SUMMARY ECONOMIC SURVEY – 2015 – By Raju Mishra IAS, CSE – 2014

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Raju Mishra, who has secured Rank 65 this year in civil services exam has shared his notes with us for your benefit. Today we are posting the Summary of Economic Survey – 2015, where he and his friends have summarised all important points.

To interact with him and to download other study materials, you can visit his blog (Please CLICK HERE)

In the next post we will be uploading material on Art & Culture, General Science, Geography – There are summaries prepare from Prelims point of view from NIOS, NCERT and other primary sources.

These are quick revision materials for you to revise after you have completed reading standard books.

To Download the Summary of Economic Survey – 2015, Please Click the link below:

Summary of Economic Survey – 2015

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    Will help a lot for last minute revision.
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  • Albus BhojRaj

    Great notes.
    just a suggestion to all those who haven’t read economic survey even once. plz do read volume 1 specially- ( all chapters ) – even if it consume 4 + days. and w.r.t volume 2 , read Chapter 1 , 8 and 9; for other chapters the summary given by Raju sir via INSIGHTS Is sufficient. and yes please read all the information given in boxes.

    Initially I did the very same mistake. I got notes from a senior aspirant. and directly jumped on to them thinking that they will same my time (why to waste so much time) reading bulky material. but when I went on to solve INSIGHTS TEST SERIES 2015. – my score was poor. the reason was simple. So I read the whole survey. and the result is good.
    ps- this is just a personal suggestion. read these notes for revision (wonderful notes). and Raju sir thanks a ton.

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      Reading Volume 1 will give one well enough insights.
      thanx for the notes

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        yes, that’s the spirit.
        we should never ever adopt the short cut for CSE. Rather we must adopt the smart study formula. It might take time, but it will enhance our way of thinking (which is vey much needed for interview) , and will make us more confident.
        keep going brother 🙂

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    Thank u so much sir ,but what about India year book strategy ,is reading India year book is essential from prelims point of view please guide guide me through this sir.

    • Albus BhojRaj

      if you haven’ t touched it once. then don’t read at the last moment. if possible read chapters 1 to 6.
      and in case if you have subscription of Insights TEST SERIES . Then just solve Test 15 onwards, it has wonderful Questions with beautiful explanations.

      Rest wait for Insights upcoming daily test schedule- if it includes India 2015 ,then it will be great – then you can run according to timetable- because in pressure our efficiency increases.

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          thank you. plz Naveen don’t say Sir. call me Raj or Albus 🙂
          i’m also an aspirant like you. wishing you all the best brother.

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      someone has posted IYB notes here, cannot comment on quality at this stage, check if it helps you

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    Thankyou insights..but there are many new things which needs to be updated in economic survey for example in ftp is announced after this survey so the portion regarding scrips in external notes held no notes are ready revision material..great work

    • A fighter son

      ftp means as u mention in ur comment

      • Naina Agarwal

        foreign trade policy 2015

        • A fighter son


        • A fighter son

          ftp is issue by department of commerce this question asked in insight 2 compilation

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