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The first and foremost task every UPSC civil services aspirant must do is to remember each and every topic of exam syllabus. Secondly, he must know what is the demand of this exam.

For example, if one remembers the following line (Given in UPSC Civil Services Mains syllabus):

The main Examination is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory.”

then, preparing for this exam becomes fun and meaningful. You can enjoy preparation when you are trying to ‘understand’ an issue rather than trying to memorise it. We believe that you will understand an issue only when you comprehend it, create your opinion on it and then reproduce it in the form of answer to any question asked on this issue.

We have seen that our daily answer writing initiative – Insights Secure – has been able to motivate many aspirants to read newspapers productively and help them understand an issue better from exam point of view. (we are saying this based on feedback received).

But, Secure is focused mainly on current events. There are many topics in the Mains syllabus which should be studied either from some websites or from some standard books – these topics can not be covered from newspapers. Of course UPSC can frame a question on arts and culture from a news article, but you need to know basics or art and culture to produce a good answer. Same applies to polity, history, economy and other topics.

So, studying static part is very important to understand current events. In this regard, we intend to start asking questions from static sources within Secure initiative. We did this on experimental basis. But come March, we will start something radical. We will give a week’s timetable beforehand so that you can read them and be prepared to answer any questions on those topics.

All you need is self-motivation to start answering questions. Because you are preparing for this exam to get IAS or IPS or IFS, you must put in lots of efforts no matter where you stand today. You get these posts with good preparation and with a tiny bit of luck. You know that luck favours the prepared mind. Start preparing and be prepared.

We won’t misguide you by asking you to read something irrelevant. We will try our best to keep in mind what UPSC expects from you and how it designs its exams. Be assured that ‘homework’ or ‘assignment’ will be given regularly to keep you on track – every day of your exam preparation.

Some aspirants complain that their exam preparation is going nowhere despite putting lots of effort. This happens because they lack a plan. Once you know beforehand what to do for a whole week, your will have a sense of responsibility, a sense of urgency and a clear roadmap. Work hard and finish the syllabus every week. With each passing week, you will have a sense of fulfilment. Believe us, this gives you lots of confidence. Once you are confident, you will start enjoying your preparation.

What we are going to do is not a ‘one size fits all solution’. Choose to follow it only if it suits you. You may have an alternative strategy. If it’s working, please follow that. If you can accommodate ours, please accommodate it. This initiative is mainly intended to help those who find it difficult to ‘streamline’ their exam preparation.

You may be spending lots of time on newspapers and not able to ‘find’ time for studying world history, polity or NCERT books. You may be studying NCERT, but missing daily current events.  You might have started reading Laxmikanth’s Indian Polity, but abandoned it after reading 3-4 units for some reasons.

If you have faced or facing issues like this, then we hope what we are going to start from March 1 would help you read all important books and sources before Prelims-2015. In case you are preparing for 2016, this will be immensely useful (you know why). Main advantage is that not only you will read, you will read these books with a real sense of purpose and urgency. When you know that tomorrow we are going to ask questions on Fundamental Rights, or on American Revolution, the way you read these topics will be different than when you read them casually.

Please participate actively and create a community. Reviewing of others answers is very important. This encourages them to write regularly and helps you get new insights too. This will also motivate them to review your answers.

So, let’s begin with General Studies Paper – 1. We will ask you to read following resources for Paper – 1:

1) NCERT books – All History, Geography (Class VI to XII),  Class XII Sociology (Indian Society) and An Introduction to Indian Art (Class XI Fine Art book) 

2) Struggle for India’s Independence – Bipan Chandra

3) World History – Norman Lowe

4) CCRT Website (for Art and Culture)

5) India Since Independence – Bipan Chandra

Other topics in Paper – 1 are covered through current events.

We will ask 3-4 questions every day from given topics in the timetable.  Please note that it is necessary to ask you to read more number of chapters or topics to complete the syllabus fast – so, you may need to put extra effort.  Next week we will try to give timetable for the whole month of March 2015.

For March First Week (March 2 to March 7), please read the following:


March 2, 2015

Source: CCRT

Indian Architecture

Indus Civilization

Buddhist Architecture

Temple Architecture

 Indo-Islamic Architecture

Modern Architecture


March – 3, 2015

Bipan Chandra – Struggle for India’s Independence

Chapters 1,2 and 3


March – 4, 2015

Source – CCRT

 Indian Sculpture

 Indus Civilization

•  Buddhist Sculpture

•  Gupta Sculpture

•  Medieval School of Sculpture

•  Modern Indian Sculpture


March – 5, 2015

Bipan Chandra – Struggle for India’s Independence

Chapters 4,5 and 6


March – 6, 2015

Source: CCRT

 Indian Painting

•  Wall Painting

•  Miniature Painting

•  Modern Painting


March – 7, 2015

Bipan Chandra – Struggle for India’s Independence

Chapters 7,8, 9 and 10


We are very sure that those who follow this plan will feel good later. The key is to stick to the plan at any cost and follow it. Do it to believe it. We are doing this because we know that this will work for you. (We reiterate that this plan is not ‘one size fits all solution’) 🙂

Note: This whole thing is part of Secure initiative. You need to read newspapers daily along with the topics we give. Please also make sure you do not neglect Prelims and Optional preparation.

Wish you all the best.

Please feel free to ask doubts in the comments section (we will surely answer them this time!) Thank you.

  • Anjana

    Excellent initiative..thanks a lot for your valuable inputs 🙂 🙂

  • Guest

    Love you Insights 😀

  • Mahendra

    Thank you so much 🙂 🙂

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    Isn’t World History topics missing from March 2 to 7. Or its for later ?
    And v v v v thankyou Insights for initiating this stuff.

    • World History will be accommodated in coming weeks.

  • jothi

    Thank u so much for an awsome plan sir!!

  • Pooja

    Will it be enough to follow this intiative for prelims and gs mains coverage?

    • Its focus is Mainly on Mains. But as you will read all GS related stuff, this will help in Prelims Paper – 1 too. In addition to this you MUST solve CSAT + GS-1 papers regularly.

      • Pooja

        Thank you sir for ur immediate reply and valuable suggestion.

      • Sums4404

        U r simply awsum insights..hats off !!

      • Raxio

        Thank u sir for this new initiative. due to lack of this point only i have wasted last year. now it would be a better start(in streamline point of view). here i would suggest one website , which definitely help aspirants particularly csat+gs1 , is
        examrobot dot com (it would charge u 249 (everyone is not Insights 🙂 )) (if u find this comment irrelevant please ignore it straightway )

        • HappyIAS

          hey all previous year questions and topicwise questions are freely available on the website u suggested, then why do we need to pay Rs. 249? What’s there under that tab? Please reply.

          • P Kumar

            i was also quite impressed by examrobot free question answers segment . I then enrolled and found the paid feature to be the real stunner , its analysis dashboard drills deep the syllabus and find the cluster most closer to the real examination pattern , i guess it does calculation w.r.t previous question pattern ..not sure exactly how it does it but the price is just penny for the tool they provide .

      • beginner_1

        Sir..cn u please provide a time table for prelims ?

  • VICTOR27

    Hi Insights !!
    If we work on this initiative, by when are you planning to complete the syllabus?
    Will you be covering all the 4 Papers? And will the questions on current events continue in the same way as they are being done ?

    • VICTOR27

      If poss could you please provide us some number or email where we can clear these doubts…modifying our plans in such a way that we follow yours means we should be aware of the timelines…

      • You can mail us at ‘insightsonindia at gmail dot com’ . But if you ask your doubt here, others might be benefited too. Just a suggestion.. 🙂

        • VICTOR27

          Thank You Sir,
          We are forever indebted to you. And sincerely hope to repay you one day.
          Q1) Further will you pose the questions the next day…like for eg : Bipin Chandra is assigned on 5th , so questions will be posed on 6th?

          Q2) Is there any way we can get the answers we write evaluated ? By your team or anyone else assigned by you?

          Q3) As of now I’m following vision ias test schedule, and alligned my plans accordingly. Means Polity-Jan, Indian Geog ,Physical Geog + Nat Resources -Feb, Modern Hist-March, Eco-April…so am able to complete the syllabus by April End (But mainly pre specific part)
          So if I change this plan and follow yours ,will I be able to manage ?? Considering it also covers pre part + sufficent time for revision before the prelims??

          Q4) Can we substitute the books in a way what we feel is right?? Say Lakshmikant for DD Basu, Rajiv Ahir for Bipin Chandra (covering the same part)

          • Coco-the gr8

            my question is same for using rajiv ahir…

          • My query is also the same…can we get any reply???

          • You are welcome Victor.

