4) Explain the reason for requiring special majority for amending the Constitution.

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DAY – 22: Insights Self Study Guide for Prelims + Mains – 2015

25 June 2015

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4) Explain the reason for requiring special majority for amending the Constitution. (150 Words)

NCERT – Class XI, Indian Constitution at Work, Chapters 9

  • kaushal sharma

    Constitution Amendment requires 2 different kinds of special majority-

    1. Voting in favour of the amendment bill should constitute at least half of the total strength of that House.

    2. Supporters of the amendment bill must also constitute two-thirds of those who actually take part in voting.

    As there is no provision for joint session, both houses must pass the bill separately in this manner. This means that unless there is sufficient consensus over the proposed amendment, it cannot be passed as if party enjoys power, it can pass legislation of their choice even if the opposition does not agree.

    So, basic principle behind is that it should based on broad support among the political parties and parliamentarians.

  • Batman

    The reason for the requirement of special majority for amending the Constitution can be summarized as below:-

    1.It is based on the basic principle that any amendment to the constitution must takes on the basis of broad support of all political parties and their parliamentarians;
    2. Such procedure would put restriction on the power of the ruling party having the majority in the Lower House or both Lower and Upper House to pass as per it’s choice , simple legislation only, even without the agreement of the opposition ;
    3.constitutional amendment would entail the party in power to build consensus among all parties to extend their support for it apart from checking the arbitrariness or the dominance of the ruling party on account of it’s majority in the House.
    4.This would ensure that amendments to constitution are done only if, there is the need or compelling reason for the same and not just the wish or opinion of the ruling party because the ‘compulsion ‘ factor is, understandably likely to bring all parties present in the Houses together in the interest of the nation as a whole .