General Studies Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Starts Tomorrow

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For those who were eagerly waiting for the restart of General Studies Daily Writing Challenge, here is a good news – it will restart tomorrow (Monday, January 13, 2014)

This time it will be different and will have a new approach and theme. We will post questions from Monday to Thursday from each GS paper. Initially for one month it would be from first three GS papers, later we will include GS paper 4 also.

We will post questions in the evening (between 5-7 pm)

Topics for the next day would be posted in advance.

We plan to cover whole syllabus comprehensively in five to six months by following this method. You can actively participate. Last year we posted questions continuously for five months and result was there to see for all.

It was very successful and many improved their writing and were able to cover whole syllabus in a better way. Secure-2014+GS Writing Challenge+Optional Writing challenge would definitely help any serious candidate in preparing for this exam confidently.

To read again about the initiative click here (written when it was started) and to access archives, click here.

For those who are predicting the demise of this website (because we started test series and offline classes) we request you to participate in these writing challenges and make use of it instead of wasting time on posting negative comments.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will post questions on Science and Technology (our Tauseef will contribute questions)

Regarding Optional subjects, we will  post questions only for Four days a week and this depends on the supply of questions from our beloved readers.

We regret stopping current events section (old version) but it was not without reasons. But writing challenges would always continue (including secure-2014, 2015 etc)

If interested to participate in GS writing challenge, the topic for Monday’s challenge is:

GS Paper-1: Art Forms

  • sir, typo error. instead of tuesday it shld be topic for monday

  • harsh

    Thanks Sir

  • Ravi Kumar

    Means Sir You Stop The Current Event’s Initiative ?

    • When did we tell you that we are stopping the Current Event’s Initiative? Its running on daily-basis. Kindly, refer our current events section

  • Jai

    Challenge accepted! Looking forward to its start 😀

  • thanks sir for such a gr8 initiative. eagerly waiting for tommorrow’s challenge..:)

  • Ajeeet singh

    ;i m a new follower of ur site ,
    i m a hindi medium aspirant , i think ur site is a gud platform for ias aspirants who cant afford coachings
    thanks a lot !!!!
    i will try to participate in gs challenge and optional writing challenge
    my optional subject is history
    sir please suggest me a way by this i could use ur english study material

    • Hi Ajeeet,
      Welcome to Insights!! We will be happy to see you participating in our initiative.
      Follow the below link, on how you can use our site effectively,

      • Insights
        Please guide us on time management… its so difficult to manage so many things in jst 24 hrs (study, sleep, eat, cook, etc) i know its more difficult for you but please , it would be our pleasure if you can guide us on time management.

        • Jai

          I agree with Komal. Managing time with so much to do(Secure 2014, Test Series, Current Events, Self-study, and now, GS Answer Writing Challenge)is getting very tough! Seeking advice from team Insights. Thanks! 😀

          • Anonymizer..

            I also agree with both of them…
            please provide us with some advice on time management..

            • i also agree sir, im also facing the same problem. im a hindi medium aspirant so i take much time to translate and then write. plz help us sir…

              • @all: If you have to become a bureaucrat then you have to find the time yourself. You would have all the time in the world to study the right stuff when your passion would meet your desire to succeed. Thats a secret you would have to unravel yourself. Nobody could guide you and nobody could tell you that. Its your journey, start experimenting with your schedule and see how you could get the best our of your time.

                As one successful candidate has put up his mantra of success in the following words “take each day individually, give that day your best, own that day and those 5 days would own you”

                All the best 🙂

                • Ravi..
                  Thank you for enlightening us. U’re right, we should plan our own schedule. The passion has to be there to study.

      • vijay

        sir very good initiative…..moreover announce of topics in prior is a good step…..challenge is accepted…sir plz throw some light on time management

  • Thanks..!!

  • geet

    Source for this topic prep…mean from where I will read to prepare for it…

  • Narinder Pal Singh

    Now the GAME BEGINS ..;)

    • Nikhil D

      Play Hard, Go Pro! 😉

  • Prerna

    Thank you sir 🙂

  • thank you sirji



    • qwerty

      #noble person

  • Nikam

    I really have no words to express to my feelings for the great work which you are doing to the student community.

    Can you provide sources as well just as you are providing for prelims exam so that we dont study the material which is not of much use.

    And finally i pray that almighty gives you good health to whole insights team. Wishing great year ahead to you and your family.

