Stay Motivated And Get A Rank. But How?

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No matter how hard we work, how well we are accomplished, occasional (for some regular) dose of motivation is required to help us keep going. Despite reading so many things about Art & Culture; Environment; Current Events, you might still feel less confident at the end of the day. Some of you might even feel that despite reading and revising whole year, you feel like you know nothing. This happens when exam is nearing. Why? Because you are trying to recall everything at once! But if you are asked to recall a micro-detail, say something about Plate Tectonics, you will recall something. It is anxiety which makes you feel less confident. This affects your motivation level.

Here, the key to keep your motivation level high is to stay happy. Of course, knowing that you still have to finish India Year Book – 2015 within ten days won’t make you happy. But if you stay unhappy, you will be wasting all the knowledge you have gained by reading all other books till now. So, it is better to be happy and recall all other stuff you have read!

Staying positive and happy even if we lack something actually helps us achieve more. Happiness and progress are interrelated. If you do something productive today, you will sleep happily tonight. If write an answer, or complete revision of a book or revise your old notes – these things should make you happy. Somewhere in the corner of your head you will still be worrying about tasks yet to be finished. You should not focus on these worries. Tell your friend or parents that you are going to  complete a task today and at any cost, try to complete it. You must try even if the task is big. What happens is – if the task is huge, you might even not try touching it. Because of fear of not completing it, you tend to leave it alone and the later feel guilty about it.This is dangerous. Try to finish even fifty percent of it. You will be a learned person at the end of the day.

Now coming to the Title of this article, all you want is a great rank. You are reading, writing, revising, discussing and thinking – yet, sometimes the goal you have set for yourself is invisible. How to stay focused and achieve what you want?

You will succeed if you are associated with people who have similar goals or even bigger goals. If you are among the company of people who are working hard towards achieving a same goal as yours, you will be compelled to work towards your goal. We have seen that a group of 2-3 friends who prepare extremely hard for this exam eventually clear it and get very good ranks. They may all get a rank at one shot. Or one guy will clear this time and the other next time. One gets IAS, the other gets IPS and another might end up with Indian Postal Service. In the end all will be successful. All are good posts. Moreover, if you have attempts, you can try next time and get a better rank and a better service.

So choose an environment where you can meet similar people. It can be online or offline, but better be offline. Make a group of 3 friends who are very serious, dedicated, positive and encouraging; and then start preparing.

Well, if you are alone right now, you don’t have to feel bad. Here at Insights extremely dedicated individuals write answers regularly and are getting top ranks. Think that they are next to you, get motivation and try to participate. Think that just like 2014 toppers who participated here, you too will be a topper next year.

When people join groups where change seems possible, the potential for that change to occur becomes more real. The groups you associate with often determine the type of person you become. For people who want improved health, association with other healthy people is usually the strongest and most direct path of change.(Source: Time Magazine)

A group can only remind you what you have to do, but ultimate motivation must come from within. Every time you postpone reading or writing, imagine the consequences. Imagine the fate of your parents. Imagine yourself not getting rank despite putting so much of effort.

You must remember that getting into service is not just a dream, but it is a necessity – both for you and for the society. Preparing every day productively is also a necessity. No one is forcing you to prepare for this exam. For most of you, it is a desire to achieve something big in life, or do something good for the society.

You will get a rank, provided, to repeat from above suggestions, you stay happy. Here we keep telling students to go with a smiling face to face the exam. It doesn’t matter how much you have read. If you enjoy the paper with a smiling face, lady luck might want to stay with you always (for you are a happy, hence attractive person). You might clear prelims exam by a single mark and go on to get a single digit rank. It all depends how positive you are and how big your smile is. (call it Smile Therapy if you want 🙂 )

In the remaining days before Prelims, try maximum to stay positive. Do not worry about things you have not read. Read as much as possible. Revise as much as possible. But never worry about things you may not have read or revised. If your head is calm and composed during the exam, even these things which you have not revised might flash  (in the corner of exam hall) and you can recall answer to a seemingly difficult question.

The mind is everything. What you think you become. –Buddha

Buddha is right. Think you are going to be the next topper, go for the exam and give exam like a smiling Buddha (even if one or two questions on him comes in Prelims).

