Ethics Case Study-11: Emotional Intelligence

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Ethics Case Study-11: Emotional Intelligence

Radha was very proud of her father. He was a senior bureaucrat in the state and he was invited to every major functions in Radha’s school and colleges. She used to feel like a star on such occasions. She boasted about her father in her friends’ circle. It was not without reason as her father himself used to tell her his stories of honesty, integrity in administration from his personal experiences.

Radha was a brilliant student in her studies. She had many friends and some enemies too. Ramya was one of those enemies who was jealous of Radha and she constantly searched for an opportunity to hurt Radha with her acerbic taunts. Most of the times Radha avoided encountering Ramya inside the college campus.

emotional intelligence case study insights upsc

When Radha was in her final year of graduation, just before her final exams, her father was arrested on charges of corruption and was sent to jail. This became a major news in the state and severely affected Radha mentally.

She did not want to write her exams as she felt embarrassed to go to college. But her friends and mother convinced her to give exams as it was very important for her future. As soon as Radha entered college, Ramya met her and started talking sarcastically about Radha’s father that how an honest father got arrested and how Radha had come to write exams in spite of a major crisis in her family. Ramya wryly asked Radha if her father had gone to jail to deliver lecture about honesty and integrity.

One of Radha’s close friends slapped Ramya there itself.

Radha was hurt by Ramya’s comments and not able to control her emotions she rushed out of college crying loudly. That day she did not give her exam. Next day she committed suicide at her home.

In the above example, Radha, Ramya and Radha’s friend who slapped Ramya all have displayed different shades of low emotional intelligence.

Analyze how each one of them would have behaved if they all had possessed high emotional intelligence? (250 Words)

  • Akand Sitra

    Wow, this question is somewhat new.

    To survive in life, one not only needs intelligence, but one should have high emotional quotient too. In this case, Ramya, Radha and Radha’s friend, all of them showed low emotional intelligence.
    Ramya – A person should be sensitive to others’ feelings, even if she is our enemy. When one is in a state of crisis, empathy is the sign of a good human being. Ramya shouldn’t have behaved so immaturely knowing that Radha was mentally hurt. If she had higher EQ, she would have shown some support and leave their differences behind.
    Radha – Problems in life are very common. Coping up with them is a sign of a strong and an independent individual. Radha should show some maturity and not get affected by external changes. Even if her father was proved to be dishonest and sent to jail, she still was brilliant at studies. She should leave all worries behind and must do her exams well. She should take this as a challenge and must strive to have a good future.
    Radha’s friend – Physically hurting someone should never be done. If Ramya taunted Radha, she should support Radha saying whatever Ramya was talking was filth. She should support her mentally, bring her thoughts towards the impending exam and make sure she ignores Ramya. By slapping her, she would do more harm to Radha than to Ramya.
    EQ and IQ should be high amongst individuals to have a meaningful life. All problems can be faced with courage and can be solved smartly, if we are emotionally strong.

  • Radha’s breakdown post her father ‘s arrest on charges of corruption reflected her incapacity to bear emotional turmoil.Her father might have been scapegoated and leveled with charges of depravity.Given the fact that she was a brilliant student,she should have appeared in her exams without putting her career at stake.After appearing in the exams,she should have met her father and throw a frank discussion with him to extract his viewpoints.If needed,she should have made efforts to appeal in the higher court against his conviction.

    Ramya seems to be uncomfortable with the idea of cherishing commendable traits of worthy people.Success of others drive her confidence down and she takes the course of negativism to handle that uncomfortableness.She might be uncomfortable with Radha because she was good at academics and morever,her father used to be cynosure of all eyes while paying a visit to her college.When Radha’s father was sent to jail,she should have registered her disappointment at such a development.It was important on her part to share Radha’s grief at this point(no matter,she hated Radha) which would have indicated her emotionally-intelligent attitude.

    Radha’s friend,who slapped Ramya reflects her aggressiveness.Her aggressive attitude was unworthy of as it reflects her inability to handle emotional outburst during critical situations.A better alternative would have been to sarcastically riposte in order to make Ramya realise her mistake,as a result of which she would have changed her course.

  • parth pandya

    Radha conveying wrong message by committing suicide . she know that Ramya is always in search of reasons to pinch her . she have to take ramya and her comment very lightly . she is not going college to please Ramya or entertain her .

