had experimented today 🙂

    • Lord Tuktuk

      please review?? is this ur intro 😛 😀
      by the way brilliant intro!! UPSC k buddhe log love these type of intros!!!
      ok!! not be much critical here!!! philosophical essay tha! you have included terrorism wala angle,caliphate, taxes!! but vague nhi laga kyunki you started with historical example!!! agar mere jaisa start karta pura philosphical aur fir ye beech me dimensions include karta bhai, sach bta rha hu tu apna essay destroy hi kar leta!! 🙂 acha hai!! connectivity b hai!!
      mjhe ending pasand nhi aai, to be frank!!
      baaki overall it was good!! 🙂

      • Batman

        Thnaks Bhai, glad that you understood the intro 🙂

        • Lord Tuktuk

          are thanks kya bhai :’)
          bus recharge kara dio 100 ka!! 😛 😛

          i have some doubt regarding a concept!!! but raat ko puchunga wo free time me!! 🙂

  • pink

    pl review friends

    • yogi

      First of all salute to your efforts of rewriting the essay,
      next time if someone removes ur essay , do this :- click your name , scoll down and u will find ur lost essay, copy that and post again,
      u can see your deleted essay even now! just do what i said (forgive me for my ignorance if u know all that what i said)
      Now my review: plz bear with me i will be critical
      Intro : not attractive enough to draw the attention of the reader, u can try stories, posing questions and your own innovation
      Body: u have been very optimistic throughout your essay, that not bad, but it u have look from all angles, are all best things free, there are some free things which nature provide us, best things can be relative, why free things are now becoming costlier, what are the ways by which we can preserve the free nature of these things
      Conclusion:- think from the point of view of the reader, conclusion should be such that it leaves a lasting impact on the reader, u can try linking your intro with the conclusion, use some quotations, etc. (i miserably failed on this front in my essay)
      Regarding ur handwritng, grammar:- plz avoid +ve, imp., etc. write complete words,
      out of what i have said “Take the best , leave the rest”
      P.S.: sorry for reviewing so late, and pardon me if i sounded harsh

      • pink

        you dont need to be sorry as you reviewed and the review is not harsh it is only your view therefore no harsh in it .also we are here for critical review so that one can improve more better .thnkyou for review and i will try to improve as you keep reviewing

  • moraya

    By writing mistake , I had written 1947 in my essay . Plz correct it.

  • pink

    someone collapsed my essay therefore again wrote in paper and pasted .pl review friends and i will review yours in return

  • manda chaitanya

    The quote “The best things in life are free ” seems more relevant especially in the present life style where materialism seems to prevail the whole world. Thank goodness many remain free which makes us human and makes life livable . Even the emotions which we embrace are being used to materialize through crimes, blackmailing and others . For me , free are those which makes me happy, which stays with us no matter what , most of all which doesnt look for material favours for all of these . May be these are not all the traits which I look to define free , but are certainly the important . Depending on them I consider relations, social status as free and all others which we undergo in life comes within the process of enduring them which defines the true meaning of life.

    Relations are based on trust , be it the family or the friends . These build upon the way we try to understand the emotions through reverence . The reverence brings us the real inward look which brings us the objective and subjective aspects . We feel the experience with true self’s and extend our compassion , sympathy and love during the time’s of distress . It is during these times the real loyalty gets tested and the true one’s emerge who stay and reciprocate the love we have shown in return. All of these cannot be buyed, it can only be felt . The feeling is what mankind has learned in it’s living which makes us unique for we can express them through relations. The temporary life we live on earth , these endure and the material fades away again and again as they are not eternal. It makes me wonder why man tries to accumulate surplus when all that he owns remains temporary. So the free relations are the most valuable , according to me.

    Social life , it is much integrated to the above mentioned relations . John . F. Kennedy once said “It is not what country gives to you , it is what you give for your country ” . Country ultimately means a national society . Here he doesnt ask us to give a penny , but inculcate the moral’s that society has taught to you and get motivated by their values. These all makes us to embark on goals which take birth from these values. These common values that we share with the society creates a similarity in thinking in many aspects and builds up an identity of belonging to a society . This makes us to live within and with the society. Else our lives would have been an isolated and an animal existence living a life of subsistence . The knowledge which the society has created , science , philosophy , social sciences , medicine etc has been possible all with collective effort . These all define the life right from sadness to happiness . We along with all our society members embark on the journey of life which we have framed as life. This all is free . It is passed down as heritage from generation to generation . It is the culture which makes us human .

    However some times this valuable free items create distortions in life which can be seen in the form of ethnic conflicts , sectoral violence etc. The identity which we create are formed from generations of experience of collective living . Thus most of them share immense pride in them which creates dogmas that prevents us to embrace the other identity . What seems valuable may also turn to the destructive force in this form. In these cases the social sciences are coming to our rescue , explaining that all are equal and the divisions we created have basis in history that occurred naturally .

    All countries now have mostly opted for materialistic development and employed capitalistic method for its achievement . The capitalistic method calls for competition , hard work , etc . These are leading to richies but have led people on a path to competition and self interest instead of cooperation and mutual benefits . The routine life in developed as well as other countries , though brought civilized life with all the facilities , also led to frustrations . To get relieved they have increasingly chosen to other things . This example is to show a need to define development in non-materialist manner. The developmental activities that we have undertaken already points us the unsustainable life style leading to the misery of millions , material joy to the few . Thus we need to cherish the values of cooperation and mutual benefits , leading to a collective life and happiness . These all seams as a utopian concept , but given the present day life , it is the only logical way to lead a sustainable living on the limited resources which our earth can provide. It is not to be forgotten that once we have crossed this stage of life . The tribal life presents the standing example of this utopian concept .

    No body is born on earth with material. We have created everything from the earth . We learned science by observing the nature. We exploited the resources of the earth and started calling it as development and celebrated it as triumph of mankind over environment . We have created social system which governs life . Thus everything is man made , made from environment , made from thought . Which presents a broad generalized idea of everything being free . We have created the differences . However when we go deeper into the history , we get to know how complicated we made our lives . Given all these , it presents that are there some which are free and rest not free, or is it our creation . Yes it is a creation . But rational thinking suggests , it is happiness the most valuable of all , it is what makes us to live life in pursuits of happiness . The sadness which we experience in our life journey , gives a feel to overcome it to bring ourselves happiness . And happiness is what we define it as happiness. It varies from one to another but mankind has created life in a way to define certain aspects as happiness which we feel and live.

  • MSA

    The best things in
    life are free

    I wonder, is it true that the best things in life are free.
    How can we say that .aren’t we paying price for everything. Isn’t the world too

    What is life? The times spend by us on this earth. There are
    three stages to this life. The child stage ,the young stage and the old stage.

    Child stage refers to the childhood days. Everyone cherishes
    there childhood. What does a child desires from his life. Is it just limited to
    toys, chocolate, new cloths etc .every parent try to give their best to their children.
    But there are many who don’t get a better childhood. They have to start working
    to support their families. They don’t get enough opportunities to develop themselves.
    We can see them working in cycle repair shops, dhabas .

    What does life mean to them .isn’t life have a different
    meaning for them .do they really have a life? What do they want from their life?
    I don’t think what they get is free. They have to sacrifice their childhood to
    meet their demands and to support their families. The behavior of society
    towards them changes the meaning of their life.

    Childhood is a time when mind develops. People try to give
    the best education to their children. The children are pushed in a rat race of competition.
    They are under great stress. a lot of children commit suicide .have we ever
    noted why they take such a grave step.

    The stage is adult hood. a person who has completed his
    teenage is considers an adult. At this stage a person is considered to be
    responsible and able to take decisions .decisions taken at this stage affects
    rest of their life. Life seems them to be a gamble. One wrong move and you have
    to repent for it for life.

    At this stage person needs right guidance and support. Those
    who get right guidance excel in there life. Some people follow there instinct.
    Few of them succeed some of them fail. Some people get into wrong company. If
    they are not able to realize this .It will effects there life.

    Then comes the old age. This is the period when
    people don’t have much energy left with them. They need a lot of love and care.
    But they don’t have any one to give them company. The life has a completely
    different meaning to them.

    The definition of best thing varies from person to person.
    For some promotion in job can be the best thing. For others respect in the
    society can be the best thing. We need a lot of things in life. The things of
    daily need like air, water etc .we have to pay a price for them.

    One may ask how we pay price for air .we need to reduce use
    of automobile to reduce pollution. We need to shift to green and clean energy.
    This all comes with a great price.

    Humans are social beings. They need friends’ family and a
    leisure time. Friends and families are the best thing one can have. They help
    you share your joys and sorrow. The helps disburden oneself. One can bank on

    We have our own customs culture and traditions. We have received
    them from our ancestors. We take pride in them. They help us in building our values.
    What we have inherited from our ancestors is free. It is our duty to conserve
    them and pass them down to our future generations.

    We all love festivals .but we hate it when it fall on Sundays.
    It gives us an extra leave. We can have a good family time. a paid leave is the
    best thing for many of us. Most of the working people will love to have it.

    The other good thing which we have for free is our health.
    But many people don’t take care of their health. They consume junk food and
    live an unhealthy life. If wealth is lost something is lost if health is lost everything
    is lost.

    The freedom which we have was attained by our ancestors with
    a lot of struggle and sacrifice. We should value this .it is our duty to spread
    love and brotherhood. Our actions should be conducive to the development of nation.

    The life given to us is also free. We have not given any
    effort of our own to be born as human beings. We should live a virtuous life
    and try to make the most out of it.

    Sale discount buy one free get one free. We hear these terms
    frequently. These terms are mostly used by business industry. We find them attractive. They fall heavy on
    our wallet. We even end up buying useless things.

    We love shopping. But it is not free. Even the attractive
    discounts are not so good. We all know this but we get attracted towards them.
    There are many other things which we need to live.thy come with a price tag.
    But many people take them for granted. Many people don’t pay their electricity
    bill on time. They waste electricity. They think since they pay for it they have
    right to waste it. The same thing goes with water. Many people don’t get good
    drinking water. Others waste it.

    The best things in life vary from person to person. Whether
    we get it for free or we pay for it. We should value it.


    review friends my first essay plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Lubna Sehar

    Friends please tell me, Is it possible to get prepared for IAS Prelims within 8 months of time?

    • jallikattu

      yes surely

  • jallikattu

    plz review

  • SVSR

    The term ‘value’ has the greatest sense in this eternal world. We count value to the objects, including the abstract ones, based on their usefulness. Every living being in this world has certain code of conduct in their day to day existence which ultimately decided by the lone instinct called ‘survival’. In this perennial process of life, things occur as per the law of nature and we determine the value to it. In the process of evolution, humans created money for hassle free transactions of daily affairs. If we dig deep through these transactions and value determination, the best things in our life are invaluable and bestowed for free.

    ‘Man is a social animal’ and hardly survives in isolation. Our society has evolved though social bondage among humans, and with the environment. These societal and family setup which give utmost satisfaction to human life are not possible with the abstract and eternal things of life called human relations. Human relations flourishes on love, pleasures of bondage, sacrifices etc.

    We give the status of ‘best’ to anything based on the importance, profits and pleasures it give in our life. These will change from person to person at their behest. For instance, the best things the extremely poor and destitutes feel are the basic needs of life food, water, clothing and shelter. However, the best things for the elite differ; they prefer uniqueness in everything from cradle to crave. All these depends on the extent of fulfillment of survival needs and mindset of the individuals.

    Talking about the abstract things, mother’s love and father’s care for any child are the invaluable things of his/her life. These are like the foundation stones of his physical as well as mental development. After her grown up, matrimonial bondage and reciprocation of love, respect and care towards his/her elder parents till the last moments of life are the basis for satisfaction in life. Whatever the assets and monetary base, the richness of the life of an individual would be determined by the satisfaction he enjoys.

