[MOTIVATION] Madhusudhan Hulgi Rank 392, CSE – 2014: Three Times Failed to Clear Prelims, Fourth Time Secured a Rank

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Madhu’s is the classic story of many aspirants. He erred many times, but managed to learn from his failures and finally got All India Rank –  392 in UPSC civil services exam – 2014. He worked very hard this time to get this rank. It is not very easy to digest series of failures and then emerge successful. We hope his story would inspire you too to clear this exam in this attempt.

Journey from Nothing to Something

Madhusudhan Hulgi, Rank – 392 CSE – 2014

I never thought I would write an article on my journey from layman to becoming a civil servant. My inclination for UPSC civil services started in 2008 when my friend was studying for this exam about which I had no idea. That’s when this curiosity increased to know what civil services means and what does a civil servant do. I constantly spoke to him about how to start and when to start. After my Masters (from IISc) in 2009 I was so tired of studying that I just wanted to enjoy my life with all the money I was earning. I changed my job for better prospects in my field (chemical engineering). My work place was Hosur (near Bangalore) earlier and then Gurgaon. So I shifted from Bangalore to Gurgaon. I started working but had this urge of doing something more to the society. I mean, I was earning but wasn’t satisfied with money.

This is when I thought I should start my preparations seriously. But the problem was where to start from? I had no idea. During this time, my friend came to my rescue. In my first attempt I was working and I kind of ignored the CSAT preparation and tried mugging up things for General Studies Paper-1. As expected, it didn’t work for me and I missed my ticket to Mains on large margin.

My optionals were Public Administration and Sociology then. I was directionless about these subjects so took sabbatical from work and took coaching for Public Administration and Sociology. I was devastated when I didn’t clear prelims in my first attempt. I continued with my work and took break from studies. Motivation level was too low.

But at any cost wanted to be a civil servant, so started studying again. In my second attempt I changed my strategy and worked on CSAT too. Considering that I would clear prelims I wrote every Sunday mocks in Delhi for my Optional. This time also it didn’t work and I didn’t clear prelims.

Generally when we fail for the second attempt we feel we don’t deserve to be a civil servant. I had weird feeling of dejection because this was the first time I had faced failure for the second time. The same year I didn’t clear KPSC (Karnataka Public Service Commission) Prelims. It was kind of icing on the cake for disappointment spree.

But god definitely has plans. One of my college friend had cleared the exam the same year and I happened to be in touch with him after Mains. He constantly pushed me saying there is an element of uncertainty in this exam so one should never feel bad and should always be ready to bounce back and fight hard. This is when I decided to quit my government job in Gurgaon and left for Bangalore.

I had no place to stay. Then again I got in touch with my college friend who was also preparing for civil services, he allowed me to stay at his place. Here large element of discussions helped me change my thought process. I started having a different approach to each topic.

It was kind of good to stay with my friend because of his habit of criticising, underestimating me. Actually he pushed me more to work harder. (“ always thank people who say you cant do it “) . He had decided that I am not fit for civil services and should be more of an MBA guy. This usually happens when people aim for toughest exam and the opinion would be “don’t do it”, enjoy your life and don’t get all frustrated with failure .

Hence to overcome the negativity I started gymming and hence kept the enthusiasm high . So gymming was a great stress reliever.

In my Third attempt I had worked more than what I worked for the 4th attempt. But as usual the result was the same. Same old story was repeated, wrote mocks for Optional again (Now only one Optional was there). And as usual i didn’t clear the Prelims. This was the heights of disappointment.

I was unable to take the failure. I was depressed for months. Had gone underground, didn’t speak to anyone. I was afraid of criticism. Started getting tough on myself and never gave credits for myself for all the effort I had put in. One most important thing in this process is that people around you appreciate only when they see the results and not the effort one puts in. So the end becomes more important than the means taken to reach there.

I had decided that I wouldn’t give this exam anymore and quit studying. I started searching for job in Bangalore. My parents had given freedom to do whatever I wanted to do, but every time I failed I felt I am disappointing them more than myself. So if at least I work they need not have to face the social stigma of 28 yr old guy doing nothing and sitting at home.

