Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 01: “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch..”

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 01


03 January 2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

  • Sepoy No 1446

    Words : 946

    Hope is a beautiful thing. Hope is dangerous too. The beauty lies in perceiving the danger and then finding the balance between expectations and reality. This balance depends on efforts and hard work put in an action. What one perceives at the onset of an action might not come true in reality. With this comes shattered dreams and pre-planned planning. Therefore ambivalence becomes a beauty when there is no certainty of outcome.

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch convey the same message. There are eggs but one cannot predict the number of chickens that will come out of those eggs. Some might die,some might crash and some might be eaten by others; hence one cannot be sure about the results. It will vary. It depends on the journey from hatching to birth.

    Hatching to birth is a process which depends on a lot of factors; some can be controlled, some cannot.

    Let’s consider few “chickens” and then process of “hatching to birth”. In our case “chicken” is a preferred outcome, a desired condition and the “hatching to birth (HTB)” is the process and the planning to achieve that.

    We will see both domestic and international chickens.

    In India recently there has been a paradigm change in governance. With that many chickens have been tossed in air, some are unique while many have been in “hatching” from a long time. Nonetheless these chickens have created a lot of hope, both within the country and outside it. Few of these chickens are: Make In India, Digital India, Skill India, Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan (SBA) etc.

    Make in India is a chicken of high mass and great potential. Earlier this chicken has been left alone by its two brothers: the goat and the duck. Goat is agriculture and duck is services. Goat and duck both have flourished to a great extent, leaving chicken weak and feeble. The new focus on the ignored chicken has created global interests, but what about the HTB process. Until we have a strong HTB, the chicken will remain a mere slogan. To strengthen the HTB we need reforms like improving ease of doing business, curbing the red tapism, relaxing FDI norms, providing incentives and conceptualizing new investment models like “Plug and Play” , “Swiss challenge” ,Hybrid Annuity model(HAM) etc.

    Similarly Digital India needs to be provided fodder in form of creation of broadband networks and other enabling environment. NOFN project, National E-governance programme and other external involvement like Project loon, free basics are mechanism to strengthen HTB process.

    Skill India needs fodder in form of right training, skilled teacher and creation of many new ITIs where this chicken will be hatched.

    SBA is again a chicken which is unique to India. Everyone has felt the need to breed this chicken but as said earlier the “expectations vs reality” depends on efforts and hard work put. SBA in form of new chickens has got sturdy wings. It is both supported by government and people. There is a behavioural change; there is a change in perception about cleanliness which is crucial for survival of this chicken.

    All these example point out the need of resources and planning to achieve an outcome. Every programme is an investment, a dream, a desire. One can keep announcing the programmes and expect an outcome. But if there is no sincere effort put to achieve the plan, it will remain a mere statement and never become an outcome.

    We will go back to history to see some international chickens and how they were hatched. Few were butchered; few flourished thus re-enforcing the belief in HTB process.

    Today United Nations (UN) is seen as a successful international body which aims to ensure international peace and prosperity. But long ago before it was born it had a sister chicken, League of Nations (LN). LN was created after First World War to prevent another world war. In 1939 second world war took place. LN died. After Second World War UN was created .UN survived.

    Going further back in History one might wonder about the nature of chickens. Are all chickens good?

    The question can be answered only in the retrospect and not at its actual time of conception. Hitler was one such dictator who hatched a monstrous chicken. Even UK and France were unable to perceive the monstrosity of his hatching plan. They followed an “appeasement policy” which only encouraged Hitler to go nuts. He killed six million Jews, thousands of herbs, attacked Poland and can rightly be held responsible for Second World War. Such a monstrous chicken could have been provided if League of Nations along with US, UK and France had taken the “culling action”.

    Thus, one cannot predict the exact outcomes with full certainty. At the same time the nature of chicken also needs to be kept in mind. There will be some bad chickens and there will be some good chickens. First step is to find out the bad chickens and replace them with good chickens. Also, if some chickens are turning monstrous they need to be culled by collective efforts (The “missed” opportunity of Hitler Chicken and the current “ISIS chicken”). What will be the outcome will depend on the efforts put in. This is what humans can do, put the right efforts and leave results on God. Isn’t it the same What Krishana said to Arjuna in Bhagwat Geeta “ Your job is to fulfill your duties. You shouldn’t be worried about the results”. This message is essence to Hatching to Birth (HTB) process. If actions are right, results will be favorable; otherwise in which direction chicken will fly will remain a mystery till it actually flies.

    • OK

      Friend, pls review my essay, I am reviewing yours.

    • pink

      according to me esay is checked by english teacher therefore there is no need tobring so many eg as in your esay i seen that your explanation flows with current eg.further ,rest is good .i already said it is accoding to me may be i am wrong if so then pl point out that

      • pink


    • OK

      I like your essay. The best part is Duck and Goat. Current examples are really good. But the best one is the League of Nation. but somehow I think, philosophy needs more attention.

    • pink

      this critical review is just to improve but it is my point and i already said i may be wrong if so then pl correct me .

    • SultaN

      it seems u explain economics and IR just converting names into chicken and egg.. you could have use common concepts..

    • Saurabh

      Too many examples i think. Could have taken more philosophical view. Pls also review mine

    • Sushmit Adigon

      hey review mine,,i ll review urs!


      bro, good essay, even better than all which have been posted here, but their should also be psycholigical and philosophical analysis. as psychology plays important role in counting the chickens, and in such essays psychological analysis is what i learnt from you on iasbaba, and now you r missing it, any reasons?

      • Sepoy No 1446

        Noted sun light. Thanks for review.

        Will u write essay for this? I will be waiting. You write really good.

        • SUN_LIGHT

          actually i read all the essays, so there is no point to write, will write on next sunday

          • Sepoy No 1446

            No one wrote in Hindi. You should try.It’s a treat for us to read ur essays.

            • SUN_LIGHT

              ok, aapke aadesh par sham tak likh paaunga

              • G.

                sunlight bhai i agree at this point here.. sepoy has written exceptional answers… but here psychlogical thinking was required… it would be great if you could give some of your views on my essay… i have tried to give philosophical touch to it

            • SUN_LIGHT

              लिख दिया है देख लीजिये 🙂

      • Sepoy No 1446

        I didn’t plan too well.Wrote directly in Microsoft words. A bit of brainstorming was needed.

        • SUN_LIGHT

          haan dikh bhi rha hai, but still it is very good essay

    • Sushmit Adigon

      overall it gud, intro was the best .Conclusion was not gud.No need to mention bad chickle angle at all..
      Moreover ,dont keep repeating ,chicken ,sister chicken ,duck etc.that was very very irritatingg!!

    • Kant

      Hello Sepoy,
      Nice essay!
      – Intro was impressive
      – i think too much stress on GS examples leaving out philosophical touch
      – Conclusion could not match the impressiveness of the intro

      Overall I liked the essay.
      (Please find some time to review mine)

    • Lord Tuktuk

      Sepoy, our intro started from same perspective!! i took help of LIFE and you of HOPE!! but you justifed that!
      i liked more that of domestic chicken and international chicken perspective! it would have been better if you also gave your own philosophical view to link to another dimension! you have used many current affairs point, thats a good thing! (personal view)
      i was also thinking to write the same geeta’s quote in conclusion. nice to see it here!
      overall nice attempt!

      • Night Fury

        Bhai review mine.. I am reviewing yours 😀

        • Lord Tuktuk

          kar dia h 😐

    • rajan

      Loved the examples. ALthough, I felt distinguishing between good and bad chicken quitened the intended voice of chichken being meritorius, and that humans must stop building castles in the air
      Could you review mine too ?

    • Vivaan Khanna

      you used very good examples but:sticking to topic doesn’t mean repeating the chicken-hatch-eggs made your essay irritating while reading…liked intro conclusion

    • niti

      likes: intro and the way u segregated chickens and egg. and taking eg. as chickens.some of the examples are really good.

      but its all about examples..and essay is more than an that philosophical bend is missing.
      conclusion could have been better.

      plz review mine..:)

    • sankar

      good one;
      my findings too much focus on courrents; because we must have expectation but should not blame anything in its nascent stage.
      like the international part and explanation of the proverb is too good
      -too much chicken words are used, what i think once i got the meaning of the word, we should write the same again and again.
      -conclusion should be enriched.
      -flow is good.
      plz rvw mine frnds.

    • Kindle

      Analysis & anologies are good…but it is too technical which i believe needs to be toned down for the purpose of essay-writing..
      It is also a bit narrow in scope i.e. lopsided focus on economy, IR & events.
      Also don’t use too much “chicken” in your expressions.

    • G.

      sepoy bro
      i think you suffer from same disease as myself.. logic and thinking into essay…

      coincidently Two things are same in our essays
      1. i thought of starting the essay as you have but somehow found alternative…
      2. probability of chicken dying

      there is too much association with the chicken.. may be you should have detached it and explain some in themselves..
      too much connection is not looking good here..
      i think you have thought too much, which although is good, but you missed here…
      BTW writing was lucid as usual…. may be i was expecting too much or rather i counted the chicken before hatching


    • Namrata

      Sepoy!! one of the best reads.. excellent structure and flow .. and the best which was quite obvious: the style of dealing with such an abstract topic ..lots to learn from you surely .. keep writing and reviewing 😀

      • Night Fury

        I caught you ! 😀
        please review my essay
        you didn’t write I guess

        • Namrata

          no no i wrote 😀 okhay will review today ..sorry for the delay though ..just saw ur msg 😛

    • Rock Lee

      Yaar, Someone commented that we should not give more examples for philosphical topics instead we should explain more….wat is ur take on that??

      • Sepoy No 1446

        No such fix rule. Most of them don’t actually read essay completely and just review for sake of it. Very few take pain to give genuine reviews. Hence don’t get influenced easily. Its better u get it evaluated by some close friend who can understand the nuances of ur essays.

        • Rock Lee

          Thanks buddy…but he mentioned gaurav aggrawals name… was just thinking..

          • Sepoy No 1446

            There is no fix rule .depends on how write.

    • Ash

      Hi! 🙂

      1. Amazing clarity.. your explanations show it! 🙂
      2. Goat -Duck … very nice! 🙂
      3. You have concluded well 🙂
      4. I feel when you are talking of domestic chickens, you cud diversify you know! skill India , SBA all these examples are on the same line… you innovate well so would innovate further…
      Frankly I’m not qualified to be advising you .. I just told u what I felt … KWAR! 🙂

      • Sepoy No 1446

        Everyone is qualified to suggest everyone. No one is perfect here.

        BTW, how are you bilateral agreements ongoing. All the best for disqus CEPA…lol 🙂

        • Ash

          No one reviews my answers… Sooo I’m forced to make regional groupings… Till now I could find only one loyal partner.. He’s very nice… He reviews all the answers dedicatedly… I’m looking for more partners though! 🙂

          • Sepoy No 1446

            Good initiative. I saw few of ur answers. They are good. Don’t blindly believe in likes and reviews at this platform.

            I am sure many great answers go unnoticed.

            All the best.

            • Ash

              Ohkay! 🙂
              Thank you sooo much… And same to you! 🙂

    • Basist Nandan


  • OK

    “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because
    someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

    ― Warren Buffett

    This one statement simply shows the power of “Planning” in
    ones success. Planning is necessary, without planning, goal is just a wish.
    But, is it sufficient?

    Planning needs a lot of nurturing, compassion, continuous
    positive feedback, correction, evaluation, and short-term results to
    continuously moving into the right direction.

    Don’t count your
    chicken before they hatch is simply showing the importance of striking the
    right balance between Planning and Action. Without Planning expecting chicken
    would be a wish, but without action it will never hatch.

    This phrase holds a very important position in multiple
    facets of life, ranging from Public, Social, and Personal Life. Let’s
    understand it further.

    Public Life.

    India fought a hard-battle against the imperialism and
    colonialism of Western Powers. The Constitution of India is the live saga of
    Indian National Movement. Each and every experience of Indian Leaders, bitter
    or sweet, they enshrined in the Constitution. Our Constitution was envisaged as
    the Holy Book for the Indian State to work as a guiding principle, to take
    India on the journey of Growth and Development. The golden words of DPSP are
    working as the Guiding Principles for successive Governments to realize the
    dreams of people in the face of Constituent Assembly. Is there anything better
    we can call Planning?

    Planning the future of a whole country, a country who is a
    home for world’s second largest population, a country who is holding the
    aspirations and dreams of a billion. But are we really successful in realizing
    the aspirations envisaged, since independence?

    India has achieved a great success, but wide spread poverty,
    inequitable distribution of wealth, growth but not inclusive growth, are the
    few signs of illness which are still haunting the policy makers. How such a
    perfect planning can betray us? Because, Planning in itself is not sufficient,
    it requires compassion, nurturing, continuous support, struggle, and
    determination to realize it. Our Chickens never realized, so we constituted National
    Committee to Review the Working of Constitution. And committee has clearly
    mentioned that our Constitution is one of the best constitutions in the world
    and if there is a problem then it is with us. What does it mean? It means, we
    envisaged Chickens but never truly created an enabling environment for them,
    and in turn they never hatched. NCRWC has clearly emphasized that, our Planning
    was perfect but we failed to translate this plan into reality. We counted on
    Chickens before they actually hatched, before they actually realized. We are
    facing the same problem in our pursuit of Nation Building.

    Our successive Governments, are some how entangled into the
    trap of Means-Ends reversal. Day by day, means are replacing the position of
    ends. When we look at the functioning of our Government with regard to number
    of serious issues with which our Country is struggling every moment. Whether we
    talk about Centre-State relationship, Administrative Reforms, Police Reforms,
    true implementation of RTI, or Corruption, or Whistle Blower Protection, or
    many other equally important, yet stalled initiatives. When means, which is
    creating a committee with a dream to resolve the issue and render better public
    services, becomes an end in itself. This situation is again depicting the
    state, where Planning is not accompanied with sufficient actions. The reports
    of these high level committees are lying in the shelves of the public offices.
    But it is not limited to the brown field projects of structural and
    institutional reforms. The same fate has been met with the many government
    schemes and laws, Ganga Action Plan started in 1985, SC and ST (Prevention of
    Atrocities) Act, 1989 are the few out of many. Why the Political Parties are in
    hurry to gain the political benefits just for the Planning? Why they are
    counting on Chickens without giving them the required feeding to hatch? This
    inappropriate care and tender often results into stalled project, time and cost
    over run, NPAs, ineffective laws, in short eggs never hatched. But no one can
    deny the quality of planning made by the State, the quality of laws, or
    schemes, the only thing, which is missing, is the Action.

    Corporate Life.

    There is a very famous quote in the Corporate World. Deserve
    before you Desire. There is nothing better then this, which can explain the
    above concerned Quote better. Every corporate entity is driving on the wheels
    on Profits. Everyone desires to grow their market value, deepen their product
    market, and expand their businesses across the horizon. And engine of growth of
    any corporate entity is the Human Capital, not simply human resources.
    Companies are coming up with innovative and challenging projects which will
    decide the fate of their company incoming future. Will they perform inline with
    their planning or not? This one questions lies in the selective breeding of the
    Human Capital and allotting the right projects in the right hands. They follow
    only one mantra, Deserve Before You Desire. Eggs has to be hatched, you have to
    be perform, you have to prove yourself, you have to establish yourself in the
    company or industry to shoulder the responsibility of the dreams of the company
    to realize. They don’t count on Chickens (Human Resources) until they hatch
    (they prove them selves). This mantra is not limited to the corporate family,
    even it migrates to personal family as well.

    Social Life.

    In our post globalization India, our society as a whole is
    evolving at a very faster pace. Goods, people, and ideas are flowing freely, plethora
    of opportunities is emerging, and females are shouldering the responsibilities
    with their male counter part. But this changing society is clashing with the
    old and new values. India is very different from other countries; here in India
    we give a lot of respect to our families. Parents are living their whole life
    for their children. They are counting on their Chickens (Children) before they
    actually hatched (showed Love). Our old generation has already invested their
    time, money, and power in for the betterment of their children, without waiting
    for any sort of reciprocity. But with a deep desire of getting back that love,
    that care, that attention, when they will need it the most, in their old age.
    But then Globalization happened, values changed. Joint families started
    changing into nuclear families. Their investment is not realized, because eggs
    were not hatched, that bond of love was not balanced. That is the sole reason,
    why the number of old age farms is increasing in our country with a tremendous
    rate. This is a perfect example of Planning of reciprocity in our social life,
    but without sufficient nurturing, sufficient feedback from the children, and without
    explicitly expressing the needs and desires. Even it is equally true in our
    personal/private life.

    Personal Life.

    Everyone has an ambition to do something great in his or her
    life. They all understand that we all have just a single life and there is a
    lot to do. But why our plans seldom realize? We spend a lot of time in planning
    the minutest of details to achieve our goal. Then why, most of us are planning
    but very few are able to translate their dreams into reality. The answer to
    this question lies in the underlying understanding that, though we all are
    aware of Planning but very few understand the true meaning of Planning.
    Planning in it is not a task it’s a continuous process. Planning is organic, it
    needs evolution, it needs continuous correction, and it needs right doses of
    opportunities. We are planning and finalizing it, right at the beginning. Then
    we are counting on Chickens, but in reality they will never hatch. Because though
    we planned and even matched it with right amount actions, but failed to
    understand the meaning of planning in it self. We are not putting our planning
    under continuous corrective feedback, we are not considering the changing environmental
    condition, and thus are actions are incomplete. We are working on the superficial
    aspects while completely missing the core of it. So, as rightly said by someone,
    if we are not working in the right direction, we are not working at all. Thus,
    in this way, “Right” Actions are again not matched with the Planning.

    Interestingly planning in our country has gained a lot of
    importance right from the inception of independent India. Whether we talk about
    the political space, which is filled with Planning Commission and Finance
    Commission, or we talk about social-family life, which is filled with Family
    Planning, or the individual level, where Career Planning has been occupying the
    major space. The conservative nature of Indians are automatically making us
    more inclined towards planning, but unfortunately these excellent plans are
    somewhere somehow lacking the right support of actions, which are costing us in
    all spheres of life. So, it is the time to wake up, and lets WALK the TALK.

    • pink

      you took the aspect of planning aspect very deeply along with eg.but according to me ,you need to explain the proverb inn a simpler form there is no need more talk about planning .you can expl planning but in short so as to include other aspect in to consideration.i reviewed critically just to help you as wrtting good doesnot make you understand how your esay is?but i also found that you have more capability
      it is my view ,i may be wrong if it is so then pl correct me.

      • OK

        Thanks friend. I am reading yours. I tried to graft the whole essay around Planning with Actions, so that;s why explained it in great detail. I am reading yours, I will understand your ideas much better from your essay.
        Thanks again

    • SultaN

      bro i think..
      1) more emphasis on planning
      2) you mixed up things eg u criticised planning to achieve goal but that is necessarry to achieve goal instead we need to talk about post goal planning.
      3 ) Include example from daily life…. otherwise good attempt

    • Saurabh

      I think too many examples…drifted a little off. Anyway good. I just hope that someday i could write as much as you. My first essay here..kept it short. Pls review

    • I’ll give you my observations :

      The structure is awesome. But try to refrain using “general headings” like political, social. You can instead use something different to tell what the para is going to follow. For example : Analogies in India. Aisa kuch. getting what i am saying? Yu can do this better, yu have loads of potential.

      The aspects you explained have taken a lot of words. Try to be concise. What happens is when you use many words, it increases it’s length, becomes monotonous and interest is lost. The same examples can be explained in a short and sweet manner. It feels u are trying too hard to explain.

      The use of word “planning” has been deeply emphasized on. Yu have included different ways this planning can be executed, but if a reader takes an overview, he’ll only see words “planning” and “envisaged”. The idea then doesn’t come clear and the viewer is lost in those words.

      Try to give a philosophical touch, that would be like a cherry on cake. Your last essay had a much better flow than this. This could be improved in flow, coherency and use of language. Make it a little more interesting.
      ATB 🙂

      • OK

        Even, I am also feeling that this one is more like a force fit.
        Actually I understood the meaning of this proverb after writing this giant.
        Waise. Thanks man a lot man.

  • pink

    Do not count your chickens before they are hatched. :

    If we have a basketful of eggs, there is no guarantee that all the eggs will hatch into chickens. Similarly planning is important in life. But we should not pin all our hopes and plan too much for the future, expecting certain things to happen. Because in life, events or incidents do not always happen the way we want them to do. It is necessary to plan but we must also be prepared to expect unexpected contingencies. In this proverb, our plans are compared to chickens that come out of eggs.

    It is better to plan things but one must also be prepared for uncertain eventualities to avoid disappointments and frustration.

    Once there was a farmer Subramanian who had cultivated groundnuts on his farmland and got a good yield. He sold the groundnuts and made a huge sum of money. He wanted to perform the wedding of his daughter in a grand manner but realized that he was running short by a small amount.

    Subramanian decided that he would cultivate groundnuts again the next season so that he would get a huge sum of money all over again.

    Other farmers warned him not to do so since it was time for the monsoons and the meteorological department had predicted heavy rains that year. They told him that paddy would be the best crop for cultivation and if he wanted he could cultivate groundnuts over a small area.

    But Subramanian refused to listen to them and went ahead and cultivated groundnuts over his entire farmland. He was sure that he would get a good yield. He spent all the extra money that he had to conduct his daughter’s wedding. Just as the crops were getting ready for harvesting, heavy rains lashed the village and all the crops got washed away due to heavy floods. The rain resulted in making heavy lose to all the farmers who had cultivated groundnuts in their lands.

    Subramanian was a very sad man for he not only lost his crops but he also wasted all his money in lavish expenditure which was unnecessary. He realized his folly in being over confident and not listening to his friends’ advice which resulted in him losing all his money. Thereafter it took many years for Subramanian to settle all his loan amount which he borrowed to marry off his daughter.

    by the story it is clear that hope leads to trouble.therefore there is need for balance between hope and hard work.although whatever human think it is not necessary that things will also happen in same way.there are also lots of uncertainity.

    the current example of proverb is modi government schemes as skill india ,make in india etc.also he was very optimistic of winning election next time .as seen in bihar his hope lose .

    as all the new launched schemes require lot of proper planning and ground level implementation and also it will take time to see the sucess of scheme.further formulation of plan doesnot work until implementation is done therefore prediction need not to be require at the time of policy formulation.

    Is it wise to “Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch”?

    There is no point in counting on things which you don’t have them for sure yet.It is one thing planning for the future but making plans with the hope that something good is going to happen in future may not necessarily yield the desired results. So unnecessary speculating about the future may only result in disappointment. It is better to wait till the things actually start happening and then plan accordingly. It’s like spending money on the expectation that you are going to earn it back in the future. In other words don’t spend the money you have not yet earned or don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

    What are examples of usage of “Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch”?

    “Joe threw a party for his friends, confident that he would get the job he had interviewed for last week, I rebuked him not to count his chickens before they are hatched.”

    “We went fishing last week and carried all the necessary items to cook the fish. But it was like counting our chickens before they hatched for we didn’t succeed in catching a single fish.”

    In other words there is no point in dreaming of your profits till you arrive at the exact sum of your assets. Similarly, actions have to be taken in a proper sequence. For example you need to first have the resources, have an appropriate income and then plan an exotic holiday and not vice versa.

    therefore it can be concluded that planning is require along with its positive and negative implication so as to tackle negative implication to reach goal.

    • OK

      Friend, review my essay, I am reviewing yours.

      • pink

        i reviewed your essay now its your turn

    • SultaN

      good example , but i think
      1 ) but could have better if u start with story of subramaniam it creates interest ,,
      2)dont use words like modi govt , use them in respected and hopeful manner
      3) you could have quote ur examples inb/w instead at last…………over all good one..
      these r my personal views.. correct me if i m wrong

      • OK

        My views are completely inlined with Sultan. Subhramanyam story was a good start.
        Just to add,
        last points are actually very discontinuous in nature, they are appearing to me like that. So, please take a look. And pardon me if I am wrong.

      • OK

        Brother. If possible then have a look at mine as well.

      • P.s

        Bro review mine also it’s my first essay

      • pink

        thnx for review i will take your point into consideration

    • Saurabh

      Story was really good. A little long though. Rest was good. I am new here. Plz review mine

      • pink

        thnx for review

    • SKB

      1. examples are too long, cut them short
      2. expand your approach, make it diverse i.e. polity, society, business etc
      3. involve suggestive approach

      now plz review mine

      • pink

        thnx for review and i accepted your point

    • Sushmit Adigon

      hey review mine,,i ll review urs!..,,

    • Sushmit Adigon

      ur intro should have been ur conclusion ,
      ur story is too long
      ur essay is less on content.
      there is lack of current affairs.
      when u write essay ,pls follow the topic ,like in this case -first right negatives n then conclude!

      • pink

        thnx sushmit your review always give way to me for improvement

  • pink

    good morning friends pl review

  • Leiter The Leader

    Suppose if you have a basket full of Eggs,there is no guarantee that all eggs turns into chickens.Similarly, planning is important in life but, we must not attach all our hopes on future that they will happen as we expected.Because in life,events do not happen as we wanted them to.Hence we must be ready to face unexpected challenges.In Proverb,our plans can be compared to Chickens coming out of eggs.

    Once a girl named,Niharika a milk maid, went to meadow to milk her cow.After milking the cow she returned with pail of milk on her head.As she walking she thought,”I will make cream and butter out of this milk” and then after selling them.I will buy some egg,when they hatch I will have a big poultry.
    She further thought,”I shall sell some of fowls and buy a nice dress.seeing it on my body at fair,all boys will admire me.but I will turn them away by tossing my head at them”.
    Lost in days dreams,she forgot about the pail on her head.She tossed her head with a jerk and pail of milk fell down.It was broken and all milk got split.She cried a lot,but of no use.

    This is to say that we always expect to happen the way we wanted and we attach so much importance to the result.But we fail to recognize the fact that we have control action on what we do(action) but not on what we get(results).We do not actually know how things turn out to be.

    Let us take an example of a UPSC aspirant,Once Aspirant named Sri wrote mains exam and thought he gave good attempt in mains and desperately waiting for Interview call,So he over confident that 100% sure he will cleared mains and no need to prepare for next prelims.He started to think how he will behave or command his subordinates once he become IAS officer.But the poor aspirants fail to recognize,he do not know how the examiner will evaluate his paper and makes get even some ducks where he expected to high marks.Much awaiting results came but he fail to qualify,unaware his failure,he failed to clear next prelims and ruined his life.

    Most of us plans things hoping something good will happen in future,before it actually happen.Its better to plan but,it we should be prepared to face uncertain situation.

    Let take some example of Indian government that initiatives that took recently like Make in India,Digital India,Swaatch Bharat etc..These are eggs in our hand and our expectation of India being a manufacturing Hub,country wide digital illiteracy,and Clean India are our Chicken that we are expecting from our eggs.The hatching of eggs into chicken depends upon several other factors.
    If India do not ease the rules and reduce red tapism and bureaucratic hassle and improve its infrastructure,it is not possible to realize our Make in India Goal.
    when most of our population are residing in Villages and devoid of quality education we cannot expect digital literacy will penetrate into the village.
    Similarly,when people are unware of cleanliness or with mindset of “not in my backyard” it is impossible to achieve our Clean India mission.
    So we must also take care of process before expecting the results.

    Recent visit of Indian PM surprise visit to Pakistan is hailed by all foreign policy analyst and everyone is hoping that will take the talks to new levels with our most troubled neighbour.But less than a week after PM visit we witnessed Pathankot attack.So if Indian government stalk talks because of an Incident,then all our hopes of better relations will be vanished.

    Counting our Chicken before they hatch will always leads to disappoint,if not frustration.Doing our duty and taking the care of the process will always results in good results or at least we can hope for them.In other words,”Don’t bite more than you can chew”.

    • OK

      Liked it. Dreams on dreams. 🙂
      Look at mine as well.

    • madhu

      very well written.keep writing

    • Ganesh Lone

      Best one ,

    • Saurabh

      Very much according to topic. Well balanced and nothing is overdone. Very good. Plz review mine if possible

    • Pooja

      I guess the meadow milkmaid and Subramanium-the groundnut farmer will be a recurring example in most of the essays here, but your innovation was in relating to PM’s Pak visit and Make in India. Nice flow too.

    • Lucky Kuchu Verma

      Superb…nice arrangement and flow…give some more dimensions…include climate,health and drug resistance , political democracy in India, efforts to educe poverty and human good .

      • Sushmit Adigon

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      • Leiter The Leader

        Thanx for the review….will try in the next essay.

    • Sushmit Adigon

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    • Rock Lee

      Hi bro, Liked your essay:
      I want to add few points pls tell me if there is anything wrong in them:

      1. Hitlers assumption; WW2 winning; didn’t expect mussoilini will lose
      2. initiative: never expected such resistance
      3. Kashmir raja; played on 2 sides not signing accession but didn’t expect attack from Kashmir
      4. Land reforms: Over targets
      5. Housing for all Scheme
      6.Namami Ganga by 2022, plan is also not ready now
      7. ISRO: expecting cryogenic for Chandrayaan but when they failed india
      had back up(for conclusion
      8. DM posted to new place, cant expect everyone to work to match his standards
      9. LOkpal issue
      10. India s continues efforts reforms WB and IMF; hence raising topic everywhere(conclusion)

      11. of course I wrote duryodana example for asking krishna’s forces expecting a win

      12. Populaiton policy:

      • Leiter The Leader

        Very nice example bro…This examples will make your essay diversified..:)

      • G.

        i think we can give hell lot of examples to fill the essay as you have listed. in my view this essay should have more concept and explanation and less examples
        filling with examples in a philosophical essay has never worked… as gaurav aggarwal told…
        pls look into this

        • Rock Lee

          Bro…couldnt find ur essay…ur profile is in private

    • ARA

      Good examples quoted…especially govt initiatives… Keep writing..

    • Sushmit Adigon

      sorry bro this isnt a gud essay.
      ur niharika example that boys would admire?? is not apt….UPSC example was gud ,,just stick to one example.
      Ur intro ,where u equate eggs to planning was nice..but it feltu were repeating lines.
      Ur essay i felt started with make in India,digital India,u could have explained more,conclusion was abrupt!
      unlike in ur last essays i see lot more gramatical errors,,i assume that could be typo errors..just look into it plus the word limit

      • Leiter The Leader

        Thanx for the review…there nothing link b/w the girl and boys admire it was just day dreaming.and this was a very commonly used example…:)

    • Kant

      Very good!
      -The use of ex is innovative
      -First para should have been part of the conclusion. Starting with anecdote is catchy
      Overall nice attempt!

      (Review mine if you find some time)

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      But, I felt you could write much more
      Could you review mine too ?

    • anshul sharma

      HI bro
      1)I think intro needs to be attractive so it wud have been better if u had started it with niharika e.g.
      2)u concentrated more on schemes which are ongoing…better if u cud take egs of something which have failed due to”counting chickens”.
      3)Upsc aspirant e.g –good!
      4)PM e.g i think u shud not put bcoz upsc expects u to be hopeful of resolving disputes thru talks—so this cud backfire…

      THats what i think…it may be wrong as well 🙂

      plz review mine as well…!!!

    • black mamba

      you just gave one side of the issue. you should also write about the fact that being overly cautious all the time is not helpful. example – odd even rationing in new delhi, despite all the criticism played out successfully for 2 days (which was completely unexpected)
      Secondly, jump from milk maid example to upsc example felt abrupt.

      honestly you write better, I’ve read so many of your essays 🙂
      please review mine too
      thanks 🙂

      • Leiter The Leader

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          i’m rvwing yurs

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      u are a regular here… i admire your writing here… but this one was a bit off i think
      conclusion was a little off… lot of errors bro… may be they are typos…
      your previous ones are good essays may be that is why my expectations are high ‘ oh i counted the chicken before it hatched’
      but you can improve more

      • Leiter The Leader

        Thanx the review bro…will try to improve on my next one…I will review your essay not worry

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        aap do my rvw

    • Night Fury

      Leiter ! Flow is awesome !
      Bro u missed out the critic part 🙂 “how counting chickens is good!”
      overall LUCID essay for me with good number of examples ! ATB !

      • Leiter The Leader

        Thanx for the review bro..Yes realized it latter…:)

    • Ash

      Hi… I’m sorry!

      1. Your first two examples from somewhere… I would say have links but just for reference .. over that you innovate
      2. UPSC aspirant… Now I get why people are calling the example cliched … 😛
      3. I agree with Sushmit .. your real essay started from this para… I feel you have conceptual clarity .. you cud have written better! 🙂

      KWAR! 🙂
      P.S. – Happy New Year! 🙂

      • Leiter The Leader

        Thanx for the review…will try to improve…Happy year new year…All the Best.

    • sankar

      very lucid
      para related to indian schemes seems gs type too many inputs
      over all good attempt
      you can add different dimension like social international etc.

  • gautam kumar

    Hope is the essence of progress. It supplies energy and vigour to all our efforts. This is positive outlook and never-say-die attitude of mankind, which has made our progress possible in the face of all odds. In fact, the entire humanity as hitherto have been rising in leaps and bounds by sticking to this hope. The Science has yet not developed to satiate curiosity of mankind, though man is hopeful to find answers of all the questions – at present and expected to arise in future.

    However, it must not violate “the golden mean of Aristotle.” One must not be over-optimistic. One must count on possible misses while being zealous of his endeavours. “One must not count his chickens before they hatch.” For instance, an aspirant – say a civil services aspirant, must not weave his future with thought of an IAS or other allied services. It is not to say that one should not plan or dream of future with optimism, nonetheless, the planning must weigh on possibilities of failure. Many aspirants spoil their lives for one goal and many others could not sustain the jolt of failure; that is not an acceptabke proposition given the life has much larger meaning than to achieve a single goal.

    On world stage, taking example of modern geopolitics, the USA had staked much of its might and finance at stake in Middle-East and Afganistan, resulting in an utter failure of its strategy and gradual waning of its century old global hegemony. Similar was the experience of the UK in the former half of the twentieth century. Today the world is at the brink of devastation due to unmindful exploitation of resources and unabated anthropogenic interventions to the environment, still, countries are not ready to adopt precautionary principle shunning their longing for assimilative principle. While the formal advocates for caution on the basis of technologies and knowledge at hand, the latter counts on future developments and projected availability of some technology in future capable to undo all our ongoing wrongs committed to environment.


    • Sushmit Adigon

      hey review mine,,i ll review urs!……

    • Sushmit Adigon

      intro was gud,
      but i felt you digressed from d topic esp the paris talk,MDG ,terrorism ,i know what u were trying to say ,but this couldnot be inferred from ur essay.There was lot of IR ,more domestic ,more history could have helped

  • manikanta Saikrishna

    the meaning of the phrase “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” is to stop thinking excessively and to do work and require change of planning at each stage the best example for this phrase is we can make a plan to climb a hill as a whole but we cannot implement the plan that is initially decided one has to change the plans based on the hurdles encountered at each implementing phase in the similar way we cannot depend on the same plan and rather than thinking of the plan and its implementation for over time and wastage of valuable time we can afford to use the same time for productive work
    the process of hatching and becoming chicken is a natural process if implemented with strategy and working rather than thinking the outcome of the plan even before implementing it and we can this strategy and planning in our national movement where our freedom fighters from moderates to gandhian phase succeded in placing before the people the outcome of the british rule in india and its impact on indian economy and people through educating masses, mass mobilisation about india’s detorating situation and even taking the meaning of swaraj to masses where most of the people are uneducated the right strategy for independence was implemented starting from moderates through petition, educating people of india’s weak economic situation and using news papers where they had not taken any mass mobilisation rather educated people about impact of british rule this has given very fundamental understanding of british rule and lead the movement of freedom struggle to further stages and attained freedom struggle in this way we can see one can go through strategy and working rather than thinking about the outcome of the result and if necessary to change the strategy at different phases to achieve the aim
    the planning done to do work cannot be implemented in the same way as we have planned intially and there should be change of plan at each level and the best thing is to implement the plan and work and change the plan at required stage if the previous plan is not giving estimated results rather than sitting idle and thinking about plan that is suited for doing given work without any implementation and wasting time

  • Ravi

    The proverb implies not to rely on something you are unsure about; or making plans based on assumptions can lead to disappointment.

    If we have a basket full of eggs, there is no guarantee that all the eggs will hatch into chickens. Similarly planning is important in life. But we should not pin all our hopes and plan too much for the future, expecting certain things to happen. Simply said it means that we should wait until the final results are declared before rejoicing.

    In another terminology, Ex-post vs Ex-ante i.e relying on actual results than on forecasts in economics. Or based on knowledge and retrospection than simply on suspicion in matters of crime and police.

    It is better to plan things but one must also be prepared for uncertain eventualities to avoid disappointments and
    A boy named Ravi worked as a manager in a big MNC Company. His family consisted of a wife and two children, a girl and a
    boy. He purchased a new house with a Home loan he took from the bank. Ravi always wished for a car since his last pay hike, recently. He was sure he could buy one if he saved for one year. He was even surer to pay back a loan of similar amount. He planned to pay it back in 24 instalments. He now had two loans on his head, a home loan and a personal loan. Few months passed by. Suddenly one day his daughter fell ill and Ravi had to take leave from work to look after her. To compound Ravi’s problem he fell ill too. He now had to stay home for work for some more days. A lot of money got spent on medical treatment of his family. The company where he worked, in the meantime, was going through a bad phase and was on a job cutting spree. Ravi lost his job.

    Ravi had calculated something incorrectly. He had thought of clearing the personal loan even before his home loan and that
    too in few years. He, however good he was at his work, did not imagine that he may lose his job or that his family would fall seriously ill. A poor planning to start in the beginning and no place of emergencies. No money, health issues and debt! What could be worse?

    If you are alive, emergencies will come your way. This is what Ravi ignored. To tell you another part of this story, Ravi has had got a new job and has overcome his debt. But the harsh reality is he had to crawl for a very long time to come out of the hole he had created. He has learnt his lesson. He is thereby also working to have an emergency fund in place six times his family’s monthly expense. This tale basically makes us stop and think before spending the money we actually have. In other words, don’t
    count your chickens before they hatch.

    In the case of ‘Nirbhaya episode’ people came together and protested against the release of the accused juvenile. What would have not happened if the people did not protest? Would simply walking to the President’s Palace have worked? It was the long drawn battle that finally culminated only after the laws were amended and the juvenile tried as an adult. If any day before this the people would have pacified themselves of the idea that the government would do it (on its own) might have proved to be a disappointment.

    BJP was quite confident that it would necessarily get the mandate of people of Bihar. So confident was it that it had kept all its hope of passing the bills in winter session of Parliament when it shall have an upper hand in upper house as well. The elections came and went and showed how wrong the party could be. They had counted their chickens much before they even hatched! It lost badly and learnt the moral of our proverb in quick succession (Delhi case included). It made the government of the day to work on consensus (which in fact is good for parliamentary democracy) with all the other parties.

    It is a warning not to plan anything that depends on a good thing you expect to happen in the future, and tell him/her to wait until it really happens.

    • Sagar P

      Ravi ji.. . Good points.. Conclusion could be more inclusive.. I am new just saying my opinion..

      • Ravi

        Thanks Sagar for the review. 🙂
        I am new too and wanted to just write for the first time and so could not conclude properly.
        And your comment has struck my mind and shall remember to work on conclusion as well next time. 🙂

      • RajaRaviVarma

        Thanks Sagar for the review. 🙂
        I just wanted to start Essay writing and could not conclude well.
        And your comments shall remind me to improve next time. Thanks 🙂

  • manikanta Saikrishna

    friends please review and give suggestions this is my first essay so that i can improve in next sessions

  • Saurabh

    Dreaming comes naturally to humankind. And so does expectations from future. Human beings have been dreaming from the time immemorial. As human beings evolved and their minds developed, their thoughts broadened from the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. Then began to engage in new activities. Agriculture started and there were growth of new farming communities. With these new developments arose the hopes. Whenever a farmer sowed seeds he expected a future reaping. We have come a long way since then. Our mind has broadened. Basic needs are a small part of our desires. Everyone has hopes for their future, a good future indeed. So why dont count your chickens before they hatch? Is there something wrong with having expectations from future? Can’t a person dream in todays world?
    Indeed he can dream. He can have expectations. These dreams are the things which drive a person forward. Lead him to discover his potential. Its the dreams of few which have propelled mankind to unrivalled heights. The hopes and aspirations keep a person going when he is left with nothing. There is no meaning to life if you dont have dream or expectations. The most celebrated of scientists have been dreamers. It was a caveman dreaming of an agricultural field who sow the first seed of farming. It was copernicus dreaming of stars who postulated that earth revolves around sun. They all have one thing in common. An expectation of something. Some a better future while some needed to just soothe their curiosity. They clearly knew what they wanted. And probably thats the reason which makes them different and successful in their endeavour. They hoped to succeed. So telling someone to not have expectations is depriving him of one of the most basic human gift.
    Expectation are indeed truly needed. But are they? Doesn’t all religions teach us to not have expectations? The answer would be , Yes they do. Expectations are also the core of the miseries around the world. From gautam buddha to mahavira, from the Krishna in bhagwad gita to the Mohammad in quran, everyone emphasised on the need to have no expectations. It is written in gita,
    Karmanya Vadhika Astu maa faleshu kadachan
    Ma karmafal heturbhu ma te sangoaste karmahi
    Dont think about the reward of your work, your duty is only to work towards it without expecting any reward.
    People often expect things from themselves and later when they dont accomplish those goals, fall in to the web of miseries. So shouldn’t they be better if they have just not expected to do something and be content with whatever they had?
    So comes the phrase “dont count your chickens before they hatch” as a solution to all the questions. There is nothing wrong in dreaming. Evrybody should have dreams. What is wrong is living in those dreams instead of living for those dreams. Whatever u dream may or may not come true. You have control over what you do. The rewards are beyond your control. You can count the number of eggs you have but how many of them will hatch into chickens is beyond your control. What best you can do is have some extra eggs!
    Work and reward has been a subject of philosophical studies from the beginning. Whichever school of philosophy you talk about, it will have mention of it. The question is only one. How much importance should we give to the rewards? Rewards are not something we can always predict. Sometimes there is more certainty, other times less. But you can never be cent percent sure of what lies in future. Future is future because it is uncertain. And thats the beauty of life. Having expectations keep us motivated. A picture of prosperous future acts as encouragement. But Their role ends there. Most of the outcome depends on how much you have worked towards it. Depending too much on expectations is also disastrous. Whatever the future may hold for you, you have got a present too. And if anything is brighter than future, its the present. So dont count your chickens just yet, instead count your eggs. And try to have some extra eggs in case some dont hatch.

    • Saurabh

      Guys this is my first writeup here. Be kind and review..:)

      • Sam

        Bro.. Looks like a good attempt. But need to work more on structure. Some where I felt structure is not that proper. May be mine analysis. Also use of articles are not proper at some places.

        • Saurabh

          Thanks…will try to improve

    • gughapriya

      Hi Saurabh. good attempt I would to say:) please try to avoid sms language and you could have given some examples atleast to full fill the word limit. Keep writing. All the best 🙂

      • Saurabh

        Not much practice typing answers…so hope to improve in future..and yes examples would have been better

    • crazy_photon

      good going.! intro nd conclusion best

      • Saurabh


    • Sushmit Adigon

      hey review mine,,i ll review urs!

  • “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”

    The essay topic is quite self-explanatory and doesn’t require any speculations and introspection. So let’s take a simple example to understand this topic.

    I had to give my boards. I thought of studying “the next day”, this “next day” was actually never coming. My mother warned me “This way you’ll have to suffer while the exam is the next day”.

    “I’ll manage”, I said.

    Why is there a requirement to wait for the eggs to hatch before we count the chickens? In a literal sense, suppose you are a chicken dealer. Now if the eggs aren’t properly warmed, not a proper incubator provided for it to hatch, how will you earn in the end? So the proverb justifies, ain’t it? Let’s take different analogies to understand this.

    Our mythological stories are filled with such examples. Ravan always thought the ball was in his court, he knew no one could kill him, specially because of the “blessing” he had received from Lord Shiva. He believed he would win over Rama, was over-confident and never knew how his opponent was. He had already counted his win, but couldn’t tackle Hanuman coming and putting “lanka” on fire, couldn’t compete with him, and neither had he any proper planning how will he defend the war against Lord Rama. We all know who died in the end.

    We in our day to day life tend to conclude something without thinking of the “ways” this conclusion can be reached. For example, when I said “I’ll manage”, I always thought the end exam was a cake walk, I didn’t feel the necessity to go through a proper planning, may be a timetable, to make sure the final “chickens” (in this case, marks) may be obtained. The point being, how can we even expect this “chicken” when there was no “egg” (plan, timetable in this case) in the first place?

    Our country can give us best examples where lack of proper planning has resulted in outcomes not necessarily in the government’s favor. Every five year plan, we focus on development and urbanization. We assume a target, but most of the target has never been achieved since independence. For example, we “assumed” that the socially and economically vulnerable strata (SC’s and ST’s) will come in par with the comparatively better counterparts if reservation was provided for a period of 10 years. But reservation still continues, and the SC’s and ST’s are more prone to discrimination than ever before. Why? Even though National/ State commissions were made, there was no proper implementation. So how can we assume them to come in par with others? Clearly, there was a lack of implementations even though the policies/bodies were in place.

