New Initiative: Guaranteed Daily Feedback on Your Answers at Secure – 2015

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Daily Feedback on Your Answers at Secure – 2015

Finally it’s here. We will be giving feedback on your answers written at Insights Secure – 2015 – starting from tomorrow itself.

We would like to continue this initiative as long as possible (just like Secure Initiative). This will be done like this:

  1. As it is impossible to give feedback on all the answers, we will give detailed feedback on Five Answers per Question. If there are ten questions posted, there will be Fifty reviews.
  2. When we say Five Reviews, it means Five different participants writing answer to a particular question will get their answers reviewed.
  3. For example: Participants A,B,C,D and E answering Q1 will get reviews on their answers for Q1. Other Participants – F,G,H,I and J will get their answers reviewed for Q2. Like this, reviews will be given till Q10 (we intend to post maximum 10 questions every day. It can be less than Ten Questions, but not more than this. Of course on rare occasions when there are lots of relevant articles published in newspapers, the number of questions posted might be more than Ten in number)
  4. Like this, every day 50 participants will get their answers reviewed. If more aspirants are posting their answers, then next 50 will get their answers reviewed next day.
  5. In this way we intend to review everyone’s answer in the coming days.
  6. Reviews will be given on the same day itself.

Our team will give you a detailed feedback. We won’t just say that your answer is good or bad: we will suggest where you can improve and why; what’s missing in your answer etc.

Ok, we are aware that Prelims – 2015 is nearing!

But there are aspirants who are preparing for 2016  and there are also aspirants who are confident about clearing Prelims and want to practice writing answers. This initiative is mainly for these aspirants.

Those who are preparing seriously for Prelims-2015 and do not want to write now should not feel bad at all – we will continue this initiative even after Prelims – 2015. Your answers will be reviewed then. Please do not get confused – let your focus be on Prelims – 2015.

We would like to tell you that we are not experts. We will be reviewing your answers by asking ourselves these following questions:

  • Have you understood the question?
  • Is your answer meeting the demand of the question?
  • Does your answer answer the question?
  • Have you written something extra which is not needed?
  • Have you written less than what is required?
  • Have you written within the word limit?
  • Is your answer balanced?
  • Have you followed a definite structure?

These are few questions which would guide us in reviewing your answers.

Please assume this as more of a peer review rather than an expert review.

Please do not worry about quality of your answer. If you write consistently for 15-20 days, read others answers and rectify mistakes, you will certainly improve.  A good review will help you further in this regard.

This particular initiative was a long pending request from many aspirants and we are happy that finally we are in a position to fulfill it.

You can also upload your answers in image format. Please make sure that handwriting is legible and the image quality is good. (Some miscreants are now and then trying to upload indecent images – if you see such images in comments, please immediately mark them as spam or flag them for moderation)

Success in this exam depends on many factors of which practising answer writing is the most important one. We hope we do justice to this initiative. We will be polite when we point out your mistakes. Take them in good stride and work on those mistakes.

If you find our feedback lacking in quality, please inform us. We will improve our quality.

It is also requested that you should continue to review each others answers and create a constructive atmosphere. By sharing and caring everyone here will improve.

If you can afford time, please review others answers (in case you are withholding back yourself from commenting on others answers). Commenting helps you develop new perspectives on a particular topic. This greatly helps when you write your own answers.

Finally your support (moral) is crucial in sustaining our initiatives. Sometimes we commit mistakes. Excuse us and point them out politely (or bluntly without being abusive). Sometimes we may not be able to respond  (because of certain unavoidable reasons), please bear with us during such times.

A Request:

Please do not request us in comment box to review your answers. We will review any five answers. Please go through them. They might help you rectify your mistakes (if you have made any). Your turn will come some day.  If everyone start asking for a review, it becomes difficult to respond (ethical dilemma!). So, it is a humble request from our side.

Thank you and wish you all the Best. 🙂







  • Anuj Gupta

    I know this is coming due to new player in the webspace aka ,which has a slight upper hand right now compared to IOI. But dont worry vinay sir ,you and mrunal are the one who started the initiative and thus are the prima facie for us aspirants who cannot live in the streets of orn and mukherjee nagar. As long as i prepare ,insights will be the first website that i’ll open as always.

