Insights Test Series For UPSC Civil Services Examination – 2015 – Details About The Program

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Click Here to get the schedule and to know how you can integrate this test series with Mains-2015 Preparation.

The Paper – 1 of  UPSC civil services Preliminary Examination – 2014 was a shocker to many. For past 3-4 years questions were almost entirely concept-based, but in 2014, the paper was of not ‘UPSC Standard’ – it was mostly factual and designed to test rote knowledge of candidates.

In our 2014 Test Series we designed tests to emphasize more on testing concepts and at the same time not completely neglecting testing of factual knowledge. This method paid some dividends. In the 2014 Prelims Paper-1, 24 questions were directly related to either questions of our test series or explanations given in each series. You can check it Here. And many more questions could be tackled if one was thorough with the explanations given for each question in the last series.

Post 2014 preliminary exam we received many Thank You notes from aspirants for enabling them to face ‘uncertain’ Paper-1 and score good marks in it. Many have written their reviews about our last test series Here and Here. (Link)

2015 Test Series – Design and Objectives


In this test series we will continue to focus on concepts. But this time, we will also cover Current Events in each test (in 2014 Test Series we did not cover this area well). Looking at last two years’ papers, one can say that the weightage of questions related to ecology and environment has increased. In this test series this area will be covered adequately in each test.

To test concepts, we have to frame questions from standard textbooks. We will start from NCERT textbooks. In the last test series, we gave 21 Tests of which Seven were NCERT based. This year there will be 33 Tests.

Part – I

Of these 33 tests,  13 tests will be based on NCERT textbooks.

On NCERT Books alone?

No. First 12 tests will have questions from NCERT textbooks (From Class – VI to Class – XII), Current Events (related to the topics given in Paper-1 syllabus and questions from PIB too) and ecology and environment.

Many tests are needed to explore and dig out all the basic concepts that are hidden in NCERT textbooks. NCERT books are goldmine of knowledge. One should not neglect them even if they boast of superior knowledge. When we move on to Class XI and XII textbooks, one can find so much of information that is crucial for both Prelims and Mains. Through these 12 tests, we will make sure that you read NCERT books thoroughly and remember all the concepts.

13th Test will be a Full Length Revision Test of all NCERT textbooks. A gap of 15-20 days will be given for you to revise all NCERT books and current events to give this test. These tests will end by January (2015) last week.

These tests will have basic questions and confusing too. You can see sample here (full length tests)


Part – II

The second stage will have 11 Tests. These tests will be based on all the standard textbooks. It is true that one can not expect questions directly from these books in Prelims, but reading these books is a must to lay a strong foundation to understand current events and other syllabus related information. These 11 tests will make you read these standard textbooks in a time-bound manner. We received compliments from many aspirants that they could complete these books thanks to  Targets we gave them before each test.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fresher or a veteran, you need to constantly read these books to be in the race. We will cover following books in these 11 Tests:

      1. Struggle For India’s Independence – Bipan Chandra
      2. Indian Polity – Laxmikanth
      3. Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh
      4. Introduction to the Constitution of India – D D Basu
      5. Certificate Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong
      6. Environmental Studies – ICSE
      7. India – 2015
      8. Economic Survey – 2015
      9. Art and Culture – from CCRT Website

Just like in Part – I, these 11 tests will also have questions from current events. In all of 33 Tests, current events and ecology related questions will be comprehensively covered.

By the end of these 24 tests (13+11) you will have the satisfaction of completing all basic books, covering current events and gaining sufficient confidence to face any kind of questions that UPSC can ask in its exams. (This is not exaggeration but an observation and experience)

Part – III

Remaining 9 Tests will be of Full Length. They will cover all aspects of syllabus.

Gap Between Each Tests

There will be a gap of 10 days between each test. Before each test, you will be given a target to complete – Topics, Chapters and Books. To score better in each test, you must complete targets and revise them regularly. Unlike in last Test Series, this time you will get sufficient time to read and revise all sources well before each test.

Current Events

Current events will be part of all 33 tests. Questions will conform to UPSC requirement and expectations. These questions will be based mainly on the topics given in the syllabus of Paper – 1. Social issues, Science and Technology, government schemes and projects ect will be covered in detail.

More stress on Science and technology will be past of majority of tests.

For Mains – 2015, one should have good knowledge about current events of preceding 12 months. These tests will help you in knowing which current affairs are important for Mains-2015. In Solutions to questions, we will give detailed explanations which will help you revise current events during Mains-2015.


The main objective is to help you give a clear roadmap for 2015 exam preparation. If you religiously read all the sources we mention for each test, you will gain both knowledge and confidence to face 2015 Prelims.

The other objectives are:

      • To keep you on track throughout the year – these tests will keep you busy only with exam preparation
      • To provide you tests which will enable you to assess your level of preparation
      • To help you identify important areas to be covered for the exam
      • To give quality questions and detailed explanations to all the questions


As said earlier, each test will have an interval of ten days. A complete test schedule will be made available on the website on Friday Morning.

Tests will be flexible. If you join later, you will get old tests. You can take them any time.

The first test will be delivered on 15th September. Tomorrow (i.e. 5th September) you will get details about topics that you should read for the test.


Right now we will send tests as PDF files only. On the date of the Test, PDF file will be delivered to your email address.


To fix fees for this test series was a real headache. We kept our prices lowest last year but gave the best question papers. This year also we will do the same.

Fees: Rs 5350/– (Test Series Fee) + Rs 649/- (Service Tax) = Rs 5999/-

You will get more than 1000 pages of detailed explanations and high quality tests. The cost per each test is less than Rs 200/-. And compared to the fees of other test providers, this fees is very small. (check here)

We agree that we do not yet provide online exam mode and tools to analyse your scores, but ultimately it’s the quality that matters.


A discount of 25% is given to Subscriber of our First test Series.

i.e. Rs 4500/- is the amount payable. (To get discount, you need to send Your Name, email ID (the one you had registered for the first series) and old payment ID you got from Instamojo) You know to which ID you should send details.


You can pay using:

      • Credit Card
      • Debit Card
      • Netbanking

Click the below link to pay the Fees:

Thank You Very Much For Your Support.

We need resources to run this site smoothly. Hence this paid test series.


This test series is for 2015 aspirants. There may be people who are confused about their 2014 result. You can decide to buy these tests after your result. We sincerely hope all of those who wrote 2014 prelims will clear it. Wish you good luck.

For those preparing for 2015 exam, this is the time to start your serious preparation. Wish you all the best too.

Once again, just a reminder – Detailed Schedule will be posted tomorrow (5th September 2015).

Please read Here and Here and decide yourself whether to join this test series or not. They are genuine reviews by genuine aspirants.






  • Jayasimha

    Thanks for this wonderful initiative.. Looking forward to it 🙂 feeling excited 😛

  • Rushikesh

    It looks so comprehensive. Thank you sir.

  • Raj

    Dear Sir,

    Please give the 25% to all early birds, atleast those who can enrol by today itself.


    • Sorry Raj that option is not available. Now it’s not possible to change also. Thank you for your interest though.