Lots of things are common in aspirants, first of all the kind of pressure they face from society because of the failure and then the usual comparison with their children and making you feel low. This is all I have faced throughout this journey. (But I would say ignore all these my friends)

But one fine day, my dad called me up and asked me what you want to do in life. I was like, I want to be a civil servant but UPSC isn’t letting me to write the Mains. So he said “ it’s not about how hard you get hit but it’s about how hard you can take the hit and keep moving forward, you have come a long way and have worked enough , so at least for my sake give one more attempt” (Similar to Rocky movie dialogue though! 🙂 )

Apart from my dad there is one more person that is Ambrish Pujari, he too asked me to give one last attempt. Both this conversation happened on the same day and both wanted me to do it for one last time and they had promised me that in case I didn’t clear Prelims again they would not force me again to write this exam. At the same time I met this wonderful person , Deepika, she was a big moral support for me throughout this period. She has been one of those people who stood by me thick and thin throughout this journey.

So I took some time and started getting preparing for this exam. But I thought let’s try other exams too, so I filled forms for CAPF, NABARD, RBI Grade B, SSC CGL. I mean I have written all those exams which allowed me to write based on certain eligibility. But I failed in all of these exams. I never cleared even first stage of these exams. In fact the SSC Tier 2 was so easy even that I failed. Probably god had some other plans for me.

But what could be done was to change the strategy in this attempt for civil service so I studied having broader perspective in mind with respect to every topic, started asking questions to myself and started looking for answers. It took time in the beginning but didn’t give up. This helped me to understand why certain things happen in government/society and what can be the feasible solution.

I never prepared for Prelims and Mains separately. Worked simultaneously for both. But I made it a point to revise the week long work at the end of the week. This way I was able to remember and I need not had to put in extra effort to remember things. I didn’t want to ignore CSAT so worked on comprehensions and maths, practised with timings.

Then I wrote 4th Prelims, but this time I had told my dad and Pujari not to have any expectations. So I had this lesser element of pressure before the exam. As usual I started preparing for Mains immediately after Prelims.

This is when I came in touch with Vinay sir through my friend Kiran. I got to know about Insights through this way. But I was late because most of them had enrolled earlier. But somehow pestered Vinay sir to let me write mocks and had told him I won’t let him down. He trusted me and gave me chance to write the exam.

I was pathetic in writing but Vinay sir (from insightsonindia) kept pushing me to improve everything in writing. I was bad in everything, with respect to content, articulation, word limit, relevance etc. I banked a lot on Insights’ strategy. One of the best things about this mock was that there was stepwise improvement in writing , for example, it was 1 hr 10 questions and subsequently 3 hr 30 questions. This eventually helped me to first improve speed then content and finally word limit and articulation. In mean time we got Prelims result and when I cleared this time I felt as if I had already joined the civil service! 🙂

This is when the effort had to be doubled and accordingly Vinay sir kept on giving me inputs to improve with respect to relevance and word limit. Finally things were falling in place.

He even allowed me to write essays keeping in mind the points’ he had told earlier. He helped me to improve the introduction and conclusion of the essay. This continuous evaluation helped me to improve and work harder. In mean time I was also supported by my friend Kiran regarding how to improvise essay.

These 4 months (Sept to Dec – 2014) of Mains preparation helped me change the facet of my work and I felt I could do it. Immediately after my mains I searched for job because this uncertainty was still troubling me and my parents. So I took up a job in April – 2015.

In the mean time when results were out and when I was given a chance to face interview I again looked for Vinay sir for help. He helped me out with how to prepare for interview (I scored 179). What should be focussed upon and how to have a balanced opinion, body posture etiquettes to be followed etc.

Finally I made it into the list.

When I look back,  I feel, I made it because there were certain people who bestowed this unconditional support throughout this journey, my parents (GOD), my Pujari, my Vinay sir and few friends Ibrar, Sajag, Surendra, Deepika, Rajesh etc. I moved all the way from nothing to something at the end of 4 years. The moment I am living today is worth the every pain I took for these 4 years.

