Study Material For UPSC Mains World History Topics

The following documents are of advanced nature on the world history topics.  These are given keeping in mind the UPSC’s recent trend of asking difficult questions.  This post will be updated as and when relevant material is available.


Important Topics from World History


  • SSI

    I’m assuming this is for everyone and not just those who are majoring in history for the exam optional?

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    Hello Insights,
    First of all a let me thank you for all the guidance/motivation/material that you guys provide. This is really appreciable.
    In the context of this post (and in general), i have a feedback. Whenever you are sharing some material, it will be nice if you can mention the actual source. For example in this post, you shared links to some pdf’s. The first thing any UPSC aspirant will look for is the source (and hence its authenticity) from this this info is provided. So sir please (if possible) do mention the source of the material.


  • Shaaya

    Hey insights you are indeed doing us a great favor..and then i saw that this material was request in the morning and your response is lightning fast…Thanks a ton.. 😀

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    Please upload a comprehensive pdf for post independence consolidation topic.

    Much appreciated your efforts 🙂

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    And can’t be more grateful.
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    • It’s not boring. 🙂 Any good acknowledgement is always good to hear.

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    Excellent job!!!

  • charvaka

    Dear insights,
    If i’m right, the above mentioned topics are from “The Birth of Modern World” by Baily.
    I stumbled upon this book while i was searching for an authentic book on world history other than Norman lowe.
    The pdf format of the book is available at and can be downloaded for free.

    • no it’s not Baily. Above one is better than Baily.

  • above can u provide for mains gs paper 3.Regarding security and technology concepts.

  • munmi

    Heartiest thanks to you for helping us aspirants. My state psc exam is coming up and since it includes an additional objective paper on any one of the optional subjects( i have sociology as my subject),am having a hard time accessing old upsc prelims papers. Can you please suggest any question bank for the same or upload the question papers if you have any. Thanks.

  • ashok

    sir what about paper V any suggestions on that plss

  • jahnavi

    hai sir can you provide notes regarding indias struggle for independence?