  • keerthi priya

    Thanks for ur wonderful initiatives.i didnt utilised ur initiatives and test series last year perfectly eventhough i have applied for test series.because of paper2,i didnt clear prelims 2014 because of getting low marks in paper2.This time i want to take ur testseries again and i have to utilise it completely with out fail.but please start initiatives regading paper 2 (csat 2) also.this is my sincere request.

  • Ram

    Hi Vinay sir..
    I’m subscriber of Insights first test series..
    So do i have to pay 4,500/- directly via instamojo or do i have to provide my earlier payment details to your mail-ID first, and then pay next..?
    Clear my confusion..

    • You have to mail your details to the mail from where you used to get tests earlier. You will get a discount code. Thank you.

  • Raj


    Please give the 25% discount to all early birds, atleast those who can enrol by today itself.

    First movers should also have some advantage.


  • BhojRaj

    The Objective of a test series is to make the aspirants study and study systematically, and that is what Ingights does.
    We should remember that none of the Test Series will Fetch us 100% of the Questions.

    The test series prepares you for the “D Day”. Its tests’ you.
    All i can say is Insights is wonderful.
    I attended the last year test Series, So in short all i can say is, go for it.
    Thank you 🙂

  • mayank singh

    I m a working professional ,join the firm a month back n fresher for cse 2015.Started preparing for it by reading basic ncert’s books so I want to know that is this test series suitable for me bcoz I m at initial stage can it be manageable to read 4 5 ncert’s book within 10days n if so then then r any chance that latter I cannot build my concept bcoz of reading too fast n I read somewhere it is most important thing to make our concept at the beginning stage of ur preparation.
    Eagerly waiting for ur response

    • Thanks Mayank for your interest.

      You will be asked to read fewer books during 10 days gap this time. You have 3-4 months only for NCERTs. This series will be very useful for freshers who like to have targets and assess their preparation.

  • phoenix-do or die

    I am excited to join your test series:)

  • priyanka

    Hi sir,
    Please start test series or initiatives for paper2 also sir.without that it is not looking completely satisfied.please think about this.
    Thank u

  • phoenix-do or die

    I prepared last year too but went awfully wrong in my strategy by focussing on too many different generes of exam as well as not preparing core syllabus well. This time I will be entirely depending on your expertise/test series and will begin as a fresher. A new dawn has begun atleast for me and Insights you played an important role as I have very less resources in terms of money to invest in test series. Thankfully your test series is just about in my budget. I was all lost after prelims, I did work hard last year but all in wrong direction. Hopefully you Insights will show me the right path. I have 100 percent faith in you Insights and hope this time my dedicated and determined effort will pay dividend.

    Just one request can you elucidate little more on how to integrate prelims preparation with mains or will that be clear to me once I tread the exciting path with your test series? Thanks once again for such a wonderful platform!


    • ritesh raj

      Hi Mohit,
      Have you joined the test?? even i am interested in joining. please suggest whether i should join it . how is the quality of question they are providing?
      Thank you.

  • vini

    Dear sir.. thank u so much for starting this initiative early this year.. this is going to be highly beneficial.
    sir.. if u cn start any link where d scores cn be posted, only for those who register for the test series so that they cn b compared, it would be great.. it will give us a competitive platform.
    thank a lot. 🙂

    • phoenix-do or die

      I second his suggestion!

  • sps

    One kind request, include culture spectrum book or ccrt material. This year many questions were related to culture….

    • phoenix-do or die

      I too think so!

  • akil neelam

    who are eligible for 4500/- package?

    • keerthi priya


  • Vinay sir,last time I tried to join bt I didn’t able to pay.I have asked last time discount u didn’t given.atleast this time give a chance to be a part of ur coming test series.I can able to pay 4000 due to my financial problems.give a chance to some students like me .thank u sir.

  • sushanta kumar padhan

    thank u very much for providing us a grt opportunity to know ourself.can u plz update about how can we integrate prelim test series to mains approach?plz tell about d detail plan for total year 2015

  • vijaya

    hi vinay sir,
    i wrote my exam in 2011, as it is given in newspapers tht they will be provided with another chance in 2015, can we proceed for the test series, as other than tht i don’t have any chance

  • Iyalpari

    I did not understand how you take this program. You mail the pdfs and how are we supposed to send them back? Or is it that we answer them on our own and then later on you send the solutions to us?

    • phoenix-do or die

      I think both the question paper and solutions will be mailed to us. We need to self assess ourselves..

  • deepa

    Dear sir.
    I was subscriber of last yr test series. Not able to locate my instamojo no. I have made payment through bank deposit.

    plz let me know any other way to find instamojo id.

    • Please check you inbox. Thank you.

  • Ajay Reddy

    I subscribed to the first test series. If you judge a test series by the number of questions that directly come from it in the exam, then this is not for you. But, the conceptual clarity I got from this test series was immense and more importantly the long duration of the series helped me structure my preparation well. I did very well in my paper 1 and owe a lot to insights for it. Thank you 😀

  • iambond

    Can you throw some light on how this series will help in our mains preparation and how can we integrate it with our mains preparation??
    One more thing sir….as newspaper reading requires some basic level of understanding of issues which can come only by reading ncert and standard books but if we go according to the time table of test series it will take some time…so sir what should be my strategy…

  • sand

    sir, i have registered in your testseries latest is it any useful again registering for this year
    another point sir plz reduce font size or pages of mock tests/atleast edit(print out cost is more than testseries)
    thank you

  • Rajat Mishra

    Payment done….
    looking forward for a bang…

    kudos to team insights for wonderful work…

    • devaraj

      Rajath did you receive any mail for payment confirmation?

      • Rajat Mishra

        yes i’ve got a mail….

  • Pradeepkumar

    Thanks a lot Vinay sir.
    Will maintain momentum throughout this Journey.


  • Rain

    Sir is there any option for EMI for test series fee.

  • Mohit Tiwari

    I am preparing for UPSC Prelims 2016.Will it be beneficial for me to join this test series?
    I am in my pre-final year and i have just started preparing for UPSC.(Till now i have cleared all my doubts and myths i had about this exam,and a big thanks to you for this)So,now i am able to see the whole road which i have to traverse to get to my destination.But just one single doubt time and again creeps in my mind if it is too early to join a test series.
    Your advice will help me in getting closer to my dream.

  • Gaurav

    Dear Sir,

    Will surely opt for this test series. I have no doubt on quality of the pragrammes offered by Insights. By this test series, all the books would be covered and too on the time set for each.

    Thanks and regards.

  • iambond

    Well Mohit…I would say that you should join it because it will help you in preparing basic books which is most important thing and you will be well ahead of others and more confident and will be able to understand current affairs fully…


    Sir, Firstly I’m thankful for the intiatives of secure prelims, which is pragmatically designed to meet the requirements of UPSC.
    I have done payments for secure prelims 2014. I have not received any confirmation mail from insights.
    Please give us information about this.