            Regarding your doubts:

            1) The topics that are mentioned for March – 2 will be covered on March – 2 itself. Which means, you have to prepare for those topics on March – 1 itself.

            2) Two-three answers will be evaluated from March-2 onwards. We had promised earlier to evaluate, but due to some reasons it was not possible. But this time, few answers will be evaluated daily.

            3) You don’t have to change your plan. Follow what you are doing, but try to accommodate ours with it. How to do it? You might have read India’s modern history already, then try to attempt questions which we give on that day they are asked. If you haven’t read it yet, study it and then write answers. It is just ‘accommodating’ instead of completely changing the plan. In March you will be reading history anyway, so follow our plan for this month + your test series as they both overlap.

            4) You can substitute books. We prefer books which we suggest, but there as there are good substitutes for all these books, please follow the one you like. 🙂 We will cover D D Basu too later.

    • We will complete it by August 2015.

      Yes, Paper – 4 will also be covered.

      Yes, questions on current events will continue in the same way as they are being done now. 🙂

  • Smita

    Dear Sir,
    The current status of my prep is as follows:
    -I have made notes of all NCERT’s till 9th standard , the revision plus finishing work on the remaining ones is still going on
    -I have been doing 3-4 questions from the secure initiative per day, plus reading the newspaper and following insights current affairs module.
    Now my query is:
    Should I go as per I have planned i.e. finish NCERT’s and then take on the reference books like Bipan Chandra, Laxmikant etc.and then do the questions from secure static portions ?
    Should I stick with the new secure plan strategy that you have listed above. ?
    Kindly advise as it would be really helpful and clarifying. ?
    Thank you 🙂 for your time and impeccable efforts.

    • shiva4688


      why dont u mixed up both as balanced strategy !!!!!!!!!!! but make sure u are highly good enough to score high in csat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • prashanth

      i’m sure many of us here face the same prob, as the post says this is not a one size fit all solution, i think you should be able to comprehend it yourself, what suits you the best. I’m sure you will 🙂 , cheers .

    • Hi Smita,

      As you have made notes of NCERT till 9th std and intend to read remaining books, it is better to go with our plan. You will revise books which you have already read; you will also read remaining ones along with standard textbooks. You don’t have to first read NCERT and then other books – you need to read NCERT again and again throughout preparation. You also need to revise everything you read – again and again.

      So, in next two days continue what you are doing. From March 1st, march with us 🙂

      • Smita

        Done captain !!!
        Yes for the same reason I have made the notes…it makes the reading again and again process easier. But I am not sure if I should make notes for the remaining books that I have to read..please suggest.
        And thank you once again for your valuable guidance.

        • sridhar

          u dont hav to make notes from ncerts.u should read those in depth… making notes would not take you to depth while revision… read the whole text book again and again…. 🙂

  • darshan

    A very focused initiative. Thank you very much.

    • komal

      sir….thank u very much for this new exercise…….
      bt i have only HIstory of modern india by bipin chandra book for history…+ unique guide + ncert …so are this sufficient for history or should i buy bipan chandra’s other history books…..plzzz suggest

      • Utkarsh Dhama

        I think bipin Chandra ncert is good only for 1707-1857 … After that you need to read India’s struggle for independence … It’s really good … I haven’t finished it yet . M on chapter 28 .. But it’s seriously very good .

        • Utkarsh Dhama

          For world history — there can be no better book than Arjun Dev ncert .. Precise .

        • komal

          thank you for ur support…..suggest me gud book for culture or CCRT website is suffiecient….

          • Utkarsh Dhama

            I like our art and culture teacher in vajiram .. Only a few teachers are good .. He is as good as they have got . So i would recommend it if you can get those notes .. Btw .. I got to know about insights only in November .. I think insights links for all 4 gs papers in how to prepare are more than enough .. Don’t think any coaching institute can help you as much as insights .. And yeah , our teacher also told us to study from ccrt website only except his notes .

            • komal

              thank you very mch…. for your suggestion….

  • Shekhar Gill

    Thank you insights for starting another helpful initiative .You are doing wonderful job for civil services aspirants .

  • shiva4688

    we are commited to do our best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope to come back again n rite many answers as possible!!!!!!!

  • Ajay

    Thank you so much for the consistent help and support you are providing for us in every aspect of our preparation and giving us hope that we can do it, though we are not taking coaching from Delhi and not having any seniors or honest friends to help us…Insights is everything for us and Thanks a lot Insights !!

    • Rupa

      No need of any friend I think u will getting every help from insights just make your plan n integrate with Insight, with God blessing things will be fine in future,

      • aditya bk

        thanx mam..

  • Guest

    Thanks a lot 🙂 this is exactly what I needed as I am one of those ‘lost’ candidates who don’t know how to plan and stick to it.

  • Rupa

    Superb Insights n thanks Vinay Sir, really u re making our journey so smooth, now Insight has become part of m lyf, the journey with Insight is so smooth, your all innovative ideas n steps are truly superb for us, Sir…so many thanks to u

    • Thank you Rupa 🙂

      • Joseph Stalin

        Dear Sir/mam

        I have queries regarding Your plan Vis a Vis My preparation

        My Current status of Preparation

        ~I have read Ncerts [ Except Economy ] and have made notes from it
        ~I have Read laxmikanth , Mrunal for Economy ,Shekhar and Bipin for Modern
        ~Youtube video +world wars series notes [[all Above made in Evernote]

        ~Plus daily religiously devoting time 6-7hrs for This Secure main 2015

        My question is

        1 Revision – How shall i plan for revision {MAJOR ISSUE not for me but for many , How to chalk this one ] feeling of forget
        2 Optional – I have socio to look for [Did little of IGnou ] Do have approach for it please mail it then
        3 Now i am not working ,but probably will get IBPS [score 103/200]
        4 Shall i follow this approach ?? It will be good if you substantiate with reason ,will boost confit in me

        • naren

          hi ,joseph which class you cover for ncerts? and from where you cover world history ?

          • Joseph Stalin

            History – 9,10,11,12
            Polity- 12,11 [not read but will read post prelims]
            geo= i read 6-12 [ i am very weak ]
            Sci- 9,10 [ i have not read 9th nicest till date but will read ]
            Economic – Ncert related to India eco development , and Eco micro & macro but for definitions only

            • naren

              thank u buddy . world history is sufficient from these class ?
              I had cover laxmikant for polity,
              spectrum for modern history.
              geo I cover from class 6 to 12 .
              economy -class 10,11 plus sri ram notes.
              then I need to read class 11 ,12 polity and history from ncerts. ?
              or IBPS join kar ke kya karega , mere pass ek acha option hain IAS sath mein join karenge .

        • waytoias

          @disqus_Joseph_stalin:disqus wht subject r u studying now..??

          • Joseph Stalin

            I am trying to complete SOcio along with daily answer writing which involves daily revision of tabled subjects

      • manoj joshi

        Sir i am getting major problem in news analysis and art & culture portion can you tell some basic which should i use to get grasp on these topic.

      • Neo

        Sir please guide with the subsequent posts. What after march 7?

  • suman

    Thankyou insight

  • Manu

    Great initiative indeed especially for those who are not taking / able to take any coaching.
    1 query – The week’s plan that you shared is focussed in Prelims GS or Mains GS papers ??

  • anonymous

    Sir,I have been following ur website nf it’s really helpful to me.. I have a problem, whenever I start to study I feel like geo is pending,the next day I feel what abt economics.. then I think I did optional 1 year back I forgot everything when I will revise that.. and I end up wasting my time. I gave prelims last year and was getting around 95 in gs but abysmal 80 marks in csat and failed..I want to clear this time, due to family reason(girl,and its important) I gave bank xam nd cleard now am muddled with above issue,plz help me..I know some might laugh,but for me its very important.sir need ur guidance.

    • Alluri


    • If you have cleared bank exam, you should be comfortable with CSAT this year. Identify where exactly your weakness lies – comprehension or reasoning etc – and work constantly on them. If you follow our plan, your Paper-1 score will also improve. You have to constantly revise everything you study on weekly basis. If not, you will constantly have this ‘I have forgotten all’ feeling. Revision is must in this exam to score better – be in prelims or mains.

      • anonymous

        Thanku sir, I have same feeling what you have pointed..”I have forgotten all”.. in csat time nd math is issue,may be it’s psychological one that math will nt be done.last year out of fear I attempted around 55 ques,rest I was not able to read. I will follow u finally,thank you for guiding me..

