Insights Offline Class Students Excel in UPSC Civil Services Mains – 2014 – Success Rate is 70 per Cent

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We are extremely proud to announce that 14 out of 20 who wrote Mains Test series (offline) conducted by Insights at Bangalore, have  cleared Mains – 2014. That is 70% success rate. The credit goes to them for working hard and writing all the tests religiously. Few others though worked hard, could not make it this time. But, we are very certain that they will be successful in their next attempt.

We are happy that each one of the successful aspirants either called us or sent message to express their happiness on seeing their result.

A Brief Background 

On August 26, 2014 (as soon as 2014 Prelims got over), we announced our intention to conduct Mains offline Test Series. We posted a Feedback form with few questions for interested aspirants to fill and express their desire to join our classes. It was posted at 6.02 pm. And by 6.30 pm,  65 aspirants had filled the form and submitted it for consideration. We removed the post at 6.34 pm (because we just wanted 20). Out of them we chose 20 based on following criteria.

The main criteria was:

1) They should have at least written a Mains, if not, should have been a regular follower of Secure initiative, or a regular follower of the website.

2) They should be willing to come to Bangalore and stay here for 3 months

Because it was difficult for aspirants from outside of Karnataka to come and stay in Bangalore, and then again go back to their states to give Mains, we chose aspirants who were already residing in Bangalore (majority of them non – Kannadigas) and few from Hyderabad who were willing to come to Bangalore.

Of the 20, few (4-5) didn’t join our classes citing various reasons. But vacancies were later filled by others who came late and joined.

Out of 20 aspirants, six were freshers. Three had given interview once. Two were already successful in 2013 exam (One IAAS and other IPS). Others had written Mains (once between 2011 – 2013).

This brief introduction is to stress the point that Writing Practice helped them a lot irrespective of their background – whether fresher or an experienced aspirant. We didn’t conduct any entrance to choose them. We just wanted someone who could seriously follow our timetable, write all tests and follow our feedback. Our intensive Test Series was suited to aspirants who had already read substantial part of the syllabus at least once. Hence, we considered taking in those who had given at least one Mains.

We did not feed them any information. They did self study and excelled.

Below are the names of the Successful Candidates who participated in Insights Offline Test Series for mains – 2014 (We are not posting one name because that person requested us not to post his/her name citing privacy concerns):

1) Nitish

2) Neha

3) Seema

4)  Mahendra

5) Gagan

6) Swamy

7) Kiran

8) Madhu

9) Balaji

10) Naveen

11) Apoorva

12) Satish

13) Sameer

14) (Not Disclosing due to Privacy concerns)

(Names are randomly posted)

We, on behalf of Insights, and on behalf of all followers of, wish them all the Best for their interview. Their final result depends on their performance in interview. They need our (and your) wishes and support. They are all nice persons. We are very sure that they will do well in interview and come out with flying colours.

There are followers of the website who might have cleared Mains (we will never know who they are unless they let us know). We wish them good luck as well.

We would like to reiterate that we are just facilitators. It is their hard work which has brought them success. We do not claim credit for their success. We understand how hard it is to devote 2-3 years into this exam preparation, to go through many failures and then to emerge successful. It is all their pain, their gain.

We just conducted tests consistently, gave them feedback and asked them to improve wherever they lacked. They believed in us and worked hard. 80% of them attended all the Tests (either in class or at home).

Few things we observed: they were hard working, consistent, passionate and down to earth. They will become good officers for sure.

Other who did not succeed also possessed these qualities, but it seems somewhere something went wrong (very difficult to figure it out). As said earlier, they too will succeed. They should keep their hope alive and start again (though it’s boring and difficult). Failure should always inspire us to take up new challenges and come out as successful.

We intend to conduct Offline Mains Test Series again this year but only for 15 aspirants. We will do everything to give 100 % result this year. We will notify about this after 1-2 months.

We want to confess that we were not perfect. We sometimes did not give answer scripts on time. Sometimes (but rarely) tests were postponed. Yet,  somehow we conducted all the tests sticking to one plan and timetable.  We didn’t experiment.  This is to let you know that Perfection is a difficult (or impossible) thing to achieve and your expectations should be in consonance with this time-tested truth.