    • Thank you for subscribing Devaraj. I will check your payment with instamojo and revert to you. No need to worry. It will be a minor problem. 🙂

    • Your payment has been accepted. Thank you.

  • mohit kriahali

    Sir I am going to register for test series tonight. One question, after successful payment do I need to send payment reference number and my email id to you in order to get test question paper. Please let me the process or guide me to link where I can know about it before I go ahead and register.


    • You don’t have to send anything. We will get automated confirmation. Thank you.

  • ashutosh

    respected insight sir
    i want to join your test series .but i opted hindi medium .i want to know that your test series is in both language or only in english language
    please reply sir

  • wasama khan

    hello sir,i will surely join this test series but my query is about 2014 test series.How can i get all the tests for 2014.Please let me know the same.


    • You will get them later as bonus. But don’t know when. Questions in this series will be all new. We won’t repeat any questions.

  • Rakesh

    Dear Sir,
    Hope you will excuse me for my naivety. I do not have a debt card, credit card nothing. I seriously want to get this test series too. Is there any offline options are available? Can I deposit money in your account? Is it possible? Being from a remote place I am left with very few options .
    Hope I can also join
    Thank you sir

    • Dear Rakesh,

      Please mail me at insights dot exams at gmail dot com. I will give account details for depositing money.

      • sumit wagh

        sir can i also get your account details for depositing money as i am also facing same problem and also do we need register on or something.
        please reply

  • sand

    sir i have already sent you last year payment receipt plz send me discount code waiting for that

    • The one you have sent belongs to other name. Your email is not there in our previous list.

  • Gauti

    Dear Sir
    I am quite sure of my prelims and looking forward for mains. However in case I didn’t qualify for mains i would like to give test in around march .Any way out ??

  • Gauti

    Dear Sir
    I am quite sure of my prelims and looking forward for mains. However in case if I don’t qualify for mains i would like to give test in around march .Any way out ??

  • sumit

    Dear sir,
    Please clarify how much I have to pay being a new commer,for 2015.Is there any discount.

    • sumit

      Also provide the schedule for the same.

  • abhishek

    tnkx fr dis great iniative

  • tanu priya

    Hello Sir,
    First of all, I am very thankful to you for this initiative.

    I have subscribed for the test but have not get any confirmation mail yet.

    Kindly confirm the same.


  • ashutosh

    respected insight siri want to join your test series.but i opted hindi medium .i wantto know that your test series is inboth language or only in english language

  • ashutosh

    respected insight sir
    i want to join your test series.but i opted hindi medium .i wantto know that your test series is inboth language or only in english language

    • Sorry Ashutosh, it will be only in English Medium.

  • phoenix-do or die

    Sir, by what time today the detailed scheduled be out?

    • By 2.30 pm, I will post the Schedule. Thank you.

      • phoenix-do or die


  • priya

    sir, will most questions get repeated in this test series 2015 from test series 2014 ??

    • No. All questions will be new.

  • priya

    can some one tel me to which mail id we have to send our previous payment id?

  • ashu

    can anyone tell me the language of test series is only english or both hindi and english

    • It is only in English.

      • ashu

        sir please provide it both language which is benificial for both medium student

  • b_rupesh

    plz provide whole year schedule ..syllabus_wise .
    me waiting..

    • phoenix-do or die

      Dear it will be provided by 2:30 pm today. All the best!

      • b_rupesh

        Thanks a million. wish u da same!

  • aseem

    Can I opt for your test series in a day or two? I mean how long would be the payment gateway be open for joining the test series?

    • It will be open always. You can subscribe any time. Thank you for your interest.

  • Kishore

    Subscribed for test series 2015.. Looking forward for schedule.. Bang bang..

  • Ashish Prakash

    Respected Sir,
    Please add the option for posting the marks online,it will boost the seriousness of the candidates in a competitive way. Can we except it later. I have already joined the series. Thank You very much for your efforts.

  • Anil

    Sir, for each test whether you will provide any syallabus or we have to prepare on ourself, as you said that first stage of tests will be NCERT based.please clarify my doubt.Regards..

    • phoenix-do or die

      There will be syllabus for each test which Insights will provide us by 2:30 pm today. Thanks and all the best.

  • nilesh

    Insights , do you have such a series for mains ? I. E. Descriptive

  • vijaya

    Hi sir,
    Happy TEACHER’S day, I wrote my exam in 2011, as it is given that 2011 batch is provided with another chance in 2015, I would like to write exam but by now I crossed my age limit too. If I am eligible to write 2015 exam, I want to enroll into the test series. So kindly provide me with info , so that I could join u and start my preparation

  • karishma

    i need to know where is the schedule uploaded for the test series

    • phoenix-do or die

      Insights will upload it by 2:30 pm today. Thanks and all the best.

  • Abhisek

    Any updates on the schedule of the Test Series??
    I am waiting for the detailed schedule to be out..
    So that planning can be done accordingly..

  • vijaya

    Plz reply me so that I could enroll into test series,



    I have subscribed to insights few days ago, i want to join to the 2015 prelims test series. How do i get that 25% discount.
    My name : GUMMADI. RAJU
    e-mail: [email protected]
    mobile: 9393660123

    Pls respond,

    Thank you

  • Anil Singh

    Sir i have download the schedule plz resolve my confusion test will start from 15 Sep or 16 Sep.

  • Anil Singh

    Sir i have subscribed to Insight on India so i have received the mail with test schedule attached in it..I have not made payment but i am planning to purchase the test series as my target year is 2015.Thanks.Plz clarify my doubt.

    • Abhisek

      Sorry Anil,

      I am not a correspondent of Insights 🙂 I was inquiring about the Test Schedule.


  • Ritu

    Sir , plz tell me how to get discount .

    • venkatesh

      just send your last year payment id to the same mail

  • Bold Challenge

    I’m just confused, is this genuine or fake? I’m sorry for asking like this. But, I would like to subscribe for test series. Just wanted to confirm before actually doing the payment.

  • kARl

    i want to join test series 2015 but a question is in my mind, if we go according to your schedule fine we will crack pre but what about mains 2015. As a fresher if one focuses all his time from now for pre then when one will prepare for mains.
    So if you can start mains test series too under your guidance then it will be great help for them who are preparing for first time and from home.
    and one more thing
    Are you going to start offline classes for this year also? then please inform us asap
    thank you

  • sonu

    sir, citi bank is not in the list for internet banking in mojo payment

    • Please use internet banking. Thank you.


    sir, in Environmental Studies ICSE book of which class…..

    • Class 9th and 10th Environmental Studies – ICSE

  • Gani

    does the question paper come to our mail directly as a file or as an exam in online mode??

  • Gani

    does the question paper come to our mail directly as a file or as a exam in online mode with time limit?

    • geetha m


  • Gummadi Raju

    I n have subscribed to insights few days ago, i want to join to the 2015 prelims test series. How do i get that 25% discount.
    My name : GUMMADI. RAJU
    e-mail: [email protected]

  • vinay

    Do this exam is an online or question paper comes to our mail ??
    if it comes to mail then what about answers explanation ???

