MISSION 2016: Go For A Rank – A Detailed Roadmap for 2016 Aspirants

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Last year we started Test Series for Prelims from September 15th itself. This year we want to give you the best, hence we are in no hurry. Unlike last year, this year our focus will be on integrated approach from the beginning itself. Below we will share more details.

This is the right time to start preparing for UPSC civil services exam 2016 and aim for a rank without worrying about extra attempts. It doesn’t matter whether 2016 would be your first, second, third or last attempt, it must be your final attempt with your goal achieved.

After all, you want to be a civil servant, mostly IAS/IPS/IFS officer. You don’t want to settle for another post. You don’t want to spend another year and give exam in 2017. It doesn’t matter whether you are a working person or someone who is devoting full time into this exam preparation, or whether you are starting at the age of 28, 29 or 30: getting a decent rank in civil services exam is a realistic goal. It also doesn’t matter whether you are married or unmarried; a fresher or experienced. If you make up your mind to achieve the goal of securing good rank in CSE, you can achieve it.

All you need is a proper guidance and right strategy that boosts your confidence day by day and helps you stay focused till you achieve your dream.

After seeing many toppers very closely and interacting with them on a regular basis, we have discovered that only dedicated, consistent and focused efforts will bear fruit. If you try to follow too many strategies, read too many materials, search for too many sources and seek too many guidances, chances of clearing this exam within one attempt are slim (but not impossible). One can still clear this exam by trial and error, but these experiments will waste many precious years of your life. You will be exhausted by then. You might also lose your original motivation for joining civil services.

You must strive to succeed in one best attempt. This is what the following write-up will try to address.

In this article, we are going to outline a Strategy for 2016 with an Aim to assist you to reach your goal. Our role is to assist by giving you a roadmap and guidance. The 99% of the work is to be done by you. We are just facilitators

You must have faith to follow any strategy by any experienced persons in this field that you want to follow. You can follow any strategy, they all will work for you. But please follow just one strategy or utmost two if each act as complimentary. Many toppers provide strategies they think that worked for them, many websites give their own strategies that they think will work for their followers. You should have faith in theirs or ours strategy and choose the one best suits you.

Below, we will give you a strategy that worked for many toppers. They have already mentioned it through various articles on this website. The aim of our strategy is to not just keep your preparation streamlined, but to assist you in securing a top rank.

Our entire emphasis will be on Self Study. Only through self study you can be contented and achieve good rank. Of course coaching helps, we believe, only for Optional subject and not for General Studies papers.

We do not believe in spoonfeeding. You might have realised it if you have followed our initiatives. We started Answer Writing Challenges for the first time and now everywhere it is being implemented which is a good thing. It is a welcome step as it improves the quality of answers in Mains and helps build healthy competition. Also more platforms should come up with such initiatives to help reach most aspirants.

We are aware that there are only 1000+ ranks and everyone can not get a rank. It is a fact that everyone will work hard , but not consistently. Most also do not follow a single strategy (this is a fact and we want to be honest with you). But those who consistently follow will eventually end up getting a rank this year or next year. You should one of them. You can easily get rank in your very first attempt (please read this). You don’t have to be super brilliant to do this. 

There are only 2-3 thousand people who consistently toil every day to achieve their dream without wasting their time on too many strategies. You are competing with only few thousand serious aspirants. You will be one among these 2-3 thousand if you stay focused and consistent. You must commit yourself from now itself to follow your heart and never waver in your faith. Choose which works best for you and follow it. Faith can do wonders.

What we will try to do is to just show you the path which worked for our students. We try to motivate you now and then when we think you need it most. We honestly believe it is a lonely journey no matter how many people tend to support you in this journey. You must do self study and excel. Of course we and everyone will always be there to extend moral support.

MISSION – 2016:

This strategy seeks to give you a roadmap that will keep you occupied, very busy and focused till the Interview stage of 2016 civil services exam. 

Your preparation must be Integrated one i.e. Prelims + Mains + Interview oriented. The present pattern is such that an integrated approach is the only way to excel in it. 

How to do this?

Target 130+ Marks in Prelims

For Prelims preparation you need to prepare comprehensively which should cover very basics from NCERT books, daily current events and understanding of various issues and concepts that are mentioned in the syllabus. As said earlier, there is not shortcut to success. You have to read all relevant books and materials and practice as many questions as possible to get through. 10 Months of time is sufficient for this. Our approach is to enable you to solve any type of question in exam. In 2014 many of our students are scoring 125+ thanks to the fact that they solved so many questions. Prelims is the first hurdle which you must cross. One must never take chances with it. Hence, our focus will be on providing comprehensive roadmap in this regard.

For this we are going to adopt following strategy:

  1. Daily Current Events
  2. Daily Current Events Based Quiz
  3. Comprehensive Paid Test Series for General Studies Paper – 1 from October – 2015 (more details will be shared later)
  4. CSAT Online Free Fortnightly Test from February 2016

This year Our Test Series will be Online Based. This will include following features:

  1. You can solve  timed test online and know your performance instantly
  2. You will get a PDF copy of your result (containing both Questions and Detailed Solutions)
  3. Analysis of your performance in various categories of questions
  4. All India Ranking

These are the basic features. Much more will be included once we start Test Series.

We have also learnt from previous mistakes and will be striving to make our Test Series truly the best in India by introducing following system:

  1. A dedicated discussion page for each test where unlike past, every doubt raised by you will be addressed and resolved by our team members
  2. Explanations to each question will explain why particular Option is correct and others are wrong. Earlier we were just providing you the content and solution without telling you why answer was correct or incorrect.
  3. Along with explanation, we will also provide the Source for each question i.e. page number if question is framed from NCERT or other books, or URL (with explanation) if question is from online source.  This is done so as to let you know sources which are important to be covered.
  4. Papers will be designed just like UPSC does having questions of Very Difficult, Difficult, Medium and Easy levels. We won’t be making entire paper tough or easy. 
  5. Emphasis on providing Error free question papers (at least 99%). No Typos, not spelling mistakes or any other mistakes. We have accumulated sufficient experience to avoid such things in future. Even if some mistakes appear, they will be addressed soon on discussion page.
  6. We will provide syllabus that you can truly manage to read in Ten days (this is the gap period between each test). Targets will be realistic. Even if you are going to start your preparation today, you can be assured of clearing Prelims with ease.

By the time you complete test series and daily targets, you will master NCERT books, all standard books (including Economic Survey and India – 2016) and current events.

Daily current events, daily Quiz and a strict Timetable to follow once in every Ten Day will help you stay focused every day. Learning will be made truly fun and rewarding. You will be in charge of your exam preparation. You will be in charge of your Rank.

Nearly 60 (indirect or direct questions) appeared from our test series in Prelims – 2014. Hundreds have mailed us telling us how our tests helped them get 120+ or 130+ in Prelims (fruit of their hard work). Based on this feedback we are assuring you that you too will clear Prelims provided you solve all tests.

(More details will be provided on entire design of Prelims Test Series later. A detailed timetable will be posted within next Two Days)

Mains Preparation:

Mains preparation depends how well you master both current events and static concepts

Mastering current events depends on two factors: Understanding background information and analysing particular issue from exam point of view.

While you prepare for Prelims you will be reading current events from prelims point of view. You will understand the issues if you read our current events (we provide background information for almost all articles).

But to analyse an issue, you must start answer writing practice. This is where Secure – 2016 will help (Secure – 2015 till December). You must answer at least 2-3 questions daily either in your notebook or on website to improve your writing and analytical skills.

See, your aim is to get in top 100 or in top 50 in 2016. There is no shortcut. 

What about static part?

Apart from what we are already posting for Mains – 2015 aspirants (Free offline tests), we will start a Mains Self Study guide for 2016 Aspirants as well. Questions will be based on same Timetable as for Prelims Test Series.  So that your preparation is not haphazard, time consuming and is streamlined.

For 2016, targets will have names of sources too. But this will be a FREE feature. Timetable will be available on website. When you prepare for Prelims Tests, you will also have to read books from Mains perspective. Questions will be framed from the sources we mention in the Schedule. Extra sources will be mentioned from Mains perspective whenever needed.

Coupled with Prelims Test Series and Secure Questions, Mains Self Study Guide 2016 will be a gamechanger. You will comprehensively prepare for UPSC civil services exam – 2016 without the aid of coaching institutions (go for them for Optional subject if you need it). 

There will be no confusion what to follow or what not to follow. Roadmap is crystal clear. Those who follow till the end, will always succeed. This is a fact borne out of our experience and observation. Without confusion if you stick to this roadmap, you will be on warpath to face both Prelims and Mains in 2016 with lots of confidence. If you are still in doubt, you can read testimonies by Toppers

Also, you will be Mains ready by the time you write Prelims – 2016! After Prelims you can immediately start again with renewed focus. This time it will be only revision, more writing practice, more revision and updation of current events. 

Icing on the cake is that we are planning to take consistently performing students as our students at our offline class irrespective of whether you are fresher, veteran or a rank-holder.

