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 It is our immense pleasure to know that Umesh N S K who has secured Rank 77 was benefited from Insights’ initiatives. He is 24 and it was his 3ed attempt at CSE.  He has sent an article outlining how he prepared for his Optional subject – Political Science and International Relations (PSIR).  He has scored 278 Marks in PSIR.

We congratulate him on behalf of all of you.


By  Umesh N S K Rank – 77,  CSE – 2014

I am not trying to share a foolproof fit-for-all strategy to crack PSIR here because there cannot be any such strategy. Instead,I will share the sources I studied for each and every topic here. I must confess that I never did writing practice, I did not attend any mock tests and I did not take notes except for loose sheets like “List of International Organisations”,”Names of  thinkers and their famous books” and other such school-level stuff. But what I had as my strength was a diverse reading habit which ranged from newspapers to magazines to works of non-fiction by Granville AustinAshutosh Varshney,David Malone et al. A topic-wise analysis of syllabus follows :

Paper I 

Part 1

This section can be divided into four parts : Political Theory, Indian Political Thought,Western Political Thought and Political Ideologies.

For Political Theory, my basic text was Andrew Heywood’s “Political Theory” which helped me attain conceptual clarity in all fundamental topics like Equality,Rights,Power,Liberty and Democracy. Once Heywood is done, we can move on to O.P.Gauba. I must confess that I never completed even half of this book because of it’s convoluted style of writing. (In engineering,local authors helped me clear exams whereas in PSIR, foreign authors were more lucid).But O.P.Gauba has it’s utility because it fills the gaps in Andrew Heywood and it is written keeping in mind an Indian syllabus. So numbers 1 to 7 (refer syllabus)in Part 1 of Paper I can be mastered by thorough reading of Heywood followed by selective reading of Gauba.

For Political Ideologies, Political Ideologies by Andrew Heywood is a gift from Heaven. Look no further. Gandhism alone can be covered in Indian Political Thought.

For Western Political Thought , the book by Brian Nelson is very good. This book covers some ideologies too. Some quotes and questions from Paper 1 related to Western thinkers in 2013 were directly from this book only. Gramsci and Hannah Arendt are missing in this book.

I covered Gramsci and Hannah Arendt in O.P.Gauba’s “Political Theory” and also through some online reading.

For Indian Political Thought , V.R.Mehta’s book is a good source to study even if the language is not easy to master. Ambedkar and Syed Ahmed Khan are missing in this book which can be covered in IGNOU PDFs.I read the original texts of “Annihilation of caste” and “Hind Swaraj”.

Part II 

Indian Government and Politics:

I considered this entire section as an organic whole and the basic texts for it are B.L.Fadia, Laxmikanth, Ramachandra Guha and Bipan Chandra. But ultimately,this is a current affairs oriented section and we win or lose within the pages of a good newspaper.

Answers in these sections must have contemporary examples and can quote good authors. For example, for a question on “Marginalisation of Left Ideology in India” in 2014’s paper, I quoted Ramachandra Guha’s points from a piece for Caravan Magazine in June,2011. So, every weekend, few hours can be spent to browse websites of Indian Express, Outlook and India Today etc. There is a tendency to see Times of India as a frivolous page- 3 paper but it features columns of great writers like Sunil Khilnani and Gurcharan Das on a regular basis.

I would suggest columns of Ashutosh VarshneyRamachandra Guha and Pratap Bhanu Mehta as mandatory reading for this section.

Paper II 

Part I 
Comparative Political Analysis and International Politics:

This can be divided into two sections : Comparative Politics and International Relations.

Comparative Politics was the only portion in PSIR’s syllabus which never kindled my interest enough to do extensive reading. All I read for this section were IGNOU PDFs.

For International Relations,a wonderful introductory text is Globalisation of World Politics. This book is an absolute delight with great illustrations,brilliant design and most importantly,quality content. Any gaps in this book can be filled by selective reading of V.K.Malhotra’s “International Relations”.

Again,answers for this section can be written with references to recent examples. For example,an answer on National Security can mention Syrian crisis as an example.BBC website provides great summaries of all current international crises (Sample: See this).”Frontline” is a good Indian magazine to cover international events if one discounts it’s blinkered worldview.

Part II

For Indian foreign Policy, a topnotch introductory text is David Malone’s book. Gaps in this book can be filled by reading Shashi Tharoor OR Rajiv Sikri selectively.

