Myths and Lies About UPSC IAS Preparation

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We often hear about various lies or myths about IAS exam preparation. Most of them demoralize freshers, and some even perturb veterans. Following write-up is an effort to bust such myths/lies to help new aspirants focus on their preparation.


1) They say IAS is the mother of all exams. Is it?

Wrong. This is just  another exam. The mother of all exams is Life. You can afford to fail in IAS, but not in Life. So, take IAS preparation as a phase in Life, not as your Life.

2) They say IAS is not for faint-hearted. Is it?

If you think you are faint-hearted, better start preparing for IAS soon – it makes you stone-hearted.

3) One topper in an interview said that she studied 20 hours every day for 365 days. Is this true?

May be she suffered from insomnia. Even now she will be working 20 hours a day as an officer. On a serious note, good sleep is very necessary to prepare well for this exam.  It keeps you in good health. Don’t study beyond 14 hours unless you suffer from Insomnia.

4) Now you are saying 14 Hours! Are you mad?

Calm down. If you have left your job, as a punishment you should devote these many hours. Didn’t you work 12 hours for your company? Anyway, every day at least 8 hours of  planned study is required. If you can study more than that, it is well and good. But please ensure that you also get 6-8 hours of sound sleep.

5) My English is very poor. They say I am out of the race. Am I?

No. You are still part of the race. Now you have figured out the problem – that your English is poor. Work on it. All you need is basic English. Moreover, you can write this exam and give the interview in your mother-tongue. Buy a basic  Grammar book – read it, listen to English news on TV and radio, try to write something in English, everyday (don’t worry if it is very bad, keep trying) Necessity should push you to learn. Push yourself. Win the race.

6) I  am worried. I can’t go to Delhi because of some personal reasons. They say it is Mecca for IAS aspirants. 

Can’t go to Delhi? Wow. That’s great. These days you can study from home itself. IAS preparation is neither religion nor life to seek enlightenment in a far away concrete desert. Do your duty sincerely, if pleased, almighty UPSC will call you to its shrine, if pleased with your personality, it will give you a pass to Heaven – the IAS. Why go there uninvited?

7) So how can I study from my home?

These days you can buy books from online. Every topper has studied the same set of books as lakhs of aspirants do every year. The difference is that toppers plan their studies and execute those plans well. They practice writing. They take tests. They are confident. And they also have some luck.

8) Oh! So luck is needed for this exam.

Ya, only if you think you are unlucky. Anyway, let me modify a famous quote for you – Success is one percent luck and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Don’t let that 99% thing slip from your hand. Toil sincerely, and you will be rewarded with that 1 percent luck.

9) It was my last attempt. I failed in Prelims. Now I want to kill myself. Help me.

To kill you? First, kill your ego, not yourself. You took a journey but couldn’t reach the destination. It doesn’t mean the end of your life or the end of the road – start a new phase in your Life from where you are now. What matters in the end is how well you lived your Life, not how many successes you achieved. If the King has painful piles in his anus, what is the use of diamond studded golden throne?

10) Lakhs of aspirants give this exam and only few get into IAS. I am scared.

Though lakhs of aspirants apply and write this exam, the real competition is between only 2000-3000 serious aspirants. Those who study systematically and consistently, get into service. If you do the same, you will be one among them. Don’t have fears even before you start. You must enter the race and work hard to win it.

Remember this: “I never did a day’s work in all my Life. It was all fun” (Edison). Make the process fun, enjoy reading, love what you do and do everything to please your heart. Not the society.

11) They say there is corruption in recruiting IAS officers. Is it true?

This allegation is utterly false. The whole examination is so opaque that you have to trust it blindly (Oxymoron). There may be lacunae in the way examination is held, or there may be loopholes in how an UPSC member is appointed, but there is never corruption involved in the recruitment of civil service officers. The steel produced is pure. You can trust it. (it gets corroded later, that is a different story though)

12) Those veterans laugh when I tell them I am preparing for IAS. Instead, they insist I should say that I am preparing for civil services. What is the difference?

When you say you are preparing for civil services, you are not sure about getting into IAS/IPS. When you say you are preparing for IAS, you are confident that you want only IAS and you know how to get it. Choose the one suits you best. Not the veterans’.

13) I am getting headache while making notes. There are so many books to refer and I want my notes to be the best. What to do?

Note this. Leo Tolstoy writes in Anna Karenina “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” Also  someone said, “Perfection is the child of time“. When you scout too many sources to make that perfect notes, you end up both loosing invaluable time and discontented. Managing time during the preparation is the most important aspect of this examination. Read one or two books for a topic. Re-read the same book even if some coaching institution or a publication house releases new notes/book in the market that has become famous.

 14) They say IAS is the best job on Earth! Is it?

Well, I thought becoming the President of US was the best thing on Earth. Anyway, the above statement is wrong. Ask Durga Shakti Nagpal.

15) At least in India it is the best job. Right?

Yes. If you want to make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of poor, IAS is the best job. But you have to swim in the ocean infested by so many sharks.  You should know how to swim, be fearless and armed with  ammunition. There is a silver lining though. The ammunition is personal integrity and The People – if you do a good work, help the poor man on the streets and in the huts, people will love you. Sharks love votes. And the ocean will be safe for you.

16) Some say this exam is like a vast ocean and question are asked from  outside the syllabus, even from extraterrestrial sources. Is it?

No. Again wrong. UPSC strictly adheres to the syllabus. Though sometimes it seems like question are asked from outside of the syllabus, they are actually in some ways related to it. For example, if there is a question like this, ‘Opportunity on Mars‘, one should not get bedazzled why UPSC is asking questions from ET source and start answering like, ‘If  Nuclear war takes place and the Earth is destroyed, the opportunities on Mars are immense for the Humankind…...’

Opportunity is the name of a Robot that was sent to mars in 2003. Awareness on ‘Robotics‘ and ‘Space‘ is part of the UPSC syllabus (Paper-IV).

  • amit

    sir I am daily fallower of this site. it is very helpful and base of my preparation. sir I am general category aspirent. someone say that if I fill the ias exam form and don’t participate in exam, than it wil count as my 1 attempt. it is right? I am confused. plz help me sir.

    • Amit,


      No they are wrong. If you fill application and doesn’t give exam, it is not an attempt.

      Only when you write Prelims, it is counted as an attempt.

      Every year, nearly 50% aspirants who have applied for the exam, doesn’t appear. It is not counted as an attempt.

      • satya ramesh

        sorry for the wrong info…u r right admin…..
        (i) An attempt at a Preliminary Examination shall be deemed to be an attempt at the Examination.
        (ii) If a candidate actually appears in any one paper in the Preliminary Examination, he/she shall be deemed to have
        made an attempt at the Examinatio

    • pinku

      Iff you will sign on attendance sheet in the exam hall, then only it will be one attempt else not.

  • vikash

    i am in 2nd year of b tech. i am planning to give civil service exam in 2016. the confusion is in choosing optional . i am planning to keep mechanical engineering as my optional as this is my branch, but have heard that it is difficult to answer paper of engineering. so what should i do. also sir plz provide with detailed preparation strategy of gs 4 paper ie ethics one.
    sir i am completely relying on my self study so if you can also suggest that this is the right time to begin my preparation as i have to carry my course also

    • Vikash,

      You have lot of time to worry about Optional paper. Remaining papers carry 1250 marks and try to finish them first now. Don’t go for Mechanical Engineering unless you have mastery over it.

      Strategy for ethics paper is difficult to put as I don’t have access to primary sources.