Mains journey will be even more exciting. As said above in this article, here (on Insights) you have a good group to keep you motivated and keep your preparation streamlined so that you not just aim to clear this exam, but clear it with a top rank. We say this with conviction, because this year’s result speaks for itself. Your name will be there in next year’s final list. Have no doubt about this.

Just make sure that the smile never fades from your face. Rest will be taken care of by your hard work and, the Lady Luck (Honestly don’t know if a male version of lady luck exists, ladies please don’t feel bad. You are The Luck)

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    Being a lady ( implies m already lucky )
    And carrying a smile daily
    Ultimate !!
    Thanks insights. 🙂

  • 10th Jinping

    I don’t have a like minded group. Majority of my time awake, I spend with wooden headed corporate people. But, you know what, I don’t feel alone because of your website ! I may appear greedy, but am going to need more such posts in the coming days.
    Big Thanks.

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    Thank you Sir for being so empathetic and words…just love has become a guide for me ..I”ll give exm in 2016..n I found the best things what I wanted..better than any coaching..i get every answer what comes in my mind and evry doubt clear..

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    This post made me happy and emotional. How much you care for us!!!!.
    God Must Bless You….

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  • Kremlin

    I study from home and don’t have a group of people around me for the discussion or anything. I am lucky to have stumbled upon the insights website last year.
    Last year the motivation article was a daily thing and since then , I regularly used to visit here just to read them – my daily dose of encouragement and optimism for the day.
    And then one thing led to another and here I am a regular part of the insights community. The aura of unbiased positive energy that you feel coming here is humbling and encouraging at the same time.
    The words of gratitude fall short to equate the words of wisdom you shower upon us (without fail every time hitting the right spot).
    Thank you to the entire insights team as well as my fellow students on insights. 😀

  • ankush

    Right step at the right moment when it comes to insight in regards to UPSC… Thanks for answering questions which every aspirant is looking at this moment but either cannot ask or is not able to get satisfactort answer…

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  • sonali bhardwaj

    i am confident but when my papa asked me howz your preparation going on..i dont know what happens with me…i dont know that wther he trust me or not i simply answer i m doing my work..i find myself alone in distress times but as u mentioned tht motivation comes from inside so i dont care coz i knw soon my time will come.
    thanks a lot insight atleast to tell me it happens with everyone!

    • Jorge

      same – for some reason when other people ask me about my preparation it makes me doubt (because I feel like I should have something to show for all this time that I have been studying), but when I do self searching I feel like I’m doing pretty okay and have worked consistently…I think to reconcile that external need to show some sort of results for time spent is one of the hardest things, at least for me (even when I know deep down that that time has been spent productively)

    • savankumar

      I guess it happens with everyone (papa asking preparation), and one getting frustrated,.
      I just remember my childwood days the care and love given by parents and i overcome by answering yes everything is fine, and just stay happy.

  • Anurag Verma

    vry motivational for us.. Thank u so much sir..

  • Leiter The Leader

    After reading this I feel like creating a group on insight itself for those study from home like me and many more…
    Group should abide by following rules: shouldn’t contain more than four
    2.everyone should review each other answer without fail. should be constructive,should point out mistakes.
    4.should refrain from,good answer, kind of word and should tell why it is good.
    5.every group member should write at least one answer daily..

    If you like the idea…we can form a small group.. and can add many more rules..

    What say??

    • Pratik Dalvi

      exactly bro!! even i study from my home and giving my attempt next year. hopefully wit
      h all the guidance from the fellow aspirants and daily writing answers it vll help us a lot.

      • Leiter The Leader

        Wow that’s great to hear from you…even I’m giving my attempt in 2016

        • Pratik Dalvi

          wish you all the best!! will meet soon on this site!

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              • Leiter The Leader

                Then our group is ready..if we are committed to it.

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                  Yessss.. pls gohead…

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          Mail me bro…im intrstd in joining wid u…[email protected]

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          Which is your optional bro…. mine also preparing with “political science”. shall we share our mail id,s it will help to share ideas for exam…
          Mail id:[email protected]

    • Bharath84

      Same here want to give exam next year from while working and i work abroad managing my time to have a consistence preparation on daily bases

    • aman siddhu

      Hello guys !! M also preparing for 2016 but currently m focusing on static part.. hope to finish it by december. And i hve also completed about 60 % of my optional which is geography..if anyone of u have geog. As optional then we could discuss strategy for it also..

