NEW INITIATIVE for 2016 Aspirants and 2015 Mains + Interview Hopefuls: Insights Daily Debates

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Insights Daily Debates

Once upon a time we used to conduct Insights Weekend Debates (Click Here) That was very popular then. For some reasons, we discontinued it.

Now we would like to continue it again and make it a continuous program like that of Insights Secure.

Why now? When Prelims is approaching?

We have given lots of thought about this new initiative. We kept postponing this announcement for last two months as we wanted our Self Study Guide initiative to run smoothly first. Now the time has come to announce it as we believe that this initiative would be useful for many sections of UPSC IAS aspirants if launched now.

This initiative is targeted towards

  • 2016 civil services Aspirants
  • For the Hopefuls of 2015 Mains and Interview
  • For those who are scared of writing

This is also targeted towards people giving Prelims this year, but indirectly. We hope that spending half an hour on these debates before you go for sleep would help you beat the  anxiety and keep you away from exam pressure.

Why 2016 Aspirants?

It is basically a WRITTEN Debate. We pose you a thought-provoking question (or series of questions) and you should express your opinion in the comment box. For a person preparing for 2016 UPSC CSE, this is a warm up exercise to get familiar with burning issues of the day. We will be posing a question on topics that matter to you. After reading so many opinions and views on this topic, the issue will be permanently etched in your memory. You can express your views constructively without fear. Reading passively, especially the current events, will take you nowhere. If you want to top in 2016, you must start reading and writing from now itself. This initiative is an easy way to start this exercise right away.

Why 2015 Mains + Interview Hopefuls?

By now you know that writing practice matters most in this exam. In interview, your balanced original view is even more important. We have experienced in Weekend Debates that one if sportively participates in these debates, he/she will get an in-depth knowledge about the issue.

Moreover, as you will be expressing it through the medium of writing, this will help in writing good answers as well. You should try it to experience what we are saying here. 🙂

For those who are hesitating to write answers and post them on the site, this debate will act as a catalyst. Please post your views, may be 3-4 lines, but do post them. Once you get used to commenting, expressing opinion becomes a smooth affair.

This exercise will also help you in fine-tuning your opinion on an issue that is sensitive. Your feedback on others comments will enrich your thinking. This will also help the person to know loopholes in his argument. Of course, the whole debate should be constructive. We will moderate to ensure that the debate doesn’t go haywire.

Thankfully, Insights has always been a platform filled with positive energy where learning matters most (not competition). Our website followers till today have been exceptionally supportive and constructive. We hope this continues to reflect in Daily Debates.

About This Initiative:

We will start this from coming Monday (July 27, 2015) . The posts under this New Initiative will be posted in the evening at 8 pm every day. It is holiday on Saturdays and Sundays.

We will post a Question to you with a link to reference article (Not Always though). The question will demand expression of your original opinion on a particular issue (mostly a sensitive issue). We will try our best to restrict ourselves to the topics that are related (directly or indirectly) to the UPSC civil services syllabus.


How to Participate?

As soon as the question is posted, please think about it from multiple angles. This is NOT an ANSWER WRITING CHALLENGE, hence you will have the freedom to freely express your thoughts albeit in a restrained manner. But please try to convey your thoughts in as less words as possible. Usually lesser the better. A reader wants to read your main argument. Your ideas should not get lost amidst so many words.

Take a stand and substantiate it.

While expressing your opinion, please make sure that you do not just vent out your feelings without providing evidence to back your argument. Provide factual or conceptual evidence to support your argument. Illustrate with examples. Try to make it interesting.

This way of giving expression to your thoughts not only helps you in improving your writing, this will also help you speak better, especially during interview or in group discussion.

Word of Caution!

We request aspirants giving Prelims this year to not to spend more than half an hours on this initiative.

Final Note:

We are starting this initiative not to stop it anytime in the future. We have given so much thought, and also from previous experience have observed that actively engaging you helps us both. It helps you to overcome your inhibitions. It helps us to keep you engaged productively. It also helps us retain traffic and get some money from advertisements. But if you are a regular follower of our site, you might already be knowing that our main concern has always been YOU. (this is of paramount importance for us than anything else).

Nowadays preparing for UPSC is not a boring journey anymore. It is an intellectual journey where you discover new things every day, where you enrich yourself with new ideas and finally everything culminates to get you closer towards your dream. Whether you get rank or not, in the end you will be a rich person intellectually.

When we started it for the  first time on October 23, 2013 (Please Click Here), we received tremendous response. More than 240 opinions were posted within one hour. Few who participated that day have went on to become UPSC toppers today!

We hope this new initiative of ours will be useful for all of you. Participate in it to see if it benefits you or not. If not, you can always stay away from it. But, we firmly believe that this initiative will go long way in making your UPSC journey even more enjoyable and interesting. 🙂

This exam is all about  your opinion now. We hope Insights Daily Debates gives you an opportunity to express and refine your opinions.

We shall meet you on Monday Evening at sharp 8 pm. 

In the below comment box, we request you to list out Topics for these Daily Debates which you want to debate and Give ideas to make this initiative enriching. Other constructive opinions are also welcome.

Thank you.


  • Rahul Narwal

    Right to privacy

  • Anshika

    Greece Crisis: Austerity is harmful

  • Somoshree

    Capital Punishment

  • Somoshree

    Liquor ban positive for the citizen’s health or negative for the state finances

  • neeta

    One more feather 2 your crown I should say…as you have mentioned students like me have never been able 2 post answer due to all possible reasons known 2 me…but over the time as you rightly said it’s impossible to secure a rank without writing practice….but given not even a month left for seems a Lil difficult…thanks a trillion though as this initiative seems very attractive…thank you.


      dear neeta,

      theres a will theres surely a way!!!!!!!!!!! sis!!!!!!!!!! i understand ur present dillemma now. as ur information i had been frustuated or frightening this situation way back in 2013 early days insights started . u can look at last years early month “shiva4688” tagname i used to post every day. even though my answers was not always best ..i m sure u can courageously try out atleast couple of questions to answers them here or atleast ur home notebook..if any personal or mental guidance , im welcome to guide u.