  • This is possible event when every thing around her just vanished as never expected and happened Quiet opposite to her thought
    In this case ,she just could not have get depressed reminding d same,she should have flew her thoughts with possible positive sides and should have ignore negative shades
    and especially with the people like radha her behavior should be confident with positive shade of situation and should try to em brass her if she over act before friends
    ramya friend may be emotional of ramya but it not correct way to show it, she could support with positive shades of situation and advoiding the people like radha to counter ramya or supporting her in counter with radha, could have helped ramya in boosting confidence well
    and now radha foolish jealous freak took advantage of situation which is strongly objected ,radha should have behaved as grown up women
    her ignorance and agorant behavior took one life

  • ecebloggers

    Emotional intelligence plays a vital role in handling situations of emotional stress and turbulence. In current scenario, all three characters showed lack of emotional intelligence .

    1. Radha

    She was overwhelmed with emotions following the shocking arrest of her father whom she always considered as a honest person. Had she had emotional intelligence she would have had control over her emotions and her energies would be directed towards immediate goal i.e. to perform well in the exam.

    Another lacuna on Radha’s part was her reluctance to talk to ramya and try to overcome differences. An emotionally intelligent person would have enough social skills to induce desired response form other persons

    2. Ramya

    She lacked empathy . In an hour of crisis for Radha, she should have been aware of the difficulties that Radha was facing. She also seemed to lack self confidence , an important trait of an emotionally intelligent person, since it is only those persons who lack in confidence in their abilities who cultivate jealousy towards succesfull people.

    3. Radha’s friend

    Though she exhibited empathy by being able to feel the pain of Radha following acerbic attack by Ramya, however she lacked control on her emotions. She could have instead used her social skills to amicably resolve the immediate situation and focus on larger goal of writing the exam.

    Thus emotional intelligence in current scenario would have had a positive impact on all the characters involved

    • I liked this line “An emotionally intelligent person would have enough social skills to induce desired response form other persons”. It is my assessment also.

      In Ramya’s and Radha’s friend case, the word should be sympathy, not empathy.

      I agree with your argument about low self-confidence and its relations with jealousy. The reverse may not be true. I, thus, doubt whether you can make this statement outrightly about Ramya with little information about her background.

      A few other events could also have been covered concerning Radha.
      Overall Good answer

      • Vijay Pateriya

        sorry Aditya but i dont think the point of confronting the word empathy as its justified and there.
        And for the answer i think it missed some crucial focusses.
        A few other events could also have been covered concerning Radha.

  • Anny Middha

    In the testing times, as the ones prescribed in que, we reflect our inner values. The need is to have faith on the same and act with maturity.

    Radha has grown up seeing her father as an ideal man, listening his stories of honesty and integrity in administration. Now just before her final exams her father has been arrested and sent to jail on corruption charges.

    Firstly, as Radha is a brilliant student academically she must not let that incident affect her career. Its easier said than done but she should have taken a conscious and determined decision to give exam confidently and face any adverse situation in college and locality.

    Also Radha should have understood her parents problems. Her father may have been scapegoated and trapped. Talking to him and finding a solution. taking legal course ahead would have been a better solution. But committing suicide is not right. This only aggravated her mother’s problem, who is solely handling all this.

    In college, Ramya acted unwisely. Though Radha should have kept courage and defend her father with integrity, Ramya has also not done right. Because of her lack of self awareness, she let her jealous feelings enhance the problem. Even if Ramya thought that Radha’s father was in real a corrupt, she has no right to talk sarcastically to Radha. She should have controlled the negative emotions if not console her peer.

    Further Radha’s friend shouldnt have slapped Ramya. Though situation was provocative, she should have ignored and take Radha to the exam hall and calm down. Rather than reacting violently to Ramya words ahe should have proactively help Radha tackle this mental situation.

    A wise and mature reaction by three of them could have saved Radha’s life.

    Insights and others please review.

    • Anny Middha

      Please review my answer peers:)

      • ABC

        I am not good at writing answers and hence reviewing them but I liked you conclusion ‘A wise and mature reaction by three of them could have saved Radha’s life.’ If possible can you please review mine answer too.


      • Anny try to project each problem on ethical scale at larger picture.
        For Eg: You hv rightly said Ramya acted unwisely, lack of self awareness, right to talk but ethically it is problem of encroachment of other’s liberal space. U said Ramya should hv controlled her negative emotion(true – but how? by answering this how only she would hv become emotionally competent).
        I feel u have answered all but projection of your answer shows that it is much just taking action rather than showing principle & value involved & than taking action. In ethical case studies we need to show all.

