Insights Secure-2014 – New initiative – Update

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This update is on our previous announcement of new initiative on Secure-2014.

We have received mails from 87 aspirants showing interest to participate in this new initiative. 

We have devised a plan to make Secure-2014 more meaningful, useful and more secure.

Assuming that all 87 are really serious about framing good answers and posting them on the site, we will follow the following strategy:

  • All 87 will be assigned a code
  • Codes would be like this: A1, A2……A10, B1,B2,B3…….H7 (i.e 87th guy/girl)
  • Based on number of questions (the day The Hindu has less politics or more politics) we will assign codes in cyclic manner. For example, if there are 10 questions  tomorrow, A1-A10 would get the chance to volunteer and frame answers. Next day it would be B1 to….C5 (if 10 question are posted)


All 87 would get a chance to write the answer. But what about quality?

Here it gets interesting. How?

All 87 would get a chance to improve their answers because of the following mechanism and after few days this would ensure quality answers.

  • Volunteers MUST post answers whenever they are assigned a question. They should not worry about the quality.
  • Rest of the volunteers MUST give feedback or write their own answer taking it as a challenge to write a best answer.
  • By doing this, every volunteer would get feedback on her/his answers. This would drastically improve your answer after few days.
  • Commenting on others answers or giving feedback gives depth to your own thinking and this indirectly helps when you write your own answers
  • Once a volunteer persists and improves based on the feedback she/he receives, in no time they will start writing quality answers
  • When they don’t write good answers, never mind, other volunteers who take it as a challenge will always post a best answer

This mechanism has many positives. Every volunteer gets feedback. Everyone gets a chance to improve. After few days you would all form a robust community where unlike other fora, you will be discussing issues that matter.

What about consolidated Answers?

When we assign a code every day, we will also assign one person the role of collecting the best answers of the day, form a Word document and send that to us (of course you will keep a copy). He/she will be given a special code named- LEADER.

In case the LEADER doesn’t send us consolidated answers, we will remove him/her as volunteer.

Once we have the best answers, we will form a booklet and circulate it to ONLY among ACTIVE volunteers (we will mail you)

Why only them?

Because they really work hard. It is not easy to volunteer, and if volunteer, it is not easy to above steps.

We can just upload them on the site and increase our traffic, but we want to ‘motivate’ you to participate and contribute.

It is not a waste of time, or a futile exercise. When the work gets shared between so many individuals, actually your preparation gets better and smarter.

Some might say, ‘No, we write answers everyday on our notebooks, can’t type. Please send us consolidated answers too.’ Or some may just say, ‘LoL I am already making my own consolidated document, don’t need yours.” (this kind of guys don’t volunteer. Usually they top the exam too.)

Thing is, for volunteers it saves a lot of time. As you have to do it once in every 87 days!

Everyone  should try to give feedback on others’ answers. No need to write answers if not comfortable, but a least you can say if someone’s answer is good or bad.

For some reasons, some people who regularly write answers have not volunteered (may be they have their own ‘principles’)

Ultimately it benefits the users. We don’t earn money from doing this. 🙂 Or hundreds of comments won’t make this site popular either. The main intention is to motivate the passive users to become active and start participating.

From tomorrow we will start this initiative. We will send codes to your respective email IDs.

When you see your code above the question, just do some research (don’t take too much time) and post answers using the code. If you like your name to appear, then add the name to next your code. (see below)

How does it look like?


What do you understand by resource mobilization? How important is it for the economy? (200 Words)

The Hindu


What is judicial activism? Do you think it is good for democracy? Justify. (200 Words)

The Hindu

A3 (insights )

3. Write a note on climatological seasons of India. (200 Words)

The Hindu

For More Details, click here.

  • Akand Sitra

    Hey insights,
    Can you include my name as a volunteer too? I guess I missed the previous update.


    • Sir i want to make an important point here, the current system is working absolutely perfect wherein everybody writes answer on the Secure page and the fellow aspirants rate the answer. However, at the most you can tweak the current system a bit wherein everybody rating an answer will have to give the feedback also to justify why a particular rating is justified.

