1) Critically analyse the changing role of women in Indian society and the influence of globalisation on their decision making powers.

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Topic: Salient features of Indian society; Role of Women

1) Critically analyse the changing role of women in Indian society and the influence of globalisation on their decision making powers. (200 Words)

The Hindu

  • Manoj

    1) Critically analyse the changing role of women in Indian society and the influence of globalisation on their decision making powers.
    Ans.Since ancient time Indian women faced exploitation,oppression,no freedom in decisions making etc.Also,patriarchy was imposed on them.It was advent of industrialization,modernisation which helped them to have freedom in areas of employment,and decision making.Changing role of women in numerous areas are-
    1.Employment of women in informal as well as formal sector is common today.In urban centers more women’s are working in service sector.
    2.Feminisation of agriculture in india is another emerging trend.As most of male workers are migrating to well developed areas in search of job,which led to emergence of feminisation of agriculture.
    3.Today working women’s have say in family decision making process.
    However,enhanced employment in service sector and informal sector led to more sexual harassment incidents for women.
    Globalisation is a process which makes society interconnected and complex.Influence of globalization on women’s decision making powers are-
    1.Social freedom makes them to choose their partner for marriage.
    2.Political autonomy provided them to contest elections .For instance-73rd and 74th amendment act provided them political empowerment.
    3.Economically they have freedom to work so that they are independent to take financial decisions for them and their kids.
    4.Today women are more educated ,hence they can take better decisions for their health .
    However ,globalization on other side led to emergence of more crimes against women.

    • abhi

      Since ancient times till invasion by british, role of women was confined to home maker with few exceptions. During freedom struggle society felt the strength of women beyond home periphery with examples like sarojini naidu,aruna asaf ali,Annie basent and seeing women’s role in civil disobedience movment or Salt satyagrah or quit India movement. After freedom push for education reforms although limited saw women competing men shoulder to shoulder. With reforms after 1991 they started taking lead in politics eg pratibha patil,indira gandhi etc in business chanda kochar, kiron majumdar shaw etc in other fields like journalism,sports where they no more remained mere listeners, now they are deciding rules of the game but all this is still limited and need more push to increase their participation, may be proposed 33% reservation in parliament can seal the deal.

      • Manoj

        Thanks abhi…

      • Rohit Kulkarni

        Indian society with its
        patriarchal system along with religious caste rigidities has relegated women to
        marginalized and disadvantaged positions with little say in economic, social
        and political decisions of life with few exceptions of few strong women who
        stood up to societal discriminations and disabilities and had strong say like
        Annie besant , Indira Gandhi , Razia Sultana , Jhansi.

        Influence of advancement of globalization and liberalization
        role on women on decision making power is evident and few of them are.

        1. Literacy
        and Education allows them to attain economic independence.

        2. Increased
        say on regarding their marriage , career , etc

        3. Increased
        participation in political activism and participation as the gap of voting in 2014
        elections reduced to 2% from 16.7% in
        1962 and 73rd and 74th amendment enabled participation.

        4. Equal
        right in society along with govt initiatives like including equal pay and free
        legal aid, humane working conditions and maternity relief, rights to work and
        education ,Women Banks , SHG.

        Role of women is changing from
        home maker to house maker in present. They are also holding different post from
        President to CEO’s of major economic driver industries. overall constitute 24%
        in formal employment. Besides, their entrepreneurial role in cities, Indian
        women contribute significantly to agricultural activities 64%, handicrafts,
        village art and crafts and also indirectly molding the society as first
        children mentor . In Recent Nirbhaya case the demand for new laws shows
        their increased participation in society.

        The Women role in present society is like the wind beneath wings
        of society growth .

  • satyam singh

    Theory of relativity is more social than scientific, and globalization has given this society an all new reference. This new reference is more wide and aspiring. Today women’s are not just house wiwes and a mothers, in addition to this they have started exploring other areas once there was male dominance, Current result of UPSC is a testimony to it. Today we have women as chairperson of various organizations, we have their name in eminent doctors list and many more example can be given where they have taken inspiration out of this new reference and have lived up to their aspiration. Rudiments of society are governed by local influence, so with this view globalization has widen this reference of local. Today we do know what is happening at other corner of world and we can also analyze about the requirement which will bring the same change over here. So it is becoming more and more evident that half of the society has started realizing it’s potential and globalization has a big role to play in it.

    • aimias

      You have not mentioned your in different paragraph nor in points..and also mentioned only about positive aspect not on negative one…have a look.review mine too ppz:)

  • ADI

    Women were suppressed by patriarchal mindset of Indian families and were limited to upbringing of children and household chores. Realisation on the part of government and educated middle and upper classes enabled women to educate and empower themselves. Indian constitutionand international laws become source of authority for women. Legislative work of change in personal
    laws s.a. inheritance rights, social protection laws s.a. abolition of bribery, medical laws against infanticide helped gain dignity at par with men.
    Universalization of primary education and constitutional reservation at political scene and government jobs at local,state and national levels gave women self reliance in decision making and way of life.
    Globalisation made women aware of their true potential. No wonder women represent every sector as efficiently as men do; whether education,defence,banking,industry,IT,pharma,space etc. Due to emergence of nuclear families and residence in cities women have equal or more say in decision making be it financial decision, welfare of children,marital decisions etc.Women role models s.a. Angelina jolie, vidya balance,saina nehwal, sania Mirza etc strengthen morale of commons to take charge of their lives and progress. Ruralside also SHGs and NGOs improved lives of women regarding access to credit,power of collective bargaining ,utilising govt schemes, participation in familial and local decision making. Ultimately the truth is that family makes progress whose women does it.
    Please review.

  • abd

    Indian society with its patriarchal system along with religious caste rigidities has relegated women to marginalised and disadvantaged positions with little say in economic,social and political decisions of life with few exceptions of few strong women who stood up to societal discriminations and disabilities.
    with advancement of various forces like liberalisation,urbanisation and pervading global force -globalisation there is perceived change in role and status of women in indian society.
    Influence of globalisation on their decision making powers is evident in both rural and urban societies.few of them are-
    1) Literacy and formal education enable women to attain their rightful place through employment and economic independence
    2) Increased say in decisions affecting their lives-marriage,reproduction etc
    3) politically aware of their rights and duties with ability to break social and economic shackles and barriers like caste system,patriarchy etc
    Though women have taken advantage of globalisation in few realms,their overall advancement especially of rural and backward castes has been disappointing with poverty,illness,illiteracy,subsistence and bonded labour,informal and unorganised nature of employment,domination of husbands in their economic and political spheres etc.
    It is imperative for indian society to usher change in mindset of the society regarding women and gender identities through moral education along with unshackling of caste and religious restrictions accompanied by empowerment of women can drive indian society forward.

    • Rajesh

      Flawless, from introduction to conclusion everything is perfect. Keep writing bro 🙂

    • Aj


    • M2k

      Well written . But I think it may written like that as this question have two parts .
      One is related to changing role of women in indian society. In this part your answer is very general and lacks some strong points. You may start with role of indian women from ancient to medieval and in modern indian history …and changing role of women. Upto globalisation in point wise manner. ( you may mentioned some acts and women role in freedom struggle and mentioned some example of strong women like indra Gandhi and sarojni naidu)

      And in second part you may written effect of globalisation in decision making power ….you have written some good point in that part . But in that part you may written effect of globalisation cause major change like …today indian women are partipating in major events . Now miss world miss universe .. Badminton number one ranking . Tennis players for women ….Wrestling Bronze medal many such incidents which explains change in decision making power of women.

      All this written may you on point wise manner so that you can include more points within word limits

      Good luck

      • Iadoresuccess

        thanks. my answer was too general and didnt have ancient medieval evolution.

      • abd

        Thank you M2K..
        But i think it would eat up the space,so i tried to compare changing roles before and after the advent of globalisation which is a recent phenomenon( i meant late 1990s)

    • Nirmal Agarwal

      read ur answer , very informative and within word limit i think . the words u use are good and add up to the sentence . keep writing . please review mine .

    • dinesh

      As M2k has said, first part of question demands the historical background of their changing of their roles. You have only written second half part of the answer. Otherwise influences of globalization part have covered good points.

      Please Review mine too

    • Dipjyoti

      Very well written, please check my answer as well.

      Globalisation has brought in a number of changes in society, in the economic and social realms, in the wake of which, the role of women in the Indian society has undergone change.
      Globalisation has increased employment opportunities especially in the urban areas, and this has resulted in the growth of nuclear family, in the place of joint family. In a nuclear family, the status of women in enhanced in terms of decision making.
      Women in cities and urban areas are increasingly getting employed. Economic independence also empowers women, in terms of decision making.
      In the rural areas, mostly menfolk migrate out to cities, in search of jobs. Absence of menfolk in the household, also results in women taking major decisions in the household.
      Globalisation, in general, has created greater awareness among women about their political and economic rights like right to inheritance. This further empowers women.
      However, globalisation has also increased vulnerabilities of women in some respects like sexual harassment at workplace, etc. Also since even working women are also required in most cases to look after usual domestics chores, this dual role as homemaker and bread-earner, has burdened women.
      As such, we see, globalisation has exposed to newer roles and newer challenges in the Indian society.

    • arun

      their changed roles in society like socialization , ASHA workers building awareness regarding health could be value addition

    • Good answer within the word limit. Actually this is a question where we can write a lot. But when we have to write everything in 200 words, it becomes a challenge. I also faced this problem. I think just as @disqus_S7dTrhlUp5:disqus mentioned, writing in points would have saved words. Can u review mine also?

    • Ankita

      The second part of answer about globalization is great. The first part, however, demanded the analysis of change on women role, but you wrote about the perceived change in their role.

      Please review mine. Thanks.

    • Csha Nambiar

      When the question asks to critically analyse, aren’t we supposed to include the negatives as well?

      • Dominican Toronto

        I also wanna to know….