      • DKT

        Will arjun dev for world history is helpful
        I have a request/suggestion plz frame prelims questions every day on the given shedule.
        like questions from ccrt etc

  • Neha Mani Tripathi

    You have the solution for all our problems..I felt I am reading my own experience and an expert is providing me with all the required answers..what would I be without insights team!!..you are our saviour in the true sense..thanks is a very small word cos I never can thank you enough..:)

  • Avinash

    awesome is the word here

  • himanshu tyagi

    Thanks u sir
    plz give this type schedule for gs paper 4

  • dhiliptcs

    Dear insights , whether the new initiative will cover prelims preparation + mains static preparation ? So I will have to read the current affairs oriented mains part in secure ? Is my assumption correct ?

  • abhishek yadav

    Thank You so much for putting up such a scheme.

  • Eyerish hussain

    Will surely make my presance .Thanks for the edeavour sir.

  • M2k

    Its really a very good strategy cum initiative
    But for people like me doing 8 hour jobs. How will we manage all this.

    Prelim test series + daily current affair + optional subject + secure 2015 + csat pratice + now this one . I want to do all but now I m totally confused

    • Evaluate in which area you are weak – csat?prelims GS-1?optional? or current events? – then give more time to thing you are more weak at. Prioritising helps a lot in this.

  • sps

    If possible… Cover the static environment topic as well

  • Newcomer

    Thank You very much sir.

  • athy

    Insights …thank u so much for this really … I just wanna ask …can u plz accomodate aptitude paper along with this schedule

    • We are thinking of Secure Prelims – 2015. We will accommodate it there.

      • Joseph Stalin

        One doubt , Newspaper takes 5-6 hours [ if we write all 8-9 quest +reading managing] then comes this Above plan which still can be accommodated ,
        Now how to accommodate optional ? Are you planning for optional too? same method ?? I have Sociology

  • T kh

    Omg…Insight.. you’re unbelievable.. I don’t have a word to thank you other than weeping myself remains speeches..
    I think this initiative is mainly for me… God has sent me to thank you….

    You’re creating nation,you’re building up universes.. You’re what you are and I hope,your kindness,your effort will never be in vain… I’ll find you after two,2017 to return the things and knowledge I gained fromyou…

    May God bless you and keep you strong and healthy till I see Insight team’s face …

    I’m really thankful…

  • aim2015ias

    first of all great thanks for such a goodwill efforts from your side sir..we will try our best in response …i have been following your secure 2015 rigorously but some time it get skipped due to csat classes ,,newspaper and other test series i have joined…how to manage that sir?..and from january 2015 i am not able to cope up my optional along with all this,,so suggest me what should i do..? should i leave optional as of now…plus answer writing secure and making note of it is taking so much time…i hope m able to convey my message..so pls suggest a workable suggestion…becoz every single day passing require more planned hard work..thanks,,hope u vl reply soon .

    • We understand your problem. First you need to understand which one is helping you more, or which source is making you more productive. If Insights is helping in GS, follow it. If X institution is helping you in optional, follow it. Divide your time and follow both. Don’t leave optional at any cost. Whole preparation should be integrated. If you postpone optional, you will be under pressure later. Simultaneously prepare everything. Follow our plan for 2-3 weeks and see if it helps in all four GS papers or not. 🙂

  • Manasa Kulkarni

    Thank u so much insights……:)
    U r just ultimate!

  • Alluri

    Plan is really good. But, What about Prelims ? FOr first timers, it will become difficult to manage Prelims and Mains preparation and answer writing, given the time less than 6 months to go for Prelims 2015.

    This plan too good for Seniors.

    • Except for solving as many questions as possible both for Paper -1 and 2 for Prelims, there is no ‘separate’ strategy, especially for GS-1 of prelims. Ultimately you need to read all the books that all the toppers have recommended whether fresher or senior. For prelims, please join good test series and solve their papers. The above plan helps freshers too. Try it for a week 🙂

      • Alluri

        I’m in.

  • vrishketu kumar roy

    Dear sir, Thank you very much.

  • Rakesh Veeramallu

    cant stay without saying a big thanksssssssssss to for your selfless efforts…keep going..your helping future of INDIA _/_

  • Maximus

    Thanks Insights for your great help.. I give my best to catch up with your time-table as I feel I have to work hard to complete the topics mentioned in stipulated time for I haven’t completed reading NCERTs yet.
    I have a question.. Can I read NCERT 12th Standard book Modern India as substitute for Struggle for India’s Independence? Will that book suffice the preparation? (I hear the book you mentioned is too biased, Is that right?)

  • golu

    Thanku insight.wat about pre.plz tell

  • A.k.

    Really great approach. But please tell me the real crux thats HOW TO HANDLE PREP FOR PRE? Because If I am not clearing Pre then what?

    Pls guide how to get most for pre if I have started just…
    pls pls

  • Bane

    I dont have the words to thank you team Insights. The problems that you have mentioned above are exactly the ones i face. Although it is this exam that im alwys thinking about and the possible ways to get through it , still i lack on the planning side. Im going to follow your suggestions n weekly study plan whole heartedly n will hope for the best. Thank you soo very much team Insights.

  • rays

    Dear Insights

    I have been waiting for this kind of strategy in preparation. Could not able to get the guidance in picking right material for preparation. Today after reading this news I got confidence that somebody there to guide in reaching the apex! Thank you insights for every effort you are putting to make our dreams a reality.

  • Anurag

    1st …thanks a lot of for such initiatives.Even after taking tons of money,coaching centres would never ever do this, infact most of them lack such creativity and dedication for their students.

    2nd…does these topic will be questioned in Secure 2015 ?

    3rd..this plan is definitely gonna help, i believe.


    • prashanth

      yes in the post it is mentioned that , questions would be asked in secure 2015, GS-1.

  • kasi viswanathan.A

    Hi sir,

    i plan to start preparation from now . i plan to spend 50 hours a week. is it possible to write prelims 2015 & GS . if i follow your time table

  • satya

    Thanks for your efforts….. We will put the same

  • Saxena

    Hello Insights Sir
    For a beginer , how many hours of study – how many hours for current affairs, secure questions, option, GS and CSAT do you recommend? I know it depends on person to person but as a senior and experienced person, how many hours do you suggest? Pls reply ….

  • akangra

    Sirji u were already posting ques from ncerts…y this new announcement…r u going to charge 4 it…n sir books which u have covered vl u cover them again ?

  • sagar

    Sir i havent read newspaper frm last 1 month…got swine flu…could u tell what shld i do…?

  • moraya

    Thank you

  • M-2015

    Sir will you please provide some insights on public administration ??
    Or any 1 in this group ?
    As to how to proceed for 2015 from scratch ??
    I have not taken any coaching !!
    I’ve read prince dhawan blog several times infact I learned that :/
    But current scenario has changed completely questions are asked out of the box no more from text reading !!
    Any 1 with same problem can ping or anyone with advice please do ping your opinion is valuable
    Thanks in advance

  • aamrpali pancholi

    thanx a lot insights just love love love you

  • Bane

    Thank you soo much team Insights. i had posted earlier but my comments are not being shown n i wish you to read it. The strategy that you have come up with is i believe going to do wonders for a lot of us. I myself face a lot of problems like the ones mentioned above. the course is huge n time scarce. I just like my fellow aspirants do want to get through but unlike my fellow aspirants it is planning where i lack. I hope for the best and really hope that this strategy will work out for me and in the process i will be able to cover all the important parts of the syllabus. Thank you team Insights.

  • Rakesh Veeramallu

    sir plz give book list for all subjects which you are going to cover here…so that we can plan for our prelims if this initiative dont cover prelims useful books

  • roshan

    Hi Insights team,

    It would be very helpful if you continue providing the compilations… 🙂

  • Bane

    Sir/Madam i do have a query regarding the sight mentioned by the name of ccrt. Although i will definately go through this site now but i wanted to ask that i have been going through and making notes from A.L Basham. Should i continue with it as a secondary source or shud i concentrate more upon this site ??

  • AD

    Sir we believe you. Thanks a lot.

  • sam

    thanx sir …….
    a very innovative method ……..sir plz post some question for optional as well

  • Sanyogita Thakur

    thanks a lot for guiding us through this journey…. 🙂

  • Anu

    It is a nice initiative but with 8 hours dedicated to job n then prelims prep n newspapr reading i hope i could maintain my pace

  • Vikas Kumar Sharma

    Great idea………..