    The other best aspects of life are courage, determination and the spirit of winning. Everybody has their own aims and goals, and strives hard to achieve them, but the one who has courage, determination and spirit of winning to face the risks and cross the obstacles in the path he/she chose would reach the target. This instinct is priceless, and cannot acquire by cost also. Nothing can replace the goal of one who breaths for it. However, one should be pragmatic in shaping their aims and aspirations with a nature of accepting the reality, then only, the cherishment of fulfilling the objectives of his/her life comes. Rather, if one fills their life with overambitious ideas beyond his/her own potential and nature’s limitations will go nowhere other than into oblivion.

    The winner of a sports event after a stringent battle with the opponent gains the winning satisfaction. At the same time, the loser who fights beyond his potential for his victory disappoints for his fate. Here, the factors determine victory or defeat would be the skills and a a little factor of luck. The loser with strong determination and has ever winning instinct would analyse these things and work rigorously on his skill development for his future success. This spirit cannot be purchased or readily available in the market, but occurs free of cost.

    The air we breathe, the water we drink, the light we see, and the warmness we sense are the eternal things of the nature. Of course, these became commercial in due course of our so called better standards of living. There is also dark side of the nature as well. The fears of death, loss and isolation shivers us like anything. The ability and zeal to overcome, the stubbornness to stuck for good, and the flexibility to adjust and adopt are the innate powerful things of the living beings. For example, the civil servant accustomed to these set of abilities will shape the future of our country. We simply cannot develop these things with monetary or fiscal expenditure. These should be developed gradually for the childhood that too with a nurturing, flourishing and conducive environment which is available equally for all at a free of cost, only with determination of mankind.

    In India, from the last few decades, with the advent of capitalist tendencies and in the name western pragmatism, our values and human relations became vulnerable and are on the verge of extinction itself in some areas. Today, we observe the growing old age homes filled with innumerable old age parents driven out by their beloved children and sustaining their livelihood with a sense of curse. No one can find out the mistake they have done towards their child. Many of them lead their lives in riches. They can explain the invaluable things of life which cannot be purchased with anything.

    What should we do?

    The bare truth “Human wants are many and never be fulfilled to the extent they reach” applies here. We need to recognise the fine line exiting between commodities and compassion. Shakespeare quoted that “Love begets love, and trust begets trust” is the real essence of life everyone should remember.

    The role of ethics and moral sciences would play a pivotal role in sustaining the societal balance. Whatever may be philosophy or ideology, whether it is capitalism or socialism or communism, the role of ethics and morals are everywhere and exists ever. Without these things our growth and development gives us no satisfaction, and rather pushes into the state of mischief and creates a war like situation in our minds due to which our mental peace would be disturbed like anything despite our sound security establishments.

    People who recognise this philosophy would search for satisfaction with his/her own belongings, and gains mental peace, for which we are striving and evolved for.

  • Lubna Sehar

    “Best things in life are free”
    Let’s first look which are the best things in life.
    Happiness and peace of mind are the best things in life. Whatever we do, peace of mind is the ultimate desire of life. Peace of mind is always free of dependence on money, power, wealth etc. Wealth cannot assure happiness,success or peace of mind. “Excellence is free of cost but only for those who are willing to pay heavily for it”. Desire to excel in life is free of material cost. You need not sacrifice anything to become excellent in life, it only requires a disciplined will.
    ” Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”. Harmony costs nothing. No money, on energy, no extra cost of time is required to remain in harmony. Satisfaction of having a good character gives peace of mind. Maintaining a good character is free. It does not require any extra time, money, or energy. Hence best things in life are free

    • elaborate these points. I am sure u can do it. It’s obviously not an essay that u want me to review, is it?

      • Lubna Sehar

        Thanks for viewing. Yes I have not elaborated my points into an essay

    • Batman

      Hi Lubna,
      avoid copying statements that you won’t be able to remember in exams. Though are thinking on good lines, try to look at other side too and explore multiple dimensions. Read essay written by others, will help you how to develop opinions. What you have expressed is apt, just detail it more, bring simplification through greater number of words and you will see an essay coming up 🙂

      • Lubna Sehar

        Thanks for your feedback

      • Lubna Sehar

        My statements are based on my opinion. Not copied. The statement about Happiness in harmony is learnt from eminent personality who inspired me.

        • Batman

          Oh Okay. use them wisely and sparingly because essays are an expression of originality 🙂 Hope you didn’t get offended, I just put my views there to help you!

          • Lubna Sehar

            I began my preparation in November-2015

  • Ledger

    5 disciples were sitting under a tree and waiting for the arrival of their master. After couple of minutes master arrived and all his disciples wished him and sat in their respective places . Master started teaching various things about life. In middle of the class he said “The Best things in Life are Free”. One of the disciple interrupted the class and asked mater to justify the said quote on various fronts viz. social,ecological, political,economical so on and so forth.
    Replying to the question, master asked the disciple to list out the most important things in his life for his survival and wellbeing. Disciple said “air, food,shelter, knowledge, affection, friendship,competitors so on and so forth”.Master said”I’ll explain by taking the said important things separately” .
    For most of the species on this holy planet to survive,air is very essential component. Without the air,very existence of the species is a big question mark. To human knowledge, no other solar body in this universe is having life except our mother earth, because they don’t posses the air with right mixture of gasses. We neither purchased nor stolen this life supporting gas from others, it is freely available on this holy planet.
    Another important thing for the sustaining life is Food. Plants prepare their food through photosynthesis by using carbon dioxide,water and sunlight which are freely available in nature, in turn they provide food for humans at free of cost . Take even the case of marine organisms like blue green algae which prepares the food from free available things in nature like plants. This in turn becomes a food for other higher order species like crustaceans and small living organisms. Thus, we can say food which is very essential for species is available at free of cost.water, which is very essential for all species for their body functions and other purposes is available at free of cost . Through precipitation, water is rejuvenating itself and coming to us free of cost .
    For any human being to have growth, knowledge plays a very important role. Through universal primary education, our government is providing free education to the needy and helping the children in enhancing their intellectual capabilities. By gaining the knowledge, which is provided at free of cost, individual is foraying to greater heights in his or her carrier.Besides this, government is providing food ,through midday meal scheme , at free of cost.
    Best thing that a species, either animal or human, can ever get is the affection from the mother. we are getting this from our mothers, neither they charge anything for this affection nor expect anything in return. protection and affection from our father is one more vital thing that we get, which is invaluable and we don’t pay anything for this.
    Apart from our blood relations, one more thing which we require is friendship. Our pals helps us at any moment whenever we ask them, without asking any favour in return. They help us, guide us, enjoy with us,shares our feelings so on and so forth without any price tag.
    Love is always free and also it is in varied forms. relation between brothers, between brother and sister, between sisters,father and son, between lovers so on and so forth, whatever may be the form of love it always comes to us with no price tag. Bank balance and material things cannot provide solace to our heart. but, the love and affection which is free brings both peace and comfort to brain and heart.
    some other things which are available at free of cost are valour, peace, stardom, individuality, social liberty,angry , sadness , tears so on and so forth.These free things which are available in nature are not absolutely free at any cost, we should take enough care for them to maintain them at free of cost. we have to pay the price if we mishandles them. For example if we pollute water in lakes, ponds, rivers etc we should pay price for them because it will become scarce. similarly, if we waste the food then our government cannot provide food for the poor at free cost or very low price. Even in relationship same applies, we should not misbehave , betray, hurt our friends and lovers . Because there is a possibility of losing them. This things should not be done at any cost. so, even though we are getting vital things at free of cost, we should not give low priority to them.Because we will lose all things that these provided at free of cost.

    • Balwinder Nirman

      The best things in life are infact free of cost which we get from the following
      1 nature
      2 parents
      3 society

      1 air
      2 water
      3 land
      4 atmosphere
      a forests
      b vegetation

  • Manoj

    Please review


    The best things – honesty, empathy, politeness, kindness, forgiveness are the virtues come in everybody life. But question is, the person has inculcated the virtues and practiced in his life. The person who adopts any of these ordinals became role models to others – Mother Teresa, Subhas Chandra Bose, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Mahatma Gandhi.

    One need not to pay monetary value to be honest in discharging the duties, helping others, following good practices for the goodness of the society. Sometimes, one may be forced to humiliation, away from modern life while discharging any of these principles. For instance Bhagat Singh who lost life for freeing his mother land. Oppressors did not leave any chance which cause him humiliation but Bhagat Singh is remembered by crores of the people throughout world and it many continue in the future.

    The power of these ordinals is such – tempt the person to live for others. For instance Saint Mother Teresa. She lived in alien country, India and left her mother land – Yugoslavia for the service of poor in Kolkata. She had never thought of getting illness while treating the people suffering from leprosy, STDs. She worked tirelessly and walked from pillar to post to collect the funds in establishing the missionaries of charity.

    What are the problems of today –jealousy towards others, not treating women as equal to their counterparts, oppressing the vulnerable, causing threat to life of others and many. If we see, the answer to all such problems are our attitude and not following the ordinals. Mahatma Gandhi has said “ There is enough to one’s need in the society but scarce to the greedy’’.

    Just because of not adopting these eternal virtues, we are approaching to the courts, face wars, does attacks on others. Sometimes we cross continents or countries to fulfil hatred attitude – jealousy, apathy, dominance for instance – terrorism, genocide in the present era.

    Society must support the person who is sacrificing his life to the cause of others if we do so, many such persons emerge in not just one country but in entire world. So the best things in life are free of monetary value and to adopt.

    (364 words – pl review)

    • IS this one of the few essays yu have written?

      • ESWAR

        sorry, I did not understand what do you meant? I believe I did wrong in essay

        • I mean u don’t write essays regularly do u?

          • ESWAR

            yes, this is my first attempt

    • Tanu Singhal

      This was one the subset of set of issues related to the quite given here.

      U r not wrong, u r not completely right.
      How many examples u can bring in any topic is the art of essay writing.
      Just explore that.

      • ESWAR

        I will consistently write henceforth and thanks a lot for reviewing. In this essay after reading others I come to conclusion that I was wrong thank god I did something to justify the essay. Next time I will write good essay.

        • Tanu Singhal

          Keep writing.
          It improves day by day.
          Like really a lot.
          Many aspirants don’t even think of practising for an essay, we are trying, that itslef will make a lot of difference.
          Just don’t stop.

          • ESWAR

            Inspired. Best of luck to your future

            • Tanu Singhal

              Thanks. Wish the same for u.

  • Tanu Singhal

    The best things in life are free.

    What is best , what is cost, what is free, all these terms are itslef very relative.
    Human nature, by default is so diverse that one just can’t stick to a single definition, but when it comes to happiness, well must agree, to the fact the “whatever brings peace to a person is happiness for him”.
    For burglar, it’s burglary, while at the same time for a doctor, it’s the well being of his patient.
    A mother finds happiness, when she gives birth to her child, even after the worst pains, or feeds any child of the world, a mother asks for nothing, but gets her happiness, only by giving.
    Similarly, mother nature have endured the human race and have raised its many generations with all zeal and resources, it asked for nothing.
    Now,it’s upto the person who gets these benefits how he/she embraces this love and happiness.
    When a person attaches itself to a goal he finds happiness in getting up and fulfilling his daily aims.while at the same time,if he fails in achieving his aim ,then suddenly he forgets the journey and starts cursing the time he spent on his preparation.
    We humans, very easily forget , about all that we earned till the time, and we start focusing what we couldn’t get, and at that time, we forget the real meaning of real happiness.
    That Is when we start defining the value of happiness in terms of money or any other sort of costs.
    At that time, we transform happiness into a goal, a materialistic thing, a commodity which we are ought to earn. And this is the time when we become completely unjust to ourselves, we start trade off, we start defining ourselves as per other’s perspective, we start looking if others think and see us happy or not.
    The true inherent happiness gets lost and only the shiny, fake and economically defined smiles are left to us.

    But when we endure the true inner self, when we love our family , when we reciprocate equally, to our loved and near and dear ones,that is when we know that it takes nothing but a few moments of love and togetherness to find the true happiness.