    • Thank you Anuj. We have edited your comment for obvious reasons. Hope you understand why. 🙂

      Please continue to support us. We will continue to work hard no matter how difficult the circumstances we may have to face. UPSC has taught us all how to persevere even during the most difficult times. 🙂

  • Sneha Chatterjee

    Will start after prelims..

    • Thank you 🙂

    • Big Mind

      The earlier we start the better it is.

  • MIP

    Great!!! Day by day insights is going to cover all the aspects relevant to exam..till date,after joining insights no coaching is required for prelims but now onwards no coaching ll require for mains too..thanks a lot sir..

    • We are trying to simplify exam preparation for you. That’s all 🙂

      MIP – lots of love from our side for your enduring support 🙂 Your two words “Thank You” inspires us always.

  • Krishna Moorthy

    Since the last 10 years of dreaming big, INSIGHTS (and your initiatives) is the best that I have seen vs. an insane coaching industry that’s worth hundreds of crores; and places a premium on all knowledge that’s parted. They say that the best things in this world come free. Can’t agree more. And thank you

    • Thanks a lot Krishna. Your support is invaluable for us.

      • Deep Mishra

        Sir can we post hand written answer? I know it is difficult to review but writing practice and time constrain are there . It will be more helpful if you do this.

        Would you cover static topic also ?

        It will be better if you give time table to cover static portion too.

        Is there any plan to start offline class in Delhi ?

        What is difference between your offline and online class ?

  • Nirmal Agarwal

    will the answers written at 10 pm evening be reviewed ?? or should i write them in morning with others ?

    • Yes. They will be reviewed. But please try to post them bit early if possible. Thank you 🙂

  • Amit

    Sir,my indebtedness to you grows day-by-day.Most awaiting structural reform 🙂

    • We are indebted to you. WIthout you guys, Insights is nothing 🙂

  • ORN

    Thank you Insights, Will try to contribute as much as possible in this Initiative.

    • You have been a constant contributor and a great sport. Will look forward to read and review your answers. Thank you.

  • Krishna

    Respected Team,

    Thanks a lot for new initiative . and I am here for prelims and mains this year, one issue with me is, as i cant write answers , because various factors, like time less for prelims, lack of content and confidence in answer writing, and many more. I will start writing answers after prelims.

    • Krishna, please write one or two answers. We will try our best to help you with your weak areas. Other aspirants will also help. All you need to do is start writing.

  • Saurabh

    Dear Insight , An act of marvel I should say . Thanks for starting this new initiative. We will be learning no matter whose answer will be reviewed.
    If possible , try to provide a general framework about how to write an answer to a question.Sometimes aspirants like me are confused about what to provide while answering . I know there is nothing like model answer , surely there will be something like model approach. (this is not in context to your new initiative!!)

    • Thanks Saurabh. We will come up with an article on your suggestion i.e. to provide general framework about answer writing.

  • radhika

    thankyou very much

  • AJ

    was waiting for this……thanx a lot sir….

    • Thank you AJ. Even we were procrastinating, and finally it is here 🙂

  • Abhishek V

    one of the best news.. feedback from insights! finally its here 🙂

    • Thank you. We will try our best to live up to your expectations.

  • Manish Agrawal

    Great news for people
    who have not joined any coaching

  • chirag parashar

    Great job done sir …

  • prerna

    Thanks a lot Sir ..

    • Welcome Prerna. You have been a constant source of motivation for us.

      • prerna

        Thank u sir , its actually my good luck to have such a motivation from INSIGHTS daily 🙂

  • adityaka

    This is a remarkable endeavor that you, the insights team, have taken up. The aspirants are very greatfull to you. Could i also request you to do a detailed article on how to tackle the various DIRECTIVES to a question. Thanks in advance.

    • We will certainly come up with an article about directives. Thank you.

  • determined

    Insights team you can be quoted as n example of honesty,humility nd goodness personified. Thanks for all ur helps extended to benefit those who cannot afford costly coachings.pls Do continue wth it.

    • We will certainly continue everything. 🙂

      Thanks a lot for such kind words. We do not deserve such accolades yet.

  • Surabhi

    Thank you insights.. No doubt i just follow your site..
    This initiative will surely give us a full scope to improve our mains writing..
    And i promise you after i be a civil servant coming year, i will help you all to continue this good work .. (Though in small intellectual contribution)..

    You are awesome.. Continue this good work without selfishness.. There’s no great thing other than people’s blessings.. Thank you..

    • Thank you for showing support. Your blessings is our biggest asset.

