Insights ONLINE Prelims Test Series – 2016 (Paper – 1): Register Now – First Test on October 30th

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Note: Even if you have already subscribed, please read this post once again. Thank you.

Important Updates:

  • Please CLICK HERE to Pay Fees and Subscribe Now!
  • URGETNT! For those whose account has not been activated even after payment, Please send Instamojo Payment ID, Registered Email and Phone Number to [email protected] at the earliest with subject ‘Account Activation Needed’. Sorry for the inconvenience, but issue will be solved within two days. There was a bug and we have fixed it. This affected only few people and is no more a problem.
  • Our new website is still in Beta mode. If you face certain problems, please let us know. We will fix them. Your support is needed here. Thank you.
  • Mains Self Study Timetable will be posted Tomorrow Night at 11 pm. (You don’t have to read anything extra for Test – 1. Mains related topics will be included from November 1st)
  • You can give test at your convenience. Please give tests only after you prepare well as you can take it only once! Take your time and give each test, but give it before next test begins.
  • The last date for Prelims Registration is July 2016. But to prepare better, subscribe as early as possible.
  • Please read FAQs regarding any other doubts on Test Series and send queries to [email protected]
  • Details for Offline Test Series will be sent on November 1st.

Regarding Online Test Series – 2016

The importance of scoring well in Prelims GS Paper – 1 has been felt by so many deserving candidates  in 2015 UPSC preliminary exam. As competition is tough, scoring good marks in Paper -1 has become very important to cross the first hurdle. You can prepare very well, but you should test your preparation through quality tests. Test series will help minimize mistakes, keep you a correct path and assess your preparation level.

It is even more important for freshers to not to deviate and study what is relevant to crack this exam. We sincerely believe that a good test series helps in this regard.

Our tests are designed to keep you busy till 2016 Mains by integrating it with Mains self study. A clear roadmap has been given for you to follow and go for a rank (not just to clear prelims or mains). Many of our previous subscribers have cleared prelims this year with huge margin thanks to their hard work and a disciplined approach to test series.

Prelims is a first hurdle that must be crossed to reach your dream. You can cross it without joining any test series too, but to have a streamlined preparation and to test your preparation level at regular intervals, taking tests are necessary.

The era of rote learning is gone now. UPSC can ask any question in Prelims – a fact that you might have dismissed as too obvious or silly can be tested, or a concept you might have left because of its difficult nature can also be tested. We are taking care this year not to be too conceptual nor too factual. We will try our best to make sure that you get the feel of UPSC prelims long before you attempt the real one.

In this regard, we have created an exclusive website for conducting online mock tests for those preparing for UPSC civil services preliminary exam. We received feedback last year to move to such platform to make your preparation and experience more meaningful. We listened and created a website for this purpose.


  1. All India Ranking – Ranking in Individual Test and in overall Tests (cumulative ranking)
  2. Analysis of your performance – Individual and in relation to others performance
  3. Tests are both Mobile and Tablet friendly.
  4. Flexible timing. You can take tests any time and any day at your convenience. Once a test is activated, it will be there till end for you to take it. But to see your name in the Rank List, please take a test before next one begins, which means, you will not see your name in Rank List if you take test after scheduled date of next test.  This is to avoid fake ranks and present a rank list that is as honest as possible.
  5. You can take online exam only once as of now. This is to make sure that Ranks are genuine and to bring seriousness in exam preparation. Knowing that you can take exam 2 times might affect seriousness. For revision you will have PDF file which you can download anytime. However, at appropriate interval we will increase number of attempt by one to help you revise even better.
  6. A PDF with questions and detailed solutions will be made available to you after the completion of test. You can also download it ANYTIME from your dashboard. Only SINGLE PDF will be available (Not two separate PDFs one with questions and solutions) with your name, email DI embedded in it.
  7. FAQs is provided for you to clear doubts
  8. There is also Feedback form in your dashboard. Please feel free to suggest us improvements. We will do our best to improve your overall experience.

Registration Process;

  1. In the Online Test Series Website, please hit Subscribe Button and enter correct details (Only Name, Email, Password and Phone)
  2. You will be asked to whether you want to ‘PAY NOW’ or Later. If you choose NOW, you will be taken to Payment Gateway. If you choose NOT NOW, you will be registered and can login anytime at ( and Pay amount.
  3. Once amount is paid, your account will be activated
  4. After activation, you can start taking tests only from October 30th as scheduled. Till then you can not access tests. However you can edit your profile and check the schedule.
  5. Please Update your Profile by adding your Picture and other details. It will be great to see your photo in All India Ranking!
  6. Registration will be open till July 2016. But we request you to pay now itself and start preparation on a war footing.
  7. Once the test is activated, you will get an SMS alert (if you check the box and accept to receive SMS notification while subscribing)

In case you face any problem, please mail us at [email protected]



Discount is not given to students subscribing after 15th November. 

To students who have subscribed before 15th November, we will start refunding 25% of their fees from  1st of December.

