15) Discuss why Nazism became popular in Germany by 1930 and in what ways did the Nazi state seek to establish total control over its people.

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28 November 2015

15) Discuss why Nazism became popular in Germany by 1930 and in what ways did the Nazi state seek to establish total control over its people.

  • arun

    Germany as we know was devastated and left in ruins by the allies after the first world war and she was compelled to sign the humiliating Treaty of Versailles which imposed huge war indemnity on her and which reduced her armed forces to a bare minimum.
    1.These conditions put forward by the allies had hurt the pride of Germany’s citizens and made them feel inferior .
    2.The economy was in shambles and inflation has went sky-high making german mark unfit to be used as a currency and even for a loaf of bread people had to bring loads of money in cart.
    3.Next,there was wide spread unemployment and poverty and people were seething in unrest as the elected germanian government was unable to deliver the essentials to its citizens.
    4.There was also a widespread perception that communists and jews pitted against german victory by siding with allies.
    5.In this moment of disorder and unrest,Adolf Hitler’s emotional ,nerve rending speeches gave a sense of hope to Germany’s people and Hitler made the people believe that jews and allies were the main reason for their present situation and people to believed that only an enlightened dictator could rebuild the ruined german nation.
    This made people side with the patriotic ideals of Nazism and accept Hitler as their fuhrer and rest is history.

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  • mystic_souls

    The rise of Nazism or specifically Hitler was preceded by the Great economic depression, the effects of which were felt strongly by Germany which was already suffering from a fragile Weimar Republic and economy because of war reparations. This favored political radicalization by Hitler and his passionate ideas about the rise of a new Germany. He skillfully demonstrated power and legitimized his ideas which made his propaganda all the more acceptable. The Germany which was humiliated at the end of the First World War now saw itself rising to power again under Nazism.

    The Nazis wanted to establish a pure society where there was no place for the weak or disabled. According to them Nordic German Aryans were at the top notch of civilization and were the finest. As such they had to retain its purity, become stronger and dominate the world. All else had to perish. The geopolitical aspect of this theory was to acquire new lands for the settlement of the expanding race. As such, Germany expanded its base under the Nazis and eliminated all those who were undesirable in lieu of those who were considered the supreme. They established complete control over the public life, economy, media, army and judiciary and became one of the most cruel dictatorship which took pride in genocidal killings of weak people.

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  • Imih

    Nazism was not popular from inception, and it was the condition prevailing around 1930,s that raised hope of the commons.The following condition paved way for the Nazism
    1 After the humilating treaty , they had lost all its colonies, was forced to pay mammoth amount, that caused hyperinfilation.
    2 Their were emotionally humulated…
    3 the depression of 1929 does made the employment to gallop

    The hilter being head of nazi party was well informed about the tactic way of seeking total control over people.He infact through his propaganda minister , too number of steps, like
    1 the scheme of educatiin way veed to have strong racial feelings
    2 Large number of spectucular parades were done
    3 the democeactic system was dismentalled
    4 There was strict control help in the social way of life

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  • Atif Hussain

    After WWI the humiliating treaty of Versailles was signed. Germany was demilitarised, war blame placed, 6 billion euro placed as a penalty, resource rich areas like Rhineland & Ruhr were captured & finally economic depression in 1929 led to American economic support through Dawes plan.

    Nazism became popular due to following reasons-
    1) To take revenge of humiliating & affecting dignity of germans
    2) Solve economic problems as hyperinflation was taking place at the moment of time
    3) Expand German power & make it a superpower again

    How control over people was achieved-
    1) Hitler conducted economic development through building superhighways, cheap cars (Volkswagen)
    2) To expand power Jews were shown as an impure race & Aryans as the preferred race. Thus wherever Aryans existed, those areas were tried to be conquered whereas Jews persecuted in huge amounts.
    3) Education structure was changed from the base showing Jews as inferior.
    4) Rituals were used e.g. huge amount of army & supporters moving in block & raising their hands showing superiority of the leader

    Nazism thus rose due to Hitler hitting right at the emotional nodes of Germans. He showed them a bright prospect of the future, of Germany being the world leader, becoming a pure & superior race & thus achieving support of the people to conduct the misdoings.