      This is the right time to lay strong foundation. You can seriously prepare (focused approach) in the final year. Now, focus on reading all the basic stuff. Also, try to write what you read. Writing is an important component now.

  • Shweta

    i have completed and doing LL.b i m much confused in selecting my optional subject .. as law and public admin plz provide me the guideline in opting my subject . pls also suggest me the strategy so that i can perfom well in 2014 civil services exam…how can i make proper time table to study properly..

    • Shweta,

      You have to choose optional subject based on your own interest and aptitude. Go through the syllabus and previous year question papers of Law, Public Administration, Political Scienc, Sociology, History and Geography and see which subject you are comfortable with. Then choose the one you like.

      Regarding Prelims 2014, strategy will be put after few days. For now you can go through the links here:

      • Shweta

        Thanx sir …:)

  • Meenakshi Singh

    hello sir,
    I have done my graduation B.A(HONS.)in geography from delhi university in 2013 and now persuing masters in geograhy from D.U itself bt i dnt hve sufficient time tio join coaching centers as due to my class timings as welll as the distance from my home so please suggest me the strategies to have the self study at home for i.a.s prelims 2014…..


    i think u r doing a wonderful job sir, i am writing mains this year and since 3 daysi have been associated with u.. i really liked the question session since it enables one to think the many dimensions on which the question can be asked.. although i have already joined mains test series programme i found ur questions particularly enriching..
    one request can u kindly cover the dynamic aspects of sociology also? since certain years questions encapsulating and reflecting the current events are being asked.. i can only think of areas but fall short of framing the right question type…
    looking forward for more of ur help..
    thanx again 🙂

    • Thanks Ananya,

      I am happy that you found this site useful.

      Right now I am focusing on General Studies. If you can mention specific topics, it would be easy for me to frame few questions for you.


    here are the topics-
    1.religion and society (for both ppr 1 and 2, in specific context of increasingly dominant role played by self styled godmen)
    2. topic 7(d) of ppr 1 and C(5 d)of ppr 2 ( with respect to emerging strands of movements like jalsatyagraha)
    3. 10(b) of ppr 1..
    thanx again 🙂

  • Sir can I prepare paper wise preparation… that is suppose one paper one month…If it is so how can I handle regular current affairs with this one paper schedule? Please help me…

    • Yes. It is better to prepare this way. Mixing papers will confuse you.

      No mater what papers you are preparing, current events must be read every day for 3 hours even if they are not related to GS Papers you are reading. You should know syllabus by heart to read newspapers with a focus and purpose.

  • Ayan

    im all fired up – thanks alot for the guide @ insights 🙂

  • Mahesh BC

    First of all Thanks to you for providing very Good information as well Good guidance.
    I Mahesh From Bangalore Have done in 2005 with just 40%. Sir Is it possible to me write IAS Exam. Since I belong to SC. I belong to very poor family background. I could’nt go to delhi and other coaching classes. I have written two times UPSC prelims 2012,2013. But i was not having that much Idea before i started no one is there to guide me sir.
    I have left my job and I am preparing full time. I have written KPSC also where I had missed with 10 marks. And lot of scam in KPSC sir. So I am totally focusing on UPSC now. I am not that much good in writting . Please sir help me how to crack this exam.

  • Ankit Rana

    It was just by stroke of luck that I landed on this blog. You are doing a fantastic work here. Keep it up buddy.

    • I am happy you called it luck. Thank you.


    Thank you so much for the valuable information provided by you which is really helpful for a housewife like me in self study.

  • Manu


    I am preparing for IAS 2014 and also working in software it possible to prepare without coaching? and i have done my Engineering in Electronics and communication.shall go with same subject for my optional?. Please put your inputs. Thanks in advance.

  • Sailaja

    Hi Sir,

    Can you tell me about the job profile of IAS officers (I heard something like they will not have family life etc.,). So from this perspective, can you please brief me about their job profile. Do they have to be on field always etc.,?

  • ganesh mishra

    what is the best way to approach for gs papers that involve history and political science etc.. as i am form engg background iam not strong in these subjects plz provide some tips that i can follow to tackle this weakness..

  • Vaibhav

    IS there anything special about Coaching Institutes in Delhi ? Do they offer anything unique which is not provided in other coaching classes ln bangalore, pune etc.?

  • naina

    Sir, I want to prepare for IAS but dont have any idea which book to start with and what optional subject to choose. I am graduate with BMS. So for optional subject if i you can suggest any suject related management it will be little easy for me to learn and understand properly; I have only 1 book with me now, Bipin chandra’s India’s struggle for independence. I want to start as soon as possible.

    • arjit

      start with the basics….ncert books from 6th class onwards….be in touch with currentaffairs through newspapers and internet…..soon u will get the idea of ur destination……download the syllabus for upsc and prepare accordingly…….

  • Kapoor

    Hello, Sir. I am currently doing B.Tech in Computer Science. I have a doubt that i can’t pursue civil services with option of Computer Science, as there is no option of it. So, please help what can I do ?

    • Don’t worry, you can choose some other Optional subject. Optional caries only 500 marks and GS Papers carry 1250 Marks. Once you start preparation, you will know which optional to choose. Most engineering students don’t go for their graduation subjects.

  • dear sir
    thank a lot for given above information. i find my self confidence back through your guidance which i decreased. please tell me about what is the role of private coaching in preparation for upsc civil service examination ?
    Is more percentage of success through private coaching only?

  • Mallikarjun GR

    It is inforamatic message….. Plz send information choosing subjects

  • satyanarayan sharma

    sir is there hindi medium books on ur site

  • Dear sir, IAS- 2014 exam is my last attempt. when I see previous years question paper lots of question are asked out of core subject books.In this attempt I want 100% selection. from which source I prepare these topics. is The Hindu sufficient for it. please help me make strategy for IAS- 2014 exam. I will be very thankful to you.

    • Along with The Hindu do read any one business newspaper – Economic Times or Business Standard.

      Answer questions asked in Secure-2014 initiative. Also try to answer questions asked in Daily Answer Writing Challenge.

      Only through rigorous practice, you will be able to clear. Go through link at:

      In November, we will write detailed strategy for 2014

  • md moshahid faizan


  • b. J. Dutta

    just gone through the comments. Very nice one… Especially the positive & bold remarks of yours on the prevailing myths r really inspiring & plausible one for all upsc aspirants.

  • murthy

    commending work dear , my best wishes are with you .

  • bedanta

    sir, i am preparing myself for 2014. In last three/four months,i’ve read ncert books of history,geography, indian economy & polity. Also gave a single reading each of monorama,india & penguin yearbook each. I don’t get enough time to regularly read a standard newspaper,even if i very often read the hindu’s editorial page,plus monthly pratoyogita darpan. Is it not sufficient enough for my preparation as of now? Or do i need to read some more? Kindly reply. Also tell me the short-cuts to have a daily update of current affairs online,if any. Thanks

  • Sarita

    hi sir

    I am 26 years old and completed my masters in pharamceutical sciences, I am keen to take IAS exams, Am i too late to do this>?? I mean should i continue to focus on my carrer.

    Thanks .. yours the great site that motivated me .. Plz reply

  • Aj

    I am preparing from a village near Shravanabelagaola , famous for Jains pilgrimage place- Gomateshwara…Once in a week ill be going to near by town and collect news papers from my friends place..Hardly any internet connectivity available in my place and electricity available just for 4 hours or so…sir, .is it customary to read other papers like Economic Times or Business standards?….believe it or not when i started my preparation some 4 months back, i was not able to write even a single sentence in english properly …now i am able to ..but not up to the mark of UPSC expectations…
    sir, please guide me in sailing through this vast ocean of UPSC, people like us are not having proper guidance or books to clear this exam.