But as anyone who saw/wrote 2014’s paper would know, even without reading any book, this section can be mastered if we follow The Hindu and good columnists regularly. Some expert foreign policy commentators include : C.Rajamohan, Brahma Challaney ,Suhasini Haidar and Srinath Raghavan. (For a question on India-Russia relations, I almost reproduced Srinath Raghavan’s viewpoints written in the pages of The Hindu five days before the exam.) I never read a single issue of World Focus (even though I bought so many issues only for them to rest in the attic) and relied more on these commentators I have mentioned.

Thus, PSIR can be mastered by a diverse reading habit along with very good writing. Why I insist on Andrew Heywood first  (and not Gauba) and Srinath Raghavan (and not World Focus) is because when we read such lucidly written prose regularly, our writing will also gain finesse with time. So,our answers for PSIR should

i) introduce the statement in the question , analyse the viewpoints associated with it and conclude it . It is important to ensure our answers have a closure to it. We must not write like students appearing for B.A Pol. Sci exam.Rather,we must write like a bureaucrat submitting a report to a higher official.

ii) Our answers should have contemporary examples and touches.For example,a  question on women panchayats should mention examples of successful and popular woman sarpanches.

iii) We can quote authors and columnists in answers. It adds to the intellectual heft of our viewpoints.

iv) Above all, reading more means writing better.

The above is not exactly a strategy but a recounting of what I did to score 138+140 in PSIR this year. All the best to all aspirants who are taking up this wonderful optional.

  • Sameera Pillai

    Today is Day One of the Political Science and International Relations optional class for me and I am glad it is starting on a great note with guidance from INSIGHTS. Grateful to both Mr. Umesh N.S.K for the wisdom shared and INSIGHTS for the wonderful initiative. ?

    • Abhishek Bhal

      Hey Sameera, from where you are taking classes?

      • Sameera Pillai

        Shankar IAS Academy, Chennai

    • rakesh calicut calicut

      Hey,,,,,Im also having the same optional…Could you pls give me yur email to mine..? [email protected]

    • vktripathi

      Hi Athena,
      For Paper 1 , Which books shall i refer as a beginner?

      • Athena_India07

        Paper 1 is divided into two parts:
        Part A – Political Theory and Part B – Indian Government and Politics. As a beginner, the following books/ study material can be referred to:

        1. Introduction to Political Theory – O.P. Gauba (Mandatory)
        2. IGNOU Material of BA and MA Political Science (MPS 001 and MPS 003 covers most of the topics mentioned in the syllabus)
        3. Political theory: An Introduction by Rajeev Bhargava
        4. Political ideologies by Andrew Heywood
        5. IGNOU material: EPS – 03 and EPS – 11 of BA Political Science
        6. Foundations of Indian Political Thought by VR Mehta
        7. A History of Political Thought: Plato to Marx by Subrata Mukherjee, Sushila Ramaswamy
        8. Oxford Companion to Politics in India
        9. Indian Polity by Laxmikanth (Mandatory)
        10. India’s struggle for independence by Bipan Chandra (selective reading)
        11. India since independence by Bipan Chandra (selective reading)
        12. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (selective reading)

        • vktripathi

          thanks a lot, so it will cover all the topics from Pol Sc optional for static points…..rt!!!!

          • Athena_India07

            You are welcome. Yes. Do complement it with current affairs.

  • aspirant

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    • Vamsi

      Be in touch @powcpol:disqus.. I am also going with sociology..

      • aspirant

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  • Ashok Yadav

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      • Rehab Wani

        Its btr u try urself out 1st, visit the weekly essay section of insights, take on the latest essay and try writing in english and then in hindi , by ur flow , command nd ease f writing , decide 4 urself.
        Look coming frm hindi medium doesnt mean u cant take english or u r obliged 2 take hindi, u cn take english.Decide the language u have command over, where u hve a great flow bcz tat z imp 4 writing in mains, knowledge needs 2 xpressed well in mains nd interview.
        Good luck.

        • Rohit bhagat

          thanks REHAB WANI didii for your sugesstion, but my all the friends and also my sir have taken english as medium in upsc. But i m from hindi medium so i m panic to take english medium. if i cleared prelims , no problems butwhen i will sit in mains than there is problem to write english all the paper, and also eassy is the big problem,of 250 no.

          didi you have qualified prelims or mains. i think ypu have cleared.

          • Rohit bhagat

            oh by mistake i have written qualified instead of cleared.

