Clarification Regarding Our Offline Classes and Other Thoughts

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We are receiving many emails enquiring us about details of our offline class thanks to our students who excelled in CSE-2014. Five out of of the 19 who wrote our tests regularly between September – 2014 to December – 2014 have got top ranks and all five will be getting into IAS.

Now, many are asking us to allow them to be part of the programme even before we have formally announced about the program. Regarding this, we want to clear some doubts.

What was the secret behind the success of these students from our class?

We will give you an honest answer to this question:

1) They were extremely determined

2) They were humble to the core and had faith in One Strategy

3) They worked very hard. Never missed a test. They took tests of Optional subjects despite having tough time in managing General Studies papers. They wrote nearly 25 essays in three months.

4) They were receptive to feedback and adopted changes in their style of writing. They never doubted what they were following.

5) They read few things repeatedly instead of reading more things once or twice

It was their attitude, character and hard work which got them their ranks.

Then, what was our role?

1) We conducted tests regularly

2) We gave feedback initially. Later all they needed was practice and practice.

Our role was extremely limited (we are not saying this to sound like Good guys. We are saying this because this is The Fact)

Why are we telling this now?

We are concerned that just because success rate was high from our class, it doesn’t mean that you have to be here to taste success. We were also aspirants once and we know how hard it is to move from one place to another with all the load of books and other luggage.

Therefore, it is our endeavour to provide a platform for you to study from home itself. Please use this website to the fullest and work hard from your place itself. As you might have seen this year, many who got ranks have done this. You too can. Please don’t fall into the trap that Insights or for that matter any One coaching centre will help you get a rank just because many got ranks from this or that institution. It is YOU who has the power to achieve what  you want to achieve.

Most important part in this journey is that you should follow one strategy one guidance and have faith in what you have chosen to follow. Please do not scout for too many resources, too many websites and too many mentors. You know what to read and what not to. Follow it religiously with undying faith and success shall be yours.

Why we take less people to our class?

Our aim is to provide personal feedback which is qualitative. It is impossible to provide feedback to more than 30 people personally at this point of time. If not quality will be compromised.

We will make every effort to make this website useful for you in your preparation in every way. Please follow our initiatives. They won’t disappoint you if you faithfully follow them.  You can see the results this year. Don’t be lured by glitzy magazines, books and websites (some copycats of Insights’ initiatives) in the market.

You have good old Mrunal to clear concepts (especially economics), GKToday for basic info, Wikipedia for all the facts, numerous youtube channels for informative and motivational videos, The Hindu and Yojana for current events and finally a set of standard books including NCERTs to gain fundamental knowledge on basics.

This doesn’t mean that we are opposed to coaching. You might need coaching for your Optional subject.

Together let’s make a constructive community where we help each other. Let’s create a positive environment where everybody feels happy to participate. Where even a person sitting at his home in a remote village feels there is someone with him to help him out.

Please review others’ answers. It is not sufficient if you write answers in your notebook and keep quiet. Please provide inputs so that others find it useful and get motivated to participate regularly and move towards their dream. We too will participate eventually. We are finding it difficult to manage it now, but we will be part of this process soon.

Wherever you are, keep reading, keep writing and keep revising. If you do these consistently, no force on this earth will snatch victory from you. Just keep going.

  • Anisha rai

    How to join offline classez

  • jgautam

    Very true..we hav to believe in ourselves..thnks insight!!

  • paras

    Thanks a tonne for the support. ??

  • Surabhi

    Definitely insights.. The real power is within.. But u are serving as light in darkness to help us find lost path..
    Thank you so much..
    It’s not competition amongst us, anyone selected for the post is happiness for others too. So friends let’s make utmost use of this efforts being forth by insights. And help each other.. Let’s review each other’s answers, appreciate at times and suggest for any corrections in a polite manner.. All the best

    • Gauri Parashar

      Well said Surabhi. This is actually called as healthy competition.