Revision Tests:

We will update timetable to include mini – revision tests in between regular mock tests. Be assured of this feature. Without revision preparation is meaningless.

Test Discussions:

We will open a dedicated page for each test to discuss your doubts. This year we will address your doubts unlike previous year. These pages will be opened on this website (

Regarding Mains Self Study:

As you already know we will be posting Mains static questions based on the timetable we have uploaded on this website after each mock test. Next week we will update the timetable to include Mains topics and their sources that are not there in prelims syllabus.

Be assured that once you start giving prelims tests and Mains tests along with following Secure, Daily Quiz, Current Events and Daily Debates you will be moving in a right direction. Just make sure that you do not neglect Optional at any cost.

One most important thing you should remember is that if you consistently follow these things, nobody can stop you from getting rank. Be honest with you and be consistent. Please give tests on time and prepare on time on a regular basis. You will feel very confident with each passing day if you are consistent.

The timetable will be posted on October 28th (11 pm).

Previous Tests

We will make available 2014 and 2015 Tests in your Dashboard itself. This feature will be added by November 20th.


Whereas The norm is to increase fees, we have kept fees same as last year’s i.e. Rs 5999/-

We believe that our fees is reasonable considering quality, number of tests, the amount of time and energy they save and all other bonus features you get with them.

Finally, Click The below Button to Visit Our New Website and Register for the Prelims Test Series – 2016 Thank you very much for your continued cooperation.

  • Rakshit

    this article comes as a respite…i had paid already but it still read “account not activated. thanks for the info, man.!
    mission 2016 begins!

  • Prachi Jadhav

    Thank u insights..v all love u

    • AJ

      hey r u from Maharashtra?

      • Prachi Jadhav

        Yes. 🙂

        • AJ

          me too…. wru from?

          • Prachi Jadhav


            • NiksforIAS

              he he same here….From MH-09…..Nad karycha nahi…………JAI HIND JAI MAHARASTRA.

              • Prachi Jadhav


            • AJ

              im from pune…..have u registered for prelims program? wht is ur optional?

              • Prachi Jadhav

                Yes i hv registered. Giving test 2moro. My optional is psycology.ur??

                • Abhijit J


  • Nandini

    I paid the money once but it said my payment failed.Instamojo says they don’t have it,nor the bank has it.In fear of losing my seat in the premlims online test series 2016 i again paid after 7 days and it again failed.Now my Rs,12000 is lost and my account is also deactivated.I have never been more dissappointed.Even insightsonindia is also not replying to my messages.Please help me if u can.

    [I have paid the money twice.How will my money be refunded?]

    • aashish 2000

      My dear friend, Don’t worry and never be disappointed. The same happen to few others, your money will be refunded soon. Do the following;
      1. Check your transactions and get the statement copy as pdf.
      2. Mail the copies, has mentioned above. Write a request to the insights team.
      We have to understand the rush of Insights team is facing. So be patient, and positive we will get our money back.

      • Nandini

        Thankyou so much aashish.

    • Rahul

      Same thing happened to me once I booked a ticket from Make my trip. SBI was telling payment has been done. Make My trip was telling they have not received. Actually problem was with intermediary (here Instamojo). You go to bank, ask them to give Transaction detail, stating payment has been done. Then forward the same copy to Instamojo or Insight. Don’t worry your money will not go but it will take time. I ran for almost a month.

      • Nandini

        Thankyou Rahul…:-)

    • If your money is deducted, it will be refunded for sure. Your money will be safe. Please be assured of this. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please mail your details to insightsonindia at gmail dot com. We will personally take this issue with Instamojo.

      Thank you.

      • Nandini

        Thankyou so much Insights for looking into my matter.

      • emotional/hardwork

        hello sir my money has been deducted and there is message that your transaction failed .money is not there in my account .the payment id is MOJO5a28000C19835107 .what should i do .

      • Nandini

        Respected sir,
        Please look into my matter because i have lost my patience now.i got my money refunded today so i tried to make a payment in order to get access to the test series.This is the third time that i made the payment and it again failed.You said that the bug has been fixed them why am i not able to make the payment.I really want to take this test series.I have already missed one test.I have no idea what should i do now.

        My payment id is-MOJO5b03000J93687796.

      • namrata

        Hi Team,

        I have enrolled for the test series very late..i..e on 11/06/2016. I have made the payment, but my account is yet to be activated. I have been personally mailed all the details too,but not got a single reply. Kindly let me know when it will be done, so that I would be able to take the exams.

        Kindly reply asap.

      • namrata

        Kindly let me know if I should wait for the tests to get activated or will the money be refunded? How long do I have to keep posting comments,reminder mails and feedbacks?
        I hope I deserve a reply from Insights team.

    • Gauri

      It might happen sometimes. Once I withdrew Rs.30000 from an ATM. But the server got failed and I got a message that an amount of 30k is been debited from your account. I went to the bank and submitted an application. My money was refunded.
      Don’t worry either it will automatically be refunded in three days or you just go to the bank’s branch where you have the account. They will help you out.

