[MOTIVATION] Aparna Gupta – Rank 108: Overcoming Huge Personal Loss to Achieve Success

UPSC Civil Services Exam Strategy

Aparna Gupta, Rank – 108, CSE-2015

If you search ‘Aparna’ in the search box above, you will find hundreds of answers and comments in her name. Aparna has been one of Insights’ active participants in answer writing challenges for the past one year. Getting Rank – 108 is not an easy task considering various hardships she went through during her UPSC civil services exam preparation phase. But she has prevailed: with flying colours. She has written a motivating article for the benefit of all civil services aspirants. We thank her and wish her good luck on behalf of all aspirants.


Dear friends,

With your support and best wishes I have finally become successful in Civil Services Examination this year (Rank 108). I have jotted down few points below which have helped me in clearing this exam. I hope they will help you too in your exam preparation.

Make your own strategy:

Only your own strategy is the one that will finally work for you.

Try to answer all questions:

Even a 1 mark difference matters a lot here. Don’t leave questions just because you don’t know them.

Maintain good speed from the very start:

I was known for my speed in school days, even then I was practically out of breath by the end of every paper in UPSC exam that too when I didn’t give more than 8 minutes to any question. So it’s very important to maintain speed from the very start.

Revise and revise:

Most important is to revise what you have read otherwise all your effort will go waste. Read less but quality material and revise a lot.

Practice answer writing:

We are blessed to have forum like Insights 🙂  for Answer Writing Practice!

Choose an optional that is close to your heart:

Very-very important. There will be times when you feel this year my optional was given a rough deal. And then one is lost in the vicious circle of choosing “the right” optional. The only thing keeping you loyal to your subject then will be your liking for the subject. I chose History which fared very bad in 2012 and 2013. But I stayed loyal because I love the subject and finally it has loved me back and here I am 🙂

Take enough rest:

Again, it is very important to take proper sleep and rest. In 2013 I lost tremendously in Essay, reason : I had not slept properly the previous night. I wrote on GDP and GDH topic. Later on I realized I did not read the topic properly. I thought the topic says “GDH and not GDP” when it was “GDH and GDP”. So I kept on writing about GDH, completely ignoring GDP. Alas! I missed mains by 3 marks!

Stay humble:

Yes, we know a lot more than a common citizen. But never let that make you arrogant. The more humble you are, the more your awareness will increase and your personality will improve. Interact with all and try to take maximum from the wisdom of elders and friends. I dedicate my success to my mother. Though a housewife, she was a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom and I am sure her teachings have played a big role in my success. She is not with me anymore, but her blessings are always with me. It is our parents, our teachers, our siblings, our friends, who were with us always. Never forget that.

Stay positive:

Most important and the key to this exam is a positive attitude. NEVER SAY NO. Hang on till there is even a slight ray of hope. And believe me, the darkest hour is indeed the one before dawn. I have practically experienced it. When you feel you can’t take it anymore, that is precisely the time you are at the threshold of success.

I lost my mother just 5 days before my 2012 preliminary exam. I cleared the exam though I was weeping all through it and the invigilators were all baffled! 2014 prelims I gave while suffering from jaundice. Doctors were hell bent on hospitalisation but I couldn’t get admitted then, I had my exam. Not bragging about myself, just giving few experiences from my own life to show the importance of positive attitude and will power in this exam. It was only my positive attitude and will power that helped me sail through all this.

Read positive stories about people’s struggles. In my darkest hours I used to go back to a poem from my school days by Rashtra Kavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. Quoting it below:

“Wo pradeep jo deekh raha hai jhilmil door nahin hai,

Thak kar baith gaye kya bhai! manzil door nahin hai.

Apni haddi ki mashal se hriday cheerte tam ka, sari raat chale tum dukh jhelte kulish nirmam ka;

Ek khep hai shesh kisi vidh paar use kar jao, wo dekho us paar chamakta hai mandir priyatam ka.

Aakar itna paas phire wo saccha shoor nahin hai;

Thak kar baith gaye kya bahi! manzil door nahin hai.”

Lastly, quoting Mr. Obama 🙂


  • VK

    Aparna! Congrats! I did wonder if you had made it and I am so glad that you did. Wishing you the very best for the future.

  • Sneha Chatterjee

    Congrats and nice lines….
    All the best for your future endeavour
    Seriously perseverance has its reward ?

  • Abhi Ram

    Congratulations Madam…..Really inspiring……sailed through against odds…achieved victory…….hats off again,,,,,,your words are oxygen for me…..

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    Congrats mam….. wish u all d best 🙂

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    Hats off!!! Heartiest congratulations ! 🙂 🙂

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    World is full of beautiful people.You are one of them.Your courage is infectious.You will surely be victorious wherever you go.Thanks for sharing this article.

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    congrats .aparna tum ab king ho

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    May God bless people and great motivators like you.
    Heartiest congratulations!!
    U deserved it.u earned it. !

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    Wowww, well Done Aparna, and many many Congratulations 🙂
    Wishing you a wonderful Bright Future 🙂

  • Answer

    First of all heartiest congratulations Aparna Ma’am. The aura of positive energy that you have is inspirational.
    Thank you for writing such encouraging words. They surely motivate us to not give up and keep giving our best despite the odds.

  • Mayuresh Pawar

    Wow….truly Inspiring…sorry to hear about your Mom…may her soul rest in peace.
    Reading your article shows how strong you are…hats off Mam…
    Congrats and all the Best for the future

    The below lines are truly awesome…thanks for it…
    Most important and the key to this exam is a positive attitude. NEVER SAY NO. Hang on till there is even a slight ray of hope. And believe me, the darkest hour is indeed the one before dawn. I have practically experienced it. When you feel you can’t take it anymore, that is precisely the time you are at the threshold of success.