  • Panda.

    I think team Insights must have more than 24 hrs a day.

    • Thank you Panda 🙂 🙂 Wish we had more than 24 hours! a day…. we would have improved and served you even better.

  • whatsdereinname

    superb initiative !! no words to express thanks for this !!

  • messianic dream

    thanks a lot insights…

  • Deep

    Thank you Insight. Words r limit to express my gratitude. All ur initiatives are useful to me. My preparation along with job was in chaos until I discovered u.
    Presently wholly following ur prelims initiative.
    Thank you.

  • mns

    Thank you Insights:)

  • CA Swapnil Agrawal

    really it would help in realizing true potential ………

    • We hope for the same. Thank you.

  • Gauri Parashar

    I think we need to invent some new word instead of using Thanks, as it is very small word one can say for the efforts you are doing. Insights, you make us learn from your hard work that we also need to work harder and do justice to all your efforts and initiatives.
    Till the time we coin some new word I think till then Thank you have to work.

  • Abhishek Gupta

    this news can make the front page of Hindu! thanks!

    Query: what should be the best time to post answers to get them conveniently reviewed?

    • 🙂 🙂

      We will try to review them in the evening. Even we need to prepare before we give opinion! Also by that time more answers will be available to choose better and not so better answers to evaluate.

      Thank you for the support.

  • mission 15

    very powerfull initiative..thnk u so much

  • Pradeep kumar

    Thanks sir.

  • Rupa

    Dear Sir,

    I don know whether I should feel guilty or not, but with job it’s really difficult to go with secure initiatives coz weekend are completely dedicated for prelims n revisions n optional n paper 2, in week days newspaper n current events etc, so if I want then also can’t take part in secure initiative due to lack of time.

    If I do it regularly after prelims do I have chances to cleat this year provided I already completed reading standard books for both prelims m mains. Please suggest, if I get prelims I can leave job for mains. Plz suggest.


    • Dear Rupa,

      Please do not feel guilty or get confused. As said in the article, you can start answering after Prelims. You will have great chances of clearing Mains even if you start writing answers after Prelims.

      Hope you have seen our offline results. Majority of them started after Prelims and cleared Mains. 🙂

      Do not leave your job. Take 2-3 months leave and prepare full-time after Prelims.

      For now, follow test series and self study guide. 🙂

      • Rupa

        Thank you so much Sir, your words gave me confidence to stick to my goal.


  • Dc

    Thank U sir ji.

    will u check ans. written in hindi (हिंदी माध्यम) also?

  • Sangeetha .S

    Hi,i want to know wat could be the best solution or way for rohingya crisis
    i didnt get those questions to answer plse tell me

  • Missionimpossible

    thank u very much sir….this was the only lacking but tomorrow onwards INSIGHTS is going to complete solution all together……from prelims to LBSSA…from now onwards toppers will be come out from insights…the kind of dedication and commitment selfless service for us really great job……..IF everything go on the way it is going on I m very sure all delhi coaching institute will be closed soon…..thank u so much 4 this immense selfless job…..lots of love insights

    • We woke up late and finally started this. Now we are very happy that we started this. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible. 🙂

  • sandeep

    after all insights has comeup with awesome post..plz review essay ans too.

  • kavitha

    no words to say………..thank you so much.

  • chandolu manikanta

    Thanks for the great initiative.

  • Puja

    Unbelievable! !!!! Thanks insights…..

  • COOL FIGHT 2015

    Thank You So Much sir.
    -Again a great step for sincere aspirants.

    • Thank you 🙂

      • COOL FIGHT 2015

        thanks for giving your valuable time to give a reply.

  • sangeeta

    Thank you insight,
    will ans written in hindi be reviewed.

    • You can write answers in Hindi, but at present we do not have resources to review Hindi answers. We don’t like to promise what we can’t deliver. Sorry Sangeeta.

  • Ak47

    Thanks seems too small a word to write down for you Insights…Hope you understand we mean a lot by saying Thanks to you..:)

    • We definitely understand. That’s our biggest motivation. Thank you.

  • Vanitha Amiable

    Insights is working more than an aspirant….thereby motivating the aspirants in this way also…THANK YOU INSIGHTS for all the wonderful initiatives..

  • ankur srivastava

    Thank You very much,Sir

  • Leiter The Leader

    We are proud to call ourselves as insightians sir..thanks for ur endless effort.