    Let’s take another example. Neeraj is a professional and have his daughter’s birthday this month. He had assumed that he’ll be giving a surprise to her on her birthday by gifting her a cycle. But he had no money. “I’ll do overtimes” he had thought. But random work stress, parties with friends and laziness to an extent that he didn’t even leave his bed were some things which hindered him from the overtimes. The result? Well the bicycle was never bought!

    When USA’s SWAT team killed Osama Bin Laden, it became a buzz of the world. Did we hear any talks, press conferences, or chest thumping by the congress men before this “secret plan” was executed? No. Reason? Don’t count your chickens before it has hatched. Had the plan been leaked, may be there would have happened another state of terror in some part of the world, thanks to Osama.

    Our politicians are known for this “chest-thumping” and “false claims” even when the planning is yet to start. Giving free electricity and water, free wifi to all and what not. These claims, in most of the cases are deceiving . A proper work on the planning by examining all the stakeholders and all the bottlenecks in place is how we can make sure that what claims our politicians make before forming the government. The point being, we need not boast about our plans if we don’t know how to execute them. Before Namami Gange was launched, there have been claims about cleaning the Ganga till the last decade. But Ganga is considered to be the worst form till the government left. Similarly,when the odd-even formula was called for, there had been no provisions about the NCR vehicles and about the two-wheelers. But before the plan was executed, there were claims about it excelling. How can we assume something to excel if the loopholes are still in place?

    But we must understand that targets shouldn’t be interpreted as being a wrong move. There always needs to be a target to achieve something. But making sure the target is achieved we need to do the following :

    Work till we succeed : If I had made my own timetable and worked on it accordingly, may be I would have achieved good marks in my boards.

    Give up laziness : Need to be a topper? Live in your dreams. And work on them until it’s fulfilled. Dreams aren’t what we see when we sleep, they are something which makes you work hard till you achieve it.

    Proper mental planning : Planning is the basic step, a stepping stone towards success. Make sure that your mind is cool and a proper planning is in place.

    No chest-thumping before you succeed : Whenever you have to work for someone’s good, claiming that you would succeed before thinking about the hurdles, is like being over-confident. A person who is over-confident about his success can never succeed in real life.

    Counting on chickens before the eggs hatch will always lead to disappointment. There is a thin line between being “confident” and being “overconfident”. Following the steps mentioned above are sure shots to success. Calm mind, with proper planning, ability to tackle hurdles can always lead to success. We always need to have a strong will and a proper lay down of plan that needs to executed. It’s time you give up laziness, wake up from the horizon, and shine like a diamond in the sky, CONFIDENTLY.

    • Saurabh

      I really liked the start and middle. Good examples. But something feels missing in end. Just a personal opinion. New to this so not much to say. Plz review mine if possible. Its my first essay here

      • Thanx for the review. Lemme review OK’s and then will review urs 🙂

      • G.

        hey can you please review my essay… i posted late so its not been reviewed… i dont know where i currently stand.. it will just take few minutes..

    • MecHmAtE

      Liked it. Good examples. The flow can be improved a bit, beoz at some places I feel you didn’t complete before you started a new example. But overall it was good. A better conclusion could have been written.

      • Thanx for the review :)Yeah I couldn’t gather anything to write in conclusion. Will improve 🙂

      • G.

        hey can you please review my essay… i posted late so its not been reviewed… i dont know where i currently stand.. it will just take few minutes…

    • OK

      You always start with a mythological example.
      Waise one thing is missing. I think this proverb is all about successive planning. Dreams on dreams. In general, we are suppose to move forward in step wise process but we generally make castles of dreams, isn’t it. Without waiting for a the first step to realise.
      For eg. Indian gov is boosting India is the land of development, come and invest. But we forgot that, our dream to ease of doing business hasn’t been reakised yet. But still we made dreams on dreams. You got my point?
      But, it is necessary as well. To have a bigger picture and long term vision. So what can be done? In corporates, we do contingency planning for that. Do plan and dream ad much as you can but have a contingent for it.
      Like contingency fund of india. 😀

      • OK

        Look at my essay as well yaar.

      • haha. No. I have used it twice till now 🙂

        I totally agree with you. People tend to dream more than work on those dreams. Step by step we can move towards those dreams, and it can come with a proper planning ( I mentioned it, may be better words and connectors required). Will review urs 🙂

    • SKB

      hey good nee. review: covered the diverse dimension and in last put good suggestion.

      now plz review mine

    • gughapriya

      Hi Friend. good one. u started with real time examples to national level opinions. only thing is coherency would have been better. it is der, just a point for betterment. great 🙂 request you to review mine. please let me know if I have understood the real meaning and wrote the essay.somehow I am not ok. Thanks in advance. All the best friend 🙂

      • G.

        can you please review my essay… i posted late so its not been reviewed

    • Sushmit Adigon

      hey just review mine,,i ll review urs

    • Rock Lee

      Hi bro, Liked your essay:
      I want to add few points pls tell me if there is anything wrong in them:

      1. Hitlers assumption; WW2 winning; didn’t expect mussoilini will lose
      2. initiative: never expected such resistance
      3. Kashmir raja; played on 2 sides not signing accession but didn’t expect attack from Kashmir
      4. Land reforms: Over targets
      5. Housing for all Scheme
      6.Namami Ganga by 2022, plan is also not ready now
      7. ISRO: expecting cryogenic for Chandrayaan but when they failed india
      had back up(for conclusion
      8. DM posted to new place, cant expect everyone to work to match his standards
      9. LOkpal issue
      10. India s continues efforts reforms WB and IMF; hence raising topic everywhere(conclusion)

      11. of course I wrote duryodana example for asking krishna’s forces expecting a win

      • Those are some very good points 🙂

        Namami Gange has started.

        Don’t include ISRO in conclusion. Write it in the body.

        • Rock Lee

          Thanks but just wanted to know the reason y u don’t me to write abt isro in conclusion..

          • Isro would be another dimension. sir said last time to not include another example or dimension in the conclusion

            • Rock Lee

     conclusion should be in general sense..

        • Rock Lee

          Yaar, Someone commented that we should not give more examples for philosphical topics instead we should explain more….wat is ur take on that??

          • Don’t include too many examples. Focus should be on “dimensions” and “language” in my view. So when u include NASA waala example and again ISRO waala example, things get repetitive. So better if u take one dimension (say economic aspect) and explain it in depth. Or rather take an example from that dimension and explain it in depth.

            • Rock Lee

              ha…sorry for not being clear…but when i wrote some points to be added as a comment to your essay..some guy just commented this…that i am giving more examples…


      On the UPSC point of view and recent essay writing trend , this is a very good essay with proper wordings and appropriate examples. You should have designed conclusion with hopes and aspirations coherent to above mentioned examples. For 1200 words essay,this much example is enough. Overall, it’s commendable.

      • thanx for the review bro 🙂

      • G.

        hey john can you please review my essay… i posted late so its not been reviewed


          Writing style is very good… Introduction part is commendable ; for layman reading you should little emphasize on pragmatic body building ,especially in introduction part….rest of the part is really fetch good mark

    • Sushmit Adigon

      i didnt like your first sentence,, i think that could kill your essay
      Your story telling was fine, but i felt it came too often too soon.At times it affected your flow.
      u relating policy formulation and policy implementation was really nice!!..but i felt you repeated it too often ,in case of reservation and namami ganga. likewise war related as in ramayana and US swat were gud ,but u could have explored other domains like Industrial revolution -everyone thought moremoney more happiness etc,,but it led to climate change ,,kinda stuff..
      conclusion i felt was more like a counter/solution to ur intro..u should conclude in different plane,look for different angle.

      overall it was gud to read.

      • Thanx for the review my friend 🙂

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Please review….

      • Ash

        HI Sushmit! 🙂
        Could you please review… I don’t know what I have done…. But managed wrapping something together… I will review yours! 🙂

    • Kant

      Very nice Joker!
      – i like your use of examples(Ravana, SWAT team etc) to make things simpler. Im poor with examples.
      -Structure is very good

      -First line can be removed.
      -Conclusion can be ended in a better way
      Overall the essay is awesome!

      • Thanx bhai! M happy u started writing essays again! 🙂

      • G.

        hey kant can you please review my essay… i posted late so its not been reviewed

    • blufl0

      hey buddy,, starting is very good so examples given…suggestions are nice..conclusion could have been better..plz don’t repeat as you done with your conclusion part..essay contains lots of examples and few lines about the given topic..plz add more content, will give weight to your essay..plz review mine…

      • hey bluf! Thanx for the review! Did u read the essay? 😀

        I have included contemporary examples this time, unlike previous times 😛

        About the conclusion, actually I feel that relating it with the examples gives a shape to the essay. Tht’s my opinion, u r welcome to disagree 🙂

        Will review urs 🙂

        • blufl0

          i read seriously serious:P yeah you have included good examples but my concern only is that plz add more lines regarding the topic..that’s it..

          • YAAR tere sirf 4 pages dikh rahe. Pehle tell me ki total hai kitne

            • blufl0

              4 pages hi h…its around 825 words..ab to review kr de yaar..will write from the more next time…

    • Lord Tuktuk

      why do you always write we all know who won in the end! obviously we all know! but still, just to play safe!!add one more line like, It was RAM! 😀
      didnt liked intro too much this time!
      nice linking of osama and SCs!
      your and mine essay are opposite to each other in conclusion! but i liked your essay, as you have justified most of your points!
      in the middle, i found littttle disconnection from work we till succeed se! i thought the theme is going offtrack( personal thought, still liked it all)
      overall nice mate!

      • Thanx bhai! I haven’t written good this time, I agree 😀

        Jo solution parts hai, jaan bujh k dia maine. I felt suggestions are important 😀 (PERSONAL view)

        agle baar accha likhunga 😛
        Pinki promise 😀 😀

        • Lord Tuktuk

          haha!! yes, you write very good! mene tere previous essays dekh ke hi likhna start kia h, you too know that!
          ok bro, pinki pinki promise!! 🙂 😛

    • bakir malik

      well written. please review mine.

    • Shrunga Chandrashekar

      You have managed to substantiate your views with nice examples and flow is good… essay would have been superhit with a super conclusion which is missing

      Please review mine and give inputs

    • Vivaan Khanna

      My take on your essay:
      1.You have the ability to keep your readers engaged through examples.Its very difficult to engage in philosophical essay.
      2.Took only one dimension-proper planning is required to make hatch your chickens.Even after proper planning and implementation there remains uncertainty.We as UPSC aspirant are aware of this fact 😛
      3.gave examples about lack of planning,then came to US to show that hatching can;t be counted before result then again came to planning through our lack of connectivity.
      4.Conclusion could not appeal me
      take it positively bro…Overall ok essay

      • Vivaan Khanna

        review mine please..tried to improve from last essay 😛

      • Thanx man! u review really good! I never noticed the lack of connectivity waala part. Thanx again. Will review urs 🙂

        • Vivaan Khanna

          trying to learn from you 🙂

      • Ash

        Hi Vivaan! 🙂
        Could you please take some time out and review my essay!
        Frankly I didn’t know what to write so you could gimme a good long review today! 🙂

      • Ash

        BTW did you write??
        If yep! lemme know.. I will review yours too.. 🙂

        • P.s

          Hey ash review mine too

        • Vivaan Khanna

          yes i have written and will be happy if you will review…

          • Ash

            I would be happy to review.. I’m just buying some time though! 🙂

    • Night Fury

      I AM DONE !! review mine.. I will do for u too 😀

    • Pooja

      Sirjee, you are the boss here as proved by the number of reviews and upvotes. My 2 cents here:-
      Weak point- Too much preaching. I felt like reading a self help write-up.

      Strong point- Engaging. Good befitting examples.
      Keep writing and reviewing. 🙂

      • thanx girl, that was a real booster! I liked ur essay BDW! KWAR 🙂
        [Upvotes can be deceiving :D]

    • rajan

      Good essay Joker
      Really appreciate the point on Bin Laden
      Felt the exmaple on chicken dealer was too fancy, and perharps a few more examples were required
      Could you review mine too, if possible ?

    • niti

      very well written..US SWAT eg. fits ur essay and you have used it in the mid of the text..probably where reader’s concentration starts loosening a bit.

      one thing that i liked the most is you have given positive examples though the essay’s statement is in negative tone.
      last line bangs on.
      but why mythological examples yaar..personally say.. writing them in essays doesn’t seem appropriate to me.

      please review first essay..

      • thanx niti. I have been experimenting with the dimensions. So I include mythological, india centric, international aspects + fancy/ hypothetical kneaded stories. I feel comfortable in that. (personal approach u know)

        Will review urs 🙂

        • niti

          yes ur approach is very different and wider too. i like that my concern what if the reader is from a different religion. probability of him understanding the example ??

          • pardon me but don’t you think that the example was not at all controversial? I mean if I had defamed someone’s religion than it was an altogether different thing

            • niti

              it is not about defaming… if the reader does not understand your point of incorporating the example.. In India it is a very positive thing that a muslim knows who the ravana was.

    • P.s

      Hey serious please review mine.
      Its my first essay.

    • Night Fury

      Intro is unique ! “why wait for the eggs to hatch” liked it !

      thought he first line “The essay topic is quite self-explanatory and doesn’t require any speculations and introspection. So let’s take a simple example to understand this topic.” — I feel can be avoided.. kya pata examiner ko na pata ho meaning 😀 .. seems bit “arrogant” perspective..

      again that “we, all know” I feel may not feel good to examiner.. thoda sa tone down language.. be more simple 🙂

      ways to achieve are brilliant ! (new approach I liked it)
      examples !! no one can beat you in coming up with varied examples 😀 awesome !
      Tune “critical part” miss kia hai.. like why “counting on chickens” is good. can mention about that too (Though I know you don’t support this view 😀 )

      conclusion with the essay flow is good !

      • Thanx for the review Fury! I’ll edit “we all know” 😀

        Yeah I missed the perspective u talked about in ur essay! Will try to do more justice to this 🙂

        • BPS

          Bhai why_so_serious? plz review my eassy too…will try to review yours

          In the middle of 1757, the armies of Nawab of Bengal and East India Company assembled at the battleground in Plassey. A large army of Nawab was against an army of a commercial body. After initial battle, the Nawab became confident of his victory. He counted the chickens before they hatched and left the battlefield by putting the responsibility of battle on his army commander. However, dissertation in the Nawab’s camp led to the victory of East India Company and rise of British power in Bengal.

          This story was not an isolated incident. History is full of incidences when individuals have taken decisions based on the assumption that all their expectations would be fulfilled. Even now, individuals, family, organisations and countries are pursuing certain goals or facing some challenges. This proverb should be a
          reminder to all of them about the adverse impact of decision making based on assumption that all their expectations would come true..

          During the Nehruvian era, India pursued its foreign policy based on the principles of non-alignment and peaceful coexistence. It was assumed that these principles would prevent any other country from attacking India. Thus, India counted the chickens before they hatched and neglected its defence preparedness. However, the Chinese invasion in 1962 gave a set back to the country. After Indo-China war, India foreign policy shifted from idealism to pragmatism.

          The application of the proverb is not only limited to a nation. It is equally applicable to an individual in his professional or personal decision making. Some individuals leave their well paid employment for uncertain future like establishing a strat-up company with half baked plans. They count the chickens before they hatch which may land them in financial trouble. If their idea does not fructify, it may lead to disappointment and financial problems. It must be clarified that innovation and entrepreneurship should be promoted. But it
          should be outcome of pragmatic decisions. In the above case, the individual must ensure a career back up before he takes up start-up opportunity.

          A similar incident also happens in personal relationship. A parent ought to impart value education to child. However, due to paucity of time, parents think that their child would automatically receive the family values and values from his school. This trend has accentuated due to advent of nuclear families and rise of materialism. They count the chickens before they hatch and the child may get exposed to social evils as
          he/she may not have development a value judgement of what is right or wrong. This is one of the contributory factors towards rise in juvenile delinquency, cyber crimes, addiction to drugs, tobacco etc. Thus, the parents should strive to inculcate a sound value judgement in his/her child by maintaining a work-life

          Sometimes an individual may have to face unforeseen consequences due to his/her half baked
          decisions. Many people form India decide to migrate to a Arabian countries in the hope of finding a source of employment for higher wages. Their decision is based on some informal sources of information about better opportunities in West Asia and they go there with the help of unregulated agents. The individual
          count the chickens before they hatch and he may become a victim of forced labour, human trafficking etc.

          This proverb has immense significance for governance in a country. A welfare state like India implements several schemes and programmes for social empowerment, improving the quality of life and inclusive development. However, the actual implementation of these programmes become difficult because the assumptions made during policy formulation may not hold true. Many incidences can be quoted.

          The incidence is related to measuring the performance of a scheme on the basis of expenditure made rather than the outcomes. It is assumed that higher expenditure would automatically lead to better outcomes. However, the government counts the chickens before they hatch because the schemes may suffer
          from poor targeting of beneficiaries, corruption, inefficient utilisation of resources etc. Thus, the desired outcomes are not achieved.

          The odd even vehicle rationing scheme in Delhi to reduce vehicular pollution is based on the premisethat increased awareness and strict enforcement in itself would reduce the problem. However, The Delhi government should not count the chickens before they hatch and more steps should be taken. If public
          transportation and eco-friendly mode of transportation are not ramped up, this scheme would achieve limited success. In the long run, it may cause inconvenience to public, increased violation and rise in corruption. So the even odd vehicle rationing should be one of the steps towards curbing pollution.

          Recently, the union government has focused on attracting foreign direct investment. However,studies have pointed out no significant FDI inflow in the country. It is because the government counted the chickens before they hatched. Without economic reforms such as GST, labour reforms, skill development initiatives, issues in land acquisitions etc, investment would not be attracted.

          Similarly,even after one decade of India-US Civil Nuclear deal, not a single nuclear power plant under the agreement has been operationalised. It is because both the government counted the chickens before they hatched and signed the deal without negotiating on the issue of liability in case of a nuclear accident.

          Recently India strongly protested against the lack of safeguards to protect the interests of Madhesis in Nepal’s constitution. India gave support to Madhesi protestors in the hope that Nepal’s dependence on India for energy supply and import of other goods would force the Nepali government to concede the demand
          of the Madhesis. However, Indian government counted the chickens before they hatched and its move resulted in anti-India sentiments in Nepal. Moreover, Nepal also signed a energy deal with China to reduce its dependence on India. Thus, China gained strategic depth in Nepal

          In the international arena, this proverb also holds true. The USA’s move to support the rebels in Syrian crisis was taken for their geopolitical gain. It was hoped that the rebels would bring down the regime of Bashar al Assad. However, the Americans counted the chicken before they hatched because the lawlessness
          in the region and monetary and armed support to the rebels got channelized to ISIS. The organisation has now emerged as the biggest challenge to global peace.

          On the contrary, China’s peaceful rise presents a contradictory example. China focused on rapid economic growth and did not count its chickens before they hatched. It did not get involved in military conflicts and assertiveness and maintained a low profile at international fora. It is only now when the Chinese have
          become economic superpower that they have become militarily assertive, especially in South China sea.

          All these incidences provide us an insight about how to plan our future course of action. The plan of action should comprise of sub-plans with course of action for all the possibilities which may occur. It is only through this way that a calculated risk is taken and the course of action may be modified with feedback received. The greatest wisdom lies in learning from the past mistakes and the mistakes committed by others.

          • PK

            I like the coherency of your essay. Also very relevant current affairs stuff.

          • Athena_India

            The introductory piece of writing is distinctive. The body of the essay is brilliant with relevant illustrations (substantiating your perspective on the given proverb). More content could have been added to the conclusion.

          • JOHN MAJOR DALAI

            Simply a UPSC level essay ; you should have extended more points on conclusion part …But , for 1200 worded essay it is one of the best essay today..

          • ajeet

            nice bro ,u understand topic…you don’t take action before right moment…
            right steps at the need of hour..

      • black mamba

        omg! hahaha
        i said the same thing to him !!!!!

        • Tune kabhi bola??

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                    be cruel in your review 😀

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    • I m biggner, tried to review first time so i apologie if articulated wrongly.
      Your essay is always of top notch although i feel to notify sthgs:-
      1) in 4th point i think one shd nt directly show negativity of gov. especially in respect of scheme or plan unless it is asked, u cld hav told in other wy that they plan for the development of people but due to lack of political willpower and corruption upto the bottom level/subdivisional bodies target goes beyond the expected goal.
      2)didnt get line :-. For example, we “assumed” that the socially and economically vulnerable strata (SC’s and ST’s) will come in par with the comparatively better counterparts if reservation was provided for a period of 10 years. But reservation still continues, and the SC’s and ST’s are more prone to discrimination than ever before. Why?
      3) Neeraj point is good but less impressive.
      4)para 6:- again not got the Osama point
      5) gov false claims:- i feel like citizen shd be responsible despite gov, as its we people who once bring politian into governance an assume free frm its duty, instead of asking gov , why they r sitting ideal nd nt mkng thr promises.
      Allover this point needs to be change wd difnt words to make its objectives more clear nd meaningful.

      • 1) got it, u r correct

        2) Reservation was provided assuming to get a better human capital, for the upliftment of the SC and ST’s, in a way moving towards a better country + bringing the poor at par with the rich. But this assumption never gave actual results, thanks to flawed policy implementation.

        4) If the plan (which was but obviously made much before it’s execution) was leaked by the SWAT team or somebody in government to flaunt about how they have been fighting terrorism, then m sure the end of Osama would have been just a dream.

        5) Do u think citizen should be responsible for free wifi’s and water services? 60% water supply lines in delhi are disrupted, and if politicians clame they would fix this in exchange of votes, they are actually claiming for the heck of it. Coz providing free water supply is practically impossible when u don’t have the infra! and getting pipelines laid to the rest 60% region is like thinking about 20 more years. So why to show false dreams?

        • By explanation all point has now cleared.
          urs anw give many ideas an info regarding any topic, keep it up.

    • moraya

      I think , you could also have given example of movie 3 idiots . By my view this time many parents put burden of study on child in childhood. many parents decide our child’s future no any one know which type of his child, what he/she like? What he/she want to be?. Educated people(in metro) are running towards best school, best institute in the country. I understand every parents want to be his child be a best IITians or best high educated person in those field they are want. So, its time to check 1st our child’s ability and his/ her wish .don’t be judge your child like “chicken”. 1st think he is in childhood stage. we can’t judge like chicken. Because on few stage we can’t judge or decide about his/ her future.

    • ragini sharma

      heY serious !

      i found myself unable 2 write such topic.

      what should i do ?

      kindly explain format 2 write such essay. if u have. plz.

      • I’ll tell u my way. It’s personal and people may find it wrong. So use ur discretion.

        Include dimensions. Keep the syllabus saath me, try to see if any topic can be used to write a dimension on. Kuch nai aa raha samjah to kneed a story. that may help. But try to make ur stand clear. Aapki hindi is too awesome and your way of explaining in a concise way is well appreciable. Just try to think the structure in the mind and write whatever comes in one go. that way yur flow will be maintained. But it is very important for u to build a structure before writing in your mind. N those dimensions can come from the syllabus. Hope this helps

        • ragini sharma

          thanks 2 sare ur top secret 🙂
          i will apply …

          • sankar

            mera thoda rvw kar dijiye na plz

            • ragini sharma

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              • sankar

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                plz dn’t mind
                appne essay bhi nahi likhe

                • ragini sharma

                  yes due 2 some family event.. i will be cont.. from 2morrow 🙂

      • G.

        hey can you please review my essay… i posted late so its not been reviewed… i dont know where i currently stand.. it will just take few minutes

        • ragini sharma

          sry i was busy till 2day.

    • Draconian

      Ravana was killed due to its over-confidence but in the end it was his brother who betrayed him by telling how he could died by attacking on its UMBILICAL CORD… i think this example is irrelevant here………may be m wrong……plz explain to me……

    • sankar

      intro is not quite, explanation of th proverb needs more clarification
      instead of following words win/victory, coming/ arrival,
      -instead of word ‘never’, ‘not satisfactory’. because the word which gives extreme expression, only good for certainty of something.
      i mean to say there must be optimistic. never deny the achievement we gain
      like food security,
      -connector words should be used to link para like from bicycle to usa swat etc
      i am sorry to point out
      merits is that contents rich, body and conclusion are too good, suggestion part is too good.
      very good. plz rvw mine

    • anshul sharma

      hi bro
      the way u keep ur essay interesting is commendable…flow is awesome…conclusion cud have been better…apart from that it takes undivided attention of the reader..kudos !!
      i wish i cud write with such a flow …i’ve written for the first time…please review’ll help me to write better 🙂

    • Ash

      Could you please review my essay.. I will review yours! 🙂

    • Isha

      Hi Serious! My view- let me know if I am wrong somewhere and feel free to contradict.
      Your first line- I think we should not start like this. If you fail to satisfy the examiner till end he’ll consider you as over-confident.
      You have an incredible quality to give examples and relate to them till end. Keep it up! I am trying to learn this from you. SC/ST example, Osama example- too good.
      Conclusion was really nice, especially the last line. Overall you progressed even more since last essay. Keep writing and inspiring us to learn something 🙂
      Review mine please, if you get time.

      • this is the 7th time I am getting a thing for the two lines. will edit it.
        agree to delhi waala point, but it was just an opinion.
        Thanx for the review. Will review it after 3 essays so u’ll have to wait 🙂

        • Night Fury

          kyu delete nahi ki wo line abhi tak !! 😀

          • kar ra ruk.. Ash ka review karde jab tak 😀

          • Ash

            Review mine no Fury! You never review my essays! I give you such nice reviews! I’m reviewing yours right away! If I don’t get a review from you…. I will be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyyyy ANGRY! My anger is bad! You may confirm with why_so_serious! 😛 😛

            • Night Fury

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              • Ash

                This is a good idea! Now I’m thinking of changing my profile name to Rapunzel! 😛 🙂

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                  • Ash

                    We’ll do this sometime… I’ll just change it to Rapunzel and not tell anyone… And then we’ll see who can figure it out! 🙂

        • Isha

          Kon si two lines???

          • shuru waali jo maine edit kar di 😀

            • Isha

              I was talking about- self explanatory wali line. Editing abhi tak chalu hai, matlab raat tak ur essay will be getting updated regularly like Aaj Tak :p

              • noooo please! Ek baar kia bhai wo bhi itne logo ne bola isliye 😀

                BDW i hate “presstitutes” so please no comparisons, specially with Aaj tak – SABSE TEZ 😀

                • Isha

                  Kafi tez 😀

            • niti

              write them again ..people will get more curious now..:D

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Hey Isha please review mine… focus on content instead of structure.. would love to review yours

        • hey jaya! wait I’ll review urs too. Just wait for some time 🙂
          (although u didn’t ask me too :D)

          • Jaya Swatantra

            nek kaam mein deri bilkul nahi karni chahiye serious ji…. please review.. 🙂

        • Isha

          Hey Jaya! I’ll review urs shortly, for sure. Review mine if u get time!

    • Ash

      Ufffffffffffff!!!! Ramayan fans on Insights! 😛

      1. I don’t like your starting… ‘The essay topic is quite self-explanatory and doesn’t require any speculations and introspection’ this part. Then y are you writing the essay 😛
      2. What I suggest is start from the mythology.
      3. Again lliked your Ramayan 🙂
      4. Start your story before this(exam story I’m talking about) – ‘We in our day to day life tend to conclude something without thinking of the “ways”‘
      5. ‘when there was no “egg” (plan, timetable in this case) in the first place’ — Very good take.. Appreciate it! 🙂
      6. US SWAT : the way you brot it to ‘DCYCBTH’ —– Commendable!
      7. Delhi example : there were claims of excelling… I’m not really sure… There were also claims of not excelling .. they are just opinions right! People give different opinions… But then if that’s your take then Kool! 🙂
      8. ‘Counting on chickens before the eggs hatch will always lead to disappointment.’ —- Don’t say …. ALWAYS … that’s a claim! I have a different stand on this! FFTC though! 🙂
      9. I liked the part where you mentioned solutions… I didn’t know how to bring this up

      I liked your essay! Please Review mine! KWAR! 🙂

      • sankar

        oye rvw mine
        i’ll rvw yours later

      • ufff! I was the first to use this example today! 😀
        I’ll edit the start. Don’t knowwhat I was thinking.
        4th point : OK
        5 : tq
        6 : Tqa 😀
        7 : I feel I can take a stand on this. I didn’t generalise, did i?
        8) Agree. But again my take on this topic is pro to it and not critical. But I shouldn’t ignore it.
        9) TQOA.
        Will review abhi. Do min bas

    • anonymous

      nice 🙂 however few suggestion —
      a)I find your first 2 line of introduction are little annoying. It may hurt examiner ‘s ego 😀
      b)I really dnt know whether we should use mythological example or not
      c)Reservation is always a very controversial topic. i really dnt know whether we should use it or not. In place of reservation you can use ,women empowerment, poverty alleviation programme,
      d)Critical part is missing.
      e)Conclusion can be better. how can you say that counting chicken before eggs hatch will always leads to disappointment? What if its calculated risk.If you confident and roughly estimated about your goals through prep, targets,etc. Economics ,spaces experiments programmes estimation plays crucial role. And growth is based on estimation in most cases. Probability is there. You cant play safe every time. But target should be realistic achievable and resourceful.No one predicts about his success but atleast he can be optimistic.

      • 1)Agree
        2)I don’t think there is a problem 🙂
        3)Reservation is controversial, but I never said it in a controversial way (FFTD 🙂
        4)Critical part yes I agree. But I don’t agree to the critic so didn’t right. I’ll make amendments.
        5)Agree again. Yurs was the best review today. Thank you for this constructive criticism 🙂

    • P.s

      I think almost all the essay focuses on planing. But essay is on why one should not dreams on dream (or on uncertain future). Is nee raj example relevant here.
      These are all my views. Correct me where I am wrong.

      • Bro I wrote it way too early in the morning. So u cannot blame me of copying if u r 😀

        I don’t believe taking one stand on the topic is correct. The topic is open ended, It depends on person to person. Dream perspectives too I have added (Dream to be a developed nation with a better human capital + Dream to win over Lord Rama without realizing that he was getting overconfident)

        Neeraj example is the most common example I could think of. Laziness being a part of “not able to work for ur aim”. By going with ur definition of the proverb, it will certainly be apt (how can u be self-contradictory :/ )

        Did I review ur essay?

        • P.s

          Yeah you have reviewed mine.
          Why are you talking about copying I didn’t get.
          Convinced with neeraj eg.
          Except that raavana ex all others revolve around failure of planning or its implementation. I thought dreams perspective and the result of daydreamings should be center bcoz the proverb it self originated in that context. .
          Finally bro this is sister

          • OHKAY sis! as I said, perspectives may differ 🙂

            • P.s

              Okay bro. Thanks for your patience reply to my innocent questions(as I am new to essay writing )

      • G.

        hey can you please review my essay… i posted late so its not been reviewed… i dont know where i currently stand.. it will just take few minutes.

    • G.

      hey serious,

      i have admired your dedication to write and review consistently on this forum and have been follower of your write ups as well.
      your essays though are a smooth read and full of dynamism, are still a blog-read. just convert the style a bit to suit the essay format. i may be a cliche here, i know many of the aspirants may have suggested you the same.

      but just try to tweak your style.
      i have no problem with your first person usage, but tone down them a little.
      your essays are full of examples, its very good, but then you enter the territory of example essays with little concpet.

      this was a philosophical essay, i found yet again a dynamic essay full of examples. but then it remained a example essay.
      though i liked very much the usage of chicken and hatches. they were unique 🙂

      think over it and counter me. and BHAI PLEASE REVIEW MY ESSAY TOO.

      • Okay man! I write blogs so maybe I get that touch. Will try to work on ur suggestions! Will review urs in a short while, just wait please 🙂

      • Bhai, aapka privacy me hai. Kripa thodi der ko hata le… Fir private kar dena

    • Puja

      Good essay Serious. Liked ur examples. Good conclusion.
      But somehow connectivity missing between paras. And teh measures r nicw, but I think for essay its could be written differently. Here it seems as qs ans format.
      Overall nice.
      Pls review mine if possible. Just started essay.

      • hey puja. I’ll disagree to ur “q-a” waala point, pardon me. whenever Insights review, they ask to write to write “solutions” to the included problems. This is an idle format. I’ll review urs in a short while.

    • Ab

      Serious Sir!! Yours essay is quite nice. I have started writing it for the first time. I need your help in improving my essay, please could you review mine, though it would be tough to find mine as your comment section has flooded the whole post:)

      • bro, ur profile is private. Please ping me when u’ve removed privacy 🙂

        • Ab

          I don’t know that:) I have posted 20 minutes earlier. Please check, away from Delhi, it’s only hope

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Nice but do this Ravana Ram examples sets here? Also you repeatedly used the title of the essay which i feel not much needed… (u are free to disagree its my perception…… ) KWAR … 🙂

    • Batman

      Hi Joker (lil’ tired so ignore if you don’t find it useful):
      1)try to use connectors between your paras to give it a better flow. you every para though different but doesn’t reveal provide a direction to reader from the beginning. It is only after reading the whole para that one understand your approach to that part
      2)the “for” examples i.e. like US SWAT can be included more to make your essay well rounded!
      3)framing politicians in “wrong” light may draw ire from examiner
      4)liked the suggestions (Y) but provide the solution to tackle the root e.g. meditation helps one to remain in present moment
      overall, a good one!

      • Thnx man! Ur reviews are always helpful! Thanx for finding time! Go n take some rest now! 😀

      • Night Fury

        Meditation YES !! Best solution.

      • Ant_Man

        Please don’t mind. But it wasn’t USA SWAT team, swat is an unit of police. It was the DELTA team under US Army which took up the covert op.
        Good essay, learnt a lot from it

    • varsha

      nice one brother……your essay always give me direction how to wrt eassay….

    • megha34

      very nice comprehensive ..please review mine and add some suggestions as iam writing for the first time …

    • Yatharth_Krishna

      You have justified the point well but 2 para in b/w are politically biased. 🙂 will it work ?

      • It’s about perception. I didn’t take any names. Furthermore, if criticizing policies costed marks then the whole paper of UPSC (gs1 and 2) talk about the issues In implementation of policies. So I feel these points are justified. It’s more of a ‘roadmap’ thing rather than being biased!

        • Yatharth_Krishna

          What a party says during election campaign is more like a political propaganda not policies. And its too early to judge the odd even system.
          All previous ganga related projects had a plan but poorly executed and this “Namami gange” is yet to prove itself.

          • I talked about ‘policies’ in my first reference! And I never took name of any party. Who doesn’t claim electricity and water supply? Every party gives false claims man. I told u it’s how u’ve interpreted. Yu obviously thought I pointed out at AAP!

            I never judged the odd even system! But see tweets by the AAP ministers. They have already claimed it being a success. That’s what my point is. Why to claim things before the results, why so much chest thumping?
            Namami gange – I said ki this has started now. But like previous claims like this were not successful. But still politicians count this as an achievement. Isn’t it like too early to judge?

            U r actually supporting my points in a way

            • Yatharth_Krishna

              ha ha .. there is no point in contradicting a well accepted truth bro..
              You too know whom were you pointing too. I just meant to point out that such points may be avoided .
              So i do support your point personally , but you gotta write for UPSC 🙂

              • Yeah sure bro. Will try to stop myself from such tempts 😛

    • Don John

      Hey, This is me reading an essay for the first time. So I’m not even sure what an essay means.

      But I would like to point out few things about the topic of essay and not about your essay in general. Let me know your thoughts.

      Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

      This is an expression which comes from a story in Aesop’s Fairy Tales. In the story a woman is carrying a basket of eggs. While she is walking, she begins to think about ….how many chicks she will soon have…how much money she’ll make by selling the chicks…the things she’ll buy with all the money…As she is thinking about all this, she drops the basket of eggs!


      1. Ask Suresh. He may be willing to lend you some money. But don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

      2. Stop talking about the places you are going to see. You still haven’t got your visa yet. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

      So all in all I felt Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. strongly implies “celebrate prematurely”. — Above all is taken from thehindu

      So I have few questions now.
      1. Essay Specific question: Can you explain, how your opening example related to the quote.
      2. I see you used, Mythological examples and you explained them well enough that even a laymen can understand , but do you think it can be risky, if the examiner isn’t from the same faith or atheist?
      3. Also can you point me to any link or guide, where I can understand how to write an essay, I can search internet but I like recommended links 🙂
      4. I also see, examples from current events are they allowed to be used in essay.
      5. Do you follow any structure.

      I hope you get to read till here 🙂 and I have privilege of reading your reply.

      Thanks in advance man 🙂

      • 1) I being “overconfident” that I would be able to complete the preparation later and come out with flying colors. There is a thin line between being “confident” and “overconfident” (wrote it in the conclusion) + See I have mentioned me thinking the exam being a “cakewalk”

        2) No I don’t think so. In the end he may even be a leftist. That doesn’t mean if I praise PMKVY he may award me less marks concluding that I am pro-Modi. What I mean is “mythological” example is just another dimension and I haven’t been controversial at all in my example.

        3) I’ll ask u to search Aditya Ranjan’s video on youtube (AIR-99) – He gave a detailed review on how to write an essay in vision IAS interactive session.

        4)Using current events is highly recommended.

        5) Yes I have followed a structure. – Intro (an example to make the reader understand about the proverb in layman language)

        Body : Using examples of my own (Neeraj) + Contemporary examples from different dimensions [Mytho + Policy based(National) + International + Political propaganda (general) ] + a page or two for giving solutions to the problems that I’ve mentioned + A conclusion summing up everything in the passage (creating links) and finally giving a balanced stand.

        I have given the critical part as well (SEE “It should be understood that “targets” aren’t bad” –something like that)

        P.S I would love to have ur take on my essay after I have done a postmortem of my whole passage 🙂

        • Don John

          thanks man !

    • Nish

      I have read your essays. Content r always good. Being a beginner i want some suggestions like how to write n what not to write. I always end up writing only about 600 words.

      • hey Nish. First of all thank you for the compliment. I myself am a beginner and am learning things. What I can suggest you is to write 600 words in your initial essays. My essay had less than 600 words.
        Always try to write what you as a reader would enjoy reading i.e the way you write must appeal to the examiner. This comes only after you have written 3-4 essays. There is no formula to writing good essays but here is what I follow :

        1) Understand the topic first. Maybe google the keywords and understand it’s meaning, the simplest meaning you can infer from it.

        2) Get a structure : Always think of a structure before you start writing. For this essay you can see my reply to “Don John”, I have laid the structure which I followed for this.

        Previously i used to follow range of examples/dimensions. Now I focus on depth. take different dimensions (mythology, history, economic implications, various stakeholders, political scenario, Indian context, world context, general ideas) – For this you can use the syllabus. Try to find the connection between the essay topic and various GS topics .

        3) Always make sure you have an interesting introduction. I prefer hypothetical stories to start with. I am comfortable with this although people criticize. But choose whatever you feel you can be comfortable with. It may be an experience, an example for day-to-day life or maybe a story. Always make sure the content goes hand-in-hand with the story and not the other way round. Content shouldn’t be compromised.

        4) The conclusion needs to have links drawn from all the dimensions that you have included in your essay. If your essay has full of questions, the para before the conclusion needs to be filled with “way forwards”. The conclusion then must portray an optimistic personality of yours. Don’t end your essay with open-ended questions and refrain from including a new dimension in the conclusion.

        That is all I can suggest. For quality content, connect it with GS topics and may be some ethics/morality angle can be included to (in philosophical essays)

        M too naive to tell how to write good essays. But I hope you’ll find this helpful.

        Thank you!! 🙂

    • manish

      why_so_ serious? please review my first essay on insight.

    • prabhat cse

      serious sir,
      last time, i read your friend-enemy-close-closer essay. i liked that one and so, eagerly read your today’s one.

      frankly speaking, i had have a lot of struggle to understand your essay with respect to the topic. for every para i read, i was relating it to the topic and wondering myself that for me, it is not justifying the meaning of this para with the topic.
      fortunately, at only one point, i felt so that yes, this para is on track with the topic & its expectation – OSAMA – USA SWAT planning para. for me, it was perfectly relevant to the topic that you should not open up as such plans before they execute. there might be another conditions in between as the plan could turn unpredictable. so, my brain could fit this para in the frame of topic. rest, i really had to struggle to match it.

      if i hurt you, i apologize, sorry to say so!
      this might be the limitation of my brain’s understanding.
      waiting for your next writings….

      read below replies and find, you read some blogs too. can you please give the link for, if don’t mind. would like to read those writings too.

      1 request, as you write in such a good tone, will you please review my essay on this as well as on that friend….closer topic? thank you in advance.

    • Sameer Khan

      Hi Joker, can i have ur email id ? i need some suggestions ,you write very well so can you help me in improving my ans. writing?

    • Lubna Sehar

      You are an excellent essay writer. Y didn’t you write an essay today?

  • Do not Count Your Chickens before they Hatched.

    Abhishek is son of an engineer and pursues his education in one of the top schools in Patna. His mother is housewife and gives him calculated freedom e.g. pocket money, time to spend with friends etc. Briefly, both of Abhishe’s parents look after him with great care and affection. Gradually, Abhishek enters in class X and his parents provide extra tuitions for him as they think to see his son topper so that they can boast it not only neighbors but also in paternal village. However, such hope was genuine for Abhishek’s parents as he never disappointed them and passed his rest of exams with great academic records. Thus, his parents expected his son to pass with high percentage. When a result of class X was released, Abhishek was not only topper in school but also in Patna. His parents were very happy to see achievement of his son in all newspaper. In fact, Abhishek was too happy and for further studies, he went outside the city and took admission in one of the best college in Delhi University. Keeping faith on his son, his father fuillfilled his all demands and provided a secure financial support. Meanwhile, Abhishek found himself in a new environment and thought to make his career with great creditionals. He again thought to be topper and labored hard. But when final results came out Abhishek was disappointed with his performance as he didn’t find his name within 50 in his college. Naturally, this disappointed his parents who thought to see his son to be topper to attain respects. Finally, this incident encouraged Abhishek to commit suicide and his life story washed away with dreams of him and his parents”.

    As a human being we all have hopes in life. Because of this hopes we do committed action and try to think innovatively how can we fulfill our hopes. Our hopes like a dreams which always stimulate to think rationally and strategically how to convert our hopes into reality. In the above story, Abhishek and parents both were only known to hopes rather to reality. They only preferred to count chicken rather to counter reality that came out as Abhishek’s failure in keeping his name in topper list for class XII exam.

    To count chiecken is like to control own results of action that we perform. It would be right to quote Lord Krishna when he says “you have right own your action, but not on the results”. Of course, many a times a good action brings not hopeful results. This can be exemplified with Civil Service exam where most of serious aspirants do all the things to cover syllabus but unfortunately they fail. So, our hopes are like a philosophical friend which guides us how to involve in right action to fulfill purposes (to know how many chicken).

    Does it wrong to calculate chicken before they hatch? No action is right or wrong until a meaning is attached to it in social relation. Every human being lives with two type of action- personal and social. Our personal action is totally ours own and independent from social influences. It may be called what to eat, what to drink, what to see etc. But when our action is social meaning it has potential to influence other person like family, relatives, friends or other person we are accountable for our good and bad. However, in personal action, we ride with complete autonomy and here we can calculate chicken before they hatch because even desired number of chicken does not come, it would affect only the self. However, when we are in social action we can’t count chicken before they hatch because any undesirable occurring would affect to all. In the above case, it has affected not only parents of Abhishek but also his friends, relatives and others. Therefore, this must be taken into notice that our right is only on action not on results.

    How can we escape from counting chicken before they hatch? The nature has given us positive and negative qualities. For example, patience, tolerance, hard work, integrity etc are positive qualities while impatient, short cut way to success, dishonesty are negative qualities. In fact, this is true that no man is perfect. So to not involve in haste we must focus upon positive qualities keeping intact in action until results come. This is only way that would give us or not give us our dreams.

    It is generally found that even after rightful action we do not achieve desire results. This is true in our lives and it requires to be. Because, once our desire is fulfilled we would slightly ignore to keep ourselves in innovative business. The progress within us comes from negative outcomes of sincere action. It teaches us how to innovate, invent and direct the things and action in our life. Just imagine, a UPSC aspirant fails to crack exam despite making sincere labor. Failure in exam will teach them to be more strategic and develop those qualities which are requires apart from sincere labor.

    It must be noted that to think more upon the results rather on action makes person blind and irrational. Suppose, a graduate having great academic records thinks that he can’t prepare for UPSC exam because there are few seats and the same way an average graduate student belonging in village does not think about it because he think that he does not have resources to do that. In both cases, students from two social background concentrate first on result rather on action. This is why counting numbers of chicken is business of idle and impede our progress in journey of life.

    In my view, we must do our action first and more importantly to wait for outcome with patience. Regular counting of number of chicken before they hatch will weaken our determination and courage to stand up in our business no matter how large and small. Nevertheless, at the same time as it has been mentioned above counting number must be personal action rather it must be social action because it affects all those who have faith on our chicken.

  • Lord Tuktuk

    Life is short. Life is long. Different people, different perspective. Some think of working for their aim by making lot of stories in their head about what they are going to do in future if they achieve their aim. Others, just work for their ambition without giving future much of a thought. Result? Most of us will think that the later will have greater chance to taste the success. We’ll find it out.

    Mr. X was a young milk-man who lived in a small village. He was returning from meadow after milking his cows with pail of milk on his head. To have a sports car was his fantasy. While returning back, he started planning how to get his dream car from the investment he is going to make. He though, “ I’ll make butter and cream out of this milk and after selling it I’ll buy some eggs and then will have a poultry farm. Soon the production will increase­ and I’ll start getting profit and after that, soon I’ll be able to buy my dream car”. In the process, he shook his head with pride and the pail of milk fell down shattering his ambitions which he was dreaming the whole time. What went wrong? It was not that he thought about the future, but it that MOMENT in which he was lost and got carried away and lost his balance in the present.