  • anshu

    Insights can we get last years question papers of your prelim test series ?….at-least for those who have paid for target-2015 series.

  • geetha m

    Sir, I have send you my previous id , but haven’t recieved any discount code .plz reply

  • geetha m

    Sir , I m subscriber of your 2014 test series .I have send you my details but haven’t received any discount code .plz do something .

    • G RAJU


      • Mr G Raju,

        If you were subscriber for 2014 series, please send your details to the mail ID from where you used to receive tests.

        In our records, neither your name nor your email ID exists. Refrain from such comments. Thank you.

        Also read the article completely before publicly posting your details.

        • Raju.G

          Thanks.. Nothing more required I think.

    • Please check you email. It is sent already. Long before.

      • geetha m

        Thank you sir .I have one more query , I want to register with different id this time . is it k or it’ll create problem in discount ?

  • vijaya

    Sir, I mailed u twice, asked details here too but u didn’t reply me, plz consider me. As I am very much interested in ur test series.

  • T.Suresh

    I have a doubt..6,000 rupees only for level-I(13) tests or for total 33 tests.. if not what about the fees for remaining test series levels..Please more , if any false news about this program, how can we contact to you where is your ID and contact address.. please paste your govt. ID proof with your photo and contact details.. otherwise how can believe you and pay fees to you.. these so many cyber fakes..please clarify my questions..

    • nitin kadam

      hello sir…. please tell me how i deposite money through offline mode pls guide me…i want to join as soon as possible

    • @Suresh
      It is for all 33 tests. When you enrol, you will get our email ID and our other details.

      If you trust, please go ahead and pay. It seems it’s your first visit here. You can visit this site for a month and then decide.

      That’s why first read reviews and then buy. Please.

  • san

    sir plz activate my discount coupon waiting for your replay

  • sumit wagh

    but you have not specified No. of questions per test both in part 1 & 2 are they full length or are they varying in questions please let us know details before we subscribe

  • chandan kumar

    respected sir,
    one doubt..i had enrolled for test series last year also and am willing to join this year also..but with new emialId.
    is it possible ? anyways i’m going to join this..but with new Id it will be much convenient for me.

    • Misha

      What was ur Exam centre?? I guess i hv seen your name somewhere?

  • ramesh

    I want to join pre 2015 test series with 25%discount… When I try to pay through net banking, it is not showing 25%discount … Tell me the procedure to get 25% discount while paying… Thanks…

  • mbn

    your test schedule is little but confused.test1
    will be on 15th,but 16th onwards u mentioned
    about 6thand 7th
    books CA include in 1st test

  • Aman

    sir Can I still join it please reply fast please

  • Aman

    Sir why don’t you make an online platform for test. That will be so awesome. Also tell me if there is still time for preparation as only 4 days are left. Should I join the test or not, Sir please reply.

    • Hi Aman,

      You can take these tests anytime you want. PDF will be in your inbox. Prepare well for the topics and when you are confident, take the tests.

      The main purpose of these tests is to assist and motivate you to read relevant books and keep you always in exam preparation mode.

      You can subscribe any time. You have to decide whether to join or not based on merits and demerits. Thank you.

      • Aman

        Sir but there are only 3 days left for the Test 1. I don’t even know the syllabus to study? Will I be able to cover this in so less time?? Please guide sir, I’m ready to join the exam today itself.

        • Don’t know the syllabus? Please look at the top of the post. It is prominently displayed. It is everywhere.

          If you are writing 2015 prelims, then please subscribe. If not, subscribe next year. Thank you.

          • Aman

            Hello Sir,
            I’m preparing for 2015 itself and I know it’s syllabus. I was talking about the syllabus we have to cover for test 1 which you will be taking in 3-4 days. I don’t know what to prepare for Test 1. That’s why I was asking Sir.

              1. History – Our Past
              2. The Earth Our Habitat
              3. Social and Political Life – I
              4. Social and Political Life – II
              5. Our Pasts – II
              6. Our Environment
              7. Science – Both Class VI and VII
              8. Current Events – From August 1 to September 14 (Source – PIB, The Hindu and Business Standard)

              You have to read all the above for the first test.

              • PS

                Would Old Ncerts be sufficient( Class 6-12)? Or the new ones have to be purchased?

    • Right now we can not go for online platform yet. In future we may go for it.

  • shiv


    I was a subscriber for 2014 prelims and I want to subscribe for this 2015 test series as well. I had send a mail yesterday regarding the discount but did not receive any reply from your side.I have sent my name and email id. I could not locate the old payment ID.The email to which i sent was seller+****….You know what it is.

    Kindly please tell me as to what should I do to avail the discount.

    Thanks and regards.

    • Please check you email inbox. Sorry for the delayed response.

      • shiv

        its ok sir..I know u are busy..have subscribed..:-)

      • Aman

        Sir why no response to my above comment., I’m interested in joining the program and have raised some queries please check. I’m trying to arrange money from 2 days and now I can pay the required amount.

  • shiv

    Please reply sir. I want to avail the discount .I have not yet received any reply. I have already sent you the mail.


  • aP

    can we get insights2014 paper also .as u said no quest will be repeated .so practicing from those will be useful too

  • Yuvaraj (8015608341)

    Hi insights,

    I made the payment, Money got dedcuted but success page was not shown.

    Can you please validate and tell me whether you have recived the payment.

    Yuvaraj S

  • Pradeepkumar

    Payment Successful 🙂 I’m in 🙂

  • kapil kumar

    sir i have subscribed when i will get first test. will u check it …

  • geetha m

    Sir , yesterday I tried to pay for the test series but payment failed I m subscriber of ur 2014 test series and I tried to pay by the link you send me but it didn’t work.plz tell me what to do now .

    • Please try now. The link is working. Thank you.

      • We have created new discount code. If you have old one, please mail us to get new one.

  • bharath

    Sir I have rupay debit card…but there is no option of rupay card…what should I do now??

  • Richa

    I haven’t received the first test due today.
    When do u send the test?

    • BoldChallenge


      🙂 Did you check your registered mail Id, Insights must have sent a mail in the morning saying that, “Test – 1 will be sent to you at 10 pm (night) on Monday. This is our standard time for sending tests. And next day, i.e. on 16th we will send Solutions. ”

      Lol… 🙂 Cool

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    Sir, I have some doubt in full length test(9 tests). how will manage time in this season?
    could 9 full length test revise all previous ncert,and ref books(which are the part of first 24 tests).
    sir please reply me how will you manage syllabus in 9 full length test.
    If possible, please scheduled all tests(first 13 test).

    • Abhinav Kushwaha

      as first 13 tests

    • Sorry I didn’t get you. Schedule is announced for 13 tests already. Later we will send schedule for other tests.

      Full length tests will be held after covering all NCERT and standard books.

  • Kartik

    I want to join your test series now. Hope it is not very late.
    But I was just wondering how can we know on a larger scale where we stand amongst all ? Is there any way we can figure out if my score is below average or good ? How about publishing a cut-off score the very next day of exam with solutions ? It would help us to have a fair idea. It is just one way of looking it, I would welcome other suggestions.