      • Nandini

        Thankyou Gauri…:-)

      • Staunch Nationalist

        Hi Gauri..I need your help as u r the most benevolent person here as i found on insights.Iam a bit late in attempting insights test series 2016(bcz of my state pcs exam),though i bought it in time bfr 30 Oct. Which previous years papers of UPSC & NDA do we need to prepare for this test series as well?I was not able to find out that particular post by insights.Could u guide me?

    • Arvind Kumar

      the same thing had happened wid me .Rs.6000 was deducted frm my account on 29th oct and i got my money back today.dont worry your money will be refunded as soon as possible. Did u contact Instamojo?

  • Mayuresh Pawar

    Can you please add Canara Bank for Net Banking…

  • Abhishek Dhingra

    Sir plzz tel about csat test series? Will u take this or not nd if yes to when?

    • pavnitkiran02

      i second abhishek dhingra’s question….earlier in ur manifesto u(insights) had mentioned abt csat test series but now u hav not mentioned anything abt csat so its ur duty to be clear abt csat and u hav not even answered to any of the above grievances

      • Yashaswi

        Umm.. when did Insights say that they would give CSAT test series? Can you share the link?

      • We never said CSAT was part of this test series. 🙂 We have never conducted one. We said that it will be a free feature on website from February.

  • Abhishek Dhingra

    Can ny1 tell me regarding csat test series what’s d plan of insights

  • Abhishek Dhingra

    Sir u first mentioned that csat is included in pre 2016 series but now its not. Can u tell me what’s ur plan regarding csat plzzzz

    • CSAT is free from February on this website just like daily current events quiz. We never said CSAT was included. Thank you.

      • Kajal Kumar

        I agree with insights. He never says about CSAT. He will take care of only and only paper I .Ashish plz read roadmap 2016 once again which is provided .

  • Girivasan

    How to confirm whether the account is activated or not??

  • Abhishek Dhingra

    Insights plzz do rply czz I am posting this query everywhere but not getting rply anywhere. Please solve this query. Waiting sir. Ty

  • Shahid

    Sir i am unable to make the payment, i tried twice but each time it says your mobile is not registered with your bank account. I didnt register my number and now i live in delhi and my home branch is in West Bengal. Is there any alternative..Please reply
    Thank You

    • Gauri

      Yes, there is an alternative. Go to the ATM, just like withdrawal, balance enquiry, etc. you will find “more options” or something like that. There they ask for PIN change also there is an option of registering your phone number. You can change or register your number there.

      • Shahid

        I will do the same..

  • BST

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Sir, why don’t you post timetable in the morning or afternoon?? If not possible atleast post it in early evenings…11 PM is tedious time to check timetables…Hope u understand…waiting for the reply….

    • We will post it at night. You can look at it in the morning 🙂

      • SatchaFunkilus

        insights , is there any discount for students who had enrolled for the test series previous year . ( just the way the discount was given last year ) . kindly reply asap . regards .

  • uj

    dear insight
    i am not able to make payment after registration as on pressing pay now button it shows error .plz help me to resolve this problem.

  • ankita

    kindly send the solutions as a separate pdf for ppl who want to get their question paper printed it wud be easier for revision.a bulky pdf with both qs and sol will be difficult to get printed and an costly and futile affair..plz provide both the options of giving separate or in same document ,ppl can choose as they wish ….plz include this

  • Ali

    I have made the payment but no final subscription done.It said payment failure although amount debited from bank .
    Pls help me out .
    Should i make another payment .
    Transaction id :MOJO5a26000J60825913
    I have mailed to Instamojo as well as insight but no response receive.
    Pls help me out

    • Nandini

      You don’t need to make another payment .Just read the above post and mail your transaction Id,registered email and mobile number to the given email address ([email protected]) with the subject account activation needed.

      • Eyerish hussain

        Nandini i wrote to them last day…no response came.

        • Nandini

          It will come….u can trust insights….your account will be activated before the test.

        • Nandini

          hey,did you get your money refunded and then made the payment again?

          • Eyerish hussain

            Yes, today i did aftrr getting refunded.

            • Nandini

              hi eyerish,
              I made the payment twice.I just got one of it refunded.I thought the other payment would let my account get activated.So i didn’t make any payment again.Now i don’t have any access to the first test.Please suggest me what should i do.

              • Eyerish hussain

                It will not matter …you can devise the tests as per your convention ….you can take it anytime.
                Wait for the response of second payment and do it accordingly.
                And All the best

  • ऋषिकेश

    सर ! टेस्ट सीरिज बाई लिंगुअल भी रहेगा या सिर्फ अंग्रेजी में ही ? यदि इसकी भाषा हिन्दी भी हो जाती तो मुझ जैसे बहुतेरे प्रतियोगी लाभान्वित हो सकते हैं …

    • Yes Sir. Include tests in hindi atleast so that we may get many more bright candidates in the competition.