      • neeta

        Thanks for your words…not now…BT d day I come out f my pre exam hall…I hv promised my self come what may i’ll definitely join d race…I don’t know whether i’ll reach my goal or not BT will surely tread each path dat leads 2 it…thanks..also yes I hv read ur answers… in fact I hv read every1 answers…pooja,MIP,Danish 2 name a few BT somehow never had d courage 2 join d gang…All d best for pre now..thanks

        • ASTRO BOY

          im humbled by ur nice gestures. u know i always beleived wonderful websites like insights , mrunal always subtle aspirants benifts in their preparation days. i recommend u to have eye on iasbaba website too. especailly gs prelims 60 days plan are damn too good.!!!!!!!!!

  • Anirudh Pawar

    Land acquisition bill

  • Dj

    Killing animals ( especially rodents) in the name of lab experiments

  • Palash Gupta

    Spending tax payers money on costly space projects rather than focusing on ground level developments is in India’s benefit or not?

  • Pavan

    Death penalty

  • Shivakumar Alawandi

    IS prevention in India

  • c_alam_ity

    Great initiative! One suggestion is that if people refrained from using the reply feature and posted responses or criticism of any arguments as new comments, the debates would be easier to read. Also, it would be great if someone volunteered to summarize the main arguments made in the debate and these were posted the next day, it would become a great resource. Finally, it would be great if factual claims were backed by posting the sources alongside.

    • Mukhilarasan Rajakumar

      This is wonderful initiative and following c_alam_ity ‘s suggestion of summarizing the entire debate will make it even more wonderful. As soon as I read the article, I went on to read the entire debate on Oct 23, 2013. It was huge debate with plenty of brilliant ideas scattered here and there. But also there is huge overlap of information. There are some people who cannot actively participate in the debate and read entire thing due to time constraint(working professionals, cse 2015 aspirants, etc). I think benefit of this debate should available to every one. So I request the INSIGHTS to collect all the brilliant ideas and views, classify them and present at last in a organized manner. I know implementing this will hugely overburden you but if you do it, it would be of immense help. If even INSIGHTS do it for some of the debate if not for all, it will create great impact. Thank you INSIGHTS, you are doing a revolution.

      • rockstar

        That would be superb. I don’t know whether I can write something about the topic or not, but I will surely collect all the relevant points and will post here on the next day.

        • Mukhilarasan Rajakumar

          Thank u Rockstar, it will going to be a great help for everyone of us 🙂

      • Rajesh J

        summary at the end makes this brilliant intiative a grand success for sure

      • Radhika M

        U shud refer to the reference sites provided by insights … they do the same work of summary … they r really good

        • Mukhilarasan Rajakumar

          Thank u Radhika, I will check those.

  • Shaurya

    True sir. I have been hesitant always. But I will participate surely in this initiative. Insights is an online revolution for IAS aspirants. Thank You sir!

  • Intekhab Hassan


  • Niks.7777

    Child Labour problem in india

  • Namita

    RTI against National Political Parties

  • Strongking

    Thums up ,,,!!:-)

  • Rahul

    I am looking keenly to anything related to 2016… This will be my 2nd attempt after 3 years… Looking forward to come back to India asap and prepare whole heartedly… Now is the time to gear up…
    Dear Insights, i have just started following your website.. May i know if there will be full fledge plan for 2016 on this website…? If yes, then by when you will publish or start with it.


  • KV

    Great initiative Insights! Thank you so much.

    1) Autonomy of premier institutes
    2) Manual scavenging
    3) Tribal rights vs Development of schedule areas
    Will add more issues.

  • prachi doshi

    Working in the parliament. Is it constructive or just wastage of public money

  • c_alam_ity

    Judicial activism and its effect on democracy

  • KV

    Surrogacy law (ART law)

  • CS Aspirant

    Co-operative Federalism…

  • Lal Bahadur Meerapore

    this is good initiative…..thanks

  • Dixita Mistry

    Local Indian Administration and Difficulties faced by a common man ..

  • kankana ganguly


  • pr39048

    Making defamation a criminal offense.

  • monica goyal

    Hats off to u sir ,this is the time when my institute cheated me INSIGHTS kept my spirits high..salute u

  • Omkant

    Good Initiatives…Thanks a lot 🙂
    Topics could be :
    1 ) Socio Economic Caste census, pressure from political parties to release caste data
    2 ) Administrative Reforms
    3 ) And never ending debate of Kashmir (which is always been an important issue for any govt. came into power) .. What should be J & K solution.? Cross- border firing, terrorism,
    4 ) Security solutions in North – Eastern states
    5 ) e-Governance, Digital India, Skill India

  • aspirant

    Social impact ass.. v/s delay in projects
    Gdp no v/s real growth
    Foreign policy v/s domestic policy
    Naxalism v/s social cause
    Interlinking of river ..
    Corruption v/s tolerance
    Nehruvian secular& socilaism v/s current secular& socialism
    Personality cult v/s work cult
    Media neutrality

    My first comment on insight!!

  • lovely sundays

    Good initiative insights. 🙂
    I would suggest ..”uniform civil code.” It has been a hot topic in interviews this year.

    • Mahadev

      Thank you for the idea and implementation. Really lookin forward and hope for the consistency for long. It means a lot for many…

  • jayaraj

    Its really a good initiative. Looking forward to be a part of it to share my opinion

  • blufl0

    Women empowerment and river linking projects..

  • Surabhi

    It will definitely help everyone..
    A single topic can be thought in multiple angles taking into consideration others opinions too..
    Thank you..