  • Animesh BM Tripathi

    Congr8s Aparna….Indeed an inspiring story…….wish you all the very best….and to quote Rashtra Kavi Dinkar’s (my personal favourite peom)…
    “Do mein se kya chahiye tumhe, Kalam ya ki Talwar,
    manmein Uche Bhav ki tan mein shakti ajay aapar…
    Andh Kaksha mein baith rachoge uche mithe Gaan,
    ya talwar pakad jeetoge bahar ka Maidan…
    Kalam desh ki badi shakti hai bhav jagane wali hai,
    dil hi nahi dimaag mein bi aaj lagane wali hai…”

  • Navya

    Congrats and All the best for your future 🙂
    I have read many of your answers in INSIGHTS. Truely amazing!

    Dear INSIGHTS,
    Thank You for sharing the success stories of the toppers. It will certainly boost our confidence and keep our morale high. 🙂

  • Prabhash Bahadur

    Aparna the Rockstar… Rose from the ashes ! I know … Keep it up !

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    This is one of the most inspirational article abt how one can crack civils with positive attitude and determination. I wept after reading this coz losing ones mom is most depressing moment.neverthless i salute u brave lady n best of luck.

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    You are great…A person like you will instill confidence in any kind of person no matter wat.Hats off!!And all the best for your new Journey ?

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    All the best ma’am

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    congratulations mam for your success , really inspired by your attitude, preservance at tough times,
    all the best mam

  • Aparna

    Thank you so much dear friends. My success would have been impossible without your support. And again, THANKS A TONNE INSIGHTS!

    • YK

      Congratulations Aparna Mam. Your journey is truly inspiring. Hats off!!! Truly motivated me and other readers too!!!

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      Congratulations Aparna Ma’am. I also have my optional as History. If you could pls provide your email id, i will drop you a mail, need to check few things . Many Thanks.

      • ASTRO BOY

        whats up man !!!!!!!!! how s ur prepn going? whats about our long time participant shanky ?

        • Vibhu

          Preparation is just progressing at the pace of tortoise with lot of hiccups. what about urs?

          • ASTRO BOY

            me good, going ,man!!!!!! bu the way this year im retret to appear due to personal setbacks…hope to give ,my best next time… but i ll plan to come back to participate after so long time soon!!!!!!!

            • Vibhu

              Just come back stronger. Thats it.

      • Prabhjot Dhillon

        hi..Vibhu..mine optional is also history..i wud like to discuss few things with u..thanks

      • सचिन कदम

        hey vibhu me 2 having history as optional i would appreciate any help regarding booklist and strategy as am just starting my prepartion

        • Vibhu

          Check insights site…there is a strategy for history subject and check Mrunal as well….there also some toppers have given their strategy.
          But remember in the end…you should have your own strategy.

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      Mam, first of all….a big salute…..u are role model for many,u boosted my confidence and yes i can say that will crack the CSE…..

      thanx a ton…..

    • Ajay Rathod

      Remakable journey Aparna !!! keep it up.

    • सचिन कदम

      Mam first of all heartly congratulations for such gr8 success and most important the way u achieved it its really motivating.I am preparing for this exam with history as optional mam i will be grateful to you if ur able to provide me a booklist/notes list for history optional u referred Thanks a lot and looking forward to hear ur name again in newspapres for being a honest and great administer in future

    • Sheldon Cooper

      Just one word for you “Respect” 🙂

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      thank you so mutch for motivating me ,it’s still countinew…

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      Heartly congratulation Mam.
      I also hv history optional.If you could pls provide ur optional questions practiced answer’s photo,pdf or links(if done at insights). It would be great help for me, plz mam. many thanks!

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      very inspiring aparna…may god bless u with all the happiness….very sure abt your commitments….best of luck for the challenging life ahead…let your motivation keep the chain of motivation burning in all those who chooses this path of challenges…

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    Thank you insights for helping the students day in- dayout.

  • PranavSontakke

    Congratulations Mam.Had read it somewhre “ONE WHO GAINS STRENGTH BY OVERCOMING TRAGEDIES
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    Congratulations:) Truly deserved , which attempt was this? And does it matter if i didnt clear prelims in first attempt?



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      • ANSHIKA

        Hmm , yes not underestimating , but little confused , wanna study real hard and try now dont wanna let attempt go wast as in test series to i manage scoring only around 50’s to 60’s
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  • Lee min

    Congrats jii… U inspired all of us here.. good luck 🙂

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    Heartiest congratulations Aparna. Thank you so much for inspiring us. Wish you a beautiful and fulfilling life ahead.

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      @dear mns,

      whattss up man? ur result?

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  • Aparna

    Friends, I don’t know yet how was my performance in history. Moreover, the way the paper of history has evolved, I am myself always in the experimental stage with this subject. But as far as maps go, my strategy was to remember the sites taking the outline of India as reference. I used to remember maps wherever I found them. And then whenever I used to get referenceof a
    particular site later on, I tried to recollect its position on map. So it was on continuous basis that I did the map preparation. Also, try to find a site on the net if there is any confusion about its location. Ancient and medieval sites are more important for maps especially capitals, famous trade centres and art centres. Also, map preparation takes time so pay attention to it from the start. I hope this helps.

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    losing dear one especially mother hurts a lot,it can’t expressed in words.hats off you and you are so brave and loyal to everything….you are real yodha who doesn’t leave in the mid of battlefield but have the power to win in the battle..i am highly inspired by you..

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