Expected Cut-off For UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2013

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upsc mains reference books new pattern 20013


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How To Get Over UPSC Prelims Failure?


(This year (2013) Cutoff seems to be high, may be 230-235 or more for GM. Also for IFoS cutoff is higher than IAS’.  We all(GKToday, Vision IAS, Insights) got it wrong. But all along we told you to focus on Mains. Better luck next time for those who didn’t clear and congrats to those who did. If you had prepared well for Mains, that will immensely help you next year)

Last year we  had predicted 210 (General Category) as cut-off for prelims 2012 and it turned out to be 209 according to official cut-off published by UPSC.

This year as both papers were easy, I think cut-ff for General Category would be around 220. (Proved Wrong)

UPSC will publish official cut-off only next year after final result is out. If you are getting more than 200- 220 (GM), you should start preparing for mains (NEW PATTERN) without wasting time waiting for prelims result to be announced (which will consume 75 days of your valuable time).

The best Answer Key for 2013 prelims Paper- I is out here.


1) Shorter Constitution Of India (Set of 2 Volumes) 14th Editon – D.D.Basu (THIS IS PURELY FOR REFERENCE – VERY GOOD BOOK TO HAVE)

OR This Small Book : Introduction to the Constitution of India 20 Edition or

Introduction to the Constitution of India

2) India 2013 – Publication Division, Govt. of India 

3) Economic Survey 2012-2013

4) India Since Independence – Bipan Chandra

India Since Independence – new edition

5) Ideology And Politics in Modern India

6) India’s Struggle For Independence – Bipan Chandra


A Brief History of Modern India – Spectrum Publications

From Plassey to Partition – A History Of Modern India (Now Super Hit With Aspirants – Choice is yours! )

7)Indian Economy : For Civil Services Examinations 5th Edition (2013) – Ramesh Singh

8) Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations 4th Edition – Laxmikanth

9) Geography of India- Majid Hussain

10) Ethics In Governance OR To Download Free E-Book Click here

11) Buy India After Gandhi: The History Of The World’s Largest Democracy

12) Mastering Modern World History – New Edition – Norman Lowe

Or Buy this Imported Vesrion updated with in-depth chapters on Arab Spring and 2008 Financial Crisis: Mastering Modern World History -5th Edition, Norman Lowe

13) Facts of Indian Culture – Spectrum Publications


Trends in Indian Culture and Heritage: For Civil Services

Or this book from Government of India: The Gazetteer of India: History and Culture Vol II

14) Select Constitutions: 16th Edition – S Chand


15) India’s Foreign Policy – Muchkund Dubey

16) Challenge And Strategy : Rethinking India’s Foreign Policy – Rajiv Sikri

17) History of the World from the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twenty First Century – Arjun Dev (Optional)

18) Social Problems in India 2 Edition – Ram Ahuja

19) Politics and Ethics of the Indian Constitution – Review

20) Public Institutions in India: Performance and Design – PRATAPA BHANU MEHTA

Other Books Civil Services Aspirants Must Read (DURING LEISURE):

1) The Wonder That Was India- A.L.Basham

2) India Unbound: The Social and Economic Revolution from Independence to the Global Information Age – Gurcharan Das

3) Pax Indica: India and the World of the 21st Century – Shashi Tharoor (Pre-order 30% off )

4) An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions – Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze

5) The Argumentative Indian : Writings on Indian History – Amartya Sen

CUT-OFF MARKS – 2011 and 2012


upsc mains reference books new pattern 20013

  • Meher Kilaru

    Hello Sir,
    Based on various keys, am expecting around 210 in General Category…. What might be the chances..??

    Meher Kilaru

  • Rahul

    Dear Sir
    I want to give civil services exam in future and just to test my knowledge solved the paper of CSAT 2013 in which I got score of around 200 .I belong to OBC category.I want to know that my chances of getting selected in future and also want your guidance on how to start preparation as i have 2 years left in my graduation degree.
    Warm regards

  • Nitin

    Sir I am getting 225 marks after checking with few keys around the net. this is my first and without much preparation attempt..i want your guidance for mains coaching. where should i take it.. are chandigarh centres like abhimanu’s good enough?