  • archu

    I have no words to thank you
    You are doing a fav job by guiding us
    Lots of blessing to dis website and vinay sir

  • AviMI

    Excellent …thank you sir

  • flyingsquarrel

    Very well structured plan sir
    But it’s commonly said that completing polity 1st of all and then economics, is very good idea because it becomes easy to understand and answer current related questions , also student takes more interest in current issues after finishing polity and economy which helps them a lot
    🙂 I’m going to follow your plan but just tell me that above said is correct or it doesn’t matter what you start first

    • We think it doesn’t matter whether we read polity first or economy. UPSC preparation is a continuous learning process. You encounter new concepts daily. One should have strong foundation first i.e. good understanding of history, society, polity, economy and science to understand current events better. We hope what we are about to start will help all in this regard. 🙂

      • flyingsquarrel

        Thnquu insights 🙂

      • shazia

        sir ,,m having a problem dat i find the syllabus too big to b covered in a single day.same thing s happning wid me inpre test series dati joined with u ..its really gud but m not able to complete syllabus in time .plz help me in dis n suggest some thing for improving my speed or watever i can to not to lag behind.

      • deb

        sir a request pls start the same plan for optional also so that it would be easy for us to complete optional fast

  • Pria

    Dear Insights! I am an ardent follower of your website. by this initiative u have given a streamlined approach to people like me who had no idea how to go about things.

    I had one query . As i have subscribed to your prelims test and that also has a fixed schedule (although i am behind schedule) . Should i modify my prelims test schedule according to the new Secure 2015? I mean should i give priority to the schedule posted here and then solve the relevant questions from ur test series. If i do so, may be i wont be able to do papers end to end. but once the portions are complete i can re solve them. How would this approach be?

    I am asking this as i dont think i will be able to accomodate both the schedules as they might not be convergent. Have to squeeze in time for answer writing , optional, news paper , CSAT and what not.
    Kindly advice! looking forward to your reply sir. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!

    • Pria

      No answer 🙁

    • Wanderer

      My question is same I have subscribed test series and way behind that schedule as well, trying to accommodate the secure mains, test series, optional but getting very tough. Please help…………..

      • Pria

        Hi ,
        Although we didn’t get an answer .. I found others asking similar doubts.. Insights has said that they will ensure convergence with prelims test series .. so i think we somehow follow this new initiative and see how it goes!

        • Wanderer

          Ok then will look forward to it. Thanx for ur reply. 🙂

    • Hi Pria, thank you.

      Regarding your query:

      1) Please continue to solve prelims papers without keeping them pending. For now, start following new initiative. You might have already solved NCERT based tests. If so, new initiative will help you very much. We will again revisit NCERT in between so that you will get an opportunity to revise them thoroughly just before Prelims. We will also try to complete this within July so that you will get a month to complete and revise all pending tests.

      2) We will try to converge both schedules at the earliest.

      At any cost, do not stop preparing for CSAT and Optional. You must find time to prepare for these papers too. 🙂

  • RR

    Where ever you gonna take me.. just decided to march with you sir..
    i just believe you.. thanks alot..

  • RR

    One small doubt sir..
    We have CCRT’s Architecture on March-2nd.. So we have to prepare before that day and write Answers for Q’s on March-2nd right..?
    We have to read Topics of March-2nd on the same day and write Answers for Q’s on March-3rd..?
    Please clarify sir..

  • smiley

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  • Arun chrnnai

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  • Snehal Nimse

    Ok! Insights is giving us a free hand to plan our own timetable according to our own capacity as well as work schedule. Those who are not working and concentrating only on studies should have no problem at all to go according to insights. But this is for those who serioualy mess up their studies due to working job hours. I hope this may help the later in accomplishing their dreams and not blaming their work for lack of studies.
    We need to study for following
    1) Prelims : wic includes
    a) Gs
    b) csat
    2) Current Affairs
    3) Mains
    4) Optional.
    That is in total 5 areas to cover.

    Lets go step wise…
    1) Csat: concentrating on csat is very very important especially for those who really are bad in it and considering the prelim syallabus. On daily basis take one question from 2014 csat paper… Solve it by your own, if not refer those csat books, and solve one or two eg from same topic. Eg: days and work, train and time. Etc Further insights is going to start secure 2015 too. One hour for csat.
    2) Current affairs : Reading news paper. Say eg Indian express. Read it thoroughly, mark the impo points, search those points you are not aware of, cut clippings of editorials.
    Secondly the debates on rajya sabha are not only interesting but they cover very impo topics and have a range of members on panels. I first read the brief points wic insights post, then watch the video, and then Summarise myself and write those impo points.
    Third you have those ready made insights current events. Believe me it do take 2 hrs to accomplish this but it is worth the daily quota of current affairs.
    3) From March start following insights strategy. It is impo for those who have not started studying yet. First u cover all the impo books, second u r on ur toes all the time and third u have the ready made timetable in ur hand.
    What i do is at the end of the week i solve insights 2014 test series. One paper each week.
    I have planned to buy the 2015 series in june so that i can revise them during my last few months of intense prelim preparation. 2 hours
    4) Optional subject for one hour.
    5)Mains studies : insights is been providing us wid impo questions on same… What i have started doing is.. Even if i m nt able to solve every question i atleast write it down and have made different folders for each. Eg in Gs1 topic on world history etc.
    Tomorrow if i get selecteded in prelims.. For mains study i will have all the topics comppelled in one format. So that i can relate the core topics with currents affairs and those of current affairs with core.( since insights post topic wise questions.. It is really easy for me to do.) For eg i have written it down current affairs related world history questions diff and will write it down questions of core world history separately( according to insights new format). 2 hours
    Total hour of studies : 8hrs.
    I work for : 6hrs.
    Sleeping hours : 7hrs
    I stil have 3 hours to spare.. Where i spend time in reading, music,meditation, family time, freinds call, sports.
    Who said we dont get time… What is impo is to realise our own capacity, believe ourselves and be passionate about life.
    Thank you insights for helping me in this journey called IAS.

  • Madhu Babu

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    sir this is great thank you for this .but you started week compilations of 2015 and you posted only 4 weeks right .but what about rest of weeks ???…….thank you sir

  • Dear Insights,

    This is really a comprehensive approach, But, I insist that Paper – 4 of Ethics should not be covered within August’2015, because Paper 1,2,3 are part of Prelims with current events, but Paper 4 can be prepared within a month after 25th August’2015.

    Thank You.

    • Ethics – won’t take much of your time. It will continue as it is continuing as of now but only with systematic approach. Main focus will be on GS 1,2 and 3, that too on topics that matter most both for Mains and Prelims.

      • Thanks for consideration.

      • poonam

        Sir i m very late to knw abt this site…plz tell whr do i start??

      • ravi

        dear insight
        pls start the same approach for optional it would be of great help

  • Joseph Stalin

    Dear Sir/mam

    I have queries regarding Your plan Vis a Vis My preparation

    My Current status of Preparation

    ~I have read Ncerts [ Except Economy ] and have made notes from it
    ~I have Read laxmikanth , Mrunal for Economy ,Shekhar and Bipin for Modern ,
    ~Youtube video +world wars series notes

    ~Plus daily religiously devoting time 6-7hrs for This Secure main 2015

    My question is

    1 Revision – How shall i plan for revision {MAJOR ISSUE not for me but for many , How to chalk this one ] feeling of forget
    2 Optional – I have socio to look for [Did little of IGnou ] Do have approach for it please mail it then
    3 Now i am not working ,but probably will get IBPS [score 103/200]
    4 Shall i follow this approach ?? It will be good if you substantiate with reason ,will boost confit in me

  • Praveen

    So there is another gem from insights team….hats off to you all Insights team….but one doubt .if this is going to be finished in august..then we wont be able to follow till august.because i think last month(august) should be thr for prelims only so plz sir take it into consideration….

    • I think we will complete it by July end itself. But please prepare for prelims simultaneously.

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    this is simply awesome thought.. it is gonna truly help the ones who are confused how to move on from d scratch level….
    great going guys..


    your service is really good……………….

  • Coco-the gr8

    With all due respect, i conratz u team, going very good job. My suggestion is that instead of Bipin Chandra, can’t we use Rajiv Ahir’s Spectrum or alongwith Bipin also enmark us topics from spectrum?

    • Spectrum book is actually a reduced version of Bipan Chandra (with few extra additions). We will give topic names which you can read from any book of your choice.

  • preeti

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    Thank you sir for this initiative. Can we follow Shekhar Bandhopadhyay’s book instead of Bipin Chandra for INM? And by this initiative will we complete the main syllabus by July end or August end? Please clarify Sir.

    • Yes. You can read any standard book. We will be mentioning chapter names too. This will help in reading relevant topic from any source. We suggest you to stick to single source though.

      • TasTas

        Thank you sir for clarification.

  • priyanka

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    All one needs to be on the other side is an internet connection and will power.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    Its an awesome initiative….My suggestion is to make a separate link for the weekly syllabus we’ll be getting…

    • Sure. We will provide a separate link/page for schedule. Thank you for this suggestion.

  • ruth kipgen

    As an aspirant,i do share the same apprehensions as all of us do. But then, i tell myself ” if this is what it takes to be an IAS, i’ll just have to do it come what may! “.