This program is well suited for those who want to go for a rank at any cost in 2016.

From this October to Next November you will be super busy. This is an advantage as it will keep you away from distractions and help you focus on what matters most for you i.e. getting a rank in your very first attempt.

What about Optional subjects?

We will continue Optional Answer Writing Challenges after Mains – 2015 too but in a systematic way. So that you can practice for Optional as well.

Optional subjects will not be neglected. You should not neglect it either. There are rumours about pattern change etc. Until everything is official, one must go on preparing keeping in mind demands of the present pattern.

Then, what about Interview?

Preparation for interview doesn’t and shouldn’t start after Mains result. It is a continuous process along with your Prelims and Mains preparation.

What matters most in interview is your personality. Honesty, integrity, clarity of pressing issues, basic understanding of concepts, good articulation of thoughts and humility are the factors that decide outcome in interview.

No initiative can help you improve your personality. Your or anyone is basically a very good person at heart. That goodness should dominate your personality. 

But few initiatives can help you form opinion on various issues and learn the opinion of experts in their fields. In this regard, our  Daily Debates, Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV debate summaries will help you immensely.

Debating a particular topic gives you clarity on the issue. It helps you refine your views and improves depth of understanding.

Therefore, you should at the end of the day make it a habit to participate in Daily Debates. We ask such questions that can be asked in interview too. In Secure also we ask questions, especially under Ethics heading, which can be asked in interview.

Many aspirants who are posting comments at Daily Debates have told us how they have improved in understanding issues. Also the fear of writing is gone for most of them. 

Preparing beforehand is always better. Interview is extremely important in getting you a rank. Therefore, while preparing for prelims and Mains, please prepare for interview too.

This is not overload:

These initiatives might appear like lot to do every day. But it is very simple if you follow a disciplined timetable:

Morning you can read The Hindu and do Secure Questions.

Afternoon devote time for Optional. In the evening prepare daily for next Test. Before going to bed, spend Two hours for Daily Debate, reading current events, Lok Sabha TV/Rajya Sabha TV summaries and for revision of entire day work. 

This is just a suggestion. You can spend time as per your priorities and your convenience. Everyone has their own style of preparation. But broadly speaking, what we like to tell is that it is easily manageable every day. Reserve Sunday for revision of entire week’s preparation.

Most Important Secret Behind Success is: Your Consistency!

We and others will give you many strategies and roadmaps. Ultimately it rests on you. If you consistently follow a strategy, it will work for you. It worked for many people. They got ranks in Top 10, 25 and 100. 

We believe that YOU can get a rank. You should and you must. You are going to work hard and you will be proud of your achievement. Have no doubt.

Follow this strategy if you believe this will help you achieve your dream. If you are skeptical, at least give it a try. We won’t claim ours is best and will never ask you not to follow other strategies. Please follow and take others suggestions as long as they help you. But certainly this strategy is the one that worked for many in the past and we are certain that this will work for you too. We will never compromise on quality.

There is nothing new or unique about this strategy. But this is the one that works because its emphasis is on Self Study. Every topper will tell you that it is Self Study that ultimately helps you win this battle. Also, your self respect will never be compromised. You will be more proud when you realise that you succeeded solely relying on your hard work. 

NoteWithin two days, we will announce detailed Timetable for 2016 (Prelims test series + 2016 Mains self study guide). So that you can plan accordingly and start preparation in a streamlined way immediately.

Let’s start our journey together. 





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        One complete year of IAS tapasya and you will be IAS……………… means IAS…………feel it friend
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              Hi Mannu, thanks for your concern,
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                I ll also enroll for insights test.

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                  Plan is to take till Feb & attend office from march to may and again july n aug leave after giving prelims attend office for a month and assuming that prelims is through I Wil take off after results till mains is over, my plan suits me because for me finishing the target syllabus is a confident builder and that should be from the beginning itself so I decided to take leave early, I don’t like to keep postponing the syllabus so.

                  • Nandini

                    Thanks Guru for sharing your leave plan. All the best. Will be in touch with you

                    • Guru

                      ya you can share your studyplan office timings n all to my mail id [email protected], I hope it will have something to suggest me

                    • Nandini

                      Sorry for the delayed reply. Due to some personal problems I couldnt reply you. Sure I will share the details tc 🙂 When will the enrollment for online test series start?

                    • Guru

                      It has started already

                    • Nandini

                      For online test series?

                    • Nandini

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          Yeah indeed. Tapasya me lag jana hai.. Hope we will use this platform to help others by reviewing their answers.

      • completed 26 this month. i started working early and I think this is the right time to take a strong decision and not regret for the entire life that there was something possible but I could not do it. And thing is that sometime you need to take risk in life and that should be based on what your heart and gut instinct says. Our heart is designed so perfectly that it never sends a wrong signal, so take time and listen to what it says. In my case I got promotion this July itself to Geoscientist post but I was not getting the motivation with which I could continue working for another 30 years. So I decided to quit and take a strategic move towards administration wherein I can keep solving daily life challenges and improving peoples life.
        Hope this much is enough for you to quit your job 🙂

        • 2016ias

          Nice , I am 23 worked for 2 years and resigned , just wanted to follow the heart many thing it is wrong because it is well paying IT Job ,also family issues but still wanted to follow heart atleast once inm life than regret for next few years 🙂

        • Chasing Tom

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      Currently working as a Technical Lead (7 Years Experience) since last one year, so lot of responsibilities from managing a team and providing technical solutions as first hand causing and too much work pressure. And, thus When you’re burned out, problems seem insurmountable, everything looks bleak, and it’s difficult to muster up the energy to care. Tried to place equilibrium theory among Work and Job, but nothing worked. Should, I go for final full shot without any work pressure?

      • Yes man. Listen to your gut instinct first also you have every reason to go for it since you have been preparing for long, give a one last big shot with no nonsense approach. We all should not worry about the results and things we dont know may be coming in future and we can’t even control that. The only thing we can control is our present, so control it, lead it and embrace it. I would like to quote Mr. Jobs” your time is limited….. Follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you wanted to be, nothing else matters”. All the best and be ready to loose few small things in pursuit of gaining the bigger ones.

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    Actually i am right now 25+,working in a company plan to give exam in 2016.But i cam to know that they are going to reduce the age from 32 to 26 for general catagory…
    So pls suggest wheather it is correct information or not..and what should i do right now.


      Who said it is going to be 26 dont follow the rumours just keep on preparing. All the best

    • Dileep

      No way 26 will be limit. Coz medicos will finish their bachelors by 24-25. The committee may bring it from 32 to 30(most probably) or 28 if they are determined to “CATCH THEM YOUNG” policy! So you have ample time

      • Achilles

        and what abt elligibillity ???? like 60% is must

        • Dileep

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      Between, in your preparation, be consistent. That makes huge difference. Wish you all the best.

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    But sir, I’m nowhere to suggest you but kindly, please try also to provide a COMPREHENSIVE MOCK TEST at the end of each month which helps us in revising that whole month’s syllabus at the end of each month which helps us to maintain track. As we revise daily and also on sundays there wouldn’t be a need of separate schedule for month end test.

    I’m sure many more aspirants will join INSIGHTS this year on because of your excellent initiatives and dedication to serve us. I missed this initiative last year but this year I’M IN. Once again THANK YOU TEAM INSIGHTS.

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    • This is a good suggestion and we will surely look into it. A test at the end of a month sounds good. Thank you.

    • This is a good suggestion and we will surely look into it. A test at the end of a month sounds good. Thank you..

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          How many experience do you have? Upto what level have you crossed?
          Please provide the details I may help you..

          • Ambanshu Sahni

            i have given the exam four times.i have cleared pt in 2012, 2014. my 2015 attempt has gone horribly bad. scored 644 in mains 2014 gen cat.

            • aashish 2000

              Then 2016 is your last attempt. If I am right. Here is my suggestion.
              I can guess your optional is law.
              See your score in law. Concentrate more on the optional because you are practicing. You have to allot atleast 3-4 hours per day. Follow insights religiously. Study and complete by writing main points yesterdays current affairs, quiz and insights-2015 in the morning. It will take max 2hours. Night allot 2 hours for general studies, Please read ncert for stronger base and integrity is important. If any get back to me….

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        Just wanted to ask out of curiosity..are your offline students also asked to follow the same timetable for 2016…?Will they also give this test series…?

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          Dear Friend, this is not blind game, it is very easy to understand that by syllabus. Are the topics in timetable covering syllabus are not? Check it out you get the answer.

      • aashish 2000

        Hi Insights,
        I would like to know is any daily exercise will be there apart from Mission 2015.

        • Daily Quiz, Daily Secure questions, Daily debates will be there which will cover current events part. For covering static part, timetable is given under Mission 2016. We don’t think you need more daily exercises than these. They have proven to be very useful and have helped people get ranks. Thank you.

          • aashish 2000

            Understood. Thank you.

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            i mean, let the day be fixed, the timing we should have an option to choose !

