Insights Weekend Discussions – Week Twelve

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Welcome to the Twelfth edition of Insights Weekend Discussions. You can access details of last Eleven discussions here.

And the topic is:

Should India take initiative and destroy its nuclear  stockpile ?

India has asserted that it would follow ‘no-first-use’ policy when it comes to use of nuclear weapons and it would solely use the nuclear weapons for deterrence. But, possession of nuclear stock-piles are always dangerous. Some countries like Germany, Japan (post-Fukushima disaster) have announced that they would shut down their nuclear reactors in the near-future.

With the discussion of ‘nuclear-free world’ and ‘world peace’ across the globe, should India take up the initiative to destroy its nuclear stock-piles? What are the possible repercussions with such an initiative? What other alternatives can India look for (apart from relying on Nuclear energy)?

The ‘site’ is yours.

  • ss

    I don’t think that India should take initiative in destroying the nuclear weapons. as to balance our relationship with neighboring countries like Pakistan and China, India need to have nuclear power. not to misuse power denotes our wisdom but not to have power denotes our weakness so we need to be strong to tackle especially Pakistan and wise enough to maintain
    universal peace and harmony.

  • sps

    At present, India is not in the position to leave nuclear energy because she needs lots of energy to meet its growing demand for energy. Apart from this, there is chance for future threat from the neighboring countries like Pakistan and china. However, India has to take right measure to prevent the stock pile to reach any other people. Recently nuclear security index published, it placed India in the 23th position out of 25 countries. In this issue we need to know about that how the index is prepared and we should take measures according to this.
    However India has to look into the possible alternative renewable energy such as wind energy, solar energy, geo thermal energy and tidal energy.

  • Sanjhi

    While we continuously strive towards global peace and disarmament, the fact remains that we do not live in an ideal world. Not only major powerful nations such as US and Russia, but also our (hostile) neighbours such as Pakistan and China have immense stockpiles of nuclear weapons. From the perspective of national security, it is unwise to dismantle our own stockpile. We need to retain our nuclear weapons as a matter of deterrence while continuing to adhere to the no-first use policy.
    Moreover, destroying our stockpile would tacitly amount to accepting the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty which India has refused to sign, time and again, and rightly so. It would result in immense imbalance in the global defence order in terms of nuclear haves and have nots, the latter are clearly at a disadvantage.
    Citing the Fukushima disaster as a be-all disincentive for developing nuclear capability is taking a very narrow approach. Instead, we need to learn from this and other nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl – good management and technological practices in relation to nuclear technology which has both defence and energy implications for us.
    Simultaneously, we need to develop alternative sources like wind and solar power to harness the potential of our energy resources, but we have to admit that we are an energy-starved nation what with oil prices fluctuating wildly, and we cannot turn our backs on nuclear energy because of a technology lapse across the ocean.

  • As natural resources are getting exhausted, it becomes imperative to have alternative sources of energy such as nuclear energy, which can be used at times of scarcity of resources, so it would not be wise to completely destroy all nuclear stockpile. What we need is just the right way of utilizing all the nuclear resources that are available with us. If we know how to make the best and optimum use of any resource, it can create wonders, same is the case for nuclear resources. All we need is strict regulation on such weapons, so as to prevent misuse of it and hence, threat to internal and external security. By destroying these stockpiles, we can ruin our relationship with countries like US . So, we need to have proper infrastructure and proper training to handle such weapons.

    • jithin

      Hi jasneet92 it seems the by ‘destruction of nuclear stockpile’ the question refers to India’s 100 odd nuclear warheads and weapon grade
      nuclear material . A question of destruction of nuclear fuel ( which is used for power generation ) does not occur . After all we are heavily dependent on Imports and does not have a huge reserve.

  • Venki

    For current situation, india should not take initiative to destroy nuclear weapon. Destroying nuclear weapon is dangerous to our country now,because china & pakistan are nuclear weapon countries to whom we have a lot of issues like border issue.
    But Nuclear-free world is the correct way to achieve peace, instead of every country having nuclear weapons for their safety. So india should take initiative to change all countries mind to destroy nuclear weapon globally.