      Remember the purpose of answer writing is not to remember ‘perfect’ answers but to develop the ability to analyze and feel about daily issues. Moreover isnt it evident that making people remember ‘perfect’ answer for each of the 10×365=3650 questions would not be a practical thing to even do, much less actually trying to implement it in exam.
      Secondly, for humanities questions there can never be a perfect answer, much less for UPSC! , more so, for deeper issues, a one ‘day’ research wont suffice, the ability to form opinion on the issues naturally develops over time. Similarly, For factual questions, yes they are still there (25% of the paper if you go through 2013 paper), every answer is a perfect answer.
      Thirdly, You can see here that everybody is eager to volunteer, doesnt this reflect that a better judgement will prevail if everybody is allowed to write answer rather than alloting it to volunteer. This is not to disregard the intention but at the same time iam emphasizing on the fact that who decides what is a perfect answer, at the end of the day the 87 volunteers are those who ‘want’ to write answers, not those who have ‘mastered’ the answer writing or have cleared the exam.
      The above arguments are the reason i decided not to volunteer but at the end of the day i salute your efforts in making the preparation as smooth as possible for all of us. Finally, i sincerely believe that an idea must not be rejected before it sees the light of the day but i would request you to review if the new ‘proposed’ system of ‘ideal-answers’ is actually beneficial for the larger student community or not.
      Thanks Sir.
      Your faithful student.

      • Thanks Ashish for your wonderful comment.

        The main intention behind this whole exercise is to make the passive ‘readers’ active writers. Today I came to know that more than hundred guys actually write answers every day and 90% of them never comment!

        I really don’t believe in model answers. That is why we never gave one. Only because of some demand we consolidated answers and posted documents.

        Honestly nobody will get satisfied with any kind of answer. What I am hoping is that someone hitherto who remained passive would actually start interacting on the site with his/her fellow aspirants.

        If you read carefully the article which I posted today, its main emphasis is on the above mentioned point.

        I am sure that more number of aspirants will start posting their answers and start giving meaningful feedback. 🙂

        Anyway, if this idea fails, we can revert to the present set up.

        • Thank you very much sir. I completely understand your point of view to engage all and not only select few. I inadvertently missed the larger picture. Thanks for correcting me!

  • vikas

    Will best answer be chosen based on leader’s judgement?

  • tushar

    H Insights,

    i would like to participate in this initiative. Missed earlier updates.


  • I dint voulenteer because I dont know whether my answers are best or not..I find many people write more good answers than me..also dont want to concentrate writing only one answer to which iam assigned code…

    • Dear,
      You can attempt all the answers as usual. You have to put special emphasis and hard work for 1 specified question through some research and studies. Moreover you can give and take feedbacks too.

      • Thanks Rishave verma..I felt comfortable with the present system and dint understand new one..I concur with ashish’s views, aswell as Insights view of wanting aspirants make meaningful comments.. waiting to see how it works..wanted to write more good answers here..

  • @insight, can you include even me as a volunteer. i’m sorry i’ve missed the previous treat.
    Thank You

  • jerrynik

    Will you consider to squeeze in for volunteering in near future?
    eg from month of feb?

    I am very well aware about your advice of Writing from Day 1 itself, but since I am only a newBEE….planning to gain moderate knowledge in all topics first along attempting ques and answering in my notes itself and after a month or so to write in comments also.
    So, will you consider my application for volunteering after a month or so from today?

    Please do reply sir….

  • Dear Insights
    I too missed the update. Please if you could allow me to be a part.
    Thanks and regards

  • Astha Kaushik

    Dear insights,

    Can i be the vollunteer ???? is thre any min qualification to be so ??

  • prasanna

    sir i think i am their in 87. don,t i ? if no please +1.

  • shine

    Dear Insights,
    I missed earlier updates. Please include me also.
    Thanks and regard.

  • shiv

    I too am a new aspirant sir and i don’t know if i can write as good as others.but i also want to try…if possible please include my name in the list too..thanks..

  • Aspirant

    Looks very interesting. I also want to try this initiative seriously.
    One suggestion:
    You can assign 15 as a group. ex. A1 to A15, B1 to B15, C1 to C15 …so on till availability. Because most of the day number of questions ll be less than 15.
    For example one day 10 questions means,
    1 st question is compulsory for all 1s (A1, B1, C1… & A11, B11, C11…)
    2nd question is compulsory for all 2s (A2, B2, C2…& A12, B12, C12…)
    ….. 10th question is compulsory for all 10s (A10, B10, C10… ).
    All 1 to 10 volunteers (A1 to A10, B1 to B10…) automatically get assigned one question.
    Remaining 11th to 15th volunteer have to take first 5 questions.
    1. Questions assigned automatically. No additional work for Insight. If volunteer number allotted once he/she ll know which question is compulsory for them all days.
    2. All volunteers ll get one compulsory question daily. So volunteer ll be in touch with initiative daily. Also more than one mind ll target that same question and good answers will come by itself.
    3. More than one volunteer per question. So even if 1 or 2 volunteer not post their answers, other volunteers ll post answers. So it wont interrupted at anytime.
    If good consider once 🙂

  • Aspirant

    For Leader also can follow same method. Because one leader per question means they ll get enough time to choose best answer with or without modification.
    You can assign volunteers who attended mains as leaders or upgrade volunteers who posting better answers as Leaders. Number them also 1 to 15. They also automatically knows for which question they need to send best answer.