    As we are all going through the same situation, i just want to share a few thoughts and i hope it would be of help to all of us.

    Please relax,take some time,think over it and am sure you’ll be able to come up with a plan that suits you.

    First, look at your current position and think of what necessary changes you would have to bring about to accommodate the new strategy.

    As sir had mentioned earlier,there is no hard and fast rule that all of us should follow it. But yes, if we decide to follow it, then we’ll have to bring about some necessary changes in our schedules.

    We all know the core “Prelims,Optionals and Mains”, keeping this in mind,we’ll have to come up with a balance strategy. I think ” The Balancing Act ” is the most crucial.

    In fact, preparing for civil service examination has not only been a great learning experience, but i believe the challenges that comes with it gives us a great opportunity in shaping our personalities as well. So,lets take this challenge as an opportunity and handle it tactfully in a smart way.

    At the end of it all ” Where there is a Will, there is a Way “.

    Wishing all of us the very best and a heartful gratitude to Vinay sir for having chosen to be our mentor 🙂

  • Narasimha

    Thanks for your support sir,
    As mentioned in the post, for Paper I we are directly starting with reference books (Bipan Chandra). Are we scheduling for NCERT’s of History separately or we have do our background work. Please clarify Sir so that we can make the customisation.

    • In between we will give topics from NCERT books too (you need to read NCERTs all the time!). For now, please read Bipan Chandra or any modern history book that you may possess.

  • Gourisetti

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  • Gourisetti

    Sir in how many months u will complete mains all papers …is it complete before may ending

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    Sir is there any revision plan in this plan in your timetable because revision is the most important thing..

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    Thank you insights..for your tremendous work for making my journey smooth and effective for more surety to be an IAS officer..and your new initiative and other works are very much valuable for me . so thanks again Sir!!!!!

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    ur doing a great job! it will not only help the students to prepare well but also help them in evaluation.
    sir I have some doubts
    i’m a fresher presently, preparing for the very first time. the schedule insight has given would be helpful, but the speed I think is a bit faster. and the topics covered are mainly from the mains perspective. what about the prelims?
    do show me some way out of my confusion.. really confused with every thing. even I had no one to guide.. just studying from the Vajiram’s material and ncert.

  • vaastav

    will you also cover all the NCERT’s(history,geography) as mentioned above? and why you asked us to read bipin chandra first instead of NCERT’s which are the basic books??
    And if it is for mains how can i also prepare prelims with this same weekly initiative(syllabus) or need to take different approach for prelims?? please suggest me..thankyou for this initiative insights this will surely help me immensely

    • We will cover all books. NCERT books will be covered as and when topics in it overlap with Bipan Chandra’s chapters. Moreover, you need to be constantly in touch with NCERT. It is not like you read them once and then move to other standard books. Even though they are basic, they should be read again and again. It helps a lot.

      For prelims you should enrol to a test series and solve as many papers as possible.

  • ajeet

    sir allot of work recently i jioned insights pt test series,give 5-6 hours to insights secure mains and current affair too ,can you tell me requred to reading any news paper sepretly,plese replly

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    Hi Insights….The Initiative is really rocking……But,please mention the names of the topics rather than chapter names bcoz each one are referring different sources….Thank u…

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  • aamrpali pancholi

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    Sir hats off…you are doing a really great thing…please keep it up…Sir I have a question..I want to gave mains in vernacular language i.e. bengali..plz tell me how can i show you my answer?can i write it in english first and check those answer through insights then tanslate it into bengali?

  • bhattg

    my English is weak so i can’t complete news paper what should i do ?

  • Namgail

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    Sir, do you conduct test series at institute ?

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    I found this link for “Bipan Chandra – Struggle for India’s Independence”


    • naren

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      • aaron

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        [email protected]

        • naren

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          yeh id afghan ki bhasa jaise lagti hain .

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            • kasi viswanathan.A

              please send me the link for norman lowe. my id is [email protected]

            • naren

              bp Chandra history check ur mail

      • Bhagwat

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        • naren

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    • naren

      do have world history PDF book link of Norman ?

      • Prateek Mandal


        • rupali

          May be u will get on fb mission IAS 2015
          Other PDF files also available like rajiv ahir modern history

      • harsh195

        I dont have it now. If I find it I will send it to you also post it here. Please share your mail ID.

  • abhi

    Sir thanx a lot for the efforts..but could you plz explain how to accommodate revision in this plan!! ..coz we will be getting the feeling of forgetting stuff as the plan progresses ..also the current secure 2015 plan (the static portion questions given everyday)..will it continue or is this a new start ?? Plzz guide us sir ..waiting for ur reply

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    First of all thank you very much sir ,all the efforts made by you mean a lot for aspiring students like us.
    Sir, I haven’t started preparing for my optionals yet and a bit confused how to dedicate time for optionals amidst preparing for prelims.
    Please guide me sir.
    Thank you.

  • Dr.Raj

    Dear Sir,
    Would like to request you one thing regarding new initiative from 2nd March. We request u to club prelims and mains questions of the notified subjects/topics. Like giving some prelims questions and some few questions from the prior notified topics/subjects. By this we can prepare in a comprehensive manner by integrating prelims and mains preparation sir. Thanks in advance.

  • Sumant K.

    Any one having physics optional?????

  • vighnesh

    Thank you for insights. My doubt how to study my whole day going class and clg how toplan it.my clg time 7 hrs daily.4 hrs travelling clg journey. & class time 4 hrs monday,wednesday & friday.saturday & sunday clg of.how to plan it give ever suggestin me

    • You have to figure it out. For now please focus on basic books. Once your final exam are over, you can start following this plan fully.

      • vighnesh

        Thank you insights.i am face problem language.i am no basic knowlege about any language.ex.i am marathi medium but my marthi language also not perfect.
        I am engineering but i am not writing english & not speaking english properly.
        You seen my language problem reading time.how to improve both language english
        & marathi give me idea basics to advance also give me idea both
        writing improvement and speaking improvement.please give me suggestion
        i am helpful you

  • If I will follow the plan completely and doin nothing else apart from this….will it be sufficient from prelims and mains perspective???..also can I answer the questions by simply reading the books you mentioned…

    • No. It is just a guide for you to read what is important from exam point of view. You need to solve lots of question papers for prelims (CSAT + GS-1). Simply reading won’t help you. You need to answer each and every question or at least make short notes on them regularly and then revise them every week.

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    How can I club this with the prelims test series that I’ve subscribed with you ? Because I’m a working professional I have limited time (avg 6 hours/day). So I’m in a real dilemma if I’ve to stick to the prelims test series time table or this one! Any help would he really appreciated

    • We will club it ourselves 🙂 Till then, please try to follow our new plan.

  • naren

    thank you sir for your great initiative ..

  • Shivangi Dubey

    will v have only history questions in march ???

    • No. Different topics from Paper-1 will be covered. You will have to read Geography (NCERT), Indian Society, Bipan Chandra’s India Since Independence etc.

      • Shivangi Dubey

        n wat abt other papers??? will they also b covered??? if yes.. when????

        • All papers will be covered in coming months. We will post timetable soon 🙂

  • Akash


    I have been following your prelims test series and the schedule , if I can get some suggestion on incorporating the above initiative with the prelims test schedule or should I continue with the latter only as it already covers the mains static part too.

    • We will slowly converge syllabus of both prelims and new initiative so that you don’t have to read separately.

  • Mani Ghotra

    Respected Sir,
    please guide me to the best…

    My prep till now…

    1. Optional covered 65% with notes… rest 35% i can manage to
    complete after pre very easily along with revision of 65%

    2. I have completed geography and polity till now along with
    ncert notes till 12th, goh chang leong and my personal notes etc…

    3. was going to start history from march 1 with bipin chandra


    i have not joined your pre test series thinking that i will join in May after completing all my subjects monthwise and then will test my knowledge. To my good luck you are starting from history itself…

    1. So, shall i follow this initiative completely as i guess this will help in covering Mains and pre both?

    2. If yes, then i just checked one of your replies that this will complete in august… what is the time for revision then, for pre?

    3. You will post the questions immediately next day or compiled questions after a week? Eg now your questions will be on march 8 or daily ?

    3. Thirdly regarding current affair questions… I am following your articles daily but I am not framing answers yet but keeping the articles under relavant topics. I will frame answers altogether of these articles in the last two months which will help in revision plus thorogh reviewof the topic. Is this the right approach?

    4. Will you also include some intiative to read INDIA YEAR BOOK too… if no then please guide what all to focus upon in India year book. This for the first time that I am going to read India year book… so not sure what will be the experience

    Please answer the above queries, I will be very thankful to you…

    • Hi mani,

      You have made pretty good progress in your exam preparation.