    • Vijay Pateriya

      Analyze how each one of them would have behaved if they all had possessed high emotional intelligence?
      It does’nt seems that you have analyzed the case that “if they were with high EQ” instead it looks that you have just given your views with that “should” word dominating in the answer.
      Dont know exactly whether this should be the approach.
      Its better if Insight review this answer and provide knowledgeable points.
      I will like to request Insights and all other to look and present their views.

      • Anny Middha

        Vijay thanks for reviewing firstly.
        And what is the difference between our only approaches?
        Analyzing what would have they done if high EQ n should depict same.
        However Insights can guide us better

        • Vijay Pateriya

          i feels analyzing refers to explanation of something in a scientific way not just narrating the incident and applying the “should”condition.As “should” more of depicts what is and what ought to.

      • Vijay Pateriya

        “Also Radha should have understood her parents problems. Her father may have been scapegoated and trapped. Talking to him and finding a solution. taking legal course ahead would have been a better solution. But committing suicide is not right. This only aggravated her mother’s problem, who is solely handling all this.”
        “Even if Ramya thought that Radha’s father was in real a corrupt, she has no right to talk sarcastically to Radha.”
        “A wise and mature reaction by three of them could have saved Radha’s life.”
        I dont see the use of all these in this answer.

    • Hi Anny,
      If you look at the introduction, you have mentioned ‘values’ as the guiding force here. This i reflected in your whole answer. It means that though you have discussed their actions on High EQ basis, ethics too is reflected largely. E.g. “Ramya has no right to talk” etc.

      Values and Intelligence are entirely different things. We gather values based upon our Intelligence (EQ & IQ) and surroundings.

      But, even then you have tried to cover all the events well and given a good solution. It would have been better had you gave them solely on emotional intelligence footing.

      • Anny Middha

        Thanks raghu, vijay and aditya for reviewing and giving a valuable feedback.
        I realise that my answer lacked on emotional intelligence even if it covered all the actions.
        Look forward for your further support:)
        Thank you:)

  • prasanna

    Radha failed to practice emotional detachment towards her father’s status in the society. She got bought up in such an environment that looking at achievements of his father’s in heroistic ways. In these lines she failed to digest the words of ramya against her father from initial days. She started avoiding ramya instead of convincing ramya in a friendly manner, as she is becoming prey to bad attitude which is hurting me. Instead she became very sensitive towards ramyas comments. Overall she accepted the words of ramya without questioning herself about rationale behind her comments. Radha allowed all these thoughts to dominate her and made her to lose her ground. Instead radha would have practiced adopting towards changing situation and understanding about human nature.
    Ramya she failed to control her internal feelings. Being a human, origins of jelouse are common, but one should not react just based on the thought originated. Instead one should question himself about the origin of the same and justify the nature of that, based on which she should reflect. So one should check their thinking as it is going to reflect in the form of action. Unfortunately ramya did not practice any of these traits. So she became constant accuser against radha. Instead ramya would have made cordial relation and tolerating attitude after seeing better status of her friend.
    Radhas friend after slapping at ramya deteriorated the situation much more as it might have attracted attention of many others. This might have made radha to feel shy in front of many. Instead her friend would have taken her away from the place and counseled her about the persistent and anticipated nature of ramya. Even she can warn ramya about informing to Profs regarding her attitude.

  • Case Study 11:
    The emotional intelligence(EI) require rational behaviour. This rationality stems from respect to other’s liberty, justice, empathy & intellectual level.

    The present matter involves all 3 student behaving incompetently which resulted in one student(Ramya) taunting other(Radha) with Radha’s friend slapping Ramya but later Radha committing suicide.

    Ramya,(taunting student), behaved incompetently by passing sarcastic comment. It is very true that passing comments & being jealous exists in some student. But it is outcome of competition in professional life & attention thus received. Any deviation from such will result in compromise of liberty of other person. If Ramya would have shown EI skill like empathy & compassion, than outcome would have been far good for both her & Radha. Instead of passing such comments, she should have consoleted Radha & has motivated her for be in competition. The empathy of let the law decide its course with respect to honest record of Radha’s dad would have been ailment for Radha. Also a competitive Radha could have brought best out of Ramya.

