Q10. One of the primary causes of World War II was the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany. Examine the factors that led to his rise to prominence in Germany.

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Insights Mains Offline Test Series 2015

General Studies Paper – 1

Mock Test – 1                                                                                                             

07 September 2015



Answer ALL the questions in NOT MORE THAN 150 words each. Contents of the answers are more important than its length. All questions carry equal marks.

Q10. One of the primary causes of World War II was the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany. Examine the factors that led to his rise to prominence in Germany.

  • Jorge

    Some of the factors leading up to the rise of Hitler in
    Germany were:

    – Humiliation of the Versailles Treaty: in the aftermath
    of the First World War, the treatment handed out by the Allies to Germany was a
    blow to German pride. Despite Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points, which were rather reasonable and aimed at promoting long-term peace, the European allies of US were bent on getting their revenge. In their overenthusiasm for punishing Germany, they meted out war reparations and claimed territory to such an extent as to have a very negative impact on the German psyche.

    – Hyperinflation in Germany: The enormous war reparations
    added to the struggles of dealing with reconstructing a shattered post-war
    economy with depleted population. Since
    Germany was given barely any relief, while the rest of Europe was built up with
    generous American aid, the intense hyperinflation that followed was only
    natural. The economic struggle also meant that ordinary Germans were ready to find a scapegoat – which they found in the relatively prosperous Jews (a feeling that Hitler exploited to its most
    disastrous ends)

    – Rise of fascism elsewhere in Europe: the rise of fascism
    in Germany needs to be understood in the context of a larger wave of fascism
    surging through Europe. In Franco’s Spain as well as in Mussolini’s Italy, somewhat similar economic issues (thought not to as great an extent) formed the background for a growing shift
    towards the far-right. What contributed to this was also the fact that Europe as a continent of nation-states, as opposed to a continent of kingdoms, was relatively new. This newfound sense of nationalism manifested in dangerous forms, leading to extreme fascism in some parts.

    • The Witcher

      Dude your answer is coming to 250+ words. In the exam u will be under stress and wont have time to write so much. Try and keep it under 150 words.U have knowledge, but can remove some fillers
      The question is asking for FACTORS
      – Hence Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points etc is unnecessary
      -ur last point of fascism sweeping across europe is good, but could have been summed up in one line or two lines. (saves time and words)

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    • PS

      jews as scapegoat in times of econimic crisis..a good point

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    • Karthi7688

      In Question they are asking about the factors that led to the rise of Adobe Hitler. So we have to explain the aftermath of ww1 and how Conditions prevailing in Germany led to his rise

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      • Jaydrathsinh Mahedu

        Was the hatred towards Jews,one of the reasons,why Hitler wanted to come in power?

    • ananth

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      • Priyal

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  • ashok6305

    Many historians opine that rise of adolf hitler as a major
    cause of ww-2,an analysis of post world war-1 treaties particularly Treaty of
    versatiles has treated the loosers in the war i.e germany,Austria..This came as
    ainsult to all germans,based on which hitler had grown since beginning.He tried
    to build national feeling citing the losses german faced in ww-1 like huge
    fines,loss of acquired territories and limiting militarisation at it’s own
    will.As such socialists,communists taking inspiration from Russian revolution
    tried to give power to masses which was striking hard to capitalists and
    landlords,who tried to promote hitler so as secure their interests in long
    run,this is the reason hitler hasbeen made a chancellor though he lost in
    election badly and also the capitalistic class forced the govt. In regarding
    this.he killed or arrested all socialists,communists in the pretext of setting
    parliament on fire,thus hitler is not an elected leader or majority approved
    him he himself proclaimed the leader of germany,with which started atrocities
    on jews mass killing of people in worldwar-2 etc..giving dark days to the world
    called Nazism and which finally pulled all the major countries into a war which
    had no precedence in ages to come.

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    • PS

      support of capitalist and wealthy section,conspiracy like burning reichstag and blaming on communists are good points

      but appeasement by us uk dont explain his rise in germany factor…they are external fator to his rise in germany…hence it is an irrelevent point

      you can add powerful oratory by hitler,which led to people ragard him a hero who can end their misery and also take revenge of defeat in WW1

      can put some light on terms of treaty like..huge war idemnity,blame of war,disarming germany,loss of colony and territory …it takes only one line

      • Pratyush

        I have included the Anger against the Treaty of Versailles.
        Yes, your point regarding good oratory skills and charismatic personality is nice. Will keep that in mind.
        Thank you.

      • Rajeev Kumar

        Appeasement is also one the reasons… Since it gave a general impression that Hitlers foreign policy was a successand that the fuhrer cant be wrong which dramatically increased his prestige at home and amongst his generals

        • Shaurya

          Germany developed a feeling of superiority in culture and race. This Hitler vindicated by imperial actions, industrial and military development.

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      Just curious are not factors behind communalism and fascism usually different cos communalism is largely a middle-class phenomenon while fascism engulfs entire population

    • bhaz

      you focused more on Hitler as leader of Germany but question asked about Hitler’s rise in germany. Also dragging in India in this question was not necessary

  • Sameer

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  • The Witcher

    World War II was a result of sustained escalation and aggression by Nazi Germany and Hitler. There were several factors that led to the rise of the Nazi party and Hitler

    I. The German public was bitter about the harsh conditions imposed post World War I

    II. The Weimar republic was unable to govern

    III. The Nazi party was well organised and had a private army

    IV. The poor economic condition made radical ideas more acceptable

    V. Hitler exploited the Germans fear of communism

    VI. The Great Depression led to even worse economic conditions

    VII. Miscalculation by other political parties allowed Hitler and Nazi to seize the election of 1933

    Overall, it was a mix of social, economic, political and historic factors that led to the rise of Hitler

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    Answer 10

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  • jeanedreze

    Rise of Hitler.
    1. The Weimer Republic was forced to take full responsibility of first world war in treaty of Versailles.
    2. The Weimer Republic leaders were called November criminals and defamed them in public for poor condition in germany.
    3. Hyperinflation and unemployment led to massive unrest.
    4. The army was showcased as the true heroes.
    5. Hitler was able to target the youth.
    6. Hitler was supported by Industrialists as he promised improved industrial condition.