  • sagar

    sir….im huge fan of your blg….
    sir i hv attmpted my preliminary in 2013,while applying i entered my date of birth wrong unknowingly…since i lost 1 atmpt can i apply for upcoming exam with my real date of birth placing it as my 1st atmpt?

    • This is a tricky situation. If you ask UPSC it would say you can not, but technically you can assuming two Sagar’s exist from same place with identical parents’ names but with different DOBs.

      We would say that as you have already given one attempt and it was your mistake to enter wrong DOB, you should mention it as second attempt in your next attempt. (it’s our personal opinion though, final call should be yours)

  • sara

    i have been preparing for IAS (not Civil Service, but IAS) since 2012. Appeared for cse 2013, didnt clear prelims. Got dejected, joined a job in August (soon after the results) and am now finding myself aloof from all the studies I had done previosly. Want to diligently re-start my preps for 2014 but am now worried that i am already late. Is it true? Am i too late? Help pls

    • Usmaan

      Well what acc. to you is IAS. Is it different from Civil Service. Well, as far as we know, there isn’t anything like IAS exam. There’s Civil Service Exam & IAS is allotted on the basis of Civil Service Exam only.

  • Saurabh Somvanshi

    Hello Sir,
    I am a software engineer. Working from 10 AM to 8 PM. Please suggest something to manage the office work and study both. I am very desperate about this exam. It would be great if you can provide some useful guidance to prepare for 2014 Exam.

    • Try to put it 3-4 hours on the weekdays and stretch it more towards the weekends (say 8-10 hours, if possible).

      Refer our Secure-2014 & Current events section to be in touch with daily news. Parallely start off with the core subjects- Polity, Geography, Economics, History (NCERT books) that would give you a sound foundation, then you can build on it through various online sources available.
      Since you are a techie, you can access online sources during your work hours too 🙂

      Finally don’t get desperate.. Else you will miss the ‘joy of preparation’ 🙂 Keep it simple and be sincere to your preparation !!

  • Hi,
    This is Latha,
    I am a BBM graduate(2013 passed out)
    I am very confused about joining IAS caoching class here in Bangalore and planning to write my UPSC exams in 2014 and i have no idea how to prepare for this exam.
    I am getting good job offers but am confused if i will be able to work full time and also attend the coaching classes.

    Planning to Join Bharath IAS Coaching classes : is the coaching great in this institute?

    Please help.
    Regards Latha

  • arun kumar sah

    thanks a tone big boss. really you have a good and sounding knowledge about the cse exam. your words are true and practical. I found it immensely helpfull. my name is arun. I am also preparing for this exam. but still unable to clear this time prelims. this is my 1st attempt. honestly saying even I had also similar thoughts as you have regarding this exam. sincere thanks bro.

  • syed wasim imam

    sir, thanks for your invaluable insights on upsc preparations. it was informative , inspirational and hilarious. thanks once again.

  • amruta

    sir I’ve aimed to pass IAS 2014 with 1st rank. pls tell me a proper time table means about how to divide the months for every subjects of the IAS prelims n mains to study n prepare fully

  • This is a query from one of the laziest fellows in the world ever. I am that luckiest guy .Since by birth (horoscope )iam a lucky fellow gain things without that much pain others sufferd .Up the age of 27 (now) i have changed many compnays (even PSU ) and worked in many firms(really a rolling stone ) . Now looking back to the past i feel bored in my ordinary life as a change i need to challenge the life s plan by succeed in a herculean task that normals cant do .(I like this type of task i accepted this type of challenges not related to studies i cant explain it publically) . But now iam little bit serious wish to crack hardest shell ..The real upsc civil service exam . I need advise from you . i am not all a good orator ,writer , book worm and also not good in english. Juz a simple man .How can i crack the his exam .. Kindly reply . Dont hesitate this .

  • mahima

    today i hv decided to prepare for IAS 2014 and because there are some IAS officer who studied at home without any coaching and online preparation i hv taken inspiration frm thm…im going to make my stretegy at home bs thoda ache se ye pta chle ki how to begin…i hv completed my b.a. in public ad,economics and homescicence..before 4 years i js need proper it possible?

  • Very helpful in boosting up one’s confidence!

  • Anjana

    Hi Sir ,
    Was going first time through your website, I am a working mother I have a 1 and half year old kid and cant leave my job as well.
    I am 28 years old now.
    Can you tell there are how many attempts for me to apply?
    Can I manage my personal life and also study for UPSC.
    I really aspire to become a IAS officer but need somebody’s help to guide me in a proper way for the preparation .
    Looking forward for your advice .
    many Thanks

    • Anjana,

      You will get two attempts. As you know, managing both personal life and preparation for this exam is in your hand, and also it depends on how your family supports you.

      If your desire is to get into IAS, you may have to prepare full time as you have only two attempts. If you prepare well, you can crack this exam in one attempt itself. many have done this. You too can do this.

      After two attempts: you might become IAS, unfortunately if you don’t clear, you will be a very learned person by then, or you can go back to your job. In the end you will gain something.

      We hope you would clear the exam. It is possible. All the best 🙂

  • parkash

    Sir….I am in much need of your guidance…….next year 2014 will be my last attempt due to age……i am currently working…..the company is dream job….but i want to give my last attempt with full preparation….in 2013 i had studied along with job but didn’t qualify even the prelims…..Now i am thinking of leaving job and doing full day preparation from feb 2014 till aug 2014 for both mains and prelims and then till dec2014 for mains revision….Please help and tell if its possible to cover the whole syllabus of prelims and mains till aug 2014….my optional subject is Pub Ad……..i am ready to put daily 15-18 hours of study….In 2012 i had joined a coaching but was not able to continue there for more than 4 months due to work pressure and frequent travels…….please guide as it will be my life changing decision if i leave the job…..waiting for your guidance…

    • It is possible to cover whole syllabus by August.

      But as it is your Dream Job you are presently in, you are basically gambling. You will know whether you get a rank or not only on the date of the result even if you have given brilliant interview. Having said that, there are many examples who have cleared the exam in one go. Some like you have also topped.

      But honestly speaking, leaving your dream job is bit risky. If you are very sure about getting this or similar job after one year gap, just don’t blink – resign and start your preparations.

      If you really work every day for 14+ hours, you may top this exam. Thing is 14 hours should be spent on ‘preparation’ not on reading/study. Write every day, solve questions, practice hard every day. You will definitely go to the interview.

      • prakash

        sir, thanks for the immediate and honest reply. But regarding your point that “whole syllabus can be covered by august”. is it really possible if I start from February (fulltime preparation) next year as I mentioned previously? regarding the job, I am sure that I will not get a job like this after one year gap, but I can hope for a different and great challenge. one last thing sir, should I go to Delhi after resignation for preparation? its because I can study in a environment where I can dedicate and concentrate myself wholly for the preparation away from any routine disturbances. I have prepared class notes for the pub adm and some gs topics in my previoua coaching institute, but have never been able to attend lectures or make class notes for GS of geography, economics. Should I join a coaching class in Delhi for these subjects and some new topics added regarding the newly added mains papers 2, 3, 4 and 5? waiting for ur reply sir.

        • Yes you can complete whole syllabus in 5-6 months if you plan it and execute it. Completing the syllabus means getting basic understanding about each topic, not in-depth study.