            • Rehab Wani

              Wat if I say I hvent yet even written civils nd tat I m nt even writing it tis tym bcz I m nt eligible bcz f the lower age limits upsc has set up (the motive f which I m yet 2 understand).
              Nyways u dnt need 2 write civils 2 understand choice f language.b it ny exam u hve 2 b comfortable 2 clear it nd 4 tat u need 2 b comfortable with the language u r writing the xam in.
              Seems u r writing this year.
              Good luck bro.
              Gve ur best.
              Nd hope u chose the language u r comfortable with rather than what someone else z comfortable with.
              This z an xam where u cn learn frm others but plz dnt follow sme1 but urself!
              Learn frm others and follow urself.
              I just tried helping a novice like me.Hope u dont mind my inexperience.

              • Rohit bhagat

                thank you REHAB WANI DIDI , I became very happy after reading your mail. I will try to give my best and will never forget your precious sugesstion .

  • aspirant

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  • Dev

    Hi Umesh, thanks for this. Can you pls share your PSIR score in 2013 if you can? I got 223 in 2013 but didnt write in 2014. Personally I found 2014 paper had some difficult questions but rest were scorable more than 2013.

    • Dev

      278 is really awesome. I thought 250 was maximum 🙂

    • Umesh

      Hello Dev, I didnt clear prelims in 2013. I got 225 on 600 in 2012 mains

      • Dev

        Thanks a lot for replying Umesh. 🙂

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      And last week i switch to socio..
      Though i have a great obsession with this sub …
      !!conclusion : check out last 2-3 yrs Q papers nd u will find ur way

      • Rehab Wani

        Oh thank u , really kind of u 4 providing such a valuable advice.u showed me a way, lets see if it works, I m humbled by ur advice.

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    Excellent and in-depth explanation. Thanks for taking away most of my tension. I was thinking that probably I have made some sort of a mistake by choosing PSIR as an optional as I find few people scoring good in it, although I love reading it. You have shattered the myths around the subject being a low interest on investment provider. Thanks once again. Prince George is happy. 🙂

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        • Rehab Wani

          I would say , if ur heart goes 4 a risk, go 4 it, if not, try something new bcz mains r far, it shudnt b lyk , bfre few weeks f mains or aftr results, u wish u hd given a 2nd thought 2 ur optional, it btr 2 chck last few yrs papers f pub admn nd decide 4 urself, nd frankly aim 4 the top nd if upsc z butchering some subject , I dont think v xpect it on top!

          • Jugal

            Hi Rehab, is it possible now to switch over to a 2nd thought? As we have already preferred for optional subject in mains during the form fill up stage for prelims 2015

            • Rehab Wani

              IDK.U can ask some knowledgeable person of this field but I dnt think tere z ny.
              And when I said , it shudnt b like u hve tots after mains r bfre results, it was 2 chck ur confidence, I know I m no1 to do so, sorry,but brother tis z gonna help u, b confident in what u hve chosen , wat u hve decided 4 wen tere z no going bck .Know its ur decidion nd believe me nothing leads u to success as self motivation and self belief do! It shud b lyk if tere has been none in top 50 wid pub admn, I vl chnge it, I vl b AIR 1 with pub admn , ofcourse upsc wont butcher a lion, sheep are butchered! Make urself tat lion of pub admn , truly the thought before or after results you should fear is “wish I had studied well, I would have cleared”! Dont leave any space for that thought ! Do everything you can , there should be nothing left and the only fear you should be having before results is “I m so very well done with all of the syllabus if I dont clear it would be boring to study again” ! Believe in urself and strike hard, bcz its u who can win! Tell urself tis everyday , work 4 it and u will win! The problem is we dont believe, just believe in yourself! Comeon Almighty made u unique , u dnt need 2 follow others, just learn from others but follow urself!
              Good luck!
              Give ur best !

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      my optional is also pol sci.i am interested in sharing notes and practising answer writing.


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    Thanks Umesh sir..:)…. is there any one else whose optional is political science in the group?

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      hi can you guide me regarding pol science as optional..

      • Jaya Swatantra

        I have started studying for the optional recently… reading Andrew Heywood and Arihant solved mains question paper of upsc … reading then confirming the type of questions.. i shall refer to other books mentioned by insights and IGNOU after clarifying the basics from Andrew Heywood… Its about analysing more rather than reading from different source … i am planning to make a group of those who seriously want to study the optional so that we may share ,discuss and may refine our approach… practicing answer writing is of immense help…. thanks

        • azad

          Yeah my optional is psir,,, I too was looking for some serious aspirants…. So that we can discuss and share our ideas

          • Jaya Swatantra

            Exactly .. i am in view of chalking the pattern like secure mains but it would be once weekly.. suppose first chapter political theory… after the completion of the chapter those questions can be reviewed and attempted… so if you are seriously interested we may follow.. if you want to share something different but effective you are welcome.. 🙂

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              • ajit parate

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