    India and China signed Panchsheel agreement in 1954 and India even went one step ahead and said “Hindi cheeni bhai bhai ( India-China are like brothers)”. India trusted China on the basis of India’s own good intentions. Even when China was building road through Aksai Chin in 1956, India didn’t criticized China much, just hoping that everything’s gonna be just fine. We counted the chicken way before it got hatched. In 1962, we saw Sino-Indian war. We saw humiliation.

    In our society, we people keep raising our voices for women empowerment. Do we really want it? As we live in a Patriarchal society, most people hope for a male child after getting married and plan so much for it. We too early start to count the chickens. But when a girl child is born, their hopes get thrashed and this is the thing which
    they find difficult to accept blaming it all on the child bearer.

    Recently, we saw devastating flood in Chennai. India has its National Disaster Response Force(NDRF) to acts in the this situation and manage but are they adequate in numbers and well equipped? They are not well managed and a lot of expectation is from them that they will sort out everything during disasters. But when some tragedy happens,
    we have to deploy our army to rescue people. This is all due to the mind-set that only having a disaster response force will solve the problem. What about its empowerment? Sometimes counting the chicken before they are hatched can lead to problems rather than the solution.

    People preparing for civil services think that they will change the word after getting selected, rather than changing themselves first. They keep HOPING but do not work according to that. This results in failure.

    We live in a world where we have to work constantly to achieve something great. Einstein, Newton, Stephen Hawkings, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and lot of other people did it. How did they do it? Did they just thought of the present and worked according to that or were they motivated to do something than can have an
    impact in the future by thinking about it? Everyone will have a different answer to it as there are different people, so does different perspectives.

    Gandhiji launched Non-cooperation movement in 1922. But the incident of Chauri Chaura happened, where a police station was burnt by an angry mob and nearly 22 people were killed. Gandhiji took back Non-cooperation moment as non-voilence was against his values. After that Gandhiji was imprisoned for 6 year. Did he started the
    non-cooperation movement without thinking about the results? If he hoped that this movement will work, even after violence was it a good idea to take it back? Yes. Because he believed that India would get freedom and he dreamt of that and constantly kept working for it later in his life too.

    In my view, we should do whatever it takes to count our chickens. We live in a culture where the predominant psychology is based on fear. The fear of losing. Losing in life, losing in relations. This fear of loss drives and motivates most people’s decisions and behaviour. This FEAR leads them to think about a SAFE ZONE. We are nurtured from the time we start growing up to settle for the lowest and secure it first as everything’s comes in handy. This makes us vulnerable in the long run. We start fearing failure. People who wants to achieve something big are constantly being poked by the people to rather settle for something small and live life happily. These people constantly remind others that what if they fail?

    But, counting chicken before they hatch too is an art. There is a thin line between HOPE and EXPECTATION. Just hoping the things and thinking about results make us weak. Rather than hoping, we should work towards it. Constantly working towards an ambitions leads us to expectations. These expectations keeps us motivated in the long run and we tend to perform more better by working more hard. Expectations that motivates us should be such that it gives us goose-bumps. It should be such that we live in that moment of thought, so we know that if we
    achieve it what the feeling might be, which can push us at the time when we face our fears.

    Gandhiji launched Civil Disobedience movement in 1930 and after that Quit India movement in 1942 even after the failure of non-cooperation movement. This is because he dreamt to see India free. He dreamt that how would it feel to live in an independent country and this was the fire which was burning in his heart, constantly!

    India recently announced its ambitious aim of having 175GW green energy by 2022 as it would help us in shutting down our coal plants and move towards renewable source of energy. Many criticised it and said its vague. But it is
    not vague. We might not be successful in achieving the target of 175 GW green energy by the time frame, but where would it lead to if we never thought about it. We should never give upon our ambitions, no matter how hard they seem. But we should dream about them, get the feeling of how would it feel if we achieve them, and work even harder to make our dream come true. This is the only way our desire grow, this is the only way we grow and this is the only way we can make our dreams come true. We should not hesitate to prepare our victory speech. We should not hesitate to think how would it feel if we succeed. If we fail to do that, this just implies that we rather do not believe ourselves. Rather than this, we should use our “dreams” in a way that it acts as a force to uplift us, rather than acting as deterrence. This is the way we should COUNT OUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY ARE HATCHED.

    (1240 words)

    PS: Thank you Insights for posting such an essay. Its my first one! It might not be that good but i learnt a lot from it in terms of mindset 🙂

    • sir jee! Review kar do essay mera tusi. thawde pe aata kuch der vich 😀

      • Lord Tuktuk

        First, mera message check kr le jha raat ko baat hui thi hmari!! Fir review karna!! 😉

        Obviously yaar! karunga hi, dont be so obnoxious!!
        i’ll be back in sometime! nha lu+ breakfast! promise krunga tera review!

    • OK

      Examples are interesting Bro.

      • Lord Tuktuk

        thanks for the review OK! i’ll review ur too!

    • Sushmit Adigon

      hey review mine,i ll review urs

    • The examples are really good. Just one suggestion. Yu started giving suggestions and then again started giving other examples. The flow was lost in the middle.

      conclusion me bhi tune ek naya dimension add kia hai, which wasn’t required! The conclusion needs to be a separate para connecting all the dots from the whole essay. A very good attempt for a first timer. Yu require just a bit of polishing (wait for others to review, it is just my opinion)

      • Lord Tuktuk

        thnks serious!!
        ill try to improve from next time!
        thanks for the review!
        abhi ata hu tere essay par bhi!!

    • Sagar P

      Hey Lord you are really Lord… This was my first time to read complete eassy with understanding… You don’t use very difficult language and very nice flow…keep writing Lord ji..

      • Lord Tuktuk

        hahahah!! neither i’m Lord nor i’m that great bro!!
        but thanks for the appreciation! i’ll take that!!
        and thanks for the review 🙂

    • Sepoy No 1446

      You had an awesome intro.The best I can say( I have just gone through few though).

      I was hooked up till the pale tumbled. From there it started weaning slowly. There was a disconnect and sudden jump. You need to somehow connect the examples and build the “anticipation” of what is next.

      A good essay overall.

      • Lord Tuktuk

        hey Sepoy!! thank you!
        points noted! i’ll try to work upon it next time!
        Thanks for thr review! will review ur too in a bit!

      • Ash

        Hi … 🙂
        If you could take some time out and review my essay .. I will review yours in return! 🙂

    • Sushmit Adigon

      intro was really nice!
      u have tried to be multi dimensional ,so it appears that u have planted paras ,there is hardly any flow in ur essay.
      I liked ur Gandhi example,,but i felt Gandhi appeared a bit too many times.Likewise “”we should keep trying “” kept on appearing a lot may times
      I didnt understand what Panchasheel and male child had to o with respect to this essay.But the NDRF example was gud!!

      in this essay ,there is some issue with structure .Do reviewmine

      • Lord Tuktuk

        yes, i too felt that gandhi appeared too mant times!!
        panchsheel se i meant that india was too much sured of china’s cooperation! but didnt happened! fought a war instead!
        Male child means that while the female is pregnant, some people make a minsdet that sirf ladka hi hoga aur usi way se they start thinking, leading to problems later!
        But thanks for the honest review! appreciate it!!
        i’ll review urs too in a bit!!

    • Kant

      I cant believe this is your first essay!
      Flow in good
      examples are nice
      one suggestion: put the anecdote in the beginning. that would make it a bang start.
      (Please find some time to review mine)

      • Lord Tuktuk

        thanks Kant 🙂
        i’ll definitely do that next time! thanks for the suggestion!
        will review urs in a bit!

    • Vivaan Khanna

      Beauty of ur essay:Justice with philosophy and examples which most people fail to do..keep it up..who will say this is ur first essay!

    • niti

      this is a bag full of examples..though ur essay is nicely woven with examples and writing 1240 words itself a big challenge, somewhere in the mid it becomes difficult to get connected with the theme.
      here i guess re examiniing ur examples will work, u can write stronger ones in the to reignite the theme in mid.
      well mine if possible..:)

      • Lord Tuktuk

        hey niti!! thanks yaar!
        i’ll keep ur suggestions in mind!
        yes, reviweing urs too in a bit 🙂

    • black mamba

      WOW! if i show u the rough draft of how i was planing to write this thing you’ll laugh! it’s THAT similar. even the examples dammit (though i was planning to add demography too) but the others, indo-china, history, INDCs! serendipity 😀
      but hats off to this.
      loved it! no critics from me 😀

      ps. because of u now i’ll have to work on new draft

      • Lord Tuktuk

        hey BM!!
        i dont know how to react as you just did my TAREEEF gazab tareeke se!! 😀
        thanks if you liked it!! but i think i still need to work on my structure!! mjhe khud lag ra ab ki kuch to gadbad h kahi!!!:)

        • black mamba

          It’s good to not be contended.

        • black mamba

          yaar, mera essay dekh lo please

          i dunno how is it.
          be critical 🙂

    • Night Fury

      Bhai !!
      same pinch for your essay ! I wrote in similar way 😀
      since it’s your first essay, according that Start is very good !
      many examples and touched upon both sides of the coin.
      scope is there to improve
      flow is missing at times..
      Gandhi Bhakt ho aap _/_
      very good !!

      • Lord Tuktuk

        bus serious ye review na dekhe gandhi bhakt wala!! :O
        thanks, haan i need to improve a lot i know! thanks Fury for your precious review!!! ill work acc to ur suggestions!
        My precious!! 😛 😛

    • anshul sharma

      1)intro–nice and different and intriguing as well !
      2)indo-china e.g—liked it. Women empowerment e.g i don’t think fit here properly.
      3)NDRF–really innovative !!
      4)i see pessimism in civil services wala e.g.—not concrete as well
      5)the way u changed course of thinking from gandhiji e.g—AWESOME ; hope-expectation dichotomy==good
      but gandhiji’s e.g again cud have been kind of broke the flow

      overall it was good!
      Please review mine if u have time 🙂

    • blufl0

      hey bro..u started very well, lots of examples..liked your thin line wala para..but i still feel you are little more diverted..interconnecting the can write better version…keep writing buddy…

    • Ash

      Mah Mah! Tuktuk has written an essay! 😛
      Achcha review mine no.. I will review yours! 🙂

      P.S.- I missed your reviews… you better compensate 😛

      • Lord Tuktuk

        I’ll keep your suggestions in mind!!
        thnks for the review Ash, vaise review mila nhi!! 😐

        • Ash

          I take a lot of time reviewing.. If I do that no.. Till 12 in the night I will be able to ask for reviews.. Not used to writing and reading essays! Very soon my speed will increase.. I hope I’m not counting the eggs bf0 hatching though! 🙂

          And you need not worry.. Anyone gets or not.. u will get my reviews 😛

    • G.

      hey tuktuk
      intro line caught the attention.
      can we use line like this ‘lets find it out’. i mean this aint a blog. ?
      your perspective is very clear and comes out in the essay. good.
      nice oanchsheel view
      There is a sudden lull in between.. i dont know but it is just bland in the middle, then again it catches… but overall its good


    • Ash

      Hi Tuktuk 😛

      1. Sino-India —- Mamba too used this example… have you guyz discussed and written 😛
      2. Wow! Girl child.. good one … 🙂
      3. Btw which word do CS aspirants wanna change … a genuine doubt 😛
      4. Did they just thought of the present — it shud be think
      5. Did he started —- it shud be start … we use present tense with did always… Ex did they do… did they ask … 🙂

      6. I didn’t connect with your Gandhi and non-co-op .. Wud love to learn …
      7. I liked your hope and expectations explanation 🙂
      8. Conclusion is good!

      This is your first essay … Its good..This time I’m proud of you!
      I don’t know y I’m actually loving conclusions better… An upvote for the conclusion! 🙂

      • Lord Tuktuk

        Hello Ash! Thanks for the review !!
        Yes I know I kaafi mistakes h essay me! I’ll try to improve 🙂
        And thanks for the appreciating words in the end! Acha laga sunke!

        • Ash

          Awwwwwwwwwww! 🙂

        • Ash

          Btw you’re expected to review answers Mr. !
          You know I have recently been signing Bilateral Agreements with people regarding reviewing.. Temme if you’re interested.. I will give you the briefings! 😛
          And do temme what answer m I supposed to review … 🙂

          • Lord Tuktuk

            Have you seen me much active Ash?
            I’ll be back and review! Aaj kal thoda busy! Travelling and all!
            This week k end se I’ll try! You keep writing ! 🙂
            I know regional groupings par aajkal focus h world ka but do we really need them? It serves only some people na!

    • Batman

      hello Bhaiya ji,
      first of all congratulations for your first essay. without going into much knitty gritty of the essay, I would come straight to the point and will expect that you take it positively.
      there are some terms: fear, satisfaction, understanding, comfort zone/safe zone
      now see bhai, your fear is actually understanding; fear se to bhai cortisol naam ka hormone release hoga jo tri body ko kharab krega!! but understanding se you get satisfied and not get complacent with safe zone!!!
      nothing is achieved without coming out of the comfort zone, if u want success you’ll have to come out of it any cost!!!
      the example of hope and expectation is good, i liked it. but working towards ambitions don’t create expectations(you yourself are counting chickens before they hatch)
      now rest of the things:
      in opposing the things, you include so many examples but what about the other side where you were occupied with Gandhi ji CDM
      you can also give examples how you can avoid this kind of thinking as suggestions
      and give a conclusion separately then (which you have give)
      try to write essay in third person
      My views are just to better you, hope you will take them positively! Thanks Tuktuk 🙂

      • bhai kaha the aap subah se? Acche se mera review kar do, bhale gaali hi de dena 😀

        • Batman

          haha..bas bhai aj kaam tha kuch or, couldn’t write, will try to review urs 🙂
          gaali ni deni shiv bhakt ko 😛

      • Lord Tuktuk

        Batman, dude I admire you! Aisi baate na bola kar baar baar! I take all ur reviews positively!
        I think when we work toward something our expectations to achieve it keeps rising and in a way its good if it can motivate us!!
        I’ll try to work on ur suggestions from next essay! I agree
        Thnku batman for your worthy review 🙂

  • SKB

    “Don’t count your chickens beforethey hatch.”

    Too much planning and dependency on the favourable assumption instead of rationales and
    the current scenario should be avoided in principle. It not only waste the
    present effort but also left little scope thereafter to deal with the unfavourable
    circumstances. One has to be more realistic in planning rather ignoring the all
    possibilities in optimism.

    The above proverb is true in all sphere of life. A new born baby should not be confined
    and evaluated by his caste, creed, colour etc. As we know that Dr B.R. Ambedkar
    was born in a family considered at bottom in caste hierarchical system. If his
    parents denied him the education assuming that he was born as Malhar and for
    him there was no use of education. We know that if such assumption had
    prevailed we had not only lost the social and economic movements started by Dr
    Ambedkar but also our democracy would have been struggling without our present constitutions.

    Not only has our modern society but also in the past also had action taken on purely
    presumption proved wrong. In Mahabharta , the example of Karna and Eklavya are
    some of the examples. They have rejected on the assumption that they can’t be
    great warrior just because of their caste. Both of them proved the opposite.

    Performance during world sport events reflects that even small tiny Nation like Japan,
    South Korea performed beyond comparison than our one nation of one billion
    people. Also performance of our hockey team in Olympics before independence was
    worth mentioning here. In 1983 cricket world cup India won and defeated West Indies
    in an unpredictable final match. These events had proved wrong all the optimistic
    of their weakness of that time.

    Since independence, our developmental policy has been based on this principle has not only proven ineffective but also created administrative problems. Govt’s initially poverty
    removal policy were based on that all the benefit would be transferred to the
    poor and completely ignored required strengthening and accountability in
    system. The result is that One of our former prime minister had to say that the
    system become so corrupt that only 15 paisa out of one rupee reached to the
    needy poor.

    Recently Govt has adopted a broad approach as Make in India mission is also accompanied by the Skill India, Digital India and other supportive missions. But if Govt just
    promote make in India and ignore all other effort then we can say that govt is
    counting on assumption such as FDI, Innovation, lot of export and GDP Growth that
    are likely not to happen.

    In international relations various positive statement are made but a nation cannot
    depend entirely on such statement. As India is putting effort for permanent
    seat in UNSC and in most of our bilateral relations, efforts are made to get
    support on this. Even USA’s statement interpreted as that USA fully supports
    India’s membership to UNSC. But during 70th General Assembly Meeting
    of UN when the resolution regarding reform in UNSC were discussed not only USA
    but even our old ally Russia shown restrain from any positive statement and
    shown reluctance to any such effort leave apart China and Pakistan’s position
    on this.

    Even in our relation before 1962 with china we counted on the principle of Panchsheel and
    ignored all the security steps and intelligence input. We learnt from it and
    improved our security establishment. When Pakistan started 1965 war on the
    basis of the assumption that we hadn’t recovered from 1962 war and could easily
    be defeated. We all know that how wrong was Pakistan.

    Half hearted planning without any due diligence not only proves fatal in life of
    nation but organization, business houses also suffer a lot. The subprime crisis’s
    are result of too much counting and optimism on mortgage products.

    Once market leaders in the world like Nokia and blackberry too much relied on the advice
    that android platform would not succeed. They put no effort to adopt this new
    technology. It was a decision taken on the assumptions that this android free
    technology would never succeed to replace their market leadership. But they
    proved wrong in time. Now there is no remains of Nokia while blackberry if also
    struggling to survive.

    Hence all actions should be based on considering all the facts and possibilities instead
    of ignoring them. Prey and wishes can boost confidence but can’t change hard
    facts and truths. Just rely upon prey or 100% favourable outcomes only can look
    a life simple for a moment but bring more trouble and unexpected and unmanageable
    circumstance in long term.

    Work hard,
    instead of counting on luck.

    • SKB

      Plz review…thanks and regards!!

    • “A new born baby should not be confined and evaluated by his caste, creed, colour etc” Can u explain me the link? Were you trying to say that stereotyping an SC/ST that he can never excel in life is bad? If this is what u were trying to explain than please try to write in a way that it becomes self explanatory.

      The intro wasn’t interesting. Instead it was confusing. This made me loose interest from the beginning.

      Good use of Ambedkar sir. It would have been better if you had started by a random saying of his and explained this aspect in a much better manner.
      The other example are good.

      In the conclusion, you again included different examples. This shouldn’t be the approach. Try to start and complete a thing in the same para. The conclusion should be withdrawn from the passage it self, connecting the dots, ignoring new dimensions and explaining it in a concise manner what you want to speak exactly.

      The essay was good, just a bit coherency. ATB 🙂

      • SKB

        hey serious….thnks for your superb review. you just caught me man. i was really struggling… how to start the essay- the introduction part. the start and the end for such philosophical essay are nightmare for me.
        any further suggestion in this regard would b a great help.

        • I told yu! Ambedkar waala point, start with his saying or something and then relate it to the topic, but like a literature guy, with ur own words and flexibility! That would have been an idle start!

    • Pooja

      Hi. You used fresh examples, which is great.
      But the reading was tiring because of the flow. You may consider correcting the structure and rest is fine.
      Keep writing and reviewing. 🙂

      • SKB

        Thnks…yeah even while writing i felt that flow part in not upto the mark…any further suggestion in general to overcome it

  • Pooja


    In September 2014, India landed a spacecraft into the Martian orbit on its maiden attempt. It was the first country to do so. With this, ISRO became world’s fourth space agency to successfully reach Mars. But it too had humble beginnings. India’s space story had started in a quaint church in Kerala, as a dream of Dr.Vikram Sarabhai and other scientists. He was as much a visionary as was hardworking. He was certain about the successful launch of his first ‘pencil’ rocket and about the bright future of India’s space programme. Yet, he devoted his time and energy to run a family business along side his space endeavours. Life is full of failures and uncertainties. So, it is important that we don’t fixate ourselves onto one since achievement.

    Meaning of the idiom

    Life’s a gamble. And this is what the given proverb essentially means. If we have a basketful of eggs, there is no guarantee that all of them will hatch into chickens. Similarly, there is no guarantee that life happens as planned. We should be prepared with a Plan-B as a fall back option. Around us, we have two kinds of planners. The one whose plans are not realistic and another who day dreams too much. Here are two examples to get my point through.
    Once there was farmer. He had a young daughter that he wanted to marry. He sowed groundnuts on his farm and reaped a good harvest that season. He collected good sum of money, but wanted some more for a grander and more lavish marriage. He decided to try his luck again. He spent the money he had got to buy more groundnut seeds. His friends warned him about the impending monsoons. He did not pay any heed. His crop was destroyed. He suffered huge loss and had to work hard his entire life to pay back the loans. Had he been more realistic and cultivated paddy instead, he would have sailed through the monsoons with good harvest and money for his daughter’s marriage.
    In the second story, we have a milkmaid who had been to the meadow to milk her cows. She was returning with a pail of milk on her head. She thought about how she could make cream and butter out of this milk. She could sell it for eggs and when they hatch, have a good poultry farm. Her chain of thoughts continued further and she decided she would sell her fowls for a fine dress and started swinging. Lost in her dreams, she forgot about the pail of milk on her head, which came crashing down. It was broken and all the milk got spilt. It is important that we do a reality check while planning and daydreaming.

    Why should we not over-expect?

    Further, no plan is foolproof. Alexander had decided to conquer the world, but his soldiers refused to move any further than the Indus and he had to turn back. We should not pin our hopes and plan too much for the future, expecting certain things to happen. Often, we tend to ignore other opportunities that come along our way if we are stuck onto something. This lesson is very important for us, as civil services aspirants as well. When the success rate is as small as 0.01%, there are all the more reasons to be prepared for uncertain eventualities to avoid disappointments and frustration. It is important for India as the fastest growing country in population terms. There are more qualified people than white-collar jobs. Census 2011 shows that the percentage of unemployed graduates is more than that of unemployed non-graduates. Placement in prestigious institutions like IITs and IIMs is falling short of cent percent. These trends reveal that the job aspirations of the qualified individuals in terms of compensation and profile is not in sync with what an emerging economy like India offers. So, they prefer higher studies or a job in developed countries. Meanwhile, the leaders of the country are gloating about India’s demographic dividend and resting a lot of hope from our engineers to contribute to advanced technologies and managers as entrepreneurs to create jobs. We have to be more grounded to realities.

    Importance of a balanced approach

    Most of us are stuck in the conundrum of when to move ahead our plans and when to give up after repeated failures. This is a personal choice. APJ Abdul Kalam did not give up when SLV-III failed. There is a famous doha in hindi which goes as
    karat karat abhyaas ke, jadmati hot sujaan
    Rasree aawat jaat te, sil par padat nissaan
    meaning we should persistently try until we succeed, because if we don’t quit, we have not failed. The caveat here is not to get obsessed with the goal. We are capable of parallel processing and fulfill our responsibilities as an individual, organisation, and country towards our society, while keeping an eye on our goals in life. So, development at the cost of environment would not do any good to future generations and neither will retreating back to village republics. We need a balanced approach in life and ambitions.

    Importance of productive dreaming

    In the above paragraphs, we have talked of dreaming and failure. We have compared the chickens in proverb to dreams and hatching to the consequence of dreaming. The world cannot live without either of the two. The wheel, airplane, Internet was visions earlier before they turned into reality. It is most important to set a reasonable goal, develop a plan and a timetable, have confidence and energy to accomplish it. And when repeated efforts to complete a task in hand goes in vain, productive dreaming can get things moving again. Many artists, athletes, scientists use it to develop new ideas. Thomas Edison used to keep a ball bearing while working on a problem. When he would drift into sub-conscious mode, the ball bearing in hands would fall and its noise would get back Edison to his problem. But during this short period of wandering, he would have found the solution to his problem. This is to show that we should all take time to plan and dream and not dread failure. For this, we should have secured our dependencies – financially and emotionally. There is no need to keep all other things at bay, for that one goal. In the animated movie tangled, Rapunzel had wanted to see the lights in the sky, up close, for 18 years. She had always had dreams about those. But when the night came, she was afraid that it might not be as magnificent as in her thoughts. What would she do then? Her companion then asks her to have new dreams. So, we should have not one but multiple dreams, plans, alternatives and be on a look out for opportunities knocking at our doors.

    • SKB

      well structured essay. I tried to recall any doha relevant to the subject matter but failed. nice to see the following in ur essay.
      karat karat abhyaas ke, jadmati hot sujaan
      Rasree aawat jaat te, sil par padat nissaan

    • SKB

      plz review mine

    • Sushmit Adigon

      hey review mine,,i ll review urs!…

    • I really liked reading your essay. Only suggestion is, when you touch one dimension, try to complete it before jumping to another dimension. I find that u complete it one time and then continue with it in some other para with a different example.
      Another thing is try to trim your paras or try to write different para for the different dimensions. I liked the farmer waala example.

      Ur essay was really different from what I read here. U gave some different perspectives, relating it to the “luck” factor.
      When u have time, please review my essay. Thank yu 🙂

    • Sushmit Adigon

      U have a huge potential to write gud essay..
      i find lot of mistake in structuring..ur alexander example ws gud ,,that could ahve been ur intro rather the rocket launch.the topic starts with negative aspect ,,then come to positive aspect or soln.
      I also felt ur giving toomany examples, u views were not very substantiated.
      pls review mine

    • Kant

      Your essay is literally a speaking document!
      – start was good
      – too much focus on uncertainty and luck
      – Ex of Rapunzel might not be familiar to examiner
      -Well structured essay! Good examples.
      (please find some time to review mine)

  • gughapriya

    ‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch’, a saying which could have relevance in everyone’s life in most of the circumstances in
    both professional and personal life. The intended meaning of this phrase is, making plans and relying on something based on assumptions without careful examinations can lead to disappointment.

    For any goal to be achieved, the thorough examination and proper understanding are necessity factors. Only deep investigation of the circumstances will depict a clear picture of suitable and non-suitable areas to attempt any condition. Without proper analysis, the real expectation might not be known and it would lead to failure, even though the work has been done in the concerned matter.

    For example, the degree holder has been called for an interview in a company for a highly qualified position. The criteria for the assessment are coding knowledge in Java, communication and other soft skills. The person has excellent knowledge on Java and he has presumed that he would be selected with his knowledge and coding skills. However in the interview panel, he was not able to communicate the knowledge he possessed and was not able to get selected. If he had examined the criteria before, he would have either gone to the interview based on this available skill set or he would have worked on his side based on the expected criteria in the interview.

    To avoid failures and disappointments like these, exploring the particular situation help a person to prepare a roadmap depicting the positives and negatives of the specific case. Improper decision making and planning based on stereotypes and presumption can lead to hopeless situation at the national level as well.

    For example, In India, we have a multiparty system at both national and state levels. During Lok Sabha or State Legislature elections, voters have due responsibility to choose an appropriate candidate to their constituency. When voters are presented with the options, the analysis of the candidates in terms of their past records, achievements performed, people interaction, socio-economic welfare programs, quick disposal of grievance mechanisms and also records of criminal cases if there are any have to be performed. Without complete examination of the positive and negatives of the nominees, voters may end up electing an inappropriate and non-deserving candidate and it would successively lead to desperation in their particular constituency and also at nationally.

    Clear planning is more important for any ambition to reach desired state. Only proper analysis and in-depth examination can help to bring out a clear plan. Improper planning can lead to missing the targets at global level as well. For example, in recent Paris climate conference, India has announced to have 40 percent of non-fossil fuel based electricity as one of its Intended Determined National Contributions (INDCs). The announcement of this plan globally could not be made without investigation and working on its achievability element. Let us look at its attainability factor. Based on this plan, India has to harness 320GW of electricity from non-fossil fuels. With the current technology and process, around 220GW of electricity could be harnessed from wind, hydro, solar, nuclear energy. And the proposed ‘National Solar Mission’ could bring the remaining 100GW of non-fossil fuel from solar energy. This proves that plan announced globally could be achieved without hindrance if the implementation part is done as expected. If the calculation has been either under-calculated or over-calculated, it would have resulted in missing the target. And the outcome would be opposite as in this case emissions would be more.

    Implementation of a plan could lead to success only if it is within the attainability factor. How far the plan can be attained can only be
    inferred by examining the specific objective. Only a better analysis can lead to better plan and only a better plan can lead to better implementation and successively reap us success rather than unexpected failures and disappointments.

    • gughapriya

      Hi Friends:) GM! Request you to review plz. I could bring out only 643 words 🙁
      Thanks in advance and happy sunday:)

    • Saurabh

      Conclusion is good. Got some new points for myself. Keep writing. Plz review mine if possible.

    • I couldn’t relate with the “voters” waala point. Voters ko planning nai karni, voter sirf interpret karta ki ha the candidate is good enough. It’s the leader of the party who needs to make sure that they have a proper planning for the claims they are making.

      The second last para can be trimmed. Yu were trying hard to establish a link with the essay topic in this para.

      Try to give solutions which are visible. The flow till the 3rd para was good. Try to write a better conclusion.
      ATB 🙂

      • gughapriya

        Thanks friend for a very honest review you are perfectly right. will surely improve. thanks again for the comments. All the best 🙂

    • Sushmit Adigon

      hey review mine,i ll review urs,,

    • blufl0

      hey buddy,,, needs more content..
      starting is very good but i feel last two paras are not directly linking to the given topic..conclusion although short but good one..add more lines to conclusion part..n dont use more facts..good read…plz review mine…

      • gughapriya

        Thanks Friend for the review and very valid suggestions. completely agree with you. need more practice, this is my 2nd essay, hope i will be better before the exam 😀 All the best 🙂

    • Kant

      Content is awesome!

      – the INDC point has taken too much of space

      -Intro and conclusion could have been better.
      -try to include anecdotes , quotes to make it more perfect. Otherwise the flow and the message is great.
      (please review my essay if you find some time)

      • gughapriya

        Thanks Friend for the review and very valid suggestions. will improve on the points mentioned. All the best 🙂

  • mystic_souls

    The tales of Panchtantra are well acknowledged for their ability to impart moral, ethical and practical lesson to its readers and
    there is one tale which perfectly exemplifies the topic of “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

    This particular story tells us about a Brahmin who used to store corn-flour in an earthen pot that people used to give him for alms and hung it up high over his head so that he could keep a watch on it. As the pot got fuller he began planning of selling the flour and making money, then buying a goat to sell its milk, then buying a cow and so on. In the end, while day dreaming, he becomes so ecstatic about his riches that he jumps up and mistakenly hits the pot which falls on the floor and downs all his aspirations as well as expectations.

    This is a small example of how in our desire to fulfill our well thought out aspirations; we become careless enough to only focus on
    the goal rather than the means and measures to achieve it. Attaching too much importance to the end results of our goals often makes us oblivious to the many factors which might dampen out results. A global example that could be taken is of ill-thought-out wars of the west in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria with the sole purpose of wiping out terrorism which ironically has given rise to one of
    the most notorious terrorist organizations of all times, the ISIS. For a long time after 9/11, while no terrorist attacks took place on US soil, it hailed its policy against terrorism not realizing that it was just a lull before the storm.

    This example serves as a guide line about how any goal, desire or policy should be planned with taking all direct and in-direct aspects into account along with an inventory of how the decision may affect the various stake holders.

    Another example, from our own country is that of the No-detention Policy charted out in 2010 with a mandate of not detaining any student up-to class eight. This policy has created such a havoc in the education system that within seven years there is a proposition to revoke it with states like Punjab having already done so. This policy may have been brought out with the good intention of not causing undue stress to middle school children but what was not thought out was the stress that these very children would face when they do-not clear their first Board exams because they have not been prepared to either handle the volume of syllabus or the fear of exams. The condition further worsens in government schools, where the brunt of failing children falls on the concerned teachers who cannot miraculously change un-learned children into proper answer giving machines.

    This time however, the government has take an applaud-worthy step by involving all the stake holders including students, teachers, administrator and experts for seeking their view for the formation of a New Education policy.

    The “”Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ” was started with great fervor with politicians and celebrities and everyone else doing their bit, and too soon it was claimed that India would become a clean country. The reality struck within a few days. Cleaning a massive country like India need a lot more than just brooms, it requires a change of mindset, efforts by municipalities and active participation by citizens. These ethos are not built within day, but need prolonged and sustained efforts.

    These examples just plainly tell us about the ill-effects of hailing a breakthrough without anything substantial to prove for them. Even with all the good intentions and meticulously planned efforts, we may not get desired results or we may fail simply because we do-not have control over all the external factors. Another example that any person can clearly relate to is that of some students being very confident of clearing some exam. They claim to have studied all, revised all, practiced everything and hence go about boasting of their imperative success but end up tasting failure. This also enlightens us about the necessity of being humble. Irrespective of
    how sturdy our efforts are or how confident we are about our success, being humble only accentuates our wins and adds feathers to our cap.

    On the broader platform, for India the coming times under the aegis of present government is slated to be a good time for growth and prosperity as can be seen from the various efforts of being put in, in the form of various schemes like “Make in India”, “Skill Development Programme”, “Start up India”, “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, ”Start Up India” and so on but we have to bear in mind that an excellent and grand start to anything without continued and sustained efforts may not culminate into anything at all. Boosting positivity by the launch of such schemes into the citizenry is good and necessary but falsified claims of having achieved great success already is not. The government needs to and so should take its time to deliver on its promises. We, the country as a whole are a patient lot and so can patiently wait for things turn theirs tide in our favour and such chest-thumping is not necessary.

    So, thinking, planning, hard work is a pre-requisite success but so is humbleness and patience. For our efforts to not be marred by
    our oblivion to external factors, we need to be patient, before counting our chickens.

  • bhaskar goel

    An oft heard refrain in movies is when the wise companion
    tells the protagonist “ hey! not till the fat lady sings” which serves as a
    warning to our hero/heroine to see the task at hand till its completion. Such
    is the nature of objects and the way they interact that nothing can be said to
    be set in stone, the situation evolves, the characters change and by nothing
    more devious than the simple passage of time.

    We find examples of such false pre completion bravado in
    many fields, from sports to war making. In the 1974 world cup final the Dutch
    were masters on and off the ball and they were toying with the Germans, making
    them look like amateurs in front of their own crowd. So confident were they of
    winning that they forgot to defend in the second half and the Germans emerged
    victorious. Or lets look at the example of the Battle of Thermopylae, where 300
    Spartans held up the vast hordes of the Persian Empire and all because the
    Persians were so confident in their numerical superiority that they did not
    even bother with a flanking manoeuvre . History shows that those 300 Spartans
    may have died but the eventual war was won by the Greeks and the Persian empire
    was added to the scrapbook of history.

    By such examples we know how important it is to guard
    against the soothing lullaby that complacency sings in our all too willing
    ears. It is extremely important to see the task through to 100% than leave it
    at 99% because of the pain and frustration that comes by having to begin such a
    task from scratch again. We don’t want to feel like the batsman who got out on
    99. This can destroy our confidence and can even negatively affect the way we
    approach our next task.

    The best way of guarding ourselves from such complacency and
    celebrating before the task is done is to be completely binary about it. If the
    task that we set out to do before we started has been completed then we are on
    1 and if not then we are on 0. This will help us in combating the tendency of
    rationalizing an incomplete task by looking for excuses and justifying the
    situation Of course the task could itself evolve during the course of its doing
    but then that change should be immediately reflected in our stated goals so
    that we cannot hide behind uncertainty when comes the time for evaluation.

    Let us look at a scenario in public administration. Say
    there is a District Magistrate under whose purview it is to ensure that all
    girls between the age of 6-12 years are enrolled in a school. The DM sets out to implement the strategy in
    order to best ensure this. The day comes when the implementation is over, now
    comes the time to judge how effective the enrollment has been. The DM decides
    that he/she would personally inspect some schools in order to gauge just how
    well has the initiative worked. He/she covers some schools and is very pleased
    with the numbers that he/she sees, the classroom look full and a significant
    number of the students are girls. The DM is mighty pleased and thinks this a
    job well done and he/she places a full stop on that file and closes it. There
    are two issues here: 1. The DM may not
    have taken into account that as time goes by the number of girls who are pulled
    back from school due to some or the other reason has steadily increased.

    2. The schools the DM decided to visit were actually not the
    norm but the exception and the majority of the schools are outliers where there
    has been no significant enrollment of girls.

    In fact after a few months the situation is back to where it
    was before the initiative by the DM had been implemented. If the DM had not thought that his/her task
    had been accomplished and had realized it would actually never be finished if
    there aren’t constant inspections and regular feedback from the teachers then
    such a scenario could have avoided. The siren song of complacency would not
    have claimed another victim.

    In conclusion, while it is very tempting to adjust the
    results to our subjective views in order to feel better about selves it is
    imperative that we put objective reality above all else and do not stop working
    till we actually see the chicken come out of the egg and begin to squawk.

    • bhaskar goel

      I know that its more like 800 words but please do review, this is my first essay attempt.

  • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

    This phrase is has its origin in Greek writings. The meaning of the phrase is that one should not assume that something will definitely happen before it really does. One should not make plans based on predictable results that have not occurred yet.

    If we have a basket full of eggs there is no guarantee that all eggs will hatch into chickens. Similarly, planning is important in life. But we should not pin all our hopes and plan too much for the future, expecting certain things to happen. Because in life events and incidents do not always happen as we expected. It is necessary to plan but we always be prepared to expect unexpected contingencies. In this proverb our plan is compared to chickens and outcome to eggs.

    Let us check this up in Indian context with practical examples

    In the 70s Union Carbide of India built a pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh with the collaborations of International companies. Initially the proposal to built an industry to produce pesticides for agriculture was given a huge welcome move. As according to the planning, it created many jobs, cheap and cost effective pesticides. Through government subsidizes it also enlarge its production so that in future it can create more jobs and industrial production.

    But within a decade what outcome we have.
    Due to too much ignorance of early warning of gas leaks, continuous corruption among government employees and corporators finally resulted into the biggest disaster in industrial sector in the history of India.

    Many foreign companies, government of India and people invested heavily on this pesticide factory for their profits. But profit increased and still increasing only in negative side of the graph.

    Let us see another example of a village named Hivre Bazaarin Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra. This village faced innumerable droughts during 70s and 80s. People left the village and went to Pune or Mumbai. Around 90% of the population slipped below the poverty line. Consumption of alcohol level rose enormously. To get the benefits of different schemes like Indira Awas Yojna, Sarva Sikhya Abhiyaan, people become violent to get the profit in their side.

    Finally around 20-30 boys from that village got together and made proposal to make one of them as Sarpanch. Initially all the elders laughed at these boys but nonetheless agreed to let the boy be the Sarpanch for a year.

    The results were miraculous. Within 20 years per capita income of that village rose to 30 times more than initial years. The village has good roads now. People have proper homes, schools and hospitals, no black marketing of subsidized rations etc.

    So, outcome always depends upon both in internal and external reasons. Initial input might not be always sufficient to get a predictable output. The external addition during the processing is also a major catalyst for a future result.

    Let us take few schemes in contemporary India as chickens like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, BPL card etc.

    Through Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan government and administration machinery is continuously implementing their projects. But it is lacking both quality and speed in its implementation as it predicted during planning.

    BPL card holder in Karnataka became more than the total population i.e. adulteration of eggs is also happening in the process.

    During late 80s when new machinery was introduced in India like Automobiles, Televisions, Computers, many economists and policy makers thought that within a decade India would become competitive in International market in all sectors. But in few years India faced the greatest economic disaster after independence mainly due to Gulf war and finally resulted in forced economic reforms.

    So, overall in no way anyone or everyone should expect always the best possibilities as outcome. Concentrating or investing too much in one singular thing could be disastrous in future results. Thus we may hope for the best but always with a plan for the worst scenarios.

    • Sandeep Kumar Katarapu

      Really Good Essay SRP… Your . examples are quiet good conveyed the reasons how external and internal efforts affect the OUTCOME..

      • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

        Thanks Sandeep for your review..This is my second essay writing in insights..

    • ap

      Bro u started off well ..i.e simple and impressive..would definitely like to do it in my future essays with topic in form of phrase.Next i think swachhh bharat one u went on in a cursory fashion…may be i am wrong and it does not needs detailing…waise am still novice …learning hope to giv u better reviews in future

      • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

        Yah yah I was little hasty in the example of Swachh Bharat when writing..Thanks for the review

  • Sushmit Adigon

    “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch..”

    Lord Buddha preached “Desire is the cause of suffering “and Buddhism is all about emancipation from ones desire .His teachings attracted so many that ,today Buddhism is one of the important and widely practised religions of the world. Nations geo political policy is even built on the basis on this religion ,example being Indo-Nepal,Indo-China .

    All of us have thought of the fruits of the plant ,before even sowing the seed .Failure to reap fruits has caused anxiety ,tension ,brought us shame .Failure could be on the basis of one being unable to clear an exam ,or failure to win another persons heart or just not living up to ones expectation .Outcome of all of this is, one could slip into depression mostly noticed among the teenagers ,or suicide where India beats its South Asian neighbours ,with India being the Suicide capital of this part of the globe, Non communicable diseases like Heart attacks, diabetes etc being other manifestation of this syndrome.

    It is not just the individuals who sow the seeds of their future ,even nations do .When India got independence from the British ,entire nation believed ,the time for Ram Rajya beckoned us.However every report from the UN HDI index where we ranked 130 ,Global Inequity Index 119 rank, Transperancy Index 114 rank to the domestic indices like the ASER report show the abysmal state of affairs in our country .Every year atleast one session of the parliament is washed out ,the reason could be ,that the government is not doing enough to take on corrupt men like in the Lalitgate ,2G scam ,Commonwealth scam etc or at times govt is doing more than what it should ,be it the CBI raid on the principle secretary office of Delhi CM ,or the Deccan Herald case .Every month one can hear about the religion based violence ,caste conflicts leading to social boycott of the marginalised .On every day basis ,women of the nation fighting the lone battle against miscreats(from adults to juveniles) ,who threaten them of dire consequences. Police being a mere spectatre .It also need to be pointed out that we are the number 1 nation when it comes to having the highest number of
    poor, malnutritioned children and highest disabled population.

    On an international plane dreams were sown when, Hitler signed the Munich Agreement ,when the League of Nations were set up ,when Industrial revolution enthused us, that the Achhe Din for the world had just begun .However the world saw the deadliest of wars and more so the bombing(atomic) of Japan ,the next version of League of Nations ie the UNO could not prevent the cold war ,the stock piling of nuclear warheads ,the US and other super powers bulling nations of all size, the degradation of environment which made nations run helter skelter and finally took refuge in climate talks ,the Paris talks being the latest. However powerful a nation state may be ,it could not prevent the ISIS from having a state of its own ,could not safeguard the rights of their own women ,minorities etc.

    The idiom “Dont count your chickens before they hatch” is totally justified in the modern world.This is not say that one should not dream ,one needs to ,Missile Man of India APJ Abdul Kalam once said ,Dream is not something which one sees when he sleeps
    ,but something that doesnot let one sleep. Ones focus should be always at the task at hand ,rather than the fruits of ones labour .Lifes’ journey is not a bed of roses ,one needs to struggle and fight hard .Ones role model should be Abraham Lincoln ,who failed to win his school elections, university elections, repeated failure to get nomination from his party and finally when the opportunity beckoned he was ready to be the President of the Worlds Oldest Democracy .

    Hatching of an egg takes time , one needs to be patient with it .Pandit Nehru’s tryst with destiny speech ,hardly impressed the Cassandra’s who felt India would not stand the test of times ,on account of its diversity , the communal violence that flared immediately after independence, the wars with it neighbour ,severe poverty and unemployment that prevailed then .It was only his vision or say optimism that today ,we are the largest democracy , a 2 trillion economy ,a nation which sticks its neck out to protect the rights of poorer nations (WTO agreements) and a nation which on moral grounds took the stand in favour of Island nations ,even when the Paris deal hurt its legitimate interests .In 1947 ,Our forefathers never bragged about India being the largest democracy ,but their focus was on task at hand ,Nehru went on to say that ,India’s unity is to not be taken for granted ,but needed to be achieved.

    If today one says India’s relations with Pakistan and other neighbours wont take off ,draught and famine still bleed the nation .One has to agree with them but One also needs to realise that ,half a century back ,the Bengal famine took away 1/3 of the population of India .India-Pakistan ,India-China were not in talking terms ,But now Prime Ministers visit each other more often ,exchange Sarees and Shawls ,visit each other ancestral homes ,attend personal invitations aswell. Once the dust settles down ,one can fathom the progress ,every nation made.

    Counting chicken perse is a relative term ,one can be happy with just a chick ,for others its very difficult to be satisfied ,even when they have it in abundance .Success likewise is a relative term .Success at times is better not to be defined. Like Rancho(Aamir Khan) in 3 idiots hardly bothered about his college degree ,or his future ,he went to the college for his love towards books rather that with a baggage like Raju(Sharman Joshi) did ,that good college meant good job ,good job meant good salary , good salary meant great marital prospectus …….Like Rancho one needs to live the moment ,because life is today not tomorrow .Always one needs to remember that ,

    There is light at the end of tunnel!!

    • The intro wasn’t good enough. Except for the “Desire is the cause of suffering” part, I couldn’t relate it to the topic. Why is there a need to mention how this has been used to sustain international relations?

      The second para is good.