    For some, even modi winning elections was a moment of happiness, for some their favourite actor getting a small award is happiness, for some only being a doctor is true happiness for some even giving a pack of biscuits to some street kids is happiness.
    It’s about how u define yourself and look around with an optimistic point of view, that is how even the small puppies roaming around on the streets become a source of smile.
    Truly, the pain of reducing the cost is upon you, else happiness is all around that too for free.

    • ESWAR

      Good. flow of writing is perfect. Pl review mine – after reading yours I felt that I am wrong.

      • Tanu Singhal

        Will do. Definitely.

    • Himaanshu

      1- The act of a burglar can be motivated by his needs the same way the service given by a doctor can be more motivated for economical benefits. The point here is that apart from the happiness there are other reasons also which makes a person to do anything.
      2- You defined the topic in non-monetary terms. That is a good approach, I did the same. But yes more perspectives are needed.
      3- While reading your answer I have to remind myself that the topic is about the best things and its price not about the happiness.
      4- Not important to mention about the content and length of the writing. You know a lot can be written.
      5- I can sense your personality by reading your essay. It was a pleasure to read your essay not keeping the UPSC wala angle in mind.
      6- If time permits please read and review mine. 🙂

      • Tanu Singhal

        Honestly, I did a blunedr here, by just focusing on happiness.

        N that’s why lacked the content and length.
        Thanks for the review will surley works on it.
        N will review its as well.

        • Himaanshu

          No need to thanks.
          See, I also got to read something good for free. :p

          • Tanu Singhal

            Hahahaha, script ki chori galat bat h ! ?

            • Himaanshu

              Best script is available for free so thought to use it. I am in need of more scripts to learn more and write better. You may help… 🙂

              • Tanu Singhal

                Hahahaha, happy to help.

                It’s just about mutual give and take. ??

    • Kant

      Very nice!
      I also took the same stand.
      I find such topics very difficult to write. Could you please review my essay and suggest some(in fact I need many) improvements.

    • Isha

      The essay was more of a kind of reflection of ur personality- simple and clear- it seems to me 🙂
      Baki what I can critically point out is- lack of content, dimensions, coherence, connectivity & all those heavy stuffs people say- see u just talked about happiness. there is other side too, no! Seems you are new, too, to essay writing. Me too suffering from same problems. Keep writing and we’ll improve with time!
      Review mine also if you get time- be critical with me 😛

      • Tanu Singhal

        Thanks for the review.
        Will improve ….
        N yes will review urs for sure.

  • moraya

    Jab hum “free” shabd sunate hai to mujhe pahale samvidhan k niramata DR.Babasaheb Ambedkar ji ki yaad aati hai. Jinhone 26 Jan 1950 ko jab unhone bharatiy logonko free shabd ka earth “Fundamental Rights” se deshvasiyon ko samarapit kiya. Yanike unhone thodese hi niyamon me hume itani azadi di. Jabaki”FREE” shabd ka earth tab pata chalata hai ,jab koi vyakti julamon se, jab koi aurat bandhano se, jab koi janawar kaid se chhutakara pata hai. Koi desh julamon se aazadi pata hai.
    Jab angrezo ne hume mukt (free) kiya, tab hum sahi disha me saans lena sikh gaye. Hum pe hi jimmedari thi ki, us mukti (free) ka sahi tarah istemal kar sake. “Mukti (free)” ka matalab khali insano se hi nahi hai, balki poore sajiv srushti bhi shamil karani hogi. Hum insan “mukti (free)” ki sadnya manav se hi jodakar dekhate hai,jab ki hum janawar, pakshi, unake baare me kabhi hum sochate hi nahi.
    Manav ne Audyogik kranti k naam par humane jo janwaron ka jo haal humane banaya hai, use yeh sadnya laagu nahi hogi. Jungal katakar karakhane (factories)bichhaye hai. Isake vajaise humane unaki azadi par hi kulhadi chala di hai. Isake jimmedar hum hi hai. Tantrdnyan(technology) k naam par mobile phone, doorsanchar jaise machino ko khoj nikala yeh sahi hai,jabki inaki jada ki upabhogata ki vajaise humane mukti(free) ka sahi earth dekhane ka maja hi kho diya hai. Jo hume pahale pakshiyon ki taraf dekh kar milata tha. Sham vakt jab hum aakash ki taraf dekhte the. Tab aakash me mukt udd rahe pakshi dikhate the aur humare mann me bhi khayal aata tha ki, “kash hume bhi pankh hote to hum bhi mukti ka aanand le lete”.
    Mitron hume jo bhagawan (shrushti) ne aazadi(free) diya hua ek anamol tohafa hai. Jo hum kho rahe hai. Yudha(war) ki jariye hum manav hi manavata k shikar ban rahe hai. Jo aajkal ki vakt pe chal raha hai. Aatank(terrorism) k naam pe chand logon k vajaise duniya ko isaka muqabala karana pad raha hai. Jo mukti(free) pe haavi ho raha hai.
    Aaj bhi anek mahilaon ko unaka hakk nahi milata hai. Unhe aaj bhi samajik bandhano me bandhake rakha jata hai. Jaise vidya balan ki ek vigyapan (advertise) se pata chalata hai. 21 shatabdi me bhi auraton ko apana ghunghat uthana gavaar hai. Arey unhe azadi tab milegi jab unaki nazaron par se ghunghat ka parda haat jayega. unhe bhi azadi do ki, wo bhi unaki aankho me duniya ko (shrushti)ko sama sake. Mujhe yaha aur ek vigyapan(advertise ) ki dialogue ki yaad aati hai.”jab ek purush (gents) padhata hai, tab wo ek vyakti aage badhati hai, jab koi ek aurat padhati hai,tab poora parivar aage badhata hai”.
    Aajkal logonko jyada ki aapekshaonke vajaise humane sabhi ko sankat me laya hai. Jo aur thode dino me shrushti ko mukt (free) kar dega. Pollution free ka shabd nikal kar dusare jagah chala ja raha hai, wo hai “free from life” jo manav ne usaki aapekshaonki karan mukti(free) ka earth vinash se jod diya gaya hai. Pollution ki vajaise duniya me bahoot charcha ye chal rahi hai. Vaha pe bhi hum mukt (free) nahi rah sakate. By title ” the best things in life are free”. Hum ne “best things” ko life se juda kar rahe hai, Jise hume sahi jagah rakh kar mukti(free) ka aanand lena chahiye.

  • Kant

    Imagine you are left with only two days of life. What would you do with it?

    Will you hug your family for their love? Laugh with your friends? say “thank you” to all the people you are grateful to? or donate money to charity? Or Will you buy that fancy car you always wanted to buy? Or pack yourself for a foreign trip?

    Any choice you take will be directed to maximise your happiness in those two days. Yes, happiness- one thing we always strive for. We share our moments with others. We go to work everyday. We buy life necessities. Everything we do is to lead a happy life. Best things in our life are linked to happiness or satisfaction.

    But, how much these best things in life cost? Well, one simple answer is that hugging family, laughing with friends etc doesn’t cost anything; while buying a car or a foreign trip costs lot of money. In other words, immaterial things do not cost anything and material things have costs, sometimes very high.

    Is it really true that the immaterial things cost nothing? The fact is that there are costs involved-not necessarily monetary. Relationships have to be nurtured to get a hug. Friendship has to be maintained. Time and energy is ‘spent’ in building relations. Time slips from our fists, howsoever hard we try to stop it. However, this time is well spent if we get happiness out of it. Everything in life costs something. Our goal is to maximise happiness.

    • Tanu Singhal

      Yes, u n me had the same conceptions in mind.
      U started ur journey by narrowing it down the life left for 2 days, instead even with the same start, u can go on like a flash back film story.
      That what things were best for u in the life, what else u missed, what u really thought was best but was not, what u regret not regarding as the best.
      And then give it a philosophical aspect.
      Add on in the same only.

    • bhai, the way you start is something everyone should learn from. Emotions + Materialistic aspect in the intro = damn good

      Narrow perspective hai, thoda aur dimensions leke ek story kar tarah likh. I know yu write awesome.

      Look for the other side bhi. Aajkal nothing in life comes for free (Paani k bhi 20 rs. lagte, clean air k liye bhi lagte)

      Read yogi’s essay (highly recommended for today) YU’ll get different dimensions.

      Write more often man! I still remember ur first essay!

      • Kant

        Thanks yar for much needed encouragement.
        I’ll check yogi’s essay for sure.

  • John Major Dalai


  • John Major Dalai


  • Night Fury

    “The Best Things in Life are Free.”

    In this busy schedule of work, continuous work pressure, project deadlines and endless
    meetings, Indu, the Executive manager of a big sales firm. She is earning good
    salary and has almost every “material comfort” that someone needs to keep one happy.
    She works very hard day and night to earn good name to her company. She has
    enough to buy whatever he wants to make her happy and comfortable, be it luxury
    car or branded clothes. She surely seems to be a successful and independent
    woman! But, is she happy? It’s a weekend and she lives alone in her big
    apartment in that posh colony. Looking at a picture of her daughter she
    whispered “love can’t be bought with money”. She misses her daughter whom she
    sent abroad for higher studies.

    Indeed, money can buy everything, but they are only “things”, material comfort makes
    our lives easier, but they can’t give us happiness. Money can’t buy “love” or “relationships”,
    some of the best things in our lives.

    So, what are these best things? Some of the favorite responses be like Love, Family, Friends, Happiness, smile of a toddler, a pet’s hug, a piece of advice from the friend, appreciation from a Teacher, nature’s beauty, a Sunshine day, soothing breeze at the sea side, peace of mind and the list goes on. Do we
    actually “pay” for these things? Answer is obviously NO. We don’t pay our
    parents for the love and care they shower upon us; we don’t pay our friends for
    the time they spend with us. And so the saying goes well with our
    understanding, “Best things in Life are free”.

    Surely we get the best things for free, means no “monetary quantum” to pay, but they do
    hold some “cost”, which shows us the other side of the coin.

    To illustrate this “Cost” factor. The best example would be our “Mother Nature”.
    She gave us everything for free – water, food, forests, mountains, natural
    resources. Man was free and happy in the lap of nature. Since the human
    evolution began, slowly things started to change. Privatization of wealth
    (natural resources), capturing of territories, carving out boundaries and
    formation of states came up. People started getting “taxed” for whatever they
    produce from the Earth. Tribals got evicted from their natural habitat (it was
    free for them). Everything started to be counted in “monetary terms”.

    Fast forwarding to today’s world. Intense urbanization, rapid industrialization,
    fast pace life of cities, changed lifestyle of people, deteriorated the
    environment. So much so that now we are paying the “price” for even the most
    abundant resource “air”. Yes, we are paying for it. Price in terms of our
    health. Nearly half of the children in the capital Delhi suffer from lung

    Another abundant resource, which is supposed to be free, is Water. Because we have so much
    water, Earth is called the “Blue Planet”. But still we pay price for it. Mostly
    poor can’t afford clean drinking water! Sunlight, another “free thing” for us
    has become a major contributor to heating up of the planet, plus the harmful
    radiations that we receive, reason being “increased greenhouse gases which tend
    to trap the solar heat and keep Earth warmer, more than what is required.

    These were some of the “free” resources that Mother Nature gave us, which now have become “valuable
    assets” and expensive too!

    Coming back to the other best things in our lives. “Hope” is what money can’t buy. It
    hardly matters if one has big bank accounts to pursue their dreams. If one has
    the courage, belief system in who “you are”, trust in oneself, and hope of
    seeing the dreams come true is what makes the tough get going. Talent,
    intelligence, dedication can’t be valued in monetary terms.

    Support of family members, surely the best thing in life, can’t be bought. When someone
    falls ill or is on his/her death bed. It’s not what money he/she earned his
    lifetime but “The memories” they made with their loved ones, that counts and
    that is they long for. Often people search happiness in material things, like
    having lunch in the most expensive Hotels, but what if no one is there to
    accompany you? Relations can’t be bought. They are earned. They are surely “not
    free” but they are “priceless”.

    Even if a person may had the best luxurious dinner in some 5 star hotel , but “real”
    happiness comes from the food cooked by mother, that smell that love and that
    care, these are “not free” but yes “priceless”.