  • Ester

    Thank you INSIGHTS

  • Buddha

    Insight people is an example of life enrichment through UPSC preparation. What an attitude to serve people!…Hats Off
    Thank you is less for these people.

  • skb

    It will be really great… Thanks insight for this new initiative.. you people are really the best mentor for the aspirants like us…….Thanks to all the Team Members of Insight


    Dear Team Insights, Please consider making those questions as ‘featured comments’ for which you will review. It would give us access to those questions without scrolling through the page.

    • That’s a good suggestion. We will do that (may be from tomorrow). Thank you 🙂

  • Yashaswi

    This initiative is a challenge in itself. Here’s my take as to why this is so –

    All of a sudden i see awesome reviews. I mean, a proper, detailed review is there for a few answers, thanks to insights. But. Put together all your reviews along with the associated answers, and there is no opportunity left for insightians (yes, i just stole Leiter The Leader ‘s IP) to review the answers themselves. (read: a mental block has now been created for me)

    As you have frequently (and in the above article) have pointed out, reviewing is a crucial aspect in preparation on insights. However, this new initiative is literally an attempt at unknowingly negating any incentive to review, and at spoon-feeding i feel.

    After writing today’s answer, i don’t feel like reviewing my answer (i self review usually) because now i’m waiting for your reviews with which i shall check my answer. I also think i can save a lot of time by not reviewing others’ answers since i feel they can as well resort to self-checking using your reviews.

    So this is the challenge. To not bother about your reviews, and to continue doing what some used to earlier do – giving detailed reviews out of their own will.

    If i were in your position, i would rather spend the time trying to promote, with more effort than now, a culture of providing detailed reviews among fellow-insightians. This would serve a far greater purpose than your present initiative.

    This is entirely my view. No offence intended. Fellow-insightians will probably smash me for this view, but i had to share my perspective.

    Thanks : )

    • Thank you for presenting your objective opinion on this initiative.

      Considering this factor, we have promised you that we will review only five answers. It is not possible to review everyone’s answers. We have also requested that you should review other’s answers no matter whether you write or not; whether we review yours or not.

      It is our experience that often participants don’t review their answer themselves. They usually review others’ and then request them to review their answer.

      So, if you are reviewing your answer, please continue to do so and also try to review others answers. Please read our reviews on others’ answers and see if that helps you improve your answer.

      No matter whether we review or not, one should try to contribute. Then only this platform grows.

      We do not agree that it is spoon-feeding. If we are giving a ‘model’ answer (or synopsis) then it is purely spoon-feeding. Restricting people to our point of view (even on opinion based questions).

      Our main aim is to help you do self study. We provide compilations of your own answers later (bit modified) to do fast revisions.

      We are not at all offended. You gave us an opportunity to post our perspective on this initiative. 🙂

      Thank you.

      • Yashaswi

        Self-reviewing is a process that automatically happens if one genuinely reviews others’ answers.

        This process of writing-reviewing-self correcting helps immensely. So as you say, regardless of whether or not Insights reviews answers, all of us must contribute in a holistic manner.

        Thank you.

        • Big Mind

          One just can’t review his/ her own answers . What’s wrong with you ?

          • Yashaswi

            Hello Big Mind,

            If you have such a Big Mind, why not use it? Why simply deny without trying?

          • Yashaswi

            By the way, by up-voting your OWN comment you are showing off a bit of what’s wrong with you – Narcissistic and self-contradictory!

  • Zenith

    Wow!! Was eagerly waiting for this since a long time.Thanks alot Sir.Will surely start writing again after prelims.. 🙂

  • g srinivas

    First of all thanks for Insight for enriching our preparation…..When coming to this initiative I will definitely do that after my prelims. ..
    Thank you ……..



  • AP

    Thanks for the initiative insights …

  • estayaq ahmad

    Sir, can I right answer in Hindi?

  • Ashik Khana

    dear sir.

    I am vikram, i am new to your site.
    i want to participate in your mains answer writing challenge.
    i have cleared kpsc prelims.
    please clear my doubts.
    1 how to apply to this writing challenge.
    2 where to post the image.
    3 when will you post the question and how

    please guide me.

  • JAK

    Thnx a lot Insights

  • chandan kumar

    pls sir help me in finding feedback section…i’m struggling to find your feedback for the question..

