Monthly Archive: January 2014


Question 1  Critically comment on the strategic significance of Agni-5.  (200 words) Source: IDSA and Fair observer. Question 2 “The only way forward for country’s rapid indigenization of defence products, with both the public & private sectors playing roles in the endeavour”. Comment in the light of recent controversies in the defence sector and Steps taken in this regard.  (200 words) Source: DPP...

Insights Secure-2014: Questions On Current Events

ARCHIVES 31, January 2014 1. What are the major problems being faced by Indian cities in providing adequate, safe and rapid urban transport system? Explain the steps taken by the union government in this regard. (200 Words) The Hindu 2. At present how a Supreme Court judge is appointed? Do you think it’s a fair system? Comment. (200 Words) The...

ECONOMICS – Daily Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1 Short notes on the important contributions of C.N Vakil.(150 words) Question 2 How does RBI manage the Liquidity in the financial system? Name some of the instruments introduced and measures taken in recent times for regulating Indian financial system.(200 words)

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION – Answer Writing Challenge

Question 1  Weberian bureaucracy refers to the sociological concept of rationalization of collective activities. Examine [200 words] Question 2  “Censorship, is a bureaucratic instrument for maintaining politics as a private and reserved domain of a particular class.” Examine. [250 Words] Next Topic: Weber’s bureaucratic model – & its critique