  • aim2015ias

    sir i may not able to join test series from test first due to some personal reasons,but i want to join it ,before that i have some queries.
    1. can i join it from test second i.e from 9 Nov.?
    2. if i join from 9 Nov. what will happen to my first test, i mean, will i get a chance to appear in it or not, and what about ranking?
    3. can i get PDF files of all the test which will be conducted online ?
    4. Are these tests are in synchronous with mains study, how do we do that ?

    pls clarify my doubts, i am very much positive for ias 2016.


  • Mehaboob T


  • saranya

    i dont feel comfortable with online dere option to download the qn and put it offline??as u said there will not be two separate files containing qn and solutions separately.could u help to download the qn and make it offline plsss

  • saranya

    if the question files and solution files are separate it will be comfortable for us to practice test offline….pls consider

  • Nandini

    On 30-10-2015 the day for 1st test, at what time will the test start? If I appear the exam on 02-11-2015 will my test evaluated for rank?

    • emotional/hardwork

      yes it will be evaluated

      • Nandini

        thanks for replying. Yes the same point is clarified in faqs. At what time will the test start?

        • emotional/hardwork

          I think online test u can give at any time if it is available in account

        • It will start at midnight 12 (October 29th).

          • Nandini

            Thank you Sir for the clarification and the initiative taken by you for us who are unable to join any coaching classes.

  • I have made my payment but not received the login id and password yet. Also i have forwarded the payment id and other details but not received any reply yet.
    Please help!!

    • Goldenwords2015

      Did your query get resolved? Checking because my credentials have not been accepted yet…although I got payment sms. Nothing on my mail, yet. Paid on 20th October.Marked a mail to support today at 2p.m

  • Rajaneesh Kumar

    sir, i tried to subscribe test series but failed to make payment. but now when i try to make payment it instruct me to change email id and mobile no….. plz work out this sir…will be obliged

  • Shivam Varshney

    vinay Sir, I have a query, in between the exam internet server fail or may power cut, the test will start from starting or at the question of unanswered? or will not be allowed to exam again?

  • Jaya Swatantra

    Thanks insights….

  • Jack Sparrow

    Hello INSIGHTS, thanks a lot for the discount given to old students. Can you please clarify this? In order to be considered to be in the rank list for the first test, we should take it on Oct 30th itself. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    But to see your name in the Rank List, please take a test before next one begins, which means, you will not see your name in Rank List if you take test after its scheduled date.

    • Abhijeet B

      Dude…before start of next scheduled test,you should take current test then only you will be able to see your rank in the list..

      e.g If current test is scheduled on 30 oct 2015 & next test is on 08 nov 2015, then you must complete current test before 08 nov 2015….got it fella

      • Jack Sparrow

        Hi Abhijeet, Thanks for the reply. I also had the same understanding;but this statement contradicts that – ‘you will not see your name in Rank List if you take test after its scheduled date’.

        • Abhijeet B

          Read Carefully- ‘you will not see your name in Rank List if you take test after scheduled date of “”NEXT TEST””‘

  • Sathiyam Ips

    If I pay fee today means, can I able to write test on 30 Oct

  • alok rai

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus sir first of all thx for giving discount to the old students. But how can we redeem it. I had made payment but there is no such option. Also mailed you the receipt but got no reply. Can you plz elaborate it.

  • Shahid

    Hi can i use my friend’s debit card to make the payment..anyone plz reply
    Thank you

  • Subhash Chavan

    sirji this test are available in only enlish language or english+marathi language………… plz reply me urgent…….to subcribe the test series

    • Abhijit J

      its only in English language

  • Abhishek Dhingra

    Has insights posted mains 2016 timetable cz dey said that dey will be posting today at but I m not able to find it

  • Abhishek Dhingra

    Plzz tell

  • Abhishek Dhingra

    Insights have u posted mains timetable?

    • Prachi Jadhav

      Yes they hv

  • archu

    sir i am facing problem while making payment for online test series.i paid twice but it said my payment failed.plzzz help

    • Nandini

      I also paid twice.One of my payments got refunded but my account is still deactivated.Were u able to take the test?

  • Amit Kumar Jha

    finally able to make payment ……….and they also refunded the amount deducted earlier…………..thank u insight…….

  • danishk

    Since,I got to know about the test series only today.Can I appear for the first test on 8th of november 2015?

    • SRT

      yes u can take it any time aftr Insights posts it.& to avail it u hav to subscribe within july 2016

  • Shakuntala

    I am not able to subscribe to the test series. It is showing something went wrong all the time!!!

  • Ankur Verma

    hello @InsightsOnIndia:disqus i had taken the test today i.e 30/10/2015 at 11:53 am , but as soon as first question appeared its automatically redirected to the result page of test, don’t know how, even i did not attempted a single question test is submitted, when i was again taking the test it showing that u had already taken it. What would i do?? i had not taken test it automatically submitted , nd i have no other chance to take. My one attempt got waste due to this technical problem. Reply please as soon as possible . How can i take the test?? How can it be submitted without attempting it?? pls reply as soon as

    • Shahid

      Same here..m really disappointed

      • Ankur Verma

        hello @shdl:disqus mail this issue to insights also. me too disappointed .

