MOTIVATION: For The Freshers

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Hey Guys!

The last couple of times, we wrote here, one of our friends – Varsha pointed out that we have been writing about the interview process and the challenges and haven’t had much for the freshers.

I do understand and appreciate that the pressures you guys are facing are also quite tremendous and you are starting with a new zeal and passion to make this happen.

There is something beautiful about starting a process afresh

– You are in with a new breeze of energy, lots of optimism and a great deal of confidence which can work amazingly in your favour

– Your fear levels are relatively less compared to someone who has tasted a bit of a setback in the process. You need to cash in on that

– You will be competing with the freshers and the experienced ones alike. With the exams becoming very demanding by the day, it becomes very important as to how you target the exams . Your competition is not just your friend but also hundreds of them out there who feel equally passionate about the exams if not more.

I know that you have already started your preparation and some of you are already ahead taking the tests and trying to understand how you place the test scores.

– The tests you take from now are going to be quite crucial considering that most of them will be comprehensive ones.

– The exam is not looking for an expert, it is looking for a generalist. So we need not be experts in one subject, a lot of it is about time management and the questions you choose to answer. For that we propose a three pronged method to split the paper into easy, moderate and difficult sections. We will talk about this again when the exams get closer. For those of you who are very curious, you can check this post which talks about 8 crucial skills to keep you exam confident. 

– Start looking at the exams more holistic from now on. You need to clear both paper 1 and paper 2, identify your strengths. The time is right to create your game plan based on your strengths and weaknesses. Work on them now. If you need any help with the game plan, write to us below and we will come up with a model game plan which you can customize based on your needs. But for that, we need you to write a few things about goal setting. You can find a goal setting template hereYou can use this template to come up with a personalize plan along with deadlines and your final goal. If you like to share, please do upload the goal plan below and we would be happy to comment on the same. For now, work on the prelims goal plan and we can revisit it when it comes to the mains and interviews.

This is all for the start now. We can proceed from here based on your response to the goal setting plan and can take it from here.

Theoretically there is no one solution for this exam since the pattern is so wide and so huge. But the idea is to identify if we are falling for the common traps and missing on the bigger picture.

And I agree that each of our plans are personal and each one makes perfect sense for the individual. If you are not willing to share the plan, I can completely understand but do make the plan for yourself. I cannot promise you that it is going to solve everything. But I can promise you that it can be a great start to streamline your preparation from here.

Your strategies might not ensure you a 100% success but they sure will get you there in an easier manner :)..

  • shiva4688

    though im already gave my 1 st attempt , im curious to know my fellow aspirants who are not only freshers but experience one who did multiple attempts n still try to made it determinate to smell a success!!!!!!! later i ll share my prepns ways ( though its very mediocre , child s play). im confident strategy plan or tactics will not ensure us clear this exam rather than accoumused amount of preserverance , patience n strong will be only best possible last resort !!!!!!!!!!! what ups u guys!!!!!!!!im waiting to hear ur views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      True Shiva, I hear you. There will be some pits and falls and some mistakes in our preparations. Sometimes we realize it after it is done, the only idea is to identify if there is any visible mistake or a pitfall in the plan. If it is something which can be solved and if it is a common mistake, then the best way ahead can be to make those mistakes fast and try to solve them.

      And I completely agree with you, strategies will not ensure success. Infact nothing ever will, the exam tests a lot of factors in the process and planning is certainly one among them if not the only one..

    • putul

      Dear shiva
      i am preparing for upsc since last one year and read ncert book two times also read politics book laxmikant two times but irregularly. everytime when i study one thing running in my mind is that i should write on this topic but i can’t write because of low writing skill and confidence related to particular topic.also i could not follow my stategic plan. for example i prepare a plan for whole week and accordingly time table and subject set on. but i can only follow it for 2 to 3 days and at the end of week it left uncovered syllabus of my plan and i think i could not crack upsc and as i am a working professional i should focus on my job only.while my job is smooth and i am not getting any disturbance. after one day again i feel i should stick with preparation. kindly tell me the solution how to improve writing skill and continuity. i also following insightsonindia and since one year except its secure mains.

      • flyingsquarrel

        First you need to decide what you really want. Upsc or your ongoing job? If you wholeheartedly want something in life you don’t need any push or driver for yourself. 🙂 nobody can stop you except yourself (vinay sir said in one of his articles). So decide before it becomes too late. Secondly, if we talk about answer writing skills, nobody is born perfect writer , you should start writing with insights. Daily they’re giving questions, start writing with only 1 answer, you’ll get reviews and automatically you’ll feel confident. Everybody here starts writing with the help of source provided with question or you can refer any other sources through internet, at least do.copy paste something 😉 but just start once
        All the best

        • kaurmanprit

          A very worthy advice dear guest.
          n i thought i was d only stupid here to do this copy paste thing 😉

      • flyingsquarrel

        Oh! Sorry putul for I didn’t see you asking to somebody else
        I.myself going to attempt exam for 1st time so don’t know much about

        • shyam pratap

          dear i saw u many times here with really some good answers and as good critic as well.. can u help me with some revision perspective.. i mean how you sum up your weak’s study or a month study.. can you advice something on that. i know am not doing well in this particular area.. u r advice may worth .. thnx 🙂

          • Abhishek Chaudhary

            Believe me many well prepared ppl are not able to produce even half of the one s copy -pasted-formulated-in-perpetuity given the time pressure and handwritten nature of it.
            So just chill write a answer on ur own…u will be aware of that part. Issue that is good enough for now atleast

  • banerjee

    Sir, Thank you very much for your outstanding contribution to our preparation. But there are many working professionals who are taking the exam. They are spending almost 13 hrs for their job. So we would be highly grateful to u if please frame a plan like New Initiative for the working professionals considering their job. Many people are very much confused with their pattern of study. And all of us have become very much dependent on Insights. So it will be great for us to get some light on the preparation strategy for working professionals. Please do reply sir….