    Radh(Victim), should not have committed suicide, as it is never an option available under any circumstances by law or morality or ethics. She, if emotionally competent, should have ignored mal comments with respect to her father. She should have left the situation of her father to justice, and as her father had good track record it might have proved a conspiracy rather than a complete true event. Instead she should have taken inspiration from her father about how he is handling situation even though he himself was victim. The difference with ramya should have addressed earlier instead of avoiding them, through discussion.

    Radha’s friend should have acted like rational observer. If taunt was of such high degree she should have complained college authority about matter. Instead slapping Ramya she should have consoleted Radha in positive, factual & rational manner.

    The whole outcome of 3 behaving with EI would be saving of a life with sound personality development of all.

    • frds & insight sir pls do review my answer

      • Anny Middha

        Nice answer and you explored almost all dimensions of characters. I found intro little lacking but.
        Please review my this answer n daily challenge answer too if you get time

        • thks anny

          • Manjushree G

            excellent flow of thoughts

  • Javed Alam

    Radha is a brilliant student and knows her father as a honest person. Radha’s father is a loving person who protects her daughter from all evil and give her the best. Providing the best and extra protection brings the ignorance. Radha is ignorant about the realities life. Can we blame her for ignorance? It would not be fair to blame her for everything but one has to take into account a person responsibility to seek the truth. She should have questioned her fathers story on practical grounds. On the other hand it would be wrong to assume that his father is guilty of wrong doing. If she knows her father is a honest person and can never be involved in any such thing and will come out clean she could have supported her father to fight for justice.
    It is not difficult to understand that she is surrounded by more or less same economical status fellows. They all have very similar understanding about life as it is represented by her friend and Ramya .
    We can easily understand Ramya’s role by looking around us. Her lack of understanding of life is on extreme in both cases. She is too quick to judge an conclude. Ramya could have behaved more responsibly by the choosing the way of patients.

    Radha’s friend shows the common misconception of doing or going for any strong action in the name of friendship. Her role is very important in Radha’s suicide/ life. She could have saved her by showing her support and not letting her confront Ramya. Some time a small act of kindness can make a lots of difference in people’s life.
    What are the lessons from it?
    The ignorance is the biggest problem.
    We are too quick to judge.
    We need to learn to show patients.
    An act of kindness can save a life.

  • sachin mayekar

    High emotional intelligence means expressing one’s emotions and feelings wisely, suitable to the demands of a particular situation. The absence of such an high emotional intelligence may lead to disturbances in an individual’s life and even disastrous situations. The committment of suicide by radha is a result of her, her enemy ramya and her friend’s lack of high emotonal intelligence. Radha must had ignored the sarcastic comments of ramya and should had behaved in same manner as she used to do earlier. Ramya, in her place, must had shown some maturity and maintained silence by keeping all the rivalries aside. Radha’s friend, instead of slapping ramya, must had stopped radha from rushing out of the college. He/she must had consoled radha and convinced her for attempting the exams. The above three actions of high emotional intelligence would had prevented radha from committing suicide.

  • neeraj

    Life is sacrosanct and must be preserved at any cost. “Suicide is permanent solution to every temporary problem”. This sarcastic statement tells us that all problems are temporary and suicide is does not end the problem. Also, problems are a part of life, and facing problems makes us stronger. “Whatever doenst kill us makes us stronger”. We must face our problems and make ourselves stronger to face any situation in life. The acts of Radha, Ramya and Radha’s friend shows lack of emotional intelligence.
    Radha seems to never have faced any problems in life. The only problem she has is Ramya, whom she constantly shies away from. She should have confronted Ramya and tried to win her over as a friend. Radha should understand that Ramya may be going through some rough time at home, which might have made her bitter. Like most people, she can be a good person at heart. Also, after arrest of her father Ramya should have staunchly supported him as he might have been framed, until proven otherwise by the court. She should not feel ashamed as this alleged act has not been done by her. Also, she should try to move on the path of righteousness and honesty as her father has shown her. When confronted by Ramya, she should have moved away and not paid attention to her remarks as she has always been critical to her and she should have understood that it was only way to vent out her frustration on Radha. She should also have focused on her exam and given her best. She can be a ray of hope for her family in this time of distress. Suicide is in no way a solution and will increase the miseries of her family.
    Ramya seems troubled. She has been givning a hard time to Radha. She should not have sarcastically commented on Radha’s current situation and should have consoled her. People are vulnerable in times of distress and can take wrong steps in such situations. She should have shown a bit more restraint on her part and help Radha mitigate her misery.
    Radha’s friend’s act seems to be an outburst of anger. She should have controlled herself and taken Radha away from the spot and calmed her down and motivate her to focus and give her best in the exam. This would be a befitting reply to Ramya’s remarks.

