UPSC 2013 Prelims (Preliminary) Exam Result And Cut-Off – Stop Worrying

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upsc mains reference books new pattern 20013

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How To Get Over UPSC Prelims Failure?

The result of 2012 Preliminary exam was declared on 28th July of that year. In 2012 Prelims was conducted on May 20.  That means, it took UPSC 68 days to declare Prelims result.

A record number of 5,36,506 candidates had applied for 2012 civil services Preliminary examination, out of which only 2,71,422 candidates actually appeared- which means only 50.5% of the applicants wrote Prelims. This has been the case for past several years as all the candidates are not prepared well to sit in the exam and also limited attempts acts as  deterrent.

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Coming to 2013 Prelims examination, one can say that this year certainly more people have written the exam thanks to inclusion of IFoS. So, the logic goes that UPSC may take few more days than it took last year to declare result this year. Also, this year prelims was held 6 days later than (May 26) last years’.

Result of 2013 prelims may be declared between August 1 to  15, 2013. Therefore, till then it is prudent for aspirants to focus on mains  instead of wasting time on waiting for the result to come.

Two important factors that adversely affect UPSC Mains preparation are wasting time on cut-off prediction and waiting for the prelims result.

It is understandable that anxiety will be there in the minds of the aspirants, but one must understand that they can do nothing about outcome  once they come out the examination hall after giving their best in the exam. It is all in the hands of UPSC. It is better to forget prelims and immediately focus on Mains.

Most of the successful guys don’t worry about prelims but rather their energy is completely focused on preparing for mains. That is why they are successful.

Already one month is over now. Don’t waste remaining days on speculations.

Trivia: Of the 2, 71, 422 candidates who wrote prelims,  13,092 qualified for writing Mains in 2012. (That year 1091 vacancies were reported – it means exactly 1:12 ratio was maintained for Mains)

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upsc mains reference books new pattern 20013

  • Wonderful article, but I find it posted earlier. There are more recent updates and expected date of UPSC Civil Services Exam Result. but ovrall, a helpful post. thanks buddy

  • balaji

    when wil announce result 2013 preliminary exam i wrote in chennai

    • May be August first week. Not sure though.

  • Ankit

    What will be the cut -off. any change ?? based upon above conecpt.
    Is there any chance of sessional cut off ??

  • Ankit

    Pls go through the below notification , given by the UPSC and pls conclude :
    General Instructions (Preliminary as well as Main Examination ( Notification Page Number 12 )

    NOTE 4 : (i) The concession admissible to blind candidates shall not be admissible to those suffering from Myopia.
    (ii) The Commission have discretion to fix qualifying marks in any or all the subjects of the examination,

    Now is there any chances for sessional cut-off ??

    Pls do rply.

    • The above section is there from past many many years. Last two prelims didn’t have sectional cut-off and I think this year also it won’t be there. Don’t worry about it. Also don’t read too much into these details. I am telling so many here that you should focus on Mains – there si absolutely no point in thinking about the prelim result – the fate was sealed the very moment you answered the last question of Paper-II.

      The only thin in your hand is getting better for this exam. Prepare for mains. It will help you immensely.

      • Ankit

        Thanks,INSIGHTS. 🙂

  • uppu srihari

    Sir my friend scored 245 but not selected for mains ! Is there any unexpected hike in csat cut off……pls reply sir…….,

    • There is no explanation Uppu Srihari. I feel sad for your friend.

      • uppu srihari

        Thanq for reply sir!but what may be the cut off for csat 2013….some of our friends saying that this time cut off was increased comparitively last 3yrs….

        • I learnt not to guess cutoff. I know there will be curiosity among candidates who didn’t clear, to know the cutoff, but it is a futile effort as it won’t help in any way.

          Just move on and start afresh. Focus on next year’s exam. All the best!

  • shrikant rajli

    Plz send my result upse pree exame 28 June 2013

  • harsh

    what is best score for std 10th cbsc so that we can say that this guy is applic able being an ias

  • harsh


  • plz. tell me my pre. exam 2013 ( IAS) MARKS ROLL NUMBER 127983