    • Right now we don’t have that mechanism. Our mains aim is to help you focus consistently on basic and standard books to cover all important topics for 2015 exam. You can check your performance when we conduct 9 full length exams next year.

      Thank you for your interest though.

  • priyanka choudhari

    sir what about online test do i join the online test series for prel;ims2015.plz let me know at the earliest

    • BoldChallenge

      🙂 Did you read this post completely. This post has all the answers.

      Test Schedule,
      How to pay the amount,
      How to prepare,
      When is the exam, what is the syllabus for each Test. Everything is clearly written in this post.

      Lol.. Read it again 🙂

  • Dear Insights,
    Can you please tell me , how would be the schedule of 11 tests, would you be providing the study schedule for the standard books as well just like Ncerts?
    Can you please give Its rough idea?
    Thank you very much in advance 🙂

    • BoldChallenge

      🙂 Did you read this post completely. This post has all the answers.

      Test Schedule,
      How to pay the amount,
      How to prepare,
      When is the exam, what is the syllabus for each Test. Everything is clearly written in this post.

      Lol.. Read it again 🙂

  • Lal

    If i join and Govt will reduce age , in this case my fee will be refunded .

  • Rao


    Can I subscribe now? or it is closed?

  • axle

    Sir, is this test series offline or online?? is there its center in Delhi??

    • This is online test series. There is no centre in Delhi.

  • Sandeep

    You don’t accept American Express Credit cards 🙁

  • deepu

    Hi Insight Sir,
    I have subscribed to the UPSC prelims test series – 2015. I have not recieved any confirmation email from Insights. Please let me know when i will get the confirmation regarding my registration.


    • deepu

      I got confirmation email and test one…thank you insights

  • akash paramhans

    i have made the payment for prelims 2015 but i have not recieved any mail nor i am getting any clue to move further.i have enrolled today on 21.09.14 and 1st test has been missed by me so how can i get the previous test also.

  • Abhishek Kumar

    I just paid for the test series today. When can i get the test paper of 15th Sep.

  • mahendra

    Will we getting last year test series papers also along with this test series ??

    • Yes. You will get them gradually. Not in one go. Thank you.

  • anuja

    where is the test uploaded..i have not received it through mail also.. i have made payment.

  • anuja

    plz reply

  • Abhinav Singh

    i have mailed my discount details two days before but yet not got any reply from you.

    Could you please look into as i want to buy the test series today at any cost.

  • Sathya N. Raju

    Hi Insights, wondering is there any personalized feedback for the answers which the students write? I’m asking this because the solution may be standard and every student has his/her own way of writing answers. Moreover, how would the student know which area of the answer should be improved/or not?

  • Rohit Kumar

    I have joined the test today but i don’t have any idea where to find the tests please guide

  • ak

    Sir, Please tell me how to avail the discount of 25 % as i had not cleared prelims this year and want to JOIN the test series of 2015.

    • Mail us at insights dot exams at gmail dot com with your previous payment ID. We will give you discount code. Thank you.

  • ias aspirant

    sir, is there any installment scheme for the test series? it will be very helpful to us, if it works. thank you sir. please reply.

    • ias aspirant

      please reply sir, i don’t want to miss test-5 thank you.

  • Sathyananda Moodya R

    Can anyone suggest me best books for PubAd?

  • kandula nikitha

    sir, i want to subscribe for test series… but i dont have a bank account.. so inform me how to pay the money by offline method…

    • Please mail us at: insights dot exams at gmail dot com. We will send account details. Thank you.

  • aditya

    Hi Sir,

    In prelims we don’t get questions from world history or world politics..So why in the schedule we are icluding NCERT books like India and Contemporary World-II ClassX and Democratic Politics ClassX… Please clarify…

    • If you go through our tests you will realize the answer. You have to read these books from Mains perspective, but we do not ask too many questions on these topics in our test series.

  • satish shukla

    I have subscribe your test series today. Plz send all early test with solution.

  • naveen

    I want to join now… will i get all old papers… how many days will u take for sending these papers…

    • You will get old papers. You will get all papers immediately as soon as you pay the amount. Rest of the papers will be sent at 10 pm on the day of the test as per the schedule.

  • Shaily Jain

    Sir is there any other test series for 2015?

  • Rakesh

    Dear Sir,

    I asked you this question before here, and that time I could
    not subscribe to this wonderful test series.
    Now I need to do that, but as I mentioned then I live in a remote
    village, where the Internet is my biggest luxury. I have sent a mail sir, regarding my
    situations. I have read numerous good reviews about this test series, and as an
    ardent follower of this site for more than a year, I want to join here. Please
    kindly check your inbox and tell me how I can join here.

    May god bless you all 🙂

    Wishing a nice day

    • Rakesh

      Dear sir,
      Any update 🙂
      Thank you

      • Hi Rakesh, sorry for the delayed response. Please check your inbox. Thank you.

        • Rakesh

          Thanks a lot sir 🙂

  • Arvind Kumar

    Just now i subscribed to the test series. I wanted 4 tests which are already complete. I am little bit behind the schedule. There is no information about how to proceed next after payment. –

  • Arun

    Sir, i have done the online payment but not received any confirmation mail from insight . Please reply.

  • ruch

    please tell me about the evaluation mechanism of these test series. the above details do not speak of it much. are we supposed to self-evaluate or we need to send you the answers?

    • You will be sent PDF files of a test as per the schedule. Next day we will send Detailed Solutions with explanations for all questions (PDF). You can take tests at your convenience and evaluate your performance by looking at the Solutions PDF. Thank you.

      • Arun

        sir, i have paid the fee but had not received any confirmation mail..plzz reply.

        Payment ID: MOJO4a26000C10518572

        mail id : [email protected]

        • You have entered wrong email ID: Name: Arun KumarEmail: [email protected]

          Please check inbox now. We have sent tests to above mentioned ID by you.

          Thank you for subscribing.

          • Arun

            I really apologize for giving wrong id sir. My friend gave the wrong one. Is there any chance you could send the mail on this id : [email protected]
            Please help sir, i apologize.

          • Arun

            Sir, my id is [email protected] . I apologize for sending the wrong id. Please help me out here sir. I really need the test series.

  • Rupa

    Can anyone tell me the exact price as m too interested to join test series, here it is showing 25% discount but then 5999/- , what is exact price for the test series….m confuse

    • Discount is for aspirants who had subscribed for our 2014 series.

  • Rupa

    Please tell me the process , of joining test series and the discount option ,

  • thecoolmaster

    does this test series also contain CSAT paper also?

  • dhiwahar

    Sir I have subscribed for 2014 test and I wish to subscribe for 2015 and regarding this I have sent a mail with last year payment details but still I dint receive any reply as how to avail the discount.
    DHIWAHAR R, [email protected] and [email protected]
    Pymt id(2014): MOJO4103000U66187201

    So kindly solve my issue as soon as possible
    Thank you

  • Vinay Babanagar

    What can i do if i want to join now??