    • Dominican Toronto

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    • wheeler-dealer

      You can mention about links of globalisation and urbanisation and how it helps women come out of patriarchal systems with increased independence.
      2. You can mention about women’s participation in it bpo
      3. Feminisation of agriculture
      4.73rd and 64th amendments and 33% reservation

  • Rajesh

    In the era of globalisation we have seen an upward graph in the growth of women. From a Men based society, India is now giving equal importance to women. From a home worker to working professional various facets of women has been observed in Indian society. Various roles taken up by women are below :

    1. Family responsibility, in various families where no adult male members is present women come forward and have taken the sole responsibility by earning the bread and butter for family.
    2. Tagged home maker to working professionals, in the era of globalisation women are more educated and entered into various field whether its bureaucracy, medical profession or in engineering. Recently in UPSC 2014, top 4 positions are secured by women.
    3. Effectively involved in decision taking power, whether its a managerial position in a mnc or a bureaucrat or a minister. Example of our foreign minister, ceo of one of the biggest bank in the world-SBI.
    4. Sole guardian, women are ready to accept the challenge of becoming a single parent of child without need of help. Many celebrities set the example of single guardian and gives a better life to their child.

    We can conclude that by the changes occur in all over the world, women fraternity has seen an uprising in their overall development.

    • aimias

      The question demand for both positive and negative aspects. You have focused only on positive…so plz mention its negative impact also…have a look..review mine too plz:)

      • Rajesh

        sure.. thanks for reviewing, will keep in mind what question demands.

    • abd

      u hv mentioned some rarely dealt upon points
      Good attempt

      • Rajesh

        Thanks abd.

  • Dm

    Its all about time… One time was there when women were not allowed to go even outside the boundary of home, girls education denied but it is the result of revolutions and movements which led to the new era where there is equally domination in every field i.e. administration, science and technology, banking ,Army, International Organisations etc.
    1) Due to political freedom there are many women who are leading in political fields and as a result we can see the live examples that in council of ministers in Government of India many prominent ministries are headed by women
    2) In present society the Right to Education and awareness has been a significant step by which many women are leading role in science and technology and administrative post which we can see in the prestigious examinations women are leading.
    3) In mostly all the baking areas mainly decision are results of capability of women’s thought, many banks are headed by women.
    4) in the rural areas also the decision making power of women has increased as in gram penchants women are leading, girls are getting educated and they are now able to make personal decisions
    The globalization has increased the capacity of women’s thought process because when they see other countries the feeling of competitiveness comes there and it leads to progress in every field.
    But the other side one should give the values to their work, for example neglecting household works in prominent in rural areas even that work is also equal as service sector.
    Please review…

    • Dm

      plz review

  • AG.K

    Freedom struggle where they contributed actively, opened new horizon for
    women in India after their position deteriorated in medieval India.

    “The extension of women’s rights is basic principle of social progress” –
    Charles Fourier.

    Role of women in Indian society now is changing from just “facilitator”
    to “enabler” where they are becoming more and more entrepreneurial. Govt of
    India has been making efforts with the help of schemes like SABLA, Indira Gandhi
    Matritva Sahyog Yojana, MCTS among others to empower women especially after
    1995 which was declared as international year for women. More women are now aware
    of their rights and aspiring for elite quite visible when they secure top ranks
    in examinations throughout the country. Despite these efforts, traditional
    views towards women has not vanished. Women especially in rural areas are still
    away from advancement and they lack access to housing, clean drinking water,
    basic health services, technology support.

    Globalization has to an extent empowered women by providing education, employment opportunities, higher pay, access to technology, access to social media.Women of today are guardian of their child, gainfully employed and financially
    independent however women are still suffering from deprivation like their wages
    are still not at par with men, poor pay for their work in rural areas, unsafe
    abortions due to poor health services, lack of employers’ trust, lack of access
    to judicial services.

    There is certainly more awareness about women’s plight
    and situation now which are being tackled both by governments and NGOs however more
    awareness about women’s rights is certainly needed which needs to shed the
    traditional mind set in largely male dominated society.

    • AG.K

      Please review

  • mani

    Women in india can be classified as Rural women and Urban women. In this context urban women include those migrated (after marraige or after highertudie) or either settled in urban areas.the effect of globalisation impacts urban and women more and its impact on rural women cant be ignored.
    Rural Women : Rural women who are old are few in numbers to be literate. girl children are struggling to complete higher secondary by overcoming the financial constarints and boy education preference of families. They are playing a dual role of working as an unpaid agriculture labour as well as taking care of household children and elders, as thier male counterparts migrate to cities for better jobs and pay which is a result of globalisation. Literate and unemployed are migrated to new places after marraige are contributing less only to unpaid household work.Literate and employed further face much difficulty in tacking the work life balance as all thier relations stay far away from cities they were employed and also patriarchial mindset of society where they come from.
    Urban women:
    Urbanisation and globalisation has brought modernisation of women. as opposed to rurtal women urban woman to some extent have access to education, digital platforms and information. hence they are transforming towards western culture in dressing , education and eating habits.although they are educated even in urban areas women after marriage the responsibilty increseses further on urban educated employed women .who has to bring up thiers kids with the excpected standard of living, be connected through social medias if not will be alineated by others.have to manage the worklife balance the workplace pressures and harrassment ,teasing and discrimination in promotions etc. Uraban unemployed illeterates are most vulnerable people .they are prone to exploitation others on their unskilled labour and sexual harassments.
    Bothe urban and Rural issues faced were huge but the education which made them to play multiple roles have made thier decision making power better than pre independence period but less that actually expected to be a developed nation.

  • Aj

    A generalisation about women’s role in indian society does not give true picture. Sectoral breakup into rural and urban India at least is needed for a better analysis.

    In rural India, women’s role has not changed significantly. Certainly education levels and employment opportunities increased but their role is still confined to households. However, feminisation of agriculture is increasing owing to male migration. Schemes targeted at women have improved their control over household and decision making. Globalisation has not impacted women in rural areas significantly.

    In urban areas, women are more independent now, financially and socially. They are playing a proactive role in society through economic, business, education, politics, think tanks, journalism and other fields. They are not confined to households but increasingly moving places for opportunities. Globalisation has provided the platform for this change. Increased opportunities, more awareness and inculcation of western ideology has changed women’s role in society and made them their own decision makers.

    So, the change in women’s role in society is mixed. Influence of globalisation I their decision making has happened in urban areas and not much in rural setting. Nevertheless, women are getting more empowered by the day.

    • abd

      please write in points to make it an excellent answer.

  • Rashmi

    Traditional Indian society has generally been set up along patriarchal lines and the role of women has been limited within the household. This has led to lack in access to education, employment opportunities, and more over lack of self esteem and sense of empowerment. However, with globalizing trends new ideas, opportunities and ways of thinking have made their way to Indian Society
    Positive effects of globalization:
    1. cultural mindset about potential of women being challenged. More women actively seek education, jobs, mobility and independence in economic, social and cultural sense.
    2. Social mobilization against discrimination of women due to increased consciousness of rights. e.g massive spontaneous movements after the Nirbhaya Rape Case, imported assertive campaigns like ‘Slutwalk’
    3. Increase activities by civil society groups to address difficulties and obstacles faced by women when society itself turns on them
    4. changes in family dynamics, with women becoming more a part of decision making process
    Negative effects of globalization:
    1. Backlash from conservative sections of society – horridly manifesting in increasing rape cases witnessed in cities – trying to punish the girl for straying outside ‘Indian Culture’
    2. Commodification of female body, over sexualized representation of women in media is becoming rampant
    3. shift in family structure due to hectic pace of life, changing individualistically oriented mindset might also be leading to lacking socialization of children, or in worst case, increasing incidence of divorce.

    These trends are increasingly being witnessed in urban India, but it must be noted that role of women amongst the majority of the population is still unfortunately traditionally structured. Also, the transformative effects of globalization come with both the good and the bad and it must be endeavored in government policy to create a conducive environment for the development and growth of all stakeholders in a society – its women, men and children.

    • Anurag

      negative effects didn’t asked.but y you wrote ????

      any specific reason.

      • Cooties

        i think because the directive was critically analyse

    • M2k

      In this question have two parts . One is related to changing role of women in indian society . Second effect of globalisation on women decision making.

      But you have include very less content related to first part. Most of the answer part focusing on second part only. And in second part also…Only we have to mentioned role of globalisation in decision making power of women only . You have include too much on effect of globalisation but main content. I think missing.
      Good luck

    • Rashmi

      Hmm, I thought the ‘critically analyse’ part required analysis of both positive and negative aspects, but I agree, I think I might have lost focus on the answer. Thanks, guys!

    • Hi, question has 2 parts: 1) Changing role of women
      2) influence of globalisation.
      I feel u havent addressed firstpart properly. Influence of globalisation, u have dealt good. Also, try to write within 200 words. That is the real challenge. U have a good structure and a good flow. Keep it up. Can u review mine?

  • nsathya1990

    Women in India, whether in farming communities or city centres, are coming out of the kitchen and taking steps toward becoming fully integrated and valued members of society. As a nation we are witnessing a shift in their status, with more and more women working in the political, business and social arenas.

    It is now common to see women working as lawyers, journalists, sports-women, even as entrepreneurs. Men increasingly want to marry women who work. With this upward mobility in their status, successful women are also subjected to greater attacks by patriarchal mind-sets. The misogynist representation by a magazine of Smita Sabharwal is a case in point. Also, at the executive level the number of women representation is very low. This shows us that it’s not easy for a married Indian woman to have a family and reach the top. Today, with legal and judicial support, they are better able to take care of their children without their abusive husbands. They are beginning to have a say in their marriages, though honour killings & marital rape remain a matter of serious concern. Schemes such as ‘Udaan’ help in greater enrolment of girls in higher education.

    Globalization has helped empower women at various levels. They have been able to get jobs with little education in various industries such as BPOs. Examples of successful women in the western countries in fields of art, music, business, etc. create a positive impact on the mind-set of Indian women. Globalizations have exposed them to many exploitative conditions especially in informal sector. Working women such as domestic help are paid very low. Appropriate support structures are necessary for women to overcome the challenges in globalization.