    Why I am calling these best things as “priceless” and NOT free is, we often tend to take
    things for granted when we know we have them unconditionally. In this busy fast
    pace life of cities people leave their parents to pursue their interests. No doubt
    why we have so many old age homes in Cities and not in villages. In villages
    people have less material comforts but more of “happiness” more of “bondage”.
    They really understand the meaning of “free (and yet priceless)” things.

    What is best for someone may not be best for someone else. Ultimately it is the being “content”
    that matters the most. Though the best
    things we talked about are FREE but they have to be maintained, nurtured and
    taken care of religiously.

    The more we laugh the more our immune system gets stronger. The more we love others the
    more we contribute in making this world a better place to live. That toddler’s
    giggle, the smile on the face of a stranger, the laughters we share with are
    friends, that satisfying sleep /afternoon nap are all free! Cherish them! Make
    time to laugh, hug a friend, take care of family, spend good time with them,
    make memories, all without spending a penny !

    • Batman

      My views:
      1)Kept me engrossed, so a good read!
      2)Improvement in conclusion and expressions from the last time-an emotional touch throughout your essay
      3)Some grammatical errors in intro like ‘he’ has been used; ‘make’ has been used instead of ‘keep’
      4)Balanced-both cost and ‘priceless’ issues were present
      5)May be the para on “taking things granted” was not required, though not a big issue I think
      6)”what may be best for someone may not be…”, I can sense that this idea cropped up in your mind suddenly and you put it here, I think it needs to be re-placed somewhere in the initial paras
      7)Good number of “free” things mentioned-Claps for you!
      Overall, a very good essay 🙂
      Sure to get reviews 😉

      • Night Fury

        Thanks Batman 🙂
        yeah lots of such errors are there , will take care !

    • “In this busy schedule of work, continuous work pressure, project deadlines and endlessmeetings, Indu, the Executive manager of a big sales firm”.. edit kar, kuch to ajeeb lag raha.

      Flow is good(as usual). Content is good. Thoda critical ho skti thi ( I feel, infact most people think ki money can infact buy happiness- ” I would love to cry in a Mercedes benz then crying in some corner of an empty house.)
      Us angle se bhi dekh. Tera essay mere zyadatarr “mother nature” dikh raha (mainly because tune usko capital me likha)

      Thoda aur likh. U anyway write good.
      I found conclusion good unlike Batman 😀

      P.s jabhi bhi critical part dhundho smjhta hi nai ki kya point out karu 🙁

      • Batman

        haha..oe mane b tarif ki h is baar c acha likiha h 😛 😀

    • yogi

      Marvellous !
      i m sure if u would have posted it early, this would have been today’s top essay, i loved it till end!
      u have covered many things from nature to human , from history to present world
      language is easy to comprehend
      flow is brilliant!
      paras are of appropriate length
      Nothing to criticize, for me it is flawless,
      keep it up ..:)

      • Night Fury

        thanks yogi 🙂

    • black mamba

      a very feel goody essay 😀
      now i actually know where i lack
      maybe in the second last para where u mentioned about being content, u can also write about ‘appreciation’
      loved that u call them priceless – it’s indeed the right word . not free 😀
      nothing to point out from me
      review mine, u haven’t yet :/

    • Ab

      A very balanced approach, good one. Some grammatical mistakes were there.Overall, content wise good.Add some factual aspect.

      • Night Fury

        thanks for the suggestion buddy 🙂
        I have lots to improve!

        • Ab

          Every one has to improve:) Even I have just recently started writing. If time permits you, please review mine too.

    • Isha

      Hi fury! Only upvotin mine will not be accepted & see I am reviewing yours coz you took time to read mine 🙂
      start was good- but it could be better.
      Then your further take and explanation was good too. Environment wla example got a bit stretched, I feel. Your priceless aspect is appreciable too. But the point seemed a bit repititive in the last- I think some restructurin required. Conclusion was positive and genuine.

      IT could be even better as we know what the world’ fastest, smartest and (some word you used that day!) can do- No other aadmi can do such miracle 😛
      Keep writing. & about dimension thing- we have so many good examples here. Have a look at them (not mine, as I am just too poor at multi tasking and multi-dimensional thing)

      • Night Fury

        hahaha OMG you read that comment 😛
        yeah even I lag in putting up multi-dimensional examples!
        and I up voted your essay and started doing something else before giving feedback to you. See this “hoch-poch” attitude of mine is reflected in my essay too 😛
        I will try and improve it !
        thanks a lot for reviewing !!!

        • Isha

          YEah, I even upvoted that one 😀
          Hoch poch will be rectified with time, dont worry. Even I am no good at this.

          Keep writing & reviewing 🙂

    • Lord Tuktuk

      i think 1st 2 lines me connectivity problem hai!!! 😐
      dusri baat: puri dunia k bache bahar padhne jate hai!! isme sad kya hai!!! even my massi wants me to come to canada after 3-4 years!! i dont know why should i go to canada 😐 chal chod is point ko!!

      acha connect ho rha hai intro se aage badda!! sach me!
      mummi ka khana 🙂 gol chapati 😛
      dekh jitna tune likha hai, mjhe acha laga!1 me sirf philosophical point of view se lekar bol rha hu, wrna as everyone wants here GS ghussa skate hai hum yha b dunia bhar ki!! but your essay ki good!! no faltu points!
      please conclusion ki phli line b mjhe achi nhi lagi!! but end acha kia hai!! hey you, thanks! 🙂

      • Night Fury

        haha 😀
        gol chapati 😛
        thanks for the review bhai.. agli baar conclusion pe mehenat karni hogi mujhe zada

    • Shaktimaan

      good buddy!!……………..cost factor h dala……………priceless concept b samjhaya………but at d end i think u cn put more emphasis on free wali happiness as topic asking about it………….ovrall u presented in avry nice+simple language…………but in midle content seems lil bit not connected…………..baki aap mahan h …………..keep writing.yhank u:):):)

      • Night Fury

        Thanks for reading it Shaktiman 🙂
        yes your suggestions are well taken, will keep in mind.
        plus, I couldn’t find your essay.
        Try to type it this Sunday so that people can review it 🙂
        aur mahaan m nahi aap hain shaktiman jee !!! 😀

    • Namrata

      hey fury !! 😀 well-written essay with good examples but few points which i feel:
      1. there was repetition involved it lacked flow and structuring according to me .. you went to explain free to not-free to again free (which u called priceless) take care of this .. 🙂
      2. there were few grammatical errors ..maybe by mistake ..but do look into them 🙂
      Rest great ..keep writing and reviewing 🙂

      • Night Fury

        lots of grammatical errors are there.. wrote it too late yesterday..
        and yes I am lacking in structure, this repetition thing u pointed out earlier also, i will try not to repeat this mistake again.
        thanks a lot for the review !!!!

  • Da V!ncI

    As the world become more materialistic most people think that money is one of most or the most important thing in
    life it becomes their principal goal. This is partly true that money makes some things easier to obtain but can money buy all the happiness you seek.
    Ask yourself a question ” What really makes you happy”? you would say ” Riding in Mercedes, Having an i-phone, having a big bank account etc etc.” but Putting it in reality, you can live without an iPhone but we can’t live without love; we can live without a Mercedes but it’s impossible for the human beings to live in solitude, without presence of family and friends. You can’t get away from the fact that we can lean on each others’ shoulders to seek solace but we can’t do the same thing with having lots of money In other words, living with money but without spiritual value is like driving a brand new Mercedes but do not know how to drive it.

    When we are born on this Earth, the almighty blesses us with a full fledged family. This family consisting of our parents,grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings is a blessing showered by the almighty on each and every individual.However rich an individual might grow, he cannot buy these relations and this is the universal fact known to one and all. Another important fact is that one cannot buy happiness because it’s free you can find it any where among you parents,siblings,friends.We like our friends for who they are, for their characters, not for their money. We get them free help, smile, kiss, hug or laugh, which are very important in our life.

    Despite all these thing we are blessed with the thing given to us by Mother nature Air,water,sun, aren’t these things are free. It provides us food to live,give us the atmosphere where we can breathe,it beauty which gives us inner peace all are free. so why people are behind materialistic thing by exploiting the very mother nature who provide all the amenities we required.

    freedom which is most essential things in our lives because no one can control us when we are free. I always feel joyful and relaxing when I am free and I can do everything I want and nobody can buy this because freedom is our birth right and it’s free.

    A full happy life includes not only relationships and achievements, but also spirituality. Now, not everyone is religious, but most people have a sense of spirituality. Finding a way to understand the world, and develop a moral compass can be your own spirituality. Whether you believe in karmic energy, meditation, prayer,or just doing what you believe to be right—this is your spirituality.

    Many people claim that the best things in their life are free, and they don’t need money to be happy, because feelings like love or friendship,freedom,spirituality, cannot be bought for cash.

    Meaningful free value such as love, friendship, family, smiles,freedom,spirituality, are much more important. Unless you believe me, try living without them, and you will realize:The best things in life are free and the second best things are very, very expensive.

  • soniya bhandari


  • Basist Nandan

    Life is a full cycle from birth to death passing through different phases of adolescence, youth and old age. Life in itself would be very narrow. Its interaction with surroundings like society, environment, relatives, friends, educational institutions, working lace provides meaning to life. Life is combination of pleasures, pain, proud moments, guilt feelings, sense of satisfaction etc. which depends upon way we interact with our surroundings.
    When we say something is free it means we could get that things without any ifs and buts. Such free things are equally available to all irrespective of economic situations, without any compromise or expectations from others. It is truly said “Best things in life are free”. It basically means things that give us sense of satisfaction, sense of actual achievement and things which are actually free.

    A boy named Shankar was born into a poor family. His father was a farmer and mother a housewife. Being their only child, they wanted their children to be educated and a good human being. He was sent to government school where he got education for free. He was a very bright student. After passing class 12th, he passed entrance exam of engineering and got admitted to a very reputed engineering college in Delhi on scholarship. He studied there for 4 years, made friends, had opportunity to be educated by excellent teachers, excellent infrastructure and finally he passed out with flying colours. He even got offer from a multi national company for job. But he turned down the offer and decided to use his learning, technical know how to improve agricultural productivity of his village. He could mobilize resources through his friends, use his skills and knowledge to make villagers, farmers aware about new technologies as well as ongoing govt schemes. Finally Shankar was able to achieve what he wanted turning his village into a model village for others to follow. On the other hand, there were Shankar’s other friends who joined MNCs with very good salaries but after working for their companies they still had a question for themselves. Are they really happy? Has money satisfied all their goals? Can they buy happiness, dreams for themselves and their family members with money they earned? Sadly their answers would have been “NO”. This lets us to delve deeper and introspect whether money has ability to provide best things of our lives or not.

    Best things in our lives include a better environments, freedom – political, economic, social, happiness for family members, sense of nationalism, patriotism, giving back to society and ultimately contributing towards building this place a better place to live for mankind.

    Our Constitution provides us some fundamental rights which has its own freedom. Freedom of speech, expression, right to live freely, express our views freely, preach our religion without any discriminations. These are constitutionally guaranteed rights which are absolutely free and are important for living a dignified live. Similarly Constitution also lists 11 fundamental duties which every citizens must abide by. Doing so would provide immense satisfaction that no money would be able to give.

    Love of a parent for his/her child is unconditional love that is free. It is something that no money can provide. Growing up in a combined family provided sense of togetherness, sense of helping each other for our own joy. Sitting together for gossips, attending functions together etc are some beautiful and satisfying moments that are naturally available absolutely free that no money can ever buy.

    Nature provides us so many things absolutely free. Fresh air, water, sunshine,food, vitamins, better health, rain etc. In today’s materialistic world there is too much reliance on manufactured goods rather than natural products. This has led to its bad effects on health. Whereas, it has been known that Rishis who used to live in jungles, had fresh food, fruits, fresh air to breathe survived longer than today’s Life expectancy.