I would like to say one thing to all the aspirants “ work hard and never give up, every time you fall down, get up and say I can do this – that’s how this win could be made. Never compare yourself to others because each individual is good at something, so work on it and you will find a way and if you have faith in yourself then nothing is impossible.”


Note: Madhu will be getting IAS under ST category. We are very happy for him. IAS needs people like him.

We will notify admission details for Mains Offline Batch soon after Prelims – 2015. Now, admissions are closed. Please mail us only after the notification. Thank you for your support.




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  • neeta

    Hats off to your determination n VINAY SIR too…

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    Really inspiring … 😀

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    congratulation sir…….

  • Vibhu

    Inspiring. Just keep working hard and always remember god always has something for us in bag which we dont know. We just need to keep our head down and keep doing hard work. Congratulations to both Madhusudhan sir and Vinay sir.
    I am facing a weird problem these days, is anyone else facing it….its like whatever i am studying its not going inside my head…this is what i am feeling….its like reflecting back by my mind:( . Ek Song yaad aa gaya Kishore da ka…RUk jana nahin kahin tu haar ke , kaaton mein hi milenge saaye bahar ke……

    • Hahha… Lovely song and a lovely phase!

      • Vibhu


        • Naina Agarwal

          Revision is key to this exam..Just relax and enjoy whatever you read..u will definately get through.. 🙂

          • Vibhu

            Yup Agreed. Thanks. All the Best to u too:)

    • mns

      Kinda experiencing the same feeling..jst hope v can recall wat v hv read

      • Vibhu

        It will happen. Dont worry.

    • Yashaswi

      These things are a part and parcel of this process/phase/preparation.
      If what you read goes into one ear and out through the other, re-read. If it happens again, take a couple of deep breaths and let your mind go blank for that short bit. Re-read now. Nothing yet? Go take a short walk. Re-read. Re-read. Re-read. It will register.
      But. Sometimes. There are certain things that just don’t seem to make sense no matter what. Skip it. Move on. Return to it later. Save time now.

      • Vibhu

        Thanks a lot for motivating me and telling the process. Appreciated.

      • Bedanta Kr Bora

        that’s to say”Take a deep breath,pick yourself up,dust yourself off and start all over again” Frank Sinatra

        • Yashaswi

          Ah. Ok. Have no idea who he is, a very familiar name though, and he sure knows/knew how to be economical with the use of words 😀

      • Big Mind

        Read only once. Then revise. That’s enough. Don’t be crazy.

    • kavitha

      I had same feeling few days ago… i tried this:- just before sleeping try to remember what ever you read that day, it will build your confidence and it will be a revision ..i don’t know whether it works for u r not (it worked for me)..it will be a self testing…

      • Vibhu

        Will try it. Thanks a lot:)

      • Rajashekhar

        yes..it is working in my point of view.thank u.

    • Dixita Mistry

      main bhi sirf padh rahi hun …padh rahi hun and padh hi rahi hun. It seems that I couln’t memorize it aur syllabus toh kabhi khatm hi nai hoga . But you know what we can not and should not stop. That’s what this preparation demands. Don’t just keep on studying…relax..cool and don’t take pressure. This phase will pass. I meditate and exercise in the morning..you can also try it….

      • Vibhu

        yup Agreed. This is a phase and we must enjoy it. Keep doing what you are doing and just keep doing it no matter what. I will also try to do exercise. Meditate…..thoda abhi ke liye jyada ho jayega…but thats a very good thing. I think one of the person who got selected through insights offline classes also said they used to do daily yoga, exercise etc. to bas padhti jao, meditate and exercise krti jao….You will definitely get it.

        • Dixita Mistry

          hahaha…sure Vibhu.

      • Rangrezzz

        heart of Champion like a light switch its always on and on when someone is watching,it doesn’t go on -off,its CONSTANT

    • Yashaswi S. Chauhan

      “B E L I E V E I N Y O U R S E L F ! T H E R E S U L T W I L L S P E A K F O R ”
      #MEDITATE instead of Dreaming successes or Failures !

