Nitish K Rank – 8 CSE – 2014: My Preparation Strategy

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My Preparation Strategy

Nitish K, Rank – 8, CSE – 2014

I was a student of Insights Offline Class and knew Vinay bro (Whom I call as ‘Anna’ i.e. elder brother) from my school (JNV) days. I readily agreed to his suggestion to write an article for the benefit of aspirants. But owing to hectic training at National Audit & Accounts Academy, I am coming up with this article after many days.

I did my schooling at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Chitradurga during which I made up my mind to become an IAS officer. Later I did engineering from a college in Bangalore. I started my preparation from mid 2010, i.e. during my final year in engineering.

Like everyone, I decided to take Public administration as my optional and started reading it. After few days I realized that Public administration was not my cup of tea. Fortunately at that time results of CSE-2009 was declared and Prakash Rajpurohit had got Rank 2, with Mathematics as one of his optional. His success inspired me to take Mathematics. He also wrote a blog, which I consider as bible for Mathematics optional. I bought all the books which he had mentioned in his blog and finished one time reading by the time I completed my graduation in mid 2011.

Then I left to Delhi from Bangalore and reached Old Rajinder Nagar in June, 2011. I had made up my mind to take Psychology as second optional and join Mukul Pathak’s coaching. But I changed my mind at last moment and joined Neetu Singh for Geography optional.

While going for Geography coaching, I also joined Maths test series at IMS (Venkanna). I left Delhi after 4 months due to adverse conditions like climate, food, high rent etc and went to my native place near Udupi.

Till prelims i.e May 2012, I finished General Studies myself and revised Maths and Geography. After prelims, I again went to Delhi to appear for Maths and GS test series. I made the mistake of appearing for Mains at Delhi Centre. I got high fever on the day of Essay, General Studies and Geography exams and finally recovered before Mathematics exam.

After Mains, I returned to my native place and started preparing for Interview as well as for next Mains. Then fortunately I cleared Mains and appeared for interview in my first attempt. However I could not make it to the final list. Later I found out that I had missed rank by 10 marks and had got low marks in Interview and Geography. Despite working hard for nearly 3 years and leaving job at campus placement, at the end I was left with nothing.

Many people (particularly relatives) mocked at me telling that even two years after engineering I was sitting at home and gave examples of students getting placements with high packages. This was like adding salt to wound. But somehow all these things eventually made me more determined to clear this exam, at any cost.

Fortunately for me, pattern was changed in 2013 and only one optional was required to be taken. I gladly dropped geography and appeared in Prelims again. As the GS syllabus for mains was changed drastically, I felt it was better to prepare in a group. So I went to Delhi again after Prelims and rented a room with two good friends, who were very hardworking and dedicated. I also joined test series for GS and Maths. This time I wrote mains at Bangalore in December.

After Mains, I relaxed for around 20 days and then contacted Vinay bro. He was my senior in school and I got to know that he had got very good marks in UPSC interview. As I had got very low marks in interview in the previous attempt, I was quite afraid about interview. He was kind enough to take many mock interviews freely in his room and helped me to overcome my fear of interview.

His mantra for interview was being honest, humble and confident. I just followed his advice and got 196/275. This was a huge jump for mere 50% in first attempt to 71% in second attempt.

Owing to high Interview marks, I got 547th rank and with just 10 marks more than General cutoff. After declaration of marks, I found that I had low scores in Essay and General Studies Paper 2 and 3. Getting a rank was a great relief to me and my family. But the desire for IAS was still strong.

As I wanted my 3rd attempt to be my last attempt, I decided to give my best shot this time. I did not want to study in isolation but was reluctant to go to Delhi again. Vinay bro told he would be conducting offline test series for GS & Essay in Bangalore for limited students who are very serious. I readily joined it.