        • Shahid

          Yeah..i did it

    • Chinmaya Mishra

      The same happened to me too. I mailed the issue to Insights. They replied back immediately saying I can retake the test tomorrow i.e (31st Oct) after 5 PM. Lets see what happens.

    • Seeker – PH2

      You can take a screenshot and send it to support team for resolution they will reset it and give you the reattempt.

      For the sake of knowing no of candidates appeared (roughly) in the test so far could you please login into your account and tell your ranking with Zero marks??.

      • Abhay Singh

        what was your score and which rank ?

      • Ankur Verma

        i mailed this issue to insights nd they had given me another chance.

    • Abhay Singh

      ya, atleast tell us your rank ?

      • Ankur Verma


    • Divya

      Hello could u plz tell me dat 1st que of 1st test of test series 2016 was dis one.? Plz do cnfirm waiting for ur reply..
      1. Consider the following:
      1.foggy weather
      2. High biological productivity
      3. Plentiful fish catch
      The above are associated with which of the following ?
      A. Inter-tidal zones
      B. Meeting of warm and old currents
      C. Marine upwelling zones
      D. Shallow seas

      Plz do confirm..

      • Ankur Verma

        Hi @Divya hope u would be preparing well, Yes this was the 1st ques of 2016 test series. if u need the full paper i can mail u.

        • Divya

          Hello ankur thank u for ur reply?hope u also doing well.. Yeah i need it if u will send i will b vry thankful to u..?

        • Divya

          Hello Ankur thank u for ur replyy.. Yeah mine going good .. Hope u also doing well .. Yes i need them if u can send then plz send me i will b vry thankful to u.!!!?

          • Ankur Verma

            Hi @Divya, srry not able to get the time to respond. Give me ur mail id. I wl mail u insight papers

      • Ankur Verma

        yes it was

  • Ankur Verma

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus seprate pdf of question paper and answer must be given, especially because your online portal have some technical issues. i am very dissopinted for my test which gone utter waste today i.e 30/10/15. pls reply

    • varsha

      same problem ……solve the problem earlier i also nt attempt single quation because i login but question is nt showing i think technical problem

      • Ankur Verma

        Hii @varsha did u try the online test again?? Was it working?? Pls mail insight for providing pdf of questn paper, that would be benificial.

        • varsha

          ya i was tried & it’s successfully login….thanks

      • Ankur Verma

        ok, thats good.

        • varsha

          but i want pdf copy also & i send to request insight but they dont reply still….

  • Ankur Verma

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus the question/answer pdf provided by u after the test is also full of errors , in some questions option r not given, in some questions explanation of different question answer had been given. pls make the answer explanation pdf more accurately. look in this issue pls.

  • Shahid

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus I tried to attempt the First Test today at 3:27 pm but as soon as the test page appeared it was automatically redirected to the result page without being attempted a single question..please help

  • ritu thapar

    i paid the fee on 25 oct. but my account has not been activated yet. i mailed the details to [email protected],com, but there is no response.. plz reply

  • shivani mishra

    @INSIGHTS , I had being struggling hard for the registration and subscription of online test series but every time i tried to subscribe , message pops up that , Some thing wrong ! Plz try later .
    I am in a perplexed state , as i am not getting any roadmap for proper subscription . Kindly guide me the path as I really wished to attend the test series .

  • Amit Srivastava

    Hello @InsightsOnIndia:disqus, I am not able to proceed to the payment as it is showing ‘Something went wrong, please try again later’. How to proceed then?

    • Moumita

      I am facing the same problem. After trying for several times no fruitful outcome… Please Insight help us.

    • Dara Sunil Kumar

      amit can u share the question papers my id is [email protected] and my contact number is 9138106229

  • Mr.King

    Hello sir @INSIGHTS , first of all thanks for this initiative. I appeared for the test today of prelims test series 2016. Test was good , it went well. but the explanation sheet i got has mistakes of mismatching. eg; explanation of one question is given in another question and vice versa. so its little cumbersome to look for the explanation , faced this problem in 20+ questions. Please correct this. Thanks.

    • Tarun Pratap Singh

      yes it was there in my sheet too.

  • Arzoo

    hello @InsightsOnIndia:disqus ….i too m facing da same prob of nt being directed to the payment gateway and the same msg being displayed …kindly help asap…

  • Karishma

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus , I took the test today. The questions were very good and covered all the topics equally. But im afraid I cannot say the same about the solutions provided. A lot of the answers are jumbled up. An answer to some other question is given under some other question. Some answers are given half way through. What is the point of good questions if we cannot learn from the answers? Please look into this. Really disappointed.

    • Tarun Pratap Singh

      marks you got?

      • Karishma

        I don’t think my marks are of relevance pertaining to the comment above

    • Seeker – PH2

      You can take a screenshot and send it to support team for resolution they will reset it and give you the reattempt.
      For the sake of knowing no of candidates appeared (roughly) in the test so far could you please login into your account and tell your ranking with Zero marks??

