OFFLINE CLASS Notification and Coming Up Mains Program Update

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By Tomorrow evening 7 pm we will be posting details about our offline class.  Many of you might want to be part of this program. Thanks a lot. But, as we do not want to compromise quality and do not want to provide confusing feedback by resorting to the help of ‘experts’, we will be taking only 30 aspirants. This is not an issue of ego or anything. Our capacity is limited and we like to stay within these limits.

At the same time, because there exists a demand – supply gap, we are coming up with a plan where no one (serious aspirants willing to get a rank no matter what it takes) will be disappointed. We will be sharing its details tomorrow.

The success in this exam comes from being consistent at what you are following. It doesn’t matter which strategy you are following. All that matters is your faith in it and your involvement in it till the end.

We would like to reiterate that the success of our students was because of their consistent writing practice. Even if they had done it from their home, they would have cleared this exam.

We at Insights are ordinary people with a desire to do something for the aspirants community and at the same time make some money without being greedy. We are no experts. We were once aspirants. We understand your needs.

Therefore, we request you to not to think that you will succeed if you attend our classes (i.e. if some of you are thinking like this, pardon if not) If there is a will, you can prepare from home and get a great rank.

But there should be a force behind you to motivate and to provide you a roadmap for this. Without proper direction, all efforts will be a mere waste of time. That is why, tomorrow we will be giving you a plan that will work, just like it worked for this year toppers from our class and website. Our job is to just provide you a roadmap. It is you who has to traverse it howsoever hard it is.

It is a ahrd fact that only the toughest and hard working will survive the race. You must be one among these winners. Everyone of us that innate ability to win, but due to distraction or other factors we deviate and give up. Therefore faith is extremely important in this journey. Faith in your ability and the ability of the strategy you want to follow.

Before we begin our Mains journey, as requested earlier in another post, we request you again to prepare thoroughly for your Optional subject without wasting a day.

We suggest you to start writing answers for previous year Optional subject papers until we start Mains program.

  • Nikhil Bhaskar

    Waiting for it eagerly sir! 🙂

  • Manmohan Roy


  • Adi yogi

    Waiting for it Sir.

  • Neeru


  • HS

    Thank you so much sir…was eagerly waiting for it….

  • ravinder singh

    Thanks sir

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    Thank you sir

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  • Divyadharshini singarammaran

    Thank u so much sir

  • abb

    Thank you

  • RT

    thank you sir

  • mns

    thank you sir:)

  • Bhavana H S

    Thank you sir very eager to join

  • K Ravi

    This is my last attempt and going to be the best attempt of my life, so I dont hv any other option than to work hard and strictly follow the tight schedle. I really need a guide, a motivator, a friend and a real mentor. Hope to be a part of the Insight Community.

    • Coop

      All the very best K Ravi.

      • K Ravi

        Thanks Coop and Good Luck you too for your Mains…!!!

    • “RW”

      All the very, very best.Stay focussed and never lose heart.Best wishes.
      Neva let the sand of winning potential run out of your hands.

      • K Ravi

        Thanks RW and All the very best you too for Mains 2015.

        • “RW”

          I was not eligible for 2015, I will go 4 civils-2016..
          Anyways thnx..
          🙂 🙂

    • Vikas Kumar Sharma

      All the best friend.

      • K Ravi

        Thanks Vikas, Good Luck u too brother.

    • Ravi Shankar Mishra

      Goodluck man

      • K Ravi

        Thanks Ravi, All the best you too.

    • Ester

      Wish you gudluck Ravi. Prepare well, you are going to win this time 🙂

      • K Ravi

        Thanks Ester…All the best you too for your Mains…!!! When so many good people are here we help each other and can crack this exam together this year. Hope for the best…!!!

    • pavan

      all the best my friend….you will achieve this definitely…..

      • K Ravi

        Thanks Pavan, All the best you too brother…!!! What’s your optional?

  • kankana ganguly

    Sir what is the criteria for joining your offline course

  • Nikhil

    Dear sir, how you are going to select 30 people?? .Eagerly waiting for this. Thanks once again & ready to BLEED offline or online

  • kirankumar t g

    do or die attempt for me sir hope half prepared if i be a part of it

  • Sameer Kumar

    Eager to join sir?

  • neeta

    Thank you sir.

  • prasad bsd

    hope u guys do some jugaad so that each one of us r equally benefited…..keeping fingers crossed…..

  • Manojji

    Dear sir,
    please make video of all your lectures which will help aspirant like me who can not join any coaching due to job . this would be a great help for us. you may charge for these videos. please consider my request.