Once again, we wish you  success in all your endeavours. Thank you. 🙂





  • pooja

    Please convey our hearty wishes to all of them!
    If possible please help us online students with the same offline questions for mains2015,so that we can also would be a great favour.
    Thank you

    • neeta


    • Rakesh Veeramallu

      ya true bcoz many may wont get that chance as it is only for 15 members

  • Abhi Ram

    You are doing a great job sir….all the best for their interviews…..

  • bulboa

    May i know how was your preparation schedule of each day? at least roughly can we know? I could not clear mains 2014…. May me it can inspire me to restart my prep!

  • ashwin kumar p

    Lovely hit rate. guys best of luck for interview. a standing ovation for the insights team as well.

  • Pepper

    Astounding,,, Many many congratulations to all…

  • Suvarna

    Congrats to all those who cleared. Dear vinay sir, you cannot belittle your contribution in their success. That is your humbleness. Feels great to have mentor like you.

  • Praveen

    This is great stuff !! But any reason why it is limited to 15 and not a higher number? #justcurious

    • Vinayak

      Higher the number,lesser the succes ratio.

  • 2015

    Hi friends any one writing d exam in kannada medium for group study…

  • sridhar

    all the best friends… may god bless your hard work…

  • Navya

    Dear Team Insights,

    The job you are doing is commendable. Inspite of working hard for this website and making everybody realise their dream, but still not taking credit for it is something which makes you guys to be always on top. Hatsoff to you Vinay Sir and Team.

    Congrats and All the very best for all those who have cleared mains. Come out with flying colors!

    • 2015

      Please can u tell me anyone coaching fee for both prelims and mains and best institute in delhi…

      • Navya


        I have no idea about the coaching fee in Delhi…

        • Siddy

          hey navya…how was ur result..i thought u would have nailed the mains seeing ur answers..

          • Navya

            Hey Siddy…
            I had not cleared prelims…so obviously couldn’t write mains….Preparing for 2015 UPSC…:)

            • siddy

              oh..well..whats ur optional..and are u preparing on ur own full time or joined somewhere..

              • Navya

                My optional is history…I have taken coaching here in B’lore for 1 year and as of now just preparing for it…

                • Siddy

                  Hey my optional is history too..can u share some strategies on maps and early medieval india..kindly email me
                  [email protected]

                  • kmg

                    Hi I’m thinking of taking history as optional paper.will u plz guide me on this.

          • whatever

            Some of them are already in service. Claiming that they are from your programme is disgusting. Get a life. Making money is your only motive.

            • @ Whatever,

              No comments 🙂

            • singhr

              great saying- posting daily question religiously is example of making money as only motive.
              slow clap!!!

    • Thank you Navya 🙂

  • karthi m

    like super20… it is super15 offline…. may be… super150 online … great work sir…congrats for all those cleared mains… and those not… never never give up… insightsonindia is there to help us…

  • Omkar

    All the best for ur interview guys… Selfless and Great effort by Insight

  • Urvashi Saini

    wow! congrates!!

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  • Anu

    Standing ovation and big thanks to Vinay sir n his team 🙂 blessed to have a mentor like you Sir.

  • Pepper

    Thank you very much for such amazing initiative….

  • Rajeev Sachan

    Hats of insights for their selfless work

  • lazygoose

    Dear Insights,

    With this high a success rate why would you want to reduce the intake to 15 this year??

  • satyajit

    Delhi walla ke to band baaz gayi sir pls tell the language which they r written main exam

  • nithya

    I really know there are many here who would love to take such initiatives online on chargeable basis.please do consider sir.would be helpful.


    your work is really appreciable thanks

  • Dc

    congrats to ALL & ATB
    INSIGHTS u r superb.
    thanks for all ur efforts.

  • vani

    great vinay sir and his team……..congrats to those who gained and cleared mains……
    i am waiting eagerly to join such initiatives in 2015 mains…thanks a lot to vinay sir.