    Gautam Budhha belonged to a royal family. However, after seeing old man, diseased being, a dead body etc., he left all his luxuries and became an ascetic, wandered various places and finally got enlightenment in Bodh gaya under a Bodhi tree. According to his teachings, this world is full of sufferings and cause for these sufferings are desires than humans have. These sufferings can be removed only by following eight noble paths. These noble paths are depended upon individuals himself which are absolutely free. It only needs dedication, determination, penance and purification of one’s soul.

    Mahatama Gandhi during Indian Freedom struggle gave his all his luxuries. He even abandoned hos clothes and wore a single dhoti. He fought for masses, against imperialist British govt based on his two principles of truth and non violence. These are two moral philosophies that can be acquired from any source. It is inbuilt in everyone. It just depends upon how one uses the. Standing for truth gives moral satisfaction which is beyond any materialistic satisfaction. It is no wonder that these two principles of truth and non violence advocated by Gandhiji gave us freedom. Gandhiji’s these two philosophy has inspired many to give up violence and resolve dispute with peace.

    Even in field of politics, which has become a game of money and muscle power to fight and win election. It is seen that elected representatives who has won based on money and muscle power have been a failure for whole democracy. MLAs or MPs resort to horse trading, favouring capitalist, and rich, neglecting poor, involving in corruption just for sake of power while is not permanent. These have resulted in ineffective functioning of parliament, ineffective economic, agricultural policy leading to suicide of our farmers, ineffective law and order leading to rise in crimes, instances of communal violence, inter caste conflicts etc. These have brought bad name for our nation in international forums. But the situation is not so dark in politics. As an example we saw in Delhi legislative election, comprehensive win of a party which was a victory based on fight against corruption, against money and muscle power, against negativity and immoral practices, a win based on ethics and morality in politics. Recent initiatives of that particular govt to curb corruption, let go off VIP culture and initiatives to curb pollution are measures which would result in better harmony and better living environment for citizens.

    In field of economy too, initiatives like Corporate social responsibilities (CSR) is based on philanthropy principle rather tha profit making. A particular company spending on CSR activities to promote education, built better health facilities, clean environment, building toilets etc. are taken in good spirit by public and are appreciated for their CSR activities. On the other hand, companies totally motivated by money making are not taken in good spirit by citizens.

    To sum up it can be seen that there are important things in life which no amount of money or power can buy. Happiness of protecting our nature, happiness of being loved whether it is parents, friends, wife etc is unparalleled. Happiness of being a part of joint family and its own uniqueness is unparalleled. Education imparted by a teacher is life long treasure absolutely free.
    As also seen from story of Shankar and his friends, Shankar had a better sense of satisfaction by contributing for welfare of his villagers, empowering them, spreading message of love and care than his friends who could not be happy or satisfied in spite of earning a lot of money.
    Gautam Budhha, Mahatama Gandhi, Nobel Laurete Kailash Satyarathi and many other great men could achieve what they could only because of their selfless care, believing in their inner conciousness rather than driven by materialistic world. Hence they are also referred as pure souls. Nature provides us with water, food, fresh air without asking for anything in return. It is our duty to protect our nature which cares for us like our mothers.Animals like dogs, horse are called humans’ friends because of their unconditional love and care. Birds like peacocks, parrots are beautiful to be around with. Cuckoos, mainas provide us with beautiful music which are like eternal bliss. Even just having peace with oneself, being alone in his/her own thoughts, doing yoga, spending times with dear ones etc. are some beautiful things are absolutely free and are a must for healthy and merry life.

    • Ab

      very elaborate and covered a lot of point.

      • Basist Nandan

        Hi Ab, thanks for feedback….any suggestions to improve ?

        • Ab

          There are some observation in you write up, like any person will not have only one aspect, similarly essay should also cover both positive and negatives. You can elaborate about the aspect which is not free of cost. You can keep summary a bit short. Give facts more space in your writing.

          Request, please review mine also.

  • Ab

    The best things in life are Free:

    When we look at the vast history of India, stretched across centuries, very few kings were having a control over its majority of territory at a time. Of few, Ashoka, of Maurya dynasty was one. He was very ambitious. He fought battles one after another and won too. At the epitome of his success, his expansionist tendency lead to another brutal war, that was against his southern territory, Kalinga. He eventually won that battle, but he lost taste in that victory compared to the previous success. Reason was that the amount of the death toll and bloodshed he saw as a result of his expansionist tendency was gargantuan. Then after that what happened, we all know. He accepted Buddhism, as his religion. His conclusion was that he was searching for happiness by increasing the size of his kingdom and hence he had to indulge in a lot of ghastly warfare, but the happiness was within that too without much to hanker for it.
    “The best things in life are free”, when I look at this quote or idiom, three separate key entities comes to my mind and by combining they produce a magnificent meaning. These three separate entities are “the best things”, “in life” and “free”. I will devote my whole write up in mere explaining and understanding these three key entities.

    Best things in life are a subjective question and are based on person to person, that what they consider best for them. But, humans are different from other species, in the sense that they always use the past experience and mistakes to improve their life, Hence many thing is also evolved in human race and based on that there is general consensus on the term what is best or worst for them. Such as there is a unanimous opinion is that, giving some time to physical exercise is good for health in long term and also improves efficiency. Now coming to second entity, i.e. “Life”. Life may be of a person, organization, society, nations or as of whole human race. The meaning of the third term “free”, is quite unpretentious it simply means at no cost.

    Elaborating the point with respect to various levels

    At personal level:
    Human beings is having various aspects and dimensions such as physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, material and also spiritual. And all of them constitute them, their proportion may vary. If any of the single parameters misses, he may feel unhappy and stressful. But a careful study will reveal that, all these aspects that a human need is nearly free of cost.

    Take the example of physical aspect, a people with regular,systematic life, keeping the good habits related to health can expect a better physique without much paying for it. Similarly emotional aspect can be kept at healthy level without paying much for it. For example, in today’s world we see a lot of issues related to strained and breaking relationships. The parents in present day is so busy in their job, that they forgets the purpose of doing all these, and hence they deprived their children a quality time, and after that they complains. But, reality is that the aggravated situations can be controlled if handled properly.

    Now, a genuine question can be asked at this juncture, what if a people want happiness through material objects such as lavish car such as of Mercedes, costly gadgets such as iphone etc. etc, which is best as per them but certainly not free. The answer is the same. “The best things in the world are free”. First you have to decided, for what you are craving for is “the best”? If the answer is negative then no issue, and if you find it in affirmative, then even it may be free as it can be achieved by application of “ideas”, which also is a free asset given to us. Through “ideas”, human history has transformed and this idea, if adopted properly can fulfill your need.
    Same is true for spirituality, it’s also doesn’t require any material resources. But if we look around us, we may find people engaging themselves in so many ways in the name of spirituality that we may find without money it’s not possible, but truth lies on the other side. Superficiality is not spirituality.

    At Social level:

    Any society is constituted by its persons. Apart from individual trait, societies also possess some characteristic as a whole. That is
    the sole reasons that, in history we see some society dominates over other. A deeper observation, in this respect also will lead to conclusion that “The best things in life (of society) are Free”. Some of the attribute associated with a society may be named as political consciousness of its people, discipline as a whole, and solidarity for others in the group, sense of respect for the differences and many more. France leads the way, when it comes to the “equality” as they were the pioneer in this respect. This was also an idea of it’s society evolved through a widespread struggle and couldn’t be suppressed even after involving a lot of might and wealth. During 1750-1850 in England, nearly 26,000 new small and big inventions held many of them was not produced by scientists funded by the government, but according to requirement the general people used their skills and also sometime improvised. All these skills to match the requirement was also not came to fore as a result of any huge investment, hence can be considered as free.

    Hence concluding this I would like to magnetize your attention of your, towards one of the most popular quote of Bapu, “there is enough for every ones need, but not for their greed”. Hence if search for the best thing in a right manner, chances are there that we can get it as free, prohibited it’s should be “the best”.

    • Night Fury

      Hi Ab,
      Very good structured essay
      ” I will devote my whole write up in mere explaining and understanding these three key entities.” = you can ignore this line or ignore the word “whole” and simply let your paragraphs speak the idea.

      and you essay seems one sided.. you haven’t spoke about “best things which are not free”..critical part also we should write to make it a balanced one.
      regarding conclusion.. I couldn’t relate the quote, may be elaborating a bit would make it clearer. like how u are connecting “greed” to “free”..
      Rest a very easy to read language and good flow.
      really liked the structure!
      keep it up man!
      P.S all views are personal, you may ignore if not useful 🙂

      • Ab

        First of all, thank you so much for this critical and elaborate review. I take your review as serious and can’t ignore this. Your observation was right that it was having only one aspect and also it was homologous, will try to improve, it was just my second essay. Please review further in future.

  • Sahil Garg

    (After reading this post today by insights ( , i finally became motivated to start writing essay again. Thank you Insights. )

    I cried for a costly pair of shoes, until I saw a man with no legs , and I realised how futile my demand was – Anonymous . These words meticulously capture the problem plaguing the society today, it values very little what it have and keep fretting for what it wants. When most of the precious things one needs for his development are freely accessible , man keeps chasing things which might quench his temporary thirst for pleasing himself and the society.

    The beauty of the nature – the rising and setting of sun, the mellifluous chirping of birds, the calm aura at the beach, the noise of the waves, the fresh air, the clean running waters of the river, the beautiful blooming of the roses , all come without spending a penny. But still his heart and mind wanders for the opposite, be it the artificial air conditioners or the expensive lighting, he does any and everything so that the world does not dislike him. The sense of security we enjoy in today’s world is free. Barring a few pockets on the world map like the Middle East or some areas in south Asia, there are hardly any places where someone would come and shoot you for no reason. There’s no fear of those marching enemy armies all the time that used to horrify people a few centuries back. Instead of enjoying this security, man chooses to complain for little things.

    What would life be without family and friends? You can sleep on a bed of gold, but with no one to share joys and sorrows, would one be happy? Everyone knows the answer is no, but most people take these two extremely important aspects of life for granted, only to earn the money they might never spend in their lifetime. Where a call for 5 min would be a better healer for his mother, he chooses to spend dollars on her medicine. Where a meal together once in a week will keep the relations at the consummate level, he chooses to throw parties for his friends and family, and finally be absent there. That proportion of the population which has access to good quality of food and water has started to lose its value and seek more joy in overpriced popcorn in a multiplex or a madly priced dinner at a 5 star hotel. Only the population which struggles to earn the minimal food, water and shelter
    understands its real importance today.

    Health is wealth – as clichéd as it may sound, but still very few understand this even today. Man today struggles to go and walk for 15 min a day only to deteriorate his health to a point where only death or treatments costing exuberantly can save them. Man today is madly in a rush to make millions at any cost. But will they ever trade their hands and legs for even a billion rupees. So, already being worthy of billions and still madly chasing those millions, only to one day loose those billions. Really, the most precious things come at zero cost.

    Warren Buffet has rightly said- look at the value in return of your investment rather than its cost. But Majority population chooses to spend on the biggest TV sets, large home theatres, the latest iphone and the best SUV, little realising that these costly possessions can provide happiness only temporarily. On the contrary, even the best books and education cost so little that once the return on them is calculated, it turns out it was a profitable investment. Man decides to keep
    himself engrossed in costly and worthless affairs, when the best source of happiness could be a talk with their children, or a day off from work, or reading a book.

    So is celebrating the favourite festivals free. To celebrate the best Holi, Diwali , Eid , or Christmas, all one needs is some loving people and a few bucks. What man chooses is a mere display of one’s bank balance by offering gifts costlier than their peers. What
    a privilege it is to not pay for living in a country with a democratic setup and a well written constitution, as is the case in India. Most of us take the freedom that comes with ‘ free fundamental rights‘ that only when they are curtailed, say in emergency, we start to appreciate its importance. To smile is free, so is to cry. Instead, man chooses to think what all may or may not happen in future and get worried about it. No doubt getting worried is also free, but in the long run, one has to pay for it in the form of medical bills.