He went out of his way to arrange good accommodation in Bangalore. Here I met a group of highly dedicated aspirants which included Neha, Balaji, Kiran, Akhilesh etc. The competition within the group was so high that for three and half months everyone was compelled to work very hard.

The rigorous schedule of Insights for test series enabled us to complete syllabus in time and also strengthen our answer writing skills. Whenever I used to get frustrated about huge syllabus or insufficiency of time and my confidence dipped, I used to talk to Vinay bro. He always used to tell you would get in top 50 this time and not to worry. Finally his words became true.

During this mock test series programme, I wrote nearly 15 three hour essays (with 2 essays for 125 marks each – Later same pattern was there in Mains which helped me a lot). This led to drastic improvement in my essay score from 84 in previous attempt to 142 this year.

Again, this year I frequently spoke over phone from Academy regarding interview with him. As I was undergoing training, this year’s interview needed different approach. We discussed probable questions and refined our answers. He motivated me before the interview to give my best. This year, I scored 206/275. 

I am deeply grateful to Insights and Vinay bro for guiding me and for creating a highly competitive atmosphere at Bangalore, due to which I was able to put much more effort in a focused manner.

Based on my experience, a few suggestions to all the aspirants:

  1. With right approach, it is possible to clear this exam in first attempt But don’t get disheartened if you fail. Don’t give up. Introspect and rectify your mistakes. Hit back with greater effort. When I missed getting a rank by 10 marks in first attempt, I was very disappointed. But I read that year toppers’ interviews. I told myself if they can do it why can’t I do. I was very angry on myself for not clearing and this made me more determined to clear this exam.
  2. Try to prepare with a group of serious There is no point is befriending non-serious aspirants. They will lead to your failure. Be very careful in choosing your friends.
  3. Consistency and discipline are key to success. I have seen lots of people who work very hard for first 1-2 months and later their preparation decays exponentially. Have a timetable and follow it religiously. My daily study routine for past four years is like this – 8 to 9:30, 10 to 1:30, 4 to 8:30 and 9:30 to 12:30. Make your own timetable and give some time in between (say ½ hour) for relaxing. The idea is you should be comfortable with your timetable and not get frustrated.
  4. Clear prelims by a comfortable margin. This is very important so that you start preparing for mains seriously without waiting for prelims results.
  5. Practice answer writing for GS, essay and optional regularly. Insights website is helpful in this regard.
  6. For GS make notes, preferably on Evernote as it consumes less time and easy to edit and revise.
  7. Don’t spend too much time on Internet searching for materials, news etc. Many aspirants spend hours on internet and think they are preparing. But actually they would be aimlessly jumping from website to another without any value addition. It is better to follow few sources that are qualitative.
  8. Also many have this habit of filling their rooms with all kinds of books, material, photocopies etc., which they won’t study even one page. Buy a maximum of 2 books per subject and read them repeatedly. You need not do research on each and every topic. You should just understand them and be able to give simple and clear answers in exam.
  9. Try to finish Mains syllabus before Prelims. Because after prelims you will be having time only for revision and answer writing.
  10. Join coaching only by consulting many seniors. Don’t be fooled by huge photographs of toppers in advertisements. Many would have appeared only for Test Series or Mock Interviews and coaching centers would claim that they were part of classroom coaching.
  11. Finally don’t get your confidence lowered by all the negative comments made by your friends and relatives. Have faith in your hard work. Promise yourself to work harder and prove all your critics wrong. If you work hard, then luck (God) will help you.

I would like to end with two of my favorite quotes, which helped me immensely during my preparation:

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’” Muhammad Ali

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”  Jim Rohn

All the best for your exams and future. Thank you.

  • VR

    Congrats Nitish.

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  • Kishore Padma

    Hi Nitish, feeling immense proud and pleasure that a navodian bro bagged such a wonderful rank in too alumni of jnv Visakhapatnam preparing for this exam.ur interview blossomed new spirits in me.thank u vinay anna for ur selfless valuable work and motivation.hoping to meet u even once.