  • sruthi.y

    sir, can u please add me as a volunteer now

  • subhash pachar

    Hello sir, While you correctly said that only hard work will pay to get help from this society. Sir,I live in remote partvof rajasthan ,came to know about your site from my a Delhi friend . Sir,I studied in regional medium till my school,later moved to english with my own knowledge and skill made it habitual to myself. In that turn your site helped me tons of time that can’t be compared with anything. As I don’t have practice of typing to comment on your site regularly. But,I am not the easy giver ,I just started to take typing practice on my friend’s laptop in my village. I will be able to comment on your site by 10 Jan . ,or will be a active volunteer . Generally,I get the Hindu late by one day but its your site that already made available glimpse of upcoming paper. I can’t shift as I am employed as vidyarthi mitra in our near by village school. While ,once in two month I keep visiting Delhi for printed materials ,sim card for free net, and magazines etc. But but your site has transformed my life in all ways . sir i have a humble request please dont bound anyone which conditions like be active volunteer or that kind .while i understand the philosophy of coperation but in some exceptional cases you may give as granted .I will be active a active volunteer need some time. i had seen the people are improved a lot through this platform ,read about akand . This kind of support from your side is incomparable ,keep it up shining and I will be also in the hall of fame list very soon. And please don’t make money factor as prime ,while i understand the hard work by you. See if you can do test series free for me then i would be indebted to you . Thank you sir.

  • deepa

    sir i also left. pls include me also.
    do we allowed to send email today for this initiative ?

  • Sir
    I wish to participate and improve my skills but I was afraid to give my answers I draft my answers and hesitate to post them because I estimate myself very low and was not upto the mark,… by seeing this good opportunity I would really like to participate will I get a chance

  • sir i too missed the update …. can u please add me in it !!

  • monisha

    Oh! same here.. hurriedly assumed volunteers are already chosen when I read the previous post. @Insights, if slots are open please count me in.

  • Ram

    Dear insight,
    Please include my name as well for volunteering….Thanks

    One suggestion: Since more participants are willing to participate, we can assign more people to answer the same question, but after reading the answer of 1st persons. The condition is 2nd person has to write totally different answer/points. (e.g. A1 and B1 will write same question Q1).

    More people can volunteer as a leader to reduce the load on the leader to consolidate the answer.

    Thanks, Hope you will include me.

  • sanjay

    HI insights
    I also missed the opportunity.If possible include me too.

  • divyesh vyas

    i was unable to update myself with this new it possible to include me?

  • prakash mohite

    hallo insights,
    i too want to write answer but unfortunately i wont be able to read previous
    post about this. pls consider my humble request. please

  • manish

    I wish i could join this initiative but due to office work i can’t 🙁 🙁

  • Zenia

    Insights Sir, if you are considering to put more volunteers in your list of 87, count me as well! Though I am not sure of the quality of answer I’ll write( I have hardly ever participated in writing answers for secure), I think one answer will not hurt! 😛
    Please consider this request!
    P.S – Happy new year ~ 2014 to all aspirants and to you too sir! 🙂

  • Dheeraj

    Great Insights 🙂
    No words 🙂
    thankyou so much 🙂

  • NS

    Sir, kindly enter my name too as volunteer.

  • Pradeep

    Great Idea Sir!!
    This would be the best method to get critical views of issues..
    I realized same after watching these Rajya Shaba videos in TV Debates.
    Thank you so much sir.
    @ Vinay Sir…Wish you very Happy New year 🙂
    @ All my fellow aspirants… Wishing for a very Successful journey ahead & Happy New year 🙂 🙂

  • Hey Insight
    Kindly include my name also in volunteer group. Thanks and Have a great time ahead. …
    happy new year

  • Mandark

    About half the junta here is admitting that they missed the ‘earlier update’. The conclusion being that many aspirants (including some really serious ones) are not going through the ‘Secure 2014’ questions as the earlier update was a part of it.

    This new initiative will put in a sense of duty of going through the questions daily when they’ll be answered with more standardized procedure (single question –> one individual –> improved quality). Great initiative INSIGHTS Team. Thanks a lot and all the very best.