  • Asha Goud

    Analyze how each one of them would have behaved if they all had possessed high emotional intelligence?

    A: Emotions are way of expressing our feelings, controlling and directing emotions in a constructive manner is a very important life skill. It can help an individual come out strongly out of a difficult situation and focus on the more important things in life.

    Here Radha seems to be immature, since she should not boast about her father and his work in her friend’s circle. She should understand that it is his father’s duty. We can see later that because of her boasting and creating an large image of herself she finds it difficult to face the same people when he gets arrested. She should have instead avoided discussing about her father in college. Radha displays a low level of control of emotions over her actions as she commits suicide. She makes the incident the center of her life and when she could have instead focused on exams completely ignoring the sly comments by Ramya. That would have helped her family too in this difficult situation.

    Ramya is visibly jealous of Radha and has developed feeling of enmity towards her for no plausible reason, as no where Radha behaved in unfriendly manner towards Ramya. Ramya should have tried to completely avoid a situation she disliked instead of looking for an opportunity to insult Radha publicly. A situation where one cannot help others, it is better not to make matters worse instead.

    The role of Radha’s friend who slapped Ramya is very important here. The friend could have asked Radha to ignore Ramya and take her away and make Radha understand that Ramya’s comment are best ignored as Radha has complete support and trust of her friends and family always. The act of slapping displayed low level control over emotions.

    • 🙂 A mature answer.

      • PALLAVI

        nice answer

  • Vijay Pateriya

    Being high on Emotional quotient refers to being able to control our emotions and reactions in every situation.

    All three of them Radha,Ramya and Radha’s friend have shown low EQ in one way or the other,with strong EQ they would not have reacted in the way they did.Lets look-

    For Radha-low on Empathy as well as determination(self awareness).While seeing her father as the chief guest and honoured personality instead of showing graceness and aspiring values to her friend’s she “boasted” which itself shows that she made her friends feel irritating and may be turned Ramya’s hatred.Further after the tragedy instead of keeping her determination towards her goal “brilliant in studies”,she turned back her face as was feeling embrassed.

    For Ramya,she too looked low on points like Empathy and personal influence where instead of showing maturity on Radha’s Boasting off her father’s pride and compromising her behaviour,taking right point like aspiration out of it,she engaged in building jealousy.Further after the tragedy,she took the moment to disgrace Radha instead of thinking what effects her comments have on her.Here she could have talked to her and inspired her towards leaving the old things and completing the task on hand.

    For Radha’s friend,a big looser in emotionally surcharged situation(self control),she reacted with a slap on the position where she might have utilized the chance to dissolve the humilities between the two by urging Ramya not to make such comments in these situation despite lead Radha to examination and make her feel confident not embarrassed.

    • Vijay Pateriya


      • Good answer
        vijay try to break ur sentences… at some time they were very long for eg – 1st line 2nd last para….the longer sentences creates much confusion.

        Lets look – i felt this word could have been more fine tuned.

        Big looser is very strong & harsh word.

        • Vijay Pateriya

          Thank you i’ll try to improve further on selection of words. i tried to think for alternative to lets look but was unable to find in time.

    • 🙂 They are almost the same save the first line.
      Good one. I think you could have done without the first line(only) of the 2nd paragraph. It is already mentioned in the question.

      • Vijay Pateriya


  • Case Study 11

    Emotional intelligence involves both understanding other’s emotions and controlling one’s own. This mishap would perhaps have not happened, if they controlled their emotions and understood other’s.

    If Radha possesed high emotional intelligence, firstly she would not have boasted about her father in her school – sensing beforehand that she is already seen in a good light in the school. Secondly, she would not have avoided confronting Ramya on occassions and talked to her patiently about her acerbic comments. Thirdly, knowing that her father is in jail, she should have sensed the emotions and pain of her family members too, and not just her own. This would have allowed her to solace her family and not the other way round. Moreover, she would not have been hurt badly by other’s comments about her father. Her exams would have gone well and suicide would not have even caught her imagination.

    If Radha’s friend had it, she would not have slapped Ramya. Instead, sensing Ramya’s emotions she would have talked her out. And, on the other hand, she would have solaced Radha and motivated her to be strong, calm and patient.

    And, if Ramya possessed it, she would have avoided her acerbic comments understanding that Radha is a little immature to keep boasting about her father. During Radha’s bad times, she would have instead met her and supported her, even assisting her in preparing for exams.