      • aashish 2000

        I didn’t find resource and development under Class 6 or 7 as you mentioned in first schedule. Can you please guide where can I get the pdf?

        • Prachi Jadhav

          goalias.com u will get all ncert books

      • aashish 2000

        Hi Insights, I didn’t find the resource and development for class6 and 7. Can you help me out on this as earliest?

        • sneha basu

          Hi…. I am planning to take up insights test series 2016… 29016 is my first and only attempt… I need to clear it… I had earlier joined a whatsapp group but left it as it was not productive… but i do believe that discussing strategies and solutions are required to make the most out of preparation time. I have tried to create a whatsapp group to this effect . however i am finding it hard to sieve the serious aspirants .. help ?
          are you a part of such group … or should i not get into such group discussions an limit them only to insights?

          • aashish 2000

            Hi sneha, Thanks for writing to me. I consider discussion is a need to remember, which helps us to reproduce. I prefer 3 in a group is good number who are committed. I don’t use any social networking sites except Gmail. If you want I will join you to help mutually to get a good rank.

            • sneha basu

              awesome since you are so interactive in the platform i figured must ask u… great gmail works fine as it is not too pesonal… Thanks for replying 🙂

              • Chandu RedE

                Add me too guys.
                Thank you.

              • aashish 2000

                May I know your daily schedule.

                • sneha basu

                  I give about 2 hours to paper and insights current affairs and quiz. I also try to solve the ethics part of secure questions. Then I start with my preparation for the upcoming test which takes up most of the time.. At night i read up on my optional for 2 – 3 hours.
                  I am a fresh graduate and i am giving this year to upsc preparations solely. also my optional is law as i am a law graduate and pretty confident with it.
                  Suggestions.. I am kind of not being able to update my currents as well as read up statics… your schedule? opinions?

                  • aashish 2000

                    I start my day by Secure 2015 at 10.30 am and complete quiz and current affairs by 2 pm From 2.30 to 6 insight syllabus and 6.30 to 9.00 sociology, my opt. 10.00 to 1.00 Ncert and syllabus of UPSC.
                    Your schedule is good but need to be enhanced. If you like my schedule then we can think of making group.

                    • sneha basu

                      what is difference between insights syllabus and ncerts and syllabus of upsc… insights also suggests ncerts only in time table na

                    • aashish 2000

                      Insights syllabus covers ncert, along with that watching videos of history, polity ,economics, geography. I remember by videos than reading books.

                    • sneha basu

                      ok works for me.. I am in.. tell me how to co-ordinate.. 🙂

                    • aashish 2000

                      Prepare your schedule by the end of the day and let me know then we will correlate both. my mail id is [email protected]. Add me in chat. According to schedule we have to be online and do the work simultaneously. We study by chat. For ex: Suppose we are reading science we will read the lesson and coordinate the information by chat.
                      If you need any changes please let me know.

                    • Neha Shivanand

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                    • aashish 2000

                      please mail me. I let you know. My mail iD IS [email protected]

                    • blufl0

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                    • shatakshi

                      Hii…2016 is going to be my 2nd attempt. And i actually have started from nothing after quiting my job, but wanted guide how u guys can devote such long sittings. Please share as i guess i have been slow on my pace.. Add on ichoose geography as my optional and opting fr insight test series so my optional and this syllabus bugs up all my time.. Add me as well in ur circle may b i get the drving motivation from the schedule and could enhance my pace and consistency

                    • Kanchan RK Singh

                      are these ncert new one or old one?

                    • aashish 2000

                      New one

                    • Harvinder Singh

                      Hello Aashish! Where from can I refer to these videos of history, polity etc. you mentioned?

                    • aashish 2000

                      Modern History… Fantastic Fundas youtube channel
                      Polity…. Mrunal and other channels not in particular
                      Geography… Mrunal Videos in youtube
                      Economics….. Mrunal Videos in youtube
                      Eco and Bio diversity… Some channels are there.. Not in specific dude…
                      All the above mentioned is only for conceptual understanding and for prelims. For main you need to sit and study in books and make your notes… If you need 100% result….

                    • Vaibhav

                      Hi Ashish, I have been reading your comments and suggestions from 2 days. Its quite helpful. Could you please lemme know as a working professional who started preparing for upsc from today ( Jan 26,2016), how should I plan??

                    • aashish 2000

                      Its only suggestion… Vaibhav… But I want you to believe in yourself….irrespective of circumstances…. Considering you are working in general shift (9-5)
                      You have to start the day at 5am( if not morning Shift)
                      5-7 am.. Read Previous day current affairs includes Insights CA, quiz, editorials, mindmaps. Most important: Makes your notes with keywords
                      7- 9: Allot it for NCERT… Insights syllabus( my choice) and target for next exam syllabus… it is 8th Feb…
                      9.30- 11.30- Optional… Select the sources wisely…
                      On Holidays…Hoping one day holiday
                      9 -12: Write Essay or Secure if it is sat.
                      1-4: Ncert… according to syllabus.
                      5-9: Optional
                      10-12: Revision by identifying weak areas…. Most important and only from notes that you made….
                      See Vaibhav… Depending on one good source is a key, instead of many… I felt insights is good… So please choose yours….
                      The passion and interest we show in searching the way, we must continue the same to walk in the way… If we can do it… Getting success is a cup of our tea…
                      All the best..

                    • Vaibhav

                      thq ashish..

                  • Kumar Pranav

                    Its of no use to give 2 hours on newspaper.. U r wasting ur tym..40 min z more than enough sneha.i hv written mains..

                    • sneha basu

                      congratulations… 🙂
                      But i kind of like reading newspaper in details first thing in the morning … that has been a habit from roughly class 10… and paper includes checking pib site and all. hard to change a long standing habit.. My reading paper is more habitual than preparatory . lol.

                    • Kumar Pranav

                      its gud..as u r habitual to it..Sneha..it wz a suggestion only

                    • sneha basu

                      yes i do appreciate.. thank u 🙂

                    • aashish 2000

                      Please suggest the way you do to complete in 40 mins

                    • Kumar Pranav

                      just go through national news headlines in first page,then flip to national and international page further..note down important points..thn take economy section..read important news only,dont focus on purchase,sell nd overtake of companies and share market news.Not mandatory to read editorials daily as it is not of utmost importance..jst read important articles only.40-45 mins enough for newspaper…leave sports nd last page of hindu newspaper

                    • aashish 2000

                      Good approach kumar. Thank you.

                    • Kumar Pranav

                      ashish..i rpld to ur query

                    • Kumar Pranav

                      ashish i already replied to ur query..

                • swarnima sharma

                  I also want to be a part of this discussion so please add me and please tell me about online test series that how can I register for it if you dn’ t hv prblm

                  • aashish 2000

                    My mail id is [email protected]. Please add me in your hangouts and I’ll explain you the remaining procedure over gmail.

                    • swarnima sharma

                      I hv added you …. except rqust

            • Meena

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        • skb

          If I am not wrong then Resource and development is for class 8 not for class 6 or 7…

      • Neeraj Bhardwaj

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        but i m not successful to enroll. there is no link displayed for test series . kindly help me.

      • Firefly

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        • swarnima sharma

          Hey how did you register for online test series please help me.I m finding that link … and regarding payment problem contact instamojo

        • Please mail us at our email ID (insightsonindia at gmail dot com). On Monday we will activate your account. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.

          • AP_ICHAK

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          • KICHU

            Sir, will the PDF be containing question and answer alternatively or first all questions and then solutions? kindly reply

          • Thedarkknight

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      • SHALINI

        Hello.. i have asked this question before also.. do you conduct the test series at a particular time on the given date or we can take the test on any time as per our convenience
        thank you
        please do reply

      • swarnima sharma

        How can I access my account ? I couldn’t find any link to open it. Please sir tell me

      • aashish 2000

        A Small problem with Mind maps Ji… We cant take print outs clearly…..Can you provide your response as soon as possible due to mains date is approaching….Please….

      • हरि गोविन्द यादव

        I have a doubt about my preparation
        I am fresher and I started my preparation this month from 8 December
        Am i late enough to target upsc2016!!!!??

      • Sandhya

        Is there any concessions given for students who subscribed to the test series last year.

    • Gaurav Singh

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      • aashish 2000

        I have sent you a mail on your Id.

    • Dharani Devi

      bro.how to self study sociology options….

      • aashish 2000

        We have to study syllabus first, Understand the syllabus, Start with NCERT Class6 social and political life once you complete then buy a sociology book ” mentioned in insights” in books list. Answer question for optional daily by handwritten. YouTube videos are available for basic understanding and theories. Start my friend see so many sources are there Delay is we have to study.

        • GP

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          • aashish 2000


            • GP

              oh okay my optional is anthropology..so i was asking thank you!!

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      • aashish 2000

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    Kindly mention the fee structure and payment method for test series in future posts

    • Thank you. We will mention further details in our next article.

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    • Thank you. Keep preparing. Only good and consistent preparation brings success. Ignore words of negative and pessimistic people.