  • dk

    thank you INSIGHTS

  • dk

    thank you insights ….your posts , your credibility ….makes us more determined

  • Sachin

    I think you guys are doing fantabulous work and keep it up. Even though I am not staying in India but still I am able to prepare for UPSC and that’s the power of internet. I believe in “sharing knowledge and free education” and you guys are doing that..keep it up…

  • KK

    Thank u insights 🙂

  • KK

    Such an initiative with reason to serve .. Hat’s off Vinay Sir and Team 🙂

    Indeed preparing for IAS through Insights has become a sense of enjoyment.. Which is necessary element in this exam 🙂

    Thank u .. ( This is of little value in front of your service )

  • Ranjith HC

    Its a great initiative. thank u very much. Insights is an ultimate destination for aspirants like me who cannot afford to go to Delhi. The website could be made more user friendly and well structured. Thank you again for establishing a platform like this.

  • Arpit Gupta

    Thanks a lot Insight. You people are doing awesome job. Boon to aspirants who prepare by their own.

  • ashish

    thanks a lot Insight for this new initiative ….you are a source of hope and inspiration for many ,like me….thanks a ton

  • Maneesha Suryanarayan

    Thank a tonne insights for your genuine efforts……I am planning to give my attempt in 2017 as I would attaining 21 years by then.currently I am pursuing B.A. and parallely preparing for CSE(basic preparation).I am in diellema whether to take part in this initiative,my answers will be mature enough or not……please help me out……

  • Urvashi Singh

    U guys are doing incredible job…now Insight has become part of study schedule for many including me..!!! Heartiest Thanks to all working round the clock at Insight..!!!

  • gauravjain

    Sir i just wanted to kniw that can i upload my answers written in HINDI medium ?

  • BST

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  • Ambitious Shraddha

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  • somya agarwal

    Hello everyone, following insights has proved to be a great help to a person like me..but I’m still confused regarding my optional I.e LAW. As it bears weightage I would request you people to please guide me in this regard..if anybody has law optional then please share your strategy…

  • jack David

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  • New

    Thanks to team insights.

  • Omkant

    Dear Sir,

    First of all, Thanks for this initiative for aspirants like me who can’t afford coaching.
    I came to know about this site recently in June. It is really good and well organized.
    As I decided very late and was not sure about my preparation, I couldn’t have filled the UPSC 2015 form. Now I am determined to 2016. I am following your site everyday.

    As I stay in Bangalore, so very much interested for your offline batch for UPSC-2016.
    Humble request to you to please do let me know when will it start and when will notification come for offline classes/test-series ?

    I really like your strategy of SECURE MAINS answer writing. It is really very helpful.

    Please Please Please must reply,

    I shall be obliged to you for this kindness.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Please check your inbox. Thank you.

      • Omkant

        Sir, I have replied to your mail.

        Please check.
        I am waiting for your reply.
        Thank you. 🙂

  • sushanth

    This chance is honoured and hope we will use it judiciously and sir where questions are available and when exactly going to start.. questions on which subjects.. plz give me some more clarity…

  • baaad_dogg

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus sir i emailed insights on 20th july regarding a personal issue..not to rush you(as i know u get tons of mail)…but can u tell by when can i expect some reply and if there is going to be one.

  • Vini

    Thank u insights..!!! u really motivate nd inspire us a lot. When ever i lose hope u boost up my spirit again. Like im able to answer only one question daily cz the d syllabus is so vast that it itself keeps me busy all d tym nd yesterday i thought that i vil do writting practice later cz it takes a lot of time to read, think nd frame the answer. But after ur this initiative i vil not leave the hope nd continue to write the answer nd hope that with a regular practice i vil b able to answer more nd more questions.
    I wanted to go Delhi for its preparation but cz of some reason i was not able to go thier. I started losing hope& felt that with a proper guidance i vil not b able to clear d xam but one day while searching some topics regarding upsc i found ur site nd here i got all d solution to my problems. What d best part is u not nly given proper guidance but also encourage nd motivate us that- YES WE CAN!!!!
    THAnks a lot..!!! nd plz keep supporting us like this.:-)

  • disqus_ecvlp63bsl

    venerable team insightsonindia

    do you people still review the secure answers? if yes then where can i find them? the last reviewed answer throws a ten days back date.

    please don’t think i am just another copy and compile candidate. currently taking my university exams so can’t spare time for writing and reviewing answers.
    please reply asap

  • Sanu S

    This Shall definitely help. thanks insights !