      • Vibhu

        you are right:)

    • Puja

      The days are passing like storm, so fast. In a day sometimes I feel yes I can do it , but after some time I feel no everything is going out of my hand now and I can’t make it. As I have given my everything to this exam , it has become a life n death this time. Apart from this so many problems in this society for girls if u leave ur job and stay at home n studying. But still we can’t stop our journey that we hv started. So falling and rising each day ech moment. After reading all this success stories sometimes I feel if I can get into touch of Vinay sir.
      I started to write something for u but end up writing about mine.
      Vibhu I am seeing u for so many months here. U r consistent. So pls feel relax and just keep walking. All will be fine. I believe this. For me and for others .

      • Vibhu

        Puja….you know what the topper for next year will also go through this same phase and so the others who will be selected and basically everyone who is preparing well. So dont worry and dont think about any other thing at this moment.Just keep going. When i was reading this article , i just wrote this piece because i was feeling this from last many days and i was feeling this badly. Even i am feeling like taking a break of day or two. Also, i am feeling my capacity of study has reduced due to anything not going into my mind . but let me tell u….this is all part of journey as all others have said. We need to enjoy this and believe in ourself. just keep fighting and you will reach your destiny but for that you need to keep fighting persistently. So just keep doing that. Forget about what will happen…just try your best. you need to customize as per your own likes and dislikes. We all have favourite subjects …..so read them , revise them……If you dont like something…read it for less time …go to your favourite subject and then come back . Something like that. So just believe in yourself.
        I sometimes try weird things…..i hear that song from Lakshya movie and there is one in Iqbal as well.
        Arise Awake and rest not till the goal is achieved.— Swami Vivekananda

        • Puja

          Thanks vibhu for boosting me. What u said is so true. Yes I am doing the same thing n shuffling subjects each day to avoid congestion in my head. I will definitely not stop until I reach there.
          The movie u said one of my fav 🙂
          Ur last line in Bengali: “Otho , Jago, Lokhye pouchhano porjonto themona” – Swami Vivekanada.

      • SAM

        Feeling same kind of things now days seriously it is like i am unable to retain that much stuff ….sometimes whole day i read nothing ..if i read something today later on not able to recall feeling low sometimes ……
        Lots of doughts regarding future …prelims is coming close each day i can feel that but the enthusiasm which brings me here i dont think is still in me because it is not making me to go ahead ..dont no why but one thing is aure its a game of mind how to control it thats i want to learn rest will automatically settle down

        Even i myself dont know what i am feeling nd writing here but hurdles are bigger than earlier every time so make the jump bigger as well to overcome the hurdles…

    • Subhash Tadala

      Hey I am the one with the same problem, but when I started revising the topics, which i am not remembering, miracle happened. Please revise…

      • Vibhu

        Yup, will revise. Lets see if miracle happens or not:)

    • Rangrezzz

      link the topic …for example ..in reading across you found supreme court blah blah…link SC or enter into google find anything read anything ..you will back on track because surfing web itself a kind of enjoyment ..trust me keep linking you won’t ever deviate,
      last “Concentration is the only Essence of all knowledge,we concentrate upon what we love ,and we love upon what we concentrate”-Swami Vivekanand Ji

    • akash

      Thank you for your motivational and all the best for upsc aspirants

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    Your story is one of the best stories of motivation I have ever read.
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    And all the very best for your desired career.

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    off:) these two words I hardly used for anyone till now, but it was your day
    and you deserve it dost:))))
    I would like to meet you in personal in any
    case you are in and around Bangalore:)
    In any case drop me mail ([email protected]) or text
    (09972208182) your availability, if you find the time or give me contact i will
    happy to get back to you.
    Thank you and all the best for future..

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    Irrespective of my results i would definitely thanks Insights for its immense support , I have been following Insights from last one and half years and it has always made me better everyday.
    Thanks. Keep your good work going.

    And Madhushan congratulation for success and Best luck for your Future.