      Regarding your queries:

      1) You should follow this initiative and also join test series. For prelims you need lots of practice. We will slowly align prelims syllabus with this new initiative. You can join test series in May also, but do join (any good test series)

      2) We will try to complete all books before August. However, you will have time for revision on every Sunday. Also, focus will be more on Prelims during June, July and August.

      3) We will post questions daily. If certain topic is allocated for March – 2, questions will be asked on those topics on march – 2 itself. So, you need to prepare for March-3 topics on March – 2 itself.

      4) We will include India – 2015 and Economic Survey – 2-14-15 too.

      • Mani Ghotra

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    Thanks and regards once again

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    sir past 4 months im just failing to plan and prepare by postponing . and now im planing to strictly ahere to this iniative .. by following this will i make into it ?? reply me sir. i didnt read any ncert or anyother stuff.

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    sir….thank u very much insight for this new exercise……really hatsoff to u for this efforts
    bt i have only HIstory of modern india by bipin chandra book for history…+ unique guide + ncert …so are this sufficient for history or should i buy bipan chandra’s other history books…..plzzz suggest

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    Plz reply Maharashtra civil service preliminary exam at 5 April…..

    • rupali

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  • komal

    sir….thank u very much for this new exercise…….
    bt i have only HIstory of modern india by bipin chandra book for history…+ unique guide + ncert …so are this sufficient for history or should i buy bipan chandra’s other history books…..plzzz suggest

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    your initiative is like (energy drink stations during a marathon , to save the runner from dehydration so that she/he could complete the marathon)
    thank you again for giving us energy drinks everyday,so that we can complete this marathon(0 to lbsnaa).

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    Thanks insights for giving us a direction but plz limit the questions to 5 daily mains and current events,just a suggestion because not possible to ans all in a day qualitatively.Don’t no whether others are also facing the same problem.

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    Is it Serve the Purpose to the beginners for 2015 notification.

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    I will stake everything I have in my command to stick with the policy of this initiative.

    Thanks Insight

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    Thank u vinay sir .

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    With help of your site ..i am gaining confidence ..

    I would like to request you to give points/marks to our answers too..so we will better understand above level of our writing skills. Because all serious students lags behind from one another during presentation of answers.

    I request to add marking system in Answers..or might be star rating might be Iron,Copper,Silver,Gold,Platinum 🙂


    Sir questions you are going to ask will be related to mains or prelims??

  • Prateek Mandal

    Can anyone send me the link for the pdf of book on world history by norman, not been able to find it anywhere????

    • Balu

      go to vikas book shop near R.C. Reddy IAS Study circle, Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad. You will get there.

  • shivaji patil

    This is a good initiative for upsc exam’s aspirant, thakns sir. but sir it’s mainly focus on mains, now i starting prelims study, can this helf for prilims also.

  • Guest

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    • Prateek Mandal

      see my comment

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    You have mentioned about NCERTs as well but you have not given any detail about it, like-when and which all topics should be studied?

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  • Optimus

    Its a sincere suggestion to cover the syllabus topic-wise rather than paper-wise
    Hope you consider this suggestion

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  • Al Qaeda

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    I have my own plan going on…Geography optional and college studies

  • deep

    Thanks sir for this initiative, as far as history ncerts are concerned, there are two types of books available in market. Old and new ones. Which one we should follow . Please tell us


    Sir , where is the questions?

    • Prateek Mandal

      It’s in the Insights Secure-2015, few Q are dedicated to this , check the references of those Q’s , you will know..cheers!


        Thank you Prateek Sir.

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    sir,if i follow above mentioned books and site for art and culture ,,,will i be able to complete this section (want to appear in cse-2016)

  • Guest

    Old Ncert books or new one

  • R

    sir, i am little late in joining this initiative. is it fine to start three days late ??
    and i am unable to find the link in which the questions for this initiatives are posted.. pls help. regards

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    Hello sir,
    Iam aspiring for 2016 civil services and that would be my maiden attempt.I’ve just started my preparation with some self-strategy!But I want to get facilitated with your test-schedule programmes.!Can you suggest me whether either I have to take the schedule you’ve suggested now or possibly the next schedule you’ll update.?Which would be better.?When will the next schedule of similar kind will be updated?
    And thanx alot for everything sir 🙂

    • We will start 2016 Prelims test series from August last week. Till then please follow the above plan. Then in August join our prelims test series. If you follow this, you will be in better position to score well in our tests as you will read all basic books by then.

      • keerthana rudrapati

        okay sir. . 🙂 thank you so much 🙂

      • Rocky Sam

        Sir.. can i join too the test series. and what are the prerequisites for me to be prepared by then. I am aspiring too in 2016 sir!! Thanks lot for the INSIGHTS.. a contemporary site 🙂 thumbs up <3

  • Dharmendra Chouhan

    sir please add csat also in this if u can…..plz

  • shivaji patil

    Sir plz add csat also…?

  • kalyani

    superb ur plan is so nice. then wat about current events. how to follow that

    • Secure – 2015 questions are based on current events. The above plan is part of Secure, so current event part will be taken care of if you decide to follo this plan.

  • Divya

    Thanks a lot for this initiative..
    Can you tell where can i find the questions for this?

  • Vijay VG

    Sir,I’m a Graduate.I want to prepare for UPSC. I will be eligible for 2017-18 batch.
    Can you please me how & where to start

    • If you are already graduate, then why wait till 2017? If you want to prepare well for 2 years and then give this exam, then start following our plan. This will surely help you.

  • Metal

    Sir, I haven’t received the prelim tests 15 & 16 as yet. Please mail it to [email protected] asap. Thank you 🙂

  • rashmi

    thanks insight i…will be dedicatedly follow this other than my resources please do not discontinue and please let us know the time frame for finishing with this plan…

    • kavita

      agreed please give us TIME FRAME WHEN WILL WE BE ABLE TO FINISH IT….As we have prelims as well 🙂 thank you

      • It will be over by end of July. 🙂

  • Chethan

    This strategy is for prelims or Mains .. Sir please let me know ?

  • Noor

    Dear sir

    This is a great initiative. I wanted to ask if we can follow this approach even if we are targeting CSE 2015?


    • This is for CSE-2015. But 2016 aspirants can also follow this.

  • kunu

    first of all thanks a lot…….very interesting and good idea for syllabus maintained …….vry helpful approach …….

  • rashmi

    thanks insight i…will be dedicatedly follow this other than my
    resources please do not discontinue and please let us know the time
    frame for finishing with this plan…please replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • rashmi

    thanks insight i…will be dedicatedly follow this other than my
    resources please do not discontinue and please let us know the time
    frame for finishing with this plan…waiting for reply insight

  • rashmi

    is anyone listening thanks insight i…will be dedicatedly follow this other than my
    resources please do not discontinue and please let us know the time
    frame for finishing with this plan…

    • You could have read replies given to comments here 🙂

      It is already mentioned many times that this will get over by July end.

  • rashmi

    how many more comments insight….thanks insight i…will be dedicatedly follow this other than my
    resources please do not discontinue and please let us know the time
    frame for finishing with this plan…

  • iasguys

    i would like to know whether you would plan for revision well?

    • Once in fifteen day (on Sunday) we will provide revision questions. This should help you to revise every week’s portion.

  • rush

    Sir my doubt is as m preparing for uppsc and mppsc also along wid upsc shud i first complete ncert or shud i follow ur study plan

    • Our study plan involves NCERT books too. You can follow our plan along with special focus UPPSC and MPPSC related stuff.

  • Ravi

    Hi Insights,

    Thank you so much for the initiative, It is really helpful for us and this week I am able to complete the schedule…Thanks a lot !!
    Please kindly provide next week timetable by sometime around Saturday, so that working people like me can study during Saturday ,Sunday and write questions during weekdays…Thank you!!

  • Anjali Ponthenkandath

    Where can i find the questions?

  • pal

    @insight – Sir i had one doubt.
    In your how to prepare section,,.,you had recommended spectrum for modern india but in this initiative you are asking us to read Bipin chandra. so i am little confused as to what must be read.
    Also since i have gone thr spectrum a couple f times.
    Kindly help!!

    • Both books are good. Spectrum is tailored version whereas Bipan Chandra’s is bulky but good one for Mains. Read any one of them. But our personal suggestion is to read Bipan Chandra’s book (Don’t worry about it views on India’s history. UPSC has asked many questions from the book for many years till now. This is what matters for an aspirant)

  • rew

    Hi Vinay Sir , I am Planning to start my preparation for today, i know i am late both by age and time , i am 30 years of age and a practicing dentist but want to give a serious shot in the upsc,could you tell me where should i start from or is it pointless for me.