  • Ajitesh89

    The firm belief in the concept of socialism and the era of globalization causes the women to play a changing role in society. Our social structure is a patriarchal one and it had been a social mindset that women are subordinate to men. But their hard work and success in each walk of life has proved that society should move away from its parochial mindset.

    Their increasing role in economic and political life have made them confident in their decision making power. Now women want to stand on their own feet and lead their life in their own way. Many independent women in our society inspires a lot of women and this chain causes the improvement of their role in society building.

    The patriarchal social structure has also taken a turn as the recent Supreme court judgement that an unwed mother can be a sole guardian of her child. This is a big judgement as the progeny is always named after the father as the main guardian.
    This judgement of supreme court is itself shows a firm belief in women’s decision making.

    However, the real face of change will come into the existence only when the minds of people change and accept women as an equal counterpart of men.

  • sweta

    Times are changing so are the women’s rights.They are no more bound to the four walls of a house.They too have their own rights to make decisions and take actions.women in indian society are coming forward from their cocooned lives and taking an active participation be it in the running of a family,business,or society at large.Today’s women are in a more safer net than yesterday’s.They are young ,educated,dynamicand most importantly capable of earning.women are no more dependant on their male counterparts to eke a living.The recent judgement of SC has given complete power to raise her child singlehandedly in case father is not concerned about the child.women being granted guardianship rights so that her child will inherit her financial assets.This is a great move in the favour of women’s changing roles.

  • Gaurav Tripathi

    ‘When you educate a man , you educate a man; when you educate a woman, you educate a generation’ -Young.
    In Indian society, a patriarchy system had been followed from many centuries. Women were discriminated from their rights, oppressed and they had to perform all the work inside the home. Nowadays, Women’s role are changing in our society. The advent of modernization and liberalization has helped India to change its social and economic structure, in which their has been a significant contribution by women.
    The influence of globalization can been seen in rural and urban parts of India-
    1- With growing literacy rates and awareness among the women has resulted in improving the gender equality.
    2- Globalization has provided opportunities. Due to creation of more employment opportunities, secular environment, educational facilities in urban areas, women have migrated from rural region to cities.
    3- Women are progressively participating in politics, joining corporates and have been successful entrepreneurs in different fields.
    4- Socially, women are becoming more capable of taking decisions about their lives. Recent example in which SC passed a judgment that an unwed women can be sole guardian of child reflects the positive trend.
    Thus, their has been more influence of globalization in urban parts of country. The transition from patriarchy to gender equal society is still a long way to go. All the stakeholders- men,women and children must work towards creation of better society.

  • sempre

    Women in indian society have been playing multiple roles from economic, cultural and political points of view.

    1. cultural role—women in a family hold the responsibilty of performing all the important rituals, take care of maintenanve of households and its members. This responsibilty due to nuclear families and economic independence is decreasing and women are now experiencing more freedom.
    2. housewife-motherly role— women in india take care of sexual needs of her husband and help in socialization of children with the help of wider kinship network. However, this role changed due to isolated-elementary families where women now have say in number of children and the process of their rearing.
    3. economic roles— earlier, women did not participate in economic activities except in lower class and caste family households. Now, we can see women engaged in service, manufacturing farm and non-farm jobs. women have also started seeking economic compatibilty in marriage-partners.

    the influence of globalization has resulted in desires for social mobility and consumerism. As a result, women now participate actively in generating income for the family. Due to occupational mobility, women now look for places of occupation away from her family, which was initially restricted. The role of media and market has emphasized on wider political and economic roles of women in the form of access to commodities, say in environment management and women empowerment.

    • sweta

      gud answer due to occupational mobilty women prefer jobs rather than family laeding to shift in family structure.dats the demrit of globalisation

  • Ankith

    Please review

    • dentist28

      ur answer reflects the analysis of globalisation in general…but it is specifically asked abt decision making power..

      • Ankith

        I also felt the same when I looked at the second paragraph, but the first para which contains changing roles also include the affect of globalisation effect on decision making power. In the second para, I attempted to show the increased stress in terms of decision making power because of the ill affects of globalisation.

        I could have written it in a better way, will try to improve upon my answer for easy understanding. Thank you for the review

  • sandeep kumar roy

    Indian society had a history of male dominated society.women always faces difficulties in establishing their status in India.But in modern era women got major say in society after gaining education.now they are able in taking their own decision in life.They can come before of society and enjoy their rights given by constitution in better way.As Indian society have a combination of various religion,caste,language,customs,creed,race ,these properties restricted freedom of women in some extent.
    Globlisation has provided a way to women in participating in worlds talk which make them aware of different aspect of decision making.They try to run parralely with the subject concerned with society.
    please comment friends please

  • durand d

    In traditional indian society women were seen as the caretaker of household and family. Their role were limited to that of a mother, wife and sister and there was limited role in public sphere.

    But in modern India, women are taking various roles. After getting good education they are participating in job market and acquiring different types of occupation. They are becoming more financially independent. In family their roles has become similar to that of their male counterparts.

    Globalisation has helped in spreading the idea of independent woman. Through internet, movies, books and travelling indian women are being influenced by this idea. They are making independent decisions with respect to their education, career, choosing their spouses etc.

    However despite this they are still stereotyped for certain types of occupation such as nurses, teachers etc. The higher decision making roles are still not available to them which is evident from the fact that there are very less number of women CEOs in corporate world. In family level too we can see the ‘female financial paradox’ where though women are earning but the financial decisions are taken by male members of the family.

  • Csha Nambiar

    Over the last three decades there has been tremendous changes in the role and status of women in the Indian society. These changes have mostly been positive but there are also certain negative shades to this transformation.

    1 Without doubt, globalization has pushed the pace for reforms in patriarchal attitudes and liberal values. At the individual level, with freedom of choice regarding life decisions, women have a voice when it comes to education, career, marriage, children etc.

    2 With access to news on what’s happening in the world scenario, people belonging to the middle and upper middle classes see educating their daughters as a matter of pride and responsibility.

    3 Fears of “Western Educated women will dominate their husbands” are beginning to fade, slowly but steadily. We see more career women in almost every industry. Several corporate and government heads are women today. Chanda Kochar and Arundhati Bhattacharya and several others.

    4 At the family level, there is a growing equality in duties and responsibilities. We see news of women walking out of their marriages because of dowry. Women are no longer expected to silently suffer abusive husbands but are aware of options such as divorce.

    5 Greater awareness about women rights through media reaches even the most rural regions and this has helped in developing a society that is beginning to see women in a new light

    As in every positive reform, there are always people who fear change and those who capitalize on the possible negatives

    1 Cases of brutal rapes, acid attacks etc on women who are bold enough to defend their rights and liberties. These often done by men who suffer from low self esteem and psychotic attitudes

    2 Incidents of widows, divorcees, victims of rape and abuse being social ostracized are too prevalent to be ignored. A large portion of the society continues to believe that a female as a victim of crime is to be punished for being the victim.

    3 Feminism has grown in certain sectors to be anti-men. This is a deplorable fact because being being pro-women isn’t synonymous to being anti-men.

    The Indian society is facing a conflict of interests where they see westernization as a necessity but continue to hold on to primitive patriarchal attitudes in the name of culture. We ought to pragmatically emulate the best of both because no society can truly develop with half of its population left in darkness.

  • PURA

    Globalization can be defined as integration of world economies by removing barriers to trade and encouraging the free flow to foreign investment,private portfolio capital and labour across national boundaries.
    Globalization has opened up broader communication lines and attracted more companies as well as different organization into India.this provides opportunity not only for working men but also women who are becoming large part of the workforce.With new jobs for women there are opportunities for higher pay which raises self confidence and bring out independence.this in turn can promote equality between the sexes.Globalization has the power to uproot the traditional treatment towards women to afford them an equal stance in society.
    No doubt globalization have provided women with greater opportunities to work but it also led to gender wage differentials,marginalisation of women,unfavourable working hours,sexual harrasement in place.of work,unskilled job in informal sector without any job security or social security
    At this juncture societies need to see women as dynamic promoter of social transformation and have a powerful influence on their ability to control their environment towards contributing to economic development.Though umpteen steps are taken in this direction like invoking equality and equity,discouraging discrimination,lengthy legislation but picture is still disheartening.The creation of environment that impart equal status to women in family society and country as well is highly vital at this moment.

  • Iadoresuccess

    Traditionally women in indian society are expected to do daily household chorus and maintain the family of working man. This mentality has continued from generations and girl child is brought up mentally prepared to take this role and hence there was least focus on her education. This naturally made women subordinate to men in the Indian society especially financially.
    In recent times this psychology and trend has been severely challenged. Women are stepping out of there homes and working shoulder to shoulder with men. With increasing education and skill development women are getting empolymed by giant international corporations and leaving their homes in stark contranst to old times when they could only leave in ‘doli’.
    Globalisation has brought more liberal west culture closer to Indian society. Now women can independently work outside their ‘Purdah’ and with multinational companies having women at senior positions like Merissa Mayer at Yahoo over millions of men has helped to break stereotype subordination of women to men.
    Earlier Women were expected to both manage both house and their job and working in ‘double shift’. But now there is more awareness that Household work is not sole prerogative of women and men becoming top chefs has also helped to break this notion.
    Recently Supreme Court ruling allowing for sole guardianship to unweb women without father’s consent is another step in right direction. It breaks the notion that women always needs a men and acknowledges financial independence of women.

    Despite these improvements there is long way to go for Indian Society to achhieve total equality between two genders. Still the women forms fraction in total workforce. The largely metropoliton trait of equality and independence is still to reach rural areas where girl child is still considered burden. And sexual harassment of women subordinates in workplace is not very uncommon.