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    • jothi_pm

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      • akash

        Thanks bro. Let’s do it. Where do u work and how you manage to do it and possible do share your study plan..

        • jothi_pm

          @saz Yeah. Due to unstable financial situation , I m continuing my job. and also i choose a project which is not too pressurised.
          Morning 2.30hrs for static syllabus
          Evening 2.3o hrs for current affairs related stuffs.
          I use weekends to complete my left over syllabus which I plan for every week.
          Meanwhile its very difficult to follow this study plan. but no other way right?
          I have to do. lets all do it together 🙂

      • saz

        But it gets difficult to do work along with


    Committee is constituted, to look into age factor, I’m worried nd scared as what to do,should I follow the 2016 road map, and study, or wait for upsc notification, guys clear my about, will upsc reduces the age relaxation . god give me strength to make up mind quickly
    .guys what do you think

    • Krishna Krish

      No need to worry dude.. We are in India. Nothing goes against the will of the ppl, that too STUDENTS :p
      Age will not be touched at any cost whatever the government is at the centre. If age factor is touched, is is obvious that agitations are likely to start. It is crystal clear from the past. So delete all your doubts in your memory, clear your RAM, and install what Insights is gonna give us and execute the program perfectly for satisfactory output. Al d best.

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    Plus the short term goal can be to qualify for offline classes 😛

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    hope with determination and dedication i will follow this strategy !!!!thanku insights .
    -the timetable u have give is good but i m pursuing final year of graduation please give some motivation on how to manage time

    • Focus on basics now – NCERT + The Hindu on a regular basis. Once we start test series, try to follow the timetable. If possible accommodate Optional preparation, if not, you can prepare after graduation. For now, let you focus be on basics.

    • Focus on basics now – NCERT + The Hindu on a regular basis. Once we start test series, try to follow the timetable. If possible accommodate Optional preparation, if not, you can prepare after graduation. For now, let you focus be on basics…

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    proud to be following insights

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    • It is a good choice for biology student. Prepare well. Wish you all the best.

  • BST


    • We promised previously and failed due to some factors. We don’t want to promise and fail again. We are working on it and when ready, we will start reviewing answers. Till then please help us by reviewing each other’s answers yourself. Thank you.

      • BST

        Sir the reason for me to remind this u frequently is that i want this website to be more beneficial for the aspirants.

      • Srishti

        Sir, please suggest zoology optional strategy also

      • IAS Aspirant

        your review is the biggest factor, Sir. It will keep us going on with faith that we are/are not going the right way and fix when required.

      • Chasing Tom

        Vinay Sir…….we will do religiously as you said ………….
        If it is not possible to review each answer, which is but obvious..then please give us grading out of 10……


    Thank You INSIGHTS, you are the hope of thousands of students.

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Now make your mind ready to adopt a beautiful journey of civil service preparation road that have no greenery,no mountain,no river and not even chattering of birds but only the deserted field that have the Sun and its rays that will give you light and direction to achieve you what your mind and sole thrives…..Welcome friends

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      Be desperate friend…………… you can clear

      • Mayday

        Morning you can read The Hindu and do Secure Questions.

        Afternoon devote time for Optional. In the evening prepare daily for next Test. Before going to bed, spend Two hours for Daily Debate, reading current events, Lok Sabha TV/Rajya Sabha TV summaries and for revision of entire day work.

        Kindly share the strategy for a working professional , I will be indebted.

  • Mahsin A Ahmed

    Followed multiple strategies, did not revise enough, overconfident because of previous academic performances, excuses everyday for not writing answers, took only two mocks before prelims.NOT MAKING IT THIS TIME. Thank you insights for this initiative. From now till interview 2016 ” Your Wish is my command”

    • We just give roadmap. Everything should be done by you. We hope this time you reach your goal. Wish you all the best.

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    hello m in 3rd year engineering.. am I eligible for 2016 CSE

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    I commit myself to be consistently practicing test series.

    1. Dear insights team, will you guys be reviewing our answers writing in “Mains Self Study Program 2016”?
    2. How will you be reviewing our answer writing skills?

    All the best guys!!

    • Thank you Gaurav.

      Regarding your queries, we can’t promise about reviewing yet. Posting Mains questions is a bonus feature to help you streamline exam preparation in an integrated way. We hope each other review their answers.

      • Gaurav Tripathi

        Thank you , Team Insights for replying to my queries.
        I Wish together we will have fruitful journey in coming year.
        (Kindly re-arrange the original answers in compilations , if possible)

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    • Try your best to follow our initiatives on a regular basis. We and other aspirants here will help you as much as possible.

      • Shiny

        Thanks a lot Dear Insights. And one more request to you is that plz prepare realistic time tables and study approaches that suits people like me by taking into account our limited amount of study time per day.

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    am grateful to you.

    • Thank you. Yes, you are in company of people with positive energy here on this platform who are aiming for top ranks, and who eventually end up getting one. You will be one among them. Just be consistent. Wish you all the best.

      • Sharad Chitalkar

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    • Thank you. We have learnt our lessons. 🙂

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    Here I get a sense of connection on insight, as I am a cop by profession , sometime I fell lonely in a island which is full of habitual criminal and night shifts but still holding my books in my beg along with my dress, email from insight give me a sense of mission and remind me that yes I must have miles to go before I sleep ……great work insight …

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        I have completed my psychology optional , I want some discussion on strategy and answer writing of psychology if any serious player is there of above mentioned optional pls reply me let’s your efforts and my efforts reduce our hard work and polish our skills….

    • Thank you Mohit.

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    I have studied upto class 12th in Bengali medium and graduation in English and I just started my journey aiming at 2016 cse, but i find it slightly difficult in both medium although i’m more comfortable in english now, It would be really grateful if anybody could provide me some suggestions. Thanks

    • Thank you. Please continue in English medium. Read The Hindu and other standard sources regularly. Try to write answers now and then. Consciously try to improve vocabulary and comprehension. Just read as much as possible from standard sources You will improve and become confident. Wish you all the best.

      • Shahid

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    • Except Test Series and Mains Self Study Guide, all initiatives are running on the site on a regular basis. Please follow them until we post timetable for 2016 (which will be done within 2 days). Thank you.


        thanks @InsightsOnIndia:disqus team 🙂

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    • Tarun Pratap Singh

      preparation along with job depends upon the job profile you are handling , cordial relation with seniors n colleagues.

  • Praveen Kumar

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    • We do not provide any material – neither for GS or for Optional. Thank you.

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    Thank you and Peace!

    • We will charge only for Test series (That too only Prelims). Everything will be Open, Free and accessible without any restrictions.

      Timetable is free. You can see that we have posted Mains Test series timetable and even question papers for free. Thank you.

      • Mohan

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    • Along with timetable we will announce the date. Don’t wait for it. Just keep following our initiatives till then.

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    • Dedication, smart work and faith 🙂


        Yes sir i forgot to mention it

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    • We are giving final touches to online platform. Once testing from our side ends, we will activate it. Thank you.

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    is “insights + the hindu” are sufficient for us????? please guide.

    • Harshit J

      PIB is usually covered in insights current events. Mrunal, idsa, prs and unacademy are updated once a week or biweekly, you can check them out on weekends. Secure initiative of insight covers other papers too. Ergo, follow insights and the hindu, should be sufficient.

      • john16

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      • john16

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    • Timetable will be free. Who will charge for it? 🙂

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        • 2nd October. Thanks.

          • NM

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            Trivia : This coincides with the release date of ‘Climate action plan’ by India in UN.

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    • Thank you Srishti. We are afraid it is beyond our capacity to come up with strategy for Zoology. But we will definitely post an article if we find a topper with this Optional subject. 🙂

      • Srishti

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    • There will not be any last date. This program will run for whole year. Those who enroll in the beginning will be benefited most.

      No, detailed timetable and study plan are all free for all.

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    • Hope you will find time and reach your goal. Wish you all the best.

    • Hope you will find time and reach your goal. Wish you all the best..

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    anyone starting with history optional for 2016 cse. please do share your strategies.

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    Please answer my following questions:

    1) Will the magazines like Yojana will be part of this Secure 2016 Or we need to cover them independently? (Please don’t come up with annoying answers like you are already covering everything on your own etc etc. I hope you will understand the essence of what I am asking.)

    2) There are sites like PIB which are recommended by many successful candidates. Will these too be part of Secure 2016?

    I am asking these questions because I have experienced that once we are in a flow of a schedule we will be occupied so much that some other important stuff will be difficult to accommodate.

    If Secure 2016 will include such important sources it will surely help us in our preparation.


    • 1) Yes, Yojana will be included this year in Timetable.
      2) PIB features will be included (only syllabus related). Not their daily releases.

      Thank you.