    • Bhagat

      Bro,at Insights they do not teach something,they just make a proper schedule of preparation,and make sure that they give a regular feedback to aspirants.It is all upto students who follow their strategy with how much dedication.That i think you can do from your home also as they will be sharing their strategy.all it demands is regularity and faith in that particular strategy.

      All the Best Cheer!!
      And thanx alot to Insights for all this..!!

      • Ajay Rathod

        BHai insight kahi par coaching dete hai kya ya fir sirf online??

    • sarthak

      very good suggestion

  • RV

    All the best for this year’s offline batch. Wish all get selected this time 🙂

  • mehraj_dee_dd

    thanks sir,

  • Nandi

    Thanks alot Sir ..I have left my job this week just to join your classes Sir…I trust u n ur strategy Sir…

  • Himanshu Joshi

    inquisitively looking forward for it/ hopefully it will let me to cover all the important topics that i have missed- past few months thank you @vinay sir #insight

  • Ravi

    Thanku Vinay Sir & Insight team.

  • MaverickNaga

    Even if your offline class is to accommodate say 100 or 200 aspirants, it will still be insufficient…Looking forward eagerly for the plan you have for us so we feel very much a part of this special 30…Thanks

  • Durgarao..

    Thank you sir

  • mission 15

    thanx insights for your humble service..eagerly waiting for mains time table..

  • limitless

    Thank you Vinay Sir for your selfless determinations……… guys are doing real public service……

  • Manasa Kulkarni

    Thank u sir…

  • vani

    great sir, waiting for your direction…………

  • satyajit

    Dear vinay sir good morning
    Thanks for your great work lots of candidate like me can prepare upsc without going to metro city sir I get 76 marks in GS sir I’m physically handicapped candidate (Visually impaired PH2) sir should I start prepare ? can I clear preliminary exam with this score ? I feel depress some day
    Sir and possible to prepare in 100 day to best
    Your feedback to me will give energy to me for next

  • Neha Sharma

    Thank you sir. I have one doubt. Those who join your offline classes will write answers & get feedback from you. This will help such students to improve their answers. But what about those who follow your site & write answers at home? How will we improve our answers?? Will you give us the same feedback which you give your offline students?? Plz clarify sir. Thanx in advance 🙂

    • Yashaswi

      Hi Neha Sharma,

      The exploitation of the potential of a platform such as Insightsonindia has remained minimal. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s us insightians.

      If we were not selfish, this would have meant each of us would review another’s answer(s) in detail. Reviewing even one answer in detail can take up to half hour in total (This is why if you review, 1-2 answers review everyday in detail is more than sufficient).. Due to almost every human being’s innate quality of selfishness, very few insightians spend any more than 2-3 minutes on reviewing others’ answers, but want others to review their own answers in detail. If we are so selfish here, then what when we become civil servants?

      I have written answers on the secure initiative for about 2 months, and I realised that there is so much one can learn by even reading others answers, forget reviewing. But if peer-review takes place, its biggest plus is that it clears out plenty of cobwebs (if not all) on that particular topic in your mind.

      “… Will you give us the same feedback which you give your offline students…” – I think many want Insights to do this. However, as Insights has repeated time and again, to quote from one of their earlier articles, (continued*)

      “…….some might think that posting answers on the website is of no use when their answers are not getting any feedback from fellow aspirants. One solution to overcome this problem is that first you must start giving feedback to others answers – which is genuine, detailed and constructive. If you do this regularly, it not only benefits the writer of an answer, it will also help you in many ways. Giving right feedback is akin to helping a friend in need. It is an act of both camaraderie and empathy (yes, it is). It helps assess your own writing. It might motivate others to start giving similar feedback. Some day your answers will be given genuine feedback by the benefactors of your feedback. This will not happen overnight. This will take time, but you must persist with faith. After all, you will lose nothing (in case you think you would lose your precious time if you review others’ answers, you are wrong – you can see benefits only after a while. If you yield to cynicism, you will lose the advantage)

      Participating, encouraging newcomers, leaving behind an objective feedback – all these will help build a healthy atmosphere. A fellow aspirant might be a competitor, but when you ensure there is an healthy competition, your chance of reaching the goal are more than those who refrain from participation thinking that what you are doing is useless………”,

      (continued*) reviewing is one of the most potent, freely available and most underutilized tools in insightians’ hands to make use of in their/our preparation.

      There’s nothing more I can say. The piece I have copy-pasted from pretty much answers your query : )

      Even if you and I don’t get a seat in the offline classes, we insightians HAVE to work TOGETHER towards OUR final goal.

      All the best.

      • Thank you for sharing this. We hope other read this and get the essence. Having said this, we too will strive to be part of this review process. Hope it materializes soon.