      The third para is an amalgam of different problems in the country. The connection with the topic is felt in some of them, but it keeps loosing the impact. You are not clearly telling why all these problem raised. Like u talked about HDI and ASER reports showing a different picture. But what was the reason behind this failure?

      use of “acche din” should be in inverted commas. Further, may be the reader is pro-BJP, he may be offended, even if you don’t specify.

      The flow is good from the 4th para till the last para. The conclusion is an interesting read.

      But like the last time, M still really confused about ur structure. Try to write it in a way that a reader tries to understand what precisely you want to talk. Yu write too many things in a single para and it takes times to connect each diversification with the quote asked.

      Good attempt overall.

      • Sushmit Adigon

        thanks for the review.
        HDI ,ASER example were given because ,at the d time of indenpendence ,we all thought ,that we would prospertity,human development (counting chickens) but that never happened

        • I get that. No problem in that. But explain the reason too, like lack of vision, proper planning etc. In my opinion that would have been better + the conclusion was really good. Upvote for that 😀

    • blufl0

      hey bro, i totally agree with the serious, through out the reading, i couldn’t able to connect the lots of things. you are very critical about all problems specially in India’s perspective and expressed it in a very down way…also you should try to keep the reader’s interest which i found at the days..
      sorry for the harsh words but its my personal opinion and it will keep you tending towards more write ups…hope will read you next sunday with better one…there is light at the end of tunnel Just pray it’s not a train…:) plz review mine…

    • Lord Tuktuk

      i liked your points! but the thing i didnt liked when you said that ache din for wordl! you know its gives a little thought of mocking our current politics with that of what happened after ache din at that time! can give wrong impression( personal opinion).conclusion was good but i think do not mention any example in it. just justify it throught your whole essay in the end!

    • Pooja

      Hi. The reviews here have already covered what I had to say about your essay. It revolved around “karm karte ja phal ki chinta na kar”. Some examples are apt like Lincoln’s. Few facts are wrong…USA isn’t the oldest democracy and India isn’t the no .1 poor nation. Also, the write up, has so many commas, that the reader, might lose focus, while reading such long, sentences.
      Keep writing and reviewing. 🙂

      • Sushmit Adigon

        Factually US is the oldest democracy
        I didnt say ,India is number 1 poor nation.I said India has the highest number of poor

        • Pooja

          Democracy was invented in Greece and then in Britain, before it came in the USA.
          India does not have the highest % of people below poverty line. Hint: Look for some African nations.

          • Sushmit Adigon

            its not about where was democracy invented..oldest democratic “nation” is US.In greece some states had democracy(athens) others dictatorial.
            I never said India has highest % of poor people.Has highest number of poor people

    • Leiter The Leader

      Your Introduction was not good(Personal opinion)….You have brought myriad number of dimensions into the essay..:) and Can improve Conclusion too

    • Lucky Kuchu Verma

      good attempt..
      some obs-
      1.Intro not up to the mark…its irrelevant except Desire sentence…dont put so much emphasis on a religion ..even if you want to start with spiritual tone, Krishna and Arjuna samvad could have been fitted here.
      2.Its good you incorporated so many issues but improve upon interconnectedness and cohesiveness …flow should be automatic..
      3.You wasted conclusion on Rancho n Raju….what if the examiner has not watched the movie? hahaha….be more realistic and come up with solid lines relevant to the topic…best could be something drawing from the introduction itself…one more thing justify your topic by mentioning the subject in the end…
      4.Dont cite minor incidents and any issue having two or multiple inferences ….like CBI raid ,pri secy, deccan herald, juvenile etc…These are opinion based and you might be in conflict with the examiners opinion..
      see, there is no MODEL ESSAY..when you pick up something like this essay…its advisable to go with multi dimension..this year UPSC essay paper you will find so many abstract topic, which need a comprehensive socio economic, developmental issues facing humanity today..only requirement is to keep close with the topic and a perfect presentation of your thoughts..Its very likely to forget or miss out some aspects but maximum should be covered…a basic funda .remember syllabus of paper i to iv…it comes handy ..
      rest if you have confidence to write anything on any topic, it gives you benefit to survive in adverse climate…You are writing nice ,just be specific and cohesive , bridge your ideas and thought in 1000 word story , make it interesting for the examiner to read through…
      hope it helps…keep doing good.

      • Sushmit Adigon

        thanks a lot bro

    • Ash

      Wow Sushmit! What an essay.. I loved every part of it.. No critical views… I’m sorry!
      Conclusion was like awesome! 🙂
      KWAR! 🙂

    • Jaya Swatantra

      I must say this is the best essay of the day… huge applauds Sushmit ji… superb and keep it up:)

  • ap

    Don’t count your chicken before it is hatched—AP

    “Not to dream is acrime”–once said by Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam while addressing a bunch of school is important to dream for an individual,organization,institution,nation to dream but far more important is to keep on thriving for the same.For building up of castles of dream without even laying a single brick may wake you up into a horrendous reality.

    When a child is born ,parents enthrall their unaccomplished dream without even realizing the in-born adeptness he or she is blessed with.At the age of 5-12 he/she when asked by anybody the child starts uttering the same without knowing whether he has the keenness towards the efforts needed for the same.Untill later when the child and his parents realizes the same a valuable number of years passes away.the saying is apt that “Don’t count your chicken before it is hatched.”For if incubator used to hatch eggs grow into a chicken is malfunctioning we may not see them grow into same.

    As an individual it is necessary to have planned efforts along with the dreams which they want to chase.The dreams which they want to chase must necessarily be big (the scale to measure varies)i.e doing something for humanity.Even a n institution or a nation cannot take risk entering into a dream without proper planning and checking the feasibility.For the risk here is more as it now involves the fate of larger number of people.

    Our nation especially the current government is true to the phrase.besides advocating for becoming world player in economy,strategy,climate ,peace,etc it also gestures the same.In recently concluded agreement in COP-21 world agreed on reducing temperature by 1.5 degree celsius in coming calendar year.While critics saw this a rhetoric agreement india was quick to display its indc plan.Our renewable energy capacity is expected to quadruple .With stress on electrifying villages focus is on relying in solar energy.use of LED,Solar heaters is being encouraged either by cost of enegy driven or subsidy driven.States are also contributing its share messaging their similar intent.Maharashta government removed VAT,Road tax,etc from electronic vehicles to encourage clean energy use.

    While some eggs need special care or temperature to be hatched into chicken.Similar is the situation with indo -pak relation.While india started dialogue process with pakistan the result is still to be assessed.India has always professed and dreamt of relation and bonhomie similar to that of us-canada or us-uk but the commitment from otherside has not been the same.Since there is a need for us to enhance regional cooperation,trade,energy cooperation(TAPI),india needs to reconcile with pakistan but needs to move cautiously as wise is the saying

    “Don’t count your chicken before it is hatched”

    • ap

      Kindly review ..this is my first essay .also i know it is short of desired words..would try to work on it in future

      • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

        I am not an expert to judge but I feel though your examples are relevant but the way you wrote is not relevant..

        You should add some specific examples in the 2nd para about child’s life how parents dream get more successes or failures in later life.

        In 2nd last para you could not able to connect examples with the given phrase
        Last para is good but you should add conclusion in the end.
        Please review mine and give your critical comment…
        And please always keep writing and reviewing..thanks

        • ap

          Thanks bro ..atleast i found sm1 to i thought the level was so below that nobody would bother to review..would certainly improve and review yours

    • keshav

      good one…

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    New Entry…..

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  • blufl0

    plz review frndz…

    • yaar 4 hi pages hai kyA??

    • Lord Tuktuk

      hey bluflo!
      first of all, improve ur G,Y as it looks like a highlighted point when you give the tail a long stroke!
      i connected to ur points in between! justified! but you could add mor different dimensions na!! 🙂
      Dont write suggestions and then headers!! present your points like you have presented it from starting! it would look more structured!
      review mine too, when u find time 🙂

      • blufl0

        thanks for the review…ya i know..had to add more points but i could able to write this much..better from the next time..shouldn’t i give the tail to y and g?? its my way of writing..plz suggest on this..

        • Lord Tuktuk

          na na yaar! i was just saying ki tail ko itna lamba mat karo wrna aisa lagta hai ki word underline kia h aapne pura!! 🙂

    • Ash

      Hi! 🙂
      I feel you can more dimensions! 🙂 Dimensions show the expanse of your thinking.. I feel! 🙂
      Conclusion is good..Solutions are there but multiple dimensions are not there.. This is what I feel… I may be incorrect! KWAR! 🙂

      • blufl0

        yeah right..need to add more dimensions..i felt the same after writing it..Thanks for valuable suggestions..keep writing and reviewing…:)

    • YAAR itne mushkil se review kia tha aur fir cancel hogaya tab -_-

      Okay will give my take :

      1) The stories were good, but too general. Liked the first one, the second example has become like that girl in college, every guy wants to date. Evry second guy has used it.

      2) Yu took a hell lot of space in the first story. Try to write a short story which gives a concrete explanation of the topic in about one para. Writing 3-4 paras – Not good.

      3)Yu didn’t include any other dimension. Solution part was good. But u missed the critical part.

      Overall the essay is good. Just try to diversify and add different dimensions.
      ATB 🙂

    • gughapriya

      Hi Friend! sorry for the late reply.
      1) Good stories
      2) nice flow
      3) Solution part is a good one.

      Improvement areas (my opinion, plz dont mind)
      1) could have explained on the proverb little more,stories could have been trimmed.
      2) Instead of two stories/situations,real time situations could have been added.

      You have potential dude, just need to think more before you pen down your views.!All the best 🙂

      • blufl0

        thanks for the feedback….points noted down…don’t tell sorry yaar, we are here to help each other..:)

  • Kant

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.


    Poor Venkat used to live hand to mouth life. One winter morning he found a gold coin on the road where the King’s procession had passed the previous day. Venkat picked it up and started walking and dreaming how he would buy a chicken. He dreamed that from one chicken he will get many chickens. Then he starts thinking of the riches and the wonderful life he would have.

    He was so deeply sank into his wishful thoughts that he did not see the open man-hole. His foot slipped and the gold coin fell into the hole. All his dream shattered and the castles he built in air disappeared in the morning fog.

    Although the story is humoristic, it carries the message that we should not count on the things that have not happened yet. All the eggs we have may not produce chickens.

    Why not to count on the eggs?

    Some eggs might be rotten and some might just get destroyed.

    This message applies to our personal life as well. One should not buy a car thinking that the next pay raise will bring in more money. Students should not avoid studying just because somebody told them that the exam is going to be easier.

    This message applies to the entire society as well. We often wish that their will be Utopia, that their will be peace and prosperity for all. But we cannot just keep wishing.

    Why counting egg is important?

    One must understand the difference between wishful thinking and hope. Wishful thinking is just a thinking that good things will happen automatically. On the other hand, hope is expectation of good things to happen and is backed by confidence. Hope produces internal energy and gives inspiration to achieve something. Inspiration converts ‘shoulds’ into ‘musts’. These ‘musts’ bring out the ‘plan of action’. And the ‘plan of action’ produces the result. A self-fulfilling prophecy!

    When India wants to create a peaceful and prosperous society, is India counting on its democratic institutions? To become a superpower, is India counting on its demographic dividend? The answer is affirmative! But without a constructive action, these wishes are mere wishes. Indians have to make sure that the democratic institutions work the way they have to. To unleash the potential of demographic dividend, the youth have to be empowered.

    Take the case of the environment. Everybody wishes the environment has to be clean and healthy. But without the concrete action it is just a wish.

    There is this philosophical debate over difference between being an optimist, a pessimist or a realist. An optimist always hopes that things will work honky-dowry resulting in good results. So Optimist does not take any action. A pessimist thinks things will not anyway work, so s/he does not take any action. A realist falls midway and hopes for the best and takes the action based on a structured plan to get the results. The legendary musician Jackson Browne once said he always hoped that he would win when nominated for the awards. This even when he thought he was a underdog. He always prepared a ‘Victory Speech’.

    Conclusion: The typical grandparents always say, “Hope for the stars, son and you will reach atleast the moon!” But this has to be supported by the concrete plan. Venkat should have sat down to chalk out a plan detailing the investments needed for the poultry, the skill required and the efforts needed. As they say, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. So, “Count your chickens but watch them closely”.

    • bhai review kar de. Mai padh raha tera

    • The story in the beginning was really catchy and interesting. It was apt according to me. As the popular saying goes “khyaali pulao pakana”… very good bhai!

      “One must understand the difference between wishful thinking and hope”… mujhe nai lagta koi difference hai dono me. Hope is an epitome of “wishful thinking”. We hope that our wish gets fulfilled. They are inter-related. In this para u started with a different thing and the para converted into something related to inspiration!

      Yu have touched really less dimensions. Only talked about how India isn’t doing what it takes to be at the top + Environment angle. Try to include different angles!

      The flow is outstanding throughout! Morover, yur essay gives a feeling of a philosophical essay and is not only covered with GS! I really liked it reading it!
      the second last para was really good. But you have not included many things. Think multi-dimensional.

      • Kant


        agree with you totally. need to add multi dimensional examples.

      • Lord Tuktuk

        totally worthy review mate! (Y)

    • Lord Tuktuk

      hey kant!i liked ur intro! connect first two para! its the same story na?
      i liked ur flow also! you didnt bored a little!! 🙂
      introduce 1-2 examples more realted to anything you like to justify your points more!
      rest is good! ALL THE BEST!! 🙂

      • Kant

        thanks bro!
        yeah i agree that more examples are needed

    • Pooja

      Hi. Your essay has more or less the same points that I wrote, but with a more readable structure and paragraphing.
      Dance India Dance ke Remo sir ki alfaz me bole to “This is it!”. I hope you watched it…Good essay, points and structure.
      More examples is always desirable.

      • Kant

        Yes I have watched it. Thank god you didn’t give me Roadies wala salute. 🙂


    • Sree

      itro-simple story-effectively presented .
      body-wish -should-must-plan-success.-this para well connected to essay.

      overall very nice answer.

    • Sree

      pls rvw my essay too kant bhai.

      • Kant

        Not able to access your disquss profile to locate answer. I’m using secure on phone, its very difficult to locate answer on secure page.
        Please remove privacy setting of discuss profile and let me know.

    • gughapriya

      Hi Friend, sorry for late reply. Excellent flow, link between the start and the end is amazing, makes it more perfect and attracts readers. And also included real time examples which are very good and apt. I could not find any areas of improvement. Keep writing and reviewing 😉 All the best friend:)

  • Vivaan Khanna

    The simple meaning of this proverb is that we should not count upon something before it happens.The very simple fact of human nature that we never want to dream bad for ourselves. All we want in our lives is happiness and prosperity and for that we dream positively. But, life is full of uncertainties. We don’t know that whether our dreams will come out to be true or not. While results can be positive sometimes, sometimes they can be negative.

    When results are negative then there are many emotional and physical losses. We Often hear many cases and read in our newspapers that Mr.X committed suicide because he was unable to score a% of marks in board exams or Mr.Y committed suicide because a girl refused to accept his proposal. There are very few people who are hard enough to bear the brunt of negative results and follow their dreams from a very new head. Many of youngsters when fail in life take up to various bad habits like alcohol and drugs. This is because this helps them in escaping away from reality for some time.But can reality be denied?Can we forget that something unwanted has happened in our life?No.Ignorance is bliss but ignoring the reality is not.Reality has to be accepted per se.For this we have to keep our expectations to minimum.Therefore,Shakespeare has said “If you want to be happy,expect less”.

    Very often counting upon our expectations, before they are realised, make us to daydream about something. Most of the UPSC aspirants have the typical stories of counting chickens before they are hatched. Because of their performance in one or other area or many other reasons, they dream to become an officer in their very first attempt and serve the nation from very early age. During preparation or before preparation they meet their love.Now,she/he also has to be accommodated in their dreams.So,now their dream is like to crack UPSC in first attempt and then persuade parents to let them marry off their beloved.They realise the harm of daydreaming when they fail to clear exam. Adding to their wounds is the fact that their love has married somebody else.

    Follows from above narration is also the moral that it is better to focus on today rather than being vainly hopeful for tomorrow.obviously,a better future requires our efforts and dedication today. It has been said very aptly that future belongs to those who prepare for it. So rather than wasting time on dreams, it is suggested to invest on dreams and make them realise.
    Further, Great victory requires great risks. Before being called victorious one has to go through many hurdles. Alexander dreamt about conquering whole world.This he could do only when he sharpened his skills and sweated more and more. Apart from dreaming many thorns have to be born of. The satisfaction of achieving success can be seen in eyes of leaders of pre-independent India. They had to go through all kind of brutality, had to apply their minds and had to become villain before being called hero of independent and democratic India.

    Avoiding day dreams and expecting all hopes to be fulfilled nowhere means that we should not dream at all.It would have been better that poor milkmaid in the story from which proverb has been derived that she dreamt about something and she set on journey to fulfill them before being over hopeful.When we have dreams and goals then only we can make them realise. Being human,it is expected from that we contribute positively for all creatures so that we can be an asset for our society. This can be true only when we want to work for something, when we have goals and aspirations. But the terms and conditions of those goals is that they have to be realised otherwise they are nothing but daydreams. Einstein was nothing when he was dropped from school though he possessed very progressive idea that education doesn’t mean mugging up history but having some of our own creative ideas. Had he stopped there, we would have been denied many great inventions of the day including theory of relativity.But he made his dreams true and today world knows him as Einstein-the great scientist.
    Now,it may be posed that on one hand we want us to dream and on the other hand we don’t want us to indulge in it deeply. So what do we want actually from ourselves?The answer lies in Aristotle’s Golden Mean.See the dreams, fulfill them while undergoing whatever is required and enjoy the taste of success.Best example of being ambitious and at same time having the sense of reality is various space missions of ISRO where scientists try to make their missions successful in maiden attempt.When mission is accomplished ,their success is celebrated,when it is not they again try to remove their faults.So,What is required is-Commitment to dreams.Here,Bhagvad Geeta’s “Karmanye va dhikarestu ma phaleshu kadachan” is very apt(Do your duty without expectations for any result).Message is simple that If the work has been done honestly then result is sure to come.

    • one aspect – how “expecting” more can be disastrous is overemphasized upon. Yu can try this too : “Luck matters a lot too, but this luck comes from the hard work yu’ve done ”

      “Day dreaming without proper planning can be disastrous”

      “Moral support too is imperative”

      “Inspite of all the odds, fighting for ur dream is how u can make sure proper WARMTH to the egg is given”

      This essay can be given a motivational aspect. That would give an edge, as no body wrote in this perspective. (yu showed glimpse of it, but it was coming and going)

      Yu wrote ki “the topic where it is derived from” bhai zarrori nai sabne wo story padhi ho. Maine khud nai padhi hai infact.

      use of GS is not seen anywhere. maybe use of the GS syllabus could help u fetch different dimensions.

      Most of essays here are like on the same grounds, and almost same thoughts with different words. I don’t know why :/
      I mean, geeta, UPSC, bahuto ne likha yaar. It’s general I feel. avoid anything which is general. bring ur own creativity.

      In short, try to write short paras, use different examples, different dimensions and most important is a good intro and conclusion. Yur intro wasn’t good enough and conclusion were the same like most essays here.

      better than the previous one (upvote for that) but still need to do better 😀


      • Vivaan Khanna

        Thanx bhai..that is called constructive criticism..yeah struggling between use of GS and giving philosophical essay its proper justice…hope to improve in coming sundays..thank you for kind words “better than previous one”..feeling confident.

    • P.s

      Introduction is not that much attractive. Liked your flow. I felt good throughout your essay

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you P.s…will try to write better intro

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Good essay with nice flow… use of quotes made your essay a worth read… KWAR… 🙂 Thanks

      • Vivaan Khanna

        thank you for review…

    • Ash

      Hii Vivaan! 🙂
      1. Starting examples: clichéd… Even I used those… We should innovate on examples I guess! 🙂
      2. Shakespeare: expect less… Good one 🙂
      3. UPSC marriage example : I hope it’s not some personal experience talking! 😛
      4. I see an inclination towards day dreaming…. What you could have done in the later part is you could focus on ‘we should actually expect’ I mean ‘ count your chicken’ then talk about it… It balances your essay…
      You’ve tried doing it in the last para but haven’t done justice to it.. Talk a Lil more on this! KWAR! 🙂

      P.S. – essay writing has just been started by me so I may be wrong so ignore the suggestions that don’t make sense 🙂

      • Vivaan Khanna

        ya used personal example but not in first person..don’t whether can be written or not….agree with each word of 4th point…thanx a lot ash!!

  • sankar

    plz rvw frnds


    The proverb or saying teaches us lession that, ‘our plans might not work accordingly. So, don’t start thinking what we will do after we succeed. We should wait untill we have already succeeded. And then we will take our next step. In this way, it teaches us tobe patience, careful and cautious while we are going ahead in our life. In the journey, we can face success and failure with the same wisdom which will become the resons for both of the events. So we must step further with limited reach which must be supported by our utmost, honest and intritegral efforts. Our approach about any dream must be honestly backed up by our honest work. Not only we should be continuing to dream only.

    Because only dreaming in life is the cause of the majority of failure. The bad effect of dream can be seen in a small story of milkman. There was a milkman. He was a very person. He used to milk his cow and put milk in bucket. Having not a single bicycle, he used to carry the pail of milk on his head and went nearby market and locality to sell and thus earn money. On the way he used to cross a locality, where eggs and chicken were being tamed. He had a yearning for being rich in life. On a
    day, while he was going to sell milk by carrying the pail of milk on his head. In the way, he was making that after earning a wholesome amount of money, he will buy a hen. With a hen, he planned to open a paltry firms and a large egg shops in the course of time and will become a rich. However in the fable, he was so immeresed that he shaked his head and accidently drop his milk.

    So, be it in personal as a milk or in professional life like business, or political life and national and internation life, this principle applies wit same feature. In india too, the government planned to eradicate poverty and malnutrition in mission mode
    but it is still laggin behind. Recently, the government has lauched so many
    ambitious plan such as ‘swachchh Bharat Abhiyan’, ‘Skill India’, ‘Jan Dhan
    Yojana’, ‘Make in India’ etc. In this dream while, the JDY has been greatly
    successful in its mission, the others have not achieved satisfactory movement.
    The expectation of our government that GST will be enforced from April first,
    seems cloudy. Similarly, in the purpose of beefing up our disaster response
    force like NDRF, SDRF etc to make them quick and active force in dealing with
    disaster are not yielding satisfactory result.

    In the similar approach, India since its independence tried to have a very cordial and peaceful relation with our neighbours and with each and every country of the world. In this initiative, India had signed ‘Panchseel’ agreement with its northern neighbour, China and gave the ‘Indian-Chinese bhai bhai’ but met with the award of 1962 war. Similarly with Pakistan, India always tried to extend a hand of friendship but got terror attack on its soil, strategic and historic point. It has lost
    its innocent civilians and brave soldiers.

    This way of mistrust and cheating between countries have been seen in the internation affairs too like while world war one was being fought the British and its allies assured the Turkey to fight along with them and later it will be awarded with the Caliphate free of the western intervention and all the usurped terrotories will
    be returned back. But Turkey dream was vanished. Next ot it, in the WWII while Hitler was planning to subjugate Britain and France, he made a secret agreement with Russia to be friendship. Russian never expected that Hitler was making conspiracy and later he attacked on Russian red army. Next to it, to thwart occurrence of WWIII or any such type of unrest in the world, the UN came to existence to deal with international dispute and concern amicable but its real outcome in most cases has been blured such as the unrest in west and middle-east Asia and Afghanistan. The unilateral decision of US declaring war on the misguidedinformation of chemical and nuclear weapons in Iraq was an act of undermining the UN. In trade and business, the WTO was supposed to render well to facilitate free and fair international trade system. But the vested interest of
    some countries have marred the potential, just and fair outcome of the WTO. Similarly the west countries dreamt that supporting non-state actors or militant groups to fight aginst the communist force will have a diplomatic and startegic gains for them-selves. Its result was that it created sanctuary for terrorist in Pakistan and Afghanistan which has been disturbing the reason. However the price of supporting terrorist groups had been paid by the US when the WTC was attacked by Al Qaeda.

    However, it is not in all that we should forget about dreaming in life. Because dreaming brings strength, energy and positiveness in our life. It will inspire and stimulate us to do some thing. It is right said;


    It is true which can be seen in taking rememberance of indian history. Would our greater fredoom fighters have not dreamt of independence India, will it possible to fight so prolonged and dreadful war?.” Had the dream of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru to offer his life happily in the dream that this will give birth thousands of Bhatat singh who will fight for independence and our country will get independence. Our coming generation had not let their sacrifice in vain and fought with more valour and courage to drive out the British from India. India got independence.

    Therefore, it is true that majority of time our plans may not be desirous as we hope but it does not mean that our plans will always become fruitless. As we have seen in our struggle for Independence that every efforts of freedom fighters met with ruthless suppression but still the freedom fighters countinued to dream of free India. In the end, it happened so.

    So we dare to dream. It brings desire and inspiration to us. It enligten us, it prompts us to do something in our life. But this dream is a empty box, rather it can be seen in our missile man’s statement;

    “Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thought, and then transform them thought.”

    Thus dreaming must be backed up by utmost honesty, integrity, valor and courage. To make our dream our mind and soul should go in the same direction to do every possible thing to make our dream true. In this way, we face a lots of difficulties we must be placid, determined and careful to our goal. Dream should not be swayed with false ideas or ill thought rather we must be positive in our approach.

    In the end it can be said, that dreaming is the work of brave heart if it is backed up by the same valour and courage of its action. In other words, to make our dream should be left only on God’s grace, rather we first renders requisite labour to make them true and then seeking god’s grace.


      your essay is good, nice thoughts, little bit problem of chorence, i think by practice you can write a wonerful essay 🙂

      • sankar

        o sun light
        you have enlighten me
        thanks bhai

    • 1) Reading your intro felt like I was reading a conclusion.

      2)4th waala para it too big. Trim it. Liked the other examples. Did u read it somewhere? Coz I have read this one I feel.

      “FORTUNE FAVOUR THE BRAVE” Loved the sub heading. It feels ki after this u started an altogether different story! I liked the flow though!

      Overall a good read. But please refrain from using too much GS + take care of the word limit.

      ATB 🙂

      • sankar

        will kp in mind your suggestion

    • anonymous

      hey buddy very nice attempt. Informative content and nice approach.I like your introduction.Your connection of story in modern context is awesome like it.Few suggestion(may be not very useful)
      a)In place of only dreaming you can write day dreaming.
      b)Try to concise your story into two three lines
      c)Too much facts at a time it may confuse examiner
      d)In between i think you take international events bit far.
      e)Conclusion is nice.But it can be better

      See buddy im new in essay writing so may be im wrong.Im open for correction 🙂 keep writing and improving 🙂

      • sankar

        thanks dost
        will kp in mind your rvw

    • Leiter The Leader

      Nice….but over emphasized I.R part in the middle…rest is good

    • Sree

      nice essay sankar bhai, introduction milkman story apt to essay.
      flow is very good.but i want to say that 4th paragraph (ind-china) u missed to relate to the essay.recent indian programmes connection to the essay good idea.but u focused more on international relations part. rest is very good.

    • Sree

      pls rvw my ans too Sankar bhai.

  • bakir malik

    we plan, sure we do, everyday, about things we want in our life, about things which need to be realized, and things which need to be challenged.

    However what we get as an end result may or may not be according to our well thought out plan. Brain is a factory which processes thoughts and turns them into end results . A perfect finished good like we want it to be. No compromises on quality and quantity.

    But the ground reality is not exactly the subsidiary of our brain and hence tend to have different turn of events which may or may not fit well with our plans.

    Planning for a well thought out weekend with your family or friends and a blooper in any form is whats called counting your chicken before they hatch. sure its disappointing , disheartening and you want to reverse the process. But do you control everything in your life. There are lot of external factors that determine the occurrence of of events.

    Consider Indo Pak dialogues. How many times has India and Pakistan planned to talk , conduct a dialogue and iron out the wrinkles in their relationship? Have they been successful all the time.? What led to these cancellations even after their top bureaucrats and politicians crafted a perfect plan? They counted their chicken before they hatch.

    let me give you another example. India in united nations security council. what happened? almost all the permanent members gave oral support to India for its permanent membership in security council but when it came to actual deliberation they backed out! backed out, who would have thought that. US with which we are signing multi billion deals, Russia our friend from the time of independence. We thought, we planned, we pursued our plan, indications were good but the results not in favor. We can clearly say that we counted our chickens before they hatch.

    Back home what was among the main objectives and goal after independence, to eradicate poverty. so we came up with five year plans. we deliberated every five years , came out with plans every five years and after every year we saw people die because of poverty. What happened ? why are we still in one of the worlds poor countries, why isnt poverty done and dusted with. it seems that every five years plans were formulated and situations did not always turned they way we wanted.

    Nevertheless some amount of upliftment has happened but the rate of employment is down. Didn’t we plan of improving employment rates. I think we did, but again something in between happened and we fell short.

    Counting chickens before hatch does not mean that our plans to actually see the chicken as the end result will always fail. We have seen chickens coming out of eggs they way we want .

    Our reforms in economy are turning out to be playing according to our wishes. Countries were in dire need in 2008 economic crises. USA the think tank of world was worst effected, but we did well, Impact on us wasn’t that bad. Some glitches here and there but over all we managed thanks to planning and realizing them perfectly.

    We boarded the train of science and technology , Information technology, and we have seen progress in leaps and bounds. we are launching satellites not just for ourselves but for other countries as well including USA, Singapore .

    Our information Technology is among the advanced sectors and we are providing services to one of the most developed countries in the world.

    This phrase should not give us a negative idea of sitting in a corner of room and waiting for things to happen . No , not at all. What this phrase is trying to convey is there are always odds. We should plan our best , work on them but we should also be ready for them not being converted them into a cent percent reality they way we wanted Having said that we should also possess the quality of standing up again and working back for the same goal , may bit different approach, but the goal remaining the same because they cloud will move , the sky will be clear and the sun will shine once again.

  • Shrunga Chandrashekar

    “Don’t Count Your Chicken before They Hatch”

    The Topic tries to convey that there are many invisible factors that will contribute to end results, thus before the results are out we should not try to boast on it. Instead of expecting thing will work in this way we should start working towards our dreams.

    Ramayana might be best example to substantiate to this ravana underestimated power of vanara sena and was overconfident that no one can defeat him and did not prepare any strategy for fighting against rama and his sena. Rama made a calculative move; he visualized the results of his move and the end results favored rama who worked for his goal not underestimating the consequences. Lets us see another day to day life example.

    Smirtha wanted to become an IAS officer before even going through the syllabus she assumed that she will clear the exams and it is easy for her. The mindset carried in the same direction and she was dreaming of changing the society, people life etc, later she realized that her efforts were not in proper direction. She was in verge of correcting but a situation in her life took her away from her dreams. She was devastated and realized her mistakes corrected her way of thinking channelized her work towards her plans and left results for karma and she finally reached her destination and became IAS officer.

    The above 2 illustrations one from Ramayana and one from day to day life tell us that planned work with the visualization of the outcome, preparedness to face both positive and negative outcomes will fetch us desired end results. How can this be related to Indian scenario?

    India’s ambitious Make In India it is much hyped by the government as it will change the economic scenario of India. Let us try to evaluate weather our efforts are in right direction or not. First Infrastructure is bottleneck for the development and to meet the current infrastructure demands we need $19billion investments but from such a huge investment will come? Innovative funding mechanism like municipal bonds should be introduced but our policies are not in this direction. Second Ease of doing business has not improved greatly to attract investors unless the red tapism and bureaucratic interference is reduced ease of business doing is dream. Policy makers should work towards these 2 aspects in order realize the dream of Make In India.

    Swacch Barath is another mission to make India free of open defecation; Under this mission all the local public bodies are busy in building toilets in the rural households. Building toilets alone will won’t solve the problem survey says that people having functioning toilets also will defecate outside thus awareness about the need to end open defecation should be created among the people and forces should be created in each villages to ensure that people will use toilets.

    Why sometimes it is necessary keep it under covers unless desired results are obtained? The recent NSA level meetings were kept as secret until the talks were reality cause of the external factors that could affect the happening of the meeting. Without talks how the results could be expected? Same is true in individual sense when we think of doing something and our plans are in right direction but external force like can you do this? Is this necessary? They only could not how can you? Will affect our confidence and make us rethink thus wasting valuable time. Thus it is better to keep only people who are necessary or participants informed.

    From the above scenarios we understood the need to work towards desired results by not expecting the outcome. Now let us explore the need to Count the chicken before it hatch i.e. need to expect results.

    We should hope that our work is in the right direction and fetch us desired results, this hope keeps us motivated and encourages us to work more. But one should be cautious and not let the hope to become expectation and drived away of the path. Confidence that we can achieve is important but it should be overconfidence that brings in disappointment and frustration. Hope and confidence are the driving force that keeps us on track.

    Gandhi always hoped that India will get independence and his energy was towards realizing it. Thus even if one movement failed he would rethink, reflect on the failure and another movement, his work till you get results attitude fetched India freedom. As we discussed there are invariable factors that affect the end results but we should be having will power to overcome failures and try until
    we meet the end results.

    To sum up, One should have a well defined goal, proper plan to achieve it, checks to ensure that they are in right direction, and aware of the consequences. As Abdul kalam rightly said Dream is not the one we see during sleep; Dream is one that will not let us to sleep. Weather its individual or country it’s important to retrospect, correct and move forward without expecting results.

    • Shrunga Chandrashekar

      Please Review…

      I was personally not satisfied with the flow of essay pls provide inputs

      • Harmony

        Introduction can be made more interesting.How exactly that can be done is for you to explore.The explanation of the proverb can follow after a more catchy intro.
        There are some grammatical errors.Some are minor while others are more consequential.For example para 5, the Make in India para,weather should have been whether.
        Two issues with your essay namely flow and diversity of examples are there in my essay as well.So guess i am ill equipped to advise on these fronts.The examples should be multidimensional,drawing from history,geography,economics,international relations and so on.Both philosophical and event type examples have to be there.But again i also could not come up with good enough examples.
        I appreciate the part where you stress the need to keep hope alive.
        Again the conclusion has to be more like an essay like and not an answer like conclusion.These ‘to sum’ ,’in conclusion’ type closure to an essay are extremely common.The examiner in all probability awards marks right after reading the conclusion so please take care to flesh out a more appealing conclusion right when you are chalking out the structure.

        • Harmony

          Also if you can find time,please review my essay.Thanks:)

        • Shrunga Chandrashekar

          Thank you for inputs and corrections ill make sure these points will be reflected … Thank you for your time and valuable comments

    • Intro was really general. I didn’t like it.

      Rama example was good. And the IAS waala point is something so general, I am reading this for the fifth time today! Please refrain from including common examples. That case u’ll get average marks. Try to be creative.

      The rest of the paras are really nice 🙂

      ATB 🙂

      • Shrunga Chandrashekar

        Ya i should be creative in examples ill take that suggestion thank you for ur valuable time 🙂

    • aspirant

      Ramayana example very nice…. But the other one too common….I think so agar example unique hoga to marks bhi unique….. Very new to the forum………plz review mine….wrote for the first time

      • Shrunga Chandrashekar

        ya sure ill review yours… thank you for your valuable time

  • Harmony

    Don’t Count your chickens before they hatch.

    It was Winston Churchill who reminded us that success is never final.True enough.And experience would testify that success is never certain either.No matter how close one is to the finishing line,at least some iota of doubt
    remains.That is why one must bank on concrete results alone to take decisions.Future prospects,however promising are still merely prospects…they can vanish into thin air within the blink of an eye.

    The same wisdom is conveyed to children in the form of the meadow milkmaid tale.The poor girl had dreamt of prosperity built on her basket of eggs. When her bakset and the eggs crashed,so did all her dreams and plans.

    Speaking of dreams,the bollywood industry is arguably one where many dreams get wings and others get mercilessly crushed.The success,survival and dismissal of movies at the box office is a ringing note of caution against building castles in air.There have been movies which seemingly had all ingredients of success-big investments,noted cast and director and a promising story line,but which ultimately failed to impress the audiences.Their failure came as an unpleasant surprise. The most recent casualty has been Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet.Everyone from the media to the producers were more or less assured of success and when that did not happen,the shock was not easy to handle.In recent interviews the director(Kashyap)has noted that next time he would be wise enough to celebrate only after the film has been released and received well.

    It is not bollywood alone which has learned this lesson the hard way.India’s experience with Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the infrastructure sector also is an example of the same lesson learned in a painful manner.When Public Private Partnership was first piloted in the infrastructure sector,it was widely touted as a game changer,as the happy union of private sector’s efficiency and public sector’s resourcefulness.However what happened subsequently is too well known to be repeated.While PPP may have given the infrastructure development a shot in the arms in the short run,eventually it created more problems than solutions. PPP in infrastructure under performed to say the least.The recent Kelkar committee has suggested some reforms to revive the PPP sector.As we begin to put them suggestions into practice,we must guard against expectations of big gains and progress
    by leaps.

    Expectations can thus be highly misleading.When United States of America(USA) intervened in Vietnam to counter the ‘red menace’ it perceived almost everywhere,it was expected that the intervention would be short,quick and resulting in easy victory for USA.But the people of Vietnam offered brave resistance and ultimately USA government was left staring at global embarrassment and even domestic opposition.Needless to say USA had banked on it’s military might and had assumed that victory would
    be easily forthcoming.

    1970s, when the Vietnam war was finally concluded,were tough times for India as well.Right at the start of the decade we had to face a war .However the May 1974 Smiling Buddha nuclear bomb tests represented the triumph of indigenous nuclear research and technology.Work towards developing domestic capabilities in nuclear weapons area had been under progress for long.However, we chose to not sound the victory trumpet before we had results in hand.

    Demographic dividend has perhaps become the buzzword in development debates across India. .As renowned economist Raghuram Rajan has noted,demographic dividend is a rare and small window of opportunity.Nations which have leveraged this opportunity have significantly improved living standards.Hence, the fact that India is a ‘young nation in an
    increasingly greying world’ has been noted with much enthusiasm.It is expected that this edge of a huge working age population can lend new heights to our growth story.However what this narrative ignores is the fact that unless we invest in human resource development,this asset can easily turn into a liability.Already the way we are battling job deficit and unemployment underscores how easily opportunities can turn into challenges.Let us first invest adequately in human resource development.Let us first ensure that each individual has opportunities to grow to his/her full potential.Only then can we sit back and count the many blessings of our demographic dividend.Unless we have an educated,healthy and adequately skilled youth,it’s potential to drive growth will remain limited.

    India’s Mars Orbiter Mission, also called Mangalyaan has seen unprecedented success.The mission was developed and implemented over a period of time in stages.The Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) being the sagacious organisation it is,chose to be rather silent about the ambitious goals of the project till success was well established.It was only
    after the mission was complete in all aspects that we began to get details about the rather small budget,thoughtful learning from failed attempts of other countries and dedicated work which the project involved.The ISRO and it’s leadership were clear that at stake was India’s prestige and hence they were wary of making loud claims before project was completed satisfactorily.The ISRO
    example also beautifully captures another wise lesson-work hard in silence and let your success do the talking.

    Being cautious against relying on future gains does not imply that we give up all hope.In many ways,the world runs on hope and optimism greases the wheels of success.There is nothing wrong in being hopeful about the future as long as one
    is aware that there can be surprises along the way and the road to success is a twisted one.There has to be a balanced view of both the risks and challenges.

    Ultimately to avoid committing the folly of counting the eggs before they hatch,one must be humble and aware of the essential imperfection of the human condition.Perfection we must remember is best left to divinity.

    • Harmony

      I know reading these 1000 odd not so interesting words on a lazy sunday afternoon isn’t exactly very comforting but friends please review :p
      Thank you for your time,patience and generosity.
      Happy weekend.

    • SS (An Integer)

      1) Intro can be bettered
      2) There are so many other examples u can give, why Bombay Velvet ? :I. U could have mentioned farmers suicide and uncertain rains or any other.
      3) Summing up : Ur conclusion is too short.
      Overall, u surely can do better 🙂

      • Harmony

        Thank You for the feedback.I thought no one would be interested enough to read.I hope I can do better since like you noted,two key areas, the introduction and the conclusion are not impressive enough.
        Haha well I read about bombay velvet a couple of days back 😛
        I ruined essay in 2015 mains.Please keep reviewing in future as well.So that my essays don’t end up as grand mess.Your feedback has been noted.I will attempt to write another essay on the same topic with above points incorporated.
        God bless:)

  • rajan

    (1148 words )

    In the village of Rampur lived two boys, Ram and Shyam. Both were same aged and went to the same school, and both desired to become the village’s first doctors. But that’s where the similarities end. Ram was a born genius, and he knew it. I am afraid, the same couldn’t be said about Shyam. He was less sharp, and even he realised that.

    So wasn’t it Ram who went on to fulfill his dream ?

    No, fate took a different turn. So sure was Ram about his own talents that he became caught in his own web of dreams. So sure was he of his imminent success that he preferred merrymaking over studying. Shyam wasn’t the brightest. Yet, he made all the efforts to defy the wheels of fortune. And you know what, it was Shyam who didn’t live in a world of dream that fulfilled the dreams of an entire village

    But, wasn’t this a made up story? Honestly speaking, it was. But, the same message has been derived from time immemorial.

    In Gita, Lord Krishna says, ” Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Maa Faleshu Kadachan “. That is, do what you have to do. And, don’t think of the result beforehand. For, the Lord knew that thinking about the result would make a man complacent, would divert attention from the process to the goal, and could fill him with lots of unwanted emotions. If Arjuna, the greatest of warriors, deserved that lesson, can we (mere mortals) afford to turn our ears away ?

    Panchatantra, an all time classic, talks of a story of a Brahmin who on receiving a little alm got super excited and started dreaming, quite literally, of turning from rags to riches. Unfortunately for him, during the dreams he started hitting his hands all around and broke the container containg even the little alms he had. Dream rather than work, swallowed even the little he had.

    The message reverberates in all cultures. We have a similar story of a determined David and a complacent Goliath in the western literature. So are many examples in Confucius’ tales

    The bottom-line is not to get super excited. Because, psychologically speaking, dreams of success and glory attract us. But, in the process, the attention is diverted. The brain starts deriving more pleasure in the apparent forthcoming happiness, than in the actual process of planning. And more time is given to the former. Complacency takes over and ironically dream remains just a dream, in reality

    But, aren’t most of these examples from pages of fables and epics? Have there been more concrete examples? For sure, there have been examples, in reality, where dreaming about the future and betting on it, made massive impacts.

    In the World War 2, Hitler achieved significant victories in the first couple of years. The initial success drove him to dreams of all quest. Lost in the process, he attacked the mighty USSR and asked Japan, its ally, to attack the USA. Look, how the course of history changed. The entry of USA and USSR pulled away Germany, which was an inch away from the victory line, to catastrophic defeat. Had Hitler not counted his chicken before they hatched, would he have suffered from the same fate?

    Let’s move to the financial world. The financial crisis of 2007, critcs say, was brought on by lending against an already existing debt. Let me elaborate more. In the years before crisis, the world economy was booming, thanks to the internet revolution. Bankers presumed that the situation would continue and counted their chicken, that is their return, beforehand. Thus, they freely gave loans to anyone willing, even without checking the borrower’s capacity to return. In fact, banks would even borrow themselves, and then loan from the money borrowed to make supernormal returns. Ultimately, the bubble was too good to last long. Had the bankers seen beyond the veil of these dreams of goof times, would the financial crisis have taken place ?

    Even closer home, a similar modus operandi existed in the Ponzi schemes, where schemes like Saradha, counting their chickens beforehand, used illegal methods to lend against existing bets. Ultimately, the lid was blow and the hard earned savings of thousands vanished in smoke

    Let’s now see what happened in Indian history and polity . Independence was being associated with utopia. People started visualising a time when all their crises would be washed off post independence. The eggs of the chicken in dream, started building up a caste in the air, only to be frustrated by broken political promises. The people felt their dreams were being belied, and frustrtaion took over. People took to streets. And slowly, chaos resulted in the emergency of 1975. That is another reason why the “Angry Young Man ” role of Amitabh Bacchan on the silver screen became popular

    Turning to the pages of International relations, WTO was opened with much fanfare in 1995, promising to revolutionise world trade. Yet, counting the chickens of global welfare, without adequate impetus on collaboration and ground action turned WTO ineffective. Only a month ago, in the Nairobi declaration, frustated by the lack of progress in the Doha round, which is being discussed ever since 2001, many nations argued for doing away completely with the Doha round

    So, what do we learn? One, that dreaming alone is futile, far from reality . Two, it necessitates the need for action, real ground activity. Particularly, for a country like India where estimates peg around 30% of the population living below Rs 26 a day, and bueracratic files move at a snail’s pace, action rather than dreams are required. In the international sphere, we allowed WTO to be made redundant, but can we allow a similar inactivity over the environment protection as promised in the recently held Paris talks under UNFCC ? No, we can’t afford to.

    But, is dreaming itself bad? Should be stop dreaming then ? No, not at all. Our former president, Dr. Abdul Kalam asks the children to dream big. Because only, dreams give some form of ambition. But, what he focuses more on is planning, and then converting the plans, the dreams in to action. Counting chickens has to be supplemented by Planning and a determination and a dedication to pursue the Dream. That is why Dr. Kalam desribes dream as not one which we see in our sleep, but one which doesn’t allow us to sleep.

    In the context of the chicken, egg story, Dr.Kalam’s ideology would be to not just envision the chickens , but to take proper care of the hen, so that the dreams materialise.