  • Adyasha Rout

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    an earnest thank you

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    would some one please suggest me how to read The Hindu. I m living in a very remote area where hard copy the The Hindu comes three days late. i have been reading The Hindu on my mobile through the The Hindu App. Recently i hv bought laptop. But reading on laptop directly from its website distracts concentration due to advertisements and other unnecessary news items. Also i fail to understand which news item is of use from exam point of view. should i make notes of the The Hindu? or just save it and later revise it? please give your valuable suggestion. thanks in advance

    • DSR

      I would advise you to memorize the syllabus of all the four papers and read relevant articles from the hindu. Initially you will be confused about what to read and what not to but believe me with time and consistency you yourself would become aware of what to leave out. Everybody learns it the same way and by themselves. there is no hard and fast rule for it.
      as per me making notes from hindu would be a very time consuming process. i would advise don’t make notes as here at Insights you will get all the relevant info about the relevant and current topics so making notes would be a sort of duplication of same info. in addition to Insights regular reading of Yojana and Kurukshetra would suffice. it is better to stick to few resources of info and keep revising them regularly. Believe me it WORKS!! I have learnt it the hard way.
      All the best 🙂

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    is it better 2 join after dat???
    i m from hindi medium
    is it compulsion of english medium to get a chance in ur offline class ???

    • Not compulsory. If you can translate things from ENglish to Hindi, then we don’t have any problem. Thank you.

      • mppsc

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    • Surely we will work on it. Thank you.

      • an pd

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  • rajeev pratap singh

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Sir thanks for the details , Just need to clarify one doubt , Related to mains 2016 there will be 2 programers running at the same time .
    1st – Secure 2016(After December 2015) In which every day you will be posting Questions based on the daily news articles segregated in various sections related to syllabus .
    2nd – Mains 2016 Self Study – In which you will be posting the questions as per the Time Table (Pre Test Series + Mains ) with the source provided irrespective of daily current news articles . PLEASE CLARIFY 🙂

    Sir I am big follower of your Site and the vision behind it , Even I was the part of your 1st offline classes held in Vajay Nagar – Bangalore , I have interacted with you all personally so I know very well how sincere you all are . Thanks for all your hard work .

    BUT There is one Site who have copied all your ideas modified the names of Initiatives and now claiming to be BEST .They might be putting lots of hard work too which I respect them for and even Thanks them but InsightsonIndia was the place where this concept started . Request you to please come up with such and PLAN – 2016 that no one stands before INSIGHTS .

    Thanks Once Again – INSIGHTS

  • rajeev pratap singh

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Sir thanks for the details , Just need to clarify
    one doubt , Related to mains 2016 there will be 2 programers running at
    the same time .
    1st – Secure 2016(After December 2015) In which
    every day you will be posting Questions based on the daily news articles
    segregated in various sections related to syllabus .
    2nd – Mains
    2016 Self Study – In which you will be posting the questions as per the
    Time Table (Pre Test Series + Mains ) with the source provided
    irrespective of daily current news articles . PLEASE CLARIFY 🙂

    I am big follower of your Site and the vision behind it , Even I was
    the part of your 1st offline classes held in Vajay Nagar – Bangalore , I
    have interacted with you all personally so I know very well how sincere
    you all are . Thanks for all your hard work .

    BUT There is one
    Site who have copied all your ideas modified the names of Initiatives
    and now claiming to be BEST .They might be putting lots of hard work too
    which I respect them for and even Thanks them but InsightsonIndia was
    the place where this concept started . Request you to please come up
    with such and PLAN – 2016 that no one stands before INSIGHTS .

    Thanks Once Again – INSIGHTS

  • rajeev pratap singh

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Sir thanks for the details , Just need to clarify
    one doubt , Related to mains 2016 there will be 2 programers running at
    the same time .
    1st – Secure 2016(After December 2015) In which
    every day you will be posting Questions based on the daily news articles
    segregated in various sections related to syllabus .
    2nd – Mains
    2016 Self Study – In which you will be posting the questions as per the
    Time Table (Pre Test Series + Mains ) with the source provided
    irrespective of daily current news articles . PLEASE CLARIFY 🙂

    I am big follower of your Site and the vision behind it , Even I was
    the part of your 1st offline classes held in Vajay Nagar – Bangalore , I
    have interacted with you all personally so I know very well how sincere
    you all are . Thanks for all your hard work .

    BUT There is one
    Site who have copied all your ideas modified the names of Initiatives
    and now claiming to be BEST .They might be putting lots of hard work too
    which I respect them for and even Thanks them but InsightsonIndia was
    the place where this concept started . Request you to please come up
    with such and PLAN – 2016 that no one stands before INSIGHTS .

    Thanks Once Again – INSIGHTS

    • Dhananjay

      I guess you are talking about IASbaba??
      After seeing that website, even I was wondering who is copying whom 🙂 ???
      Still not sure who is actually copying.

      • We and our initiatives are more than three years old.

        • Dhananjay

          Yes, I verified it now on https://www.whois.net
          Your website is registered on 7 Dec, 2012 and iasbaba is registered on 18 march, 2015.
          So, now my trust goes to you 🙂

          • Chasing Tom

            It is not about dates my friend for trusting anyone……….see results of last year rank 8, 26, 36 , 97, 392 from offline class

        • ThePatriot

          We trust you and appreciate your hard work !!

      • Chasing Tom

        arey bhai unke calendar me jao……….they were not existing before may 2015……….now decide who is copying whome????????

    • You are correct that Secure 2016 will cover current events and Mains Self Study-2016 will cover topics from Timetable and both will run parallel without conflict because one will focus on current events and other other on static part.

      Yes, we remember you Rajiv. It seems due to work, you couldn’t continue in program. Anyways, good to hear from you.

      No comments on other part of your comment. As long as they help aspirants we don’t mind if they copy us or others. We all have benefited by internet. Thank you.

      • Chasing Tom

        That’s the spirit………….ideas are being stolen still you are calm and composed and are not worrying for lost of your supremacy
        Gr8 people in Insight Team………………But please consider my request, please make your strategy always better than those who are stealing and copying you

    • Dhananjay

      @Rajeev Can you please tell me from where can I get NCERT books in Bangalore??
      I live in HSR Layout.

      • rajeev pratap singh

        Hi Dhananjay , There is a avenue road near majestic , You will find most of the book there

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    I have decided have to prepare from now for cse.
    Would this mission 2016 will be suitable for me or not.
    Pls reply asap sir…

    • You don’t have to register now. Wait till you complete graduation. For now study NCERT books, make yourself familiar with GS paper syllabus and read The Hindu regularly. Wish you all the best.

      • Vivek Singh

        Thank you sir….

  • Sai Teja

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    • Tomorrow evening. Thank you.

      • Sai Teja

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  • Timetable will be posted Tomorrow Evening. Thank you.

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    • There will be a test once in 10 days. So, topics will be given to study during these ten days based on which Prelims Test (Paid) + Mains Self Study questions will be framed.

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    • 2016ias

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    • Shashank Rajak

      They will be telling further details today in evening

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    sir,i think u should also try to provide sypnosis for the secure questions,this would be very beneficial for freshers.and also try to provide feedback for our answers,this will encourage us to write more answers.please sir,consider this request.!!!!!!

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    When will the test series start.

  • Pradeep Pathare

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    Eagerly waiting for these. Thanks a lot insight team

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    P. S -we have to prepare it anyway… Lol but in which test we will see the questions regarding particular topic.

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    How will a 10 to 6 job person achieve this task?

  • naren

    new beginner can join my group with complete strategy from ncert to books in time bound period. [email protected]

  • Amandeep Saini

    I have purchased full set of OLD NCERT from 6 standard to 12 ,will it be worthfull for prelims 2016 as insights have mentioned to follow NEW NCERT for prelims 2016…Admin reply soon

  • ankit tiwari

    very good roadmap….its just, i am always worried about online tests….its kind of lacking discipline and at times aspirant can get less serious…but anyway online tests are in vogue and everybody will have to follow in line….waiting for the timetable 🙂

  • Abhishek Kumar

    sir/mam what will be test timings for all the test…….and what technical requirement we need for test…like what type of net connectivity 2g/3g lappy is enough or not

  • ashutosh jaiswal

    Waiting …..

  • Almond

    Thank you for your commendable efforts. But my humble requests are
    1. You said that source would be provided with every target. Good. We are getting confused by seeing different lists of books at different places. Today evening while you are posting timetable…kindly post the list of standard books which we need to study. ( if this suggestion is already on your priorities list kindly ignore me).

    2. Sir can we share money by forming a group of 3-4 friends.

    3. If sharing is not possible kindly provide an option for paying in installments. Because paying 5000-6000 rupees at a time is quite difficult for many people.

    Sir please give us reply.

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    It is very nice and i thank you for all ur valuable and superb work which help us in the self studies..


    But your feedback is also important for us .

    • emotional/hardwork

      u have stolen my words which is there in my heart and posted here ,,,,,,

      • Naina target 2016


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  • Divyanshu Sharma

    When Mains self study guide be out for 2016, will their be an integrated program like last time???

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    Its Nice to see such a good atmosphere around here.I am having 4.5 years work exp in Software firm. But i was unable to give 100% what is required for this prestigious exam. Many people have cleared UPSC with job, but u need to decide wats best for you as i decided. So just remember one thing “Dont be afraid to close yor eyes & dream and then open your eyes and see”.