        • Yashaswi


          • K Ravi

            You r right Yashaswi… I fully agree with you. Till now I wad not a part of Mains but soon going to join you guys, just give me 2-3 days, since I am out of home town. I am also planning to give a guideline on which each need to be review. Like who ever reviewing any one’s answer please review on following basis –

            1. Introduction
            2. Reachness of content
            3. Relevance of content
            4. Flow of content
            5. Clearity of though
            6. Answers justifying used key words like Analyse, critically analyse, evaluate, explain, comment etc.
            7. Word limit

            Note – Use of relevant data with mentioned source, use of examples, uae of caselets only relevant one will get extra marks/appreciation.

            In any body has to add some more points on evaluation she/he is free to add/amend. critising one’s answer is also good but it should be healthy one not just leg pooling type. Just give me few days friends I will must review answers on these points.

      • Neha Sharma

        Yes u r right yashaswi. We shud review each others’ answers 🙂

      • MIP

        great job Yashaswi!!! I m back ?

      • nsathya1990

        Very well said 🙂

        In the rush to finish writing answers, to finish reading topics, to compete, we tend to overlook the 5-10 minutes which could be used in reviewing others’ answers. Even I’ve been guilty of this.

        I’ll make sure I’ll review some answers every time I write an answer …

        • Yashaswi

          : )

    • Shailee Sukhdeve

      same question…as said by @neha sharma

  • Roshan Tiwari

    My concerns are same as Manojii, Dear insight please upload videos of the lectures so that all fraternity can be benefited.

  • PKK

    Thank you sir !
    Those chosen for offline class will get your feedback and those who are not chosen / those who cant join it ,will not get it .
    Here is one humble request.
    You may charge a reasonable amount as fee for your feedback for those ,who are not part of the offline class.
    I am sure many candidates would be willing to pay the fees.
    We can mail the answers and you can mail us feedback.
    I am saying this because feedback is crucial here and mere attempting the Q paper is not enough.
    I am sorry if I have proposed anything wrong.

  • siddhartha paul

    thank u sir, n yes guidance is the most imp for me and many others like me.

  • DG

    hello sir

    thanx for all ur efforts for us..
    but kindly evolve a strategy in which u can give feedback to our answers.
    n i think most of us will have no problem even if you will charge something for it..

  • Abhi Ram


  • Rishi Ranjan Singh

    Thanks a lot insights for all your effort. I have decided to prepare from home. But i needed your valuable feedback for my answers. Folks on this forum are great their review does help me. But just wanted to know from you experts/experienced. Please find a solution to this problem. Atleast a provision to send over our answers for some questions and get it reviewed by you. Thanks 🙂

  • Kirobo

    Respected Insights ,
    It would be very helpful if you took the same concern with the online aspirants too . By inducting a strict time table with time constraints , review by elite team members ,Daily practise tests , allot marks for every answers and pointing out mistakes , constructive criticism’s . You may charge certain amount of money we were ready to pay for that ,create login page and allot Userid and password for those who registered , these would be very useful in GS and answer writing . we know about your potentiality & we will reinforce it . Thanking you

    • Yashaswi

      “… we know about your potentiality…”
      You may know about Insights team’s potential, but do you know your own? : )
      If you did not understand my point, feel free to read and comment/criticise on my reply to Neha Sharma’s comment : )

      • Kirobo

        GIST: Review other answers , so as to create a cyclic evolution , in the mean process the knowledge , conceptual clarity earned will not go vanished and been able to help in performing future tasks . Roger that !!
        Yes mam !! Indeed i will show my fullest potentiality in reviewing others and write the answers which let others review . Only request to insights is to implement the same timetable to online candidates too & we will perform at our best from home : )

        • Yes, we are working on an interesting plan. 🙂

        • Manjul

          Yashaswi can be a boy too.:)

  • PS


  • ruth kipgen

    Thank you sir. Truly,i feel blessed to be part of this journey with INSIGHTS. Looking forward to the Mains Program 🙂

  • Vini

    Thank u INSIGHTS…!!! 🙂

  • Shailee Sukhdeve

    sir same request as said by @disqus_UTweCWJbLS:disqus ..

  • Shailee Sukhdeve

    sir same request as said by @disqus_UTweCWJbLS:disqus

  • ankit pandey

    Hey guys, need an advice… actually in my home town i get hindu paper one day late. so wht happens i always write answers one day late of the current events… wat shud i do. i dnt want to miss the process of preparing together with u guys..

    • Hangul

      Read The Hindu online. Their website has articles put up even before the newspaper reaches us in the morning.

      • ankit pandey

        thanks.. will try to do that…

    • Yashaswi

      Hi Ankit Pandey,

      If you don’t have financial issues, subscribe to the e-paper in pdf format. Each day’s newspaper usually is uploaded by 230AM.

  • dona

    when the insights will notify for their offline classes??