    Regarding the above post, it reflects the true picture and gives correct guidance to all.
    I have been a regular reader of your posts.
    I would like to know where are the Classroom Lectures being held and when these will be scheduled for Mains 2015.
    Niraj Kumar Sinha

  • ammu

    Sincere reply to queries regarding the coaching….
    Thanku for such a wonderful platform

  • Vaibhav55100

    Hi insights..I m new to this..and going to prepare for 2016,what should be the strategy from now..and will u be providing timetable for that too.
    Thanks in advance..

    • whatsdereinname

      1) writing practice from day 1: I am sure you must be reading the Hindu/indian express. if not, start reading them. and start writing answers here. initially start with 2-3 answers.
      2) for basics, start with ncerts, u can follow self study guide. may be u can take more days to complete one week agenda given over there and solve the tests after completing a particular test syllabus.
      3) optional; allocate sometime for it as well during the day in such a way that u complete atleast twice before the prelims 2016

  • KK

    Thank u insights:)

  • sand of time

    thank you very sir…..sir this is regarding our current initiative todays topics is economic survey vol 2 ch 2…..i’m finding it really difficult to remember so many numbers and data….i know that one don’t have to rememer each and every figure but the question is then…..what one should keep in mind???

  • Souvik Ghosh

    Hats off to you sir!!!! Genuine and true fact. Proud to be part of a platform that has not become commercial or a market place like other money mongers.Thanks for your initiative and grateful to the Insight team for the help and support provided.


    I took cs in 2016 is there any new strategy now. Like timetable etc.

    • whatsdereinname

      1) writing practice from day 1: I am sure you must be reading the
      Hindu/indian express. if not, start reading them. and start writing
      answers here. initially start with 2-3 answers.
      2) for basics, start
      with ncerts, u can follow self study guide. may be u can take more days
      to complete one week agenda given over there and solve the tests after
      completing a particular test syllabus.
      3) optional : allocate sometime for it as well during the day in such a way that u complete atleast twice before the prelims 2016

      • Batman

        I face a problem sir newspaper reading and making notes take lots of time up 6 hrs. Sir please give me a suggestion how I managed time.

        • whatsdereinname

          i am also a fellow aspirant only :).
          1) there are articles by various guides on how to read newspaper. mrunal has also written one article. there is also a video by roman saini who got 18th rank in cse 2013 on how to read hindu in 90minutes. you can search these articles and read them
          2) follow insights secure , insights current affairs, insights the hindu news analysis – then you will get a practical idea which kind of news u must follow and how they need to be analysed and so on..

          with right strategy and practice, I am sure time will come down.

          • Batman

            Thanks bro

        • Big Mind

          You read newspaper for 6 hours ?
          Are you crazy ?

        • Rehab Wani

          U r to go 4 only 1st page nd national news stuff, rest all has nothing 2 do with +take editorials and the science nd tech page of hindu each week….good luck..hope 2 read ur interview as a topper nxt wishes

  • Navya

    Thank you so much for the article INSIGHTS :)Yes! We can do it and we will 🙂

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  • r agrawal

    Thanks a lot for your precious work and making our path so simple ?????

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    ur coperation really adds enhancement to our preparation:)

  • 10th Jinping

    _/_Respect Insights_/_
    It is not a website, Its a revolution (period)

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    Insights is our BIG BROTHER?? Hatsoff for ur service to aspirants… keep going.

    • Big Mind

      Big Brother is watching you !

      • Krishna Koushik

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  • jam

    Sir, Please continue the “self study guide” for specially for mains exam only immediately after prelims and make it more innovative by including Essay as well as Optional subjects……

  • DS

    This honest nature of yours is the one that keeps increasing our respect for you.kudos sir.insights is being a constant source of information and inspiration to all of us.and I must say this..insights test series for prelims is really helpful.I’m glad I chose this.though I wasted my time all this year..I’m preparing this last month with hope and even if I couldn’t make it this year I’ll put sincere efforts to make it to the final list next year.thanks so much for all this selfless service sir.jai hind

  • shocktea

    The happiness i get when i open the insights site daily and the satisfaction before closing the site are unforgettable in my civils preparation. thanks a tonne to INSIGHTS…..