      • Bharath84

        Great aman siddhu,i started my static preparation from mid july with geography i am also hoping to complete my static part by the end of December.My optonal is public administration

        • aman siddhu

          Hello bharath! But brother m in a dilemma about whether to write current affairs mains question at thus point of time because it takes a lot of time and also if now i focus more on current. Affairs then i would have to compromise on static part which i dont consider a wise step

          • Bharath84

            ok aman siddhu,I am amateur in this to give any suggestion.But let me tell you there is a insights daily debates going on daily except on Saturday and Sunday i am daily trying to write some thing so that it helps me at least to think about the issue and gather some points.Keep the momentum All the best bro

          • Leiter The Leader

            It looks we are on the same track..even I started to prepare static part hoping to complete by December,but with Political science…of which 50% is completed.That true to Writing current affair question takes too much time,but at least write one question so that you know how to frame and answer a question.Once we complete Static part,We can go for a KILL.

            • aman siddhu

              U r absolutely right leader ! Even i was planning the same bt i hvnt started it yet.. presently i try to restructure hindu editorials and try to write their summary ..

          • kiran

            Im also facing the same problem…plz mail me…so tht i will also join wid u guys fr prepration…

        • sherlock holmes

          guys i’m totally new player for CSE 2016.
          just finish history (TN board) as it is suggested by many sources.

          planning to opt Pub AD.
          please let me accompanied with you.

      • manoj gupta

        Buddy I hope we are on the same track .I am also preparing for CSE-2016 with geography as my optional.I would like us to be friends on FB. My FB id is [email protected]

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          Bro i dont use fb. Bt u can mail me at. [email protected] … we can share and evolve our startegy…

        • Abhishek Kr

          mine also same optional ..for 2016// email id : [email protected]

          • manoj gupta

            I am not pretty much Netizen .So it will not be practically possible to be in constant touch through emails.So if U are willing to we can share our mobile no. or FB id.My mo no_8181841285

          • Ayush Raghuvanshi

            Are you from it bhu ,varanasi??

            • Abhishek Kr

              Yes.. Are u also from same institute?

        • raman

          Hey!! I am too thinking to take geography as my optional I am interested in this subject. Just now I am doing my graduation in bcom from Lucknow. Will it be difficult for me keep geography as my optional since I have not studied geography since my high school. Please help me out I’m confused

          • manoj gupta

            Geography is a subject of humanities with scientific temper.It will never be tough or boring but take it only if you R really interested.It is comprehensive .I would suggest U to watch videos of and get a basic understanding then decide
            on your own.
            Although I am from Allahabad University but I have also been alumni of LU .So pleasure to interact with U.

            • raman

              Just now I am in Lu doing my bcom . I am really confused in selecting the optional subject. Me too feeling amazed to interact with an Lu passout

            • raman

              Brother have you given uppsc upper subordinate paper ever. ?

              • manoj gupta

                No dear I have appeared only in Cds till date and qualified it .

      • kiran

        Hi…plz cntct me..
        [email protected]

      • Abhishek Kr

        Mine also geography optional.. preparing for CSE 2016..

      • Abhijeet***

        Me too, Need some help here for geo as optional. Any body can tell me which notes are better other than static books reffered by many toppers? I thought about crackias and spectrum book

      • Vignesh Veerasamy

        Hi Siddhu,

        Kindly suggest the books for Geography in case if taken as Mains Optional , to share with a friend who is taking up Geography as option in mains.


      • Ayush Raghuvanshi

        I do have geography optional and I am also preparing for 2016 but I have just started my preparation

        • Sagy

          khana kha liya karo bhai..

      • Nandini

        Hello I am also preparing for CSE 2016 and have opted Geography optional.

    • Pheedo

      Yes! Yes! I am in !! I myself preparing for 2016. & answer writing with review is an imp part. Anyone with physics optional here? We will help out each other and try to grow each others strengths.
      Not the least, I feel connected to this platform. Thank you so much for making things easy Insights 🙂

    • Learner

      please mail me the group members names.. so that can review without fail..