  • Pranab Wb

    what about mains time table…


    sir, I am a diehard ias aspirant, but now I am in 1st year chemistry honours….from this very beginning how can i start my preparation?? I am likely to appear for UPSC on the final year of my honours….your recommendations will be hugely accepted.

    • Rajneesh Raj

      Better prepare from 2nd yr …enjoy first year n develop the habit of reading newspaper preferably The Hindu

      • TANIMA

        thank u.

  • drbhullar

    COACH please tell will there be a time table on day to day basis or we have to make our own according to the test schedule? Your reply would sort the dilemma and help to focus. Thanks a lot. PLEASE REPLY

  • mppsc

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus sir please tell me that any student of hindi medium if perform well in ur test can be a part of ur offline test series ??

  • Yogesh patil

    Sir please give schedule for mains 2016.selfstudy guide

  • Ashutosh Kumar

    Is there a fixed time during which the test is to be taken? What I mean is that suppose a test is scheduled on 30/10/2015. So, we can take the test anytime during the day or the test will be activated during a particular time of the day only? This question arises because many of us are working professionals and we would need some flexibility in test timings.

    • Rajneesh Raj


  • divya pawar

    Sir, As per given schedule we are going to start standard books from 8th march..Revision of standard books is very much necessary from mains point of view..shall we able to cope up with the syllabus and standard books from march. Till march we are going to focus only on NCERTs..Please elaborate.

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    Hey I am from Hyderabad preparing for civil services my optional is public administration anyone interested in discussions and civils related stuff we can create whatsapp group my num is 8686808175. if anyone intrested msg to this number.

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    As a guide and teacher you are truly a role model.

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    • Rajneesh Raj


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    • Rajneesh Raj

      No they don’t have at chennai but planning to come up with offline test series at Bangalore

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  • Manjunath H.P

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  • Raj Chakravarty

    hey since your test series wld be onl9…What if I cannot give one test at the designated time and wld like to take it later? Wouldnt you mail the qstns as you did last yr?

  • devvrat yadav

    sir, kindly provide a table of required book need during prep. so that we can firstly collect all imp. books.

    i am student of hindi medium. some setences i never got meaning e.g. (According to him, “”””banks caused a bubble”””””, failed to do due diligence and lent more than what was warranted to developers, and this has led to the high Non-Performing Assets (NPA) arising out of the road sector.)

  • Gsv

    I have a doubt…. As i m a beginner…. Should i make notes book wise as per time table of tests or subject wise.

  • Praveen Kumar

    Hi Guys,
    Following this website from last two month and I have some doubts regarding this
    1) As there are lots of stuffs and links floating here on page,it bit confusing for me to start from “Where”.I have plan for 2016 CS and I am working person So I am looking for some more sorted guide or material which can help me to move forward in my preparation.Meanwhile I am started with basic NCERT book and planned to finish all before DEC end.Please suggest if i need to change something in that.Next year will be mine 1st attempt.

    2) My option is electrical.So is there any body who are preparing for same?,,i need books and material for this subject.it has been long since I am not in touch with my this graduation subject.

    3) And most important , What is best way to avoid negative thoughts which comes either after reading other’s way of prepaartion as compared to mine or after seeing length of syllabus ?

    Please some one guide me on all this….

  • Ashutosh Kumar

    Is there a fixed time during which the test is to be taken? What I mean is that suppose a test is scheduled on 30/10/2015. So, we can take the test anytime during the day or the test will be activated during a particular time of the day only? This question arises because many of us are working professionals and we would need some flexibility in test timings.

  • Ekta

    sir when online registration is started from???? for pre

    • Rajneesh Raj

      25 October

      • Ekta

        but i am finding prob in payment procedure would you help m? pls guide me

  • Amandeep Saini

    where is main 2016 self study guide..please tell me how to study for mains 2016..Should we start writing answers of mains 2015 which are daily posted or should we wait till insights will tell us for mains 2016 self study guide…You told that you will be posting mains 2016 timetable along with prelims test series 2016 but where is the mains 2016 timetable..Please Please clarify my doubts..I am new to this preparation.

  • kesav

    hai sir ,i planed to join mains test batch with in a week at chennai, if i join means how i will fallow our prelims test batch for till december. i thought ,if i join mains test serious i will complete little bit for mains .i already complet tamil opption paper 2= 75% .my aims is 2016 only what i do ?

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  • Alphonso Mango

    Hi sir , I want to know about the csat and how to go about it. Will it be qualifying like last year or some change and how do I integrate it with the timetable which you have given.

  • Asha shiv

    When is the last day for the payment of fee for the 2016 programme?? And how do I pay??

  • Anand Reddy

    Sir next year pattern change is it correct. ? What about optional paper..?

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    • redsid

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    Hi sir, i am the follower of insight. plz suggest..will i get rank if i write mains in local language (telugu).I can understand english too well.But i can write in telugu well than eng..i am totally confused ? plz suggest me..also suggest is any negetive feedback if do.. Thanks

    • pavanmycan

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  • A.G.S

    I am looking for a study group in Delhi. A group of hardworking, diligent and positive people for the 2016 exam. We could meet up 3 times a week and have sound discussions on all the important topics.
    Those who are interested, drop me a message.

  • Pankaj Kumar

    I didn’t pass prelims 2015 and I am not getting depressed about that. I knew that the way of reading for prelims, i owned, is not so good. I have some issues regarding English or Hindi medium. I am feeling that I am not good in english. But the materials are, available on websites, in english. And the the english language is worldwide accepted international language. So, I have decided to do in English.

    I have read my MISSION : 2016 roadmap here. I believe that I can go with this strategy. I have some doubts………

    1. I want to know everything about PAID question series. When to start, how to do ?
    2. You are providing daily current events. Is it not enough for the prelims, mains and interview ? If not what are the other sources?


  • s_ag

    Hi. Is there anyone in or around Chd interested in group studies?


    just read it sir,thank u very much for your guiadance

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    @@InsightsOnIndia:disqus I couldn’t clear this Prelim. Sir,is there any way to connect with you personally.I am little depressed and shocked with the result(I was expecting to clear it).I wont be able to come to Bangalore due to some issues.

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    Anyone with Kannada literature as optional ?

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  • MFNP

    Is this strategy possible for a working person?if ‘Yes’..How?

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  • Sanjeevini Singode

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    • MRM

      Offline test series is there in Banglore.

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    Guys who all enrolled can you share email id or mobile no so we can discuss it

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  • Good morning Insights… please include ZOOLOGY in optional writing answers challenge.

  • sir dis is vamsi … working as a pvt. teacher.. job timing: 7:30AM-7:00PM ….. for IAS preparation I can able to get daily max. 5hrs. of time. whereas during holidays I devoted 10hrs. preparation..

    sir plz give me a suggestion to improve my preparation…..

  • Rohit Kulkarni

    Did registration for online prelims 2016 started . please let me know.

  • Abhimanyu

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Are the timing and date of online test flexible or one has to take at a fixed date/time? Anyone has any idea

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    Sir, i want to join prelims test series 2016 ,i have 2 queries:
    1. Is csat included in these tests?
    2. What is the process after submitting the fees & process of online tests?

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    sir can u give your guidance in Hindi medium ? If you can, it is very good for me as well as other Hindi medium students because we have no any guidance.

  • Neha Shivanand

    I want to have history as a optional but not capable of doing coaching i belogs to hondi medium plz suggest me how i should prepare for this subject however i am readind shrivastv for ancirnt verma for medieval and vipin chandra for modern i have read ncrt for mappong what i should i m in delimma plz suggest i want to top

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    INSIGHTS, in the insight test series 2016, scheduled test on 30 oct. the listed books are class 6 and 7, history, geography and science and social n political life. But I didn’t find RESOURCE AND DEVELOPMENT book. which class this book is?

  • Kavita

    please reply soon INSIGHTS

  • Kavita

    and it is being repeated in the test scheduled on 9 Nov.

    • Aspirant Adm

      Kavita type in same comment by pressing edit button . it will help you.

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    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus what will be the format of PDF of question and answer you are providing in online prelims test series (in comparison to last year)?

  • Jitendra Singh Rathore

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    I am fresher and want to take up upsc exams plz help me in taking initial steps,materials I have to follow as a beginner and deciding optional.

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    when will the online pre test series registration start..?

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    Are the timing and date of online test flexible or one has to take the same on a fixed date/time? Anyone having any idea ?? I cudn’t find answer to this query, although some of my frns have raised same doubt in the discussions… Pls help 🙂

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    Link for online test series registration is http://www.insightsias.com

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    Even after completing payment it’s asking me to complete payment process to activate account when I log in.
    M not getting it.please help.

    • anand maurya

      confirm sir ur problm sorted out……….i m willng but afraid of paymnt problms…..

      • manish v b

        Try it.
        Thanks for calling sir…?

  • tyrion

    in test 1 and 2 topic resources and development, from where can i prepare these part????….is there any ncert book for these topic??