  • Dev

    Really inspired!! Giving 3rd attempt and having lost hope.. With demotivation from family and relatives.. Not following daily routine… Should have confidence, perseverance and follow consistent daily timing for studying.. Thanks a lot for both Vinay Sir and Nitish.K…

  • Mayuresh Pawar

    Congrats Nitish…..your interview marks are really awesome…

  • KK

    Thank u Nitesh Sir and Vinay Sir and Insight Team 🙂

  • Pradeep kumar

    Thanks Nithis & congrats. 🙂

  • Vivek Kumar Singh

    Its indeed an extreme example of perseverance which u have shown. And u stand as a role model for many of us.I would like to congratulate u for this achievement. This is my first time when m writing my prelims. Worked for almost 3.5yrs in MNCs after finishing my engg from bangalore . But then decided to go for UPSC. M lacking confidence and strategy. I dont know if u can be available some how for guidance. But if we can have a conversation or contact it would be really helpfull.thanks for sharing ur experience. mail id: [email protected]

  • abhay sharma

    Most of interviews don’t give a concrete strategy… Rather beat around the bush quoting personal anecdotes and singing paens to insights…

    • The article above is not an ‘Interview’.

      They have written what they want to convey to readers.

      If you are still searching for a strategy despite what he has mentioned above in 11 Points, you lack objectivity.

      If you have read all articles with a keen interest you will notice that along with Insights they have also mentioned all the people who contributed to them. It is a sign of humility.

      You should be humble to see humility in others.

      If you want strategy for Mathematics, Essay or GS papers, you can be specific and ask for the same. We will do our best to make toppers to write for them

      Between, if you want to read Topper’s Interviews, please read them from Mrunal. They are in-depth and very helpful.

      Thank you.

      • abhay sharma

        Point taken. Thanks

        • Welcome 🙂 And apologies if our comment sounded harsh.

          • Yash

            Plz if possible sir can we get a detailed statergy from Neha Kumari regarding Anthropology statergy like which books she preferred and which part she covered from where it will really help me to supplement if i had left out some part.

          • dark matter

            yes sir we are waiting from long time for neha kumari’s anthro strategy but could not find anywhere..if possible can u ask her on behalf of us

      • batman

        “you lack objectivity”… first time i am hearing this from insights…

      • Aemmy

        @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Could you please request Nitin to share his Maths preparation strategy. The syllabus is huge and needs lots of practice and time. Or if he does not mind.. can I have his email Id. I am really facing problem with Mathematics.
        Thanks a lot

      • Raahi

        Sir i have a query….Where do i ask doubt or question on Insights…..Actually i posted some but did not get any answer

    • Vivek Kumar Singh

      Buddy it absolutely right what u have pointed out. But kindly note the humbleness of them despite being successful. While writing an article for us they are being themselves and not trying to craft at all. If u see most of the aspirants are going through the same pain and struggle everyday. One day they reach the position like nitish with the help of insight and vinay sir. But being same and not letting proud creep in is what this article is about.
      As correctly mentioned by the admin u need objectivity and understad how imp it is to be simple and honest as being by nitish in the above article. I beleive that this is the thing which has helped him improve so much.

      I really wish to have mentors like vinay sir and nitish for such a true guidance like a friend and not a well crafted interview where i don’t see most of us ex. 28hr of study in one day.

  • Abhinav Saxena

    Hi Nitish Sir,
    First of all congratulations on your grand success.
    I was waiting for your interview, as i am considering Mathematics as my optional. Sir i have few doubts related to optional, Kindly reply to my doubts and if possible kindly provide me your email id or contact number so that i can get in touch with you:


    1. I am an Engineer working at L&T graduated in 2011 from a deemed university LPU. But my mathematics is good, as compare to any other subjects for optional as i have more interest in mathematics, currently the status of my maths is that i have forgotten almost all concepts of calculus and algebra, but if i give one reading then i know i can understand all of the. So my question is having such current situation should i go for maths or not? And i have not studied Real Analysis and some other subject from Part II of the syllabus during my graduation.