    • Vijay Pateriya

      Good answer Aditya…..our answers are posted almost on the same time and we have almost the same content and approach leaving just the first para…here you looked more capable than me.nice one
      if possible please see mine

      • Anny Middha

        Good answer.
        Please review mine too

    • Srini

      Good answer Aditya….
      One minor careless mistake 🙂
      Secondly, she would not have avoided confronting Ramya on occassions and talked to her patiently about her acerbic comments.

    • neil

      good answer aditya.. can you please review my answer 🙂
      it’s in the end

  • vipul

    Analyze how each one of them would have behaved if they all had possessed high emotional intelligence? (250 Words)

    Radha lacked in self-management. Emotional resilience is a critical aspect of self-management. All of us do experience negative incidents in our life but how quickly we recover and jump from negative emotions to positive emotions defines our high level of emotional resilience. Higher EI would have helped Radha to recover from negative emption in some time and prevent her from committing suicide. Radha also lacked conflict handling. She always tried to avoid Ramya and shied away from confronting him. Had she tried listening to or understand why Ramya was behaving in such manner, they could have turned out in to a good friends as well.
    Ramya did not have control on expression on his emotions. Sometimes, it is natural to have negative feeling like jealousy, hate etc. but emotionally intelligent person needs to filter out negative emotions when expressing themselves. Ramya also lacked in empathy. He failed to pick up what was going on Radha life and what could have been the consequences of his remarks on Radha. In case of higher emotional intelligence, Ramya would have not have let out his feeling of jealousy in first place and he would have at least avoided taunting Radha, especially in her present situation.
    Low level of emotional intelligence increases the likelihood of aggression in our actions. Radha close friend lacked self-control and let his emotions to burst in to aggression. Instead of emotionally supporting Radha, his reaction made her feel more as a victim. Under high level of EI, he would have empathized with Radha and convinced her to take the exam. Post exam, he would have negotiated with Ramya to get rid of such misappropriate behavior.

  • prerna

    Emotional Intelligence is highest state of emotional control a person has in his attitude while dealing with many situations in daily life, be it personal or professional life.

    Radha has low state of Emotional Intelligence, if she had high emotional intelligence she would have had control on her emotions in every situation be it discussing the qualities of her father’s honesty and integrity to an extend that it makes others jealous and also while dealing with a critical situation in her personal life where she could have took the situation as challenge at college and stood by her values and tell herself that mistakes happen with human beings and take it as a lesson in her own life to never commit the mistake which her father did.

    If Ramya had been emotionally intelligent she would have got inspired by Radha’s fathers attributes of honesty and integrity rather than getting jealous. She would not have behaved in a negative way of finding ways to taunt Radha rather she would have appreciated her fathers values. Ramya would have helped Radha tackle her situation and would have motivated her to write her exams.

    Radha’s friend if she had been emotionally intellegent she would not lost her temper and slapped Ramya rather she would have taken Radha from that place and consoled her and would have helped her face the situation with courage. These would have saved Radha’s life.

  • ABC

    This case study presents a cocktail of emotional states of various characters involved. Let us analyze each character for what could have done if they possesed high emotional intelligence:
    Radha: In my understanding Radha displayed a greater sense of immaturity. She could have done the following:
    i. Given the Ramaya’s behavior, she could have focussed on increasingly avoided her. Radha should know that this is the chance Ramaya can exploit and may try to defame her.
    ii. Given her past excellent academic record, in current situation, she need to prepare for her exam in more sincere manner so as to ensure that she secures good marks which may act as a morale booster for herself and for her family.
    iii. She should try to console her family in this situation of crisis.

    Ramaya: In good spirit, she could have done the following:
    i. After seeing Radha appearing for exam in this crisis situation, she should respect her for her greator levels of her maturity.
    ii. Above all she should realize that Radha is her classmate. So she should try to harmonize the relationship.

    Radha’s friend: She could have done following to display her greater sense of emotional intelligence-
    i. Her biggest sense of immaturity was when she slapped Ramaya. She should not adopt violent means against any of his classmate no matter what the situation is.
    ii. In current situation she should have ensured that Radha should be sheilded from Ramaya.
    iii. she should try to motivate Radha to give exam with greater levels of confidence so as to secure the highest marks and maintain her good academic career.

