COMPILATION: Full Length Insights Current Events Quiz for Prelims – 2015

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We post 3-5 questions daily with our current events. It might be difficult for you to individually open all daily current events and revise questions. Therefore, in the following quiz we have compiled first 100 questions that we have posted in this year’s current events.

We will post remaining questions including that from Self Study Guide as compilations. If you had regularly solved them, these compiled full length tests will be useful for revision.

Please forgive if there are mistakes. Few questions might be repetition too. Point them out in comment box and we request, especially  those who are preparing for 2016 to correct them. Thank you in advance.

Please read instructions below to know how to find answers once you finish the quiz.

Disclaimer: NOT a single question might repeat, directly or indirectly,  from these questions in actual UPSC exam. These questions are intended only for revision of previously posted questions and current events on this website.

Please refresh web page multiple times if the START button doesn’t start.


Welcome to Insights FULL LENGTH CURRENT EVENTS QUIZ. The following questions are compilation of current events based questions which we are posting daily on our website.

To view Solutions, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on – ‘Start Quiz’ button

  2. Solve Questions

  3. Click on ‘Quiz Summary’ button

  4. Click on ‘Finish Quiz’ button

  5. Now click on ‘View Questions’ button – here you will see solutions and links.

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      One suggestion sir, please rectify wrong ones before posting it otherwise it will create difference of opinion or doubts then people start searching again.—time wasting.

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    Q.5 Statement 2 , About Foreign banks – They have to 40% upto 2018 having more then 20 branches .

    Q.65 . All States constitute SDRF. I am confuse in that. Read somewhere that yet some states didn’t !

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  • Anuj Gupta

    Vinay sir que no. 98 statement 1 says ordinance need advice of central govt,which is wrong. It should be cOm(that even written) But your ans says it is corect.pls rectify or explain.

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  • Sneha Chatterjee

    It required the consumer to mandatorily have an Aadhaar number for availing LPG Subsidy
    Question no 18..
    Adhar is mandatory for PaHal.
    Please anyone confirm..

    • Resurrect Saharan

      no that not true !! just check Gov Website !
      Pahal can be used using 18 Digit Gas Copy no.!!!

      Of Details search Pahal on insight itself

    • sushant mahajan

      for pahal its not mandatory , a person with a bank account can also join ths scheme. adhar is not mandatory.

    • Akash

      Aadhar is not mandatory , it doesnt yet actually have legal or statutory status, Supreme Court issued an interim order stating that ‘ no person should suffer for not having Aadhar’ . Government can not deny any services to a resident if he/she doesn’t possess Aadhar. So they have to transfer in his bank account. 🙂

    • Rajat

      Aadhar is not mandatory.
      I am surprised that for DigiLocker one has to have a Aadhar No, inspite of SCI instructing not to make it mandatory.

      • Sneha Chatterjee

        in the reference link gven by insight itself its written aadhar is complsory 🙁

    • Ravi

      Not, it is not manadotory.


      The PAHAL (DBTL) scheme was earlier launched on 1st June 2013 and finally covered 291 districts. It required the consumer to mandatorily have an Aadhaar number for availing LPG Subsidy. The government has comprehensively reviewed the scheme and after examining the difficulties faced by the consumer substantively modified the scheme prior to launch. The modified scheme has been re-launched in 54 districts on 15.11.2014 in the 1st Phase and to be launched in rest of the country on 1.1.2015. The modified scheme is given as under:

      Options to receive LPG subsidy

      Under the modified scheme, the LPG consumer can now receive subsidy in his bank account by two methods. Such a consumer will be called CTC (Cash Transfer Compliant) once he joins the scheme and is ready to receive subsidy in the bank account. The two options are:

      Option I (Primary): Wherever Aadhaar number is available it will remain the medium of cash transfer. Thus, an LPG consumer who has an Aadhaar Number has to link it to the bank account number and to the LPG consumer number.

      Option II (Secondary): If LPG consumer does not have an Aadhaar number, then he can directly receive subsidy in his bank account without the use of Aadhaar number. This option which has now been introduced in the modified scheme ensures that LPG subsidy is not denied to an LPG consumer on account of lack of Aadhaar number. In this option,
      Either consumer can

      Present bank account information (bank account holder name /account number /IFSC code) to the LPG distributor for capture in LPG database

      Present LPG consumer information (17 digit LPG consumer ID) to his bank

    • Aditya

      No, its not mandatory read the link which is provided below the question.

  • SatchaFunkilus

    q – 98 . first statement ( com headed by pm and not central govt )
    second statement ( ordinance can also be passed when both houses r not in session ) accordingly . answer should be only statement 3 is correct .

    Q – 65 . sdrf has been constituted by only a few states though the act mandates that all states should create sdrf .

    q – 63 . njac will not have any judicial members is incorrect .

    q – 31 . members are ( brazil , china , india , mexico , south africa ) japan is not .

    q – 5 second statement further clarification required if anyonez willing to .

    thanks for the compilation and kindly correct me wherever wrong .

    • Ravi

      yes, q – 63 . njac will not have any judicial members is incorrect .