    The single most important thing that on requires to become professionally competent is his skills. Education, or getting skilled, surely requires investment early in their life, but the returns are so good that the whole cost comes to being no cost, so it is free. What matters for many is getting a degree at any cost, rather than real education. A fake degree costs badly and guarantees no real happiness. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The more you simplify, the more you’ll achieve.Simplifying life is easy and free. What man mostly chooses is to make his life more and more complex at whatever cost it comes.

    In the wake of rising stimulation and complexity in life, man has slowly and steadily proliferated the urge to fit into the society’s vision of happiness and success – wearing the same clothes, buying the same phone, driving the same car, not because it makes them happy, but because it makes them more acceptable, Man accumulates expensive possessions, expects unnecessarily, doesn’t get that and becomes sad and this reflects in their health in the long run. Only if people remove this social mask and get free from the fear of not being accepted, can they truly discover what gives them real happiness – that is a few friends over a dinner rather than a over budget and overcrowded party, that is might be an old song on a radio and not the complete playlist on their 64GB iPod, might be the most comfortable pyjamas rather than the branded pair of jeans.

    The best life is created by working relentlessly on the basics rather than complicating the life. The former is free but the latter isn’t.

    • liked it. didn’t feel was ur first. Perfect length and easy to connect. All the best

      • Sahil Garg

        Thank you 🙂 All the best to you too 🙂

  • lalitha kalyani Matharasi

    We can get many things in this world with money.but we always get best things for free only.
    Firstly,all the things that support life on earth termed as PANCHABHUTA are available for free.the fresh air we breathe in comes from the greenery around for free of cost.fresh water from rain and heat and light from sun,the surrounding atmosphere and many other such essential elements that are the reason behind the very existence of life on this planet earth are all free.
    Apart from above mentioned things man is blessed with many other things like spacious memory card,high technology optic system,enormous neural network capacity etc which are generally present during his birth are all facilities that are freely available to him.these systems are really the best things of Almighty’s creation of man.
    Thus above all BIRTH which is considered the best of opportunities to do something is available for free of cost.Then comes EXPERIENCE which is a cost free teacher and teaches us more than a teacher in leading a meaningful life unto death.It imbibes in us many personality development qualities like will-power,dedication,self respect,having service motto etc.we don’t have to pay even a single cent for those lessons that life teaches us.
    Turning to the other dimension ,all the things mentioned above support the physical existence of man.There are many other best things in life which support man mentally and morally.we are gifted with mother’s love,father’s care,siblings affection,relatives compassion,true friendship and love are all available freely most of the times.Apart from these we are also provided with a society and a community to live in as man is a social being.seeing man as a social being we have many examples where emotions could dominate relations and money had no role to play.RAMA could never get a disciple like HANUMAN for money.KUCHELA could get a true friend like KRISHNA without giving him any worldly gifts.Thus all these can never be bought with money and a person living all alone having enormous wealth can never get the true happiness a person gets while at home with family and friends.hence many best things happen to man for free only.A sharing friend ,a loving partner,a trustworthy follower,a lovely pet,freedom giving society etc can never be bought with money.
    There are many such unique things in this world which are termed to be the best and are obtained free of cost.For example money can give us luxuries.we can buy any perfume we like with money.hence we all do that and so keep changing them frequently based on our status.But the real essence lies in noticing that we can never forget the aroma of several flowers available around and the smell that comes from mud while raining are some of our all time favorite which are also available for free of cost.similarly though we could buy cool drinks it is water that gives us much relief when we are thirsty.In the same way our childhood memories,our teenage,warm days,beautiful scenery, smiling children,love filled hugs and kisses can give us such happiness which any of the worldly pleasures cannot provide.A sound sleep which gives us a physical and mental relaxation comes for free.silence and peace of mind can never be bought with money.
    Thus from all the above we can finally conclude that the BEST THING among many other best things in life is LIFE itself which is primarily blessed and supported with resources that are available all around for free of cost.we need not pay even a rupee for that.Also apart from self-living the main aim of humanity lies in serving others without expecting anything in return.this gives us immense happiness and satisfaction and that too for free.Thus to live a wholesome life i.e TO LIVE AND TO LIT OTHERS LIFE we are provided with enough on this planet earth and that also for FREE.
    Generally we get attracted to materials which give us immense pleasure and come along with a discounted price.its our human psychology.In that case if best things in life are available for free then in order to make full use of this offer the only thing we need to do is to realize these facts and be contended with what we have and find happiness in every small thing that comes across and live a LIFE which has LIFE in it.Always have a SMILE on the face because IT REALLY COSTS US NOTHING.

    • lalitha kalyani Matharasi

      after reading yesterday’s post by insights i got motivated and wrote my first essay.thank you insights.please review…

  • Plz review

  • alok K

    Plz review mine once….i have written essay for the first time after board exams..

  • Best things in life are free

    In 1960s-70s, there was a gentleman called Kallappa in village, southern India.
    His only wife died at time of delivery due to complications related to
    excessive bleeding. She had taken an oath from her lovely husband that their
    only son will become the best man with good heart & head to help the
    poorest of the poor so that people like her won’t die due to lack of medical
    care. The heavy hearted husband with tears flowing from both eyes agreed with
    no second/third thoughts.

    The famous Kallappa kaka as called in his village was poor man but worked
    day and night to ensure that his promise given to his wife will be fulfilled. He
    went to field work on daily labour wage here and there. He walked barefoot but
    ensured that his son will have shoes; he slept with empty stomach but ensured
    that his son will have good & decent food. He wore dirty clothes once
    washed in month but made sure that his son cloths were decent. That was the
    love, the care, the concern showed by him towards his only son. He did not
    charge any amount for this. Everything was free. His son was also aware of his
    father hardships and hurdles. He knew what he had to do in due course of time.

    But that son forgot everything whatever he had received from others. Whatever
    he had received was fully free – mother’s blood, father’s sweat, teacher’s pain
    and son. He became doctor, then politician, then minister but did not do a
    single job whatever his mother desired from her future son.

    We always should remember that we get so much from parents, from teachers,
    from society. All these are free but are always valuable in their own

  • Deepti Chahar

    Thank you.

    • Billie Jean

      Hi. I have few suggestions though they are unsolicited. But will be really helpful to you. In this essay there has been no importance given to introduction. Please do think of an apt introduction by taking an example, lets say bhutan that values gross national happiness than gross national product, or write a small story and then link that story in the conclusion part.
      Regarding the body, in my opinion(that i’ve learnt from other successful ppl, its best we avoid headings and sub headings. Moreover even if u are mentioning headings u shouldnt have written all of them again in the beginning .
      The first part of the conclusion could have dealt with a little negation of the statement. For ex- health expenditure which is not free and infact leading to further poverty. .here money is playing a larger role.

      Hope u take this critical review in a positive way as its a genuine review. I may be wrong though . Continue writing.

      • Deepti Chahar

        I will definitely keep that in mind and try my best to improve my writing style. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback! 🙂

        • Billie Jean

          Ur welcome 🙂 a small tip is to explore the topic under question multidimensionally using upsc syllabus as the key.
          Example- suppose the topic for essay is “no man is an island” . For this prepare a blueprint first at the last page with 3 columns one each for intro body and conclusion. Jot down the points as they come to ur mind as appropriately in those three columns. For the above topic. .u can explore various dimensions in the following manner. .
          The meaning of the topic is that no man is self sufficient and that every one is dependent on the other in some way or the other. .we can extend the scope to a group of people, a society, a country, a continent etc .
          Paper 1 – world history – several groupings like axis powers , allied powers etc
          Society – a man associates with a man starts various institutions like family, society etc
          Indian history – gandhiji realised it and tried to integrate the masses ; the jajmani sysytem in the villages

          Paper 2- constitutional values like fraternity, secularism,socialism that indicates collectivism. .same is inherent in certain FRs, DPSPs etc.
          The concept of shg and ngo is based on the principle.
          International relations- abundant material we have as to how one country depends on the other

          Paper 3 – economy — regional groupings like rcep,ttp etc ; the very concept of imports and exports coz no country is self sufficient
          Environment – cooperation among countries like UNFCCC
          Internal security- data sharing between the states
          Technology- social media

          Paper 4 – a whistleblower needs the protection from the state and the state needs the honesty of the whistleblower, issues with corporate governance etc

          Hope u got the idea and find it useful

  • manish

    “The Best Things in Life are free”

    We can buy anything with money but when it comes to buy love, compassion, loyalty, honesty, sincerity its value is not enough to afford these human values. In materialistic world everything has a price. We doubt the quality of material if it available at free of cost. Just like “free – basic” internet service. We doubt its long term implication on people’s pocket.

    The creation of human being is itself a best thing in life. Though it is out of love of a parent but its body formation starting from an embryo to multi-functional body is marvelous and this process is not paid. A man never pay a price for his body, he simply can maintain and his body stronger by his effort of doing exercise and nutritional food.

    Our body has certain need of materials which get it from various source by paying a paying a price. Though the material has its value in life but without love, respect, dignity etc. our life is colorless, which even the abundance of materials cannot full filled. Love is best most essence of life, its gives happiness and sense of completeness in life. The days of childhood are the best days of someone’s life. Everything is ready for a child, parents does best whatever they can afford for their child. Their unconditional love and support cannot be pay-back in any figures. Apart from love of parents, love of siblings, love of other family member cannot compare with materialistic values.

    In society, apart from family members we live with other people. In the set of other people the set of friends is very important of one’s life. It is said that a good friend is like medicine, which heal the wounds. We have many friends those who share us credits but very few who share our debits. Friendship of a true friend is more worth than a wealth of a rich man. Wealth has an end and limitation but a true friendship is last forever, a true friend are always stand shoulder to shoulder for good reason and shows right path when one gets into troublesome.

    Without food and water we can live for few days but without air we can’t live more than few minutes. Air we breathe is very crucial and important for us and it is available to us without paying a penny. Sunlight, fresh air, hotness, coldness , rainfall etc. give us sense of different weather and climatic conditions. Natural beauty of mountains, flowing river, jungles, animals, birds ,plants ,
    flowers and many other which nature has given us are true sense and best things for completeness of human life. Nature has never asked anything in return for it. But our greed of fast development has made us victim of our own past anti nature activity.

    Nature has not only full filled our material need but also teaches us with emotional and intellectual wisdom. We can learn many things from nature, how its maintain balance in environment by maintaining the amount of carbon di-oxide and oxygen, how it maintain nutrient cycle, how it take care of birds and animals etc. Nature teaches the lesson which are never taught in any
    school. Though we can get admission to best schools by paying fees but the talent cannot be buy in any school. It is god gifted and we can only nurture our talent to put forward in the best utility form for human being. Best example is Newton, who discovered the law of gravitation by sitting under a tree. We can buy the books but the knowledge inside the book can’t, to get the knowledge
    we have to read the book.

    Not only the nature which has provided their service by charging nothing but also the leader who sacrificed their life for humanitarian on earth has also not demanded any fee. Our beloved “Bapu” has one best example who true supported the cause down trodden in the society. He fight for their rights, went jail , keep on fasting whenever required but he never charges fee for that. Similarly many other like Raja Ram mohan roy, Dyanand saraswati, Ishwar chandra vidhya sagar, Swami viveka nanda , Bhagat singh , Raj
    guru and many other who fight for the nation and for society without asking for any favoritism. Because of their leadership we are able to get rid off colonial power and orthodox model of society. The price of their leadership is just to see independent and self-sufficient India.

    However, in 21st century ever corner of the world got independence, there is no world war and cold war but still some people become the curse on humanity. Yes, I am talking about the terrorism, now its global phenomena. In J&K, it is very common thing, recently in Pathan kot district 7 soldiers including lieutenant colonel have martyr. They sacrifice their life for sake nation and independence of the people inside the country. The price of their life cannot paid in any way, we always proudly remember them as
    our real hero.