    Swami Vivekananda said, ” Arise, awake and stop not until the goal is achieved”

    Can we do justice to all these great men’s message ? Only determination to not get overwhelmed by dreams and dedication to pursue dreams in to action separates us from the post

    • Leiter The Leader

      Just incredible bro…really liked your essay a lot…very diversified…small observation…in 2007 financial para….let me elaborate more… such kind of lines will obstruct your flow….rest is really good

      • rajan

        Thank you Leiter. And thank you for the minute observation

    • anshul sharma

      awesome flow man 🙂
      excellent…very diversified too !
      and ur conclusion took a balanced view –which is needed.
      can’t think of any thing not right !
      please review mine…will surely help me to improve !!

    • G.

      i liked the flow of your essay..
      can we use the sanskrit quotes here like you have used of bhagavad gita? many cheking staff may not know sanskrit
      conclusion was good with vivekananda… good connection with the multilateral bodies
      PLS HAVE A LOOK AT MY ESSAY TOO BRO.. i need some good reviews…i have tried to give it a philosophical touch to it

      • rajan

        I think we can. And after that, I tried to explain the meaning.

        Waise, your profile is private 😛 , so can’t see your answer

    • I really liked the essay man! Just try to write a better conclusion! ATB 🙂

      • rajan

        True, even I felt the conclusion could have been better. Thanks a lot.
        btw ATB ?

    • sankar

      a multidimensional and good flow essay.
      one most important thing is that you have substantiated your approach by giving better explanation
      atb plz rvw mine.

  • Praveenchand

    Don’t count your chicken before they are hatched

    It was 1962, Indian armed forces were fighting mighty China along Mac Mohan line , so-called great friend had broken the trust of deeply committed nation, Hindi-Chini relation took new turns. “India should have anticipated ” was the only phrase from every critic.
    3 years laters, prevailing droughts, PL-148 is not reliable and here was poor Independent country broken from the fetters of Britain fighting for its voice in the international arena through NAM. Sastry Ji gave the slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”; he started farming inside PM’s residence and didn’t wait for Green Revolution to taken its complete shape.

    Now a big question before us, when one should “hope and build our trust on that” and when should don’t blindly depend on future events! We come across these conundrums through out the spectrum of human life cycle , from school child to leader of a nation. Lets us look at the two sides of the picture, First question when we shouldn’t count on future outcome ?

    Can we look inside the wall ?

    In international relations things are unpredictable , as evident from the China example; today’s enemy is tomorrow friend and vice-versa. So diplomatic relations need a greater restrict. A small 2 inch step outside the lane can cause havoc. For example, this question comes to most of our minds “Had India restrained from involving UN in Kashmir issue!”. This is a kind of situation where strong anticipation could lead to totally unaccepted situations. But why? International relations doesn’t only depend country-country strength’s but external factors plays a key role.

    India relied on AIIB but can it rely on OBOR ? Any ways, diplomatic relations are unpredictable.

    What about economic relations ? LPG in 1991 , Middle class was growing in India, aspiring minds are looking for jobs, 10 million workforce each year. Lets take case of FDI. Every year States organise multiple investment summits, bureaucratic signs MOU’s, How many of them are realised at the end of the day ? Yes, We can’t look inside the wall. Here hope, commitment towards national objectives drives.

    But hope can’t drive some decisions. Taking crime as a case; Can we hope that enacting a law against Juvenile will prevent further crimes committed by Juveniles ? Of course not. Here is a situation where we need to take the other side that is

    Look through the hole, rays of hope are emitting!

    Human nature is unpredictable, but one ray of hope we can’t trust are , out best efforts in providing better quality education, health care services, hot cooked Mid Day Meals to our future builders.Taking skill development, if we look at it from pessimistic perspective, Country is not producing enough jobs, Infrastructure project are stalled, make in India is just launched, but mission talks about skilling 500 million people! Isn’t it over ambitious ? But critics say demographic transition will occurs before this is realised, is it so ?

    You know the answer, look through the hole, rays of hope are visible. Renaissance thought us great lesson, Human can do anything had they have will power. Skill mission is a great example.Our efforts to push infrastructure through NIIF, PPP, brining FDI, foreign technology , reforms like Indian labour code, bankruptcy to ease the business; Swacch Bharat, IMPRINT, GIAN on human capital side can provide us those rays of hope to achieve our target on education,employment and better standards of life there by fulfilling our social agreements ( Directive Principles )

    Hope vs Hope

    It seems, we are into down the rays! Lets out come back to our questions; Can we count always ? It is clear from above instances that it wouldn’t be pragmatic, Had GandhiJi know about the trick of Irwin-Pact he wouldn’t have signed it! Had he not counted on Indian masses he wouldn’t have launched the Quit India movement.

    Had we not counted on demographic dividend we wouldn’t have launched our employment and education missions ? Had we not not concerned about global future, we would have signed Paris agreement; Had we not concerned about future disaster we wouldn’t have established NDMA

    ISRO counts on its efforts it put to build a satellite, a politician counts on the policy he made, a farmer counts on his labour , a child counts on his innocent learnings. So a launch success for ISRO, poverty alleviation for politician, good crop for farmer , better results for child. Where are we without hoping for future ?

    Here we seem to have a conclusions, though you might have predicted. Conundrum! But life experiences from diverse events could make a leader, student , farmer , scientist to break the conundrum with hope.

  • Wolverine

    The Ages old proverb is
    an advice to not rely on something you are unsure of. Making plans on the base
    of assumptions can lead to Disappointment. It is in Human’s nature to predict
    the future and the outcomes in it’s store. These predictions are either based
    on empirical studies or on the complete imaginations or on the mix of these
    two. While those predictions, being made on the facts and data follow a pattern
    are most likely to give results as anticipated, the predictions made on the
    imaginations like The Earth will explode on a particular day are likely to come
    untrue. Predictions being made after taking into account the facts and then
    using imagination give a result that has a chance of both coming out as true or
    as false. It can be exemplified by Karl Marx’s prediction of a Revolution which
    would establish a Socialist society after throwing the Capitalist system didn’t
    occur though it was based on a historical study of society transcending from
    Primitive to the Capitalist.

    There is a great role of
    society and it’s system in making an individual to take decisions on
    assumptions. Many individuals and organizations including the govt. take them
    as a result of Societal pressure. Their quick decisions become symbol of their
    proficiency in dealing with matters. The societal pressure gets reduced and the
    decision makers then work with their regular capacity. Such hasty decisions
    based on prediction of an individual mostly come out wrong as mentioned
    earlier. This has been true for every period of Human Civilization. There have
    been many events in the past that give us the details of it. We study the ‘Story
    of Panch Parmeshwar’ as a classic example of it and it can be seen in various
    sections of our society and our lives on a regular basis.

    Let’s see it in the case
    of India. The fast growing developing India is ranked 3rd today in
    the ranking of countries with most no. of start ups. Many individuals there
    want to become successful entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckenbarg, Bill gates and
    Steve Jobs etc. These aspiring entrepreneurs
    start a large no. of those startups which either shift from India to countries
    like Singapore in some time or Shut down. The reasons vary from the
    non-sustainable environment to govt.’s policies and from hasty decisions of an
    individual to entry into a wrong or already overcrowded sector. IT is one such
    sector. Numerous Start-ups are coming in Mobile Payment and Communications
    sector but few come in the Health, Education and Clean Energy etc. sectors. A
    major reason for such a trend can be attributed to the wrong predictions where
    new entrepreneurs see the money flowing in IT sector and jump in it for gaining
    a share in them. Many of them don’t study the other sectors and encouraged by
    the govt.’s support and societal flow, engage themselves in establishing new
    enterprises. Without making a reliable study of the risks and their success,
    they walk the path to failure.

    There are many other
    sections of our society acting in more or less a similar manner. Farmers for
    instance, have developed the mentality of govt. waiving off their loans before
    elections recently and ended up getting their names in the list of defaulters
    when the govt. didn’t do so. This reduced their future chances of availing a
    loan and gave them a mental, legal and societal pressure to pay back their due
    loan amounts. Many such farmers then resort to ‘Suicides’.

    The similar trend can be
    seen in the govt and Parliament’s functioning as well especially in the
    democratic societies where the very stability of the govt. depends upon it’s
    people welfare and people centric policies. It is required to act in accordance
    to the pressure put on it by various groups of people and organization. It has
    recently been seen in India where the govt. passed the Juvenile Justice Act
    after a large Public demand for it.

    The history of Human
    Civilization is full of several events where the plans based on assumptions
    have lead to disappointments. It is as much true for the US’ invasion of Iraq
    in 2003 as to the attack of Germany on the USSR during II World War. No doubt
    the management studies largely focus upon the decision making. There is a need
    to develop the society for it’s members to learn patience and take minimal no.
    of such decisions. It can come through Education which would help the country
    to grow with it’s fullest potential and become a sustainable growing nation.

    • anonymous

      Wolverine nice attempt buddy. Introduction is very nice and rich content. however few suggestions- 🙂

      a)Story of panchmarmeshwar should be explained in 1-2 lines.
      b)Your can diversify your ans. on following points
      1)realistic goals versus big goals 2)optimism versus illusion 3)acceptances versus expectation 4). What you desire and what you get 5)consistency versus overconfidence
      c)Critical part is missing 🙂
      d)I would suggest dnt use examples or any new concept in conclusion rather give gist of your independent thinking

      See im very new in essay writing so may be im wrong at certain points. So im open for correction. 🙂 Keep reviewing if you have time plz check my essay. Its my 2nd essay 🙂

      • Wolverine

        Dear Anon, Please make me know your name so that I can review your essay. I tried finding it on the whole page but you see there are around 100 essays and 700+ comments here which makes it difficult for me to find. Besides, Searching Anonymous gives me only 3 results.

        Being new or old doesn’t matter.

        What matters is that You have some SUGGESTIONS to GIVE and this is what I look here for 🙂

        [[1)realistic goals versus big goals 2)optimism versus illusion 3)acceptances versus expectation 4). What you desire and what you get 5)consistency versus overconfidence]] — Real good points.

        Please keep reviewing.

        I will improve 🙂

        • anonymous

          Thank you 🙂 KWAR:)

  • Night Fury

    “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

    Eagerly waiting for the results of IIT-JEE one of the toughest exams, Rahul went to the
    temple that morning to pray for his results. He was anxious about the outcomes.
    It was his second (and last) attempt and he had been preparing or the exam for
    the past 1 year after clearing his 12th Boards with highest marks in
    school. He even got scholarship to do Biotech Course from his state university,
    but he wanted to become an engineer that too from the prestigious Indian
    Institute of Technology. With every family member hoping to him to clear this
    time. He was a brilliant student indeed, so expectations were a normal thing.
    But destiny had written something else for him. Scrolling down the list he
    couldn’t find his roll number. He checked again and again, all in vain. He
    already had told everyone that he was too sure to get into the list. Relatives and
    friends called him to ask about the result, but he couldn’t muster up the
    courage to talk to them. He had dreamt of how “life would be when he will be in
    IIT”, how he will make his family proud of him. He had even planned to get the
    best package in the college and getting placed abroad! He had tied too many hopes and aspirations
    with this exam that one failure led him into depression.

    This is what happens when we dream too much start anticipating outcomes in “only” positive
    way and get assured of the things that didn’t even happen or are not sure of
    happening. The saying “Do not count your chickens before they hatch” is apt in
    a way that “we shouldn’t count on our profits before we have earned them. We shouldn’t
    be confident of that “Desired result/outcome, that desired Promotion, that
    desired Profit,that desired “lottery”, before we actually earn them or that
    event actually happens in reality.

    Don’t assume the things before they actually happen. The famous story of the Milkmaid carrying
    a bucket of milk on her head and going to sell it in the market,that we all
    heard in schools. On her way she daydreams about how she would become rich when
    she gets money and what all she will do with this money, in the process of imagining
    she loses her attention on the bucket and accidentally drops it on the road. All
    daydreaming shattered there itself. The moral of the story is Not to Expect
    much and Not to get our hopes very high.

    Probably JL Nehru was very aware of this “moral principle” of not expecting too much during the
    time we got Independence. Keeping in view the considerable international and
    domestic uncertainty he didn’t expect much from the then Super Powers and
    decided to pursue the Non-Aligned nature of India’s foreign Policy. His was a
    possible pragmatic approach to focus on domestic development.

    So was Dr. B.R Ambedkar, when after the successful completion of the writing of Indian Constitution
    and its adoption. When he said that however good a Constitution may be, it is
    sure to turn out bad because those who are called to work it, happen to be a
    bad lot. However bad a Constitution may be, it may turn out to be good if those
    who are called to work it, happen to be a good lot. The working of a
    Constitution does not depend wholly upon the nature of the Constitution. He was
    pragmatic in NOT tying high expectations/hopes about the working of our

    Being not over optimistic and working on the plans step by step is the best possible
    pragmatic approach, as we just justified this stance. What this saying “Don’t
    count your chickens before they hatch” implies is don’t depend on something
    that is not certain. Actually practically speaking NOTHING is certain in life.
    We don’t know what may happen the very next moment. Calamities/disasters or any
    miss-hap, nobody ever predicts them ! and nobody want them to happen either!

    So does that mean we should stop dreaming? We should stop being optimistic about future?. That
    we are not worthy of achieving that goal, or writing that Book (because we don’t
    know what may happen next). From the very start in our lives we are being
    taught to expect less work more, dream less and be practical and know what your
    level is. We somehow settle for mediocrity when we keep this kind of mindset.
    Our honorable Nationalists during the time of freedom struggles, had they not “dreamt”
    of an Independent India, we wouldn’t be breathing in a FREE India today! They
    worked and struggles day and night to make their ”Dream” of free India come
    true. Faced all the odds ,harshest circumstances.

    If we develop a fear in mind that ”things won’t go our way” we will never be able to
    give our 100% to achieve it. Day dreaming is good in a way that one gets that
    motivation of “how GOOD life would be” when I become the person I wanted to be.
    Expectation is indeed one of the most powerful tools we have. It fuels our ambition.
    Intense anticipation has the possibility to turn our dreams into reality. Hope is
    a weak prayer. Anticipation/expectation makes us believe that we are going to
    focus on that ONE SINGLE thing and work like mad to achieve that single thing.
    So “Count your chickens before they have hatched!”

    Count the Chickens, do whatever it takes to count them ! Work in the best possible way to
    achieve that one thing. Dream yourself to be THAT Person. Create that feeling
    of how life would be , start living your dreams and expectations. As Muhammad
    Ali , the legendary Athlete says “I am the greatest, I said that even before I
    knew I was.” But one should has that courage to face the failures too. To get
    up every time one fails. To re-start living the expectations again. To count your
    chickens again before they hatch!

    THANK YOU ! 🙂

    • ur essay way an epitome of simplicity. No use of fancy GS and simple and lucid flow. I’ll read it twice to find a flaw 😀

      • Night Fury

        credits to you 😀

      • sankar

        kripa karo maharaj
        plz rvw mine

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      Awesome Night fury !! Very inspiring too. 🙂

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      highly inspiring essay… essay acc to me (though read only 3-4 including mine :))

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    • Man I cannot find flaws 🙁

      It was really inspiring, look at the upvotes man, u got 5 in not even 5 mins! U r the man here.
      (credits to me, I feel mera “new year” waala blog kaam aa gaya :D)

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        New Year wala article was awesome !!! full of motivation ^_^

    • Lord Tuktuk

      intro is not well presented! i prefer wrting something philosophical first or quote something relted to what you gonna write and then give example of your IIT man! Ambedkar point, freshly presented!
      love ur conclusion!! one of the best! 🙂
      after reading the whole essay, my mind is diverted to your intro again! you wrote there that he was preparing seriously from 1 year! you didnt tell why he failed? didnt he studied much? was he daydreaming too much? was he only daydreaming? (personal opinion)
      you can add more perspectives too Fury!
      overall i liked your essay! :)there ws no flaw 🙂 you write toooo good mate!!
      All the best D!

      • Night Fury

        yes Lord! I agree while writing intro I was feeling if I am supporting the essay topic or not.. tried to give it a better look.. will improve it next time 🙂
        thanks for the review.. I will review yours.. rukja bas thoda 😀

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    • black mamba

      your perspectives are fresh.
      use some other example instead of ‘exam-daydreaming about result’ it’s beaten to death in essays like this. give reader something new. there’re tons of them.
      historic examples in first part are ingenious 😀 LOVED THEM
      however u can include a little more contemporary examples in the second part (well u know m biased :P)
      i feel instead of writing ‘count your chickens before they hatch’ you should write something of an established idiom on optimism.

      • Night Fury

        Okay Black Mamba !
        your points are all well accepted. Yes I know examples are lacking.. couldn’t think of much.. will read your essay, as and when u write , i know examples will be innovative 😀

        • black mamba

          ‘don’t count chickens before they hatch fury :P’ = don’t expect a lot from my essay. i might review well (everyone enjoys being critical) , but when it comes to writing essays -_-

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          i dunno if i wrote properly :/

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    • Akhil

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    • sankar

      very good night
      good flow but i think you should some more different angle like internation issues reducing monoly of wto, the UN/
      terrorism; the us dreamt supporting militants against the ussr will not harm the US etc.

      plz rvw mine friends

      • HEY sankar. How is “WTO monopoly”, UN and the third point of urs related to this topic, can u please explain me? Just curious

        • sankar

          hey dost
          see the expectation in the creation of wto was based on fair and just world trade ie facilitate fair trade between member countries but some vested interests of member countries are reducing its importance. In the same manner, the role of UN to form a platform for the disposal of international dispute but the monopoly of western countrie in the form of invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan etc have vanished.
          in all these scenario, results are against our desires
          thus donot count chickens before they hatch.

    • anonymous

      Nice content. Few suggestion(may be not very useful for you :D)
      a)i find your intro too long. you can cut short it.
      b)you should include few contemporary examples as well
      c)you can expand your ans on these points –(May be not write )
      1)realistic goals versus big goals 2)optimism versus illusion 3)acceptances versus expectation 4). What you desire and what you get 5)consistency versus overconfidence

      I tried to write an essay if you have time plz check it:)

      • Night Fury

        Hey Anonymous
        you gave very valuable feedback for me . really appreciated !! 🙂
        will read yours

    • Sree

      nice one. i want specially mention that optimistic view in ur aprroach in the idiom i.e .NEHRU and AMBEDKAR. but in rahul context.. it would be better to point out why he failed ,althoug he gave such serious efforts.

      really phylosophical conclusion.

      • sankar

        sree bhai
        mera bhi ek bar sree ganesh kar dijiye
        appka mai rvw kar raha hun

        • Sree

          deal ok .done.

      • Night Fury

        Hi Sree !
        yes I agree with your point. should have mentioned this “why he failed”
        thanks for the suggestion ! 🙂
        will review yours

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    • Isha

      Hi Fury! Happy New year 🙂
      Regarding your essay, Intro seems a bit stretched. This time you have connected the essay well.
      Ur JLN wla example- seems not relevant here
      Ambedkar example too- turned complicated due to language. Though an apt example it is.
      You have taken the critical part too- plus point!
      Though conclusion went other way-seems like too much motivating.
      Also, I think you could have included either more examples in the middle part or you could have provided some of ur gyan in elaboration. After ambedkar wla example, essay began to reflect that its goin to end soon.
      I may be wrong, correct me then :p
      And please review mine!

      • Night Fury

        Hey Isha ! Happy New Year 🙂
        you are right in your perception (opinion differs :D)
        I agree I lacked examples..
        Thanks for the suggestions !! 🙂
        Will review yours too

    • G.

      hey night fury,

      somewhat different essay that i wrote. you emphasized on dreaming and counting though not attaching with one side. what to say. it was smooth and easy.
      conclusion is great and dreaming example and connection is good merger.
      However i am not a big fan of starting essays with examples specially in philosophical essays.

      allover a good essay.

      • Night Fury

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        yes will review yours too 🙂

    • Ash

      Hi Fury! 🙂

      1. You started with an example directly.. I’m not sure… I don’t support it actually .. I feel substantiating shud be examples… But Mr Serious does justice with his examples… I would say include them.. but may be give a lil say fodder to the essay topic and then connect! Mythology, ya quote.. something.. don’t just attack is what I mean! 😛

      2. Example is good okay .. but a little too long!

      3. I liked the direction you gave to your essay.. Ummmmmmm! Not to expect much.. I have a different take on this though!

      4. Constitution – linking part is laudable

      5. ‘Actually practically speaking NOTHING is certain in life.’ – liked the way you put this

      6. Good Conclusion! 🙂 KWAR! 🙂

      • Night Fury

        THANK YOU MA’AM :!! Glad you liked it 🙂
        I will work on the suggestions you gave.

    • Ash

      An upvote for your examples! 🙂

    • niti

      the best part is that it is more a “philosophical one”..nice use of examples. but in intro i think elaborating the theme is more important.
      then in intro’s example..ur story is more of failure to a planned and hard work. i ll go with tuktuk’s review here.
      ur conclusion though nicely written and gives a happy ending to it, introduces a new side to it.

      overall a nice essay but depends on the examiner’s view..
      plz review mine…

      • Night Fury

        Thanks Niti !!!
        Yes I agree with your point 🙂
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      U could hv added some more dimensions. Rest is fine.
      Kindly review my essay

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        yeah mine isn’t a “multi-dimensional” essay
        will improve !
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      Hi Fury, finally 😀
      1)include comma after IIT JEE 😛
      2)today i have focused on you expressions and i can definitely say that you have improved
      3)I liked the “fighter” attitude that you maintained throughout your essay that you count chicken but work towards them very hard
      4)at last you can give examples that how we can avoid te fears that you talked about in the second last para
      apart from, i don’t think much is left for me to point out in your essay, so overall a good one!!

      • Night Fury

        Man ! where were you today! Essay nahi likha aaj ?
        1) comma LOL 😛
        2) Yeah I tried to stress upon that.. hopefully improved a bit.
        3) Yo I am the “Fighter Dragon”
        4) Okay!
        Thanks you !!

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    • Namrata

      Hey fury
      Positives: the examples were great and it was best that you did justice to both sides of the coin. 🙂
      1. I found it highly repetitive.. with multiple anecdotes and every time stating “dont count ur chickens…..” means …… so avoid that .. like for the first 3 paragraphs only the meaning is told .. and then essay piks up no doubt with nehru and ambedkar examples (which were awesome) but then again u elaborated the meaning at one place.. Kindly avoid it.
      2. Conclusion: you conclusion may be motivating all of us as u have used second person ..but somehow i feel it would be wiser to go for third person in exam situation ..second person would be probably great for situations of debates and speeches.
      Overall great ..keep writing and reviewing 🙂

      • Night Fury

        Thanks a lot Namrata ! 🙂
        really valuable suggestions .
        I will take care of these from next time !
        will have a look at your essay too

  • Akhil

    World is full of diversity. Among the humans also we can see profound diversity in physical appearance, intelligence, food habit etc.
    Some believe in hardwork and some spend their life in dreaming and making predictions about future.
    Some people only make plans and after doing
    small work start dreaming that rest will happen itself. They start predicting about the future, which is not in their hand and for these kind of people the given proverb fits true. There is an interesting story in famous book ‘panchtantra’.
    The story goes like this..
    ‘there was a poor Brahman in varanshi. He was spending his life in very hardship by begging alms from door to door. Most of the time he got sattu (flour of barley), he will consume some amount and rest store in earthen pot for future use. The pot was kept hanging from seiling. One day he was lying on his bed and started dreaming after watching pot. I will sell the sattu in the market and purchase a horse. By selling that horse purchase two after sometime and from two to four and one day i will have huge collection of horses. I will make huge house and marry with beautiful girl. When we have child, I will play with him and if child will fall I will shout at my wife and kick on her breast. He was so immersed in his dream that he thought everything reality and kicked on earthen pot. Pot got broken and entire sattu fell on his head thus his entire dream shattered. It is therefore rightly said that don’t count on anything before it actually happens.

    Even today we can find person who only dream and live in the world of fantasy. This kind of attitude makes man lazy as he starts predicting everything without actually making any effort. Such person hardly succeed in their life, they only make castles in the air . such attitude is not good for society as well. Suppose if our freedom fighters have just counted on belief that British will leave country one day by their own, we haven’t got independence yet. They were of the opinion that British will not leave themselves, but have to be thrown out. They succeeded in their effort due to relentless struggle against British.

    Human being are dynamic creature. They posses unique qualities to accomplish their target. But every person do not use their abilities to complete their mission. Some work hard and make their dream come true while some only live in the world of dream and took it as reality. Proper planning and execution is needed for success of any project or goal. For example
    Sachin Tendulkar make it goal of his life to become like him. He didn’t just dreamed it but also achieved his goal due to hard work. Had he become a great batsman if he just dreamed of without working rightly and sincerely.

    It is man’s action which makes him perfect. Making prediction about future is futile exercise as no one knows future. Man only has present in his hand and learning from past he is can achieve anything provided he put sincere effort. Even Lord Krishna has said in bhagvadgeeta that ‘you only do your karma and don’t (predict) it’s outcome.

    • Akhil

      Please review friends

  • niti

    plz review ., this is my first essay ; waiting for your valuable feedbacks..


    To dream is pertinent to realize our aims and actions, however just dreaming would make them infeasible, thus expectation of a dream would not make it happen. To turn them into reality actions are required.

    In our daily routine, if we get a positive outcome or a small success, we build grandiose dreams but fail to turn them into reality. Westart counting our future course of action burdening a small positivity in our lives. It is true that a drop is required to initiate the process of ocean filling but we must question ourselves “are we doing enough to fill that ocean
    and not letting this drop to just evaporate?”

    If we count our future success in advance over which we have no control, their failure may lead to frustration, stress and chaos. What is required is to act and not to wait for its outcome. These future successes can fill us with excitements and when these excitements and impulses are gone we fall back on the ground realizing our mistakes of not turning our excitements into action.

    Taking examples from our current political mood, GOI has come out with so many schemes (dream on dream) so enormous in numbers and ideal in theory that while reading them our impulses go up, making us to dream a “flourishing
    and prosperous India” and when the document ends we remain with our slowly vanishing “impulse” and reverberating thoughts in mind. To realize these grandiose thoughts and to make our country to flourish constant and persistent
    grandiose efforts are required, to transform our thoughts into actions – think about ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ where a single citizen is accountable.

    Diplomatic relations with our neighbours-China and Pakistan epitomize this quote beautifully. Given our historical events, a small positive diplomatic move in our relations sometimes raises unexpected positivity over other concerns. Recent meeting of Indian and Pakistani PMs shows how a success can define dreaming of future success- projects like TAPI, India –pak trade etc.

    Every act has certain degree of feasibility and thereby a degree of success too, a single action may not define success to other action. In a certain frame of time chances of variability can be there which defines success and failure. Thus getting excited in advance would not realize it.

    Imagine what if you are in a war field and just a distance away from success and you start dreaming of your early success and its aftermath, this could be fatal to you and your dreams- and an opportunity your enemy can
    avail – making you unable to count on your success.

    We all have read about the story of rabbit and tortoise, how rabbit underestimate his opponent and starts day dreaming of winning the race which comes as an opportunity to tortoise and he wins. There are many examples in our lives too where we expect things from ourselves and others. And when things fail to get realize we criticize circumstances and at times even people around us. This is all because of our unending desires and followed expectations.

    Keeping our desires in consonance with our needs, turning our dreams into actions and enjoying every bit of a success- even a smaller one, would be effective in ending our unexpected expectations- counting chickens.

    • yaar I really loved the flow! It started well, maintained the tempo in the middle . the conclusion was abrupt. U could try conclude in a better way. It felt like bahut jaldi thi khatam karne ki. the rabbit tortoise story could be included in the intro itself. BUT using it as an example was really good.I have read ur previous essays so don’t lie it’s ur first 😀

      Overall really good! Upvote for this 🙂

      • niti

        nhi nhi..this is my first..on paper and here too..
        yes jaldi thi..i was totally blank in the kya likhun ab..:D
        will rewrite the conclusion..thanks for review

    • Lord Tuktuk

      hey Niti!!
      You know the stuff i think you just need to present it in a proper form!!
      just try to connect link by link with proper structure!
      start with:
      then show ur intro with an example
      then relate it to other dimensions also maybe one two historical, CA, or any other angle which u like!! then you can show how it have an impact, show its other side that if it always the same way or not!! and in the end, justify your whole essay with your conclusion!! 🙂
      dont worry if this is a first time!! you’ll improve!! most of us are also beginners!!
      you have done well!! keep writing!! 🙂 All the best!

      • niti

        thanks for ur suggestions..i think i should plan before writing and this is missing from essay. next tym on i will plan..:)

  • Jaya Swatantra

    Life is a blessing where we can reach to our fullest potential by realising our dreams through hard and smart consistent efforts.Dreams inspire us, motivate us for moving ahead but these dreams should be real in the sense we should not make castle in the air.One must has the courage to accept the realities of present and work accordingly.I recall TV serial ” Moongeri Lal ke hasin sapne” where he used to dream only without even contributing something in the direction of fullfilling it.When he used to open his eyes he was dumbstruck seeing the stark realities.While dreaming he enjoyed a superficial state which is short lived.He did not bother to be vigilant and attentive in the present to work in the direction of fullfilling his dream.The real enjoyment comes through living the dream by honest actions.Focussing on the present is the key of a fully enriched life.”Work while you work play while you play that is the way to be happy and gay”.Who does not want to be at the pinnacle of success? But only those who deserve achieve that.A student just aspiring to see his name in the merit list of board exams is of no worth if he does not study sincerily .So many UPSC aspirants like me dreaming for training in National Academy Of Administration is of no avail if not synchronised by proper efforts.One must add life to the dreams by smart hard work,proper planning keeping in mind the present resources and its execution.SAFAL HONE KE LIYE SAPNO MEIN JAAN HONA JAROORI HAI ,HOUSLOW MEIN UDAN HONA JARURI HAI…..AND THE SAGA OF SUCCESS CONTINUES……There are so many great examples to follow suit.Gandhi ji did not merely dreamt of an independent India but he realised this truth through his painful protests,hunger strikes and terms in jail.The Indian mass realised the truth through the penance of Gandhi ji.They saw him searching for it through non violent satyagrah and his single mindedness.Ganhiji’s life and work prove beyond doubt that dream is lived.Sriniwas Ramanujan died at very young age.But in that young age he stunned the whole world by propounding several precious theories of Maths which are used by scientists and mathematicians even today.India’s missile man former people’s president APJ abdul kalam through his actions proved that “Dreams are not which we see in sleep but dreams do not let us sleep.”Kalpana Chawla cherished her dream of exploring space by relentless efforts and even met with an accident and lost her life while her space shuttle entering in the earth’s atmosphere caught fire.Such is the strong and incessant will to adhere to the cause of the dreams.Our present PM Narendra Modi ji is an individual par excellence is of a very humble origin but his hard situations could not act as a detterent for his journey of success.The dreams are not at the stake of troubles at all.These individuals took these troubles to test ones integrity,conscience and innate abilities of a man.Once he goes the fiery process of living the dream he becomes the finest human being.Almighty has sent us to this world to deliver outputs of highest order.When we tackle obstacles we find hidden reserves of courage and resilience we did not know we had.They are all there in us.We only need to find these reserves and move on with our lives.Life may be short in years but our efficient deeds must justify our existence on the planet.India’s dream of a self reliant and an inclusive development is possible only when accompanied by necessary actions in the desired direction.

    Merely dreaming is a sheer waste of time.The time and energy wasted in hollow dreaming can be deviated to accomplish the dream.Dreams are good till they act as a motivating factor but if they take us away from the realities then it is not a welcome move.We human are animals of a different kind.We can think,visualise,accomplish and create.We have the innate power to fullfill our dream so lets arise awake and do not stop till the goal is reached.

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Please review friends…

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.segregate the essay in various becomes too monotonous when you just keep on writing.
      2.rather than firstly explaining points only and then giving examples only try to have a mix of will make it more interesting..examples were very good…specially APJ wala
      3.Structure structure is there in ur essay
      keep writing..thank you

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for the review… wud make necessary amendments..

    • you completed the whole essay in a single para! Please follow a structure. U had a good command over contents, just give it a damn structure man! Not a good effort this time, really sorry

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Ya i did that mistake….. but no reviews on content ??

        • I told u “yu’ve good command over your contents”— just give it a structure yaar! Write it again if u want! That may help 🙂

    • Isha

      Hi Jaya!
      As u asked to focus on content- I would say u missed to include some examples in negative tone, like the Mungeri Lal one. Most of your essay focused on keeping a watch over ur actions so that u can achieve something substantial in life. What I think is we’ve to write about not to indulge in day-dreaming. We need to take some actions to make our dreams come true.
      We’ve to specifically highlight the loss one bears while day-dreaming/ or u can say hoping about something which is yet not present. I hope u r getting what I am trying to say! Feeel free to differ.
      What u have written can also be included but like in another half- after describing the above mentioned points^.
      Let me know if I am wrong somewhere!

      • Jaya Swatantra

        Thanks for the review Isha…… its really valuable… going to review yours… 🙂

  • P.s

    Siri is my friend and an intelligent and hard working girl. She put all her smart efforts in right direction to achieve her dream of becoming IAS officer but couldn’t clear 2015 prelims and even decided to give up her dream. What went wrong with her? Let see.
    This all because of her tendency of counting the chickens before they hatched spoiled her entire preparation. Just two months before the prelims she completely distracted from her focus and started living in dreams of “I will get through prelims, for mains test series which institute shall I join . I would clear mains and interview also finally I will get a rank of below 10. All my relatives and neighbours will praise me other civils aspirants will consult me for my guidance.” All this over excitement, over confidence and dreams on dreams couldn’t make her stay focused on prelims and wasted her precious time. The failure in prelims not only collapsed her dreams but disappointed her to the extent that she gave up taught of becoming an IAS officer.
    If anyone makes plans based on assumptions can lead to disappointment. Had Siri continued her preparation as before the result could have been positive if not also her attitude towards next attempt would have been different for sure.
    This daydreamings not only divert our focus but also deprive us of little thing we have. To know how will it happens let’s see a story of a poor girl who has some eggs. While carrying eggs to home she thinks of getting chickens from them and after selling few of them buying some goats and after rearing them for few months making huge money by selling them. And buying a bicycle to reach her work place daily and pushing the people who are touching her bicycle. Lost in her daydreams she forced her hands all eggs in her hand fell down and broken now the girl is with tears but no use. Like this many people daydream of future wealth arising from a temporary possession. When they get carried away by their fantasy and start acting it out , they break the container on which their dream is founded and found themselves worse off.
    Then does dreaming is all the worst thing? Answer is not always. Dream is as important to success as engine is to vehicle. But that dream shall based on reality not on other dreams.
    For example India dreams of reaping demographic dividend based on reality of having huge working age population. To achieve this dream it launched skill India scheme to enable citizens with skills required for job. In this case realistic dream of benefitting from demography made government to focus its energies in right direction.
    Dreams based on reality( and planning accordingly) or based on assumptions are always not met with expected results more so in latter case. We should be prepared to face any outcome. Those who have eggs are blessed as many are deprived of them so with optimistic view provide all the facilities for the eggs to hatch and never be over confident. Isn’t it foolis to think of chickens rather of eggs.

    Planning to achieve your dream is good and always welcome but dreaming that all your plans will succeed and further dreaming on them can lead to disappointment and is wastage of your time and resources. We have control on our actions not on results so it’s not fair to ponder over outcome. Outcome surely based on efforts not on how many dreams you have built on the base which is uncertain result for it self. So be realistic and come out of daydreamings before you become victim of that.

    • Vivaan Khanna

      1.Include more dimensions

      2.Be realistic but not pessimistic,so could conclude on more positive note
      3.Philosophical essays need some content
      nice attempt but written very less…
      review mine if possible

      • P.s

        Thanks VIVAAN for the worthy review. Will review your’s

    • the essay lacks in most of the things.
      yu lack dimensions. The example used was too general and u concluded it too early with concluding it to real conclusion.
      The other side of it is well dealt with. the problem is u have not substantiated enough to support the statement, which is imperative. It may be a 60-40 approach.

      Conclusion is good. add more content. Assuming this is ur first essay, good start. take my words positively 🙂

      • P.s

        Thank you so much serious for the review. Yeah its my first essay, will mind your points and will try to improve next time.

    • Hey, I personally don’t like story in the beginning, not just yours, anyone’s.

      This is a statement based essay, gives you too much discretion, you can take it from ur village to silicon valley. None can stop you. So choose an area with which you are comfortable and some area where u know good number of facts.

      U can talk about say, the manufacturing industry, talk why it has failed and is not able to take off. Take about policies being put in place and expecting the jobs and everything.

      This is what I think, may be completely wrong!

      Kareem? Telugu na?

      • P.s

        Thank you very much for the review.

        I think at best one para on result of improper planning and implementation(as you talked about manufacturing industry )of course I didn’t mention that too.
        Yeah Telugu.
        I guess you have seen my reply to honey.
        A small correction its not kareem , kareem sir.

        • One para?? Anyways it differs from person to person!! Cool and yeah Kareem sir!!

          • P.s

            May be you are correct (I mean not just 1 para).
            Are you also kareem sir student

            • P.s

              Whose essay you liked here.
              I read night fury’s, I think it is good

    • Batman

      Bhai, for a first essay, it is a good start. your expressions are good but still you can improve further!

      1)make it multidimensional by giving more examples
      2)include suggestions: meditation, yoga and mindfulness!! to be in the present moment
      3)include substance in your essay i.e you have examples but they all hover around a same point i.e. you fail or succeed when you dream. but what about the learning process involved in failures; what about energies being channelized or dechannelized every second; the quality of thoughts creating hormones in our body that harm us; fall in ability to concentrate; automated reactions (anger or frustration) because we are so preoccupied and buoyed in ourselves that we don’t pay heed to someone else
      hope it helps! please feel free to contradict 🙂

      • P.s

        Yes bro it helps a lot.
        Thank you soooooooooooooo much for this detailed review.

        So the points you have mentioned in the second half of the 3rd points can be given as consequences of daydreamings and 2nd point could be one of the solution. Did I get your point.(all other suggestions you have given are clear to me and I will improve on them)

        • Batman

          yes Bhai !

    • Night Fury

      Hi p.s
      I liked the “simplicity” of your words. This is the best thing according to me.
      Considering the first essay It’s a good start. (mine was a disaster 😛 )
      1. u started intro with “my friend” make it 3rd person. like : “there was a girl”
      Then story is good.
      same moral u portrayed with another story (eggs basket) which occupied many words in ur essay.
      Demographic dividend example good.
      like this give some different aspects too.
      like u may have read many essays. u must have got good number of examples.
      Your essay is one sided “counting chicken is NOT good”
      however it’s not a Hard and fast rule, the other side of the coin holds some water too.
      SO give some philosophical perspective to this idea also.
      and HOW one can turn the “dreaming” into “reality”

      This is what I personally follow (Nobody’s approach is full proof)
      You write well I feel. With time we improve. Keep it up ! 🙂

      • P.s

        Thank you very much fury for this worthy review.(from now onwards I may irritate you to review my answers).

        First I thought to write on other side also but while writing I forgot.
        Will mind your points.

  • Cage Cage

    Don’t count ur chickens before they hatch

    A very poplular saying , is very much relevant and linked to
    the present dynamic world where
    competition and success have become important parameters in determining the
    future of the person especially very
    much to the youth.

    Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada

    Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarman

    Sanskrit verse from Geeta ,where lord Krishna explains Arjuna to fulfill his
    duty and not to think about the result of the epic war, as the action is
    necessary with complete dedication instead of thinking of the possible result or

    thinking of some big personalities or legends ,namely Mahatma Gandhi , Bill
    Gates , Mother Teresa , Nelson Mandela or
    A PJ Abdul Kalam, we usually see the recognition they gained but the
    hardwork behind accomplishment of their goals needs to be of more
    importance, as success is inevitable but the dedication to work is prime
    with complete focus and passion.

    for specific task needs planning infact smart strategy to tackle any impediment
    if faced with .The important thing to remember is “Failure is never the end of
    life “, it just provokes a person to be more focussed,besides it makes a person
    to let him count his follies and improve upon them.Every person fails ,no one
    is born perfect so even failing for hundred times does not makes a person
    incapable what he may achieve in his next attempt. A steady person even with
    low intelligence can bring positive results but most although look very
    conscious about what to do in initial days and end up with day dreaming later
    which causes serious tension or sometimes make the person depressed so much to
    the level of serious offences ,among
    which suicides also count ,and this is one of the main reason to answer why
    more than 30 students who were studying
    at kota,Rajasthan had made end to their lives just because of the fear
    of failure or getting failed made them do so.

    important concept of “Hard work which is the key to success” , would always
    remain true and alive as long as success is concerned it will definitely arrive
    although it may take time which may be even big also. The other thing a person may imbibe in his life is never doubt
    himself/herself in his capacity to succeed rather he should be courageous
    enough to move ahead with vigour .An inspirational quote by Walt Disney “All our dreams may come true the only
    condition is to have the courage to pursue in life “, and it is very must valid
    in this context .One of the best example : Thomas Edison made 1000 unsuccessful attempts before making bulb
    as one of the biggest inventions of all
    time in his 1001th attempt .Even our nation is also the biggest example
    who gained independence after hundreds of years of struggle
    ,sincerity,tolerance etc.

    world is facing the problems of terrorism ,intense pollution,natural climatic
    adversities and various social problems which may all together be said as
    failure of the world in taming them
    although these problems may be very large but they have not brought the
    world to a halt and world leaders are deterring them with new solutions through
    international peace keeping organizations ,integrated and friendly strategies towards
    the mother earth in curbing environmental
    problems,finance giving bodies to help the world grow economically too
    .We also know it is very difficult to rescue the living world out of their paws
    but it is not impossible/

    nation which is blessed with the largest youth numbers, have the potential to
    make the evolutionary changes and be the mighty power of the world ,the only
    thing required is focus them to the right direction , they have to believe in
    themselves as things would be possible if proper nurturing in proper time and
    with regular efforts,even the Government have also done promising improvements in the field of employment
    ,infrastructure ,information technology
    and we as the citizens of the country have the previlige to make best use of it
    to fly our way to glory and getting success after success keeping in mind that we
    would maintain a balance in life in facing both successes as well as failures .

    m writing her for the first time so it must be having lots of mistakes pls feel
    free to help me know them and give ur suggestions in improving them)

  • BPS

    PLZ review bhai log…

    In the middle of 1757, the armies of Nawab of Bengal and East India Company assembled at the battleground in Plassey. A large army of Nawab was against an army of a commercial body. After initial battle, the Nawab became confident of his victory. He counted the chickens before they hatched and left the battlefield by putting the responsibility of battle on his army commander. However, dissertation in the Nawab’s camp led to the victory of East India Company and rise of British power in Bengal.

    This story was not an isolated incident. History is full of incidences when individuals have taken decisions based on the assumption that all their expectations would be fulfilled. Even now, individuals, family, organisations and countries are pursuing certain goals or facing some challenges. This proverb should be a
    reminder to all of them about the adverse impact of decision making based on assumption that all their expectations would come true..

    During the Nehruvian era, India pursued its foreign policy based on the principles of non-alignment and peaceful coexistence. It was assumed that these principles would prevent any other country from attacking India. Thus, India counted the chickens before they hatched and neglected its defence preparedness. However, the Chinese invasion in 1962 gave a set back to the country. After Indo-China war, India foreign policy shifted from idealism to pragmatism.

    The application of the proverb is not only limited to a nation. It is equally applicable to an individual in his professional or personal decision making. Some individuals leave their well paid employment for uncertain future like establishing a strat-up company with half baked plans. They count the chickens before they hatch which may land them in financial trouble. If their idea does not fructify, it may lead to disappointment and financial problems. It must be clarified that innovation and entrepreneurship should be promoted. But it
    should be outcome of pragmatic decisions. In the above case, the individual must ensure a career back up before he takes up start-up opportunity.

    A similar incident also happens in personal relationship. A parent ought to impart value education to child. However, due to paucity of time, parents think that their child would automatically receive the family values and values from his school. This trend has accentuated due to advent of nuclear families and rise of materialism. They count the chickens before they hatch and the child may get exposed to social evils as
    he/she may not have development a value judgement of what is right or wrong. This is one of the contributory factors towards rise in juvenile delinquency, cyber crimes, addiction to drugs, tobacco etc. Thus, the parents should strive to inculcate a sound value judgement in his/her child by maintaining a work-life

    Sometimes an individual may have to face unforeseen consequences due to his/her half baked
    decisions. Many people form India decide to migrate to a Arabian countries in the hope of finding a source of employment for higher wages. Their decision is based on some informal sources of information about better opportunities in West Asia and they go there with the help of unregulated agents. The individual
    count the chickens before they hatch and he may become a victim of forced labour, human trafficking etc.

    This proverb has immense significance for governance in a country. A welfare state like India implements several schemes and programmes for social empowerment, improving the quality of life and inclusive development. However, the actual implementation of these programmes become difficult because the assumptions made during policy formulation may not hold true. Many incidences can be quoted.

    The incidence is related to measuring the performance of a scheme on the basis of expenditure made rather than the outcomes. It is assumed that higher expenditure would automatically lead to better outcomes. However, the government counts the chickens before they hatch because the schemes may suffer
    from poor targeting of beneficiaries, corruption, inefficient utilisation of resources etc. Thus, the desired outcomes are not achieved.