  • aman

    really great efforts Insights… thank you thanks a lot …


    thanks insights for such an insightful post…
    to all my dear fellow insightians i would like to make a suggestion that many of us are preparing from remote areas but in close vicinity of each other.we can have many benefits from it we can follow the insights strategy an make groups of insightians in our own districts or area to enhance our chances of success.
    i m preparing from Gwalior Madhya Pradesh please contact me if any one of you preparing from gwalior

  • Buddha

    Thanks for these words, just a suggestion can you share those paper and timetable strategies online which you will implement at offline classes…:-)

  • Animesh BM Tripathi

    I owe so much to Insights….Really an angel for students like me who hails from a rural background and has no resources other than Insightsonindia

  • Anurag

    Dear insights,

    Actually preparation from home is very convenient for me cz i can save much time rather then going out for food or washing cloths ( as dry cleaner would really be costly) and many more stuff which i get at hand in home.

    One suggestion. can insights conduct CSE test same as prelims.mail the test and time table, will reply through mail the ans.and snaps.Directions through mail or call.
    All paid service.

    Just a suggestion, if its possible do consider.

    • Learner

      Its a best request Anurag…

      Vinay Sir.. Please look up on it…


    thank insights for such a insightful post
    to my fellow insightians please make sure we truly understand the feelings of insights that they don’t believe in spoon feeding and so we are. Here is a plan that we can make groups of insightians in our areas to get benefits of insights and studies to a great extent Any one preparing from Gwalior MP in isolation.

  • manisha

    Thank you very much Sir! We will never forge the help you are providing us!

    Thank you very much Insights!

  • AS

    Thank u so much for your guidance insights… I too believe that the coaching-bubble needs to burst! Many of the hardworking aspirants cant afford to get enrolled in fancy coaching institutes and feel left behind.But thanks to friends and councellers like u guys, mrunal sir, solanki ma’m, gaurav sir, roman sir, riju ma’m , avi sir and many superb people, students like us can prepare well frm wherever they are and study whenever they can! What students really need is self study + guidance + lots of answer writing practice with valuable feedbacks both from Gurus and Peers.
    Thank u once again and keep motivating 🙂

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  • There never was a secret ingredient. It was “you” yourself, all along.

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    if time permits, do provide guidance for popular optionals

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  • devyadav

    Firstly I am working in indian air force and very new to for civil services.i want to clear my doubt that before writing answers I must go for ncert books and prepare my base.friends please help me provide me basic guidance to be on track.because right track can not be achieved without a GURU.n then it is upto you how you are keen for ur pls frd help me email [email protected] number 9758619356.please friends help me out.

    • whatsdereinname

      Go n check out the self study guide of insights, u can go n check mrunal website, roman saini videos he got rank 18 in cse 2013.
      Everyone has their own unique strategy but with common ingredients (ncerts, the Hindu, writing practice, revision, optional prep)

      • devyadav

        Thanks a lot buddy.firstly I will have to go through all these stuff?.Then I can proceed ahead.thanks

  • devyadav

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    • Big Mind

      That’s the attitude buddy .
      Way to go !

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  • kapoor

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    The mains sources you given are well enough,I believe.
    Just want to bring in your notice in Gs4 mains , Moral thinkers are still not updated…

    Some Gs4 stuff is left on my list, from your source.Kindly update the Sections.

    You sources are of immense help.
    Thank you

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    Insight you always come forward and rescue us before we deviate…..What to say about selfless courage…. Hats off to insight.
    How gently and humbly insight is working for us, it is setting a standard for every other human being to follow a path to be an universal self, not an individual self(self centered), irrespective of what we are or what we can become….

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