    2. I am working so obviously it will take more time to finish syllabus, so can you tell me how much time you took to complete the syllabus from scratch.

    3. Prakash raj purohit blog books are all mostly Indian authors, do we need to follow any foriegn author books, As i like reading the theory before jumping into calculatons, and theory is not there in indian authors books.

    4. Can you provide topic wise sources i know prakashraj has done a lot on this matter but still if you can elaborate it in more detail, than it will be really nice as i am not in delhi and i no connections to delhi, Living in Mysore.

    5. Which coaching material i should go for?

    6. Answer writing in mathematics: i have heard from ForumIAS that Answer writing style really matters in Mathematics also, Regarding Answer writing its like do we have to give Geometric Interpretation of things or real life examples, or if somehow we can relate it to social issue. if you can elaborate on that thatn i will be wonderful.
    7. Kindly share your notes of mathematics. And if you have created notes for GS on Evernote please share that also.

    Please respond to it.
    Looking forward for your response.

    Thank you
    Abhinav Saxena
    my email ID: [email protected]

  • Anil Prince

    Thanks Nitish sir and Vinay sir…
    Sir plz also tell about D K Balaji sir’s preparation strategy …and also about his optional Kannada Literature …we r waiting for this sir …so plzz

    Thank u sir…

    • He is writing it. We will be posting it soon. Thank you. 🙂

      • Anil Prince

        Ok sir thank you somuch….

  • Anna Jacob

    Hai Vinay sir n insights…
    thanks n congrats for ur efforts n guidance..

    Am in a dilemma… pls kindly guide me…
    I got 58 marks for gs prelims last yr… this tym prepared better than last year but not soo confident… n sir this is fourth attempt if upsc reduces no:of chances from 6to 4 then I will b in trouble… my optional subject prepration is still in intial stages..
    pls give me suggestions sir..

    • It is very unlikely that UPSC would reduce either attempts or age. Please revise as much as possible now. Do not lose confidence. You can score better if you are calm and revise all you have read so far. Don’t go for new sources now. Read whatever you have. Wish you all the best.

      • aimIAS15

        Hi Vinay Sir,
        I have been following your test series and the new Prelims target 2015 (religiously), It is of immense help, but my optional preparation (geog.) is in a very primitive stage (10%), I had practiced answer writing(from insights) from January to March and from April onwards it depleted.
        —The thing that worries is will I be able to complete my optional after Prelims with answer writing (time constraint worries me) and GS + Ethics. How to manage everything after pre.
        — For prelims I score 85 plus in the insight test series, in some test lower but the blunder I did I had joined CL test series for CSAT in march (we had no idea that Csat will be qualifying) and in CL you have to join for both papers (no option for only paper 2), so just for the sake (as i have paid for it) of giving I write both the test and I score 60 marks in GS1, CL test and get depressed.
        — for now i completely follow your schedule and test series, already done with the ncerts only consolidating them as your test 1-13 had already covered it. Regular with newspapers. For daily Current events strictly insights website only and nothing else
        Sometimes I feel that if you have the will power you can do anything so everything can be done in 116 days after prelims, but now I feel depressed on seeing that GS1 CL and lack confidence even about pre. PLEASE help me. Is it possible to get a good rank in this attempt. (my 2nd)

        • vishwa reddy

          Hi dude , i am not sure if i am the rite person to comment on ur situation , i am in a similar boat , infact more worst boat 😉 , my first attempt and only attempt available , i am a working professional and trying to prepare, i have my geo as optional , so dodnt worry abt option for now , since being thorough with ncert,(goh cheng leog ) , part of geo optionals basic fundamentals is already set , so got to read 1-2 more books[need not be fully thorough ] , which wouldnt take much time [since basics are strong by now ], comming to prelims – all i have thought and good during this time is revison of insights papers only + qucik revision of all the subjects ] i think that should be the best thing to do with just 30 days left in hand .. Vinay sir would be more apt to answer ..
          Good Luck

      • Anna Jacob

        Thanks a lot…..sir….
        will do it sir…
        fully recharged with ur words… ?