    The capacity to channelize the energy of youth and industry brought hope in Germany. Hitler was cleverly able to utilize the hyperinflation conditions to his advantage.

  • HKHS

    No doubts Hitler’s rise was one of the prominent factor for the cause of the Second world war. The rise of Hitler could be examined under the following areas.

    1. Hitler during the beginning of the first world war joined Bavarian party and subsequently made a lasting impression on the party gradually.
    2. In 1920s, he formed his own party NSDAP-National Socialist German workers party and was biggest contributor as well as worked to influence government.
    3. Even after arrest he wrote book called Mein kempf in jail to inspire his followers.
    4.Personal triats like speechmaking, being loud, making an impression made impact on his followers and people.
    5.Use of Blitzkrieg technique to advance his positions and to make subsequent gain.
    6. The vacuum created by German leaders was filled by Hitler effectively, became the voice of the people.
    7. Global factors like- Allied nations never checked the raise of Hitler and took a soft approach, when situation arised, they rather tried to appease him,due to the intimidating nature.
    8. Mussolini’s influence on Hitler made a impact on his approach and behavior.

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  • Nicky

    Hitler was really a charismatic leader. He was able to influence the people with his words in such a way that they are willing to kill someone if he says so. People are hypnotized by his words such a charismatic leader. He made the people to believe that he would make Germany as world power. He exposed the injustice happened to the Germans in world war – I. He exploited the situation in which Germans are struggling since world war – I. He influenced the people in such a way that no one questioned him for killing jews or communists or liberals in the concentration camps. People believed that Hitler would make the Germany as socially, economically and politically string in the world. This made Hitler prominent in Germany.

  • Ant-Man

    Why did Sanchi survive while Amaravati did not?

    1. Perhaps Amaravati was discovered before scholars understood the value of the finds and realised how critical it was to preserve things instead of removing them from the site.
    2. When Sanchi was “discovered” in 1818, three of its four gateways were still standing, the fourth was lying on the spot where it had fallen and the mound was in good condition.
    3. Nineteenth-century Europeans like the French and English sought Shahjehan Begum’s permission to take away the eastern gateway, which was the best preserved, to be displayed in museums in France and England. But she refused.
    4. The rulers of Bhopal, Shahjehan Begum and her successor Sultan Jehan Begum, provided money for the preservation of the ancient site. That is why John Marshall dedicated his important volumes on Sanchi to Sultan Jehan.
    5. She funded the museum that was built there as well as the guesthouse where John Marshall lived and wrote the volumes.
    6. She also funded the publication of the volumes written by John Marshall. So if the stupa complex has survived, it is in no small measure due to wise decisions, and to good luck in escaping the eyes of railway contractors, builders, and those who were looking for finds to carry away to the museums of Europe.
    7. In 1796, a local raja who wanted to build a temple stumbled upon the ruins of the stupa at Amaravati. He decided to use the stone, and thought there might be some treasure buried in what seemed to be a hill.
    8. In 1854, Walter Elliot, the commissioner Andhra Pradesh visited Amaravati and collected several sculpture panels and took them away to Madras. These came to be called the Elliot marbles after him.
    9. By the 1850s, some of the slabs from Amaravati had begun to be taken to different places:a) To the Asiatic Society of Bengal at Calcutta b) To the India Office in Madras and some even to London
    10. Some years later, a British official named Colin Mackenzie visited the site. He found several pieces of sculpture and made detailed drawings of them, these reports were never published to protect the Stupa

  • Puneet Sharma

    Adolf Hitler, the person often blamed for world’s most deadly war, came to power in Germany in 1933. There were major factors that led to rapid rise of Nazi party in Germany – from a status of new party in 1925 to largest party in 1933.
    1. Humiliating treaty of Versallies : After WW1, in treaty of Versallies, the whole blame of war was put on Germany and a huge amount was put on Germany to pay for war damages. Demilitarization of Germany, devoid of not having air and naval power and many other such decisions of treaty caused a lot of humiliation for German people. They were highly angry of other countries’s treatment of Germany.
    2. Instability in Germany : Due to heavy fines and the destruction by war, there was shortage of essential commodities. Inflation was sky rocketing. Food riots was a common. This situation was ideal for charismatic leader like Hitler to reap with his new and radical ideas.
    3. Help by capitalists : After WW1, soviets and communists were getting stronger day by day. Capitalists saw Hitler as a speed breaker against the rising tide of communism. Hence they supported him with all means for protecting their resources.
    4. Disunity in opposition : The socialists and communists failed to unite against the rising fascism in Germany under Hitler. Weak opposition unity paved the way for Hitler to remove any opposing force and this led to his rapid and unchecked rise.
    5. Support by masses : Hitler was a charismatic leader and people of Germany saw him as their savior against all problems. They started calling him “Fuhrer” i.e. like father. Support of masses enabled Hitler to pursue his goals at a rapid pace.