5) “The war against radical Islamic militancy is not West’s fight. It is a struggle among Muslims for the soul and the future of the Muslim world. In the end, only Muslims can determine the outcome.” Do you agree with this view? Should the West, or India, leave issues such as rise of ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban to Muslim world to deal with themselves? Critically comment.

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TopicEffect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests

5) “The war against radical Islamic militancy is not West’s fight. It is a struggle among Muslims for the soul and the future of the Muslim world. In the end, only Muslims can determine the outcome.” Do you agree with this view? Should the West, or India, leave issues such as rise of ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban to Muslim world to deal with themselves? Critically comment. (200 Words)

The New York Times


    People on the anti-war left believe that al Qaeda attacked the U.S. because the latter was imperialist, racist, or insufficiently responsive to the needs of the Third-World poor. By contrast, the pro-war right maintains that the Islamists hate Americans for their freedoms, opportunities, and overall success as a society.

    Radical Islamists tend to gravitate toward three major methods of achieving their ultimate objective.

    1. The first is to fight the Near Enemy prior to fighting the Far Enemy. The Near Enemy is anyone inside Islamic lands, whether it is an occupier or someone who has taken away
    territory that used to be Islamic.
    2. The second method is to fight the Greater Unbelief—the major enemy, which today is the United States—before the Lesser Unbelief.
    3. And the third method is to fight the Apostates (false Muslims) first, and then the other Unbelievers.

    “Terrorism can not be fighted at the national level, fight against terrorism needs International support”.

    In the wake of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the entire world has come to a conclusion that there should be a definite and planned action to counter this menace of terrorism. Reports coming from different spheres are bringing in details about people from across the world are joining ISIS in Iraq and Syria. On this note, each and every nation has to adopt concrete plans to discourage their youth falling in this trap of Jihad.

    “Jihadists are by no means a majority in the Islamic world, where they are also feared and

    On the larger international scene, the factors that impact on terrorism are the following:

    1->Globalisation has made geographic borders transparent to the flow of ideas, people and also turmoil.
    2->Technology has extended the reach and capabilities of the terrorists at the global level.
    3-> Economic interests of national and multi-national corporations (MNCs) pre-dominate all other interests. Therefore, unfriendly acts by some of our neighbours are not questioned.
    4-> The lack of international cooperation to undertake anti-terrorist action till the 11 September incident. Today, there is better realisation and the Security Council Resolution SCR 1373 is a good step. However, unless implemented and enforced, it is of little use. This, therefore, needs to be converted into an international convention and adopted by all nations.

    Mr. Modi’s rightly said in UNGA on the double game played by certain nations on Good and Bad Terrorism. Countries supported moderate rebels to oust the tyrant rulers in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and then overtime these moderates becomes ruthless and cruel which reminds of Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelley. Therefore, all the nations have to stop sponsoring and funding these outfits to ensure that resources doesn’t reach the wrong hands. At this juncture, there is no country in the globe which is not away from the shadow of terrorism.

    Terrorism today, therefore, has been transformed into a trans-national, high-tech, lethal and global phenomenon. The response to terrorism needs to be structured accordingly and the decision making process also needs to be modernised.


    “No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come,”

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  • Bikashfree

    The radical Islamic militancy advocating a puritarian and belligerent version of Islam is gaining ground rapidly in middle east. Slowly it is assuming global propertion and making terrorism a global scourge.

    But it is strange to notice that the countries of middle east, without recognizing this as common danger and fighting against it unitedly, trying to fulful their self interest. Turkey has a free, porous border providing gateway for radicalized to join IS. Some like Pakistan and iran still use them as asset or state policy despite bitter lessons.

    In this scenoario, interference by others like west of india, especially military one will create immense collateral damage like in any war. This will further feed the radicalization campaign of jihadis and would be one more tale of muslim victimhood in the hand of the world. This will only worsen it.

    But India and the world cant sit idly and watch these forces becoming uncontrollable. Contrary to their claim, this terrorism is less for justice of muslims but for the power of few selected groups and islam is their marketing propaganda or rallying point to collect money, cadre and commitment. If they succeed in their plot of an Islamic caliphate or liberating Kashmir, they will not drop their weapon and go back to farming. Rather they would find a new goal and a more extreme one.

    Thus the world must unite to deal with this problem with the cooperation of the middle east countries. All military action should be under UN supervision mindful of protecting human rights to the extent possible.