  • dentist28

    The role played by women has seen a paradigm shift from earlier passive to present active participation in social,political and economic fields.The traditional patriarchial mindset which saw womens role as home care taker is now slowly changing were women are playing decisive roles as bankers,managers,bureacrats,politicians.

    The earlier shackles of gender biasedness and discrimination are slowly liberating leading to empowerment of women.

    The positive influence of globalisation of women on decision making powers are-

    1] EDUCATIONAL SPHERE- increased literacy rates,higher education thus leading to increase in employment rates.

    2]SOCIAL SPHERE- less financial dependency on males due to employment.thus making them independent in decision making powers.
    -More say in marraige alliance.Women actively choosing their husbands.
    -Also more say in divorce, many independent women chose to end non compatible relations
    -Many NGO ,VO, and media encouraging women empowerment via SHG.
    -Bollywood representing modern independent liberal women image in society.Thus helping to broaden the mindset of society resulting in more decisdion making power.

    3]POLITICAL SPHERE- active participation in politics at local level due to 33% reservation via 73rd and 74th amendment.
    -Also increasing participation at state and national political level.

    At the same time negative influence of globalisation on decision making power-

    -Due to huge rural urban divide ,empowerment of women and say in decision making is more urban phenomenon only.Thus huge ruaral urban disparity.
    -Rural women still lacking in decision making powers seen as example in less financial inclusion of women,less reproductive and contaception method choice,less say in marraige alliance resulting in honour killings.
    -Acting as mere rubber stamps in political participation at local level.
    -The political particiaption still state and national level is very low.

    It is necesaary to increase awareness about gender sensitivity by encouraging women participation in all fields.Active role is to be played by government,private NGOs, media.It is necessary to understand that men and women are two wheels of chariot of welfare and inclusive development.

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      All point are relevant but u have to prioritize them or cut short the details in order to adhere to the word limit.
      Rest is great .

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    • Hello, good points. But I feel u have focused more the second part of the question. (ie effect of globalisation). Changing role of women was not dealt properly. Ur points r good, but try to avoid too many details because we have only 200 words. And try to stick within the word limit. Overall a good attempt.Can u review mine?

  • Anurag

    Indian women has come ahead to mainstream roles in society from earlier confined to specific responsibilities.

    Till 80′, indian women were primarily wife and mother,but with changing scenario accompanied with penetrating education,women are now fulfilling roles prime earners as well as equal partners in family finance,sharing job responsibilities earlier dominated by men like pilot,defence force,petrol pump attendant,taxi/autorickshaw driver.Going beyond of matrimonial beliefs of patriarchy, single mothers are on rise.Bollywood,now started givinf equal share to their female co actors and movies subjects are tilting towards women oriented issues with women actors taking lead.But all this scenario is visible only in urban areas,totally absent in rural geography,rural women still needs their share in society.

    Globalisation also brought changing paradigm of women decision making,along with economic benefits.Jobs gave indian women equal decision making powers with family,supplemented by legislations which make them equal in inheritance,earlier reserved for men only.Global impact of women liberalisation,encouraged indian women in opening up their hidden dreams and desires,promoting feminine sexuality equal to male sexuality,decision not binding into forced or burdened matrimonial relationships.Independent in choosing their careers and delaying marriage for pursuing higher goals in life.

    But question remains, that only few percentage of urban women has gone ahead and impacted by globalisation,whereas rural and poor urban women still living in their old responsibilities and deprived of any edcational and economic opportunity.

  • Answer

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  • Rahul Agarwal

    A recent supreme court judgement, upholdimg single mother as sole custodian of child has again reinforced the increasing assertion of women in various fields of society.

    For many centuries, women had been treated in inferior manner, with little access to education, employment and health care. This in turn , also deprived them of the ability to undertake crucial decisions of their lives.

    With globalization , many avenues of employment broke open for females, as MNCs shift their bases to India in search of cheap labor. Many women found job in pharma, textile sectors etc. Even in rural India, women are taking part in agricultural activities along with men
    Increased family income , resulted in equivalent focus on girl child studies.

    Higher education, gainful employment and financial stability , has given more choices and decision making ability to females. Reforms like uniform civil code, would further lead to their empowerment

    • dentist28

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  • aimias

    The process of globalisation had changed our indian society mindest especially the women.It had brought major change in the role and transformed it from traditional home living women to office going ones.It had promoted the idea of equality and given a chance to prove themselves.

    Globalisation had influenced their lifes by:-
    1.Providing them platform to work with working environment.
    2.Them become financialy independent and could take their own personal decision which ended male dominancy.
    3.Changed the patriarchal mindset of people.
    4.Aware of their political rights and social rights like domestic voilence etc.
    5.Had made work shoulder to shoulder with man which promoted the idea of equality.

    Globalisation had influenced the urban women largely, but for women living in rural area the term globalisation is mere misnomer.Now also they are suffering from male dominance, illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, caste dominancy and other social evils.

    To realize globalisation in the true sense, its influenced should be made to reach to rural women so that they could also feel themselves as a part of democratic and globalised India.

    • aimias

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  • Aspirant

    Traditionally Indian society is patriarchal in nature, but it has been changing from last few decades. Role of women is increasingly shifting away from earlier home bounded work. Following changes have been noticed in the change in role of women in Indian society:
    1). Feminisation of agriculture: Because of migration of male counterpart to urban areas in search of work, agriculture in rural areas is being increasingly handled by female members of the family. In spite of this domestic violence is still on rise, which is a cause of concern, also decision is ultimately taken by male counterparts only.
    2). Financial independence in rural areas: With the success of SHG proggramme, specially in southern part of the country, women are increasingly becoming financially independent. But it needs to be taken up in other parts as well , specially eastern India.
    3). Urban areas: In urban areas, more and more women are getting employed in various jobs including IT sector etc., which has led to women being more independent in financial as well as in relation to decision making power in family itself. But still safety of women is cause of concern in urban areas.
    4). Passive to active: Earlier large section of women used to be passive, but now women are themselves coming forwards to claim their right, thus becoming increasingly active in improving their condition.
    But a lot has yet to be changed, since most of the women are still involved in home bound work and due to their less financial independence make them more vulnerable to domestic violence.
    Globalization in India started mainly after 1990s, and has impacted the lives of each section of society in the following way:
    1). Awareness: With telecom revolution, media penetration through TVs etc. has been increased in all parts of the countries, thus making women more aware about their rights. Also operations of NGO has considerably increased after globlisiation.
    2). Rural women: With share of agriculture increasingly decreasing in the overall economy of the country, male members are being attratced towards favourable economic opportunities available in urban areas. Thus in rural areas, with handling of agriculture, they are being more independent in decision making and more role being given in the family decision making itself.
    3). More opportunities in urban areas for women after globalisation, have led them to join jobs , thus making them more independent in decision making.
    4). Literacy has considerably increased since globalisation, which has improved the status of women in urban as well as rural areas.
    But still a large portion of women, is financially dependent upon their male counterparts, which makes their position more vulnerable. Thus a lot needs to be done by the government.

  • sanjay singh

    the indian society though patriarchal from beginning has seen new trends in womens role.its graph has beem like an inverted ‘U’. In ancient times most of societies had given much importance to women. Satvahana rulers even followed the matrilineal lines. slowly and gradually the men dominance rose to peak.But with the globalisation creeping in, the womens in indian society have come up again.the impact of globalisation may be very well illustrated by following pints:-
    1. globalisation brought in westeren ideologies where women had greater freedom, this brought in a feeling of self identity among indian women.
    2. spread of education and modernity in ideas has helped women understand thier rights.
    3. not only this , the indian constitution influenced by many other constitutions and reformers had given equal right and status to womes.
    4.the decision making power of women has been deeply influenced by many influential lady leaders globally.

    • sanjay singh

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  • SS

    The brighter picture of changing role of women in Indian society has been very eloquently got reflected in the Republic Day parade this year with Women Empowerment (Nari Shakti) as its theme; with first ever display of All-Women
    contingent of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force and Gaurd of Honour of Chief
    Guest being a women Wing Commander for the first time. In stark contrast to that there exists another grim picture, with rampant female foeticide, rape and sexual assault every now and then and very low labour participation rate of women in Indian economy and labour market and very low contribution of women in
    economic production.

    The prime reason of “missing women” in Indian workforce being caught up with household and domestic works. National SampleSurvey statistics show that in 2009-10, the total number of women attending to domestic duties in India was 216 million, which was larger than the entire population of Brazil. Even though these large portions of women spend their entire brain and energy in household work it is counter-productive to national economy as it neither gets counted as an economic activity nor gets reported in the national income statistics consequently it amounts to enormous wastage of talent and causes a huge opportunity cost to the nation.

    With the effect of globalization the awareness of women rights and liberties with wave of feminism is increasing and creating counter force to create egalitarian society against patriarchcal dominance. The process has been expedited due to rapid exposure to western liberal world due to digitalization through internet and recognition of several legal rights giving greater decision making power to women in every aspect of life (starting from policy making to their choice to have sex or marriage) by which women are increasingly getting aware of their following rights

    a) Social –
    women have equal right to free movement, freedom of clothing and gestures,
    freedom of social mixing specially opposite gender being in marital tie or not;

    b) Economic –
    their right to work and equal pay and their participation in economic production
    be it starting from agriculture (self employment) or entrepreneurship through SHGs to banking, management ,bureaucracy, politics,

    c) Legal-
    legal battle and recognition of right against sexual exploitation and violence (acid attack) ; right to sole
    guardianship; right to property and right to inherit property;

    d) Political-
    women participation in politics and Governmental organizations be it Executive,
    Legislature or Judiciary

    Thus, encouraging them
    to lead a life of equal dignity and independence as their male counterpart
    paving way towards creating an egalitarian gender neutral society.