    Commercial surrogacy
    Boundary migrations
    Building Smart cities
    Environmental concerns and growing ignorance
    Namami Gange project
    Marketing of yoga
    Juvenile law
    More of fundamental rights and ignoring duties
    Increasing demographic dividend
    Just citizens or active citizens and how
    Increasing advent of industrialists into governance
    Either Donations or reservations for admissions

  • सचिन कदम

    right to privacy judicial independence / activism and yeah emergency related things as it 40 anniversary of emergency

  • Sneha Chatterjee

    Active vs passive Euthanasia.
    Minm educational requirements to bcme a Minister of a particular Post.
    Immunity to Civil servants

  • gamma

    i am scared this year whether i will qualify or not, but i feel good when i solve insights questions. i am totally dependent on insights for my preparation. lets hope that i will study well and participate in the new initiative

  • gamma

    i have left my job . i used to get tired a lot

    • @li

      Go ahead with insights initiatives… don’t get demoralized…

  • JSS

    First.. Thanks a lot for this initiative. Being 2016 aspirant m always been hesitant in posting my thoughts despite of getting loaded with many. I think this will help us in shaping our ideas into minimum possible words eventually, as words really matter in upsc
    Topic: should maximum retail pricing system be discontinued.!

  • priya

    I want clarity on these topics :
    Greece crisis
    Gst bill
    Land acquisition bill

  • Aj

    Foreign policy : change or continuity?

  • Apercu

    Please discuss the topics that involves ethical, moral and social dimensions only. Topics related to political, legal, international, technical etc. issues are anyway covered in your other initiatives.
    Keep up the good show.

  • Santhosh Rao

    Thanks for the initiative it really helps to let our thoughts flow in a free spirited manner. Especially for candidates who are preparing for upsc alone like me, this kind of discussion platform useful a lot. I hope this current issues useful for candidates who are preparing for state PSC’s as well.

  • valley

    Thank you Sir,
    True Guardian of Aspirants!

    Topic for Debate : Greece Crises,
    ISRO Now and then,
    Should there be mandatory hours in a day for working of Loksabha.

  • Sweta Singh

    Really good initiative

  • aspirant

    Need help !!
    Opting for sociology
    Nd want to do self study
    Please help me out with books to read with priority

  • Radhika M

    Great! 😀
    1. NJAC
    2. FTP 2015-20
    4.AIIB compared to IMF
    5.anti defection – not a successful step in curbing defection still
    6.Sustainable and more sustainable development – just in words
    7.Euro zone and USA – major difference between them is of unity
    8.USA Cuba relations
    9.Iran deal (different perspectives )
    10.North east india problems
    11.Live in relationships
    12. The never ending judiciary and parliament war starting from shankari prasad case
    13. Socialism or industry ? The real trigger for growth

  • Shivendra Chand

    Women reservation in parliament I.e. 33% or more

  • mohit joshi

    internationl security issues and national security issues


    The Lost Hours of Parliament.

  • Radhika M

    Really! One more example of the line “The best things in the world are free!”

  • kumar nishant

    Land acquisition rehabilitation resettlement bill 2013vs land ordinance

  • Manasa Kulkarni

    This is really a good one… We can still better formulate our opinion…. Thank u insights!

  • neha

    Measures to control population in india. China’s policy of one child can be implemented in case of India or not??

    • sreekanth

      China want to lift ban on one child policy (found in recent news)

  • Sana

    Great initiative as usual 🙂 Thanks a tonne
    Also I would like to recommend for continuing with the summary of Rajya Sabha debates. Those meaningful discussions were very fruitful. I understand, you must be overburdened by so many efforts. Just a request 🙂

  • rahulbose0204

    good initiative 🙂
    a) Significance of Public Sector Undertakings in current era.
    b) Govt is announcing IIT IIM IIIT every now and then. Are they worth in maintaining quality of education in country.
    c) Ayurvedic treatment: cup of tea for more privileged rather than for less privileged.
    d) Why ISRO is so successful and DRDO has become white elephant of Govt.
    e) River Interlinking projects: Environmental Impact.
    f) Expansion of railway lines.
    g) Impact of fast/processed food on health.
    h) Impact of mobile and internet on children, How parents can regulate his childs activity on internet.
    i) Steps to resolve paradoxical equation of Environment Protection and Development.

  • Arpita

    Its a brilliant initiative in arranging one’s thoughts to words esp for them who are preparing for long preparation schedule of 2016.
    We can also discuss the yojanas by the PM and what does one think of maximing the value as (for eg Jan Dhan Yojana).

  • Prabhjot Dhillon

    Thank you Insights for such a wonderful initiative. Few topics for your kind consideration are:
    1. Combating religious fundamentalism, with reference to ISIS.
    2. Citizens at the receiving end: The Centre State spat, with reference to New Delhi.
    3. Whistleblowing in India-Digging one’s own grave?
    4. Future of Liberal Arts in India, in wake of ideological hijacking. (with ref to FTII row)
    5. Smart Cities or Smart Governance?
    6. Climate Smart Agriculture-A more feasible way to battle Climate Change?
    7. Food Safety in India-Should there be permissible limits for Toxic ingredients? ( with ref to Maggi row)
    8. Voices of Dissent and Sedition in Kashmir-Handwork of Separatists or a show of citizens disconnect with Governance?

    • Albus BhojRaj

      good one.

      • Prabhjot Dhillon


    • Abi

      very good topics

      • Prabhjot Dhillon


    • Anshumati

      Interesting topics, good!

      • Prabhjot Dhillon


    • shivam shukla

      very interesting topics..

      • Prabhjot Dhillon


    • Pramod Kansana

      current topics good list!!!!

      • Prabhjot Dhillon


    • sudarshan

      awesome selection of topics…. It will be fun to meet you in debate, Sir.

      • Prabhjot Dhillon


    • Sepoy No 1446

      Very nice.

      • Prabhjot Dhillon


    • Sam P

      Good selection of topics.

      • Prabhjot Dhillon


    • Rashu

      great job man…it shows you have refined variety…hope to see your all topic in debate.

      • Prabhjot Dhillon


    • Big Mind

      No doubt these topics are relevant enough but you seem to have focused primarily on current issues.

      However. In a debate or discussion , general issues should also be addressed.

      • Prabhjot Dhillon

        thanks for pointing out…will keep in mind.