          Going for coaching depends on your personal motivational level. If you are confident of preparing yourself, then you don’t need it. If you want a company of like minded aspirants and an atmosphere of serious study group, then you may have to go for coaching. It depends on your temperament and needs.

          Wish you’d seen this:

          But it’s too late.

  • Vishal

    sir this is my first day on this site and i found it very useful.. sir m preparing for IAS 2014.. and this is my first chance. i want to make it first and final chance wth my hard work.. but i lack proper direction.. sir m confused that which is best material and which is not .. kindly suggest me from where should i start and what is the right material for this exam ??

  • Sir, am a engineering student and am interested in civils ,my target is to crack ias., but the prblm is prepartn and mostly I vill be cmpltng my engg in2015 may n I would like to gv my frst attemp in civils in 2015, I want to start preparatn
    parellaly plz gv me better suggestn to get ias by my frst attempt

  • madhu

    sir… i want to study ias in home,,,i have 16 hours of free time,,,my age is 19,,i want to crack ias in the age of 22,,,i have all matterials,,,but i dont know,how to start????plz suggest me perfect time table based on my 16 hrs free of time

  • nitesh

    I m new to insight and i aim to be ia IAS officer. How can i figure out the questions asked on current affairs on daily basis ?


    hello sir i done my b’tech in 2013 by mechanical engineering , i m confused about what subject going to be choose for mains exam plzz suggest me what subject i choose for mains ( mech subjects or any other ) and also suggest me subjects by which i m going to prepare best for mains and also point out that how i get start preparing for ias from basic ……… plzz sir reply me soon

  • kanika khare

    Wow awsum site it is.. Found this site yesterday only nd just started following it frm yesterday itself preparing for upsc 2015 I hope dis site will help me a lot 🙂

  • Shikha

    First of all, a very informative article…

    secondly, i would like to know what is the best way to prepare for ias while studying in shri ram college of commerce (srcc), delhi unversity, delhi. i’m a 1st year student.should i join a coaching institute??

    and what optional papers can i choose??

  • sweta

    i want to crack IAS 2016 with maths as an optional subject( since i am maths hons i found it friendly). but people tell that it’s success ratio is very low. what do u think?
    how much hour should i devote to be among toppers ?

  • Vamsi Chaitanya

    Hello Sir,
    I’ve completed and working for a multi national IT Industry right now. Should I have to leave my job for cracking the Civils? I’m a serious aspirant for Civils, but I’ll definately face financial problems if I leave a job. Can u pls guide me if there is a way to crack the Civils while working. Please do reply

  • parth morzaria

    Dear sir,
    I am a first tear student in kolkata and also preparing for CA. I want to know how should I start preparing for IAS. What should be my first step

  • Anil

    I appreciate the way site is being organised and managed and your prompt reply to the questions. It is very much useful for those who don’t have any guidance to reach one of the life ambitions of many people. T
    Please clarify the following questions
    1. I am group A govt servant. I want to attempt civil services this year. If I apply, should I intimate to the current working organisation? If I dont intimate what troubles i may face in future?
    2. Now I am at 29, OBC category. As I am already earning (>6 lakhs OBC creamy layer limit) and my father doesn’t have any income, am I eligible for age relaxation? How many max. attempts I can make?

    Thank you very much

  • gaurav manocha

    sir my frnd failed in english in 10th standard and did not study english as a subject in 12th standard but he scored 61% in elective english in graduation and he want to be prepare civil services exam… i just ask he is eligible for civil service exam….

  • vinitha

    sir, I am vinitha .i am preparing for ias exam as well as doing ma job along wit it. iam planning to appear in 2014. i dont get time to study but still am trying ma best. everybody are saying i wont clear tha exam this it possible for me to clear .

    • rk

      Nothing is impossible be focused and concentrate on ur goal everything comes ur way

  • Sir,i am an mbbs student.Iv just completed my third year.I will be writing the upsc in the year 2016.
    I started my preparation one year ago.Reading up on the constituion,economics,history till now and basically attempting to strengthen my basics and get myself oriented.
    What would you suggest i do now?As i am confused about the method of preparation at this stage?
    Also could you suggest a magazine which would be useful?
    With regard to Certain subjects such as environment science and technology,from where and how do i prepare for these subjects?(a concreteand definite source?)

  • Manoj

    Dear Sir,
    My self Manoj and I am currently working as a Project Leader in Nissan,India .I have around 7 Years of IT experience.But I am not feeling happy to continuing my professional life in same field. I have decided to write IAS exam in 2014. Kindly guide me is it required to quit my job for the IAS preparation and also I will be appreciate if you suggest me to choose the subjects for written test.

    Many Thanks
    Manoj Rath

  • ramnath

    is it the right time to start for prelims prepartion for 2014??? as a new comer to this.

  • shivanand

    thank you sir …keep advising

  • Arti

    Hello sir,
    I am a NIFT graduate and preparing for IAS….is 1year preparation good to achieve the goal lil concerned as I am totally from different background.. kindly suggest.

  • shikha bansal

    i have done B.COM honors from open university..
    am i eligible for ias?
    some people have said that it will be difficult for me to do ias as i did not attend regular college. is this true?

  • Sir,
    i am an english medium student but i cant express my feelings[in answers] what medium should i choose hindi or english in my mains examination.
    Plp help i need. It .

  • Akansha

    I became fan of your content in this article. Thank you

    Strong determination and hard work can overcome every obstacle between us and IAS.

  • Arnab kanti Dhar

    Sir I am very grateful that I have found your forum.. Sir you are doing a wonderful job.Your forum will be a landmark of my IAS preparation… Thanks a lot 🙂

  • bibha

    Dear Sir,
    iam a commerce graduate. …. i also want to prepare for upsc…sir i want to know that how can i prepare for essay writing………..plz suggest me the right direction ………i will be highly obliged to u…..
    thanking you

  • nath narayan

    Sir..plss tell me approximate number of questions/marks in a gs paper to attempt to get IAS or IPS……and also clarify regarding the quality aspects of answers to be written…thank you…

    • Now both quality and quantity matters in the mains exam. To score high marks you need to answer maximum questions without compromising quality.

      Quality comes with knowing Good content and exhaustive practice.

  • chanchal

    Thankou very much for this support sir. I am a girl, 22.

    I want to prepare for UPSC 2015 and going to prepare from home.

    How can I improve my writing skills for essay and mains, as I dont have any coaching so from home, how can I check my writing skills whether I am on the right track or not by practising ??? Who will check it and give me feedback?? :/

    Pls help thank u so much

    • On this website you can find a page named Secure 2014. There you can see so many serious aspirants writing good answers to current event questions everyday. If you actively participate you will not only improve but will also get good reviews and feedback.

  • subisha

    hello sir..
    iam a third year btech student and i have just started my preparations.. can you give a small advice on time management since iam not able to devote a significant amount of time for this preparations…since I hav just started iam confused as if to study a particular subject..finish it then go to nxt or to mix and study?? plz give your valuable ideas
    thanking you

    • Read NCERT textbooks 3-4 times. This is the time to read them, understand each and every concept given in them and apply those concepts in your answers. Use your time to build a strong foundation. Read The Hindu regularly and try to write your opinions every day.

      Once your basics are strong, go for standard textbooks. They have been listed on this site.

      All the best.

  • Sri

    hi sir…
    can u please tell me study plan and how to make schedule for premils if i begin my preparation from now????please help me sir…am vey much worried bout the studying daily for 7 to 8 hours and its possible for me to study for 3 hours more but am not getting proper time please help me sir..