    The odd even vehicle rationing scheme in Delhi to reduce vehicular pollution is based on the premisethat increased awareness and strict enforcement in itself would reduce the problem. However, The Delhi government should not count the chickens before they hatch and more steps should be taken. If public
    transportation and eco-friendly mode of transportation are not ramped up, this scheme would achieve limited success. In the long run, it may cause inconvenience to public, increased violation and rise in corruption. So the even odd vehicle rationing should be one of the steps towards curbing pollution.

    Recently, the union government has focused on attracting foreign direct investment. However,studies have pointed out no significant FDI inflow in the country. It is because the government counted the chickens before they hatched. Without economic reforms such as GST, labour reforms, skill development initiatives, issues in land acquisitions etc, investment would not be attracted.

    Similarly,even after one decade of India-US Civil Nuclear deal, not a single nuclear power plant under the agreement has been operationalised. It is because both the government counted the chickens before they hatched and signed the deal without negotiating on the issue of liability in case of a nuclear accident.

    Recently India strongly protested against the lack of safeguards to protect the interests of Madhesis in Nepal’s constitution. India gave support to Madhesi protestors in the hope that Nepal’s dependence on India for energy supply and import of other goods would force the Nepali government to concede the demand
    of the Madhesis. However, Indian government counted the chickens before they hatched and its move resulted in anti-India sentiments in Nepal. Moreover, Nepal also signed a energy deal with China to reduce its dependence on India. Thus, China gained strategic depth in Nepal

    In the international arena, this proverb also holds true. The USA’s move to support the rebels in Syrian crisis was taken for their geopolitical gain. It was hoped that the rebels would bring down the regime of Bashar al Assad. However, the Americans counted the chicken before they hatched because the lawlessness
    in the region and monetary and armed support to the rebels got channelized to ISIS. The organisation has now emerged as the biggest challenge to global peace.

    On the contrary, China’s peaceful rise presents a contradictory example. China focused on rapid economic growth and did not count its chickens before they hatched. It did not get involved in military conflicts and assertiveness and maintained a low profile at international fora. It is only now when the Chinese have
    become economic superpower that they have become militarily assertive, especially in South China sea.

    All these incidences provide us an insight about how to plan our future course of action. The plan of action should comprise of sub-plans with course of action for all the possibilities which may occur. It is only through this way that a calculated risk is taken and the course of action may be modified with feedback received. The greatest wisdom lies in learning from the past mistakes and the mistakes committed by others.

  • aspirant

    Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.
    As said by lord krishna’Karmanyeva adhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana”. It states that our business should be with the work not with the fruits.
    Its human nature to start calculating the fruits before the efforts. Man frame his mind in such a way that the work only be done after thinking of the remuneration. Before actually executing the plan man start dreaming of the result.
    The recent example of an IIT professional who was preparing for upsc exam. As everyone can’t crack the exam inspire of putting efforts, he succumbed himself to the failure and became violent. This simply signifies that his dream and thinking of the positive result made him to do so.
    As said by swami vivekananda ‘ everything in excess is poison’. One should dream and work accordingly but it is insanity to think of the outcomes and making piles of thought which might act as a deterrent.
    Fir eg. A person took a route of malpractice and got the paper after bribing. He prepared for the exam with that paper only thinking of the fact that after he will succeed in exam he will buy a car and so on. But the moment he appeared in the exam his dream shattered as the paper was not the same. He chose an unethical means with lots of positive thoughts about his success which finally lead to his failure.
    Our government before election sets agenda without even thinking of the result of executing those agenda in future. For eg black money issues.
    Thinking about the result of work always act as a deterrant in success. Work till success is achieved. Instead of counting on eggs if one work hard the probability of success increases fourfold.

    • aspirant

      Plz review my essay…. This is the first time I have written on this forum

      • Undaunted

        nice attempt..n moreover it encouraged me to write as well..thnks


      good points but too short elaborate these points, and i would suggest not to use very unpopular stories.

      • aspirant


  • anshul sharma

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

    Once in a small village there was a guy named Ram. He was very lazy to do anything at all. One day one of his friends gave him some eggs to sell in the market. He while walking thought that why don’t I let these eggs hatch so that they turn into hens and give me more eggs; out of which half I will sell and half will grow into hens again which will give more hens and so my business will expand day by day; I will become very rich and will build a palace for my wife. While his imagination was rolling he suddenly got hit by a pole and all of his eggs broke and so did his palace of imagination.

    This story clearly indicates what can happen if a lot is thought about future prospects and present actions are neglected. Celebrating success without knowing the result can surely bring a lot of pain and agony if it doesn’t materialize. Even ‘The Bhagvad
    Gita’ says that “One should not worry or desire for the result but perform one’s Karma” means we should do our work without worrying about its result. Road to success is about having milestones that one has to achieve and not based on something that has not happened yet.

    Some people are in a habit of flaunting about their success in something which has not even materialized yet. If the said thing doesn’t turns to reality; it may even turn into a cause of depression for that person. But it’s not that we should not pay any heed to future; some amount of planning is sure necessary to achieve good results. Moreover thinking positive about our future prospects makes us to achieve our goals with double energy. So, one surely needs to be hopeful about results but not to a level where if
    they are not conducive one becomes shattered; therefore main focus should always be on action rather than contemplating the results.

    While main focus of a person should be on actions but actions also need to be directed towards an aim. Actions without proper planning can lead to disastrous consequences. Planning is very important to achieve success but making plans based on certain assumptions can be heart-breaking and can bring a lot of disappointment. It is necessary to plan but we must be prepared to expect unexpected contingencies as well. For example, In India Five year plans are framed to achieve the required targets. But only framing targets and thinking about a good future doesn’t turn our targets into reality. For this action-oriented policies are needed, work at grassroots level is needed. Alone forming a plan after every five years will not bring the much needed development. It will come when after every five years, mistakes are seen, corrected and work is done with all the more vigor-this is the sole purpose of planning so that we can gauge our success and move towards a goal with needed strength.

    One can cite a variety of examples where” counting chickens beforehand” did lead to fatal consequences:

    1.India’s first five year plan where industry was selected as the prime moving force of the country and in name of social
    measures we thought that “trickle down policy” will work but it failed miserably. PSUs which were called as “temples of modern idea” became a debt burden on government. So, relying on PSUs for ultimate social welfare was not a good idea which we came to know later.

    2.US led intervention in Syria to topple the Assad regime proved to be a grave danger for US as well as the whole world. USA
    had thought of supplying rebels with all the needed tools to fight the regime but it didn’t know that this will lead to the rise of ISIS which will be more brutal than the regime itself which it wanted to topple.

    3.Sepoy mutiny of 1857 also known as India’s first war of independence was a failure because sepoys were thinking that they
    could topple the British Raj in a day. Their mistake was not assessing the power difference between them and the Britishers. Without any coordination and proper plan they tried to shake the pillars of British Raj and hence failed because of overestimating their power.

    Therefore some things are necessary to achieve the targets set by us:

    Hard work: Sitting and dreaming about success will not make us to achieve it. For
    that one has to rise, work and shine.

    Don’t be a day dreamer: Having a dream job in your mind is sure good but focus should be on the ways to achieve it rather than on the work you’ll do after you get it—this can be left to the time you achieve it.

    Be optimistic: Being optimistic about the results we want is good but being over-confident about the same is not.

    Be Fearless: Yes one needs to be free from fear of failure that he may experience in his journey to success because one is in constant fear of failure; this will surely impact his results and he may not be able to take it in a positive
    stride. Failure is something that give us a lesson as noted scientist Thomas Alva Edison said “I have not failed .I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

    Be a good planner: A good plan is always necessary to achieve success. Without a proper plan your preparation is like “aiming in
    the dark”. A proper well laid out plan does helps a lot.
    For example:in case of students, a proper schedule is required so that they are able to complete their syllabus in time for the exams. In corporate organizations also planning forms a very important component of a successful project.

    All we need to do is not overestimating ourselves; being confident is good but being overconfident can lead to huge disappointment. So, instead of building dreams over dreams, necessity is to work for success as Swami Vivekananda said “Arise Awake and
    stop not till the goal is reached.”

    • anshul sharma


    • It was nice man! I couldn’t think of anything. the examples used are good too! And the flow is good. Intro me good that u didn’t write an elongated story and the story gave an apt idea about the topic. very good! All the best 🙂

      • anshul sharma

        thanx bro 🙂

    • rajan

      Good essay Anshul.
      Surprisingly, we both staarted our essays with a story having Ram & ended with Vivekananda
      Good examples.
      But, as far as I know, in essay point format should be avoided

      • anshul sharma

        thanx…will keep that in mind 🙂


    पिछले साल की बात है, उत्तरी और मध्य भारत के किसान अपनी लहलाती फसलों को देखकर खुश बहुत थे, वे अपने पसीने की बूंदों को फूलों में, बालियों में, दानों में बदलते देख पा रहे थे, जैसा उन्होंने सोचा था सब कुछ वैसा ही चल रहा था, अब आगे सोचने लगे कि ये दाने सिक्कों में बदलेंगे, सिक्कों से नया घर बनायेंगे, सूदखोरों के तकादों के शोर को सिक्कों की खन-खन से दबा देंगे, अपनी लाड़ली की शादी करेंगे आदि आदि| लेकिन वक्त कठिन निकला, उनका पकता पसीना बारिश के पानी में मिल गया, उम्मीदें नालियों में बह गयी|

    क्या किसानों ने गलत अनुमान लगाया था या फिर वे काल्पनिक मुरली बजा रहे थे?

    जहाँ तक किसानों की बात है तो वे गलत नहीं थे, वे केवल अपने कर्म के फल की उम्मीद में थे, लेकिन इस उम्मीद के रास्तें में क्या-क्या अडचने आ सकती हैं,
    इसका उनको अहसास नहीं था यह बिलकुल अंडे से निकलने से पहले ही चूजे गिनने जैसी स्थिति थी| तो क्या इसका मतलब हमें परिणाम की कल्पना नहीं करनी चाहिए?

    उम्मीद पर दुनिया कायम है, उम्मीद हमें संघर्ष की प्रेरणा देती है, लेकिन इस उम्मीद रुपी मंजिल का रास्ता, जिसे हम कल्पना से तय करते हैं, व्यावहारिकता
    की जमीन से होकर जाना चाहिए, अगर हम किसी दूरबीन से सीधे ही मंजिल को देखने लगे तो रास्ते के काँटों को नहीं देख पाएंगे, और वे जब मार्ग में जब अचानक चुभे तो हम असहाय होकर गिर पड़ेंगे, इसके विपरीत अगर हमें सारी परेशानियों का पहले से ही पता हो तो हम उनके अनुरूप उपाय भी कर सकते है, दुर्भाग्य की स्थिति में मंजिल तक ना भी पहुंचे तो ज्यादा दुःख भी नहीं होगा, और हमारी दूरगामी योजना पर विपरीत असर भी नहीं पड़ेगा|

    इस दर्शन की सिद्धि हम इतिहास में स्पष्ट देख सकते हैं, सत्य की शक्ति का अंदाजा लगाये बिना बाहुबल पर इतराने वाले उस दुर्योधन की क्या परिणति हुई जिसकी आँखों में कभी हस्तिनापुर की गद्दी चमकती थी, उस रावण की जिसने बन्दर सेना बल की, ना ही समंदर पर पुल बनने की ही कल्पना की थी| मानवजाति के आधुनिक इतिहास में ऐसे उदाहरण भरे पड़े हैं जिसमें दुनिया के राजा बनने का सपने सजाने वाले हिटलर, नेपोलियन जैसे लोगों का पतन शामिल है|

    भारतीय स्वतंत्रता आन्दोलन में भी ऐसी कई घटनाएँ हुई जिनके उम्मीदों के विपरीत परिणाम आये, चाहे असहयोग आन्दोलन हो या कोई और जिनमें हमेशा परिकल्पित परिणाम के इतर परिणाम की प्राप्ति हुई| आजादी के बाद भी हमारी अधिकतर पंचवर्षीय योजनायें पूर्वकल्पित परिणामों तक नहीं पहुँच पाई| कानून के क्षेत्र में हमने हमेशा देखा है कि कानून निर्माता अपराध के सभी रूपों पर अंकुश लगाने की कोशिश करते हैं लेकिन अपराधी हर बार नए तारीकी खोजकर उसे धता बता देते हैं| अर्थात किसी भी चीज के परिणाम बहुत सारे कारकों पर निर्भर करते हैं जिनमें कई अदृश्य, अजन्मे होते हैं, और उनका परिणाम तक पहुँचने में बहुत बड़ा योगदान होता है| इसलिए जरूरी नहीं कि हमारी उम्मीद वांछित फल में बदल ही जाए, इसलिए हम जो कर सकते हैं वह यह है कि सारी परिस्थितियों को ध्यान में रखते हुए कर्म का मूल्यांकन करना चाहिये ना कि फल का|

    भारत सरकार ने देशवासियों के भविष्य और जीवन को सुखद बनाने आर्थिक विकास को गति देने आदि के उद्देश्य से कई योजनायें बने हैं जैसे मेक-इन इण्डिया, स्किल-इन्डिया-मिशन, स्वच्छ भारत अभियान, GST को लागू करने की तैयारी आदि, नीति आयोग की स्थापना भी इसी उद्देश्य का हिस्सा है| उपर्युक्त प्रतिपादित निष्कर्ष से इन सब योजनाओं की सफलता केवल और केवल सभी परिस्थितियों को ध्यान में रखते हुए क्रियान्वयन पर निर्भर करती है, हो सकता है कि इनके रास्ते में नवीन प्रकृति के संकट पैदा हो जाएँ, और ये वांछित नतीजे ना दे पायें, क्या पता नकारात्मक प्रभाव भी डाल दे, खैर भविष्य में पैदा होने वाली समस्यायों में तो हम समय से पहले नहीं पहुँच सकते, लेकिन सरकार इनके जरिये सरकार जिसे आर्थिक उन्नति की गणना कर रही वह तभी उन आंकड़ों पर पहुँच पाएगी जब जमीनी स्तर पर इनका सही क्रियान्वयन हो, और आने वाली सभी अडचनों जिसमें सामजिक, राजनैतिक, आर्थिक, पर्यावरणीय सभी प्रकार की सम्सयायें शामिल हैं का उचित और प्रभावी समाधान हो, हो सकता है इसके बाद भी हम वांछित परिणाम ना प्राप्त कर पायें लेकिन उसके बाद हमें संतुष्टि का अहसास तो रहेगा, और असफलता पर ज्यादा दुःख भी नहीं होगा, और यही हमारे हाथ में हैं जो हम कर सकते हैं, और यह केवल हाथ में आये बिना ही फलों के स्वाद चखने से बेहतर स्थिति है|

    इसी प्रकार सबसे ज्यादा अनिश्चितता वाला क्षेत्र अंतरराष्ट्रीय संबंधों का क्षेत्र है, जिसमें लक्षित और कल्पित लक्ष्यों के विपरीत नतीजों की भरमार है इसमें
    वर्साय की संधि के जरिये गरमानी को काबू करने की योजना ही नए युद्ध का कारण बन गयी, हिटलर के रूस पर आक्रमण पर की योजना में ब्रिटेन और अमेरिका द्वारा उसे पनपने देना और फिर खुद उसका दंश झेलना और दूसरी तरफ दुनिया पर राज करने का ख्बाव रखने वाले हिटलर का खुद-बी-खुद मर जाना आदि अंडे निकलने से पहले चूजे गिनने का ही उदहारण हैं, और नवीन उदाहरणों में मध्य एशिया के देशों में विभिन्न देशों और द्वारा एक दुसरे को दबाने की रणनीति के तहत कई आतंकी संगठनों का जन्म जो आज उन्हीं देशों को नष्ट कर रहे हैं, बिलकुल विपरीत किस्म के चूजे निकलने का उदाहरण है, इसलिए इनसे प्रेरणा यही है नित मूल्यांकन किया जाना चाहिए ताकि अगर विपरीत परिणाम दूर से दिखाई दने लगे तो उनसे रूबरू होने से पहले ही रास्ते बदल लिया जाए, इस क्षेत्र में हम यही आकर सकते हैं बस|

    हमारे व्यक्तिगत जीवन में भी यह दर्शन अपनाना बेहतर रहेगा, चाहे यह हमारे कैरियर का सवाल हो, आपसी रिश्तों का मामला हो, कोई पारिवारिक व्यक्तिगत कार्यक्रम या योजना हो आदि में हम योजना बनाते समय शुभ परिणामों का आंकलन जरुरी है, वे हमें प्रेरणा देंगे, लेकिन उनके भरोसे बैठ जाना गलत होगा, पूरी यात्रा में हमेशा रास्ते का मूल्यांकन करते रहा ही भला होगा इससे हमें गति और अग्रिम बाधाओं का पता रहेगा|

    अगर व्यावहारिक रास्तों के इतने फायदे हैं तो हम क्यूँ बिना हाथ आये ही फल कि मिठास का अहसास करने लगते हैं?

    क्योंकि मानव की अस्थिर और लालची मनोवृति उसे फल के प्रति आसक्त बना देती है, और इस प्रक्रिया में वह कर्म को भूल जाता है जो कि फल तक पहुँचने का मार्ग है, इसलिए हमें केवल कर्म के प्रति आसक्त होना चाहिए, इसी उद्देश्य को परिभाषित करते हुए गीत में भगवान् श्री कृष्ण ने कहा भी है कि- “कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन” अर्थात मनुष्य का अधिकार केवल कर्म करने में है ना कि फल में नहीं| इसलिए हमें केवल कर्म पर ध्यान करना चाहिए, फल की ज्यादा से ज्यादा प्रेरणार्थक प्रतीक के रूप में कल्पना कर सकते हैं|

    • aspirant

      Nice one……plz review mine too…..

    • Sepoy No 1446

      पकता पसीना बारिश के पानी में मिल गया: this part in intro made me read it thrice…awesome expression. I am going to use it during Natak performance in LBSNAA someday 🙂

      Perfect essay overall, wide-ranging issues. All English essay look “bauna” before it.

      Keep it up. Make Hindi proud.

      • SUN_LIGHT

        धन्यवाद भाई, ईश्वर से प्रार्थना कि आपका सपना इसी साल पूरा हो जाए 🙂

    • I can’t read so Mich Hindi, but the introduction is like brilliant, I loved it.

    • sankar

      really awesome; every part viz intro, body and conclusion are quite well-represented. like the way
      fully agree with sepoy.
      if possible rvw mine

    • SKB

      grt….your essay is very impressive and intresting. Content and writing up to the mark..keep it up

    • Draconian

      सही मायने में उत्कृष्ट!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • G.

      one of the best essays bhai….
      kya opening hai … maan gaye… opening ne hi kamaal kar diya…
      ek complete essay tha … good going bhai… aise hi likhte rahe aur hindi ka aanand bhi dete rahen..

  • Undaunted

    hey guys..i need ur help..for the first time i read insights mail regarding essay writing as i always use to procrastinate about this particular mail on sunday..but today the topic was so catchy that i opened it and read 6-7 beautifully drafted essays..but even after reading so many i couldn’t find any new examples from my end ..i started penning down but again found myself lacking content wise which make me think that it’s necessary to complete handful of topics before thinking for essay writing..please correct me on this thinking it wrong to wait like this or shall i start writing now onwards..plz suggest

    • Night Fury

      Don’t wait . Just write. When you start writing you will get many examples also.. just write in a flow..
      Essay is not test of GS . without reading GS also you can attempt.
      ALl the Best !

      • Undaunted

        thnks for firming my ambivalent approach..yes i will start.

    • Likh bhai. Time nai rukta kisi ke liye. Write bad ones initially to write better ones after few tries. Don’t fear getting judged. It happens.

      • Undaunted

        but bro..content hi nai u guys know these many stories..i was not aware of any..bus syllabus related examples pata the.. moreover today i got to know that one need to incorporate so many stories and examples like this..) i guess m lagging far behind,,but anyways i will start writing them for sure…thnks for prompt advise

        • It’s nothing like this. I don’t know the stories before I write it. It comes with practice. I have written only 8 essays abhi tak, trust me!

          Zaroori nai story hi likho. Yu can use contemporary examples from GS too! Write the way yu r comfortable with

          Everything is in your head. TRUST yourselves first 😉

    • aspirant

      Start writing…….good or bad…….font think about that……once u start writing flow will automatically come……..writing practice is very imp even if u know loads of facts n figures…..even I wrote today for the first time…….I know its not in flow also but I tried…….. Review mine n

  • anonymous

    The proverb reminds me the famous childhood story which most of us had heard somewhere—“Shiekhchilli–a day dreamer”.The story was about a boy name sheikhchilli who bought eggs from market and in between the road he start thinking about farm business and making air castle about his future.But suddenly in midway ,eggs got broken by a small accident and all his dreams shattered along with it.Now what is the objective behind such stories or proverb and why it is still relevant in contemporary world we shall see now.

    First moral of the story was realistic dreams which should based on rational approach by encountering your actual potential, strength , capacity resources etc.Goal should be high but at the same time it should be achievable. For instance if we have capacity to run 100 km and we plan to run 300kms if will definitely result into great disaster.On global platform also we have seen such example like Poverty eradication programmes rolled by international organization like UN in time bound project like MDG is never achieved on time. The main reason for that is mis-matched of ambitious with ground realities which is different in every country.

    Second moral of the story deal with proper planning and discipline.Now this is related with time management, smart use of intellect to enables appropriate environment and resourcefulness. At the same time consistency and regular hard work is required till the person not achieve the goal.For eg if an IAS aspirant work for whole year but lost his rhythm in last two crucial months due to his over confidence and negligent attitude he may loose battle even before itself. Now many development projects in India related to construction are lingered on due to lack of discipline, careless attitude, Snail pace development in tax reforms land acquisition laws etc.As result of this most of planning policies either delayed or failed in India example SEZ

    Third moral deals with optimism versus illusion.optimism is positive feeling which always strengthened your confidence and dreams while illusion is one which always poses wrong perception about any goal and make the person unaware of true reality.”What ever be the result its good for me in long run its called optimism.In this case a person have reality check on his action and ready for any kind of situation.He never pre determined the result of his action but give full efforts to achieve it”. In other category the person mainly have result oriented approach in life which should always be positive. If any go against it he loose his confidence and even some case his desire of life also.It leads to depression financial loses mental peace etc

    In addition to this the other most important thing paradox between what you assume and what do you get.Suppose world is moving forward with the concept of “Artificial Intelligence” in which a soft is instilled in machine which enable it to think and act like human beings. The concept indeed is very innovative and is design for service of mankind. Humanoid robots have already start appearing which help human beings in different task. Artificial intelligence also be used for smart phone which will act as companion to human beings. However its too early to say whether it will good or bad. The otherside of picture this picture seems be more scary after a death incidences which robot was the culprit.

    There is other side of the coin. It is true that no one can predict the future about his success but rough estimation is important to success of life.It will give boost and confidence regarding your perception,broad mind and foresightness. It inculcate risk taking ability in your self and developed creativity to handle any kind of circumstance.Many times big project like infrastructure projects, ballistic missile , business project, failed not because of your incapability but also because of unseen circumstances like natural disaster, floods , etc which is often regard as act of god. So in this whether we should stop our future projects.Ans is no. We are proceeding at every sphere of life with full strength and enthusiasm.

    At present India is rolling up so many big infrastructural projects and programmes like digital India , Swatchh bharat abhiyan , Smart cities project , make in India etc.All of them are very big ambitious projects require huge resources and money. The project has vast scope and can has ability to mold India into one of most strongest country in the world. However its progress depends on
    reforms structural and legislative reforms in the country along strong leadership. If any of them missed then there may be chances that it will become at apt example of “don’t count chicken before they hatch”

    So life is based on rationality and calculated risk. Both are inter-dependent on each other. Thus one should be optimistic for his desired result but not over ambitious. Balance is required for overall development of life and human civilization

    • sankar

      a very philosophical essay
      good analysis of the topic in layman term
      both pros and cons part covers especially focused on positive attitude with rational approach
      plz rvw mine

      • anonymous

        Thank you.Plz keep reviewing and give your guidance 🙂

    • Night Fury

      Hi Anonymous,
      Very simple usage of words. (I personally Like simplicity more !)
      Flow is very good. I read it completely and understood what all you want to say.
      critics also well explained.
      you have given examples too 😀
      explained the quote in multiple ways !!! Unique thing I found here
      Just try to use the “Words” from the TOPIC in your essay, this gives a feel that you are sticking to the topic.
      Personal view:)
      Overall Essay of MY LIKING! 🙂
      Keep it up!

      • anonymous

        Hey buddy thanks 🙂 I will improve next time 🙂 thank for motivation

  • Is this only me or some one else who hates all these Chetan Bhagat stories in the introduction???

    • Pahi

      I do as well. :)… Please review my essay if you have time…

      • Lol u didn’t have to this fr a review, u have one too. But will review, given how badly u want it!

        • Pahi

          Genuinely i dont like Chetan Bhagat’s story…Anyhow..Thanks for your review though…


      bhai main bhi 😛

    • P.s

      Could you find time to review mine also.

  • Pahi

    Essay.. Do not count your chickens before they hatch..

    this statement is a light hearted warning to not lose oneself in a day dream of what might be rather than actually doing of something to achieve goal. World mythology,is fables are full of stories that illustrate the statement in its true sense. From Aesop’s fable of a girl day dreaming after milking her cow to Panchatantra’s story of a farmer who possessed a pot of gruel. From the famous battle of Kurukshetra where kauravas underestimated Pandavas to Ravan underestimating Ram and his Army of monkeys. In both the cases never show off their strength and capacity.

    If we look at contemporary times the most prominent one is US’s attack on Afghanistan to find Osama Bin Laden. US did not anticipate that it would take 10 years long along large investment and looks losd of mangu defence personnel. US was very sure of its strength, intelligence and technology.

    If we look at the statement outrightly it it emphasises on not to count on the outcome. However deeper interpretation reveals otherwise. It tells us to take cognizance and not lose connection with reality subsequently sliping into dream day dreaming. Analysing the most famous example from Aesob’s fable weather girl day dreams and drops her milk pot. There is no harm in conunting the number of chickens, but she embarked on a journey of thoughts and lost connection with reality, that is she has to be careful as she is walking on street. Why was it necessary for her to count the number of chickens ? For instance assuming that she didn’t have a refrigerator and it was a hot summer day in Indian plains. She had to plan whether to make ice- cream or paneer. As its well known that milk is a perishable product. The problem was her trail of thoughts over which she failed to have a control.

    In recent times we often use the phrase ” calculated risk “. This is totally outcome driven. For example and investor to invest must roughly know the outcome. That is must know how many chickens can he probably get if everything is in place. No one will ever invest if they cannot gauge the outcome.

    In real life we are often advised to set out goals first and then work relentlessly for it along with a back up plan. This backup plan is the calculated risk. What if not all but only 4 of the 10 eggs actually hatch. So the farmer is advised to keep a cow incase only 40% of the full outcome materializes. Distributing the risk. It is more about being realistic in life.

    A simple interpretation of the statement puta the entire science of probability into question. Outcome often plays a decisive role and acts as a driving force in realising it.

    In science we often use the word error. Different types of errors are calculated to guage the reality of the outcome. One needs to be aware that there is always scope for error. Studying hard today with an aim to qualify UPSC is just like counting the no of chickens. We alrwady know our strengths and weaknesses before taking up such a daunting task. But we also have plan B, if all the eggs don’t hatch. Probably getting back to our parent field or etc.

    Law of attraction, which is ‘the in’ phenomena theses days, asks us to constantly visualize our dream so that every cell of our existence begins to work in order to realize it.

    India attained independence because our founding forefathers dreamt of it first and then worked relentlessly towards realizing it.

    We do need to know the number of chickens that would probably hatch out of the egg. The associated fables are only guiding torch lights telling us to be realistic and not get carried away.

    • The essay was not to be justified. It’s just an essay which has a statement, link it to something and take it from there. For instance u can link it with India becoming a super power. Mention the resources it has and the outcomes it is expecting and how they are/ not being realised. That will give you many dimesnsions , just a thought am sure u can figure out some other example

    • * The statement was not to be justified.

  • Pahi

    My first essay….friends please review…!..

  • Puja

    We dream, dream of things to be good, happy , joyous. But how many  of us actually nurture that dream? Most of us start thinking of the after-success and work less for the incubation of our dreams.  We actually start counting the eggs before the chicken hatches.

    This proverb finds its mention in our day to day life also. To understand it clearly let us take an example of a boy Suhas. He dreamt of to become an IAS and started preparation.  But after writing preliminary exam itself he took mains would be a cake walk for him and started buying new clothes, shoes, ties for the interview and didn’t gave effort on mains preparation. But his this attitude kicked him from the interview list.

    The same is applicable for the politicians also. While doing commitments and launching big big schemes like Namani Ganga, Housing for all by 2022, Digital literacy etc, they beat own drums loudly, but without any proper implementation plan leading the projects mostly zero/little progress.  Thus political activities create distrust among people and they take revenge by using their only weapon ie casting vote and change the power structure. But if properly planned for effective rollout of the scheme, the leaders wouldn’t have to vacate their seat.

    In case of foreign policy also when any new agreement between nations,  economists, socialists and newspapers start taking about broadly on the merits, demerits, significance etc as if the projects has been already in process and delivered successfully till now.
    But many strategic deals like TAPI, INSTC, india-US n-deal etc inked much before but yet to yeild due to lack of consensus among stakeholders amd other infrastructural and policy constraints. All the academicians, media instead of keeping strong vigil on the processes in the pipeline and keep people updating about the progress, they too dive into the post-achievement charms.

    So the problem is with the preemptive emotions, excitements, overconfidence, lack of roadmap, all leads to loose of focus and assured failure. Thus counting chickens before they hatch lead to disappointment, frustration when the result doesn’t meet the expectations.

    Despite many lessons, we are yet to learn the policy and governance.  In recent days also, after a 4hr security adviser level talks of India and Pakistan, almost all including govt are seeing this a big step towards indo-pak peace talk and settlement of long pending issues. In the effects of growing bonhomie people didn’t take strong measures across borders and new year”s first attack in Punjab again aired the scepticism about the fate of the new closeness.

    Same as the number of chicken from the eggs depend on the favourable hatching conditions, reality of any dream depends on the efforts put by the dreamer. thus a successful outcome, one has to plan, work hard according to that plan and place the stepping stones for the goal.

    We should learn from others experiences that how to keep our excitements under control before achieving that in reality. So we shouldn’t rely solely on our thoughts that the result will always come like the way we expect, rather we should make ourselves prepared for the unforseen challenges and put more focus on the mindmaps and the process itself than on the output. We should perform our duty with 100% efforts without thinking of the end result which will come automatically as per our dedication.

    As Srikrisna rightly said in Gita- we have access to our work only, not in the outcome.

    • “But how many of us actually nurture that dream?”– Loved it!

      rest of it, was the same I read the whole day. So it was good. cannot comment more, sorry 🙁

      Conclusion can be improved

  • manda chaitanya

    The quote “Dont count your chickens before they hatch” manifests that in life we should not come to a irrational conclusions in judging , be it the life , relations . Our attitudes are both implicit and explicit which change, modify, develop depending on many variables like experience , knowledge , distractions, social influence etc.These influence our thoughts, actions and confirmity etc . Having known all these , we can say that the way we perceive things or actions changes based on many aspects. Knowingly or unknowingly we tend to do or judge something as a reality which in fact may be otherwise. It is the will to know the reality which leads us to internalize rational thinking on issue at hand by investigating the knowledge we have on that topic. Then we get to know that our cognition depends on the knowledge we posess , which may be truth or not. In this essay we will see the social influence dimension, personal relations and at macro level how we tend to pre judge something which may tun out to be something different.

    Our society has profound influence on our behaviour which can be manifested in the similarities we have with our society in many aspects. The societal values provide general guidelines to our behaviour. Within society we have many sections which have their own subcultures which tend to be little different from main stream one’s, the ones who are in majority. The differences in sub-cultures brings out varied interpretations and produces prejudices which are inherited by members of society . These are inculcated and passed on from generation to generations. These are the things which are taken for granted before investigating the truth. The best example is the discrimination that is expressed towards the SC’s, or other minorities. The tendency to look other’s as inferior on the basis of their difference in culture , race , religion etc. This labelling of people with single character trait like coward, impotent would lead us to pre-judge without putting in some thoughts of what has made us to reach such illogical conclusion.

    Personal relations are based on trust. Many elements may intrude to derail this relations . The persons who moderate their position depending on position foe short gains , are the least one’s to be trusted. The second hand information which is provided by a mediator to illicit an emotional response has an inherent bias , when it manifests something bad about our partner or a friend etc. When the trust is maximum , they will come to a conclusion unless they see it through their own eyes or it is cognizable . However human relations are also guided by emotions which may not be true all the time , but has profound influence . It is in these movements , which comes the complicity , whether the change in behaviour is bad or good. These are the ones which say that it cannot always be a reason or ethics which guide response’s . Then certainly the judgement would be true for one and false for another.

    At the macro level , let us try to understand the relation’s between India and Pakistan. The recent gestures between the two countries shows that the two are on a path to improve their state of affairs . But a sudden tragedy that has escalated yesterday in the form of terrorist insurgency , has a potential to mar the relations and back track the development achieved thus far. We know that whenever the two countries try to come closer , the non-state elements would intervene to disrupt the initiatives taken. We also know that Pakistani civil Govt is weak , as Pakistani Army , and ISI also have power which tend to work outside it’s control. Given these issues would it be right for us to come to a conclusion that the attack is a deliberate attempt by a country to threaten the security of our country . Does these incidents represent the interest of the entire country . Whenever we try to assert our strength and neglect to carry forward the talks the incidents would further rise. The civil societies of both countries are working harder to improve the relations. Thus it also suggests that let us continue talks and whait till the result shows , without disturbing the process before completion.

    The culture that we inherited from our ancestors is man made. Everything that we feel or think is because of the meanings which we gave to the things. For example we consider something as sad when we have cognition that it is sadness, or else that emotional arousal that we feel remains as an aberration. Though we have a self orientation to think and percieve distinctly our society has developed a system where our behaviour is developed centred around the values which it cherishes . Thus to understand a truth we undergo many processes which are pre-conceived . Every judgement is a response which has a bias . The multiple elements which activate might lead us to think differently depending on the situation . Given these all complications involved in human interactions it is always advised to stop letting ourselves be shortsighted. Even when we have the truth and we internalize it, the unconscious mind generates senses which produces feelings and manifests physically in the form of different eye contacts, facial response changes etc. But we then reprocess the information through our consciousness with the reality which represents the true self.The unconscious mind is excited faster than the conscious mind , thus feelings produce response without the thought and change only when we practice the truth . This is an example to show the false misconception that feelings are the manifestations of true self .

  • Ash

    Please Review …

    Life is full of moments and every moment is uncertain. If we have a basket of eggs today, what is the guarantee that all the eggs will hatch into chickens tomorrow? It is said, ‘If we fail to plan we are planning to fail’. Goes without saying, if we only keep positive circumstances in our mind and plan, we are again planning to fail. A plan should always be foolproof which should always have a backup that we can fall upon on failure.

    The respect Civil Servants earn the very moment they clear the CSE comes from the pattern of the exam, the difficulty level involved. Everyone wants respect in life and many see this exam as an avenue to earn that respect. When we write an exam, there are two chances: either we clear or we don’t. Many candidates dedicate years together to this exam thinking once they clear, life would be settled. Many blessed people do make it to the final list but what about the rest. Had they planned what would they do if they don’t make it? If yes, they move towards their backup. Many a times we hear CSE aspirants committed suicide on not clearing. This can surely be a case when we don’t evaluate our options. We just focus on an aim without evaluating the uncertainties.

    I do not suggest, do not have an aim or keep a lot of backups because both are detrimental. Too many backups confuse us and we forget what we want in life. However, importance of aims in life can’t be
    understated. If I say “My shoes are worn out and on getting a bonus I will buy a new pair”. What if I don’t get a bonus, will I wear the same old shoes? Humans are gifted with a mind which has a lot of potential. We can seek new avenues and rescue ourselves.

    Even when we count on situations and situations actually turn against us, we do find ways to find our way out. This is the beauty of a human mind. But why go for these extreme situations when we
    know that ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. Why not tap the potential of our mind in estimating the risks and work to minimize them. Currently there are many claims that the current account deficits has narrowed. The government is appreciated for this narrowing, claiming change in governance a reason. It should
    not be forgotten that there has been a steep fall in global oil and commodity prices. Now at this moment if the Government stays elated with its progress when tomorrow the oil prices rise, the nation would be in wreck.

    Whenever we count on a situation or any entity, we should always consider the viability. Nations have committed their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Many are claiming their allegiance to
    Solar and Wind energy and claim they will meet their NDCs using these renewable sources. But have they evaluated their claim? Do they know how to store these energies for periods were the Sun is not shining or wind not blowing? Such claims without any feasibility will again shift these nations towards coal and other polluting fuels. Hadn’t it been better if nations conducted some small experiments like how evaporation of water can generate electricity and then put forth such claims substantiating it with live models? This also improves the trust amongst nations.

    In societal parlance, people who have good friends are blessed. But do we consider any random person a good friend? No, we wait, we test, we judge. We decide would staying with them help us be a better person or deteriorate us. Every relation needs time. Slowly we develop trust and that is when we start sharing. Sharing secrets with some imposter could get us into trouble but not with a true friend.

    A coin has two sides. There is always another way to look at this proverb. If I am not counting chickens then what am I doing? Am I standing still at one place? Life is meant to and should always progress. Successful people don’t stand and wait for the eggs to hatch.

    The eggs here can be ideas and no idea can hatch into success unless it is nurtured with hard work, passion, trust and optimism. Despite failures, rose people like Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford and
    many others.

    A task that is difficult and has the capability to skyrocket us, how can it be easy? If it is easy it can’t
    skyrocket and is surely not worth it! There are 7 billion people in this world, but how many are remembered even after their deaths. Let me answer this for you, people who think out of the box and have the potential to take chances no matter what the circumstances and the results are. Subhash Chandra Bose rose an army, there were women too involved. Did he not speculate his failure? A great
    leader like him would definitely have, he had the responsibility of many lives. He moved forward despite the odds. Though he failed in his attempt but did he fail the Indians? Definitely not! We still want revelation of his death! This is the power of a strong attitude and moving forward without evaluating the result.

    The CSE aspirant example aforementioned, had he taken his failure positively he could have written any better exam and got a better job, for what is life without challenges. It is actually not about
    counting or not counting, it is about how we handle situations. Fine! I did not count before but what will I do now distinguishes me from others.

    Life is full of opportunities (eggs), I say, “Count them and aim to protect and nurture each one with optimism to see each egg hatch into a chicken!”. Researches have proved staying optimistic empowers our mind for ‘If I think I can, I can and if I think I can’t, I can’t’.

    To conclude, Bernard Shaw aptly said, “You see things and say : Why? But I dream of things that never were and say: Why not!”.

    • Sepoy No 1446

      Sorry.. Couldn’t read all, severe headache hai subah se.

      Read intro and around 40%.

      Found good. You have good control over understanding and content. Looks like a good essay.

      • Ash

        Thank you! 🙂
        I totally understand! Apne kaafi essays review kiye hain… I’m grateful you had a look! Means a lot! 🙂
        Thank you so much! 🙂

    • blufl0

      hey ash..its a kind of motivational essay..try to link with topic.You did give examples but you didn’t relate it to the given topic.
      starting is good enough so as conclusion..plz review mine..:)

      • Ash

        I’m reviewing! 🙂
        Btw Thank you for reviewing.. Point noted! 🙂

    • Essay is full of hope-Nice one !!!
      one or two paras lost context somewhere though not fully.
      After may para ur theme changed which was from planning to efforting to innovation …
      i think u can give each equal space.
      Somehow u can include the cons of building castles in the air too…

    • black mamba

      Loved your nose example and the conclusion!
      I didn’t understand the friend analogy.
      Flow was good but I felt that u should have explained the first part – that is preparing for the worst in a more detailed manner.

      Could u please look at mine too.
      Thanks 😉

      • Ash

        Would love too … Just gimme some time! 🙂

        Btw Thank you for reviewing… Keep reviewing! 🙂
        I didn’t wish you (we have never interacted bfo but I have seen you talk to Night fury and Mr Serious… and they happen to be friends) … So Happy New Year! 🙂

        • black mamba

          😀 that’s so sweet Ash ! thanks 😀 😀 same to u have a wonderful year ahead 😀
          yes we’re all friends 😀

    • “full proof” in the first para and not what u have written 😀

      Same UPSC dialogue. Fed up with this example. Not gonna read this.

      “too many backup’s confuse you”.. I don’t know how are some of the lines in this third para of urs relevant :/

      Couldn’t connect with the entire 4th para. Were u trying to say that flawed policies have been the reason?

      INDC’s waala para : Really nice. Liked the way u questioned stuff. One suggestion here. Whenever writing the answers to questions u wrote, write it in “falling tone”.

      “Successful people don’t stand and wait for the eggs to hatch”… are you kidding me? No one has been successful without failures. Infact patience has always been the key. Patience is imperative for success to come. In that way – “ONE HAS TO WAIT FOR THE EGGS TO HATCH, PATIENTLY!!”

      staying optimistic. Good (Y)

      The conclusion had an abrupt ending. Try to improve this.

      All in all, this essay was a good read, multi-dimensional and definitely how a UPSC essay should be written. Good. ATB 🙂

      • Ash

        Hi 🙂

        1. Check online plz.. my dictionaries do define foolproof! 🙂
        2. I thot I connected with it! But yeah! I don’t review anyone’s until I write mine so thought ppl wudn’t use such a common example! My Bad!
        3. I don’t know what you’re trying to imply
        4. how dew do the “falling tone” part ??
        5. When did I say that.. I have myself mentioned if the aim is easy to achieve its not worth it! I mean they f8 all odds and don’t wait for something to happen on its own! I feel there’s a disconnect b/w what I have written and what you have understood! 🙂
        6. Tq!
        7 I knoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I don’t know how to conclude… every1 says this! I will work on it!

        Thank you for sucha detailed review! KWAR! 🙂

        • 1st : Is it?
          2nd : Good u realized.
          3rd : Most of the lines in the 3rd para are irrelevant. It was like beating around. Hold on, I’ll point those out.
          4th : Rising tone is when u write “shouldn’t it be the other way round? SHouldn’t this have been better?” It’s like u r flaunting and trying to be overly smart with prompt replies. Specially when dealing with government decisions, try to tone it down. Like “This should have been done instead”. getting me?
          5th : Yu WROTE that and that’s self-explanatory!

          Thank yu 🙂

    • Lord Tuktuk

      Your essay is good!
      Liked ur intro!
      beech me to badda content same h bakki logo ki tarah so,okay okay theek h!
      bose example is good to see!!
      didnt liked ur conclusion a bit! it looked like the theme was shifting to something else!!
      Rest all good! Keep writing!!
      All the best!!

      • Ash

        Haan! I should have ignored the CSE exam… outta box thinking was needed here too.. I thought it connects with me.. Of course not the suicide case 😛
        I agree.. I don’t conclude well… since the first essay.. Next time a better conclusion.. Pakka! 🙂

        Thank you for reviewing.. I will review Mamba’s then get back to yours! 🙂

    • Night Fury

      Hi Ash ! 🙂
      Before starting the example of CSE aspirant, I feel you should write some explanation of the quote (topic)
      because in intro u have mentioned another quote 😛 (hope u got my point! )

      MY approach goes like – start with an example and then explain the meaning.

      Life is full of opportunities (eggs) – Unique !!!

      Examples good ! NDC etc (y)
      Friends wala samaj nahi aaya context :/

      In conclusion you ended with a quote. It’s fine to use a quote but write something more. to make it look like a “concluding statement”

      Overall LUCID ! 🙂

      • Ash

        Hey! 🙂
        1. No I didn’t .. explain again no.. elaborate actually 🙂
        2. Ohhkay!
        3. Tq
        4. Friends wala kisi ko samjh nahi aa raha hai… 😉 Don’t count on your friends before they prove to be worthy of your trust! Does it make sense to you??? If yes! then lemme know.. then I wud c y this part is not conveying the message.. else I will chuck!
        5. I need to work on my conclusions.. Thank you for reviewing! 🙂 AND KEEP REVIEWING! 🙂 😛

        • Night Fury

          It makes sense now ! write this line there too. will be better 🙂

          • Ash

            Kool! 🙂

    • G.

      hey ash… bose example i liked..
      was a little bit dull in the middle…
      conclusion is good
      overall a good essay… keep writing
      and please review my essay ash…. it would help a lot

      • Ash

        Thank you.. I will! 🙂

    • Leiter The Leader

      Really liked the way you put forwarded your ideas.