  • Pallavi Shukla Jaitly

    Hi, team insight. I am new to this website & after reading good reviews I decided to go for test series for 2015. But I haven’t got any login details or related pdf files of previous tests. Could you please guide & solve this query.
    Pallavi Shukla Jaitly

  • Vinay Babanagar

    Sir can one join the test series now?

    • You can join any time depending on your comfort. You will get previous tests too. Thank you for your interest.

  • ravi

    how do i give the tests that i have missed?


    Sir how to avail the discount as i have subscribed 2014 test series. And regarding this I have mailed to you and I am awaiting for your response. kindly reply. i hope this is your contact mail [email protected]

    my mail- [email protected]

  • Sree Charan Adari

    I want to subscribe this test series, but let me know whether will u send me the test papers which have been already done because I am joining in the mid way.

  • ias aspirant

    Is there anyone , who will like to share this test series with me, please make hurry in reply.

    • quark

      [email protected] …you can join with me !

      • ias aspirant

        may I have your contact number so that i could contact you, thank you.

        • quark

          contact on that ID

      • believer
  • Ashwini Wali

    Dear sir,
    I have not received today’s test pdf file. My mail ID is [email protected] at what time test pdf files are sent?

    • Hi Ashwini, we send tests at 10 pm on the day of every test. Thank you.

  • Sabareesh.P.A

    Sir, I have been following insights since 1 year, but only through email updations, and I missed this test series notification. It is indeed a good strategy to have the series in this proposed manner. I will be joining shortly in a day of two after making the payment.

    [email protected]

  • Sabareesh.P.A


    Im trying to make the payment since yesterday night, but it is saying

    The application is not behaving as expected.

    Is there something that can be done from your side on this matter ?

    Thank you

  • ias aspirant

    Insights, will the test series be bilingual?

  • theBIGdream

    Sir…I am willing to join the test series in coming week. Is it possible? If yes, what shall be the adjustments (if any) in terms of cost?

  • mithi

    can i join the test series now?
    if yes, will i get the unattended test pdfs till date also, in my mail??
    please clarify. want to join in.

    • Thank you for your interest. Yes you can join now and you will get all previous tests.

  • Om Aditya

    Sir is there any instalment scheme for this test series ?



  • Ridhu Shree

    Dear Sir, I have joined prelims test series now… will I get any notification in my mail…. Payment ID disappeared in a minute I didn’t note it down… Is it needed… Please reply sir… But the payment was successful and message was received…

    • Ridhu Shree

      I got my id now 🙂 🙂

      • Ridhu Shree

        I got mail too… 🙂 I was tensed a bit till now… Thank you sir… 🙂

        • Nithya

          Hey ridhu.please useful is this?this is my first attempt.want to take help from this series.will b helpful if u would pour in some advice

  • Siji

    Sir, If I join the test series now will I be able to get the earlier test papers?

  • Sree Charan Adari

    Still i didn’t received any Test Paper today(i.e 18-11-2014)

    • It will be sent at 10 pm. Please read the last line of email you got from us when you subscribed. Thank you.

  • snk

    i had joined the test series last year,i ll send the details.bit this time i want to subscribe with a different id,can i still get discount?

    • Yes. You can. Please send old details from the same mail you got your previous tests.

  • Dipinti

    Hi Insight
    I am new aspirant for civil services.I am preparing for 2015. I want to know when you are going to start the another test series for prelim 2015.I already missed the current one so please inform me if you are going to launch new one.

  • Sreetam Kanungo

    If I join now,how can I get the old tests?

  • Sreetam Kanungo

    Do you conduct paper-2 test series?

  • bha14

    pls tell the mode of test series ? pdf or online test ???

  • Senthil Kumar

    Dear sir,
    Thus you will provide paper leaflet’s for all tests

  • surya pratap singh

    may I join at this time sir ….
    can you give me your email id for more detail /?????

  • Guest

    Joined the

  • saurabhpathak9

    I was searching for something which can help me to gain momentum in my preparation for CSE2015. Following your website for a week for Secure 2014 and today checking this test series has elated me. Have enrolled today, though missed 7 tests. When shall I be receiving those, so that I can pace myself up quickly?

    • saurabhpathak9

      Sorry for spamming. Got them in my inbox the moment I posted this comment! Thanks.

  • subodh singh

    can i join now this test series

  • pr39048

    Hi, I have a doubt, this is regarding the Test-7, Q-4., the solution says all the given options lies between the Great Himalays & Pir Panjal. However I think The Baltoro Glacier & The Siachen Glacier both run through the Karakoram mountain range. Kashmir Valley and Dal Lake should be right choices. Please advice.

  • Somnath Sarkar

    If I join now will I get access to past tests of 2015 series or only the coming ones?

  • Sumouli


    Can I join Insight test series now ? I want to write the tests onwards 28th Nov’14. Please reply at the earliest. Also will I get the previous tests that have already been conducted ? And is the exam online or offline ? If it is offline then let me know how will i get the test ?

  • siri

    to which id should i send my details of transaction,in order to avail 25%discount on current test series.

  • IPS aspirant

    I am willing to join the test series. I have some doubts

    Already 7 tests have been completed. Will you
    provide me the question and answers keys for those 7 tests?

    This is the first test series I am enrolling
    with Insights .Will I am eligible for the 25% discount.

    Please provide the email-ID of yours I feel it would be
    better to communicate through proper channel.

    Please reply soon so that I can start from my 8th

    Thank you

    IPS aspirant (Considering privacy I used my nick name)

  • CoolBlue

    Even I have the question as I PS aspirant below. If I join now will I get 25% discount and will get old series too. How to contact for the same.
    I have dropped mail to [email protected] but haven’t got any response. Will be good if if you can reply and I can plan the test series accordingly.


  • suman

    Sir;kya mujhe ye test series hindi me mil sakti hai.thank you…!!!

  • IAS aspirant


    I am willing to enrol for test batch. I have some doubts

    Will you provide the question papers and
    explanation of the previous tests?

    I am enrolling first time with Insights website
    test series will I am eligible for 25% reduction

    Did you have any email id if so please provide it. I feel it would be better to communicate
    through e-mail.

    Please clarify my doubts as soon as possible. So, that I can join and follow up from the 8th


    IPS aspirant (considering privacy I used my nick name)


    Sir i had registered for 2014 prelims test series and i have mailed my details but i havent recieved the discount code. NAME :

    • paresh k

      Sir why no reply from your side ? I am eagerly waiting for the discount code and i have mailed my details 3 days back. Please reply me at the earliest so that i can start solving the tests.

  • Ankita

    Sir I couldn’t find excel sheet to upload my tesr marks

  • Debula

    Is it too late to join the test series. I came upon the Inisights website in November.

  • Meena Rani

    which book icse book we should refer for environment.
    from where i can download.

  • Rohini Singh

    I didn’t get today’s question paper. some issue?

    • No issues. We send tests at 10 pm every time. 🙂 (please read the last line of the mail you received when you got all previous tests at once) Thank you.