  • Aarti Ahirwar

    I was not able to give the test , it got directed to the test result. kindly look into this problem .

  • Katya888

    Hello, I am not able to take the test. The questions are not loading. I have tried 5 times since the morning. Help!

  • Tushar

    The PDF shows that i have not attempted many question as User Answer shows blank whereas i have.

  • Mr.King

    Hello sir @InsightsOnIndia:disqus , when you will update the result?

  • Tarun Pratap Singh

    hey! i got rank 108. attempted 94, corrected- 59 wrong -35, marks – 106.33

  • learner

    hello @InsightsOnIndia:disqus ,how do we know that how were participated in the exam,because rank alone indicates nothing with out knowing number of participants .plz reply me

  • Purushottam Singh Rajput

    Sir…I’m facing problem problem in my payment shows offer unavailable…plz that I can write from 2nd test…….?

  • SKB

    is there discussion page related to TEST-1 of Prelim test series-2016.?

  • Aditi

    Sir, I paid the money and my a/c is also deactivated .whenever I login it says “please complete the payment process to activate your a/c “. I got a message from my bank informing about the amount being debited . I mailed the issued to insight also but there is no response …someone please help me out .

    • Kuldeep

      If your registration is not done…you wil be getting your amount refund Aditi…that is for sure.i think after 7 working days they wil do it.
      What about insight account?is it activated?

      • Aditi

        My amount is refunded . But I have not registered again ,I m going to do it in 2-3 days .

  • ragini sharma

    टेस्ट सीरिज बाई लिंगुअल kr dijie plz…..

  • Neha

    Hi Team Insights,

    I have written many emails to [email protected] before and after this post of yours. The most recent written on 30th and 31st October. I have been trying to get my account activated for getting started with the GS-prelims test series since october 22. Everytime I made payment, money got deducted and I got the same message stating ‘payment failed with payment id’. I really don’t know if I should even try payment transaction again because the money deducted from my account has not been refunded yet.

    What makes me perplexed is how on earth a forum so interactive and veridical fails to reply to atleast one of the several emails sent in past 11 days. Also, utility of the eloquent update written here wanes when the suggested remedial measures doesn’t work and emails are not reverted even after being written with subject headings “Account activation needed”. I understand the workload the insight’s team handles but, not reverting even after being conveyed the details of transactions made (5 in total) and the fact that money had been deducted with each successive payment without activation of the account points towards a lackadaisical attitude.

    I have missed the first test and doesn’t want to miss the second one, therefore, request you to please let me know the alternative to get my account activated. Thanks.

    • Kuldeep

      You got your money back??

      • Neha

        Yes, the amount had been refunded but haven’t got any reply from Insights. Thus, have given up the idea of subscribing to Insights test series.

  • Purushottam Singh Rajput

    Severely Disappointed…my payment section is not completed….showing some error..plz help

  • Amulya Sri Pulijala

    Can i register to the test series now ?

    • EthanDAspirant

      Yes Amulya… You can register till July 2016 any time… and take all the tests.. Just one condition is there… If you are taking test before start of next test.. then only you will get the All India ranking.. otherwise you will not get any rank.. after completion of each test you will get the pdf copy with question/answers/explanations….

  • EthanDAspirant

    Hi Insights team, Can you tell me why are you counting marks as 2*(Right Answers) – [(Wrong Answers)*2/3]. Actually it should be
    2*(Right Answers) – [(Wrong Answers)*(1/3)]… Please confirm…

  • nikhil

    Will you guys also provide pdf files of last year SECURE test papers to Online Subscribers?

  • Nishant

    how to read yojana in short period

  • Kartik jnu

    URGENT reply required. i have subscribed prelims test series 2016… i have already paid as well..but it on your website it is shown please complete the payment process. i have sent feedback messages in this regard with instamojo id, email id and mobile no. and sent mail also to [email protected] (around 10 mails )…but no reply ….please help me ..please email id is [email protected]

  • Anil N Gowda

    sir even after sending instamojo id thrice, my account has not been activated. at least have a concern to reply to my mails, are you trying to cheat or what. very poor service.

  • anshul sharma

    I was very keen to join this test series initially but after seeing all the issues people are facing here;

    I am not sure whether i should join this test series or not ….guys please help me…have these issues been resolved by insights?

    • Engg_env

      Yes issues have been resolved. You can join test series now. I myself joined 2,3 days before.

  • Chandra Mohan

    I paid the money today and it is said your account is activated but after payment a window popped up saying “Error in payment”..My transaction Id is
    MOJO5b07000J86893356..Please solve it if there is any problem with that..

  • Engg_Pari

    Is the optional subject going to be removed from 2016 ? I am confused regarding it – if i prepare optional till feb ( according to insights ) and then come to know there will be no optional from 2016, my all the efforts will be wasted. Can anybody suggest anything ??

