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Insights Secure – 2014: Questions On Current Events

ARCHIVES DOWNLOAD PDF Questions From The Hindu, October 28, 2013 1. Why developed countries are reluctant to cut their carbon emissions substantially as demanded by the Developing countries? Comment on the implications of stand taken by Developed countries’ on the poor  countries. (200 Words) Link 2. “I’ve never doubted that apartheid – because it was of itself fundamentally, intrinsically evil...

Insights Daily Current Events, October 28, 2013

ARCHIVES October 28, 2013 NATIONAL Kashmiris observe Black Day Even as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon offered to facilitate a dialogue between India and Pakistan, there were protests all over the city, as people observed Black Day, demanding that Kashmiris be allowed their “right of self-determination.” Kashmiris throughout the world observe October 27 as Black Day to mark the day...

Geography – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 8

QUESTIONS: 28/10/2013 Assess the scope and development of agricultural machinery and equipment industry in India. (300 Words) Write a note on impact of land tenure on agricultural productivity in India. (200 Words) Identify the ravine affected areas in India and discuss the environmental and economic impact of their reclamation. (300 Words) ARCHIVES  

History – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 8

QUESTIONS: 28/10/2013 (Paper-I) “Medieval Indian towns were merely an extension of villages.” Comment (150 Words) Evaluate Rajatarangini a source of history (150 Words) Discuss the Caurapancashika and Jain styles of paintings. Can the Caurapancashika be called the precursor of pothi format? (200 Words) ARCHIVES REFERENCES Question 3 Link 1 Link 2

Sociology – Daily Answer Writing Answer Writing Challenge Day – 5

QUESTIONS: 28/10/2013 (Paper-II) Write a short note on the integration of tribes in Hindu Culture. (200 Words) Is Secularism a weak ideology? Critically analyze the reasons for anti-secular trends in India. (300 Words) Analyze the ideological and strategical features of Naxalbari movement. (300 Words)  ARCHIVES  http://insightsonindia.com/2013/10/28/public-administration-daily-answer-writing-challenge-day-11/