    • ZIMS

      It is NCERT class 8 new geography book title

  • iswar1990

    DEAR SIR, i am working in a psu (SAIL)….n preparing for cse 2016…..though i am trying my best but it is difficult to follow this timetable….can you please provide more comprehensive & suitable plan for people like us…

  • Abhishek soni

    i have tried two times to get register for pre test series 2016. transaction was failed but money was dedudcted..may i know when my money will be refunded and how i can enroll for test series 2016

    • Prrinces

      did you get your money back.i too experienced the same.what went rong.Did ur money got refunded.Or we need to call the concerned bank.

      • Abhishek soni

        no not yet.. money wil be refunded within three working days..so we have to wait

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  • B.K Sharma

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  • praveen kumar

    sir…I am very happy for knowing about INSIGHTS mission ias 2016 as i have been looking for a way to achieve my dream.
    but sir, I have a doubt which strikes always in my mind that i have zero knowledge of current society.. will it be possible to crack it in first attempt.. how….?
    and sir, I am poor in english language how can I improve as it causes a fear in me….?

    Thanking u sir

    • It is possible. Your efforts will help you gain knowledge. Start preparation earnestly – you will improve both English and Knowledge.

    • praveen kumar

      thank you very much sir,,
      and one more sir: I want to take agriculture sciences as my optional subject as i am a graduate in agriculture sciences. but most of my friends told me that agriculture in civil services consists more and vast syllabus.
      but i feel I will attempt this paper with new ideas as I worked in the field level for about 1.5 yr. so i am in dilemma? plz.. assist me in this regard..
      thanking you sir……

  • madhusmita

    Can anybody say the last date of online admission for 2016 prelims course?

    • ZIMS

      whether last date for course or online test series ?. As per given in insights site last date for test series is 25.10.15. But no idea of any further update

      • 25th October was not the last date. It was a date within which we promised to post payment link. 🙂

        • Kant

          Sir, when is Mains Self Study Guide 2016 starting? We are all set to go.

    • There is no last date. Please register here:


      Thank you.

  • Cracker

    is test series registration started??

  • divya

    when are we getting registrations opened for on line mode.??

  • Shubhendu Tripathi

    Sir can the test be given on an android set or the link will be just for laptop and pc. Please clarify this doubt of mine

    • Yes you can take in any tablet or smartphone too.

  • Abhishek Verma

    Sir/madam I have submitted the fee for online preliminary test series but when I log in the sight …it still shows PAYNOW option……my registration I’d is [email protected]

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  • salman

    How can I registered myself for insights test series

  • Chinmaya Mishra

    When would be the link for Online Test series be active. Its already 23rd Oct and after 7 days(30th Oct) we have our 1st Exam. If any one has any idea pls update me..

  • Manvendra singh Sengar

    Just wanted to know the timings of the online tests, can we give the tests anytime on the scheduled date or is there any fixed time for the same

  • Ami Ruhul

    I had taken the previous year prelims test series. This year the schedule and topic of the tests are almost same. If I follow the previous years test Questions, will it work for me ??? Or I should enroll this year also. What do you suggest???


    Hello everybody…..i cant find the link of registration for online test!! is it open or yet to be open? some of the discussions
    give the impression that it has been opened up…but i cant find the link. pls help.

  • manish

    how to apply for online test series??? could not find the

  • anumeha prakash

    hi , where do the daily quizzes and discussions take place? i am new to insights have enrolled target 2016 online batch. what all are the benefits i can get from insights.i am a working candidate .i have shortage of time. insights plz coordinate and guide me once as to what shd be the strategy apart from following the routine set up for prelims 2016. are the links for ncerts and other books provided?

  • hitesh

    how can i register myself for online test series can anyone help me???


    hi, i m not able to log in to my account. everytime i add my id and password, a display with wrong credentials’ crop up….can anybody help?


    Hi sir, taking note of your ias prelim 2016 online test series advertisement, i have got registered myself with user id- [email protected] on your official website.Though, i had successfully completed my transaction on 22 0ct 2015 n for which i have a transaction ID, the payment status is still unchanged n inundated, surprisingly, i m being asked for pay it again. pl look into the matter sir, as i have already shoot mails to your both d IDs [email protected] & [email protected] over same matter, but no response comes yet. I m expecting ur fast response n activation of ma account as well. thank u

    • manish v b

      Same here

  • parijat saurav anand

    By what date the payment gateway for the online test for prelims 2016 will get activated??? Please reply

  • nived tayal

    hello insight. i would like to join your online test series 2016. I reside in delhi. i would really appreciate if i can be provided with a direct link to the page which provides me with the details regarding the same.

  • Prabakaran

    where is the link to pay for online examination, which starts on 30/10/2015…


    please help me to get the link of registration for online test.

  • S Abbas Ali

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  • MFNP

    I have been registering few minutes back and now their telling its not registered money back within 3 days.I want to get register attend the test series.what should i do next?

  • MFNP

    I have been registering few minutes back and now their telling its not registered money back within 3 days.I want to get register attend the test series.what should i do next?

  • Amandeep Saini

    Insights when will you post mains 2016 self study guide

  • KUMAR Anuvrat

    Sir, next year I have decided to go for UPSC exam. And I am following your excellent forum from 6 month. I studied all the current affairs and your notes prepared on Writing challenge. I want to know this material will be sufficient for the Economy and general awareness section for the RBI grade b exam 2015. Please suggest me what to do.

  • iastopper

    Practice more high quality questions and detailed analysis on current affairs.

    Free online Coaching http://madeeasyias.com/

  • Chinna Prashanth Hari

    sir please post 2016 mains guide…..ans also secure of September month ……waiting for secure September month current events….

  • jokeratupsc

    Hi Insights!!!

    Good morning!!

    I have registered for offline test at Hampi naga – Bangalore (Location yet to be disclosed)

    This is my Instammojo Registration ID: MOJO5a19000J70766110.

    1st offline test are going to be conducted from Nov 18th onwards. so users registered for offline test should wait till then?

    Please assist on my request, thanks Insights team!!!!!

  • tejashree

    I want to join mission 2016 batch ..Can I PAY now..can you extend date for it

  • sidhans

    sir can you please tell when will the mains time table come up? you said it would be given the last week but it still isn’t 🙁

  • Ranjeet

    is there any discount for old paid candidates for prelim test

  • AT

    Hi Insights,
    When to expect the Mains Self Study Guide 2016?

  • krishna.munduri

    Last year I subscribed for testseries , is there any discount for this year test series (last year I saw like discount for already subscribers in test series posting)

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  • Aspirant Adm

    9963140708,Please add me on whatsupp groups. I am 2016 CSE-aspirant.

  • Name_is_Bond

    There are times when we dont have enough motivation. There comes the article of insights from various success stories of toppers which boosts me with confidence and bam.. m back to business !!!
    Thank you so much Insights .

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    Can you please publish detailed Timetable for 2016 Mains self study guide?

  • manpreet singh

    Hi everyone, insight team doing great job. Anyone opting MANAGEMENT as optional we can make small group to overcome problems specially in optional.
    mail me @ [email protected]

  • raju ganachari

    Any serious very serious aspirant to discuss what we read daily and clear the doubts on those through hangout mail me @ [email protected]

  • chandrani saha

    For 2016 mains current events of how many months must be prepared,from mains and prelims point of view separately?

  • Dilip

    Hello Insights team, I took your first online test. But before reading
    single question the page got closed and redirected to result from test
    Kindly resolve issue.

    • manish v bawane

      R u getting this message below about payment? I m unable to get first test.

  • Alphonso Mango

    Hi Sir , I am getting an error message ” Something wnt wrong please try again” After clicking on the subscribe now button for the online test series on the dedicated site.

  • manish v bawane

    I am getting this problem sir.i paid the amount

  • Manoj

    No submit button at the end of the test???


    should i able to avail the test series now if i subscribe it by today …as some where written only 20 october to 25 october is the period for subscription…

  • ram syna

    Hi team insight.it will be helpful to all the students if u provide seperate copy of question paper after the test conclusion…so that we can take offline test later at our convenience..

  • neo

    Guys… those who have subscribed to the online test series.. do we have to take the test on the fixed date or we can take it on some other day after that?? Ps….. I have already missed the first test

    • You can take it anytime once the test is posted by insight….but for getting all india rank you need to take the test before the next test get posted. If you take one test after the second test releases, you will only miss all indian ranking.

      • neo


  • SH

    Just thought it would be more convenient to form a group on facebook.
    Kindly Join the group and we can add each other personally thereafter.
    Insights IAS – Mission 2016 (Group)

  • Rahul Raj

    Hi INSIGHTS, i am rahul a student of engineering in 3rd year and i want to take up civil service .can u give me suggestion on preparation for civil service exam as 3rd year engineering student .because i want to start early preparation so that i can run an extra mile in the competition and be ahead in the preparation ..and i will later take up a job or full time preparation depending on the circumstances… i want to ask three questions

    I) Can u suggest me routine or timetable which will apply to an engineering student or any graduate ?