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  • nimish

    The Indian society since ancient times has been patriarchal with male dominance. However the dissemination of education, equality and rights accelerated by globalization have had drastic change.
    The Indian woman which were initially confined to house chores and were primarily responsible for looking after children have started breaking the shackles in social as well as economic spheres and are seeking education ,employment, political rights equally with their male counterparts.The woman have started emerging equally with their male counterparts in different spheres of life. This is evident from census and other socio-economic data published by government and private institutes..
    As result of globalization the woman have become more aware of opportunities, rights and are way ahead in seeking them then they were few decades back.Several woman are coming ahead in raising there voice against crimes like domestic violence.The pressure from civil society, media and international pressure has compeled government to enact several progressive laws for protection and welfare of woman.
    Though this has been done still in some areas atrocities against woman are existing. Though woman have become working woman they have to manage home and work which puts a double stress on them causing deterioration of their health. Though reservation has been provided often woman are used as proxy by their male counterparts denying them the real decision making power.
    But with the advent of universal education and changing mindset the situation is likely to change.

    • Pushkar Choudhary

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  • Netra

    From the ancient times even in purans and vedics women been given decorated position and people worship her as mother earth , goddees kali and other forms.
    But during early medival and later times women status deteorated much with female infanticides,Sati system,Patriarchial set up.
    Women was not givn education and her role was restricted to household,agricultural labour the condition was worse for Dalit women.
    Yet they were many women participants in national movement.
    But today they are on par with men.Special education schemes and SSA have increased the female literacy rate.We see women in every feild be it at financial ,engineering or in Politics.
    Effects of Globalisation
    It has changed economical , politicall and social life of women
    The prospect of job and education has made them financially independent
    Exposure to the nations nd oits policies of women rights have been influencial.
    Jobs for the rulral women esp in handicrafts and artifacts
    Changind mindset and treatment of equality
    Reduced dependency and awareness

    But it has its own cons, due to more inclination towards other nations we are forgrtting oue very own culture, values and hertiage.
    Blindly following western customs though they are irrelevant in our country.

    So it on every individual to weigh the options take very best from globalisation and certaly its has done more good for the status of women,

    Please Review

  • pal

    Women traditionally have faced subjugation and
    discrimination at all levels and were never treated at par with men. From the
    very early times, and not just in India, women had to fight for just getting
    rights on the equal footing of men. Women were denied fundamental rights of
    voting, a chance in education, etc. But today the women

    Is excelling men in every work field, is outshining
    men in education, with each year results depicting this scenario.

    Is directing big companies, becoming the sole
    guiding authorities, even ruling the entire nation or big states, with names
    like Arundhati Roy, Chanda kochar

    Women have also marked their presence in the international
    sphere in sports, as actors and brought glory to India.

    MG said – “if you educate a women,
    you educate a family”. If women are educated, they are then able to take care
    of the child in a better way. Several survey results have shown that families in
    which women are educated are better well offs and tend to make better decision.
    These surveys have also shown how educated women give more importance to social
    indicators like education, health, sanitation, etc than educated men and thus
    are able to bring a higher impact to these necessities.

    With globalization, women have
    found a new strength in themselves, they have become trend setters after
    following the paths of other women around the world, they have come to know the
    importance of being independent, they are now able to make their own choices.

    Expansion of capitalism all over
    the world has led to women being a part of the economy, making them independent
    and thus capable enough to stand by their decisions.

    They have become politically
    active and thus are able to depict the social evils towards women.


    Statistically, half of the human population on our planet are females. But, throughout the history, women have been stereotyped, as what their roles are in the society, which mostly included doing household chores and taking care of the family. In case of the Indian society this is more than true.
    However, with the ongoing modernization of the society through new technologies (internet, mobile etc) and new ideas, the scenario is changing. Women are breaking away from their stereotyped role in the society as that of a home-maker and are getting involved the various fields where their potential lies. Indian women are doing quite well in the fields of business, education, science and technology, social work etc. We have some very great examples in the likes of Indra Nooyi(CEO, Pepsico.), Chanda Kochar(CEO, ICICI), late Kalpana Chawala (Astronaut, NASA) etc who have made their mark both at domestic and global level.
    The role of the women in an average Indian family, in the matters like managing finances, educating children and taking other important decisions etc is also increasing.

    Globalization has played an important role in changing the mindset of the Indian society towards the role of women. Financial independence, is the basic requirement for having the power of making decisions important for oneself and the society. Globalization has exposed the women to better education and career opportunities. It has led to the creation of a class of economically independent women, who not only can take care of themselves and their families but are also contributing to the growth and development of the society.
    Globalization has exposed the educated class of the country to the ideas like gender equality. This has led to various social movements in the Indian society, which aims at improving the social and economic status of the average Indian women, leading to a better role in decision making in the important family and social matters.

  • Lakshmi

    Globalisation has promoted an idea and norms of gender equality in all the spheres, especially for the women from developing countries.
    This Globalisation holds both pros and cons along with it for women.
    1) Provides a choice to be economically independent but double-burden as they have to manage household work and take care of the children.
    2) Due to high illiteracy rate among Indian women, are employed in unskilled jobs, exploited, paid less for the same work which is done by the male counterpart and are exposed to dangerous chemicals.
    3) Several women in India are employed in in-formal jobs to enable themselves to run the family without the assistance of their husband or if he is not contributing enough for the family survival.
    4) This has also ensured sexual freedom and reproductive rights but this is misused by majority of the women because of many reason is having an adverse effect on the health of women and development of the fetus or child.
    5) The mixture of other cultures with ours is dissolving family and community values leading to the increase in the number of extramarital relations, live in relation and deterioration of the value of relations.
    6) Self help group is ensuring freedom, dignity,and equality.

    The empowerment of women is all the fields is adorable but they should not be compromised with our great culture and values and need to be balanced.

  • Nirmal Agarwal

    The Indian society and its mind set on “Role of women in society” had limited the sphere of work and activities of women to extent that they(women ) had confined their role to a home maker or a helper in agriculture field till the end of 20th century .

    The globalisation has been a boon to india and the women of country , it has brought change in the diff parts of society like :-
    1) education , key player in increasing the status of women by making them aware of the rights and their role in society . which motivated them to fight for change and brake away the shackles .
    2) increasing employment opportunities in all sectors of works .
    women are the largest employed in unorganised sector and also the service sector and banking .
    3) the role has increased from homemaker to starting house based industries due to loan facility from co-operative banks and SHG ,this has increased their income .
    4) the govt role has increased too like :-
    a) in making reservation of seats in govt institution and schools/colleges and making compulsory to have a women on board of directors in a company .
    b) passing of amendments 73 and 74th which further strengthen the women’s position
    c) women police force and special cells for women

    And all this has increased their
    a) role in taking care of family and
    b) this has led to less dependency on male and also given them importance at home and society .
    c) women now have a say in their decision of whom they marry , where they work and also what hours they work .

    d) number of children they want to have

    Due to increased role they play in society , there are less more NGO’S and SHG and also call lines and therapists for helping of women over come the past traumas and rehabilitation of them . this has all taken place in urban centers of india and not the rural where female are still locked in the work of home care and giving birth of a male child .

    the society has changed and further changes are needed to mobilize resources to bring about the change we see in western world in india . the passing of bill regarding 33% reservation seats for women in parliament and women panchayat for women .

    • Nirmal Agarwal

      please review after reading it and point out what errors are there so i could improve .

    • abd

      Firstly word limit exceeded.
      u shoud hv written more about changing role of women rather than jumping on to globalisation where oi hv done the mistake too
      Moreover no need of govt interventions,they can be made into 1 point if necessary
      should hv concluded with stress on negative effects and how to neutralise them
      But good attempt considering the points u hv mentioned
      Good luck

      • Nirmal Agarwal

        i forgot negative effects as question didn’t mentioned it, will remember next time . thanks for review . appreciate ur help in improving my answers . thanks .

  • AB

    The changing times have made changes in almost every aspects of the society and the role of women is no different. Patriarchal values have subsided to a great extent and the role of women for nation building has been greatly realized. Women can now be seen working in various industries and also can be seen their improved decision making freedom in the family. However, the picture is still grim because of the following

    1. There are not many females in the highest decision making echelons of either the government or any other industries.

    2. The society still sees man as the head of the family and resides in him the right to inheritance and the responsibility of offspring upbringing.

    3. The rural scenario is far depressing with women enjoying lesser degrees of freedom due to various reasons such as caste rigidities, traditional roles etc.

    4. Conceptions such as safety, sexual purity, marriage as an end in itself etc. are holding a large section of able women confined to their homes.

    It is essential to provide women with the necessary freedom to utilize the new found power of modern education and a sense of liberty to fully utilize their roles in the course of nation building. This can happen only when we shred our primordial gender roles and patriarchal values.

    The influence of globalization on the decision making power of women is noteworthy. Below are some of the points in this regard

    1. Spread of modern education has empowered them to take up jobs and become self-sufficient.

    2. Being less dependent on others makes it possible for them to take decision related to their life without succumbing to others in the process.

    3. Also the job in the globalized world renders it essential to travel places for sake of work. This has helped in breaking the age-old perception of gender roles attached to women.

    4. Additionally globalization resulted in the broadening of the outlook of the society, led to industrialization and urbanization which directly led to the easing of the societal norms limiting women.

    This globalization had an important role to play in the process of changing of mindset and empowering women in their decision makings.

  • Aishwarya Sharma

    Answer 1

    • arun

      achievements of women are covered , what hinders her is not covered like security to work late nights like men , sexual abuses at workplace and so on

      good effort lot of scope for improvement

  • hemant

    Critically analyse the changing role of women in Indian society and the influence of globalisation on their decision making powers.
    In sub urban/ urban areas, women standing tall and side by side of a men in almost all the fields along with playing the role of an home maker and mother simultaneously has come of an age from taking a back stage to the fore front where they are leading a role of great importance.

    In fact, there is a flip-side too of this changed role as the upbringing of children is highly affected since proper time and care is not being provided to the in spite of the fact that both the parents are really putting an effort to discharge their duties towards children with full responsibility.