    • DS

      Awesome selection of topics….

      • Prabhjot Dhillon


    • Chandra Mohan

      Just want to add few more topics –

      1. Capital punishment should be awarded or not? (Yakub Memon row)
      2. GST framework – Till what extent it is benefecial?
      3. What should be the alternative of Trickle Down effect in boosting the global economy as well as reducing the rich – poor gap?
      4. India should have Fixed Foreing Policy or Ad Hoc Foreign Policy?

  • Pradeep kumar

    Great Initiative sir.
    Topics could be related to reasons blocking countries developmental path,Reasons for poverty, Should there be educational qualification for political class or any other ethical analysis before they competes election,women empowerment, Science & tech for women empowerment & disaster forecast/management,Urban development, could Indian cities look like Newyork and other European cities-reasons blocking this,how to improve education system more practical,Engineering relevance in Nation Building & lot more sir.This is a brilliant initiative sir. Even i participated in the old dabates, but because of my inconsistency still struggling to clear prelims. Now only working on to be consistent with preparation..

  • Ankith

    Is increase in age for eligibility to appear in CSE is good or bad?

  • A.S.basava Raj

    Make in India vs environment

  • Yashaswi

    1st topic: “Reviewing answers: How is this helpful?” 😛

    Super initiative for those preparing in isolation.. *thumbs up*!

  • mamta

    thanx a lot insights…indeed a veryhelpful initiative…will serely utilize it….

  • akruti

    Thank you Sir …
    i have just started preparing for exam…
    i’m going through ncert books initially. please guide for further stages.
    i’m weak in expressing my thoughts orally or in writting please suggest some option for it

    • Albus BhojRaj

      wait for INSIGHTS Test Series 2016. just follow it.

      • akruti

        Thank you Sir..i’ll do

  • Bajrangi

    great work

  • VBR

    Greek Crisis,NJAC,Land ACquistation Bill,Vypam scam

  • Neha Dubey

    This is a great platform for aspirants to prepare for mains n interview simultaneously. really awesome sir.

    • skyhighambition

      can u plz evaluate any of my answers wenevr u get tym…. i wud highly appreciate..

  • surya

    Topic from geography should be added once or more than once as they play a important role in upsc

  • Rajat

    Great. It will be very fruitful initiative.

  • @li

    As usual it was nice initiative..but please continue without disturbing other worthy initiatives…… thanq…. and hatsoff… to your work….. you are inspiration for all serious aspirants…jai hind

  • AV

    Great initiative !
    Right to privacy

  • Sonakshi Sharma


  • Stoneageman

    1.Role india could play in central asia.
    2.challenges to digital india.
    3.Smart cities..
    4.make in india.
    5.importance of clean energy.vs importance of nuclear energy.
    6.South china sea.
    7.japan shedding is pacifist image by bringing new bill giving greater autonomy to military.
    8.china one belt initiative should india join or abstain from joining ?
    9.After n-deal with iran next what north korea ?
    10.Amendments to indian financial code for curtailing rbi role ?

  • dr anupama

    Thank you so much for backing us each minute …
    recent decisions of supreme court like..broadening power of remission in life imprisonment of the states, talking about personal liberty in watching adult movies and its implications, etc..

  • Pindari

    LAAR act,
    MSR and its impact on India
    Greece bailout issue
    Cuba US. Relationship
    Act East Policy
    IPR issues with US

  • Civils aspirant

    Thank you vinay sir from the core of my heart.. As soon as I read this mail I was jubilant and excited to know that you have started, rather re-started this initiative..It will be of immense help for a lazy guy like me and probably it will goad me to write answers now regularly 🙂 Besides vinay sir as already conveyed below by many aspirants please press upon the burning issues like Greek crisis, smart city mission, iran deal and besides on all IR topics per se..! Thanks once again vinay bhai.. God bless u 🙂

  • Animesh BM Tripathi

    Thumbs Up for the Initiative….Meet you @ 8

  • Pindari

    Thank you Team Insight for this initiatives… Now I can freely post my thoughts without any limitations ,earlier I was hesitating to post my comment on daily answer writing practice,but hopefully from Monday onwards will do it regularly. Since I am following ur site from last one years religiously and used to read everyone answer and make a note of it…and I think so the day has come that I will too post my views….
    Thanks ,thanks a lot insight, ur site help me to realise my inner potential ,I ll do my best to crack 2016 CSE…

  • Harshit y

    Geopolitics of indo pacific ocean region

  • Anurag Verma

    Great Initiative Sir..

    1. Judicial Activism
    2. Iran US Nuclear deal
    2. Scraping power of Governor of RBI from Monetary policy committee
    4. NJAC
    5. Role of India in central Asia
    6. 123 Agreement
    7. Social change and globalisation

  • SDRS

    Land acquisition bill- what it should look like?
    Is government behaving responsibly toward children of the country?
    Left wing extremism
    Inclusive growth of the country-topics like slum peoples right etc.

  • Missionimpossible

    Wow…intelligent move those who r preparing for 2016…thanks insights…

  • ashish

    admin… i hv a query….. instead of writing here in comment box.. can i post the image of my written material….becoz.. mains is paper based exam… in which we have to write…and i think writing on laptop using keyboard and writing by hand on a paper is altogether diffrent thing….. writing by hand will enable us to prepare for mains answers..and we can also get the feel of it…..???

  • Imih

    Thanks insights for this endeavour.You are the only hope for mammoth people.
    Through your multiple initiatives…you are chronlogically making it the complete source for succes…


    This initative will really help starters like me to understand the core of modern issues. I really thank you TEAM INSIGHTS for all you do right now.

  • Deep

    Hello everyone,
    All the suggested topics are good. We can also sometimes incorporate previous year essay topics. In this way we actually be practicing previous questions as well.
    Looking forward to actually start.
    Thank you Insight.