  • in the present world all the powerful nations are having a big stockpile of nuclear weapons considering their national security first. nuclear weapons are the strongest deterrence to avoid any war as it has been tested during the cold war era how the two most powerful nations US and USSR could avoid a direct conflict only because of the threat of nuclear weapon of the opposing countries. nuclear weapons are the strongest peace bringer in the world. thus for regional stability and world peace India can not afford to destroy its nuclear stockpile instead these weapons have provided india a great power and prestige across the world.
    india is surrounded by several hostile neighbours like Pakistan , China who are nuclear armed state thus to counter their any war or conflict strategy NW are mandatory for india.
    india’s nuclear weapons (NW) safety standard is very good and it can further be enhanced.
    nuclear energy is also very important for our ever increasing energy need. india is having one of the largest Thorium deposits in the world which would be used as fuel at 3rd stage of our nuclear energy programe.thus india is needed to harness and tap this nuclear energy speedily.

  • Chandra

    There are two aspects of nuclear power- one is about weapons and destructive aspect for strategic security and another is electric generation for civil energy security. No wonder the first aspect is an international threat in the era of trust deficit or in that case when many nations have not signed non-prolifiration treaty and/or want to show the world using nuclear power in civil uses but in the shelter of this announcement they do strategic experiments, making weapons or bad bombs.
    Nuclear disaster has long history of devastation- right from Hiroshima-Nagasaki to Fukushima. In India, apprehension reaches to people about Jaitpur-kudankulam nuclear thermal power plants. undoubtedly,nuclear stockpiles be destructed without any delay, but who will take initiative, is the major question before everyone!!
    India, as a fast developing nation, fastly competing with the developed nation and ofcourse burdened by huge population, it needs more per-capita-energy, electricity and power. Our Hydro and coal power look insufficient to fulfill our energy-hunger, we are far behind the power consumption per person that those developed nation- the those developed nations who are well equipped with the nuclear power, bombs and nuclear energy; those developed nations who are not ready to initiate to destroy the nuclear stockpiles as everyone is having its own considerations, requirements and apprehension as well!!
    then at this juncture of development , are we ready to initiate something big!! can we simply destroy our nuclear stock just like that ?
    Obviously not! I think we need some more time to reach at this level of confidence, we need to show more to this world that we are what we say – we say that we are using our nuclear atoms for compensating our energy-electricity-power deficits, not for making any atom bomb. we have to take some strong measures to tackle the terrorism by strong law and conviction to deter them to make dirty bombs- to show world what we are what we say – we are committed to make our nation and citizen to become developed as others are. we can show and convince the world by using nuclear atoms in scientific development and research and by showing good results we can convince the world that we are not striving to emerge as nuclear power by having more and more nuclear bombs but serving our people in right direction – by all these we can buy some time, but can’t destroy our nuclear power.
    Yes, there is need to bring a trust among nuclear power nations by confidence building measures, by showing noble causes as mentioned, by motivating and helping other nations in energy exploitation with techniques, safety measures and determinations – there will be no more need of conflict and destruction anymore.

  • India is energy deficient country and depends heavily on the import of crude oil from other countries. In such scenario nuclear energy always present an alternative source of energy. Destroying nuclear stockpiles will not act in favor of national interest. Firstly though India has asserted to “no first use policy” regarding use of nuclear weapons, their presence give a Psychological advantage to Indian Defense. Secondly as stated earlier nuclear energy will help India reduce its dependency over environment polluting crude oil and coal energy. As far as nuclear stockpiles security is concerned India lacks basic infrastructure. India is ranked below Pakistan and China as far as nuclear security is concerned. So the need of hour is to create better infrastructure and storage capabilities for nuclear stockpiles instead of destroying them.

  • nn

    key architects to Indian nuclear programme were nehru and homi bhaba. india ‘s main aim is peacefull use of nuclear energy for peaceful purpose and seeks itself to project a responsible nuclear state. on the question of destroying its nuclear pile, it should be stressed that india still follows no first use doctrine and limits its application for civilian use and energy purpose. hence the need to destroy doesnt arise in nearby future.reacting to disasters like fukushima, India needs to raise safety standards to curb such hazard. procurement of nuclear pile is necessary to secure threat from neighbors- Pakistan and china. looking at alternatives need a closer look. the need of hour is look for clean and energy efficient fuel like bio ethanol or bio fuel, harness wind, water energy. but at the same time improve safety standard of nuclear plants by regular audit, review atomic energy guidelines, containment of radiation levels and appropriate waste disposal.