  • valley

    Hello sir,

    Sir test series will consist of full syllabus or tests are broken into parts?

  • Aryan

    Dear INSIGHT. please also provide that how many students have given the Tests so that we can judge our ranks.

  • crazymachine

    Dear Sir, is old student getting the refund directly or we have send the mail??

  • DH M

    Dear Insight How to avail discount?

  • DH M

    Dear Insight i had mailed you twice for discount. How to confirm that you had received it?

    • Sivaramakrishnan M

      Hi, did you get the discount?

      • DH M

        No i did’nt get discount. I had mailed twice to insight.

      • DH M

        No still not got..

        • Sivaramakrishnan M

          Still no.

  • SMP

    Can you please tell from when can we expect the discount module during payment to old subscribers become functional?

  • SMP

    Sir can you please tell when will the discount module during payment for old subscribers get functional?

  • hskhappy

    dear insights, i tried making the payment yesterday but a message was displayed that transaction has failed and worst of all money has been deducted from my account…??? what to do….???

  • aspirant

    dear sir i want to know that the ranking comes under how many students please do specify the no of students giving test with a particular ranking

  • Shekhar Jha

    tried to subscribe….. amount deducted but no subscription. A little worried. Please help

  • mx

    I haven’t received a reply to my mails from support team in past 10 days!…it technically ruined my test 2 ,since i couldn’t get a proper rank for technical problem which could have been easily fixed .At least reply to the emails insights…

  • Aspirant 007

    I have recently joined your test series..

    Just a query,whether questions from current affairs quiz will be given in separate PDFs or included in the Test?

  • Sir payment link is not working. It is showing that something went wrong try later. Please resolve the issue

  • SR

    Hi @INSIGHTS, For the offline test series you are not sending questions paper except the solution. Then for the people who are opted for offline & unable attain the test for some reasons …. then how thy will get the questions paper ?

  • Vaishnav

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Hii.. I have posted this query multiple times on various pages and also mailed you thrice but got no response. I understand your busy schedule may be restricting you to do that, but it will be very kind if you could extract some time and answer it. My query ” I have enrolled for Offline Test Series Program. I will be only able to attend starting 4 tests offline. For rest tests, can you please give me online access to tests. ” Thanks in advance.

  • padmanabharao nadipalli


    I registered for the prelims test series.

    Even after logging in, I am not getting an option to take the test. Kindly let me know how to take the test.

  • suraj

    Sir no discount for previous test series subscribers even if they are late.

  • isha arora

    sir not able access my account please help

  • target 2016

    is there any problem with test series website !?

  • crazy_ias

    Dear Sir,
    I have not yet received the discount for old students. I have mailed various times but did not get any response from you.
    Please if you have refunded please inform. Lot of time is getting wasted in checking mails and sending mails to you.

  • mohan

    if i subscribe to the test series now will i get a discount

  • Hemant

    Dear insight team,
    My concern is about new test series, sir do you start prelims test series again in 2016, one is already started on 31 October 2015 but I missed the chance to join it.Now,its too late to join the same test series from mid because by today I am going to miss seven tests and it is costing me around 25 NCERTs.
    So sir,please inform me about your further plan for new test series schedule.


  • Sukrit Kapoor

    I subscribed to your 2016 Prelims Test Series in October 2015 and paid the requisite amount via Instamojo, but I am unable to access the tests as the online portal still asks me to pay the due amount. Despite repeated emails to your support email address my complaint hasn’t been addressed. I’m very disappointed by your lack of attention in this regard by not rendering the services. As I’m left with no other option I’m seriously considering filing an official complaint before the consumer forum if my problem isn’t addressed and resolved within a week’s time.


    Sir if i join from 8th Prelims test now, can i get the test book-late or answer book-late from test 1 to test 7

    • Madam Mahalingam

      Even I have this doubt..

      • Rastafar

        Did u get to give test 1 to 7?

        • Madam Mahalingam

          No.. i have not registered for the test yet..

    • Raj

      you can give the test anytime and get the result/answer sheet subsequently.

  • Aditya Tripathi

    Sir, Can i join the test series from the 9th test? I know i have missed 8 tests already, but would i have the option to retake those tests?

    Will the test series be helpful now?

  • DCube

    what about missed Tests? How can I access them?

  • Nilesh Shelar

    Respected Sir,
    My name is Nilesh, my email id is [email protected]. I have subscribed in your test series for prelims 2016 and have successfully attended 11 tests but have forgotten my password and cannot take test 12. Can you please send my password on my email-id so that i can take further tests and study accordingly. Kindly mail me as soon as possible. My contact number is 9049607838. Waiting for your reply. These are the details of the payment.
    Test Series Name : Prelims Test Series (Paper – 1) – 2016
    Payment Date : 27-Oct-2015
    Amount : INR 5999.00

  • Arunaggarwal

    Sir I haven’t received tests for which payment was made yesterday. Please look into the matter asap. Thank you !

  • anshumaan

    Sir,May i know the actual number of students enrolled in this test series??