      • Rohini Singh

        oh thanks..this was my first test so got a little worked up. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  • suman

    Sir,Mene abhi registration karwaya n fee bhi deposit karwa di lekin mene meri ID note hi nahi ki kyuki wo page refresh ho gya n schedule open ho gya.Naa mujhe koi confirmation message mila…transaction sahi hua yaa nai…please help me sir…

  • Atish kumar

    Dear sir,

    With great regard first congratulation for great start for test series which help all those who could not afford to join test series physically @ Delhi or any place.

    i have made payment for test series 2015 through insightsonidia but didn’t receive any confirmation through insightsonindia. I donot have any idea how to lo-gin and proceed for test series kindly resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    the detail is as:-
    transaction id -IG00HSXMB4 FOR 5999.00 ON 11/12/2014 @07:35:24

    kindly resolve the issue

    thanking you
    Atish kumar

    contact no-7307393403,9592977784

  • MK

    For those planning to join the 2015 prelims test series now (Dec 2014), how will the tests already conducted be made available given that they are sent through email on the date they are released?

    • All tests are stored either on our servers or on Google Drive. We will send you links to previous tests as soon as you subscribe. Thank you.

  • Shekhar

    Sir, how will I get the discount? Will the money be refunded after the payment has been made in full or I have to pay the amount after discount?

    • If you are a subscriber of previous test series, you will be given special link to avail discount.

      Update: Thanks for subscribing. Tests have been sent to your mail.

  • aspirant

    sir..i got to know about your test series today…is it advisable to join it now..if i join it..will i get different test schedule//plz confirm n suggest..i am worried about being so late..

    • We still have 24 tests to go. We will send 9 tests, which are over, to your email as soon as you subscribe. You can prepare for upcoming tests and in between solve the previous ones too. In any case, you need to read all the books we have given in schedule. It is just that you need to put extra hard work. Thank you for your interest.

      • aspirant

        wto provide me these tests after april 2015 so that i can complete suggested ncerts as per my own schedule and take up these tests as per my convenience?

        • You can enrol any time. You will still get all tests. Thank you.

      • aspirant

        Sir I have a question ,
        Since I have joined a coaching institute in Delhi so I need to follow a different schedule to match my pace with them and because of that probably i will not be able to follow the prescribed schedule.
        But I want to opt for this test test series as my institute do not take care of ncerts concepts and related test series .
        So is it to possible for u to provide me this test series after April 2015 so that I can complete ncert reading as per my schedule and take these tests accordingly..

  • rajesh

    Hi can I join now .. for prelims test series 2015. If i can please provide details.

  • optimist

    dear insights,
    waiting for the schedule for standard text books

  • Alpesh Bhaskar

    Hey Insights…..
    Came to know about this site just a few days ago & Found the site Awesome……

    Can I join the 2015 Test Series now…… Or its too late??

  • Raju

    Hello admin, how many questions per test in your prelims test series. You have mentioned some as full test. Does that mean other tests will have few questions and not 100?

    Please clarify. Thanks

  • Raju

    Hello Admin, does all the tests contain 100 questions or only the ones mentioned full length tests. Please clarify. Thanks.

    • All tests are full length i.e. 100 questions each.

      • Anshu

        Will i get test series in PDF format once i subscribe now ? It will be easier to download ?

  • Rahul

    Sir I have made the payment…. using the link given on site… the amount is deducted from my account … but no confirmation came on my mobile or my email id … my transaction id as given by bank is IG00IIGLD1. My mobile no is 9425823430… . Kindly give contact number for resolving the issue.

  • timtim

    thanx insights for resolving the issue n approving my post.

  • Animesh Singh

    SIr I want to enroll for the Insight Test Series but i have already missed many tests .I want to know whether i would be able to get question paper and solution of earlier tests.Next test i.e TEST 10 is tomorrow.i want to enroll for the test series.Reply me sir

    • You will get all papers immediately after we receive your payment. Thank you.

      • Animesh Singh

        Hello Sir just now i enrolled for Prelims Test Series 2015 but i have not yet got the links for earlier missed tests .

      • Animesh Singh

        These are my details:

        Payment ID MOJO4c23000J26931298

        Buyer Name Animesh Shekhar

        Buyer Email Address [email protected]

        Buyer Phone Number 9801222423

        Purchase Date Dec. 23, 2014

        Price INR. 5999.00

      • Animesh Singh

        These are my details:

        Payment ID MOJO4c23000J26931298

        Buyer Name Animesh Shekhar

        Buyer Email Address [email protected]

        Buyer Phone Number 9801222423

        Purchase Date Dec. 23, 2014

        Price INR. 5999.00

      • Animesh Singh

        Hello Sir just now i enrolled for Prelims Test Series 2015 but i have not yet got the links for earlier missed tests .

  • optimist

    from where to get icse environmental studies book?

  • Rachit

    I have subscribed for the test series today. When can I expect to receive the old tests.

  • AG

    Sir, I want to apply for the tests but 25% discount option is not appearing. I had joined 2014 test series also. Please advise.


    is it online test series if yes i can join bcz im working nhpc psu cannot passible off line test series

  • Srishti Pratap

    I have joined the test and recieved the confirmation also but have not recieved the previous test .my transaction id is MOJO4c22000J29662949

  • ragy380

    sir I have done the payment today, plz send me earlier tests and from now onwards I will be regular

  • Ajeet Singh

    sir please deliver me information about if i joine now pt teste seriese then how can get completed teste papers….

  • Arun

    Sir I hv subscribed for test series..but haven’t received tests !!
    Payment Id: MOJO4c26000j61403865

  • Yaswanth Reddy

    sir i had subscribed today .how many working hours it will take to mail the previous 9 tests on ncert which are already done ……thxs in advance.
    my mail id :[email protected]


    pls insights i wanna join the test series it is not too late pls let me the know the fee structure as i couldnt register from sept ,and the remaining test will i get from site .let me knw in my [email protected]

  • Mani Ghotra

    respected insights,

    i want to join your test series but i am worried about the previous tests… i know they will be delivered to me but how to cover those ncerts which are left behind… i am already 4 months lagging according to your tests…

    Secondly regarding mains please clarify… how to approach your questions..
    you will give topics one day prior and then next day you will ask questions from those topics?

    please help


    • ritesh raj

      Hi Mani,
      Have you joined the test?? even i am interested in joining. please suggest whether i should join it . how is the quality of question they are providing?
      Thank you.

      • Mani Ghotra

        Hi Ritesh..

        Firstly apologies from my side for replyimg u after so long.

        secondly i have not joined the test series yet but i am following my own plan along with insights daily updates.

        I will definately join the test series to check myself at the later stage because ultimately we have to reach the same target, paths may be different.

        Test quality is awsome. I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TO FOLLOW THE TESTS….

        APPOLOGIES once again my friend… 🙂

        • ritesh raj

          Thanks for the sugession !!! Anyways plz gv me your mail I’d , I ll stay in touch.

  • rahul

    dear team ,

    i want to join the test series for upsc 2015 although i am quite late since the this test series has started since 15 september . can i join the test series from now on and will i get archive of the previous tests i have missed–

  • Anurag

    i want to join test series 2015, since I’m already very i’l be getting earlier test papers and how to clear doubts questions arising.