  • Abhilasha Kour

    No India should not be the first to destroy its nuclear stockpiles just to prove India is a peace loving nation.No doubt India promotes international peace but today the socio economic development of our nation depends on its nuclear programmes.
    India is the 4th largest consumer of electricity after US,China and Russia.At present there are 19 nuclear power plants generating about 4560 MW and 2 are in the pipeline and would be generating 2720 MW.India is already suffering from electricity shortage .Since the renewable sources like thermal power plants and others already in limited amount so a nation like India with such a huge population can’t afford to desolate its nuclear stocks.
    India is a developing nation and in the way to achieve advancement nuclear power plants are going to play a decisive role.
    However countries like Germany and Japan are already developed economies so even if they destroy their nuclear stocks they would be in the leading league .
    So India at present is not in such a state where nuclear schemes could be put aside however we should take lesson from the nuclear disasters and make proper plans for the nuclear plants so that no mishap could ever happen .
    Another aspect of not crushing the nuclear projects is that India’s neighbours like China ,Pakistan which are already ahead of India in nuclear arsenals could take advantage of such step of India .We don’t have to portray ourselves incompetant in any field and would always follow the policy of ‘no first use’ so as to maintain India’s Non violence mentality .

  • aswathi payyoor

    Sir can you also start again sociology daily answer writing challenge?

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Though India has adopted the ‘no first use’ policy in regarding the use of nuclear weapon, however, it is also true that the current status of India as Nuclear Power is providing shield to India from world political pressure. Ours respected Neighbours i.e. China and Pakistan who never loses a single chance to threaten us at border, are reining themselves, because India is a Nuclear Power. Otherwise in the name Human Rights violation in Kashmir and internal insurgencies, the USA would surely intervene militarily in India or would pressurize India politically for their unilateral deals or own benefits. Like they did to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran etc This was about the importance of being Nuke in Political way.
    Now come to the importance of Nuclear in economic ways, India is one of the largest electricity consuming country. The some great share of electricity production in India is thru non renewable resources. As we all know that, the India’s Non renewable resources stock is at the verge of end.Therefore the Nuclear energy would play great role in field of electricity generation and it is still. As the need of electricity in India is increasing rapidly. Therefor it is mandatory for India to not decimate its nuclear stock.

  • rishi

    Swami Vivekananda once told in a short story, to a snake, that it should not kill with its poison, but should produce the hiss sound to keep away the enemies from it. On the point of that i think India should just show it to its powerful contenders that the country should not be interferred in it own matter or should not be taken for granted. India as termed in hindi as “sone ki chiriya” is definitely a golden bird, even now the international powers tend to curb this golden bird, which we have seen through out the history and shall see in the near future too. Many looters have come and looted the country of its wealth but still it has indefinite amount of resource in it, though the corruption has disbalanced the progress of the country to a greater height. Evene if there are internal problems it should be an issue where the outsiders can come and occupy the golden land.It is a must that the country should never destroy the nuclear power, though should not be a threat for the other so called ” Peaceful country” irony, but should sent the message to be careful to put their greedy hands upon the resouce and wealth of the land.Following the corruption is an internal matter which can be discussed in some other part.

  • Rahul Agarwal

    Protection of nation’s sovereignty and promotion of world peace were among the key components of objective resolution moved by Nehru in the constituent assembly. The harsh reality is that in present context these twin goals are possible only with an armoury of nuclear power. Having nuclear capability is more like an exercise of game theory where the negative payoffs prevent attacks between nations. Realizing the criticality of nuclear capability and the precarious geo-political scenario in south asia, India have tested its first nuclear weapon as early as 1974. An ardent supporter and promoter of world peace, india follows the policy of “minimum credible deterrance” and ” No First-use Policy. seeing the robustness of its nuclear program even the international community is now supporting by supplying nuclear fuel even when india is non-signatory of NPT. Though india should also increase itsa offensive power in cyber warfare and other non-conventional channels, which may pre-emptively disable nuclear weapons of beligerent nations. With hostile neighbours like Pakistan an china and volatile conditions in bangladesh, sri lanka and maldives, India need to balance the equation and nuclear capability is a key cog in the wheel. The crux of matter is every body knows, nuclear weapon stockpile is bad, but then no-body would start destructing it. The world has learnt to live with the threat.

  • Nuclear arms are weapons of mass destruction. Aggregate stock of nuclear material of all countries is capable of annihilating the Earth 100 times over. In view of potential danger it pose to our existence, it become imperative for each and every country to put effort to make our world Nuclear free.

