Answer Writing Challenges – Second Edition – Update

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Many are asking us, ‘don’t stop free initiatives on the site’ or ‘don’t charge for any of the things you are providing on the site.’

No. we won’t.

The reason why Daily Answer Writing Challenge has been stalled is for the good of thousands of aspirants, not a sign of shutting down the site.

For the Good of aspirants? How?

We have decided to conduct offline classes. The structure of the course is such that we plan to complete the Prelims+Mains syllabus in 5-6 months. Every day few topics would be covered in the form of tests and discussions.

Once the classes start, from the same day, we want to post questions online and let aspirants from every part of the country take part in discussion (though everyone shows the desire to write answer, only few would write them on the site – and those few would succeed. You can see this year’s result)

By doing this, we can cover whole syllabus even on the website within 5-6 months. So, no need to think otherwise and it is done in the interest of visitors of this blog.

Till then you can practice writing answers for Secure-2014 questions.

For Optional subjects, we expect few candidates who wrote Mains this year to act as moderators, guides and friends in carrying out the initiative. We hope few would come forward. If not also, we will post question daily from our side – topic wise – and aspirants can complete Optional syllabus too in a time bound manner (One Request though – we need topic-wise questions for Optional subjects in a Word format)

How Daily Answer Writing Helps (reiteration)?

Recent Mains proved that if one covers the syllabus in a holistic manner, one can tackle any kind of question. We posted (or boasted) that many questions came from what we had already posted on the blog.

It is not magic or an extraordinary achievement. If one covers whole syllabus with an approach of framing man questions on each topic, some questions are bound to come in the exam. But, one should have minimum insight to frame a standard and relevant questions for that matter.

Daily answer writing can be made more useful if one takes time to post their answers on the site too. First writing on the paper and then typing them on the site helps you in two ways – first, the double exercise reinforces the content of your answer in your mind, secondly, while typing you become conscious about word limit and structure. If one practices it sufficiently, in the exam hall you don’t have to blink or think – answers would flow flawlessly on to the paper. Even speed would be taken care of.

Then Why Offline Class?

The premise for offline classes is ensuring regular practice by acting as friend and guide. It is also difficult to provide feedback on every answer on the site. In a real class the environment would be competitive and conducive for discussion and exchange of ideas. This is again possible in a class of few students.

One can prepare from home itself. Those who need a push should join our classes. We will ensure that you would always stay on track.

Success will be guaranteed if one practices every day. Success will be guaranteed if one gets an opportunity to be ahead and always in the right direction.

When we prepared for this exam we lacked this zeal and we didn’t have someone to guide us – a website or a person. We didn’t become officers not because we were dumb, it is because our preparation lacked necessary ingredients.

Every year most deserving aspirants, even from IITs, IIMs don’t make it to the services. Again it is because of both bad luck and some missing link in their method of preparation.

To clear this exam you don’t have to be an expert in all the subjects. Some tweaking is needed in your preparation – that is it. There are shining examples where aspirants from rural areas, aspirants with poor English and aspirants from average schools and colleges have topped the exam. You can be one of them. All you need to do is stay on the track, move in the right direction and have faith in your hard work.


  • apharna

    sir, am new to this sight.u ve said u ll cover syllabus offline n post questions online fr d benefit of all users..may i request to keep us informed of what topic u would b posting questions on,so that v may prepare those topics (or sub topics) and take it up as a test ?

  • Aditi

    I need dat mentor as m a self starter and I found one in you….thank u so much….I m following ds site from August 2013 still not enough confident to post one answer yet….I always read many answers to know abt d facts and odr stuff as I have started studying sincerely from November after quitting job…m looking towards offline classes of urs…n if I can nt make it than m sure u ll always be der wd online support…n I hope I soon get dt confidence to start practicing answers daily….insights one more thing I need to ask is…since m nt having thorough knowledge about all concepts right now so shoukd I focus on completing those necessary books and stuff first and dan start answering or should I start answering wd reading side by side….

    • muni85

      even i too have this question…i think first we should concentrate on completing the first reading,and second reading of the syllabus and then u should start answering the questions..this is what toppers have suggested…if you have not completed first reading then its very difficult to answer all these questions and studying side by side as preparing answers to questions consumes a lot of routine study time…this is my personal opinion….