    • Anny Middha

      The introduction is like we are narrating something so it seems irrelevant. But approach would have been briefing your answer in your intro.
      Otherwise reccomendations are good. Though you can see earlier answers, some have written many good points. But it should not be numbered, depicts school like answering.
      My personal opinion though

  • jp

    Emotional intelligence is all about understanding emotions of self and other and behave in manner to bring cohesion in them.
    Here Ramya palyed a bad role, though being a enemy(may be whatever reason) one can’t expect much favorable reaction from her. She criticized Radha and her father harshly, which created whole dragon of issue. She should have avoided this and planned it at some other time(enemies are there for criticizing and a self concept will break if she doesn’t do it).
    Now, come to Radha’s friend. S/he might think that her/his action of slapping will give support and confidence to Radha that Ramya’s words are wrong but actually this has exaggerated Radha’s emotional outbrust. Also a severe action against words is not so emotionally intelligent action, instead s/he consoled Radha that situation is going be well soon.
    Radha is having great faith in his father’s stories and hence she has to understand that the charges of corruption might be false(later she might adjust her faith according to reality). She shouldn’t not get disturbed by comments from a girl, who is her enemy(as she already knows). Ramya has got chance and she will try to meet her objective and it’s upto Radha that she breaks her faith or not. She instead controlled herself and discussed with parents and friends, the issue to get relieved emotionally.

    • jp

      please comment, so that I can improve upon my answer.

  • Anjali

    If all of them possessed high emotional intelligence they would have behaved like as follows:
    Radha, she would not have boasted achievements of her father among college friend circle, though in school that may be natural as a child believes what comes before it and always wanted to be superior among friends. Its always happen influential persons invited to school or college functions.As herself brilliant she would have been famous on her own achievements in college. After her father got arrested , she would have faced that crisis and wrote her exams and come out with flying colors, that could have helped to rise her family’s image in positive way. Instead of getting weak she could have stood by her father till court decides the matter, if her father is innocent he may come out of jail.

    Radha’s friend who slapped Ramya: In that situation taken Radha away from Ramya and told Radha that its critical phase Radha passing through and enemies always want to hurt people in such situation more.
    second thing person is innocent till court decides so, Radha must made herself emotionally strong to face that situation, wait for the courts decision, and now concentrate on exam as that is necessary for her bright future. On the other he could have told Ramya not to exploit the situation for revenge purpose and its not her but courts duty to decide matter.

    Ramya: if she was emotionally strong she would not be jealous of Radha, avoided listening Radha’s boastful things and would have concentrated on her own studies, tried to excel in studies more than Radha. She would not have got involved in that matter. So there is no issue of hurting Radha.

  • Sham

    A case of fallen hero and when that hero is from your family it hurts the most. Normally under such situations emotions overcome the cognitive abilities and drive the person. Time is great healer is such cases and if one has high EQ, s/he can manage through the crisis. But in this case all demonstrated low level of EQ and the behaviour response was accordingly.

    Ramya – Her jealous behaviour in the past and passing loose comments were projector of her low EQ. In such situation when one is already going through crisis your harsh words or even mischievous expressions can break the one internally completely. For Ramya It was the time to show empathy and mental support. Cooperation and support from enemies is the biggest relief and give people strength to sail through the storm. Ramya could have been her biggest support in such case in campus.
    Radha – For Radha this is the toughest time but problems are integral part of life and she is not alone in this situation. Her mother would be even more hurt. By suicide she has added more to her family’s problems. Support from family, friends and relatives and their company is always better solution. Her high EQ would have helped her to sense the approaching trouble and then would have accordingly controlled her own behaviour and as well as other’s behaviour. As I mentioned time is great healer she could have first avoided Ramya’s comments and would have thought of exam only. But alas..
    Friend – Her expression was completely emotional outburst. in no situation you can use physical power to hurt anyone. When Ramya was approaching either she could have confronted and requested Ramya alone or she could have taken Radha directly to exam centre. Letting her friend go back home was another mistake. She could have been best situation manager as she herself was not going through the problem.

    Emotions are quite powerful and usually lead to extreme behaviour when one has low EQ.

  • cs

    If radha were to have emotional intelligence she would have focused all here attention towards the final is true the the incident had shaken her to the core but she needed to understand that what all happened was beyond her emotionally mature person has emotional resilience and possess the ability to bounce back when faced with committing suicide she acted in a selfish manner without sparing a thought about her mother and giving an opportunity to her father to explain her the circumstances.