  • mns

    Congrats sir:)..wish u even more success in life:)..

  • MaverickNaga

    Wow! That was a stupendous performance with extra ordinary grit..Thank you so much Nitish for this article and Insighsts for providing this invaluable platform.

  • Rajkumar

    Hi sir,

    Im preparing for 2016. And now following and started preparing with self study initiative 2015 for understanding ncert..

    please let me know when the test series for 2016 start.

    • Thank you. We will be starting it from September end.

  • Tushar

    thank you sir for penning down your experiences here.
    Wishing you a great life ahead.

  • Deep

    Hello Insight,
    Thank you Nitish sir for sharing Ur experience. So kind of u to even share Ur mistakes with all of us.
    All the very best for Ur future

    Respected Vinay sir,

    I will be thankful if u can help me out with some of my dilemmas ( I feel that these r very silly things on my side and should not have asked like this but i don’t have any choice).

    First let me tell u something’s about me.
    I have been giving cse exam since last 3 years but couldn’t even clear prelims. Well, i have realised some of my mistakes like attempting less number of questions etc. Presently I m working in bank. I travel for 4 hours everyday to and fro from the bank. So majority of my preparation is done while travelling and around 3-4 hrs at home. Since last prelims whatever I have prepared for GS I feel is enough but I do lack in answer writing practice. For my optional public administration I am confident about my basic understanding but again lack in answer writing . The reason also being that I never gave importance to answer writing( a big mistake). I came to know about Ur initiative very late. But the day I came to knw I have been trying to follow u religiously.
    Now I want to ask u
    1. If I start the answer writing after mains will I be able to do well?
    2. Though everyone here discuss about mains strategy and preparation, can u give guidance for prelims also ( I m sorry if I sound silly to u sir)
    3. U have done answer writing series for public administration earlier, can u restart it after prelims? ( this is my request)
    I will be very thankful to u if u can help me out.
    And I also request all my friends on this platform if u have any suggestions for me to kindly share. Openfor critics as well.

    Thanking you.

  • Navya

    Thank You so much for sharing your journey with us Nitish Sir… All the very best for your future endeavors.

    Thanks a lot INSIGHTS and Vinay Sir for bringing their preparations so close to us. It will definitely motivate us and help us to be on the right track.

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    thanks nitish for sharing.

  • Learner

    Thank You Nitish Sir… Vinay Sir.. u r providing such a service such that even a district collector can’t be able to do.. Thankuuuu..

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    Thank Nithin …..congratulates,

  • Swaroop

    Hi Nitish,

    Congratulation’s for your success!!!

    I would also like to quote this as well!!

    When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
    Paulo Coelho

    Great work INSIGHTS and Vinay sir!!!



    PLease sir give some strategy about preperation of veterinary & animal sciences subject

  • congratulations Mr. Nitish for success and Mr. Vinay for motivation
    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus ..
    I request you to provide the strategy by Mr. D.K.Balaji (#36 rank) for kannada literature optional ..thank you 🙂

  • Tuks

    Nitish Sir……Thank you very much for inspiring article….
    Congratulations for your sucess……
    Sir….Pls give strategy about Mathematics Optional……

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  • dhiliptcs

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    A joint venture of Mrunal,Insightsonindia and IAS-baba can prove to be killer combination…!!!

  • Sachin

    Hi Nitish, first of all hearty congratulations for your stupendous achievement. I have only two questions:

    1) Could you please share the detail book list for mathematics that you followed?
    2) where did you get the questions for mathematics to practice?