    There is no doubt in ambition of achieving a nuclear free world. But there must be acceptable framework so that nuclear capable countries can be convinced to destroy their stock piles. India took initiative as early as in 1960s by forming NAM and urging US and USSR to destroy their stock piles.

    We are of the view that until and unless, powerful countries are holding huge stockpiles of nuclear arms, they cannot negotiate for nuclear free world. They must reduce their amount of arms to minimum level to enhance trust of other countries in their nuclear free ambition. International regulator can play an important role by mediating the destruction of nuclear weapons based on a framework of international convention.

    We also have a strong framework for chemical
    weapons and most of countries have ratified international convention and with help of interenation regulator, same could be destroyed from Syria.
    On the same line, nuclear weapons can also be destroyed with help of strong international framework.

  • rizwana

    Nuclear energy is a clean and a tested technolgy which can be used in a beneficial way by all the nations of the world.As whole world is going to face energy crisis some day due to the rapid economic development we should keep the nuclear option open for all but yes there must be a global consensus of destroying nuclear weapon of all who possesses it and it should not be allowed for those who do not rather taking initiative of destroying its own stockpile should take initiative in convincing all the nations of the world to destroy them within a specified time frame.Currently, India can not take any initiative in this direction otherwise our national security will be in danger.

  • saket

    Today there seems to be only a few ways to protect the sovereignty of any nation. Military and especially nuclear deterrence, unfortunately, has become the key to do so. Given the hostile neighbour hood and the political diplomacy in today’s world, it will take time before India is confident about taking the head start in destroying its nuclear arsenal.

    Firstly, India is nowhere close to the amount of nuclear arsenal that some of the developed nations have; and does not intend to be there too.
    Secondly, our nuclear doctrine is clearly states that we seek to develop nuclear weapons as a precaution to stop countries from attacking us rather than to use it against them.
    Thirdly, our past experience with our neighbors has forced us to believe we are not in a position to resolve some of the most critical issues that seem to threaten our nation.

    In this perspective there is today, a need to keep nuclear weapons as a deterrence just like Arjun had but never used it during the course of Mahabharata, and the deterrence effect of Arjun during the epic war is well known.

  • Bidisha

    Use of nuclear stockpile has two aspects-
    Strategic security and energy Security.
    While it is true nuclear stockpile is lethal, India needs to preserve its stockpile for both the aforementioned aspects.

    India’s nuclear policy clearly states that the use of nuclear energy will be for peaceful purposes. India’s clean track record in the use of nuclear energy has been recognised internationally.

    Majority of developed countries and our neighbours – Pakistan and China have also developed nuclear weapons. As such, it’ll be a strategically unwise decision to destroy the nuclear stockpile.While possessing nuclear power, India can stick to the no-first-use policy;to create deterrence effect.

    The stockpile of countries like USA is much more than India’s.Destroying India’s stockpile won’t imply the world is free from danger of nuclear radiation. Also, when internationally there is no unanimity in destruction of nuclear stockpile, it’ll be too much to expect that such a move by India will prompt USA or our neighbours to follow suite.

    Destroying of nuclear stockpile would amount to tacit acceptance of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, which India has rightly refused to sign.

    India has already spent huge sums on money on developing nuclear technology. Destroying the stockpiles would be a big blow to India’s burgeoning fiscal deficit.

    Rather than shunning the use of nuclear energy, prudence lies in learning from accidents like Chernobyl and Fukushima – develop better technologies, good management practices and safety measures in using nuclear energy.

    India is already using wind energy and solar energy to meet the energy demands. The National Solar Mission is a promising step in this direction. More R&D is required in these fields to make their use cheap and efficient.

    Finally, nuclear stockpile also finds use in field of medicine and healthcare. Public healthcare will suffer if it’s destroyed.

    Hence, India should not destroy its nuclear stockpile.

  • swapnil

    i think india should not destroy .

  • shru

    The complete destruction of India’s nuclear stockpile would place our country in a very dangerous and insecure position owing to the increased nuclear might of nations such as China and Pakistan which are not in friendly terms with our country.Apart from being a deterrent when it comes to wars,the nuclear energy is a chief source of power in the energy starved country. Though piling up of nuclear weapons is not in line with the principle of international peace and harmony and though the numerous examples ranging from Hiroshima to Fukushima are neither very supportive, using nuclear energy in peaceful and safe manner can allay fears of nuclear disasters and wars.