  • Manish Kumar SIngh

    Hello Insight Support,
    Currently I’m working in UP State Power Sector on engineer(Computer Science) Post. Most of 8-9 hours spent in office and rest hours for my family life i.e for my father, Wife and my little Son who is very naughty. So due to this i can’t spare the time for me properly. So, if you can tell me perfect books and subject for preparation of IAS/UPPCS and how can i spare the time for preparation, please send me.
    Thank You

    • savita sharma

      Dear Sir,
      i want to an IAS OFFICER.
      pls suggest me
      i start to self study which books & magazine pls sir
      i m not pay coaching fee so pls help me sir.
      i m a Hindi medium student.
      i m work in bank bt my dream in IAS
      if you suggest me than i start preparation

      Thanks & Regards,
      savita sharma

    • Dear Manish,

      Only way you can clear this exam is by having a long term plan. Say, prepare extensively and consistently for 2 years and give this exam (if your age permits)

      There is no short cut. You can do it by studying every day with the limited time you have. The key is consistency. Sometimes you may feel like your preparation is going nowhere, but never give up. Even if you read 2-3 hours every day, make sure you do it every day.

      Wish you all the best.

  • mukesh

    i want to know the OBC category maximum age and relaxation

  • himanshu kolash

    sir ias prelims syllabus and competition xams like ssc and other state exams do they have same syllabus.i mean preparing for ias will cover these test also.

  • shubham mishra

    sir, i am currently in final year of ,i m pursuing in ece branch ,i m preparing for engineering service examination in june 2014,bt i m thimking of giving ias,can i give it and with electrical branch and also if i i give both papers in same year ,is it be counted as 2 attempts or single attempt??

  • sir,currently i am persuing B.TECH (3rd year).I have always dreamt of becoming an ias officer.I read newspaper everyday from schooling days .my currents affairs knowledge and views about any incident are good.sir,i want to inhance it.sir,i have sorted out my problems.I want to know their solutions.
    my writing skills are not good.whenever i sit to write ,i find myself lacking words.I feel lack of flow,coherence,cohesion in my writing.I have tried to write answers from daily answer from daily answer challenges in a notebook,but i find the answer not to the upsc mark becoz of lack of views,thoughts,facts and arguments.sir,plz help me how shall i approach towards daily answer writing challenges as i am an engineering student currently and don’t have a depth knowledge about the questions being asked.
    sir,I also want to know how to read newspaper with proper analysis?how to sort out the gem points required for answer writing in mains exam?how to make notes keeping in mind the exam expectations?
    also,i want to know when shall start preparing for ias seriously?can one manage preparation along with job?from which month one should start taking current affairs matter seriously before pre-exam?
    with regards,
    devesh pandey
    sir,plz help me.

  • jeet

    how much time i need to give t one subject. or how can i make a timetable for upsc exam and how makes i notes of upsc exam

  • mayank

    i am final year student n i just started preparing myself for civil per i m having engineering background so plz suggest me how i prepare seriously for it without coaching..such that i give my full effort as aspirant to crack fresher civil services fresher.

  • Arvind

    Sir, I am ca final student vl b writing my exams in may 2014 and i want to prepare for ias …bt m confused to go for it or not because m of 26 yrs…..dont know what to do??????plz guide me

  • gudiya

    sir, mujhe yah side bahut achi lagi or bahut sari jankari bhi hai isme. mein ias ki taiyari kar rahi hu sath hi job bhi karti hu mera job timing 11 to 8 pm hai. job karna bhi jaruri hai kyuki uske bina mein apne study ke liye money affored nahi kar paungi. mein aapse ye puchna cahati hu ki kya mein regular 10 pm to 1 am or morning 6 am to 9 am study karke achi preparation kar sakti hu pls mujhe koi best guide kare ki mujhe kya karna chaiye. ?

  • Akanksha

    Respected Sir, I want to start preparation for IAS from today. Will you please suggest which way to go or from where and which to start ? As I dnt know anything about it.

  • Chitkar

    Hi, i want to give forest service exam only this year.Does its attempt will lose my civil service attempt.please reply

  • sanyog

    I just wanna say to you & your team:
    Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. There is no hesitation now in mind after reading your article on “lies & myth about upsc”. I’m feeling great as well as feeling confident now.

  • Gopikrishna

    Well…before i ask my thing,let me appreciate this effort “myths and lies about upsc”..feeling happy i came across this..
    Now….i am a student entering into my final year. i have made a goal of becoming an “I.A.S” recently because of some reasons. Now as i don’t know anything regarding the “how about’s” , “do’s and don’ts”……how do i start my preparation…..and i am planning to attempt the exam straight away after relieving from…i have to prepare on my own …perhaps with simultaneous working….i really have a very serious thought about it and am willing to do whatever it takes…….plz help with ur suggestions…thanks in advance

    • You are determined. Go through the syllabus. Learn its pattern. Buy books. Follow strategies for each stage.

      Everything is available on this site. Just go through. All the best.

      • GopiKrishna

        Thanku very much sir……. 🙂

  • Alok Gupta

    Dear Sir,
    I need your advise. I am interested in IAS preparation. and checked some sites for more information. Iam confident enough that I can crack the exam only the challenge is time for preparation as I am working in a MNC company and have a lot of work and responsibility. My working hour is very hectic and also I have to travel min 10-15 days in a month. I would request you to please give some advise.

    Thanks a lot.


    • Many have cleared this exam while working. You too can do it. But you must take leave of 2-3 months just before exam (Prelims and Mains). If you can get these many leaves, you should study daily for 4-6 hours, make notes and revise everything during your leave. If you do it regularly for 1 year before the exam, you can clear this exam. All the best.

  • Dipankar

    Hi Sir,

    I am 27 years of age and a commerce graduate. After working for 4 years I want to get into civil service, I want to appear for prelims 2014, do you think if I start preparing from now with all my means (I have quit my job), do I stand a chance to crack it.

    • Yes you stand a very good chance. All the best.

  • Geetesh Lilhore

    I want some help, can anyone discuss?

  • vaibhav bhuyar

    Really nice & best inspiring Answer s
    Thank you sir

  • Rajeswari

    Hello sir, already i failed in civil cervice exam 6 times but i have chance gohead but i lost my confident but have desire to won this ow i face it?

    • Face it. But join some job. Don’t quit until all your attempts get exhausted. Good luck this time.


    Hello sir.I am a beginner & will turn 23years in 2015 attempt.I am a chemistry teacher by profession but want to crack IAS,but when i heard about failure from my friends then i really feel low before starting or i drag myself back.I got married two and a half months back so left my school.Now i am not working just want to prepare for IAS.I have not started preparing yet but need your guidelines and tips too.I am a beginner as i have said thus how i need to devote myself for this exam along with that what are ideal study hours?study material?notes?updates?I am going to give my first attempt in 2015,is it correct time to start or time is adequate for preparation?I am confused regarding selection of my two main papers?Though I am a quick learner but i do not like to study general awareness,politics & economy news so how to develop interest?Please reply me…

    Thank you
    Mallika Banerjee

  • This was very helpful…it helped to remove my unwanted anxiety…thank you

  • himasnshu

    You made my day , that is something I was looking for , these questionnaires were fun to read. Thanks

  • Vinod

    Hello Admin, your responses are really appreciated. I am a beginner and running in 24 age, graduated with commerce in 2011 and want to prepare myself for Civil services exam, which i was not able to do earlier due to my family problem. and i am working with an industry but i want to devote myself for CSE (Civil services exam) but the true is i have not much prepared for it and need your guidelines and tips as well, moreover i can’t leave my job as mentioned above….. Kindly guide how can i prepare for. Your suggestion will be awaited…..