  • Neelima thandra

    Thank u sooo much Insights for ur continous efforts thru new initiatives…

  • Draconian

    1. Global refugee crisis
    2 . land bill
    3.14th finance commission
    4. Njac
    5. illegal sand mining
    6. india and MDG
    7. IPL scam
    8. OROP
    9. VYAPAM Scam
    10.India’s hea lthcare system sector in india
    12. Smart cities and Amrut plans
    13. MVA-BBIN
    14.TPP(trans pacific paternership)
    15. Aadivasi rights
    16. skill development in india
    17. operation maitri (nepal earthquake)
    18. NITI AYOG
    19. climate change(from indian perspective)
    20. currency Wars and role of india

  • mohit

    Great initiative. one rank one pensions

  • MJB

    1. Rural Health
    2. Death Penalty
    3. Vyapam scam and quality of Dr.

  • MJB

    Good Governance

  • sid

    Thank u so much as it is always interesting to follow ur initiative as v all keep enriching ourself with knowledge…

  • kavitha


  • Bashir Ahmad


  • Bashir Ahmad

    Really sir you are doing a great job

  • MJB

    Delhi govt Vs delhi police

  • Manisha

    Great news for 2016 aspirants….Thanks a lot

  • rohit r

    a big salute to your contribution. it is very difficult to read without a healthy discussion and being alone. thank you dear insights team,
    1. goods and service tax, boon or bane?
    2. India’s skill development programme
    3.42 % tax devolution by 14th finance commission.
    4. social security schemes.
    5. disaster management- with reference to Nepal earth quake
    6. millennium development goal turned into sustainable development goal. what would be the challenges.
    thanking you.

  • priyadarsi samal

    Gud evng sir,
    Sir I am now 25 year old working in a software company.I am planing to give 2016 upsc exam.But yesterday I got the news that govt is deciding to setup an expert committee to decide regarding the nature of civil service exam(age,maximum relaxation etc).
    That’s why I want to know whether there will be any chance that the age limit may reduce…please give guidance what to do right now to leave the job to study hard or to continue with the job …I am deciding to leave the job to focus properly on study but afraid that if there will be any age reduction then I will face trouble..sir pls suggest

    • Vaibhav Jain

      You just can’t hang on the results of the committee (if there is any). You will just be reducing your study time and henceforth your chances of clearing 2016 prelims, by doing that. And currently age limit is 32 for general category, and the probability of reducing it to 25 or 26 is nearly zero as there are many players in this age group.

      In my opinion you should devote your whole time in studies right from this very moment without thinking about results of the committee if you really want to clear 2016 prelims.

      • priyadarsi samal

        Thank you sir,
        But one more thing sir can you please give the time table for 2016 aspirants..

        • Vaibhav Jain

          Hey Priydarshi, I am just another aspirant for prelims 2016 like you. This was just my personal opinion regarding your predicament. I think Insight will bring out prelims 2016 time table just after Prelims 2015 exam as it did previous year.

  • vipul saklani

    1.Free speech-should there be limit or not? Bill
    3.Black money ??
    4.Net neutrality
    5.Should prostitution be legal??
    I could think of these only

  • disqus_Dee

    innovative ? that too for freshers helps at expanse and short the better concept of this is what I liked the most thank you insight.

  • aman sah

    Thank you insight for your commendable initiative….hope this discussions and debates enlighten and help the regular participants.

  • ankita

    I really dont believe this ,i was about to write you regarding this .TELEPATHY!!!! hurrahhh!!!!.Thank u SAVIOUR!!

  • Learner

    Whether you get rank or not, in the end you will be a rich person intellectually… This is what we will get from Insights 🙂

  • sayani bhadra

    Thank you so much insight…couldn’t be better..

  • RAZZ 2016

    Before starting that please give some insight on how to write answer for UPSC (what is their demand)….. Since we 2016 preparing batch are new into this game just inform what they expect us to write…

  • RAZZ 2016

    Ethics in game

  • Anil samaprabha

    Women empowerment in India
    Whistle blower act
    Daliths position in india
    Attitude of our political leaders inside and outside of the parliament
    Is it impossible to India improve relationship with pak
    Army in j Jammu and Kashmir when ll kashmiri ppl stop anti India movement what’s the strategy govt can win there hearts
    Why expect cricket no other sports not attracted in India
    Intelligence wing in India
    Police reform

  • Vinay

    Reservation for women and minorities. Will the thoughts of Constitution makers “minorities themselves will deny reservation” become reality?- is is this good or something thing related.

  • VK

    A really great nitiative….thank you INSIGHTS.

    -Regional security.
    -Maritime silk route and India.
    -Centre state relations


    thank u for this new initiative vinay sir.
    plz incude the topics like as suitable according to u
    1.Burning issue of Net neutrality from the consumer point of view as well as Isp,
    2.lowering of age in juvenile justice
    3.need of capital punishment.
    4.political party under rti act

  • Vini

    Thank u… For such a nice initiative:-)
    Some topics-
    1) U.K should compensate us for colonial rule?
    2) Women Safety nd empowerment.
    3) Doctors nd medical students in India should stop wearing white coats? ( as per the new report published by a doctor in British Medical Journal )
    4) As consumer has right to buy the product at particular price should retailer Hv d right to sell his product at any price.?

  • dipshailesh

    Thanks insight for such innovative idea for UPSC aspirants…

  • 1. Kashmir issue (Art 370),
    2. foreign policy wrt to china’s increasing influence of the region
    3. religious and caste discriminations in India
    4. More effective ways to implement poverty alleviating progs
    5. censorship on containts of movies,adds which are negatively affecting youth
    6. how to make judiciary more effective,stricter norms and clearity on the existing laws
    7. Uniformity in police forces across the country.
    8. increasing defence budget+ R&D for tech devp.
    9. Make in India+ Made In India initiative for promoting export competitive electronic goods.
    Stopping the brain drain (IT) and roping in effective edu policy and alleviating indian premier insti. to global level . ways for reducing the gap betn Industry and Academia, transparency and increasing no of Universities, reducing the students to teacher ratio, effective teacher training programmes,
    issues around sport federations etc to raise std to olympic level and more budget for sportsmen who bring pride to nation.