      • Ash

        Awww! You reviewed without my asking for it.. so sweet! You have earned yourself a review.. 😛
        Thank you for reviewing! 🙂

    • Nitish

      I am not usually comfortable with abstract topics like this…but here’s my take on urs:
      1. You covered both the perspectives equally well…kudos for that
      2. Real life and recent examples add to the flavour..Although I think you went overboard with the NDCs one…and also I am never really sure how many of such examples one should me here plz :-/
      3. The narrative tone and at times first hand narration makes the essay engrossing
      4. Written like a CSE aspirant indeed 😉
      5. If you thought and wrote this in like 1hrs 25min…I would say its an awesome effort!
      6. I am never really good with remembering long quotes (except for the really famous ones)…coz they need to be quoted verbatim…not sure how to tackle them…any help will be appreciatd…coz they add a lot of value to the writing”
      7. In conclusion, you could have given your take explicitly first and then quoted Bernard…in my view.
      KWAR! 🙂

      • Ash

        Hey Nitish! 🙂

        1. Same pinch! I was not gonna write this one but then I thot ..that wud be like giving up … So I wrote.. had a real tuff time writing this one!
        2. If you read other essays u will be coerced to change your opinion … I
        usually substantiate with examples.. That’s what I have done.. But there are ppl who prefer explaining via examples.. After reading those essays I feel … as far as you have a flow maintained and conveying a message.. Its okay! Depends on us actually! NDCs examples… I feel it fitted well.. kyunki India is all about solar-solar.. counting chickens without knowing how will they make it work and would it actually work.. In second part of the essay I have countered it saying if you nurture such ideas with hard work they definitely will work … I kept it implicit though!
        3. Tq! 😛
        4. 😛
        5. I didn’t know what to write plus I had some other plans so thot of not writing.. Plan got cancelled so came up here.. 🙂
        6. Same pinch again! I write the ones I can connect with since these are the ones I can remember! I actually like reading proverbs! 🙂
        7. Agree! 🙂

        Thank you for taking time out.. Appreciated! 🙂

    • Sushmit Adigon

      this ESSAY is OK ,

      intro was very gud ,but conclusion appears very much like your intro ,u could have though of in differnt dimensions.

      U have made lot of gramatical errors (The government is appreciated for this
      narrowing, claiming change in governance a reason. Many a times we hear CSE aspirants committed suicide on not clearing.).there are lot more.U read ur essay in one go ,u ll find it.

      like i mentioned like time ,u trivialise sometimes—. Fine! I did not count before but what will I do now distinguishes me from others.Stick to passive voice narrative.

      This essay is not multi dimensional ,u tried to plant some ideas of frenship, SC Bose but dont just fit in.
      what i suggest is ,dont per se try to be multidimensional when u write philosophical essays ,,u can follow a path like –individual–society—-nation —international,,,,,,in each process u incorporate differnt dimensions

      • Ash

        Hi Sushmit! 🙂
        1. Yep! Conclusion I agree.
        2. Hmmmmm! Will properly read the essay bfo posting 🙂
        3. Okay! 🙂
        4. Friendship .. I did not convey it well … How did the Bose ex not fit??
        5. Ohkay! This is of help… I really had a tuff time writing this essay.. Frankly I was not gonna write coz I had no fodder.. But then I thot what will I do in the exam if such topic comes up!

        Helped a lot… Thank you! 🙂

    • Vivaan Khanna

      hmmm..good morning Ash
      1.Intro ok
      2.dearth of structure and content was visible enough
      3.potential point kept on kept and justifying in the whole essay that we should have alternatives and ended with saying count your eggs whatever it taking upto…SC Bose example you know…matter doesnt end here you said counting or not not counting depend upon us…I mean i could not understand what msg you want to convey to readers 😛
      4.Try another dimensions too
      5.Friends wala example was novel though i don’t think that it was required here as friendship is selfless and all about feelings
      Keep writing…a lot can be improved

  • Isha

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

    The very first thought which came to my mind after reading this was about the advice given to civil services aspirants like us. Many among us begin to dream themselves in Uniform even before they sit for the exam. They spend more time thinking about the praise they would receive when they will qualify than thinking or planning about studies. And the end result are not surprising. They lose everything.

    Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam wrote and advised young generation to dream big in their life. What he meant by the same was to explore our capabilities, dream and then strive to achieve the same. To improve own performance since yesterday. Without dreaming for ourselves, we cannot progress in life. Dreams and hope provide us the necessary stimulus to achieve something in life & make us a better human being.

    But excess of anything is dangerous. Even life saving drugs turn fatal if taken without Doctor’ consultation. Taking the example of titanic- everybody was so impressed by its size and it being the the largest ship that its first voyage was beforehand declared as successful. But nobody paid attention to the necessary equipment needed at the time of any causality. Because everyone was so certain that it would never sink. And we all know its fate.

    During 1857 Indian Independence war, people waged war locally against the British administration. Beginning with Sepoy Mutiny, they declared Bahadur Shah Zafar as their king & were quite sure of their success. But due to lack of co-ordination, determination & strategy, Britishers were soon able to pacify them.

    We have numerous examples like this in our daily life. The key here is expectations and assumptions. The whole economics and economic models rely on them. Whenever they made wrong or over-simplified assumptions, the models failed to justify themselves on the ground of reality. Like the classicists lost their ground to Keynesian during the great Depression of 1930. Former advocated heavily the importance of free market economy and full employment prevalence. But it was the latter who emphasized the importance of government intervention and the reality of below full employment equilibrium prevalence.

    Certainly past experience do help us in forming expectations. But uncertainties are the things that define life. We have often experienced it for ourselves. The person on whom we rely most, often betrays us. The person we have least expectations with, sometimes shock us with surprises. Like in childhood, we have been often advised by our Maths teacher to practice more and more- with pen and paper in hand. Why? Because that makes us confront the reality- how much we have understood the concept. Simply sitting with books in hand and gazing them would not serve the purpose.

    There is an old proverb- “If you keep sitting and ask for death, even death will not come to you.” For that too, you have to hang yourself up, consume poison or jump in front of a moving vehicle. God gave us mind at the top and hands below it to think first and act later. Doing one without the other leads us nowhere.

    To quote an incidence from Mahabharata, the Hindu epic- When the whole body of Duryodhana, the eldest among the antagonist Kauravas, turned into a body made up of iron with the grace of his mother, he began to dream himself as the king from that very moment. He was so confident about about his success that he completely forgot about the weak point of his body- his thighs. And Bheema, the second Pandava brother, defeated him in the battle between the duo.

    Dreaming with the lens of overconfidence is like building a house of cards. Its end is inevitable. The importance of dreaming for a goal is limited to providing us a direction among the maze of roads. Planning. strategy, efforts & determination make us reach the goal itself.

    A well does not come on itself to the horse. The horse has to go near it in order to drink water. To make decisions, on the basis of probabilities and hope is safe to an extent. Like the recently framed initiatives by the incumbent government to boost the growth of the economy- Make in India, Smart cities, Digital India, Swacchh Bharat, etc.- are well intentioned. And if implemented with due consideration, eliminating hurdles & fixing structural loopholes, will surely provide the dividend. But building on hopes and its potentials only, without providing them with necessary stimulus would make the probability of their success very low for sure.

    The ambitious Adhaar Program initiated was a well intentioned initiative- using technology to ease the plight of poor and provide them an identity all comprehensive. Even before properly designing the program, in order to ensure the privacy of individual. it was announced as by default a mandatory requirement to avail the benefits of government schemes. The result need not to be mentioned. Adhaar is still struggling to find a place it dreamt of, to achieve the objective it aimed to.

    Hence what we can infer from the given quote is to recognize the huge gap between reality and expectations. Dreaming is not the root of the problem. Problem arises when efforts are missing to complement it. Problem lies in spoiling our present dreaming about something and doing nothing about it. the human life provided to us very precious and we must make judicious use of it for the welfare of everyone- not to spoil it by by dreaming about things which don’t even exist.

    • “Even life saving drugs turn fatal if taken without Doctor’ consultation”

      So true (touchwood :D)

      Titanic waala example was too good. Loved it simply 🙂

      “If you keep sitting and ask for death, even death will not come to you.” YAAR kahan se laate ho ye sab ???

      Each of ur examples speak for itself! I am truly very impressed by the way you used the examples, the flow, the intro-body-conclusion, structure. Very good yaar! This was surely better than me (My personal view, wait for others to review 🙂

      N you want critics for this? Jaa nai deta 😛

      • Isha

        Critics to meri behen deti hai. Keh ri thi post ur essay and insights will block you for sure 😀
        thanks for reviewing serious. Tareef from the one who get top votes by
        everyone, from the one whose essay is like model for most of us is a
        huge relief!!
        Thanks bhi nai bol rhi fir se 😛

        • Upvotes are deceiving. But anyways will take it as a compliment 😛

          • Night Fury

            anyway* 😛

    • Batman

      Hi Isha, my views:
      1)add connectors between your essay to give it better flow
      2)essay is a reflection of your personality, i don’t know whether adding example of ‘death’, ‘poison’ is apt!
      3)good number of examples but add substance too i.e a general point followed b example can be a better approach as it give clarity to your thoughts!
      4)you added examples of the negative outcomes of the theme but what about the positive ones
      5)include suggestions in your essay: meditation, Yoga, mindfulness!
      6)’losing everything’ expression in the intro is a bit exaggerated; people do learn from their failures

      • Isha

        Hi Batman! I agree with your each and every suggestion. I am trying to improve. Thanks for pointing out mistakes critically. Will work on them 🙂

    • Jaya Swatantra

      A well written essay dear but in order to make any thing explain please use positive examples …(example of not use it.) so that the examiner may have a grab of your positive bent of mind….. KWAR.. 🙂 thanks

      • Isha

        Thanks for reviewing Jaya. I’ll work on it 🙂

  • Sree

    When i was in childhood my grandmother used to tell stories,epics ,adages and idioms to day my grandmother told a beautiful story”the story of somavardhana”.this story tells us that why do we don’t count our chicken before they hatch.

    Once upon a time there was a king simhavardhana in vijayapuri kingdom.he has two sons and one daughter.elder son was somavardhana and younger son was chakravardhana .the somavardhana was a extravagant, gambler, and cocksure and he never respect common people. he used to spend money on horse races,bull fights and other gambling events. the chakravardhana was regularly participating in wars engaged with administration of kingdom and used to help to father in puzzling issues.
    Since childhood Somavardhana aften dreamed that he was next king of vijayapuri kingdom.even he became younger he used tell the same with friends and day a peril was knocked the door of vijaynagar kingdome in the form of war with neighbouring siripala kingdom. In this war the
    vijaypuri king simhavardha died. Soon the younger son chakravardhana took war in his hands get succeeded in that war.since his father had died ,somavardhana assumed that he would ascend throne of vijayapuri .he held festives across the kingdom.

    after success over siripala kingdom ,chakravardhana along with his army reached the vijayapuri.
    Since elder son was gambler, incapable of ruling ,the ministers of the kingdom and people rejected the somavardhana as their king. Due to the insisted claim of somavardhana ,the ministereial conference agreed to held a horse race between both princes to choose next king.somavardhana
    felt vary happy with this decision.he thought that he would win the race and become king of held pompous parties,processions and celebration and proclaimed he would become the king.finally somavardhana lose in the race younger son become the king.

    if We keenly observe the inner meaning of the the idiom “DON’T COUNT YOUR CHICKEN BEFORE THEY HATCH” it denotes that we should not assume the future /goal /profit/success in life before we reach that particular point.we often seen this kind ideology in our surroundings or our close circles or even our own life. many people thinks that they would become whatsoever they thought in life .but they don’t think about what inputs or efforts are needed to invested in order to get succeed or to benefited toward their desired goals. Lack of such flexibility in planning or insufficient efforts leads turn it gives disappointment and misery toward that work or goal.
    the idiom is very suitable to indian scenario of development..since independence (1947) many reports and many economists have been saying that india would become developed country.then after land amrk econom reforms 1991 times , even present 2015 -16 also we are boasting that we will become developed country and economic super power by2050.india’s 22% population is languishing in poverty and hunger, and large section of it’s youth population struggling with
    unemployment and lack of skills.its bureaucracy and in other system from peon to high level minister are penetrated by corruption,partiality,partisanship and political apathy.delay in decision
    making and in serive delivery and poor transparency makes india lie behind in all socio economic and humand and gender related developments.

    How can india would dream as developed world without resolving its plaguing problems of poverty, corruption,social sitgmas(caste),and gender can india become economic super power
    without eradicating black-money, terrorism. My grandfather said india would become developed nation, then my father ,and now im also saying the same. it will remained dream due to lack of proper efforts. india should impart proper educationand working skill to it youth population,and give space to private players and entrepreneurs to come up with modern innovative working technologies.then only we can harness the potential of our 125 core demographic devident and claim of developed economy

    Apart from the individual life situations , individual state ,countries, the idiom also applicable even
    world scenario. For the past 40 years the world community has been proclaiming about sustainable development and creation of safe and habitable world.since earth summit 1991it has been convened many environmental and biodiversity summits toward creation of sustainable world.but still countries across world have been shattering with climate change effects..i.e. .floods(Chennai),landslides,cyclones , droughts unseasonal rains. When ever convend the world parties in global forms they end up with nigglings on developed and developing lines. Every time and everwhere at beginning and at end of meeting the they emphasis and proclaim ‘we are going toward sustainable world ‘.

    In above scenario , developed world aftenencroching emission norms and reluctant to transfer money and technology.if world want to achieve sustainable developemt,the developed economis should strictly adhere to emission cuts, should transfer modern technology and financial supports to the poor and developing economies

    in the story of somavardahna …somavardhana just desired that he would become king but never concerns the required ruling capabilities,aspiration of the the context of Indian development or in the of sustainable world scenario also , all parties are just counting their chicken. ..i mean….they are proclaiming their goal or work with little or insufficient efforts .therefore they experience unhappy and disappointment with consequence of their failure.

    Therefore instead of counting their chick, one should focus on doing of their part or proper implementation of their plan with sufficient inputs without concerning its results.


    • black mamba

      spent a lot of words in intro story -> not needed.
      few grammatical errors.
      u only gave one side of the coin.
      +in essays i’ll suggest that u shouldn’t give a negative example for india.

      • Sree

        thnks for ur rvw nd ur suggestion black mamba.i noted suggetion, i will work on it.

    • sankar

      hey sree
      in addition to black mamba as i agree with his evaluation
      it seems you showing solution for impending challenges before india.
      we can give some instances like the undesired result of some institute in suppport of the proverb
      however you have maintained flow
      plz rvw mine

      • Sree

        thank u sankar for ur rvw and suggestions. keep writing and keep rvwing frnd.

  • Rina


    From my point of view, “Don’t count your chicken before they hatch” strongly implies the difference between a day-dreamer Vs a winner or degree of difference between confidence and over confidence.

    Confidence along with many factors like hard work, dedication, planning and consistence always yield the fruit of success. Just a little over dose of confidence has a greater chance to ruin a process towards the path of execution to achieve goal.

    Ram resigned his job and threw a party to his friends and colleagues in a Seven-star hotel in his city. He gave the final round of interview for the one of the world’s leading IT company. He is pretty confident on his results to be positive, thus he the resigned well paid job on the same day of interview despites the top management of the current employer offered him promotion with better salary package.

    This is his very first employer. He joined in this company as a fresher and elevated to various levels in a very short span of 5 years time which is very rare case. Currently he is a project manager of a platinum client. In 5 years of employment pleased by his performance, he was offered with various challenging projects, onsite roles, promotions and best salary perk for that role.

    Just because of a code failure in the recent critical implementation which led to high severity incident and escalation, his manger advised him to be more conscious while performing code review. He felt disappointed by that incident and started looking for a job change.

    Of course! With all his experience and knowledge of existing project and skill, he was called for interview with a renowned company shortly. In that interview he cleared all levels of skill test and had a discussion with HR manger as a final round.

    To celebrate his joy of success on the interview, he spent lavishly on the party with his friends. And he believed that he will be offered a better role and high salary package than the current one. With a credit of more than 2 lakh the party ended very happily.

    And he awaited for the offer the next day… and the next day… but he didn’t heard back.

    Finally he understood from the HR manager that the company is not ready to offer him a Project manager role with very less experience, also not ready to pay salary which he is receiving now for 5 years of experience.

    So the end is nothing but of LOSE. Lose of job, loss of salary, loss of money spent on partying, more than all Loss of CREDIBILITY with the past employer.

    We might have heard or come across similar incident in our life in various field in its own style. But the inference is one and same “without thinking of the process which lead to success in past or without proper planning towards success, day dreaming may motivate you sometimes but will not fetch success”. To put simply it’s the failure in action.

    Let’s take some example of past like freedom struggle, making of constitution and past government initiatives like Mid-day meal scheme , Public distribution system and the recent government initiatives like Digital India, Swachh Bharath, estimating pollution etc

    The epic Independence of India wont have been a great success without various struggles, reforms, non-violence movement adopted by Gandhiji.

    The world largest written constitution of India will not have developed without a long process of discussion and inferences from various events from the past.

    Mid-day meal programme has brought tremendous change on the scale of education of our country because of the proper implementation of the action designed.

    Public Distribution System in India is a massive success in reaching the people below poverty line because of the effort taken to improve it in various stages.

    The recent initiatives of Indian government are targeted toward the benefit Indian people in one way or the other.

    Digital India programme is aimed at taking the technology to another level to all citizens of India. When most of our population residing in villages without great quality of education or as farmers, this scheme will not be succeded without educating or creating awareness among those people. The application created for agriculture in recent day like Agri…. are a good sign to reach farmers.

    When people are unaware of cleanliness or without proper sanitation facility in many areas including cities it is impossible to achieve Clean India. Various advertisements and encouraging the steps of NGOs and other welfare organisations are few steps to achieve this goal.

    Installing pollution estimating stations in various cities are the steps towards achieving clean environment. Encouraging the use and establishment of green energy, innovative method in Delhi of controlling pollution by odd-even vehicle running are great step towards achieving the CoP21 conference commitment of preserving environment and reducing greenhouse gases. Estimating the Air Quality Index (AQI) will be useful only when we utilise it create environmental policies.

    There are various factors contribute towards success including confidence. There is a very thin line between the confidence and over-confidence. Someone who understands it will have a smart strategy, effective planning, execution methods, and mitigation steps on failure of a task, continuous improvement from the past learning, mutli-dimensional analysis and a well developed thought with a zing of confidence is the way to achieve the goal.

    Expect the unexpected, disappoint the disappointments and dream big with a progressive strategy to achieve the goal.

    As someone said, “Sooner or later one who thinks is one who wins”. Let’s be a strategic winner than a day dreamer!!

    • Rina

      Please review, Thanks in advance!

    • Good attempt few comments:-
      U dragged the incidence or example it made essay unbalanced.
      then shorter sentences make it highly mechanical — not drawing interest.
      Little hope —bit cosy !!!

      May be you first outline the themes’s inferences on your own:-
      Like 1. Daydreaming is not good for our future
      2. hope is manifestation of man’s relentless efforts. dreaming make us complete and progressive.
      3. Toiling, hardwork etc. nature of Man to fulfill dream.
      4. Geeta’s say” Karmanyevadikarste—karm kar Fal ki ichha mat kar
      5. We should have dreams which makes us life full of meaning and existence …dreams are zeal to fullfil them make us feel we exist—Gandhi, Subahash, Nelson, Martin Luther king Jr.- I have a dream etc.
      Make para graphs for each theme –with connections…u will fetch better marks
      Best of Luck!!!!!!

      • Rina

        Thank you so much! very encouraging to see your comment being my first attempt.
        Will take your input!

    • plz review mine if time allows

  • black mamba

    There was once a young boy Bill, who used to get very excited about future events. But one day he looked devastated when his mother picked him up from school. He explained that he thought he was going to the Harry Potter play, but his name wasn’t called. It was then his mother remembered that it was the event he’d been talking about for weeks, but it was only for students who raised more than $100 for their school. Bill wasn’t one of them. Bill sulked around the living room for days as his mother tried to reason with him that he misunderstood. However, from that point onwards, she always made it a point to temper his excitement with a “Bill this might not turn out as imagined”. In other words she was trying to tell him that, “He shouldn’t count his chickens before they’ve hatched.”

    This old english saying is often used to caution people to not make plans based on assumptions as it can lead to disappointment. From historic literary example where Senate had assassinated Julius Caesar expecting gain for themselves, but Mark Antony turned the public against the senate; to contemporary issues like 2007-08 Financial crisis due to housing bubble burst: all reiterate the cautionary essence of this idiom. Similarly in WW2 Hitler and Japan were so confident of their victory that they attacked USSR (that too in winters) and USA respectively – an ill calculated move which led to their devastating defeat. Looking at back our history, post independence and Panchsheel agreement, the Indian government was so confident of its pacifist stand that it was considered unnecessary and risky (scare of coup) to develop military beyond certain standard. Result was a humiliating defeat in 1962 Sino-India war. In recent past, Bihar elections and exit poll fiasco delivered the same story.

    So it becomes more or less clear that hollow dreaming can be catastrophic there’s always a need to plan for the worst. But if it is so well accepted then why do we as individuals and even as a community keep engaging in same thing over and over again? It is so because psychologically, dreams of success and glory attract us. However over-engagement diverts our attention from the whole picture. We just look at one potential aspect that makes us happy and black out everything else, sometimes even action required on our part to achieve the intended goal. Coming to empirical issues, it would mean that instead of relying on India’s young population to contribute to economic growth we need to skill them, provide qualitatively better higher education and deliver on employment promises to ensure that we truly utilise this dividend. Similarly, easing FDI cap alone wont benefit manufacturing sector in our country, but we also need to reform labour laws and corporate laws. Fulfilment of each dream requires deliberate action, instead if we build on reckless assumptions we are bound to fall.

    But does this mean that we should be so cautious as to put a lid on optimism? After all, hope is a beautiful thing that pushes us to do our best and not give up. Venturing into unknown is how we innovate, discover new things and gain knowledge. Leap of faith is as necessary for success as risk assessment. Probably the best example for this is the success of Indian Democracy. At the time when India gained independence, all factors pointed towards a systematic collapse of unitary government given the diversity, economic status and social discord in the country. However it defied all those predictions and emerged as something called an ‘unlikely nation’. Similarly the very nations that did not ratify Kyoto Protocol submitted impressive INDCs proving yet again that sometimes assuming the worst is not helpful at all. Another recent example is surprising compliance to New Delhi government’s odd-even rationing on roads which was vehemently criticised as an impractical solution to particulate pollution problem. And this is how we come to the second extreme – that optimism is a good thing as it helps us get through and even revert difficult situations.

    We’ve seen numerous examples that befit the prophecy of each approach, but to prefer one over the other would not be a wise move. We should not use one straight jacketed approach in all situations, because life is dynamic more so when we are dealing with people. We need to realise and recognise that there’s a thin line between overt optimism and excessive caution and that’s where we need to tread on if we want to live a successful life. Caution is a necessary deterrent that keeps our erratic behaviour in check but being extra cautious would make you waste time and at times precious opportunities. Gita’s nishkam karma asks us to perform actions in a detached manner (ie while performance we shouldn’t feel entitled to the fruit of our action), but once we know we’ve given our best shot, optimism is what keeps us going forward, especially in instances of failure. Thus as individuals and as a community, we should neither count chicken before they hatch nor should we spend our days hoping that our optimism would give birth to a miracle IN ALL SITUATIONS. Rather, we should adopt is to plan for the worst, have faith and keep moving forward, which is nothing but a healthy mix of both.

    • Lord Tuktuk

      vaise i dont think i’m that able to review urs! but still ignore if not useful!!
      intro too big!! start with some quote or something small and then try to connect with an intro!!
      i have played the role of Mark Anthony in school play, so connected too well with it 🙂
      please tell me how do you write so professionally!! :O
      after reading this, i feel like i write so bad!! 🙂
      i feel that this essay was little short! vaise your flow was classy!!
      i dont know how to be critical here!! 🙂
      PS: Don’t disclose my secret!! 😛

      • black mamba

        :O write professionally !!! that’s more than i can take but thanks.
        ill work on the intro 😀
        and yes it’s 900 words only. i didn’t know what else to add without making it look forced. so i let it be, thinking atleast ‘it’s short and complete’

        • Lord Tuktuk

          no it was good!! actually pta nhi lga kab khatam ho gya!! structure acha kia tha!!
          keep it up!! 😀

    • Sree

      good essay
      intro-good story-apt to essay.
      .flow is very good bro.
      big paragraphs.
      conclusion is vey nice.

    • Sree

      pls revw my essay too black mamba.

    • Night Fury

      Sigh. Bill = my story 🙁 😛
      Man ! I can’t give critics to this essay !
      Though in second para I felt a bit lost (personally I don’t like history 😀 )
      nishkam karma my favourite example!! 😀
      But brilliant “bunch of examples!”
      very good Mamba !!!

      • black mamba

        thanks toothless 😀
        did it feel short?
        only 900 words it is. it seemed forced when i tried to add on. that’s why it took me so much time, + then i rounded off like this only.

        • Night Fury

          for me it’s perfect ! you gave so many examples !!
          and explained the “philosophy” too..
          CUTE essay not short 😀

    • “not make plans based on assumptions”… I disagree with this. We make plans only after we assume that it may happen.

      I’ll tell u what. The second para has so many issues (i.e range) but no depth. I mean, how can u assume that Julius Caesar ki story pata hogi use?Mujhe khud nai yaad. So instead I feel u need to take one-two examples or maybe three and explain it acche se. That would explain ur stand. Like you did in the fourth para. Accha tha wo para.

      The INDC waala para was good. Good u included the other side of the coin.

      The conclusion is too long. Trim it into a small para and write it.

      I’ll tell u why u were able to write less words. Range pe focus kia, depth pe nai. Conclusion chota likh. Baaki sab sahi

      • black mamba

        it should be plans on empty assumptions instead of just assumptions.

        I beg to differ on caesar part. caesar’s assassination is like famous literature (mostly english proff check essays), and I’ve written the main part we don’t need to know anything other than I’ve written to relate it to this.

        but i’ll include some more examples. surely!

        thanks serious 😀
        always a big help 😀

    • Your essay has flow but reflection of single inference restrict the other dimensions which could be incorporated in well framed short paras to make it better.

      • black mamba

        What’s the single inference that is being reflected ?

        • Future concern and thinking about that is highly biased in write up.
          other way of thinking:-
          Don’t expect too much – Be content and have patience
          Expect and face consequences with endurance
          Do your duty wholeheartedly- Geeta and Kant- categorical imperative
          Live with dreams — imp of hardwork and consistent efforts– other dimensions are also there- intricately linked and overlapped
          though all there but not in specified space to be emphasised.

          • black mamba

            Oh yeah. That’s another way. But not my way of thinking. U see these are the ideals especially categorical imperative. Unfollowavke in day to day life.
            I did mention Nishkam karma of gita.
            Personally I m an objectivist and believe in individualism. So me putting these things in an essay would seem embellished as i won’t be able to do justice to them.
            That is why I stayed true to my belief

    • Ash

      Hi Mamba! 🙂

      1. I actually don’t support starting with an example … but then if you do .. its Kool! 🙂
      2. ‘who used to get very excited about future events’ — its like your imposing your example on the topic.. I feel keep it implicit.. then give way to it .. you know bring it out eventually.. gives beauty to your essay.
      3. Looking at back our history = Looking back at our history.. I know that is a typo.. I’m just increasing my points 😛

      4. Sino-India war part — Good .. History optional ?? 😛

      5. 3rd para end became a lil news bulletin.. back-to-back.. 🙂

      6. I didn’t connect to ur Kyoto Point… I wud love to learn though!

      7. liked the way you have used road rationing— Good

      8. ‘there’s a thin line between overt optimism and excessive caution and that’s where we need to tread on if we want to live a successful life.’ — Very well written… 🙂

      9. Loved the way you concluded… An upvote for the conclusion..From now on I’m following your essays for conclusions.. I’m bad at it… So write good conclusions! KWAR! 🙂

      • black mamba

        Thank you so much ash!

        1) i thought of other ways to start as story format was. Becoming a kind of cliché on insights 😛 but it all ended up becoming inappropriate “heavy stuff” (philo optional u see) so I stuck to story.

        2) yeah. It did give away but the idiom itself is self explainatory so I personally felt it didn’t make a lot of difference.

        4) avid non fiction reader 😀

        6) USA didn’t ratify Kyoto. Neither did India. But India especially put forward very ambitious indc.

        And thanks so much:) appreciated 🙂 following my essays for conclusions ?? ~> I’ll say don’t count ur chicken before they hatch 😛 m bad at conclusions too, it was a fluke that this one fitted well!!

        • Ash

          Thank you! 🙂

    • G.

      i liked your part on indian democracy as an experiment .. there is a good blend of examples and elaboration on it… much to learn from it…
      a smooth essay.. good points covered
      i am sensing a pattern here in insights… almost everyone is starting from an example… though i am not a proponent of it
      anyways learnt from your essay many things

      • black mamba

        Thanks !
        Indeed story starting has become insights cliché.
        I’ll try avoid it next week 🙂

  • G.


    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

    The worry of the future is the worry of the human being. All
    the events revolving around humans is related to the future. Every thought,
    word behavior and action are future oriented. Humans know that future is
    uncertain, still the probability assumption and acting thence is the creed of
    humans. The grand design of the universe has many factors that influence every
    single movement. Hence the saying goes, future will remain uncertain even if
    man possesses the control of fellow humans.

    One might think whats the problem in counting eggs before
    hatching. Well, one may count, there is no limitation on it, but then it should
    be ready for the consequences. The simple logic of cause and effect produces
    this and induces on to the humans pleasure or pain. Only to avoid pain and face
    pleasures, humans have invented and loaded themselves with science, technology,
    mathematics and modern gadgets that tell him a near perfect projection of the
    actions taken.

    A simple example will embellish this concept. A cricket
    match is to be played in Durban, south Africa, some 5 days later. It’s the season
    of rains. Nobody knows when the clouds would thunder and pour water. Humans have
    utilized the service of super computers to predict the weather pattern 5 days
    hence and they came to result that there may be showers on the 5th
    day from today. Hence they change the date of the match to avoid rains.

    Another feature attached to this statement is interesting. One
    speculates the outcoming of the ongoing action and bases future actions on it. If
    the result comes favourable then humans rejoice, and are motivated, however if
    not, then various traits appear in humans namely, blame games, stress, anxiety,
    health problems, self denials, fights, jealousy and amny negative emotions.

    For ex. Various heads of government meet periodically in
    concern for the environment and strike deals to preserve the planet. Before the
    event is scheduled the media houses of the prominent nations start speculating
    on the results and display news diabolizing the rogue nations and proving their
    own point. They might be correct or might not, but they are struck with limited
    viewpints for they cannot accept other country viewpoints that are antithetical
    to them. The result of the climate deals are more often then not are
    stalemates. The result is the blame games and mutual distrust and fights
    ideologically economically and politically. the US media resembles the above
    example more closely than others.

    The recent free basis debate is storming nations across the
    world. Proponents and opponents are at clash through debate, letter dispatches
    and verbal abuses. Some accuse the others of voicing for the poor, where poor are themselves unaware of
    it. The whole concept of free basic is being sold for a noble cause of
    empowering the poor with the internet option and opening to them the opportunity
    through the internet. However, the proponents forget the missing picture in
    this whole portrait. There is one supreme controller of this free basics i.e.
    facebook without any checks or balances. Today it could be noble, but future
    does not guarantee the present state.

    The international diplomacy is a sophisticated phenomena. There
    are many changes in a nation’s voice. Only the thing constant is the personal
    interests. In these interests are many changes. Diplomats are trained to sense
    the mood of the nation and convey this to home nation. On these basis are
    relations forged, evolved and collaborated.

    India is in a bad habit to rely largely on monsoons for its
    agricultural productivity. Facts are known to it of the vagaries of the weather
    that is increasingly going erratic. Despite this, for decades independent india
    has not shown adequate measures to equip the farms and farmers with best
    practices, latest gadgets and mechanization at the level that is required to
    make the farm sector robust and vibrant. The farmer still looks to the sky in
    the shade of the hands for timely rains. All calculations are made for adequate
    rains, and when it does not happens there is suicides, money lending problems
    and lower productivity affecting the whole economy.

    The bhagavad gita Upanishad tells about the practice of the
    karma yoga and the importance of the present and duty related to one. Anticipation,
    it says, is not to be adhered to, rather one should live a life free of worry
    of future. One should perform one’s duty and not care for the fruits of action.
    For the wise seers knew at that time that future anticipation is itself
    fruitless and positives are far less than fruits of living in the present.

    The universe is huge, beyond the intellect of human being. The
    factors which determine the future are never to be revealed to 3 dminesional
    world of humans. The creator has codified certain rules that are revealed to us
    in the form of mathematical formulae. The irrational events are still,
    subscribed as errors and mishaps and some kind of deceit. Einstein died trying
    to find the unified theory. Hawkins soent his whole life on this subject, still
    science remains as far as the ultimate reality as it is from the beginning.

    The teaching that emerges is of the importance of the
    present. Future is and will remain uncertain, till the mystery of time is unsolved.
    So one should be ready with this concept in mind. With all the benefits of
    science human can live life with stability, and certain accuracy of future. One
    should perform its duty without the worry of its fruits. Almost every scripture
    of the religions teaches the importance of actions and duty. That lesson should
    be learnt out of them.

    The pleasure pain duality will remain with the humans as is
    with other living creatures on earth. It is just the way the living beings are manufactured
    by the creator. Any attachment to the actions will evoke pleasure or pain. The chickens
    should be counted only when they are hatched, for who knows which egg hatches
    which not, which is still living which is dead. That is the element of
    probability, the chance and probably this is the joy of life, the uncertain. The
    creator must have thought of it too. HAHA

    • black mamba

      well. i guess your optional is philosophy ? or atleast u’ve studied a good deal of it?

      • please review mine !!!

      • G.

        no bhai … philosophy nahi hai optional…. aren’t we suppose to give philosophical touch to these kind of essays… i have reduced examples to few and focussed in explanations? is that the mistake..

    • black mamba

      anyways, coming to the point – where’s the essay? all you’ve written about is uncertainty. where have u explained the idiom? moreover, even if i lax a bit and consider that explanation of uncertainty in the world is in fact your explanation of idiom, even that won’t be correct – it doesn’t focus on uncertainty but that – we should not MAKE CONCLUSIVE JUDGEMENTS based on some assumption. i don’t see ny substantiatin on this.
      since it’s your first essay, ill suggest u to make your writing broader. include more dimensions and always follow positive – negative – synthesis approach. it’s the safest time tested path.
      KWAR 😀

      • G.

        great black mamba… may be true what u said…. but exactly what do you mean by writing broader though i understand the meaning of covering more dimensions

        • black mamba

          Depth+range. Provide both in your essay.
          Please review mine

    • Leiter The Leader

      Mostly I agree with Black mamba….and it seems you have read Jermy Bentham more..:) by pressing more on pleasure and pain.
      Don’t keeping writing you will improve

      • G.

        sure bro i will try to write more… no jeremy bentham i have not read… only knew he stands for utilitarian principles…
        but i tried to give it a philosophical touch… aren’t we suppose to give philosophical underpinning to such essays?

        • Leiter The Leader

          You can mention it once..somewhere….but conclusion must be related to the topic…and many won’t agree with Utilitarian principles as it would throw individual to the wall.

          • G.

            thanks for this bro… i think i faltered much on the conclusion part and went away in the latter parts of essay… though i gave few examples regarding current events… is that what you are trying to convey.. that i went off the topic in the latter part (at least this is what i thought of at the second read)

            • Leiter The Leader

              Yes second part deviating

              • G.

                great … thanks very much…


      bhai, your examples not giving a perfect direction, it seems you r not clear in mind, this is dengerous, convey your thinking strictly

      • G.

        thanks for reading the essay bhai… but please explain this line ‘convey your thinking strictly’ and point this mistake in my essay… it will be really helpful

        • SUN_LIGHT

          this means that you should take some stand, taking stand does not means that you have to be on extreme, show positive nagative or you can be nuetral, but at the end show what you r thinking… the problem with your examples is that you produced them, but they are not appealing much to the reader, in this essay you can give argument why should one not count the chicken, and why should he count, or the both what are the consequences? etc. and writing style, you can see the video of roman saini on essay writing, it will help you, and sorry for so much burai karne ke liye

          • G.

            burai karke hi insaan paktaa hai 😛
            thanxx for elaborate review

    • Night Fury

      Hi G !
      you have given so many examples ! wow !
      your other side of the coin is missing here..
      like why it is good to “count chickens” give some examples in that perspective too!
      plus tone down a bit in language, (I believe in simplicity) , like your Diplomacy example- I couldn’t connect.
      conclusion seems fine to me!
      Indian agriculture and Upanishad examples AWESOME !
      overall good attempt ! it’s your first. we improve with practice 🙂
      KWAR! ATB !!

      • G.

        really encouraging with your review fury bhai….. i think the fundamental problem was not lanuage rather i dealt too much into existentialist philosophy forgetting many would not be able to connect with it.. i will take care not to invoke these from next time (its hard as this is my favourite subject)
        on the opposite i found other have given more examples and i have given less… anyways my intention was to gove less examples and focus more on philosophy and psychology
        and agreed that i couldnot give the other side as you mentioned

        thanks again for the comment fury bhai.. feeling good

    • The intro was good and I could relate it to the essay. But it wasn’t an idle start.

      “The universe is huge, beyond the intellect of human being…” yaha se thngs got complicated. Couldn’t connect how was this relevant to the topic?

      It seems ur essay has an altogether different perspective and most of the essay talks about inter-relation between present-past-future. The theme of the essay is rarely dealt with.

      Anyway a good attempt. could have been better.

      • G.

        agreed serious blew up the essay from where u mentioned…
        whole part after taht line dealt into philosophy… that was off topic… and it then made the conclusion go waste as well
        thnxx for the review serious…

    • sankar

      I agree with mamba
      -introduction like well-explanation of given proverb
      -substantiate your essay by giving ex. unexpected result of something.
      -or something happens opposite bcz of overconfidence.
      good attempt
      plz rvw mne

  • Manoj

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

  • Gladiator

    The experience needed for the hatching of chicken
    Children should involved in varies concerted and a meaning full experience. Which number play a vital role.Hence first grade arithmetic should be a learning laboratory.Experience may grouping and manipulating objects,measuring and constructing objects or dramatizing numbers all of which help children acquire and an understanding of concept.
    Mrs sharada a teacher of elementary school in Delhi, provided her students as wonderful arithmetic learning experience.This experience involved her student to hatching of chicken in march of annual exam.It is an opportunity, that they can apply in the situation when do needed. what they had learn and experienced in class.
    Mrs sharada gave first introduced use to thermometer. The children had experience with counting of two’s but to relate this use thermometer is little more difficult.A large thermometer was used to illustrate.Each line of thermometer are presented two degrees.The children are giving many opportunity to use a thermometer and read the temperature.Mrs sharada felt that most of children are proficient to use of element base of thermometer.She proceeded,with the children help to record of the incubator of the temperature on chalk board.This was done several days before eggs kept in incubator.
    Thermometer and water placed in the incubator,they had to experiment different wattage of light bulbs to find out , one that produces the temperature between 95′ to 100′ F. like that they first tried to one hundred wattage bulbs. After sufficiency length of time.The children checked inside temperature of incubator and found the temperature above 200′ F. finally they agreed that 50 watt bulb is sufficient for their purposes for the temperature they had stayed between 100 to 200 F several days.By and large the children learned that higher watt bulb produce greater reading on the thermometer.

  • Man lives with his dreams. It is not day dreaming which brings fruits but the dreams which inspire us to perspire in the mines, toil in the field , build castles not in the air but manifested in largest human creation like Burj Khalifa or The great wall of China. Man cannot be complete without hope,desires and expressing wishes. Hope is man’s drive to progress, development and advancement of civilization. But a hope without efforts cause emotional shocks and prove regressive for further dreaming. Though Human is not all powerful and just one among nature’s creations. He make ideals and strive to achieve them but nature put numerous challenges and hurdles before man. It is his hope to indomitable and invincible challenges that he overcome by his passionate zeal ,insatiable curiosity and unrelenting quest to success. We should dream and have hope but reasonable and counted.
    Dreaming and hope when are reasonable comes with patience and content . It is well said in Gita,” Karmanye Waadikha-raste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana”. Do your duty without thinking about the fruits. Fair means always bring fair results.
    As results depends upon the our intensity and honesty of efforts. It is ninety percent perspiration and ten percent inspiration which brought success. That is why hardwork and diligency has no substitute and a human institute of great virtues and values.
    A passionate desire to change the world exampled by Martin Luther King Jr. and His speech ,” I have a dream ” really changed the society . Such a impact of dreams which provide you the meaning and Goal of Life.
    “I think therefore i am” , aptly said by Rene Descartes , a Seventeenth century rationalist thinker and philosopher. Here thinking is not mere counting your haves but what the hell you are here for.
    The Gandhi , Subhash and Vivekananda proved that every life has dreams. It not about you only but fellow’s aspires and dreams matter the most. They lived for others and never died after that. They and other great personalities did great effort for people and country but everything was rational and well planned.
    The planned and strategic efforts bear fruits. Only emphasis on result may cause failure. Hitler lost the war due to poor strategy in fighting against Russians is apt example.
    Man can win world but it may prove conspiracy against themselves. Terrorism, Industrial Disasters, Nuclear Bombs, Climate change, Global Warming and other man made disasters are manifestation of suicidal attempts by human civilization. So results should be sustainable and with less side effects.
    Building castles in the air while losing Man’s working Hours also give hopeless hope. Ultimately man have no option but to face extreme fatalistic attitude like suicide or depression. Our youth which want to earn money and fame without doing anything set worse example sometimes on the similar line. Future awaits them when they accept life as having hope, to fulfill dreams and for doing a lot of efforts.
    Whatever the wisdom we have oriented to our duty and serving the family,society and others. The desire on irrational basis is nothing more than self destruction. Count the eggs you have ,your duty is to preserve and protect them.
    In nutshell, don’t count untill it happens. Patience is cardinal virtue of Human. Never expect all your expectations to fulfill. In reality, content and satisfaction would be better not for present generation but necessary for future generations to exist.
    Gandhi Ji said,” There’s enough on this planet have capacity for every one’s need but not for everyone’s Greed”

    • black mamba

      if i read it, without keeping in my mind what is the topic, it’s a good write up.
      but if i see the topic and then read it – i see no connect.

      u are writing about handwork, dream and consequences, but where’s the idiom? i don’t even think u mentioned it in your essay.

      what u have written is ‘probably’ one aspect, but the actual meaning read – ‘making plans based on empty assumptions can lead to disappointment’ u have substantiated absolutely nothing on it.

      + tone down on philosophy. your essay should be general not something only philo scholar can enjoy and appreciate

    • Tanu Singhal

      The end was just perfect.
      When I was in class 12th a retired principal once told me, the shorter the sentences, the simpler they are, the more the checker and reader loves it.
      So apply this. U r dragging the sentences, with too much philosophical jargons.
      The content was good. But a bit mismatched.
      I mean the flow broke.

      (Though m not a good writer but an ardnet reader, as a reader I knew that u have written good, but the toil of heavy terms took me down.)
      Keep up the good work.?

      • Thanks tanu being honest and suggestive..
        I will keep ur suggestions

    • Rina

      Well tried, Good one with lot of thoughts.
      seems lot of quotes/examples included which makes missing of connectors in body of essay
      Conclusion need more emphasis on your interference.

  • Namrata

    Please Review!!
    “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

    Rahim, who was a barber in a small village of Uttar Pradesh, often dreamed of owning an elite saloon in the high-society malls of Delhi. While he usually bragged to his fellow villagers about how one day he would become a businessman owning a saloon in Delhi and then he would not be entertaining those poor village people, the truth of the matter was that he could not earn enough in the village that his dream could be fulfilled. Besides, the inflow of customers gradually decreased in his shop owing to his boastful nature, causing him to even earn lesser than what he could have earned in the village. His wife often advised him to live in the present and work hard with a submissive nature so that they could gradually migrate to Delhi opening a mediocre saloon, the profits of which could be used one day to fulfill his dream. But, paying no heed to his wife’s advice, Rahim was lost the whole day in his world of dreams thinking about the advanced machinery, the black-coloured soft chairs, the latest equipments and the imported beauty products he would have in his high-end saloon. He would imagine that once a businessman, he would employ numerous staff under him who would serve the customers, while he would sit and collect cash at the counter. His list of dreaming had no end. Is it wrong to dream this big? Certainly it is not, because dreams are the pathway to glory and success. If a person does not dream in life, he does not know where he wants his life to progress. But sheer dreaming without making an effort to achieve that dream is pointless. Here, Rahim was busy imagining what all he would be having after he opened the saloon without thinking about how he would reach there. He was thinking of the luxuries of being a businessman even before becoming one or as we say, he was counting his chickens even before they hatched. We had learnt this proverb in our English classes at school, “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”. Little did we know then that it is so perfectly applicable everywhere, not only in personal but also historical, political and economic aspects of the society.

    The revolt of 1857, widely remembered by India as the ‘First War of Independence’, started as a sepoy mutiny in Meerut. The East India Company thought it to be just another sepoy mutiny and dealt with it the same manner as they had till now, dismissing and imprisoning the rebels. They thought that their problem was over. Little did the British know that this mere sepoy mutiny would take the shape of the revolt and it would take them immense efforts to suppress it. As they had counted the chickens before they hatched, the company suffered losses at the hands of the Government of India Act, 1858 which shifted administrative powers from the company to the Crown. Similarly the British had also undermined the nationalist feeling doing the rounds in India prior to independence dismissing the fear from freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad as minor and of no risk to the British empire. But these minor fears became huge when these freedom fighters united all sections of the society including women and children in their quest for complete independence.