  • Abhi

    Sir I am getting around 240-245 what are my chances and what is the total number of students expected to be selected for mains by upsc this year

  • http://insightsonindia.com V.K.G.B.

    Hey Guys, i am taking two days off. We will return on Friday and answer all your queries. For now don’t worry about cut-off. Focus on mains irrespective of your scores in prelims. All the best :-)

  • reena

    sc candidate 176 score wat r my chances

  • manish

    Hi Sir,
    I am PH-1 category (orthopedically handicapped).
    I am getting 155-163 (157.33 vajiram & ravi)………..In or out ?

  • ankit

    I am getting 190 in paper 2 and just 50 in paper 1. i am apprehensive about my chances in mains as my GS score is too poor. but honestly speaking i didn’t study at all for this exam. being an engg+mba helped me with the 2nd paper. I am now in a fix if i should prepare for mains. I have got a job and will have to deal with a lot of time management if i decide to prepare. suggestions would be helpful

  • Anonymous


    Thank you very much for your comments and advice.
    Your comments and advice are very balanced and matured.


  • Anilkumar kannan

    My score is 220 and I’m from general category. Is that score enough?

  • Yagya

    Tell me about the marks distribution system for decision making. How much i’ll get for the 2nd best option ?

    • http://insightsonindia.com V.K.G.B.


      For decision making questions there are two answers. If your answer is any one out of two, you will be given full marks. :-)

  • Anonymous

    I understand that there was no sectional (paper 1 and paper 2)cut off till last year.
    Hope the samething continues this year also.

    • http://insightsonindia.com V.K.G.B.


      Thanks for appreciating this blog. There won’t be sectional cut-off in any case. They don’t want to take risk by introducing this as litigation may take place.

  • Anonymous

    i have applied for both ifos and ias.from the available answer key verification ,i may get somewhere around 195-200.wats my chances in forest services and ias..wud ther be separate cut offs for both these streams.wat could be the cut off for those who haved opted for ifs only….please answer my querries…..

  • Sumedha Rachhoya

    sir wat wud b the cutoff for SC category?

  • Anonymous

    Accrdng to vajiram i m getting 204 .i m frm sc cat.wat abt my chance????

  • http://[email protected] priyanka

    sir i m from obc category and my score for paper is 198 if i should prepare for mains plz sir tell me soon

  • mantu

    Sir I am Mantu & I belong to SC Category , my score is 128 according to CL in CSAT & 54 according to Vajiram in GS Paper 1 i.e 182 . What are my chances? Paper 2 was lengthy so will d cut off be lower? what should I do ? :(

  • renu

    sir i m getting 200 marks in pre. and i belong to sc category.what are my chances.

  • suraj

    Hello sir,,
    SC category
    I will certainly get 185+

    What is the chances for me?

  • Anonymous

    sir.. i am from ST.. my score is 183.. do i have a chance?

  • rani

    my score 203 and ST category..what are the chances to clear prelims

  • VM Singh

    Sir,my score is 191 according to vajiram n ravi belongs to SC category. What e my chances. Please replt

  • Anonymous

    sir, my score is between 190-201 and i belong to sc category…..chances???? is it safe if m scoring 190

  • RAVI


  • Anonymous


  • comM

    Sir ,
    What can we expect the cut off for visually challenged category candidates this year ?
    Please guide

  • k.k.

    sir my score is 185 to 190. I belong to sc . Please reply . Is there any chances for mains?

  • Anonymous

    sir I belong to sc category and positively going to get 194+ marks. what are my chances?


    180 for ST cat..what are the chances??? please help

  • Grace

    Iam from the ST category and expect a score of ~188. I have opted for both administrative services and IFoS. Do i have any hope of making it?

    • http://insightsonindia.com V.K.G.B.


      I think you will make it into both :-) congrats.

      • Grace

        fingers crossed!! :) thanks a lot.. This is my first attempt and any help with preparation for mains. My optionals are Agriculture and Zoology.
        by the way great blog… very informative and interesting. Keep it up

        • http://insightsonindia.com V.K.G.B.