    • Naina target 2016

      i like ur idea…..even i am preparing for 2016 study all by myself from home…it would really help…if want to add plz mail me on [email protected]

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      Done deal 🙂 Was planning to appear for 2015 but optional preparation isnt done and also i have wasted an attempt so will not want to waste one more , Will love to join group and help as much possible ,Also if someone with socio optional ,pls can we form one group as well ?

      • Dheeraj

        Hi,I am with the same optional.Can we form a group for 2016 socio aspirants either online /offline with greater focus on optional as i believe it is that which is mainly going to decide our chances of selection.I have taken coaching from a reputed teacher and have good material too.

        • Anshika

          Yes pls 🙂 U can mail me 🙂 But i have taken no coaching so would like guidance , Also i have one more friend who has socio optional will contact her too

          • Dheeraj

            Mailed you.Lets discuss,plan over there

      • Laughing Buddha

        even im having socio optional ! 🙂

      • NSR

        Hi Anshika, My optional is sociology… have you guys started the preparation… m appearing for 2016…
        I would like to join too…

      • krish

        i already give mail …to these,can i join in your group


      Please share PSIR strategy
      Feel free to contact

      • Leiter The Leader

        As I’m yet an aspirant,It would be inappropriate to share my strategy,which may not work for you.but I would suggest you to see…strategy by Umesh N s k strategy on insight or follow strategy of UPSC subject topper ananya’s strategy given below

        I feel this might help you

    • Srishti

      I’m in but I have zoology optional….. I’m also preparing for 2016…. Im not on fb but my gmail I’d is [email protected].

    • Vignesh Veerasamy

      Hi friend,

      Welcome…mail id is [email protected]


    • Sanchari

      Yes. It is a fantastic idea. I am preparing for CSE 2015 but lagging behind my optionals: Geography. Anybody interested please reply asap.

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    Thanks Insight for your nice motivating and encouraging writeup. Please be with us, it really energiges us and keep atleat one last motivation writeup to read on 22nd Aug, 2015. Thanks for being with us. We will not let you down.

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    I am actually in the same situation as mentioned above. Have not read everything, but revising multiple times the things that I have read.Thank u INSIGHTSONINDIA for boosting with required energy…

    Will definitely pay u back someday…

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    Ruk Jaana Nahi Tu Kabhi Haarke , kaanton pe chalke milenge sayein bahar k..
    keep studying guys u all will rockk 🙂

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    ये क़दम किसी मक़ाम पे
    जो जम गये तो कुछ नहीं।।

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  • Narayan

    Yesterday I was depressed very much. It even spilled over today. This is my third attempt. This article is certainly helpful. It made me fell better. Thanks mate…

  • Anyone interested to form a Study group ? I am from kolkata and will be moving to Delhi

    1st September 2015 onwards
    Full time Civil Services preparation
    Will rent a flat
    Will Write regular answers on InsightsonIndia and then will discuss relevant issues.

  • aspirant

    Read it twice..needed it so badly..think u sir.

  • Vinod kumar

    Respected Vinay sir / Insight team

    your motivational writes up always guide to fight the difficult situation and tough circumestances and direct us “bass ussi deesha kee aurr”

    I am working in a PSU and after duty hours i keep efforting my preparation for this prestigious exam.
    recently i applied for one month leaves for completely concentrating on my studies for the coming PT exame.i put up a personal reason for the leaves but my senior officers know i am going for preparation of this exam.

    in response of my leave request they not only rejected it outrightly but burdened me with heavy field work where i have to work about 10 hours daily.i reach home about 8:00 pm and then try to follow the my schedule basically INSIGHT schedule.but body is so exhausted and mind is so much stuck to office work that i hardly get any progress in studies.By 11:00 Pm i fall deep asleep and get up at 6.00am.

    i hardly get 1-2 hour to study in morning.
    i am getting frustrate and don,t know how to handle the situation.
    service rule says any willfull /without leave absence from duty may invite strong disciplinary action against me.
    i daily fight myself to work more hard on my studies but get more frustrated.

    although sir in INSIGHT PT test series i usually score 55-60 questions overall correct.
    i am getting feared of failure due to not properly following the INSIGHT PT schedule.
    Sir please suggest how to overcome this fear and how to make myself more productive .