    In rural areas, where women have taken to a role of decision making comes great power and freedom that has led them to achieve stardom, top posts in an political hierarchy etc. that is being emulated successfully by their off-springs leading to their development in the education and social sector.

    There are these two faces of the same coin. So, one where we appreciate that role of women is becoming challenging as the family structure in one way or another is being affected. And second where there is inclusion of them in the decision making process.

    It makes us wonder, what does the future holds for us in such a scenario.

  • Praval

    Political thinkers and sociologists have
    keenly observed the status of women in our society and also expressed
    astonishment at its paradoxical nature. It has been remarked that in no other
    society women were treated as mother and equivalent to god and on the other
    hand beaten and degraded every other day.

    However the observation is not entirely correct in today’s
    scenario. In today’s world, Indian women have broken the shackles of age old
    patriarchy and reached great heights in field of science, innovation, business
    and even sports. The results of Board exams every year highlight that given the
    opportunity, girls can outshine the boys. All the positive change in their
    status has been brought about by the spread of education and awareness among
    parents which has been facilitated by increasing globalisation of education and
    market forces.

    With increase in globalization and liberalization,
    opportunities have improved. Women no longer sit back at home. They provide
    stable income to the family and thus have their say in family decisions. This
    is equally true for rural areas where it is seen that families have become more
    reliant on the women because male members are leaving the villages for
    opportunities in cities.

    It must however be kept in mind that all things have a
    negative impact as well. Globalization on one hand has liberated and created
    opportunities for women, on the other hand, has also ‘objectified’ the status
    of women in our society. Like the west, in India as well, women are
    increasingly being seen as objects of pleasure or entertainment and this is
    slowly becoming a profitable business in metros. Recent unfortunate events of
    maltreatment of women in Delhi and Kolkata prove the point

  • dinesh

    History is witnessed of changing role of women in Indian society, for instance,
    -Modern Indian History- prevalence of sati pratha and then its abolition by the leader Raja Ram Mohan Roy and masses.
    -Post Independent India- Non-interference of women in matters other than household, to the ruling of nation and states.

    Various other instances have been occurred due to some eminent leaders and mass-movement, to change society’s attitude towards women, whose have broad mind-set of the Indian society especially for women. These changes can be attributed to Globalization.

    Globalization literally means exchange of ideas globally( though it may be cultural, political, administrative, economic or other ideas) to prevent society from the stigmas, prejudices, and stereotypes; which indirectly means, in context of women, to empower them politically, administratively, economically, socially which is possible through by making them literate-
    1. which makes them rationale being to make decisions for her and her family’s welfare.
    2. for elite office holders-making decisions for companies, districts, state, nation effectively for their welfare.
    3. making them aware of their rights and duties, political, social, economic trends of the nation which enhances their decision making.

    Surely, Globalization made impact on urban women and very rare on rural which makes them to live within the traditional patriarchal culture where men dominates and women limits themselves to household activities due to strong presence of stigmas, principle of misogyny which makes women to spread their wings.

    Need of the hour is to take strict steps to eradicate those stigmas lying in the root of the country, hindrance to the growth of women as well as nation, either by mass movement or strict laws implementation.

    • dinesh

      Please guys review. critical evaluation is very needed and welcome.

  • wheeler-dealer


  • Amit

    With the growth of economy and increase in the literacy level in the Indian masses, role of women in Indian society is changing from traditional Housewife to the facilitator of the economy. Women are playing greater role in the Indian society and various sectors eg:
    1. In the administrative area women are playing a significant role by becoming IAS and IPS.
    2. In political areas- In past women were kept aloof from the politics and were seen as to be ruled but now many women are politically empowered. Many are Sarpanchs of Panchayats, CM of states.
    Similarly womens are also CEOs of large companies and banks eg: Indira nui is CEO of pepsico.
    Globalisation has also facilitated the changing role of women and has empowered them with decision making powers eg: because of globalisation many MNCs come to India and recruit women for jobs which make them independent.
    Many girl students goes to foreign countries to pursue higher education.
    Many NGOs which are working at global level also work in India to enhance decision making power of women in India.
    Thus, Role of Indian women is changing and globalisation is facilitator in it. But still there are lakhs of women who are depandent on there husbands, suffers domestic violance.These has to be curbed if we still want our women to really empowered.

    • Amit

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  • Dipjyoti

    Globalisation has brought in a number of changes in society, in the economic and social realms, in the wake of which, the role of women in the Indian society has undergone change.
    Globalisation has increased employment opportunities especially in the urban areas, and this has resulted in the growth of nuclear family, in the place of joint family. In a nuclear family, the status of women in enhanced in terms of decision making.
    Women in cities and urban areas are increasingly getting employed. Economic independence also empowers women, in terms of decision making.
    In the rural areas, mostly menfolk migrate out to cities, in search of jobs. Absence of menfolk in the household, also results in women taking major decisions in the household.
    Globalisation, in general, has created greater awareness among women about their political and economic rights like right to inheritance. This further empowers women.
    However, globalisation has also increased vulnerabilities of women in some respects like sexual harassment at workplace, etc. Also since even working women are also required in most cases to look after usual domestics chores, this dual role as homemaker and bread-earner, has burdened women.
    As such, we see, globalisation has exposed to newer roles and newer challenges in the Indian society.

    • abd

      u hv done the same mistake as i hv done.
      intro could be more general oriented rather than glob specific
      2nd part is good..nice points
      Thank u

      • Dipjyoti

        thanks a ton bro for your feedback

  • Abhishek

    Globalisation has influenced every walks of life .It brought the world closer and increased the movement of people ,goods, services from one country to other. This resulted in exchange of ideas, culture, technology, way of living between different countries. This also resulted in women empowerment and with changing times women across the world became aware of their rights. This holds true in Indian context as well.

    Indian society has long been a patriachial society but with globalisation this is undergoing a change. Women have excelled in every aspects of life be it education, enterprenuership, politics,etc.Literacy rate of women have increased in recent times.They have become aware of their rights .Gone are the days when women used to take care of the family as a home maker and the male member used to be a sole bread winner. Women now are not a burden to their family any more and they contribute equally to their male counter part for the development of their family and in long term in development of the nation.Their imprint is felt every day and at every palce. Role of govt ,judiciary and society is commendable in this regard.

    However Indian society is still lagging behind than the developed countries of the world. Though in urban areas women are marking there presence in every area but still in rural India the picture has not changed much . Literacy rate continues to be low despite govt schemes .Female infanticide is rampant, girls are nor sent to school, child marriage, unequal treatment between boys and girls, dowry system, high MMR are some of the major problems .Women security is a concern for our society These are the challenges lying ahead in Indian society.

    Development of the nation is not possible without the development of half of the population .Todays ‘ girl child will become mother of tomorrow. Educating a girl child will have maximum impact on the social and economic decision of the family which will contribute in the nation making.It is the onus on the society and on the nation to support and encourage women for achieving greater heights and contribute towards sustainable development of the nation.

    Abhi Singh

    Plz review guys….

  • KKM

    Traditionally, women in Indian society were placed at subordinate position to the men, They were considered as weaker gender and their role was was limited within the four walls of home. However, with emergence of various forces like liberalised education, urbanisation, influence of western culture etc., changed the mindset of the society towards women to the large extent.
    With expansion of education, people understood educated women can impart the values, health education, hygienic practices to their children. It has effects on overall welfare of society.
    In the western societies, women have better social position. With integration of national boundaries, this has a significant impact on the women in Indian society. They too realized that their role is not limited to their home and started participating in the different sectors of economy.
    Globalisation brought many economic opportunities for the women. It led to economic independence of educated women. And decision making largely depends upon economic independence.
    Along with this, Globalisation, also opened national boundaries for global organization and NGOs fighting for feminist rights. They supported women’s cause for equal position in decision making.

    Despite all this, women are far back to the other gender. They need more of indigenous support than forces from outside for their rapid progress in society and decision making power.

    • KKM

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  • Rohit Kulkarni

    Indian society with its
    patriarchal system along with religious caste rigidities has relegated women to
    marginalized and disadvantaged positions with little say in economic, social
    and political decisions of life with few exceptions of few strong women who
    stood up to societal discriminations and disabilities and had strong say like
    Annie besant , Indira Gandhi , Razia Sultana , Jhansi.

    Influence of advancement of globalization and liberalization
    role on women on decision making power is evident and few of them are.

    1. Literacy
    and Education allows them to attain economic independence.

    2. Increased say on regarding their marriage , career , soceital changes etc

    3. Increased
    participation in political activism and participation as the gap of voting in 2014
    elections reduced to 2% from 16.7% in
    1962 and 73rd and 74th amendment enabled participation.

    4. Equal
    right in society along with govt initiatives like including equal pay and free
    legal aid, humane working conditions and maternity relief, rights to work and
    education ,Women Banks , SHG.

    Role of women is changing
    from home maker to house maker in present. They are also holding different post
    from President to CEO’s of major economic driver industries. overall constitute
    24% in formal employment. Besides, their entrepreneurial role in cities, Indian
    women contribute significantly to agricultural activities 64%, handicrafts,
    village art and crafts and also indirectly molding the society as first
    children mentor . In Recent Nirbhaya case the demand for new laws shows
    their increased participation in society.

    The Women role in present society is like the wind beneath wings
    of society growth .

    • Rohit Kulkarni

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  • Appa

    Indian woman has come a long way from being confined to domestic chores to free participating in societal processes.

    Today she is venturing out for work, travel and recreation. She has made it male bastions like police, army, adventure sports, etc. Many of India’s top companies (Biocon) and banks (SBI, ICICI) are headed by women. At rural level, the unfolding of entrepreneurship via women-led SHGs is transforming “Bharat”. Also, women are foraying into govt services like never before. They’ve raised voice against gender discrimination in all forms and today enjoy much more equality in many respects.

