FREE DOWNLOAD: Last Five Tests of Insights Tests Series – 2015

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We are posting last five tests from our 2015 Test Series (500 Questions)  tests for last minute revision. Please note that these are for REVISION and not for SOLVING. If you are confident of solving and not worried about scores, please go ahead and solve them.

We are providing PDF files as it is better to open both question paper and solutions in two tabs in your browser side by side and read them.

General tendency is to download materials and keep them for ‘future study’ and later forget them. We hope you spend few hours and revise these tests now itself.

There is also corrections document at the end. If you have doubts, please go through it.

2016 aspirants can also try their hands at these tests. You will get taste of upcoming Test Series and this will help you to know which areas to focus while reading books and current events.


Twenty Ninth Paper
Thirtieth Test
Thirty First Test
Thirty Second Test
Thirty Third Test
  • Albus BhojRaj

    will somebody please provide me with all the links of Insights CURRENT EVENTS COMPILATIONs 2015. (Those asked in MCQ format ).

    • Manjula Subramanian
      • Albus BhojRaj

        Thank you so much 🙂
        In total we have 2 SETS of compilation right ?

        • Manjula Subramanian

          yup, seems so!

          • Albus BhojRaj

            Thank you

            • Manjula Subramanian

              you’re welcome! 🙂

  • Surabhi

    Thank you so much sir.. They are surely going to help us.. 🙂

  • karl

    Thank you very much sir…plz issue guidelines for offline test series.!!!

  • bhaz

    kudos to you. great work

    though i am a subscriber to test series, i am happy that these tests are being shared to benefit wider section of aspirant community

    • Shikhar raj

      Plz send me PDFcopy of Test no.1 question paper only>i have the solution.its urgent
      email: [email protected]

  • Jorge

    I love you Insights

  • Khwaab

    How many hours should these tests take?

  • Draconian

    hats off guys…………it’d be final nail in the coffin(preparation)……….

  • Dhanesh Chandra

    awsome work…

  • satyajit

    Dear insightsonindia team thanks your great test series Sir I got 130 mark in 29 test is it good please give me review

  • Abhishek Singh

    Such selfless a gesture. You guys are truly inspirational.

  • Abhay Mondal

    Commendable job.. God bless you and God bless the Republic of India..

  • Icemaiden

    Sir, Kindly respond to a mail sent to [email protected] requesting for the solutions to test 10. I am a subscriber of your test series, but have not received this particular PDF. I have sent a mail again today, after no response for the last 3 days. Really need your help at this time. Thanks.

    • Please check inbox. It is sent. Thank you.

      • Icemaiden

        Received it now. Thank you very much, sir!

  • Bhavana

    There is a change of venue for few students having center in delhi and IMphal kindly check UPSC website

  • Suresh Choudhary

    thank you…really gud wrk!!

  • Missionimpossible

    Thanks insight…….

  • sakshi s

    40. Consider the following about Euro zone and European Union
    1. Euro zone is an Economic entity, and EU is a Politico-economic entity.
    2. Euro zone has a common currency, EU doesn’t.
    3. Euro zone follows a common monetary policy, EU doesn’t.
    4. Both the EU and Euro zone have a single market.
    5. EU has a supra-national Parliament, Euro zone doesn’t.
    Choose the correct answer using the codes below.
    a) 1, 2 and 5 only
    b) 3 and 4 only
    c) 1, 2, 3 and 4 only
    d) All of the above

    Can someone pls answer this…? Thanks

    • Palash Gupta

      I think D is the answer based on the details given by INSIGHTS in solution.

  • Sunaina

    The questions are really well made and your effort is deeply appreciated. Thank you so much insight. A sincere and a heartfelt gratitude 🙂

  • Palash Gupta

    Dear INSIGHTS,

    TEST-29, QUESTION-24

    Central Sector Schemes- Union list, Implemented by Central govt. machinery
    Centrally Sponsored Schemes- State list, Implemented by State govts.

    This information is given in solutions provided by you.

    Therefore ONLY STATEMENT 1 is CORRECT.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Palash Gupta

    TEST-29 QUES-43

    Answer should be D based on the information in solutions and other resources.

    • sakshi s

      yes.. it should be D

      • Palash Gupta

        Dear Sakshi plz check ques. 24 also.

        Thank u.

        • Discipline9

          I think answer for 24 should be A only as it is evident from explanation. I think in Corrections file it is a mistake.

  • Prince George

    In 29th paper, Q7, US+Chinese+Russian Prez/Premier has visited India. But they are not in the option, not even in the correction list.

    • Jorge

      yup, Putin definitely visited within the last year

  • sakshi s

    is answer to Q-7 in test 31 correct?

  • saraswathi

    guys…..whats d score in test-29 n test-30?

  • sakshi s

    Rule of law in Article 14 of the Constitution implies that
    1. The state cannot treat citizens differently with respect to the same law.
    2. The state cannot punish citizens except for violating the law.
    3. The state cannot confer any special socio-economic privilege on any individual.
    Choose the correct answer using the codes below.
    a) 1 and 2 only
    b) 2 and 3 only
    c) 2 only
    d) 1 only

    Shouldn’t the answer be A.. in d solns provided , it is mentioned as C.
    Someone pls clarify..

  • saraswathi

    answer is not A……..its C…….bcoz law as special privilege for sc/st’s…but in case of punishment all r equal……….

    • sakshi s


  • Jorge

    Test 29 – question 63: I think answer should be A and not D (both statements 1 and 2 are correct)

  • Jorge

    Test 30:

    Question 2: I don’t think it is correct to refer to the Buddh International Circuit as the “Buddhist” circuit….

    • sakshi s

      Some of these are corrected in the corrigendum pdf… refer to that..

      • Jorge

        ahhhh okay thanks

  • sakshi s

    How are employment and interest rates related in an economy?
    a) Generally higher interest rates impede a higher growth in employment numbers.
    b) Generally lower interest rates impede a higher growth in employment
    c) There is no relationship of interest rate and employment in an economy.
    d) Depending on the type of economy, any of the statements (a), (b) or (c) can be true.

    Can some1 pls explain this… Answer given is A

    • Jorge

      According to Phillips curve, there is an tradeoff (inverse relationship) between unemployment and inflation

      So higher interest rates => target inflation and bring it down => unemployment goes up (= higher growth in employment impeded) according to the relationship given by Phillips Curve
      (though the exact mechanism that causes the relationship seen by the Phillips Curve is not straightforward/universally accepted)

      • sakshi s

        Thanks.. 🙂

  • Jorge

    Test 32:

    Question 80: Should be D not C.
    Govt. grants are part of capital receipts not revenue receipts (the definition given in the solution is right, but not the classification of government grant as a recurring transfer)

  • Bashar

    In corrections it is given that distance between the latitudes keeps “decreasing” as one goes from equator to the poles. The linear distance between the latitudes increases slightly closer to the poles as compared to the equator as per GC leong. I think correction is wrong and the original explanation was right.

    • Bashar

      Someone please clarify

    • Jorge

      I think you are right – according to GC Leong distance between latitudes increases towards the poles


      Then its correction for GCL …Distance between two latitudes keeps decreases as one goes form eq to poles…Since its based on angles as you can observe that as per shape of the earth it gets flat and distance decreases.

      • Abdullah

        Distance between 2 latitudes is slightly above 69 miles near poles and slightly below 69 miles at the equator.