  • Ankit


    I really appreciate your hard work and thanks for this wonderful information.
    I completed my B.Tech in 2010 and now I have around 2.5 years of experience in IT (ERP) field. One side I want to focus on my job to make carrier in IT on the other side Civil services are my dream from my childhood. I want to prepare for it and thinking to give exam in 2015. What do you suggest, is it possible to prepare for civil services with IT job? Please give me your valuable suggestion.

  • hi sir,

    i ve great motivations with myself, even-though i failed 2 times in BE and my age 26 now and completed my degree just now, i ve not loss the confidence of doing IAS, am working in BPO and my caste is OBC under central list, can i able to fulfill my dream if started preparation from right now along with work please help me for my situation answering my ques, clearing exam and working for my country is my aim

  • shivom

    I am going to join an engineering college this year (2014). I also want to crack IAS exam in the year 2018. Is the span of 4 years enough for me to pass the UPSC exam along with my engineering college exams?

  • Akshay

    Sir I am Third year Mechanical engineering student. I want to know the how to prepare for IAS examination from this year. Since I dont have much time to devote to the IAS preparation for this year please guide me how start for the preparation. Which subject to study first?
    Should I start studying for prelims or the mains?

  • dear helpful
    i think many have told u that u r doing a wonderful job and they r completely right and now i have done arts with 90percent score and i want to know if i should do ba or ba (hons) because i love polsci and english so what should i do
    moreover i m a good and hardworking student but sometimes my confidence gets down seeing how others r crazy for this exam , so will i be able to crack it
    so to boost my confidence i will start my preparation for this exam in my graduation only but i don’t know anything about syllabus and subjects though i know the 3 steps of csat ,mains and interview but help me with the books i should read and where can i find past year paper and what exactly should i focus on

  • Vaibhav sharma

    Sir really you help me a lot from now i am your student, currently m doing from rtu and i want to prepare for ias and ies please guide me

  • kashish

    Sir , I am in 2nd year n want to give the paper but I am confused how to start preparing for it ?

    • Which Paper you want to give? B.Tech? 🙂

      Please be very clear in your question.

      You can’t give UPSC exam until you are 21. It is great that you want to start from now itself. In case you are already 21, you need to complete your degree first.

      In case you already have some degree, start reading NCERT textbooks, The Hindu and most importantly go through the syllabus and pattern of this exam.

      You can do this here:

  • Jithin Sriram.B

    I can only write answers in simple and plain English. Will this be a problem??

    • Actually it’s an advantage. Examiners like simple English with straightforward content.

  • hi please answer my ques, i am requesting u sir

  • hi sir,

    i ve great motivations with myself, even-though i failed 2 times in BE and my age 26 now and completed my degree just now, i ve not loss the confidence of doing IAS, am working in BPO and my caste is OBC under central list, can i able to fulfill my dream if started preparation from right now along with work please help me for my situation answering my ques, clearing exam and working for my country is my aim

  • yatin rawal

    Hello sir
    I m going to start my 3rd year of engineering
    And I want to be a civil servant
    But I m afraid of vast syllabus even before starting preparation and know nothing abt how to start preparation
    And what books to read
    Plsssss help

  • I am prparing for it and found two sites especially useful for my prep and gktoday

  • Gopikrishna

    people say it is necessary to go through newspaper thoroughly everyday……y do we need to do it actually and which parts of the newspaper is it that we need to concentrate seriously…!!! please help me with this…..thanx in advance

  • vikram

    I want to prepare for civil services but I am 29 and in doubt if I am too late to start? Currently I am working in IT for past 5 years. Please give me some advice.

    • prashanth

      @vikram if u r an reserved category u can have claim age exemption

    • Aakaa

      if u are from the “cradle to grave” reserved category, by this time u would have become a Collector or Doctor with 35% pass marks. No need to study, no hardwork needed, no toiling in midnights…just show ur reservation certificate, u are assured of govt jobs in india.

      • AAKaa

        I guess u have very wrong perception regarding the candidates who belongs to reserved category. before prearing for IAS and working for people of this country you should have purity in mind and some positive thoughts for peoples around you. If you just want to earn money than go for private business or some other job and if you are thinking of earning in plenty in terms of bribe from these civil services then just take a bowl of water and keep your nose into the bowl till your body is separated from your soul……Idoit

  • dipika singh

    Namsty sir maine grad mein english elevtive music vocal music instrumental subjects rkhe the but main ias prep strat krna chahti hoon plz suggest me ki main optional subjects kya rakhu plz am confused plz suggest me

    • Kishor

      Miss Dipika,
      You can choose Geography & History or Polity as your optional subjects. Because these are interesting to prepare irrespective of your educational background.

  • Narendra

    Hello Sir 🙂
    I have just passed the 12th class examination and from now onwards I want to prepare for the UPSC examination, my question is as graduation is necessary for UPSC so which graduation course would help me to prepare for IAS examination.
    thank you !!

  • Vaibhaw Joshi

    Respected Sir
    I am in class 12 commerce , I want to chose IAS as career ,Can I ? If yes , so how should I plan for it ?

  • sulo

    I heard every civil aspirant in interview told that he came for the service of the people and they want to make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of poor.If this is true, no service is required from new aspirants and no poor is there because of persons who already bureaucrats. Am i wrong? but it is not happening why?

  • ritu raj

    Sir, I have an eye-power of -9. Does that makes me ‘not eligible’ for the Civil Services Exam?

  • saujanya

    Sir ,
    I am doing my Btech 2nd year now. and i want to start my preparation for ias.
    Can you help me out in how to start and suggest some important materials
    Thank you

  • Raxit

    hello sor ,
    i am aged 26 years and expecting my CA Final result in August ..
    Please suggest me for IAS preparation for the examination scheduled to be held in 2015 …

  • Raxit

    hello sor ,
    i am aged 26 years and expecting my CA Final result in August ..
    Please suggest me for IAS preparation for the examination scheduled to be held in 2015 …moreover i have been a BTECH dropout…so will that thing hamper in the interview

  • subha

    How much question in writing prelims is safer in both papers

    • Rajesh

      It is sufficient to answer 60-65 questions in paper I and 65-70 in CSAT.

  • Shadab

    Hello Sir,

    I am a software Professional and working in Singapore but now I want to get through IAS exam. I belongs to OBC caste and my age is around 31 years. Please let me know if I am eligible for the exam and for how many years.

    Please guide me for syllabus as well. Many thanks.

  • dinesh

    hello sir,
    i am pursuing my from mechanical engineering.
    sir is this possssible to fill the ias farm after the last date of fill the ias farm.

  • monu

    sir, i have completed my BTech this year and the opinions and views that UPSC is more difficult than GATE made me sideline UPSC as i am scared even before entering the race. Moreover i am told that its already late now. UPSC can only be prepared by people who prepare since school level. how is this true??

  • Vishal Rana

    Dear sir,
    I want to prepare for IAS 2016 but for the last 5 years i’m working in MNC as a Marketing Executive and now I want to quit the job and fully devote my time for IAS only
    But only thing that is hitting me everyday is my age as I hv attained the age of 29 so not able to decide wht to do..Plz sir give me resolution.
    Vishal rana

  • da

    “But you have to swim in the ocean infested by so many sharks. You should know how to swim, be fearless and armed with ammunition. There is a silver lining though. The ammunition is personal integrity and The People – if you do a good work, help the poor man on the streets and in the huts, people will love you. Sharks love votes. And the ocean will be safe for you.”