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    President’s address to the joint session of the Parliament , why that statement has been taken as incorrect , somebody please help !

    • PV

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  • I think answer to Q.3 is incorrect.
    RBI will be deemed to have failed if it misses the 6% target for 3 consecutive quarters “after 2016” and not during 2015-16.
    So answer should be: 1 only.

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      Q98..Option 2
      This legislative power is available to the President only when either of the two Houses of Parliament is not in session to enact laws…. an ordinance can also can be promulgated if only one house is working… hence “word only makes this option incorrect”…correct option will be 1&3
      Correct me if im wrong…

      • Yashaswi

        Yours is a grammatically misunderstanding.

        “an ordinance can also can be promulgated if only one house is working” …is the same as… “only when either of the two Houses of Parliament is not in session”..

        And i think the answer has to be 1&3 because there is a technical error in the 2nd option: Ordinances can also be issued when BOTH houses are not in session.

        • Pankaj Kumar

          This is exactly what i said (and i quote)… “”n ordinance can also can be promulgated if only one house is working””… Gramatically error my bad…but answer is same for us…

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  • PS

    doubt regarding priority sector:
    it also includes medium enterprise, social infrastructure
    you have not mentioned them in explanation

    • ankit goyel

      RBI keep revising the list. So, when the qn was framed it included only these. Rest were added later

      • PS


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    • A fighter son

      Q47 what is wrong in this
      i thing no need of 1 parliament assent

    • A fighter son

      Q 31 i thing japan not include in G5

  • A fighter son

    Q 10 please explain me any body regarding article 86(1) in simple term

    mostly prez address to joint session so ……………..

    why it is said it is not impliment from independence

    • ankit goyel

      The President may address both Houses of Parliament assembled together or either House of Parliament separately in the following two cases:

      (i) Article 86 (1) of the Constitution provides that the President may address either House ofParliament or both Houses assembled together, and for that purpose require the attendance of members. However, since the commencement of the Constitution, the President has not so far addressed either House or both Houses assembled together under the provision of this article.

      (ii) Article 87 (1) of the Constitution provides that at the commencement of the first session aftereach general election to the House of the People and at the commencement of the first session of each year the President shall address both Houses of Parliament assembled together and inform Parliament of the causes of its summons.

  • A fighter son

    Q 39 pol party come or not come under rti please make clear my doubt

    • ankit goyel

      According to CIC order PP comes under RTI however no political party is replying over the judgement. So, under the rule of law, PP comes under RTI

  • albaato

    Sir, the statement about PSL seems to be wrong. Foreign banks with branches more than 20 are required to contribute 40% of their NCB to PSL. However, the ones with less than 20 branches are required to contribute only 32%.

    • Yashaswi

      “Target for Foreign Banks: Foreign Banks with 20 branches and above already have priority sector targets and sub-targets for Agriculture and Weaker Sections, which are to be achieved BY MARCH 31, 2018 as per the action plans submitted by them and approved by RBI. The sub-targets for Small and Marginal Farmers and Micro Enterprises would be made applicable post 2018 after a review in 2017. Foreign banks with less than 20 branches will move to Total Priority Sector Target of 40 percent of ANBC or Credit Equivalent Amount of Off-Balance Sheet Exposure, whichever is higher, on par with other banks BY 2019-20, and the sub-targets for these banks, if to be made applicable post 2020, would be decided in due course.”


    • Yashaswi

      And does software industry lending (below 1crore) come under PSL??

      • Puja

        yes. check RBI FAQ.

        • Yashaswi

          Couldn’t find it on the RBI website, nevertheless i agree now that it does fall under PSL. Thanks : )

  • Yashaswi


    With regard to the mandatory norms of Priority Sector Lending Norms of domestic banks, this is what the Economic Survey (Volume 1,2015) has to say:

    The law states that all domestic commercial banks, public or private, have to lend 40 per cent of their adjusted net bank credit (ANBC) or credit equivalent amount of their off balance sheet exposure— whichever is higher—to the priority sectors, and number for foreign banks (with more than 20 branches) is 32 per cent. Further, public sector banks have clearly defined rules they have to follow in the subcategories- agriculture, micro and small enterprises, education, housing, export credit and others. The most important amongst them is that 45 per cent of all priority sector lending must be made to agriculture.

    45% of all PSL is equivalent to 18% of TOTAL government lending, and is not 18% under the PSL targets as mentioned in the 3rd statement.

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      india is included

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    Q 91 I have a doubt didn’t prithviraj kapoor received this award in 1971 & he died in 1972

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    South Africa
    QUEST 31- PLEASE REVIEW THE QUESTION Vinay sir @insight

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    Q 63 NJAC have 3 judicial member ?

  • Swati Jain

    Amendments can be moved to the Motion of Thanks in such form as may be considered appropriate by the “Speaker” not the “Chairman”

  • Swati Jain

    Could the premise behind Q53 be provided links to and/or explained?

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    Question number 83 and 84 are skewered on the matter of operating funds for the ADB, which are sourced “mainly” and therefore not entirely by member contributions (


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