    At the end I would like to say a big THANK YOU to entire @InsightsOnIndia:disqus team for being a virtual mentor to millions of aspirants. Again THANK YOU…


  • Puja

    Thanks Insights for providing us such a nice platform to hear from toppers which sounds real like our life, Unlike those edited ones from any magazine’s self proclaimed credit taking interview bites.

  • power

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    Sir, can you,if possible share the strategy for the mathematics subject? As I’m planning to opt for mathematics as my optional subject, I need some guidance from you!!
    Thank You!!

  • Jyo

    Congrats! !!☺

  • Prashant J

    Hats off and congratulations Nitish Anna for ur dedication and hard work. U deserves it.
    @beloved INSIGHTS(Vinay Sir) please try to upload Booklist for PT +mains which Toppers had read. It will be a Saral – Marg , Vinay sir.
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      • Patil123
        • Raj Kumar Chauhan

          link is not working ??

          • Patil123

            in google just you give prakashrajpurohit ……… you will get his blog

            • Raj Kumar Chauhan

              you will get his blog but only JEE related posts, it seems he has remove CSE posts ?

              • Patil123

                details of CSE … you can check right bottom corner of same blog………

                • Raj Kumar Chauhan

                  i am not getting it…can you please give me link of his cse page?

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  • Diehard Insight Fan

    Congratulations Nitin Sir and Vinay SIr..Great Team, i can say.. Thank you for writing such an article which will help other aspirants to build up their strategy. Those 11 Points mentioned in the write-up is like a Bible for aspirants now. Thank you for sharing all this. Will surely look forward to follow this in my routine of study. Thank You


    congrats nitish and thank you alot and all the best for future

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    Today im inspired with Balaji D K sir’s inspiring n motivational speech at Vijayapur.. he guided all aspirants hw to go wth preparation. His strategy on prepartion is just awsme.. Also we got some tips from other toppers like Harish, n Dr. Vidyarti. Thnks for organising orientation programme conducted by Bijapur Administration n Bijapur Zilla panchayat..
    Thnks to Balaji D K sir for his time to Bijapur aspirants. Thnks to Insight also 🙂

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        my email is [email protected]


    Hi Nitish,

    I want to ask you whether any mentoring is essentially required for maths. Can it be prepared staying in room, if so then what are the mistakes that I should avoid. I came to the city for classes but due to my bad health(unable to adjust to the city conditions) I am returning back to my native(a small town). Please if possible guide me on this aspects.

    Thanks & Regards

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    I felt much confident after seeing fellow navodian who cracked IAS, and happy came to know that vinay anna is also a navodian. I follow his inspire99 website regularly.
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    Show that 1+i is a prime element in the ring R of Gaussian integers

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    some person told me DIAS & IMS is proving for this.
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    One of my friend join DIAS,and he told me Vajpayee sir is good teacher, he taught Fluid,Dynamics,Mechanics,etc. is just like a megic. Now I’m Very Confused,where can i Join.
    Please tell me………..Please
    thanks …………Kayana [email protected].

  • Very nice information!!! especially point No-11 “Join coaching only by consulting many seniors. Don’t be fooled by huge photographs of toppers in advertisements. Many would have appeared only for Test Series or Mock Interviews and coaching centers would claim that they were part of classroom coaching.”
    Thanking so much to Nitish ji & This information would be future road map of all IAS/IFoS Mathematics Optional aspirants. For more information & analysis visit website:

  • Vaishali

    Goodevening Sir,
    I have by mistake registered for this prelims 2016 test series today. Sir I have heard about Your hardwork and so opted to start my preparation witb Insights and arranged 6000 with various difficulties. Sir it would be very kind of you if can either shift this to 2017 prelims or refund it so thay i can register again.. not in condition to pay any more… I have not attempted even a single test you can check..
    Sir please Help.

  • Deepak Kumar Khedwal

    whom student choose maths for optinal