    10 promotion of organic farming
    11. forest conservation and issues around wildlife

  • Pramod

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  • Vaibhav Srivastava

    Very good initiative!!! thank you sir it will help aspirants immensely.

  • SelvaSoundariya

    Good initiative.. I am also eager to participate in this..

  • Anshumati

    Thank you for such a platform to discuss…….
    1. Child labour in india
    2. Education
    3. Poverty and hunger
    4. Women empowerment
    5. Migrants’ issue
    6. AFSPA Act and citizens
    7. Corruption in administration
    8. Scheme and its execution
    9. VIP culture and public
    10. Informal sector

  • Mithilesh Bhaiji

    These topics. …….
    (1)India relationship with its neighbours,
    (2) Women Empowerment or Gender Inequality,
    (3) Indian Youth.
    Thanks Sirji !…………

  • Mithilesh Bhaiji

    These topics. ……
    (1)India relationships with it’s neighbours,
    (2) Women Empowerment or Gender Inequality,
    ( 3 ) Indian Youth.
    Thanks Sirji !……….

  • Ravi

    Almost all the topics were already listed, Consider NDB – New Development Bank a rival or an associate of WB and IMF

  • BV

    Thanks insights ..its helping and giving really big hope for me
    1.about sexual harassment in India
    2.regarding poverty deaths
    4.about innovation

    • Pruthvi raj

      A very sensitive topics……….we can start with this

  • Firoz Khan

    1.Role and powers of Rajya Sabha in current scenario.

    2.Parallel running of New Development Bank and AIIB.

    3.Powers of Lieutant Governor of Delhi and need of democratic process(elections) necessary for union territory.

    4.Are we moving away from the theory of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) (PROS and CONS)

  • Charitha Amballa

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    topic, i would suggest is editorial of everyday Hindu newspaper

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    As soon as I read it the next moment I share it with my friends. Very much beneficial .

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    Thanks Insights! Its a great initiative. As you said earlier sticking to one strategy with focused approach definitely pays off. All needed is consistency. Hope next year final list is full of Insights followers.

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    good initiative

  • nazneen123

    Great initiative Insights. The topic I would like to suggest is “Should installing nuclear reactors in India be encouraged in light of the countries like Japan, Germany etc phasing out them.?”

  • Pushpendra

    Great initiative…
    If u provide some study plan or time table for the same (I.e. for 2016 aspirants) then it will also helpful.

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    Sir, I would also like to draw ur attention towards secure compilation works

  • 10th Jinping

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    Thank you insight for such a wonderful initiative . Please keep on posting current topics for discussion , that can be very helpful .

  • M2k

    Great initiative…..
    According to me …. We need to discuss first all issues related to Indian context ….

    1. Crime against women….All laws and all initiative by union & state government and role of society .

    2. How to handle our current education system I light of recent Bihar and UP state boards exam scandals and MP Vayapam scandal . Declining education standard of I dian students . And reform done or need to take initiative to tackle all such issues .

    3. Police reforms

    4. Agricultural reform


  • Prin

    I would like to suggest that topic should be told one day before the actual discussion because every body might not be familiar with topic and might not participate even if he/she wants to. And as all topic are gonna be relevant to UPSC then one can read about the same before discussion or putting his point.

  • Manish Chandran

    This is a great move. I would like to discuss all current topics of National & international importance and maximum inter-relationships with UPSC syllabus.

  • sunil

    Topics are:
    1.NJAC :Is it needed or not?
    2.Whistleblowers bill….
    3.disaster management .. modi govt is more about advertising or achche din?

  • Masoom

    Thanks insight for such a nourishment program..

  • Neurotoxin

    I think this initiative must not convert into a mere discussion on current affairs rather we should concentrate on certain trends in domestic and Global theater which resurface again and again that will be more important.

    My 2 cents

    1. Communal polarization of Indian society

    2.Economies of subsidy and understanding the New Initiative

    3.Freedom of Speech, Indictment and public discourse

    4.Fifty shades of Indian Foreign Policy (Post UPA era)

    5.“Indian ocean not India’s ocean”

    6.Middle East paving way for global downturn.

  • sh

    Thank you insights.

  • Pheedo

    “Awareness Vs Ignorance”

  • Dawn Rider

    Climate change – Paris 2015 conference
    Fixing the anamolies in our education system in light of Vyapam and similar scams.

  • Ankush Tripathi

    Grt..Insights debate journey will b surely enhance our opinion formation…..thnks to insight….meet on monday 8 pm

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  • ias2015hopeful


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    Thanks a ton for such Insightful initiative!
    1. Cooperative federalism
    2. Indian economic development with reference to Human resources and Skill development Mission.
    3. Indo-US N-deal
    4. disasters in india, with reference RIMES, NDRF and such
    5.Digital India
    6. Act east policy
    7. Model Village, smart cities.
    8. Tribal area development

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    Good initiative. …….will be of immense helpful.

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    Topic- indian way of practising democracy and issues arising in it.

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    Judicial reforms – speedy trail
    Trends in divorce
    Urban Mental Health in India
    Environment protection vs development
    Waste management in India
    Health access to poor
    Freedom of speech and expression
    Efficiency of government service
    Right to call back
    Western Cultural impact
    Economic opportunities vs Subsidies

  • Raj Kumar

    It will be a distraction for 2015 prelims preparation. It would be better if you can wait till 23 August. Now is the time to revise things, even if we got distracted for half an hour, topics will be there in mind for entire day. It is my humble request to postpone it.

    • No. We will be posting Self Study Guide questions almost at the same time. Please focus on Self Study timetable.

      Moreover, by August 23, you will have many issues covered here which will be useful for Mains this year.

      Thank you.

      • Raj Kumar

        Yours All Initiative are so good that I want to participate in all of them. But truth is that once we get into a discussion on a question, we repeatedly come online to check if someone had commented on that or has somebody liked it or not. This only create curiosity and distracts a lot.
        I am not opposed to this Initiative, only concern is the timeline of it.