    After independence, India too, on several occasions has counted chickens before they hatched while executing her foreign policy. After the signing of Panchsheel agreement between India and China, India was convinced of her closeness with China to such an extent that the slogan of brotherhood “हिंदी चीनी भाई भाई”(India and China are brothers) was widely prevalent. But India miscalculated China’s interests which resulted in her losing Aksaichin and part of Arunachal Pradesh during the Chinese invasion of 1962. Later, when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister of India, he started a bus service to Lahore and himself took the risk to board the bus to meet the then Pakistani Prime Minister, coincidentally the same as present, Nawaz Sharif, in order to better ties with Pakistan and start a smooth dialogue process afresh. India had hoped that this gesture of hers had indeed changed Pakistan’s idea of enmity with her and infact laid the foundation of the much awaited friendly cords between India and Pakistan. But the following Kargil war proved that India had yet again counted his chickens before they hatched.

    Similar examples persist even in today’s Indian democracy. The present elected government of Tamil Nadu has enjoyed power for many years now. It has always boasted of good administration and well-being of people in the state. Probably, this can be seen as counting the chickens beforehand as the recent Chennai floods brought forth disastrous pictures of the so-called ‘good’ administration. Similarly, the National Food Security Act was enacted in 2013 by the Central government which aimed to ensure food security to greater population by expanding the coverage at the earliest and it was claimed to be the most comprehensive reform of the Indian food safety net system since independence. But simply planning and counting on it is not sufficient. The states have not yet finished the exercise of preparing the list of target beneficiaries, which was supposed
    to be the first step towards implementation. Another example can be cited from the legislature. The Parliament recently passed the Juvenile Justice Bill which is now awaiting assent of the President. The bill, once enacted, will result in the juveniles aged 16 to 18 years to be tried as adults if they are apprehended for heinous crimes. While many have lauded the move, the neuroscientists and certain childcare related NGOs feel that the government is being highly hopeful of the fact that such a legislation would bring down juvenile delinquency in heinous crimes as the decision-making part of the brain develops completely only by the age of 25. So whether the government is right in claiming that the law would bring down juvenile delinquency in heinous crimes is yet to be seen. After all, a more stringent rape law enacted after the Nirbhaya rape case, on the recommendations of Justice Verma Committee, had claimed in a similar fashion that it would deter rapes in India but the picture is starkly contrasting going by the statistics of National Crime Records Bureau which says that brutal rapes in India have infact increased after the enactment of the law. So it is time to examine whether the Indian government are habitual to counting chickens before they are hatched or their claims are belied by some other factor.

    Thus, as already stated, dreaming in itself is not wrong, but working effectively to make that dream come true is the essence. Dreaming gives us a vision of life ahead. Now it depends on us whether we want to just sit and visualize the delicacies that lie ahead of that vision or actually strive to live that vision.

    • Batman

      Hi Namrata, my views:
      1)your story was good but it seem it had two endings like the first came: “he could not earn enough in the village that his dream could be fulfilled” and the second one as you wrote after this. So this may not look good, you have kept the story a bit short or you should not have inserted the first ending.

      2)good number of examples and could relate to them
      3)examples were there but what about substance?
      like u wrote that it is not bad to have some dreams, you should have elaborated it too. then u showed only one side of essay i.e. when there was count of chicken before hatch but what about the other side: what happens when one refrain from it and lives in the present moment, it channelize their energies; stop people from becoming buoyed and boastful and then you could have given some examples related to them from the world life. e.g. you talked about floods but cyclone HudHud was managed well because of good planning! the idea is to keep moving forward with a focus on present till the time we reach our goals.
      4)segregation of examples was good too and mentioning the same in intro helped give a firection to your essay
      5)don’t end conclusion so abruptly; try giing suggestions before conclusion how you can avoid this practice e.g. Yoga, meditation etc- conclusion should effectively involve the essence of your essay i.e. even if one reads only your intro and conclusion, he/she gets an idea what you have described
      Hope this review of mine helps you, FFTC (feel free to contradict)! Thanks!

      • Namrata

        wow .. thanks a lot batman for your much valued review .. and yes i agree with all your suggestions .. so nothing to contradict ..will take note of all of this in future ..
        1. yes story point noticed just now after u pointed out 🙂
        3. yes forgot about the other side of the coin ..had thought one or two examples but while writing forgot 😛
        5. yeah good suggestion about conclusion .. i was thinking how to end .. thanks 😀

      • Ab

        Good one Namrata!!
        China part was improvised, overall Well

        • Namrata

          thanks for review Ab 🙂

      • Namrata

        thanks cosviny ..will go through it 🙂

    • Sepoy No 1446

      First something about intro:

      -brilliant and engaging
      -Are u socio optional?
      – acute observation of saloon life, village life, entrepreneurial spirit…. In sum a complete knowledge not surfacial knowledge. As an examiner I will be delighted to see such things.
      -How much association you have with Indian villages?

      Sepoy mutiny and other history part are well suited. I felt JJB a little off track.

      Here again good control over content,flow and language.

      Conclusion ko thoda tight kare:

      Overall assessment: An above average essay.An essay which one can enjoy reading.

      • Namrata

        thanks a lot sepoy for ur valuable review 🙂 will keep ur points in mind 🙂
        and nope not socio i have Public Administration as optional 😛

  • Please review my essay friends….

    • Tanu Singhal

      Honestly, I too hate typing.
      But reviewing a hand written answer becomes a little bit cumberse,cz u have to open images one by one.

      Pls try to type it as well.
      It increases the probability of it getting reviewed .

  • Muhaafiz

    ‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch’
    The above idiom implies that one should not rely on something before something really happens. Making prior plans is good but relying on plans which are based on assumptions is bound to prove futile. Life is full unpredictable and unexpected stuff, we cannot make our decisions on mere predictions. There are instances which tell us that it is not always conducive to predict results before things actually happen, you never know what an end result would come up with. Human nature has innate flair for making plans and start dreaming before actually realising the uncertainty factor of future.
    Once there was milkmaid and she was carrying bucket of milk onto her head and was walking towards market to sell the milk. While walking she slipped into reverie. She started fantasising of becoming rich by selling milk. She was completely immersed into her daydreaming and unwittingly she nodded. Her bucket full of milk fell off her head. She was totally aghast because her over indulgence in day dreaming ruined her aspirations of becoming rich.
    Such instances keep on happening in and around our surroundings, e.g., an employee plans an abroad trip and booked his tickets in the hope of getting perks and bonus but eventually he didn’t get what he intended to get because he counted on his chickens before they actually hatched.
    Our Country is reeling in similar scenario where government plans often fail, policies seldom work and laws rarely implemented on ground. There are myriad problems which fester our country and we keep on relying on our political vanguards who claim development for all. If we go with the current statistics of development results are appalling. According to 2011 census we have 50% of illiterates and semi illiterates in rural India and our expenditure on education is miniscule. Farmers continue to die due to overburdened debt and our policy makers continue to beat around the bushes with laudable policies and schemes. These schemes and policies are passed on paper and remain there only. We are home to world’s largest poor. We still don’t have proper health care facility for our poor as 13 million continue to suffer from tuberculosis and we keep on counting chickens by believing our economic projections which tend to ignore development for underprivileged and downtrodden. The recent Human development Index is witness to the poor condition of health, education and living standards of India as it stands on abysmal 135th rank. The global hunger index is also struggling on 55th rank. Even we lag far behind in gender inequality by getting 127th rank. We appreciate the slogans like ‘India shining’ but forget about the misery of 312 million people who live below poverty line. We seem to be fascinated with the concepts like ‘Digital India’, Start-up India and Make in India but forget the divide between rapid technological growth and snail like poverty eliminating growth. Our economic reforms seem to be enchanting when it comes to business class but lower base of social pyramid is still impoverished and continue to linger in poverty.
    People at lowest rung of the social ladder: the Dalits and the Adivasis are most affected. Explicitly they are taken care by government by giving them reservations and quotas in educational institutions and government jobs but implicitly these welfare schemes benefit smaller chunk of people.
    We often count on technology and think it would liberate human deprivations but in real sense it won’t wipe off poverty from the face of India if not checked on time. It is not bad to appreciate the endeavours of our Country in terms of Science and tech and at technological front we are gearing up fast but calling India a thriving economy would be like counting chickens before they hatch.

    • Ab

      Good one, technology part is innovative.

    • Nice read….please review mine if possible

  • aman

    The journey of a human being begins with the hope of achievements,each and everyone of us want to achieve something or the other whether it is of a sarine life in a small house of his own or to be the richest person around or to help the needy and poor children. In fulfilling these aspirations and many others a person tend to grow impatient and greedy,if he is on the right path of achieving his dreams he tries to take a jump to reach towards the goal and sometimes becomes arrogant.There has been many examples in our life were such attitude has cost us.

    The first example before us is the story of the rabbit and tortoise which almost everyone of us has heard, in this story the rabbit’s belief that he is going to win the race as he runs fast resulted in him loosing the race. His habit of counting the chickens before they hatched was the cost him the race and the tortoise persistant behaviour leads him to victory.This was the first few lessons that everybody learns in their life but the question is did we learn anything? It would not be wrong to say that most of us did not.

    One of the famous cricketing moments in Indian history was the one between India and Pakistan where a teenager came to bat before one of the most famous spinners of that time,yes it was Abdul Qadir,he did the counting before hatching by believing that a kid could not hit him for a six leave alone three in a row.But few could have expected the kid from Mumbai has done hatching long and good, the result was three sixes in a row and there began the journey of genius Sachin Tendulkar and the rest is history.

    Now how can we leave the history behind when we discuss the counting and the hatching,most of us are aware of the famous split between the moderates and the extremist in the Congress session of Surat in 1905,here was a group of moderates who believed that the Britishers were ready to accept the demands of Swaraj in the famous Morley MInto reforms and that confidence in the Crown was one of the prime reasons of the split. But when the reforms were announced in 1909 the counting of the moderates back fired and had they done proper hatching along with extremists who knows what would have been the path of the national movement.

    As we get on to the international arena there are no shortage of examples, and the most powerful country in the world USA is leade of such examples. The Afghanistan attack by the erstwhile USSR resulted in a knee jerk reaction of USA who armed the rebels in Afghanistan and to a point they were successful in getting USSR retreat. But as I have said again and again the hatching was not complete and who would have assumed that the very rebels the USA empowered would one day attack the most powerful nation-state that has ever existed on the famous episode of 9/11.

    The world around us is full of such instances but as I asked in the opening of this essay have we learnt anything from such events. Yes we are going to make mistakes but we can be successful in only when we correct those mistakes and do the hatching so that we can exactly know the number of chickens.

  • Shriman

    Plz evaluate my essay

  • Ab

    Don’t count your chicken before they hatch

    Recently nation has witnessed an event, which will be the best example to suit the topic “Don’t count the chicken before they hatch”. In Bihar, state election has recently concluded. For both ruling and the opposition, stakes were high as this will have future repercussion on the national politics. Media was interested and in turn, it engaged the entire nation through 8 PM prime time show. Finally the result day came. 24*7 Media was anxious to show the election result to the country first on their channel. So were the people. Finally trends of the election started to come and well within an hour a political party surged ahead with more than absolute majority. Although it was initial trends and news channel were also waned so, yet the party which surged ahead than other was in bustling mood. They started cracking fire, dancing on the beats of drums, distributing sweets, hurling colors on each other and whatever possible way it could be to celebrate, they engaged in that. Soon a dramatic turn of event happened, the trends got reversed and by the end of another hour or two, The whole picture turned around, and the workers of the party who was leading with absolute majority had to face a massive defeat and soon their party office became deserted. It was later observed that, initially the party which was leading, was just on the basis of postal ballot and it was not that the majority of the people were supporting

    This example is the best to define the meaning of the term. Now if we look on the literal meaning of the phrase, then it goes as don’t celebrate for things before it actually happens. This is absolutely necessary as, generally success is measured in binary, either
    a team in any sports win or lose. There may be a chance of draw, but in any final event such as football world cup final, draws in evaded by penalty shoot outs. Hence we should wait for the final outcome of the event and on that basis the next event can be scheduled.

    What is wrong in counting the chicken before they hatch?
    There are many, if not one. One of the foremost problems associated with this is that we become complacent. Yes!! It’s absolutely correct. A people can ask how? I will put this fact by another example. Remember 1999, India’s Prime Minister, on the hope of good
    ties with its troubled neighbor, took an initiative to go to Lahore by bus. Indeed it was a welcome move as the long term peace can only be accomplished by the process of mutual understanding and peace, as also emphasized by father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. But the events after the visit were just 180 degree opposite to what was expected. While we were expecting peace and some section of us was even celebrating of this event, our rival were engaged in infiltration in a massive scale and they occupied Kargil and some other part of our territory. We have paid heavily in acquiring them back. Hence we should expect something but at the
    same time should be prepared for the other event also. It can be summarized as expecting the best, preparing for worst.

    One more problem associated with counting chickens, before yielding from it is that in case of negative outcome we becomes demoralized at the lowest level in proportion to extent what we have expected. If we want it desperately, then in case on non-achievement it sometime is heart breaking. And in some cases it brings the morale down up to at that extent, that he is afraid of doing the same task again.

    So it is always prudent to wait for the expected result. Now we know that it’s wise to wait. This view also has
    substantive examples to prove its logic. One of its prime examples can be discern from our scientists. They show remarkable patience towards achieving something extraordinary. In this context the success of Mars Orbiter Mission is unique. The whole nation was glued to the television to be witness of historic moment, when India will join the elite club by entering in to the Martian
    orbit, that too in a maiden attempt, with lesser cost which even NASA has failed to achieve. We all are aware of the sequence of event that followed after the success, but a silent yet remarkable and noticeable event was also happened. Even though the MoM has entered the Martian orbit, and scientists were aware of it because all the missions’ parameter was precise, yet they didn’t show any haste in declaring the success of the mission. There was a time lag of nearly 8 minute to reach the signal from that satellite to reach ground observatory, Scientists from ISRO waited to for that signal and once they achieve their celebration along with nation was unmatched.

    So through above examples we can conclude that patience should be the strategic importance until the job is done. As once be become sure of the accomplishment, a sense of satisfaction comes and boosts our morale. It is also a necessity in public life also.
    Government plans a lot of schemes, and based on that scheme future course of action is needed. Recently “Make in India” is a buzzword. Many scholars think, even after one and half year, there is not a substantive result is evident. This is also a type of counting Chickens. Any policy needs time for implementation and to show the result. Make in India is not an isolated event. Many other factor such as skilling people is one of its determinant. Hence result should be measured over a period of time based on the scale of task.

    • Tanu Singhal

      Hey ab , as far as my understanding goes, an ideiaom always trieesto encapsulate a hell lot of aspects, but still focusing on just one oin pointing that one.
      While writing an essay based on that sort of statement, its first explain as to why is it so.

      I liked ur flow of writing, but I think u got too excited over political and daily life examples, though it was very very creative of u, but u wasted ur whole intro over it.

      Intro shall be impactful.
      Overall, u r getting too much into art of story telling,(I think u r a great narrator) , but you know. ! Still wrote a good amount of content, commendable.
      Keep up the good work.

      • Ab

        Thank you!! I will try to improve.

      • Plz review mine !!!!

        • Tanu Singhal

          Sure.kindly review mine as well.

    • My take on ur essay :

      Intro para too big.. Yu took loads of space to explain this.

      ” A people can ask how?” Seriously?

      NASA waala example was really good.

      abrupt conclusion. Yu gave an altogether different dimension in the conclusion! This should avoided man! Try to give shape to the end by including all the dimensions/ problems u talked about in the essay and give the solutions!

      Nice attempt but a lot to improve on! Please take my criticism constructively! ATB 🙂

      • Ab

        Thank you very much. I will only take it constructively only:-) I would like to ask one thing, how much time you usually take in writing an essay and how do you prepare it, I mean are you posting it with one go or you restructure it if any modification is needed and then post it?

        • It depends man. This was my 7th essay I believe. Shuru me it took time, but abhi nai lagta zyada.1-2 ghante shayad. Pehle make a structure in ur head (gs syllabus helps to find dimensions) then write it one go! That way the flow can be maintained . I hope u find this helpful. Thank u!

          • Ab

            It is helpful indeed!! Thanks, now I will regularly write and post as well. Please review further in future.

    • Namrata

      hey ab a good attempt .. Few points —
      1. while u have touched upon both sides of the coin (liked the NASA eg) but i guess u could have got more points to elaborate on .. i felt there was lack in eg ..
      2. examples of make in india and skill india are introduced for the first time in conclusion which should be avoided. they should form part of the main body ..and conclusion should summarise the entire idea ..
      overall nice ..keep writing and reviewing 🙂

  • Tanu Singhal

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

    Well, literally this idiom , marks a highlight on the fact that , we should not expect the results before they eventually come out.
    What exactly are we doing when we think of any result. We are actually EXPECTING something, either positive or negative. And adding to it, our brain starts telling us, it’s OUGHT to be like this only,the plan has to go as per my blue print only.
    Expectations leads one to stress, over or under calculations, and sometimes even disappointing situations. It makes one enter into an arena of dreams, where he meets not only the actula dreams but the nightmares, at that point of time, a person’s basic nature tends to come in between , and fades away his rationality, and when that happens, the results can be disastrous.
    Whenever one jumps into concluding the results of his/her work, even after all
    Possible , rational argumnets, we end up either being too positive or too negative.
    But why, when we are saying that we are being rational the how come the extreme conditions still survive, well that happnes, because of our inherent, result oriented WISH.
    How we wish our result to be, becomes our expectation.
    Attachment to the result , is one thing which has landed the human kind to Max possible trouble. Even lord Krishna had to take birth and go through all the pains of a human life to make us understand the same, via the holy GEETA.

    As soon as the expectations rise, the result comes in, the beauty of journey gets lost.
    An artist never plans how beautiful his painting will be, he plans the way he will chose to make it beautiful.

    While concentrating on the journey, while enjoying the hatching process of eggs, we realise our responsibility of being responsible towards our job, towards the FCAT thty

    • Ab

      Hi Tanu, Its a good and succinct. But word limit is 1000-1200. Please increase the content.

      • Tanu Singhal

        Actually, I was just going on, using a touch tab, by mistake I posted it halfway,
        Kindly review now.
        It’s my first attempt.

        • Ab

          Its good one!! They say, practice makes perfect. Keep writing. If you like, you can review mine also. For the first time I have also posted.

          • Tanu Singhal

            I just did, do check out.

            N thanks ✌

    • Nice read… Review mine if possible

      • Tanu Singhal

        Kindly review mine as well..

    • Good one!!!
      Intro can be more inclusive and dynamic to arouse interest
      Nice explain of dream and nightmare

      Responsibility part is new inclusion.
      Lacking in examples…n varied dimension in result
      Conclusion can be better- give impetus at last— energy shot like
      Ur command over connection and change over is apt
      Best of luck for next one

    • prabhat cse

      like the essay due to its technical & scientific aspects. specially, the analysis you made at the start in the very 1st para. would like to read more as such analytical writings. i t seems a shorter one. hope so, next time, lengthy one (to the point & to the limit) with such detailing & analysis.
      plz, review mine & comment too.

      • Tanu Singhal

        Thanks so much .

        Will do for sure.

  • Shriman
  • V Kumar

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus sir i have problem in writing of comment from my mobile browser? All other thing work fine only comment section not allowed me to write anything. Please resolved the issue.

  • megha34

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch
    This proverb explains about the dreamy nature of a human i.e how we usually go on dreaming without making the desired efforts towards our goal.Every student in their academic life usually dreams about their career and boast about the same but in the mean time they got to know the importance of hard work that is most needed for the dream to come true .
    Our past is an example of the said proverb as British thought their power to be supreme and started dreaming about their rule in India for indefinite their rhat is they start counting their chickens but ultimately our freedom fighters and mass achieved independence for India
    But now even after 67 years of independence this proverb suits our country best where our government makes lot of claims without even realising the importance of the plan and policies required for the such policy of government is bringing farmers under institutional credit system which has not bore fruits and result is impoverishment of farmers,increasing cases of suicide, working in hazardous work this case they started counting chickens which is financial inclusion of farmers without giving enough warmth to the eggs that is proper planning ,required infrastructure ,financial literacy,rural penetration of institutional credit system etc.
    So in nutshell we can conclude that we should not be overconfident of our capabilities until we work hard to achieve oue dreams
    positive consequences of counting chickens before hatching of eggs-
    1) it gives us a hope and motivation to work hard for our aim.
    2) it enable us to plan accordingly to our plan
    3)it is rightly said that a dream can make a man achieve its goal and work towards it
    Negative consequences of it are-
    1) It make a person overconfident
    2) person spend most of his time in dreaming rather than working harder
    3) Sometimes failure in a task led to depression
    SO to conclude we can say that one should work hard towards goal and dream later because it is necessary to give adequate time to eggs so that they hatch successfully and proper planning and policies can only led to successful implementation of the work and will bore positive fruits which will benefit everyone .

    • MSA

      second para ” their rhat” unable to understand this.
      you essay is too exam you have to write atlest in 1000 words.
      please review mine

      • megha34

        yes i know thanks for review was first time iam writing

      • megha34

        next time ill try to improve

  • megha34

    self review …tooo short need to work more hard

  • MSA

    Dontcount your
    chicken before they hatch

    One should never assume that something will definitely happen
    before it really does. The phrase “ don’t count your chicken before they hatch”
    is generally used to warn someone. One should never plan anything that depends
    on a good you expect to happen in future. Lets make this clear with few

    20 world cup is just after few months. We cannot definitely say that India will
    be the champions. Most of our senior players have retired. We have few big
    names in the team. But success depends on team work. An individual player cannot
    win you a world cup. The board is yet to finalize the team for the world cup.
    We cannot say India will be the winner.

    It all
    depends on how well the team is prepared. We cannot predict the result until the
    last ball of the over is bowled.

    of the matches of world cup will be held in the month of March. March is very
    crucial month in our country. lakhs of student appear for their board exam in
    this month .rohit too will be appearing for his tenth board exam this year.

    His parents
    have great expectations for him. He has always been good in academics. Even
    rohit is confident .but he is a bit worried. He can not enjoy the twenty 20
    world cup matches. He can not take chance. He chooses to remain committed to
    his studies. He is determined to give his best in his board exam.

    is six month pregnant. Every one in his family is happy. They are taking great cares
    of priya.her in laws are expecting a baby boy. priya is worried. What will
    happen if the child born is a girl ? priya’s husband loves her a lot. He is
    happy as this will be their first child.

    Mr Ahmed’s
    son is going to appear in the civil service examination. He has admitted his
    son in a famous coaching institute in Ahmed is dreaming of his son
    becoming a civil servant. But the reality is very different. His son is unable
    manage his studies well. The classes in his coaching are of very long duration.
    By the time he reaches his room after class he is so tired he cannot study any more.
    He is afraid what will be his performance.

    is increasing his tension. He is unable to get a proper sleep. Everyone in his
    family have great expectations for him. He is trying to give his best. It is
    not wise on mr Ahmed part to dream big. At this time he should support and
    motivate his son.

    is a farmer. He owns a small farm at the outskirt of village. Last year his
    output of his farm was good. The monsoon was on time. From his profit he was
    able to buy a water pump. He is expecting a good yield this time. He has
    promised his wife golden ear rings if the harvest is good. He has bought HYV
    seeds and fertilizers at subsidized rate. He has even got is soil tested. He is
    expecting a better output this time.

    of India has started the gold monetization scheme. The government is planning
    to reduce its gold import. This will help the government in reducing its
    current account deficit. The motive is good .but it may back fire government.
    People may use it to convert their black money into white money. The problem of
    government may increase if everyone starts asking for gold at the time of
    maturity of their bonds.

    runs a coaching for engineering entrance examination. Last year few students
    from his institute got admitted in reputed college of the country. This time he
    has announced “no selection no fees” for his institute. This has increased the
    enrolment number in his institute. He is striving day and night to give the
    best facility and notes to his students. But this scheme doesn’t sound good.

    is very different from expectation. To achieve something one must have a desire
    in his heart. It should come from within. If a person starts his work not
    because of self desire. He may not be able to accomplish the work in the long

    should have an aim in life. Just having an aim is not has to plan
    to achieve his aim. A person has to face many difficulties to achieve his goal.
    One should not get de motivated by the obstacle one faces in achieving his

    planning one should act accordingly .one should give his best efforts. He
    should practice regularly .practice makes a Peron perfect. Superficial work cannot
    bring desired result. One need courage patience perseverance and hard work to achieve
    his goal.

    The road
    to success is not straight. It has a lot of curves and turns. Self confidence
    is the key to success. But one should not be over confident. There is a thin
    line between confidence and over confidence. Self confidence is good but over
    confidence is dangerous. Overconfidence leads to pride. Pride always has a
    fall. Over confidence people are those who don’t count there chicken before they
    hatch. When they fail they have no place to hide themselves.

    taking up any task one should judge oneself with an even hand. A person can
    fool the world. But he cannot fool himself. Our word should be in accordance
    with our action.

    • megha34

      explained very well with examples

  • 看看!

  • 6047

    “Do not count your chickens before they hatch…”

    Recently in the 2015, Bihar assembly elections, there was a
    race among the exit and opinion poll conducting media houses. All of them
    projected themselves as the most accurate. One media house went over-board and
    gave one party complete majority. Big claims were made, allegations were put
    on. People were busy in selling their chickens and make profit even before they

    When the results were out, all the above so called best
    predictor proved totally wrong. All the big claims seemed futile, these media
    houses along with imprudent politicians lost their trust and honour in the eyes
    of the masses. Wouldn’t it be better if these people would have waited for the
    actual results rather than making plans on just possibilities. To save
    ourselves from such situations, we should follow the wise saying- “ do not
    count your chickens before they hatch..”

    Lets us further see why we should be patient while planning
    for future based on present possibilities. We will find examples where people
    have failed to “look before the leap” in various spheres( historical, social,
    technological, environmental etc ).

    The spirit of “ do not count ……before the hatch” conveys –
    the importance of gestation period, the necessity of delayed gratification. If
    we take example of the chicks development from the egg to a living being. It is
    the heat of the mother, nutrient of the yolk and numerous other permutations
    and combinations of environ-biological conditions etc which help in giving life
    to lifeless egg. These factors need time.

    Similarly, in course of life while taking decisions with
    respect to any matter, we should consider all the determinants and should
    resist from counting our chickens before they hatch.

    There are numerous instances in history which gave us such
    illustrations. Consider, the Munich
    Pact, 1938, the whole world put their faith in it. Hitler was hailed as a
    savior of humanity. He even nominated for Nobel peace prize. What happened
    afterward was history. The whole world in general and Europe in particular
    suffered because we have counted our chickens before they hatched. Wasn’t it
    foolish. Off course it was.

    However, there were imitable examples too. Like the American
    Revolution where the constitution was made after England accepted Paris
    agreement (1783). This well thought of course of revolution led the foundation
    of American republic. It seems the
    American founding fathers knew that “don’t count their chickens before they

    But the age old wisdom seemed lacking when we see the Indian
    political scenario. For instance, just consider boastful, impractical promises
    and claims of the candidates in the elections.
    Promises are not only made but many people also act over it, in form of
    donations, future contracts, expectation of favours etc. from the government
    machinery to pity party workers ,all are indulge in counting their chickens before they hatch. The results
    of this myopic thinking are obvious in form of dissatisfaction, corruption,
    riots etc.

    Further, do you ever think as to why the bold promises made
    while legislating any act turn into mere promises and results into no tangible
    benefit. For e.g. the dowry prohibition act is in action since last 4 decades
    but the evil practice of dowry is not only prevalent but has also progressed as
    a status symbol. The reasons are evident
    as we as a society has failed to bring the heat of conscience and unable to
    bear the gestation of discussion, debates and deliberations. We all wanted to take benefits from our
    notional chickens as soon as possible without any delay. Isn’t this
    unsustainable thinking? Off course it

    Moreover, The wisdom of don’t count your chicken before they
    hatch, is valid for eliminating the evil traditions of patriarchy, orthodoxy
    and parochial mindset. They all need to
    be burnt by the heat of reason, rationality and empowerment of oppressed
    sections ( women, children, disabled, lgbt etc). then only the chickens i.e.
    the benefits can be accrued.

    In addition, consider
    the new fab of start-ups . Which are by nature of innovation prone to failure? Here,
    the before said wisdom is more valid.
    All those who are not abide by
    this, have to face humiliation, loss of
    confidence etc.

    Moving ahead ,
    consider the scientist, who documented
    each and every minute detail and announce achievement only when invention is beyond doubt. These brilliant
    minds clearly understand the importance of “ do not count ( or announce)
    chicken ( possible benefits) before they hatch ( actually realize).

    However sometime when they fail like in the recent stem cell
    research (by Hariketa Nabeketa), the scientist had lost her reputation,
    position, credibility because she did
    not re-verified her experiment’s results.
    Isn’t this foolish? The importance of aforesaid wisdom is
    visible here.

    Further, consider the sphere of environment where several
    components are interdependent and end results are unpredictable. Here the wisdom of continuous assessment (environment impact assessment) and
    precautionary principle, will be of great help.

    So, to know when our eggs are ready to become chicken, we
    need to convert our knowledge to wisdom.
    The people are need to
    re-socialize so that patience and delayed gratification can be valued.

    The wisdom of “ do not count your chicken before they hatch”
    has been realized many times in history.
    We need to take inspiration and lesson from all those events ( some of
    them are mentioned in this essay). The future generations are watching on us.
    Let us not speculate over possibilities.
    Let us not disappoint our future. Let us be intelligent enough to
    respond, deliberate rather than react and disturb. All these will give us
    wisdom not to count our chicken before they hatch and this will save us from the
    eventual downfall which was witnessed throughout history.

  • Basist Nandan

    This is a very famous proverb which has its relevance in every sphere of life. It can be applied to wide spectrum of fields like history, polity, economy, society, culture and even mythological stories. Observing these fields through the lens of this proverb helps us to
    understand history, society, culture, international diplomacy in a better way. It is also important that lessons are learnt to improve further. In the following paragraphs, we will observe various spectres to understand importance of proverb in detailed manner.

    In famous battle of Mahabharata, Kauravas were large in number against five pandava brothers. Duryodhana and his father wanted the empire and thought themselves to be more powerful. They were assured of victory in the war and hence could not understand ethical, moral, importance of pandavas, importance of Shri Krishna being on their side. Ultimately it resulted in defeat of kauravas in spite of Kauravas being in large nos. This story shows that we must not be assured of victory until it comes. Rather focus should be on improving our skills. It would result in correcting our path and results would automatically follow.

    Similarly in world history, we observe that during World War II, Germany was assured of its victories due to its initial wins over France, Poland etc. This made Germany more ambitious and it attacked Russia which proved to be suicidal for Germany and ultimately led to its defeat. On the other hand, USA was not directly involved in WWII during initial phase and it concentrated on increasing and building its war and nuclear capabilities. It entered war directly only when pearl harbour was attacked by Japan. After that it fell two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since then USA has been unchallenged and a dominant nation politically, economically, technologically. Its defence capabilities are unmatched. While we see Germany as less dominant force in world politics today. Hence this lesson from world history teaches us lesson to be on our toes always until actual results are in front of our eyes to see.

    In case of India, during struggle for independence Indian National Congress led by Mahatama Gandhi continuously fought till last breath against British power to achieve complete independence. Even in last phase of struggle leaders and citizens fought and
    participated in movements like Quit India Movement, agitated against trial of INA persons. It shows freedom fighters never became complacent regarding achieving independence until finally British govt agreed to grant independence in 1947.

    In 1962, when china attacked India, India was following principle of “Hindi Chini bhai bhai” under Panchsheel agreement, mutual co-existence, and non interference. We could not envisage possible danger coming and the war proved to be a disaster for India due to its unpreparedness and too much reliance on belief that China and India are cordial neighbours.

    This proverb can also be applied in upbringing of a child once he/she is born. There are lots of expectations from parents regarding his/her child. They already have a picture in mind about future of their children. Some wants their child to be doctor, engineers, actors, cricketers, IAS officers etc. This puts too much unnecessary pressure on children to perform always. They lose their naturalness, uniqueness. It leads to failures. This failure frustrates parents even more as their dreams could not turn into reality. Ultimately it strains child-parent relationship too.

    In today’s competitive and materialistic world, we try to compete with one another. We have dreams for ourselves. But we keep thinking about our dreams more rather ha working hard in planned manner to achieve them.

    Living in present and need for working to improve can also be seen in policy making and its implementation. After independence we adopted socialism as means to achieve equality, reduce poverty and take India on path of growth. We thought just because socialism proved to be successful in USSR, it would yield similar results in India too. However, this never became a reality as we
    still observe low per capita income, low sex ratio, poverty level still around 22%, high unemployment, unbalance growth structure with over employment in agriculture sector, poor manufacturing sector etc. However, during first five year plan, we focussed on agriculture and kept our targets realistic and we were able to achieve these targets. It is important that we focus on current
    situations and frame policies accordingly rather than just being in illusion of being successful without considering ground realities.

    Similarly in case of international diplomacy it is important that too much relying on diplomatic relations and dialogues b/w two nations to yield results can be fatal. As can be seen in recent visit by our PM to Pakistan. It was believed that relation between India and Pakistan would improve and transcend to new level. But within few days of visit terrorist attack from lands of Pakistan on airbase in Pathankot led to loss of lives of soldiers. It shows that even in international relation we should not be complacent to believe that everything is fine until results are there to see on ground level.

    However on a positive front in international forums like World Trade Organisations, climate talks etc India has been successful in finalising deals on provisions related to agricultural subsidy limits by being pragmatic in dealing with developed nations led by USA.
    We refused to sign Trade facilitation agreement until sunset clause on subsidy was removed.

    On economic front also, we observe failure of monetary policies to curb inflation and boosting growth. Monetary policies are framed by RBI expecting lending institutions to respond accordingly. But relaxing of repo rates hardly translates to ease in lending rates by banks.

    Similarly economic crisis of 2008 in USA where real estate sector collapsed leading to subprime crisis. Crisis happened mainly due to reasons of overhyped bubbled expected in real estate sector. Due to drastic fall in prices of this sector, economy collapsed,
    stock exchange collapsed. Hence it is important that we do not start counting chickens until they are actually hatched even in economy sector.

    Similarly in society too many expectations from one another in family relations, friend circles, institution like marriage etc leads to straining relationships. It happens due to ignoring of unavoidable circumstances. Even social evils like untouchability, manual
    scavenging etc are still prevalent inspite of laws and constitution banning them. It is expected that law itself will take care of these evils but it is clear that these laws have failed to prevent these social evils.

    From above paragraphs, it is evident that proverb “Do not count your chickens until they are hatched ‘is relevant to all spheres of our lives whether historical, political, economic, social or cultural. It is important that we live in present, understand ground realities before jumping to a desired conclusion. Teaching of “Nishkam Karmyoga” from Gita is synonymous to this proverb. It says “just do your works diligently results will automatically follow”. As it can be seen from above examples, history of Germany could have been different, Kauravas could have be saved from destruction, a child can live his/her dream peacefully and joyfully, economy could have been better for India, results of 1962 could have been different, social evils like untouchability, crimes against women, economic crisis of 2008 could have been avoided by following the proverb “do not count your chickens before they are hatched. However, it is never too late. We must learn from our mistakes and work towards making polity, society, environment, diplomacy, economy better by being ardent believer of this proverb in both letter and spirit.

    • prabhat cse

      liked the mahabharata para & this sentence most: “we must not be assured of victory until it comes”
      ex. of ww2 most suited to the context & a real one.
      pathankot ex. links to current affairs

  • manish

    Please review my first essay on insight

    • prabhat cse

      liked the start before to explain the topic- analysis of the phrase – why it happens?
      also, liked the ex. of ajay – a relevant one, just try to put some professional. i mean to the level of this exam.
      the govt. policy ex. is perfectly suited, relevant, to the point and on expectation. this is answer from your side to my above comment. maintain this.

      just 2 points,
      1. ex. of independence and attitude seems irrelevant here. might be, i dint get their context to mention here. sorry for that.
      2. avoid repetition of phrase in essay further.

      please review mine & comment too.

      • manish

        Thanks Prabhat for detail review. Ex. of independence was like. we have not got the independence in favourable and happy condition, but still we have celebrated it. So it is like we counted the chickens before they hatch.

        • prabhat cse

          ok ok. now cleared with it. now, with this view, it seems relevant. i already said, again apologise, sorry for my limitations to understand.
          please review mine as well.

  • prabhat cse

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

    There is a very beautiful quote by a Zen Master to his
    disciples: “Water is water, tree are trees and mountains are mountains.” It
    suggests, just see, ‘What’ is ‘What’. Following this, truly, you will getting
    the essence of life. It teaches you how to live in the present and live the
    life at its fullest. There is nothing in the past, nor in the future. Whatever is,
    is just right now, never ‘was’ & never ‘will be’. In our life, what we do
    is that, we look at the things how we want to see them, not how they are in
    actual exactly. We see ‘well’, ‘pond’, ‘river’, ‘sea’ but not the ‘Water’. On
    the same track, I would like to say, ‘Eggs are eggs & Chickens are

    Future is unpredictable though we take support of astrology.
    It is just the result of your ‘doings’ in the present. Shree Krishna in
    Bhagwadgeeta guides on the theory of Karma. Whatever the Karma you do, it will
    be fruited in the future. Here he utters, “Karmannevadhikarasate, Ma Faleshu
    Kadachana.” Means, you go on doing your Karmas, never expect for the fruits.
    (They will be accordingly to your Karmas.)

    Now, for the time being, let us assume that you have an egg
    but you don’t know of which bird is that? You have done all that required to
    fetch it up. Now, you are thinking in the future, you will have chicken from
    it, you will feed it and care it to be a hen. Then you will have more eggs from
    it and then more chickens and then hen and then eggs. So, you will have a
    poultry farm – one, two & three and many more onwards and business will
    grow with no stoppage. And for your surprise, one of a person from that field
    tells you that it’s not of hen and is of some another bird. Suddenly, you will
    get a shock for a moment and all your daydreaming will be lapsed not too late
    than within a second. Then, all your ‘poultry business’ marks some stupidity,
    isn’t it? So, be in present, do what you can. Do your Karmas & leave rest
    on the future. In either way, you might save a bird or even would have a
    chicken as ‘capital’ for your farm!

    Every year, weather department ‘predicts’ the report on
    upcoming monsoon. It is clearly a ‘prediction’, but still many farmers
    considering it as guarantee, get loans from banks, seeds, fertilizers,
    pesticides and all that in advance. As we know, he too, exact behavior of
    monsoon is not in our hand and it’s all about nature. So, doesn’t it make loss
    of all that purchase before time and so the loss of person and indirectly the
    economy of the nation? How long you progress in science & technology, we
    can’t cross the nature. The egg will take its own time to fetch up and to
    chicken come out of, of course, if it’s of hen.

    We do have to think on it seriously & carefully. People
    or things are not predictable at all. There is a probability & so the
    accommodated risk of the reaction from the people or things. History teaches us
    a lot for future. We all know the reasons behind the India – China War, 1962.
    At that time, saying ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’ and believing on it blindly, we
    had changed our political strategies towards China. Part of that strategic
    program was to remove the Indian Army from China border, reducing our defence
    production, etc. What we had the prolonged effect of this, we lost the war,
    major area of Arunachal Pradesh & Kashmir (Aksai Chin). It was like,
    someone told us that egg is fetched now and before chicken come out on its own,
    we cracked it.

    Though an egg is of oval shape, every coin has two sides and
    so for this phrase too. Yet, we have seen all in its support. Now, where, it’s
    adjustable to count your chicken when you are pretty sure about egg is of hen?
    – A contradictory question. We have to think on this side also to get it meant
    fully before application. Otherwise, we will repeat the same thing – ‘counting
    chickens’. I mean, this point will fetch the egg to come out the chicken.

    Here is the point of ‘Risk of Loss’. When a company is set
    up, at the startup phase, it has the ‘Risk of Doing Business’. Yes, it is done
    only after lot of study, market analysis, vendor assessment & customers
    predictions, still it is risk due to unpredictability at certain point of time.
    The risk is about customer demand, market flow, competition, company
    performance with potential incurring losses. The factors of ‘Push / Pull’
    market system, discount by vendor, buffer stock to compete in the market also
    add to the potential risk. In this situation, whatever it is chicken or duck,
    you don’t have any option left to deal with. As you have invested in the egg,
    you have to accept the returns.

    Knowing this side of coin, our government still plans for poultry
    business. It plans many schemes for its people those like ‘Digital India’,
    ‘Make in India’, ‘Skill India’ in recent days, to name a few. The executions of
    these schemes is also unpredictable about their success due to dependence on
    its channels of implementation. Roughly, we will assume the probability of
    success of a certain scheme is 50%. Still it is essential to run. Because,
    though the scheme may fail, but its implementation might have been a life
    changing effect on the very few percentage of population as ‘recipients’. The
    failure would be just the numbers and figures on the level of expectations of
    government, but still it is a successful in its purpose for at least less
    effective in manner. The government being a very vast organisation and purposefully
    formed for welfare of people, by the people, ready to ‘count chicken’ in
    advance whether it will be fetched up really to chicken or not later words.

    A good chef knows how to make a dish delicious. And for
    that, he always took efforts on recipe, ingredients & procedure. Focusing
    on end dish & skipping these main factors, off course, won’t give you that
    quality business. And to reproduce the same taste or even better than that, he
    needs to deal with the ‘track’, not the ‘goal’. Rather than on ‘counting
    chickens’, the effort made on ‘fetching eggs’ only will enable a chef to serve
    a ‘tasty’ chicken, isn’t it?

    There is a nice quote in the Sanskrit, ‘Shighratam Ch
    Vinashitam’ means, if you hurry for the end result, you will get everything
    destroyed. As we know this from that story of a person having hen giving the
    golden egg. We know about the end of the story and the teaching from it as
    well. So, you have an egg and you can’t wait for chicken and you break it in
    hurry before fetching it up properly with due time, then for sure, you have to
    miss the ‘Chicken’ and have to satisfy on ‘Omelet’ only.

    Therefore, the point to be remembered for the whole life:
    “Don’t count your chicken before they hatch.” A great person – Sirshree Tejguru
    Tejparkhiji – said somewhere about three W’s. Wait, Wonder & Watch.
    Applying this, you will truly have seen the wonders happening in your life. Practically,
    it is like before fetching, if you break the egg, you will have only liquid.
    Rather just, wait & watch, after full fetched, a living being – a chicken
    will itself crack the egg and come out – a real wonder of the nature!!

    • Tanu Singhal

      Hey, few comments
      1.the starting is just apt. To the point and correct. between the poultry farming example was not so catchy, the whole example could have been put in lesser words.
      3.the examples taken further were apt, but link them more fluently.

      U took a complete view, but couldn’t put in apt.words, kep writing.
      Going great.!!

      • prabhat cse

        Hello Tanu mam,
        thank you for your review.

        for your 2nd point, i will make it.
        3rd point, am not clear about what point you said this. will you please elaborate. i got what you want to say, but not to the particular point.
        last, yes, me too observed on myself. thank you for highlighting it.

        • Tanu Singhal

          No mam pls, m also a student and an aspirant just like u .
          I meant, the way u skipped from egg to monsoon to China to egg, bring more connectivity.
          Eg both in domestic and international front we can see this…n then adjoin th e examples.

          • prabhat cse

            yes Tanu.
            now, am clear exactly what you are saying about. true what you said and i will take it onward and will work on it definitely.

            once again, thank you so much for your review for my betterment.

            you gave me a good review as expected………seems you are a good reviewer & analyser too.

            requesting, please do it for my next essays also.

            • Tanu Singhal


    • manish

      Hello Prabhat,

      of the essay is good but the “‘Eggs are eggs & Chickens are

      chickens’. This seems me bit out of track.
      Again the example
      from shri Krishna is awesome. Right timing and right place.
      Example of monsoon is bit odd—may be limitation of my understanding.

      Indo-chine—good relevancy.
      In the example of business—at last you can write that , though we have so many challenges but it will be difficult to start a business if we only look at the challenges we need
      to take the positive side of challenge and work harder in present day to
      overcome the future challenges.

      Govt. Policy- relevant.

      good chef—relevant.

      Sanskrit, ‘Shighratam Ch Vinashitam’ — I feel it very much relevant to topic.

      Conclusion is also very good.

      If you allow me rate your essay — I will give 6.5/10

      • prabhat

        hello Manish,

        Thank you very much for your review & comment.

        yes, i will take care of points you noted about. you are true, for a reader, the point should be convincing and self explanatory. and it might be not in case of those you highlighted. so, for sure, i will take care of next time.

        not giving any excuse, just to explain you (as i said, which need not to be),

        about ‘eggs are eggs….’, i wrote it just as we take ‘eggs’ as ‘chickens’ before they hatch. and so, i want to say, till they hatch to ‘chickens’, they are just ‘eggs’.

        not to say in detail about monsoon, but just for understanding purpose, you may take it relevant to above poultry business example….can say (and i know, it’s not,) daydreaming or unrealistic future planning considering everything in ‘my’ hand and no role of nature in it. (this explanation also even limitation for me – how should i convince you.)

        about business example, totally agree with you. i also wanted to put the same thing, just didn’t find suitable words to convey the same in my way and in flow of overall essay. still, your point is true.

        finally, am agree with you and learnt new thing from you….example should be convincing & self explanatory. thank you again for your review & comment. requesting, please do it for my next essays also.

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    • Please upload it in readable form… I am not sure of what u have written….. Please upload it clearly…… If possible review my essay

      • MJ

        Bro I checked it and it is absolutely clear. Plz zoom it and it is in reverse sequence. Hope u understood

        • MJ

          By the way thanks for review

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