    My friend Simran, every weekend goes the slum to play with the slum children near Dharavi in Mumbai. Sometimes he used to take some chocolate, balls , note book ,pencil with him. I don’t understand why he went their but one day he told me that “he feel very relax and happy when the children give him smile and called bhaiya ..bhaiya”. The self-satisfaction being with the slum children is priceless and best start to new week for Simran.

    In spirituality, the things which are priceless has more value than the materials which has a price. The inner peace, cool and calm mind, meditation, good health and positive thought are the inner faculty which can be attended by sincere effort and practice. In Bhagwaat geeta it is said that the need of the body will never get full filled until the fulfillment of the inner faculties.

    The pleasure of the material is limited and temporary, as the demand changes we tempt towards to buy new products, it is endless. This is one the drawback of digital world that we are becoming more and more materialistic. We need to work on our fundamentals to enjoy the real meaning of life. We need to spend quality time with family, talk to parents every day, play with children and make harmony for everybody in family as well as in society. Than only we can attached to human values which are very dear to us
    and has more worth than any other things in the world.

    please review.

  • KK

    My maiden attempt..

    Please review..

    Thank you insights

  • Gaurav

    In today’s consumerist culture where everything comes with a tag we can still have a sigh of relief that still today best things or things which are most important for life comes for free and other trivial things can be bought from market.
    Although it is being said that hapiness comes with price and hapiness is one of the most important thing that matters. Proponents say that you get happiness when your desire is fullfilled . But in my opinion its not like that . I do agree fullfilling materialistic need do make one happy but that hapiness is external and is short lived and it vaporises as one get used to that thing. Instead hapiness that comes out of satification and out of sense of fullfillment is a long one and helps in enriching ones personality iwhich is most important for living a healthy and prosperous life . This does not come with the price tag and can be achieved by ones deeds.
    Another most important thing that is basic ingredient of making a good personality and helps in leading a meaningfull life is value system like honesty, truth, fidelity,integrity etc. Value system is reflection of ones innerself , its upbringing , its culture, surrounding etc. Value system help one to ward off the identity crisis in difficult times. It helps to take right decision in difficult situation and act as an anchor . Although as this is not quantifiable and the results arising out of this can not be financially comprehended hence its loosing its importance as a result we can daily get the examples where value are compromised . But as already tod its benefits are immense and the best part is that it can neither be bought nor sold . One has to accqire this in the due course of time . Which means that any one can accquire good value system for free .
    Next thing that every living being die for is love which is free. Love is such an important thing that it distinguished humans from machines . Love gives life a purpose . It provide a direction to ones life . Love has many form like love for life, love fom near and dears, love for nature, etc. Love help in creating tolerance , it helps in creating broterhood and many more things which are very necessary for leading a meaning full life both at individual level as well at humanity level.Its is being said that love in nowdays is not free and comes with a price tag and they cite example of mending or breaking of relationships due to money , clash between the family menbers on the issue of division of resources etc.
    I do agree with these example but in first place these example in itslf are wrong as this is not true love either its lust , materialistic ambition or other thing lying behing the superflous veil of love . This veil is named as love as its main motive is to hide the main motive . Beside true love is one which is not demanding, does not need any reasoning, no logic and at last its both mean as well as end . This love give one peace , hapiness , oneness and many more things and is totally free.
    Another important thing that helps one to ward off big problems without getting demotivated and demoralised is family and comes for free . Most of the individuals are lucky enough to have family at the time of birth . Most of the building blocks of life are being laid at initial years and family play a important part in that. Along with that family support is very necessary in the difficult time and give one the strength to stick to his own principles . Love of family infuses the sense of importance in ones life and give a feeling that there are few people who care for them. Best part as others is same that it is totally free.

    All the above things that i have mentioned above like love, hapinness, value system, family life , all these things are free and any one can have one or all of them without paying any price in monetary terms. And these things individually as well as collectively define the quality of life one will lead . These things enrich the personality of the individual in such a way that it empowers one to achieve any thing and everything .
    But in todays world people are running after the trivial things which are very costly and are not permanent due to which there is always scarcity. It lead to the rat race and unhealthy competion among the individuals which rob them of their health, peace , satisfaction etc. Its not that only those who do not get these things are unhappy but the irony is that even those who are able to achieve them also reamain unhappy.
    In additio to that this rat race lead to the division of society in haves and haves not.
    We as Indians were always aware of the importance of these free things and we were clearly aware of the usefullness of those. Thats why our old scriptures are fill of teachings perataining to usefulness of these and was always advised to achieve these. This is the only reason that our country is also called land of spirituality and is totally reflected in our present culture.Hence if we have to remove the suffereing of thepeople then we have to follow these things which are best as well as free.

  • Nanditha

    This is my first essay please review 🙂

    “The best things in life are free” . But the question is what are the best things here. According to me the best things are as follows:
    a) Life
    b) Love
    c) Confidence/ Believe in yourself
    d) Success

    One of the best things that ever happened to me is Life. I am still alive, I am still breathing this is the best thing God gave me but the question is at what cost? Yes, its free in terms of money. But in my view I have to pay him back something not in terms of money but in otherway. I want to pay him back by showing and promising that I will live my life with “Dharma”. The main purpose of life is to help others. I will help someone who are in need. As life is one time opportunity, but once is enough if we live the best.

    Love: My parents loved me ever since from when I was in my mothers womb. They loved me from then unconditionally. A quote says the Love of father touches the sky and the love of mother is whole universe. Is it free and again yes in terms of money but I have to payback them something. Promising them to fulfill their dreams, will be by their side at any cost whatever situation it may be, giving confidence to them, learning new things to them as they are my first teachers in turn i will learn them (My parents are uneducated). This is how I pay them back by loving and caring them.

    Confidence/Believe in Yourself : A quote says if you think you can do it, you are half succeeded. For example you are successful in your life and you have achieved your goal. When some one asks you what is secret of your success our answer is believing our self and confidence. This is free yes but I will pay back something called “SUCCESS” to my life.

    Success : In everyone life success is the best thing that ever happened. Even though it is free of cost we have to pay something before success which is essential for every successful human. I am paying my hard work, confidence, patience and time in order to succeed in life

    Finally I conclude everything the best in Life are free in terms of money. But, spiritually, Psychologically and emotionally they are not free we are paying back something in return which are also free.

    • Demolition man

      lets try and review each others

  • Demolition man

    10,000 years ago man invented fire, he then found that this fire gave him not
    only warmth in winters but had multiple benefits like safety from wild animals
    and cook raw food. All this changed the way we live and has brought happiness
    and convenience to us. However, it may seem that it is “Happiness”
    that is the best thing in life and comes free but on taking a panoramic view of
    this we find it is just a constituent of ‘Freedom’ bestowed upon man in the
    form of thought and free will.

    The phrase ‘Best things in life are free’ makes us think of many
    possible things, that we possess, the nature around us, our efforts that reaped
    results, our family and relations we build overtime, the virtues of life.
    Yes this “Freedom of thought and free will” is the best thing
    in life and one need not pay any price for it. Mans ability to think has
    separated him from the rest of animals. The progress mankind has made over
    billions of year supports it. Freedom of thought has led to many inventions in
    the modern world; it led to the industrialisation of the world, the growth in
    medicine , growth of ideas like Liberty, justice, equality and rights of man to
    live a dignified life. The freedom of free will gave it an expression in the
    form of satyagraha, French revolution, and American revolution, events that
    have shaped the modern world for the betterment of mankind.

    Today a Little
    ‘child’ is fascinated by the machines around him from a simple thing like zip
    which helps him to pack his bag and go to school to complex machines like
    gaming gadgets which provide him leisure. If he falls ill he does not have to
    rely on the remedies of a tantric but can take an antibiotic to cure himself
    and resume his normal routine. As he grows he realises that as a citizen of his
    country he has the freedom to think and express himself. He has the power of
    vote which he can exercise and help form a government, he has the freedom to
    invent, influence, serve and touch a million lives. He is free to choose his
    medium, he can do it through art, music, technology or any other means he is
    willing to choose. Gandhiji gave this world the idea of satyagraha which showed
    that non violence and strong will power can melt hardest of the stones. Machiavelli,Voltaire
    and Benjamin franklin exercised their freedom of thought and empowered the
    future generations to think freely and have the best things life has to offer. All
    this because they exercised his free will and freedom to think.

    ‘man is born free and yet everywhere he is in chains’ said
    Rosseau. The chains put on mankind in the past and so in the present, these
    have taken many forms like apartheid, untouchability and yes the lust for
    unchecked growth which has led to destruction of natural resources and
    exploitation of poor. Nelson mandela’s crusade
    against the apartheid has led to the upliftment of blacks and has given them a
    dignified life, Gandhiji’s efforts to remove untouchability bore efforts in
    uniting India and give an impetus to the freedom movement and not only that it
    also gave harijans the freedom to live their life as respectable citizens with
    all the opportunities any other citizen is given.

    Today mankind is breaking through these chains by putting in
    sincere efforts to control rising level of global warming and other factors
    contributing toward the destruction of environment the and moving towards
    sustainable development. The success of montreal protocol and positive result
    of talks in paris(Cop) support our claims in this respect. The poor are being
    uplifted as the governments pledge to provide them more support and
    opportunities through various social designs and schemes. In India ‘Mnrega’ has
    promised work to many homeless and unemployed and ‘PDS’ system is providing
    grains and cereals at cheaper price.

    All this happened
    because the freedom of thought and will to exercise it was strong and though
    you can chain a man in the prejudice of society but you cannot chain is
    thoughts which has come as the best thing to him and completely free. The
    invention of fire not oly showed its benefits but it showed that with fire in
    one’s own thoughts one can change the course of his own and many other people’s

    • Nanditha

      well written in exam point of view 🙂

  • Bharath Reddy

    It cannot always be the best thing, if it is available for free! The joy lies in the struggle. The value of that feeling of happiness increases only when we have put in enough efforts to achieve it.

  • Bharath Reddy

    The best thing for most of us here is to be a civil servant and serve the nation. If it was for free, we seldom would have been here spending time here and I would have been the last person to type this.

  • Grv

    There is a very famous story which goes like this. Once upon a time, there was a King. Highly disappointed with his life, despite having all the luxuries and comforts of life, he was not content. So, he wanted to know how does a happy man look like? He ordered all the worthy men in his service to find the happiest man in his kingdom. The King, obviously, had presumed that the person would be rich and wealthy. But to his surprise, his men brought a vagabond in tattered clothes. This man did not have any material comfort in his life. Yet, he was happy, happier than the King at least. This confounded the King. How could a petty vagabond be happier than the King ? What did he have which the King so longed, but could not get? Can’t money buy everything including happiness ? This man shook the basic premise that King held with regard to wealth. He showed the King that happiness cannot be bought by wealth and indeed the best things in life like, love, warmth, care, peace of mind, good luck, friendship, companionship, are free. And it is these things which make a man happy.    

    We have come a long way from the equal society that nature had given to us as a gift. Nature, some would like to call it as God, had given everything in common and we created the concept of ownership. Land, rivers, breeze, mountains, grassland, food everything was in common. The first person who made a boundary over this land and claimed it as his own, made a grave sin against the nature and humanity. Perhaps, it was after this that the idea of “owning something” became so seductive that humans wanted to own everything, they wanted to appropriate everything that was in common for themselves. Everything became a commodity, even something as essential and as omnipresent, as water is being now sold in bottles. Man wanted to be in charge and take control of everything, even the nature. Therefore, it is not surprising now, if we think that all the things in this universe come with a price tag. The English saying “There are no free lunches” aptly sums up the point. It is the materialistic society that has made us like that. We fail to see that things, which are essential for living a human life are free, and if they are not, they should be free. 