    This was the best thing I have read in a long time. Thanks for the perspective.

  • Arup Kumar Roy

    Sir I am confused about the Paper on Indian Languages. In this case may I take English in both the papers or compulsorily I have to choose one language from Eight Schedule other than English ?

  • Vishal Rana

    Sir plz reply

  • shivmohini

    Hey there… first thanks for the myth burst. 🙂
    I am a first attamptee and a friend has adviced me to do a masters in my optional.( I have chosen public administration.i have been a dna computing expert for good two years and all the subjects are greek to me, never really read a word of any optional except sanskrit in secondary ed. Of which i remember nothing. My hobby has been reading so have read a couple of books from amarty sen- jean dreze, hon’ble APJ Kalam, bimal jalan n shashi tharoor, so i thought pub ad would be easier to grasp. )
    So my ques are:
    1. Is my choice logical? Please offer an opinion.
    2. Would it be correct to get an m.a. in pub ad? I have masters in dna computing though.
    3. If getting the masters is correct, please suggest a better course if any, considering the course’s usefulness in future, particularly as a means of skill development for my tenure as a civil servant. I intend to join IPS or IAS services.

    Please reply soon. 🙂

  • sanjay choudhary

    sir i have to give exams in 2016 so i have 2 years for preparation what stratergy do i follow……

    • Please go through this site thoroughly. You will find answer.

  • mkt

    respected admin sir

    i will be taking the exam in 2018 and currently in my graduation degree 1 class. i m regular with ncert, newspaper( hindu) and magazine reading. so i wanted to ask if i should start taking the daily answer writing challenge under the secure initiative here with whatever i know or should i wait till i acquire a minimum level of general awareness.

    awaiting a reply.

    • You can start if time permits you. It will help you immensely. Write one or two answers only. Simultaneously give more preference to strengthening your basics. Wish you all the best.

  • Anil

    Hi, i am 31.. i had appeared twice 2009 and 2010 for the exam but couldn’t clear prelims.. I was devastated and gave up next year.. I did mistake not keeping focus and studying all these years.. Now I am regretting that I should have tried all my attempt.. I have OBC reservation.. My heart is still inclined to give attempt.. But need some motivation if i can start all over again and use next 2 attempts to crack it.. please help! thank you!

    • Anil

      Hi Sir, i am awaiting your response. I also heard that there will be change in age limit form 2015, it could get reduced to 28 for OBC. Currently i am working in MNC and planning to quit and prepare for next 2 attempts.. So please let me know your thoughts..

      Also, i wanted to thank you from bottom of my heart, as you have made exam look like doable for everyone…. there are lot of institute outside which scares about this exam, and they built an image that only people who starts preparation from school days can clear this exam.. I am one candidate who went through this and lost hope..

      • Hi Anil,

        Regarding reduction in age limit, it is just a rumour. Government has clarified that it is not going to do this in near future.

        You don’t have to regret not studying properly. You have got two attempts and make use of them this time.

        Personally we feel that you should not quit your job. You can achieve success without sacrificing your job. Please go through each and every section on this site, especially Secure – 2015. Start participating there (write at least one answer. Read the rest choosing the best)

        If you are determined you can do this time. Be consistent every day. Wish you all the best.

        • Anil

          Thank you very much for quick response and boosting my morale. I am sure I will make sure your reply doesn’t go waste. Thanks!

    • hey sir,,u must prepare,,,its only u ,,who can decide ur own result,,i m jst a BA pass,from ignou,,bt cleard prelimns in my first attempt,,currently doing MA from jnu nd waitng for mains.
      go ahead,,life will nt give u another chance to regrt–.Remembr the famous line of 3 idiot movie,,,,–=””AGR THODI HIMMAT KR LI HOTI USS DIN TO,,LIFE KUCHH AUR HOTI””–

  • raghav

    i am a 12th class student and have planned to join civil services can u suggest me some courses after 12th that will fetch me a good living even if i am not selected in ias.waiting desperately for your reply

  • HEY GUYS,,i m roy. i hv given my first sttempt in 2014 nd clred prelimns,,written mains nd hoping for best nd preprng myself for worst,.
    as far as upsc prelimns is consider,,i can say with a confidence,,one need a smart strategy to clear it with minimum labour nd in shortest time,,i m jst a BA pass,,nd i have to look after myself,,thts why i also give coaching to class 9-10 student(maths nd science) nd class 11-12(humanities subjects),,so i hv less time to study,,i studied jst 1 n 1/2 month for prelimns,,nd got through it,,so one not need any magic mantra or coachng bt a gud strategy tht suits ones capacity nd ability–
    i m looking forward to GIVE HOME PERSONALISED TUTION FOR IAS CSAT ND GENERAL STUDY FOR PRELIMNS,,any one who is in delhi ,,nd need it,plse take a FREE DEMO CLASS nd let u decide,,wethr u want to put ur hard erned money to be a part of over-crowded coachings or a personalised home tutions,,
    u can leave ur messages nd email here,,
    best of luck to all tomorrow ias nd prsnt INSIGHTSians.

  • Kapil

    What would be demerits of studying at home?

  • Ashwini

    i am 2013 passed-out BE graduate in ece. currently i am looking out for job. i am planning to give ies exam on 2017. i have heard that this examination should be written within 2 years of completing graduation. is it true? also i am not a person who started preparations from school days. i took interest in ies during final year BE. pls clarify my doubt.

    • RauN

      Check the UPSC site for the IES exams.. you will get your answer there..

  • IAS

    Sir, I will be in 2nd year of my Science) this July. Please suggest me what should I do at this stage to crack IAS 2018.
    Should I enroll myself in any coaching institute? I live in Delhi. I am ready to do anything. Sir, Please suggest me a right direction.

    • IAS

      Sir, I am eagerly waiting for ur reply.

  • sheetal

    I am a class 12th student
    this year i ve given my boards from science stream, I have both biology and maths. I ve given exams, like AIPMT and JEE. WELL waiting for the result, but i m not that much intrested in these streams. I want to serve my nation .at first i decided to persue engneering but now i feel thats not my stream as i was always good in subjects like history,geography and all.But wen i got my 10th result it was good enough so due to mom dad n many oder external pressure i took science .
    but then dere are ppl saying u should ve taken arts for this
    as now it may become damn difficult for u to clear with bsc ?
    is that so?

  • gaurav deo

    Sir right now I’m training as police sub inspector I barely get 5 to 6 hrs a day to study.I have qualified for maharastra state services interviews several times so I’m used to upsc gs section.I have chosed geography as my optioal. I’m seriously thinking for upsc 2015.How should I plan my study .plzz help

  • Barnali

    is it necessary to appear in the UPSC exam the very next year of coaching or that type of preparations?many people say that the pattern totally change

  • surbhi

    i am in 1st year, from electrical branch. i want to appear for civil service exam nd atleast i want it to nailed till my third attempt. i do not hav much knowledge so kindly kind me with the strategy so as to compete in the exam. nd also tell me about the optional papers for which i should opt for.. just the recommendations.. i knw the choice of subjects is to be mine bt still need ur advice. i m very lazy lady nd an average student, lyk i got 73% in my 10th std frm icse board nd 70 % in my 12th std from cbse board.
    kindly suggest the opinions.

  • Sujatha

    hi sir
    I am in final year now and it’s from open university can I apply for civil services

  • Animesh gaur

    sir i have taken commerce without maths ,
    can i crack the upsc paper as it contains maths problems?