    Radha’s friend would have advised her to ignore ramya.emotional intelligence demands managing one’s own emotions , her act of slapping shows she failed to manage her anger.moreover her act aggravated the negative feelings of radha.

    Ramya would not have been jealous in the first place had she been emotionally intelligent. rather than finding occasions to taunt radha she would have motivated herself to compete with radha in academic and extra curricular spheres .she also lacks the emotional qualities like empathy .

  • Ankit

    Emotional intelligence (EI) is an act whereby an individual directs and control its inner feelings as well as the outer burst of the emotion. It is often said and believed that a person with high IQ is of no use until he has not developed a considerable EQ.
    In the present situation RADHA, RAMYA and Radha’s FRIEND all showed complete lack of strong EI, which was the most demanding in this kind of tangled, complex and tragic occurrence of events.
    Firstly, Radha who lacked EI from the inception of the childhood since she failed to show humbleness and not go on boasting about her unearned privilege on the premise of her father’s great position. This flaunting led to a great animosity between her and Ramya which only grew without check and control. Further there was also the absence of faith, in her, on father’s integrity and also Radha was more concerned about the societal reaction towards her. All these led to growth of shamefulness and fear of being ostracized in Radha’s mind. She gave more emphasis to what others think rather than what she felt.
    Secondly, Ramya should have shown a suitable control and not bursted in time when it was not at all needed. The grown enmity showed lack of will for Ramaya to channelize it into positive direction by himself doing something great so that he would be the cynosure of all eyes. But instead he showed complete degradation of moral will when confronted Radha on her plight and when she needed not terse words but support from all quarters.
    Thirdly, Radha’s friend could have managed the situation by being more proactive rather than being reactive to Ramaya. A friend in need is a friend indeed and she completely lost her own emotions and thereby was of no help to Radha.
    The precious life of a brilliant student Radha could have been saved with wise and mature action. Instead it went astray and left casualty of further traumatising the minds of the survivor, Ramaya and Radha’s friend.

  • narendra

    radha of high expctations at his father can’t imagine his arrest. due to depression she can’t handle the fact and face the truth. this belief towards his father and cruel attitude of ramya make her to take hastely decision.
    radha who always wanted to insult radha saw the thime and behave very cruely towards her. this shows negative attitude towards other.
    radha’s friend on other hand with concern make ramya to slap her but made her to think the situation of radha.

  • neil

    If Radha would have possessed high emotional intelligence, she would have controlled her emotions. Though charges of corruption can cause any honest person to be upset, but there are chances that charges can be false. She would have waited for the jurisdiction of higher judiciary. She would have given a chance to her father to explain her the situation. She would have been more patient.

    At the same time, she would have courageous to face the public. Ramya was jealous of her and habitually made sarcastic comments. So, she would have ignored her comments.

    On the other hand, with high emotional intelligence Ramya would have understood Radha’s emotions. She would have understood that her comments can direct Radha- who was already under pressure- to take wrong steps like suicide.

    Radha’s friend would have realized that slapping will only make situation tenser. She would have instead told Radha to stay calm and ignore the comments. She would have also observed Radha’s emotions and tried to ensure that she didn’t take any wrong step under pressure.

  • G. Pankaj

    Radha: Had she has high emotional intelligence, she would have allowed that phase to pass with some maturity. Radha felt like a star when her father was talked in the college. It brought her happiness. Now after being arrested in the bribe case, the same father brought her disgrace. Such circumstances can happen to anyone but shying away from some situations in not a solution. What she should have realized that it was not the individual but the characteristics she used to praise. Still she praise those characters but individuals may change. She should feel guilty because she herself not committed a mistake. At last suicide is not the solution. People with high emotional intelligence know that good or bad phase are part of life. Such events pass by. And future always holds scope for correction.

    Ramya: Since she was jealous, she wanted to insult Radha. Had Ramya had high emotional intelligence, she would have understood that their are certain values which are universally praised by society like honesty, integrity etc. One should not get jealous with the person who holds it. Rather one should try to achieve these values. Also making somebody feel down is a very shallow move. One might feel happy for few moments but at the end it doesn’t bring good to the person. Rather it constantly increase this behaviour which spoil ones relationships. Ramya should have atleast behaved neutral if she could not sympathize with Radha.

    Radha’s friend: He should act instantly by slapping Ramya. One should be able to take criticism on the face of it. Person with high emotional intelligence would have avoided such situation & should have motivated Radha to write exam & stood in her support throughout this bad phase.