Sample Essay – Balaji D K IAS Rank – 36, CSE-2014

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Balaji (Read his story Here) got 70 marks in his Essay paper in his first Mains (first attempt). In his second attempt, after writing many essays before the exam, he has got 138 marks. He has doubled his marks through rigorous practice. Essay plays an important role in deciding one’s rank. Please practice essay regularly. You can get up to 160 marks in Essay paper, whereas in single Optional or GS Paper it is difficult to cross even 100 marks (barring GS-4 where one can get good marks). As each mark is crucial, it is better to write 15-20 essays before Mains and get the extra edge. Same applies for each paper, but Essay requires minimum effort compared to other papers. Many do not even write a single essay before Mains. That’s actually a biggest mistake one can commit.

On Sundays we post an essay topic every week. Please write an essay on it either in your notebook or on the website. You can write for any other topic also. But do write at least one essay every week.

We hope following essay by Balaji helps in providing you some pointers.

Sample Essay of D.K. Balaji IAS, Rank 36 CSE-2014










essay by d k balaji IAS

  • Discipline9

    Dear Mr.Balaji,
    Thanks a lot for considering my request. Much needed for me. 🙂

    • mandeepindia

      where is balaji contacts/disqus id , if you have then please send.

      • Discipline9

        I have requested through comments on his previous articles. I am sorry…. I don’t know his I’d.

        • elumalai

          sir , how to upload my essay sir?

  • KKG

    Thank you Insights ! this sample will be very helpful….Please post one more checked sample essay with your comments on it, where the candidate has made common mistakes which one should avoid.

  • Bhavana

    Thanks for posting your essay. If possible please post your sample ethics answer sheet.

  • vipul saklani

    the writing is simple and crisp.

  • KK

    Thank U insight 🙂

  • JS

    thanks Insights for the post:)

  • BV

    Thanks insight..


    `Though the essay is written very well, could it be improved further??I mean in the starting some pages, the content was lacking coherence and it was later only that all his words started moving in the same direction..Also, does writing causes or consequences in a sequence help??I mean could we be like writing causes from childhood(less focus on female education, pressuring here towards household chores) to middle ages(child marriage, high dropout around this time) to later ages(when women are discriminated in jobs)??Please help, and do point out if you felt my point was unwarranted

    • Balaji Dk

      Dear POTUS,
      Your point is definitely not unwarranted. Your ‘point’ points at your commitment to perfection and at your burning desire in u to constantly strive for improvement.

      This essay can definitely be improved. After all, I have secured 138. There are people with 158-160 in ESSAY. That shows something is missing in my essay-writing skills. Unfortunately, I only don’t know what is that missing link. Perhaps, as you say, essay not being coherent initially may be that missing thing. Or it may be different.

      Then, coming to your query about writing an essay in cause-consequence sequence, I’d say even that is a good approach. So long as your conceptualize your essay as being made up of many components (my components are Primary-Secondary-Tertiary-social sectors; your components are causes-consequences) and establish connectivity between such components, your essay attracts decent marks. Thus, even though you conceptualize ur essay as being made of different components, it is also equally good. Go ahead.

      A few unsolicited tips –
      a. Whatever components you conceptualize, again break them (as far as possible) into sub-components, each such sub-component representing social or political or economic or cultural or psychological or other such dimensions. This renders your essay multi-dimensional

      b. To ensure logical connectivity, make profuse use of conjunctions like ‘However’, ‘Nevertheless’, ‘as said above’, ‘in contrast to d above’, ‘ as against the argument made above’ and so on. This makes ur essay automatically coherent.

      (PS – I have typed the above stuff while traveling in bus. So, I may not have communicated to you properly. If so, please feel free to ask your further doubts)

      • POTUS

        Thank You Balaji!!

