Public Administration Paper – 1 UPSC Mains 2013 Question Paper

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Public Administration Paper – 1 (07 December 2013)

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  • Extreme Serious Student

    Thank You Vinay Sir

  • Rk

    Is this a difficult paper? Paper 2 seems easier.

    • Shyam

      Haan bhai, bahut tough paper hai.

      • doc

        No direct questions, the language used too is difficult to interpret;chances of misinterpretaion are high.. I couldnt understand many of the questions properly but wrote some vague answers..

  • shweth
  • dr NAVEEN

    sir i have sent medical science papers on your ID

    • thanks Naveen.

      • Saurabh

        sir if u could please upload political science papers?
        Thank you!

    • ram

      Hw ws the paper dr naveen..ths ms paper yet to b uploaded?

  • Aditya singh

    bhai koi history bhe upload krdo

  • Rahul

    Is this the right time to say “GOOD BYE” to Public Administration……..confused…confused….confused.

  • Subh

    Pls sir tell…. is it toughest paper of pub ad ever…. i was planning to take it…

    • Yes, it is one of the toughest paper. From 2011 the quality of questions has increased. Interpreting the questions becomes the difficult part for the aspirants. But if you know the subject well and can connect with the current issues you will be able to answer most of the questions.
      Being only theoretical does not help much in Pub Ad 🙁

    • nitin

      yes this year paper 1 is really tough compare to previous papers …very difficult to interpret n grasp the gist of questions…

  • shweth

    is the history paper link not working.

  • prabhu

    Year by Year the Pub add is becoming Nightmare for scoring n pernicious .

  • ram

    Sir kindly upload medical science paper too..

  • Manmohan

    it is a paper which requires in depth knowledge of the subject pin to pin………and requires not only off the field knowledge but also on the field knowledge……….

  • sonu kumar

    Hi all,
    It appears upsc is bent on discouraging people from opting pubad and geo(specially pub ad). Do you agree. need comments from all of you. Insight please enlighten us. Really confused. Everyone please give your comment and claerify. Insights admin what do you have to say.

    • Manmohan

      dear friend………first of all UPSC is impartial and not in favour of any optional subject ……………..regarding pub ad ………it appears that paper-1 is quite a tough…..but we can answer it with common sense and a fine grip over the subject………no one is perfect in writing a well defined and clear cut answer……..what UPSC expects from us is do we apply our knowledge on the screen………….

    • Hi Sonu,

      Upsc wants a level-playing field for all the optionals. It does not favour any optional as such. I completely agree with Manmohan. Public administration is a subject that you enjoy only when you have fine grip over the subject, else it becomes quite difficult. Just reading all the books won’t take you forward, Pub Ad demands more – a broader understanding of the subject and more analysis.

      Your conceptual understanding needs to be strong and one needs to connect with the current issues and day-day happenings in life.

      To add to it, there is no perfect answer in Pub Ad, you need to justify your view. That is what matters! If you can interpret the questions well, then you will understand Upsc is checking your basic concepts.

      Go through last 5 years Pub Ad question papers, if you feel comfortable you can go ahead with the subject, if not there are 25 other optional subjects to choose from 🙂

      • rahul p

        sir what abt literature as a optional(marathi literature)??? i was preparing pub ad bt lookng at the paper it seems quite difficult for me to answer… it right time for me to quit pub ad(focusing on mains 2014) or should i stick to this only….plz reply sir i m totally confused……..

        • Rahul,
          If you are not comfortable with Pub Ad, then you can always choose from the remaining 25 other optionals’.

          Same strategy applies to Marathi literature. Go through the syllabus, previous year question papers and if you feel comfortable with reading and writing (in particular, since people find it tough completing literature papers) Marathi. Then you can go ahead and choose the same.

          Literature subjects are seen as a safer bet, but it has its own limitations. Contact aspirants who have given MAINS with Marathi Literature as their optional, you will get a better idea from their experiences.

          • rahul p

            thnk u so much for reply sir…..

      • don’t misguide.its suicidal

        • If you think so, then you are always welcome to leave back your valuable suggestion. It would be of immense help for many other aspirants too.

          Thank you 🙂

  • pawan

    chemistry paper this year was very easy, all repetitive questions. both the papers were easy. not nightmarish like geography paper 1 or public administration paper 1.

  • Sham

    I will suggest people to opt for literature as optional or humanities subjects like sociology, philosophy, psychology… I opted for philosophy.. limited syllabus.. and for atleast 150 marks (Indian philosophy) very good videos are available on youtube..
    250 marks paper 2 is very generic.. one can prepare in one week and that too without any coaching..
    this time though paper was easy and mostly from syllabus but I am not satisfied with my performance.. but I will suggest from my personal experience to opt such subjects..

  • jitendra nath vind

    paper tough aur easy to aapki preparation per depend karta hai.
    paper to sabhi k liye same hota hai upsc ki taraf se, but kisi k liye difficult aur kisi k liye easy.
    na paper ki galti hai na upsc ki,
    aap koi question nahi kar pa rahe to koi to kar hi raha hoga
    this is open competition

  • jitendra nath vind

    paper tough aur easy to aapki preparation per depend karta hai.
    paper to sabhi k liye same hota hai upsc ki taraf se, but kisi k liye difficult aur kisi k liye easy.
    na paper ki galti hai na upsc ki,
    aap koi question nahi kar pa rahe to koi to kar hi raha hoga
    this is open competition …

  • muni85

    If UPSC is really prompt in providing the level playing field to all aspirants then it should remove the optionals…


    hello sir plz post sociology both papers……

  • Spoo

    Please post anthropology papers anyone….

  • kalyan

    I wrote all the questions in pub ad without knowing that there is choice. Because of that I could not write more words for each answer. More over the clause of chronological order is quite confusing. Would that really matter that much. Please insights, tell me the level of difficulty of pubad 2013 question paper and its importance in the total score compared to the other optionals.

    • Kalyan,
      If you have answered all the questions (including ‘choice’)in Public administration, then there must be something that you have missed out on. Either ‘interpreting’ the questions or ‘quality’ of your answers. Sit back and analyse the paper thoroughly once again, you will realise where you have gone wrong.

      And regarding chronological order – though it might not make a big difference in your overall scores, it is always better to adhere to, as it is strictly mentioned.

      Since 2010, the quality of Pub Ad paper has been on the rise; and this years Pub ad (Paper-I) was one of the toughest while Paper -II was relatively ok. But then if your concepts are clear and if you are able correlate that to other topics/theories and day-day life, the subject becomes lot more interesting and also scoring. The subject demands more practical solutions. Look on these lines.

  • kalyan

    Thank you insights for replying to my quiry.

  • amit

    sir, is there scaling in optionals?
    as some papers are relatively easy while some very tough…..

  • v

    any predictions for the cutoffs? last year 700(35%) mks person was called for the interview…considering the difficulty and ambiguity this year i presume it to come down further..maybe 31%-33%(close to 540-550)…Plz provide your insights INSIGHTS?