  • I am just amazed!

  • jithin

    India can go for destruction of nuclear stock pile only if all the other major powers especially its two neighbours are ready to destroy their nuclear weapons . The threat of nuclear weapons with non nuclear states like north korea and the possibility of passing the technology to non state actors are also to be considered . Nuclear weapons is a deterent for wars as shown by the cold war experience , atleast in the short run .

    But once a nuclear attack occurs , it will be catastrophic. So india what India should do is to convince the world nations especially US and Russia to phase out their nuclear weapon stock and others will follow .India can’t take the first step since
    1. both China and Pakistan has not declared any ‘no first use policy’ and both have a hostile track record with India.
    2. we have a small stock pile possibly a 1/ 80 th of what Russia and US have.
    3. The status of a nuclear power will help India maintain Independent stance on global issues.

  • Prachi

    India has always been a firm advocate of panchsheel. India did not conduct nuclear tests for a very long time even though it had all the necessary know how, it was the fact that Pakistan came to possess nuclear weapons, India had to brace herself up, in order to keep Pakistan at bay.
    India believes in a world free from weapons of mass destruction, and it has on many occasions in international forums proposed for total disarmament.
    India’s possession of nuclear power has made the world to sit up and take notice, India has the aspirations to become a world power and the possession of nuclear weapons ensures that India is not seen as a soft nation

  • Rathika

    To answer the question straightaway, INDIA should not destroy its nuclear stockpiles.
    India is a peace loving country which has been proved in many occasions in the past. Use of nuclear energy is for two purpose, one is to meet the countries energy need and the next one is to secure the nation from any war threats from the neighboring countries.
    To meet the energy needs of the huge population, the country cannot solely rely on the conventional energy sources alone. As nuclear energy is proved to be a clean energy, and earth cries of ozone depletion, nuclear energy is a sure alternative to fossil fuel energy sources. Considering the potential threat that the nuclear energy posses, the countries around the world should give thrust to the clean energy sources like wind, solar, tidal energy sources.
    Cold war era has proved that possession of nuclear weapons ensured war free earth. Possession of nuclear weapons restrains the neighboring countries from threatening India. Also India is clear in its stand that no first use of nuclear weapons. Taking into account the situations around the world, there wont be consensus among the countries to destroy the nuclear stock pile. Having said that, India cannot take an initiative to destroy its nuclear stockpile, as it will right away take India to Hell. So, Nature will take its own course in this case.

  • Dhruv

    India should desist from abandoning her nuclear stockpile for the following two reasons:
    Nuclear energy is a neutral energy source as it gives off the same amount of carbon that it saves. This is good as it will reduce the amount of CO2 that is released from fossil fuels. This will help stop global warming. Moreover, building more nuclear plants can help expand our economy by creating more jobs. However one cannot rule out the detrimental effects of nuclear power. The unfortunate fukushima disaster which shook the conscience of the world is still fresh in our memories. However that does not mean we abandon the nuclear power completely. Fukushima disaster should act as an eye-opener and we must strive to improve the safety standards of the nuclear facilities in line with international requirements and adopt the best management practices in dealing with nuclear power. India is rightly focusing on other renewable energy sources like solar energy. A case in point is the National Solar Mission.
    2) We live in a troubled neighbourhood. There are growing security concerns emanating from neighbouring pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Pakistan is said to be in possession of over 100 nuclear warheads which is double of India’s stockpile of over 50 warheads. There is no fool-proof assurance of how safe and secure their nuclear weapons are. Even the USA which pumps in millions of dollars for the safety of pakistans crown jewels is unaware of their location. An arrogant, assertive china poses another long term threat to India. In light of above arguments, it is vital that India maintains its status as a responsible nuclear power.

  • rs

    It is not the way to avoid the problem by eliminating nuclear weapon our nucler weapon is under control of civilians and this is prepared for the self defence . Our neighbouring countries like china anad pakistan are nucler rich countroes whichich shuld dangerou for india in future because of boundry dispute our relations are not good.Before taking such initive we ara crtically think about our energy need we need lot of energy from nucler

  • Mahendra

    Nuclear weapons are one of the greatest source of danger to mother Earth in present world. The nuclear armament is like a chain reaction, in which any sovereign country in trying to show its power, or in order to make itself more safe and assertive in world politics and against foreign powers, tries to get the Nuclear Power.