          Thanks Grace. :-) Keep preparing no matter how much you have scored in prelims. You have good marks in your category. You WILL clear.

          I will be putting detailed strategy for Mains (new Pattern) next week. Hope it helps. Keep visiting.

          By the way you have taken good optionals.:-) All the best.

  • prakashkk15
  • Anonymous

    sir my score in prelims is 235-240 general cat. what are my chances

  • Anonymous

    sir general cat. my score is 235-240 ..what are my chances for mains…coz both the papers were very easy.??

  • neetu

    sir,m getting 197-207,i belong to general category,are thr any chances for me to clear?

  • rakesh

    My score may b around 205,I belongs to OBC wt are the chances ?

  • Salil

    HI…i am in General and i am getting 210 marks…are there any chances?

  • billy

    Here’s an interesting one:-

    Q. ‘VARIATIONS’ in the length of daytime and nighttime from season to season are due to:

    a) the earth’s rotation on its axis

    b) the earth’s revolution round the sun in an elliptical manner

    c) latitudinal position of the place

    d) revolution of the earth on a tilted axis.

    Now, most of us have chosen (d). Lets think again.

    Revolution of the earth on a tilted axis is responsible for the seasons and the day and night time BUT not for the VARIATIONS.

    “Because the sun is north of the equator for almost 4 DAYS MORE than half the year, due to the ECCENTRICITY of Earth’s orbit, the duration of the average day at a given latitude in the northern hemisphere exceeds the duration of the average day at the same latitude in the southern hemisphere by a few minutes;”

    The orbital eccentricity of an astronomical object is a parameter that determines the amount by which its orbit around another body deviates from a perfect circle.


  • Sahas

    My Score is 200-201and i am from OBC category.Matched Answers key with CL and Testfunda.What are my chances ? What is the credibility of these Keys ? Are their any separate cut-off for both the papers ?

    • http://insightsonindia.com V.K.G.B.


      There won’t be separate cut-off for both papers. You may clear. :-) OBC cut-ff will be more than 190.

  • bala

    Sir i belong to st n ph1 cat. This was my frst attempt n my expectd score is 160-170 according to answer key. Is their ny chance? Pls help me

  • Prasad

    Hello Everyone,
    I just want to know if there is anyone here under PH category.
    I belong to Visually Handicapped category.

    CS(P) 2013:
    Paper I : Attempted 59, Correct 37 (Google) — 59.48
    Paper II: Attempted 62, Correct 55 (Keys on net)– 131.34
    Total Net: 190.82

    Any chance??

    • http://insightsonindia.com V.K.G.B.


      You will clear :-)

  • Anonymous

    191 general,what r the chances????

  • http://Yahoo.com Praveen

    205/400 gen category any chance

  • http://Yahoo.com Praveen

    205/400 gen cat any chance for mains

  • shrikant karkale

    dear sir, my score is 204.16 – obc , what will i do ?what are my chances?

  • amithj

    I am getting approximately, 94 + 146 = 240. what are my chances?… this is first time i prepared for prelims. So i have no idea about it. Adn when are the official answers published?

    • http://insightsonindia.com V.K.G.B.

      Amith J

      You will 100% clear. Official answer keys will be out next year.

  • Ajay

    Sir, my score is 200…r ther any chances to clear. .m from OBC catagory…..

  • Anonymous

    Hello sir…I am scoring 160 in CSAT paper but a rather lowly 80 in G.S. paper!!! Am i through…I am in general category…kindly guide me and answer this query…MY HEARTFELT THANKS IN ADVANCE

  • alok kumar yadav

    my marks is in b\w 216-230 as a o.b.c candidate, what is the chances for me

  • shrinivas

    Sir ,i am getting 140 in total, i am in ST catogery… is there any chance to qualify in prilims for IFoS?

    • http://insightsonindia.com V.K.G.B.


      I am afraid it is not possible to clear with 140 score. Better luck next time. Even for IFoS it may be too less I guess. But keep hope and be prepared.

  • http://google rohitsept

    hi , sir my score is in b/w 194 to 202 what are my chances , i belong to sc catagaory
    thank you

    • http://insightsonindia.com V.K.G.B.


      You will clear man! Definitely :-)