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  • kevin

    Today, World runs on the ideals of liberalism and democracy and terrorism is a threat to it.
    Radical Islamic terrorism cannot be justified in the name of the religion.No religion preaches for the bloodshed of the innocent but rather preaches for universal brotherhood and compassion.
    Islamic terrorists ideology is never based on a concrete set of principles but guided by emotional hijack of youth,poverty and backwardness.Internal strive within the shias and sunnis is also a major problem.The world includes not just muslims but many others and requires a collaborative efforts and co ordination within all the sections.
    Stereotyping war aganist islamic radicalism as a west war for the rich oil deposits in the middle east.But much larger picture has to be arrived before headingon face to face.
    Terrorism needs effective action and support of all the global powers.The countries must first address the problems of the youth.
    A country like India is composed of all major religions and any disturbance in the fabric of the relations may wipeoff the secular image.India has then and still been a victim of terrorism which costed many lives.India must take constructive steps internally before addressing global fight aganist terrorism.

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  • Rakesh Veeramallu

    Modern world runs on the ideals of peace and democracy all over the world.After the grave results of world wars all the countries agreed to peacefully solve the issues The establishment of UN and UN peace keeping forces are the major steps towards this.No country will intervene in internal affairs of others so that the sovereignity of the country and interests of the peoples will be respected.Nuclear disarmament program,no first use of weapons are also laid down by those principles.

    But if one country’s interesets seems to become threat to other country or region or to the whole world,then UN should intervene.

    The growing terrorist groups like ISIS,al-qaeda are very threat to the nature of peace and democratic world.If they say it is for their future it must be solved by themselves and should not be threaten other countries like ISIS terrorists killing many of innocent people.

    As India and west are threatening by ISIS and al-qaeda we must tackle them.It should not be leave only to muslim world.

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  • Kartik

    In the fast paced life where globalization is one of the most significant driver,
    hardly anyone can stay isolated /immune to the changes happening in the neighborhood.
    In other words, the turmoil that has swept across the Muslim world shall soon engulf
    other territories if left unchecked.

    The 2001 WTC attack in New York , 2008 Mumbai attack in India,
    Hebdo Charlie shooting in France, Sydney siege(Lindt Café) in Australia are
    some of the heinous incidents that has shocked the entire world. Similarly,
    this fight among Muslim nations is not an internal war but terrorism which is a
    global phenomenon. We all should fight against it collectively. There is no
    escape to it. Already many youths from West or India have already travelled to
    join the ISIS group. If we let these Jihadist organizations grow now, very
    soon we would find them establishing their footprint in our nations. The way
    ISIS keeps on seizing new regions of Syria and Iraq every other day; it appears
    as if we have travelled 100-150 years back in time.

    It is the right time for us to help Muslim world in dealing
    with this crisis. As they might need financial, intelligence, technological or
    military support, we must step forward and help them in combating these deadly

  • Joseph Stalin

    Strategies adopted in WW , by countries may not Work across all time and space. This is clearly evident In the Recent turmoil being faced by the Middle east post offensive Strikes from US . Although this helped West to enjoy the victory , which was only short lived. Previous Strategies of War were usually , Like that of Blitzkreg , offensive strikes With full force and after winning there use to be quick retreat . Similar happened with the ending of two world wars .However this strategies only caused greater radicalisation of Islam . Also double standards adopted by West , that it first augmenting Jihad to ouster the Moscow and later maintaining arms distance further caused the unity in various radical group , Both in Pakistan and rest Middle east .
    This single fought fight of US , harmed economically and culturally as well. resistance afghans now are seeing the Americans as the main culprit of this turmoil . This result was very well thought by several stake holder and it was advised to Political leader in Washington to , use the US forces as the backing to the afghan leader in curbing the extremism. direct confrontaion of US will appear as the Invasion, which in reality happened .
    Patience and Ideology anti-radical islam is the key here to solve this issue . As muslims will themselves with help of local forces will counter such radicalism . Foreign invasion as happened will always Be counter productive. A more recent example is of Houti rebels in the South of Saudi arabia.