    Money was made by us, it was made to satiate our desire to acquire more and more. It was made to ensure that our acquisition from the nature does not perish before we use it. That is the idea behind money, that we can keep it till the time is ripe for us to consume something, and we can use that money to buy the desired commodity. Perhaps, money has indeed been good in many ways. It has helped human kind develop economically, culturally and scientifically. But the idea of unbridled greed undergirds the invention of money. And it is that unquenchable thirst for money that has become the cornerstone of present day modern society. This society puts a value on everything. Even on humans. And why not ? Do we not judge the value of an individual by how successful he/she is ? And by success, we mean how much wealth the person has come to amass. The Lockean premise of a man who has amassed Wealth is only one who is industrious and rational, has left an indelible impact on our psyche. So much so, that when people are not rich, we presume that either they are not hard working or they are not rational enough. Thus, other qualities like humility, compassion, love are not such primary qualities that we find in an individual while thinking about his/her success. It is a pity that being a caring and loving mother or a father is not equivalent to being a successful woman or a man.   

    We have created money for our own comfort and now we are not even realizing how it has come to control us. We are becoming slaves to our desire to acquire more and more money. It is only because we feel that without money there is not much that we can achieve in life. Despite knowing the fact that love and companionship can not be bought from money, we still have a burning desire to acquire more and more money. 


    A very pertinent question now perturbs our rationality. Why, despite being aware that money can not buy all good things do we still yearn for money ? Why do we desire money when we know that the putative “best things” of life are free?  The answer lies in the structure of the society in which we live, it is conspicuous in every sphere and every walks of life. It is something that decides who we will be and how will we live our lives. It is the rampant inequality of society. 

    The Human society, since time immemorial has been stratified, hierarchical and unequal. However, a particular striking feature of modern day societies is that inequality of wealth determines and shapes all other inequalities that we face in life. So, if a person has money he can buy good food, can get access to good education and hence better jobs, can avail better medical and health-care facilities, and all these things eventually lead to a life of contentment. It is a tragedy that economic capital of an individual determines her/his intellectual capital, cultural capital, social capital and so on. Therefore, if this is the scenario then how can we expect individuals not to pursue money, for after all, it is money that ensures that we and our families are well fed and healthy, at least. 

    To tell a poor and destitute woman who does not have a morsel to eat, that she should be happy that she has love would be to make mockery of her poverty. People realise values of higher human virtues only if they are well fed and content in life. You cannot teach philosophy to a hungry stomach. You can not tell people about the power of love when they are rendered powerless in face of abject poverty, when they can not save their family members from an ailment due monetary incapacity. 

    The idea therefore, is to mitigate the glaring inequalities of society that militate against the flowering of human nature. Primarily, the greed of individuals has to be controlled if we have to ensure that this race to acquire money and the commodification of essential things stops. As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, 

        “The world has enough for everyone’s need, 
         But not enough for everyone’s greed.”       

    Therefore, it is the greed which is the main culprit and not money. For the sake of reiteration, money was created by us to serve us, but it has come to determine our lives. However, the point should not be missed. By stating that money is required for fulfilling some basic needs of an individual it is not being argued that money can bring us happiness. There is a difference between the two. It is elucidated as under. 


    1960’s was a time in US when its economy was burgeoning. General people of US were becoming affluent and all the household appliances that we take for granted now, for instance, washing machine, oven, Television, mixer, was well within the reach of a common man. Life therefore was comfortable for most of American households. Or was it ? Betty Friedan would not agree with this statement. In her book Feminine Mystique, Friedan talks about how most of the white, affluent women in US were not at all happy with their lives, despite being married and having kids. Despite all the luxuries there was something that was bothering them. What was it ? No one could tell, not even Friedan. She called it “a problem that has no name.” Despite having all the comforts and luxuries in life these women were depressed. They were depressed despite having children and a loving husband. They were depressed of their domesticity, they were sad that their identity was derived vicariously from that of their husbands. Thus, although they had money they could not buy self respect. Self respect is priceless which cannot be bought from money. This again proves the point that best things in life are free. 


    Having said that best things in life are free. It becomes important to understand what those things are. Individuals have different conception of what is best for them. There is no one definition of best. However, there should be a common understanding on one issue that All of us, as humans. desire Happiness. No one would desire pain. Therefore, it is happiness that is best for all and it is a happy man which is the master of the world even if that man has no money. As Henry Wotton writes: 

    “Lord of himself, though not of lands; 
    And having nothing, Yet hath all” – such is the Character of a Happy Man.  

  • Bishuupsilon

    The Best thing in life are free as the proverb is gesturing that whatever be the things in a life they would be free of cost. Someone do not required to pay for these best things.

    Our democratic country India is considered as a diverse country not only from ethnic consideration but also from tradition, culture, thinking, feeling, working and lots of other things. Based on this diversity sure-shot it would be varying from individual to individual. So the question is coming, what is best thing in life and how these things are free? In a commercialized world where essential thing for life like water is coming in price how come best things have become free. There are two possibilities either these things does
    not have any value in life or these are priceless i.e. there is no price or someone cannot pay for these things.

    The best thing could be anything covering from personal life like spending a day with loved one to a country’s good GDP. Even from personal point of view it would be varying from individual to individual like for a student or an aspirant achieving good marks or qualifying exam, for mother giving a birth to her child or for a random person good memories of past etc. On macro level (country level) the best thing could be India’s increasing status at international level, its economic growth, international relations and strategic partnership with other country etc. So in a broad view best things are success, achievement, friendship, love, relationship, love, happiness, satisfaction.

    Success: What is a success? Success is a mixture of hard work, dedication, and contentment. It is clear that success would be achieved by suffering. Generally the path of achieving success is full of thrones if someone will cross that path with dedication and hard work then definitely success would be waiting at the other end. By dedication and hard work painful journey with full of thrones can easily converted into success at the end. Success is a priceless one can not buy it with money or with any other precious element like diamond or gold, the only things it required is hard work and dedication and these are priceless. Valuable things in life are always priceless and free.

    Achievement: It is the another face of success achieved with good strategy along with dedication, hard work. Its not necessary that with dedication and hard work someone will definitely achieve the target, also it require good strategy. Some time strategy fails and target could not achieved at that time the best thing that give support or will become helpful is relationship or friendship.

    Relations or friendship: Relationship/Friendship behaves like a moral support during failure. Since ancient time it has been proved that without relations it is almost impossible to achieve target. In battlefield it was the trusted relations of a king and it army which have made history. One of the best example of this is Battle of Chamkaur where forty Sikh man under the leadership of Guru Gobind Singh won a battle against mughal force with one million strength. But at the same time motivation also played the same role without any motivation to forty Sikhs by their leader wining over one million force was impossible. So at the time of failure relations are the best things and again Relationship, friends are priceless. Someone can not buy his/her friends or relations these are invaluable things in a life.

    Love: Love is an indispensable thread between individuals which helps in making a good relation. One can not make relations with some other person on the basis of agreement or any condition. Love is a kind of motivational picture in a life with the help of which one can celebrate or tackle any good or bad situation in a life. In a daily life the best example is spending a weekend or holiday with the loved one at home instead of spending alone at any world class hotel or any beach.

    Memories: Memories are those parts of life which can make a person happy, sad or sentimental/emotional. It is the past memory or experience only which will be always there with an individual. One can easily implement his/her past experience in present days life or situation but it depends upon individual how he/she is seeing his/her past. Good memories are always remembered by everyone but people motivating themselves from past experience will be rarely available. In a broad way there are two kinds of persons in this world one who motivate themselves from their past experience another who ran away by memorizing his/her bad experience. First kind of motivating person will successful person. So whatever kind of person would memories are always the best thing in life.
    Memories are also following the same trend of love, friendship, relationship, achievement, success having a place in invaluable things of life. These are also the things that some one can not buy at any price.

    In today’s life love, relationship, memory, achievement, success all these are intermingled together.Each of these things are playing a role in other thing like without love relationship can not maintain. As we have discussed achievement is another face of success. Memories are also playing a role in individuals success and achievement. So now it is clear that the best things in life are free but its an individual’s attitude, thinking and desire which makes these things invaluable. It is impossible to define what are the best things in life and how could these things are free. The only concept that is available in toady’s life is that these things are free and invaluable.

  • Amandeep Singh

    writing first time please provide feedback.

  • bhawana


    It is said that life is what you make it as we ourselves can turn our life in a heaven or in a hell. What makes the difference is our approach whether we may live like a frog in the well or we may be adequately conscious about our surroundings.

    God has bestowed us with so many commendable ingredients of a happy and healthy life and we ourselves have also designed some for the ease of that same life. Where the formers are often easily neglected and undermined but the latter gives too much pain when detached.

    We came in this world with some already presented gifts and these were expected to be with us for the lifelong. But were we come with those gifts? Would we go with them? No, it is not so as everyone comes single and goes single from this world. We thought them as inseparable because they were so immediately gifted to us that we failed to realize that they have not come with us but are bestowed to us to make our life cheerful and meaningful.

    The well played phrase of this materialistic world is that nothing comes free. But why this is so? It is so because now priorities have been changed and we have made our lives very easy. If we have money in our pocket and have the power to make the world feel our presence then everything in this world is under our feet. But there are some most foundational and most essential things that no power of the world can purchase and dominate. Even the richest man on this planet has not enough bags of money to own them.

    But what are they? What is the list that contains these mighty things? Is there any universalized list for the same? No, because they differ from person to person. Most common of them are-

    First of all it is our LIFE that hits the list. We are breathing now because God has made us to come to this world and we have not paid anything to him for this wonderful grace. We made relations like friends and relatives after entering in this stage of drama but there were two such persons whom we were biologically connected even before opening our eyes. And those were our parents who taught us to differentiate between right and wrong and inspired us to make best use of every second of our life. Members of our family are most cherished persons for us in the world and we proud them to have with us but what paper certifies that we own them or they own us because of our such and such payment. Actually, they are with us because we were destined to live with them and destiny always comes free no matter good or bad.

    Values of life were with us when we born (and they were most pious) but at that time we were too young to understand them and they slowly changed with the environment around us. Our philosophy of life got mixed with those of our family and friends which resulted in a new set of ideologies to guide us in all our later decisions. It has made one a most revered person like Gandhi and another a most criticized one like Hitler but both of them have some values for us to learn as one showed the path to follow and the another showed the path that is not to follow. The most amazing thing about this is that it is for free. It depends on us what we can gain and what we can lose.

    Other free of cost gem of our life is nature around us. We have the sun that brings a new morning every day; we have green pastures
    to make that morning pleasant, chirping birds to make us to wake up, budding flowers to see the beauty of life and flowing water to sooth our eyes. This scenic beauty of nature is the most adorable and the most cherished present to the men that demands nothing but a keen observer to admire. And the most remarkable thing is that we have still paid nothing to enjoy this heaven on the Earth.

    Human is the best resource because it is he who changes matter around him in productive resources. It is only because of the skill
    and talent that is hidden in his mind. A man is the wisest animal on the earth. We have reached to the moon, have achieved innovative ways of faster communication and have even developed artificial intelligence. What made all this possible? It’s our brain and the analytical thinking that led us to explore hitherto untouched arenas of life. And that skill came to us free of cost. We have only sharpened that after coming in life. We see a child who is as intelligent as kautilya, a girl whose IQ is more than that of Einstein and a boy who made a clock that was mistaken as bomb. They all are in their productive stages of life and have not acquired any sophisticated learning from any world famous university. It’s all their inborn talent that has come to them free. All of us also have such caliber but we have not recognized that and failed to make the world feel surprise on us.

    Diversity that we see around us is the spice of life. We have snow-capped Himalayas, fertile alluvial plains, mineral rich peninsular plateau, biodiversity enriched coastal plains and Western Ghats and marusthali with its scorching heat. We have a wide variety of religions, languages, festivals, music, dance and drama and so on. We have so many seasons which are so punctual in their arrival and departure. Changing weather brings zeal in our life and makes us to change our lifestyles to be more adaptive and to feel the vastness of living.

    But now values are changing and men also. Men are moving towards money and have become materialistic. Feelings of love, affection, compassion, co-existence and peace are losing their grounds.

    It’s true that we are lucky enough to have some valuable things with us since our birth and are likely to have them till our last breath but only if we could preserve them realizing their utility. If we start to take them for granted then results would be disastrous. And then the phrase will become true- “Na Baap Bada Na Bhaiya, Sabse Bada Rupaiya”.