        • Radhika M

          Hey raj!
          I think these discussions and curiosity keeps one’s prep alive … how monotonous otherwise things wud b. … in my opinion u shud cut down ur time spent elsewhere and be connected only to insights and ur personal prep .. atleast that helps me so I suggested 🙂 … or else u always hv the option of not participating and hence not getting involved if it’s taking too much of ur attention and time … now is the time when our hard work and productivity shud increse with every passing day … and such discussions also help in increasing a sense of urgency …which is very helpful! ? … So don’t be afraid … its one very positive step!

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    Thank You Sir,
    It benefites to those who hesitate to post their answer in r/o Insight Secure and also enrich their writing skills. And I am one of those.

  • Jyoti

    Really this is good initiative.. Thanks to insight… Topics can be discuss like
    Schemes and Scams.
    Empowerment and Harassment.
    Young Nation and Suicides.
    Technology vs Hacking vs Terrisiom.

  • Vivek Kumar Singh

    hi insight its really amazing that u r reviving this initiative once again. My few recommendation for this are :
    1. Restriction of words. This would encourage us to innovate the correct expression for our thoughts,therefore improve brevity.
    2. A short 250 words final summary and its compilation.
    these two would improve our concise and exact expression as demanded by UPSC.
    Also it will give us option of revision of current topics and its broader dimensions in no time.
    Topics for consideration are :
    1. Need for full fledged Cyber force-Harnessing youth and securing nation
    2. Gender Parity in law- restoring gender balance
    3. Need for experts in foreign services
    4. FTP 2015
    5. National health policy-Universalisation of health services
    6. Need for Reorientation of national disaster policy towards recognising the newer environment issue- heat wave,land slides,cyclones and lightning
    7. Foreign policy shift towards US- implications on India in evolving multipolar world order.
    8. Zenith in laws and Nadir in value system- increasing number of laws and value system falling
    9. Agricultural in India prevailing issue and there solutions
    10. What as a society India can learn from its glorious past?

  • Bhagat

    Insights its my bday on 27th and you have given me best gift of all thanx alot.My suggestion-
    1.A compilation by you at the end of every week for every debate will be beneficial for us as concise document on opinion based questions,which will help us in revision in future.
    We ask a lot from you,and I don’t know how this debt will be paid back.
    thank you again.


      advance birthday wishes to u, bhagat !!!!!!!!!

      • Bhagat

        thnx buddy!

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    Thank u Insights team for bringing such a productive initiative to aspirants. Most of us are reluctant writers & i hope this initiative will be fruitful for many of us. Many topics have already been suggested by some aspirants. few topics which i have in mind are-
    1. Should India join Trans Pacific Partnership?
    2. RBI governor’s accountability in deciding interest rates?
    3. SDGs after MDGs- old hog in new garb?


    1aiib vs imf
    2. indias sagarmala vs chinas silk road initiative
    3.globalisations and its impact on curbing traditional business
    4.religionalism vs nationalism
    5. indias foreign policy and its flaws .
    6. ecnomic reforms for new inclusive development vs tribal issues.
    7. flaws in multiple mode of outdated education system

    friends i would suggest u to give more!!!!!

  • rohan yadav

    Truly, it would be a great initiative. looking forward to debates.Thank you insights

  • DAWN

    1. Future of Agriculture (In Reference to miserable lives of our farmers)

  • Nisha Kumari

    INSIGHT, u r going to provide us a platform where we can express our opinion, can practice , share and gain . now we have to work on this platform, to make us better better & better. SO, GUYS LET’S MAKE US READY WITH THE ‘BASTA’ FOR THE NEW ‘RASTA’.

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  • Shashikant Roy


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    Thanks Insights for the initiative. It will help us immensely. Few topics for your consideration:

    WTO talks- India’s stand
    Act East policy
    GST Bill- Need for GST council a constitutional body?
    Swach Bharat & Solid waste management in India
    Insurgency and India’s boundaries?
    Social Impact Assesment and Policy Making

  • Ariharasudhan

    Some issues like GST; NJAC and RBIand GoI stand on monetary policy would be encouraging


    Great initiative.Thank you very much VInay SIr.

  • Mukhilarasan Rajakumar

    revolutionary initiative and here are suggestions for topic.

    1. Whether we are not as democratic as we should be, while dealing the Yakub Memom’s death row case?

    2. Whether British owes moral debt to India(for its looting during imperia rule)?
    this debate is particularly triggered by Shasi tharoor in his oxford speech

    3. If Indian war of Independence(1857) had became an success, then India would not have been a democratic country or even exist as a single country as of now.

    4. Gandhi’s “Self sustained village” idea would have proved a disastrous as it also make some prejudices(caste, women discriminaton) sustainable. Argument in favour or against.

    5. World wars(both WW1 and WW2) are actually blessing in disguise(as it is main reason behind freedom from imperial rule).

  • siddhartha paul

    Thank you sir, I think it will be very good for me as I am always shy to write in the secure

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  • BST

    Some more topics
    1) net neutrality
    2)reasons for farmer suicide. Do you support minster’s recent reasons for it?
    3)are adivasis really protected in India?
    4)are the farm loans actually used for farm?

  • BST

    Dear INSIGHTS , This kind of initiative I had never heard before in any of the websites.I think it is going to be like “IBADHAT KHANA” during the reign of Akbar where debates and discussions used to happen and finally emperor used to get balanced opinion out of it..

  • Karthik Kp

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  • Big Mind

    Some of the topics could be :

    1.Is India’s Stand on Montreal Protocol justified ?

    2.Importance of Leader of Opposition.
    (He can help in effective check and balance or he might hinder the progress of the government)

    3.Illegal immigration with reference to threat for Internal Security.( as seen in Bangladesh)

    4.Land Acquisition Bill, 2015 ( very controversial)

    5.Interstate water disputes ( consistent botheration)

    6.Controversy Over Article 370 ( again, consistent botheration )

    7.Compensation to Farmers with reference to unseasonal rains( to what extent it is justified?)