  • Aseem

    Many many congratulations to the ones who followed and sticked to insights plan and could make it to the interviews.. Also many congratulations to the Insight Team for the hardwork they put in.
    Insights Team, if it would be possible for you provide some kind of online test series for Mains, kindly consider it. I am already trying to maintain pace with your static initiative n prelims test series and truly support you in any new initiative!


    oh what a shame
    ONLY 14/20 and
    (We intend to conduct Offline Mains Test Series again this year but only for 15 aspirants. We will do everything to give 100 % result this year. We will notify about this after 1-2 months.)
    We didn’t experiment.(SO WHY 15 THIS TIME) This is to let you know that Perfection is a difficult (or impossible) thing to achieve

    and yes to be in this crap 15 you have to be atleast 4 times mains qualified

    • dk

      true !
      whats wrong if 30 qualifies out of 200 ,This way atleast more people would be getting a chance . Here you are fighting for your ego which is total non sense . its like indian govt says only who people with super quality could serve the nation !
      shitty strategy !

      • Well, with your good wishes we shall one day conduct classes for 200 and help not 30, but more than this number of aspirants (then don’t complain again!). As of now we do not have space to accommodate 200, neither people to evaluate that many answer scripts. 🙂

        “Here you are fighting for your ego which is total non sense” – Only you can decipher its meaning!

        “its like indian govt says only who people with super quality could serve the nation” – wish Indian government had really said this and done this! so that we could have ‘super quality’ officers. If you read the above post again you can see that we didn’t conduct any entrance to select any one. Do not think that everyone who write Mains is of ‘Super Quality’!

        • ss

          I’m asking apology on behalf of that ego people….sir ur busy schedule also ur doing awesome work..every where there such type of people u dont bother about them…we need ur advice throughout our journey… Some good people will give respect t u and ur work..if u will provide everything also they never get satisfied because they r cupidity people…keep it up sir….

        • Mayuresh Pawar

          Insight…You are really doing awesome work..please do not pay heed to such bigot….The people who have not join classes…are totally dependent on you..and your work is really commendable..Thanks..

    • Well, no comments. Everyone can see what’s your intention is. 🙂

      • Jacky

        Dear Insight,Pls dont pay any attention to these people. We are daily followers and We know what u are doing for us. There are some people who are always there to discourage. He might hv exhuasted all is attempt and trying to discourage others

  • 2015

    Is there anyone with kannada optional who has cleared the mains this time…please advice to us…

  • Kr Sanu

    vinay sir ..i ws unble insightonindia bcoz many isuues.. now its okay.. why nt avlble download continue secure after jan

  • sarmad

    thank u sir for your able guidance.
    i am direly waiting to join the offline test series.

  • 2015

    Please can u tell me anyone coaching fee for both prelims and mains and best institute in delhi…

    • Naresh

      We can’t simply judge any institute to be best and it depends on our preparation and practise bro…fees in Delhi is nearly 1 lakh…coaching centres can only guide u but can’t cover complete syllabus…

      • 2015

        Thanks for ur reply and advice.the fee worth 1lack for both prelims and mains or prelims-1 lack and mains-lack..plz tell me..

  • ruth kipgen

    Heartiest congratulations to our fellow aspirants,their hard work has paid off and am sure with the kind of commitment they have put in,they’ll definitely fare well in the interview as well.
    Wishing them all the very best and looking forward to seeing their names once again in the final result.
    Thank you so much Insights Team for being the Pole Star and guiding us through. No matter how challenging this journey may be,with INSIGHTS,we are rest assured that our dreams will definitely come true. Lets all work hard together.
    Thank you Vinay sir and the team 🙂

  • Shekhar Gill

    Insightsonindia is a boon for IAS aspirants nobody can forget your efforts vinay sir .Thanks a lot for such kind of commendable job.

  • dk

    but you didnt tell anything about your original off line classes where you had 40 students .howz their result ??????

  • Girija H

    wish them all d very best………………… sir if it is for at least 30 students it would be more help full like us……[email protected]:disqus

  • preeti

    I too would like to join offline test series 2015….hv full trust on u insights….