    This has been made possible due to paradigm of human rights and equality guaranteed by our Constitution and numerous conventions. Judiciary has upheld gender rights constitutional against all efforts by patriarchy to dominate. Economic integration with world is bringing ideas like equality in pay, job opportunities – that has had impact on social sphere too. Sensing that son-preference no longer holds water in modern society, girls are being educated and given health facilities. Utilizing this freedom, women have become fairly independent and are in firm control of their destinies.

    Amidst all these positive developments, problems remain. The indicators for child mortality and maternal health remain close to sub-Saharan African levels. The rates of female harassment in urban areas have seen an uptick. In sphere of politics, half of the electorate being women has not translated to similar ratio in the Parliament – some parties openly challenge reservation for women.

    Govt should be pro-active in promoting gender-led development and strive for parity in assuring rights in their true sense.

    • Yash

      Nice appa good approach and truly unquie


    Traditionally India had been a patriarchal country, where women were subjugated, deprived of their rights and were expected to live within the boundaries set by the society. However, with growth in education and awareness of women about their rights, the role of women in Indian society has taken a progressive course. Infact , now it is conceivable that women can work and earn independently without any male support.Globalization has played a significant role in countries such as India in liberalizing women with all those employment opportunities, which has boosted confidence and a sense of equality among women.It has created new standards of treatment of women and has helped mobilize women’s groups.
    At the same time, it can be argued that globalization affects women and their decisions in negative ways also, particularly in developing countries in the following ways:
    -Economically: through discrimination of women in favour of male workers, exploitation of women in low wage employment and impoverishment due to loss in traditional sources of income.
    – Culturally : Loss of identity to a hegemonic global culture.
    -Politically : exclusion from domestic politics and losing control to global pressures.
    The government should protect the women from these consequences though proper legislation and protection. India as a aspiring super power can not grow to its full potential unless women get their due socially,politically and economically.Lately, the Government has started initiatives for women such as Beti bachao, Beti padhao which are commendable and the society as a whole has supported the changing roles of women in the society.

  • The role of women in a centuries old patriarchal Indian society was
    always relegated to the background by a dominant male society. So,
    many constitutional safeguards were added to rectify this anomaly and
    injustice meted out against the fairer sex. Despite the improvement,
    various reports show that much has to be done in this regard.

    In ancient times, women played an important role in the society Eg:
    Chola period. But later, during medieval times, their role was
    relegated to household works and it continued for decades. Though
    there were many eminent personalities such as Sarojini Naidu, Annie
    Besant etc , they can be considered as exceptions. After the
    independence, with enough legal safeguards such as Equal Remuneration
    Act, 73rd and 74th amendments etc, condition of women has improved.
    Compulsory 33% reservation for women in the local bodies have enabled
    many women to take leadership roles. Globalization is also one factor
    which accelerated this change in role.

    With globalization came increased opportunities and fusion of different
    cultures, which otherwise remained static for a long period. This
    paved the way for modern thinking. However, as UN Women report 2015
    shows, labour force is still skewed in favour of men. Only half of
    women participate in the labour force compared to 3/4th of men. It
    can be said that it is not a dearth of legal provisions, but an
    improper of implementation of the same that is preventing many women
    from breaking the glass ceiling.

    [Words: 240 time to write: 10 min]

    • dentist28

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    • abd

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      As dentist28 said ,2nd part could be given more space so as to give urselves space to crtically analyse that part
      Thank u

  • MRY

    Women in India have been the most vulnerable section of the Indian society. Though significant changes in the global era have partially improved the status of a woman, woman empowerment looks like a distant dream in India.
    Traditional Indian society
    1. The extremely deep rooted patriarchal set up never welcomed the birth of a girl child.
    2. Woman’s role was limited to household. She was secluded and isolated from the societal developments.
    3. Social evils like female infanticide rate, sati, dowry etc stand as testimony to the deplorable state of women in pre-independent India.
    Nonetheless women’s participation during freedom struggle relatively broke all the stereotypes associated with secluding women between the four walls.
    The status of women has significantly improved due to globalisation
    1. Most of the women right violations could now be brought to limelight and thus garner international support.
    2. Various global and indigenous organizations addressing women’s issues were set up.
    3. Women were given equal rights in property through Hindu succession act,2005.
    4. Reservations in the political and educational sector have contributed to their upliftment.
    5.Women joined the workforce and started contributing to the nation’s economic growth.
    6. Girl child education is been widely promoted.
    Inspite of all these improvements India still has wide gap in the literacy rates of men and women, high female foeticides, low representtion of women in the parliament etc. Inclusive growth of India is only possible when its 48% women population is made a part of its development plan.

  • Annapurna Garg

    Society is a dynamic entity which keeps on evolving and hence influences life of every connected person. The same applies to women as well whose role has changed a lot in Indian society.
    1. Women participation in work has been increasing with greater women literacy and employment opportunities. However, female literacy is still below make literacy and glass ceiling is a rigid feature at workplace.
    2. 73rd and 74th amendments have secured women place in the grassroot democracy, but same has not been replicated at state and centre level.
    3. Self help groups have led to increased financial autonomy as they thrive on women largely.
    4. In urban areas, men being the bread winner has been changing.

    In this respect, globalisation has played a very important role. It has added to the aspirations of women to move out of the boundaries of home. Also, it has opened up greater opportunities for her to work by means of opening up of MNCs and other such options. India is a party to CEDAW which is a step to incorporate gender equality as a focus of legislations. Civil society mobilisations and opening up to ask for rights is also another evolving dimension to this which led to the enactment of stringent laws.
    However, all is not rosy. It has led to dual burden on women as patriarchy still demands women to do house chores. This has been causing increased cases of depression and suicides among women. Moreover, above influences are very limited. Patriarchy still dominates in Indian villages of which Khap Panchayat is an evidence, Indian society will take more time to give equal standing to women.

    • Neurotoxin

      Nice answer
      some suggestion which would make answer more better
      1. try to add some more diverse points, rather then common points
      2. can make the answer a combination of socio-economic critique
      3. no need to have a balanced approach in such topics where clearly women’s are far behind (personal view)
      4.could have written about minority and tribal women’s, impact of social media et al
      keep practicing

      • Annapurna Garg

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        But regarding balanced approach, I think when it asks “critically comment”, both sides should be written.. But ya I focused more on positives than the marginalised condition of women.

        • Neurotoxin

          Its not about “5 positive points and 5 negative points”. its about how well you express the point in context, do not limit the definition of the word critical only to positive and negative. Try to take balanced approach depending on the context of the topic

  • winner

    From the ancient times women remain commited to their duties in well efficient manner in every strata of life till date.But the vision of society changed towards them drastically from ancient times.Women prove to be fhard as rock and soft as flower according to the situation ther are in.But discrimination exists on the gender bias not only in the outer world but inside their homes as well.

    please help i am having certain points to write in my mind but not able to frame it properly …..

    • Neurotoxin

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      • winner

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      I would request you to start by pinning 3 important points in these case. Build the answer around it by adding intro and conclusion. and more importantly, keep on writing.

      Please review mine.

  • Ankita

    -The recent times has seen women playing an important role in India’s growth. The role of women has been on a constant change in Indian society. This change has been partly state led and partly society motivated.

    -This change in the women’s role has helped the nation in all the spheres from sports to politics to economy. The pending bill for the 33% reservation of women in parliament would be an advancing step in the same direction. Indian judiciary has also been progressive in giving landmark decisions in favour of Indian women and thus empowering them more.

    Influence of globalization:
    -Globalization has helped to reduce the distances. Thus any special decision given by a supreme court of US helps in changing the attitude of Indian women. The Information Technology (IT) and social media has also helped in the decision making powers of Indian women.

    -Globalization has helped women in taking right decisions
    about their education and career. It has helped them making aware about their and family’s health. It has helped in informed choice about all the important decision
    concerning political and economic decision of the country.

    -Though there is a great role of Indian women in the
    development of society, but still India is too away from gender equality. There is a lot more that society needs to do in order to see the full potential of Indian women.

    • abd

      Intro in 1st para can be extended rather than writing about pending bill in 2nd paragraph
      u can mention reproductive rights,marriage decisions etc as urbanisation,individualism are partly byproducts of globalisation.
      Thank u

    • Pushkar Choudhary

      I think more elaboration was required on changing role in society!! keep writing!! plzzz review mine.

  • Dixita Mistry

    Indian society has been broadly classified into two: rural and urban. And the role of women in both area has surely broadened with time. As we know the the most molecular unit of society i.e. a family is totally dependent upon eldest women and therefore role of females becomes more wider and important.

    In rural areas
    : now , as I have seen, a women as the head of panchayat can deliver more, except only doing household chores and handling family members. Now she is more financially independent by enrolling herself in SHGs, which has brought her into the economy of country( although marginally). women are more involved in skilled job schemes of government which is again pushing her towards equality. There are many more examples which show empowerment of village women.

    in urban areas
    : as most of us are well accustomed to city life , we can easily highlight the increased role of women. Now in every sphere of life , as in family, finance, emotions, education, career, society as a whole, women are in forefront.NOW, even they are being expected more to deliver. They are more diligently and firmly standing in every field whether its defence or cooking or homescience or banking or administration. Now family give them decision making power more liberally. Every year matric and post- matric results are topped by females. and this only the resuld of increased role of women in modern times.

    With globalisation , the decision making power of women have increased. Now more responsibility and accountability is being sought from them . They need to more alert and at the same time firm + sophisticated too.the globalisation of economy has made the role of women more reliable sought after by people. Now people are more aware and they rely on woman work more easily. This has led into women a sense of confidence, which, now makes role and decision of a female more careful and calculated. Which in my opinion will be proved by them.

  • P34C3

    Indian society has undergone significant social change since independence and it has
    had a phenomenal impact on women. Constitutional guarantees of equality irrespective of gender, affirmative actions for women, etc. coupled with legislations and judicial intervention have been a major driver of this change. Further, in recent decades, with increasing impact of globalisation, more economic opportunities have opened up for women.