    Presently many countries in the world are trying to get the nuclear power, and many right now have already nuclear power. India’s become nuclear power is one of the above chain reactions, in which India decided to do obtain the nuclear certificate despite strong world opposition.

    Morally, human history is such that wars have happened, and will continue to happen in future. The greed and lust is unlimited and so is the other side of the nature i.e. love and selfless work. But, their balance becomes jeopardized when some leader in any part of the world is from the evil faction who tries to dominate the world instead of respecting the sovereignty of other nations.

    Even the concept of nation is too abstract, where, the methods of determining a particular country or state are based on the boundaries that these countries have and they no way justify why a particular country which was effectively able to maneuver its agendas and bad politics and was able to feed on the resources of other regions developed fast, while its own neighbor is extremely poor, just because a boundary line demarcates them.

    So, by introspecting the above situations, and then coming to a conclusion, we could safely say that, in no way India can become certain that if it gives up its nuclear arsenal, then other countries will follow the precedent. But, if it gives up the nuclear arsenal, then maybe it will never get back the position it holds right now in the power sharing scenario of the world. Giving away is easy, but holding a power peacefully is tougher, and in case of peaceful countries such as India, it becomes necessary to have power such as nuclear, in the contemporary world, which is extremely skewed in favor of some specific powers, and also has a lot of failed states, which are not able to cope up to run even their local governments. So, India should never give up its nuclear arsenal even if all world governments mutually agree to end it.

  • Ankur Pandey

    No India cannot afford to take this initiative of nuclear disarmament considering the the risk of strategic advantage which will be gained by our hostile neighbours. Barring Germany and Japan ( post fukushima) there is no other country which has declared giving up of nuclear stock piles. And unlike India both these countries are developed countries. Thus India must stand firm on its policy of ” no first use” of the nuclear stock piles.

    Going for nuclear disarmament will have serious repurcussions on the the naitonal sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation. Thus war is not the option as Gandhiji has said that eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. But learning from the Cuban missile crisis during the cold war the only option left is nuclear deterrance.

    Nuclear stock pile has to be used as an alternative source of energy. Nuclear enegy is being reognised in the world as clean and efficent energy for the sustainable development of the country. Hence the focuss should be more on the positive use of the Nuclear stock piles than its destructive use.

  • Rakesh Kumar

    First we need to look at our power deficit country. Some of the countries which are already developed abandoning nuclear power because they have access to alternative sources of technology for producing power. Countries like US and Russia which are already developed can’t even afford to abandon nuclear energy because it not only provides clean power generation but also acts as alternative to fossil fuels. Indian in no way can afford to replace nuclear energy because India is a developing nation which is envisaged by world as a future superpower. A basic principle of development is have energy availability in every nook and corner of the country. In case India replaces it with other sources of power generation techniques then either highly sophisticated technology must be imported or rely on its traditional way of gas power plants, coal based thermal plants etc., which will not only consumes fossil fuels but also pollute environment. So it’s in India’s interest that nuclear expansion in the field of power generation is the need of the hour to.
    India is the only country in the world which is surrounded by two of its enemies which are nuclear armed. Both of the two Nuclear possessed neighbours have fought war with India in the past. Chinese aggression is the one of the cause for this which always claimed Arunachal Pradesh as its territorial land. China already had annexed most of the north eastern Ladakh region which was an Indian part prior to 1962 war. India is no match to China’s defence forces which has budget of almost five times that of Indian defence budget. India has no first use nuclear policy which is always reflects that India is a peace loving country. Pakistan is a nuisance to India since it has bigger stockpile than Indian and it could be detrimental to not only India but also other countries. Pakistan is infested by hardcore terrorist which are using It as safe shelter after NATO forces invaded Afghanistan. It could be possible terrorist get their hands on nuclear weapons. An anti Indian faction of terrorists in Pakistan could also use nuclear weapon against India.
    India need nuclear weapon for it’s sovereignty when both of its nuclear armed neighbours had war with it in the past. It is to believe that India has half of the nuclear warheads which Pakistan possess. So, there is no proliferation of nuclear warheads from Indian side, even AERB has accepted this as a fact.

  • sandeep saxena

    india should not destroy its stockpile 1-minimum credential detterent is necesarry security point of view of nation and cold war will not convert in war because both side have minimum crdential D. and will not first use and not against the non nuclear country

  • sonu verma

    only strength can understand the value of strength.