    • Deep

      Dear Vinod,

      I would like to share somethings with u.
      I m also working in public sector bank. Presently I m on leave. Let me talk about leave policy in public sector. A person can be on leave without pay for 24 months during whole service, provided less than 90 days at a stretch. If we follow this, disciplinary action can not be taken provided we have got confirmation letter of employment.
      Talk to some elder employees working with u.
      And don’t get stressed. Be calm.

      All the best.

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        I haven’t qualified prelims 2015, preparing for 2016.
        How abot you?

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          • Chandu RedE

            Okay… prepare well.

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        Let’s start it after this prelims. Thank you.

      • Chandu RedE

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        I haven’t qualified prelims 2015 and now preparing for CSE 2016.
        How abot you and what’s your plan?

  • Rupa

    this article is very nice n a booster, I would like to share one story n I feel this comes very ture here with this situation, an old man going with a young boy to collect coconut, though boy was expert in climbing tree n he climbed tree drop coconut successfully, all process are seen by an old man, m old man was silent till he saw man came very close to ground, instantly he said, “boy, be careful, you may fall, boy was amazed as he is very close to his goal (here ground), he thought y did he said now y not wen I had more chances to fall down from top of the tre. Boy successfully came down and asked old man, y did u said now wen I was about to reach my Goal, old man simply smiled n said, dear , wen we are very close to our Goal either loose patience or get over confident in both circumstances we may fall or go away from Goal, so more we close more we need to take care of our action.

    This story is very true for everyone who are very close to its Goal.

    Insight, thanku so much more motivating n bringing back to track every time,

    • Venkatesh Jinukala

      nice story. and inspiring

      • Rupa


    • Vignesh Veerasamy

      Hi Rupa,

      Good one..continue posting…


      • Rupa

        Thanks …my heartiest wish for all aspirants for this preliminary exam…….

    • MAX

      hello everyone, is there anyone here who is preparing from Dehradun ?

      after pre i am really clueless where to head for…Delhi, Hometown, Banglore…or stay back @ dehradun…I feel like i am living on a lonely island, till Pre it is OK i am managing rather doing good, but for mains discussion is must…i tried doing it online on insights itself but many a times people dont reply(due to time constraints obviously), or if they do and the reply is not clear they don’t revert….please help …

      And one thing which I don’t like very much here is that comments are arranged based on the ” likes” which makes sure that my comments goes on to rest in the bottomless bottom of the comments section..why would anyone waste his crucial time reading all the comments till the end and reply me..!

      thats why I am writing this also as a reply to rupa’s comment so that atleast someone reads it..! sorry rupa ji for bothering.

      • Urvashi Saini

        It depends on your prep level.. I recommend at home .. If you have sound environment there. Keep yourself motivated throughout prep from post like above…

      • Rupa

        I seen your message yesterday , but let me reply you now…look let me remind you, you have power to do anything that you desire in your life if you truly committed and stick to your goal you can achieve anything, but its like a ‘tapasaya’, and its not necessary that going Delhi will only make you or help you to clear exam, any institutions just provide you a platform to prepare, can guide you to certain extent , but dear its you need to burn your blood and to acquire more and more knowledge, So, i suggest don come out of ‘Dehradun’, but from now itself try to gather all relevant information regarding this exam, and just go ahead…

        Read articles of successful and unsuccessful candidates, one will tell you how to achieve other will tell you wht not to do….rest gather all standard books and ncerts and start preparing,

        INSIGHTS pre-limns test series are the best, as compare to wht I had in my first attempt, it gives you numerous questions from almost all sections that you may touch or escape…i bet you every time you will gather new information n understand the depth of studies. No one knows from where questions will come, but its more important to get acquainted with all areas mentioned in syllabus for preliminary exam…..

        So join test series and start following ur dream do not stop until you get it….”WINNERS NEVER QUIT”, always remember……………………

        • MAX

          Thank you so much Rupa for your inspiring words…I have already subscribed to Insights Test Series(ITS) and totally agree with you regarding the efficacy, efficiency and effectiveness of ITS.
          Its “Mains” preparation that bothers me a bit, i have to work really hard on my optional subject (Sociology), It needs a lot of answer writing and evaluation, which i can’t access from Dehradun, I have hardly read about Ethics and its syllabus that also needs a lot of attention (given that people are scoring good in that subject,) I need to work upon my essay skills too. I actually have no problem preparing all on my own, i know i can do that, but i think with discussions with like minded people who are ready to work as hard as I am we all can act as ‘force multipliers” and help each other.
          But discussing online first of all takes a lot of time, next it is very frustrating when people just don’t care about what you are saying, hardly 2-3 people try to give relevant feedback, and its very intriguing coming back again and again on website checking if someone has commented on my post or not, at times It feels like a web to me, A large part of the daily schedule is consumed by it.