  • Alok Singh

    dear sir
    i have a question…if i want to do masters in US when i clear upsc, will this preparation gap of 2-3 years affect my chances of getting there..??? plz reply
    thanx n regards

  • Suraj Thakur

    Sir. I’ve read your articles answer and replies. And everything that u r doing to help aspirants can be described as NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE .I am currently in TY of b.pharma and I’m planning for IAS but don’t know the proper way to start preparing as I need some guidance regarding IAS exam subject selection exam dates and when and how to register for exam . Please help .

  • Rahul

    After 3rd question, I literally utter “14 hours? are u mad?” and this is exactly I saw in 4rth question.. wow….

  • sharath

    I am planning to take IAS exam in next year.currently I am working in an IT company,where i have to work min 9.5 hrs, How can I manage with this.

    I am a beginner.Plz help me

  • Rajan Chaturvedi

    Hi Sir,

    I am software professional. After job I hardly get 3 to 4 hours to study and I can’t leave job as this only way to help myself financially.
    I have been out of touch of many things during my job except few area of computer science. I am preparing for 2016 . But whatever I do few things always left and than frustration get over me.
    So please suggest me how I could manage my Study, because as i know my self I’ll go for IAS what ever it takes. Only issue is my management for study.

    So please suggest on this.


    • Sudarshan Tanwar

      You can join some coaching institute, which can guide you on your way for preparation. Join weekend batch there to cover your syllabus.

    • Chasing Tom

      I suggest you to download each and every video of UPSC toppers from you tube………………….toppers talk will surely motivate you……….You will be finding strategies to study from there
      Give 2-3 days in searching how to find time from you busy schedule………………Study 4 hours and revise it in one hour…………
      Do writing practice here……………..insight is the only guidance for people doing job and who cannot join any coaching

  • Axx

    Dear Sir, 2009-2012 mai polytechnic-Mechanical pass out hone k baad mai Delhi kuch mnt job ki civil services k parti mere lagav Or study k liye sufficent tym k adjust na hone se mai job resign ki aur upsc ki self study karne laga …pr graduation k liye mai Btech na chun BA private apply kiya jaha mai Hindi History aur Philosophy subject select kiye hindi mai philosophy k study material na milne k karna Aur apne galtiyo k karan mai acha nahi kr saka aur mere BA 1 yrs mai 33% markes hi bane jabki 2nd yr k result 2015 aug . mai out hoga….Mai tens mai rhne laga hu mere itne km marks aur mai civil service k liye apply karne ja raha hu mai BA mai acha nahi kar paya utna ache marks nahi bana paya ….samajh nahi pa raha hu kya mujhe phir se graduation k liye apne field (Btech /BE/AMIE ) mai hi aana chahiye ya positive ho kar jitna %marks BA mai hai unhe accept kar pura focus Civil service pr laga dena chahiye… Margdarshak kijiye please

    • Chasing Tom

      Pehle apni kamiyon ko pehchano……………sivaye tumhare koi dusra tumko judge nahi kar sakta………………….
      Agar lagta hai tum IAS exam nikal loge tab hi apne 2-3 saal lagana nahi to baad me pachhtava hoga.

      IAS ke alawa dusre exams bhi hai jo abhi taiyar kar sakte ho………..apni state psc do, bank ke exams, IBPS do……..
      pehle ek job secure karlo fir strong decision lena IAS fight karne k liye……………

  • new name

    Hi Admin sir,
    I am 2013 Passed out BE but currently I’m facing M TECH failure coz to enter into 2nd year of M Tech we can have back logs @ max two sub…bt i failed in four sub as i had put my efforts better in 2nd sem than the 1st sem, (including 2 sub of 1st sem)…but i have not good score in BE also…BUT NOW I AM FED UP OF THESE FAILURES SINCE MY CHILD WOOD i am a good beginner but my mind is not in consistent the way…it is always fluctuating…so now i want to do something that i should be proud to my self and to my parents who pushed me up to this stage, so i want to write IAS exam 2016(as my first attempt) especially…and also to help people who are in needy…SO MY SINCERE QUESTION IS THAT CAN I GET THROUGH THIS EXAM? as i am always a last student in the class and i have low memory power and IS THERE ANY STUDENT LIKE ME WHO GOT THROUGH THIS EXAM?
    my sincere request to you to reply me soon sir please….

    • Chasing Tom

      Forget about past………………..what you did and what your score was, nobody is worrying abt this except you………..
      Failing in M.Tech exams is not a big failure, there may be so many reasons which you can count on you finger tip. I had been teaching M. Tech from last 6 years, I know insights of this course. Doing a job will be benefiting one or two in your periphery but by becoming IAS you can benefit a complete generation

      Now if you have even 1% of thought in your mind to give IAS then leave each and every thing at this moment only and devote yourself in this mission like Prince Sidhhartha. Get enlighten by going through preparation process after which you will not be having any regrets in life. Leave desires, family burden, liabilities, responsibilities, affections and all and devote your self in IAS. This is the only thing which toppers do.

      • new name

        THANK YOU SO SO MUCH SIR, Actually i don’t no how to thank YOU…ACTUALLY i’m such a emotional stupid that i can easily caught by even small kid…i don’t no for this i need to cry or laugh…!sorry but, presently i need many push ups to go ahead to reach my goal… coz by seeing my this failures my parents are thinking to get me marry…so if i pass m tech this year they’ll make delay for it, otherwise dont no what they’ll do [email protected] present i’m doing internship to pass time until reval results come(coz of status to be maintained..!)i dont no when they will come.(& also understanding & seeing all links syllabus etc related to prepare for IAS)

        (please dont mind sir, coz i need mentor to guide me so im discussing my personnel matter hoping that i get solution from you solution)

        • Chasing Tom

          mam you can mail me in my mail adress

          [email protected]

          • new name

            THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR..:)

  • Ekta Maheshwari

    Although I am not preparing for any of civil services exams or for UPSC.. But you really nailed it.! loved this blog of yours..!! you inspired me as well.. really loved it.. Thanks ya.!


    SIR, can u please guide me for upsc apfc 2015.

  • Madhusudan Das

    Hi sir,
    I have come across many questions related to UPSC exam and its preparation. I have decided to appear for UPSC exam but bit worried as i come under general category and almost attained the age of 30. I don’t know the proper way or the examination pattern for the UPSC. I am extremely eager to know the foundation course and pattern of this exam , I have decided to sit down for this exam , i know its almost late start up for me to stand in this race but I want to win the race.

  • sricharith reddy

    i started preparing for civils from today,is it late,i am not going to any coaching institute,just preparing from online but sincerely.i cant afford coaching classes,i need your help to clear prelims and would be helpful if you can suggest me a strategy to foolw,or methodology to study

  • madhav doneriya

    hello sir,
    sir i want to prepare the ias exam ,but i have doubt that i got 4 back in my whole engineering so can i give this exam or not??

  • Sai Teja

    sir i am a BSC friend karna is a BTECH student in IIT KANPUR.if i got more marks In civil services mains exam who will be qualified for ias post.

  • madhav

    Dear sir,
    Many people say that those who have done masters or doctorate are at advantage in getting selected. Is its right?

  • shalini

    Sir I have questions as it is confusing for me I have completed my graduation but my age is 20 I want to give exam of civil service problem is whether should I do Master degree or give exams parents are advising that go for master but I getting confused as what to choose…. Please reply….

  • akula dinesh

    sir i am convicted in one case is my son eligible for IAS exam