  • DD7

    Sir,where should i send the information details and last year transaction id to avail the discount for 2015 test series

  • durga

    Dear Sir,
    I do have some doubts regarding payment options for Insights test series.I have a SBI maestro debit card where the 3-digit CVV code is absent.Can I still make the payment by entering the name on card,card number and password.Also the card mentions ‘valid from July 2010’ without mentioning the expiry date.The card is valid during current transactions as I can draw money from the ATM.

    Could you please reply if I can carry out the transaction smoothly?Is there any other option for payment other than net-banking,like demand draft etc?

    Waiting for your reply.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    Durga Upadhya

  • M Mahesh

    Dear Insights,

    If I join today(2-1-2015), will I get previous Test Papers to my MAIL ID…?

    Shall I keep them safe for attempting when ever I get Time ?

    Please respond soon to decide/plan my schedule..

  • geet

    Dear sir,

    i have not get my test for January 2, 2015 on my gmail account. Is there any error?

    • Please check your email now. Thank you.

      • Renu Shekhawat

        Dear INSIGHTS
        I have made the payment towards Insights Test Series – 2015but no link has been mailed for the test series to me as yet & even no confirmation mail regarding my payment is sent to me on my e-mail.Kindly help me sort out this issue ASAP

    • ritesh raj

      Hi bhargav,
      Have you joined the test?? even i am interested in joining. please suggest whether i should join it . how is the quality of question they are providing?
      Thank you.

      • bhargav

        Hey ritesh,
        The test series is really helpful as not just the question papers but the answer descriptions provided later make me to know whether i am studying or just reading the answers.
        and the quality of questions is good. it is quite difficult to match the upsc level but d efforts done by insights are well compiled in the tests. if u really want to join thn get up..:) u hv already missed 12 tests so need to put more energy…
        all d best 🙂

    • ramya

      Hi Bhargav is the standard of test series is good. Please tell even I would like to subscribe dear.Thank u

  • Anshu

    Will i get tests in PDF format if i subscribe now and till when pls reply at earliest

  • Anshu

    Pls reply back will i get test now in pdf if i subscribe

    • Yes you will get all files in PDF format.

  • Gaurav

    sir I want to join test series but let me know that do we need to evaluate answer papers after giving tests by ourselves?

  • Vishal Jain

    Hi ,

    I have dropped mails(twice) regarding wanting to join the test series and how to avail the discount(as subscribed last year) but didn’t got any reply.

    Please help.

    Vishal jain

    Reg mail id- [email protected]

  • avinash niraj

    sir,i have subscribed your test series last year,and as u instructed we have sent all the the useful information on your [email protected] to avail the discount,but still there is no reply from your side..

    plz guide us sir..i am very desperate to join test series..
    my email id- [email protected]

  • himanshu d.

    dear sir!!,
    i wanted to enquire whether the test series is online or a full fledged test ??
    and if online as it seems to me, if i join today on 7th of january how will be the earlier test
    be conducted and and how will bw their evaluation done?
    and will the question paper in .pdf form??
    kindly find time to answer the queries so i can join the test series.
    -himanshu d. singh

  • Nachiketh J R

    what should a candidate do if he or she wants to join the test series in between…for ex today i mean on 8th of jan 2015 i come to know abt the test series….wht should i do if i want to join..?..and whtb abt the old test series…?

  • Neelima Sarvani

    Dear sir, can i join the test series now and get all the previous test papers..?

  • Abhishek kumar

    Dear sir, I haven’t get previous tests. I subscribed test series today [email protected]

  • Kavya

    i’ve joined the test series only now as i got to know of it really late. how do i go about taking the test i have missed? will i get those question papers?

    • ramya

      Hi I am an aspirant of 2015 civil services and recently started my preparation. Is this test series you joined is really helpful. Please tell your feedback.

      • HighHOPES

        Yes this test series is helpful at any stage.

        • ramya

          Thank you

    • HighHOPES



    is there payment option through emi?

  • prk

    Can’t affford …?????
    Sharing the test series cost ..
    anybody interested pls contact this email id…
    [email protected]

  • Ashu

    Anybody interested in sharing the test series cost as i am unable to afford it.
    Please contact here: [email protected]

  • Tamanna Choudhary

    Can I join the test series for 2015 prelims now. If yes pls tell me how?

    • naren

      ya miss you can join as it provide whole test which you left and besides 2014 22 prelims test free free .

  • Renu Shekhawat

    Dear Admin
    I have made the payment towards Insights Test Series – 2015but no link has been mailed for the test series to me as yet & even no confirmation mail regarding my payment is sent to me on my e-mail.Kindly help me sort out this issue ASAP

  • shoaib

    this test series is online

  • kharthik Rajalingam

    Sir I have joined the test series I would like to know when I’ll get all the previous 12 question papers.. I’ll be much more satisfied if and when I get an intimation from insights about my successful enrollment for the test series.. Thank you..

  • aaron

    sir payment site instant mojo not working how should i pay

  • Nithya ram

    Sir,could i join now??will i get the previous question papers?may i know how many tests remaining?please help sir.

  • naren

    sir why everybody is raising question about payment acknowledgement ? so this creates dilemma about to join test series or not ? You provide CSAT test series or not ? Please Insights reply on this ?

  • hi!sir , i joind test series recently 13th test was my fist test, but i dont get all completed test papers,please give me as soon as posible..

  • Anurag

    Which book is India – 2015…can provide link.

  • HighHOPES

    I really have problem in csat…i am good with maths and all but time management becomes problem coupled with that adrenaline rush after 1 an half hour which excites to make mistakes. what to do?

  • Kundan Kumar

    hello insight..u guyz r awsumm..thx alot fo ur selfless help..itz juss wonderful..wrdz r nt enough to thnk u guyz..ur post/material gave me a real insight n m very hopeful to clear it this tym..n ol d credit goes to u to inspire thousand of ppl lyk me..thnk u so muuuuuccchhh..:-D:-D

  • Kundan Kumar

    sir m lukin to join d test series..if i subscribe nw..wil i be getting ol previous onces olso..n if derez option to buy offline plz lemme knw..thnx

  • Tintinb

    Dear Insights,

    Shall the same test series be repeated for CSAT paper 2, mains and optional papers. If it is so, then can you give us a rough timeline?

  • rahul rathod

    sir i want to pay this test series but can u provide me
    question in hindi ?

  • Prakruthii

    i would like to join this test series
    Can i join now ?

  • Ajeet Singh

    any one interested share test series then riply

  • rutu

    Does it include csast paper?plz reply

    • It is only for GS – 1 of Prelims – 2015.

  • GeekooO


  • artikashyap

    Hello insight team..m lukin to join d test series for pre if i join nw..will i be gettin previous test paper too..plz do reply

    • Yes you will immediately get both 2014 and 2015 tests once you make the payment. Thank you.

  • For any queries, Please mail us at: insights dot exams at gmail dot com. Thank you.