  • Firoz Khan

    Can a student in Third year of his/her BA course, appear for Civil services exam.

    • Demos

      If it’s your final year, then, yes you can.

  • @All, Thank you very much for your wishes and appreciation. 🙂

    Just a clarification – It is not any ‘selfless’ work. We took fees and conducted tests. This was not any Free program.

    • Anurag Shandilya

      jus a suggestion….sir kindly start a mains initiative after pre exam.jus like u did for pre test series…take fee,no prb in that…n evaulate answers with proper feedback..n recommends wat more needed to be done by keep in a track record of those person who hav joined paid test series..

  • It’s always pleasure to be on Insights. Congrats for your success in the initiative.
    Just one point to add, I have been following the Secure from almost 10 months now, if possible I would request you to kindly arrange a feedback for the answers posted by fellow aspirants. You can opt for only Static portion as of now and may pick only two or three answers to evaluate, considering the shortage of manpower at your side.

  • Bane

    Thank you team Insights. wish all the 14 candidates best of luck for the interview.

  • asit

    Blessed….having mentor like u
    Thanku so much

  • Shrek

    Very pleased to hear that…Hope all of them clears the final round with good ranks and share their strategy here…And please please don’t waste a millisecond of your precious time clarifying to any non-sense comments…thank you.

  • Masoom

    Thanx insight…I am waiting for offline test series window direly

  • akshay

    Can u plz tel us the exact date of notification fr ur offline classes?, even though im a fresher & out of ur state resident. Im very much interested in ur endeavour. & im sure u wil help me to crack CSE-2015.

  • noboundriz

    Sir can you let us know the exact daily schedule that they went through so that it will be useful for those who cant attend your offline mains test series but would like to follow at home.

  • Tapasya

    Congratulations to all those who succeeded…and Congratulations to you too Insights for your honest endeavor and commitment…:)

  • singhr

    great job INsights. selfless or self interest it must do good for the many-

  • Ajit

    the honesty and genuineness of the site make me fell in love with insight.

  • ajay

    All the best for those who cleared mains n vinay sir u have also contributed very much n one thing is that you can increase no. Of students from 20 to 25 instead of reducing 20 to 15. Everyone knows success depends upon the hardwork of the aspirant and his mentor or teacher not reducing the no. Of students .in short time u may success in achieving the 100% result but in long run or later u will face the same problem of not achieving 100% result because success is not in your hands only.many more students like me want to join insight but if u reduce intake how we can join?

    • We are not reducing the numbers to increase the success rate. We want to take as many as we can manage with utmost sincerity and effectiveness. If our capabilities allow us to take more students, we will do so in future.


        yes sir increasing effective aspirants could enhance the number of selection atleast although efficient management should also be prioritized

  • Mani Ghotra

    respected Sir,

    First of all congratulations from bottom of my heart… on huge success…
    in north if 14 students got selected even out of 500… the institute would have published banners of these 14 people… but real achievement is this (14/20). great work.

    secondly i want to inquire that what is the difference in offline classes and online material which you provide us?
    I mean tests and schedule of tests is same which we online students also follow(i.e. secure)?
    obviously you might be checking their answer sheets which is not possible through online

    is this the only difference? or something else too…

    • Main difference is that you will have a proper classroom to write exams, you will have constant motivation because a small group is writing every test competitively, your answer scripts will be evaluated and personal feedback will be given after each test. Moreover, we will be available 24 hours if you need any assistance. You will be constantly pushed to write every test and improve each time here. We are no experts. We are not intelligent. We just make you work. And it works.

      For those who are highly motivated and comfortable studying from home, online resources are sufficient. We are not forcing anyone to join our classes. We are happy to not to conduct classes if nobody wants it. It is hectic!! 🙂

      • Mani Ghotra

        It is really worthy to attend your program…
        when will you open the lines..?
        I will definately apply for it..(if pre goes well..)
        I need this type of motivation… specially after pre… plzzz tell when will you open the line??

        • Mani Ghotra

          pease reply sir… when will be the lines opened??

          • We haven’t decided yet. Last time we posted immediately after Prelims. This time we may do this in the month of May itself.