      Sure Tapas, I shall come up with a post for the working professionals and how they can target the exams. I understand that the biggest challenge for a working professional and this exam would be time. I shall target a time management frame work which can help you generate your best contribution for the exam.

  • Snehal Nimse

    First n foremost… As insights said it is important to plan and set goals… But the goals and plans should be realiastic. If for eg u say i will complete reading ncert books of history in two days… Na it is not possible.
    So first examine how much times does it takes for u to read and understand a passage. Remeber quality of reading is important. Start with a newspaper, analyse how much time it takes to cover the important sections. It is quiet possible that you may take a whole day in reading newspaper… Which is pretty normal for starters. Gradually u will master this art… And will be able to conclude a paper within hour or so.
    Second start with core subject reading…eg ncert! Reading ncert doesnt takes much time, but to understand it and point out important things is really very important. So experiment with this section the next day…
    Third realise the importance of csat section i.e paper2 right from the start of your preparation. Take 2014 csat paper… Solve one or two questions, analyse the time u take, the weak areas and start working on it.
    The fourth day u will have a clear cut plan as in how much time do u need to give for each section and start eventually. Remeber to put right step from the begining.Any mistake will be well corected by insights if u share ur difficulties.
    Freshers need to believe in urself and not get bowdown by the fast studies of the seniors.

    • wiki

      Thanku so much

      • Aishwarya Goel

        hey !i need some help..
        i m preparing for next year prelims and i joined the coaching in delhi…but i m not able to make my proper schedule and strategy for study.i m getting confused about the things that wtever m doing is worth or not..
        plzzz give me some i m totally out of my mind and not able to think properly..
        so plzz tell me wt should i do?

    • priyanka

      thanx alot

    • Prankrishna Das

      Thankyou. Usfull suggestion

  • shyam pratap

    dear insight am starter and following u in my preparation.. i mean ur test series and ur instructions on daily basis.. its really some time difficult for me to cop up with you but am trying and hopeful that in coming days my endeavour will bear fruit.. what problem am facing .. the hindu takes remarkable time but whenever i solve MSQ on current i do not perform good.. with other thing my writing skills are quite off .. some time a i am at low as well.. so help me with some boost up tips and to make me sharp on my writing skills.. thnx .

  • manju7

    Dear sir , please suggest some strategy for working aspirants ..

  • flyingsquarrel

    Thnqqqq sir for showing concern
    You boost up our brains without BOOST 😀

  • athy

    Guys … Can u Plz help me out . I am a fresher . And for now I am done with ncerts ..though superficially . So what I do I everyday study the Hindu +insights current affairs+ insights recent timebound syllabus (culture history this week) . But I am just totally confused about paper 2 . I have no idea how to plan and strategize it . (weak at maths) .
    So can u plz guide me wrt wt books to refer for paper 2 n Ho to go about it .

  • aamrpali pancholi

    sir i have started my preparation now only and i m reading the hindu daily but what should i do for last 6 months current affairs which i missed .Is half yearly magazine enough for this or any other source is available for it please reply

  • Ravi Patil


  • prachi doshi

    thanks for the inspiration sir. really a booster but the issue is about the syllabus.. i have got vajiram material and presently studying it. have read ncert of history only. even economics is a headache for me to study. please suggest some way to study and understand economics in better way.

  • PassionateSuperman

    Invigorating always ….. This has been the perennial tenet of INSIGHTS team . Salute you for the prudent mooring of our neo abstract dreams .

    • 2015

      Wow. You just showed how to write a sentence with no meaning and just words.

      • PassionateSuperman

        Thanks for that superb contemplation …. i really need your comments to keep my passion alive …alacrity is the word…ALACRITY

        Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides .-Rig veda

        • PassionateSuperman

          Please check the below statement,i have rewritten it :

          Making us feel strong( invigorating) always ,this has been the enduring or continual(perennial) belief(tenet) of insights team. Salute you for providing the well judged (prudent) source of stability (mooring)
          to our (all aspirants) new (neo) dream of clearing civil services which is just existing in thought or as an idea but not having concrete existence(abstract).

          Please write if you need assitance…

          Cheers to democracy !!

  • priyanka

    is any body from pune ?

  • Prankrishna Das

    Really, INSIGHT team is doing a great job.
    I am weak in english. Please help me to develop it.

    • satwika

      always try to think in english….even your silly thoughts…it often happens that we get lost into many thoughts during studies when we lose concentration after 1 hr or so…use it productievely by thinking in english…then read HINDU after reading your regional newspaper….so that you will understand the issue and can understand how it is expressed in english

    • Parthiban Gopalakrishnan

      English language is not a learning job!, it’s only practicing job!.So write your own blog

  • Avi M

    I am from banglore , working in an IT firm after completing my in year 2014 , is there anyone who is preparing for this exam while working ? as it will be of great help f as we can discuss and plan our strategy for this exam.