    Important dimensions of changing role of women in Indian society:
    1. Spread of education, resulting in more financial freedom for women, has resulted in
    women having a larger share in decision making at household and societal levels.
    2. Rise of services sector has provided opportunities for women in formal sector of economy.
    3. Reservation for women in panchayats and municipalities has resulted in increasing role of women in political sphere.
    4. Labour regulations, with provisions like maternity leave, have given women opportunity for better job security.

    Influence of globalisation on decision-making powers of women:
    1. Rise in services sector, especially in IT, due to globalisation, has provided women opportunities in formal sector, giving them more financial autonomy and greater say in decision making.
    2. Proliferation of ICT due to globalisation, e.g. mobile phones, internet access, has empowered women in economic & political decision making.

    But these positive changes have only impacted a small proportion of women. Women from rural areas, especially from lower castes, are still victim of patriarchal mind-set of the society. Share in decision-making at all levels is still far from equal to men. Their role still is confined to household work. Hence, despite coming a long way since independence, women have only been limited beneficiaries of social change and fruits of globalisation.

    (~275 words. Still unable to write within word limit.)

  • Rahul Singh

    As Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said “in order to awaken the people, it is the women who has to awaken, once she is on move, the family moves, the village moves and the nation also moves” It is well said. A lot emphasization is now been given on the women empowerment and girl education.

    when we talk in context to the Indian society, there were always many restrictions on the women’s values which never allowed them to go out of male-dominated socio-structure.
    a) bar on eduction
    b) no freedom to their expression and opinion
    c) harassment beginning from the family till she go to Groom’s family and again new sets of harassment
    d) their malnutrition and stunted growth compared to the boys
    and so on as the list never ends
    But since the nation has realized that the sustainable growth can never be achieved if we keep on ignore the potential of the women. This trend is very well supplemented with the trends in globe. Some of the examples are here to understand it better-
    a) an order was passed to the private companies to book the seats for women in the Board of directors in decision-making for the company
    b) Govt. initiatives to launch many schemes which lay emphasise on girl education. Ex. Beti bachao and Beti padhao
    c) without govt. support, the state which has lowest child to sex ratio (CSR) has given an impetus to the girl’s social resurrection at the village panchayat level which is considered the root in India for the male/female discrimination, they started selfie with daughter, and Digital India with laado to promote the girl’s rights
    d) a recent order from the SC to restore the guardianship to the mother without naming the biological father- it support psychologically that women can be better parent when it comes.
    e) women are working in corporate industries, and are on higher position too compare to the men
    f) they are now more liberal how they have to plan their life which give strength to them to utilize their full potential
    Women are more independent then any before in decision making. They don’t have to rely on husbands and the fathers. It not only lead to a more balance society but their decisions are rationale and are taken keeping in view every aspect. This leads to the development in true sense for a country like India.

  • Dominican Toronto

    rights of Women in Indian society had
    been ignoring since ancient except some dynasty like Satwahan Dynasty, where
    king Satkarni was known by his mother Gautami. Women were considered as subordinate to men in
    society and deprived from the right of education, property and participate in
    decision making. Since Independence, Government has been trying to bring women
    to the main spring through making acts in respect of girl child education,
    right of property, alimony, upliftment of social status, reservation in
    politics etc. Today, Education create awareness among women about their social,
    political and economical rights and they are being considered equally with men in every field.

    Globalisation take their life to new height of struggle internationally. Many
    women as business tycoon or political
    leader inspired other women of rural and urban areas. Moreover, it create
    plenty of jobs and women get opportunity to secure her economical freedom. So, she does not depend of others in regard of her
    personal decision. Even she take part in international organization and
    influence decision making through her existence. Therefore, some international
    organization are also create planning with keeping the view of upliftment of
    women status internationally.

    • Dominican Toronto

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    • abd

      as i learnt through reviews from M2K and others,it would be better to write in points for these type of questions to save space AND be crisp
      I am nt sure of intro part as historical case is nt needed and wouldnt do any injustuce if mentioned.
      good points and be specific in writing about indian women

  • Aakash Ambulkar

    There used to me a period , where women are not considered as a part of society .They are not even allow to have primary education . But the time changed now women are competing men in ecah and every field .
    In politics ,economics and in social every aspect of life they are treated equally as men .
    but still in some part of India a huge no. of women are not having proper opportunities .
    Globalisation has played a major role in empowering women . Before globalisation , we generally don’t have sectors like IT . This provides a plateform for women to prove the potential they have .
    If any country wants to develop the contribution of women are neccessary .

  • v2v


    Indian women have seen a lot of change in their role in the society,right from the ancient times,when they enjoyed a status at power with men,to the medieval times,when purdah system,sati,dowry system and early marriage plagues their role and brought them at the mercy of men.but times are changing,and so is the position of present day indian women.

    one of the triggering cause for the above has been GLOBALISATION.Socially,women post-globalisation are more exposed to technology,western culture and thought process,with their foreign counter-parts giving them the confidence to take up lead roles in the society.Even the outlook of men towards women is changing in this global culture.

    Women now are taking up new roles in the society as entrepreneurs,professionals and politicians.the family of the girl child is getting influenced by this positive global thought-wave of the sensitisation towards women’s equality,hence letting their daughters come in the forefront.this is improvising the financial status and the say of the women in the households,deviating from their earlier conventional roles.

    this change is just not limited to urban areas but the rural women too are benefitting from the change,thus helping in empowering women at the grassroots level.

    therefore,we can conclude that globalisation has greatly improvised the position of women of India and their decision-making power.

  • Pushkar Choudhary

    Mendacity seems to cross all its bounds when we say that we live in a society where men and women are equal.We live in a patriarchal society,but with the advancement of globalization,modernization,urbanization situations have improved a lot.
    Changing role:
    1)Social:Social status of women has improved a lot.They are no longer viewed as burden and curse as they viewed earlier.
    2)Economical:Women who were presumed to do only domestic chores and family feeding are giving cut throat competition to men in economic sphere and also contribute significantly to family income.
    3)Political:Political participation of women has improved a lot.They have more aware of their rights.
    lnfluence of globalization:
    1)With rising marriage age, they are becoming financially more independent. Education is being given lot of priority.
    2)With the cherished ideas of equality,justice,freedom capturing their imaginations they are questioning the irrational norms of our society.
    3)Participation of women in police,army,politics is a great step towards modernization.
    4)Aware of their rights,they are now more sensitive to discrimination against them for ex-dowry,harassment etc.
    Gender discrimination is menace which each society should get rid off.It is our onus to change our mindset and give women proper space to live.

    • Arduous

      .Thanks for your review
      .nice answer…..covered most of the points ….but dont you think since its changing role so we have to highlight the problems of women in historical society of india..??
      keep reviewing…thanks

      • Pushkar Choudhary

        I could have used it in an essay,since there is an extreme dearth of words i would suggest u to cut down it and include the relevant portion

    • shashank

      Nice content and well articulated in points. A few real life examples I think would have added cherry on the top..:)….plz review mine too!

  • Arduous

    Indian society has been evolving towards emancipation of women before independence and same as positive effects on women.

    The grim picture of women in Indian society has started improving be the efforts of various pro-women leaders like Raja ram mohan roy , Iswahar chand Vidhyasagar and many more . Indian legislature has passed various legislation like article 14,15 & 16 to maintain equality in law, discrimination and employment. As per committee on status of Women , women role in employment in various sectors
    improving since 1960s.

    Also the effects on globalization has positive effect on cultural change in India towards women , it brought economic strength to women which made them to play a decision maker in family and society. Various women holding important post in important institutions. Recent
    ruling of superem court about single unwed women to bring up child without name of his father, shows women decision making towards there life has become much more independent of male domination.

    Thus women are becoming more advanced and logical in decision making and living there life , with advent of globalization which brought independence from the parochial thinking and lead to era of

    • Pushkar Choudhary

      write about changing role more than history!!plzz review mine

  • SiMaYa

    Chnging role of women in society..

    Economic sphere, women r coming out of the 4
    walls of the house getting more economic
    empowered in present time. They are
    being partticipating in every sector for getting job.

    Social sphere, society no more dominated by males but women are taking eqaul footing
    with men in every sphere of society whether it is cultural event or marriage
    ceremony or any decision or work of society..they are equals to the men.

    Politically…women are more and more active
    participation in political arena towards the betterment of weaker section as
    well as themselves.

    Educationally….women now getting more and more educated
    whether graduation , post graduation or research,,, women are no step behind

    Effect of globalisation on decision making…

    Western influence…..demolish the illusion of women doing house
    works only…westrn thinking have opened and broadened the domain of women
    thinking to participate in every aspect of the society ranging from economic
    participatipation to political participation to get education to do
    philanthropy work for society and finally to the service of the nation and

  • shashank

    PLLLZZZ review:
    Indian women in history had always been seen as a member of family expected to be involved in daily chores and toe in line with the head of the family, usually her father or husband and sometimes even her son. There were only a few exceptions to this for example in royal families like Prabhavati Gupta or in more egalitarian tribal society.

    Urban areas see independent women, living away from their families are financially independent and hence play an important role in decision making whether for themselves or for their family like child planning and spacing. Though majority of rural women still don’t play an important role in decision making, yet with their participation in agriculture, NREGA works, other non-farm works to augment family income they are no more bound to the 4 walls of the house. Govt schemes like DWCRA and encouragement to Self-group helps have infused self confidence in women and allowed them to explore their entrepreneurship skills. Judicial judgements in favour of women rights like sole guardianship by unwed mother, natural inheritance of property, etc also have empowered women.

    But even today we witness that very few women make it to the top posts in Companies and still are expected to the emotional labour. Increasing sexual harassment at workplaces are another concern.

    Thus with increasing awareness about the rights enshrined in our Constitution and access to education, better health facilities and globalised world through internet connectivity, Indian women is ready to break the shackles of drapery imposed on her from ages.

    • Pushkar Choudhary

      I think u have missed second part !!adhere to word limit and try if possible to structure it!!keep writing

      • shashank

        yeah will try to structure it better…thanx for the review..:)