  • Danish Mohammad

    5) “The war against radical Islamic militancy is not West’s fight. It is a struggle among Muslims for the soul and the future of the Muslim world. In the end, only Muslims can determine the outcome.” Do you agree with this view? Should the West, or India, leave issues such as rise of ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban to Muslim world to deal with themselves? Critically comment. (200 Words)

    The notion that the Muslim world alone will determine the outcome of the fight against the ISIS and other extremist groups and to leave them on their own to sort out matters on their own is outrightly rejected. Simply for the fact that those are not Muslims who have raised the menace of Taliban in Afghanistan in late 80s to fight the proxy war against the erstwhile USSR and withdrew support when their task of Soviet disintegration was accomplished.

    Yes, I do agree with the fact that combat against the radicalism has to be a joint and concerted effort from both moderate Muslim world and the whole world in general with US and India in particular. No doubt that tyhe pack should be lead by the Muslim leaders and groups to recalcitrant and annul the dilemma of Jihaad perpetrated by the radicals to legitimize their deeds.

    And emphasizing about the tipping from the West that let them deal their matters on their own, a simple introspection would prove this point forwarding as vague :- Are they West and the rest of the world) not going to be affected by this Frankenstein’s monster anymore!

    So, the way out should be the need for the Muslim world to recognize the fact that Islam nevers bats for the slaining and beheading of the innocents and this ISIS is nothing but an orchestrated effort by some hidden behind the veil and instructing the actions. Whole world must come together to finish off the terror talkers and Muslims have an added responsibility as they are ones who are most affected.

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  • Fazil Mohd

    No, the war
    against radical Islamic militancy is not the fight of the Muslim world alone. A
    lot of these militant movements were masterminded by the west (al-Qaida against
    the Soviets) which afterwards went rouge.

    The soul of
    the Muslim world is tainted by the barbarity of these groups and by the people
    who support such outfits, but the war cannot be won by Muslim people or nations
    alone. A coming together of people is needed and the understanding of the world
    that terrorism isn’t an attribute to any particular religion or culture and
    that it should be shunned no matter who propagates it. The solidarity shown by
    the world in face of the Charlie Hebedo shootings was commendable.

    India is a
    melting pot of religions and so cannot stay out of the Islamic extremism issue.
    Our neighbour has been, unsuccessfully, trying to use religion in its proxy war
    against us. But, due to our ingrained culture of tolerance, secularism and
    shared values, India has been minimally affected by Islamic radicalism. But, we
    cannot let our guard down and have to take every precaution possible against
    the spread of such violent ideas in the community. The threat of Islamic
    radicalism towards India is a very real one and we have to take proactive steps
    to protect our society against such barbaric ideas. We also need to show our
    solidarity for all the people who have been affected by this and hope that one
    day goodness will prevail.


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  • devesh

    I agree with the view the war against radical muslims is the war for the soul and future of the muslim world, how they wanna get identified as a peace loving people or war mongering one but having said so we can not leave them alone who were fighting against the most brutal terrorist organisation and should be provided with every help because leaving them alone will unnecessary stretch the war for a longer period of time that means more loss to human lives more atrocity on women and children which any civllised country should not accept.
    West or any other country should not get involved itself in to the war directly as it will give it the sahpe of war against a particular religion and will help ISIS in gaining of sympathy of some hardliners and those who are working for peace will be seen as puppets in the hands of west aginst ISLAM.
    best role west INDIA or any other country can play by providing every possible help to those countries which are fighting aginst ISIS like iraq and syria in terms of arms and finances because ISIS can prove to be dangerous to world peace if not suppressed now.

  • Ajitesh89

    The radical Islamic militants poses a threat to the whole world in one way or others. No doubt, the fight against them should be fought by the world powers but by not direct intervention. We have learned from history in many cases like USA incursion in Iraq, Afghanistan; French incursion in Africa etc; that foreign invasion can not solve the problem.

    The real solution of this threat lies in the struggle and fight among the Muslims for the soul and future of the Muslim world. The outcome determined by the Muslims will sustain for longer time and do not create further the situation like Afghanistan and Iraq.

    However, the West or India should not adopt the policy of isolationism. They need to work on two pronged strategy– First to collaborate with Muslim allies like Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arab at limited extent and second to improve national security for any casualties.

    The limited collaboration with allies is necessary because too much involvement may damage the credibility of non- Muslim nations among the people of this region. Muslim world will consider these invasion as a threat to their religion and the situation may worsened. Patience with limited aid to allies is necessary in order to get a sustainable solution of the militancy.