    • Mahendra

      Hello Aditi,
      You have just started now, by posting something, cheers 🙂
      Now, as a fellow aspirant I’ll like to write something on your post. Insights can reply you later, but there should be some interaction between us also. One single leader can’t handle it all.
      So, regarding writing answers – You have to write daily with no exception, read on those topics and then write after reading all by yourself with no copying, post it here, we will point out mistakes and you will make your answer better.
      Side by side since you have already quitted your job, I assume that you are having 12 hours free study time/day. You can divide it equally, 4 hours for reading traditional books, 4 hours for reading and writing, and next 4 hours for revision. Why 4 hours for revision, well you should revise daily what you studied previous day, 1 week before, and 1 month before. This exam is not how much you study, but how much you retain. Retaining comes from revision. With a long term and proper planning you can achieve it.
      And yes, please write your posts like you are giving answers of UPSC exam. There shouldn’t be …… or abbreviated sentences like I cd cmplt the pper, but i despo. need T frt as im sleepy. lol
      This will bring a little seriousness, that’s all.

      • Aditi

        Thank you Mahendra so so much….I ll try to give my 100 % now…all answer writings and reading as truly speaking I feel lyk double pressure after quitting job which do hamper my motivation level and confidence too…

        • rs5000month

          In your post I liked only 1 point i.e thanks.
          Rest whatever you have written is really saddening.
          First, you don’t have to try now 100%. You have already decided by quitting your job that you have to excel in this field no matter, what. So, you will have to give your 100%. Trying won’t be enough.
          2nd, double pressure if used constructively in studying more, and making it more systematic and timely, will help you.
          You should not remain deeply frightened, or crumble due to this pressure. Have belief in yourself, and god and prepare hard.
          Believe me, not only you, but all aspirants have the same problem during preparation days. Saying is easy but implementing what I said is really tough. I’ve passed this month from college. I’m placed and I have a choice of doing job or leaving it all and beginning full time studies. Now, my decision will depend on my financial background, support from my parents, and my own perception and wish. I will calculate all these and then decide what’s best for me. But, in your case since you have already decided by leaving your job, you have no option but to continue the hard path you choose. Go step by step, and one day you will reach the top.

          P.S.- UPSC civil services is not the life, remember after studying seriously for this exam, you will have such a learning experience and knowledge that you can excel in many other fields. There are many more competitions for administrative and public jobs in India, where almost 70% syllabus will match. I won’t say that you dilute your dream,but if you are very afraid, then keep options open(strictly not recommended for those who dream of IAS only in life)

          • Aditi

            I need ds timely push towards my goal rest I ll do it…thank you for correcting me as I know my potentials are good enough to crack ds exam…bt sitting fr stidoes aftr 3 yrs job n all is lil tough…newaz getting back to track I will do it..I have to do it…n I ll implement wt u n mahendra has suggested..regards Aditi

    • Nitin

      start posting answers even if you think that they are not that good..never mind others will correct you and guide u.
      For writing any ans even if you don’t know anything try doing google and then see if you can write the answer.
      IT should be simultaneously done.

      • Aditi

        Sure..I ll do it from now onwards….thanks nitin

  • harsh katara

    IIt’s have started an initiave through the following site:
    Through this site they are providing the videos with pdf notes of the class which they conduct in their campus, so that those who are unable to attend them but still willing to learn can learn from the best teachers.
    Is it possible to adopt the same type of pattern in your class in a paid basis?


    • Himanshu

      superb idea !!! it will help us all.

    • vneha

      its really a brilliant idea insights , consider it , we will pay for classes.

  • ramesh

    I am a defence personnel and posted in a remote place in kutch. I m preparing for the civil services exam in Hindi medium.Although I have cleared the prelims three times but before visiting this site i was not having any idea how to prepare for the mains exam. This year I wrote the mains and I am satisfied with my performance and this was due to the guidance provided by insight. I don’t have words to pay my regards to insight. Insight is torchbearer to thousands of aspirants like me who cannot afford coaching due to various reasons. at last I request you sir to provide some guidance regarding interview.

  • thnx u very much sir

  • Its a common perception among people dat only toppers can clear dis prestigious exam. But motivators and guides like u are rare to find in today’s world where coaching institutions have merely become a business and thus compromising d quality. This site is a boon for all types of students especially average students just like me, which boosts confidence in me that with ur guidance i too can clear this exam. From d bottom of my heart i appreciate ur initiative of creating dis website , for me and other students as well not less dan any treasure and ur vision of providing these services to rural students for free who cant afford costly coachig fees is really incredible. Thank u sir, for being such a kind and noble human being

  • Dear Insights Team,
    I should have written to you a little earlier, as I have been following this site since early August, and though I have not posted any answers through this time, I regularly went through the updates on this site.As a silent spectator, I have seen this site grow leaps and bounds over the past four months or so, and have been admiring your selfless efforts, towards helping the Civil Services aspirants.