    • You can start from Last week’s timetable (which is posted above in the article). It is not pointless. You have attempts and go for it with full force. You have backup. You should really start your preparation as soon as possible. Wish you all the best.

  • jay

    no words saying
    insight team…………….

  • rashmi

    i always thought to have a need of mentor who can actually guide me in this journey …thanks insight for making a clear path for me and many other confused soles…hope you will give chance to write article after being an IAS…please be with us in this journey till then …i am dedicatedly following u..

  • LN Mishra

    Sir, can i join this test series for 2015 pre/mains now??

    • Yes. You can join now. You will get both 2014 and 2015 papers instantly. Thank you.

  • Sandra Kaur

    hey sir im stuck in dilemma,i really need suggestion. i mailed also but didnt get any reply. well , i wanted to take suggestion .. that , i am preparing for 2016 CSE im 26 years old. didnt give any attempt yet.i had applied for a course in canada but if i go i wont find time to prepare fo CS . its 5 month long course . if i go ill be left with a year time for next CSE . if i skip i have 1.5 year . what do u reckon i should do ? go for the course . a year long preparation would be enough or skip the course and study for CSE from now onwards. im not working. i can devote all day for this preaparation. waiting for the reply 🙂

    • Subramanian Swamy

      if u start seriously from now on , u can easily clear exam, no need to wait till 2016

    • Mani Ghotra

      i guess its totally upto the person who is preparing…
      but i wud suggest, if you are 100% into civil service preparation then dont waste a single day(avoid the course if its not so imp)…

      Rest Sir can guide u better… 🙂

  • maruthu

    hello sir… what is the syllabus for this week… why there is no update for
    this week ….

  • Sandra Kaur


  • Rumya

    march second week syllabus??

  • Mani Ghotra

    Respected Sir,

    i have doubt regarding two books.
    you recommended Norman Lowe and i have heard about Arjun Dev too. But i am following your initiative so definately i will follow Norman Lowe but once can you please tell me the over view of both the books… because i am going to read world history for the very first time so i am a bit tensed for world history.
    I have to buy the world history book before you schedule its work so that i dont miss world history work, so please reply at the ealiest.

    • Al Qaeda

      I have both the books and completed Arjun Dev and now doing Norman love.
      See Arjun dev has touched almost every topic that could be asked in exam but in few topics it doesn’t have enough fodder to write answers of 200 words, u will find only 2-3 lines on that topic, rest is good.
      I have done 4 chapters of Norman lowe( 3rd edition) i found it very lucid and descriptive. It has all contents point wise which helps in understanding better.
      So i would suggest you to go for Norman, plus old NCERT

  • Acanthus

    Hello sir , first of all thanks a lot for a new initiative but sir i am muddling and got under pressure because of it’s become impossible to become a part of this initiative due to my college exams preparation . Actually i tried my best to become a part of this wonderful initiative but i am muddling how to manage both of tasks ? please help me sir and give me suggestion how to manage it all ? But after finishing my college exams i can become a part of this initiative but i will be too late for me . i am studying in s.y.b.a ( economics ) at fergusson college , Pune . i regularly follow your website . Thanks for such a big aid sir .. i am awaiting for your reply .

  • Acanthus

    Hello sir , first of all thanks a lot for a new initiative but sir i am muddling and got under pressure because of it’s become impossible to become a part of this initiative due to my college exams preparation . Actually i tried my best to become a part of this wonderful initiative but i am muddling how to manage both of tasks ? please help me sir and give me suggestion how to manage it all ? But after finishing my college exams i can become a part of this initiative but i will be too late for me . i am studying in s.y.b.a ( economics ) at fergusson college , Pune . i regularly follow your website . Thanks for such a big aid sir .. i am awaiting for your reply .

  • Sim

    Hi Insights .. when will you be posting this week’s assignment ?

  • raj

    sir if time permits.. pls add these weekly topics under one common link as done in secure 15 .

  • Chethan

    Dear Sir,
    Where the questions are posted for the week ? Please give me the link.
    Standard link which includes ….. link for all the weeks of preparation where you keep posting ?

  • rahul patel

    sir march 8 to 14 date ka planing batana sir

  • vivek

    Do we need to read the new ncert of history or the old one?

  • udaan

    sir bipan Chandra ke lie hindi me koi book btayiye plzzz

  • abrab

    Sir what about this week ??

  • The laser

    Sir please provide the monthly schedule now on, It will help us better to accomodate this programme with our own schedules….

  • rahulbalhara

    I am presently in college and self study is the only option. Its awesome.Thank you insights.We love you.
    It will be really helpful if you could post one week schedule in advance.

  • Rekha

    m very poor in aptitude please guide me what to do for CSAT

  • Rekha

    please suggest me what book should i read for csat

  • Rekha

    someone help me regarding the material and how to tackle csat

  • priya

    Sir I just wanted to know will we be able to complete our prelims and mains syllabus with proper time left for revision time .Because i am solely relying on this for my preparation except for the current affairs part and csat.

  • lucky

    Dear insights, I am new to ias preparation and I am targeting 2016 exam, my QN is that do I have to read some basic books like ncert etc before preparing from your new initiative I.e which stared from 2nd march?

  • priya

    will this preparation also include ncerts ?

  • sky is limit

    Sir next week schedule please

  • Frankenstein

    Respected sir,

    I failed in Prelims 2014. And I vacillated after that over different issues. I finally joined a small job in February. Though I continued reading stuff all through I was very unorganised. I attempted some questions on insights but later discontinued. Though I have read NCERTs- geography, history and economics, Spectrum, laxmikanth and mrunal economics for Prelims 2014 I feel really hollow now. And I am not able to follow Self Study Guide since I am working and find really less time to do everything. My math aint good and I’ve not done much studying of my optionals zoology (am a btech in mechanical engineering but I’m not very much worried) . I am not able to organise myself. Please advise me on what I should do from today on. I have 5 hours a day to prepare. Should I go back to NCERTs and basics? I am really sorry to behave like a dunce, I would have mailed you and spared embarassment but I hope I help some fellow aspirant who is facing similar issues. Please help!

  • arun

    hello sir;
    i am ch. arun ,sir i want to prepare for 2016 civil’s.(it’s my maiden attempt also). i think you can prepare another schedule for us like this.(it is superb schedule). will you pls suggest me what skills required and i am in great confusion whether i want prepare for this time table (or)2016 time table.

    • Al Qaeda

      There are lot of people who are waiting for starting of 2016 module. I want to request you to please prepare that too but post it in july because most of us are busy in term end examination…So we will be starting our full fledged preparation from july onwards
      Thank u

  • Varun

    Have u stopped this initiative?

  • sindhu

    very excellent strategy and it is working well
    my request is please start a similar self study strategy for public administration optional too

    • There are so many Optional subjects. It is not possible to do this unless we have a staff of 30-40 people!!

      Hope you understand our limitations 🙂 Thank you.



  • gajender

    Sir , what should I read for ethics.
    Currently I have no source for it

  • satyajit

    Any candidate who are visually impaired and prepared UPSC and give the exam pls nail me [email protected]

  • sandeep

    where is the plan after march 7th

  • pammy

    I have joined this today…after seeing the questions I m feeling very low…the questions are very dynamic….plzz ny1 can tell me how can I start…I have studied ncert books..but not systematically and in organised maneer…plzz help…

  • Gayathre

    Hello,just stumbled upon this secure mains(static) series program.can any body please tell me where I can find the previous(march first 2 weeks) questions here.i mean the archives.cant find any link for the previous static question.pls

  • Raghu Ram

    please give me the before March 15 time table

  • Gayathre

    Pls tell me where to find the mains secure(static ) part questions for first two weeks of March

  • lavanya

    sir i could not see the entire time table of march


    Sir shall i know from which date INSIGHTS SECURE -2015 started.?!!

  • Ashish Jadhav

    Sir Schedule for next week?????

  • Sunny

    What an excellent initative. Trust me, whoever is the brain behind this website and such service, is doing more good to humanity than all the fake preachers outside. Salute sir/ma’am!

    I am facing exactly this problem with my prep : “Streamlining”. I have started studying Polity (have covered basic ncerts) but my biggest worry is as follows:

    ” I am always worried and confused about how to cover past current affairs(probably 2013 onwards) from SO MANY sources along with the present current affairs, make their notes and feed them in my mind so as to remember them?? Past Hindu , past yojanas, past CSR, past insights, past PIB, past Indian express, past krukshetra etc etc!!!! How should I fit this in a weekly schedule along with a Core subject (like polity which I have started) and….my JOB! Im working in a big MNC in the IT field.

    How should I manage? And not feel bogged down and pressured because of all this? Please advise.