          • Rupa

            Like minded people you will get here at this platform, and in case if you re not getting then i must suggest just follow INSIGHTs, all articles, all preparation strategy, motivational guidance etc, along with ur own routine,

            If no one is replying back to you its practical, here so many person write answers and its not possible to reply all, so no need to get dishearten , your competition is with u, with ur weaknes and that you can check out reading others answers too…just you keep on modifying, and if other not reading and commenting you try to connect with others by reading and commenting, hope u remembered “every actions has equal and opposite reactions”,

            Regarding mains preparation m also lagging behind coz of my job and limited time for studies, but i manage to complete standard books and i just have to start writing practice for GENERAL STUDIES, regarding optional i am going for recommended books of INSIGHTS, Ignou MA/BA, and writing practice by solving previous year questions papers..

            More you gather problems more you will get perplexed , remember only rules, practice, practise and practise and it requires only to start with full proof plan, make a plan and modify it, achieve ur single day Goal, and weekle and monthly…etc….

            M also very worried and hiding my own fear, but instead i will focus on my preparation strategy rather than wish any one to be with me and help me…I regularly read all articles of successful candidates and try to implement their ideas matching with my own strategy…

            U re the only solution to ur problems ….I am quite sure all above things u must be knowing , i am just reminding…it is pleasure to so so as we all are sailing same boat….

            Finally , thank u so much for reading last but not least…..Ravindra Nath said, wen no one with you around then “Akela Chalo Re….”

            All the best…………..

        • Neeraj

          Hii mam..
          Im Neeraj , civil engineering final yr student. I wish to appear for CSE 2016 . Come to know about insights pre 16 test series i want to tke it seriousley bt im in delimna ..
          I have my 2 semesters left and exams of this two semesters shall take away 4 months ..sum and substance ; i see myself as a inconsistent player who may fail to devote time of 10 months at intervals..
          So how shud i manage my time…shud i thnk about it or follow other strategy ?
          For the last 1.5 yrs ; i have been reading hindu …frm Feb 2015 started NCerts..i dont want to see my efforts going in a vain..
          I want to shoot the bulls eye of CSE 16 at any cost..

          • Rupa

            Hello Neeraj, actually myself aspirants like you, i suggest first get your degree as you are in final year, but keep your eyes in all updates of Insight, I feel Insight is really doing great job, it gives you all references only your hard work will take to your destiny, if possible for you to go parallel then you can go ahead,and can just follow Insights “Mission 2016”

    • MAX

      really nice story, even I want to contribute my bit..!
      There were two small kids playing on a frozen lake somewhere near Antarctica and while playing they stray far away from their home.
      One of the friends accidentally falls through the thin ice on the lake and floats away under the the other kid who can see his friend through the ice feels very much scared but suddenly rushes to a tree…breaks huge a branch…comes back and starts beating the ice ruthlessly and finally breaks the ice….and rescues his friend who was now unconscious…when the medical team arrives, they are highly perplexed as to how this small kid climbed a tree..broke a branch bigger than his own size..came back then broke the ice and rescued his friend…everyone is at the end of their wits..even the child is not able to understand how he did it..
      then an old man standing nearby says he knows how the child did it..everyone turns to the old man curiously .. he replies..
      “The boy did it because THERE WAS NO ONE TO TELL HIM THAT HE CAN’T DO IT”…!

      At times we come across situations which seem insurmountable and absolutely not-practical (Ex: finishing revising whole MIH in one day with past year’s MCQs) but all it requires is a revolutionized mind to do anything…trust me nothing is more powerful than a changed mind..don’t be that “someone” who tells you that something can’t be done…say to yourself everyday …Its possible..its possible…I can do it…other people in my situation (or even worse) have done it and i will do it too…feed your mind with positive thoughts and energies everyday..and see miracles happen!