  • qwerty

    sir a doubt…plz do answer this

    so on a average a topic would be covered in how many days in daily writing challenge

    like arts just 1day/2days/…

    so that i have a material for arts/106 pages i can divide it according to the number of days…….

    which would help in us/myself preparing better………and if possible try to give number of days a topic would be covered… u would have a rough idea…..

    please take this into account sir…

    thank you…….

  • sonali

    Eagerly waiting for this intiative…sir

  • TasTas

    Thank You Team Insights. So many initiatives and such efforts for we aspirants really an appreciable work . Please do take care of your health. God bless you all the most for your enduring efforts for the aspirants. Thanking You.

  • Oldton

    we can get a site like this at every corner of earth..but friends the earth is round ;)…thanks for everything @Insights

  • Hi Vinay Sir,
    I bet a lot of us were waiting eagerly waiting for the Daily Writing Challenge to start.But I have a small doubt, if you could kindly address to it:
    It will be a little easier for us to prepare both for the writing challenge as well as the Test Series if there was some convergence in the topics for both, for a given week.That is, if you could frame questions in the writing challenge based on the syllabus for the test series, it’ll provide a comprehensive subjective and objective preparation for that topic.
    And as someone in the comments above said, this would augur well if you could provide the sources to prepare from,every week,for the writing challenge, just as you did for the weekly test series.
    Thanks again for starting this wonderful initiative.

    • Madhu Babu

      Dear Insights, first of all I would like u Thank your team for all these Initiatives. All these things are really helping us and improving day by day of our writing performances and confidence levels.
      My kind request is to Address the above question; especially for working person hardly can spend 5 hours. most of the time taken by study prelim test series + Reading News paper only. Secure questions some how we can manage in office. but Reading Optional topics, GS Challenge topics will be suggestion is to combine the syllabus for GS Questions + Prelims test, so that we can cover the syllabus effectively. this is only my suggesion, Please do whichever u feel best.

  • viny

    Hi sir I was egarly waiting for this GS section thank you very much sir…… words to explain in words


    thanks sir..hindi medium ke liye bhi kuchh karen…..sir…..

  • Marvellous efforts….Thanks one and all….

  • subhash pachar

    Was it necessary to start with art and culture ? Cant we take a start from society?

    • Joe

      We can see how much you care for Society bro…I wonder if it was really necessary to have such doubts…

      • Nikhil D

        Insights must have planned complete topic wise syllabus plan. If you can make a better and a detailed plan for syllabus completion, kindly share it with Insights and rest of us. They might look into it and then decide. But just randomly suggesting anything is not good.

  • Vivek

    Well until a few days ago, I was eagerly waiting for this challenge, but now after the behemoth syllabus of prelims test series, I am even unable to do secure questions on daily basis. This has caused considerable insecurity and stress in me so much so that even after studying ncerts whole day and newspapers , I know I am not going in right direction (optional + secure + ethics + essay + magazines all left) which has added frustation only.

    If anyone can help me here please !!!!
    Thank you

    • Nikhil D

      You need to relax a bit, Vivek. Everybody goes through the stress that you’re going through while preparation. And I think every serious candidate should go through a little amount of stress. It helps to keep one on their toes and perform expeditiously. But excess stress complicates the situation. It deteriorates the performance, unnecessarily. Plan and try sincerely to complete what you have planned for that day. At the end of the day keep sometime to analyse why are you not able to execute your plan. Then change the plan accordingly. Try to bring in that change one day at a time. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Also, everyone is unique, so plan your things which best suits you. Don’t go by others words or habits. Originality serves the best.

      Your daily goal should be – Being better person than yesterday. At night, while going to bed, you should feel satisfied that I gave my best for today and will try to improve on my shortcomings tomorrow. Rest leave to the future. Success or Failure, no matter what you get in CSE, you will be satisfied that you are a better person than yesterday and you gave your best for CSE preparation. At the end that’s what matters.

      Hope my few novice words help you 🙂

  • A Request !

    Hello Insights and other senior aspirants,
    We (newbies) would really be thankful if someone could tell us the material for everyday’s topic of ‘GS answer writing challenge’.Please give us your few minutes,it will be very crucial for us and It’ll guide us in the right direction. Thank you

  • rishu

    thanks a lot sirr ….my and thousands of aspirant like me who cant afford costly coachings ,totally rely on ur site for preparation ….sir plzzz carry dis initiative ever ,…..i will always be grateful to you.

  • satheesh k

    Most powerful presentation of daily answer writing section of INSIGHT give freshness to my preparation.plz send question to my mail regularly