      • satwik Raj

        SIR Can you please share your ethics notes which you gave a lecture for JICE classes

        • Balaji Dk

          I did not dictate any notes at the class. Students took running notes. I don’t know any student who attended the class. I’m sorry, satwik. All the best

          • bheeman gowda


          • satwik Raj

            thank you sir for your prompt reply

          • madhavi V

            Hi sir Congratulations on your selection :)Could you please send essa y audio tips @[email protected] Thanks a Lot 🙂

      • Malgudi Days

        Thanks Balaji Sir,anybody rarely speaks on essay,but u managed it
        Thanx once again

  • Masoom

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  • Masoom

    If possible plz give strategy for paper one..

  • Arvind Kumar

    Dear Insights, is the above essay of Mr.Balaji checked and reviewd by u?

    • Balaji Dk

      Yes, it was reviewed by insightsonindia’s Vinay sir

      • Arvind Kumar

        Congrats for your hard earned success. Thanks for replying Sir. Could you give me your email id so that i can ask you for your help during the journey of my preparation?I would be very grateful to you Sir.

      • Arvind Kumar

        Another question sir how did you keep yourself motivated throughout this difficult journey of preparation?please provide us your strategy that kept you ob the track.

        • Balaji Dk

          we tend to get demotivated mostly by comparing ourselves with others. sometimes, v even compare ourselves with our peers who are in jobs earning well, getting married, buying bikes, cars etc. So, the first lesson to keep ur motivation high is to reduce contact with non-aspirant peers temporarily. You please make good friends amongst aspirants themselves. have fun with them. This doesnt make you feel low.

          Second, whenever you feel low,draw inspiration from aspirants who work even harder for more attempts than you and tell yourself ‘When such persons can stay motivated, even you can’.

          third, (this may sound crooked, yet it works) Please look at your friends who have fared badly than you and your temper cools off. sorry to suggest this. But it works (Mind you, don’t feel yourself superior and that aspirant inferior; just think his pain is more than yours)

          Fourth, stories about successful candidates can keep your motivation high

          • gamma

            i cannot extend the essays to 1000 words. how to start

          • Arvind Kumar

            Thanks for your reply Sir!

          • Deepak Singla

            Absolutely, your first point is quite honest as it is always experienced by me. Thanks for solution, sir.

      • Manjunatha.K


        can you suggest some books for Kannada literature.hope,when ever we feel bored we can read the subject what we like more.what is your comment on this.I would like to take kannada literature as my optional.please share the list at the earliest.

        Manjunatha.K(From Anekal Taluk)

        • Manjunatha.K

          Yet to receive,reply from you.Please revert…

          • Balaji Dk

            Read my article on Kannada Literature, posted on this website only

            • Manjunatha.K


              Feeling really happy by looking at your reply.
              Could you please forward audio clip to

              [email protected]
              Thanks and regards

  • Malgudi Days

    awsm way of writing.Thanx… and keep working…Many times we emphasize more on reading but we need writing as well…Practise…Practise….and Practise….
    Thanx once again..from malgudi

  • Rajat Verma

    sir if i want to post essay’s ,how can i do this?


    last year in cse 2013 i got 115 in essay but this year i got only 80… i had attempted these two
    1. great power comes with great responsibility
    2. policy paralysis.
    I hav philosophy optional….. dont knw what to do now…
    please help.

  • Maramu Sathish

    Sir, I have started my preparation recently. I also attempted 2015 prelims without perfection and i hope i will not qulify ..I have some doubts that what to read and what not to read ,how to start the preparation , how to tackle the problems in writing essays ….so please guide me in this regard sir…

  • Abhilash M G

    Thanks Balaji.

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    Please send me your essay audio recording to my email. [email protected]


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    thank u to u and insights also.

  • Deepak Singla

    This essay is evaluated out of 125 marks. So does this is the half of the total length require. And this essay seems to have 1200 words.

    • Shrinidhi Nayak

      Bro from CSE 2014 mains, UPSC have changed a pattern a bit and i.e. they ask two essays of 125 marks each. And the required number of words is between 1200 to 1300.

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