      Always keep this thing in mind you are your own driving engine and you are your own brakes. and if there is no enemy within the enemy outside can do us no harm..!
      all the best to everyone….may god bless us all..!

      • Ravi

        Very inspiring….i needed it….

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        Really very Nice story…m happy we all aspirants are helping and motivating each other n credit goes to INSIGHTS……….once again thanku so much Vinay Sir and entire team……………

        • MAX

          hello Rupa, how was your Pre?

          • Rupa

            Well, it was good , what about yours, i started preparing for mains, since in job and untill see my roll number don like to quit or take leave from job, but at home i started preparing for mains….lets hope for the best…

            Wht about yours???????

            • MAX

              Yeah it was good …jumped from last year’s 64 to arnd 120 this time(thanx to insights test series and guidance and timely motivation)…at home right now for few days…after almost 6 months of gruiling preperation..I hope to join insights offline test series…
              My optional is sociology ..what’s yours ? Rights efforts in Next few months can catapulte our life to what we dream of right now…! Let the hard work be rewarded..ameen…!

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    • raman

      Hi Rupa. Currently I am doing my graduation in bcom from Lucknow.I have joined career launcher this year for csat preparation. I have started reading the ncerts . Can you tell how to prepare thoroughly for the GS paper ??

      • Rupa

        Raman, read all NCERTs multiple times, and read all standard books, book list you will get from Insights book-list section
        few books are as below-:
        India Struggle for Independence
        Laxmi Kant for Political Sc,
        Indian Economy , Ramesh Singh,
        India 2015
        Others i cant recall right a m busy with my exames…please find it…all the best

        • raman

          Thanks a lot ?

        • raman

          How can we follow the insights ??

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    • Anshika

      Chill this negative attitude will spoil any hopes u had , Remeber their is always scope for improvement and may be u did some mistakes which u need to analyse ,relax first reflect back and if u cant handle appearing for UPSC how will u handle pressure later?
      Negative attitude leads to disaster

  • gamma

    Now I can’t bear the pain of losing one more year. I left Delhi so that I can focus at home but no result is coming

    • Anshika

      U need to devise a plan and shut all naysayer who say u cant and that starts with u ,speak to one who gives u strength reflect back and study ,u will succeed

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    [email protected]

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    Can anyone guide me about Mains I mean the pattern & optional that need to be taken?
    I am interested in taking History as my optional ( Basically mechanical engineer but as from school days interested in History went for it ) any suggestions on the same are welcome.
    I am currently working in private concern along with job planning to take up upcoming exam.Any of the friends with same scenario kindly guide in preparation pattern and self shall my views.

    Currently I am preparing current affairs with Manorama year book – 2015.

    My mail id is [email protected]

    PS : Sorry if i had posted in between your discussions.

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    after pre i am really clueless where to head for…Delhi, Hometown, Banglore…or stay back @ dehradun…I feel like i am living on a lonely island, till Pre it is OK i am managing rather doing good, but for mains discussion is must…i tried doing it online on insights itself but many a times people dont reply(due to time constraints obviously), or if they do and the reply is not clear they don’t revert….please help …

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    Thanks a lot m in same track. With help of UPSC prep and group of same goal oriented friends. And also made me to join YOGA and VEGETARIAN.. Only worry is how to keep smile even if i didnt go through some topics in syllabus. Will try this mantra.

    From :
    BUDDHA + my quote…

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    Really article is simple but to the point.As all of us are facing lack of motivation sometimes, I would like to share a story hope this will give us a boost.
    A disciple went to his guru and ask the secret of took him near to a deep pond.On reaching their they both go inside the water and guru ordered the disciple to take a dip in the bottom of pond .While doing this disciple found the his guru was pressing him hard downward and not allowing him to come out of the water.after a while he came back on the surface of water with surprised.during the way back guru askedthat what is the thing you needed most in the water .Disciple answered air only otherwise i would have been died.Guru smiled and said it is same for getting success the day which you will feel that success is of such importance for you , you will definitely work hard for it.
    This story is for everyone who sometimes feel distracted and depressed including me. .

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        So m abt strt frm ncert..
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    I want to know from the senior players that what are the do’s and don’ts that I need to follow while preparing from my home for the upcoming year?
    Please suggest me for a better path to my goal/dream.

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