  • SRP

    The German economy suffered heavily after the end of world war 1, but suffered worse after the great depression of 1929. During the period of German economic crisis Weimer Republic was a fragile and had some inherent defects. Though it was a parliamentary democracy they ruled like dictators.

    Germans were seeking for an immediate solution to counter the repressive Weimer Republic with a strong leadership and they found their demand in NSDAP, popularly Nazi Party. Disciplinary actions of Nazi party members influenced the German people to their core. People felt that Nazism not only strengthen their economy, restore order but also regain lost German pride with international reputation. Thus Nazis became popular in Germany by 1930.

    After the general election of 1932, Hitler became Chancellor with a coalition government in Germany. Within months Hitler’s popularity gave him enormous support among business community, civilian organizations, agriculture groups, sports clubs etc. He then passed the famous Enabling Act which sidelined Parliament and gave all power to himself.

    Though not proved but allegedly Reinhardt’s “Reichstag fire” conspiracy practically gave Nazi party to clean up all their enemies and to become a de facto single party state.

    In economic side also, Nazi party gave their huge contribution to win the German mind. They created state funded huge projects like Super highways, people’s car etc to eradicate unemployment and create prosperous German lifestyle.

    Overall these kind of policies create reputation of Nazi party to its zenith and they easily establish a total control over German people through their practical disciplinary successes.

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  • Vandana Jaybhaye Shekade

    Success of any political ideology is contingent on fulfillment of certain conditions. In this context, the conditions that made nazism appealing to people of Germany were caused by treaty of Versailles. The treaty imposed huge war indemnity on Germany, reduced the strength of German army, German territories were redistributed among the allied powers and many other humiliating conditions that created a Win-lose situation. More fuel to fire was added by the subsequent great depression that resulted in German economy going doldrums. Inflation was staggeringly high, unemployment rate was in double digits and output fell down by more than 70%.

    In these situation emotive words of Hitler appealed the masses and Nazi propaganda of Aryan Superiority and German reconstruction had mesmerising impact on people. Nazi party achieved their objective by first popularising its ideology so that it becomes acceptable. It then contested elections wherein although it initially lost, but still stood its ground and subsequently winning significant number of seats in parliament. It then went on to eliminate its rivals either covertly or through mock trials and also amended German constitution in ways that would ensure Adolf Hitler unfettered powers. This ensured total subjugation of entire German population to their Fuhrer.

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  • Sukh Ghotra

    The WW1 and the economic depression of 1930 devastated German economy. The economic crisis caused hyper inflation,currency crisis and people lost their confidence in democratic govt which seemed to offer no solution.
    Nazism became popular because:
    1)Nazi propaganda skillfully projected Hitler as a messiah (a savior) that would build Germany again a strong nation and undo the injustice of Versailles treaty
    2)Failure of communist party and the socialist party to put up a united front also contributed to the popularity of Nazis.
    3)Hitler’s personality played an important role. He was a good orator and his words inspired cross-section of people to support him.
    How control over people was achieved:
    1)Special surveillance and security forces were created to control and order society in ways that the Nazis wanted.
    2)The Nazi party held the Jews responsible for the defeat of Germany in the war. Activities of the Jews were banned by law and majority of them were either killed or forced to leave Germany.
    3)All political parties except the Nazi party were banned. The leaders of the opposition parties were assassinated or imprisoned
    4)Youth League was founded to unify the youth movement under Nazi control.
    5) Religion was brought under the state-control and whole media, books, theaters and education etc. were also well-controlled and supervised by the govt.
    Thus Nazi party control Germany people through their practical disciplinary successes.

  • dreamias

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    In Germany in 1919, a parliamentary republic was proclaimed. It was known as Weimar Republic, after the name of the town where a National Assembly had met and framed a democratic constitution with a federal structure.

