2) The movement of ocean currents follow certain pattern around the globe. Examine the factors which determine these movements.

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DAY – 17: Insights Self Study Guide for Prelims + Mains – 2015

19 June 2015

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2) The movement of ocean currents follow certain pattern around the globe. Examine the factors which determine these movements and their patterns. (200 Words)

Goh Cheng Leong, Certificate Physical and Human Geography, Chapter – 12

  • Batman

    The factors that determine the pattern and nature of movement of oceanic water can be summarized in brief as below:-

    a) The pattern of planetary winds : Planetary winds blowing between the equatorial and tropical belt ,called the Trade winds affects the pattern of oceanic water movement in the region.They direct equatorial water westwards and towards the poles,warming the eastern coasts of the continents .Eg-the North-equatorial current moved by the North-East Trade Winds warming the southern coasts of U.S.A.

    b) Temperature difference of oceanic water : due to temperature difference in oceanic water at the equator and at the poles ,warm water at the equator which is light than the cold water at the poles which is dense, rises up and flow towards the poles along the surface while the cold water slides slowly at the bottom of ocean towards the equator.

    c)Salinity :This arises due to different degree of salinity of oceanic water at different places .Water of high salinity that are dense flow at the bottom towards water of low salinity that is less dense and flow on the surface .e.g-the Mediterranean -Atlantic ocean water flow.

    d)Rotation of Earth: the rotation of earth causes rightward deflection of oceanic water .In Northern hemisphere ,the deflection is clockwise while in Southern hemisphere, it is anticlockwise.

    e) Land: landmass cause obstruction and diversion of oceanic currents.E.g- the West Wind Drift is diverted by the southern tip of Chile northward to form the Peruvian Current.

    Other significant factors that determine the pattern of oceanic water movement are: pressure gradient , direction and shape of coasts and buttom topography of oceans.

    • raju gogula

      nice one…still some suggestion
      1). mention westerllie’s in first point.
      2). Mention density variation. temperature and salinity can be clubbed and mention under density. coz density differences are a function of temperature and salinity.
      3). Mention corolis force in rotation of earth.
      4). Failed to mention gravity and seafloor topography and the shape of the ocean’s basins. these can be mentioned in one point.

      and always keep words limit in mind….over all a good answer and A for efforts…keep motivated and keep writing.

      • HighHOPES

        your insights…excellent

      • nsathya1990

        Can u please elaborate point 4. I couldn’t relate gravity, seafloor topography, shape of ocean’s basins with ocean currents.

    • HighHOPES

      good answer

    • sagar nathe

      nice ans! keep it up