    It were my daily visits at this site, going through discussions, and answers, which gave me the much needed push to quit a well paying job,which I started working at around the time the ‘Insights on India’ website was coming up.My last day at work was day before yesterday, and now I plan to dive completely into preparation mode.

    So all in all, a big THANK YOU is in order for you and your entire team, and also for each person who has ever posted an answer here, or the motivational articles which evident of the fact that in this community, people don’t want to succeed just by themselves but are willing to take people(fellow competitors) along with them, a quality for which any amount of accolades and laurels would fall short of.

    I’d also like to point out here, that a lot of candidates are apprehensive/confused with the offline initiative that is about to be started by Insights.May be they haven’t analysed this step of Insights from an overarching perspective.

    Look at at this way, if an offline initiative is started, we(the ones dependent only on this website) will get a very structured approach, with daily targets(syllabus coverage and questions) in our preparation. And also the target of completing the entire syllabus in 5-6 months, will keep all the serious candidates on their toes, and we can achieve daily, weekly and hence, monthly targets.Thus, what needs to be understood is that a classroom teaching will benefit not only the ones attending those classes, but also the regular visitors of this website, as we can keep track of the coverage being done by Insights in the classroom, through daily topic coverage and tests posted subsequently here on this forum by the Insights(Insights team please correct me if I, in any way misinterpreted this post by you).

    Lastly, it is best to leave the numerous initiatives started here to the best judgement of the Insights team, knowing very well, that a guiding light which appeared out of no where to help us tread the not so lit up path of Civil Services Preparation, which doesn’t ‘demand’ anything in return(although a lot of people, including me would like to contribute monetarily), would only do what is best for any serious Civil Services aspirant.

    • Mohit,

      You have rightly interpreted our intention. Even if people won’t join classes, we will continue with posting questions topic wise every day in a systematic time bound manner.

      As one of our readers had mailed us, the site is Sacrosanct. Whatever we get in life is because of this site and we would always make it freely accessible to aspirants. We reiterate that it would only get better as days die in the lap of time.

      • Nitin

        Sir,you are doing a commendable job.
        No words to thank you.

      • Kr. Bhaskar Bhushan

        Yesterday only I came to know about the Insights and it’s team. I am surprised and amazed by seeing nearly all sectons. It’s too too good or I can say it’s best.Please continue to guide us in the same manner..
        Thanks a lot.

        • Thanks Bhaskar. We will do our best.

  • RK

    Sir, i am regularly following your site as a true guidance to achieve my dream..thanks 4 such a gud initiative.. since i am a starter i dnt hv confdnce to post answers..since i am doing research in economics nw i m nt able to join ur it will be a great help for us if u posted daily topcs tht you r going to covr in clases thn v cn also folw in d same way n can partcpate in d dscsns n wrtng practses in a gud manner..

  • Karthik

    Hi Insights,
    I’d be happy to contribute to the initiative in whatever small way possible. Another suggestion – any single post/forum where we can contribute important articles/links for the benefit of the others? Not sure how useful an idea this is, but while reading I thought of sharing with the others on this site. Even if it’s a single post where we can post as comments, I think that’d fit the bill.
    What do you think?

