POLITICAL SCIENCE – Question Paper UPSC Mains 2013

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Political Science Question Paper – 2013 UPSC Mains


upsc political science 2013 question paper


political science 2013 upsc mains  question paper


political science 2013 upsc mains  question paper


political science 2013 upsc mains  question paper



political science 2013 upsc mains  question paper 6 7 political science 2013 upsc mains  question paper

  • seniors how was the ppr??am deciding to take as optional for 2014
    all the best

    • Sneh

      I am prepare 2015 CSE…….Political science Paper I- Easy

      • Sneh

        Paper II also easy…….Geography Paper is very tough than Political science

      • Anjali

        I think you have studied political science, each and every point in depth so you feel paper easy. I wrote mains this year, when paper came in hand and I read I felt questions are from familiar but when I started writing that time real difficulties came to fore, I discussed with other same was the opinion. Paper II is my strength I attempted all questions, it was also near to difficult. You write answers without referring sources you will get my point

    • Anjali


      This time UPSC made some changes in all optional’s they have asked applied question. Paper I is known for static questions but this time all were applied questions except Q1. Pol Sci is dynamic subject, and very interesting to study. But theory portion is little difficult, so stress more on section B, here you can score well, and which will help in GS II also.You will need to do practice in both the way applied as well as static. Paper II is more interesting and scoring also.

      • Vivek Mishra

        Dear Anjali mam,
        My optional is Pol Sci. I find paper 2 very difficult to handle.I do not have guideline to handle International affairs till now which horrifies me daily. Please give me some tips to tackle paper 2 so that I could attempt this paper with confidence.

        Your reply is much awaited.
        Thanks !!!

        Vivek Mishra

        • Anjali

          Vivek Mishra,

          please don’t call mam, its too great.

          See international affairs you read static portion first understand what is foreign policy, why India needs to maintain good relations with other nations, neighbours and world powers, why organizations are formed, and why groups are needed. Try to understand basic things first, for e.g. India China relations, we have border disputes from British times, then it came to fore in 1959, when Dalai Lama take asylum in India. China claims our Tawang territorial area on basis of cultural history but real purpose is strategic link between its west to east part from Ladakh to Arunachal Paradesh bordering areas, these locations will help China to establish direct links with its bordering areas. China feels we support Tibetian’s cause against China’s wishes. So China propped up Pakistan against India then it brought ‘string of pearls’ strategy. And to solve these confrontations between India and China all these things keep happening. Now our relations are multidimensional so and so…..Read world focus for current relations. Listen Rajya Sabha debates India’s world. Second paper is easy, don’t worry about it, if you face any difficulty you can ask here, I will answer it.

          • Hello Angali mam;
            i want to ask that should i buy M Laxmikanth or D D Basu or both ?
            i have read M lax. bt is it necessary to read d d basu as well? and suggest books on comparative politics(paper 2). Its going to be my first attempt this year and any valuable suggestion by you!!!!!
            Thank you

  • pawan

    sir kindly provide chemistry papers thanks in advance

  • sunny

    Pls upload commerce asap.
    Thank u.

  • Asrana

    please share english paper

  • khushi

    Economics optional please………

  • g

    Tougher than last year, a bit too much conceptual.You should opt for it if you have studied it in graduation.It demands great deep study.I opted for Geography option this time.

    • rohit

      yaar g!!! am deciding to take pol science…am btech its new subject for me and you r saying it is gud for graduation people..

  • Zia

    Please upload Economics optional paper please

  • Rohan

    Senior, can you please mention the books to refer for political science and international relations a for there is too much confusion in selecting an appropriate books.
    your suggestion will be indeed helpful