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        All d best for ur future endeavour…

        • Madhusudan_Hulgi

          thanks a lot and all the best for your future

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    I am seeing myself in madhu sir atleast for the 1st part now…. only difference is that it’s my 2nd attempt….rest all same to same….thank you very much for your kind words…would continue to work hard…hope would achieve the other part too.

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      thanks and continue with ur effort you will make it

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    Out of all selected candidates this year, i felt great of Ira Singhal,Your story seems to fit beside her’s.

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      thanks a lot @ nevergive up. stay strong and work hard you will make it into the list

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    hats off!!!..ter is a saying in tamil..”EVEN IF GOD CANT GIVE IT TO YOU<THE WORK U DID WILL REWARD U AT ANY COST"..its true in tis case..

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    Although, while working 6 days a week(which in any case I cant quit), I only contribute not more than 4-5hrs a day for studies far less than what others do, but than also I am in race, I may be running at slow pace but I am there. And this time, M sure, that this slow paced tortoise would stop after finish line only.
    Hats off to you…for your bouncing back with a bang. 🙂

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    #MEDITATE instead of Dreaming !

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      But one problem. I have everything for this tough fight now except Vinay Sir.

      • Dear Puja,

        We are always there on this platform. You will also have Madhu, Neha, Balaji, Nitish , Satish and other successful candidates to guide you in future too. They are aware that getting into IAS is not the end. Tomorrow you too will get into service and serve the society. Have faith and prepare well.

        Please feel free to mail us to clear your doubts. It takes time, but we will surely reply you. Thank you.

        • Puja

          Thank u so much Sir for your reply. I am religiously following Insights and can see the changes in my preparation. I can work harder now as so many well wishers are here for us to guide.

      • Madhusudan_Hulgi

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        • Puja

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    • Madhusudan_Hulgi

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        I am from andhra Pradesh. I like insights very much. I am preparing for cse 2016. Once I want to meet vinay sir . Please send address of vinay sir or insights classes to my mail [email protected]. I will not disturb vinay sir. Please believe me . I will wait for your reply.

        Thanks in advance

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    Plz reply.

    • Yashaswi

      Hi Nikhita,

      The following paragraphs are copy-pasted ditto from an earlier comment I made on another page. Please do not get offended by any statements in it, I only want to point out where you may have gone wrong. Hope this write up helps you : )


      Did you solve all 33 of Insights Mock Tests? Along with a few extra tests Insights had given? Did you follow the Insights Self Study Initiative? The reason I am specifically asking if you participated in Insights’ initiatives is because you now are asking Vinay Sir for motivation.

      Look. There must be several reasons why you may not have done as well as you wanted to. Here are some:

      i) you did not follow any one strategy, you kept changing your strategy
      ii) you did not stick to any ONE source for guidance, you kept referring to several websites and forums
      iii) you did not revise
      iv) you did not practice mock tests (some of my friends hardly practised any mock tests but they revised very well and thus have done well, while some did their revision by only practicing tests)
      v) you were distracted THROUGHOUT for some valid/invalid excuse
      vi) This is related to point i), did you make a plan/schedule which you tried with utmost efforts to stick to?
      vii) you were reading several books on one subject instead of reading the same book over and over again.

      These are some out of many possible reasons if you are a serious aspirant. Your issue maybe one out of the above mentioned points, or a combination of some. Dealing with this is your responsibility. It is possible for anyone to tackle this exam head-on.

      Sit down. Analyse your preparation strategies of the past and all that. You alone can do this best.

      For me, about 4 months ago I decided I would utilise Insights’ initiatives as my sole guide. I decided I would solve as many mock tests and additional questions as possible. It has helped me immensely. I may or may not clear prelims (I think maybe i’m on the borderline) this time but I know it for a fact that Insights initiatives have totally altered my confidence level and preparation strategy for my own good.

      Insights initiatives may quite obviously not work for every person, my point is just this – stick to one source for guidance and follow it through and through with your heart; repose your trust in that one source. It will do wonders.

      Good luck/all the best.

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