            • Mani Ghotra

              okay sir… thnku so much…

  • AD

    Sir congratulations . !!!! Wish all the best to interview appearing aspirants. Sir we trust you. One suggestion. Is it viable option for you to start mains offline test series in other cities of India. Sir plz… is requrst to start it. I already joined prelims test series of Insight n have great n best experience in that. Hope sir you will understand. With love n respect towards insights. !!!!!

    • Thanks you for your kind words and appreciation. At this point of time, or even in near future, it is impossible for us to conduct such tests outside our base. We want Mains test series to be very intensive, focused and personal. 🙂

  • sandeep

    good job insights

    keep going

    you are very helpful to me and many like me

    once again i remember and thank my friend vamshi for letting me know about this awsome website

    thank you vamshi
    thank you insight for actually being there !!!!!

  • ashish

    Sir ; you got what you deserve………

  • Ankit Mehra

    If its possible atleast share with fellow students the said test series for mains strategy and questions for others who can’t afford to come to Banglore or won’t be able to get accomodation in your programme as it is understood the kind of resources need to put in organizing and evaluating MAINS papers at your end.

    Hope for reply.

  • rangayya

    Dear sir please condect main test online also .my heartily request sir please

  • vaibhav

    sir i am preparing by myself and did not even went to delhi..i am ready to come to bangalore..pls tell me how will u select those 15 persons

  • vrishketu roy

    Thank you sir

  • praveen

    Sir please sand GS daily current in hindi

  • prachi

    dear sir
    ur updates are really helpful. Thank you so much for helping aspirants and the best part of all your initiatives is that i am able to build up my own opinion over various current issues..

  • V.

    Hello Insight.

    First of all my heartiest congratulations for those who excelled through mains.

    I am a regular follower of Its really nice and informative. I just want to know is there any class room teaching in Mumbai? Secondly if someone will go to banglore for offline coaching from Insight, what will be the criteria of selection and the course fee for the same. Please enlighten me with above doubts.

    Thank You Insights.

    • Thank you.

      We do not conduct classroom teaching anywhere in India. We conduct paid classroom Test series for Mains only in Bangalore.

      Details about selection criteria and fees will be notified later. Thanks again for your interest.

      • V.

        Thank you Sir.

  • Mani

    Hi insights team,
    You really inspire the aspiramts with such service i have under gone regular class coaching but even there i could not find the dedication and openess as yours. whether paid or unpaid i am a subscriber for the prelims test series of yours i could see the depth of question and coverage. I hope i clear this time!

  • Al Qaeda

    Sir what was result of your Online test series???

  • indian

    Great work. When will u start ur next batch?

  • AGK

    Where I should contact , in case to join these Test series?


    gr8 work insights you are the only and sole companion for us (no- coaching,non-delhite aspirant) without you this aspiration is near to impossible

  • NaveenBT

    Dear sir,

    do you have any plans for KPSC. please come up with such a nice initiatives. humble request,


    • Please mail us at (insightsonindia at gmail dot com)

      As we receive numerous comments, it is difficult to monitor them. Thank you :-)..

  • preeti sheokand

    Hello Team Insight
    How do you plan to decide on these 15 students? I am in Bangalore and I am very keen on joining the same. I have not written mains but I am really hoping to make it this time.
    Please let me know about the batch.


    • Please mail us at (insightsonindia at gmail dot com)

      As we receive numerous comments, it is difficult to monitor them. Thank you :-).

  • Sannn Nn

    Hi Insights, I am from Bangalore. Is there any way i can get in touch with the Insight team over phone for guidance to mains 2015, if such an option exists.
    Do you have an office in Bengaluru. ? I will be grateful if i can get some feedback for answer writing through the offline correction of answer scripts. (for me travelling to delhi is not an option hence i do not mind paying a tad bit extra for a good service like Insight.) Thanks in advance.

    • Please mail us at (insightsonindia at gmail dot com)

      As we receive numerous comments, it is difficult to monitor them. Thank you 🙂

  • Please mail all your Queries to: insightsonindia at gmail dot com

    Thank you.