  • Ashish

    Dear Insights
    I too missed the update. Please if you could allow me to be a part.

  • Nagesh

    Same Here, I missed the update. Pls include me to volunteer

  • blues

    Discrimination !!. We wont tolerate Discrimination. We are a legion. Expect us.

  • rs5000month

    I don’t want to be volunteer. I want to be Leader 😀
    A better way to engage people is to form groups. Best groups can be made of 3 or 4 people.
    For eg. – I can see that N Manjula, Fabulous, D. Narayan, Lohit, Shruti, Nitin, Leonardo and Me comment regularly on secure 14.
    So, what we can do is, we form 2 groups.
    Group 1 lets say – Me, Manjula, Fabulous, Daridra
    Group 2 – Shruti, Nitin, Leonardo, Lohit

    Now, it will be compulsory for you guys to answer the secure 14 questions.
    Next day, the other guys will read your answers and criticize it. This way, you will get 3 criticism on each of your answers. You will also criticize 3 more answers, so you will learn how to criticize.

    Benefit –
    1.) Due to continuous criticism, you will improve your answers drastically.
    2.) You are sure to get 3 criticisms on each of your answers, and this will ensure that you don’t loose your interest.
    3.) Compulsion to write answers daily no matter what.
    4.) Compulsion to read answers and criticize next day, no matter what. Biggest benefit of this is that, you will revise what you wrote.
    5.) No need to read the answers of others. (saving time and energy)
    6.) Clarity in how to use secure-14, no confusion in approach.
    7.) When you get criticisms you will work hard to write within world limit, and perfectly otherwise, you face criticism. So, you improve yourself everyday and day by day.

    Since, 80% of questions in mains 2013 in GS papers were related to Current events from last 4-5 month of mains, if any group successfully is able to manage for next 1 year this exercise, all 4 of them are going to get selected.

  • kalyani

    Insights, please add me too as a volunteer

  • Rohit

    sir there a many of uz who r using ur site through tablet or mobile,and its not easy to write answer through it.
    it doesnt mean.that we r not active.
    plz sir for our welfare plz consider us and provide us conzolidTed answer.
    thank Sir

    • You don’t have to post answers. At least you can comment on others’ answers. Just like you send SMS.

  • Rohit

    and if it is the final.condition to get that answer,
    plz also consider me as volunter And i will purchase a pc and will start posting on ur site.
    thanks sir

  • pardeep

    Any chance for us, who have missed the chance to register for this initiative and wish to be a part of this.


    we people always create confusion(problems too) for this holy website and more work for the founders.
    i mean , come on yaaaar i am just 1 week older here but i was aware of this initiative.This shows your inconsistency.
    and the CRITICISMS(great writers) please try to understand the theme of this initiative its
    “The main intention behind this whole exercise is to make the PASSIVE READERS’ active writers. Today I came to know that more than hundred guys actually write answers every day and 90% of them never comment”
    THIS IS VERY TRUE as i belong to some passive readers.
    i always respect the efforts(mostly the management :D) of founders
    thank you 🙂

  • Shakti

    To be true, I did not miss this new initiative though escaped thinking I am not comfortable writing good answers. In fact, I do not know the constituents of a good answer.
    But, now wanna jump into it and face the reality.
    Please include me also in the list.

  • Sir,
    I am a working professional. I didn’t participate in this initiative as I hardly find any time to study. But as you said this initiative is to make active readers into active writers and you get write once in 87 days, I want to be a part of this initiative. Please include me as a volunteer.
    Thank you for your encouragement.

  • Rohit

    yes sir it is possible.
    i will.activly involve in it.
    thanks sir

  • @Insights: Once all 87 get a chance, the others who missed opportunity in first round could be included in the second round of volunteering. That way everyone willing gets to contribute. Kindly consider this if viable. I would like to volunteer too.

  • anupama

    sir, i would like to volunteer

  • Satya Brat

    Sir,I missed previous update.I would like to volunteer too.

  • Prashanth

    300 plus comments on each thread of secure -2014 after this update. Please maintain the sanctity of secure-2014 threads by not making them cumbersome.

  • Sriram

    Dear insights,
    I know i’m a bit late and i regret to have missed the opportunity but if it is possible can u please add me as a volunteer?

  • Sunny

    Dear Insights,
    Please consider me also as a volunteer


  • Chaitanya

    HI Insight, Please add me as Volunteer

  • rowdy

    Good initiative insight! if i am not wrong, after 87 days you will upload a consolidated answer sheet? right?

    • Ron Swanson

      well, fingers crossed for that 😀

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