  • Dear Insighter, its been such a privilege to be a part of these think tank community which has been flowering [** Sweet Aroma of Bureaucrats In The Making..:)***] under your esteem initiatives and guidance.
    Since the day i got introduced, i am an ardent follower, though not as active as others in terms of contribution as in writing challenges, debates and so on, its because i still lack that coherence in pinpointing my thoughts under one realm, which i believe ‘ll develop soon…[..arrrrrh trying..]… :)..!! I read as much as i could to accumulate and equipped with arsenal of thoughts in any areas i come across and for that conquest, honestly i give all my credit to “INSIGHTS TEAM” Big Cheers guys.!!!….and sometimes i ponder, will the intensity of feeling which a drug addict trills when on high would be just as the way we get addicted to insight..???? its fascinating, ain’t it…even if I consider the section “Secure 2014” [not forgetting all the other initiatives..] Its enormous if followed all the materials which embed in it, its much deeper than we anticipate… and many a time I get Lost insight.. “land up in some cold winter”..seriously Its sometime like..oh.. its already 4:00 AM in the morning i need to sleep !!! as i am a PhD research scholar [from IIT], need to do lotta research stuffs which i feel its getting diluted day by day……. Its Hard to say, and more harder to handle sometimes, tussling between two pendulums of giant/grand endeavor, but its really challenging …[i have to, since this is where my passion lies after its inception early this year ..2013..] and makes me more aggressive and efficacy in my schedules, and burns out unnecessary talk outs and hang outs…. Interestingly and surprisingly these preparation takes me to places of thoughts where I’ve never dreamt of.. [being an Engineering student, ..eeerrr..shocking voltage of high current..] “oh what on earth did i read all those years, i knew nothing in details about the plants, animals, governments, economy, history,.. in general INDIA or WORLD and in precise, I dont even know about “ME” as a social being ..[cos my whole academic life was based on formulas, machines and E=mc2 thing..hope i am not too fanatics..]..Its quit astonishing, I am sure i know things in a general practical sense…like i can see and i can feel, but if ask to write about something ..bleeww… “i can start, and i can somehow end but i don’t know what ‘ll fill in between those lines”…[though i read novels and loves writing poetry stuffs 🙂 [i do have a lotta collection of my own writings…its a different story.]….. so the journey goes on, on…and its here i am now…:)…….. But retrospect few months back, its just amazing if i look at myself now, it touches the nerve when i intentionally portray the anticipation which i have and visualize the track of achieving those things, its just amazing and on the process i develop to love myself as a person more…quite funny tho. and tends to care for myself more..:)………. but most importantly achieving to discipline myself and managing the best out of my best.!!!…Everyday is a different juncture and a pinnacle journey for me after i have engaged to marry my dream an passion….:)… and emancipation of my old dormant brain cells, which i feel it will wear out soon and give way for the new ones..:) is what i felt is a bonus…lol…

    Lastly, I believe “The best out of best” is what we all should adhere to… and as two thread is stronger than one, INSIGHTS always stood besides me like that adjacent thread which aided me in the making of my being.
    Cheers all…!! Thank you for the space..
    GBU…Happy hours ahead.!!

  • Sherlock Holmes

    @all seniors who wrote Public Administration Mains this year,

    As @insight sir has pointed out, it will be of great help if you could come forward and act as our guide for Public Administration. Right now, I’ve studied the topics of Paper I from basic books one time but that’s just an overview. I have not grasped the concepts well. So, what do you suggest, should I start practicing answer writing so that learning will become more interactive by searching and writing, or shall I focus on finishing the Paper I topics one more time and then practice answer writing.
    Please help !

    PS: It would be of great help if someone could become a mentor of mine ! 🙂

    • Do not worry Sherlock. We are on a break and would come out soon to help you in your preparation.

      • Sherlock Holmes

        Thanks Aditya ! Would really be helpful and please enjoy your break 🙂

  • Feeling a little sad as well as confident: sad because some of the Insights guys also wrote CSE but couldn’t make it attributed to reasons, and confident that we all are getting experience of a failure for free. Sometime or most of the time as Vivekananda utters, that the blows of failure teaches you more than the highs of success. I’m all receptive to this guidance, for it tells us not only what to do (e.g. multidimensional analysis & writing practice) but also what not to do (e.g. Phd-izing on topics etc.). Thank you dear Insights, keep up all the good work. I’m sure in due time many young “lord sahebs” would be pouring the tokens of gratitude to your door.

  • Wow…it would be great help again…hats off Sir….I request all the seniors who wrote the Sociology this year…please do contribute as we need loads of answer writing practice….I hope you all will help us…I know you all people are on break..enjoy the do come back with great temptation and help us to become as confident as you all were….Good Luck for future….Again Sir..Loads of thanks to you…..

  • sssssssssss

    sir when will you start questions

  • ankur

    I am preparing for the 2014. and also waiting for insight’s questions, for answering. thank you for all the things which you do by this site. Now i find one more reason to on my computer 🙂

  • Rozeara

    how am I to benefit from ur offline classes as I belong to a rural area in west Bengal ??? please don’t stop secure-2014 .. and like other sites you guys are charging for prelims test series… that’s really not fair !! poor students belonging to rural areas like me are at a disadvantage…

  • I wish that people would realise how dangerous gas boilers
    can be. An annual gas safety check would save lives.

  • Abhi

    I would like to ask that will you be telling us the topics beforehand for the questions that you are going to post .
    My greatest Dilemma is as I have not covered my entire GS syllabus of mains , should I write these answers or not ?
    I will be attempting 2015 CSE ,so I should write from now or first complete my syllabus?
    Please reply…

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