  • aditi agarwal

    which chapter to be studied from INDIA-2016 ??? For 18/03 test. please specify

  • meera

    respected Sir,

    My name is MEERA NATH R, my email id is [email protected]. I have subscribed in your test series for prelims 2016 and have successfully attended some of the tests but have forgotten my password and cannot take further tests now. Can you please send my password on my email-id so that i can take further tests and study accordingly. Kindly mail me as soon as possible. Waiting for your reply. These are the details of the payment.

    Test Series Name : Prelims Test Series (Paper – 1) – 2016

    Payment Date : 23-Oct-2015

    Amount : INR 5999.00

  • Sreenu

    Hello Sir,

    My name is Sreenivasulu, I have subscribed to Insights Prelims Online Test Series 2016.

    Actually I want to apply for Offline test series, but as I am staying in Hyderabad I opted for Online mode.

    Is there any chance to provide pdf file of prelims question paper, so that i can take print out of question paper and I can write exam in offline mode.

    After that I will submit the same answers through online mode

    So can you please provide the prelims question paper in pdf format, so that i can experience real exam hall environment.

    Please provide the mobile or phone no. to contact you.


    Sreenu V

  • Aastha Sharma

    what are the chapters from India Year Book for upcoming test on 18th march…plz reply

  • Baidhya Nath Nayak

    This is the most unprofessional online Coaching for UPSC , I have ever seen . I have registered for UPSC Exams 2016 test series in insights, considering the reviews from other aspirants. But unfortunately I wil not be able to take teh exams in 2016 as my organisation is sending me Netherlands for some assignment. Initially the assignment was planned for 1 year but now they say it can be extended beyond that .

    I have requested Insight to refund my amount and I will register again when I will be taking the most prestigious exam or allow me to atke the test series whenever I come back to India.

    Initially they agreed that I can take test series of UPSC 2017 exams but when I reported that my assignment can be extended they are not refunding my money nor extending the time period. and teh height of unprofeesionalism is that they are not responding to my emails.

    It was not mentioned anywhere that the money will not be refunded at any cost . I am going to take this to highest authority and will let everyone knows that how UPSC aspirant are being cheated by INSIGHT in the name of success.

    Highly disappointed and I will never recommend it to any aspirant. There are other couple of good online coachings for UPSC who provide quality materials ,test series and above all are professional and are genuine in terms of undersatdning aspirants concerns

  • Ms Munirathnamma LM

    Hello INSIGHT TEAM, I have enrolled for Prelims paper 1-2016 schedule today. but I have a doubt on CSAT paper-2, which test books are suitable to clear CSAT-2, please inform me

  • Acquib YK

    Sir, I have decided to subscribe for the 2016 Prelims series. Will I be able to take tests from 30th October, that is, starting from Test 1?

  • Juhi Agrawal

    Respected Sir,
    I am willing to join your prelims test series now. Since you people began from October 30th 2015, will it be too late for me to join the test series now?

  • Ghulam Mustafa Ashrafi

    My discount is not received sir. I Subscribe before 15 November….. My email ID is [email protected]

    Sir please give me discount

  • akash

    I have send a mail twice regarding prelims test series,but got no replies.i just want to be sure that i want to join the test series now,so will i be getting the previous tests that i missed.kindly reply.please.

  • shubhra

    Sir, I have already made the payment for test series but test series have not been activated. My email [email protected]

  • shubhra

    Sir, I have already made the payment for test series but test series have not been activated. My email [email protected].i have mailed you already but have got no reply


    hello Sir , I need offline Test Series, How can I download? Please help me


    I need offline test Series how can i download please help me

  • Omisha Yadav

    sir if i want to appear only for full length test is that possible…

  • brahma

    sir is this test series laptop enable ?

  • Vikas Pandey

    Sir, please inform about the CSAT tests that were to start from February. I didn’t find it.

  • Hari

    Hi Insight Team,
    I am interested in joining Prelims online test series 2016. Can I enroll for it now?

  • Nikhil Nippanikar

    Sir, any update on when/how the prelim 2017 is going to be scheduled? Also, when can I register for the same?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Rahul

    Sir, if I subscribe test series by now can i get previous test series or not

  • namrata

    May I know how long will it take to activate the account once amount is paid? I have already paid the amount 4 days back, but yet to get the account activated. Kindly look into it.

  • Devraj Das

    Hello Insights team, I have registered for your test series on 17.06.2016 and paid in full. But my account is yet to be activated. More than 3 days have elapsed but no action has been taken from your side. I have send you mails giving all documentary evidence of payment, but no reply has been received. My account is asking me to pay the fees again. No helpline/ telephone no is also featuring in your website. Kindly guide me how to solve the problem. A reply will be highly solicited. Regards.

  • Devraj Das

    Dear Sir, When am I expected to get a reply at least?

  • Devraj Das

    Hello @Insights request you a refund of my submitted fees, so that I can re-register again. payment details has been send to you by mail. Bud sadly no response has been received.