    2)What optional subject is ideal such that it will cover the other areas of the preparation?

    3) i personally feel geography and public administration are more relevant and interesting, am i wrong about it?)

    * thank u INSIGHTS for providing great help to students .. u are doing great job. i wish INSIGHTS team to be more successful in imparting knowledge


  • Chandan Kumar

    I have formed Whatsapp group for Insights Test takers. Interested people may join the group by messaging at 8969203437.

  • Anurodh

    Somebody please add me in the Whatsapp group…my no.7827079882

  • Arvind Kumar


  • Arvind Kumar

    @insights..hi sir i paid for online test today and am eager to take o.line test.i failed to take 1st online test due to payment failure.
    I have not got the pdf of 1st test ques yet sir. When will i get the pdf so that i can take ist test before tommorow?

  • kannadiga

    I have paid fees for offline test series but not yet received adress of test centre . please reply

  • sanu thomas

    I would like subscribe the online tests. After getting the subscription can I access the questions and answeres of previous tests, which were conducted on 2015-10-30 and 2015-11-09?

  • yogendra vala

    Respected sir,
    Here in my city junagadh gujarat i have not got The Hindu news paper than what can i do for this? Whats the other optional way for current event or The Hindu news paper?

  • Anurodh

    hi guys i am a big follower of insight i have asked the group admin to add me to the group but unfortunately it has not happened so guys i am planning to make a new group so if someone wants to join and/or are new to this. please whatsapp me ANURODH-7827079882.

  • Sivaramakrishnan M

    Though i sent my payment details, i didn’t get any reply regarding discount amount. Please reply. its Urgent.

  • Under_10_Rank

    Hi Guys,

    This is my first post on Insights though following for more than a year.

    I have attempted the CSE twice – 2014 and 2015. both times failed in Pre.

    I was working and thinking of preparing but could never make a serious effort so decided to left the job to prepare and finally left the job in June 2014 and started studying.

    CSE 2014

    Covered NCERT 6-12, Bipin Chandra Struggle for Independence, Laxmikanth and ramesh singh, Glanced through Last year Pratiyogita Darpan (as i never used to read any newspaper) and Hindu for those 2.5 half months.

    I generally get very overconfident about myself and did that time too so couldn’t (dint) revise OR attempted any test series as wasted time being overconfident. I was always good at aptitude and maths so dint prepare for CSAT also.

    Result: CSE-2014: Paper – 1: 40 marks, Paper 2: 110 marks. Failed miserably.

    CSE 2015:

    Planned to read all book thoroughly, make notes and revise; and to join a test series.

    But I had applied for SSC-CGL 2014 as well (OBC candidate but applied as Gen Category (cause i get overconfident)), Exam was in 2014 Oct so till then neither UPSC preparation nor SSC. Scored just enough to clear Tier-1.

    And finally started preparing for UPSC from 22 Dec 2014 ( i keep record of daily study hours) but again not sincere and due to many factor averaged only about 1 hour a day.

    Then came SSC CGL 2014 result, i got through Tier-1 and had 1 month for Tier-2, needed approx 325 for Interview post so started studying for it and for the first time in my life an average of about 5.5 hours a day for a month. Scored 305 in tier 2. Finally got TA in CBCE (If had filled with OBC could have become eligible for 5 out of 15 interview posts CBI inspector being one).

    SO as for the UPSC, though of joining Insights test series and all i decided earlier but again made noted, went through book and monthly magazines, CSC this time. Finally joined test series in June 2015 and started doing on 08 July 2015 managed to do only 13 tests.


    and on top of everything CSAT had become just qualifying ( my scoring section) so same result. Scoring somewhere around 93 as per various keys in GS and 120 in CSAT w/o preparation.

    So failed again.

    CSE 2016:

    I don’t regret any of the mistakes i made in thee last two attempts as i think that i have matured a bit due to that (otherwise would have become an arrogant one if had clear by any miracle with that level of effort)

    Lost time in various thing so starting my preparation from today and this time very sincerely, with a will to give my 100% (which i cant remember if i have have given to anything ever before) and the target is an IAS officer post and posting in Rajasthan (my home state).

    SO the target of a Rank Under 10.

    • Ankit Rao

      All the best brother.
      See you at LBSNAA. (Y)

      • Under_10_Rank

        thank you Ankit…see you there…

  • rishabh sharma

    sir for mains perspective u have mentioned 47 books.. we have to read whole book or some chapters frm them..let me clear plzz as soon as possible..bcz i m a college student and have least tym for preparing..reply plz

  • shibitha culas

    If I join 2016 test series now by subscribing,can I get the previous question papers and answers which I missed till now?

  • Vaishnav

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Hii…. I have posted this query multiple times on various pages and also mailed you thrice but got no response. I understand your busy schedule may be restricting you to do that, but it will be very kind if you could extract some time and answer it. My query ” I have enrolled for Offline Test Series Program. I will be only able to attend starting 4 tests offline. For rest tests, can you please give me online access to tests. ” Thanks in advance.

  • Revathi

    @Insight – I didnot receive refund. I have dropped mails. and you haven’t responded to them as well. please ;et me the status of refund. my email id: [email protected]

  • Upsc Ias

    Hard work, Will power & Dedication.

  • james alexis

    Sir i have just started preparing for 2016,but i am working as well. can you give me advice on how do i go about?


    INSIGHTS is the best amongst the online guides available for IAS preparations,there is no doubt about it.INSIGHTS Prelims Test Series-2016 including MISSION-2016 adds to its coloured feathers.But some technical mistakes seemed to have cropped up in the PRELIMS TEST SERIES-16 like the following: While the syllabus for TEST NO.4 was given inter alia, as NCERT IX,all the Questions were set from NCERT X class.The working candidates hardly finds time to manage all the NCERT books at a time.Moreover,the All India Rank is also badly affected if a TEST is NOT held strictly as per syllabus given by you for that particular test.I am sure an esteemed institution like INSIGHTS will not ignore the sentiment.

  • ruth kipgen

    Thank you very much sir. Beaten i may be but am not broken……am ready for the fight once again. Winners don’t quit! Wishing all of us the very best. IAS Mission 2016 its is!!


    any one who studies alone?? i m not going to any coaching class? can i suceed ics


    i want to start now(dec.18.2015) for 2016’s battle. is it possible/ guide me pls.

  • Aditya Kavia

    though started very late,i hope i will keep up my consistency(well that’s what the difficult one) and my dedication till the goal be achieved..i wish INSIGHTS will help me out in this..

  • Dj

    Thank you insights for this wonderful roadmap.
    I will follow this strategy come what may

  • Sujeet Kumar

    Sir, I just appeared in mains exam. I want to focus on next year. That will be my last attempt. My optional was pub ad but I am not not feeling confident. Should I change it with sociology. Kindly guide me.

  • killer111

    I am student of prelims test series 2016.

    my account doesnt show past year insights test papers for 2013 and 2014, have your uploaded it? or later on it will be uploaded?? pls upload it so that it may be practiced..thnx

  • Sandhya

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus I had subscribed to past year test series (2015);Can you give any concession on this year fee.I have sent a mail as well with fee receipt attached.Please reply

  • rajneesh chauhan

    Its a wonderful strategy and motivational approach……. dear sir,i m a hindi medium student can u suggest me any way that i can be fully utilise your material….and daily updates…

  • Singh8992

    How I write mains answer for mission 2016 below the question

  • Harmanpreet


    How to frame answers from newspaper content 🙁 I am beginner to IAS preparation , finding it bit hard to analyse the newspapers, any strategy for this ?

  • danishk

    For Test-9 the syllabus given for chemistry is (NCERT-XII) unit -16.However,no such unit exist.There are two books of chemistry NCERT for class XII each containing chapters 1 to 7.Please help.Thanks!

  • pink

    sir when will csat initiative will come

  • prahaadish

    Is there any other option of studying the materials of the test series from the book “plassey-partition” by bandhyopadhyay? Pls suggest some means I’m unable to get the book …but I have bipan chandra with me

  • prahaadish

    Is there any other option of studying the materials of the test series from the book “plassey-partition” by bandhyopadhyay? Pls suggest some means I’m unable to get the book …but I have bipan chandra with me

  • harsha gowda

    Hello INSIGHTS,
    i am harsha UG student pursuing 3rd year B.E,i decided to start my preparation n completed few ncert lessons,can i crack them in first attempt that i on 2017??? and i need suggestion from you people to achieve it


    when will insights start the csat fortnightly tests???

  • shankar

    sir i now at the age of 28 as per official documents but i am 27 as per my actual date of birth. i came to know about upsc and start preparing it from aug 2015. but all it went haphazardly and inconsistently. now i still want pursue my study freshly in accord to your discipline for 2016 exam . is it possible ? how can i start freshly at this age and time….please make me more studious and confident person with your valuable and motivational words….i can attend personally you sir as i reside in bangalore..and this is my first post ever since i became an aspirant….plz do me favour sir , i ll be faithful to your guidance..