    8.Should NRIs be allowed to vote via e-postal ballots or not?

  • NRN

    Should election manifesto promises be made legally binding on political parties?

  • BST

    Friends I stated a blog on sociology I know that this not an advertising site but I want to help those people who want to understand “sociology” in simple way. I am not an expert in subject I am also a beginner but I will try to learn well to write well.
    Thanks INSIGHTS…

    • winner

      Try to write it topic wise and make it little presentable more as we find some interest in reading it.

      • BST

        K sure thanks for the suggestions. By the way did you feel it as boring?

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  • Dipak Kakde

    1.Challenges in the field of farming.
    2.Skillful and quality education challenges.
    3.Health issues in India.

  • umesh bhati

    topics accountability of media, a fair price distribution policy for farmers

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    m a new aspirant, spent some months preparing for CSE…
    all your posts seem very coperating and interesting. hope v all will benefit from this wonderfull initiative…


    Thanks a ton for this wonderful initiative.
    Some more like –
    1. Diaspora
    2. Diplomacy issue

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    Thank you so much

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    IAM IN

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    1)Relationship between Executive and Legislative .
    2)Challenges face by dedicated Public Servant.
    3)Art 370 should be scrapped?
    4)Terrorist by wish or by force.
    5)Manufacturing Sector .

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    reforms in electricity supply to home

  • @ashni

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    I promise you that you’ll see atleast one line of comment of mine on your daily debates,as I’m a 2016 aspirant.I may not write great opinions,but I consider writing something on this initiative itself is my initial success.
    Finally,I may not win immediately,but I’ll win definitely.

  • Rural Lad

    In respect of Yakub Menon death sentence–how far it is right to discuss the moral and human aspects of a judgment delivered by court of law?Judges have to move by letters of law or human emotions?

  • mahesh

    Good initiative 🙂
    Suggestions fr the debates are :
    1. complete ban of liquor is possible ???
    2. Iran nuclear deal

    3. supreme courts stand on yakub memons mercy petition .

  • senthil22yrold

    Very Good initiative indeed.
    The following shall be my suggested list of topics on which we may share our thoughts,

    1) Is the idea of Indian Secularism a flawed concept ?
    2) Is prohibition the right way ahead ?
    3) Should betting be legalized in India ? (Context – IPL)
    4) Do austerity measures really help the citizens ? (Context – Greece)

    Thank You

  • Kalyan Kumar

    Good suggestion on topic is yakub memon death many have different views over it lets have a debate over it..

  • anurima das

    Topics will be posted on this page?

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    • IAS GOI

      Insights Daily Debates: Day – 1 | INSIGHTS

      • Mansi

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    Sir, it would be of much help if you could provide the topic beforehand and if possible some references also. This would give us time to prepare ourselves to participate in a more fruitful discussion.

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    Hi Insights, This is a tough time for me…. I lost my dad on 6th jul and I also discovered that my payment for the CSE 2015 exam did not go through…. I have been preparing a year now and feel totally lost…..
    Please help me and guide me because this is my only dream and a fitting tribute to my late father…. Please help me…

    • We are extremely sorry about your loss Saurabh.

      Please prepare for next attempt with full force. Do not worry about the past. If the payment didn’t go through and if you can not write this year, then definitely something big is awaiting next year for you. Please start earnesty. A good rank will be a great tribute to your late father. Please work towards that. We are here to help you in any way possible.

      • Saurabh

        Thank you Insights….. These words are like a balm for me…. Just one last question, I will be 28 in 2016…. Is there any chance of age limit being reduced to 26?

        • Absolutely not. It is even very unlikely that the age would be reduced to 30. Please go ahead and give your best shot in 2016. Wish you all the best.

          • Saurabh

            Thanks a lot insights… I am now inspired to face the 2016 battle with all the strength….

  • Tanveer Mallick

    GOVERNORS should or should not changed with the change of government

  • Pradeep Pathare

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  • mahipal bisht

    Less discussion more turmoil in parliament. Isn’t it a sign of downfall in the democratic fabric of our country ?

  • richa14

    Few topics
    1Smart city or smart village which is necessary in india
    2Terrorism in middle east how to stop it
    3Women to current superwomen :a journey to think upon
    4Net nutrality who will gain

  • kumhrar

    great initiative .Debates really opens of our mind and brings new ideas .
    i have few suggestion
    1)words limit should be less(100-200)
    2)a particular time for debate should set so that at least those who are participating can bring new points and follow up whole thing (rather than just repeating the old points)
    3)one or two person should be “host ” for the debate .he/she can take the responsibility of collecting good points for or against the topic and summarising it at the end of the debate and posting it online .

  • Mark Naptiv


    Its well past the time you committed to start the Insights daily debates.
    Waiting for the same. I am aspiring to write 2016 exams.

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    indian society at the crossroads… write your essay

  • Wat happened …. Insights … No activity at all??

  • sanjyoti kumar

    thank you insight!


    comment the current trend of indigenisation and FDI in decisiding strategic deterrence of India.

    The govts: announcements of new policies and schemes now and then may lead to POLICY RAJ rather than accruing real benefit.critically analyse .

    comment on the request by the world powers on India’s announcing commitment on carbon emission.

    The emigration policy of European countries,U,k in particular is not in interest of Indian nationals,comment


    Thank you insights, for this wonderful initiative.

  • suraj

    It’s feels awsome,when you are doing this initiative wholeheartedly,thank you insights

  • Amit singh

    These Challenging topics reignites the zeal to solve the issue coming in the path.

  • Surendra Seth

    1-Challenge of western neighborhood.
    2-Current development in the middle East and Indian policy toward the region.
    3- foreign policy challenge today .
    4- India economic relations with world major power .

  • golu

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    Guys, if you agree please up vote this concern and make this reach @insight team.

  • Hope_for_DAWN

    Hello….. I think Diplomatic Immunity and its significance can be a topic for discussion…..