    The Weimar Republic was not received well by its own people because of the terms of the ‘Treaty of Versailles’ it was forced to accept after Germany’s defeat in the First World War. The enormous costs of the war caused rampant inflation in Germany which resulted in a huge depreciation of her currency by 1922. In 1923, Germany introduced a new currency ‘Rentenmark’ without compensating the previous currency ‘mark’. This wiped out savings of millions of people in Germany. The economic crisis of 1929 had further worsened the conditions in Germany. Politically too, the Weimar Republic was fragile due to some inherent defects in its constitution. They held the republic responsible for their miseries.

    Hitler, leader of Nazi party, swayed millions of frustrated Germans, and gave the impression of rescuing Germany from the despair into which she had sunk after the treaty of Versailles. Hence the Germans voted for NAZI party and this led to the rise of Adolf Hitler.

  • Sri charan Das Goswami

    Nazism became not just a political notion but rather gained immense popularity in Germany in 1930 owing to the following reasons.

    1. It was Hitler’s way of propaganda of Nazism that was largely responsible for acceptance of Nazism by the people through his astounding speeches and charismatic personality.
    2. His promise of making Germany a world power along with restoring back its dignity had acquired him a demi-god status.
    3. Germany was passing a severe economic crisis and amidst that , he assured them of providing employment bought Nazism good fame.
    4. Failure of any significant opposition party in the form of communist and the socialist party also contributed to popularity of Nazism.

    Hitler manipulative and decisive tactics in the form of Media and nerve wrenching speeches , evoked a strong sense of patriotism amongst Germans and develop a hatred towards Jews. He was able to firmly suppress any rebellion with force and also brought religion and other crucial aspects under state control by which mass mobilization of people was realized.

  • Disco Dancer

    Nazism represented an ideology which favors the dominance of nordic germans(Aryans) with no place to anyone else especially the vulnerable section of society. They came to power beacuse of folowing reasons:

    1)Economic hardship: Horrific economic situation of country due to great depression of 1929 demanded a govt with new ideology which could take some positive steps in this direction.

    2)Treaty of versailles: WW 1 ended with treaty of versailles whose terms were humiliating for germans to follow. It not only demolished military power but also enforced huge war indemnity. People of germans didn’t wanted to live with this humiliation & accepted any new change with different ideas.

    3)Hitler effect: Rich in oratory skills, hitler demanded everything that people were lacking which includes: Denouncing treaty of versailles, expansion nature of germany, strong foreign policy etc.

    Total control over people:
    =>Hitler centralized power in his hand, with no respect to power of state govt, Killed anyone opposing him.
    =>Gave people prospect to avenge the humiliation of versailles & to reach former glory..
    =>Complete control over media, judiciary & factories etc

    Nazi govt represented a sad period with genocidal killings, loss of human values. It is important to remember such event to learn from our past mistakes.

  • Pablo Escobar

    Nazism became popular in Germany by 1930 because:
    -> Threat of communism was a contributing factor in the rise of popularity of Nazism. Though the Sparta cist uprising designed on the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was crushed, Nazis played the card of rising menance of communism to win the support of the conservative forces.
    -> Failure of communist party and the socialist party to put up a united front also contributed to the popularity of Nazism.
    -> Hitler’s personality played an important role. He was a good orator and his words inspired cross-section of people to support him. The working class because he promised employment and security and the propertied class because he promised to make Germany great again

    The Nazi state used both the methods punishing and rewarding the citizens, for their co-operation and non-cooperation in leading their lives according to the dictates of the Nazi party
    => After becoming the dictator in 1933 A.D. Hitler captured all the powers. He set up a strong central government. He demolished democracy. The basis of his administration was one party, one leader and well-disciplined administration
    => All the oppositions were suppressed with iron hand. All political parties except the Nazi party were banned. The leaders of the opposition parties were assassinated or imprisoned. He did not hesitate to punish even his own party members who could not match with his ideology
    => Germany was a police state. Special security forces such as SA, Gestapo, SS, SD etc. created to control and order society in the ways that the Nazis wanted. Hitler’s regime in Germany is known as the most barbarous regime in the history
    => The Nazi party held the Jews responsible for the defeat of Germany in the war. Activities of the Jews were banned by law and majority of them were either killed or forced to leave Germany
    => The whole media, books, theaters and education etc. were well-controlled and supervised by the government
    => Religion was also brought under the state-control since Churches could be a possible threat