    Imp : I am ready to give in my best but I lack a direction. I faced a family tragedy recently and I’m the eldest son. I have responsibilities now and I want to fulfill my dreams to support future family. And yes, not to forget, I am a polio patient. But I have lived my life like normal people. I want to fight this battle and get selected in UPSC.

    • Thank you Sunny.

      What you can do is:

      1) Start from the above timetable and stick to it. This will work.

      2) Remove all worries of covering ‘past’ articles from umpteen sources. It is useless. This exam is dynamic. Focus on today’s and tomorrow’s events better. While studying them, you will be taken to ‘past’ events to understand them. So, no need of ‘separate’ plan to read all past things. It is futile.

      3) Please do not feel bogged down. It is the ‘worry’ of what you haven’t done that bogs you down. Thankfully it has a cure. If you just focus on today and do it effectively, your confidence boosts. This confidence is an antidote to your worries. Just forget The Past.

      You will clear this exam once you lighten your heart and mind and start enjoying this preparation process. 🙂

      Wish you all the best.

      • deb

        insight am covering your time table covering the left part and prelims pls tell me if u start the same for optional it would be a great help of urs

      • deb

        tell me if i have to make notes from the topic u give

  • harneet

    i am starting with secure 2015 initiative from april.is it imperative that i shall try and finish previous exercises also??

  • Shekhar

    Sir how will dis strategy help for my Prelims….your strategy is for mains basically..

  • Shekhar

    Sir will I be able to cover all my syllabus with in 5 months…following urs march plan and onwards.apart from dis what r extra effort I need to put in….

  • Shekhar

    Sir will this strateg of urs help for pre

  • sam

    Hi friends,
    My questions are how to analysis the previous yr question paper and how to start preparation according to that.how to start and what to start.

  • Shekhar

    Sir will ur strategy help for my pre…..How should I read for my optional…pls rply

  • khushi

    Sir, is it possible to clear the 2015 exam if I start preparing for it now ?

    • gloryoflife

      is its your 1st attempt,if then better to give in 2016 .i am also giving my first attempt in 2016

  • Tarannum parveen khan

    Hell lot of confusing.. i purchased your test series.. can u give us an integrated timetable plz?

  • Utsav

    Can give upsc full proof syllabus

  • deepti

    hi where are the self study questions posted but?

    plz insights tell me? thanku for making it sorted…

  • gloryoflife

    thank you sir so much . iam preparing for 2016 without coaching, the platform that you provide for boosting the confidence is unbelievable,superb.first i was confused but now enough bold to prepare. thanks a lot vinay sir….

  • naveen krishna

    sir pls provide information for anthropology optional

  • mehnoor shah

    I am new to insights….I m reading ncert books…BT I read them only….I don’t make notes …I think that will take lot f my time which I can utilise in reading other things….is this the right approach nt to make notes or if its necessary to make notes then how to start with it…..also m studying my optional public administration…again m just reading it and not making notes for it….plz insights just tel me if I m right n my approach or not

  • I S Leishangthem

    I am new to this program. I do feel the need and importance of sticking to one good time table. And a time table for group may surely reinforce the purpose of it. Given such a rational one by Insights is a good initiative. But having discover this lately, I feel that I am late for this. Or is it interpreting myself wrongly? Being late for almost 2month from where it started, how do I extract the most out of it. How do I streamlined myself in between.

    Thank you.

  • lucky

    Dear team,
    I wanted to know whether you will continue the self study pattern for 2016 exam also?

    • Yes it will be continued.

      • RED

        Sir please tell solutions for those students who found your website a couple of days back and want to crack UPSC this year. As 2nd March was two months back. What and how to do now? Please please please be concerned and guide asap

      • Al Qaeda

        Thank you sir,
        lot of aspirants are gonna follow your schedule, and surely few of lucky ones will get selected too. So you are producing IAS indirectly also. Keep that in mind

  • ravikumar singh

    Is it too late for me to start the process for 2015 prelims. ?? Have read some basics through ncert and regular books of bipan Chandra etc.? Pls advise!!

  • sanju

    Hlo i will be able to give 2016 attempt bcz of my age.. M doing masters in economics so my schedule is very BG . either I read daily newspaper or the static part .. Then wht should I do first ???

  • khuram

    Good evening insights..! I want o know whether is there any free offline coaching available for aspirants in Delhi…..( m in final year DU)

  • radhika

    what about timetable after march 7 2015?? where is it??

  • risk taker

    aap un sab student ke god ho jo lakho ki vheed main apne aap ko akela pate hai…and a
    i am one of those…thanks ..six letter are very less for you sir…

    • pallavi singh

      hi we can create group and help each other

  • Aditya

    Sir,do we have to read all NCERT books with all chapters,or selected chapters from selected books.please specify as I am in a fix.also mention which books are to be read fully,& which book to be read selectively.Thank you

  • Vikas Kumar Sharma

    Very exquisite effort, it will pave the way for thousands of civil service aspirants.

  • Shubhendu Tripathi

    Sir please can you tell from where to cover science and tech portion

  • Srishti Kataria

    Sir, I’m preparing for IAS 2016. can you let me know since when do I need to start preparing for the current events?

  • keerthana rudrapati

    Sir, when will this schedule be updated further?
    -Thanx a ton for your marvellous job 🙂

  • Shilpa Vyas

    sir i want to prepare for prelims online. Can i continue from june or are u planning to make a timetable from june or july for next year. Is there any chance that i can still crack prelims 2015? Main problem with my studies is that i am not a punctual student… more clearly i am a night owl so should i go for coaching for that or online coaching will be sufficient…please give ur valuable suggestions.

    • Please continue the Self Study Guide which we are posting now. It will continue till August. After that our focus will be on Mains-2015. Then from December we will again focus on Prelims.

      But, if you want continuity, you can join our Prelims Test Series – 2016 which will start from August end.

      You can still crack Prelims-2014 provided you have already read basics and now solve questions related to all topics of the syllabus. But you need to work really hard.

      Also, please note that you should be consistent if you want to crack this exam. Without consistency there won’t be success. This is a proven fact.

      • Shilpa Vyas

        thank you for ur suggestion. I will definitely follow that guide. And yes i will start preparing seriously from now on.

  • parth.cracker

    Sir / Mam

    I am going to appear in UPSC exam 2016 could you help me how should i plan my preparation and how should I manage my current affairs with it and my answer writing skills are not that good so how should I improve it , please help me regarding this

    Thank You

    • Please start with our new initiative: http://www.insightsonindia.com/insights-self-study-guide-for-prelims-and-mains-2015/

      It helps you revise all basics effectively.

      Answer writing skill improves gradually. You must start writing simple answers first, then graduate to more difficult levels. Key to improvement is consistency. If you do it consistently, you will see improvement. Please remember that just writing is not enough, you should clearly meet the demand of the question. This too will improve if you review others answers and inculcate good points/approach from their answers.

      Thank you for the comment.

  • Sk Nurul

    Thank u!

  • pallavi singh

    hello!friends , i m also preparing for ias 2016, but in isolation…feels to have friends of same field…anyone interested can mail me on [email protected]. to make a group, my watsapp number 9910665464


    Sir one major problem I feel as a new comer that first of all u have to arrange urs webpage contents in a highly organised way n remove all those unusual n outdated links.plzzz I m getting confused totally.


    Sir I m preparing fr cse 2016 so when wud u starting secure 16.n is there any amendment in current secure 15 or u r introducing something new.

  • RED

    Sir, I have been following your self study guide from day 1. Have purchased test series and solving 2 tests per day. Kindly tell me how to include India book into the schedule. As you have excluded it from self study guide.

  • Sankalp Sharma

    You are not continuing this initative??

  • Himon Rai Chowdhury

    is this discontinued?

  • sonu india

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    This is really a great plan. Thanks for your continuous support as always. Mentor like u can make any journey simple. Sir I am an aspirants of 2016 and my medium is Hindi. I always see your framed questions on current affair (they are really very nice) and try to write some questions per day. As my medium is Hindi so how can i get review on it. As i have write some question in secure2015 and post the page on your websites but didn’t get any review. This same problem may be of many Hindi medium aspirants. Could you also create such plan for Hindi medium aspirants also ?. (The main issue is to get the review on written answer) . Please reply to this. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

  • Srikanth ch

    Friends I have joined VISION IAS mains test series 2015

    (24 Mock test Papers + Value Addition Material + Current Affairs Notes)

    I bought it for Rs.24000/-

    I can give you for Rs.1000/-

    if anyone interested my mail id is [email protected]

  • rp

    where can i find the rest of the days starting 9 March? Is the schedule given somewhere else?

  • क्रूर सिंह

    What happenned to this initiative?